North Carolina Newspapers

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(ill- BUIITON caiini:.)
r!? JurtJUU fatttraUoHw that
jecf and air, in the estimation of the Pub.
with hMmSai:tiy, 4wnein-n, W
thu impression -ja dmicd or qiir-stlonet
A Jitinj witues ha given hie eitfenou
one whose tredit may b trunfivl, to tut
ubm information extenda. But we are
net advised ak to lb extent of that fnfor.
motion. We know not the ground on
wbich oar Secretary baa framed bit opin
ion j and we must examine eirrurutances
within our reach Aod first, 1 invito the
attention of the meeting, la I ha declaration
of the Member from Montgomery, (Mr.
Proton.) That gftitloinan stated, that he
had loaroed lrm uiiquatiuoablu aulhori-tt-
from men high in public eatem-that
this project waa contained in Prw-tiilt-tit
Jat'ktvMi a firat Meaigt and that it wi
Ukan out, on th Mrneat antreatj of ihoae
Momkara of hiaCabinat, wbo have ainca
fmllea uodcr hia dipleaurt. W hen tle
Endemea had dot I ha cofitlinc of ihe
widmit, tha propoailion waa introdaced
into hia MeiKayea, and recoriiinendatl to
tha contideralion ofl!i American' Pip1e.
Sir, il haa been C(Httmud in hia MdKmfM,
aa lonf m Mr. Van Duren remained in the
Cabinet. Hiiica ha haa been
from it, ami awit arrow the Ocena tb U
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m f a . : , : r ... L : . I. vwnmniiiMtiwi I lav. imm.uovii ivmciu
any H rerring w pru,..u. .ur -n,v -
lemlud with how much force. 7 . " . ',
Ina. I have maintun. ,nc .n, "ol,c ," ,n, P".1' ,vr" .? "
tpttck tfMr. (iOODE, of Mfcklcnhurg,
'- oowrtrof m
' r I ro n bTNiohtTKb Chair man fct .
fy pnviaed t! queMion, Mr. Bnwn
wiih iraw bia preaiiiLla.'aud kt( fr aVo,
-iu at a auWitut fr th raanlution ofl
th gentleman liW Powhatan, thia broad
j.iutioo " Tmtt it i not eipedient, at
tlii lime, to make a nomination far the
'. Vi Preide!v.H ; r '
Mr. GOODR mee and addrctaed the
. jlr. Chairman Tbo atep taken bjr tke
tntleman frwin Petaraburg leavaa tha
mertine in tbo condition which il before
oncupi'-d' Tlie aamfl queation ocrura fur
dec won, and the name courae of remark
H aJ'iiiible. I could have wihed, fur
my uwn ake, and net leaa fur tha aake of
tl.r m-cting, that I bad been allowed to
c.fx'lule my remarka lal night. I bad
Ixjt little to add, and ahuuld hive eom'lad
. in a abort tin but fir the adjournment.
1 (I.) not mention thia in the apirit of diaaat
. itfactionbtuc.l ,m well aauured iui
jrpntlenian who moved tha adjourn
ment waa actuated by the kindeat motive
tuaarda my elf, although ha ia oppoaad to
e in the pendirif atruggl. Tho ccur-
jruci', b'lwere', iinpoaoa on ma the necra-
"tTwrtleTtotion to the TarifTahouId Lava
" 'l "J JMf JP.irtliiU- pec iall t
M M. kiKwnahat-tie ba4 taO.tMMii
lit IKtKtiici;r, and Uudad by iu Edi-
MONT) A Y AVn I f. la. 1.31...
1 biiva eoiileix
ptiir niu.Ht dctera
iwiiv ail e
k. l a ii a l:L ' i . . .
rk riMTtrra.. of the retell, of thwww" VV ,w,0t.-r1" t,l
!....i..n..n trm lnwh.t-n nrovLb, ...ind 1 wppnwl t tear to Mr. an Buren. tbe f I be SPEAKER , declared
a t . a ai -w ...
7k. .,....;--eiw.w ..nrehanded bv oibera. lmum rc"",on- A..u wa wi me uofnle waa entitlea: lo tba Boor. .
,aJ .wmfnway the foaadatiua of their f' propoa.ti.m for it. adoption, aub.intlHj Mr. COODE ramed t ,-,
. f ....... i. u . n.banA ..r v i.nMit thai m. r'k.: . . m, . l . j.. i...
1 have mnintaiiMi that it ia;r" V- j T w ; iu . "7,
i- ifiii nHH iriaiikfi iu .nr. w Mai imrrn. air. ' uihh ad lavan fttaiuiAnai w aa mAi n ma
prj"r ' make a Bommauon 01 a canui- : . . T V T l '
Lf-f.rh.VirPr41e.fv,a an act of h" fnen.a apon thia floor, deny that he; and adjriwd without taking any atop, ai.
. n 11 ' Will auatain the (iuVemuiVIlt l the U. 8. ! Ihiui h ,mh AnmntA tn mrt. Tliana.
Uitir" tome rpowo, as wru aaiainavoi. . - - - f ;v ..
M EbTt'ira. I have tranklr atatedr r""?' .-, i. m mrrj prrparmpry.
.i nanatAMAia I ha BKaaiAaatai Ihia lutua aaaail . U - 1. 1 .. J . a I l .
that m rellact my feeling, and to auxtam r-""-0" j " agam "niuiwl, mo run waa
n, pnnciplea.1 waa ready to confide in duitrilwtiun citlia burplua Revenue j called our rtfWrJ; insUntly
fUrbour. - In ihe COUnC CM the ; """'" wijouru vrexmara,
iart niht, the nretmumma Treaaurr T prucurefhroujjtl ' A apera
ren bad been brought un- 1,00 n Tanff-whiclt he t adnutted
BW'ediH'.'a of
.J , Van Rimn " Wirt twwnttliillrkl
v, ... . -" . . tr . i-
feremminatioa, and I have freely follow. u "PP-tu uo mw gv .or ar ior
ad tbe etauwle of otbera. - Indeed, I re-: UK ' . - .
rd it aecuitariy pcooar lhat tbowprttaawW olwithataiiaihcae atrong objac
iona ahould bo freely eanvaaaed. ft can- t,10M , Van Buroo-rt la urged that we
ot be concealed that lha object of thia , ,,hould w,t,l.0,J ?m,"?t,e
movant iato promota bia intereata. Sir, the protanaioiia of Jlr, Barbour to pre
if we muke no ooinination-if we to in- wn'eJ f wVy RPUican Par.
aiM on tbe adoaUon of our prlociplee-if V- S,r. 1 ' ' t
e do not hold forth oar candidate to b a auggert.on ,n b.-b.ltol Mart.:, Van
UnH-nm the attontioo of the American F"MUu but lUttlegraee.
aenale, wecatmot hope that be will be aua. ,ho mfK- cnticnl period of our h.-lory,
Weed by other. What win U the t. . fenllemau wfued-U exieinl nuch
aeaury ttmaequaoce t When our College magnanimity to tbe Republican party. But
- "af Rtnrtora ahail asacmble. the willk-arfl. rtf4. J""" "r - jU
by -running ; Dewitt -CJrfif agaM Mf.
Ma lin nor was he atimiiluted to this
ona, baa been umul aa a powerful el a tbai.
''f--poei- IUtnjVUir UiXm
piti'rd at, and an ineonirrumni nartf. haa
.vMii.Wt uiMieq.-at tun rru.i rrjwrco.
wnnnrr i caitcmplcio , Wrr CUv, or
Pn-mdcni Jar.awavlej.4';' at U' firta
uimwiif tha PurtyWrthrt ;ifrr aiil ia ui
bo rendared aa object of terror and the
hnte of W'atand iu the atcad of lova
for Van Buren,. ; XI ahall be lokl, that
wo rumrt ehonae between twnavilaj and
that Mr. Van Iturcn ia the Ier vil.
Sir, I prwtr againal king thrown jnto jo
inrruw rana tx cito'e. Uive aie a
man for whom I can (el aom noliriluJe
fimn, whom I may anuin with aeaU
Give me Philip P. Burboniwlm worthy
in every particular and to refuse to inxn.
inate luinii to dlaie that aur principle!
cammt prevail ia for all time; to rut ofl"
all hone from every aon of the Old lWiii
ion. No one aunti; tliatn Van ever hope
to coma before the Public with.lairer pre.
tfiiui.Hta iwl tho principle of hope will
die 1u their hearta. They will oot fuil to
obntrva, thai tha inteceua of tua leailera
in Virginia, will be , forever i-iinged a
gaitul Ibeiit and tlwy will undurtake to
jipecalatc, aial to acmunt fjr tbo fact."
'I bay will retUt, that, if a " Virginian la
the candidate tba Paopla will bo abla to
jud-e of hi uwirita, wil'iout apjiealiiiii; to
Ibnir leader, fr inf.riimtiorH-and ha
coi wrnu;iH-e a 4 . jjjiportauce of theit Iti?
dcr, will be diminished amoug the Peo
ple. Tbe Candidate al being known to
the People, ami having a atnmg hold on
their affection, will nut feel ao aerwiblv,
hia depeudeiKe in the Icadura, and will
not ao readily Vknoalodgf .thcif impor
tance, vr the force at hia own obligation.
If however, a atanger be run, lha people
become dependant on their Icadera, for ne
reaaary infjrniation. Tbe leadera be.
come important, and cmMequtnitial, with
the People. ' Tlie 'caudidate loo. , beini
by a call for tne prevliu jUPrtlon j-njad f unknown Mth frppltfttn approach llicm
only tnroujn tte,r Icadera. lie will
4 In lfi2 bacanH nwpmciidea
nd aedfor that B.ll id" Alwmiiiationa.
And now, air, ia not Mr. Clay denounced
for actmg upon thia very principle f And
why ahould w observe tlna invidiauadia.
tiix tiona f Why do we denounce in one
man, that . which wo bold aa guiltleaa in
another f . 1 oumtioo Ml the thiia, to
extenuate the conduct of Mr. Clay. Thoae
who know hmi have not to learn that 1 have
eierted myaelf aainxl pfntarting dutiea
and not pa a-iinxt Henry Clay. But I
have ojtpoacd him berauee f hia opiuiona;
and the principle which ia viciou m Hen
ry (.lay, ia not the leu viciou in Martin
Van Buren. .
Mr. OPIH here nm toaxk whether Mr.
(J. waa in order. Waa Mr. Van Buren be.
lore the meeting ! How waa he brought
urrw i
MrTCOODE reH rredlhe SeiiatoT from
Jefl)Tn, (o the Lieutenant Governor; the
CollcOirue flhe Fcnatnr in fhia mmfi'mn.
aeiiaratad Mr. DAMP.!, ili-i fitmaaal hiairiaiav antavv.
uurwi me name r Mr. Van Buren. He
waiflret named by the gentleman from
Mr. OOODE. I have your eiamnle
too by the Senator fn-m ittC;roa. The
call waa not auxtaincd ; but the nieeting
adjourned to await the AppnmoniTHnrBitl
i' iiiir - a
r know, that tbe-proapeetaof 1 Mr.
anl tkt all AftiAra whrk nmfu
- - pri'idaa, will, in truth, be utterly hope-by. thHove which he Jo Mr,
L . i..,, n.i -nit M.. . Clinton. For it ia notenoua, that he at
gaJ.-rn U"e toeari time, every effort win 'abandoned him, end barraaaed bus
. U madata "prepare the People of thia.e" l gr"vev .
omiomwealth for the recepuon of Mr. Tracing the line of Mr. Van Buren'a hia.
"" Vaii Buren." His aealoua frieodi will not J tory,"we ahtll find him tngaj-ed wuh the
?' le i.lle his p'reaa hero will not fitil to ex. j politicians of New York, and opposing
m.. it mirna j- and ahould the Collet himself to the interenl and feelins of the
HfJa!ter axtuallwaiemblev anprepared j South, Uy the asritationaf the -iea JsbJ
to bcitow (heir aulTragos Upon him, they ; aourt Question, is n ronnia nmawa cti
""" will be here eipoaed to the powerful inftu-Tdenoe of hi regard," that we ' ire now
Th.i3 wbo are' acquainted with the atate own favorite fellow -citizen ? Sir, if I
ef things acre, may very readily predict j have not been greatly deceived, il wan to
tha rWU--SirrwUI thaaa preepecU belliaoarty w-New Yorkv-wbicUhe then
fore u, we have a right, it ia our duty; to I headed, that we were indebiid for the ag
examine hia claims 2 and bis friends have i itation of the Missouri question. W a have
appeared before us, prepared with docu-l heretofore reganled that question as one
ftwutary evidence to -auatain; hiaj... I be
lieve him to be a latitudinarian. I have
jaade some aflort to'eaUblinh that truth.
- I have adverted to bis vote on the Cun
berland road I have refiirad to hisopin
ions, and hia votes on the Tariff: and in
deed it has been acknowledged by. his
friends, that he ia obnoxious to the charge
af sustaining the Tariff 1 bare re-jard-ed
him as favouring lha Exchequer Bank,
and the proposition for the distribution of;
Ihe surplus Revenue. Sir, 1 have no re
collection that it was ever before denied
7 that be was the champion of both these
aropoNit ionsbut tha shield of Ihe Prew
therefore caress their leader. He will
ckmwMga hie-aw dependanee. He
Wavers aataawambW Wbrcttw arrival iwitt aarett Tbelr tmperlartce, and a'rliowl-
eraor when speaking last night,.me'ntiooed
. . . . -4.. . . . i .l. r-:p oa
'a .aanai ,t,tow,f, interiK m JmW sRUKIalH
ibilitr is thrown on him. thouyh it had been the only instance af
have ye not the sariM :widenc jo t hitjiavrnj enenaeq on iua wmwti
thouzh it were the only evidence, ot his oe.
tous oa that system, notbing
lie voted lor the
ing oj
aatabrjah his support of -tma exchequer
Bank, which we havof his opoositiou to
iliiL of iIm Ilniimt Rtatm. (- Hia ioWiratt be more errooeoo.
.,....... v ,. - , ,' . .. ' ir. ...
UH union, ia toe eviaence ox nie
tion to the existing Bank and that same
taeniuy oi teeung, muu emi nun w oa
kalf pf the Exchequer, Bank. This pro
ject was recommended by the President,
when he stood on terms of the zrea'est in-
.fincy wiUiyaaBurefe
lim as bis Constiutional, and coniklontlal
adviMer. Wo have never beard of their
. Wiring; in,, opinion upon thiljwbjbct,, M-
an 1 f Jeotificd with the project, ever sinoe
iu tW promulgation. . Had be been un
"" jkvorable to the project, is it not reasona
, We to presume, that ha could have given
, ' some unequivocal evidence of that bostilU
V-tyljiftbea, Mr. Van Burea u to receive
our approbation, for. bis opposition to the
r .Bank of the U, States, let hi m,' whether
ibr weal, or for woe, take bis share of the
z -respoosibdity of ihU odious monster of aa
iSxrhequer, or Government Bank."
Tbse remarka are alike applicable to
ne ppijecttoT the distribution of the sur
plus R.'veoue Th same train of teflec-
-m wmU, Ivsi wi to til cneluien; tija
have meeted out even severe juntica. to all
wbo then oflended agaiiut luv.-Uow. was
it that Mr. 8ergeant himself, incurred our
moat sever displeasure 1 Was it not iu
consequence oi the part which he bore in
the agitation if that mejnorabU question T
And vet this oflence is perfect innocence,
in the sacred person of Mr. Van Burea ?
Tracing his history to the Senate of the
Union, we there And him opposing our ia
terest voting for toll gates on the Cum
berland road ; and lendinz his suppon w
(he hatefiil Tariff The Lieutenant Gov-
tn its most
odiou?! provisions. lie voted against ev
ery motion IA- remove Us most .iiijurious waa en vroaaed in the
form ia which it became law by the aid ef
tha vote of Martin Van Buren. Hia
course on the same subject in 1827, incur
red the disoleasure of the Southern Dele.
gation. Ha induced, them to regard him
as onnosed to the measure, usually denom
inated "the Wodmi:Bl.lBtFHl.
ef the Apportionment BilL H e kave en
tered en the busineaa of the meeting ; the
claims of Mr. Van Buren have bean con
sidered ; he has been , defended in long
speeches ; Column after column had been
written in his behalf; and I am aked by
what right 1 examine tvs claim T Sir, by
the right of a member of Ibis Meeting. I
infringe the righta of ns man ; I intend to
exert my own ; nd, air, ha it come to
this ! . May we not apeak of Ma'rtia Van
Buren, except it bo to eouiul liis praiM )
If we venture to question bis infallibility,
are we to be called to order-t-. MrOrif
said be did not Intend to 'Call Iim penile-
. i-- i it . tm... -ii.
wont w unjn.j .i v - - a w
interruption was unaccountable. Sir, Mr.
Van Buren liueppoocd u in all things f
he haa disregarded our leelings j be ba
assailed our interests ; and he haa cundem.
nod our princtplea ; and yet are. we . re.
quired -to ! ceardtheve (bine ct of
gracious eondeveension fas tavoro worthy
of oaf gratiludo'. When I fce planta" the
dagger' ta Ottr kasHaaatt smiles tbi
pain which himaelt lanic'.ad, we are re
quired to receive it as a token of aflee
tion. . ..
.Mt. Williama aeked if the gentleman
was ia order. Mr. Van Buren was not be
fore the House. . . ' -v
.,,,Mr. Goods aaked wby-aa waa subject,
ed to ta irontinuvd interruption T vV by
was W lha aaroe course pursued towareV
olhe4( Wny I etopped ia the dis
charwimy duty t This a tyranny aa
to be borne. The Cbtaiikatv requr d
Mr. G. to proceed. Then, air, (said Mr.
ft.. i I have to ask. whv ia Mr. Van Buren
to receave our sapporl I .. is it becaiwe of
his devotion to our interests T Is It be
ssiise of nis consistency in the support of
our principles 7 Is it becailse of the
firmness and constancy, of but character l
Hss be not belonrad to all parties f Hal
1 .
ne remainea meamafa w-ny one i
Has be not acted witn the Federal party 1
Has he not acted with the Kepublicaa par
tyt - Dtd-heoot aoatain Mr Clintot Did
he not oppose Mr. Clinton I Haa be not
acted with tbe Tariff party; and again with
the Antwanfl party T and has not this
l .i a a .
en'o mo obligation in a teitl-id deprae.
Tbe kadeara d Virgioia, will tbrfore,
be forever interested, in preventing tbe
nomination of a Virginiaa.
Mr. Chairmen, I had other views but
I am adiii'iiii' bad, that my remarka ought
to come to, ft clone. 1 have, in coucluaioh,
to pn-tr-ai apuuM tha Reaolutioa of the
Member.froiii peleraburg, became V its'
tendency to bentow the vote of Virginia,
--aasVBBWr ,'' "'
PoriiHt to public notice, a meeting of
the cttmmr- et llahfsT was held at the
(5nurt h-wsc,' on Saturday . the Slat of
On motion, Elisha H. EureJbHq,,. was
cii)!si.-,io. tbo c!mir and. Maj. Jltca B.
rwce am Uapt, Uenry larrettwere ep
pointed Secretariem. '
Pct. M -Roail intmdnced the'Cdlow
itf PwamMoand Rewdutiriirrtjwhidtiatfre
i?e!,. '"ft they were, like ju
rT.r, under the higiirat and moat saered
nMpmiiibilitiM. Tn.-;., T1 '"
SkihlB 'dV.Tliatl totimittce bejppoiiK
td- to correspond with wthr fatri.4e
ailiat aa iav thae iwrtiona f te Slate up
on 11m nibjacta. embraced in "tbiT proeedv
ing re4utious end that they 1pt Wb
meaai'.res aa to litem may seem proper
Iu carry 4bese objects int efiect, v
i i"he C'nrrotpNiding Cemhiittea aoiMirt
of the folbmiiig persons t Villi Alston,
M. B.. P ttivyTbomaa (bmby, T. M i
i:r.A I'., i, Matthews, T . NttlMdaon, J.
Crov.ll.C. B. IWa,T.
UvKlu r, Unnry Garrett,, G. E. SpruilJ'
VY. J. I!,H,E.II. Euro, J.W. Batcbenor,
Edward Morecock, P. Tillory, J. IL
Fenm, Willie Johumn, Mi Read, W. L.
Lon, R. C Ronl, G. B. Fisenwn, Ch.
(See, W. W. Tborne, Charles Shield, S.
II. Gee, J. B. Tate.
On' motion RtieUtd thebj (lie preeeod
irgs of the meeting, signed by tbe chair
nmii end rWratane, be publislied ia tbe
IliMtflht Adtmtmto-'
Oa motion, tho meeting was adjtHinid!,
subject to the call of the Chairman -' -
f R. II. EURE, CVm
Met B. Pierce, i ,; , . .
raoM raia ialkioh ma. '
, : cort . , ' v ;
iroafti'itefea Cith Ftb, 20, 1832. ,
Sii i I have this moment received a
bitter from iMeaara. Lawrence & Lemay,
Editora of tbe Nortn Carolina Star, in
(orwiHv me that you are the autWof a
publication which appeared in thai paper
oi lite
tluU wtibout tvprramng my rnrj.rue,"tii!
aidering our protiuus rlaiiiii)M, tbatoa
kixiuU so hastily 7 end on am b aiij;krf u"
Liiua aa.zli4'at'UMl ln'vMir awte, aU .
lemj( (o; infiict no deep a wound on tuf : '
rbararer,f:'You imiat fin t thai mi i.
iot . bate .thus acted luaard rnft a I; V.
fhort inontlti pnMj and mnre that I aia . .
CMiscious. of no change tln.1 roubl have " ,
eftittcd your thn feeling, except hnt 1 . t
bear, by uo demerit of own, alUrc"
rlali.itia towards . thoaa who Yield that --.'"-
urajiiu wilts loia.WuVfniiniit wiucu iia
the , dixpenaaJion . of. las patauugo tha
power of beklowing ollioea and reward.
At the time to which I'rtS r, my luvora.' ''
Ida countenance might at least in som i : ,
degree have been conmderod as a bupoit
to the devout worsbippert at the amine fit "'
power. - But now frout (hi . atutmlo 14 '
which I em placed, they may aoppo-a '
that more ready adn,iwioa) ntay be ob'
tained by the Iminolutioo uf my character.'
How far this change in my n lation tow '
rd thoae who control Ihe power of rewar '
din iiia baviTse gteatfy clumped Jif
coiKiuct j, towards tne, a that you ftltotild .
in so short t time t'.rs fi ore that of a suu "
1.1 ...ii'. . ii 1, ...- .
lr ir uiiu tiiruu jii my iuTourt i inns
of an assailant f myJreHjtation, and that i - . i
too auepicHms so baMy end unfiiwta4 fv, :
that you have been compelled on a review , -ofthflcase
to retract your'hargH, lea vl,
without further rt-nuirk, to your owicov
acionce aad to the world to Hi frrmine. , -'.
. .Resjicctfully', yoans ec-'. - - , ('. . '
ToGenl Comuluar31.Kauridere,.i,Jrn-i . "'
' ;; Rakigk,'. . '
jz P.:S.' As an ee oltutttioa to my haraS -
Ln I 1. 1 ..J . I,- I'll ...M.. ' -t
rtlio lHb tost. amW the aignatwre if fii't wluch paper yntt publication aa..
. B. Undef an impression, that u peered, to iiuert the rrresputnlcnce whichA
may have been mWed. by the remaik of uu peasad between us i rtlatioa to It.';
Gov, Korsy thin the Senate of the United -'v ' i JNQ. U.
?'ates on Hie jwiuiiMipa rf Mirtb-Yan TtTi(iJPrt6daic)if-'Vi VirguJ
Buren, 1 cannot doubt tor a moment but Tuuee io au articlfl on , Ike Uto KichutonJ
that ym will, on a perusal ofthecorres- Uucuaaayst This qutioa of tbo Vice)
pond-nee which haa passed between that rreeiJtncy luvelves many , and imporUnl
the injury which - your
well ealcuiniod to inllict oil my
ter. I therefore cenndctitrf cull oa you f ngcneral character 'Uwhicb'-'-Q tkwi":
for a retraction of those charges. blavu h.olding Stataa are equUly1 imere.i
passed between that rreeiuuacy uvoivca many-, ana iniporwns , .
r-IC, promptly repair- priinnplcs aivlropsideratioiii, ind will baVj.!.;. ,
Nir jHiblicalion w so eoitts) the pw.pli b deliboraui Uiore 'the f!
lict on my cltarac- ct 4: is question, o of a local, but . ' r-
tboui'h Mr. VaitBnreirhaabeeiMouoledJj Lb critical' momont arrived, Jan. Van
LBurcnwU fouBaatmiUa-jraajwt
at hia nost. to vote against the measure.
The; Ijieutenant Governor has regretted
the absence of Mr. BarbourLwhen be
thinks he should have voted agaihst the
U. States Bank. Does he complain of
this absence of Mr. Van Buren, when .be
was expected to yotagaintit lha-Tariffs T
Mr. Harbour s absence' is never 10 oe re.
hr mbfeftvl; " But il wtlj be long ere I for.
pet it : for I shall never forget bis Albany
sueech. :lt was delivered to excuse In
last been, in its turn, abainWad and left
tii work out its Town salvation ! He " nas
sustained the doctrine of Internal Improve1
ment. Ilia Irieuds maiutain that be ba
abandoned the ' doctrine of Internal Im
provements. Sir, I may respectfully ask,
to what party, or to what arinciple, ha he
remained steadfast! ' Let hia friend here
anewer. . jSSmuilim
whom Virginia is to be yielded up. as a
rcluctaat-bride lit is not .a. connection
founded in affection. Her heart will not
throb witb eappressed eestaey; when yield
led to his cold embrace and I solemnly.
protest againtbaQnjjion. Sir, if the
vote of Virsrinia bo counted toTMrr-Van
Buren, the People of . the Commonwealth
will not have decreed it. Why" ahould
we do this violence io their will T " Be
causa it is necessary to defeat John Ser
geantif -.This,, air, is the ply.
Cbiif man, tbis practice of odious cbmpar
it. 31 r. iiu iiia maun mat no wn ift iu
abscence and juSUty hlf 'eonauct to -tuSl this City when flits articleappeared, and
constituonts.. In - it, he proclaimed In 1 that I an'mit'sVn in ttscharacterrv. He
jrujerstss 144 sW?rc39a asioacumsv 1 if ya u eoaj an isut iae veeeua.
hiMir. tilt Vir-rlliia. 1m rrAnmmaA' j tUm
people of this State" aa a fit person to be
voted for Mt Vica J'wsideni of Uie Uni.
tedStatea, at the approachis. election,
If however from a development of public
opinion, it shall clearly appear that P. P
Barbour cannot obtain such a support aa
to ensure bis being one of tbe two highest
candi-atee j ifof that event ' the" Elecfors
shnll be at liberty to vote for that Individ.
ual . among the candidates who in their
opinion approaches nearest those great
puIiticatynWiples wl
bat ever held wa5...;,..;,,-;V..::ef.-.'
Retotved. That we ' disanerove of the
Jaitimpre Convention, to beheltlinMay
next behwyinir it altogether an cx vartt
axsemblage,' which looks to the elevation
of roen rather than principles as a eonvan
tion. (tfnartu mtn for narin nurvout, '
Rtnilvta, That in the rejection ol Mar
tin Yen Buren; bv the United States Sen.
ate, we te no attempt to eraWrasa tbe
adniinistratioiin that in the eondwt of
Senators on that oecasion,'we see nothing
either to condemn or approbate ( it being
ouUtax iesUn entirely wiU tjtecr ewa
With empect,;
. '. - , Yours, ete. ..
. . r J01LN BBJLNCJL-i
Te Gen. R. M. 8rjntas, :
P. B.' t bave enclosed this-lettefto
i va.- af aaavy w w A 4-rl
tod. - It is not au jnuca.i qaa-lwu of pef., ':.y.
sonal prtfi'rvnco ' befseei, P.P. U-rUurv, "
and Martin T Burea, u ltHa,ijftwUiwi-.V
ern and " Nortlw'm .interests Tariff ani "; k ':"
Anti-Tariff. Tbis w the aspect Whicb, to." f"'
Hieprew,t cnn.s, it mUst ain f aild
my friend Gov. Iredell, through whom Iluport lU d U:rwiimii-a fe-t ttt nly thw.
. ' ,' . rJ.:-' irAr i!i.irr.ji.i..:;i'
aope vo receiva your a-wwer- -1 uiwrasui as oo. w-iumy -rr, mt ,
it CKAKUil.-1 thw vert cxi-iewe n ttte iumnrior, m
Mr.' Van Bure,wilh bbs kik tarufpria. . v.
f Corf .1 "Z . .t- . ,!.'; 1 clidoi yi iut-aslod ito lite ktt'btiiwa .-.-
JVsift March tOrt'iw:!..- Goyernnnt7"Td. tiT wroidiel tolcll, 'T
fwT,YiW letter 6f Ibo" ,Wk iiTI w-T bo aritlimeti-ul c-lculationa to minjUr lbs) T " ,r
ulv.fomrded l me by your friend. My I Jaye of tbe RupuLltc.
. i . . 1 f
answer ia wiuca oaa oeao. uuiayeu jkmu
ejausee not important to. state; " -
At the time of writing the comrrrlnica-1 Ve.coniiH'nee, in tbt pepar. ibe dev ,
tion for tbe Star of which you complain, 1 bate, on ihs, Anar reference of .Ihbt iriWltf -""ZZT.
I had wriiewnt! teinHieof Gor.-fbrTW
sytu ia. tne 3oa oi tba Male en the-t aspwtalty ,irctea to Urn remarks of Nr. -? -W'-
notninstioaof-lartia Yea .Buren;, Jwt jmHTjxwell-rlLj toucbea..tlia-Nw, YotkJ
inipresiia: war produced by tW printed Benatbr ''iehderlf i but in Vtnler bleca. Tl" i '
epeecb of Gov. Poindextcr. " , 'Tbeas) President making projects seeril ..t X '
rromtbe conversstKMl at detailed by I now te be well undcrMid. " Whit Ca-' , V
bint, audr the relation io which yvutbon read the remark of Mr.TnefwelUw(fti
stoodtothe Presideut, (supposing you to feeling a sentiment of surpfiae, that Hucl f n
have been the person referred to,) I. did principles should bo entirely overlooked - "C':-'-"
eoiwSler tbe converaatioa of that charac- m questions of Presidency and Vij Pres.,. , .1.;,,
ter which forbid itsdisclosure i for tbe pur ideucy while eucb .intriguer as Mr. Van iJy--
pose tor which it waa allcrwarda used. It Buroa aretnurst, ao( fra'' -upon r-r.
was under Ibis imprewion tlmf T penaed tW People t The tact iuulfspttaks Volumes '
the article n tho Star,- and in this noint -4 it abowl. the. earful iuflueace of amoit,'.-,.i.-"
view that I intended to reprrhondlgatjized and penaioncd Presa; and ttvr 1
your conduct, T am now mtiafiej t-?i completely the popular will ft contrtdosj t
lu coaversaUitiv-too-private, wan not y. tbe Ruwagara w J'artyr The A f, - -confi
Jnti-l, and I am free to say that I iV Senators, it Will be seen,' nof tni. "
coosider yon above diacloamz that which voted, but argued OB (be side oftho Tariir '
youTWIght deem in any way secre, or "ofj Party.' T.": ! rZfirgtM T$meii'r7;
giving mionniuion in a uumer , wincn I ? ; ;r , ., ,n, - . '
you would not be willing lo WoW, to the lr ia understood itt'Wabinrtoiuthtr
'vrrk tbe Coamite: an Manafacturw wiU v " :
tn a tew day, report a bill repealing" the-, i
dutieeoa all nnproUettd articles and that "-A-?:;
it il proposed eilerwarde to introdueo in :V ; f
separate bill, tbe details ef further roiluo- r , . -1
U.'i... :.:...!!.: .l. ' j .1 : '.: e V a..: m t ... LA'.. it ll tur ' r . i
per for the j""p'et6 Wd pritnary meet
ings and eel i IR' rata for the general good,
and to censure or approve the conduct of
those in. whose hands tbe administration
of the a flair of Government are commit
ted l and w hereas we aa a part of the cit
izens t this ue;ubfic t nave viewed with
pkjosur thei ftriotmm"-mnd enligbtoned
policy which bus governoil the adminis
tratioa f Andrew Jackson, our venerable
booest Chief Magistrate. : Vr - ' ;
Be it thorefiire Resolved, that we cheer
fully unite with our fellow vitiscus in oth.
er i-eetioTts of the country, -in recouMimt--
ing Andrew Jackson tor re-election, and
that we will use all honorable means to
attain an end u desirable;
Rttolrtd, That it be recommended to
the people of thia State to convene a State
Convention ia tbe city of Raleigbou Mon
day the 1 7th of Juue next loathe purpose
Of appointing electors , favorable 4 to the
re-election of Andrew Jackson to the Pre
aidency, and some individual fbr the Vice
President-who ie an advocate for Free
Trade and opposed to the usurpations of
itui .JinJirflt ( v" - '- A
&fo4TJia!UC bjeOiaetBajc
I'bave tbe honor te be, et.
Ioa. John Branch, .-, ; , ,
iVaaainWoii Vi,
Mt m m A. III H I . .MM . IB. ..II .. Vri . . . it. . ...
v- -., wusuut. nmni. ivr-i hum. nuunintri-n -pnir hut
warded Wiis "to the cintroTmy friend, Mr. l6liia slnd ... 'tbo m.,rir V t
Mcnu:7:;'-'t'.-s-i";'.:;. ' ' :". Sveteni : Will the nee-Die of Vimaia amir--tV
fajMtyjmi MyJMiefca.iiis- tthe-jfctttlemilfrfbm T"TKT
March. I63i.
Central roU RcwJ OufTeadert V . I will -obeen-e, from the proceydie "of iht
tmf L ! aSal . ,r ajT f mik aV J all aauea I O
rvirMinpor wms, Marc ion. v i tommtssioner appointed by tbe act ta '
' Sin, I have received your letter from mcorpdrata Tbe North Carolina Cetitral i
Nashville, N. Carolina, dted the 20tb Rail road Oomnanv, at their' mectinc held-
uistant. jr You have retracted the offensive it the Court bouse in this City, ra Mqh
?tia6"r Bch y'"1 had th-ught proper tol day but, tliat a subscription was openesl4
make ae-unnt me m tbe Raleigh Star, of a I a'Teeablv te7' the directions 0 said -t
. . i. - , i " . . . w
areacn oi connuente, and ot course your and we have plere jn, stating thai morti ,
esplaiitttion is so far satisfactory as to re-1 of tho mmiioner nresent 'set a goo4 i
M '.rem tli? jjcMHit.V.orxesorting to exampla.-- by -immedintrtly , iba4V :
another mode of redress, which niigbt otb-Jown namesuiMia the book to a cniderab!ev.' '
erwise.tuve bee impost d m mo. But, amount, and that sme other citiaews pre
in accepting -yoor explanation, I cannot acht also, eubsciilsd. AaYiMigst beae
paaa by the manner in which- yon have was a geotletnan ; fram t Person CmuOfJ-A
chosen to make it, uhnojiced. Withoat who, obwrvin . that the act named .
commenting on certain expressions which CommUsioners for receiving subscriptioBj
aaight be susceptible of an offimsive eon- in thai county, tbe : persona appointed a
structionfcl em constrained to say. that this meeting for thVpurwose. mtmedixta.
its entire content bear the eharecteTafily tieaolyikl toorsMa
jnstice roluaautly eMr'i ax 1 Pareoej i:Crt bousek wii r th immrtof
(ban I had a right fo expect from one, tembinee- of Stepben : M. IvensWfnlV 'r"
between whom and myself thftre bad pro- McKissark and Dr Gorbara Wing. :Tbc',: i
yiously existed frionill r-l"ions, and wbo Kas thhi niagrifieut enterprise been com- V
must now at least ha on.ieuiof:thei r3w4
iau4bj,hjm sjajsj tosj. 'i Un te I c MMeittia pism- lIUl H?ts& ; 7 :

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