North Carolina Newspapers

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H will 1 tssdi-d wiiS l.c'o r-'n
. . . Dr. LLiu
sAMsijinnv cowan county, n;o:;.m)Sda vebih' AllV .ft. 'i
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WHIT w'fc ( t) vc.r-'5A
UtMrtirV sti fjn we hear aed ev.
ery luy, but such il Jhe distracted trtitn of
th j,ii!iiic inioa, n oiw can prui:.ii i
ivo Crm mtUCic tory in wrr.- The
4ter" of public opinion are so full t.frd
4ij r,l counter-current,- t')a our fnee
im are qtiita at. a ba to say which way
ship will float. The master and .the
ante refer 'ry thing to the spirit of con.
-tftliilioii and la th wisdom ami ut'riot im
af the ere, and they, in their turn, will
fyolt frr eiwura joiiwnt and asswtance
((id the shore. It U very clear that sonm.
tlw mmt bo done, and thai speedily, 'to
bind up the breaking peace of tha nation,
4iv! nstipthe raging "foppoiite and vi.
jpul interest. The groat quetion which
it uow U'f re dmrco fvr wtllenieiit, it
of n,' ordinary character.' .The principle
involved are mora important, tha iutcristi
Jarur, an I the confequearei mnra extcn
jiivTt!ma any other qution wlilch'liaiJ
jet Ixinn preMutad ti the American pto-
Thc late war waa, perhapa, at the time,
.tupa. jaiclbsJtuU l?Alt,r ft;
IIhI fis rn'ir nura of diaeonWot,' and the
n -ut iftmilti of iir eflirtt Mdy aervud
in r in. i mi niotyrrii ;i..nii morn. poly
l-' t tl.f ia tr;l! tl!0,r,utu)n. VV Lavn iimu'Ib
uotf of a greut power, h it w nc-.
iary f.tynnr riourir and your iutcresrfi
it hcronif un lnpT- nrcc irj, and
w ivti 'i, ii into th-tmndj of tbi frr
fthoffi ! ft it wo gnen. A bill t re
peal t!, Arm of I U aiu) with mich
. pi-faiiiu!,'wouM rcrciv Hi" liyr f
Its ImIJ nt"i( n would atriko dmuli all tha
wi!iiiof defeated aclfiih:iem. i , .
I-rt a uiiif irra ad raloreiu duty bo im.
H-d tijw.ji ah iinportn,ii as to yiutd a re.
vt:nuo cotiimnsurat8 with the wanti u( thfi
e'iuntry."C)UCB courto at mce aiinple
an I prntical, would embrict tho intrTt
"full fuKi it would pgt down nullifica.
lion in thfi South, and fimlin55 in the
North I an.l, t-jgrtLer with the chargci
which acc iiiipaoy aliiiopor,Wi,,'i , friy ,
L'.urpA, would givoan amount uf inciden
tal protcctinQ wjual t tho jut wanti of
tho nianufioturer, without burdmiing the
curwiiitrr. All othiir " model of aettlmi
thi Tri,T, are utterly Tain and hopelett.
Tho pr ipla will u4 boar to tea their mo
te -iukt m ni irVprbud ' and more uu'led.
T'.n 'liiiuri QuMtion, m it waa called,
kui V ita dey, bit thi faeliiis which it
n.-rrTnlred were nut t-TrM orlnirpaliu
AXt'i-.-'f iHn kill, artd tha mighty phaatouw
hich cunning politieiane as J conjured up
iav all reni'ih'id, I trut f irevcr. It can
pot ao with thfl Tariff Qunttion. ', E
xry iuai in tae ftouritryba he rich or poor,
'J(7itI'op iimp!(T,ha aa Interest iTH--trw
fnrative. who in auppoaed to be benefit-
fa I, u w.ill'a the Uborer whole injured
tae 4pitali4t, f ir who'ae era lument it wa
" futfiiil il,"ai' irolf ai Vis? ftruir,"liifl pTa'a-
ihat n ?riumn, every article of cluhin
pTry ipct if htWTf ai well aa ncceasi.
y. 4ti'dla of tatati h ,and monopoly,
Jfrvn a lystsoi of freedom tho most extun
live nd stljnous er enjoyed, all the oc
poiti and (.)n!int;all the pcrulationa
and-trniickin2A, of men, have become
."ijii'uty-bound up. -It i n longer a
?U4xtittf how much the while American
noulahave aJvancad i.i wealth, and aivil-
-ati-wi, but how far particulaTrdor of
Vnn have been enriched ana othera im-
ovnh?d. tOitrTcjVJr"ount
are hnu lod in gloom and diacontont,
hat more favored regions may enjoy in
trawd proiperity.j The farmer ie threa
"end with; tha lort "of hii;jon, and the
V cjt? witU the lj4iif- kii .klave..Evan
wh Slate havo entered into the aordid
Arena, and have inatructed their Members
- i favnr thoa interaati alone which they
d" n uteful to thenuelvea,' without any
-rvzr tae ris;m ann tmereaiaoi otnora.
t n.w.s and powt-r, through the corrupt
influence of aeliwh combinationa..-,
I tlits an overcharjjed picturet If it ia
jo for t.wky, will it be o Ibr to-morrow I
Tiara is Rjt'sthinjr in tho spirit which
dnipoU power to control the ordinary Toc
tu nation life that provides for its owrt
Coiaiauiince a. id extension; ' It grows up
, on w iat it Itseda on. r .Vetera do jire.'fiiid
h4t nivioiitdy Va ever antiNfiod, or that
,e m) n.nbition cmsed to tmnistnr to
its "iTiM litvl ; 1810,4, and 29t 'com
,; vcr ,he (recMhictioii . with.' accelerated
tiaste' JIa.V' ; ih awrit of. freedom
rwa!ie'.ed in-ihewthi all the irreat prin
ciplei of ogr Cwstitution Would ere this
J18 1 taiSrOTCrturnjcd;The
anergasia:? "ca of duties since 1818 is at
no! a tt of .ujr pat social and political
w1itiov,e:"ltajtcture of what we are
.l9J?.'!ps?cl hnrr afier-. -
What, theii.'witlCoWss doT Whal
aalhey What ouhyhyy todf
'nfCjj,',',? Xotnjjr nimT, is clear. T
' jml-.7t Mllmestioa.' No half way
ney wasted in expcnwve acW mCS of inf-r-
ml improvement -thf'y do not wish the
trading community to be nilievsd frin
twtg th will not wftf luxurke to
mi introduced ftVe of dutyio panipef'lhe
appotitniof the rich, at the expanse of tlie
foor--tli,y will not riiant .lo see their
lard caruings squandered ' on uwlfss and
corrupt A radical filing; is jrrow.
in up in thiVcwVitryi wliicniTf oofcliecV
ed, by a speedy return to the natural Unt
il of sooicty, will sf p away both laws
and law-givers.' In mercy, then, to 'the
intorerti proterted, as well as ro those in-widrbflhTarili;Cc4i2rtislihrWtw
t a final asd permanent aettlemeatnf tliwi
Suewtion. Men ounht not to be tempted
irther to invent their capital .in "specula
tions which depeud for their sucsa on
the law otthe land, and not on the inter.
Sets oflho peopled' sr'
. The course proposed placps eyerr Am.
ericaa where the Constitution . intended
bim fcj stand oa the. be sis of equal pro-
Mention. Political intriurs and the to-J
iiucucaoi weaun, may, ur a nine, ;ive an
ascendancy to one clam over another, or
over he "whole, "but the" tendency of bnr
institution! U towards equality; and he is
the wisest statesman, who conform! to the
spirit of his ar and country and pre vents
the headlong violence of the people, by .1
tirneijr anyeipaunn oi tjieir niCTressos.--Whon
the waters are out, it is no time to
erect dams qm) cu$ sluices. -u; i s
With M tntny motivoB m nrjfl (Jwrnr
to a final settlement or the 1 anirQaation,
I anil doubt whether i ran bacc(Knp!ish
edv "Tta robb of our Republic is covered
with the vermin of intriiua. u Good, die-'
tutereatod good, is not thair trade."-
Where are rour-ofncea and aroolamsnta
to tempt men lo-nV their-dutyl Free
Trade has no rottea boroughs, and all the
influence of concentrated action is with
From ihr lloilnn &HlUult ThcmW SI.
W this day pr!;t our readers with
an'd vicmity, on the character of ll.rir i. VJ ' nT"'"l,mi
stituliuiw- It wrll bo":pcrcoiv.! UiM It is
wgnaJ liy imre tJma a thousand rpects.
blu individunfs 'taken indiscriminately
from all political parties from the tlilfwr
nt prevsilior reliqimis d'tjiominati ,
niil from all clangs df the foni'imiiitv in
which we live. Fora mrificaiion oftljis our
rradrrs ran rfer to the signatures suirx-
ed to -the 6n duration. ' It was ftrifjiiially
iiuWlcd to le a li muted aubrriKiHi to
ll.a .It- .1 II 1... .1 I -
tui! irKoed to -ttenibf ra of w-ieti's ml 4 - - - - -
nrhlKirii.5 -towiw, they wore" anxumaf. 'r-A low li.e t prrj to Vottf t.
dun it. .A'6 fnot cordially ii jta, wilb
wirlirethrrn of Fuhm andjujnttyln tlif
de liirstl(n, and tiopo tlwif' sli -ul I the
p'le6f t!ii country bcrcma so iu4tos.
led as to Apnft Mm'n if their eivd
ri ;M4,1ri iio!alim".f df" VrUffiTf t-'
atitutiona, and the wli 4i .iii' ffirit Of juA
remoi firm.
rojifliiy in Uud.aad tiie rectiuulci iheu
intention, f cMjoliitinn, wudc r the tri.
ftla to which they nuy be expuKi" t , T
5 Coas4ro!fr?ti'it.) V
f tb? JUtct of a RmniJl Moduli of
v . Licsar, pretttel ti -Clen. Anossw
JAriiSojr, Preident of tho l'nit!d
i , .i,it)i',bylio?toil(lti.M Gi!t.
To bin excellency Awpatw Jico '
to add their sinctures, and it was resdily
complied with. Tha credibilitv of each
of the signers is therefore at stake, pled
4r aiH.OOf) I).!!rt; tTl.l.",(1
nirs i,at?,ti'- Mi!nin a.'
Vnl a-tl tf.'J')!!' Half Crut..' Cf the
t'dl coii t'M,'0 worth "'in rcc it ml
fniin Virrrin a ; -f4,n5f ; f, mi N-Tih
faritiiur t.noit from -H-mth t urdms;
Vl flTDnrtil from ' teor;ij. About
t,firTni".virnr;.rr.u t. Jfi mrvr-
Hams, sod the like amottnl fr..irt reiuies-
co-sn auviunt in the two latter euros, si
the reort slnte. " nwrirtn fittle rcM,
rscept at iiulicntitw tha proire wixeuVvd-
anient nf tha 'Jt'dd rcifiotl. ' Idle prof.t
I'lr.o cui'irfouis'ti, tir the, 14 ar.
will exceed 1 0,00(i. Thehol.xpiM
nf the mint, for jhr last jrfr, will kr cnn.
omw-nce Dot anuinl to mre UKn t"9,.
i i in mi i i i .,,,.
cflency the tnlfd niriUI, a' bd liuniWe
roark of the Unhouadi'd adinirrtton whictr
your jrrcttt i nnhtarv auhieveoieuu, and
, sn 1 1 ad I, cl rverv frieud of the sa-
ed tothS truth of the di-claration. Tha ' mTnl rMic smic-s, Uve engraved in
odmlier of sicners eould easily have lieein' ."rttn 01 '"n lu" "ncan,
iUfrititwnlAil tsi iK numUf tS sx!l Nkaiilu.
Lie . Masons throuchmit tlie aiate. but it! tre ""J'y'
was vt uVeinod necesuiry to ddsy tV '. ' That Try ac.jrce medal, sir, wan found
piillication Imij emmh to eolIcctjhfirn nutce, on ao itts bfdonglujr t i
Dimes. We invito, the ' candid attention t rn7rdatiojis, in the old' entreacu'iueBts
of all chiswi, of man," whether Mosons or
Anti'Masous, to tho Dacmtioru
- :
of a camp occuro'fd by Caesar, war the
city the former priyince
if PicardieT Il wa struck "In honour tf
iiu lUmin Aui Ki. Thii lan,'"'!
aod pimis In al7tBiiJssMniJj-
y;iifc iwrihe HHh ult. It Hrwkhnc at
tho advanced" of 76) eai a. ,. ohe' rest.
dod, we bf lcve, lit farlv hie, in the Cimi-
!y otitis lUv. Mr Ilaji, if Wreulhani,
where alia first dincovdn-il a tsite fr stu
dy, and umlr who iititiuciion she ac-
lutred a anowled'e of the u-.a I Lingua-
cl: . I .1 1.. :.. i t.i. 1 . .
S,-. K'iiini hdmn iuii;y I eiurtlvh tn a
tor 1 tjulct preepw tr and mnitiro wnn
ory 5 a w in Utter yenra for that exc?ii.
w 1- '.r 1 1- 1 j .1 ' 4 creat connueror, by order of the Ro-
Wkle-ilie puhlit-mudfeuiamc4.J0-mP..-- .rt... .1 .'..1 A.e... e .1..
I i . . f ,. , . .TI""H H. tUUJLL. Ul PI l III"
. "I 1 t a " '7' , Antic fors,- under the corainand f
v..v-m. .7 ..... F,., phnrnacinl, tho eon f M-lhr d.,t, Pp.
ry rtpresentatuKM .of certain o;Eies,, i,. ....1 s. :l..i , ' .l.:" misirujdcd niombrs' j.. . . ... . .; . .
StaloilsiJcuied toihe uiddrsffiied re.-;,-..,..---- - - .
T Z ,C ll - 2 , : 'Thvniana in om..nemor,tin- that
ped,ent taTnfrain from . Pihhc decl.ra-: - jVvt, did Vi i U
tiou of their pr, or engareinants, a- eysr I . , .
v n have
II - - n.. 1.1: l
,iia"tiB. um, uciicvin iiij uiw iiow io . it . ' . , ,
b fully- eeine."- when- theif tVllew itiTetui t -
Mrill mmM.m. a. h f .1 .:.k . . ... . ,.,.,
...... w..v, wi.n v.unu,, U.JV.I.U.... L...,(WB(h,,j y-, f.,lm- -.L
IT " V" -f S -' W Xv IsaiM-tM H
Via S.l.irwUawew! rM....ra,. a s
of the allesations, whih durin, the hat ,h ' mfSor f(f th wftrid. aid .
-;t r . , . i 1" iai"3 I'iroiiw uu guv I
rfWK-o: twamjr uv., . xdrilttthrBatrtntff ,f VT
Man aikif aa rai tnA rrai mat tiiArvt their ' u .
-6-... , ,rrvv. ()rIe(lll)s B(lnr htvinji eaird a bsttl not H-Itve -ft.. ih.
llis MtiliifiiueJ.
. , y
of Pharnaciua, has sfroncrthened the inde
pendence ud liberty of his country, and
Whereas, it has been frequently ajter..; now eyplthe lan,dyf iof.hisiorious
iod and puLliahed to the world, that in the career, to perptunle the peace and bap-
several droe T Freemasonry, as they, pineu, w the nvMit . prudent. anmuiiHtra
irt"conrerredinThe "v Suited Stalts, the" ljon"of fhe fijovernmnirwhlrFri'cratVfiil
candidate, ou tis initiatiod and subsequent . people have placed and! cordiully hope
advancameuf,, winds" hinmdf, by oath, to will citinu to plucin his haods It
wiuiiH -- uia .aiiu,. iiicuMu ui cut,1 iua iin;ri..r iui im hiii,
wnicn are ai variance wun me lunnamen.
tar principle of rnr-rality, and hiconipaarl:.: jUiparevit.
it-1 i:....! ' .:.l : .:. . .
i r i ....... . i ... I.
sail' a n 1111 m mvb " sassa . - i i .
- . - iT.r;-" r.-T n an(HoelieBHe;v tr--
hle with his duty as a good and faihful cit
izen ; in justice therefore to themseWea. r
oorenomma. - The ewsdowiess
lie nvitives scams to. have hwt-ils clvusEtti.onic Intitulion; so Jar as our knowledge
for our; 'politicians, atiamlatedf e - Cm mpeetiyely itaiidi,-' And w ', vMm
fro impoeitio, iha uuderiTt:iielr: many Lf .
ua tha mciraanta jf vrr dr rre nf Frw.
masonry". - known -and- acknowWied' in -'-Prbspert 7V of CrfMuh'h r
tikis country," do most solcmhly"dnnv the i " State of Arl orl;Dec. 21,1S3K
fceroiii it inns'. H totally cut awav. If
- single priivfcipleriijfection is let;, the
hody plitic will ajain become discard,
and the regular physician will then be. as
: impotent at the nrrack.--4 - do-not- mean
that what is dotermined on should be sud
de.i'v accomplished. This mijjht be as
&txl s to do nothing., ..Time may hsgiv
5 4sn for linte l intetjwto to , sink down to
F - th;'.utn a lovol, but let it be' understood,
: -ihat itey are s to sink down, that nothing
tit's can save either thanj or ua. ,
T.-irt i what Cour-ss ouhtlo-d-but
" xJill they"do it t Hare-'our Rpprenenta
. iives the firmness to ok cotruption in
flifj fice, t relieve us from Hour present
" id'rHcultios; and prevent their recHrrenee T
' . . .0i they do all this t .,;"., .....V.
Never had those who are entrusted with
; ijio destinies of the nation, irach an bpnof-
... u:uty ot gamiuir irap:ukk 2iorvKiev-
9' j r had th?y such'tttuans of doinaj rgood.
?r. he Baymeut of the Public Debt takes
rii-r; ay ail nrelmice fori excessive taxation.
have long iiena, by ambition and wel&hi
nass ( and this ia all the fi-imuU of freedom
and Free Trade can look to for support.
Mav it Drove a host ! Mueh may be dons
by, a bold, open, and fearless course. j
- But, let what may be done, I hope our
friends will consent to nothing short of a
final sottlement. - " A modification (aa Mr.
Burke says) is the constant resource of
weak undcciding minds." Uetter do jjo
tling, than leave the principle oT Restric
tion to be built up.m as circumstances may
favor the spirt of monopoly, There are
those amon; us, who would .not scruple to
so to war, in order to furnish an excuse
fir high duties and noo-iniportstion acts.
Let it be undewtood that the Americas
citUM is toJieilirc,Jioi that-bia bur
dens are to cease with, the necessity which
imposed them-, Short of this, I'would ot
touch a doty, but leave the wQej in these
pipuig Umea of peace, to show iha. peopls
what we are to expect in limes of war nnd
trouble. " One yea more will open the
the politicians will be bidding against each
other fur tiie honor Of destroying tha . ny
iive'i ; thai, W-perawn k admitted to the
fiutitution, wifhout first bcinj madg ac
quaiutod with ihoaature. of the obligations
which be will be required to incur and as
sume, ,
Freemasonry secures its members r in
the freedom of - thought ami speech, and
permits each and every one to act accor
ding to the dictates of his own conscience
iit.mattera .jruligicMdof. his personal
prutorencesin matters ot politics, it nei
ther knows, nor-doea it assume to cohVl,
upon "ita. errih,, members, however wile
may be. ineir aterraiions.irom duty, any
penalties or punUhinonts, other than those
of admonition, suspension, and expulsion. '
ooiigniions oi me institution
..,A:k C":'., REFORM.
2Th4 Cak'md tfS&J&t XMutUf
resoluttoeia tlw Senah furnished his pro-
., It shows u low fat he is willing to
ieo to propitiate the jrreat AjrientturaJ In
terest !-theAyery salt of the land nd,
how little he is justly entitled to the name
of Madiatof the dSthJIe tdl the
rich, that they may wear laces and fine
lineni ireeof jluty-eat, raifcina, crack
outi, consume spices; cVc- cc., free of all
duty. But as for the poorer classes, they
must pay dearly enough for cottons and
coarse woolomi lor nejro clothing and
blankets, 4te. aVe. llo throws his iEgis
over the interests of the Manufacturers,
When We wish to toueJj the Protective, the
'Amuricin System, olr bv. whatevof iianie it
69."' :: Proeul fatM:,wstt
and it nittt rnt " b t jiichd hv UTdiallowad
had."k Tais is c nviiali ii n coith
Htm it.
i.i .,.n"r '
re r nn
of t.U..rv, tr l nil
Alas r
tt I' m t rt lii;
WMll.l l) fwtlltd
0i "trw tn d
i,.f..liK -c;,,!. :-a if wsntr Alas! w- the nund "r 1 1 sm h W' u'd 3 fif I
vi,d t1 M '( l-eva b'a I'.anJt
of I ? rVnptnrvsi end et,---
nnd ia our t.iin).i im U-t lo.-t
we harr ararrcfy f the r- If I -f t'l",
Mimy pir ioi'!. id "eucniMv t' , .
who aro d.' tvi'i , will "I'dure x'n-io ,
wntrf.lyfii i.-y e'pil to the Wf ru
lurtait r"r''v fr reliff,.. Ixt I tha
buWrns .f the' Unrtolfft, tn, r'"V '
nil wrl ir!vt tha itt-iluji of 4cb -:-with-Mit
ninpnio. , ; - . ,
' " To the t-j t thtt oi 1e thm pjt- 1 1
' Or v-.'.y tS-v ti.-lf d'Htan V
slid Ihey Will fnth-r u ti r scrDt..l 1 !, , :
eerviw in the '!.''it rl n nv n. an
p'1' ' on? Ih0ai's inws"in-'iir 'ti h-r-fVdic
;f lha. ,ML-il.iuvi V!IT; hej nf ij.len.lid rhurr bes in I ds S
in I'm jupport of "tl riKb'Mthi ',;! iq
Paht-tiiie. ''.'.'. -' . '
CoBtisninio.x or rnov asiiK. -TLsj"
more the merrier. -. "t oun hsiil ff
pur. " II that Mini taU '
estglViTj;rouii!.7-.N('l wrr- r tLea ""
fvituiort wouM gt nu're tluin their nm t-. -
.... .
iriciiy wuien, iiKre or ism, aiwsyi umiin. i.rl. - ifen, r,r wno wver tun..
guisiieit tha aUidioiii aad the kn,ed.-; ' Tr 1 Nut Ml" lie "irJJ. '.'i-fak his nork in 4 lui
warda tho tlow of hfi, ber pieiary seem- c ,Unm. N mau can call a,rmrf )et.'r t..- .
ed to be eoiilVit d tj the pust, and it was day.'' : Yen ho nmy call tjll his laarl ' ; -difllcult
f r licr'reta1ir,"1hrH5titet chr,tuti;'h "it-ti Ol Ue Ui4T.-wt ,
traces of fcorl .firrurriiKief. , ' Ilor ae- i eufidy.!! '. JJot art" J ;.
o,uubtanca was equally swulit ky tU ji.j thieves. ."Nofhi., iurts tlio t t ? '. r
nuaaad tha lea;il, net litfimrv atUin-l mora than iurf-i'in?." Vesrr La k of
ipenru navinj given nr a ts!iK.ri ana I ual.,.Jit jMrtitUJ to a wa iJ'2'
eTconit"la both. - bhe was a !!y f J mind.' " Yes J t Ret inoney Nona 0
ireal simplicity and sincerity of chaiac
lr, which made her, at I'-aM once, a via
tim to Lp.iriiiy and avarice But they
who would have rohb- d l-r of her ripht
and of her' haKraanird fanieVlaVe 'yous
(4 render their locaunt IJ another, tribu
nals VVe pass them by. ' ' , -
Miss Ailama was the Authorest of 1he
Ketijnone.-amt the BttiwTwWew.t.w-t.i(),ievciji
land works that exhibit jtreat labor and I .dversitv."
rpftbjialgtnejil-aOiL Jaarning t atwin 0 f mud. The prio'e of toe ncV
will remain, w trust a latttrtj monument makes stie llxr d; the poor. M ) ' ',
bherfiime.. She waa an'honor tojieru, l,,horof tho pool makea tha pwdc f -
sex ao honor to the hurrn art honor I Ua rich. . ' ' ' - ' t
"-- - . . . . - - , Yl - - ' ..... v- -
to iueraiurN-ao iionor io new i.n'rianj,i ,, . , . .-4..Vj
and an honor to the age.' ..Full of yers, 'A twni Ttmptr A ";n1!m(n,V'af j
anfultof tmtmrs,shena pone, we irust, I V(Vsd his oiuni n f a- c Wii rritif,
to receive mut reward, wnicn miSf worm i f-w n8yt i50 pnvi it in tiie tuiiow mj
blind ! tlief that will pt see."
tfiey" that -.caiutot sw'. Nutii'mj v tu
what bus an end. Not so ; a rimj bath,
llone fr it is r.mnJ. " Money i a gr4
eotufTtrt.' il jwlien"it brinjs atln'ef loj
tlie fttllvwi,n . Tba world ia'. -k-f
journey. Nol es the sua go ovr 1
everyday. "It is r-il t
bvttuiu of lliu sea. . " It V tiul a, ,
"Afrinid iv W liiy.
Not so fx then thcro ia '
cuu neuuer irive uwi taiie away.
J3t -Jt.i i
O pity, kind geutU folks, friends of human
terms Why, hit i a p-rfucl cVfcppVTr.'T
a decoctimr r-.f verj'isr' li' ipunUa. ',- -s"ncr
BfaeertitT,-..If I wiehrd to cnn.'- r r
vrrt thelTinii'i' i i'M' : ;',,'i,jl',j'dXJL "
piteh am into it a.i l it h i -r the first .k .
It was.n-4 ttitRciewtly aciilwlated lorruiw- --
W,iMngti City, '7an. 2 13 .
V T'Mey C Towf Creenbasn'
r ,. Rensselaer couuty :
Sir I bare received, from the hands
of Jutlg : Mftrry,7 the-nieditl which y.'U
bave'lmd the ktridncw to offer to ins, as a
New Year'a Ojft, and ns a wark of your
rejWJ f t mv character.
rit'r" turv-arlnki"-; war -4t-4wteteii
Cold blow s .the Wind, And the aight'a greater qnaitti'y 4 sacHmn w ntf t?e i ' v -' .'
r--toiniMg -t&tr - t 'zii-; chemiets'-rtic ral'y wsf Irie. :Jy
" CJIw nissoiue Er 'mvrnothrr.iacharity, r';r '"':. " ' ""if : .
V ?0 iive me iume W'audl'li auickiy t'.-'V" .' r'"A.?- J.'mdi'l'rC-
fee gna.
le cepliiig tTiis valualde medul, on aa
kci- ,j:i so appropriate., aa the introduc
tion of a new year ta the review of the
psst, and tlrt tuiticfjihttail. iST Ihc ' Tutor.-,
allow me. to assure, you. tht" I feel i -t
lorcibly the moral inculcates,
though far from arroatiriij to' myself the
slightest Xpproaeh to thft potinewiiun of the
talents which distinguished the cxtraor-
diuary man in whose honor it was struck
uxaaiv wa at. iiiuuiii otiivi wiin,in,v a,v i . . m n , , (
the law. of God and Man. So fas from I In h f P"? r'Br,,i Won tfS
being bound by any engagements incon- 'i'" PP
Hwavwaar wihi iv hwi wtttxsaw astaaa uianiroi iit t '. .. T A - a . - , -
r .k- witi V.:i;,- -k' k.:-. ' annnraiion n mo worw, we hi
a Uosen, is doubly ' bound to be true to
hiu God, to his Country, and to his Mow
men. - In the - ronua-re of tne u Ancient
luve ftn in-
L ........... I. I., m u-s v .1. I.k.i. , .1
I I1T-T--IU. " ' ' II. l. lt:t f'V' ...k
Uiiiiij , then a . vHin,'itar. ' ra!!d. um'u i
j s!iojtlcepcx lu puiiLase a aiiv .k , - t , .
"-"HbrrWBCh " M Vt"s UeT SCI Z :
Tom laying his hand irpop peir. "'': '
vTliat pair," tnid'tlie sli'ij.-keeper,
worth three- dollnrs buf s'-eing it is yosf, '
r;vJhe;prceut eeasofli'-of ethofliH, s
Of ml t he -Uftui djy iitotm mi wumi Im
tunihu frowned iM uger(.ttud, who iroin
u dustitutioii of proper siielu.-ranu cljtaiiijj,
me pmicss ioriu, wuicii iue soasi oi vnH , .... ., fi)f
rl....l Ati.l d...iar Sm m iit . Ill lia ir-.liri' I i .
"" u " .v.." SewmrTit is me!r aatd T"in,"wita i
IIUHU'I, I'l ,11 IU1W9 tW Dl RVJ TTU...
shulJ call forth the benevolent pvuiihu
tint's of our niitures, in buiiaif ia tnoc aji
wh.oii jKivtrty lias laid tus chitliug hand."
t'liarity is iUnce ; LiK'Hl,r " aud " lis,
whose coid and svrdid elfiAUimiis has pre
rented hiur from eyer tptuiajr his iiuart
fo loo blccuing o( distre , can know littia
of one of Die most' rei'un; ! luxuries of lilo
that of adimoisturing food l the . huii
gry, clotliing to Jiiiimjiei), jiwmcouoia.
tioii to the broken hearted. .-, ""-:
Iii (Lia'age of boneyolcuca, .whoo: a
niter crip, "v!iy, where nndi-r tlie cauov
py did v u ever see ma brf ire 1"
-Uh, i am jsuroi I hvo seen yon
where, I cant -rrcolltr.t, . . ) , , ; , . ... r,r .
"Well, and I can't rH'r "-t wkfe.l -havo
sea yut aiJ Tom, "l-..t it '"" '
H you, I b 'luva 1 won't buy that ratr of .'
huskies." . . . . A;
v So eajnifr, T"ml(! the shor.kerpej . . . ' '
wondr2 Vi "inut sort of a.charsctcf ;
itxvas-w-ithn. .' ii ha had to do.
Frederick, kinff ofl'ruitsia. hnvinjr runs
W - IT .
I- t il.' .1 a I .
heavy tai is laid upon our .chanty to rw- ;j
licit diitrcaa ' a aiafancCil whitll, per
haps, is greatly exaggerated or altogether I waging asleep -"tm the s..fa,
imaginary i or which is 'but na tale W attf .oin te wakW him; when
stance of thtf intoxicating eTvct s of po wer,
wmtn w wVl4rmpittfiyet Viioney,-not mi 0f .Pa,er ut f,
reflertvin May it .! a nwroeirt ftr iai)ra lxJLw ..f Jk.i- Lnk. .:.. .i : ' ... ..
.si-j ft.. ..v.i; ;..,.:.wrHitihition rather. ma hi yirtucthat
andtdrraWaaeTt bo-ik, in atjUiLyuhl.c, ta Tioee, , mutytoi
imi, u , an., uiiiiv.ii sunn i.i l" -i i
and found the i i i, I
lliw.. just
he i !'ft ivel ,
J ex
the (odgei, he-is" ' required to koep and
obey the .Mobil Law ; to be' a quiet and
peaeerhl citizen ; true to his government
and just to his country.
watchful of. the acta of those to whom it
confides the, aa Veil aa the ad-
fniinint (Nation, of its laws. t - i--
1 If I was enanjei to renaer ; soraa ser
vice to ny country, -en tha occanion to
which you aTJude, it was because the
brave mu who were associated with me
disregarded any danger but that of dis
grace, and were animated- by that spirit
Masonry disdains the making of prose.
lytea.' She opens the, portals of ber asy
lum to those only, who seek admission,
with the recommendaUoT). of a character
iievnf f awl kv s eomnPfl ) i tu k nil xirT' firiat
HUDuvitwu aw iuiiid'iuiii i aiiBwa vitvf twMiv ( , . , la Vohe great fuiidameiital religiimsW t-J F-"! M Wopl
trulh-rtbe. existence aud: providence of ,he ffhr P?.? .gM;
(Mplanrtored nt yieo,tr it rniniBterjng' li. cited W cnriotsiiy.i, )1 j,!pd it OI f, l"lj
the gr-wser pas'fe!1!. . tter from tlie rt thct of'
by luJ ifiterly uieibRihal tlta'.pnyertyi raafl5fr"ttoXii"igWin "ndPTiuviiuf tf
ana wrctchenie ift evury waere sur- ber part o las waes, wlch hnd provid a
rounds u,;ndj which txisti iea at 6ur very timely nii!ta.u;e to her, end in.coo
own doorsf Recoil! we jiave " tUe poor elusion, benecphinn, God to bf'-ti Ki"i far
a! ways with us, have e Df become fa. his fihsil duty." The king aepcd uj
milisn i l with aullering, id ; shut wir to hi room,, took a rob-na of dit at, anq
hearts -i nmrt theerUiisot want in our own slippwd i Ihem with tho letter tate the pa
neLdih is ! d, whilst ya have'iutiibuted ge's pocket. Returning t his apalineat
libeml'y t.- the watits of those, not more he rang so violently tint the pae aweVe,
des'Tviii-;, and whose JSulpMini distance opened the duor. and entered. "Von
God f and a practical aclcnowledgement '
of those mfaliule doctrines for tho. govern
ment of life, which are wVjlten by the
finger of God, on the Heart oi man.
Entertaining ' such sentiments' as Ma
sons, at Citizana, as Christiana,, and aa
moral men, ajid deeply impressed . with
the conviction thai the Masonje", ntitu
neUanjl wortlc4t4n.
Believe .me, with; sentiments of , great
respect, j-ouf oh't. serv't. '
The Report of the MOT Communicated
to Congress on T.uoslay, by the Present,
' states, thit the aotiiaea affected within the
productiva of treat good to their! fellowl omprHing I? 14,?? 6 in' ?old Coins, M'
mmt : and havinji received ' theT lawa ofrl 75.00(1 ia silver, and 0ifi'eon.
tha-cif'tyrif!id it aectimulaW fijnds, in ("pa r, su&w mi ing tf 'J It7M.3M iMecea
abw has ina?niftdl:r
If it he a ,-ged, that m T and of. plen.
ty.. where the statute. nw.;.iunple pruvi.
it'r.r""tfie."pnhe'f cHi M no uiinics-1 Uis' a potlTi U
m a I ' . -B..S1. h . . 'fro-..
tic Kuii.-nn t, we wonui answer, m tne l toinsinnont tno roteau. , tlo Ur w
siwe tiiiical examination be goqe ipt? est turned pale, and looking at the 1.'
haya-;lair-.;a,lcptaid the kin-r. rTh ' i
page attemped ,W excuse rntr.iclf; iiii
in the i embarrassment, hiapramng to p-:
t Wit! 8Si-
t "lit,
was lately to surertain tne nuiniier 01 tumrl into tears, without bemi a" mv a
Uieewbo wcr dtjtute of the bible, audi Word. "What , is the matter ? , ! jl.a
would nt numerou scones he developed, J king i what ails you ?" "A', nice !" ai 1
t . . , . , t -l-i' . . .1 I . - ... w . . t ...
uat wouin inoeii. our scnsuuinies, anqcaiiiiue young njn, -ttirwie lunwu at ma
fortli our warnwstsvnipithie! ttow niftny wisjesty Tct, :ifim -auUm to rum
WoUid, b& luu.M. iasrtig WfBt'CltNtV. OWt-'X-i iwi?tiy.t-H? 5 i t W -
liite of ' proper "clothmy to, protect them ficy in my pocket.' 5 ii.t W- iw-.towi,"
from", the ir.ckmt!iwtei ( f the w and rci.umed the M"?'Ie lK'-'w '"P
without fuel to dip wd th damp vapours send the ulonev U your tin thr. a'ute htT
l&ni-fcr-.ltwit HoUr r a!j4'-'ur- be that 1 1'
, r -V-p-
rs- "7 rvfvT-. '--tJ,-

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