North Carolina Newspapers

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. It W Vn wine t aintfmn from Jawf which howvprwibt and
fri1" '?m,f.,Wi haV" llie CBl"!anc of ineqmlilwliruh find W reponao la .the heart f thciUen, Wt which will' U Wa'.ll Witt hftleVmow; 4'
j ne wisdom oi icibUiitoii is especially neen fu grartii'ir law
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C of tlie
Of lh La pus't at tho LejMuture of
: 1 ISSI and 32; r rtrr
' " T" i ft cf'irp ir a t r the North Carofina-'-)mrf-HiHt-ml
4Jotnpaiiy. - --,
o. T incorporate tho tape,; Fear and
VtlkkUail Company., 1 ; " (
3. Id ail f the North Carolina Cen
tral Ituil Road; and ,puI fear and Yadkin
It ,; R ad Cmnpamevf Authorizes the
1 ' I- ' J iL.
: mm r lo nuve surveys mwo ui ww
L,it eligible routs fr sail Rail Roads,
,i T change the disposition
jfi,i iiw cointltutinjj th iriciilturnl fuod.
jpnVi l- tho nvnny hnroaAaf -ac
truui; iVoiii Clerks, irist?nd of boinar paid
l ili TrVaury nhall bo uid overty the
nii lv Trustee of each county .for county
5. To prevent porn on t!v wi coast
from liollin j out falsa jProvidm
timl m prn holding out fuisc lihtf or
l. anii i " the HH-cua-rt, fr tlm jiurjKwe
0 '' .iDt vin or mUWdiwj laitern if veil.
!-, 'iiuy lw fioo l and impmontid at the
diM tiofi of the (i)urt.J
(j. I' reM-al an act, paed in Ift27,
prtMcri'mri (he mail'ier-h which tae,
ho liii ; uii l khiii.;!e thall hereafter be
- coonted. " -Si-- - -?-
T . nmmwl thn lOtli uprtifin nf an
nt ,ril irr chap. 097, pr. ihinz 1 ,, P "' (Where
lth of -urvevinf and selling the u-wa break, info the
Ti...,: .iv em,iri t,v tivatv fr.,,., th cl.)ure of anothef aod commits any in:
" .' i .. --- ...... ti i . i., .
rtv ar-
tao rtmaiuiiiir coaiei lo tkn Difu-.r. .rL.
everaJ Volunteer Conipunif.) " ' -
For the bi'ttPrtnTafK.'nlorrilr'it'.
e, on trading with the CVpt Fear
tiletH. " nivUMi that'"after tlie Intof
March, 1M, all Tpfwla trndiajwithia
fcaid Xulula, o'vcx.10. tona iurthen,hnUm y to the ratet already jea.
tahliiihed.) . ; 'a J; ..... - vrt. : ...
- 21 To aboluih tha-punishment ofTrop
pirj.'v - ;r, Z ;- ; v';.: , ,
ft 5.' To amend an act, praised In 1612,
ti amrnd the la relative to the Siiwremp
Court'. JMakf! it the duty of the clerk,
in cases of Equity jwrdin j in .aaid Court,
Pr a rcajonahle coiiiknsatii(n, t record
all bills, answers, plea, ; rtplirotionii ami
demurrt ri, with all decris'piade tJiereiu,
together wltli thg opionis nfjjhe Judu'-
' r- 20. To Authorize a JuHtice'fif the Pence
to take deprwitjoijA jn certain cai!. In
cases when depositions ' witnesses are
authorized to . be read on trial before a
ninle Justice, the same may be taken hy
any JuMtice of the county where the wit.
ncss may happen t'j be.) ;. . , rf.,-.
- 27jTo repaal the ttth Tectlon of an let,
passed in l&M, toamend the law with re.
ect to tha collrctloti of Hehts from the
estate of deceased persons, Aid the law
i relation to the, lovyinir ftf;ftutioui
insusd bv Justices of th Peace.
28,. To amend, atiact paaaed-in'-1777,4
aacu ring what fences a r aulUeient and
rk.., .Ln' Imliaris. f IV-ivides. tfuit .Arui... J'LrxM,M -S I .
at..r " h-vin.f mi his carlifMrde: Ju!rt'CB of mc, "where the party ajr.
. o vfcAuvit mm l iftlmt fnrlh Rrievnu, nitty IWJTer oamaces,
th s- ction an.1 district of the land j.iir- bating or w.w.ulmp Jha t,k of others
flm -I. and utiori pr .ducin- receipts fr to Kv ' . V
Ih, .h .".nent of the ptmhnse money to the 'J- 1 the eond section ef an
8 vr.,t irv. he shall make out a plot from act . passed in 1 9D, To enforce the. duty
IU "V.-! iHie a Grant. " r irof l:iipcnrs III Jhtf fltat.3(PrticHbe'
ft. T-. r-p;4 partf the act of l74lAt,M mJrnh f r Mu) 1
ao-.nn- theCo.u.ty Court- to grant r 3()- A.nendi.ijr the laws relativa to the
av-t at-s in certain -ases. frohib.ts - -n-""i' o . f rtheCbUMtieof Beaufort. (Wow Hyde
ik,.. nnt P ililTTTr im rnuntintf certifi. penor and County Courta of thif Stat" , ! i i "l.wmum"ue
I). To provide fbr thecillr.tioa Jfioea of,nrM JH' b power pf draw
imd u.HNi froe negroes or free persona mf? Jurors for tlieir respactiva eHinties,
rf ,. ,1 ,T- fpHes, when tner shall be dut haa bea .hxted by the
awv cied of any otfence and find, and are
wauch iTtailcri as pennil einfiiuiif in their
4ft. ;AuiUoriaing Hie npvernor to gr'ant
r,'rt-i, Wdato fjie Trustee Ff JJin
Academy in the county of Macon, V
; To. iwrpHaftli; Yadkin and
Smt0 MaMjfactm-jitjr twrtjranier.'-7""
ili F .iW4MUti4ula4io4if the
eoiwlqct of negroes, slaved and free' per
Mis. oi fulur. (Pruhibita tlietn from
preaching ore.tlMrtin in public, or .from'
acting as cliiw Jeadcrj&J.) .;.; mi !
,r.2. T'jautliimso Ids building of a oil
brine ovor Roanoke river, at the town of
Wald'Hi, and to incorporate a Company
for that ptifpiMH., , ' t
" 3. To incorp)rate the Trustees of
Raroicrfl Aeadetny t( Fayettctille'.
' 54. - To authorizo ihe Sup'ertV and
Canty. Courts of this State to compel
plaiHtifli in cerliiio cas, to give acciirity
tor the' coats ofuiu (TrdviJ. s that in
cbsjs of upal from th decision of a sin
justice, ths County Cmrt mav reqniVe
the pluinturto ive security. &e.)
' fi5. To repeal in ptirtnu act pnsned in
1930. Trulalfj(j'uii-aiitliie"ln this State.
(Reeali that part which roqinreavessfiU
fc pvr&rin.. quHeajtirttt . when they ' 'tarns
free persons of colir on btwi.'7'i , '
PRiVXTL'crra."" " i: ; :,.
3 To alter tlie tiine of h'olilinwtwo oHh
Cou?tty4'tsforThe coutity "orCiinconifeT
Allowinj coniH'iwation to Jurors in the
county tf Buiicoinhei--- '-'- -'rt--
Foi the bntier regulation of the County
Courts af Macou. .
To rcjieuf part nf an act iwssed in the
year 1 827 prefcrihinT the iminucr tin
which lands should hereafter, be ad6rti-.
ed for sale, for taxea io the ouiittea-ot
Anson and Surry.
To prrvent the falling of timber in or
other wwe oUtructing-ihe- channel 'if The'
South Yadkin in the county of Irethdf. v '
To repeal m part an act pawd in 1 936r
providing for the compensation of Jurors
lion of the Statu .f Washing tin, by Ball
(Ittirhey vt fVyrfcrr?r'
Authoriaiotr the ; (Jovenftrto re'ie!t
the United Slates a Uply W (lavmlry
7-Anthorizinij rthe: (Jnyernor ' tj apptjtut
m avei,r '$ collect; irMrfconhciS
W T"pr-f theJd J'umaht; : tlwftttry w
py i'W0''f hy ihe Slate haviu bet-n burnt
Atithorizinnr ,theApuh!it Treniurer' to
proc'urf. 85,0(10 in, . siieiuu c.haiiiic'.''.
. Io fV4r of John f. Allen, jlierilfof
5fint'"iverv eountv. .u'-;?
We iiiyita the f4Vrt tt'"f,tp4 tV lite
debate iu tbaBt-auta.,' which I uk f1ati ')U
Utlt December, rwative to the rnditcUsui
of the duty on , teas, which wttlbofiiund
ai our first pael The anxiety 'displayed
by the leaders of ttje Tanii' Party I" &M
b, Mer. yVeiwior and Clay, to have
us ouiy reuueeu,.., Knows ine uncasiuiM
Viierienced by ihet'ii " l(fct the ?ri"dM one
sysluq may be.uistuiOAil.
Ait entire
tMoval of- tiro duties m luxuries, whilst4-,c.P'rtBt'wrf-r, deny tit Crt,
ii i "u usra ; it iiMns to me amiK'Wriy
iiiue. ') -4fSZ i tho' rerta U atid ii
em ruling prospect tf r.'-tatal prohibitim
on exo"ftatiH, :t-r-J-U-i.
SlwH W4n-ti!iHhat th"hm eonsoipp
ti-'u will be an wiiyuleut for thia''tMT
Ta altnr the tune ol Mdina two of the
terms of the County Courts 'of Mac' m,
nd for the better re!rnfatiia of the samn.
31. T auth orize the Clerks of County
Courts to receive entries of vacant lands
in certain cases. ( 1 he Clerk to act where
"there is" no Entry taan)-w- '
'ii. To repeal part of an act, passed in
ta year 187, ntiilod, an act to preren
una'le t'j psv such fine, they shall be
ki" 1 I'jt to mv person who will pay the
- f.f - the awyicea-tif-lhe. free negroes.
or feit persons of Color, for the shortest
ti T-i Qnnnt the firt ertirtn nf an
SkntwH in S30, auth iriam-Xrpar !,,'ottor7
V'f J .rHhak and peddle out of the Roanoke and Caahie riversfVand ther
Jiui'N f thn county in which they reside, w,c'
Il'r v that the"v shall first btaiu a Ji-'. 33v P''nling. mmle whereby the
ei. w" The CMiiify rourr of" each Milrtm of 41m fttalt-ahaU -4maiW-4j
, ,;..,' .t.v mnM tn hob and called into service, in case of insurrection
I! T.m.., anA(iMi-l the ni-ovi. necroef. (Oiven to aeven Justices, the
ab ,,-ofan act, paed iMi;1ncTJrtWf.''1'
tin ' Ae Dram.nond audOrapeakeCaHaryff'c?ri,ran? '-county, tliat he cU4)ut the
C" Mnrs - - - Militia ( said count j-,).
-'rraWieths fi1iif wfiifoi&W
in vncation, t- holddefendants to lail on ,rt au,ho.r,z" a",'d,r!f 1 Puhhc Trea-
" lo iue brocess to yera-Crai1rtieW1b'W
Treasurer to execute a deed far certain
public land sum by the Mute, recently be
lonsitii to Treasurer Hdvwood. -
35. Io alter the inuunar of appointing
13. To limit ihftinie within which ac-
a . it. i i i r i a
nous may na oroujui aainsi nan. rro-
. t a.
hVs that mien actions shall be brought
i(liin four years.
Conuhissionehi id Navigation aiiil Pilotage
14. Tn irive turner tim fi.r the navin tor Me apO rear Kiver.
in .fe.itrv monev. Allows twelve mo'ntha ; ' 30- Providing ior the auigntnent o
lone'l . "" Dower and for the partition of the whole
ir.'T.. .-4 .u- u- -i,:w. 4 real tate dowjased persoiW where a
ci . . m l unh.vfiil luaimins and wourt linn. Prt t,urcof 1,es ,n North Crw,"' at,(l
riV .; U. hf rwrai,,,,. ,TC'n,J, ' part in othor States,
af - ai 'htAhVl mih'iert lhe.ff?!nder tof o inovrp. rate the Salislairy Gold
deat . v.t'i mt tmefit .'cWfrV'.l I Miniii Company
jirj irationw, the Olfi-j
ttivin; longer time to reifiter in thU State, deeds-, of
AAn B'tfi mvi U 1 'firtutlwtji,i an i S
T .t., ,f f. Tl- fr nubile msei- io-mW ,c.nveyao.-e, powers of Attorney,
f Pr-.vrtoH a re-r,odv..Jr a .v yiuUtiooiM'-X?:-1
IheirVT'r:! " I 39. Authorising
17. T-!.a'r4 thn ftt Meetion f ah act. 4
- ayiia-Si-rati--iit.iX- at i fiiU iu ttieir reuctieouuties. .
111. Ij.llDlllllltU, IXC ir I'llWlMU Ul HI ilk .
39. Authorising the 'several "County
Courts in this Stite to creel luor-Iiouses
the widow of iittotttatu t'10
P trii-l Iav a ia camul caatij
tr. ....b.w. 4:.- n.... ..f . I aecuriiw to tuo wulow n
racVi',? iw . iaHWiis-iiw to .her. "urplu-ot tb personal . egtate J tl.eir de
th.J,iftf t:,M Su,wrior or fluiireme ceased husluds, where m, kmdrod clan.
; ' t Au. r ...k .1 1 41. (Iiviri2 the power to Reimental
jt'x-i . iif L'lr llloU W. JULU MailtM Hid - - v ' . .
lie i.iii'
. . aa . i J 1a '
. - - - - j a -,- iiteiiiiu irtii'T nri m i it i HiT-tt-iri
I .ili'uata.( 1 . vi'Uii . .liiui'in -T'"S i
r tlv fistrihution of a part of the,1 wvewicaptamii Uiuitn. wiu.
4 . To incorporate the Uuilford Uold
pil i i" arms ainon the counliee of the
!S'"f'. nnrl fir th nrturt'itlHi i &n4 ' ilc-l
C--u;iUni for if the sume. Specifiea the) ?I'a,n? ... L ,
H,,.r of muskets each county shall be j 4ii; , An act to . incorporate the Cabar
oncu ,i i " I run t 'Id Uinmg Comiwnv. '
in t j id-, 44. Aii act !) incorporate the Char-
i itiii'-ii i tin mi, iinnwi liiioii, r. K
.K.r. j ...,i iL i.. I oUe Gold Hmnz Compiiuy.
. H. , i j t 45. To ircrrtirate tho Ureoiwlro
-t'--Mii" wircn aim wm i'i ufr'ir-fiy ......
fKxH.,Hj'th-limits f-the third wm-kiajf .f? V."l'
aWtet.- - -
'7. To allow aDDenld to the Sunreme
urt- frorn, intert;eiitorV judoments, or-4" 47-' "-"T secure th mAr jxrfect ad
drs nnd decrees of thejnior Ci1s of; ministration of justica" va certain cnso.H.
Uw and pqnlnrtJWidea ;4h"h--PHa tiiafe.i aih of tlfhuuoiw
Juden of the Superior Courts shall allow i homicide,, 'where the awuilt ahail havci
pp-ali on auch terms an they nwydeeiu, been committed in one couaty, and the
aquiiihle.) - . ' - j-perxon awnulteJ, die iu another, the of-
l. To repeal the second section, of an ! leader .simii lie pu usn-ewriMrs tlie aiuit
To iuorporai the Catawba Coli
To repal in iart at act, pawed in 1S30.
for auininonin tlie original venire to the
County Courts of Randolph, Rockinhara,
Buncombe, .'Bruaawtcfc "and ChaOiam in
futUre :--:-.:-.-.-is.;jx.--- asr-s.-?
For the better regulation of the County
Courts of Buncoml". ' -
To rejoaran8"t paVseJja J 830. U
amead an act altering tn e time of h"ldini;
two of the terms oftiio Ciunty Courts of
To aid in rnakin!f Tennawee River
Road io Macon cotmty--. -r--
To incorporate llie Mijcklenbura Cold
Mining: dlnpIy."-,' " ' " v r " "
To incorporate the Cliarjlotte Fire En
gine company. ,
To incorporate the wilkaa county Vol-
to am norre me erection x mills no
Bi Ivy Crek inthecouotyofBuitcoml)
iweveoHHe-fHtn uf'MnbsrintiT
otherwise obslrucluiii Ine cliauuel ot Hunt
ing creek, ia the counties of, Rowan and
IredeU. " .
I'or thebetter resxilatian of the Militia
ot Hiiywootl county
lo appoint an additional place of pub
lic sale in tlie county of KutiieiTord.
Amendatory of an ict passed ia the year
llWla relation to the appointment ot
oiitmissioiieraiowipenmenu me, erection
of a Court house in the county of Uurke.
M ..... 1 . . . .
io amena an act . passed ia ur year
entitled an act ta, establish the town
ot rew Sawnnw the lands of lwnj. Mar
man, F.sq. tin the east side of Deep RivcT
T" .Jili coiiipensatian Jo tha jurora ol'
the C anity aiid Superior Courts of the
county t Iacori r'
I tir'urlina; the manriir li hJi Consta
tj f Str.kl8.--"-" '
1 j n'maj in part an act passed mine
year HsJtf; to priivide'f rthe pavmenf of
Jurorx in the counties of Beaufort, Ons
low, Ilyiie, Aosoii, Columbus and Duplin.
- ria repeat ' anr act passBd'TO ffie: ymr
1 27, entitled an" act tnenmpet the
'. laws of this State relative to Caynlrv. -f fel-u ms hn.ride,- 'whihe mouly cal odalw. State Road, rantimg lB1,ivai(Htu( or (ho Spaniard wi
2. To distribute the 'rerrrsinirrVTac ahall have hen, coimnilted within.. this through the. county .of Uaywood, luay fi,r an,.,; -
TPrtiyules that im'iCirv ff the fac." Ktnfe, aiid f he perii aiwul3, tlies with
4ics irrt to thisState by the Uwral G ul itn Ufmt..tleriiiiiifjcr, shall and tnaf
'1-1 ymt:iy6n to edich Lf :ilieAi;u-.: h? ih: Hhlai LpUakh: ' t,: i the., county
' taitg lit "tha reanwilve Viiiipnti f:hi Wrt ' a.4uu't ' 14 IHlfci. '
r: - tnini fiH , (, f the e ' " ( ;ta p. . dk. .;. X-. J. iL 'ki .f...
Honed Oajceri ef the PittfReguiicot, jd juoi.. (I;nr.ofc fiae aud Iurkijctaent-
Sheril! of Burke caunty to ijive writtuu
summons to the Jurwr of said coniltf "
TjiJilter the time,, of holding the Pupe
nor i "ourts fbr the county of Havwoou.,
Res(ectin!j;the toll to be paid by horse
men for crosmnjj Beard'i briJfeouthe
Ya Ikin river, in Rowan county,
For the bettef regulation of the Coun
tv Courts of Huvwo'mI.
G i y in exc limve jurisdinl ion to-t he Supv
nor uourt of nontiiouHirv cauutv, ot all
plea and prrisccutiojw of the State. v
To incorKirat the Rowan Troopers
To appoint ConuniKSkHiers ta lay off a
road from Neiiniowaro's hiin in iljie
county, up Elk creek to the Ashe county
Aniendatorv of the art to authorise tri
hereafter WaHerrsd,
; niisoLVTioxs. .
- Resndntion opirovm of the rurp
of the AdihiiiUMtiatioii and recornnieiiiliii
General Andrfw JcHs'knon'' fir-reiclocti i:
tirnW, aliei,' naval iitoresi AvV It. i
Quit " wwetwA r f rr" diwrtinliitft ir6;
lietween thri. Who-taki ttur, and tl"" uot f I tlen ii masses nf import
arid" export- what one does in.f take Ki
flour or 'twh, ; In! Hikes In rtK!-Hwhi'1t
trarc teen ircr' iraraii4'rWi,whirh
ia tlie saine'thinp to thij PetmvjdTnnian, 1
tb-X'w Entitntler. . ' ' " 1 j V
AVhftn wo hsvo arrived it thoI Jrsiil HoV
nidei-atum of the rent r'K tiorunt r1at if
whiat alU'uiid' make all we wa'ut,
it mi, b- admiU?d, thm ; that we shaU
i;row no more cotton than" we want ..fV-r,
oonnumplinn. ' WiH coufiim niyrlf
(hie article, aUliouh my ivrumetit apjlie
emwllv to evenv other aiioW id'evporfc-'haii4ahaya-'.Wia1nii4 la" wfdttati .. i.
iffftnJtiif it will not WdnM"l fimt the
cotDm pla'ntfr, will be reduced, 6y 'J'
tyslrm, tothUfp?vofour homecuiwuiiip
tioi of cotton, which is a yery smalf part
t what is or fm x rained nd na we
ivunce ioward.i that eitttrH $tatt e-tV-i!ein1eitf,,
in tfio me ratio wilj the cot.
.h j'ni,t-r le iojuwJ hjjjhe prorfjlve
Himi'iiiii.Ai r'flin market. ' HaiT tnTs eri
mm. upon . c loUitititJisr.t e.nini.r. sii''ar
iid iriin.-are-rfetaiiitd, Wuuld not aajwl'y
le . duipunda of justice, even llmh m
mount of . revenue shiaiid therehv-b"
bronjt down tfflhrwftnw-ofjtovernjn.TT
nd we hope thai General Jaokiou w;li put
h'u veto upon auy ,'oiodifieation f the Ta
riff, which' is not foundad upon a regard
or the nbMU;.JMMrr.aa well aa.uf.
the rich,.- Jtis one-ef the grandefit 1arrs
ever played ojf upmi a f.-ee people to seu
an attemitt.made to reduce tlie taxes on
ii!'. I'M, capers, aocnoyiei unji urauay
fruits, maee clover and nutmeijt, pre
cious htonen, alabnstcr ointments, cordials
aiiipffiimmr4ilwi4 -Uowen ami-bill
lam hit4-ittt!';dJ.irs- and.shuttlecrtcka,
Coral. lea,1ji -V -dd mimIF boiea, silver
spec tardea arid Jvwy he led ranea, ' Velvets
and lace, mull miwUiis and "ro de
aplest c auicFa hair, aha jX WM'C..tt4,
riiiit'Ha .iintis,nnfTf eauHirics, tilafed chaF
rmy-ilihe, porcelain - and china-dinner
and tea seta, gold watrhei, culou-o wuter,
Clianipiiiipio and nuruiidy wines, orau
ges and nine ap(iles, uibroid!ry, ivory
fans, fine Irish linens, pVoaulH, centre ta-
bloTiiU' bootsv pter" Jo jklnxfaaiv yf:
me itcl (roameatH, rogue, esv-nces and
courtplatuf, chensiiien, s veet "sceured
aoapj lilk jtotavgrd and- istlvr" thin4
bles, inentei c, time -piece; to.tH powoer,
waii"d'jJl,Caid a huodred other : thiujs
used by the rishw saw, it 4.jile vf ths
tfraotl't Urcm ever played -ou uikui a 4ro
peoTilOliartutii- arilcici z az wc
hava- enumeralod should-he .rteinpted
frini ta'itatttrfi," white- iroiiaiid jmi svol
len ciotli and naniiol, a'id nimiy other no-
ceMartfis' nf iifefTrh:ch are" rajtiired lo
rerider the aituation'of our wTirkinrtiei'iple
coinf irtalde, ahmild eontiuue t- be htvi-
and uiHiquany WirJened. - We1iiptj
the. l'l-eftidttiilJ will ot lose aihCxif this.
Theav&ystem-iMan to v tumMf - y
Willi (he Vlayxville road bill, which they
said r ''he dareiV''t' Wsfitse-- to .si;n.u
Should they do sq, we trust that they a ill
meet w it ! t lie sanie-agreeabht aumppomt.
ment and " we fi'ol tha "riiorperfect as.
surance, , that tn such eveut-tue t-on'
2 rei"i ml election in Pemwvlvania wadd
next t all, result in the choice mon fi
vorable tft'teif
ciples havioif regard to the right end in
trrets "nf t ho" pi mr, sntS- i eut to turn thef
scale." lTmnsylvani,r u for ucueral JacR
son, TarilT or Anti-TarillJ as it ' wa Cot
htm, iUu-oaL:.tmBrveiint or anti-inter'
nal Improvement? and, tn our Tiiimble eV
ill any one Hti? that wecaa wear all
flic coiton we "how vr w, ianil that our p
p,ujv-'ia4 "for rrt r3fSf "ffloFiii'tg1
vution of 4iMit? ttt'ir fiintely'( -is
here alao !tob.tecyi rice,- fiH, fl ur,
lumber, ami all the pluets of ur tefin.
'aoft t re' jifthe winie p'redVluiIiiri tj"-w
must eat : tha in, or uie tTvyiial wa'earliiirt
ettwHl. osr iinvle ailiele when We hava
myedal tJuiiJrBiMUlJiuictieiiMteaT piud
as weappruaxh to U, ao aVall we ra !ual!)'
tanle m swee-la.,, .-; - -j -
Buf thia nystrm, wticii,esrnidrtitr-ho.
comes too nd icuhais for contemplation!'
andTiothiiw can save thoNrt who, wimld
a lueiiiiv ) Horror ai a p.iiwv -hhomw
tons, so unchristian, so urtuatiiar reetiilr,
is tt iloef,' oh avarice uuJ J-xeif combin
ed. . i ' .. U ' - ''-'
MRTADAM.1-T1.; very nnettectd
ttelhwee cwved' in the Hwinr let4
ier wiucn we nxctveu ny too ,-uaii tMiy ,
may he rel'inJ pa as of tiuueti iaab! "in-
wolf . im,alcii1u1!y'. to our' itimptroir, ha 4 aihl htatesniu i, bv-tha niuftTy 'an T
ejilihtened view which . be. hat .'-Ulom .'of
twrrjonpresMmtgtii aottncijpfid?
"rve,tKe etecrable prej'Jct of Mr; VAsyt
ho South ha?f undau ally where.ah ally
Wa irifver hoked forynnd wo"etiifesi"trrj
hopos w!iT;h" were .nwly'j' ? xtiuci have
been- rerived W theciiiii4orinnv of th
benefit ,of the goa-i cniwer,-whrch such rn
ayww front auch. a nnarter iouafMfvHav
"fi .... "1V.i ' - ' " l....i.v. , ... JL.m.JH ut" frt
hit myui.a. - - . . -, - i
' v-v vnarirsrja ,rosi, -
"v; :-; Wasiiitoi, Jax. 11, f?3J.'
Mr, Adauin,-'(ai know, 4 chairm.ia t
the. cwmmittoo of.itiauuluetujxs.', At the
meeting foftb UOiwiiitfee tfiW tflntiilJ'.
he came oeir tn tho n;o4" decided" hwiiiiei
hi favor ot a reduction of the duties, "iiMbi
May a propositicnn fntirt'ly .timdiuis;a .aepf t o WoM of proipno Ti.tTia
ear and bifiikM it to tha serine. ; I bu for
alf frdiHg $vht!itHi-t rtl'trf to tl -SiaJthi
tlieir' lotnpkuiis are just tbVvZTar on.
frnt.'fr they Vannol; and will not l4 mu
i!iuJ with any dhjsiveichMie 4" niodili.
cation. I toll writletiien: they Jti,ST re
oul nothiti buthis death can -deprive
mm of her-vte.;-7, tt the Piyatynt only.
Mre'tI Taf m P.r liir veto; thar CBTtaiit
rich 'tntpitafiat and iorWHtrona"iWiT(
uionoimnos jiijurtoua 10 mer lowresis irt
the'reflt hjwly the- tannera and ne
ohamcs of the iinltcd tal-,.' and wich
as ousU not to be submitted to aAer the
extirtuiiiheot ot tlte pubhe-eVbtjmtd the)
r ;'m tv . 1 1 -Y ' i, i rr- - A I
1 arm rffr tntpfwrtnq-ttp-tneir-riani
'of the coucert would bo over a euro as
gun. ' . ".-
V ' s . faflvCoa.
Frm a wittr iidrr ft ataorure of
Stn tht,Batlon Cammtrcia. Oti,
Suppoee that .cotton were our only export,
aiul thai are Jji Ja surpla4 of J OUjOOObale v!
ftr an eouat, 111 wine: which waa their aur
plus ot tliat articm.. . men, an at once,
("on-irei. hould lay adutv on wine of 100
per- ewf What would be tre-;fd!,e4'l'
W hy the car respondent " 4f the Spaniard
wmld nave but hall as much money tain
vest in cotton, as .before the duty was laid.
There, then, the market for Cuttou is rev
uld sfV
Everytdollat that ia tAfedn rlulic, foi
anv nurp !e, from jlie jrrosa Wuleaiifl4ha
fijHvluee if-d her na t u ai w hit: s V?etiJ;
new? . ,. tor . cwu n yyi v arcventsi t liese
t raiar fr i( la kin ; tao ; much wore, of
'louxarotSrt N'nrlheri' pro lncei'1 j.v way. - ,
lit-nig!! inaiiitninrd uniij.p 'r'l 'Z
K Pit wilt ".this atihfv Virginia a "1 the
Southern Fiat'slf'Whn we ;ManV for,.
? rr7rrfTiey ; Hv ua a ton, fl call it """"
rweet MrV-C.? mtiet Acy-agjiiv tyi!ZZJ.
he vmhea 1o est illi'i a irfumd
'priminf.t ripeai ( wJiWi H rtiesho(iI4 V-' '
uniK't'lniteud tar ef milli(m;u lia, ; V I ,
hrori iiws, l,o ninst. take ofl' iictlct mtiliont" $
if 'latif etilraCMi2 atri'h 'art; tn't.'
ippeefwiivo to the fi'ior and ni;d llin chwav .
ea; ? anJ ;rA lusting the -Tariff aa. a Rtrt?.Z
B'.r et,TKre-N.ithifiir' short "I 'such -
hindifl.wtlna, a, thin, wilHia f any avail. 1 '
wa assure 'liiui.. . 1 . . .
, TIin CRINpTONR STE,y..,.y t
' The BuiHirr iiflhaCoiistitutuifl ilh ita,
wonted, ability has., to -aeveiil "i.Wincea
jiii'ter .Htt.tBU, a-lyit'itaje wAiyii -Wtullr . " ,
result to tho community, if the w..fHn.ei - '
in iatikt of the 4iuuiuCictorie- were pen- . :
jooyv'o in pivuucju, wero impoftou irea,.
iC duty.-. V'. r-'.i- .-rrt:- - .
A there ' is irea t : Mrie 1 U br ihW' -" -'-
raipoliatcmiu platu Eiiylish tKaK'wn Cir,1.!
are pwkin. ,iur p cketa by making (u pay., j -Jouhltt
furinany' 8 rth h of tho firat. r.. .v - .
C!isit)-in tlie (juantity uf .American Ui '.'.
fvr, einpMyrHi by irwirw f it u fu,1ler pre 't-- -ioedthat
the wid tnMned ha:ids shall v r 7
wiovii-,hui ,ji,. s,n,'--(ua;ttTy X)D " "T"
American lW will- tMi.'V.siVjtiQir'ryesl I 1
In the same iittfew ilb aa ainreaid,'si' t' - -
rr,fihiJerabli! aatifi tff thtf cfttilmiimty at y ' TT
arke." . . i ,-, -
The' folltrwin-T exaniple.wiil aorvt ta il. ' .
lUi-Jtatfllbi View of fie 'rfvnfr(,n Tee " '
(fata, founded on pUtviuent" of the Mun.'
.vjlists. J Hetrwelvef arfl:7,4kii"Ji'o'Bi :iil'T-i?"
Baiinar of. fie Cditi.ttitii.ttJi
M( tavi.rlrumri in MnrlkitM '"(
F.actorY produce. 7fl0,0l0 yurdaof
cuare coiUiQ, wuu ii nwinu the a."
pn tectincf ditty, ca?i "be'aold ui 12 T TTt
fejr a;d, uvtUutir.jr Mt. JU fSOOO
lue price is at U tt 9 cNita sr-f-yard
tn'ura than th'frreiijh Article i 3
Jvf equal joodnos c tihl be boiiiht ; .- ' i-
ir,(thf luty 11 6 J cent the aeuare
f J !;s aniount .. taken out of tfca-T'-r-i-r---v
p !et of the people; principally
liiniiliuii'iirm r oe
trjedjai,Jftwyail(l.-m 1?" t'i keep JairaHoelajre llwt ! Ialhrd the ilnioq
itf-tt(tott hy itris -ft etc;; thcie.'t "TTfT"
f ir?a-ibtrt-;p f -
" . ,1.. ,V- i r ,: - r- -
fara,'nmi .a. at 5 yt f tlili ij; Wher r: Tr:..,
tliBu a lrihute yiLU. aujisjitf wud. lo ilie, " T',
ftlMlfaW;-s L .i .. OolrtUt V4- tLi i
tSraith w j.u;.ftkL.ii.t. the tottan Hoth.
But if to each t.f ..theUVUD workvx!tl -
mWwas'paid T5tr MiBraT'Vear"-'
a 'i -r.r.i ' . 1... -i -r.-'trr '. ..rT"
ior uiruiur 11 nooNiiiunM. 11 vmnii .
amount t" .r v-'-'-i-'rr'Bia.T
amount" tV
A mcrrcair labor vmjia te euiidi y.
ca-to, aa.iiore... , iix.x.. w
' -Ta whicji amount of pensions, if S'v .''.
fha ! real a-A pf juich ( iinporlo j ,
soodnia added, (aa.bclute) .jKOIiyZ."---.
It would altogether amount to. 2,j0
' Which' r 11111 taken- front the ' jr. ' '
it rTcHn coifaa aboVelT OO.OUO
J Tul'Jhich oioiint. the public, would be VJt -, '-inersrrlie-,
11 rwi dhUme, systtiallt In?
pioreBdvnntaeoWthaa'lhe -.Wricaji,-". v - ' '
aliaa tii.ff;eyiite'm,.lry ah-Wt 8 per t.; i-:
the rame iiunutiK -of American labo
trays )FrTna times?
tti&ir.ilft.i.f' tlATmh-Stiteava
win, ftfier iC wnriir, !ehute,'Vy,i- refi'V
for any sdienie rf policy like the present
tarifl. 'ni9--guiilooVaa . fiomvwIwtnV
rtHjulved tiHS-rwioet- awv -hsve- itwitider
now-xrie- cx-jrpsi(i w wine ' wryijtn W
jiis janjiiaj;cfcbui it i very ccrtnia tUat liB
Cxprciiiodiuatrwi .term hia lipitiioa'ifial
uie, bouiu was omres((t an..i tiitist w re
lie v,od, and that Mr. Clay a project "v, il
luauryrtiaiti; tlie atroow-exirfmti,wthat
UiaiTiMUiit relieVa r tyotlliW" -ft MffW 1
I "T:- - . r ... . . ' .j : ,
uitve in; unn ior s'cui.iui.iif ; in proo l
bility i'l the Senate the wHff narrv
III L.J. C.L 1.... .u.. 1 ..J .... i . L
wJfM.-WW-wron.- Mr. A arna, I , w. 1m ,;,.,,, v ?
am inclined to hope is ho.,e,t , , the la n , , u,f(, ; tr.-.
whichhnh,isexpre4yo1illp6reee rvfl,, whi() , M ;tv ...;r
tbhe.biinsrrirtnlrt.. looiilJe,,,,.,,, ,, Sr.uthj will ktUi .C
iipw JJn CJuyVniiition, M thcoliiuiittea77!
wt-ttnanpej'-fty 'jyotenft61"Tt.vrr?
'' j k bill to- rehire tlie Sutyn Indian h!an
ketsart'l .'j4he Indian Rki.- Mh.thjal-; fi
aaii-e c'ura i.y a ytaiit 2a to
r lift ml Utwnf torse motietts. and th
vnte'yt' the Senate are- ragarded ts trnjr
iiiiiioflM'iis iusu.i'ie prnicipie anl practice.
A . T. 1 - - . r ' - 1
in assertiiv that we are' ,r8d, and
ri.... - i.-j -
will b? perceived that Mr, Citt laid
liafre, tlte Stowto-. of tho I'niteil States -on
Monday taut, h. Ior eipoetefl" Ptao of
couiprtmite as his political frienils term tt
in reiatiou to tlie " lanST. It is to tho
shape of a Uedution declaring it expedi
"eri.'fWss4: A hf. 'MxtSriii " riutiev 'trjwn
"arficleg imiiortcd from foreiri entries',
not fim taa comxttfioa wfth .
i)ar ofttff marft or vuJt.ced nelihL,
AH which bear upon 'the i'oiiC., : ,l
1. The. I'u'u'O partvupvn .p.-tnciule iuul frr-Ll.
consistency, will einiriUUchiniU Jorihia..;i
slate of things, .It i their hled hTiilifi. - :'
cation.. V. : . i -"j- CfHtmbia Trftsevpc.
W'e have en hand, a
;-. (-- -k
withhe of iideresU : ,
iiig'Reporti made to the i;giutre".tyr( '
vx.mmutecs aic. w rtich we have prrved. -wlik.
A.4W. d 4al f.H'Jgip when.-..:. 4u3 r
The ComniiKfie to whom the 'tiijot .
.. am ir 1 u a?t . . a 1 . 1 a .... m . . , . . .
rta iM.vwtt cwetra-wwntau is if r : ws reterrefl,- hove wc'k'imeru'ed to tlii
iniertreeilf- 4l'-syaapMaa-fr4?
jtla'iiiifiiCtuiin' I"terft,' ii,wrtha( J
, 1 1 ton? .HJw,prctnau:t;,vifi"Tauo".id ,
tw L0(!a:." 'dfl'n H"V':ti ::f
.1 .-
... - .iv si-H . ,. - r .,.- . v. Hi

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