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writer with hrdf perii, , .,,,, ? y wi"wict?er? f art ions,
opinion of -fanner Wbvwt i thnt Vt rV'tnies" TCC' 4magtm$. ma.t. t., crMt
AJst'er from it (yentleman of tint co'.:
ty wa hul beRre the meetii-. ta:inf
that he was unable to attend but would
take sliareaw the tck ttaH.Road
to the am.Sunt of flOW), and if ih route
plasi hiui;li would douhltrtu'ir: - "
vilPillf meprBnun:i . too
but it i iivertht ! true, that which r.-i;!ic
.l"-,- 'i.v.- r if En. ' VnCr'KM." that,., party -moth . infl.u
.f u -ur u mJ n-Jenc I tfwu. -- And it xmrhr t ).;. ir
thejr 'opinion in th c before ,u, i.iinnt..,.IjuiU:J iV.
TANCT-G 0 01) S!
ivi; a 01 promi uiiVtiMi i iU
P it h ot ay- .
f.l- CL s laonoa. ii m tpttBi.j ,
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wVBationitiJlrsilluotJnjn illliejMberedva ,na!tw
TMkspfl' vt'Atn wh are entitled t conjure yu to haw ttiat ropp.-t for your-
th Jciaafion irttica iseonomirtsr; felf wlilcH. you ; urewnUlc.l gpenJ
jixltel, tbo 'ftci'Tf1w rliavIsjf inadelufitlTTWWnd then aaeveiiin, mthiaV taloula.
i, ,f acfj'iainranr with j thoad works, and imprtamJo then upon ymir cnpifc;! c uhoa.
away ; that &i l-ilih(cndrf ulTic
f X)f'G R E S 8.:... We rcfo t w f ' re. ,t.r
hM fwywl it out of counrdHiVi.l4 tjjr
tr4ay, we tliink, it about to davro 'to&tf
i i V'n'"".'" '"' : -"' r" -
mnMfT?bls cirenTJ'inees.w.ltHj Het
U pier- f xtf Hfranr t!l0 : J
Fiatcs Teleifanh" snn , td f ;i'fw. "
leara wlmt hs hin A, tv..i :,...
1 lus toanion is fmUM.
mlonsutv or Maw than any ever was in
times of peace,- The mi..i;. a 'j:.:
CrMoetitii hftTQ boaa hcid in Wii.
. ,.,, r . oororrinii tnd Fur.
cit'j ! thnw meoriui wi wmni n in nn- ,10.1 wun mai otitfir clussesj j,i which
minstaft and FayetteViJIU. for tho wirnn-
. , relative to th ,;r ... .1
,. , . lt .t- )ll,"iiuu 111,1,,
-i i'-'-l
rjfflrt rppreaentations of J rp.rut.nta .emnpaoy for
rfpoVtit1ec'nV);iKj;w two; thn reflqet upoo what propoN
Hjaigi into tb hew ,ot ontroyaray. o ; .mowdi lu;nc belong to vou ia national
mvr tmark iao.4U4.fliehat tn aflajra, janj yott tJcj-jiBtioa tfl
T pilar hat writer whpa hwywincbtl ri CuhiStM by-lelgtin it to
jhnwr b-cliM tjualiiy, yourwlm for
Jjttinct txHion f capiul, in treating -yMHiaikt6oi,lBmrWn
-'iirriiiikeiMjaHaa may think i( worth .reducing lo.
mn element or it as me wagea 01 innor, oMor, winch will be iro to fconviaee you
hduld o c(nfident1y charge the free trade that when Udlowed it ia attended with
weaith mkingjw Ot.f-aiMftf-&uii ' profit, and at much peanof'
xefrrence tome Trnmuniuon m wrairm mHwnfByf j ami thut manyijltht
Pat errors aiuiiocviijj.u--iu;4o ci5j-.coH-roi8(T-as well at peat of men in aH eo-
iinSy. vtwx wono wt?ontwiw wjun-iuugntencd nanoiihaTt pnen r
tell jo w-
So much about lhe tliriira!dre!i, w
hope, will aufTice to Justify all we ha ve
aid of it
Fuom Tits GeEssER Farmck.
Tht elm of iJTjpeflr Far inert ? the
iiicelclyhpgthat you wilt he-awtre-ofi,
the importance of." cloing your farming ! .
f.inM ami AuuiniM w i! n it. ntiM rnnr '
IFunt in " .
(here ahould actually be a
J.hYUAIlYt, ta2
an examination of the relative advantage,
of the central route! and the Fm
route, ; And if they do famine it candid?
,ly ud fairly, we have, no doubt, hut that
jthey-wili pw(emnefiahey4son.
ult the interest of thiJ whole State, they
will be XTTavor of the" central ' route f if
.1 f 4 . . . -:
uioy consult the interest of Fayettcville
w, they prcfor that route.
0 We wiih that thr who prints the
Fnvatteville, Observer, distinctlv to under
staid that he' cannot pro ke us to notice
the Uhy WmWiwh qT nw blacS-guard
.ffThp Editor is compelled to be ab.
ausDenstoa-f""--' '
iautanftfafc BWya4fa-wiH4-ploaaoJ to ovftooMliere
tay to yoursell, I have fmiJied the i year T fbre any irror-whkh - they -jnay . findin
IaforT f have aettlcil.att nty jiccouiits,lii tthlOai lte?Mt "MneAiiiioii-M he
with more hope than when his accounts f,mProvcd,
are unsettled, and he at a loo to know T -
- wb-tler his to yearn lanor tits been at. A discussion lately Arose in the House
tsndoj with cam or uotJ To., those wha , ,. . .. 1T ., . , ,
have liitherioegleetedto keep accurate .Vto United Bt.te.,
-acrountrrf-theirikmiiig-TB Prl '
irwMtMnh9i Maag which related to th
iomedutelyt prepm'iom
.g u,Cco.mng B.r , .n ,ow. . wlect o,mnitlw, Itasa.uob as the com.
mini, w v ifiiui uu jcrni iiutijwvti vi tnv ... 1 f t f '
Cetmeawe Farmer, to the one who shall "ttee of Ways and Meant to which i
keep bis finning 'MctolaWJpiiie'stiwJ been uii'Jormiy subnutled, had as uni
amKmoMaoeumta-waiiner i keeping Dr. formly reported against it. Tlie PresiJeul
Cf' . WXl etck imPortnt ,croP lnd recommeudi that the Rank should n..t be
jriving the full amount of capital employed . . . , ,.. . . ; ,, .
t lauds, Mock, utensil, &c.; ini trL9 th,n ' " WJ
mittinjr to us, at the end of the year, a haM 1)080 out P!ac ,,ld "ta'Jy bul
duplicate or eopy of such account, which
- w will publish, if requested. Were a
few such accounuU kept by our practical
- " firnters and puUuhedthe - pullicTwoukl
be in possessioo of ficta from which - thev
cmild draw conclusions as to the-intereif : knowledge that thisquestion has iriuen in
might be eipeeted.fwttap
w.?rwuurai uusmess, wmcn in- y,, hired the aame fite.1 There is a
ivrniKiiva iae j are aeitcieniM ai (ins Miner
respectful to the Executive to have made
the reference to a wloct committee, who
had not(tcted ipon the subject before,
la the . second time within our own
. 1 a
It has been said that farmimr ia a hard JV? Un5reM W m wea
laborious business, and is attended with t fnother. tbe, truth. Wby not hav i re;
ions, pareuit wno have sons to provide "r-t. ,u ;n n nNJW;i;tw K.v t,vnt
lor, liave selected profesaions in preference ', - - '- .;-ir-
the accounts of fai'menas accurately noroe re-cnanerco, rnaa nare oeen given
ket Bjrfho of 'mereha
of nn-fi. would be in tliair lavor cfpm. . Thi, u wha a- Ti, it what
:-,. aa indncenicnu for younr men to . r . .1 t
!:agc ia themmsny which we think are ,heX btvt lhem haVe "
rHirulous and absurd j nit many of them the light they can possibly get upon the
r !vu.ered so by the farmer's own con- subject. Let them have the'arjuments
rt-t. audof course they ought not to com- ,1, proBnj cffnTand the people will be
plan. . One powerful reason advanced w, , . ,AM,, ,JL.nt " ri
bat " the tUrmert have little or no influ! ,UM to Promwe "cM'ment' The
ence ia public iMiilncssj" tliis w grani w V 3 irir; w kfWtf
correct, and aby ? It is not because they pronounces judgment until he hears both
kave not so much interest at stake as oth- ,i,les. Is there not then a greater neces-
ZlUT! f T' I''-1 ,nnithCf iS U b"?U8ft V t people who have no inform,
thpre is a want of. intellect anionic thom. 7 r r - , -
1 bmteTnwmheyiirMlrr,tetherrownVoflr
eeqiMoc, both as to numlers and capital, 00 both aiJe. : It argues but little
T IfieyrXrT'tf,; IrterltReTrTO
'o can they ejpect will uke care of it ? vwtiition. What was the object of the
.roj.eomjK tfif tttiidhiy, and officers ' , , , ,?t . i
bo ap,inted, who do thev riectT-any 'w,tion of dcurto cons.dera-
but a farmer. , If town officers are tobe tion? Wts it not, that the public mind
ehosen, who do they Vvote for? any but should be enlightened! Why disregard
firmers. If (br the county ! sometimes the obvi)!bnti( :oCtb Exeeutivat
, grtwional represenUtion, wlw do fa rm rs nd in, i.lIU!?-"
, anake choice of,ror rather who d4hv - aruiltv of." Tyranny always seeks to con-
f"T (for they aire not allowed to se-1 ceal the trutb. ;And the najority in Uon-
rcl ! 'his is done . by the oflice hunters .. .,!.;, .r.....
. thiaptiaajWiidagr.that lanners , tnte T.vrai
oiu tiW, frsu mki.
tT bea source of pride to the
ust serve K'kmasters whose interests ,
"cpmic ,ki cooirary irom ineir own: , it mi
, ' i Ta - ""rement ot an agricul- cu!znn of this town and- the county at
1UFu.lina Aft A ft iAafcLn a lL--. . . ' .
M-puu. Urnodeat and reHring, that Urge, to kriow, that they have aroused the
thv anow themselves to citizen of. Una State, lo a. lively sense of.
by a clas of. people who e onsider re a the imoortaaca of- public improvwuents. j papers published in this cily;iandin-tbe
"ore useful metal, for many purposes, ,' Wa are scarcely able to keep pace with hp of thiai Stat, b raquested to
than,oW-;or because, from beir wn-vjL', puS!ih these prnclinifs.
J. GALrs, OairsvTii.
tbe construction of a railway. from Wit
minjton 5 Mormnton. Thi ia at :bne
admitting ttiat tlrt tiveriiclo
vine is oi no account. This should 6nen
the eyesjnf the pplo on the Tadk i nL to
""w to excite fah -. Y : tl .
ho e people in the eoSitrV are -alted
by liem-not ahke aflected, thni?h, which
w, I be the eouwe,. of that dmentin in
del.berflt.fln, f ttiei, woresentative.
wh.cb ha bee n manif.ed bv-th. people
thtmsflves.-; The So,,iK.Sv ' a lL
eubmitto burdeDs i,hpos.d on tfieff indus-
ry lorui Dcnent W the NrthrThf
Northv in the enjoyment of a boimtv -.2
en uy tt.e acts ot Contra will be loath
to have stopped, ,f,f V
ynwn mum mnd. . T ,j -
.-Ralwh, Dee, It, 1831.
-' At a public meeting of the- citizemTof
Wake county, calTed for thepurnose "of
feritt Ihe txpediencr of establishinjr
r, . n i V m Cki
a Mminu uau-iioacr- rrom : tno; - lown
UPaurart, in vaiteTatiwuTrtr; tethe We.
'fowpn ..yaw, was - caiiea totttboieraioner--:
ChairaM jSajJrle3te4HtOT
Col. John Bell, were appointed Secretaries.
G. W. Havwood, Esq. Gen. R. M. Saun.
ders and William S. Ransom, Ei. ad
dressed the meeting on the expediency of
uic projrci.
Mr. Hay wood then submitted the fol
lowing preamble and resolution, which
wet unanimously adptJ i
vWbiuw the very great improvements
which, within a few years pint, have; bean
made in Rail Roads, and in the nmehiue
ry employed upon thtm, have riven to this
system of transportation, so decided an ad
vantage, over all the other artificial means
of intercommunication heretofore attemp
ted, as to h ive inspired an almost univer
sal eYmfidenee in it, both in our own coun
try and in Europe :
Be it tkerrfore Re tolled. That we, as
citizens of Wak county in public meeting
assembled, being dreply impressed with
the importance and necessity of establish
ing a Central RaiVRoaJ ia this State,
will heartily concur in all practicable plana
t . L l - -.i-lt I .
10 accompiisn me esiauiuumciii , w aia
Vinfrut Kail -Road."'' r""." '
;;S'rl fi '' vncnncf; created
n the an?re,onal Representation from
'rV- tl , re'ignation oJLRobart
i uiior. r ; -
SundaVlat the anniverwjr Discourwrln
.. ... Wl jvrem t insiiiurionrwa
preaehed by the Rov. Uenry A. Rowland,
AlJia.i.-Alt IT.. r ww
' Thy icord it a lama tmin . f.t -..i
foLMJU&L: The, diacours wa,
appropriate and well delived.t)wif to
waa lea uuuwroiiV than ri.unT An,
.ir wimn n;, Bwt ard low iricea
Holier boWeet awl. :.pM ;ef.t
rammup. Ltfhort'. Dunstabl .nd N.vm.ims
Ronnti arm. Cotton. Tuck nt lij. i...l. -
SwUler's trimmiitrt, Roninr. ll.rrm. . 1,-
Atonllbirdi, bf m iaeW Botun jW r.r
........... v. nw vrimni, ra t,,
Vrems fnwwnw f his price, prewnt ie n.ib -he
n ftrordinry inducem. nl fr iMr " '
sad atiauHS5-t-'-0HJJt MraPHrfs""
2tfHhd. 5t.l:roij. port RirV.t - - J f .'! 7
leaos Suiiar, aftheaesf q.i.liiiet, very lo. . v ' i ti M
20 Bap urong scmd Tie, d.v ' " U 'Ui
TeaH tlcefllsdder,, 8aniki.b ' hdW
pice, Cancol.i., tirerpool ad alum hUi :
Venema Utd. M.ckeral, Ma., f fc - 3,' Biosl
5.tir, ma 3. If Jt
1 1 D ICI rormrrl. Lr V
LJ5JK,n;Jicea4netorneiM r
V'. ! (. . rr.
frR.H rtQueitiiit oerioniln,',Ki.-
JO hint tpjcgll and ntle hir
oeing aont, the. Rev. Dr. MTheeters, j
one ot the Vice President's nrM itUil. Tk I
old Oricera were generally re-appointed.
It appeared .that .reat pmirreM had been
maoe m supplyrngthc dcatituta fcmilieeofl- I "uu'f,0,''M4r,,I'- Px'Det
ihn Statu mt'.iU .1.. n:n v.. ... . I .m It.. t
niuie. 11 it oelioved 1 " re) .Tu .rt 1
that anffiqtntjromhar, 4 hemrf F.X.t W ! r
at "01 icewtbst canncM 'firihSe;W-
1 11
a pn.per agents can t engaged
Uonationa from such as can niRrd to make
them, would be very acceptable, a a large
debt i due to the Parent Society for the
thousand o( Bibles which have been, and
will be, gratuitously distributed in this
Sf,te' " : W.,J; .t lltgitttnr
h lUttlved, That : w approve of th pro
eeedingaof our lellow-rititen in the towns
r9ul.ibuy, Beaufort and vNewbern, re
lative to th establishment ot a Central
Rail-Read, and view" the commencement
and completion of the same, a the most
certain Bicans ty."flich the agricultural
and commercial resource of the State can
be developed Mere- and removed. f
R.for(4-.That. 'we depreciate, as a
great public ralainity, the constant emi
gration of our feIlowirtena to other
Statea, which is now rapidly progressing
and threatens Inealculable - injury to our
State, and that we will unite in any met,
ure calculated- to arrest its progress. " ' '
rof waTnat our Keprentatiyei jq
Matauo, In this County on Thursday
the ?9tb Wit. Tkormt U. ZW fc to
Miss CamfWa Trtxlef, daughter of Peter
irexicr, t-sq. au Tor Jackson.
.In this County on the 24th ot December,
Mr, .W libera .Howard,, aed about. 21
years."7' ." ' .'.y7. i- Sf.Z'fT'
- - f i
to Davidson County; on the CthDe
cebr, Jlfrs. Olu Lamlrth, wife of
Mr. hamuel Lambeth, in tha 40th -year
Oiuerage. --
Tlie deease was a worthy- and re.
E actable citiaen of Davidson County, and
y her exemplary deportment and sympa.
thizing feelings, had becam ' endeared to
all with whom the hawl intercourse. .
Having become deeply convinced of the
unsatisfying nature of earthly good, the
by' repeolanco "". and faith, aought and
found jn.inlcrejt ia tliat avior, -who
present General AiaeuiUy be raoues-lboufht her Dardon'outha i..
ted to vote for the passage of such act as eat wat of a Jon and lincerinxr nature.
are necessary to accomplish tba objects notwithstanding she bore it with Christian
set forth in the fortgoing resolutions, and f .rtitudo anJ with perfect resignation to
thatihey bo furnished ith cepy of the I the wiljjpf her DiriiJalur-aad-w4iilc
same. iber aumerout friends and relatione etood
Gsn. Saunders submitted tba folfowing weepin? round her fasti v declinimr bodr.
k u..: .. .1 1 ' 1 -t 1 . - n
whicirFal Koiffa i """ shv leaiuiur , upon the breast of br Re.
ftrvm ba apftointsd to correspond with
other meetings which may be held on this
subject in diilsretit parts of the Stste,1 and
t take tuck othpr steps as they niay deem
useful for promoting th great Object of
this meetjno;.- rT.':;.":-.-'?r;;:
1 be following gentltmea wars named
on said committee, via f fr-.:"- 1 - - ;
"Gen. -8u4et 'o. !),. Mai. CharUsj-
L. llintou. Wesley Jones. .WtlUam Whit-
Md fcnd Jdaeph Giles. ' , . ' .
On moti.-n of Mr. Ransom, it wat .
Rtiolttd, That J5r th purpos of awa.
koninc the pernle thtouh"ut the State to
a proper cotisideraticin of this object, which
will so much tontribute to its prfwperity,
timilarmeetrnt be recommended to be
held in every- county.' 1
On motion, it tu , . , ,
t Rfmlrtd, That the proprietor of tba
Watf occunation. ihv : b.r. nm ,1 i t lr " "V
"ect together and form enmpacta for 'nt parts of the State upon th; : 1L1 -ct. j ,
rajjdjjpjcBt? WJt cljsi ofcocn It ought to be a tourte 0 cjndtatiqna wheal
y -
" Wtep hot for trie with' me rejoia,;
My Savior is my hope, rny choios,
.Transported with this hope" my eyei,
Tho closing, see beyood the tkie,
. X maiuion foe my tool prepared;
Which toon wilt be my great reward.
tho wo are d:iirou rf purr bulla..
Cheap Go6d
- MERCHANTS, wishing m udd W their ?
Mock, would. do acll to- c,U op hm.
thy ma ct nfd nn rr",! RAI(G'A17SS t
' L00K T0 THIS.' J; q
f "l)e. P?U''r ' tb x,i tt$ t ori rm, -remferth
hecrmrv iha' etr iy pfjjon;1'.
indebif tho fcehi sKoiiJd jnakVm Immo.-
dute Mt lcmrttV Ttej mui, ia futurt;
HAZLT, KVLE- J -e thelmof i
ALL FtitoM -AMd
TATK ol Gidnoa 8 Ami de.:
are "bereby ?t cquci4l to rome f or w aria
and make PAYMENT,d alt per-" '
toht having CLAlMSf galiiii jho"
utd F.STATK are requested to; pre- tf
tent them legally authenticated, within' 4
the time prescribed iy LAW, or thin r "
notice will be plead in bar of thc,ir e. '
covcty. '. N PARTEE, p. ;
. A. COWAN,, JJfS -.
':--,. ' if.!
. ....... ..T im v':
v, , ms an vi-.a-s,-,. h.v,;
. rcttTHB TKAB t Of a
sale at Ihia.OlTice
70 cent per dozen.
A TED for iU lleradisn o.. .". i: 1
lice."' Trice 10 iewt aipju '. i ' Tf"-
. - f
pIIE.firstyolume -of AtcougnV"-
r-rShlf"?arrThf : lttmer,V-'-well
bound aol has greco edges i, NV.l
name it recollected to havebexn wtjt -
ten In A by perton bavlng tucb e
bkr- wu1d cpnfcr.?a -.-
t t : 1
'":;"""".;;"' Suisacir, Dec. so, 1P3I. ;"
. Cotton in send . l.CiJ to 1;75,
Clean do. . . . ' ' 7 toll; "
Cora ' - ( " . 2ft t
, Oata ' .'- ' .--'. 'i-ao-"
Pork v-n-'rHl to 4J50
. Sugar
Iron.r 7
18a 20;
j.- vi 5.t. .'ao
owner byretuming it to thia
For &7tV ! v:
rpwohundrtil pounds cf firsirat 7
. Xorthern Hops. Enquire at this '
,A Paper
,8'J. sul fc-w tMr. Mrfr. ' Ih
mem huijsi: '
; n -'
'v, ..y. - -

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