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L.i .1 Vara Crux fr -ihe protection of A murk in intTfiM in the critical position l,!r-ti1 fro m-0 We n .1 ua Swur.i.y bth- Vera Cro pi 7 i.'.ev in 1 iuiw plcJ,' iiWeHo'ttiiery ajw ,rwpriato. .The arrital clhe Orainpue .re M also a striking- pro ,4 lb f .re. :""; u4 Bfu kU ni.inam'-ur tliM Uow sjreviu J uw uai urnim,' ' 1 ' ..I .....Hutnl Viu Ciex, March Wh, 1WA ' To tht FJilort of the tWtVr & . ijlKTLKWK tr-0 the Bl iint. a hurtle " Vu ftttit at Tobimar, a vilUee iM miles 1 iron mis i.iaco on i" r"4 " , v- - twee the OftvcrnmWJl troops, undar .t - command of oNnt.Cdder.,a.dCa.Sttn. fa A.mi troops. whicl ended ia tht co tJftt routu(m Ur. - TU bumber of j ' Anaa h lb ftrliui U mJ to hurt bre lh pot UgoJ wbicb Ku Un fojU in thii " cduiitrf line tU e flier pcriodt f th ttJutioo CWro' had md from , tii etmo car ituU F, on Ui 1 . urd ilHTtWh either If tht want of fr. v ' iiiM' tb deer(io of Lb Iroopt, or Mi' "IVI P&cf, uA occupied lU toijjht J f T.nf, Jttn t wtomlakeofco r" '34 bySinWABOt; wk muraheij out f ihiicity 00 ib ,?4. About ii duvi r"T'ru'ijI,TsiitC Am bd "rtrUd-Xy d A Condueta. fnotfyini .mHttfy and ftnuiufiraa (war to C.Jrm, ruaJa pri- 1 ' Mi)r or au tba ctcort, ana rwrnM tin w-' ; vit jjiin, vilbott aitcliiix wuhaay ku. .'i . ctpjilot W8i Iho rout and. dijaraioa Vf .ita Adm'i trooat, that;acre wy , jfa:i ae4 rtfairted in a ,bodn U Ceaenil - wo ar.paralod from hia AiJaaud tL Army . " '-VjiJ reubad lha city Mxt morninai 0 " v y clock,' accompanied anly by faw ro t i&o the aflJcen wora : acparafrd from , I Ska traop,nd lha trwpa rrm aach otljar. '-TiJaili'aiderwi aaa Iliw4 un hiaadvaar -.-, wtrcnea immrowiciy upon ma ' . V(ity it would he fallen befora bim ia all ! probability j but moot unaccountably, be jemaiwd upoa the bkttU ground for arT. -r': rraJ Jajrt, and baa ainre rvturnrd1 to hia T 'll tjuartara at PadtJrrjrfiI tbameftll yima, tha etrajjlrra bav coma in- omo Viwil man ar-Wpiiiia-onfidCTr ' li razored to 6tn(4 Aaaa'a frieada- and . . . Tkocily ia, perhaps in u ood a ondi- " lion now, lo anatain in attack; la it waa V!irth battla. What dttoln Gilder- :cn an kmj at hia camp, ta a matter of much 'itnijoclura, ; and -.anna aeein to know ,.Vhtbf he is waiting for reinforcement,, , 5f , Cr aome awiftance by wa, r whether .tutyJa ail matter Af 'fipuqilaiioii. -Santa - v' Anna a preaoiit force uautnit 1900 men vf '..TSZrr, CaJderwj a la aaid U h about fl,vi w, ', . .-'.-( 5"V ;r Tif Ainerlcan brig tfaria Lootiiajj from T ax- yUvjiitljihia, waa- purehaaed, a fawdaya - . jfiinx, by (Jen. Santa Aoaa, for tha aura " V tI3,t0p-"tttd ti to be anrjpdjritb"l 4;-" jBuraii,to, tx iUj to operate agaiiwt a ,.,,.Z.jmill oawJ foroa which, it ia aaid, Gov. -jemtnent art ninng out at Campoclte, and ;rrrJt 1ho -ayiinal three acUoonera,- which it ia ; .Xv'CCotartuttai kr jpurchaicd ia NW Or!'!-u), 'wtd are nor arrmnjut Tftmpicn, 6ir' th wirpnae of blockadinrYera Cruau" 'Aiiaa'tlini in February kid, Congresa '? ft.sn-d a law, ouelaring tha port of Vera V' Cruz r?d after the lat of March, inter "iethj with it all ebimnunication after Sbat ttmei and ordering all pay men ta fjr - dutj to ba paid, either at the General 'treiwry,0T at the aeaieat CommiwHiriat . r. aW uf V art Qnu. . Wa artf, therefore, ,1 Dow cut aSt jjrom all comratuueation with fl wtqTior,'tnd iri, i)ao!utety,,'Wa' ignot tat of what ia tmng oa there, aa if- W ? hi ew-jorn, rvr itim www 'flrerioua tfl thia atrkt ooB-intercoarao, the t public papen did not circulate, uor did oii private fettera find , their true deftinfttion. lint now, the mailt irt entirety itojpe!ex. ' "pressoj are firbiddon nd tha innocent ' ' truvellerria detained on the -way Com. f inercB tUtttrdlg, dofuoctj Rr the" time . Vifts-Mhe ahops art Hno8tly'cloeed,r-th T""' t -"0iuig tqi'fe'eea'rnil'iii 'Sldi'oeni)th- ' , Jn to be beard but (lie drum and fife 7 Jh "Our CwisuT laiT aJv wed" thef ArMruTan WrclMUile U make,' fif tlx present,, i . . 'i - ' fhyment of dutiei, urjem by eomnulsion ; -- c -tWlh i6vernmbnTfWaui6lheir . 1 "" -gfeHrli'r tartfTkWj jmpcrlant etitear j iyal4f AffeYand there can be no change n aranocl without months previov no ice j M to Santa Anna,' because he haa o tesaTrtji to demand , them, atuT ff he 'Compel ferment, it will be made , uridof protert. T;: jnw Conil hw ajao advised the .American morchaflta tft make out enrtified im-entorica of (heir cooda and eftecta l one ef which ia teoaed in hw-offieew that h, cae ofa auf ue of the city, of any rob H-vV"! : bx llwAroop?, we govejrnmenL,nay v; in in reclamaiioQ en" this jrvernmeot. I lift,Ul all the mer&haata have adop. ? v :f- ;tpd this auggeiony--- ; y -: : ,The. present coatroversy ia ler party Tm aay what tftff mny-a acuflla for the yr4lefley aad 1 hv no Ldsa, thaf tha wntry will be quiet,; or that eootmorca vill revert to ita accustoinod character, 1 that eueatloais wnled. ' ere" It few uayf wiice lrome4Weanifc 1 a' W.cargTtlt'lbaj ?ityjhod.;jba M un.i) law n ajun prorlfiiio ImI yndiv, arid all unmarri'd Sfiuf(la wrr nr.l' fd t report llipmwlvti t the Oen tral. Whether be will nrdet llira to kva lha eintry, er whether he will tnd n Ixwrd tle I'naoa Mhipi ia the Harbor, wi'l unknown. " , 1 . ' jrth I7A The parkH not 'aeilinR u tuoa a I tX)icTen, 1 ant euawi ie avi oma more inti-Uignce., , , , m.-t. Yett'Hay mnrninr a w4 arrfed from TamiHCO. brinxmir itifurmation llut the t erriaon of that place bad declared ia lavor of Santa Anna 4nt a vmm-I jrar which J Im. oi-enuaaatJuul lll.'ctljoul there, had LIlea into the hand of tb Hit- anected-4hal .the Commandant of the rarriann bad brro ewnpeHed te rHra with La arvrt-aid (hat Ceuaral Mootciu- ma had prouuaci ta Buua.icutnil. ,,,, - Tie eaaet frarti"- Tampie 1gU to this plaee 'ma prieonori, men whom tlie garnana did M ihink il adviabl to keep at Tamnlco. ' i tu inlelltffenea waa re- e4ved with tverV deroonatration af joy by Stmta Anna and bta party the be Ila were nw l!e eanma were fired J and in tha evemna there waa a military procetMon. " JdartWY) U. 8. achooner Cramp, us, Cant. Tat nail, anchored but evening a? Siwrifamii. The firet JUeutenant eame ap to the city, and told me that lliey had lift rvRMtcalaon the 6tb irwtant had rm I with a violent atoria at aea aothing damaged all weU. .Mio came moat op portunely. Wa beve the proapoct now of a regular aiegn. The Uoeniment Arrny under Cfcliierori took poaition, early Vctier day "aiorouig.. at . 'flfrgtro, jtn Iwhan haaik4, near aleapie from the'ilty.Twl ia aTghroii the aa'taebrTliy appear to huve been occupied vuterday in throw iiTjj'QjriiaW'irctita --Thi4oinf aa. attack waa made on ' Ihem by two gun bnati, but t ampect no harm vu done; at tlia boata were too Lr cTL '' V - Input hut No. we promised lo pume Una wiljocf, and t aaaiga otlit r reasuna lor our oppeiuUua to Nr. van X-nren be. idea bia famoua vote for lh Tariff cf 1625 It inav verv reaaonaUv be tlm'l that we have oodrruken a wi-rk 4f auiirrrrosa lion.. If the State of North Car-Una cao no eomiatently aupnort a man win voted for thai law, and wboae-piwiia have un- dereone no pbanre, aa fir at the winHc have had an oppcrtunity of knowing, there ta no political delinquency, wlncn tn the exuberance ef her chant v, mar nnt ei peel ft find palliafion and forgiven tt. That one act ia enoiiTiTTl there were no elhar lt if the ? nrotectire ayatem were --- .- -.r . 1 - -.1 i - out 01 the qtieaimn anogetner, or 11 ma viewa anon that nihjert, correaponded tea hair'a Wadth with out own, itill there are other fftounda opnneilion to Mr, Van Buren, which aUhoujh Ihey. mf ht not preteat inraperable olwtaclea to lia eh?va tion, wonld yet .prevent bit . becoming tha in object of onrehotee. - We will commence with bia vote upon lb Ml t erect iiU-$atea oper the Cnro berln3 RoadT "It ie true, Ihut biT never became a law- but we. are not indebted 1 the forbearance of Mr.' Van Puree fof tha failure .of ite passage. Il ia understood that he;,f)8!r airrf Teprnterff that Vote, and declared bimaclf againut the doctrine nfInternal : lmprpTe.tnenCnpp'l ,wbat gxounda.wa.bava-. no..jnrni oascertaia. tnt The aet apeahs ht tlf, am! .we have a riijht to hold hin- reaponaibla for it, nntjlwa have bcljer avideuce orblae tantjtjon, than var eoniecturet or, the fcehledi-claimrr of perano aaoiiaing to be ia Wi eoafitlence Late experience waraa ua, bnwlu tie reliance la to be placed upon teattmairy of thta kmd. It ta aimnat need- to aav . that volme Mr eiich a mil, was yielding at once the whole rjuertion of in ternal improvements, ami that too, ia the moat odious form in which the disputed power eoold be exreised. John Ran dolph stigmatised tlie whole plan aa more oppressive than any acheme wluch '.Tibe rius, that perfect mode of a tvrautV ever tbnirgkt ots-He, erael and wanton as be waa. daluxhted in trampling upon the 11 oar iriea af hfa aabjec, sever trwH of rerying contrioutiooe oa the Appian and the. uiao dion WHys. Iloro then, the two moat important ques tions upon Which Coogreaa haa been called to act, within the tan lea year, we nnd Sir.; van jsurea voting in ntrcai. opposition to the unanimous voice of the southern country. Ara not these the very grounds of owKwuYion to Miv Clay t Has nrtt the tuMJbvnMuiailieU hi tfie'hiiiTiest estimation by tha democracy of Ihe union, for the ability aad the bowneaa wun wnica b advdcaled. tba true . pnociplca at, our government nd haa he not been discard. ed from our affections, for the very ofien awifaf which air." V. & rbaf tott equallyJ ruilryT What boa there been ta Mr. Vaa Buren'a past life, in his services or bis aa- crifices for tha good af the republic, that entitlea mm to our eonstueration and re gard, whilst another individual of equal talents, professin? the tame doctrinal and diflbrini only in tha uncompromising firm, aesa and faarleasnea with which he has avowad-themis dcnounceJ.ani execrated through our borders without fiieaUr and without inarcilibera jmay oa reason ta it. and possibly aomelhmg m -tomMtncu, but it is altogether beyond our cQatire henai'on. - According to our poor judgi menh it would seam that moat ot liu rev aonaof our opposifioa to Mr. Clay, apply with the same force to Mr. Van Buren; especially 1 when it ia recollected that whilst the former 'waa ttamltng btna in defence of the principles upon which the late war against Great Britain was declar a'd;idi!wlftria in bia atfachmeut to the RrwItaaitEausa tha latter was zealously engaged ia getting ap a Ticket, in New York for De Witt i'ltiton,in opposition to Mr. Madison, .and yfxlcm Carotiiiwiu have been Ihe linvitaUermwirn'nce. Il is pruhabla ha irptnlti of that t p (no, f,r Ufore tha close of the war, ha 4om of the lot furious partisans of Mr. Madison ant tike all party prwelytes, alismiina to bide the shame of bis eiKwiary, ia the ex. caa of bis devntiun to tfa new fiioiulf, Lt- to whose ranks he anluNd. - Another ehjenion (4 the nomination of Jjr, anE(ire(). Ja tha division .which axwU be eraatid among tlm Mpportcrs of Oett. Jackson. Mr. Calhoun and bis friends, already forming a party respecta We both fir , number an4 tahmts, would KJ?!V ftef ff A'!Jf.otherjraaa in natisn, and there ia a large portion of the friends of the Prndat, aarticvlarly in Yirxioia aod.tha fkaiea aouih of it,' that no inducement could prmil od to uiiite in UiT-Jli 'uubtful whetker adar ciaiventtona nd caucuses ran bestow, be ean gain he votes of tbe Htalea, and un it m be aVa, if be ewntinuce a candidate, tha atocUoowill rertakily devoira upon the Sanate. Under the prririsions of the Co, st'uition, the content would then be tint rowed down to the two highest on tha list, and from them tha aeectit would have to be made. I'pon tha Cailuiw of aa elvc lion in the Doctoral College,' it ia almost universally agreed that Mr. Van Buren would not receive tha support of the ma jority ef the Senate, arainst any eomooti lor. , oone believes that an election ot ...... . ' Vice rrctlent will be made by the poo. pie, if hia claims ara pressed, and it is equally certain that if the election ia made by the fcktiate, Ihe vole of that bodv will be giea to the other individual wha hap pens to be one of I wo highest on the list, ana irist iiwivimjal wiir ba h If Mr; Van Buren pouesaet aTftryTffrrtotente'of oor rfpposwrffon ttr the! ' m .r4TVUlc , tWWMI. BICMUrtH, HI. bergeant ia not so Jortunote. As to the importance of ut (eating his election, there seems to, be no diorence of opinion amongst ua and wrely it is not tlie part of auuud policy topreservere in a course the beet calculated tf all others to iasure bi succe. We art compelled to postpone such fur. ther remarks as we deign makiog on thia subject until next wo-k when wo also in tend to offer a lew reasons why we shall support the scheme of ahtnte Convention, suggested by a mooting at Halifax. LETTER FROM GEN. SAUNDERS TO GOV. BRANCH. Goo, S. request! of Messrs. Lawrence it Lemay la insert in ihein tuixt papar tha following "-copy of a, letter addrraed by loot la gw- Branch t .-- -Corr.J -J Raleigkt April 1th, 1 S32. Sir, When I received your letter of the J vth, of March, I -did not for a mo wed think of your having forwarded a copy of that for publicaf ionr as forming a part of "the eorrespendeoee w hirfc (had) passed bctweeu us- I Can but consider your eeuraa- ib thin buiiinen as very ex; traordiuajrjr.' YouTiacr Vailed Kwr an ex. planatioo of an allusion which I had made to you in an aaooyinoua publication, which bad been given, and received by you aa satisfactory.1 Yet by the same mail in which you frrward your ante and my re ply, address to me a leller, a copy of wiucjijfjuu cm;osa.(ioow-wuinf lor-ee answer) lor publication. Thia , may be Wit daahag. and according to you; rations of honorable .eiiquctle. If so, I have al leasL karat . aomething from thia conlro yerey,Ijf my answer. wasu vou had pro nonnced it, "so far satisfactory is to re lievo you from the aereasry of seeorting to another mode f retires' winch it neems you are so fond of intimating your willingnesa to adopt why this appeal to tlie public 1 Was it to relieve your own feelings, or to lacerate mine, by an allu- sioa ta a matter, which, when umleratood, will reflect as little credit on you for its diclosuro, as injury ta me by being made thus public T You ray ray answer con tained "expressions which might be sascep tiblejoian offensive construction;" jet ia. your letter you make no allusion ta these "etprewioua, but content yourself with inainitalinir that mi rhatimi nf HtnYirm In wards you had arose from tlie tact, that it waa no longer ia your power to serve ma with those who now wield the patronages the General Government and that I had been'1' VMitoilor'bfficeM through " youf favor" whilst Secretary of the Navy. A simple ata lament of the ee will sjnTicierit W-tfpei the piiftti rirotrverou bate hiere ascribed to me," as weU as show the eon. duct of orra'whn exhibits an 'aimtnTaenaiti' veheas at beingjpharged with t breach of ; pnvata couhdonce. . 1 freely admit that I did write . to you aome raoaths afteryour appointment as BccTetaryy erpresging a domra to change - my situation f and aa I waa unwilling to place my name before tho executive, left the-jmatter with you to act, as your own sense of duty to the pub lic and justice to mo might dictate. lint sir, your memory should aava reminaea you, and jour c'andor should eq have ata tedlthe fact, that afterwards I thanked you for your oT efa wllingMss to aenre ana, bvtdniined ell further apfUSSSSnSi ton. wna Umr ."before voueeaAed to be Secretary, and'aa 1 had believed you fin oere in your' proposed tender ol service, the matter had passed . from my: mind, and I little eipected to have had it revived by f ov through tha colurana of a newspaper, was not roar friend for the sake, of office aor have rny feelings undergone any chang towirda "yoil in conaeqtienca of yottr loea of it biit from the miserable cornplaiata vou have made about It. and the open poli tltergiveraatfi in;'jrou':SacUW;aaI.aUMt you uapected to have : been inirtroroer tal if depriving you; of it As I d not desire to add to th bittemess of yr fce- l.ipgt Jh : C0UCt the honor of I rfwapaner corrpmM!BK-, l'" ",r r,r" B,r (her iwtrutti'W or imrisnveul. . 1 t I Uaa lha holier to be, jv". ' R.M.KAU.SDrr,5. Hon. Jwlia Cranclu . Extract cf a Lrttrr lo the Alitor, tf tht CkarUsto Mercury, dated WASHINGTON, Til April, 19. - Oor frierU, Warraa IL Dm, -has iusl eowlud4 ' moat ibla and aloquent . B)a BM . f . fpeech agaiort tho rasioa nu, in en4qoeoca of bis reluctanca to eegage hi dttbata. anoat of the members were uot Mr Davis on this occasion, itot I awn re yau be cemnianded, lor several Imura, the' uadevided Ucwlivq.. pf Jh, Ifouia and aiioke with a -frce aud cuwel which bsvo ahU dctatcr.-'Tbii-iwiieiow Bill ie not as well uudeotood at the 8oiith a it ought t ba, . It is a part and parcel of tha Amor, ican system, and expressly intended to absorb baiurplu refenue, which the payment of the puUie debt will Ware in tha Tresnury. The Teruf party are aware that ihVduues muat te reduced to the rev stsjwlard. and bv nmlliplVing Ihe amir ca of expenditure, they are desirous of rr..tin a Bnccasitv for bih duties, f n all the schemes tUt ever have been devi sed for thia purpose, this Pension Bill is the most dangerous, bee aue it is bait cal fulatad to accomplish ihe object. It pro poses to give a peonl.ni of full psy for life to even man who, during the whole of tha rsvolutMiary war, served in aU,twojaare either in the Army, or as ctata troops, o lunteere. Militia, and in proportion far any m Z. rSr). of-rvic uot let than ail months, --STjr? nTlhi?ilhoWinyre aeaa - charm to UividuaL No onecan atmracture "the number : of peraoaa who will eoma in for petitions UilJef luch "t WW When in 1819,penaiona weta axirrwoo w apartirolar description tf regular troops of the continental Army, who stood in ood mf Mkiuna- frMi thair eaanlrv dt aua ihra were 13.000 ..applicants, of whom upward! of 20, 000 eoeceeded.by ' .a 1 ' iL aome meana et other, in gcwnginmn. i.I,m nlaeed on the oetvaiona swelled lo up wards of 13,00,000 per annum. v Now when aU the Militia and Volunteer!, are to ba added, who can say to what extent the nnmher will be ewelled, and how many million! nrust be annually appropriated? On the former occasion the expenses was estimated at leeelhan three hundred thon sand dollars, and it amounted to more than twomilliooa Now il u auraiueo mat it (TH14 eaoaad half a million, and I confert I think fre or six million wi be nearer Ihe m.rt. and lf it ehouM fall abaM of Ihia, those who served in the late war will, ere lone.be added to the list, and tlie surplus ' a . . . mi l. .k.-. revenue, whatever 11 may o win oc wr. bed in oensiona for the present, you may be assured that if this pension Bill does pass and pass I fear it will no reduction of the duties can be aflfeeted beyoad the seven millions" which" Gay and Dickarsoo proaose m Uka offlrom articles or luxury, and the - burdena apoa tha fkuthwill ra. awia unolmiaiahed. """"" - - The ' JEFTERSONIAN Doctrineaof US. Wa undenirjd that Mr. Elliot haa In the press, on the eve of publication, a pam phlct conUinin'g The Vircimau and lien tuclry Resolntionsof With Madi aona Report and the RasolutioiB of the several Stale in relalj? threte, at large; with other doeuniems and opinions, ia sup. port of tbeJetleraonian-doctxinca of '83, acenmpanied by a full Index. i,,,,,v This valuahle and usoiul ponvcai com ' -ri- 4, .... piUtiotl, furnishing fhcta and argnmenuii that'everf American eitiran ahoold treas- - a aa . ? Til ure up for reference ana uiusiraiion, wui we are told, be afforded to the public at Ihe moderate rate of Fifteen dollar! per hundred copies, whieft plaflea it within the reach pi every realer. , Trfrgrep. -:0:OW From the JSeref.) COHJIDIICATIO!!. DIRECT TAXES. At the utmost the General overaroent requires a revenue of thirteen milhona of dollare. 'The populat'iori or lha" United 8Utea. arAOUtttS K thirteen million, who under a rrstem ol equal taxation, would each contribute one dollar to the aopport of tho General Government. ' : If theTublie lands are given np to the Western States, will they consent to lup pty their qota by direct toialian! If the Federal Revenue were to be col lnrted by a direct4ax-.npon. each,citMn which be eould feel, and measure, would there be any Pean'oa Bill, luiernallm. nrovtmenli, of misapplication of public trnwybyCoagrgwf T iriva no the nublic lands will dimin- ish the Federal Revenue three million! of dollars at least annually. . The proposed Pension List will cost tha country every year seven millions 1 of expenditure.:Ufl(M) Internal Imprc-remcnta the amount laid out bafllee calculation. s Tha Southern fitatea . have- no public Lands to be aiven up to them they wiU Wiiomnarativelr Pension List 4he blessinga , of IntermU ImnroWinenl overflow to their doors- & yet,the whole revenue of the-Genl.Gov. ernment ia lobe derived from duties upon the imports purchaaed by thexf induslry In other words, tha Western States are to be exonerated from air contribution by a surrender of the Public Lands, and the Manufacturinc Statee Hot only exempted from taxes, but to receive the bounties of i tha Tariff: and in addition these two aec- liorw are deriv ;i:J: and Impwementl axclustvely, while-the Exporting, or Soothera Statee ajra to py1 an taxes r I nni this n beautiful exemplification f.W MSWia. fj.nnma?'. ' . y,r. Il'ftrrfrr. !l lh" '.nle with M llhfl id i '.whil i'.'. Utera;.f rntAi'tuUna that lue t'in'UTon wasinr work of the peopl ia ihe" arrele, and not of the people by slates, he to !J aawertioa ftal Irt his w! ! irpiinn nt. It n - wai Ml.al the f :.nrf(1uiioo wai lifend to curtail and cimtf..l tho sover ;nfy of Ilia Btntea." ' '-Thia aduit.d that the SUJaa'a'lirdlnuV-peudi.iit rivnrignt-atjhi time .'.otlflie aoptj. of Ihe Constitution, If so what but the aoveraiga ac'ow 'the aint ermld Mtab'mh a mle hit common rcatraint and control I II in tU I'aion there was but one peoJe, there must bava been but one sovereignty, 6x I here lore there couTJ irt lni "Va"Wy"Erafd timmm ties to be controlled., But limits ba trlU us, were lo be imposed on the exercina of the iovere'igii " wwcnt'if (w BftfcsT"wha Uwa war-conf4nt tv4aipe them ? Not lha pemile toTTrelggreiila liuf tle ainrreni sovereign oiaiep j mo amass they agreed to do so, each exercising for iUelf its sovereign discretion in acceding how could any restraint aava been Im posed r Evening Poa, . Tht Tarif Manorial. We find that the correspomh-nt of a New York paper, from whom we quoted a day or two ago, was cerrect. The tariff memorial does awert that the great danger in this coun try is not from the power, of rules, but frm the too great liberty of tha people ( v) e quote ihe passage "Our great danger ia certainly from the abuw, not of power, but of liberty 1 and il should be the endeavor of lha real friends af tht eountry, by a tiherul conttnetion of the law and constitution, and a generous confidence. In the motivei of those who ad- mirrHer them, to facilitate the businese of eaminiM ration, ana oiuuee a spirit 01 har mony and union throughout the whole eon axiiuuon ti lha BuiaJt - Ia accordanca with tha above, tha mo moria further speaks of incessant "strug gles between the great elementary prin ciples of Law and LU?rty." Thir doctrtae. ofthecei eftihertfu advanced in that part of the memorial which is intended to meet the argument of the free Trade party, who, believing thai there is ao necessity or inherent op position between lew and liberty, and that Javenmenf, ao far as the property of in ividuals ia affected, was instituted merely to secure !hem w its free use and enjoy meat, and not to mstreia them and man agetheif property for them. deny ihe right of government to regulate the indus try or individuals, ihe rest of the rea somngof the memorial, on this point, strikes as as no len strangeIt aseertf that the, regulation of individual ioduatry is almost the exclusive object of all gov ernment, because aU civil legislation and jurisprudence ia employed entirely about the economical cpneerna of individuals. Did the memorialist " think that thia was really meeting the objection f Surely they were nivare of the diflcreoce bcUcea securing to the JwdividuaJ the tenura af iiroperty between fixing rule a to the bra of its voluntary . purchase er transfer ana forctng-htm to transfer, or precluding him from a purchase T " Yet their memo rial calls all tha laws . of property, regula tiona of. individual iudustry, and virtually ansomea that' the power to ensure the va lidity ot a private contract ia eno and the same with the power tocompol thecitieen to make the contract taW Tha Philanthropist! of the North ara at Eaae'niriPWntngag'aaTt a Cnierokee hief aamcd Ridge, wha ii travelling amonrst them. . . Hia anisaion seems to be b?tll'e.- purpose-' of nmktug-collections of. tnoney ftotn tht' gefteroua people among whom be is aojourning, in Order to carry an the auit eflha Indiana, against the State of Georgia, in the supreme Court Da seems to bo regarded by the republicans in that part.faflhaworldaa a.aort of foreign prince. Public meetings are called at the places through which he passes, to wLich he makes speeches abusive of the Georgi ans, and then begs the sympathy and mo ney of tha audicpce. Of. the first article be receives aa abundance, but not quite so much af the Iatter7 '." T '" - It will be remembered that these people who affect ao deeply to compassionate the Indiana" of Georgia, once had Indian in their own ' territories. What did they do with' them t What bat become of tha Mo hawks, the Onedias and- hundred other tribes 1 .... Exterminated . by these philan thropists, who used to take them prisoners and carry them to the West Indies and sell them for slaves. Yrt with vast indignation, that Georgia should require kefJuuTw.tojp!WW .Thus it is thai the people of the North continue to practice their iinpuilent inter- medJlini in the focal concerns of. the South They seeih area to pretend ta A right to do ao.ih . quesuon in tne present case may ba thrown into a form ao simple St de cisive that it cannot but satisfy even them. The Cherokaes ara either an independ ent people or ther are the : subpeta pr Georgia. The people of tha North, affect to consider them a foreign sovereign na tion s ifaa,by what right do they couote. nance and aid a foreign nation in hostility to a aisrer State tr f 'rothet haadVif these Indiana are subject .to Georgia, by whatright do theyinterfbre between Geor gia anu nejuaaojociax,.. - no THI CTIABlOtT JOtTRSit. ? ' RVDISILL'SJIiyE., This mine, situated half a mile SSW. front tha town of Charlootte, is connected with the earliest period of researches for Sold ia Mecklenburg county. The precise ate of tha first discoveries of the precious metal thia t omTty iancaeeHratoly knowjl 'wt"!:W3rnetita 'tomeurPin'rBa- oiing about 1 $28, as the time of its de velopment. . A gunsmith wbila-oo-tht chase for doer : in the neighborhood of the Ibl InCV now nDUffii vuuu np-u m 1 "in. T I lie "thin ,!.... . U'i7(ll"'-!fof,Wr, ;" .-i I Z fry pl.ee .aa wo,kJ inaZ manner. notwiiLstaikln,. .A ""I'' min i :.: . 'Wrnaflia Img fLia mum U,, m i T actnal axperirnce, of th kindofill7, earth tUwaa hkely ,, pro,t 0, day, as this n,awaa oakia wl!? the mill, at present known aafii r 7i Iweea tlie aunfereus surface e.f, d r seen before and thai cf Rudlaill'. iilt, ."J washed.. aba-of it anJ a'""? Thia WM tha first gold Urt M jrwEK" discovery, Dr. 8aml Hoo.!erso ,ij? with a few hand, commenced erfcint surface earth in thCrcekerrhis oper;, J? " were sufficieolly carried on U TJIT. during which period Ibeiversg. turns were 3 dwta. per band. The wtfT washed under his direction wu tha S surface, includina- lha bark ..1 . m - wac ig rvaj flaw Tbelnttrr.fora ahort distance, ba uJi with . too much diir.r..n. ... ..... Tr goldUi...roxk0,re;7 Una, whick led to a search in the Uift. reral bdividuaU dug and washed t, td -0- ,,rUi oi iu ndej iai summit, and contiaued their work! the property fell under execution and disposed olata ShorilTa sale. Allhj litnt aome of the Ufea a..t t. r. - ed, by abserring that goU wu lo be fnanl adherirr ttf tufta riT.'L-i. K.r rt : 1 outcrop. Tha natural conchuien was W Wlowibf direction of the m.Vra! bys mill and rude excavations, and thiseoot mencemenl of mimng operatk.it, g. tbe.anina lima, all further workuiki! place for nearjy two years, ia eorisequcacA ef Ihe right becoming contested. . Io 1831, tha property waa finally tW Torrad to lh present ewnera, and a leasi grantod to Mr. da Rivihnoli fr .15 . years. "During the first year the several lodes within tlie boundary of lha land hare been tried to a general depth of 40 fec from the surface, and from what has been, observed during thisyears course of mining operations, we are induced to give the fo! lowing sketch of Ihe nature of Iiese lodes, in iddit ion to soma remarks concerning the practical mining operations through which the former knowledge has beea sUained. - Thai Aftiuounwui !nnlwikl;tl '- - - - - - 1 - - w. .iav mif wbewn- tha building lof RudtsilTi mine " are placed, (fnind to be 130 feet abvos the level of sugar creek,) has obviously beea preserved from ' Iba, levelling . iufhieoce phere, by the .eompactnasa . of 9 lodes at their outcrops, which accidentally coniisS almost entirely of quartz and tillcioos tal, jiai1nt. VVtiilo than lha miulut and granite ia which they occur, became force of raia, 8Mi thtSlw tninertls, vmprla aiaal. liriMitKiia m'wA m , i" fV AnaT sVat aa .f tlial-- 1 'f ihv va va am a W f aaav lodes, prevented , thia influence by their coaaialency of their property of being wa ferJ productore,'. oerving the Coherence of mediate inference to be drawn from tfail phethV!i,'esUbTTsn whatever small water courses cross the di rection of lodes .which an a . kiherr4 consist of quartz, (tp- eontaiaing fold. lcAuw.tha ganguati aawpoaed.af jlatff ... .........,... . t r aiono, or louuiy compreMea-.-ii I,-.:5-jKBrt :fr aa TOtrrnnrBP-r-1- s t w, ;Vf-,a... - '-' ti s.-aftJs-'T. 'w A. 'Wtaii ibr.'A, 1mI STiatsJaviTiJ. Tit Three Kin-When Mademot- aolle de Gournay arrived at Pari, sh de sire4 to .aee ihe JIarquis . de Racn, aa eminent wit and poet. Twoof hisfri-iW! tha tima ho had appointed for hit'. waiting on her ; and they resolved lo revenged on him tor ; many , a rmicut.w;. situation to which he had exposed them. One of these Gintlemen,'about twohsurl before the hme appoiirted, waited an th E btdy and announced himsolf as Raeaa, lie endeavored to talk t her owu besides committing sort grosi blandei. aba eould not but think the mcrquii a rrrf polite genthmeairifevhad jnst pa r. l.. -,tri ita Matvm'ia de Racan waa. UUU, lit. I , WUtlU .IJW V v'.. (. a,aw tiwa wwefe supposed he had forgotten some pan. I ' Ihl. MM PUW W J 1 r II T lora man reiiinrsa ior -ui j, . ncr aui u wm m . (brent from the first-marquis, entojea f , apartment. She 'could not helpqferti ... 5n him reneatndlv if he was the real nar- and InlbTmcdlitTrnjfwhjt bad just past The pretended Racan appeared wry aw -hurt, and declared that he would be reveng ed of the insult thestranger had matuauy offered them, but? the intercession ot in- ladv aoftoned tne choleric man, "u " . : infinitely pleased with ihe second man"" who exceeded the -'for in averyjree -: Scarcoly had this second counterfeit uw. ed.-when- the real aeaa-waa This began toaxerciaa the fwlietK"" la GoumayTH Whatmore .JUey?.? morning r aba exclaimed ai " -:.Lt fci feihi he ntredticed. As soon as be entered abe raised ber ytw and demanded if he meant to uwult ? r Racan, who at .the best was an apeaker, remained eilent with asloni ment. He mut'ored eomelhing! ; Oourney, Who was naturally olni."i aaakaita'fkld iSVksl ITlh A ! waa emit to lOrT" on her, and and puiimg e ivn n.m th ' and unfbrtBaaW with th rage of an irritated; rirag"V nenaa expecico n ". - difltrattrecept l", by l.f.il. ar.mi'l ! :'i ing to I ami sfl r . . at I. '1. qunitly, ff in his (1 .t. which ha had purposedly iurned over tb preceding evening, and though he did no ....ii- ..t:. ks. n7jnr of his ahilitier... V-K,t'iJo.i,M -i)periedforHf lschrnio haiaucceedd, the honor of ? I' aayfytf ftw' 8epbkwW0w'M7' wUi pl abaJJ tare cjo , !SjriW - 1 va mt -f'-t'V J- 7.

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