North Carolina Newspapers

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... 0f Fiu. Mr. Uyrfce ycttanwy
' ." a.- rnrt;-i;r ifjort tint com
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Wmatbi of 3 dMUrs. . Universal ex-
ha iliovn i 4 n '"'"
I : ' . -it ,.,t .-ipriiljte fi-eelv. In
ieiy, iney drlvo a;cie ff circulatic
and the vxFA ",al .
eMativi of cash r4ct bo prcyented
,ci cot W luirr
8,rh exc!uioo cm, bo no
,..rv ta euaro t touai circulating W3
Th- rwtriction oa oiir own Banks woo'd
U iiUcrly itiavailin? , if tuch notet wen
nlh-yodlo court in tro:n ouier
inrtead oftpecie, would Cil
,ifhi vacuum ia our circulation, which
wi!l ocrur on the withdrawal of tho imaj
uotoa inod by our IJaokJ.
T'i hill nropoB?i to repeal tho act
'-JkiMtin? the circulatioa of miaU notet
iMn oUitr State, while it cae tho re-
ttnction on ne weuts vt
fall fiirce. S isU t policy would U
1..: 1 flint anv enmmcnttccuui
!t, f iulr, 1912, tho eircnlat.on of
p. '1 a, d t. the -v! trM in th:a
ti h3 liie'cn. The com-nittco tuercwre lunii 1 "ui jtu i
rwt tto bUl without .aicalment, ul!yoaCl50(J,Tthap.:7Pi entitled an act to
eictully recoinmeoJ itsnjoeiion.
Tho rcpirt, 00 motion 01 .nr. fic,,.- --.m V,v , f
had br-i laH 00 the taWa. To-day it with an amendment, t he bill wat order.
va; called np anu , . ;
... 1 r .
a.'ai limply to turpoo-1 the opcrationrlattrotJIaiprute,iiontt,wh
' r ... i . iron ' ..J . uUlh I'lA I r I AD. I
fwr-irrcd In w iica Meatra. veuraa, iir vumn ui 4 n.n 49 a
I - . ' . a a mi
Or. tn rtionof Mr. 0 3ricflr tno touiwat
icJofinitcly pottponcd.
On rnt'on nf Mr. Parhara,
ef. r..i., ,-
frni ft. 6" w
,,w,nir toe o -v-. -
whether any aiieranow w .
rme of tho court, of aaia counties toju.t
the coarenwora o, - -
of aU, aid to mvam
tlitT report by
y hillorotherwirv , J
Wherpw Mttara. Alien,,. rar. :
ham, M'Etitiroan
to. I fern taid committoo. ,
On motion
proceeded to consider the reaolutio rela
tive to reprinting a tuitablf numbar of tho
Tlenirta and Acts of Assembly for tht uto
oft' 1- I!gWaturo, whitb were conaumed
bv f?re in th State Ithran. Tht quot-
ti--1 on its adoption having boen taken, itj
tjm determined tn the amrmauve.
Rills nrcsentad, read" the first time and
mia-d. Cv Vr.Dobnon.ahillycating the
. ,.. . . 1 art
ritfiit o! electing uterwt 01 mt .ujrorwr t
r ... .. j. .1 nl.. .
' 1
IOnniV UflUnS III Uicai:c(ai
within flic State in tho f.eo whito men
ihorc'if ordered to bo printed.
The bill makin!? an' appropriation nml
-appointios cnntniiestoners fjr the rebnil J-
Vi ' tiro Capitol, in the city of Raleigh
takca up,' when Mr- Krrr m-.ryod that
tii" jiirthor cor.siieratioa f it w pfwrpm
tl until Wodn-iHny next. Mr. Caldwell
aioved (0 amend .mtion by p-itponitig
until tho third mo;) lay in Sov. next.
M:. 'Vi;scn :n.iv-i tSat the bill be laid
11 table, which nti'jn hvhg pr-we-.tence
4he qucstion.wat firtt frit a id decido'l It
the a :irnmjlvtu.. .Mr. Wi!aj'.i suMcgoent-
Ty .snye m.llce ithat ho t'n'ilal '"nil f r tha
wiisideration of tho hill on Wwhesuay
ii8xt. - . ,
A mewage received from tho
llvjsn fCoin iiOTs stating that thoy. hive
1a-i"d tHo -folM'inc; en-jroaTCd bills, J .1
avhieh tlu;y sk tho concurrence of the
fw'iat';: a bill alio, v'uig compensation t
r(U' ra in tho coUntv of Bmcombo ; a bill
tor the brrttfM rqirilation of thv Ghurt of
TWm ati'I Quarter Sessions f-r the oountv
if Macop; Avll to amend tho I0h ssc.
Krth, act of Assembly, chap- 997, natwd'
.ha 1S19, entire 1 41 An aetnrfscrihin? the
in.vbi of surveying and .selling the lands
.ty.ely acquired by treaty from tho Choro
JiCi' ind'wns.'
The engrossed bill for the better rego
Ration of tho Court f Pleas find Quarter
fVinns fir tho county of Macon, wan
jn ! the 2nd ami 3rd times, passed, and
ir 'ered to be enrolled.
The engrossed hill allowing comoenfi.
iion f t iurofc in tho county yf Bunco nS
U.w took Part.' iriwiiu.Tr- - '"v:;
tV r ft j
t )" I, Hi it. If.
, ' . r
ct f-'n.i.n.ltn im t!,e rr-is -
i'.f) Lf Mr. M 'i.f r,,r L-rv
ill 1-1 ":j i4 Tl j")ftiH. It iir I i1bin
lUart l I.V t,,t tcrr f.finka r f 1 Mt.
A r.-M:rtWM frfiriCraml,t Iff him
f (nammi, profKw'ui to lttt on Wt l
? ?T fjr Pullie rruitef,iniraftnr Ut
Rvn'nj V Tutler were la nomination far
t n;'uifnf'i?; which 'was n;r9T t
ind, f- i nptio i f Mr, Manhi!! crAnm,
i14e! to t)w n- .I'lntloo. .... ' "
iiliotw;; commons.
; Mr.'Wh'Ur prpscnt! lh prillifiti of
tlit WiuoliV MounUia Turnpike Comtmny'
PDXW W allcratioa of their clinrtw-
(Mimt!or hr Mr. VIInn, . ; '
ho i'xilnictcJ to tnqmro ht lKt etpclin-
ty of repealing ultefiti? or niovJinff the
law, wf! in tm jm l'i2fTwrJ:n
fjr Ui ro'Jw.tifHi til 'J"hft out of d"coiti
PTtcwrt crtsft; knd t!it thoy rcjKjrt 1
bill nr o!li(ri(re.
TIw''flimker laid lcf re the IIoum
eomwunicafioo from tho Public Treasurer
trammittuix - certain Aomm'iv.U hcwlni
the neatiU of aa irircftifitiort instituted in
o!ftdicnc9 to a rsealutimi of tho lat k$
nion insJractine tho puhlio Treasurer; un.
if f tho dirtrtion of the Oirnor and At.
torney General," to iofettijrto. tho facti
connected ' with tho drawing, acceptance
nd pstinf f tindry checks purporting
to bo drairaky Jolin Haywood,, Tublic
Treasnrcr. ! John S. Ilavwood." m tho
fStata Uank of Korth Carolina. The com.
munication and doctimcnu w?re ordered
t j It 0 snt to tho Senate propoiinj to ro
for them tt a joint w'.cct cmnnuttee.
Mr. Po!k from tho committee oa,MiJU
fary AflUirt. toVhich was refsrred t1
... . (..."-. -...j
td to lo laid on the table.
M. fAn fnm thin fAmmitn n
r. Mejanf, trom tno commit.eo on
. I l . J aA 1 t wl i-rvnn ka
nnun rra u... "
further consideration cf tho auljcct.
report waa concirred in,
On motion of Mr. O'Baifn,
Rttolttd, That tho coinmitteo on the
Jiiiieiarv bo nwiructea 10 enquire mm
?, " ! - ;
Judiciary ba" instructed to enquire into
Drnt0d lhf raemorIal
.""V" " " r -.i..;.- lo Phanr.
g u.o "uw " , ,";".. ' :77Lk;-i,
w "t 1-1,7 Ti fUni with
oruam. . - rv ; ...
propotition that it ho referred to a jomt
whom at. referred the bill dimting
Tuesday, Drc. 0.
t On motion of Mr. Marshall of Aneon.
RcMolred, That the Committee on the Ju-
dicia7 bt instructed to enquire into the :
practicability of so amending the cnmia- j
r.aato make it larceny to take carry
, or steal grapea from any vineyard ;
.. . 1 .. . ...... in m.'ji wise: anu
- " -
irora auy ia; 1
to make wise; and ;
rlllllvaiOU Willi
that they report by bill or otherwise. ,
Mr. MTarland movod that amessage
bo sent to the Ilousa of Commons, pro-,
pg w
was tue 01
to ballot for rOwornor -01 ine
hich wai agreed to, and Monday
dnv anivinted for that purpose. ,
Received frrm the House of Commons
a fflawaa-a transmitting J"j
Iron, the pnhlic Tr.a-.r e her wuh
sandryum-ni9,acco-,npu.i.u-"K.- u m
y yer!, aP'T ?r L nc. ?Z: iciary committee were instructed tojnqui
t! nn tlHMw in" 'n; "j, ro into the exDodionevfomendiTRrthr
h.x.i.4:a on''. ilowihuu. vwm
of Mart;, and M run ' on
Mr SW3.I; lXJ ih
the Judiciary, .hSoTretntin-
M.ui,l.t,o.i of tno
w t 1 1
c i''.t i w . -v-
vhich air the aohjeett 1 " " '
din.r in the Supreme Court this State
snii now
&c. made a lavorawo
. ndontion 01 iuu iwuu"-
..... ( t
in ' reiolntion .:
,1 r thi
Jlrtolml. That tht
ncasarv . to the just proaeeuuon " "
.1.:.. Oi.i ... .
Tho reported resolutiQ-1 wcv66
Stat- I requcstod ana en.pu . . -r Wii dfclariajrin what manner notes : Caidweu or n
i ;rlli.ront r-waon to acton tho ot tht m,,. ..aj. cbe tchastwaa
'"T"' . 1 ia n. mane a rnpoix jhwwuuw
T ' 7 -.iWHnr the testim- or bonus given lor r.T:- -just return from
part ot tnis o uw , ; - b0 cleg iaU be collected, oncurrtu .. W n rUrosdt
nw. nnd causing such survovs a n.a,.r. Wvche and Havwood u ahead of ul
' ; ( I fl ' t" .1: f.-l
; i r "' Vi I.- .1. 1 , n ; ' ; 1 1 r r
' Ti-r'a i a n i r-..;:ity ,
f :' tt' 1 t ttto fwi.. .Vlfft omj
.? -
r!; r t!i- ti,:ie 1 f ,',.Vii'' two j
t - . i
,t'i "
Q :-.!cr
i 1 ll. ;.urt .f ri-m ftnd
i if r tM cnu,tv f.I - Inc n.
at! J (
. "iiuii fin-,
nwy l Drought aalainhaiij a bill to pro
i l fjr tfio- eotlectiua t.f cottj in certain
, . ' . .
Juihciary, to which wa rrfrrml the bill
10 extenl the lws of i! ? Stalo orr that
Cherokeu fitioit r lihliitw. and incfoJid
wit.Htt tho chtrtwml liinita ,tf thia fltfe.
n.ruM,la,t llw. If . ' l 4
tod .that he" ha,Wn tnttrtvebd. by. I he
cnmniirtoo to rccomimmd if rejection.
pi.- i.'ii . i i t ..
no mii mw mu. iwi on nxnjon ny
Mrf Leake lal.riijoni ihelable aud ordc'rV
ed to'.bo printed.'. ' t . '
Oa motion of Mr. Clenn, '
RttolecJ, That the committee on the
Judiciary lit instructed totfnrniirt into the
expediency of to ammendin tht law re.
hmve to tlit ctt!omcnt ol teatator't aud
and Jiitentate'i ettatea, a to nnthoriso tho
sferif& in their rtapeetiva countiee, upon
tht refusal of an executor or admiiu(ra
tc r to qmlify in a limited tiioe, to enter
cnon and perform tho dutiet of tho execu-
t6r or adiuiiiiatrator, at tho cace may bo,
o ur at it may Do ncccwary' (o, pay tb
dehta of any tuclt estato, and that they re.
Dort by bill or otherwise. Mr. Heart nre.
r?ntc(l the petition of aud'lry citizen tf
the countwaor Anson and-.Mccklenbursf,
praying that a new county may be evtab.
lulied out of a portion of tho territory of
aid countiet ; which wat referred to tho
committee of Troponin mi and tl rierances.
A measagt wat recoived from tU Sen-
afe, agretin to refer tho twnwriol of
Koinulns 1.1. Sandcri to a joiut . select
committee compowd of tho rcprcaoutativet
of tho 3rd Judicial CircuiL . ,
Tlie balloting for Solicitor of the 4h
Judicial district commenced on Friday
. a tJ .
teat and via cwnntuieo irom wy to day-
Vu lT 1 M"0U"?.
daViBiectea. i no louwing tt a tiaicmcni ;
1, .... 6
it 5J 3d 4th 5th 8th 7th eth oth ioth i
7rt 70 fll infl t
80 72 78 79 '
witSHrawn 1
40 31 37 21 W'n I
-Wednesday Vec. T
Bills presented, read tho ftraf time and
paa-d. Dy Mr. Spatght, a bill to repeal
a:;. r"
Cora ihTM
l OS!?, enuuou AU awi iu mucuu u iw
tho collect lont ef debta
eatatea of deceased persona, and
relation to the levying of exe-
cutiont issued by ike waticeaoi tno peace'
-rcferatd to tho committet ou the7dic
Judcea tocrant
py Mr. Dobson. aLillio authoriao
. .
writs of ne 'xtat in certain
cases therein m
mentioned referred to . tho
committo-on tk. Judiciary.
man, from tht select oommitteo
the Governor to convey certain land, to
tho county of Macon, and to establish
Franklin Academy, reported tho same
with an amendment, which waa read and
! agreed to ordered thai tho aaid bill bo
jvirf Sneed from the committee of Fi-
. . mc
hom wat referred tho reaolu-
itrocting them to inquire .nto the
TDt,j;encv 0f chanzinjr
ine riHKio , ui . re
teiv; reirment on the bonds for the pur
teivin p;,Tment on tlie bonds lor 11
. Cherokc, 3, made
chaw nl lilt lIierOKCt tanus, hwot u
. m 1 1 i ..n
favoraDlo report thereon, atating that it ia
inexp0(ii'ont at thit time to make the change
ose(j by tho resolution ; and asked to
. jiad ffom the further conaidera-
u-u,, aubiect, in which report the
Hnnnt. concurred. .
A message from the Senate, proposing
Aj g IJJ
i .... . -...
in tar an nil nrTirtnii an u is, uuuuuv ui uu.v
. It 1 a L!lt.. IkMBaaaitca AH riiktt
whether institutod before a tingle justice
of the peace or in cottrt, to which tho gen-
cral ilo no debt .hall be pleaded
compel the defendant to vtrify the
vi- iirairir. lenra tne juaic.arvcvuiiun-
..... -------- .
to which Wat refarred the bill to re-
tee to wn c. waa.
- jmHM, thereon, and the bill wa. reject.
j . . ,
Mr. Henry, trom ttie
same committee,
nding tho rejection
made a report jbuwihimu.5
aDIK)lnt0( on ihe'part of this House
. . n ilm kniiitn Iiv Mr.
m "rJu tpirit qf febj 6 p aUeiU'
I 6r tli N-ltfr rri' iti.inoftaaniefltf.I toinpuiro inftho mi f ti.
ill t.i limit the lime within whi h artioni f rerrt tho fact to this llwt.
r 1
1 it f ly ,1 en. l-!f 1
h'jl'iii- th anii O-.rf
that io, hn ciif: t!,
Blranwlw M l a;f
ii truth ntittrj to h-iv- .
;wcVg nay, it wa. nr .Mr.
J.I lffT'J.. 1 .11 0'.f 'i
I... I; ,
Mr. Hay wwl, from the it.hViary coi.
mittt report a till more efff dally toprt.
vnnt ttarM tenm !!! il,! nn dm.
aujl:j h iw
without crrploynvnt f wbicl
CO at. wr?e
ch wat read the J
f.n,f time and ordered to b printed.
nvf Jiinni UAT NIIV,
TiT.J fl JS-iiJr iTJ T .
PECR.MBKR 10,1811.
We thit !y fay Wort mr ratcra th , a,
enal Wcfire ef. our venerable Chief Mila
me. It ! wHhIr In a cla'm auv naMNraii!
f.caiaiitipoa,tUe'or .Ur nationat afTalra
at wUfch erefy Arrifjrieao CuSsen fimat fret ttw
jptondeet eitul'aiian. la eur t Sew It it fct beat
tml niiet ad'I anetbtr laurel to bn tlrie crown.
Our relations w!h foretg n powers. It will be
Been, are os a better faotirr thaa tbey .have
t.. r " ' ' .
been for many year. paa and too rnuchtraUt
cannot be btstowetl pon tht prtaea , admin,
iaira;im, fur its splendid diplomacy. tWt r-
f ret tU, oa, lion,. wUf opt permit t. ,0 ab
ftrtDnintereaiint ttomuneot. more fat tletail.
We may recur tn.U af'i,r
Ifgiihtun liner t jr Uat thr appropriation
bit! baa been takn up and loal la tht Senate by
one v6ta. TkK paaaare of the bill wat advoea.
ted by iudjt 9eaweU fnd opposed bf Jiidft 1 b mI bat be ihwKt Would bo
Tnt. ti t. ,1.,.. .1.:,. ktii m.v. iJrwl .tht Btate. - U'tt be aot rifthej
' . . , . .." - "
annmpnat.on for the rebmldlnfof the Slate
lfnnaw tavilt Stat wYaaiwat 1naw tkw at .fl
w w - mii u imv ihw iiv mr VI
Commonf M efriM A dehi
arow In tbt Hoar, of Comaaoa. on .'kill to hire
A , .'it
nut free Mroi for eotta aad charfea wbtre
,h? .,luMiW .rBtoed .in erim' ,ml b'
unawe or nwii.iof to pay mtna lta pattafe
b 'A'- !
Uf nry anil onpoaea oy Hat wood, Gaaton, uai
and Uebane. It Is said to bare bsaa the
ablest debate bicb has arisen In that body tbia
s- ... . 1.- k-.n
emon. Our preteni
e'ee'fd t Tbs rote waa foe Stoke 91
Kfaijehiid and aerel scatterinf.
. air. Caaton baa introhicd a bill into tht
Moua of Comtioiia for' thv purnott of Ineo..
poratirg; a ctntrat tail-road company. It it
thoutn that it 'ttt pnaj.v
Cy Tbe Fuasinaae'a Mtaatfe bat iwlu.
tied saucb orlgiual and reitcallantous matter
from our present paper Our readers Vill ba
! amply JumpanaaltdboNrtrrrfur ll
t .. . . ... , .
I eeitUir that iatcreatinp document wiinr.
The lezitUturcB f Oe-reia, Virrirla, Ten -
ntaaet. MUaitaippi, NewJtrwy.and Alabama art
1 . . j - .1...
aU now ia aeatioo. Laws ought tt be dg tltap.
ICT Tbe Hon. Andrew Btephtneon bw been
1 a M 1 11 m nKu.
re.eloted Speaker, tf the Itoute of Represtn-
tativc. -
, . . ...
fey Root, Ilarbaad Steam Doetor.has been
rtcciTttd. Haahall bate a bearing A our Ajtain. t atk the people 'of Sallibnry, wbb
ncxt. " haa bten more forward and more active, nn all
, 1 oecationa, ia deviaine; and promoting pU'.a for
-C0C J,. the itoodoftbe Townf Let the people of
c wt,., f'.ani w - ,,,h,3, snier thit,-rnay, they hate anawere
Fo ma Wasiaajf LAiomtUS. - . ,t by nln fct th p,',, mnj
Jtfe. Croif , - . ' ..... ,3oni, .-w.;-p '
, During the weak of our ceonty court a it a Ume, then Mr. Craigt, that meperpfe
piece appeared 1n the Journal aigied Spec- hoti!d know tht achemet made of t pros
tator" which mmor attributes to the pen of a tratt MFUher, and alto, the men engaged in -noted
personage, who it not a citizen of N. jt tn xtT motiessl They have been defeat
Carolina, nor Indeed of any other State in 4h t nn t0 tne prmnt time", tad thef will ajwtyt ,
Union. Ut Occationally. , owever, comes b defeated, but atiB they ongbt te. be drag
amoag ut, and baa the vanity tn think that be to light, and unlet, tbeir ptnecmion , toon
hat some infiueoce over the public mind.., Hit hev shall ba dratred to lirht. from.
piece at the time it made iU appearance, waa
not considered of tufBcient importance to merit
a reptvt bat aince it baa beenjrepubliihed in
a Faveiteville paper, no doubt oy tpeci. re-i
quett, it may not be amiat to notice it, more at
UngUt than you did in your last, not for the
purpose of refuting itt argument for argument
it nat none, dui 10 cxpoat ut iuu 7 anu auaw
The Snectator" aavs, that wbea tht dea
of a central Rail road, waa first suggested by
red at
, s.
" Carlton" it wat " tneeraa at by ait tbt tno
inn, ..nea. That it mat have been tneered
very probabltt but it never warmer eevte wW
be sneered at by any enlightened man who hat
the inteeea. a J welfare State, at heart-
by tucn man at tne autpor 01 - apeciaior n
All admitted that the central railroad wat7"
the only plan of internal imptovement that
State, and make u.
protoeroutathome and respected abrbl.
1 ' .u.. !. Ik. anrV Inn macrni.
6aent, for our means aod th.refiirt were
; ,.,,.! to a-oinf into it wben first proposed.
i"Bue venerable author of the plan, poet. -J,oacpb
5 university, wmcnucu mw
practicable. The fact it, ha had
a trip to r.urope wnere a
in tuccetsiui operaTmn, anu
i on the subject. That he
waa right j and othert wrong is now clear.-! be
...r,,.ht..l iiair.ntititi never will."
1 Uttf .fyi M l SpciWotV it jatMt'il -
1 ' . . Of """"'M ' til I r,. .. t.t
'.r-.j... ,. ,f if,, ,r
'ir V I - Hif , it O.I l.l 1 pt , f ',;t
d r r.r, (n ft I f f.'"ifr.f ,K
".-, K.-'5 r ir.i-' -f '1 j ... !,?
; 1 (ff ,i .1 li(ti.rk;f .flrn.i.i ii r ,
I'.n iiiii-nt uf ''t Wf.i rra ,1 (.jf,"
r,'Titfrnmn I Hum' J i r..,4 u. fTf?''-
rt J fel t -.'in pe'it-n U p,niit,
fc I rp. .i,, h (?, ..ifrrti r
it l li pramtAr 4 b IS ? I v v
"' "Wc''ff t! 1 yi (r ffN r.f endrr
f'i'rtrf,...wn Hint wsf dm 9tgh 1
tm 4 t ul ejil rfjln to th pj
w a te ritu ir n.M n drttior. ih U,
P' irlrht jfit a ccxmfu.
" f m Cif.a Tear njit ant
tint IftUy wW tt itk m (i a ru
iwai we wvul4 f J'b ihrm to rtmof a lha artf
f pftraintnt. Tha u iS watfj tat w baa
"f tai out? Hhy, we m- hint
fnm Pktrigti, ikit the Cast fv aumbara, r
iniijr f 9 19 f.r m Umatismvvuuhf i)m ,
n(lepinMtforrriiMtnf (!iaSialaIlcut ni
ty will not have a rmerkl !). Is him iXi
I mAmmnrrt f iLm tl'.-t tl.. I
hte la a jrerat deal of truth i- ttn rtitiark tf
Mr. Sai, when Hrt,-that ilia Caoe feat '
rirhf ra ar wWihr. to ttietr Ion Nl'ati
by the West, but w4 tut ittp 04 19 wit b
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" pftaor at tht aamt Ume that ll WflttWI
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To bt plaia 1 an attempt Laa been taj q pro
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fo.akeV New, nothi,r eat b. mere ,klle.
utoua tbaw tbia mnpuaiikw. How ecuM tlal
awMief petaibly benefit Mr. fihrf I can
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,4, Mr.ri-herNld ea aevrnJ (wiiumni.
I that be ernretd the meetlnr at 8'aatbter't
weold df-reat oi elation, end lit five ttia ret
toi-n aaid iaat h wnuU aiarat tbr Fr'e.
fillf and Cape Fear ntert, an that bit eee
mm about 6alibiiry, wmibt tp'te bold tf u to
prodnre4sbat rRVet, but tetalthifandlof tbit
Independence fDW ot ,bt FjtHtiB In f
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."- - ' w w a view
thf. w,rd in fcatiaw Mm a. tkr; sin u ttU
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1 mwi wi; itowiow aw wniut
Uaa htm marls unon tht mcetnt in .hUa.
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r"' " rilj" nil.V Z....:,'!
KnTb7 - tpteViVw
I kg with bina,
I !' ia time that tht pubfo aliould be
""OMed wl h the real persecution that hat
been aril .n!lU earned on aKlnt mt Torna.
mat, Mr. Tuber, partirulariy by certain mti)
ia tbe' Weatern part of th'a I'att. and ibe
men enaf ed in i abmitd bt ooinird eat, and
their motirtt laid bare. Tou knoa them Mr
Cral(et tor you hate bad a aproimea of their
bitttrneat The chiaeniof Baliabury and rata
nyoftheeit'sarsof Rowan, brpn t under
ttand the fame offr.1 play that ia foinf on;
and tbt authors, aider, and abaUert will, ia Uia
tad, reeeire.belr reward.
1 It is net my parpM to talof iae Mr. Finhet)
for be does not aland is seed of it, but allow
a to atk vbera H .nn man in North-Carilina,
whe in the cooneili of the LicUlaUirt, for thai
last tif bt or ten yiart, hat mart unifumlv and
more ataWaN tupporUd all public mctatiret
1iH)kinjrto the honor ai4 frnaneriiy of the
1 Itate than Charlea ruber f Where ia tbt tnan
V VT fw C'UlhfTia Ibt W. BO .
i" bt Wettern n.rt of tbe State, .ho bat
been a traef Weed tx ht in area of tbe was
M mnM .wu -,rti that lBir,t tha x
lie naa aonc r : ,
.IT we eotre wa te ear 0 wa Connty. 1 aa
J - - lha aavatai a.ka ftuaa alaaa t.m tksa
wntjrax 1 lire nnan wuviraeaunv nrlW ir (iia
c, bBtb befrt and tinet tht di.nnl
thanC. Tiabtrf If lhart be neb a man, will
von And hiT amenr tbe present repretri;ttivea.
I of Roan, or, amoof any, of bit political ene4
I . a V ' .
(na pr;me Kartr down to tbe Cttle agenta that
j0 tb jy worK Q the dark. .
.. ., .A OITISBIT. -
. JYeio
rinHE subieribtri hte entered into Copi?y'
JL tnership, ander the Firm of Hfily ly
Hunt, in the Town of Lexington, DatidtoH
2Mh wllfZr
bnek bouse?Acrtb Wt of
of Mr. Henrr tlumpbrey's, 1
bought ttaf elegant
tbe Cmtrt-Hoi;
, alto that tpleai
' . tl,,.
ofUtarr XJfli3
I 1? 5 '? nlm??!!!l?i53l
wA f Pttreb"; . 1, ' '
I T win oi. rail ivw mi sibuim whu
U'ul pleatt to sfive at a call as no peine will hft
iiparea on our pan 10 give general tautJaetion.
j p. a. All kind of country product will ba
taken In ticbangt for goods.
1 .
Dee. 17. 1831.
few reamt of writing paer for sale at fbaar
OiBce, at R3 50 per ream, afcw!.,remt,aftr
Rti and a few reami o WWpiiJfl at the a!
'-l4J J .
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