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tfl.l no rr -('i,n - i i iU krtof t!,. r
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rtiacU t , !.? the m.hUitr ( 'iMj'i,liljr UicK,
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8 Tiff !Jivo f y '6 eu e
in th T ' Caebv'sV, Lba, Tbi!.
! adalphia; 1331 Tiiiiuew iwwl frorajhl
pea of our countryman Coorrn wtil
-.wiofltwL laurel for kirn. Jt i fall of dra
tnatio intert "hair breads escapn
toinuteJ and hutling fcenni. on the (V
piU. n tt&e priaona, tu' 'bo Ilia! to, in the
Adriatic, and in the lred4 ,f Vcaice.
T.i8 pbN of the were! Tril)'Jii!,t!icctwn.
ierpl jU of Dm Carailb, l!e iagular act
ol Ju-oro tlw B.-iva, hi wcccm io rescu.
jfni Djiuj Yijlctu, are ail dvscntad 19
!iat iuhin tl and Unr-we l-ir which
ilMner wcharactemeJ. In pcturtu th
'iflTcmcsiti of t! Gondola, lis author
ycruliarly f;ljo;toii wtiwwvcr hi dis.
aurc otcenw on ika water, Le i per
fcctly at horo Tbo character f th!
Jlrao U a lingular compouai of fuiuity
ai art-Cl recklcMai'M an J aajacity
f neronitr and fllj bravary and
-raknci. 1fhe great aim of the author ia to
' jiv a pictara oftlio Venetian oligarchy
Ibair acl&ahiP hir cruelty tuir art
tUeir coll b!oodd inhuuiaitityaad their
reiMied rpwca of MechiarelUnu - The
ccne la which Jacopo undergoc-i an ex
mn'nation befuro the three Graai Ivynt
itort, t extremely well managed. 1'Ue
m mj ir w'ft'hich the character are drairn
; nut, kwpa up aa btcme iuterc!. The
fcrmtmtiou however, of the plot, U alta.
iffthcr unsatUfactary. " The holioa of
"poetical justice" a it la called by the
critic, i entirely tiolated-Allej being
ot"rtained with the effort and cuery
aal art of a hero alter keeping his cam.
ptty in rarioue hard ruha aud hazard hij
advnatare, it i quite inolancfvily tn find
hi-n coolly boheadol while the less inter
ting personage of tho talo are happily
Jisptwra ofi - ,
Thi novol of "The Dravoii Cooper's
Drst oo n In a nrjr c!as. Paul Cliirrd
vu a moo j the firet of thi kind which at
inc'ii great attention.' Jhe Draro as
da? Paul CiiiDrd containe fearful pic
furM of the destruction of human fight
an I huim happinc, by vicious system
of irerament an! lawt. The effect of.
T J lavra end aristocratic authority, are
Jhcwnti lead to private crime public
Yob'jery and Violent ends. Cooper has
-m-U aa admirahle-acciioiLPf Jiitiopleg,
"hi plots, hi characters, cVc- to catch the
p-)jular feeling at present existing in Eng.
. land; and the Braro will undoubtedlj be
tery. popular acro?a, the water, here it
only reuaires to be known to be read with
tho utmost avidity., , '
la vivid description of jtlacet, erahnu
tin? alike n&turo and artt Coer i ini
miUolc, We. find ia tho 44 Bravo? raa
uy-fhii moat exquiaite touches.':" For
i!ve,wo oover rmol a clear, di.
li v.t jthlrmcnt ifthe locality of enice
tin I canals, until! we rea
probably the rraion hy the Luntiji ceve'r htVd vh'e '"'M
I.ave a mure deter mittd chMctcr ?,! r, they sre of irrcatrc ,n ar .11 the
description ; and we give
vnnler & full conviction that all who have
not iited tho 44 Island City" will derive
1h'.i picasuro and instruction from the pe
lml of it : Cour. Enj.
T-T? city of Venice atands o'ii clus
ter, f -lowr-aacdv - UUnds. It
p ')! e ha ine cmjn'rv- srhich was
newest to'the jjulf, i' not the wVIc of
lh- i-nnense plrti i FL)mbardv itself
i$ of til vial f ro iti fl. Wnatevcr
m v have b-e thi origin of that sviiic
an;l fertile khgl"nTi, thiC i'ues which
have given to the L tonnes ihcir rxis
tence, and to V -nice unique ai'd pic
turesque foundation, nrc too .ipparewt
to be mistaken. Siverd t )rren,
he moutlia o! th mior streams that
einpiv thrmstlves here, than at the
mouth irf moit rf the other rivers.
which rqgally flow' frm the Alp$ or
ujb Appeiinijc into tae. same shallow
sea.,' . " " ' ;
' The natural comrqucaci of a cor.
rrct of river mcjiingthe; witcr of
any broad Uiinj, 'and where there U
no hate of rock, if the formation, at
s.tion) ar neutralized, of a bank.
which is technically called a bar.Thr
tnuit of the union furoishes constant
evidence of , the truth of hi theory,
every river hiving its, bar, withenan
nets that arc often shifted, or clcred4
'JVthe fresncti thj gales, r the tides.
The constant ud powerful opcrati o
"f the southeastern winds on one side
with the periodical increase of the Al
pine wreamion the other, have con
verted this bar at the entrance of the
Venetian Ligunes,'tot wit cession of
hng, low, sndy islands, which cxten
rd m a direct line, c.eirly across the
mouth of the gulf. The watera'of the
rivers have necessarily ct a few dun
nils for their pasuge, or what it n5w
a Jagune, wouU 1 since have be.
cornea lake.. Aovtbcr thousand years
may so far ilunge the character ul
thi extraordinary estuary, as to con.
vert the liianncl of the bay into rivers
and the muddy 'banks into marsHrs
and mcidow. resembling those that
arr now scro for s many leagues in.
The low margin of fHnd, that to
trgtn, gives 11 us maritime security
to the port of Venice an I toe Lagunes,
is called the Ltdo di.Palestno. Jt
ta been artificially connerted sod se
rurtd, in mny place, aoHi the wall
of the Lido, (literally the ' beach,)
tnougn incomplete, like , most of the
ercatand vaunted norksof the other
hv-misphere,' and more particularly uf
Iiaty, ranka with the tn lr o Ancmi
and the scawall of Cherbourg. Thi
'undrcd little island which now con
tain the ruins of wht, during the nid
die age, was the mart of the Medi
terraoean, ere grouped together with
in cannon-shot of natural barrier. Art
ha; united with nature to turn the
wfrfllf to gmd actuuut ),-mt
trom the. influence of moral cjuscs,
the rivalrj' of a neighboring town,
which has been fostered by political
crc, and the gradual tilling up of the
waters, by the constant, h posit of the
streams, it would be diucult to im
acine a more commodi u, or safer
iven when entered, than that which
Vrnice affords, even to this hour.
As all the deeper channel r.f the
ead the following ! Lagunes have been ,reserved, the city
it to our readers j i'Jte raected, in ev:ry ducctt n, by
passages, whan, irons ineir appear
ance, are called canaU, but which,, in
truth, are no more than so many small
natuial tranches of tea. On the
margin of thce parages, the waili of
the dwelltngLarj litcrallylromout
of the water, since economy of room
has caused their owners to extend
their possessions to the very verge of
the channel, in the manner mat quay
and wharves are pushed into the
v reams io our o wti country. I many
instances ihe islands themselves were
no more than ba ,k, which were pen
purpoies of ordinary intercourse.
. fM TUI 0tl f UMI, , , ,
TV fwllowhg his be o enmnsurti
rat'd 1 1 us as a "fact witter"
Jrs a neighboring c uty, a widower
who had acted the part of the brute
and a tyri it to his wife', went shortlr
iicr me uemise r ms spouse, io py
his're ipi'tts to ajhuxom 'wMivr( who,
li?e"tire uitor71rn"ot the best repu
tation fjr suavity of mar.ner and
meekness of temperi ' The following
dialogue erlsurd :
' Un-UclI, Madam, '!' 'an come io
ee you. ' .
, Hts Vel1,you may just clear cot
fjin, I .r 1 11 have r.ot iog ct do with
Von, - You necdo't thioki to get me.
You abased ' and 1 whipped . your first
wife and 1 know, what kind of a fel
low you are.
Ha-Y f did, tatl if had
y u, I'd "make yo toe the rrigXpd
give vou tV d -d good thresajng
every time vno deserved it;
Btringe is it mav appear, they were
united in the blissful bands of, matri
mony jn thr edays afterwarda,t ,
Vs ever woman Jn ththumorwood;
Was, ever woman tMs humor won!"
ps, pour their tribute into the Adriric
at tSi points Tnir waters come
chirged with the debris of the m. un
tainv pulverized nearly to tieir nri
ginal elements. v
violence of the atrcim, 'hese particles
have necessarily beeri deposited n the
gulf, at the spot where they hsvc firs'
becon?. vibjected'to th piver ol v r
x the inrl jence ot c iunt?r-
eddies, and waves, thf
sn thrown into a ihm
vine piles, until some of the bank-
have arisen above the surface, form-
ing islands, whose elevation has bee
gradollv augmented by the deciy
vrgetatiop.' A glance at the map will
ahow that, while the Gulf of Venic ;
is not literally, i i practic dly, con
aidered with reference t the efTec to
pr duced by the southeast wind talldl
tht Btrocco, at the he d 6'f the Adri i-
Thu asudcoul cjreaastance is
uecom.v soDjecie
"sea. UaJfr the
aands hafr been
li ailv hre, and on all, th-f use ol
iles hs been neceary to support
r S irrhfs. and public m muments, un
dr wh en, in the c urse of ages, the
humble spirits of sand have becq made
to proan.
T'k rr, a frequency of the canals,
nd pert) rp-, some attention to econo
my of labor, has given to by far the
gr-ter p rt of the boitdiigs the facil
jrv f a tpprva h bv water. But,
nile early everv dwell-ng has on
?f . fr.on on a .malt .here are al
ways communications bv the rear with
.i... ;,-ri i v.aares f tntowh. f
t ic Mi'i" " r - ...
ia fmlt it n-
.v bile the atra-ger hears so m
i up canals of Veoice,
4,id of her streets ; atill, narrow, pav-
rornmvlious, and noiseless,
of this description, intersect a l
,he islands, which communicate with
"chothey bvme.-s . '
nb,f ofbria." T;o,gh 'hr ho)
Qfahocf or thfambKcf awticcl
Jjscriptid -s, tna'
uch of
but little is
A certain Sheriff be!, g " hard p'lf
to" to frm Cmirt for while he "
aeeking a third justice, ona .-( the 1
would leave the bench was advise-!
bv a lawyer to " tye fast the two h
had until he could run down a third.''
- -CWMH -s-(
Monday, Dec. 5.
At It o'clock, the first eession of the
22d Conjrew. was opened at the capitol.
In the SeMte, a quorum lining
assembled, he cha-r wsi taken at 12
o'clock, by Mrt Smitu, the President
pro tem. After the presentation and
re dins of the credentials of, the ne
Senators, the oath to support the Con.
stitution ot the Us states, was sever-
ally, administered to them, and they
look, their seats. A committee, con
sisting of Messrs," Klo P0T
hav'ng been appointed to wait on the
President, in conjunction with the
comroiee of lhe Ilue f Heprco-
t. lives, and inform him that a quo
rum of both Houses had assembled,
and were ready to receive any com
municatioo he rolght mkc, the Sen-
te sdjourned. ,
In the House of Representmm
npon the first call of the list, a very
full attendance appeared, two nunarerj
-nd one member answering to their
names. Seven members onk were
absent one' from M tssachusetts, one
from R. Island, onefrom Pennsyl
v.miri, one from Virginia, 'pe from
N, Carolina, ode: from Ohio, and one
'rjm Alabama. Thereturq from
Missouri has not . yet. been made, and
there are five vacant scats, lnr
Fl .use beinj orcaaned proceeded ta
the election of Speaker, when, on the
first ballot, the lion. Aridrew Steven
son, olVa, Speaker of the I Jousr of
Representatives f r the two last Con
gresses, was te-electtfd tO that office ;
the vote heing S0T Stevenson 9J,
for the flon.5. R. Sutherland 54. the
H-.n 0. A. W ::iffw-f 15, the Hu .
JrW. Xior ASf and JO ecattcrio.
On the moii n f, the II. Jeiie
height,' Mr.' M. fit. Clair Cluk was
u animouily re-elected, C'letk f fie
II ue A 'committer was appointed,
oiuthe roottAn of the Hon, Aarbo
HVd, to wait upon the Itesidei.t, hi
corjuncti'iii wlih a romtaittee of the
S-v.atr, to inform hint that the two
H futciof Congress were assembled,
and ready ti proceed to bjsines.
The, usual resolution V?epectlng "the
supplv of membera with newspiners,
was adopted jfaftc r.' wLT cb , lb t ' II o Vi ie
adjourrcd, t , , . t, .
y ' t,;,., Tutsfay, Dsc 0.",.
' fr.'K'mg, from the J iut Commit
tee apuointed to wait ori the President
of the Unitefl Btates, reported lhat
they had performed ihe duty erj med
them, and had received an imimation
tfiat the President tvoold, at twelve
o'clock, this day, make written com.
mtinicatt n U both Houses of Coo
gress. ) ." . ' ' i' :,
The communication promised by
the President, was received by the
Sands of Mr, Dmelson, his Private
Secretary! which having been, read.
On motion of Mr. King, it was or-
lered that 3D0a copies of the Me-
e;e, and 1 500 .copies of the accom-
ninytng documents, be printed lor the
us rf the Senate, ,
Jr : Kiaara)eij rtrt r ri i
thf be so far tusnendel a io so
Mrlseiae Senate, InjM absence bttht
VrCf President, to ppoint b tiUoi"
' On motiori, of br Johuiop, f Kys
thfl ul M'siflgc wasroramit fd t,
the Committee of the .Vd IIout;
on the state i.f tha tfr'rt s at.J , ten v
thousand C'ipict tScre- f with, h Doca.
oineiitt the ame, were
order-d Vwbe printed, fox the, use o('
the mr,ttberi of thi Iriose. '
' AuJ, then the House adjoivrned
'i IxlLWm . r.; ; ,
V Inihi? Seoate. Mr. Chamkrl nt
Ur lan rhcarcd w Au-liuJ
The 3ent proceeJ,tl tobsWotlora m - . t ,""3"
Ch.irmn of thai Comrjlieerd
Sib,f Msryland, was 4 tunc n. IUCKr nmm-ted Mo Oswald uon,
Th. folio nir standing , Committers crgrani m Armi ic uonse oi
iJa aenunty-tomewhere jo.KlTiil:
CaroKna abouj the fiisWig tiaie
the session of the Court of Pleas, J'C
ft limb of the lari-who was as moth
iivuil iui hu wivi mv i - . . .wo umviw w i I" iuUi - I IIS
his stature, found raach diEculty Vis.'1'0 T V,nMcyfouse lhca -werrwtathr?eleeUooof
- - .
which he was professionally concern-
., r. i.'
en. . in tnis uuemmatone 01 jus pm
fessional brothers, pointed to a roan,
lying on the floor at ihe bick oFthr
bar, who, if he had not tasted the en
ter, had at lenst sm'lt of the cork, an.
ioformed him that his services coo'd
be procured by 4 ' litt Tielp ' ""Li'
tie leaped tipon a seit. rejoiced
at the prospect of getting a jury, a d
seeing the mans length me-iur d oi
his mother earth, exclVimed,' 4T'
drunk 'or a juror, bu turning to thei
worships tvrhape he would do for
onf of the Court
.9rfr nnouncet tVoirrrhrCnslrf""
On Foreign titlationt -.Messrs. Tsgc
writ. VM!. Kine. torsrm, and Rcll.
0"i Fanct. Messr. 2mttb, lyler,
t. SK-.ani '53ns,ont
On Comment Messrs. I'orsyth, Dud
.Si.-; J ii -ton, Wikins.
Oi .fanufacturt: Messrs. Dickerson
Cii!K-lir.. M'l r, iwa-iimwr..
On f.8TlcwT. wesr. Oeymoar,
B'own, Hnoif, llmn, V'fCximn.
On Mliarv Jfuirt, Mrss-s. Ben
in. Br'r, Troup. CLsvaod Kne . .
On theMtit'a Messrs Bernard. F
HnRhuysen, Claytor, Prentiss, and Wag
nn. ,7T: . :
On JYarai ajfuirt Messrs iiavne,
T nf B ,.tii, YeUter, nd Bibh.
Oh Tubtk iMndi. Messrs. king, J
is. Ilfline, BoiH-on, nd lljr.n.
On Privatt tana Claim Messrs
K v N.uliia, Prentiss, hujrgtes. and
On Indian affjrt-m Messrs. White
T P inilr xi i,Ben rrt, and Wilkiiia.
On Caona.-Messrs. Ilules, BtM,
.Vaudian. Brown, nd Mor. ,
0 l U Judiciary. Messrs. - Murcr,
llayne, Webber, IVeliiighuien, - sod
firundy. , . . ; :-
On the Post Ofre and fiiit fiGadi.
Mcriu Omndy., HiJ, Ewing, and
Tomlin.m ' 1 v 1
On Roadi and CanaU --Messrs. Hen
dricks, Pit-tdtxter, Hill, Mangum, and
S pr gu?T7." ' ' " 7"
On Pension. Messrs. Foot, Cham
hetsi Mn)nm, Burner, and Spraue.
On the District of Columbia: - Messrs.
C nmoers, Tyler, llolmeii, Clayton, and
M: i r. ." ';:'.-' ' .
OiAe , Contingent .. Fund. Messrs.
Kniu u Dudl'.. nod Tomlinson.
On Rnrrossrd Bills. Messrs. Bobio
son, Ewi'iR, and Buckner, A
Th5 S.-.iiir ih n 'fijiiirnedi
Q v-ii otna W MrrTaYlorrt-was
Resolved That Wo Ch iplaias, of
different denominations, be elected by
Gngress,t)ne by each House to serve
during the present session, who shall
interchange weekly.
Mr. Ward from the Joint commit-
tee appointed yesterdiy, to wait on
the President f the United States, and
inform him that Congress, is assem
Wed, and ready to receive any com-
mnnicatrhn he may be pleased to
make, reported lht "the Committee
bad performed the duties of its dp
pointmeot, and that jhe President
answered that he wonld .roike a com
municatioo to the two Houses- of Con
gress to-day at 2 o'clock M.
Immediately afrer which, a com
munication in writingwjtii received,
'rim the President of the United
Sutes by Mr. Doaelson, hia private
.sccj-cjaf which wv rti
and took his e$Mr. Pprague 'b
mitlt'J; a tt solution, ta.lmn on the
Proider.t,' for informati-r in relaiiotsi
to the abduction and imprisonment of
American citizrns. by (he Ilritish, ati-,
tiK.ruies of New llrunswitk. A mesn
sage of a confidential aturr baviog
Iketo received from' the PrsiidfOt of
the United Btates, by Mr,, V ,tlon,
his Ftcreury, the Hen . if spen' a short
lime in the consideration of Ext ca-
tive business. . . ... , '.',
In, the House of Reprrteptatifet. '
Mr. Cokci of .Virginia, appears J 'ua
took hia'seat. A messare w re
ceived fr'uca the Presideot of thr Uni
ted State, traosmitti. g a communi
cation fmm the Secretary of State qa
the liibject of the recent tensusj hich
was,' on motion of Mr. Whittlesey of
Ohio laid upon the table. The Speaker ,
presented a communication fn.m 'tho . ,
Secretary of theTreasurywuh th
annual Report rupori the Fi'naru es.
TKe rr port ; wiih the! accmpaas
documents, were, on motion of Mr. "' f"
Folk Jl44-Pojhe table.and iO,OOa' "
Representatives.-Mr. CUmore noai-.
lnat;d Willi am A. God n Mr. Con
diet, l)jvid Brearley,and Mr, Jrvis,
William, Robipson. f Oo s cond ballot-,
Mr. Dnoo , was electedJMr.
Ovrrt "i Carr was elected Pri cipat,
Doer Krtpr out of five candid us j
in-l the House ,procrcikd to the rlctc
lion of Aistani, Dvrkeepcr, Tiur.
teen Candidate tre put ii aomina-.
lion and' the II ute balloted onca
wlihoat arrival at a cnoiif, An ad
journraeot v.en, at half past two, t okj
Thursday, Dec. 9,
In thi Senate, Mr Hayoe, leave
introduced a bill to provide fow tho
ettlemecu of the cldma of 8, Caro
tin i for advances made t the U.
States during the late war. whico was
read twice, and referred to the Com
mittee on Military Affairs. 1 The res
olution submitted by Mr. Bpr.gue
calling on the President for mforman
dbn as to the abduction and imprison
ment'of ; American cuttens by the
British: authorities of New Bruns
wick, was considered and adopted.
The resolution submitted by ; Mr.
Holm" requesting the President to
inform the Senate whether any fur
ther negotiation is comtnenced, pro
posed, or intended, in regard to th
North Eastern boundary; of the U.
Statea, was considered, r.n d after a
few observations' from Meors. Poin-
dexter. Holmes and Hayne, laid on
the table. The henate alter a ahort
time spent in the consideration of
Executive business, adjourned over iu
Moodav, v
In the House of Representatives.
the4usittcss of thje.clcctionjaLAsiisj.
tant Donrkeeper was resumed, and af
ter several" ballcws. Col. JloKa JY.
Hunter was elected by a vote ol 10
out 177. An order was taxeopon
the motion of Mr- Taylor for the ap.
pointment of the Standinj; Comrojt
teea of the House. " The annual rev
nort of the Treasurer ot tno 5unea
S-atea, and of the Coroptrpllcrs rto-
xoended balances , tpr tbe last three
years, were presented by the Speaker,
and ordered to b laid on the "table
and printed. The usual communica
tions pn the subject of the Navy Hos
oital and the Navy Penaion Fund
I ..II I-' .1 II..... .JW
were alsrt laid ociore me uouac,
disposed of in a similar manner. Tho
Sneaker annourtced bus intention tc
Lcall over the States in their order otf
Monday, for tie presentations and
-vi ck, the Howe Atljote!! 9J5
,- f - M
: 17
v C
' (
.: .i ' f
m- - i
,f :: f
f ' 'J
t" . ' 1

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