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., ,
pojvnt i
. wirxn xr is nco-t
. If WII.US.
' lock not en ih win whealt
li re J within lb cop.'
P(T not for eiurt ht h till '
. HrtemDiini;brrtkrtU9l "
Tlouxh drar in depth, and rick It glows
. A Pe" wiaaneH wra Dciuw.
They aay tie pleaaaat on the lip.
Jknd mcx'jr oa tha brain i
' , Tbry aay It atir the elujtirih Wood,
. And ihille the tooth of pain. - . ,
- A .but willio itf flowing deep, i
7 - A aliasing erpnt uaaee liter.' ,
It roay tight 31 turn to firt, w;
It roolrvaetom to tbliat i . '
' And, by lu ndrth, within ibo brain, " -;
. A 't r plea worn li tiurel ( ,
, There' not a bubble at the brim,
Tfcat d aot carry fA finr aim , t ' '
iThf n daifi the brimminjcop a!d,
And till Hi purple winal
. -; . Tk or Ua mid uh to thy lip '
f Let not it eum bo thine, ' ,
'Tia red and rich but grf and ' ,
' Arc bid la thnM ton drptbi below. ,'
"'""., '.'. ''-.. . v .'j"-'
"Thew'di of the Mioiir ftn'aatia onjr
are b tlvrry OnwaTl tHt ,muic by CUc
li-r 5.iirr.ond Kruaowni unmroeri , ,
Ki g Ieah tl a faro ikl man, ,y j
H,- mi where no twt Could abine
Jlnd KAcd bn band m yrllow., '
', . And nmir! out Wa eol Wack in
Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah t for the coU-blick
. . . . . ' , i ,
' ' ... -. For the coal black: wcj
.' Ttiavtt rant In l,tm mm tniideO. '
sn7 Vboceyi hid for jot toahin t
:V rjlm! widowa with trief arlalden ... J. j
c S.For a draught of bi iterpy wine. .
. ,". Hurrth, hurrah, hurrah, Ye.
' ' Th" aehoBaf left all bii lamln j, 4
The poet bii fancied woei i , -r.
Aad the be:nt her bloom returning:. ' ,
teft Ufe, to the fadinff poa. -
Hurrah, hurrth, hurrao. fcc.
All ramato the rare old fellow. ' 1
Vh6 lathed till bw cyei dropp'd brine,'
- And jrae the m ba hand to yellow, .
And pledged then in draih'i black wine.
r.) hi i: r r-
r lAr AVw rb Courier and Fnquirtr,
What ii mah ? Originally dust
engf odcrcdio ain brought forth with
aorrr helplraa in infancy extrav.
agaotty wild in hi youthmad :n hi
'tnahhood decrrpid in age hi firt
vnicr move pity hit bit command
- TN-rure clothe the bcait with hair
thr bird witt feather, and the fihe
i handrcannot handle bia-feet an-
not walk hi t'-ngve cans'it tpeak.
nor hi eyes ee aright simple hi
thcH.ght vair hi deBire tov hi
dVliijht. Aa aoon a he pu'i on h'n
tJitirs;uishirg chtrae'er, reason, he
" turn it with wildfire panlon paint
it with abominahle pride, tear it with
insatiable revrnge dirt it. with ava
rice, and tain it with -lust. His
next state it full of mimir fear
, torment hope intoxicate-rare prr
plcx enemies aasauh him friends
Letray him tTiieve rob him wron
opprei him and daggers way-lav
. him. Hi last sceni li deplorable
his eye dim,' hands feeble feet lame
ilnews 'shrunk bonea dry his
days are foil of sorrow hi nights of
paitt his infancy is fulPof folly-
. yputxjf disorder andtoilagoofinA
' firmity. . '
In other words man is 9 dunghill
', blanched with now..a may-game of
''' 1 fortune a mrk fir malice, a butt for
,' ' ' envy-iif poor, despised if rich, 0at
1 (Cred if prudent, mUfusted if sim
ple, derided his beauty, a fiower
jbiis atrength, grass his wit, a flash
hi wisdom, fnlly. his judgment,
glory, a blaze-'-hi time, a span.
himself, a bubble. He is born cry
Tog, lives laughing, and dies sighing.
S much. for man. Next time ' I'll
.answer that which I engage etenyou
cant What is woman f M.
f 1 Vulgarity.'toy the vulgar, said
?Wrbeau I do not mean the mere mob
ll)ut;;roewofVery clasar who . reflect
tj'ut little.' , A very pointed definition
&od we ' may add, a very profound
i.'"" ne having no reference to the mere
' 8arfaceof manners, beneath which it,
imust be owned, inherent vulgarity of
taind not" unfrequently lurks but to
that due and constant exercise of the
underst'indirig, apart from which men
ate,-in fact, no better, in reference to
tie great moral and intellectual end
of the inteligcnt creation, than are the
beasts who bear their burdens, or the
fcrutc elements upon which they tread, i
musical icmuy on icr, - ..u
i! you UUUl lyiiiJip juu ,
Tint,. ftf lied the lady, "would i
urely Lc I)-bainr but if )oti saw
hdy in such a predicament, would nt
youeorae and meet lier,'" "Common
metre! egad, -say he," if a pmoa
measures her length on the ice, 1 call
it long particular uetre, :
AVhen we look i 4 field of wheat.
!.c Cod tl;at thoie atalki which raise
'iheir headi the Vighcittre th np-
tieit.,.TnHme tue. caat,w
mrB--.thoe"ihoaiuroe the greatest
finaetjueiice hatre gtoeraliy JHc ie!
Sue of jadgmcnt and ability. ; . ,
Christianity. ' Chrtatianity la, a dii.
rvery 61 a future Me, ma -acquaint
with the meini oy wdici ua nmy
. fieni mv be aecorfcd't civil Rovrrn.
-ent ii an affair olthe pre
it ttatr, and it to more than a pro.
mon of human kill.'dea! eo
ie frerd 'm aod tranquility durirg
- -jre of exiatence. . '
It wai taid of a flith phyaiciao, tha
t could not preacribe even for him-
r if witheut a fee, and therciore, woer
: well, he tok a iru'nea. out ol ore
pocket and put it into the rthrr.
New & Rcsirahlc,
YftU WWnttr Goods.
T 1 ACKETT k LEMLY are now re
1 eeifiru nd opfrl"if fri-sh supply
f dealrahTe Fall and Winter uooda. se-
r,f,A iK wre.t rare In rhlUflCipri?
a K Yrk. . Their itork conMits of
imott overv article uuHr kept In
wr ri'iMt nartniine country, ail 01
, .
Mfh they are delermined to aell very
Thni. mUlnnf trt nnrrnate win cio
.... . .it j -
ell to rail kexaroina their Mtoraient,
hear prjrf nd jo'le forthemaeWe.
Land & Mgrocs,
IN pursunnee o a Deed of Trui 'o me
executed by.Witliam Long, and for
the ndrnoie tnerein nienunnrn, ""
rypoae to nuhlt ale, at'hr Court houe
in Salisbury on Thuradav hf 15th day
r f Dceerober next, the following ?top
rty, vizi
Tw oty-four rr five like' Neeroe
cortiirinir of Mm. Bov, Women
Oi.1r .l Knd nf hflWl. Al0 bU
r. re-f in t Trrrt ofLi"d vtui'e
n Y dVir R vr. wrrpnn Wm. Long
.r. jv T. . m'11
October, 10th 1831 9V00
IVpoto s W .anted
THC sub riher ia lcir ui to o"r
1 chaSP a numbrr of WGR OF.S
without any limit during th next
twelve months. Any person havmp
such property for sale would do well
tn ppply to the MiWriber before they
mnke a snle, fo- thrv may ft assured
that he will pay the most libera! prices
N. B. AH letter addressed f the
subscriber will be attended to ai punr-
tuftllv. aa if nnlictioo wa made in
person. In nis aosr.ence
HuiE will attend to the hnsines,
. .. . , , rff .
or in its aos'ence iia. ufeve
the Post-Mastef, wil who is author,
5ed tr make yorchases at all times.
Salisbury may 21. 7ati
To Saddlers
FllHE Subscribers wish to employ
JL ah fij ra A A 1 a onrl ft rr TI irnnaa.
Makers of steady and industrious habr
Oct. 31st 1831. 9Jtf
v T n E .,
: 18 33,
CALCULATED for the Mercdisn ot
Salern, N. C. just received and for
sale at this Office. Price 10. cents "single
75 cents per dozen. '
F every description, neatly Printed,
eri conitafhr fof al. thi offic
li fi',!;.',itial!: ' . , .
,Uur,in;3 from . , I) , J, jHUmCUUll,
- .. , r . i.,.f.v ,. rU
Ur-SlTX'Tn'U.Y bformi
the puUic, that ha hub-
caird hlmnrlf it lha ManUon
If! llUU'y vii'Mi'i
Carolina, He graduated In I.urrpe, ier
eJ a an'gron In th Hoi'al aftr lh
btle of Wat. rloo, and wa f leeiel Ship
Surgeon n bl toyK to Ametlca,for
Ihice hundred pasiengers.
!, tha unde'iKn, captain cf ihe ihlp
AtPphltrl'ai ffm AmterJim, lately ar
ri.ed at this city with thrf , hundred
n-Mer-grr, heri h certify that DrrA.
nitir6enatf,dorint;thalontf toyaj: of 7S
day, haS,Ura!t.d.ih.Jk whh tha p,reai
ril care, and hai proved hTfnwirirt trr?
reipeci, 4a very humane man, nij a
kilful phylciHO and that our of fen
i six, ooly to hr rd on te
""',u ' 1 ntliPO
f rrtif'iba- the foirEo'.nir. lacrirreei
u plnted from the i!inil CetiiGcie,
hieh I regUlaMf attcaicn oiiyre
BURTON CtUlCE, Mtv, SitStbirt X C.
'Committed ,
rnO the Jail t-f L'mcalo County
X n the IOttit)f Ag'iat, 1831, a
,iegr' man, 'about 25 '' of age, 5
rertJ inche hish.'-ull formed, he
Peks polite. T lie tias a scar on bis
right Cheek, he Calls mnmn jkho
drmut nd say he belong to NV
t aniei IIDa in Iredell County, Norm
Carolina The oner is resquested to
come I" .rcf prove pmpcuy j
charge l take him away, IJrf
JACtui RbllNHAiiui jauor
THEauhscriberreapfctftillr tnf rm
the citizens of Sdisb-jrv and the
puMic -P"t!lv tht hr now has a d
intend hereafter o have good beef
which he will hvein market every
Tedrv, T'rsday, and SituMay
mrrniers, mi nrel l a goo 1 a
hit of ,f h'a bfrthrpn and he i
determined to aell it as rheap. 7Te
will n v the highest caV pre- f.r '
good mountain Ivvm, rt mtop, j
85tf CHAkLKS L. B0UT.R3.
Dririne tn FateleriHe,
Ty!l.l. frwl it to he! d'-anttfe. to itop at
T t th? tfnirn Tai. whrr fverv co-
vfianrf ; rirov'utrd fnr Man and lfnr.r,to irk
m eomfoM b'f . ' tbriTntftnte rl ipe ' T
ru a dv and r-rht. for the nriVf f tf.
Vard, thr ie of i ;rod hour, firn, ter, am'
nd Pror'ion "tore, Ttrrad Shop nd Honfee!
'ionary, and a lloua for BoanleM aid I odjra.
in a plain, r heart, wholraome and comfnrtuMr
V Favetfri-illr .4Hl. 1 f t W 1 1
rTWE subscriber still ( ntimies t"
make the above M cine and
krrps a supoly constantly on hand
which he will sell low for rvftfA or on
credit to punctual dealers. Hr like
wise intends to kep on h-nd a good
anpplv ol COTTON GINS, and he
will alio repair iheame t order,
:; . r2tf E. P. MITCHELL.
Salisbury Mnif21t.
laost or MUAatfi
''HUE first volume of Ascough
Rhakaspeare. The volume is
well bound and haa green edge : No
name is recollected to have heen writ
ten in it. Any person having such a
book would confer a favor on the
owner byre turning it to this office. 89.
BY virtue ofadefreeof the Hon. court
ofEouity, for the countrof Montgom
ery, aT rasr September Term of said
Court-House in Lawrencevillc, on Satur
day the loth day of December neat,
tract of land belonging to the heirs of
Robert MoW eontaining three hundred
seres, situated in the County of Mont
gomery, on Mountain Creek,.: adjoining
Ihe hnds of William Harris, Esq. end
others. The above is supposed
valuable from the signs of Gold which
appear orfit and there is water power on
the premises. , Persons wishing o
embark In the Gold mining business
wbuld do welf to. attend. Twelve
month's credit will be 'gtten for one half
of the purchase money, and eighteen
months for the balance; -the purchaser
giving bond and approved securily. -4t
100 JAMES L GAINES, c. m. e-
"Vrsxyil.L practise inlhe Court of tliln County
V ty, t)avidson, Mecklenburg & Cabarrus.
Hi ofiice is a few, doors below th5 Court-Uongii!
Cctibx M, 1831. . 52ft
- 1 1 r
I 1 i A-
11 AS
AV.'AY f.uni the
cl ....! I- '
a fff,ro villi
(;(,ut 37 yr
t !!r cor.ii'iexnni
fr 'jfjo her tf
(Jirl hs n only -female
ChiU li (-'hj:ham county, belonging to
Kentlcmn by the oam of Ilirim Clarke.
Hum Lin It. hl,itLf DJV.lC hCllCll
.miter Iho anni-llalbn bi FftO LouU
Kk. tkllf ni intist rndeavor 'tO gel Into
lb neiglhorbrodrf her daughter, if ahe
U hot under th direction tf soma vahlu
peraoo, which i mor than probable, a
there are circaraiunce wiim
tne to believe ao.
Th reward wl!I be given to
nypem ho shall return th aaid Irl
to me, f lodge Jut Ja any jl L ih,i,!j
get her j nd CAy dollar will ba
to any one bo "shall delect iba peraaa
harboring fcer, o that be JaJ
lojuatuc. - 3)1 a.r.ia
,Uncattrviltf, S. C Oct- IMI
Ertmivt SaU aad 'ijr 'T ' '
qi II E u net be r wl I 0 tie r for aale, 1
die Court Houfi i Sartibury. to ttii
tigtaeat bidder on Saturday the Hat o
Dccmferatau about forty likely NE
CROES, befonging o tu Eiuia.of tn
i, ; 8 L. Ferfafii.'.e.waUiingnl
Jir.n. tl'ovun. Children Bout, aui
Girls. .
To object cf . 'lie helnf to pay oil
claim agilnt ttic Ei'ata, Caah.Negml
bl papr at tha Silibury Bank, or any
Legal dem uiN j;int the Eite.
will be taken in Payment.
And on Monday th t d Jaoqiry nex'
wili be hired, it the Court II?Je frf
id, for one year, on the usual term
fifty, or ii'y negroei.of the .love do
icrip.i n. belonging to tieidEi'e.
95 100 II MACXAMAKA aiimr.
Rrann County X. C Oct. tf.h 113..
ON th 10th ofenmsr
hut, from my plan at. n In
JnnM emmlr. two nrrr. t
piiwd WASHINGTON, about
37 rrar of t. a t'n hrijfht
rrnlntto, on en of h' hand
thrre ! a ?ar wcaaioned by a
e;in 1 he itl ehanje Wa name
namrd JO I IN. a nW,m.n ir.rhtln, abiHit 30
. 1 . 1... . iv.. oinrr
vmm "f arr v,rv inttr."" t he will probably
pan thf irmnt of WnaMnjrton, and change
hil ramf. rw'.l IHallar win po a;icn
f. ik t:trm nf eWier in anr lail o that I
tan rt the. JAME3 LAMAB.
o,..i.lK . 43lf
5:r7The Geortrian, Svnnah, the Tele.
rope. t'.'l.i ibi. H : and incnmona tnoui
tr. a- rrnurfl to piibnh fbc abore weekh'
un'il fo-hid, and ihn foraatd thtir account! to
J. I.SMMl.
AYING qualified, at November
Sessions rl Rowan Lounty
Court, as Acimini-trato- of the Es
tate f the late Daniel Clary, dee'd.,
I hereby requeat all persons heying
culms against said estate to present
them lor paymrnt legally authentica
ted, within the time prescribed by
law, or this notice will be plead in
bar of their recovery. AH person
indebted to the estate are requested
to come foward and make immediate
Nov. 25A, 1831. V mi7A the
99 J IV.ancx'd
ILL ;e sold, in i hit Court on
Monday th -6h of December
next, a( the dwelling house cf the late
Wl:i,im Croshv df"'d
the piopery of said" dere:ird Also, .(
thf' me imr and pl-r? j number of
Koasis, Cattli, Hogs, Sheep, a quanti
ty of Corn met Wti at, ..It thr household
end kjtchcn.furnitore, farming utrnsils
8ct. A frcdil of twelve mon thr. will be
given. Bond and approved security will
be required.
To Hire,
FOR the ensuing year, from thirty In
forty able nr rrnrs. M n nnH w
m, f j -r ' - aivi ' viiiv i'
to. work at the Gold Mine, on Beaver
uauiwiccK. luoofomery io -Apply to
Ihe aubscriher at W. H StimoM.. Mi-i
Salisburv, or at Mr , Rolland Harris'.
For Sale.
Jlwo hundred pounds of first rate
Northern Hops. Enquire at this
( fin-
job I'niJSTMxz
txuvno frim KiArns w cisrircH
r r r
IT" ! T
rprr. CtaiiHiAMi lor it,iitr ..,ta
' 1 khtreaol the Cplu or Julot
of ihc i iate , I' "V, of North Cirolin, j,,
Rnvm 'ov MO. hiving tun
UiJ, No ice t . . ;rtfore Icry Pj,t
loUpcr(.ni foneemtd, that I . j,)
ply 10 the rrCil.Scni cf the iaul D.tik,,
ihtr in person or, ty agent, to Uin',;,..
i.licjte thtrcof.
, Alminktrator fif Jj
f5itft o.9k'r.f9 ' .-j a
" "'Wfj, I
- ' , ,- I ',
TTTHXhe?rcred for !ontbe IM,
, ,V i.fDstr. neat, at the liHtlj.
denre pi Norm dwlng dee'd. On
gro buy hirned Jack, soma corn and allth
reM oftht property belonging tn ni4
E Taitv " DuVaUeadanc aiul let"rnila"
a a a w
known on th ntv 01 aie v rn.
- . - Y. MOSHOE, r. ,ht a
AWrmdrr 22 c 1831.
r, a a .Oal. I1jn
'. wilkci couTr, ;
Court of Pleas oni Quarter Session::
. . ocToata cio5, 163I.
N PAVEL FORTNER aad. others u
B tnly Barn and othfru pe,p'
u fur a diatrlhotlva share. . Wberenit
it mufe to appear in the Court tht fi
wrd Bin,Jme Darta. JoaVm Sm
Elijah Barui. Stnanmh B,mt, Elitheth
Former, Alia Bain and Robert M,hetl
or some of ihem are non retldenta of ihi
S ate I it . la 'herefate ordered ti the
Curi that notice hp given for ii weeks
In the Western Carolinln lo id D0o.
rcdenta that tkey be ,md appear it our
n si Court of PI? as an- Q uref Se hU,
loheheM fi.rtht Cowycf Willte i(
the Court HauV in Witkethoro' on the
Cf'h M-nfay in January neit, iheo atid
there, to make themelfrpariiea to aid
peii'ion ; otherwise it il b heard tt.
pjr-e to them. ard Judgment and de
rrer rn'ered arcordioyly
4 4 R. MIRTIV. e. v,. 1. 1.
"A3I batine been
i ' g'ged laat umaief.
t-ung w
en Chrleon and Ck.
w .aiK - WW,, uii ncr way nj
and down, will resume her Trips in th
course of few days and Is intended to be
continued in the trad the ensuing M.
son.....:. i
Her exceeding light draft of Water
drawing when loaded ooly about four and
a hair feet water will enable her io reaca
Cheraw at all tirt.ei exceps an onccra
mon low river, when her cargo willta
lightened at the Eipeore of Bo..
CJutrlttto Seit. U. 1831.
N. B. She ha comortable acma
dation for a few pjssenger. - 92 f
J B. C.
To the Public.
ing dissolved their parlnenhip ia
lie buaioeis establishment ofCheri.w.
All persons indebted lo Scott k Bnndon
of that pUce ar reques'ed to make pay.
ment,'and all persons ' having claimi to
present them fur payment.
Business eontiourd as herelofore bf
Brandon and Scott at Wudesboro' whr re
can he had for caih or country produce
in exchange, all kinds r.f Fancy Goods
Gioctri a kr. on the m'os liberal terms.
Ocf. 22na 1831. J. SCOTT.
94if A W. BRANDOX.
J SCOTT hiving bought oa' the in
. term of A W Brandon in their con
cern fSrolt k Brandon,) at Cheraw, i!l
be happy to supply all who may want
Goods on good terms, either by whole-
sile or retail wih Drv Goods and Groce
ries olevrrv description. Inallinatan.'ej
selling for Cesh or rountrv produce. The
highest market nriro will he given for
ewot f y prod uc e in- Ca h-aa-o aefcanac for.-
Goods. JNO. SCOTT.
October 22, 1831 Stftf
All produceMrucnded for . the Charles'
ton market or to pass through the hands
of II. W. Conner & Co. Charleston will
be carefully stored and forwarded, also
n irkages of eatery kind fi fi'm any quarter
of the world reiv?d aod forwarded to
order bv JNO SCOTT. Jetnta:
Chfrawff H. W, CONNER &Co.
A few reami of wriiing papeyof ' " m'
i VL nftlce,-M'$3 50 per rcai, a few reama ,
g2, and few ream of wrapping, at ""
oric 47
. ....
1 All t.L I rpflfl'.'
' dra aa
vneap jor caaft.
Blanks of Ewj
' Description fox
i . ) j E'.i'i; li ,; .

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