North Carolina Newspapers

    ' extern Carolinian.
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Udt- Central ToUt ict. Political EcA " , . '
Iinportirf No. 8-, U'atcrSf, - '
onomj, yiie i'apnt, Uterafure,
! politic! the hdttor ia thnrouth.
paced democratic RrpuMitaoi ')U
".kedpriwlpl. of r!Khr. 0d ttnfe., th s'' "t Mm known tht prlocl. UtotM th doctrinci of Free Trade
people of tha Caiierft Barj of jkjrSuti P,tlhlLhI ?,H'F wjkM to rom, fo .nd tft.u Rijjhto it oppoed.l the
aTtmicf WcontToerrBgt h jbij Staff it eiertlaof conatrunlve .poaen and
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ritaf tod a-lfaaN. ,5., JL " . J V" f erf dNpaulonat, mind. Dgt the re l,urP0 l la necemry thai thr aboutd ""?-!!r l r J'501"61 r'fr.t V Aarrr .Tb.
o . J Vk 1B,Vurr liberal .upporl hltbeno rel.d
ta.1I ooatti"
taeHiaihr l"1!' aijieiii tbe Wraro tkai
. ..U araa. obtcb. from bal ie Mid of b.1 R1.1. t, . m
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ttrttdt at! aucbiMa em ye aude uae of for eirritd oa apenly, tm H ba ma beoetao
auojtetaf ditcitfloa ...b tbe Prm,: Tfca Kb.
huirer. aad rYhifc'birt boAtoa aw i fator
of aboMioo.
s, (Mrwbeo br Utrodanlon Tf W piiVC opon ihlcb we wattld epia put
mnit, hr yWld bacta- daubU U treble, h. tbe I aplabm, If trt could do ae oitb propriety.
aueb porpte. '
Thla awtbina tree lirrenfed bf a Mr. Tlorbe
Jf a furoterly a officer sit tbe tttupUf warki
ia tbe f chtrttia aad Zette U Tyrol.
Tb- -re .era eo tbe aotot of btht; fieri w ,Uk lH, . Cow,,l(,i(mr)- for
p,.. aaprodoctlfe.-tbe eea yUMUf onJr toeomium optoeortelf, aad feel eratifi.d to
. .out 5 fralee por iw roe. or eoom 1 ei prr ,killt ,bM fc aca,DuM.
mintit'e new worird oitH profit, end I refer booeeet to cor paper obea tbe Cootthe.
mL Tbe mm 11a Men mirooueea tt an n, ln( i?Drince w, ,bfft
iin the Aaetritaand llontarwo hailed H. tVa-lut to our porpoee. Wa
Join wI recently inta, Hrwii, tea ti 1 letre toatture the Kditora of tbe Coaatitu
.h Amerirm. We enderrtaad tbet tbe I ttoattlet, that M ainfte eipretioa, le our re
yUmn. Ctnw ano roirr .r.r,, t-.i Mrki, apoo eoarentloo wer intended te be
?M,4 one by oat ef eoerineat at tbeir ea. oWetpeetrul. We did ate' tbe word "bant.
LSlihr.ea in tba tower pan or MrenrMmrf 1 fioj" bt It eru ie atlutioa to the recent eitab-
o.i?, aad ibatM-we. V, Trrtler aad J Hrtment of their piper. We woold tika murk
Hlt.n intend attachlnf one to the new erah.j1nVa(ur, n tmebj ditcutainf the qurttion of
inn-tri' 'imt !"" unniMt wub im ranort aurtng toe Iprinf
rven Crane urate, to wors too orct h m 1 or summer.
Treiler ojioe.
The "till apoan to be oireipl aed eee? of J We eoetiaue to make eitraeta froa pa-
eonttraetion, aint eterr part or M oemf eaoe 1 pert Trent diHtrent partaof tbe Union, eooa Mr
of rtrt irae 1 and H rarely, or eeer nraiof Ctyi propoeed 'cMpromiao, W bettete ir
'" ordrr; '"eat ealrerttny eondenned. btr the people,
"friWTiTr.i;w rtU proereelf hllf.WBne' bat w TearWIoe e5"ce;inr Ifotfl wVeTwTth
foofth, at ettrient at oitlaooe a majority of roieet amonr tbe Sntereeted wan.
... . .
annplant te eerticaj mill, the araetra, ana en 1 eimerero wee now ID the United futee
other aucbioet. ni become unirerttlly uaed 1 1 Settle,
H will make the fnld aiininf botinett tbe etoat
pr fitable that can be puraued, aad brinf under
operttiea hqndedt of rtina, nea etteemed tao
poor to be profitably worked. Tbe fact la, we
undentied, no ore can be worked with tbe
pretent aw.hiner, that rieldt lent thaa about
10 yrtint pr. buahel while, at tbe minetie T.
rot, ther 'are makm -pn&it aut of era worth 4
HAVING iritde tarentiee tonnectioaf .
rm of ib larett,, and rnotl p
proved potteriei JU Emrtod, re AbiedV
o(.rr(rone 'hfih moot citenire etotlar
Nghta. . lie it oprxned' iol i'tnf, nlittry etriety of
and 111 frprtnff Joteroal nbeDlr. China G. ,nd UoKinc
r r""""' wiiim. win inert- T I "
! anothtr and a wort Inierevlntpoint JJl!.9UuUtorM ehoira Z'wlti
YJZl ,.,7 01 fnm wr Southern frienda, uArfer h
j 1 ... itha niAiiMiin..i.j ..r. ...1. i .1.1 r r . .. . 1 "'"K
xirucui arte wDicK Cannot fail to firry I " iu i, maiitorcai meana or perpetuating ititnel warmeet thank. Wa
-r.t I In .11 A.n... ..j ji J ......... ....
" iw in wnicn (hit nn.uin 1. 1. k.i" (.-,. uir'cniciu 1 ing twtiamt waeww :n i- .ii 7 -1 ...
,. , w, - aaviWUM. wm we im mmI Irttne . ..II. f... ....
7. k l.J .....
.Ithli tbaitronreit eonelctlon of the mlnr,,T- blin luperior phy. libertiei h tlefenc orl!ch he UtUr ia tba brUpslwhba bode of J
Important neceiittf of a chmre In our '"d a loppoied f reiter tju.ii jcatribttted ao asuch, the Kdimr will who he errmMnedall their atont t
umoi inteiiifrtnca enq vitdom ahowld I urot"1' n,a ie-t" who uBainywianrci our oeitroctmn aimpiy veeeoia w
control tba aflaJre of the eovernment I 't tr' manly flrmnen.' j U1 not join Ibem l combining to conj'
polifica! ryitrm. The bill of rir,Mi
aayt, ihot the people of this State oufht
nor fe tt laxtd, or made iubject to the
payment of any Imimet, pr duty, without
the content ef ihemithei, or tbtlr tthrt-
rniaHvr$ in feneral tttembly freely fit-
en. .How are the term of tbia declar
ation fulGiled I Are the people taied S
tlieir ovn tonimf or the tontent of fAir
rrftrtmiativrtf U tho reDretentatlon.
Our It a foeernment of the people rn
ntmrra, end it follow therefore, that, In
ettoof a wtnt of unanimity, thf tnajorliy
of the people mutt rule the minority,
rbe tbe f overnment would be a mere
nullite ainca tbe dUaentinf voice of a
aingle individual nifhtobttroct tba noi
wboletome mcatures.
Whlthimnn-. .k C... .k. ..... '-w Of
a.Kcin.ic, r?u f im not. l hen the
iwio no no? tax inemtelve in proper
peroo nor by their repreentatie. If
hare were no other principle thin thi.
disregarded and overlooked, under the
prrtent form of the government of the
State there would be amnU ...... r.
, i - ...
ailutary prin
ciplea of repreaenfetive Republican gov
etnment. It haa been elated that the
Sovereignty of tbe S:ate ia vetted in tbr
peoplethat all the people are by natuie
equally free, and that a majority of the'e
people thall conduct tba afftir of te
Pr, l&i ZXl'Zi'ZXZZ: prolr Whiepurcbateiln thl. '
;.l .hae f .A etnatitw Ji.v a... -I caa only reiirta former v
r '!hert ofr7 ,,h ur.nce. of uln(t every ...rtlemo prtl.
t) pe and w.ll be lent to ub.cribcr. moto tba Intarati of our luerr.ntM.
at M par annum, if paid within friend in the) etteoi and 'eariety of our
three month, or l'2,so after that tba of our p.h-t.njtN
time, ' , . V ,6' era of our pecker depot. ding-
i A,,',.:. . k n.H.t .... i. P"M free trade a tba onle.avnem.
he Carolinian haa the circula- ,,ch !,b,m' lh n",0,
V .1 a. 7 p ' . 1 e iVi p;H eh-. tiiom as car bow k co. s
ui mc riaic, lurnvnii wuum BOH II
much to their advantage' to advertite
in it column.' , . .,
Any one procuriaf ait aolvent tub.
criber to he Carolinian, ah all have
a aeventh paper frratii.
8 Vat it L '.YrwTitri."
Ftbruari 6, If : ( 4 . '
at7Tha Kewberit Sentinel.. Tarbo. '
MHifh Trea Ple. Raleigh St,r. Rwnoki-
-iitwcBie, iinin;'on union, lliihbor
ran ran warm uuuiut,
A few boun aM. for tbe Irtt
iel got bold of the lone;, windy addreat of
the City Ctownuto , laUhr helcfln Baltimore,
nn, tot Mma t . 1 . . . . ... . t j ... . .... -
e A ernio. p.. ,uUul. wbkb I U Ma. lu. WjKlf
k.. .k...kli theBieb Tar.r,-the lat tneaf of 0 otalA,
11 Pretident afiinat Genl. lackaoa.
'Jl a boihei.
We tinpe tbia new Machine will eooa receive
as effVcttu tnal
tcT w woo Id 1 etoectfutry hiTite the atten
tmnnfibeeitisena of thit place to the adeer
titrmntof Mr. tetohtr in to-day 1 paper.
Prom ill that we eat learn from theer beat ae.
(painted with machinery of the kind, tbe Spin
ner and Waoner are both vale able machinet.
Mr. Beecber hat tbe seat utitfaetory referen
Cet. We hope our eifixent wiD'fiv bit ata
ebiaea feirriaL
ft- Wo have received three aumberaof
" an e(oiitlon of evidence in euppost of the
memorial to Congrett by the Freo Trado Cor
entin"-.prepnred by Jfrnrf Lt ofMatsa
ohuaetti, in parouanxe of inftructioat from tba
permanent committee of which Mr. Leo ie a
wmber." 1 - - '-
When I eommenoed readiag it. I expected,
al lemit, to And t paper ably, aad utceniomly
drawn Bp, but to fcy rraat aurpriaav V Cad
that tbe whole of it, ia little more or leee, that
1 tort of epitome -or oompilatian of all the
ittle alandera.' and abuaea. btretofore, pub.
tithed m tba eppoaltioa Beet-paper Bfainat
Oenl. Jack ton.
Amone; tbe many reeommeadatioat aaaifiied
ia thia addreae, ia Jkvor of flWy CUj, one ie
tfeat so ia one of the leadinf adroctraa-ef the
T,n." W .tm"nt- jayriwinw ay tarjreiwraV
eoernavwlofthal tynrm which hat already
ruined elmoat all the Southern State. The
wot do of the - eddreet aro - r-Ai one of the
principU foandert and tapporter pf Me 'er
en - evetrm (the Tarif) He (a entitled to the
armeet aupport ef ill who detire tbe proeper-
Ity of domeatie mdutrry' and Internal imprate
mentu" And m A powible, Mr. Printer, that
r . . I. r , tt . . . 1
. the meaBty. and opprewioi. wfflrfTa .w' fee
,nff. rot ev ie fclaelv-eallod--n AwarvieaO I --,.t.t. - i-iv; -ww v.i ki
t I " wao faaw fjiui4iluW ! IfC WH 1 1 1 C
yatem -we certainly could barn none after prinip)e faidtr, and Uadine adrocate of the
Okaala a. a. At- f . a . a . a. . I ""
" - Fir""" ne . pen 01 inr 1 rr,M(1 . whick tor inraaMl.
in itt operation, and oppreaaian 00 the South
olear headed, and Bound hearted man, flrary
It of Button,.
PartTular parti V tbe Tariffwere 'aan'ntd
to tlifferrnt member of the Committee, and
e'n; etpoattioo will tome oat to miwAera,
each member treating on a tope rate branch of
em State, ia unequalled by the worat eyttem
of taut ion, ever adopted in the deipotic got-
ernmenli of Europe Yet i there were a lew
delegatee from the South, and among (hate
were r from A'nt CoraUaa. It it a matter
traa aXI. .a - - "' a t I
..T?.7pB.Mr.wM koweWf th,t OTyttrMtM,
parti axigned to bin, ! report eayt. tba pub- eould be found in N. Carolina, willing to at
ne will toon bear from him. ., I. : .
I tend the eonveation, to recommend ftenry Clay
No man. who, will carefully read over (beta L. oHrnL in nlara nf.hi-n.-ii.
nnmberi of Mr. Ue aad particularly that one I it known to potterity, tbaf &Vm had the Ataer
upon ne tii onm ooiona, will tay that it it pee. of tending one of thooa, Sai.if the aeeond
aible tttt the South m'tt mocbjonger aubmit to and Cteeorat tbe tbWft ------
Ibe odnttyvtem.''' ?'. . Thit ccneenHan called itaelf tbe "National
Well, indeed, did Mr. Adame tay, before tbe Republican Conventkn."If you can aaeertain
Committee on Manufacture.-" am for af. the fact, willyimbe" 00 good ao to inform the
(""-'ng nihimttaf rtktf to tbe South their public, what are the politict of the tirm dele.
' c"teplinti aitjuti-. They ere oppr- ned,
ttiev cinnot and will not be tatiifled with anv
unuaiTq aa un or modincation. I (ell gentle
men, they BlYafaM the South or fyki ikem.
I for one. oVctare. that t will not huard the
limon for any acbeme of peKey like tbe preaent
i anlt 1
i haae remtrki were made in alluaion to Mr
Wave echeme, which, in effect propoeetto
the tuei off of the rich, end inoreaae them
on the poor, acheme tbat it an Intuit to
Me South.
fcr We recommend, to tbe attention oft ho
- rewer. an article on the nrat nan of our on
. P. from the Banner of theConatirution. From
"Men .t wm bajaeea that the Swtb ft no tlone
rr opnoritwa to any half-way ettlinf of
'- ' inn qiietion,.that tbe friendt of t a on
lettricted tomou'ifee , In' Penotytrama too" Ire
PP"ied to any eettlement of tbe ouettion that
Q(wt "of "like at the root of the principle of
protection. Tbia to ti it abould ke Let be
inendi oT the South but be true to tbe meelvct
nd they have nothing to fear.
1-7 PrePJijn re jtlncjn different
a f.rary, lb tOOth annteenary of tbe
hKlty of WafcniBioToe:, Will our Cirt
25 do nothinjr on that dayr Will they oot
"mfett their veneration for Waibington'e
T Propet eJroef tf that rfow.
gatei from North Carolina, in reference to old
party diatinetiom 1 Some think, at they cl
tterotelvet Xaiitnat HepulUfani, that they be
long to the old tebool of Republican! ? Ojh
enny, they belong to the ochool of AeaVroV
RrpuiUcatu, who figured to eoitieuoualv do
ring tjje hit war. Let tbe public knoyr. if von
AwwntfMelll lav . at. . . . r-- w
owmW -Tkr.-t.-.t . 1 ,. I w woternfiteni u
- maia- ma eacreq arinci I N..k n -a....j
tii . aiwiina oatao
-j.'.f j.t.Bj.nicn jy ine.motber. Befocroteal-I. it .rbn..t;.i
country, beg., ,ba w., of ... American t7? "? iv
ABBaataAWaaiv1ai a.! L. a a .la a
fknowIertoemeM t J.-..J... or am. na .hr
S Z rZ?,rr P0 h. pri-ciple. contain
...... vi iui. uiiniipto OV I .j i ... tin .!.. . .
1 ei 10 m 0111 01 rignta 1 11
AH.a H 1 - IV r
pAid on alT lcUer. adJr...ed to ,he nKSZ;
opon tbeie fryr Edi or. amount of jori. and, forward their
1 1 in a iii 1 11 tui 1 iii i-i hi 1 -.. 4ftM.Ma,.i i-nr ".t ....... ..--i
9 J avuiort woom we eicnmrt ir u lUMutcnitr me
-Hi rorler a lavor upon. u. which will
r.e cheerfully Trlprtvted, by giving the
nNtr 0 ? Inaeetlno.- 1 .
Itwlf. Tiiation without our
ha a katl r AnajainiSAa. t-.m iL.i
nan wa J WikilSST. few indiJiduaif-
S Awe .urrenderh to, minority of h t admitted in tbe preeMce of our rov
.o,..ouid rf0 the Public.
ntVINffl purchaeed "of the trgt awnprtj
the riolunve right of W. V MT.If,
rtaMVy .Vw'fMtr U Pinkktm' Moeber'a Quien't
Ifuker, I now affar for aelntlie Righit for (ami.
lira. Cotintiee, or Sutoaj tbe Family Spinner tl 1 1 III
our own r t -. -k.. n..-n.:.!- I . . r- . .
... ur, urllin. m emment that all men are equal I If
mi uuvrr man f rnaf n a . a . a. . ... i " w -ai
couU .ox L l..,! IT.: tnef-tW-wawgqo-,r cheap taW -ting wohine , can b, iftorJed
ro t,T 1 urr oi 1 rigntt. A lew Individuale bava iaorelrzo'PltoiUcon,,',c"ii
blDd0n rih-' 'h-. - rn "iTr VT
' , r-i- Kotemmen.. ment and therefore under tht bftaent Queen' Watbevie a ckeap and ii't family V01M2 milter W
npAKEN up and committed 'te th
.71 UliUo this place a Negro bow wbo- -
r paae i bo 4bwtti 14 w" '
ii f alcirt ;of;jgej tote:::
k.. j . a,? ...
ueomi 111 flame 11 itac ',
and eaya, ht belohrt t '
Bnrotlr.TavlorVor Greo-"'; ""
tU County, North Cora.-
- : -
at-f ' a'
conitt.cwoi well eallt:-, ... .h ... ,.v.. U . ...
TWfBBj In. .a w 1 at A
the roll 1 at band ia equal to ait. Tbe Pl,( ,om J,me this month bf hit A
. .nil nu itcDreaeniaimn inauif 1 .r .1.1. a. ... . 1 acotuaiuoa. mat uani ioeai aut aramari . I P...1. . .
v.iiiuiiuii ui inn onie 111 men ar not k.' . 1 u " . r. ' ubc tvouniy wyacre aiavcd hul
go hand in band, atv aft tha rlt.. iik. k -fv ;t- oe operaled ee by a g tn or boy withoot any . . .ji "Vt
go niKiinaant).ayil tba rltar. upon eqtial. Do tbe maprliy govern North lUbilitv t. Injure rrom the one- lace to thi as.-d,T.-r;rt:- -
tree government Tba Wet will be Cerolioef The minority of the people of "fno.-a',ngofon baiftheaoap ' The Ownep il ftiueited tq "tomf V-
d .fofVfcll,"S,rtf,BdW ""'f'hepreHn Sd forward, propirty, pay cUge.'
at acme, that It, that Taxation and Rep- ution, and therefore the majority of the Jlfe fo' themaelve.' Tbe maefcine ean be take him way or he will be dealt
reieniatlon 0 white rjonnlttlnra-a'r, hand Denote have tho minor" wole. In ,b.-Va.V ? frwdeyeai ibo boot of Mr. William with t the law dlrettsT"-'"' I
r3tet: ' " " ... I ' . yT?. -t.!rw. y : 1 h. lUusrhter In ttMa plaeauny msm wob-I
-WiaJJt , a 1
nini Dropertv 11 to beIirnmeot. . . lutokfMk tpcr imeiit wiitth Wwher
taied Jet IN maa at lewt beeopreieirted. I Look at the intuttica and inemtttfrw of -f" . Pr'
' I ,. -. - - . ... ' l . f J
aa, - - . a e. ........... r . ... . -. ' m u rUtBa Btr r Bt 1 1 Vn a
a a. . -- . a . a-. ' I 1 W1 awi JO .ak. . - -
rJ? ?? KWlitr W tha enormity of t; I county rtpretentailorv to tht teglifa I ' J-1 hereby forwara all pereona from trt-
.JOHN M ? T 1 1 0 M A SlJaflnri
lixingtifJ)avilson County, &Cz?-.zl
SaG$irf, re. 4 1839..--
thete ettayi to Cltmine th t tubject in 'I'.,:" JLKii -i n. ,k"J'-!!.; ",.:"M,W ""lf,rt --oV"
- 1 -wiUootoldalNa'awlli.onUiiedoreeh ofovorablerirarmranrrt, ted'jciid o-lsaw. rV.
detail. The writer hiniiliherthema swyUT8000 lb. Bacon, CornrWhZtt, ewtrety fbr taatrr ceneiating wf -' : T.7r- .
rial at band nor tbe ini to'dev'ote- to Cwp. Ho&,PlnnktBlatk-Kl&h ;,?!,u, CjJ Weta, fliitea v f,f ..If
their minute iiiMtioti.-.!.rr- toolt, One brast Clock, - - p- tombainei f4TH g b7:
FrXm folJ--W'aifM ttootl Cooler. Bb.Sao!.
a- I AeM. at Uilliam plaea, ONE TRtCT of LAND 7nrtr of handtome Print. Bordering and rot. T
lying on tbo South Yadkin, know n hy tbe ntmo "I'w'wvaucoaa, pimuiet nt Caghtma, fad.
-llABBliiV In Winghtown, on the 5th uh. by
the Rev, Mr. Phfol, Mr.' Vtlentine iloover, of
Davidaoa County to Mitt Fiorina C. Trantdof
the brmet place. T ' t '
. SALisBURT Ft, 4, twa..
Cotton in teed I. ft to 1.17S
can. A KBrcBueaw.
Atnt y f Ae Cdiltr.) The "three delegate!" re.
forred to Jn the above eommunicatino are
Doctor $AaM, of Salem, Rithartt B. M-
frxmdir, Faq. of Sarobury, and '.Vr. Bam-
ilfn of Cogcord. from the beat information,
we etn obtain neither of tbe three ever own
ed alliance with the tteptAUcam partvi they al
waya belonged to. tbe other tide, and we pre.
aume they are now too old to be "reformed" into
Republicant'whet ia bred in the bone St
hbrd to be got oot of the fleth."
Tl IhlPttpt if Wnttvn CartUaa.
- On Me Suhjttt f Cenneno'en.
M That til political power it vetted in.
tnd derived from, the tieofile only, .
1 ht the people of this State outh
to heve the Bole arid exclutive - tight ol
r aj iMIVUIt
That no ivjan, or tet of men, are rn
tt'r ttchtmvc tr Kharate ttftolumtntt
and prtwirfetlTom the community, but
n coHtigeratroq 01 pome acf yictry '
log both the man and bit property with I ,ur- Sm" countie In the Ctern part I rntt m ""der the penalty of ibo
out his consent- It u wigenerou 1
unjutt. -1 ne West will nor go a far I population of tba Urge countUi of the
tome itatetmen have done and demand a I r ha the me voice in the irnvere
rcpretentation for tkttr property: and! afthe State). It knot the vjbjerprif
"" t Buck aa -Ideai In the opinion of
iae writer, it tncomltteat with the theo
rfend principle of Rcnrentatiye Re
publics: Dura J i government of the
peopten PrftpeMy did not ebfar tnto the
bttract idea of government." Property
it protected by tbe government, and for
tbat protection ia liable to Day tat.
There may e 4 -government Tor" the
regulation of the conduct of tbe people
in which there 1 no property. The orr
zinal deaign of government w to regu
late t he conduct of the people and not to
interfere with their property. Ours, be"
ing a' gorernment of tbe people, tbet
aJone ought to be represented. How it
property to be.repretentedf It bat not
the power of thinking and acting for it-
elf. Will you tay that every-two ot
three thouimd dollar ahall be entitled io
vote to be given in the perton of the
owner f Wilt not thete individual
an undue ihire in the government! One
mm, under mch a regulation, may hive
fifteen or twenty vote or. more." There
would be a still greater dinger attending
thi principle.- The richest men ia tbe
State, by ctQbbtng tbeir interest together,
might liy the State entirely under their!
control. The true principle in our gov
emment is, that the people, who are all
equaf, s-e to be represented, and the
property which ia unequally distributed,
to be taied in proportion to ite value to j
pay for tbe protection afforded to It by
the government.
It wa indeed, If a repetition of It may
1 ,1 j t. . '
oe tuowec, a maxim 01 our ancestors.
which' is to bo teen in all (heir petitions
and memorials for the redress of their!
grievance anterior to the revolution, thai
a.aiiuu iiiu roprcaeniaiiOD inoutd gi,
hand tn hand. What was the idea the.
"ended 'o cotivey by . thi expretsion?
Waslt t hat they and -tbeir property hoold
0mm .
to. 4 ner were not o unraaeonnhio in
heir demand. Could the people' have
been represented, we should, la all hu-
matt prbhabUity hare cpaOiitjed t9 tbjj!
; F.A Ni3.1T-. COO D Sn
TIT. "I.JtlCti trleciioa lit sxtv onaaie-"trnia:'.v -.-v-..-v
i n. Babtcribor'i Store io Sahtbury, ulaCil bf ,: 4 1- 7 4
B. 1 no biuco cara ana attoMioo otii'. ' - x: '
of Laaa nlaoe eamaiuine abaol 00 aema. and a I dingo and Buck raoH. Tt readt of iH anna kaaaia
aumhrr of articlea too tadioui te mention. At bloachad Domtttiet, C'apo and Gone
be tame time an place the attllwwill bo ren- nM.ircnieta, aamrree Pongee and Crape d
tear and the miner Hired lor tha term oT ana I xrvna, oooinei
ibinet Laeea, aatorted 1 Sareerrt,
and Plorenteenai Swias Mull and ;
' Com
. Moltnea
tear. ; On Tueadav f Mth.l at the veaidanea aft Senehew
thelut Aleiaodev Neely, dee'd. wiU be told M0 Vuflinei' line. 8wii and W Het4
ail tn personal properly Belonging te eaid al
tate, eonaitting of , , . ... ,
IIorta,. A- Catllrt ; -
- - ' llogiff:'--Sheep, r'- '.
Two Wagont &nd Gears, 1 ' :
' Farming Took, '
. Household arid Kitchen Furniture-.
"'Moidifioalbt. Bacon, -4,000
Butheli Corn,
' . . :. 200 Bushctt Wheat,'
- Unit Wnrttlr:' f)nlt:- -
nd a Bomber of article, too tedioot to men.
9 to 11
15 to IS
- , fi,
- 0.
tion. The netrroe belotigtiif tw rnatt wotate
wijl be oired'for one year u moniit oreoit
lb to
Robe, bobiuet ad mualm Capet t Hatter
inmraiagi, lgnorw, punatablo' an4 Navarino
Boonetar Spon-Cotloo, Tack and fttdt Comha, "
Shoot, Hardware, Stddle-Treea, tiig mo.tntinp.,.
tliadlert trimming, Roping. Btgginr, ploueba.
Moukluoardt, beat anchor Bulling Clothe, tie.
'.ne.. , an aaaonmeat, and
rem towoett of bit prices, prevent to t
Ite extraordinary inJueem. nt foe tl
Bodatteatloa.- . jyu.M Ml ftp h v.
20 ttllds. St. Croil. tirrn Hlmm. .-J k! Ma
tfletna Sui;ar, of the beat qualitiee. vert Io. "
i. j 3 UhdK frjme Green Coffee. 7 :
loth. Ue. 4
1 the ex. .
tho poo. T r
their eall j, '
SO Brt-trafir acanted tti da.
Taa. ConfMaa.. M..I.1.. L . a. ..."
i mIo to eontinue from day to day aatd all fwtnetre, Lampblack, Raitine, Cheeae. Pepprr, -Id.
due attendance bv . 8P Chocolatr, Liverpool and Alum Salts ' "
JSfi. FRALRT U mJHf Iron eaattngt. White Lead kega, Red Lead. ' ' "
Jan. Silk lilt
- - Ml
I Veottiaa Jled, MackateLr No.
Cheeeincaiki,4yc. .Bill
IX 2 J
aw. ' wc awvaoa. at 'Jaet aw ihw, o-""a ,
reouetted to aaak imrnediate pavmant, a no I 8Zt6wJan.Z, ISXl
Brandy, Appel par gat : 41 to 40,
uo reacn,
Salt .
Sugtr, bro
Brandy, Feaeh
, .
Bagging- -i
: "Cottnti
Flour (from wtg,) bbt.
55 to- 6,
r io s
. rjtooo
- : r to?
. 1 60 to t 70
Fite 85
CBERAW Jaw. S3. 1832.
.l.',. . '. . .k. ua... u I. u. I 'l'ka T.n... Ct a . ....
eent them, duly smhenticated, sritMothe time Urr t"" ' - - T -
preacribtd by law, or this nptioa will bo plead fjtllK IUDcribcf tl!l Continuer to '
In bar ol their racrVeryr: , . , . .. . , make the- aboTC Machines andf - -
J. FltALEf I PJ L.,n. a tiinnTa,...4...l. .. t"..i. .e
nmicn ne win en low lot CasA or an wV
TO PT " VVnh i IPll ' credu t0 POnctoal dealera. He like. . f
. i . Tf ai,itlIJ wise intend keep on head a eW V?,
aubcrib??r ia desirous to pur-1 surely ol COTTON filX'st.1 Bnd a..'.. .
-a number of -YKtlflOE.'Vl will alio verialr thiumat.... '" Ti
.., r,.
5 .-'
Salt (in bulk)
Sugar . --.
Whitkey -Wheej.
. -
' w f
K4 4 1.4f
3F 14 45
1X' choae
without any limit during the tufct
twelve mootha. Any perawn haviog
tucH property for tale wotitd do-vrel)
ttvopply to the subscriber Woire Ihey
make a aalc, for they may reat aaaared
that he will pay the moat liberal prices
' N. B. AU letters addresaed to the
subscriber will be attended to a punc.
tually, aa if applicatioo was made in
Huir wilt Attend to the busine,
or in ibia absreoce .M. Rstria,
the Post.liter, wil1., who ia author,
iaed Kniak(pnrcHaaeaat slf tim?!."
JSq&ouriijJiay K ..." Kit
.. ..... ....... ,
rztf E. P. MITCHELL.
eiuisouryijHay aiat
To Saddlers
HarnesMak r"
.HE Subscribers wish to' erapj . ft1 ' :
..a R.4,tt.. ...I ..L. V...-. '
' J""tl. UU.IWO , llaTDCMi
lkfttf Jffi4Bd&stifioM haa","
6ct3lti 1831.
bent, j, oakes..' I
Wtf .
ai mtas.

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