North Carolina Newspapers

rcn!crn Carolinutiu
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4 - I r"-vl reward for their lWbor."-For kew eta
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7 Can d kara S4 loglaf f igb,
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, '"! rke featHwoniaf Vow f
-Haa ta tarW a ftcaf bfhf---
Wawtaakase Jdaf feafiafi ,
tfa. fl-t tha apt!! eHahu -
". fp?y,ff ke Vrioff together . v
f.W a4tg an ansa alx
JraaaM Is bia sice, kee
rani rsetatWIe part gta, "
Khethar irva or Am relia,.,
. - ' ff jnwta will anile the loaia t
V la kaf Ika verl af
tapid abates the Vet f
aWWbra, yew ey ktErve,
Tnw tf eaa deceive j
CopMtoilUtWUIlay,- .
, lUa k'ua aot, ye wildeae cay i
Traal kiamaiaMm, yaa atay ta!)
-. fy kli cUtk and ksacVe awcC, f '
. sVrrtsai air and lanfald eye,
traatkljif short and frcwutnt lift,
WWiWr ke ba f4m st I
"J' If ota tka lyaataaat -sU.- Adieu.
r. a.
ppfir lit. In brct,afatt loilcite
chintt dfniief pa, tad TutkWH
ftr, JJ. Murniag riJiag drut
Ir(xk coal, t'wta tnd pun. IJ.
Diaocr drti Jren coat nd; ahoci.
iih. FUdrti, ith pumf' word
Ignif'ing thc aa thin aa jxper,
TrauUof atrman Trinci."
UJ'l Jnfij.lhtr ii g moil coo.
luraite acnuodrcl in ihU rreion called
TAw. lie U at the bottom of a!) mil
chief, and delights in abuiingtht
good viopU whom he hippem to fall
to wiitu . No icindal it ottered, but
They'tt girrn at the author; They
aid 0 and to, Two jouog piopi
cioaotboi attach. otW iwaUt
frieodlf -nnuDrrj ib& TJirij talc tip
thciubjrfr, and forthwith the two r
prooouoced to be togagrd aod if a
marriage duet aot tniue, why Thru
f he or h ii a faithJcM wretch,
and hat brglto terrible promiiet A
merchant can't look aobar a few raid'
Dtca but They tay he it going to fail,
and all hit creditor! are tet on. with
a hue and cry and forty hum bailijfi
tt boot, beciuie They aay he it in.
tolvent. He it a real vidian, aod
ought to U hung without benefit of
clergy ; ilii Old They tav.
American Standard.
Ad nngliihman and lady recently
travelling in Scotland, and having a
ttroog daaire t tec Sir Walter Scott,
tent him a note cxpreiaive of their
with tn have an interview with 44 the
Lion of the Nurth." Sir Wilter aent
an ijiroedutc answer, obierving th4t
the tiotf wat iteo' (6 ihe"Woit advan
tage at hiar0.t hours, and weald
ITWIa aa aiaar are ahWtoa a ZTWtn la mtt.
f-WU ari??taatWa aauUkfwkl TcrjLBapuy to aea thrm that day it
ytaa K."Thaa,ftBjUMif. taika IV dinner. They went accordingly, and,
TkjVtreweabir,tka rU4 er kkat, i i needleai to tdd, were tnoit hut-
Ofaliiaacaaauaeead Uio aMkiuf, pitably entertained.
Wt appravt of ika all but IIice4ritiRf . .a
1 " "71 Tj-r, i nawieo
waawwwawJwBwaBBaMBBwIMi C1....., .l , ,
belore the lookina t an dulv nr. mr.,!
r- "
lor tne aocrtioa of hii,
ngr, he ) by pror Jamatioo de
tlare the fjet, mJ the dutirt row ply
able by the vetielt of that kingilam,
hill be 'levied and paid, at If ihil act
had aot beca patted.
ftikef af Itit ITmm wf RrrrwntitlrelL
Tka rriWirtoftl. Uni(l aistt aa
. . ... rMlciil af tha taaata. ,
Appravrd a J, IMJ. " -
.ZMictminaseThelm7My, I've jit done opening
. Editor of the American Farmer an- y' ""h lt.b, 4 Well, tarniiD
-swuncea who pecuiitf gratificition, I w" " ooy, run and rub it on a brick
-- Me, Si. ,
4!f ACT ta carta! Jht linlu af fteorf ett,
ia ilia Dmtic of Culuaikia. marled hylht Umale and
Itoute of Kepretrnttttitet of the VnU
ted Sitatet of America in Congrcn
ammlled. That the of Oeor
iowu; ia die DUulct hi Ct;lu tnbii, W,
and they are hereby, extended, to at
to include ihe pirt or I met of und
called 'Pretty Protpect," reeendy
purchased by the Corporation of the
aid town, at a. lite for thcii PoorV
houaei beginning, for the laid piece
of ground, at a ttooe marked number
four, citended tt the end of four bun
drcd and tevtnty.ilx poIet"o the firat
lice of a tract of Ijnd, called. the
' Rock of Dunbartooj" laid ttooe alu
tlaoding on the weitero boundary line
of lot numbered two hundred and
aixty, of Beatty ai d HakiVa aJJi
tion to said town and running thence,
north, icventy-cight drgrcet, rait
thirty. eight poleij tnUlh e'lRhty de
grtei, eait three pole ; south, tig,,
tejopolci, touth twelve degreet, eait
nine plca aouth eleven degrrea,
wct twelve polei j iou:htventytwo
degreei, wet twcnty.three plei, io
it eaid rt iie of the Rtk of
Dunbirton," iheoce, with uid line, to
in brrrnnrn"." :
Sit. 2. .indie it further enacted,
Tht all the ughti, pfw?rt, and priv-i!:g-,
ffrttofore tjru.ttd b ItW to
the said Crpirti'n, aad which are
at this time cl iimcd and exercised by
hew, may and shall fw xmied atvd
rnjoved by them, wi hh the bounds
aod I'urilts sri ( rth and detcribed in
the fiit eriiori of this jt,
offirers, procei, and mtkoiby whiil
uid Corporation It now, or may here
after be, empowered to collect any
other taictf and to pay over laid
money,, whea to collected at afore,
aid, to the Treaiury of tha Uoited
Etatci, ia the Manner, and within the
timei, priicribed by the acts to which
thtt act ia a lupplementi and that. Jo
default made by the laid Corporation.
either in collecting or paying over at
aforeiiid, that then, and in tuchciie.
tb I'rcsuJcot of the United Htatct
may proceed to exerciie the powen
j i t i .
i uunu m, biiu cunicrrau wo, n.m, m
. J ... .1. - -l I . ' ...
ana vy me eaia liim lection.
Sic. S Jlnd be it further enacted.
That the Common Council of-JLlaa
aodtta thall have the power to appoint
one or" more Inspectori of Tobacco
for the town of Alexandria t aod the
aid Inipectort ihall take an oath be.
fore a Justic of the Peace of the Coun
ty of Alexiodria, or- tha Mayor of
tne corporation, lor the laithlui dn.
ihsrge of the dutiet of ofTice of Inipcc
tor, certificate of which he shall re
turn to the Clerk of the Common
Council: Aud the aaid Cam moo
Council shall have power to past all
needful laws for the due ind proper
inspection of I obacco, and for tte u.
lating tha conduct of the slid fospec
t ri And the aaid Common Coun.
cil shall have power to remove, for
just cauae, any Inipectator, and ap-
p tot toother io hit place.
Fic. 3. .Ind fe it further enacted.
That this net shall commence and bo
i force from the passage thereof.
Approved, M ); 2 J, 18 it.
aa. SI.
An at mtktna: eppfopris'toM to Tta ImlUn
Df p.rtmsm for ibe year ana thouwnj etftit
rmnd i-d nd tlitriy two.
Be it enacted by the Senate and
Ihute of Rcpresentativct of the ( ni-
ted Stake of America in Congress
v N OTIC 13 ;
q-MIE SUUECUIBCU. would in.
X furm those engaged in the Gold
Mining business, that he his oa hand'
tt hit quarry', trven miles B'HitH j4
baliiburyy a few Lraitus bed tiiones,
rniir. tt .re at Liberty H, !, f. Q.
formerly Jn the su'ijcribera o( j.
pany, 8n 1 no in in si I ft, .
Tlise Ijuil fine,! wiih very little cut
will stura ia g k1 tf'nn 2Q to j3 J,t:
f W-J", and other attii!ile lh't
thy rth.
. . ... j: i r
rut lup Ih Rimini ln..n.a WVirk 1. ' "
i::. t ir v.: pr;
ir .mi . rmw,w "Tel" Poln ' S. feitera U..1.
tone cutting hufiftf ia all its Lrtn.l
chti,, ENOCH E.PJM.ird.
The Kd;wr of The Mioert
Firmeri Journal.; Jt requritec) to
publish the above 4 weeks, aod for-!
ward bit account to thia oftVe.
se..'nAa j .it .
UJ,.MIMLJ "-'-f.r i, 1 1 Vrf.
I t .
Hon oi initrepuhiie, .
" The Watcree CnA how pi .,:,-
Doatt of six waorj .a-Ucoiui4rt
already taken,- whiuh-will open its
Gatet for more than threc'timrs
weight within the term of 19 umi,:(i,.
Merchandize will thru te ttin,-l . j
from the'Chirlesttm Fture" tn ti,,.
TV flT f P V T I (2 3 w,k orh Vf Cmdeu, at 0 cu!
lv LXXJUrj.-, loer 100 lbt. 30 fier astk ffJ ..
rpIlfSubieriber having ukenj out The adyinugee resulting from a
4ettert of administration on' the leohnectiomf thit tfmJ. sviih r.,.:
esiate of John Cowan, dee'd. will e. til to Charlotte,. Plisbury, or aoy
poie to-public etle at the late dwel. com roercial, teat norjh of'tUii and
ling house of laid Cowan oo the Hlh, wetUf iUa Yadkln,,qo;re tut a am.
diy of June next all rhe jeronal gle glsnce to be teized
tate belonging lo tald f cfee'd. cone'uN -Toit place ' ia beyondth"reach cf
ing of Xteroes, slock of all kinds, fever, la a vlch neighborhood, at the
household tf kitchen furniture, farm- high Water mark of Wi tree and Cu
ingutentili, and many other article! tawbaBoat landing," good roudi rQ.
of personal property. Termt will be aecting it with all the N. r.aMera
made known on the dsy of isle'. ' ; Trade j cotton tny be odvant neoui.
TknM ksVinccUima aaataat tha sstata. sv I. !,,), . ... .;.nt . f J
rrqiictied ta prtHM lham wiihin lbs tie ar . ,u ,t
a.bedblt. davio cOWan, jjmr. r of tne tmHer plaotcri (fur ur,
MatSth,l 3(38 p... tain, reisons) do ' oot , wish t. vis
nvt. firm heretofore eiitinr under the
name of Jinks I Laaa U
ditolfrd by aiuiutl twwnt
' Co. Is this day
But one ewaijeraiioo could injj
thia 'Sale, via, the ill health of t
ubscriher-which ordert him dircc'
into quiet quartci,. I,.
.A young nun witha yualifir
tlOJlXMZi well-'ricminendrj ri. (.
emrct to meet with all irirn narmn ,
'IMinauoscnwr navmg at tne M4y there. , ' h, J. McDOAUUCk".
term .1 iredall rjountv Ujurtob-I Stalm
It W. LO V0rAto(ti.
ay'5!.rim tijf V
tained letters of Administration oa the
Estate of Aleundrr fJrav, i
StaIesvUle,'func t '1832. ; sy
a "
- tha inuodoctloa f Drw and moat D, nd y goih, if ever wu do the A" ACT ,nr ,Pr"lf
:rA"Ilepl0', t the ke ifyou .h.nV grind it." ZtWStS
viwmiffl ufnoait it aeemed, -ues .
tthiiuble, very f,r superior to any Retort A hdy who wai blessed
ind of spiosge, when prepared as 'th a ton, noted for hit fickle-mind.
-, tod-to anxkind of, vegetable -doen, ai one 4iy.leciuitDg hia un
usuauyeaueaareeni. It is extreme, on that falling, td advising him te
IT tender, and of fine rich flivaur. aettle dowi- to mt active pursui ,
It ia easily grown, even more so than 'nd give op changi'.g from one voca!
. -.aay,oio f egetawe, -patth a rod ' w aaother. 'Remember,- laid c-ntrct, fter givinr dnr ru.tice by
---:''r"mr9mwumml9UH,w9 meoio adage, 44 that a pvfblic advertwement, for improvi...
jamiiy of tea peraoaa for a month, aod rolling none gtthen oo mos- the avenue, io the city of tfshi,.on
ihil reauinna onlv an r ...j iv.. ..... .... I. . , . 7 . . ?.
r . v. ..I IT IJIID. Ifl.lH, 1.1. 1 T UUI UUEB DIM IH. K. m .hra. - . . . . .
i: , r ----7 ,,. . -- umi iioi con.'ibv
Mjlvsnls Arcoue.
Iditrs with wstr.
frtoi die wetter
ps'e to :he ( snitol with itgging.
Be tt enacted by the Senate and
Iloure of Represent utiles of the Uni.
ted Stidci ot 'America, its Con frits
assembled. That the Commissioner of
the Pubiii Buildings be, and he
nereby, authorized and directed to
!S?l?A"?lK.k P.'"01 P" !,p " iower atand a poorUay thereof fortv.five feet io width!
wkb Cf bblc or pebble tenet, or with
Tk t-LI' r:r-r-f i-- - pounaea none upon the McAdsm
"v.r.II.J1 1 r' .'uino-' L A. fM dvored to prove to pl"i or in any other pertnaneo' man
;.- kviu produce in abuBdanca of iced fwr Ichabce of obuio.op- honey
. . " " ., ....
: : & " : , ,JV! Jdooof.thl.,,ge. Dr.- Jof.oaoD,that an athie.l may be oer, a. the Pretident of the Duited
' IT "tbZwK sJS-ie,UWLUW!!. VC" ,mtt0'rSood moral character. 4Si," may direct f and also, for the
r "'W ?' Mhea a man reject, ruion, nnd co'veringwith the best
:Z rZ iXttJSSJt'S f " ; W hi' r"Cre.tor, vel to be obtained, thr.idewav. of
rrXrSl1!'!1! W.frMt .hth.rtcJo:?cTuaia ii fn ihi taTCwenue. aod-for propeTruTteri
T V'wl laUiasV
-fxrtn. that riie i.-i.u.llr aerd np, U".fX iSj?, an
ntbDr our most va Uable I ru-Mftrit n. f ir . . I I .i..' . n- TJ r
-j.-v. . r.j.i ih iqr Vline WIIIOOWM la ik . I .k.u Kklrh minuM ika .nm .f
thousand dollar a jt herfhyappropria.
tetf, to be paid out or any Money in
the Treaiury, Bt oth?rwii ppropri
810. t. And be it further enacted.
init, under the tf int direction
- r. -... U zt." '
' -tore appeari to be attended with no A vi .1 5T'Pltgfc!epreieatat a
. fro.,; and trawl rttowiS I! '
: Jlny ther plant .howanygn, ,! ZmJAa19
. ... . . utioto. It however a touK Proe"? h the thread of his argu.
!ti . 6 tha gentleman - ia atnnnJ .:. u:.
prescribed io the first tection, the foU
lowing- turns be, and the tame are
hereby, respectively, appropriated, to
be pid out of any miner In the Trea.
I : - ury not otherwise innronriated. for
aee. ia not tn. w . . - i i r n .
,.4l,Jiat.ieea.alcoIaed;hat every r"101191:' P1""?0" to
plant wiU yield from one to two profeMed ,Dtff ,ak" 0 5rr, d. J. . 10 P'PL" ?m
sjuiris oi grain. . very rich around ,wfn muff ukinir
w s s a a .L "i i . .
than on oowg ! hu nose.
rcaurwill ke t omd.,-.; I "T. i bi.
Vile of rotted atahl. I:.k I IM,W lor warn of materUtii.
I. . . wa wr ,u
lime earth oa the eorface, ia not
c.-t" iK,a ivr n. '; in auth a
:! I the fountain, on. anuara nnmKrr nan
ndl kni,. .t a r... i. -u .
" I dent a hnn.a nrt r.nkli
the nlarita rennir ma..
. . faooori aV,.: r'",,r nice aalcul.,. " " - dent's house and public ..ficea. and
.Zm...hA al!i3il.. iM..J .. J?' I .wwnww. .mwikmmJw waervpira and 'ht
hDr e thoWd teye ,dd
. . , wn. , aocy wnuumui aamuy on a Visit to dollars.
r-jL..T...-..-lft acra if grooad..-...
aoww at t different -timer during the
aummer, to aa w ensure a eunfilv till
irmter.. AU thai It ranuia i. V.w
ihH furnish the American I
.e. ir jriASK
. "; Peed Store with a godd iup-eedthaenauinwfali;
i:Thetetfet of q ' LondSh daltif:
.;SjuCj.-w2adU t further enncttd.
That the Commissioner of-lhe Public
liuildioes tt hereby authorized and
directed to contract forth purchase,
jfmuta faying vi . ejeiiexa ntg
ging htkr-from nhe wettern
gate to the Capitol i and loFihla pun
pose, the aum of seven thousand one
nunarcaana two doliart oe, and the
tarae ia herebv. anorpnristed ti
-h. :..iPiTO'aluaeM4tlill-.siaBi ,u lha-.Teu.n.
-- ..... .-.. . , . - rT. . , .-.i r-
-' LflT- j. j V . fteee'"5 f ai LAWS OF THE TJ. STATrc rv.ftototherwi Pfropriated
,:-r ?--yy.- engyoathe Wlawa-iw w ... .7 PWW.)r?s,8n-.
4 waaawiaaiy J5 I , . a
T" am,Dsuw-eie- .rr -
l"' d . the only pertbo who Mn iX" -Su , , ' ' "
:TS!fW th5Eht atiCheti. or ?Jfl ter
fi sac ureasti - mf K iv:-. .:.t I
no. Si.
an alt to amend aa act, entitle As aot to
cu wg iitt parere j t several carport,
V8 f In Dirtri of Obrwnbis.' . ' I
t frwcf : by th'$mtfi$
- f fhevo!eleg,0de, WWte
ahirt,. twer0 . V7 I aut of America in c urV.Cr.7Il 1.7 ' r... " ' ol!
. ' ' " j vui ihm: k a ntnr tw. a . r a m. wasakr idj i w r abiiiii vt liux iir. atnn ir i tw.t.m,
r wvaaava-I UKSrilLDlPtl. 1'ht.t " . I - f a -f Mmwyi cm
a . a -t. . . . '
- . puniest ne weara blacVooe 9Afn
i-" . ' pw.aei nanuaer I nntrmhr.,t tl . .
f---"i. u piirni .inmm.,1 .i. . . i- wii. puwerca tacoueri. aniill.. .1.-
, v .vt.. . anm oe nerealirr i.;.j .. .1 , r
. Virion!
i fi If I - !. .tJ i.i - :
.trowse.ra V .vt. T : DC nerealier
l. ... - r..-WSSBai-' -MM
. : ' a ' ---- viaviCllUu I wv n t Vi as afaa k lha nu. a - . I "
. . . - --..j. vhvvi gel m wunout
Li ' ,7 " . . --..j, in
i - . v sjr cuit ii inp ratii ai nna
aid:.aSi of tttetif 1
aZa : . i. IN PURSlANCE of an act
ariemblcd. That the following mmi L. Tk.ul .k. oi.. jI at the prelent tession of Coiii ir
be; i.d they are hereby, approprtated ito hire at public Vendue, at the Store .fapr0T,D? renni tvcu Avcn .
or me maian uepartment tor the of William llargrave, in the lower I ,v v inc ,,,DSCn '
rear one thousand eighi hundred and erfd of Iredell county, all the nejrroei rec!iv PfOT0si1 ihe i'l,
belonging to the Estate ..fwaid dee'd. V.',. lor execute
(consuiing of men, women and chiU lhe WWpWrtdol.forT-aaid Av,
dren) for the balance of the year. nuc or "!? p,rt lhereVf not U" th '
TeTmt of hirelng wilt be made known oe-fourth, via t - u
on that day. regulated .bjr removing the turpi
Allthoie having demandt aga'mtt ""rVrV0
the Estate are hereby notified to pre- yed ?I,J1'1, '7 ,11 hammtrc;
tent them, legally authenticated for ,l0"" IH-'m- ,p,nth
settlement, wiiaia'thc time prescribed HfUX ,Frm,t'h
by law or this notice will be plesd in rmg of two wchet diameter, a lae.
bar of their recovery. Alio, all those of three inchet thickn.s, to be apre..
indebted to taid E.ate bynoteuroth. "d weiJ f..-.ao4.nJ Mh.-i
erwise, are herehr requested to come 'WPUhe im Jh&llWiQ. T'
forward nH m.k .. . nd each, w.eU. rotlc'J j the u lc-
i. :-4..i k. . yt are to be covered 'uh a coat A
May 28f 1 831. Star pr.t?. 1 p
thirty.two, viz:
For the pay of the Superintendent
of Ii dan AflYin tt St. Louii, aod the
saveral Indian Agents, as established
bv law, including an Agent for the
Kansas, agreeably to a treats with
that tribe of June third, eighteen hub.
dred and twenty. five, thirty.two thou
sand dollars.
F'ir the pay of Sub-agenti, as es
tablished by law. nineteen thousand
For preicBta to Indiana, aa author,
ized by the act one thousaud eight
hundred and two, fifteen thousand
For he pay of Indian interpreters
and translators, employed in the sev
eral lupeaiQieDdcQciea and agenci
entyone thousand five hundred
and twenty-five dullau.
Far the py of gun smithi and black.
T f Y bov DAVE, occasionaUy cal
cCr CLEM, about 28 yeara of I Ivejin'g?OT(j bicfard fur rt
amithi, andtheir at.i.tanti, employed : !"l.,4T or )7 W Mrilki
within the aeveral auDerinteodenci.a ! bu,,, dar.k comPled, broad The jointer. oflJjc-lawt of the I.
be'tt gravel tine Inches thkk;t Jt ii
estimated that there wiJLbe Ibum i. .
Mj4rdaofpiyingr5341 of gravcL
ting, and 384 cubic y ards of eauh t
remove Th?. proposal! will ttute t1
price per tqaarr yard for paving ar.i
ana agenctet, under treaty provisiofil
ana tne orderi orthe War Depart
mcntj eighteen-thousand three hun
dred and forty dollara.
iwjron, iteel, coaL and other ex.
peiaet ' attertdina-the euriiraitht and
ouckamrtna' ahops, hvethooiiad four
hundred and twenty aix dollara
Por expenae of transportation and
distribution of Indian annuities, nine
thouaaod nine hundred and fifty nine
For expense of provisions for Ind
an at the distribution of annuities.
L'I " J. . i . .
wnue on vuiti ot Dusioest with the
different tupetintendenta and aentt
ana wnen - assembled on- oublie bust.
nets, eleven thousand eight hundred
and ninety dollars.
For expeoie of building housct for
odi aa agents, bUclumitha'iho'ps, aud
a - . -
tor repairs ol the tame, waeo ream
red, iu the . Several agencies, tcven
thouiand dallart.
Far contingenciet of the Indian de.
partmentj twenty " thouiand doliart :
Provided, in no case ihall any money
hereby appropriated be uied for the
purpose of awarding lodiafli for let
Utng dupnlet arhoog them.selvei. "
Sec. 8. And beit further enacted,
That there be appropriated, out of any
mwney in the Tretturr not otherwite
appropriated, the sum of five thouiand
aesen.hundred and fiftj dHartr fat
defraying the expenses of conducting
a-depuUiioo of4adinaf rn the head
watcra of the Missouri to Washinetoo
vyf ano: -vrom thepce-to their Ow
country t Vorfzcrf, That no co ajpen-
tation beyond thelr-actoal expentei
any 'Jodlai Agent fiibagent-for
servicet when doina dutr under the
order of their government, detached
f tom their agency and ' bound ary . of
the trtbe. to which ,lhe Ir4 Agents '
-i6fce."3i And bti further tnacted.
That there ahall be. and herebr is.
appropriated, out bf any money id the,'
Treasury not mhefcwits tppropriated, i
the Bum of five thouaiod dollars, to
e expenaed under thr direction- of
lace, with tear or scars on or about I c(.,.. .L. ...
Vyy-Uhgfc ay traested tu insert thir-mmca 4 ' time i
or a little oeiow, hit eyebrowtoo hit jtod forward theif iiccourts -for pay-
- - -I
whip. Said boy runaway on the 21st
May last. ;. He had ow aa. .od pairef.
ysrn paatolxioa and tbirt, ; He -car.
rted off one old .narrow -brim bell,
crown fur hat, cap of Russia Drill
very lie-fct brown color, I thiok he had
two fushioosble made co.tts of home
tpun Janet, one blue mixed, the other
black I one round coat of dark Calient
three pair of pantaloon', one of fine
sattin snuff colotj emm of arrtped bed-
ticking, the other of blue mixed home
ment. - J. ELGAR.
" Comtolsiioner.'of Wblic puilJingi.
'tPahtritfoneftv,$fn$is;w -
- SlaterofdN'ortbCaroIina,
- - Mo$Tu-aaT aeaTf:v :
' Xufitritf Ciurl tf UvMaixk lawn, 1 Si
t; SautJIoaaat'i.'V.v ... --.:. '
rfoaTS)aa want as. j ;.
t appearing to the tattsfactioi u
the Court that the defendant Jo'natl i x
Morgan la oot ao Inhabitant of t,....
tpun Jnea"raeyerat ahim and treatrf t-:tfOT".wdw,Tt":
two pair of thoet. Nothing further puoncat.on ne made lor uireo m m. ,
recollected. j in the Wetttro iaroUoian,-printed b.
I have no knowledre where aaid Salisbury, ahd id the -North Carolina
boy hat gone, of iotendt going. , A Journal, printed at Fayf tteville, th; t
reasohaWerewarc! win'Hri
nn'metaid boy wext SupertoTiXkiurt of L-w, to
apprehending and ennflniog
ao that I get him again.
Randolph evn A" t: hint 4, 1833.
be held for the county oTMontgomerv
at ute vouri-uouse jB Sjwrenccvi. r,
on the first ..Monday - io'September
next, ind anier'taid "fetTtioa pr it
wilt be heard ex'iJartef andf iudentci.;
- f Ttifii avartnat him mm mniniA. -
: AN the- lOtwof September t 0r L w f. 'y r
t 9 Uat, freamv plantation WmiMFjfquhaTIaiUrT, CJ-rk cf
Jones county, two negroes, one I " our Superior. C'"url " ti)flicer ti c
named WASHINGTON, about
M7 yeara of aire, a vanr brtrbt
rnulatto, on one V his hands
rini ha will ebanp-a hia name
and endeavor to pais for a free man. The other
named JOHN, a common mulatto, about 30
years of age, vary intrllignt i ke will probably
piilsTthe sefvahrof WashinrtoaT'ikl ebanre
bia msm, A reward of is Dollar win k anven
. . . . ... "7
torine detircryof eluusr In any jaR,
rat Monday in March, AD- 1
-and .f tha-AmrricaaIndfpclfrc.;
lejjfith... r a itr nxisxisi,.
MICE AW. 86.50. .. 1 333
CHARLES TOyiiand HUEIU li ".
.-TH K STEAM 10 AT ; "MACON e1 -
SUnXl &tX.- ALfllS M been
. IOTbe Geortian, Savannah the Tele in running th-ren Charleston and Che
eope, Cohimbiv S. Ci and . Richrhpni Enoufc riW e,Hiog ii Gco.ToWn on he? way i .?
JS"?"? and down, wiir "resume her Ttini ia Ihe
wmi iwimu, whi una rurwaru mcir accounn io I . r r J .,' . i
;eonrio( a icw gjjsanj is inienoco io
j continued in tha trade the efiiUK
Her exceeding light draft of Water
drawing: wbenule-l only about '
a half feet water will enable her to rea; li
Cberaw at all timet e.ce:)U' an'unn av
timcLmfortahi. t thfmodttha of ill mon low liter, when her rari-o l
ems a aay ana mgnt, lor uie priTjiejfe or tne i ugnicnew it (Daxxpence or coat
- Driving ta FayrttevMe,
VfJTlLCflndit to their adranue, to stop k
v v thn' Warm Yuri, whero averr con
vanienpe is provided for Man and Hone, ta nuke
Tard, thf uaof a food house, Pre, water, aiic
soeiter, AtUcJied to tne TrL are a Uroeera
fiftrr aetliol ot aaid act. br inw-
thereof, for, the purpoiei and objects
dsigoatec w ajJ"aci, kf aigaif;
fV..f.4f. C .aval i tr lull
.i. aa- -- fc.-.- ' i J aw. . . n as. I ' V VfHf ' ST" V f ' Tt- i . V I Q i F:
and delivery of corn, or other oro-
visions. for the use bf the iSerninbte
account bf the failure of their cropt
"' aycrc ui v4gBI ma litS VCaTa
wonaryjasa Hon for Boirders ani Let!jrer j
ia a piatn, cheap, wbuUaaroo tod eomfortablf
I' 4 w ,.'" aaat avaetvaaar a wa (i:
JriWta'Vir xaurarass V i4VfJyr,'
datiooa for a few pissenrers
. 'i.t i ;;-.:.';.'i:';'i'.;.a;.:w,, J,. B. C.
AlHWt HECORD-pOOK, r,m'8im
'tjui-ta ftffiae -'taper,'!', b t...i j

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