North Carolina Newspapers

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I iittbht-
ANnnnw hcksov
vg tnrer
rrfm 1832
.lXlH5ft P.'i?t J&'tHrlE!
. f iMtWuHlff n t Cob mflT tht mrlini
J iht ftntslmft Ceewnft. Wh afte the
meeting nf 'be Ba'iieuwe eneivention, gentle-
;'. . a tji WMmirti'", jfifJte
.. Bnre upon lb demoerar of the emintntf
It not tbi th trrget IM nf evidence af (ht
fic that tit Blilmne convention wm got up
nominate Jfaitflqren 'X'eeFreii'lent f
nra it know tool of hit, who bat never h.
(ir thought of nuhi4hing rati number of b't
paner tooa.wntil be I nd that New Jererf ami
teevlven1a e tba North til U -whole of
The South, wil But Kipport him ft h Ylo
freailrncy, hut whe now ttlnkt thlt court b
tvluiaty neccaury te intar bU euccew,
Ce. M-rt mti Vi tuiiHnu$. Shorty at
Jee the rejection of Mr, Taa Buren, by the I'al
led Bute Sena'e, tbt aaHlnm af that geBtle
sua got a meeting In Ceurtlend, Atebtan,
f r the pnrpn of deaotineing.Gov. , Moore for
h' vt. Tbt Go , hat coma out la Italy It
llr, a ixl ja juatincatloa of bit . If any
Thing aero ni lug td eoDTiner eartcLd mta of
Vie j.iette of the drciaroa that Mr. Ta fturea,
, ueJhj of tb twice to whWr he war
' eallad. tbi publication of Gov. Mowre aniet
aiiwnaathm .ffffwra eeaehivf y r y that et
Ztl tharg, wlikh wai broegbt sgMist V, Bnren,
pending tha 4olties af ht 9eatr, waa trot.
- Tfe aeve had winch eor.8 lenee ti Mr. f : hot
jra ww ttaValrw rhn wy rw hair"-"-
To ona part of the 0iernri reply wy mutt
tad fie particular atiaotloa af lb reader. - It
It to that hkh U la rrplf la tha chatf that
tJla ai unfrwndlf to O"!. Jwktoa. Tha Cot".
; fraor praved that arhik be doing all ba
caulifta prtrwttt tbt tl piloa" of General Jack.
ton. theat aatia rata he art ao dtaounclnf
bii for h'x rote vert duiog all tbey could to
!fat bim. Ha prad br qiutioai f-o tbt
Joyraah) of Congmt that Ihrte time tlrreath
hof aien ho are wm deaoancinr; all the ori-
final Jackloa Baa, hare uoifurailr votrd
BgiiaA ercrr larurita aeuure of Cent. Jaek
on'l.t'lainiitri'ioaj tbtt tbey.lwre o'fJ
agtl'Mf Hnt h"o rj Tt'ilC fht baaf, iotrrnat
improrementi, Cfrtand yet 'Ihef" are ao' ac
erf of formlnir aeaTitSoaa with Clr and wfth
Vi"ir nppnaed tn Genl, lacktOR. And br ia
tli'-atha eaaf Beoaute theffoted frr Yaa
Du'en. Thiaia enough, la tha eyea of aoine
o Wi awajr em tip, la mAfiftn at p
... tur of. tha kat iru jnl caaiuna ' Jarkaoa
tnmiiirh fot 0iaetcMn people,. They irwtt
anow tnaaeai. iprip raepwaaoeo uienga m
Qenl. JtdkiM. . Tht kuu tbat I So arha- 4e
KwitHePWe for eotina arainttVan Korea
are tint the, ftende of Genl, Jaekton, but tba
(rinlt of Mr. Va lurac "They know that
- -tema of tkoia arfw atal aralat Vaa Bar,
" ire- heWry'anil watltritd Wndt of CeaT.
Jaekton. Thro know thtt Seaatar Poindaitrt
lio voted acainat Ta Burrnj for one tru
Wnl. JaektMi'a frirad Ka it aoat tooMthiaf
b hie Maad., He tupparted .Gent Jacktoa
whrn tha baa Hm tru raited aeaiaa bin
rheonto WW8mi,ott.iri:Ct
. pof'd him vbaa ha irat becaaa a adidaa
tr-Prtirfear an hat eorxtnaed to d ea eeer
and Htvue. And ihtD euch ataa aow ba de
Souncad for roting tfaintt a mm wha apnoted
thelaat var ahoppoaed ftent Jaekton ia
the Bret content who d tgraced bit eountry la
fyi inrnieioa1 to Mr. McLaoe j who le a friend
of tba Tariff and'of iolernal improramentt ( and
who bu thrown diasord aotong tha frieadt of
t,he admintatration ior bit awn teUUb tgrtri.
,''? aa ' ..."
Kef rf haye we Man a more intidiout attempt
on rha part af the tyatemiiea1 to fattea
upon at the pretent grinding and oppretie
du'it apoa import t, than their pretent attempt
ta tha Houae of Repretentalivet to put mhkt
they are pleated to eaM their military eentiea
bill i It bat eer been tbi pofiey of tha adro
e'et of high dutiet totefrchoat objecU upon
which to etpend the aillioi.t which aa unjutt-
ly wnfrom Jha htrd earoin
'"" 1ilturrt:WoMerlo""k,iep
their tyatem of high indirect tatatioa. For a
ll M . 1 iBIMn.1 ImllMMNI.IIM K lhA MIMaI
t"jl foment " trot ail tht p f -Ottf teduced
' IbK Wett into a aupport of the sveTem by el-
VtM4'm tmtiAnB At tit' mnik nf th
r r B j
provemeat But Trtideftt Jacktoa, by hi
teta roeage put a nop to that ininitout mode
of cheating tha people of their bard earning,
, . They have tine attempted to' tquander away
money upon the colonixttioo tociety i they
atttmpted ton to keep off the payment of the
national debt, all lor the purpote of having an
eicuae (br retaining the high dutiet apon !
- - Mwtt, fto a to-'proteet pavrafaetorea-and
dz-ttpoy touthem agriculture. But in tbia they
... fiiltd.. The coloniiatlon toeietf waa. kicked
; oiit.of the house i and our venerable Preaident
bit paid the nation.! debt lo; apit of them.
. they o bone to ptt their milttarf pentlon
. bijl, which wiD contume more of the prople'i
, money than eer did the tyatem of internal im.
"ftrotcrnentt by lite national h-gitlature We
.. kop the South will aee into. foil intidiout at,
ICAptendcipoteitaiitdeeerre. . '
'JL Z ICJ1rrhaT,lhii weecomplie4 with the
' Jf nm. tkt miw fu.l.ll .i...i.nJit f niih.
Jiihlng the addrete of the grand juVy of John,
ton" county to- the people of" North "Carolina,
but -more particularly to thm'f of JrVton
, ' ; 08 lbs pf tce of treating at tktiiaty.
-fr;nC"ilt-at,li,. ift p.rt,,b rh I,,
m.1a in ththnuM of rP.,i;m .
" '''",)' !' U-a rW.rtf f 0 !fuu..n
Trn-.f fc TK Uutt (Ska il.a atWi.M mi
la, altarlrn Mr,BwttTr aa hi wty hotrt a
bt Uh at ? mmI ht hi aa a.
y tbat ha at anWa la ttra t hit dnil'f r
hwrta. fr, iml,Crr LlVf 1 a 'wni it il i
ikft bfurauag h aU A. Ct.
Anne fur Wrath af arNilraa. H ht onr
doaMa, at t tit ma .if Caatwat l ponlah
ltnMfta for hit attinfeaut iMAdiiet, Hotalih-
andB eelfilnl M d-wtrar aaarara mm
lWnt..Jtk aaatiMk.npua lUJb,tt9..l
apeaah. aad frftivm of drhait, vhlrh onrtit
aot ! be lolerttrJ.. Tba W -at fnit cm at
oar latt lriort Utm WaaMajftaaWf baa
nottioa il aMUainaa
la ardrf ta 1-Ura Irattar FalaiWwra arlih
Lit eoatlhaanti iha fjUhV bat aw'ld lha ere-
tieaiaa la the Woat aearrilmit tad mtKclaut
manaar. amonf tbt cherrtt Wd at hi door
aa one thtt be rroomiaradrd a ynong mm of
Clumhia dielrtet to the l-errttr af the Nty
for a M'Mltbiiaa't wamat, la pnferen-a to t
raoaf nta af bit aa Itata, Vhw ami!
iwrw. mr. rwnnri'rr hae nm.
e d by tbt rtrtiflent af Iha fce-arf thai tbit
fXT went flelehratioa of the aanivam.
ryoflhefrrtTrad tatoeitiimi In Colombia.
I A t.J ik. I, ; n
-. v. ww mm fuunwinr COWIfMiawM t Mr
Srattot Mr. ttarfv-N, faong tba mime rj
toattt that were drank t . fs.
"7 av, finrri.a. w, r. Manfnat, C.
Statat IVat. wa N. CamBM Tha .kL. .-j
ljweat iWa rf the dortrin, af rr..TJ-
a4 ftat Wr! t way be be tartan n yty.
r ' aa-a p?nt in aeuated tha eitixent
af Macklaatrf fit 177J. 1
TIT J lktTt0n-4m tiler af.rtif,
Via ttrea! rehseilo., by the SENATE, th
Immediate ptnuntnt of thtt gemlemtB, g ip
nHl. gt $. the pwrnoaa of eVnoaacinr Cor
Moaa fo hit vota. Since, (newer, the pub.
liea'ioa of Mr, Vooral raply to,'aae of that
meetingt which watbeld at Conrtland, there
hM been enmpret reaction. ' tft can tctrre"
r take np aa Alabama paper . new which doe
aot ar.tain an eemrent af oeetmr ,.
r of Go Moore't vote,
tfe regret to leam that he Cnvemne hat
been informed, by esireia,nf the total ?ruc.
t'io,by Srcof thaold cani'ol avavinUoubjrga.
The boaoraaf aveev Vifimin glowed with
boorat pHde when WkUf ea 'hat edi&ea,
which; whnened rhr .Brat effirt af Liberty t'av
wg ageintt detootiam and ooprettion i and
wher the elnqnenc of the immoetal Henry
awok a toirit which bat taept awtv tha pew.
er of Prince and King from tb lu-w world,
and la their tteed hat rive the wle of men, to
reaeon. liberty tad Juat'iee. . .
If ww wen tnperrltim, we might drt
bad augury from the drtroetionof ihatMonn.
merit of all which ia'eld and venerable j at thit
time, whan ertbrta are to tntai ljua
ten, to tear down the. aacient, and art op
new order of tbinp. ,
.. ' JefirnilMr
New-York, Htrpen.'Metwa.-'flarnvrt hare
juat pat topmt the I ft eoluaienf the work!
1 of tWf celebrated rlirlrM) wBieh hire been
pubUtbrd ia England under tha tuprHrtieo
dear of Dr. Gregory, Prjpfcttor af he iTfifary
Academy at Woolarich. ' It amj'd Sf tnpet II if
aaa4a aalamyauchtjn omnrrendttiof of
work whote Mtbor an tb ti'Wptge it. that tpo
ken of by tw tart eMipeteat jnrlrve a poet
Part and Dugttd Stewart. The former n 1 1
Uoiiitaetaaf a enhoolmaa, the-
UUT n aiaiwi. iaaa ia'vi w m W n
t philcnpher,' and the pie v oft ttht.'
-An4.0"irtd' 9tewat." There It a living
"writer a ho cnaibir-rt ! betaiiet of Johnon,
Addiaon and Burke, without their Imperfec
tion. It it I diaarniing minieter of Cambridge,
the lire. Bob rt Hall. Whoever wlthee to aee
tt Englith hngutg ia perfection, mutt read
hit riling." . .
Th editor In giving the hittnry of Mr. HallS
teraioa on Modem Infidelity." relate the
fallow lot characterittic anecdote: " Af'er hel
bad written down the trikig apoatrophe,
SJBternalOodt on .what are thin eneraict in
tent ! what are thoae enterprise of guilt and
borrrir.'that fof rho fety of. their performer,
require to b envoi ped in darkneat which
tha eye of Heaven mutt not ptneirat,'' he
aakrd. "did I tay reaairtiM air, when I preach
ed H f Yet," jM yon think air, I may ven
ture to alter it, foy no man wha eontiderad the
force of the Englieh language would ae a word
of three iyl&bte there, hut from ahaolute ne
eeeei'v." 'You are doubtlem at liberty to al
ter t. If yen think : well." ?Tben bw ao
good eir, to tike your pencil and for pnutraH
put jN'rrce, pirrrrit tha word air, and tba only
m-y:,'--' .
A memoir of Mr, Had and A tkttcb, af hit
literary chtracer from the pee of Sir J. Mac.
iMTotn, and t tketck af bit aharaerer at a
thelon and preacberi h-he Slevr'ilnaia
oTiHt will aoeoapany th .work .-.
I :-' Ceimtter ti fl(wirr.-
ftAlfc Hi c,' I.
"On Uonday the 9th titer; Asril 1832
neriment wu tried on the New Cattle and
Frenchtotrn Rail Road, with the Pentylania
loenmoter of Col Ing, in lie pretence of a
large number of tpeetatara, the circumttanoet
and retult of which were at rbllowt i
- Tba weight of thit entire train, Including the
locomoter, three care attached, tfe. wa aome
thing more than tea ton The cfyendera had
jutl rexeiredfreth packing which wMKtew
ed op eery light,' and fir a eonaiderabla time
much, obttructed the machinery of tha pir
The time actually employed on Ibe road
two boura, aad fifteeen minutee of which were
tpent in t'opptgey occationed by other carna
ge at work aa the road accordingly the time
actually eontamed in running wa two hour
In th'w timt the entire dittance actually trav
elled by the locomotor, wt twenty teven mile
the latt three milea of wbiejt were perform
ed in the ohort period of 71 minute, th tteam
blowing Off, tt the aifety Wive under a preetur
ofri podndt the tqutre ipflh, during Ibi
part of the MperimeM. ; The qnrty of wa.
teroontumed during tha curiae are oat
hundred and thirty gallon. ' "
- The weight of lh ngine being three tone,
that nf ftt load indoding, ,llie cart waa aprne-
m oih than teven ton. The conveyance
of n eqtjvtiiWt jr2Tft f4 A tb 14
I t tnttd nf I M a htf aiil ft knur
i. Viu (.ma frf'H ,t:.ttmtn ta rroir.
! hf.f.., 1, hii.tifd, 14 UbMiig ti.
n H'M.(..m.,f ,,lf fj,
Ul piif irrt .,f ,4 the ImamMfr rfj.,i,
Vntfei !tt et tn hurar kbaring It the
Jr ... - ... f.
.The rrlil.niri eipriifenttoa the (liKflirt.
er at .,.rr;.,h4 t.i R..,d wtrb t.l an t
oal p.rfrrM. tnl td eVi!y taeat. ihuHt
j i "."' "'"' arrre aa4e aa. aa
"?''": , 'd. 4heltri:rr ciasciit,..o'
1 b t-1 Ciktt, a.eiM Wwwt aeea pd
laalmtm, Out en the ceuirt't the read war
garrt'lr fowrtd ih t MMtn af dott.iad
la many pUcet a'nh at d freOiiv thiwrn apan
'hem b Hit ant kitMia fngtgtd la digging tad
tb road. " . , .
tTh p-rfonnaae of lb Penney Vet aU loeo
etat-e.eepeeyiy-aa-ta, Let Ihteajhilta of ill
run, we eterf fttr rule nf ealmitlon, fr Mr
Uttt of the beat ErtWh erifffara,aie.
liibnH Jn erj-s recwd-d eaiierlmet ea the
athfttr J tierpvf rUTTlUtd.'
Wt!rgTeetVy o tf.W0M't1r treatit
aa Bail BneHt, a rermbbenion of which it about
ta U-ne fmni tba preat of Menr. Ctr? a. Htrt
la ptiHi'le Iphit, the avrrtge heel ne'formtnpe
i4 ih R ick- t froilileat to a load of twiee
ma wrifTiiM i.e enftn (tiDiirre eftne
weigw at im engine) drawa at a tpeed of
mil and a lulf per hour.
Xrmtftiutf Kail 7f Aa intieatl ante by
tuniim wm made ia tbit cite yemky. t
waa of fifteea bead red there in tba' Mvhawk
and Schrntcieily Rail ftind 0-mptny, re pre
dating ta id liiionO eapittl of aae hundred and
Sfle ib'iuur) duhare, which tn aampanv were
iiitliont.'d to nite, tad torn pelted ta dtne
af, ta tbit manner by. a hire act af the Legwla.
ire The t. atlraclrd many bidder. Tbt
ttock wu pul ap at latt of SO thtret with the
pneilrge of liking JOO. d I be wbelt told at a
premium varying from 28) to 19 par rent.
mm m I
In thlt !on an Toeaday latt, Citata retain
Jaeghlar of CtA. Philo Whlgr, former Editor af
Ukia oivgtd w.WX'trw. -
In tdii conn'v, on f ndtr eeninr I fe $!)th
ult. Mai. 'JWW eTI ef of TW HevoiuMrm;
In the 87IA y-ar of hk tga He I the latt oft
U'to family "aba devoted the live and tbeir
forf)nn" i tba aacrod eauat in liberty. , la
the wnrdt nf a grat manM ke Reed at h oV
ti, tha aobjett work of God, an hooett raan,"
On the aam day Mr. Spenocr Ball, lath
84'h year of bit age-
In Charlotte, ea Friday evening bat, Mr.
Abb Men, wife of Captain Thaw A. Mera.
In Utmoia eoan, aeay BeatUaa Ferd, air.
Jamet ling, aged 87 year.
A'ao, a ft w daTtaiterwarda, la (be time aclf 0-
borb d, Mr. Robert AbeHiatliy, aged W year.
- " 'T " ZlZTZlZ?
In the ttiao arigbbnrHood, on tba ltk inet.
fltma r Mmmm, tmrnf reagnirr at i unara
.,.. , , .jya H nvotbt
Sl'ltlvll yiUHMKIt
A at oo receiving uu) vpcoiti tftutnfi
9&$ tlf1 fDC Dt of
aetcctcd with care from the aurkttt of
Kear f b aad rbttadelolMe at b tvaett rap,
laliooe. Their ttock Miat ia part af - -DtfMilM
B'O atid BUck olothae..
Do. hVowa t Brown ofiv do. - -,
Pu. iuiible Ureca da. ..
FinjOMlrheret, Saltinettt k blarfc Taitirtgi,
Mcrwi Ju'7 BrothtTtaYlna tiiunwiana,
: Brown, do', Mimd ErmineMe, , -...
iTettVw Man kee tod linen ebecka,.';......
" French and plaid Driliwgt, -
- Me iot il rmitor. raa linen,1-1-'
- F.ngHth camaea, Urrwwn & frith Rneit,""
Linen fable end towel draper, fife,
Z Hr' llfcijeni! V-lMtia Tet'ing,;',
A. ?irr rJiRitrr orrlcr:
Print, Ginghimt and Mnlina, " "
Ticking, Bietchnl and Brawn.
1 theetrng and Hhintn(f, .-.-; -T
.j Janirtura dimity and Cottoa ifriogrih ,
,.B!ck'J.ialia .Bjik," . . - ,..
" neenchew U eaminet do.
Blue .'Wc "Tk eambletg, ,
Cha. grot de Ntplr,
' Milanet and da Romania Gencr
Pongee, fig and btadana Uandkerthlafa,
CrioHO Pong d
Fancy Gue and Crap do. .-..'
ScarA, tilk tat tin, tnd rich figured vetting,
Silk and cotton H'wiery, ,
Fancy bonne re, bobbinett and cap ribbon,
Si'k aprJit,
-Linen Caraheio handkerchie&, Buaa, iSv.
- Iianwnd Straw Bonnet""
' - Polih t do. " ;"' do. '
Belgian do. do Palm leaf bait,
Eegborn bonnetaVfuf and wool do.
. . J rJMETTOr
Latin and Greek Sdiool Buokt, -Shoe,
Momce tkii!, - - -Hardware
and Cutlery, ' .. ..... -
GtaM tnd Crockery- ere, fo. te. .
Carpenter' Toolt, CSnaitJuif of every arti
cle made ae of by Carpenter ia tbit part
. Sadlert Trimmii'g,... . . '"
plated, Braat Jappui, lad Princt'l mettl,
ktarnete mounting, eoacb fringe and lane,
,. A goodirlment of Groeeri, ttv-.-..
ALL of which, they are determined to tell
at low at good can ba hart la thhr part of the
cotmtry. Purchaaert will do well to call and
a our aiock and bear price before they
k. It. ra grateful to th Public for
verr.liierel patronage heretofore, and
hope ytrict attention to bntine, and Bell
ing (piodi cQctp, to mem a continuance of (be
tame, L -'. - 2ltf L "
SaU,h1,Jfrtl2!Uk 113 - -
i'AKEN up as a runs.
"WiyVind" committed
to the jail of thiacouoty,
on the 9th int. a Negro
Boy named WILLIS who
W "Pi" tt be alviui eicH
teen or twenty yean old, five feet $
or 9 itchei high, 00 marki to be teen,
and eery badly d retted, fc -f!e
mvs that he belong to George R
gera of Chatham County, livit jj leven
miles from Pitttborough, 00 Hickory
Moufltaio,. 8tc The owner U rrqaea
ed to come forward prove property
pay charge tlndjiakeftirn sway. - "
Jailor nfBazidion
; l)Ain WATSO.V.
WOULD ff ipeitfully inform hi
oUl cuttomrra and the puMlc
irenerall ght N h rrrenye4
611 Or, from tht p)ttt where h far.
'tyTaeprVt) tht homt "t cMr
ttlow ihr nrkkrmlaairU a, Her
he H If 1 limei featljr 16 lertite" U
"ik la h! ling la nest, rlurable J
tubtania! it!-f trorlmntuklp. ",
II will keep en attntk nn hvitl
Bureaus. Secrrtfirkt;j Htrbmmlsi
IHnntr W Rrrahfat) Tablet, Ludiet
which wax will aell Uw far CASH, or
ciuotry produjceuflf eh i ihrt credit tc
put'Ctuai cotomerf , Jlpriit '
L I TllHAtt y a O TICV
' y will deliver thAttnua)Aidret" bt-
the two Literiry , Bnciclici It
Chi)eMIill ti reJnday hi 80th
Jane peit fth da? immtdtiUly
preceding Commencement . diy.) A
Cummrot oo the cufnpetency of that
gentleman to d'ueharge the duty ar
igncd him it deemed onnrcrMry
Rut it U tipped frnm tht prremineot
ttatiow which he occupies at ajutitt,
politician, atcholarand an oramr that
'"Ithe atfention of the public, and epe
i ally the Alomoi of tbit Uiurcrttty:
rill beriuflicieoily attracted toenmre a
mticriulitr eone.trtirae of eiairnra ns
that 'CCaion. 222 .
Puhl'ubrd by rrder of the - -
2 rtliu.fa favorable W tiie etoee
of luciature will pteae give the above
an inertinn. y-.rt.:
15 hereby ghea to tb public, that the pan.
nerthipf berelofuee, etletrng by the name
of arth U Ce. ia tlila day Jau)ved, (he
agreemnt,of Bait! partaartliip having es-
G'rtdlang ainca. Notice- la alao givee thai J.
. rianllh will aot hold biatrfl rrtpnaaiblefoe
try debt, bereiofure, eontrarled in the name
of titd pfrtnerthlp, tnd tbat be will totrttooe
to work at bit trade ia the hone formwly oo
aupiod by tb Sra f Smith U Co, .. . . .. .
JpU 2iA 1P33 ' - - 3.53 , .
I AKAWAT (rom he auburiber
on Tactdty .. the 10ih icit, a
bound Boy, BSmcdy . 'jC ..
about twelve ) ear Id, son of Thos.
Kidor, of Yot k 'Diitrict, jrhowent
off tiT conpaby vw1tfltimanc! since
returned. Said boy made his way
across the Catawh and ta tuppoaed
t have f me to Clmi Onty, Ni
C;i-fie will - tosruiytiodervke;Tto
change his nimt but it he should, Jit
may be eatiljf known by hit drett, and
burnt puce pn h ton el hit hfad
there being- no hair or the tpot, r
very thin, I'.0'!!?? i Jr'tfLf'D
W?l?r?A9" tnJTi Bpret
ty amart. active ld
rwWgtve te above reward for hie
del'very to me j and StJ for the ew
victton of any -tie who mav Jiiv nar
bored pr,.emplpyed hiro .and I aow
diet inctlw for varo nil- peraona agaiott
doing either under the penalty of the
fc-w-r ' ' "-"7?:".?. -rr-
a?S3 C. M. HART.
Yorkville April U'h. l3. -
JYcw Firm
Dtridao Ceunty' N.' C,
TIE fcbtcrlhera have entrrea -rrrto Copr
tneralilri, under the Firm of Henly b
Hunt. In the Town of Letini'tv Heidton
County, N, 0. and have bmighl that elegant
brick houta, Nnrth Watt of the Cuurt-Houte,
of Mr. Henry Humphrey's, alt that tpleadid
tatortiMBtaf .
0009S XJ,.
of Henry Humphrey t irt Cav eontliting nf al.
moot every article kept in a rated Store, which
they will tall vary low for t'eei Person witb
ing to pwrcbaaa -- --
wilt oleaaa to give at a call it n pain will be
tparad on our yrt to giv general titiifacttoni
- aa a a 0 - . ... a aa .
f . . Ail ainrj or couniry proauca win pa
takea in etchange for good. ,- ,
-Jtr -.JtUII.-a H. HEIMLT,;
Dee. 17, 1811 . ANDKEW HUNT.,
vyiLL prictiae m the Courttof thit County
f y tv, UvidonfVMecklenburg li CaUrrul.
ft V . ' .. "l
Hit oilloa hi a lew doers below the GaurVHoriM,
OcteAer 6M. 1831 , 92ft .
i-uaTo Caatoe vill tmttitt lair In
th county court of Rowtn. lie my, a
H trmea, be fdtmd, it the office of" the
. ., Benjamin Fralov," "
HtVlVuluet received thelatettNew-Tork
and Philadelphia faehion, tngother with
Mimt'er't fathion of London, and having made
arrangement to receive them regularly, at
they change, and bavmg Bv or mi ant rite
workmen in hit employment, witl he enabled
to execute all work in hit line on horl aotlee,
ehetp, and In a tuparlor eyle of workmanthip
' Any nerann withing ta leva the New-York
and Philadelphia Patent Bight modrof cutting
garment! can betawpfW1 by the -auhaeriber, in
saliaburv.-. All Tailor Would do well to tup-
ply themwlvrt with Rightt, a almmt all the
principal Ttllora n t'm tl'iited.Statei ute one
or tb other, both ""hem.
BOOT A&n t-Jioi; frroHK.
l41 , WlttfrClltlLY 1 "4 '
, VI &S li.L.rme l it I
HaCjfndadlhe f.itli-, ' t
, lll h bat er.d I V
full MM' of Urn. - . jVp.
Uamarwa4 Latl4ki' .,- 1 ' -n . -
af all di-aevp'inen, arm were trlrctrd by him
tW IB Hrw-Yera.and la Nwrk, New Jertey,
t4 Whreh ba wtH warraM to b uf th heal
qiati!y, If tay work, which ba aril, tbimtd
rip, . will b repaired grtm bat ether
Northern work will b Wpairtd without pay.
Ilia iter It lout dirart Kwh of th Court
Hotw. aa tha main Street, t'Moieing iha Ap
oihiaari .gweey atbatw ba wit keep atulaalty
aakaadaaaaaortriMfitorBUOIS aad RHOr.X
of hit ewe, a wed at Northern miifaetre.
lebtned aeraagament 4 y 4 rrtair
thoe nd boot t all .t'Trt,.. be a dnicted,
which i3 nabl him la keep up tupply, to
hai whan ewttomtre cR ibey wiU aot be diw
appnlnwd.t t . .,t,.t. ,
, AH orjirt Norn a det tire, ai'hrr'wholetalt
ar retaiLwill ba punciall attended ta. He
aaaufumeearge thoat foe laboring btndti
and whI luraiah planter with any qiiiatpy
ibey ntay want, whiab a)U be of the beat ma
terial, tnd , awt by hoy InevperieMed
In Hi bueine, but by JouruyaeA. Where
Ire nf wtor ptantf r. being rait af th eewnty,
hM aaite and oedrr not Teat than SO ptir af
Sheet each, ba wilt have them dehvarvd Bl
their houae. AS thafl ba warranted la b out
of the heat materiel. ...... .
tctih tan jutmaEf Mr. Sots)aet
t all flnd Immedia't rmolm nierit b anph ing to
. i ?.f TvBRNRZEB OICIWO."?,
ntr, prif 16, mt ; . .
'.' . ' BDITKW B -
jjviito.v cimige:
f.V S.tUSBVHT Jf. L JH0UY.1. 3
IZTHELiyirtU fti CroJj niiti is J e yav
tr d in timcralJMitjfk ,WitimlEi
vnomyStatc , f aptrt, - Ultra! urtx
Rtrtign end lhwitu Vcici, Jgri
CktBTf, Mcchmict , Vcc.i: :Z 2;
In politics the Editor is a thorough,
paced ' democrttic Rrpublirao. ' lie
advocatei the doctrines of Free Trade
and Bute Itightt it opposed to the
cxeniK of constructive powers bad
incidental right t. If is pppoaed to
the Tariff and ita efftpring, Internal
Irrprovementt, by the, JJtneral. Gov
emmeot. He it in favor of Internal
Imprpvemrnta'by the State Govern
mrntt, ' Brlieving the re-cieciioti of
AITDarW ..JAC2J0W. be the
torest mean of perpetuating those
lilitrtiet in defenwof which he. ha
conullirUd icmucH, jibe '.Editor "will
advJcste hit re-election with unS'inch
ng zeal and manly firmoen. '
TP.nJIS;....Tl Cirolinlaii is
f tinted once a week on a large impe.
rial sheet 01 good quality, with new
type 1 aod will be sent to subscriber 1
at E3 per r annum, u paid within
three monlhi,--f i,s ofler that
time, ,'-. ' , :r t r L': ...
Advertiit' at the osoal rates. As
the Csrr.liniao has the'wldertlreula
tioo of any paper h the Western pt
of theState., ad vejtff ejs would find It
much to tbeir advAnage ti adreriiat
ia !taptoms-.--t7r t-x-f
Any orre procuring i lvent aub
atribere to tbe Csrolinitn, shall have
fTT POt 'LIf? ttmoat be
try Eifitort whh whorrfkre etcbtnfe
will umfcr a fator nponrtisi wAkh .wilt
be rheerfully reclproctled, by giving Ihe
aOiAPT. J. C. HU
vs HAM hiring been
-fr "inged last summer,
in iuhiik tMt-ern cinrlet'on and the
raw. calling at Geo. Tpwn on ber wsy up
tnd down, will return wee Tups In the
couneof a few days tnd i Intended to be
continued la tba trade the ensuing sea
son-' .::'-'' ' :: - .' i ' A
Her exreeding light drift tof Wrtei
drswlnir, when loaded only thoot four and
a half feel wter will enable her to reach
Cberaw at all times ecept'an oncom
mon low tiveri when hoy csrgo, will be
lightened tube tipence nf ooat. .
CMrfeefeM Sefil. H, 1131.
N, D. one nt ' comfortable sccomo-
dttion for a few' pastengera. 93U -
J. li. U. .
State of North-Carolina,
SaJ.LT Mo'aaae
- -a
JPtdtinfir Xb'aeree. '
JoBATaaa Mote.
J It appearing to the satisfaction of
trie Court that the defendant Jooathan
Morgan Is not an inhabitant of this
gute, it is therefore ordered, tbat
lubtication he made for .three jpnntb
n the Western Carolinian, printed at
Salisbury, and in the North Carolina
Journal, printed ' at Fayettcvitle, that
the said J mathaa Morgan appear at
the neit Superior' Court of Law," to
be held for the county of Montgomery,
at the Court-IIoute in Lawrcnceviile,
on tha first Monday io September
next, and answer said petition or it
will oe heard ex parte and .judgment.
gramea againti mm pro cooirsso. m
WiTHrts Farquhar Manin, Clerk f
ou.r Saptripr Court at Other, -the
first Monday iif March, A. D.I 833,
- and uf the American Independence
iheitr;(VpAR. MARTIN, Clk
, XCE AJJTJO. : -1331 ; -
A, Ji
;;i;v, rS(iior;nM:;
. Vuncfu rt)t tit
SPtUSf! ?. SUM U Ml
aikUia.wJa. Jaai -i
rArift Lfuf ihe r ttr-re frnerv
JLi unwed upon him, by a diacen.U'g P''- "!.
rieif..lly rnf..rt ht pitron, and i.e pjbt
il rf(ta. thtt ba U now eprning. al l.. Siere 1 ,
kaluhory, , ' ,
" ' ..ftwMr'twi..i 4 jm. - . . . -tat 1 ,!Fkt Wiimmftf f. fiflf! T
-1 O J
; sr z: i rca 12:2,-. .:
FOR CJSIf,. ,4 i
'Sclrcted with iho-cmieet carJ
mri 111 av 1 liUtai au www w -. amaww,ira m
from the latet import 4tion, in
n"iirr:A,nRi.iHl A
Miutik 'particular, nf to
- the variety of tcutt txkibitei in
1 1; those Cities. ... - . . -
-THEleno1dvrt fnw"4,Mt f
aaeommof roweett f hi prioea, bailed Jo v. e
ery atbr eaeeemry beeommtnU'lun, ho.d ouf
wpurtbaaarl a mora than ordinary opportune. .
ty for pufchotlng W tb wwt lvaoibla and .... ,.
turfcbls terra. - , '. "'.;-"" r
HBhopebyperfetdheeeneetobuiineB, .
rrndrtH.wb. ry ! him h ibeif
patronage, aneb seCoaJuvxlatluB at naii a.a.i
ita naMH leiiiBrrra. -- - "
'. - . .. ,i , ik ' . WM 1
Saht.rf.Jpnl 14, IS.3, ,
-rItl4.. evlcLratei" ... -
- .- ; A horse will tn
1 tiie present sean,
Cbsrlotteon Mondays "
'and T'edtye f St
Joterh McGinns'.se
awajitewTvrn wile nrU
d.i)-s and at Concord ooFriJiv A ndl
Saturdays.' Six dollar will be hrg
ed for the eaeo four dullsr for tb
slrle leap eight dolUr th ioautV
ance, , iis rtuirivii"-
gugrWy. Mirth 1tk Ml 15'f ' J .
THEoopanoeralupot ta-n?trn i aire-,
la tbia day dtmrtlved, by mmuat eon nu' ,
TTbiM Videbted ttythe Area ara req-.r-'d t
ennt lurward and'make payment by CAaH 00
MOTE, aa It at tmporrant that tha buatncig -aJ-tUuuli
bijloted a oo t pvmible
iHraubewaier bavip.
L prche in inier
I ett of Jtmet B. Iiamrnon,
m Fa jh fi,e Wnth makm Khop, -
" - - -- -
Tin - - ---- :
I area le tb m plare, In
1 all Ita varlmit brtachrt..
Wat'chet h t:lcka repair
ed, end Werrsni.d to pt rfirm well for Twrlrw
tlontha. Foe the encouragement aereioitfrw
reeetvad bv th Crnv I return my H"cerw.
thank, and hope I
L., at. f ' . i.
r by attention lo the bo'ineew -anew
of their tupport i .
to merit a eootluuinc i
XWvrf'M&tX, yA 13'J.
"rtJziXJ form the citw
r-J. fen, of C-.barru
-f CNa"-r ?ftd -the". nrrr)Urtd.:-.rr.;
:Jj,y. . he hss c;mmcnca .
that ..above., the town of.-...
Concord, N. C. where le is prepkretl . ..
toesecute all kinds of work io bis
line of business.1 i; ';.,;" ' r.
;;AII lladi" nV Wauher an J CI- clkj"
repaired, end warranted to perforra
Well for twelve month. . '
jThoe disposed to patronize hins
arestaured that no pains will be ipe
yed 'to' Sie" jgenf,rl sat!fjcu'0'.'" "Vt
- Orders from adjoining counties witj
receive prompt attention.'. ,"
ConfprdJV C, Much, 1832. .
vDr A.Bcall'i Instate.
I NTENDING ta.qnaiify .'a ndounv .
ittrator of the Estate of Dr. Ae V
Beall, dee'd. I would, for the secora. '
nod4iio6 .of' those pcrkan iodtbted ;1"--to
said estate, inform them thai I will ' '
attend in EtatesvllleVn Thursday-of
the May County Court, to settle watt :
alltnoteho will avtiljliemtt'ltff of
this NOTICE.- The. aiuml.-n cf.j- '
the estate, will admit no lor"-, r !.
tu. jursumuua aijjBiUBt til caiiitci
must le - legally - authenticated, and
treented within the time prescribed
ylaw. -'.'- B, L. BEALL
J April 12A. 183. , : 3t2S .
f); TANAtfAY from th, i
- xy house of Mr Jt-hi. "
, uaiacr, L,q. encgroiTHri
named JIM, belonging tp
William C. Kirkbnd live :
ing .ia South Carotintg
Barnwell District. JIM
is 81 yeara old, about 4 feet 9 incher
high, a little yellow cast,' Any' per
aoa apprehending the said negro .and ..
lodging him in jail, so tbat 1 get hi a
again, shall receive a reward of ten
dollar. , Any information concern !np
him, jaay be -directed to Beaufcrd'av
bridge, Barnwell Dietfic. B' C. ' -

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