North Carolina Newspapers

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Hf M.- M anSJ.
1 Onitaaad lugu proclaim ' 7 '
tu t iifr. bind tt
44 bid each voice to Jmtm rie
; Te tugtiify a . -
' Tk f MM, pMt Vore' tire dirlne,
Adiiu Miff I ,
ItrJeatlAg Wt Who ShraM
IbwirtVed nations bWcd and atae
Ton world hi boamdleai tpMe, '
ttrVf mUcb - -
j the W dW uU BmHh -i -
Oftht nneUMWr.
V . . .
11 tho, to, Wt rtul fovvrat gay
T f Httey U the dawn i
Ti" '" ft"' dar,
- IV biathur comet Unneb'd ewy
'toted the velvet I.
. AlU)bk'tpfmftUflVd,
, flvv-dlrat I thy will,"
r Ik lew ! f eh wheel rotrod,
ataHi dawning ey-b. yet Q still bond,
0. order lo fulfil .
tTui.u roi music.
at iJ at. 4
7Wrt fal teM-Wrl fcU I rt,
odex.4hlJtadltoregti .
I ;U mf Wart b4 warm for tb
I iov the yet I lor the ;t 1
. I tHougM I sua ,
;r .. . tttk swroinf thrift,
f (bongl ( draw each Jbod regret,
. --r-tjrirI"-
.. IVfcub eatri
, i t re he ywj love the vet !
liM ridt tk Cf I'm ft, Vm kttrt
Jfc? 4rrni that, ilt the ! d W,
I bear tS fhl benttik lk wiaf .
A lif In w bowtr
. " At telnet iw,
1 wArrei'trowt ttv nil"4
r And lean mIkHI tH
Be Mitch loo veil ' '
.... S beilbci teUJ ime lite yet.' - - .
- Tw' tad Ue, lir,
MmS lo ) ja mu( -ie
MkMbU ead icbe,
' )d mi b ale brt.
o-, ...
--wa4-ytajci MLlhtre faitened my
om pork f tnd have lappoicf tbit i
i !ter ewe of of& I qti rt Vjwand
-i day til t mtich M mm srrxpec
led . from giod ieeplngr On -the
fourtii day uf J ilv taat, I purthitcd
; .... to prinj pigwse j) J weighupf
. - -fUy of J0uirf.hfyLtr killed, tnd
j--..-. looted od oghieea p-'dfrf-e Kkh
.)t;th nro f otmdi pr dy fi;
te''-Titir'pigrwerff imau-breed,- hac
''ft hd W-MO ft
'Ikf J'a li Uc& tht A hhi graus it
' tuii-'lv elded W. L.
New Ham, Feb: l , 1 832."
Why arepotatoei the moat aouriah
'-Of all vegetable! f
-r , oot 4J Salop, tapioca, and
i :''Mjt eHTeflv conit of atarch, aod" are
,. , , wonsruotiatelf numtioui, - -
j .... - .....i.......... .-.j ..
lo aer to the-wquirKi--four
'x - - r forT'eauoodent, in the 40th oemlier rf
' Ihf preaent yolame of" the ' Farmer,
I . cciaary w oe applied ti itLtt cUy land
nd eadj lolU,' I will endeaeour to
i - g' ro t waat uttie toowiedre . and
xpenrncr hare itj the7oe of that
atgirj pornt manure.'
I oaye found tha atta clay Unrl re
eqirei a grettertiw,tiryiDf mt
rjiHt r aandy-aoilt, and I - generally
, pot o thtf former one hundred buih
U . oU a the Mcrei ita effVcta are hardly
r:Y i.fver aeeo thr int icasotj unleie put
n ;'k pi Uffbed ground;? In prder to ob
, taioj in mrdi-tte" Advantage from it, I
H1 P'00'1 ?Toun intended for corn
. - It the ,fU preceding, m order tr get
y- t the" 1 me out a early in the tpriig aa
:.prDi-;.rtaiM"wVicV. I have apred tmnae
rfr ; tJiately before corn oVnting; if the
Reason i not extraordinarily dry, .ita
nil ! ffcir be evident io the growth
rCv. i H'he orn -1 baye pursued the aame
: court .on team tut land, where
'X-t KAr elya" eprar of; graat wai be
.' fiye' yetira ago; adl hiclv.,Are
r . - bow producing al goodcropa aa the
yichtMit Umeatone lan 1 1 have,' Thi
iJUM ,ifA.,jDaturIli thm, joiermued
: XXX X ";et the quantity '.'fvtime uaed akut
I v feorvive buahela to te acre, K
:x i c rrAoqther method puriued by tome
' . ' werv ipvmJ i rrnrr in feooyating worn
77 eurj ta tr ?pplv-Sfrv taftele'..ef
. , i..i-ii jime w t'ft rr,vrilT japrrad on the
7 ' ' ' ' ' ' n ' i .'".. 1 V j m
produce fpiti paitort f't th growth
.1 the oltural trail i After utlag II lot
. pattur for two at three yean, it
it turmed do wo ud oboot tn lime
quantity ul timo applied oo the ploug
hed r6und,-irhithll tb produce
eood crop of coro, ry fr.'ttei A
treat object with tne hat bees to pro-
. . m a a
duea a good growth or eiwr nrn
ihia la once obtained there la oo difi
enltr to Imorovine the Quality of the
T W ' '
and with proper manaeemeot,
7nKeToregoln'g"ra f
ervice to pur correiponflf ot fte t
av at heartilv welcome to tbem, and 1
foprihtf m a rilef I theTf frrof rnrjiitiwuaeif th
of rour rood Chetter county i jfc.rr. 1 ttW;,"':
brre. who bav We eo ao much benef t
ed by the uae of lime, believinc, that
tf I am wrong in mf plain, they will
he good enough to art. ear rtgni.-
lwur, 4.-.
EXTRA VAO AN t Er A Lodoo pa
per, doKfibmj; the dreiiei f ame
iidiei on a public oceaiino in that ci.
ty, mkei the following ttmenti i
T" D'lehet of Argyl, in a dreat
of anaative gold tittue, her raven
lki, and a prndigioua plume of fea-theraof-the
tame color, produced a
contrvtt with her dlapoudi, equaled
only by
"Th Duchett or Bedr..rd, whote
jewelry aitooithrd all by it glitter t latter maae a prroit;i(u
diaplay indeed. ' Indepmde. ilv of
the necklace, which voi fljh thont-
end guineas, (JO.ono) chains A d'u.
moodt, atth .amethut io the centre,
decorated her grace'a dreit, from ih
thick velvet Bpnnh hat, to thr gir
dle or ceitui, below the atomach. ,
The.Hn..Mrfp0pe, wat a me-1
teor in te throng that lady wa
mitint b'mament, and tt a l
tha'. the coat in brill anu alone, in a
dreta of inmbre nMg (terhr, (c-im-aon.
etcerded serrtt hundr-1 Av
tfini nnimrft f ur thrff mWinrut ore
hundred andX tight -thoutand dot-
The 1 it Ceniua tcWet 1'a rfart
which prove that Ncrth-Cml nii i
or e of the moat healmv STATER in
tr e Unli"', The population amount!
to 7)8,470 aoula. Of 'hia rnmker
904 have attained The ' age of 100
ycAte and up wardf Tvi glyea..
centenarian iv every - 842S perton
thniuehout the State. Woat will for
eig..ert, who denv . American Jontjer
hyaay to thii l:X?iMc(ntU:
T When iforne ToV-le wa called be
fore the commiaiioneri to give an ac
count of the particular! of bit income,
havinir anewe'ed iuevion tha wai
aik'mr, one of te viae men atd pee
vihly. that he did rot oodrptand h'n
AnawtLliIhcn.iai(l,,TK)ke; ab
you have not Af "the undcrtt nding
xif another mao, you ought At )catt tu
have double the patience.-: -
A bellow lately atole aalel th and
hnraea. iovEaat' dir, -Comv aad
made tor-Canada. -On hii waylie
huod handhilla frring a rewird for
a atolea ileizh and honei, and to pre
vent tuiptcioa to a lot nod dittri-
buted them n the wayo. j.ile
eyed aheriff, to , Canada, identiard
tLa .raaoaaJcscribrd in Via own
hanrlbilli, and brought him to Hart
ford " " ' '-ii""";-ts. ..rfcrvta--.''.a--v'
" A ". KeotuckV ateamboat eapta.n.
commending hia craft, laid, "She
trota off like a hoiie all boiler full
pretiure It! hard work-to- hold her
could run her up a ctarcu Sue
drawi eight lochia of watergoea at
thMr kootrt mlnote
the snags (tnd sanibmkh-"''
A. boa ivantXahJ9,-brought
to ia death bed by an immoderate
eieof wine, after having been-aerU
oubly Taken leave of by Dr Pitcalrn,
andtngenioualytold that ae-erndti-flf
in all pfob"Vtlity 1 aorvive'I1o"irra,
would die bv eight o'clock next mor.
tiiogi eierted the tmtll rem tint jf
hisnrength to call toe doctor back,
rbich having aceompliahed, with dil
C'ltty, hit loudest eff rt not exceed-
off a whiiper, he laid with the true
pirit of A gambler, D 'Ctor, HI bet
0111 bottle. I nfvT'-nyw." r
What a pieee of work it man!"
A Mll t. A til lltfri.l 1 f A
the mau ol Human pemga wnicn aiiy
r. . . ' -,-.
put before our eyei, no two facei are
to be found alike, and ao two people
with the iame. habitt, raaootrej And
diapwtio u True, the br ad end die-
unctive feature may appe.r the aame
ioUf but every individual iaau-
merable little traita or characterxaud
waya of thinking And acting j which
mark him with the ttamp of radividu
ality. Th't haa beea the cate with all
whq hayrpaMee1 away torn te earth,
and with all who re on it, and tt wll
bji wibji ri a
I Tcstcm
there are aaiay literary roktr, with
and ni coitive braini h- are frai.l
that tin aourcea of book-making will
be dried op a4 that future pocu,
dramatiita and aatirtiti, will lckmat
ter wberewe to eierctie their faetiei.
Let any maa look upoa the w rlJ with
liia eye and pertei'.B open, and he
ill iooq be conyioced! that there it n.
proepeci f a icarcitj of kaaeei, f toti,
coxcomb, flirti, peeudo aentimenm
uti. mockfmUaaUtropca, tad other
lcg.t.m.'..bjett. for Hom or- U,gh4,0 a poor .hioe making, be.tUrUk
. .The oit common, every-o
people,, a .day.,.Are..dcdedv
thouof yfT'tulo tea-
Am n thoae U the muiruided
voutb, who, oo the atreogth of having
i .It.'. !- -!.
tteo lome 01 nil cnuaiona is piim.
icorai afterward! to be linked to loci-
ei v like W mere man. He haa read
that great men were eccentric, od
lUaightwar imagtoet I nit rcceotririty
will ataVeVia. a great anin i be there
fore pltT l all aorta of dinurhi
a -her cmp,nici with hibiia, conver.
aati a and actiini, totallv n piignantJ
t theiri bre4ii enfieemeoti. aa
negteett honeit iodunry, but eipecti
-11 thii to be escuicd - the ccceo rir'u
iei ul geniui. And what are nine-
tentha of thete pe pte f Men who
api- worrlo pot ty, or wek proie in
the ihip,' ul eonoeu and paragraphi,
and who in fact have not a glimmer
mg of poetic feeling or common teote
about then i aod tho' they may be
laughed t by the ft-, theyare look
d upon wlt mbre c oaiilerati n by
the mny th.n If the had never ei
poard themtclvei. Iv t cmp)-ini g
uthore iv whnhev will, the ficjlty
of putting a Certain' tj'jalf'y of onU
together whtrh mivmve at d t
nity ol nrli't, it nac l ovrrrated." :Ti'
Pt P't the pu3!rc aie '
ague, undi n d rrelirg o! reipciti .r
iuch a pen -o. and trca him iiha
copiitleration t-n time bove hia mer
it y while at the iame tim they 'Idty
liugh at oothrr who orally make a
f v o himself i A it were harder
ifjnoe creditable jo rile nuuacnae
an talk 4U Tre ma-a of Inane
rdqrnontadejjn pMiculiry which ii
continually ippetring in rtapecUbTe htiid of original
poetry, ii fearful. Not that it ia all
decidedly bd, hut what it perhapa
wotae too middling to be. laughed
at. How raiily people are apt to mil
take a love ol poetry for a ctptbiiity
of compoiirg it. Any prraon too
earth ean-ttring ' twilight ihade -od
lileot giade, or any other rhyming
c. upleti gether, if they give w-y to
uch bahitb jjrttiWJaibie any thing
tioo iu'O rhyme ia a verv.diff. rent
thing indei'd. '. Hilf of i-eae 'produt
ion .which are.praiied by Editors,
ind theimtithoTf joveated with a Ut
ile (ocal fame do nrt in reali y amount
loan) thi g. They are geoerally the
produrtnr-of me decently-educated
and eax mmom jo-joj ibut vr eni
tleman, who haa he-en spoiled by flat-
tefy, Tight j-jading; incipient love; and
upending lumTjer mnmm in the n
tryj and ."tufa'1 gobdleelihg,vyhich
if fully developeH -od properlv" appli-
ed.Twnbtd be he' aue of cheerful-
net iod happlneta to iFelf owner, are
twitted and exaggerated by vm at
tempta at origtBMl poetry," Tht
oly excuae.for thit it, that now-a
day it la really looked upor at dia
creditable t have neither geriui o-Tr
jjreteniion to it; and prettv ladieb toai
their heads and rwafaonMefm"-''
monienie lovera in a way mat u apt
to drive any man twho wiihn . for A
wife, to piitola or p etry pyaical or
mental luicide. I Once met a melan
choly ;et2fj?pleof thia awkwaidneccs
ilyjforgeniuv An acguiitant-e "of
mine nad fallen inr i"ve nitn a . ratr
dimcl, poaieiied of youth, beuiy,
and ' aixty thousand dollart i and it
wat undejtood among tntir Jrirndi
that they were K'.ppy ilTwhaV porti
term reciproaty of feeling.. The
duly, adjuited, the7 expectant bride
groom bought a home for ten toou
and doll ri, And began to look u poo
httBself At prettj comfortably tettled :
in the ' world. JmVgweTVia horror,'
when he received a brief note from
hit! gentle detdemona," who atated
that ahe found it Imposiible to love
him with auch a deep love at waa de-j
scribed m Byrvn and reoueiteb, at
a perfonal fayor, jJt'Mlwould (look
upon the tender pAisage that might
have IccurTedelween 1ftlttt:n:i
mere -dream.,, He afterward dii-
coved that her heart had been aasail
ed by a young - romaacireading,
rhyme making, moon gatfrf
t,..i id. ..nhAt nl rprtun SIC
i 7 , j 7 r
cea in lome aameleaa hebd mldai, un
der the modest signature of Apollo
Betvldeire which have been propuo
ced by the beat of jodgea to be alto
gether superior to any thiag that ever
.. It i tome coniolaiioa,"however, for
aa ordinary human being to know,
that yotjy gfet gvaioaet are nM
waya the1'tt,prosQerviut or happy
men in the aeouel,, I know a worthy
C Vrd winer, whoae trade yielded hjm
be uafortonitcly imigined he wai g.U.
ted with a geoitii for methnou i, lie
invented a aaacnwe n -
luoatituic lor ciacrmmi.
perimcotal aruolturaliata bought up
E. Ir.1 twdeli, - .jdj, lh f
felloe; tTZT."r He flJrg hiatrip and
Upltone" Our Of 'trie "Window",-tiijk!ttaia,an(le 6at iei ewwrajed w -ilte
duwo the equi -cil likcneii of a boot
aod ahoe, which had l og informed
thoie iotereited where he puriued
hit uteful lb.ri, and degenerated In
lofft . tavern haunting vagabond) bor
ing rycry mau whom his could leciire
by ih--bMHih-d'iertioa on
wbeeli, . acrewa, pulley, ielf-prope.
Img volocipcdee, And perpetual av
ion. Men of real geniui at Bum and
Byron lor itance, art ftn victim
tu their own iowardly praying feclingi
and luhjecti of painful anxiety to their
friendi; buv tbote -pteudo-geniuiei,
whii h iprine up auddcnly, like muih-
room, in large ciiiea, are great nuiian
ce, and yet, u it ii the principle of a
rcpublicao government to let the ma
jo lty rule, the time may come, and
that ioo , when a mere man of tenie
will be abmed to how hit face in
FroTrt the ifichmond Comp., Feb. 84
teco inr le'ttn, tine ol the in
and re" other of the 20th imt. uir
irni a dfcripiou of a very horrible
affair,-which haa recently tiken place
in lliuwiddie county The tint let
irr tate that the writer hid that mu-
meot beard. Irom D;niddie countr
of A mi it h . Jrid tiir a ge w hir h . h ad
been (ommittrrt there, the Fridv
eforr, bv a vunff Iree trrtr feHt
,pKo U dughUr of a Mr. B'n ILr-
r.: ... . a, rctprctiblc. ..ioat av
(Se count. Mi diOghte ah lit
12 Of I J vcare of te, M . Harris
.old hi f-milv were frm iiome 1
frut t'e unfortunate girl. A family
nf free negroea resided clno bv
One of the fellow of the family wre
4-ohe abaence of Mr. Htu, step
ped and accomphaht-d mb hellish pur
poses, almost tilling -he girl by bis
hrutatitv, Itws a ".rxking scene.
Mr; Harris arrived, pursued the vil
lino, r 'nht him, and immediately
u-LJ i'jLr him, and g ve him A e-
vere a.;ij..g.
The last letter states that since
writing the former latter he had
ueen Mr. Harris, and conversed
with him respecting the rape commit
ed upon his daughter. Having men
tioned the affair then upon the author
ity ol ooe ot my negro carpenters, -;
thplTit beat to aute again '". W y ou
tha: that statement of my aervaat it
subsiantially correetTMrr II rrAB
account only varied abount the age o!
hi child, as also ht took the ravuher
himself, withou' the sisancef any
one that bis child was not as much
i jured - aa be; supposed ,. At f rt, but
wa very much .as, as the hlo J-tan
edfl .-r too plainly showed With the
assistanceof twtrof hia fighbour,
he was determined to tnlict instant
death "upoa the'wrtlc'l tH t the lei
I 'w received upwards f iiO lashes,
tf c7$t, ih7 the fellovls still alive
he had been, taken t is own fami
ly, who were then nursing him out
is sad he will not mover, Mr. If.
ia a fine mechanic, and a respectable
a any man, H- appears lobe very
muchff-cted. Should' the wretch aur
vive, he will be brought to trial.''
t Si: Arc tic will
stand the ext eaoo
fax Couotv, Virginia, and wilt render
service, at thirty-f ve dollar the e-
son, payable at ita expiration, which
may be dTscliargeJ Iby ; "t'ajrtjr dollars
can. Filty dollar to inture paya
ble when the foal ia aieertained or the
proper! thaoged.. One dollar to the
Groom in every instance. The e..
son to commence on the 15th Febru
arjjanJehdJJi pastorage grmi, anrj-lvlarcs-graravfrd
at twentv-nve cents per day when re
quested. Every attention shall be
given t prevent accidents or escapes,
but no responsibility for either. For
pedigree and performance refer you
to Turf Register a d Handbills.
p. carrinotqn; .
Feb: 8A ::" l I3J. " i j - - '
OT THE Rileigh Star, will give
the above five insertions, J. S.
P. C.
rpO all jhose wish-
X ing ; tn raise
Horses from a good
.'0:k; ,.. , ';
-; -L-i i
3, ,j . nu ,ioga my
.'.w,-'tTrT. i mi -oi al
tera hands nign a beautiful darrple gray
aired by that uoeaj. laled Horse,otdPKk-
olet and out of a; frae Qcar mare at my
Mi tote in Lexington the nxt eaion
P r iculai made known in dur time.
" . J P. MABBT.
ai D
If H
p Q Jl llj .
- f -m prnptmi ,e hi , .ki. MrTi
prat CMpet nnt in
aan of N'ih Carolina,
BrMriU.m tt It, b; latien, wot t4 ppnKlioii
ntjr, butof rgia. Aom m tbe pnactpal
object id b, wtili mch talent a vt ca -bat,
ta difTut titunrt wdmaiiiwi wuh ao id
I arc la pra tba trafurlanea 4 porHifar and
3 SZu
aoadcaMi aucaUo. and cirHi taeir tr
fraetluai af etrkstw, la diamiit aubjeeta oa
which k i lni(xman tn anlichien th fnibde
iimdi ifljwIwbjrKn'taneircuiMtancri Ofe
eurrine a (none ouikIv, tbat dcaerr aotie i
fa ealiidii kico U popular Cnrami that i!l an-
licit curvMMriiMl be renerailv iataJ.ifibli and
ta ei' a cpt4 aoet'ntn of tb pbiie! and
relirioa imelliraitc of in note, wuh a ataui
ou esdusioft of all that ia of a oarty cbaraette,
tf bare aor ailiapnreneadeu puh!leeMv
ateati a oninloH baa Umt .. a lea ia
manr pina ofouratate, tbat a pubKeatiuo of
ihia aaiur was oranerl to M'expeeted frtai
tb ite of ita vnitrnitt, tl.a 't- -wrpoie 'i
vbick to euMtvai and diff iv vahitbla and
pracirtl knonitd-, ai ii a al-'a-N treaiored
up. aad k CAuutly increaaiag oith tba pro-
ere of time
To coadiiet auch pape. wifi. rejnire tb
whoi lima, ta'rnt and itilijenoa I an atiitui
that will rank bih in aUiFi'r. Tor torn tin
paat e baea beea Vent upon Uoorirf
gentleman of thi dracriptinn who wJrht ea
aent to ondeatak H. Such a ebirsrter, ar
folk, belie, ba ba bappUv f uad ia M
Wiinaak B,CUttendea, bv prtVain aa ado
cat ia tba city af Ncw.ark ' lie la originally
of or aouthem couatrf, bcinc a lia of Vi
fin!, sad bavlnf bee educated io oo of lb
colli-ret of that tat. think w mar vm
tur 'o commend biai'to lb oublie conldcneo,
jialiA'd foe lb taak eoexluclni tb Har-
A estimate ha bee maJabya rentlema
nractieallf infuemed, cnnprebndiar rrr an
tide of rtnena ia furnialiiaar tad auaialulnr tbe
aeeemry ttablihmai. witb tb admianoa of
aotbiar aupeemimary. rrom tba it appeare
thsf the pabliestlwi eta be ennHneaeed, arovt
vUed 1300 Mbaeribenean be obtained, fethc
r4,rwoyeare - Ifthete loraia, the (ball ba
effected ibin a fr wfk,w baii aa-lta tin
neceaaary oTrwah'tf aapeedity a pnaaibl,
andfbowav-of intetrw oombor rilfee
tie nf tb betmnine of tb rear foe wbicb th
uhoariDtida W WH'
It common complaint with th pnbrher
'f D-riivliaal wotka. 'bat ponrnIitv in teait
tnnen ia lew ap4 bn ouotubed ta tbi thai) in
moil other epeoe of buaiftcaa. The ono i
tteovoted. we can ramro the public, will be
wholly without prult to any on, eieeet the
a. ourr remunota'ioa to the editor, tad to
tboae be ahatl amnlay fur tb mrchtnxal etc
eutioa of tbe work e op no d- a
rho credit- if KbefaJiiy mabi-nr mehtctx
But VMMild thr peeanl plan naaa i ito ofw-.-a
lioav think it au iaprubtbhj that eaKff.-'
a tea ui Mail bannen. calline upon u impW
rioualy to aid th eataMtaunxnt lhrmih tern-
nwary diltlcilty. WitQ taa certainty tbat we
are to drie (rum il ao emolument, w, nonot
balance an eOual certainly thai we may not
attain pecuniar la A periodical paper in
all H n-wrwHi'i moat by te-nu run
arainat timn. and eery eiperienced and r lv
tint man knntr the truth eercwM Ojcinr
John", tha he who ent-ra the liiia with Kmc
for hi a"tawlt, mu toil with lilijfenct' not
to find hi mar If beaXn. leery one who faynur
the Harhinrer with hitparronafe, we hpe will
do -t with nr ' Hoe of. mind :o t)in -importance
of I ehty in hia irnutUnce. On thi torteatahlirh.
mnt mut depend fcr i' luport. Th iditor
w h hi aaaix n' a. wbrh: Thex halt annoeed
on, ie f ilfillirr the eipeetatiooa of th pub
tie iP eWa ota pWdre leaw. that if lWer
b ditaonniMmeat, V aha", ant he cha-feable
lo rehtatlan or ffir! on their part, ft their
intentinr o tn eolu3t the boaine. thai heir
aocouni nf receipt! and dieurement m u
WV erery one, that- thee atk no mor Iron
their aubaeriber than i reall ce'ary fr it
auionrt. Frank explanation 'her wiH be r
rel(!r err-, aoi wen. mner aa mat
venture to pledre hll be autMfactorr.
We would not d'are? an tbe nuunic f the
publ'ieatinn oe neoRVr, rvra to raette ia tbe
boaoani of our frl'aw ci'iarn a diaponitioo to
) enwn'enaaee and jbpporU lt"Kile
emwd'ine tha nni-ct, we miihl eem to ei
pne o'lrachrea to thecbarre of making in
promivn, or -aiae eapeciati'ina too hifh fir
to fulfi'. But that a paper of auch a character
aa ha perbat ben already imtd in tbe
mind of nurreadert, ia derable in our atate,
we eannnt bat think few win deny,
Oa reseoo why tb eubtcription i bleb at
6rt. ia the neeeaaitv of fumiahinr, the printine;
rtuhlithment aa an outfit. Te coat of thia
wi not b tea than aeveo . buodrol aouMfta
d.Jlara, it may pomihly be aonaethina; mor.
Tbe eontinuanec of thiaaa durable eapital,
will eiplaia tb pmbaHirity thai 'ha eiixreiiou
nf th Brat year, th paper may ba contiaaed at
(oar dotlar per amram, if oat a I mi. .
It will remain tn inform oar fnenck, that th
reatU man to whom ra lnk f be- ou -ditori
swaWaJnJ J avAMaV w3a8?walbwJr'' waVaaaj4tl m ttta)
proreaaional praeoce in the city of New y.wk,
oannot feet biataclf jut'iAed in rellnquiahiar hi
peoipecta, oaie a pledr can be Kieen thai
tb papet abatt b maiaiacd foe two year. If
hia aervioM ar to ha aecurrd, M mnat bo bv
eompetont number of euWnbor at fl dullara
for th lrt rt, od poaibly four or lea for
tb eacond
tt W now to be determined aftav tbV"cxntn
ation, whet ter the publication w propooe ahall
be patronised by a aufilcicat number of tub
acribrr to warrant ita ooamanoemeat. w
nqc ofjhoo? i em'emiuja bsaiibk pcaaw
pectus n wt, sod of outer who may a di
posed to pramot tha object, tnd tboy will
eonaenl to act for ua ia obtainii; aubtcribera,
aiber the tmeK parauoafly. or by mi iiiead
who may be vtHini; t andcrtak the taak.
And wt would hop that tbea ppr but he
returned b) mall, or tome other coarryaoce, m
tbe coat of aDoth,tbat the question may b
rcooiTco aa wmrij a powaoic, woetner the plan
Wts propo i to paaa into operation or aui.
V Tb payment from each uberibr ;n K-
fire dollar ia advance, and fir dullara and a
half if not in mad till after tis month from tb
time of aubaeriptioa, for the flft year, for tb
second rear, it will not be more, poasibly it may
be Icm 'bn tour dollar ia advance, and four
dollar a4 a. half after ajaawailia. rri ...
2 . The data of tb first paper aent to a tub
tcrioer will b conaidered a th befinaiar of
ho year foe which h auboeribe.
3. Tb paper wiB be isaued once a week, oa
a folio aheet, with good typo, aad aot.aviee tbaa
two ooiumaa alloocd to adrerticmenu.
f. We eanoot atipulai at preawit. that A
pabTicatioa obaB eommente, uolem 13U0 tub
acribor thall be bbiaiaed tur two year.'.
i. All bitters addreaard poet paid, h " The
V. trbinfer at CUpel Hi I, N Carolina,
. Tbea. ar suob Nrrn a w are ab- to efler.
iicr attaf rorpioyro. our peot etfort apoa
mar Wim-. NmM
aM. m-4
wot NnguiM. tbaf they wil' r
ceiMad. We mi a-li
encourarenw I ahnud h- aff'.ti . -ij
ha- if eompeteat
hirit ilhUUt tia j
ooafrmeol of th odnoe bar 'n-.a -
M win a t.( m r.k amoof th p.n.i.J U the t'oi'ad I at-. 7
fail M obiaialna; th oatry parrwawt
hall nt itfM ibe um,, tiar.i., arTiV'T
which ha hr)empiar,4 m tmZ7
rik.iulHi . r.hH.Mll a . v
i 'i
7 .1 famUif Xewtpaper nftht ' - :
fi- to? Urge$t aatt: fret '
. , from alt Political - -
'"T" ' ; " 'TMnsrX- "
Piifii;.i,A.i ;,i pi,;i,.ij...
aiorns, & V. K, OrrenliartL'
At To , n .IV o., nnim. "
-Th troprWf..r " of ' W
l;ari mirirfU
lake advantaf of .th
nf their
of that
mm, a
.U.I i particular of beiat th beat fuJSj
publie patrooat from tb rbimjelphla
To watabliah this Utter claim, th XoJ2!Z
ia take to crowd Inta ita ampU oobimot ,Z!
poMbWranatyof aw and rnt treat iB, W,X
ea,adM theoeoru of th ltr,t. jj
tnd real lalrrrat of h comrnta,eotnbHMiToTh
tbe beaubfuDy wbil paneron whieli h BTia.
ted h ler, new t,po. am! Ii, an, .7
crowded with M abomlanoe of
ii ia hmtMl It . ,1.;- .
lonriard Bbrviesor all peso- of ed ieaiii
and taa. To thoa who do. a a-rlt ..i-2
" a-- - w w u.uMvui BMmiBBjaun ua I , cm.
who do
o not read the daily papr thr StaM
m Will never lack noreliy, ctcrr pn bj.
entirely vrtKiaaUor compiled In man . 1.
eara aiiaaaioa looveo- lh Iraat i
portion iU eontnu. It Ispnitlrd on a -imperial
abee' of fine white pprr, twer.-fltii
column in each autabar, t eon-i nttl
new of the woh down tu the lain 4
Tbe p'Jr for Mbteib i th rnitftn
re esreruriy packed ia etronj rfi?tr,,li
put tntntbe Pott Ottoein time to l-ar. -n. .1
ty by the miil Batunlay momi!.?,niiL
by Sunday nihw h Way ha roeeivcJ ai .
ee wnw- imndree) and fifty mile dtr fi)
oyt won inoae -wno tire with in ITy 41
aeeewt milra, will reeeiv thcaottba m
aing of S,unl . x
Genernl Plan of the
Saturday Uulietin. r
V tht wr R f t r uac fal l,ct and If
lereaiwj otc rr-oce, whether it hot
be-md, carirfilfr aelceted and fo;icariT anaoftd
with paficabu atUntioato tbaU ,.iL
of Utn Vtira " .
if tn. rMy-Ei,:rnrii 1 1 1 ,-
of well wntien and deeple interrttii v n, ra,
rta nndar the till it th Town Tt!rr. afford!
pictueeaof real bf brlwru ammuimd ,
It nubKeatioa.
Tk Dtmt Criticio-d with freedom and
apint. h i' with eondour and kindne. ; .
.rnetdtim ud GM,ITndir thia
furoiud all thi flung rumor ofthdaf
which are deemed propirfora aeoaoaaar.
aaarerti. fhi Sibject M pcuhriv i.''.-
lereatt'i: 10 th country aabaeriber at all timt
and m th preaent eacited aula of tamp, k T
of 111 pre aae importance. Tb moat cprn
and accura r account will bw gyitea wrekrr, IS
to lb lati awnaiK, f any . cWrrt in ib ,4
flour Orin Mtrkata inoludinethe Dnea -
o wh-at, rt. Corn.' nned. Ar.-Vora
Meal. Un. C-Kioa, ke. 7
.Wtfci font! Coni(tinc of tb eh iieeaj'
and am rap iatii Talc and keicbr&oJ7'"
B.achwoed! VJaraim;. and other titrhhr bib-
ular Cnf ih puMieatiOna, Poetry ttc 1 1 1
rite vrio Prucured eactoaneif fat
th paper, and to be found ia no other PiDv
dclphia publication Thae report e.inairt of
eoae a too Maym' Ofl .r, and err tfroe'ailf -if
at exceeding! humo -pu chararf
J are tn-aoahlr intorf iiny r. la-thaat itiylf ! 1
the country reader, though far rrmored t"ij
the bin ton, will have a birdttya vi-vof
muh ht iiilv trantpiriae ia red life.
iw awm-I'ho -moat promi ntcaawb) .
a?aajB Ia at.a .
V.-il- m. ' a Z
P"F' iv BTwawf B'lniiM taa r..
"n w 'pwacair afSMraaaiB. n ,...
in ail ihn tTaiiri will be faithfully rraoreli r.
puf.ecanrr rtfulaJr ema' a fur wtb trv ....... .
r xiina; m im"rw tnar iTaoapirea. '
Mrnarei Dta'kt -.K tai'hlul.l, '' NUr
riaea nj Uoa:hs t r t wr-ek.
The ta'urdat B' .i.n bw been ettitn.litd
about aWyeri od during (bat pt-i .t, th
patruoafe ba been rreuf bnrond il -tnt'lt)
in tho bietory of American No'e'paprn, f' .
thousand aubaeriber are a h'tV .irS.-'t m r-a -
oraendation to it merit. Na GtuVx, to f"
could bv. offered with irt conhiicnc '0 tb
Wrinof moMer ttu i pjbluHcd io tnr otlMf
-pef-bcal'' ;'thw ir'fr,''rl1,v-to;''
aad dollar are annually paid bv uie BuHom
u vnicrs ur uiia papefc. - y'
A few number of th paper will t. t t. ny x
peraoa wh may deairoue of eamini:' itsre.
tenaiont.oa application, free of poj
Editor The ettenaiv imprnecmenK wle ia
fh ie and n ialitr of the Bunetia uo Tb? ftrw
ol" January, TI3J, can .b wmonalM
only by aa iocrceeo of aubacriberst tni
in Otderho" indue gentlemen at a diwtnc)
1 welt aa tboae in th- ciiu to prom 1 e its ci?
cufation, .be Ktfa'-t&"Vi(btlHw1?r - --::--
l, Any pei ton forwal.Ina' fi unen'ba
od a year aubaor'nwioit. Shall eocivrb PK--
aerrmr for hiaweu; a lung a tht tni conn-
e. 1
3. Any nerasna forwardinc Tea uweriber
and yrt wjbacritfort. shiltjiwerr a ao-
of tb LirS Or NAPOLEON. buiifu:l.''',"
in two volumes, er any other work of eqj
value which may be deoired. 'Taete hoohs
be forwarded with care, ia the jnauner dirwl.
by the owner. ADDttES) TlfB ROIfOR.
ON the 10th of fcptembet
Jasv.6a s..aJajiiaaiA.
Jone county, two negroes,
named WASIUNBTON, abmO
ubtto, on ooe of bia m"
there la a tear occaaioned by a
riat be will cbanre hia
and endeavor to pats f jr free man. Tbt i otbef :..
aaraed, WB1 A .eamupt wltto-bqf,L; .
year of age, very intelligent t be win prowv
paw a th aerrant of Washington, nd eh."
htanaaae. A reward of 2 Dollars will'be f
for the delivery af wither m iy Jail, so 'b .
caagettbeav l&$ LAMABj .
fc-T" Th faiiarwufl. Savanaaff a tb f eKA
cope, Coknnbi, . Ct and KnAmoml Kn "
M.. iMiuU i. ruiMlah the abov 'Weeaa
uafil forbid, and the forward their accoun
For Sale.
rrv. miA at tlrrttfOlS
T. .
YorLhtrit ifovt. ZlUTti
laCg, " . '--'.tZf.
til MKT ft im aw"
"'Jf 3r,";;'

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