North Carolina Newspapers

    Wcsteiix Carolinian.
' k (Of ?itr CtK.UMA.) '
Dulivr4 U tha Cfrwt if U. iiici en
'. tU Jib & t! i.f l'U I Mi. w
. the, Tortf
RttJtfi, Thai tb existing duties up-
m rlirl'1 imported from fiirt-igncouMriee,
and iwi coming into ramprtif,i'ai with fa,"
iLr an.i , tniW or produced within II
" Umied Hite, ought to be CirlbwiUL ftltol
"7 1 "' bed,'tiorpt the duties mi wines and silks,
and that hey ought o be reduced. '
-' tWitted,' That tha Committeemen Fi
... .... i.,.,) a bill aj-rnrilinidvl' '
: - lit rnnnrr. - - t" "
:jrrE ft ft irilfVWinfMawwl WlacftTifVfiBt-
" T " rfoveToYtcrniined to participate in
r "' faff--- rcluctant-a which di-rivet stre ngth
front I lit convicting thai scarcely any asp.
Til practical ppu!t can It attained by the
' j: i, - V.
fjirni')ii w mora aiMiraci proposition
t - - rirrt that it bt right in the abstract mere
!y,tui it isalo, oeetaarytJiat it shall te
'.!ajrfcd (4 "tha condition of tho. upon
, v H"tn i: it to tperaw. , j arir iutreu,
, . habit, fceungs, sentitMiita, and awn pre
" jii li-M, demand fbf nutt calm and rt-
, Jcc ( fa conakJcration. .
- ,s The resolution upon your talln Contains
T i'lor of sigh and grav. import. It in
V!w fhnciplt.minglinff in dMtp aml
anut'opoui emuyion, with tha mir"
aivl tha pamona of (fwat mntnra of thi
. OauUUrity.'.. II iavolvoaa &1 dWiin
tfun ; tltia Tariff policy, now prawnM In
; Conn. I cannot but rtnri it at iha imiat
; ITV -nntitrvii qijiiiMl whieti hat kfiert
ub.iJtiad to any dVlibertliv af mllv in
"Ihirf c jwntry aiiict tbo adoptiiH) of I lie Fd.
; , nl Coiwljturion a indnad (Im) mont fcnr
-,fVio((M4bat Jim erwr coarred in
rw nwo pimpry n uia American paopie.
. wni tan iinie wxcvpiroa at tne flat la r.
. Bwi AincTicat imlepeDflcnot.
... Tiiw policy is itf inrepliMi, and in its
,-TfVnTS BM DeB maraed with atrnMlei.
. ;. (v(rc,iftd rtttJvtdr' In noma p
, V ttoita of the Union all tha elemmta of -dia.
eHtnt art atimnir and lteirinw in-lrirtit.
v fal agitation. ,, Tha panioat art thronging
t tho eontftrt. It ia no longer diacuwed
VI jnrftion of politiail ooomv, but a
tiakftd noratioo ofLfhortyT' SlialT'thia
- tnarat of tbinga endurt lonpr f la there
iiny lover othia cwnry who .can cootem.
' - Pl,, h without dorp and painful refloo-
"imt'imii inn iwninuurjapriQ Ot,PUt
Tliboriioi i perilled 'iJi cHitMf of mit
lrj!(ih1nrtrBatirtiCtlled for tr th
rtneif thecrnitnr,"nd nmrcWmM by
. ..i ,:
nr high, noble, and patriotic coiiaidcra.
? pir,Jhe efnte &ora whkh I coin , re
I'.ijV'Jil. thil jrtrujfh) witb durp" aolicitu-U,
"ndth rooM jtrrtfc4ntiivrj Bum
tbia eiinfiiderajcylook'io ib'U t'nilm ih
-Wr fcvallv.of affection than North Pam.
litModerata ia her viewa, jii in Htr
yurpjaeiCarvl proud W the glory of our !
coiiu mrryf- emttrmp'atef v with
i'-lvi) iti inriitrov-itil,( , T!i" N(ii.
f rn iuttm J.;ive ii' v r ci'iii;, lii'l f tlmt
inefjuiiliiy, whi'! r rrvi.tiu'i, p;ef
Cliffy pTti I( t- i!ti ref. rffK to tU
ncefili. if l -n'utiit. In war,
at tll a in j -, il(cy have l')rm t)ia
neinry buriliniihtit a mu-rmir.T-
II Jt 110
in to be Ufa n4 far tha Unafit of the
(Juvtrtmpiit but rr th'i U nrfit uflArt,
wealthy, and flmrihinj-. rapiuhata." A
) i!cm an uueqiml and ao unjiut caunut h
fiKltired. Alt p!rmai)til aytteu It will
not, aa it wijjhl aiA to b tndurod. -
What la tha tl!hct of lft.J.Iutfoh Up-
imi tba tabic f It ia la aififraraUi ;La ViL
).(' ti fully! . An i-bvimii parvamioa f
the plum uraiiinv of wnrUI'
Tii arjjuiin nt n'crtarily enmn to llii
ff,n' hiion. I'or if you have flit poa'ar t
" raiulite cmitTerra" f r thi uirtxita of
protcttln domevtie manufacture, you
hnvt the W vtniHitm d pwer far
... .u i .k it A -- ia. .ir ik . .
, ui a inn in rinniri iwrr inr iinai pwruow), an( io rnvriuaia in.;i ir
leiaj pm l 4av are nniH- noae eoinoUtalv. vmi mu- fMb' Una
piiwe r of re''iliiiO la ettiictiia.
CfHiIJ thu bava" been ibe iaraaiaj m
tlit finuicra jf ilia CuMilulimi I, By !
iB4 iotA tba. biliary f tViat UuvM, 1 bHk
it will be apparent itM it a a-4. Under
the old 'confederation, CVii(rrra had the
power; wrtb the conaent nf run State a, to
ec CCiKf iomt of the highett aitribntea of
It it. to, Ui iba.ari.4-lba r,t'Wly'H power rf-JakinJr peace
man, while the rich may met in luiurive 'rl ' money re julate itt
aa free frotn UiHlion at the air be brth-1 lu4t grant lettera of mnrqaa anJ re-
Iff tt-t-rwmcw -1!CttrTtanJIr, n "9mr t"re rotnirrmmntr
WwntiPt already mdovfd t the rich tkb. and alliancra, tHwidea many Hhcr Im
iuWf b 4liiM4nt co of raanvjjf 1 lWln! powrh. C-rre 7 "e
iiie arliclrg which enl'-r inlothe cemauinn. Ir wwfiww in awuni wna imr
dark fr the lri lii' iaifi;? irf Him I ini.
punctuality, on ih rt of lite Sulci, in
complying with rO'iinlxuit nf in-
reia Ibt wnnlf u";frrtiitr in rorrinvir.
ml rejulatiima amon the dilli rent Sialea
and the want of power badVomewbere
te make eoenmercial trcatma with turcija
But, Sir, in tlit anmul rnoctae of I lie
Ppeirident, in jVcembe r, tlie ar
Id ail f!i I'l j )' ! nlmar y
course ftrir, rwrit the brf, lilr-
tie, and prfjiertina tf the- prnn!", n4 (lie
inturrval order, improvement at a f rodjicr
itvef the elate-" ,
I ou Will aii retr in minl tnat tna two
grgat IikI interoM t ihnt Hy, wern the
agricultural and pUulin mt-fitt uf h
middle ami aouth, and the tinvikting in
tereiit ,( iSt' north gnd mM. . i'or f lie
meat ia aor of. the roonlitnii'inality of Miianuf'nrtiirinff intaml hail not fjjen iihti
the pnrfeti prjnciple ie (dared in a new, into afarrely any noeemieDee. Yrt it
al, in iwy mi. iJte atrurtpM iht, in f.,ieii that if wimbl become a dia
which It caa U prewtited. , J I ia ataied tiiict il important totercatr . :
aa followa t . -. ' I Tk .! lJ tl.. it.. tr .
. it .1 i"..?'' ',ni iivh it I'wflni niuy(
i rjs . . . l : r : ' J .i 7 1 ' -
-port" onrinally kd.ied to the eeveral I ba don'o bv fiivinr, pW. i ' T " It ? T e jT ."
- 1 - y y ft "Hi.iivii
purt uf
"I I
I ad b-j
i'r-eu ttwak u
"'' !ird
lent, and a mind tW e,,n, i 7 Hr-
r cile,.0oaU(W'It,
tie r
uitu an rjn iht
he aiiva tlmt
11 Hr.ery Hi ate
! t
P"Uittd T,
ft'r witbwt th pemnlji
Genre! Government. Xwit
ai aliiKMit all aourett a Uaattl J
en to Congresa, it would L. k... f"
tio of iuetaLIiliHeiil.T)M) Juliet ia
tha ahope of pntjtctnHi renwio the tame
nominally, wbiKin Cict they are enhaer.
H tw tle whole amount of Jeduclion, frcMit
Iktpricetof article rorrtitned by tba
inamjfaclurer atd hit labmjrerf;
Tho oaiv"felu're'of fni'ti" lII kii to" b
Imwl, in the rtductioo f t!,e, mmxini of
revenue. ' Tbia however it more' -Jhaa
ed iatbt Juod: ef Contreaa, but 'ha inn
waaneryeleat, to long aa the Statet retain
ea the puree. At the cloee of Iha rrvdu
tionary war, the eonlcracy waa nM un
like a yming giant -victorious but et
haneted and powerlee; Tbt pablic dr ht
accumulated, thepuMie crtdttamrihHaveS
precioue metala vanished, the circualio;;
ineibum-W paper moaey!cpreciaie'i
and wonhlena, public coatvlanco anJ pri
vate &ith mere terme of mockery en
that the univerwal dial rev, cOnfimiim atfl
counterbttunced by tbt increnwd Inequal
rty In tlje ar-fion of the ayaltm. .Buttf a
ilMlem af inilMMUlilmll Im biLihIm! in nur.
auance ef the policy, of lbe refdutiim, w hat f mffJ , ,wre more eorely felt.
will ha Iha lnl .III. reiflirtinM .1 llui "Mu """" "fF"""!!! 'l m Trim
reveuuef Tht Senator from Kentucky Kwar.
etimatta it at aeven millia of dollare: . r-y mnn M. rrc.! much ot
elhera are of opinion that it would be U, " !J, .ff " m--
fweeo five ajid aii euppoee it be aeven ",r w" " ,wrr ,n " "" "
! tie with a yiewtothnenc.mnger.HnH duties; Hut of all the moJe, Ut enMir' ZJ JSiSH Wd'
..uajmiii!, ' '"IT'lr " i !"iubuiiui. aa - ine -who a power over I r.-7, .i iY.. 7t ."""'"Ikle
P tfir rmr1tfr,Hint,fotlier The 2iat firei commerc. waa about wivaa UJ,. to,l' U 1
nave aema-ten autnority jq contra!. wilb'a view to raiaina tha bi !TrV" r t"' lor Iba,
over im,HirU i. the Ocoer. Government tmry nvenM i W(a foraren that the duTiet V
.w, Itatrn, ,.,nj Lale, were alt to be deprivtd of tbt rawafae . .--i l "'Trtlu f ba
me very ronm.ieraDie rcarmnon rcia- movt coavenient and tfficient inatrument dutiea laidkv tWeel i " " -
t,ns to the.r inct.on lawa. Thiaeu, fttt , pr.rfoclion of doroeatia manufifl. 17,1' i i'
.Mb,ry havio, thus entity palrom turea. Krta were tbrefort mado.Ti. ffaS ?to
" the ttataa, the right to eerc..e it, for tbertn eonfor up. congrea. .direct p ZfST
-the purple of protrcti.m, dea wot e tr for" the tiirwaffennrand promotion C L
;M,.ii,thT and co,rp,ea,ly ifitbtm, oftnre 4 to rH.i. LTwTr ft uT&l?ft M
T-,d by tb. in lh, u,e. ia tomt modified, Ut eiani 2 Iloweve, ,t?t '""nlp
" it niUMt b' extinct. fi.nn. n bmlin. i
M iih ilim renee, I think, thii whole
argument in mvitel by a 'iphin. The
fallacy coneiHt in unrvn4in a power in
waa, that Una power tnit U tZ
by the State., with and .i,t
tent of Congretfc- ' . T'
Prom all of w hich 'fh0 fawi
plumona, I think, inevitably reauli , v.
. f IfM.
miJIiona; we aliould then have an annual
revenue' 'varjiug between aijhleen a'i'hJ
lentv-three miliiooa of dollara. when thv
actwafimctMitiei of tht C ivernrm'nl wonN.'
n-4 and ouaht not to requirt more tho.i
let milfione to be ra!ne,d by revenue. TV"
oilt are tliu to he laved frwn eichi .
welvt a-id even fifteen tnilliona of d"lhv-
.ip".,,JbrfcJPJ2WJbiin.tli Acinal, wa'dA .
the Gover'iicnt, if Hie jkiIicv imh.-t'HI -
Ihia reeoluVioo ahull ultimately provaij
Sir, caa this policy onthn the diHcooiKct-
ftht public mind, n n.t 'restore hi-ria'
to tha distracted council- of tKii countrv '
Can it heal lhoe diviaiona that hav ao
txtensively and fearfully impaired the con
fidence and sundered the affcclionj t dia.
ai.l and important parte of this coufnlra
cy ? ' Sir, it cannot. . The ' whole S .uh
will regard il with fixed nvemion. They
i'Liw'.U ta a proof ihatjuur-diatanl
brethren havo but little respect, for our
eliTis i that they turn a deaf ear ta Mir
reifuJute. to impure, to give unity ami
tfH?tr- to mir foreign commcrre, and to
lae a revenue tu wleem our pledged
fmli, and fulfil 'ur public anneineuta.
Kepcnted apiilicaii nr- were made to the
fc'aies toennfe'' uo-in Cm ,rena the power
i ' lav iti.iua and collect a revewiv. e
rv wa turnod on ornmcrcc aa beinp
tha ni.f convenient, nn-l fS.e "nly, 'it and
aTnple a-'urce nfraiwit a re'iue adeqimte
t,i"t" nvea,lieiio the (')vrrienf. Tie
reipective ytatea hnd the entiro' control
verthe wh .Je aubjoct of foreign Pom
merce ; and it waa only by eurrendcring
mat control to i-ongrem, that an efficiant
v-tem of revenue C'iuH be oriranizc.1.
This view wtn urged upon the Staiea itb
aeJ and ability.. The Statea rernled
these overturoa with a coid, acrupulous,
and jealoua caution The able men of
"'!,I'alL,2,? !hJlWUn'rrt in this
auniflcu I.
could convince the undfrataodimr. kmrlle
the foilersl orivcnti(iB,-it wlll be found
that tbo first mention madeofthe mnnu.
futures is on tha 1 8ib ef Aii?uh!. Amoo
tU Stuie ...ver a Milg. ri which might 1 1 aeries of propasiiions referred In the Im-pii eterr'ived H ii!i.tit lirtiilnlinn a. I CiimmitlM inwi. tUm C.ll..u.: . . I H.
- ure iiniwwuiir ; " i n I I hat Ilia nnv In n. . j ;".,ctMi.itbuUt regard to thai oarticu. tatabliah publio iaatilutionn. rew.i.1. . c . . " PW" 10 do' man.
' ' awina I UlaalJIIirCB IB IWiI bM iitft a Ji ...
immumliea for tht piomion ofricul- i. ni a.rT'llW it
I'lio pii.ti. u,'ar nuninae for erantina tha I fir,eommerce, trades and manufacturea.' ija ii Iba
poatr lt litf .TGcueral Goveromeal waa, toOa Ut 20ik ftCAugual another wsriea off.peciiTerr; hit IhinflJ'" S '7i ' t,-l.
prMMwiiiona waa referred to Ibc commit ,lne. i f., ...i : . .pwit
teeAmong them iione' to thi. elfeet rL 1 l' "" "WW
taiw rrvnue, tv giving unity, vigor, and
Maixiity. iu our lureign commerce
It waii con-iervetive, a lid cannot be
rik-MMitly exercised hut at a coneemtiro
fcrnnt me to tet tht ogt of the men
M;;e, ana eiaiuii ID. coacluiieus o
wh'itH It kUtl
Thfl Stat, respectively, lwfbra the ad-
lUcieut act.on, by any Htate, with tbt
-v... ... ..iv ncinrn vivernmenu
Uot, air, & nntort tura to tbt aclnf Jj.
Iy,17t0, and with an air of exultalioa and
anticipnled triumph, prldm (ha aaaut
ciation of the principle ,f protectioa ia tba
aecoo'if act or tha Uovernnient, 1'ba,
preamble of that aef u;. l..
option of the Conatitution, bad the power ""I? lo ha end of the tixtcenth ble which baa been tattered eud JoatM
by evory aIvocate ofthoeystem.iroajiii
ahlert champion down to tfaei burubleat
hammer that pliee tht bob-nail j, ij
bey to open in thi magnificent and gor
genua temple of the American 8yxt,fl,
Tes, air, it hue beenemphutically mtjt
the Senator from Kentucky, " that the
great pillars of thi eplemlid edifice werf
then raifted fruai lh Hi.mi " l. :. .
My re-ulli "' wtrHjrrtiet mtiy be competejil." 8irnd if i alo true" thaTtne
measage. -"P"" innemiate in its terms, and architecta of tbat day. aimed at nothmr
1 - f i 1 ta.'ra..lL- itu. ti.itta ff . Ilia ,.i. ii . vrv "... ak
w iniciuici an lurvign commerce imieitia
ately, to annihilate it forever at their auv
ereign will and pleasure ; But the Statea
have granted all power over it to tht Gen
eral government 5 therelqre the General
Government haa power to interdict it in-
detiuately to lay a perpetual embarg
to annihilate it forever, at ita eoveaeicn
:tl 1 . 1 . -.-i 9
win ami pleasure, i III conclusion, b-
vrvh.nw nr. I .i.:.w "UMJ "I wm, lacviia
.ce the nn.Ui.n, i,a-n- fro ,ke W "f -!
Tliert ahall be a aeerttary of domestic
affairs. Il ahall be bis duly to attend to
matt.ra of police, the tto of agrirultura
and manufacture. 4c."
The committee to whom was refurml
the nbove i-m. witfi JiveV others
roaie a report tm the 32d A usual, prono
clan, of the second eecfion. the no wee
u f J . . .
10 provide' aa may tKome noceawarw
from time to time, fir" the managing and
"curing oi jw co nm-iii property, and
germrai imerTma .na well-Mre of the Vai-
im emirs, in aucn manner aa shall not
interfere with the governments of individ-
ual staiea. iu matters wliichrenect onlv
their internal police, and for which their
imj-j, n,i im. lurn urai car 9 mir n,,nv . y ,,- .
friendly remonrtrancee, and heed not the "ra pttnoliain, or conciliate the confidence . ,i c"'""'"' "" ' "'tgov. more man uonc aimplicity andDonc
namtfv of our violated rirhta and mu ?. - ?h 1 P"1"" th y 'fS "d ,o,nc power.. atrength--the? wcrtt. plain practical v
ery tomcim of a free Government. " fl tned ptedge-rnntional dishonor, paraly S e S lavm ".ho Lf 3" TuZ t i. on thi sZJ ? 'hW. whrther!y ' th. - Wl
ia .ubveriveofevery mitrrofn eh!l a re", apprcbiig aiiarcbv-ti a I. I 5 . ?U g,0' ,H.7' "ol J ' T. r of August : when it five per ctot. -advalorem, ewe-
.-..;.i i:.'i i"- 'j-i?"U? .L:" ."V ' . indicating upon ita face the period of ii. waa moved, to refer auch parte of the eon. theupht or draa.ned f ...Tw
ioimn iun ui wnimiii, iim n iii iniernr wrr cominne ana 1 1;...;. ;. , . i
regardleaa of that confidence and aflVtii.n
cemewld by mutual intercut, which con.
atitute the broad bai and the only basis
-upon which rcata th. oaMa atructure of;
our free institutions.- it it the. part bl
wisdom, taking broad and. atateman-iite
views, and looking afar off, to persevere
u afpuiirj, wmni w or sewn COnilgU-
ciotrot resourcea, and lo countervail the
injurints commercial regulation rtf foreig.
outline., uut in. no document of thai
'y, not withstanding tho numeroua and
powerful inducement hidd out to the States
to Couf.r upon Congress the power "to re.
urata commerce," do I find a single ward
joua Statea in the Uruoo, ia behoved to '" meant ..or ai an inatrumont to protect
- mt ante avufen iJ tviliv I. I. V ..a.,,..- r (.... .... . ..." !.'l. . . . . - . ' .. t "'
i .y,.ti a- r rvTA ' V . wfw whtclt larg majorily of the people revenue atone, waa the great lendin? foei
Cwt Z WJIworwBer. ofthai regioa btlieva to be in ykrhrtion of timate 9bjert. AH theao etT.rt. failed
ftood c thO American paople 8m denre. .,k- .e .i.. I.l- ul. -i-.-,. -.T-
. . , ... , - J .... tucpl ml ytumiifHwrn wtlir- VMrniW I i"ttiit v-aui inuir vutiuu". Slid I lift
public ntceamiicB more urgent,. . Mr. JUad-
liuiitatioii, waa gravely nuissiioned, in a
certaia quarter, in respect to ita constitu
tionality by ihubv of tbe moat eminent
lliiwyera and atatewnen.
And yat an embargo ia a more tempo-
rary susponipn.o commefce. deaivnad fo
r . . 'v . . .
correct ""mo evil, pernicious to its prosper
irjrjur aa-a.. precnuiieiHiry measure, we
limmary to some ulterior movement that
might expose if i baiard of injury. In
own ww n nas ior its object the benefit
atitution aa have been poefponed.hnd tucb rorgeoua temple., magnificent edirt(- r
..v.-... .n..u ten oren acted on: any oi mat an endid Dhintiim,M,:..u.k
to a coinmitta. of a member of each etate., htotot tbe imajrinationa of tha master a.rk .
watch panned in the affirmative. On the men of our modern Pr.ii(lnt.m.V,p, CT.
Mr. Bearly, from this merican 3ystem. ., -
ZT'nn tha pretant iystam of raxalmaa awl j Uonf
'y.'ih k'-'! V taeUonal p4acfiah, aUid k jnriid, Ji--av-uut ---ri-irr 1 won ImJTub thi auhiaPtn ih 'vf;..;'
.r..k:-.i:!.4ulaiuIyvhi. ,d eh f; ' "fuw a
. . . ' Lt. i ii.. . .. . . 8 . V . 1 wlmt'I firat 4latrmiued to xifier vmrrnVwa I afnalatMra in I7W),-aml retolutiina immied I j i.. . - .
m i-ur leiiiio mniuuiiona. . sue aa Mtner- l.i - . t t . . . fl.e IImimi 4 TVIffmiM tnatff-n - tt. -'-M, eWi;i.Miy it ja n
-.Am....,i:.ut.-- - -rfHt redMtion, to-touch the ConrtituM ", Mou"' 5 Pg. tnstructme Ihel-jKla ... ,i... . ...
.iuMrfjw. -.i -1 n-. ..""i"-. ""Tvourfalitto. aniT Ihenre Tieen mn. ..., tO reilllatfl lh foreiuil Comnjerre. Thial
,.V.,;-' i . I." i. IlI : 7, they etilf eleep unrespected. unretanled. ,Tea our,n8 aame ae.ion in a difteN
aw Li'innn iu mwiDi it iiianiivBMa naa niruin i - c-
muu '. . .. . .. tnd ftrirotten.
fiitltredaemeiV aivtthepulJic engage- T, 1 "y0'"
--Vtamii. all fulfilled. .;. U j&i w .ta,. the iittiutil.ty of d.-cu,
- iWrtoaecMto Tionatpomla. Ih.daeent
; . . , ,iu- ...... who wnicu aucn msciwions art entertain.
liti-tr aadTtaa axigenciet tf tha GlfJJ ln th! en,'Shc
ut -v '.v-'.r-:t- "--fed agw eem1o hate grown wmeriban the
ehiVuenL ,
asing Constitu-
t favor
sensatons are cntedain-
THjtt poailTon J, boWdimcult and deli. Vt!tu,,,- ii now well nigh
.The occasiorj imntrronslv demaml. jic"tou w'1BCI!B lrW(!7 VM.tu-
$1;. ?r-U reduction oTlhe VevenueU mfuti t'lr'.ntN.prograwarctir b.
; fiot tithe actual necessities of tfia Gov.
1 1. .:,'. Wiedom, prudence and' justice
-ijeoiiiretkat it shall be eflected wjth as lit,
'7""" He" lujury' aa'poesiblt "to the mamifactur-
" '. tn-T establishments, butll mi in .lifti.....
"y te of thinir. u " 'V-''' ' ,
2Thiajueiion hit bean argued by the'j titu,iona,,ity fth' protective . aystorat I
feutlcnan from Kentucky (Mr. ClayT I up. ,nwt J "U pardoned (r.r . atatlng, ai
ftst i the aaaamptioft r.thaf fa port
mia country art laboring Tor an antlr Qe- J on '"'a aunjoct.
JBoIitioB of those establihmenti-nd ap. J -li ia not pretended by the adtocattt
I had long since learned eBt ,nrm? ,ml finallf' in Jnuary 1780, a
a resolution was aanpiea appointing torn
miionert to moei ucn commiMionera
a might be appointed by the othof States,
to take into consideration the trade of the
Itiutod States, a at to deviee- aoma aaifirm
system of commercial regulation. In
pursuance of thi. rteolution a meeting waa
held in Aniwpolm in September l7$0,-
r ive Wtatea
Commbwioners dectjr.ed doing
making a report to tho
fat of September,
grand committee, reported partially, but
are noining oi mtnuiarture. Agan,'
Oa the 4th SepttmbeTUiba Jutme.gajjtla!
man reporiea partially uutt silent aa to
manufactures.- On the 5th. he mala a
further and final report, propoeina several
of commerce ; to place it, on-a better and alteration, and additions, which were f
mora periuaueut , footing, or to shelter, ft Hy "dopted with Wight modification,
front aa impending evil. It ia a tempera. Among them i the following VTo pro-
ry evil, resorted to for an attainment of a mu, the progreaa f science and useful
T"" FwtT rJ rr. ,ur. 'm'1 1 mej-.10 from 40 to 2-W per cent, ad valorem-te
from dcatruiou-from utHl'
i mrongiyi--'r"-" iuiis anu,uiacoveriea. ' annihilation !
protocuva " mw .. anpaniiii, inat atler.,.reoeaiaJ
annilnlalioQ I refurencoa oi tha aubj5l of arts, manufae-
offiMWgn em j ton, dec." and afler full dehberatirin; the
conferring a aubstantive power on eon
gresa. toforter ami prntect particular av-
ocations: aodthat they, in facl.Vbittled
down all these sweeping proprfsitions to
the slender power of" securinr to authors
o.l . - m ..
imx iik',. ivt a iiniiica time, tuoex
Sir, what is Iha' meaning of the preanw '
ble f Did k mejrpiectiija7ui'lfit aeaa) ""
now uaed f - What manufaetarea werttal
be protected . f he dutiea by that act
i anged front five to" fWeeu per cent. 4 -valorem.
rad tbia ia called protection la -
infant matHifactures, acarce strajglinj n"
to existence I When noirf after forty ytul
of eturtr rrowth. -ttrese- same bmoiuW
lureajaiplora tnd domaod a protectiea of ys
ai4u."j:- tVi-ii.
Again, the argument is inacurate, in
sappwing tbt terms to regulate foreign
commerce," and to "protect domestic
menufaoturtt" strictly correlative.
Whereat, to regulate commeree is one
thing, and to protect domestic manufac
tarei ia .another. The error constats iq
supposing an indissoluble eonaarjon a
fixed dependanee to -rxret betweeoViam ;
whereaa, corineiion and derwmlenVare
deatinie, it may be made a point dt order
to touch a topic to ttalt and aJacyed.
. . lint as several Senators, and especially
tha Senator from name, (Mr." Holn
favored the Senate with long,
Und tubtla argument in favor flh. .ton
Letlislaturea of P' .ffica,imM ac,in tpooone, with-
T 7Tl M' States, and tranamitting copiea, to ? ,!C,in ,tb0 "her.-ror example,
Mbe United Statea in Congreae. u m lM regulation oi commerce you bur
, .-.vt. . -.i .. ... . . .
... a
- .Jwala buro been made .to excite every mo. jf hi policy, that any direct - ami express
, . tiva of interest and 'arouse every aolfwh I powtr it to be found in tbt Constituion. to
. ymBcipkvtoranw-roniid-thiaTaWf eonefptma of an miUie''ntaj fcrf' tiiAZ:
.. 2 j- -.rz. v'" i:. ... . ...r. . . ' . 1 ...... f ... ' . -. . . . - ..-
- wn, ano protect it irom tut assaults of its i mat t ne power is fairrr denvedtrom that i ". " ' wn apeeen ia it to ne then, tho mrmt natural and most perfect
i.ui aa-wiiuiim. , .,r.. i parioi tne oia aectuwi m una in antcto l ""'y ;"7"
w iHTOTfcenmailo vHt
it w i a . ia riHimrw .an aiwa
Idmirabla sagacity -with a deea eonvie. I.erjDM.tha Bower lTa rtaulato aommerre
- f "ma that tha system can lie Tnaiofained j with fiirign nations, "ani. among the set.
enla Jy arn, lbafaaionand.irwhid"4 with the Indian tribe,"'?
ing mt lights of calm and sober rim.--i The' whale anrumenl resu noon the con.
elusive eujoyemnt af the fruiti of their
",uv!lD..jn ' ttis, " bo a deci-
eivexpreaaion l the wns-rof the conven
tion, against conferring upon congress the
only hewur renresentad. tha incideatal to one mode of exisUfficV onlvi' fwt ,0 Kive lo " '"wnufaetufe. arty other
rs "dectined doing mora than ?d ,n r,ot ,h . f!OTOrnlT1'n, .ay exert a i ncourajrenseat, than that w hich they in
ciuenmiiy uenv. irom a revenue system
of duties..,. . .... ;
It boit.g perceived that tto mibstantiva
power would be conferred on Congress to
domestic manufacture., and that tha atatea
were about to be deprived of the power of
uoipg nay flutieatiragta. waaeomaaerr
ced on 4he 28th August, whioh was con
tinued at intervals to the 15th September,
within two days of the adjournment of the
Convention. This struggle Called forth
some of tht ablest men in thai illustrious
body," anjonr whom Luther ' Mariia aa
Congress took up this report in Febru
ary 1787, whlcl led W the Convention of T T . V , V r P' i .
Miy.aftne aam. year, in Philadelphia. ? ' T1'
.u.; J- . i .v.. ... r.:.- ' doineatie article in a competition with tb
men it witn outies upon imports, a con
nexion instantllapines un. through the
moetition with tha
loraiTn Caininir infn tha am m.rk.i I....
v. , . m. . , . i . r "i n . uui
yia ino pimacuon oi aomesuc manuiac- thened with th
that formed th preeeut Conetifution..
dlltia. Rnl iriorllia m.
.v,.....,..v9,uilli.lwniVr, uiation 01 commerce it is designed to in
Madiaoi when ha movKid hi resolutions fuse into it the utmost -vigor, that is at
in the Virginia Legislature? Did ilea- tainable only by conferring uoon it nr
In Ibis mode of existence
ToJ rVhaf hiaiulctur e.taI,i;sKrnent. inea i. ahi!... r-VV ,n?! J
fi"vl; t MUB,Ploflny stniction to be placed on tha words 'To
I t,jr,a W"" IV thert any party in this regulate commerce ith ibreign aations.,inl
" JOOT,7 t tocka to demoliib the omnu- and it ia eoncedtd on all h ml that if thai Sir
.. It "i.r 7 ' ny P'wtr to pctdect manuf,
t "ai-ea aoj BV I 'TV
exuted ia Virginia at that day reuieing
ibefosterina hand of protection T Where
were then - the 'conytut ioif of mahufictu.
rers to excite intt active and vig.roiis co.
peratron the best ability of tht ancient
mmirm. ' ,
the idea is preposterous. Mo such
. 4 ...... - - . -
Again. 1 ne argument is accurate in
assuming that tha power of protection ha
entirely passe a :roin me statat, and that
tt exwta in thr'ngeneraf govern menT, or
must he extinct, lo elucidate this nan
ofthe case, it it necessary to took iriln
neoaiv imtirf.jii with iim I e . 1. ... i..j..MUM.4.KiMtMniiw
'J'TT " li t I" 1' m mw wrmi w mt Hmi imw W"'n I s, ! IIHt It mUUOt DO "T " .' . . V . - - -i l'""
uiiiif:iiii aiui fuiiin.i. .. ... l .1. ... r . . . .... .. . - . . - - . - . . .
imnininiinirix reor. ound e whor. and . consenuentlv rinaa
noftat. What is a protectinrdiitYr It
jumttlfftfir 4 idms, w,tha dne regard totll U a duty laid to restrain tba importation
;tZlZ?JT; If of a foreign article aitnilar to ,A domestic
-K , therv .aMtuchparfyitirnnknown to article and tbe duty iaeflectual or m,
-4 ?"rta k r' 1 l! ',fti P'y la he proportion is if affretaW
rf. Mi :lth 'hm 1 5 importation -4 the foreign article. Jf the
y''.". ? tWximata, duty partially;- restrains importation, it ia
- T KmfJ. r 62Uaf T,n,"im -lv Partial or incomplete protection. To
r 7 " w govern, give the protective, principle complete ef
case, it is necessary
the Constitation . and atua inli th.
' - I . , . , . .... . ' , ..... . ..... " .. uiiivw
"lJn-tnot be,, exwta i-no such motiy. Ming ol the convention. abichibrmed it
WT rTmvmKtl -llouwuT Karlin mind, airt that tha treat
?3'.t " t" -fwvMw mm Wio mnject pi mat convention was to give
oojecr. twrt not earn vvrinw trwampit pow. congroW the control of .those central in-
n tiu viw n.tmflin p-.w . i ivtut.iuiiv i teresta which
-a .jjt"uet
tM af tba rtyeaca."" Thi protositioa U
aod project T. , .:W.aa y ;;nojf power n.
cessary T Sir, in the whole annals of e
gislatien. I do not believe there can be
flmnd a more gross perversion of the plain
import of languagt Ibah that which neeka
to convert u the power tT rejulate com-
meret" into powe'r to' pialSri 'Jomesjie'
; 1 manufactures by wbiehw)tecTr55?itfn
fencft-'.fWm'tbe respired intij an am.. plUf:iof
eomineree with foreign HationwTyu :,
iht po.wer. 'to d8lrov-MminiWa- Sir. I reneatithe ???t obiiM WSis c ' ..
commerce with toreiyt DaiisCK A rera- mtrco'l ti mt yila tkt wajuei
were necessary to all. -and
common to alt. - Mare local interests were
designed to be left to tha care of the local
governments. Thia view accords with
the exposition given in tha Federalist.
" The powers delegated to the general
"government are few and defined. Those
" which remain to the atatt governments
A''' .numerous, and nndefined. The former
.;ijr'H:?erci8ea:Va' tateraat dbjeca as
wkr peace, negociation and foceign corn
merce, witi"wntea iast', the power oftax
atio i will; for f ht most part, be connected.
Th? ftwera reserred ta tbt itatct extend
. "sir, that revenue was the oliiaef. iimU
Phk 4ht-. aist!ry .ut the tiavea aaawt hf.
tn.maauifaclur yrera-r ow'"e4brvnan-
thought of than as they might be iocidca. .;
tally benfitted. TJie people warethenttr
be flrt called oo lo bear taxation in that ;
form and to a people jealous of thsif -rights,
and avorsc frTrablic barthensi it
was natural that vory benefit direct snd
incidental, that 'could flow from the act,v
heuld bw enwmarated in the" preanloie, :
Thia preamble iiaa. been repuJiatad iu- ail
subsequent enactments, and the law tt "
which it is prefixed, was repealed in litus "
more than a year. .
In the year 1700 another act was pass-
Jed, reciting the aforementioned act, anl.;
war. una preanioiM, to wit " ano wnero .
as tha support of Government and tha .
discharge of said debts render it necesa- .t--..
ry to increase the said duties, " Be it eo- '
acted," dec Nor ia there any trace to be
fbuiidht the'ttatutf
of a law pasaed- imiieating the fact upon r
its tace for tha encouragement and pt
lection of manufactures." So far from j M
being tha doctrine of the avowed frif i!t
of the system, it must ba in the 'recyC'.
tion of manv Senators, that uoon the av
tioff IS imciiif tM liiYa ffia Tariff ic!' tf
imposts or txporH dutits without the con
sent of Congress. 7 Tlia, discusa ton turned
mainly upon tho interests of manufactures
and the object was to retain in the States
a conoiirrenl power with Congress. On
me iota oi aeptcotber the clause wat ad.
opted, which now forms a part of the 10th
faction of tho lstlarticle- By that Clause
tongressjreviouly obtaiaod; lay such irti
censary for txtcuting' the inspection laws :
and, with the consent of Congress, mav
ay truch imposts or ' duties upon imports
r exports at may be neceesary to protect
their manufactures, upon the proviso of
paying the duties into the publw Treasury.
If this latter power is not retained in tha
Statea to protect manufactures, for What
it it retained ! ' It cannot be for revenue.
for that is to-g into the pAiblic Treasutyi
If.-theny if it not, wholly nugatory, it can
be nothing- lsa than to enable tha States
to encourage the i interests of manufac
ture. ' r'-; .
BuSix, art set tail to gropa ttt.tht
1833, so as to read (or the protection l -
domestic -anufactures,,'-tht whole bocy f .
of its friends rallied to the rescue, tad f
ncgBtiveu ina amennment. . t nat tvw .-.
dicated most unequivocally the want
coufidence -I will not say in the constito
tibnality of the measure; for that would bo
to impeach integrity of mofiet but I ?
say, the want of coafideaca in tha judicial
tnbunali of tht jtountty.
Mr. President It ia aaid by tht Sena
tor from New Jerety,' (Mr.bickerson,!
that tbt bolicv of nretectioa .was avowed
and cherished in the early periods of tbt
uoveromcnty not only wilt relerence i
manufactures, but was also extended tt tha
interests of navigation. ' i " , , ;
As regards tba ditcriminating duties
fixed by the act af 1700, securtiig tht
coasting trade, they were wholly unneees-
. . . ...". a i .... .tiln-
aary, it ; i. . neM anq enjoyea uy u "t
oeipt";by jrt:orfwJfcMiti'
yjgori anttrprisef and "economy. T b
mo8tofjbem at home, at one end pflht
voyage; and hsying many facilities in
feeling repaint and rocurinir truppUcs,fr.
yorid tha nach vf foreiwrt,- "d at $

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