North Carolina Newspapers

of o. , lh7 can.! U ww
ut wuU Hm pmrrff Ihe ."tt fm
tnenta. To ! datniw lra
l.nJ down. wbn;b I Ihiniu InrorttrovrrtiUe,
TV Otb enwdiwnt ytiMTh mi.
th Constitution ol certain
"1 T, his. shall lb construed to deay or
v sptng oi'wfi jcrJ byJh opW.
- -fhbt "Th porert 4 dileinltd to
f f ' lb 1'a.ted Hut by lh Constitution, nor
V - j,ro,,frtw it iU frlates, r rervd
la tin HiaU rpecnveiy, or 10 in pw
' - , " . p!e.M The to arm:Mmntastila clear-
jT f J th principle f spratio-f lb-"
y t tra f rautwl and retained. I ft scoou
f 4 paragraph of tbt fllb articl of ibe Coasti
-(utioaituithcM vrdt '" .-rt' 7
,J" ' 'TV Corttfituliorj, ww! tb law of tht
r?,ij V Toiled Elate wftirh jha!l U mad in pur.
i T rxiwl ltMM! and ftit'lruia: mad, or
f th failed Stales, hall be th supreme
law f th land J and th Judge in every
fetal shall b bound thereby, any thing
- iaj iba Cunatifutio or lava of any But lo
tht cbofrarj joffjlhetapding.
To aba the pertiwnry mar clearly
f lha doctrin f hav laid dowt lo the
t'uh'mtie, I will quoit Iht laflgog ol
- aha ttupnma Court ta tht casrvf Oibbons
. 0 don. A Hading to Iba power lo reg
- - ltt ewnmerc, lb Chief Jatti in de
livering lb opinion of tb eoart eaya :
- We ara now arrived at tb enquiry,
hal U Ihi power f Il is ib town to
regulate,' that is, ta premribi tb rule by
Which commerce is to be governed This
powtr like all otktr$ vted ia Coogr,
la eooiplttt io ilaelf. "it has alwaya bn
Vtdervtood, that lb overeirnty of Cou
fraae, though limited to apeciM objcl,
' M pleoary a to Ibeaa objocts." This doe
tnn can only mean tbat th powers jnn
(kd to Correal by lbs peoal ia lb coo-.
ii(utioar full or plonary powers ever
aub)eia committed lo rte afney, and
tonseauenf) eicjuiv ' poware., Tba
.jwwi aovireigaif . if aied tq .Conjrejf J
as ii aoioniniea oaa pmb, vouiq d im
Jroper. onjreaa is tot tba sovereign
' power of tbscoontry, but uijency with
J)9irtriila-W-C-WV partkulu
ubjects. . Its powers aj delrg&ted only,
they are tiflreforaf aeeewuty eubordin
t, and not sovereign powers. Wo all
ajgre that th aoverain power isJn be
r 'peopla, if this be so, taniuff never alionia
' teJ, tbey atul retain it. 1 be contlitntiaa
t 'Itself is aa act of funda mental Irgitlation
vf this wry sovereignty; dclegnting
through thie power of attorrtr yxSfTSOfitfcry
power of legUIntion, asraed on UT uatuia
to M nol only dtdeatad but limited and
ennmeraiao. A sain lit court says: A
If power t1 rwtftef a -ptrtiovfir thiniji
Implies th icWr power, A grant of the
- wholn ia incompatible with ihe existence
right ia another to any part of h."1
1 In langnig i apjiropriat and clear,
fnd, Ukeo in connexion with tb evident
, as and meaning of thflJbtegoing
,P tbmitosr jwtabUsbaa the principle, thai
.--i . oiibef govern ment can interera with tb
. ppMPnaw and eoaituUonal power oj
'-r::.:.1t olher.r Let th ranpftulataS..; Alt the
-i';--power veUed in Congreas. ar plenary
. oiare they ara then of naccawty ejtolu.
r -frv-powem"-And, if they cannot "in.
... , .. -cmniarie or o mao concurrent, or con
rwirt with jh jKtwere H h fttjijlt
' fures nd it foljows. a uutUjtjgi course.
- ' wai within loeir proper sphere of action,
. ' hea eonfinad I tbir proper ,and coasti
-.vr --- --'.ttinl purpoeeet lb power of th Slate
. : '. ..crteramants ar qully plooary and i
fliiaive Both ir M t the irpMj)f rflaiin
. .-ssesttwrswhe -at out of - it;;'Mkirninetihn.
i'jpv-w P h fotwgoJag' fV trine tb power to
" regnwt (oraintr with wreigii nation,
-'-a-' mona th several Stale and with th
t jtiu'm lKaa.W kina. lik mil Ka Mhu iu...
. ati tutionaT powtr or congron, a full pow.
' " r over th subject, must b exclusive and
- 1 tiannot be oarticioated.' Thi bain- truo.
It otterly preclude 1b idea of tbe right uf
' ; .wngreaa io en .i in wnoie or 10 part, by
r. tpoanaofasyiternofintsrnallmprtvement.
j r . unia in junaoicuonai luuit M a Slate
.. . .? . . . Mb Slat governmant Oadoubtedljr bar.
. .; "log th right. Tbo only work or edifi.
"f tz 1nthe charactaf: of Improvement
f lnch congrees i. authoniml to erect or
... lubricate within any of the States, arepro.
tevtidtfd :lft to tht: Jotter partof thaStb
' . 1 ' aectiorf-,! the tint article f th constitu
'.jpSSfloiCr fn order to enable congrcy lo erect
" j fceedful building for th operations of the
1 fenislativt-and executive departments, and
; ; - that th federal government might hav a
'. .;,..- Jecjl babitatKA as well as a name, ir was
! $ provided that con 5 ret should hav power
; J, to, 9iKn.4Jtclvtb&r.h(tixm-tM
caiea wbatevef, over" inch district, (nof
rTwicwinr ten milo square) -ar'aiav" bv
' . cession of particular State aad tb acres-
tanc of congress become Usoatf tbe
"""""BBPB'WfJl lfasjij- wftw Uaaiassi.Bj FV.tIIUVl wItX f
,i ,-i xercise filJk authority over all placet pur.
chased by the consent of the jgislatui
: ir.-."tf th tkatt iCitbtck tht tamo ahall be,
. for th trtction fortsi magajinBSTioclt.
i-V'W- ffd araeaalt-tnd other cedlul build.
; - ing.n Th eootro) of those subject iJ
anurcly la cooyreui.theT-ar 4he-onty !
fTwtleVf in the cKracftf rftBiprvelnordi
est edifice within a Stat. wbieL Congme-.
Das ih power to make and not even these
without th pre-vequsjt,; of wqiiiring,; tb ,
whole and exclusive eovemmeat, by nun
bait and eeasion over the olacea wher
recteif ; with which placoa after this, the
7"J autboritim of the State in vi hicb: they may
Tlty" tw canniit iuierfart in any way. there
a great miatoke in supposing that the
improycrjumt of drivers bay inlets, and
fc arb" rs, an J wakinfroads m& eanala in !
" i'." " tho-States, stand on tha taunr.fotiof
t' - They are no who ptovided forr either 1
''i&4m(yt H indireirt ji nCuoitfkiitwnv!
.l..-'--..Jl.. 'eoy-on; .auppuao-i'tbat- ibe. iuit
yould er could cede to tb General Gov.
" ' I : enmienr, th rivers, bavs, 'and all tbe pub.
' i'iK yi)e h wavs fi -which commerce ia car.
Hfitl ,1 . If Hk4 would, b left what
fhry be utterly -l"rt." Tin ('
i-ii;t(.a vf North t'arulin eprf'!y jy:
1M prrprijf of Ih o.l in a fr Uuv.
rrmtHiiii, ktngooe of Ihe ersnlal rij'i
of ibetojladiv UxJyoflh prnp! it U
oefury la order t avoid tutir di
Citet, tha limit of ili flutahoulJ
i carleiitaJ iitb precMM'. .
Then, after dVcnUng V botindarf line
on ib smith t ) i , Tlrfuf e all the
ttrritdritt, sea, mater$, l karlort, with
lUir appurttoanca, Jyiflf Hween th
abov doar.ribed llii,4c. audi th southern
line f Virginia, ar th right and pro-
a of lbpoptoof Ihi 6al to b held
i m ia full $o9trtigntt'm I beliov air,
no part of these tiling ka beeo. partfd
with or ceJed, nor aouli they bejriibaiU
at VivlntK of h Federal Cnatitulifl,
unbW fr such purpoa, a bav buon
prcviA'd for in the liaaruirieiTlt Congress
baa power to-toiU xis, Vb yardstaVo,
wilbid a Huts, only upon lb same princi
ple thai it could build Am Capitol, lb E
eculive Department, vy Tard and otb
er needful building In tfi District of Col.
umbia, not becauw) Congrees had the
right (olcgUlale, but lecaus having flrtl
obuined, by tb method pointed out ifl
tb Constitution by eMion and purchase
from Maryland and Virginia, full jwwr
over lb Divlrkl, it coulJ then, and nol
till then, plac or erect any uch iifiprove
pient u it mirjil think proper. And so
of tli other subject ueutioiied. It will
be seerj io tba law, nrst and second vol.
uaes, that immediately after the Govern
ment went iitt v(KralHn, proviiioa wtu
made for Ilia cewii of light bouet ,wiib
tb Mine view as seemed to hav bmin
applied to the subjects mentioned, and
what then wto doomed to b tlie construc
tion, may be learned from the practic of
th Goveruaneut in regard to light bouses,
a acted a than and woe, as will ap
near bv tba folluwini extract from Oor-
don s digest of Hi laws i o light nou
. . . . . .........
ahall be built on any sit previous to ces
lonftlturMdicuoa over in aameiome
UnHed 8ufe &C! "If any aersM ar
parvrns within any fort, dock yard, aavy
vard. arneual. aruwv or sue azuie, tb
sit whereof is celled loand utxltf the ju
riUhon of tbe' UnTTeJ"Slalft, f oh the
site o any light houn or oifier nrtdul
bvildinr b'wzni W th ruled states,
th sit whereof is ceded," Ax. It
bo thueaeen that au these object were
claaeed together, and tb earn requisite
occosury to enabl Longroe to eroct
them t even it admitted, that light-house
are heedful building in aid of coninerc
ortho" navy", Congress crldiiot " rnali
them within th jurisdictional limita of
State, without first obtaining exclusive
overnnant ever 4b ala or sites a in
case of forte, dock-yards, c. with which
they have ben clashed.
. Mr. Speaker, t have thought proper
thua I allude lo lighl-houMs, because
they aoem to have b"n a sort of stumb.
lji.!'g .Win4 kin4if''.U!lying p-int
lb frmnda ol internal improvement or
WaJjookor f'ac to hang a doubt on
and particularly to call tbo attention of a
Iriend woo I ae acraaa lb way, la th
aubjecTaa h and myself bavcf frequently
in a sort of Committee of the Wholeoa the
state of lb Union, had this witb -ether
suhjeeta, and particularry tb Union itself,
under constds ration- But-1 UUuJi they
the ganeral class of objecta, Known aa in.
ternal improvamenla. .But tbey seem by
many to be cenaiuered as a sort of .toon.
crel, or thin of doubtful character. Jf
gentlemen pleas the y may transider them
a t kind ol political toophy tea, om.
ponding to Iha'r 'diwUllttT"! iiitcrnie'dlate
class" of beings which form tha connectiiig
link between the animal and vegetable
kiugdom 1 lut -gentlemen consider. them
aa lb internkdiate link between the two
govemmental authorities; make them po
litical toouhyte.
Sir. Speaker, the power lo regulate
commerce, like that to regulate tbe uutil,
so far as relate I our public highway
Uia way 00, .which commerce ia car
lied on, and the ini IranHported. i mere.
ly a right to pass over tnein. 1 he power
la rfculate commerce, and the mail, 1 a
power over subject and vehicle, and does
not aflect the highways, longre legi.
ktoa over both then subjects, so as to
proscribe: tht. Jeenl rules by.
they ' air to b governed T and when the
judicial power u required to act upon
eases originating under these laws, in coo
ncxion with either of tb subjects, tbe led
oral courts take cognisance of these cases.
But doe it not occur to the roost twin
farmed, that any other cases, origoaUng
on those public highways, than such as
are connected' with tht mail or with na vv
ration and commerce, refer themselves to
the jurisdiction of the Stat tribunal If
amend, or abohib our public highways
Within the States, none of which have been
ceded to it, doe not even a blind man tea
that thCousequsncenHist ao6niiri'en.
tjre obliteration ef alt the jwwer, of the
State authorities, and in that case our ays
torn al fwerMtnent desiroVed- by- eea
It must, I think, b perfectly plaii ac
cordtRg :to the fore ffoine feasooinif that
the exercise byCongress of the power to
max intenml improveroBntsroitner roadit
aad canalsj, or Jhose upon, water, courses,
harbours, bays &e. ia entirely unauthoix
ed by th Cortatitutioii,: ll Congreas has
not tUis' power tbea It has not the right
to do to in any way or by any means, and
ofeours it cannot do it by th use of mc
ney 4f it haa not the pewer, then it has
not the right to use the moan to arriv at
th end. , j ''ieicomtuA
any purpose mcaas ia th use ar power
dt aco -real practical.-power. - Evea
the r osneot of a , State would not give the
power. - The wtmwnir of a - Stat could
n more give Congreas a right to do that
wbjeh. ft badctUj 'jrigW toMw.Upde j
iLia I cm! I
-fit lo'dn an ut.lj-f-i:
'ir-r t.i
..t. 1
the rrra'jiion f eommerf r or h g)
rule lo euttle the fJ x ( iatercoore.
andifUab tb ryM to mak lb
ways ot) which tmwr? ti car rind erw
fl3 fcat would tfteerni reaxonaslB that
il abould make lb yehirlesj for, acard
ing 10 (he docfrlo asrjmed, that Congress
bit aigbt fe d whatever-will (acibtat
rommerce, and if a power to, regulal is a
power to tnaks, then Cong r has U
power to nuke or caua to b made, every
thing ' having any rehlioa lo.comroetc
not only tb way hot vehicle -auch ,U
merchant vessels, canal boats, cart, dray,
pud wheelbarrow, morchanti ware.boucf
kais, iO. and uudut lb power to regu
late com mere among ike State, Jtfa.
e Hity, they could mk waffl"eedaV,
taru and uy tbio lswci.a4 tbe re ial
artding wniea lauiuiaiea commerce mors
that article, tb oJiMge ef which, coo.
dilute eamret in it oiosf wfr"A (
nification Cynere may appropriai m
ney 10 make or encourage Iho making Jnf
every thing which u pought nd sold, an
tiling whichanter into commercial ex
cbaug, either foreign ordomettbv Bui
if lb j(BprveBiuU tif.'lb public high
way art regulation of commerce, w ith
in th meaning of tb constitution, what
will gentlemen do with that part of it
whkh says u No preference ball te giv
en, by any regulation of commerce ot rev
enue, t the ports of one tte over those
of another." Whenever half a milliot is
riven to improve or maks port or bar
bora in one Slate, il mini, to comply with
th instrament, be giveu lo all having aa)
port or harbor.
This, Mr. Speaker, i nirely a most ex
traordinary power. In addition to the
authorities already riven, (bowing tb ex-
clutve and plenary nature of the power to
regulate commerce, with foreign nation
among the sevsrel stales, oa vnta th
ludian tribes, the f dlowinc ia also fliveti.
frcro tb opiuiou of one of ili merabtr of
tbe nupreme Court, ia the case of Oilbooe
Speaking ot (hi same power, vs. Qden,
he aay s udsinc Jhe po wr (opre
scrilie tbe limits to ita freedom, nece wari
ly implies the power to determine hat
remain unrewt rained, it follow tba( tba
power mud be exelmipe The m
idea i expraed by Justice Baldwp in
th case of the Indian Tassels, as ma be
aeon in Poior's R'-porta-The ChiefJus-
lice in Giblvios va, Ogden,'pakin( of
iBspeciion laws, say .'; They form a xr
lion of that imroenae maa of bgialaon,
which embraces errry iking within the
territory of a State not t-urrtnderid to the
General Gevermoenf -all '-which af be
most advanlaeoualy executed by tbe
State themei'lve. inspection laws, par.
antine btwa, s well as laws for rtgvlaing
th inter na I commerce of a State, '.flow
h't me aak. are not all the riven, bavt.
harWi, roads, canals, dte witbin ajStata.
iucludsd witbin tbe territorial, and, juris. L
tcuwuii iiiiuia i in ovaia r nt,ianpi
the tegwlatioo over them a part ef that im
(livi'lul a ri
men. mast of legialation 1 wbih the CJucfLre-election of Oen. Andrew Jacksoa . a
Justiee says embraces retry tAing- withi President, but .opposed lo the election of
the State not aurrenderad lo tb General
Government? - Have all oar public hirh
ways ; have any of then been aurrepderecl
t the General Govarnmenl I Hav ven
Xags-be4d and thttWBhrplcet already
alluded to in thi discussion T And jt not,
let me ask by wnat authority doei Qp.
grei Interfere with' the rights of the
States with the rights and property of
111a priipio ui i-vuiiii vBruiiiia, wiinoui airv
sort of jiihcatioo-gtLinst the C4nttil.
llon"of Iht.Voiied 3j&Ya,'ad'an8t''..'tet
exprcsaclaim of tut pcoplt of North .Car.
olina, in their declaration ef rights, which
u a part of the Constitution, of the Stats,
reserving this very right and power to
themselves T The words of thi dec Ian,
lion are . " That the people of thi Stats
ought te have the tote and txcluntt right
of regulating the internal government and
police thereof." From th doctrine "of
plenary ana sxeiuaiva power which 1 wave
. 1 . ...... -i
advocated, and which I think' correct,
Congress either ha the a hole power of j
iweriiai unprvvcuwui, or no pair o( it.
This all pervading power, the rWulatieq
of Commerce, is a broad mantle which
htdeth a multitude of our political Bins.
af t Jeado tw- taiag oTa - most strange
andfautatstic character, I have said that
commerce, in its most confined sense, is an
exchange of equivalents in thi 1 am
again borne out by the high authority
upon which 1 have so frequently jlraWd for
aid. From one of tht opinion delivered.
in th case of Gibbons vs. CMee, wa have
the following : " Commerce, id its ampleaf 1
signincaiiun, means an exenange oigeoasj
but ia the advancement of society, labor,'
tramportntiorr. tntellrgenctr cart "and" W
ttout mediums of txchangt bocome votfi-
moditi, and enter into .commerce i thJ
subject, tbo- vehicle, the agent, and thnir
. . . .1 . . -
various operations, bocomeihe object, efUhould be reflected to the first offict in th
commercial f rxiJafioi. T Mr. Speaker, I
bava been astonished at the xtent, aniAi
tude, and variety of tetiod assumed" under
this power SirriheHtdbrwinir ee ntenc
will olwloeta'WibatlVeutdrt. to pronouiKM
neithef yourself nor any njemoor of tbu
oody, would haw dreamedToft-Pif.;
11 is a ciaim tor vongress, 01 a most m.
ular faculty. ' Nothing jnoreor leas, Sir,
than under the power of regelating tcoro.
mercft , vongress may .00 what nj,
Spnaxer t Tottcouli foi gueia in ' 'fir,
night, -Sir . Nothing; more 0 ' leas than
propairate seaman the things ' amonffl 0
then spoken of, si' subject of commercial
regulation, are ship-huilding, Ilia carrying
irmue, ami propagation oi-seamen, ccc. vc
NowSivtof afittl nhilolsgy i I believe
st'WH ffMMid Wiwh" exarfijriTrfg" tuir' IHc
nohtriea, (hat the w6rf propaf; Inearis
to cootinu by suctesaivt generations.
NoWjSir.I bentve rt ha .been tottled
ong aince. by tb metaphysico metaphvsT
leal philosophers, that there ia to auch
tHuu a tauiTooJ MQtratJon, It
ill ;eoratjonj . Jrial
lliitfef rt L wre.jiirOri J uJ lliu, U'k!i t
lU per lo re'ilai cmuerre, Con
r Ima l!i rwer". urtriiioi ally, 1j
jf'n.fdt Kiioert. This i t!t roiike.
uneiKpllid lriiietlit Conjrea can
ile, orj nialre, of ra'iM to bo made, any
ibini.ffiii1 Oiliiv lo rominerrei Imt,
8r,l Hid fM know thai Cwnjiwaa had the
nghl o recumtt any out corarco w
lweeii"tlii t. H. and fittfn eali.m, am
ong the saveitjl Biales, and with tht In
dia tliUs.
Mr. r'ptakfT.tlJ! Tarilf ha of.g been,
and J'iKtly, a aubjocl of eouipluint. It ha
daacryed quit aa auch a ha been said
of if. Yrt, J mdat U permitted to tell th
frV-ndseftfta" Right, of the rights' of
the people ? aad to tell lh pepln tbem.
whUuit a yiiia.p(JAriial Improve,
meal carried o by lh General Govern-
Uieal.wilbiii lh Hum, atrtk tame 4h
1 " - m
fejtly at th yitarjf JhsoyereiiiTjrr
th . Slates tht sovereignty ot wie pno
ple for they are th 8tat llian even
that canker ot our peace and harmony,' lb
TariffilsrlC Tb term lutornal Improv.
meat, 1 moat comprehrnstv. It . not
oeeew arily confined to tbe making or im-
proving public highway j but, by the la
cility of construction, may be mad to ap
ply to every possibl relation or maa to
man, and thus plac all th private a well
a public e 00c em of th people under th
management ot this Government acting
as oo gnal consolidated power upon the
tommuinty. To tbe union ol these Iwo
agents, Hi Tariff and Internal Improv.
merit, th one lb plunderer, lh other the
receiver, of lb mneyofj the people, we
must ewe, if no interposition can be had,
to redeem u from thi moot, unholy alii,
ance, what, ar, it makea my heart aick
even to think oft Mr. Speaker, tmwt it be
T A re we, like all other Empires, lo
hav our rise, pregreja, and falllTo run
our brief raee, too, in lee than titty year
" There i the moral ef all human tale
Ti but th same rah ere I of lh past
First freedom, and then glory ; when that
WeaJlh, vice, swrvrffori-barbariiirn at
lJaji. .. ...
Mr. FpeakBr, we, th representatives
of (be of Ihia country, and the peo.
pie thermerves, are under a moat awfui
reaoansibilily I- Ar we not btoked t a
the guardians, not only of crar own politi
cal and civil rights, but as the guardiana
of tbo rights and libertioa of the human
re ? Snail we, fnithler to ourselves,and
lo maokind, in oor disgraceful scramMin
for money and place, forget the trust re
peeed in us T Sir, if this 11 lo be the ease,.
if the idea of self-government ia a dream
r- - 1 .1 , " J 1 11
11 man ia ever 10 d mo aupe 01 nis it-new
man to be robbed, and cheated, and
trampled 00 ! why, ail I have to say, i
Then, let this world be, and continue at ill
One wid den of thieves, or what you will
Another tticefrv the
At a wealing of those friendly to the
present administration, and in favor of the
Martin van Burew a Vice Frewrlent
held in the Court House in: Winton. Hert:
ford county, N. C. on the. 30th May past,
for the traroos of apoointinc delegate to
fhff-StttrConireTitton to be assembled'tn
Raleigh on the 1 8th JumvGesv Bridges
. Montgomery was called to th Chair,
and Jojia A. Anderson appointed Becre
"Oil Jaoiior, k committed was appoihted,
RayneLRosctn C. Borland. Kinsey Jot-
daalnd David Ci Crow, to, draft nsolu.
lions exprejRite f the sense of the meet
ing, who, having retired a short time, re
ported the following; which were adopted;
Whereas, from tht political aspect of
tht times, a crisis 1 approaching in tht
political history of thi country, which is
to teit tho permanency of our institutions
and which will require that th Chief
Magistrate of tho nation mould, in an em
ment deyree. pcrsa those dualities which
Mrv' Jeflbrson recommondea asthe f rite.
rton of htness for office" honesty, capa
bility and faithfulness to Constitution:"
and whereas w believe that Gen. Andrew
Jackson.' wdffing from thefeadin? me
sure of hiitdminrstratjohhax
earnest that he ia endowed with those e.
sential requisites f and whereas we lur.
tber believe that, owing to his extensive
popularity, he is more capable of concea
tralinir public" tenttment.tbrogghourtb
Upioay,and thereby' harmonizing those
vmnoui cwiniciuig inieresu wnicn are ots,
feting Jhe couh
Reeolvei, therefore., Thot we entertain
great t confidence i the integrity of his
political measures ,' and that we consider
it of the most vital importanct that he
1 Whereat- wt hcliev that -the office
of fice President is oc of thtgTtatesl
nmwtotnrvvtrtare otecrtrj; tnq
which should be filled by a inan in all re
flect competent to discharge the duties
of " JPfelidpfit n"MrT. hereM , Wf,fiiftfiQi
behevtrthatltht-Tarifri' a question of
more importanct to tht south than any
other which is agitating the country f that
itj,is directly contrary tc thaf; spirif o(
eompromit which adopted the constitu.
tion; that U imposes a heavy" tax on
southern industry, for the solo benefit of
northern capitalist J that U is hi fact the
secret source of that distress which per
tade the ttmxmanift'r--: Tl.4-'.'V-r
Resolved, therefore. That.we will sup.
Moi ot thTarifrland oppoiiWa)ut1iern
ioterests' 0 .v---''
YVhreatrwt . believe, from : the "re
cent demonstration1 "of public aenjiment
throughout the Union, that it is" impossi-
bi to ijj,tp ItcJ ,fr tt-jf, ospjthfl ttrt pytieiiniy b farthox l&zl from j
i ... fir Vi-e J'r-, !. i.f ; ...i 1
i tr rf-n.vit llil Ii" p1 ity'i" f.f the - . i
khmiM iiufeiult vr lo ril-rl ',m Iv
aarnlir tf their jnl ri-'ht j an.l v.iif
we view Martin t an lirnn , trie i
who was chielly iiixirtiuiKiitul in nou ?
upn 0 lh InrifJ of H.H a he prn i
li.LMlifiatof -of. Ui rupime. ht t!i''
lw hist oflksrs of Ilia .j;overtment (
tb prime mover of Iho . diwwluiioo of the
.aft tahinel and 11 pmn whoe politi
eat - intrigue are entirely urwuifed to the
pWif y Ibis government I r-
UeiotrLlherrfore, That wview with
indignation ib Ul aoimnittoa of Martin
Van Buren in lUHUnore as an attempt to
palm upon ri a high UrilT Vice President,
ant as an tirrt lo mtrodnro that syatem
o petty preserirHiorrthat prevriila in Sf
York, and which should be frowned Uoh
by every patiut who is. 4xioua louitaii
th honor and dignity of hi country, ' ' '
' And whrreas 'Weonidof th - CorTvefi.
lion 1 b held in RtIHgh OA thef lb ISth
June text, for . lh pnrpose ol nominating
some suitable person for ' th V w Preai
dency, to ht run on tht Jackson pectoral
Ticket for tlie State- of North Carolina,
as lh most tlTvctuul means of uniting the
public asntimnt of th Stat i -; -
Rttoltet, there fort Tliat art highly a p
prove of aaid convention, and that we will
us our best exertions to carry it nomina
tion into ffeeL ' -tv-r ;
Rttoltxdi That. . -be
tppoinled delegate lo reprepresent the
connly of Hertford in said convention, and
thai they be instructed to tote for some
maa. who it opposed to th Tariff. 'and
whose political principle ltd intereat ec
cord with our. - , . , , ' - .
Reioleed. Thai the chairman ' of th
meeting be authorised lo call a meeting of
those friendly to the measure hereby , re
commended, whenever, in bi opinion, tb
inwrwMsef our cause may rqwr n
Uetoletd, That tbe proceeding of this
meeting b signed by th chairman aad
Secretary, and that the.. Editor of tb
Winder Herald, Halifax Advocate"", North
Carolina Star, and United Statea T!e
graph be requested to, give them publica.
non. -
- .0-meMo, Bridgaer 4.-WoMgomery
Fliha H. Sbarpe and Kenneth Rayner
were appointed delegates to represent ,th
cointy oi tiertloro in the abov mention
d Stato Conveptien, te be anembled 00
the IMi June next. ' i
On motion, the thanks of tht meeting
were accorded to the chairman " and Sec.
retary ; when on motim, the meeting ad
Johw A. AtDBiiow, Secretary. '
fWheo th question. w put on th ad
option of the second resolution, an imiflec
tual motion was mad to strike tut thai
and all th following re eolations, and sub-
stmrt the following : - - --
Retolred, That we disapprove of the
proposed Stato tonventioq ia Ralegh oi
tlie I8tb - Jun neat, and -Uliev ihal-U
had its ongut lit efpoaitioa to Oen. Jack'
son,; .. '..'"' . --"
SttaJeed, That we will not, ia a quiz
otw attempt to elect' t Viet President of ;
oar own peculiar opinion, run the riaque
w eieciuig May ana cergeant.j
R'Prf Committer on Afaniarfirrf.
.. .Fa"3ava JaiZ7lefora'ibtHaderi Ihia
Adam. . 1 he doctrine - which tt avows,
:TfP"l- to. tht. powtr of the. OeflraI
Government over lb subieets of Manu.
petur,. art.ych J oJRepUuIiciuj can
su ascribe to, hey;: eoataiit jhe eulatp
sence- of fexfcjmlim. ThtJ Construct ion
which he place oa Uiat claust of tht con-
titutiottwhich confer on Congren'i tht
power to lay and collect taxes, duties"
6tc, dec. would, if It wer Irue; deslroy all
the limitation of power eonlamed In that
instrument. If Would effectually destroy
tneconstitutiet a a grant of limited pow
era. - AcCordiag to -tuch a construction,
Congress would bay lh. right lo do any
and every tkinjv which i f.not expressly
proaiifetf in fhe Constitution a doetrini
fraugbt with. the. wosL..d4upcrous con&e.
quonces. ..-i -t JWtroWh
;.Tt "-Union party and
tion partyTof South Carolina.
In what is it that thes two parties dif.
fer from each other ? Truly it is astonish.
ing how little the pointa of difference be
tween them art understood out of South
Carolina. Do they diffori regard? th
Tariin No : Both pirtiet finite in their
unconstitutipruij.anAruuioua t theAoulh,
and both agree that it cannot be bornehut
oilier ami mat speeoiiy wo. , t . .. .- .
- About what is it,- theni that they differ t
The aoswef t9haVthy only differ isTb
the meant necessary to accomplish this ob
ject , The Cnion party" is for throwing .'off
th laruTin oneway, and he JVuIlifica.
tjorrpartjr is for dornif tt nrtnother"wayi
.TS Jl hat arethes different WaVt- We eiu
only ascertain them from the dectara'ionj
of ih tc.adefs of tho t w6'parti,s, and from
the Resolutions adopted at . their public
meetings..,. , J'rV"' ''vf
xjt im aa to. the y moo party :.Tbt dif,
fcrence ftelwecri the mearu proposed 0 be,
pursued by tho two parties It ttrikmgly
illustrated in an answer recently given b.y
a member of Congres frm,. South Carg.
lina (of the Union party) to a question put
to him by a citizen jf North! Carolinar y
-Qursfioii. In what is it that yrarty
(the Union party) differ from the Nullifv
; 'vtnwer.-iTlie "answer is thiiihey (the
Nallificatirta prt) )afe fir rewrtinj'teth
Jiry box , Wc (tho. Union ' party yar for
resortihfr'td tlie cartouche. pat:.i;: . ,t !
That this is the true difference between
! ' i r I I,. . . .. . : i
i. .Ii -if i
.In " I ( i I; ll
fiotll llif n
rn i ! i 1 1 4 ' i f tli" 1 1
lir! I in So,, ;.rr t, !r...f.
'fill! " ft' il !('- I
in i-
III (4 t !l ."XMiliif.
and Auti-Tanif iui'i
:f,"eodily ti:
vrtw, and that tl.u -t.-iitoj ahull ,rt.
emptdrily prujn ! Chh-n - the aliens
(ivi!, of reM l ofiliu nstririive ayattrq 1
orthtsocoiiti'iii if h.t Siiuitcrn Sialea
This then ia the plan of tha f ,r H (
mor )f0M!rIy llio 'ditunum p.irly,' '
v S'ow,that is the. plan of the Nullifies '
lion pny,.', ; ,v . lx
This purty ' .hMi,'tVa ilm Peder,! '
Unioii i ikiUiinii iimrg inr Lh illin t
coufetleraev 'f..iiuvi-rri.'n .&'iatrt't-i. 4
I.m l I ft.-!. .... ... :..t.. .
me wnivn arncKj t-i i!u eor.Mlracr
and that each Hiale U dtniirt Ji V
thereto f (bat the . biales in Hieir1' jjov
reign ennncify, b-ing purtiea t C(im. '
pact, $ re tlie natural and Icitimat ludgtt
of what fJia coostitufiou requireiand what .
in conMitution forbi'Je. " r '
U lh wordVof .Cbancellof tl,l '
"that where" independent rftatn r..r. .
compacl.tuch nol only mdy, but mutt dt ter.
nuue irb ime meaning. or tl, cm-ir;
o faf a it is to be cjuicd i.rt0 ni: rt ,,
itself; or witbin ita own territory;",,,,!
if Jhe Slater can or mut deitrmuw hii
the ctuwtitution or comuttct n-mu,
do, then a a nuceary coni qy; ,;...
also can, or tntut dcttriniri wlmt t!, Con.
t.tution or Compact dots n4 n ire it to
do or auhm.l to i-or, w oXm mtt ,u
.-u.7 ine.omieaasparti-s V, (W
compact, r iwo-WJ. 1. , To
thing that the contitut,on rtquif ,anj '
Ctmdly, to rea,.,t the di,, of every thii,,
ot requiredor Hrrfhor'.j Ly tWrm.-.tii JT
ion. and -of. ihu,, St,visn p,rt,.-s t,
lb erigmj eorapact, tSry arethr ntvrd
thfiribuwaofth Reiiublic. -
.Look uig on th Th i-i (T
onldestrtctive o the; pe0pr of
Ctrolioa. but At 2 .'.I ..
hficaUon party fconbind Ifr.Tit 1. the duty"
of lh State) w ,u aviVere ign capacity L
l&fV'VWsW b-W paaUd a W .
wnicn you have no riuht to rum 1 u.l
1 so rmmiii ins ntii
lBererore.rrtu,.r.i.-:: . ' "1.. .
-h lira pariie.4 lOtlK? fom.
pacVWB aay.That tbia'Ta f8 -nuil ,ud r
void m , our BttonMp wiird.,reffarr Tt. -iVW?
t Vona. by aey f -
ure, lh. Statebu, JJ btUonUy .
ma aotercign State jtaclf, ui kolmn ton-
an act of Copgrea.; then three alteroavci .
tlst. Either lo Mrwilh :Ji..
l act, and thus restore. harmony :,T'
aecondlv, Ul ' a'convaiiii n ui kuA ' "
and tubmil fht qucsiloq to Wion.
such having been the
the constihition was fraoWt m. .k .
ly. Wake u of -jihvsicaf fiTc,q'corrl
Roulh &rolirra or lh nuljifyi Stte!uu.'
submission' Id the hncoiistii Ull'onal law .
'-M't&t""' therxr Bltemativi5'
ta Wil he rihl-i-the i!otKili.,i;i,".mi .v
Kuot .wiH U preserved.--f tft ir?opr
tbt srrdMd alWreativo.VllMilnn'.f;.,,.
ill be-amended.- fclenrlv Mofin'mV ,i. "
powrf ICongress'- tn ihet dtii,fT.l
3') B.ttlnoirt right
WU, if Iherv ahnnM mfi,lt.l.. .1 .f t "
alternafivevtheir corhe W 'Iht'ZarrV
Whtt IH...or-.jtiali ta-Wag tM is '
the first v- - 7 , v: '.
NoW, tfttr thi imp1e exBsura'of t ,
r- ".iir pnniesin south fjarolmn.
wsk every rtflectin. taart this ,...'. -
niainai rw wn m & ar .
lion wbjch Of tEt plan leadamorn di.
rfctly to iitunicmHUtf iW Unio
party, or of the Nullification fJartv.Tb :
answer u plaio. - v, i . .
A Wotleman,who has recentlv 1 rai-elltvl "l '
mrouer, whtcfu o we upper cmmtiea if) v
Sovrth Carlina;Ymarked thai the pt'oplcV "
6T$outh,r Caroliri wert tinW almost, ta T
a man against the Tariff, and that thW
oruy differed a to tht mrftqt ,whe 7rw ?
mi a more moderate and ns
cifid remedy. -From all I can aeebr bear ,
?ucn appears to oe the Only difference; .
Th " Umm varNi tr 'rdtherrth dii ;
iftto party are faJlig offerery i&f, whil? I
tht Nullifiors are. every day 'gaining, J
strength, tod, if 0 judge jfrom the re.
hrH.9L .rjnthtL.' .oael4aomt:ti-'
Union bapera, Ihey intend now tri msk
w iimner opposition, out tt stand by ana 5 ,
ter Wf .Tilau.. orullification- lake itH -
Till brief skftfeh nffli Rfofn ' f iMnrrt "
ir) uf Sister Starerf Souths! irnr. Mr, 7
Craige. i presented, to your readers.--,
names, hut see clearly the, approacbinj
crisis, res, --agreat," and momentous t'
eusiftrM rtfufly.vaopioacJiing .
lima tlial a A. .1... jj J:ii:.t. '
iy set flimaeii to wern to unoerstana clear. .
ly,'and distinctly the great principlei that
arjjinvolved in, th contest, now goingjitt; '
,twa fAmif.Ti ." li. 1. .HC . . .
; Tht people '6r N6rh Carolina ougrit-, .
aot, nay cannot - b iddillerent to tht ttt ,
tude of South Carotina.' The movement,; , t
r) 8. C whatever it may be,.fr6m the ,ir-
m. r. -r.:. 1.-. , f
nsaiMauro jiii m birvuiniiaiiis, ilium (
feet. North Carolina, altogether as miich '
as jf wt jbomposedaa htegraTpart tf'thajt ,
State d not to bt nr in tht first insfanct.
but t)rt6iiaiy i the ewqaeace---LLl
eyerv ioieligent r man " then turn 7hi ,
sitenttorf to thrTafif tt ?'
erations, and let him not turn h mind
from the subject until he- fully dndrratandl .
i'.;nv-!. qux9 CaquwaS ;
Ao;while tb Kullijtcation pajto-"
waa for Irt-ing a more modenife'and oA

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