North Carolina Newspapers

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V fc been r" id to announe Arehi-
J C. Car tr, f-J esndidaie 10 repre-
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i,t that I 0'7 I nuwan, in .. kiwi VI in
itoiiv", 'b rrCTtmlriw llr. It
)tri C"iii1 Mob plate, oa ilua.Uy and fuee-
i t tke p'rf'ir Jn manlinilnf ilw? jrratit
ri'l' wt f i HiuKiij lit ercitei
afftit ffinl -nit ft Jl day of exawiMtioit
jj ;f itJr prufialtney b ny criterion by
.- .worth t jndfaof tboj'ialiri:tioni of ihe in
nit tor end Inairujire, iby certainly rank
-'aniimfihe " mot abU it1 e n npTith I uflny,
' rbieli n b ever folic to tut lot of the cUt
jroiof U'il p'C to poter. Indeed, wt
aprit in tb bound of truth when we y
lbre U not better lntitutine in ib State
;1um il K whether w Widr the faciliiUl of
tbe ttuJent M obttlnirirM accurate knob Jjfe
of the oWul, (atonamepul brancbe of eo td
uctnm. ' Wf.hiirx th rchool may b plr.d apon
D,ch i fiotlnf M to Mkl M a permaor t n. '
Aa opinio il oe part of hr
gantry, that our Town to unhealthy, which
tbperted afainat Jh Kbool, Jllit Cpil'l"B
l not fainded in facl. True Ihere ha' been
ftmt twhne iir Ib't plao duryievth. Sprint
'jiO(c. but il CaMui b aacribwd lul
Ualtaift'.. The dilcM 8erlr FcVtrJ
m fJ4 ! e7 eiiHi of hj Uo
toa,dV M pfC till It be orr ftT lik
h. .Hi- of Virginia. lb axMt khli Btrt
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. tjittd & ai.
.The exl l.tsion f iB emrinence eome litre
a (Hob.-r, aiwl we unilrrttand lhat tbit trtnrr.
icot ha been mtdo to throw out of tbe a'ttiun
Aiifi'i and 3 ptenber, tbe loo wM aiikly
fjombe w iti tetr. -'J
MT.yvnJ springs.
Vtt are hippy In baring it io oir power lo
aftie that Ibere are, at prraent, a lif een.
eoma of eititori at thie deliflhlfuj unnr re
IreaU. Thla la a iTab tuliSe k. Tbor mga, are
jtuiediaa hifb nftd IteaL'by Country, Uiey
. oeeteta mute minerai Atwtoieey-ernioh fare-'
lt"?fTJoI To Ke t71i!' 6erTTro"the "!tra".
Ijil, and Ur. inwn'ee ht apared paint lo
i Wt eatabfithitenl in an prior etyle. It
km ta irig loo much to eay. that lber U. not
Ovo:fTeeabk retreat from iko kjckle
lew eeontTir,' Uo"iia In Ike
Me Sooth, weetera eouatry. '.And W there-
t eeH eneowragemeitt mf lot W Td wo.
ICT The Tet Southern mail brnocHl to
nor of mqnev enetoted W la old nooiber of the r
fhrlrian Jldrocabl, nd dirrnted to " 5tlbu--ry,
lf.-C. There weaetietbing wriiletj f
I the ptper which wWd lead to a diacoren trom
Vhom tbe mortee wt tent or to whom it Wat
directed, Tbe money u io a very mutilated
:- weid tbo firtt aumbef ef'tU
ft.Carolia Wttohiwnj" ir oew 1Bprr' fetibtiTh
rbAiu-e lrm eb' tfinirif "TiMi!!
rackton i upon lb tubjscl of ibv. Vioo- PreeU
ikucy be it tilent, "
' In tndlher column of our paper will be Cxind
the prnip'Ctui of a new work lo be pnMiihed
i the city off biUdclpbra, by Cuso tUovae,
- fyq. the prctenable FJilor of tlie Darner of
lb Conritiifion. We regret to fee a notice
in liia Uat piper lhat he intend discontinuing
1he- pttalioai ioa it ltTlitr work, after .ibje eiu
piiMioer oflito prtant year, nich will be in
December next.
We inritet'ie rnort terioii attention of e"e
ry .trade r to the Speeih of Genlrfleynevwhicb
will be found in lo davt paper. '; It i aa able
refutation of the tale, that the late nolifiotioa
f 'be Tariff affordf the people of the South
jftdhtaatial rel.ef. . be people can are what
lliat mod ficatioq it, and how wucb it Irefena
-4ka Wdrna wndet Wch "tbej, kaee TfroaneA
' Hr the laal nine year. '
-MIien'Tr.e'farifrof 1816 waa laid
the fov
ernment bad an enormout debt to pay a'd
iberrfore U h neCeatary t l'ej8 WlKe goyj
etnotent ta out ul diet and the TanlfnuKht
tb'r'tHrfto be teducrd to the revenue itindariL
"Il hat been the policy of lb advocate of
toe American Sytten" in ibia tection of coun
try to mi repreaent ouyriew upon th nib
J$gj5XJttmt. ..taking off the to.
tiea entirelv t r uy we' want Ihe dutie rrJi.
tej la iAe re win ' a(a-i we want enough
loparthe eTpentc of tli i government and
'"tftleoV a viOwien -eurpiot tbo Treatury to
iw exinunffeot ripen tea nn no morfij nn it
9 if doctline an and tbiaoaout iiaibetnouT
One remarkable circumefanee bu crown cot
tf lb aeuitono of tW laf redttrtirniif yt
TfriflT, il i thiei Whila tbo earrAttijrrrcaerta.
jWu come In rrtv free. thoe of th
I AWn come in "4itfrNuj W fo ievtwVtAb
' llMlLl!!,'.- JliJ ...j.a L Jf 1J .! '
yr ,,7 uiu fici m wit- tariii ' p ae
di'tje it will bo' renumbered Were made
tbe on prttte4 article and the are the ar,
tide flr ahich A'trrters pntductt art etchaor.
Wrtih jnea4 mki& ib dutiei rer in.
ed and theee art th article for Which
oAuAem pruduct are eicbanged. 1e th'to not
Vt'MluMM diiaiit)iruoa I Uth'u our boa
primt of Mr. V, H. ht'v. i UnKifc i,ro.
pff ib d a enn out i(i.l,
Tr.(r. ti,i ; h.i i,w , , pr, j,,
rAabl t d J out ipc weulj bt pUc
t fxm
, lt m.b enn'iim pn i.M'ib Ci
r b.iniJ,J ,Ho. bpocrilicl eoifi
mniiiiM.w ttpo, !btn.tyc tft. TittllT,
Mfh liJin.lrJ la Ibt k ft by tkt Ol..b, Wt ttprd tny ofm Vn Buff.'t f,im.Ji
ill no deny rint U it frUn4 of III Tii(r,
lU JtffrrmniM. let tf knnrn?n
Th,T.tltt ictii-, lU rtNiil'riiflhru "off t he
-litfc'ir. iimJ enmti mil f. '. Ttrifl iqa. W
i1mhiI4 lit to know. nAiI J'Im
wi retdefof ibe fct six 4vJ ibm eg tint!
belnf UccitJ by nn enemy In diiM,"
4tto ue tcftn or puir. jJmjrflii ma
eliH,) btt -l.rftKd llt. ir e-KimnH i cit
owlw, in (bich, ifitf gii'mg bit'orji tf the
projrrettof tb; Tt'ifT lt from IBM to thi
pretent litre, ihry nion their efTorti to lit
l'ir bu!n Mht(net ! llm 111 m-rrt tilcrdcil llicm. tml eonetudt by )
ing ibtl thry l te d all (hry can tml ttuil
bey llir rt'oft bare tbe iulJot in ibe prople
to b dUp-jOcd of ti they think .
r-c-..- . ... -
KJ William K. Ilmlon, of Wake CrtURty,
a rlerriiili.litMir Jtcktun-min, baa come tu'
witb lrg letter In the Maleigh pa per 4 iie-4
nuoncing Crni. Jttkeoft for hie Bank Veto.
Tina il nut mure llian M ttirb di in hrarl ibo
hey ore afraid to da to piililicly, ami ye Ibty
accute llioe alio prtfrr tbe coniiitution and
the eouirny to Mariin Van f jren, itb being
hoaule IoGmiI. JvUob. It U tax thulluw an
artifieo oat in be ttiroagh by tbe ItepubU
can frkndi of thTreiiilcBl.
We rrpret to tee Octailtd acronnt of l
dwgeaeefol eet tthieti weetrrrtd In the' "Srri
ate' ami in bich Mei.ry Clay and Thomn it.
I Uoaton otre ooaeerned, owg the roumlt (
to paper, tor our part v preier tnroouig
a veil over ay auchumligaified tranMctioo.
Pot Matter in the adjoining eonniie wilt
confer a favor upon lit by arndmg ut the elrr
Ttion rrriiriii"Tromnieir rttpective Counliet, at
early a i practicable.
VNoef tbb aiktTns Miirrjar.
, ,.,3-UE tiSM.XWt &fLU---
The cditcr of the Patriot lua, in bio Rttnr-
rlat 'a 'paper, put fi.nh a comparaiivo Matemmt
of the eaiAmg and the a-w bill, whtei
it to calculated lo delude Ihe public, if impli
citly brlievtd, that I cannot forbrar lo ttate
rime faett in rltion to mcli por'iont of ibe
BiH a from rxpenence I am ar (iiuliitcd with.
-Uf coortw lchallrn(e eon-rkd!rtii,n. . .
Lnderthe euttilir l a.-ifT, p'uim cniting 33
ccntl.pcf auare.rail. jv Juiy- of 14
jtiJv-a.c)JilU.iUatU.gHerWttt oleVlU
anu l'i montha.
Cover tbe oew Tariff, fLun cotiiag LU orn't
(according to the new tatur .l tterlinr money
enacted by ih new bill) wdl bar to pay a da-
ty ot I7 cett eaU laata. . 4. . . v ,
' Uridir'tho tlirting Tariff.' plain eottinr 5)
cut per njnare yard pay a dorr of 32 cent
with a ireilii to Ui troportcr of 0, 10 and 13
Under U new Tariff lb eam artklo at the
aa,me price will rlay Ifctt. car aWn.
Good Otilr' Welch pliui laaC f.TT Cfi V,l
prnea; per yard of 31 tnohr width, and (the
ponoa.i atiiiig Witaej fr,4. they, yard a laty
of livt. perjuare yard.
LiWTer ibe near bill, ibe tame article al ilie
tarn price avlll pay nearly 13 ou.aiihe (ollow.
ing oakuUtioB will ibow t . J,
-- ets. ma. t
151 pence at 4fl0 ctt. per I. 31 00
Ih.JgMlhbciiig 33 Tncbta, tdil-A
Cbarge, in England, 4S
Date JO per cent on 35,16 eti.
-i ir.
' Moreover, I appeal to anr merchant if Ihe
auttllutio of caH fitehe rrrrlit H-enrTiirr i
lowed 1 ! AIT aictt of Ai'f -tjpef CbOI '
.mor...ta theiluty.- -
The new bill nmndr that woollen wSirh
hal not eiceed 35 cenit per if'ira j'aid, lia!l
pay only i per rent. . To tuch at are uninlntro
ed, Ibi may appear gtrat toncrriion, but to
every merchant wbo kno tbe current "price
of Good at the preaeij diyitUpetfeUy aleae
lhat tbia To w dutyj dead tetter and UuU ao
cloth, which a humane and eonacirntloui mai
ler, (and euch I am proud lo acknowledge ii
th5 coaracler of ino Canilma rtanter.) would
five to Irw netrree ean ne imported Under tl
niiriimumoiaJ cent, which in reality only
32 3 8 cen'a, in comrquence of the enactroent
by th new bill, that the pound tierling tliall be
rained a. 480 'cent.
Under the witting TrilT;. CJlon good 50
ting however little, are deemed to have cot;
35, centi nd cl'kfgrd withr25 pet iieoLilu'y.
Under th.e oew- Dill, Ibe tame eoormou du
ty ii kept up on all emton xood that are dved
colored, or printer; but on mch at art not, tlirre
it Hut mientv reduction, Ihevare to he. deem
ed tu have coat 30. cent am! charged with 85
J)Cr iCT(, ., Awii-ff r -.v'.-l
Oh blankcla, -by . the ne.jr. Dill, Ihe duty fi
reduced trom A3 per cent to per cent tint
i at ill a verv hear tea oo an article w hich tt
almoet at murh neeeiar of life aiilioJirfad
we ear, oucn nowever a uo not exceed 73
HttN are to pay out 5 per. cent. Thi It like
tho prt cent riof-tin tlothn onTy' tarttalif mg
tie by holding out to ui what w eannot reach)
for every QTt n hiuiwa tnaw:
etlean be bad at Hut price trteptr- hibiet.
' O-i t1annel,by the new Bil), the duly will be
16 cent, which ii at treat 10(Jt per cent no the
fimnal worn Ry the poor, and about 33 per
cent mrthe fine- Welch flannel worn by the
waitlrpWe "w
more cbtejly at thi cfnit when w ar threki.
ened with an invaton by the Cholera, and there
i but one opinion among Phyiician with re
gard 10 t hi juettimable art tela a a prevent'
five wr dieie fipecwrr among-tiitr poor itia
liJofing cuc,rl.n pme of Ih prjncipal cit
ir of Kiirope' not only when; the Cholera had
actually arrived JhifWa arMiwa. t ther
bar been Cooimittrt lo d'tiribote graiokou'
ry '0 tbe poor, a liberal aupoly ul 0nnrU
- Query. Ii it for ttijp fwii kftilfe that
Coiigrea Oiaiiituiiit a uut of 103 per cent on
flannel? "''.' '; '.-'
, By the new Tariff, there U a duty of 30 per
cent on KilnarnncK cap and oonnett,
By the e Bill, ' the duty" on theae riklc
will1e 53 per eeut. .- ..."
- On cu'ton baeinp, . the chance of duty by
tbe new Dill, Will 111 reality be n tnereaac io-
tead of leiluctioiv lor I- am credibly in lorn
e.d, that at lea tbrea 6iirtb of the tapping
imported into tu Vuiltd atatea. pay duty
equal to about 3 cent, wbtrft by,.llie new
Bill the duty on all btggmg will be three and
half cnt. ' -
ihhiij v uw aiw nuturiaii aruu.ra of.
hardwire ot Vronmonge7, acl) u tract diajna
On many of- th afloat Important artic'r of
U. i i aid !,!.., tU, tw U an ,,.!.' ;
till rtimaa oJiLlo ka II k .. II ll i . I .1
I.. .... J ,,,r,MM'"' "
pttwiii iin'y,r ijrresiit l u.,
ar'ir.l, ( ill i,,,, i0 . rke jul.
Hpialt-t lullr 19.1 pre twnl,
tin t tM,,r, hu, aiJ hnr U 'rtf,
hriliMirjraf., .Uii, Hr.l, ,clir rl l4.
Il'''" " r,,lt,,u' obatevtr by ih New
Nnt fa J-articUt of ir,vrf Cltet,
I k . 1 - . I mm . .
" w a cuiinion in n to j act een. ooi
THE CI10!.F.HA Th'. rro(.r.. of
Ihl dlveair, in New Vik, dunnn-the
l wetk, het been truly appUini;t but
mm Ii I. -. .1 .if.. 'IV. I
f.aa. w4 orMtrfiftr J 6r iU Ootrrff
;r H4 wed as UWimi, iipto' Ubfufi
"M "f v r' - . m
Add number prtvioutly rV-
polled, MJJ
0'nilToil, 263i1 HOT
In FbiUilelpiii no ce tl Chnler hi
ri reporied by the Hoard of Health
inct the'lfih In.t. until ye'erdjy, when
'fiocatewa repoited. Th general
nealth of ihe city In at good ali uiuilly
tlpcrienred l thlt icaton of Ih year ;
iid, wliilu e hiV no raen to expert
n ttf mpilon from Ihecatimiiy with whlcl
Mir ai tr Tlry, not a hundred piilnrdi
tans and wjih jhich.tbi UtLUf
unintenupifd Witt rcour, i tfTiiriul, the
opinion i cMteriainad, by om of cur
mjr poni'dy picami iitelfia iiitaVcd
lorm. J he whole tomroumty, almoi,
ha pMf d thoub bt ar clld 4b
prrmonlioir ly u.niom. Wuhin the lU
L!lf -wt t t-atteJy -4MUit)ttilrraf
capcd Trom cvpeiicncine; airnell'.
Ttngemnt of the ttnmich or bowel
nd durhxrj and crdinjry cholera mor
but have Very eiictitivcty piev.iltd, at
'hey appciir.. 10 (Joae.yciy-Jhcf a
pievioutly 10 th viii of the Malignant
t'hulcr Ba inrr Coniiiuiiun. " '
From ihe Xtw Jmej ( h'.tiif'i.
There U one f.cL whuli jkmonvirair
eitctly trie amount of beneBt derived, by
the Hmrnrymen mechirrlci. from Ihe
altli every addition which hat from lim j
10 time been nude 10 Ihe Tariff duuek,
there hat been general and ettcntiel
reduction of journey me u' wage in tii
ty ra"rwh whfnechanhm' BenVBtted bf
lUoae rlutiev Thi fict caaootbe eawLad
by equivocation, or explained away by
nphittgr, and atandf 1 living evident of
the orrer fntiijllf j vt ihote: enof rntrtif dil
tiet.a ih it onernivtb ' re ewicemedi
Tni 1 eduction ef rgct the moil rt
tin. dwt not aOVcl the above, mrntiontd ln.liiiioHat-e)r, n fhiUdrlphit, of terrapin and I ictve it to otberi, fio-rV Jcte ami Djhwire. II ksyt
noree.(le io ".r- he be.t and ii
tatr. Peth.
i3 . ; ra
303 S3 '
tl 100"
SI I. -0.
9 19 wU ,
.-231 f-(
1500 iti
turl feoot4ptmw- o(fV-Tnrrnleplora-j4rslrr.rr' pokfhe'rrittrntmtnf Tttr
ble one which remit from in undue ara
leciluo tif otM.iru4et-M have pnt wl
.ill jtit hers J for, With!cvery incretie of
wtntf i it artdcfj hductrnentt to i,he rpi
tali.t 10 whhdt-aw hit noan from unpro-
hetides profit, they can realize bouuiie
of frorn3J lo 3Q per centum. The op
"djriTijlaTiriut tfrwo lo'ellier, bf a Is
treahfhc'fttif blrtr ent1'iliena3.'
tTfiah, WW inttant, ti f aitempti al Ctfrn':
petition on the pari ef-th operative,
who are obliged to tuccurali to the tyran
ny ofilie mooopoliaing enpitali3ttor ieek
Mimo oilier mean of aupport. Iherc
m hundred! in thlt place, who can bear
rettfmcmjr tu ttieso tOThv"l'"'T'''-.,r.
..... mmtmmmm -
I founded in ib mot deep rrjoieeVtel
fithtie. ;l It trjiiiiJHjntJr aqrj Chrutlcn,
and it it hdstile to th litdlgcnce of
thoto febling of u nive rt I benevolence Sc
good will to- man, w hich form one of (he
chief beuict of the ChrUtwn clipcna
ilon.r Thoutindt of piou men; who b
hor reveivR sod retalialiun in individual
life yet Aontenance auch policy in Gov
etnreoHi became thef erroneously fan
cy it to be. conibtent with national inter
en iq mettreHciio.n ltr restriciionr";
the dactribes of univertul philosophy,'
principle ami clearly ihow, that, to fir
fi6nl 1tf'be1r1tind-,'Mlti;r W . "prbkBt '
iheirnportHiion of foreign Rodjbli?!.W0t.,
fofclgri hBitonirprohibit the importation
of our, the vbnailiin Injunction of tm o :
ingthe;bther t h olTTotrrrwTOTa ea
the one, and of giving lb cjo.k tobirr
who taVea the coal, i the liu and pto
Ber court lo be puraued, erven regarded
1 aa a uicia iiustnuu ui nirt-. ; .j-t
" Ea. Con.
a . .....
Tie Turtlt Syirr-w An Intelligent Ci
3untncewho ik
meiican Induatry, pa maoe ut Ihe fol j
lotiniT'lBSgSiildnT- II bit bbseifecL.; ..!!; I) l w ior' of t b ju F erj wcoii sidu 1
eroble q'laotiiy of Rreen turtle i impor
fed frum the D'4hmllanda and the
5VI tmliewto be- eonveTted irtt vthe
turtle oup and aa the dtlty upon that
commodity ii but la per Centum, he
think that t sufficient protection it fiot
afforded to th growth of anapping tur
lift. lie think it could be.demonstra
ted that snapping .turtle could be lahed
in ;reatrtumber in th pond and miil
dm which exist tlifotifthout th eou
try,if auffi :ient encouragement we re f
f.Adcd, hy Ihe prohtUittoti of preen lur
tie. lie. think that it t would be pretty
difficult to tmuggle Rrecn turtle t.arrHj
:- - . 1 ; .'.
Uitt.k-ltia Uef.l 01 lurO toup would
not . rr.'.'tr.l nlih lbs lmli!.m nnU
i . "
! t!l be'.d. ,ut
t brixi, tiut mttit.lMe tut
tie of t'lin, ha enIJ(jr thict n.ip
prt nli be ifoiitile.J In irlce, hkh
fttil.l 'imu'u tui gient amnnri'
oftbt anittlrtirt In lur'ry nion;it thu
th of penp!a ?ho wr.tilj fatbtf catch
niplng IuhIc lbn wo'ki
lie I tUo 'dril.lrdlr nnnur J to the
in', I nnlnln, e ouhi torn
courg ibi 5ofj iohannvh icrrtpin for
Ibtl, by o dotngi keep all our mo
nry In th 8uttn he when wo
tt f.irelti terrtpln, (! droincj u'
a ara ' " "
- i.
f 1 tV.V 'tfmr"l,wVtrZui
WrVid" Vppririo til o.W.iiV(tf loutiil
r re nt rri7n wnfintPTtjwitf ot
flofTlf tile tunlct ihtwld nut b aneoure
CH by du'lrtt wtll I Ihe growth H
occoont end we can are no itaioa
why I ho growth of cooft tkina thould npt
b (ncour.f d; at wtW at thw grow i a of
od. . There U no argument tbt 1 i) 1
not apply lo ihe o'her j and, if the toi
ttituilijrt.r rihno extend tu h prolec
linn be placed upon Mr. A 'ani'a ground
of te "fommon ilrfcore," we would
thoutand timet prefer being rlrfendirl
agalntt an il by 04pjing turtle and
raccoon, than by thct p.
Dan C.
rr,m tin ,'rm UnmuLrt Pulri.
The fedeial paper ar 4 irrl i h the
cry " of Dalronti e ot ihe . Pre tide nt"
Power of the Pretlder." fc. - - -
We hop ihe will allow M Edward
Everett, a number of Conirfeaa from
MmaxhutrtiV be good authority on
lbi ul.ject. The foilowirtt: it n ei
tract from hi errh in Ciwjirt Mrch
9t -UJftj , on Mr. -WMhiffia't-TrrrrtofttTon
lo -amrrid the Con'tU'ution. We with
Ibe oppotiiiMn pipca would copy it.
Sir, th Prt T.ft nt ha h i power' bf i
llJlure lo err t'e ii fluenrj! I Jla.cjtuSoJior.
itTT IT , V tt i .t . r-t i
nuiK oi nimtait in tnai way. i n oniy
power hici hemtt)J.idtohva,wii.-h
habtnluir,hihi( . uni of a nalute lo con.
fcr personal that of negativing
a law peitdby lest than two thitda otCon-frt.-
Atto palroTiege, .'he Cannot 'p
point to tn.bfTue of one hundred dolrart
per annum, mitbnut the content of thir
teen aovereign Sinr. II cannot treat
with foreign Tower,' lo build . liirhi
hntMeona dc.toUie Vock, without the
rjtifisatlon of aixteen indrpemlent
?taiet No lir,
ino xccutivo it not
V i'
wa a time rhrn it wat net.
ther harety r.or :ieon lrveU fthe
State ovemgn ami nidrirtJcm . Wr
could talk of the ' riht of hcS4w--wiihOut
ih threat of ivn(j fitir Car
nailed to the pillory," "lluirnew." ik
Clay parly deny thai the -State tie 'aov
rreipn and indepepdcntl-jru -f jt
ft noaaene wU 4hem-o.-TiVf-r
ant dearoccv, by the - yfp4$of erttly a
Coloniet. We have right io ptetume
party ih lg:5 nat tint cjy(i jijf
errta? chsrigi. t- "hat w Utefiy in IB
it', I t tc'aan, In ttictcjiiew't, now. -
From tin Journal of Cmieret,
puiw TRurni t on ink rr.QPL'..
I. The laXet, now. Uvird Oil Ihe Oeor
pie of tbe United Site exceed by about
of the ksovernment, - j. .. r.. : -' L
i bene 'uxc are
a cliiellr
rjpol lh anitlei "m6iFneieirf -fcr the
comfort end health of the poorf trttcK
cheup waoJ!cn,-olr iron, iugart r,c,J
bile the luxurietor ihe richr-tieii e
winet, p4ci, tltkt, kc ) ar oiom tt
cniptrd frum taxation.
3. . The propoed removal of all dp'.U
On artlfTe'noi produced or mnnufst'turcd
"m ihit eoiiotry, without any reduction on
other arliclcti will tull letve an arguing
turptu retenut. of about.H5!0I0OO.0i)0,
and will eauta that revenue lo tat wholly
colicclcd by taxet on the ncccaaarict and
Comfot t of the poor, ' -
4. - The effect-of the pretent, nd of
:h p'oponed American Sytcm of jrf I
latlitii iastfon. rtnireioia ;l ncr wtll
he, :hal every h-luttriou mechanic
doct pay, and I to be docned to .pay,
fiotn ht bird earned wag;e, into an over
flowing treatury, an anngpl auritment
on bit clothing, food, and tool, nearly, if
not fully, equal la ih hJ amoont fair!
bv the wealthiettof f1t fellow citizen. .
Can tbeteTSuin truth bedltprovea r
even denied. 'And r the firemen of
A'tfCrlC-ld be. tnhiflhu iruntbli'rd VT
J i KUtl LAll r y ,
h jurisdiction iff the Evan, Luther
' an General Synoi of the U.S.
rfirtiSritttr-Thartroj whbrn
worship, and who it holy and jjit at aif
times, tdminitter the ffir- of ihe
world, in tuch manner a ia bei calcula-
ftmife and to retcue.tmner from e'er
oal de at h r" 'You are are thai a dr e nd
ful pestilence, ihe Xoolcra, haein
tivetyacotieijed -inahy-M
obe, 'and, that not withttannR the At-
it hai'Vommenced It ravapea on the v
rv border of our beloved country,
When It i Temeoabered, that Ood Jebo
vaU benevolent as be ia holy and
jutt.'and that not a ntr can fall from out
headtwi'.hout hi knowledge, It mutt be
dmiited that tba Atialic Choler, now;
deroyini3;mny Wveiijnthe citifi of
Qieber and Montreal, i icnt a ttit
titrroerit for our in,'1o rout, the peo-
phi remember their creator,'
and io'wo"rhipKi(n, who' l'tthlt, t
V'e dt noi fi el rliitHiint, uturerrtiirl
'. ! tlarm our fellow ft ,n tt, lb
'apidiiy whioh chaiacieilar tl.a nrch
of It.e Ch.Jora,!!' ,nful IJ, bl ihou
-and inkln uddcrilv Into Ih prae,
niijrprrd-.iho roiivirilon thkl JeUt
Chil.t, UfJtvrrnV Hr'tirit fjT rt rr, it
'he rh,viliian f.f ihe body atwall t'alha
but; and ih( h cn ti.i.nrmh dciLr
at ion ihoutund hl fall It thy aide,
aiifj ten thoiMtnd at thy right html, byt
if hl hoi rem rtlrjh ibae ,H ImprT ot
in 'Mia our bretherett In faith. dout
oily, humbly,' tlnce rely and with twtolti
Ion, by ih grar of (iod, io an arntnd o(htiria'nl lift, to fly lo Mtthroh
'f irar, that he triay avert h awfu ca,
ytijIrnm wir r,Jjndi.Tcrll.
Ai-r vt r, nrit ftnly by thr,lf
-ur .pi.ig. Jiiettdt, hut by ih fact that
nrn";iarait ' ' threatened,"" DW
bui'i an altar onto th Xo-d, ind Offered
tiurnf offt ring and pear i offering. So
ih t'lr wa cmrcatrd lor the land, and
'Iiut, - aJaiedfrotn lteLM
nd..itjheL'iri' hand ndw thonaned.
mat it cannot tve f Ur It hi car heavy,
tht if?hni hoar T' .
. W rccommerd lo all our mtnU'ert.
hen, orHbt Lord'a ".). ihey meat their
Moved people In ihe tnc!Uary, lo tlTr
up prayer lo God, lhat he nay aantiif r
hi t'ipentiioiia to I heir aoul, and
cutrd and protect Ihe United St
t!lrit Ih drtolation nd adl'ttin d
v.t'ailon of Ih Cholera. And at it it lb j
duty of our Ken ber, ilgidly to attend
tort Motional fie'cita In their ft ml lit,
we do etrnetily rrrommend, lhat they
vrry p.rtlrularly "invoke Ood, holt ol'
iiiftiiitay nicrty, to exrel th awful dfteaie
from the world., or, if in hit 'V-ivdum I;
mut vitlt . ut. and our bmlMt tlie, thai
ourtouUhe prepcrtd to meet the judge
nf the world, without fear and trembling.
Commeiutino yoti, end all dear to you,
o the graclnua protection of Ood, our
unl, Jitlpl ara beloved .btftbjto, . your
affectionate hrvvhrr in Chrltt, 1
t ----- Prctidcnt ol the Ee. Loth, Ueb
Synnd. ;
. r f -:v 'V : -
l rederlrk, (lid ) June 93, 1133.
Cotton in Ked
"Do. cta
ft oum Carolina money Uiaconni ' ,r t ta 11
..(iRorla- . a,, , . ... t3 -
i II WC,J 'u!)icribcrTCpcufjnf" , mMi
. .. hit bid cut tamer and friend,'
ihAthe lulllcoruirmri to take io l
frif which hd ilH give rCASr or
SALT in cichange, t hu oM atandf
- - 438 "GEORflt-VOLEftr-T
Mhhn, x r. .tufi.i hi' int .
T UNAWAT;frorrv'0t . tt'Verilef ?
Jatr bound
fVirl, bv the name of Mary jf iodv,
iB.H.rjTJ feart" of ae four feet and
a htlf high. - The above? reward will
be given for the apprr"henion and tic.
livcrv.of 4id Girl to ate in thi eoun
ty, about, 12 mile outh of Raliibory,
b'uf bo'txpentea will be patdf
J:.1itgltxl UtK 183-J w FiJlO.
TXT ILL be old at the Court-HouM
, V. U, in Sal'uburjr on Thursday the
23"rd Aui?ut, Icinj Thqradav of -the
County-- Court Sundry articles, of
Aarinn apparrl, tome VALTjAKLE
BOOKS, a patient leaver WATCir,
i first tatexVJOLlN, all feslonginj i iq
ihe fittateof Dtnl. r4'it'8'1 Mett?
dcri'd.. Term made kn-wn at tale.',
.Tupvfi mil nn. 236
,,MV i PJ
HE Kuhacriberl are de.
airou of atllipe the
iract of L.nd, formerly own
-"ed by Almand Hail, deCV.
fVtWesl f Balisbury, conta'iTL.
ing 600 acre. , There 19 a grod Mill
cat oil the land. Those wishing t?
purchase the land, cari call and ee it
bv 1 aPDlvine to Jamea C MtCon,
t eaioMablrcredit wilt be Jlven. , - .f V"
, .. C. irCONNAUGIIEY,;..,
'Sal'uhury Jar d. ;-V ; 8t4g jj
THE undersigned bavin a; befli ap
pointed Httncer of Rowan County,
hereby forewarn- all ' person from
keeping Buray and not entering tne
aarrie under the 'penalty f the !
within th?" time precnbed;; ' 1 ill
keep the bpojt'inyeolf at toy residence
in S.liabury. V ' - ,v ' $
,v W; WOODSON; M0M10E.
';$alUtury ant UU yJ,
A. , lJ3. '
tjto lu 9,00
Corn - 40
Oat - " SO r
Huifr . '. r""llill;i
Cuflee . 11130 ,
H ' ftt.J3
' . Jroa - - - --- - 4 to
--Mntnrte -' - rt "
I HerawaX - 18 .
-I -TaHow - " - 1 "
I" " goo xitz
WbUkey St a 30 "
Naila ' - ' lo 10
Laf Sugar 19 ' 20 '
I Cild . ! IB -
' ' Of 1MB ' -
-""MunlVAy Journal
routiaiL i:copoMrt
pIIAT ite for ihe aiodj tfdi
lineal tccnomy, a-ki lenre, i , t,
Krdually extendinff in the If. ti.aue. .
i every where exhibiud, by the t. ' :
teniinn devoted 'lo that Iranch of 1f ' ; ,
which relate tr commercial rcatria . .
tioDt, by the number rf L tcraiy Io. ,
tiiutioul in "which Pnfeaaorahtp '
t a .aataia ... ' T t
Wa. w at. - J-J .t T " t a - , r
few vear, no Icia Irian fotir erliib.h
rUjft treaVic OBIUlcaVCc'criomt
k. I ...I 1!. L. J .! .
ur u xw puuiianca in iota courtier.
or old, Tw therifiHl ta K)inir
later to, ihU Utta ouj;hi io be cenihU
rjred ao object well worthw-ol' tKw -
regard of all iho wlo detjrr to T. ,"
the Ie'r,t!on ofh eouniry. wlicth- ,
er io Wall tT Congren, or lo
thote of our Btate Goferomeota. e .ru
dueled with witdpm aod tkilh fog3
i J: . i .t..w
nuMiiu i nmrc uciPiniu DBIV:I -
iatiott It a complicated itlcocf, frujja, ; .
rlnr atudy aod rtfiectioo. abd bot a'
gift of iniuiiion. '
giot U I'ohtiaial Economy limited lit
imp! queitioo of a TariBT bf Da-;,
tlet, at rnloy pernio have hitiilf' ,
tuppoirj, i range th whole field.1
of ioeitigatKin which rclairt b Pbru .
ulalion, o Improvement!, tJ '' .
Currency, lo Coitytgrj lo Bniing, lo";
l!ch4uge, to finaoirtf to the A Jairi
titration of th rooawi""id"i&
maty other public concern etpccU
Ally thou which art connected witli '
a a .. . mw m -
Agriculture, tyommfrcf, knd , m-nnt
facturet and touchea aa clotclv tin.
on all the purtutlt of life, bot eicrptl f
the nun. I.Ie hut imnnrianl u nl IJft-
NBV V,ffmntHr hat rt n B-W'Kfr-iritr-""
Ir entitled the cience which trichea '
we ruira o niaav juiniiirr, a wen aa
rowTninir-J, propertii aod happy '
UnlorMuatdy, ta the U. ctta, dr.
c uoiitan-ca .have. oHulM . t-eart. xor ...
currcd, to create t prejudice arjaintt 1
ini tclvoce and, cootceitiently, - ti - - .
prcucbt that general atlcution lo its'' "
itndy which it importance merit. J
Suth prrjudice, bower, muat, ooru-1
tr or later, be dupttted- aod the day -
ik, probably, not very diitant, whci
Polnical wi)omy-W4U.-bMm -- ;
wair6w-of-rfttUr-dtKaH f -bePfc-
1 it i, eminently idapled to prwt-OW . '
the wclfiir of the human yaiv
.Il can hardly be doubted, that," ; I
the rainc of thie prtjutiice t'faimTv:'Jhi'
h'i'c reil'deereer ft limited oumbeV
lift European woili on Tolitical EconVi.-----
my, which have, been republished . "" "
m tht country.; Tbe :I-ngii.:lJrri.
haa produced ranrj-i eoiotyjro
in anall volume, upoti the vanom 'i
branchea of the atience. which rlnnr
recrvm4re tho tToztn ir tWetltj'f
individual, perhap in the U Stttet,
' w
who have atanding order abroad for-'
theirs- tranm iasifmrIinyr thetoT-
wmli are of hioher order. rft ei
tain matter a ygtM trii.AawUaal
reader a tw an English one --but ;Ti4irr3
puWisbrfiOff i tt putihiiiiU
beuuie. I .aul&ci 'numbe-jf-of -ubj
icribcr canii9t,t44TJyli..rund f -:.-- :
warranttheltxpeniei .9 puyication. Ziz:
It ta mainly with a vic of lavior
be fori the Ame rieao Tedple, tha claia "
of work to whif allude'thst th,'i
publication no -ii trd to the commu' "
tiity ha been projecled j and Ja tt.-? ry'v:
pectrully, inviting for it. the patron - -
ge bf ur fcllow-citiieDa wr'ubmib
to jhe A thef folhiwinj - r .
ir- Th MmtJ tf iu$Hitral Ecmtrng will b;, ' "
pubrwhed monthly, and i!l Contain, it .!. 1
m,mtMmmmm 'IIO'navM aw.tam.- hrinlvrf iirwilt niM
mi-w'mj.. j ' ' . .
f the quality and eue Mully ewiploytd tw th ;' r
Revla, intxinf a aeam aquuai volume 01 y
ria.M. laeliulii.a? ah Index. - St il eatd eiOaa .n.-. r
uvuragt, becauar, in vome eate, Ibe ItngthW. T J
a publication anay occupy rrmrw nan wi PK t.
a id, rather lhan to divide it into Iww. eresM f ' '
at attmherof ptge wilt be iitedt In ahith cate, -
tl.. tntlowinr Dublicatioa will edotain a Icaa
; 2, If will b elut if deotei lo auch forelrn
pamphlet, treaUtea, leeturea, and other public . ,
atioi'.t, upod the srlou branchea "Of Political 5
Economy, a rriy bo dittinoi,hed for thwir tu.
fbook,' aw anabl the -A oMmoaw reader to
L. ..nn.fiL.aJ ...Ih .n h. llr.nrtn, '.-
work which my appear abroad. . -'
fi-rl he witijei t waMung, vorrr ney, wng
Finance, will receive particular attention in th -telectioni
t and a an earneat of thia, promise, "" ,
the Ediiorlintendt to rive, In4he earlleat mime'. ; .
ber bl be Jmtrnl, th eelrbrated Report of , ,
the bullion CoBimiUae,,mid to FfJ(iie'it in ' rV'
th year 1810-th manterlj wort of Mr. Bu. ;. - ;
k'reaon. ntit1ed "The Quetlioneoncerni g the ; "
Oi-preciation of otir Currency, a'a'ad ano ;
amiawdV' pubhthed In lhat yia- nd ' : :
Henry Fatneir recent work on Financi! Rg. 1 1 . -
,r Original article, Itet urea, and Rw.-vy,--. 1.-..
of work on political eeonomyAff KfenoO, yf.
uilaMautl froi Bart naUtica. or .;aiool.
view, wttl oooitit utw a portion of it, eon' t-nta. ;
. S., Tbe nrat no. wii appear an nrn osy ,
eXiuly ru.xtsa ia nn rowrpe ysu .oa.coit..
pleteft in l)ecMnber. Tb price will be RJ rr
pr ann. payatit en tna receipt 01 me nrat wo, v.
and anOUtny iircaierif uvj ...j i.v .un.
tiiMit will b received tor a ka terjw than o"
year,- 5
: The jwnfiL will be transmitted to aitucru .
pen, ot retiding in Hu!edetphie,by mail, and
.11 nn t.a. 1 kiai 11 ha ivwid bv tli.1T); txtrbt 1.5
pn tofttfr nc!mt.f Ave dlart end. krwnrWt.
--i frnu conwunioaiiun tr, wr j
aru U patfroeMe ret ho o.adft dlro. 10 iho ,
ttbativit..tt0.wiu b tf Oiwible ft '4-eaa.e
..n.fiii.a.iiit aFkiau tv. ii.ai1. and will !-'r.
! Ward reneipt therefor, ft r r?;.f:.y;eV to ihf.
'at,le.tP.'d;'iw...''-i; t N04UkC;li.,

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