North Carolina Newspapers

    JFenicvn Caroli'nvtu.
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n-ifok ! iiiM e-i-ff Uli
, 1 'baa 0S at iwerey, Jic. ight I,
, Ut ni klr i4 bappr land,
T r ifed by the eeow'g es wKgto.
Wt H Kof tlt rm4 earf
: JOi, which tbrci our abort,
And dri-s it bao U reglonadrear;
Wlcti eeof hfbwt kim'i surges roar.
tTitWrtw thy Strong arei of p-weri
s A' im ra Uif to bw i
fad back &e lib that tbrcai'eing lower.
, AuJ fiua thy mkt wsti aster twsrre.
But should fl tb ebasfalog rod,
hnA peet3en-e polWt our sir,' '
We prsjr Tbe. ok Auiionvf C. '
To k-rp I" 'fcf "' ears.
II HM W II ! llMn fim
' 1'rriioTH " WiiT...An In.
diaua paper ateiea that oo retcrAl
thciser, a member t-f Captain Ytsgtre
eomoai yof militia, few. daye pre.
flout h (m.cjLsKii. n.wer.t7 n"
fight hand m order 0 wa tniuiary
duty. What a martyr in thetaoaetd
Vis country!. The same paper says,
.. Since the commencement f the
Indian War, we hear of much sickness,
nJ of many invalids ! One tnao, wbo
it it said, can run down deer at a foot
.tace.ctiiai.siemjtioo from milita
ry di'tyi btcaut he ia lama) Aoo.
ther, who boaata that he ran raitc I
barrel of whiakey up, and daiftk
the bung lttle, chima eiemptl'm
from general drtilitv !" The girlt
in the ne'iKhborhood ahould aetze up.-o
''iKi"e"tT)iclen"Tear'tearri(ar andt
tfucr pulling dot theicbeardt and whit
er, if they have any, tar Ind fe'ther
Good and Btid FjUinf. "(Sude
mbrniogV'Tat," "n ' ;' je oTn up the
Hodaon thia morning V' M Yea, Jcm
mv." And do ye go ' ht North
America r " Och do, f.r thry will
charge three dollara and ate ye.'
And what boat do ye ci in, Vt in
Why to be aure in the Ohio for ahe
will charge ya two dollara, and ye can
tte yourself, Jemmy.1
ml fihloo at Yi' aaid lately to her
chambermaid who waa dreaaing her -
weary I am of iam wiourntng
I hive worn it fifteen dava! But
aoroDoa. Roiin. tell me for whom
am I ia moarning I''
---A fentlewMie) of -thia ityt tie other
day! epeak'ng 14 anoiner i naTing at
' tended tht fuatral fif one of hia .ic
aiaintance waa asked in the usual
wayjaJLcJclaimUiJll? At ,M irr
He replied, ' I donVkrow whether he
la dead or not j butjit ail evenu they
Aave ourtea mm on iunnu.
T Geitcva, waa .'aytneheid Tn nia
T ..."- ftlis. .lav mx CLttitimvm- 1m
v went to the Trconnerie.ta purchase
pair of shoes, but found upon ejLam
W Ms acripi that he liid nof viulfi
arient money. The shemker,obsetv
Ing hie confusion,' tot k compassion
. . poQ.. his poverty i 'lCo-iriend
aid he, 44 you ahall pay me when you
. A.. !. J i r
Become a iarainau- itm iudk aucr,
Cardiual, taking a liki to'iJrog
eier. carried him to Avignon, and
made him a learned man. ue came
t last tobe in reality a Cardioal wfiesi
ta made the k'md-heartcd ahoemaler
tia house-steward.
la a fecent tfial before the Court ot
Common Plcaa In New Bedford the
counsel for the defendant in urging
upon, the jury the Importance ol nam.
tainins the atrictcat order in a schooL
the responsibility of the instructor,
. ejarraied a abort- aoec(Lue. w h'wh ia
"tefore appeared in print, of a master
who waa sent for to take charge of a
school where the pupils were proyerbi.
Jy tor their disobedience, "fjn the
jnrnrng a'fitrliw arrival be ient one
of tht larjrest lada far wood who te.
turned wnHa pondorous log and threw
' It d iwn upon the floor; exdaimiiig
ground arma." , rioor arms,
replied the mater,and editing the ac
tioo to thsword, levelled the scholar
wita hia fist to the , flor.. "After
th ," replied the counsel, " there was
no more grounding arma.' The an
exdote. was much to this , point, ,nd
without doubt had much; weight upc
th jwyV butafutjEonclilding h,W-jai:,
. gu-nent he waa astonished t Ihd tnat
re had made considerable impressvoo
' oq the judire likewise,' ' who with a
';member Of tht bartbtnilfrfesf rtfltad
been pupils of the identical peda-
A Genuine MetnberUm flasfe ye
and gie me aomcthing'said a man in
falaek as he hurriedly ared a drug.
, gist thop, a fear dava ago ; I have
aomething tere," Us iflg hia tiand on
- the opper Wtooa of hia vest, " that
dj trouUca tnei aa emetic, c.
tic," hi rid ou', iarpriit J that tl
drucfjit wa ifrm aa f,rt haa'e a
MmuV. The drH(;lat ftarlt4 ha bd
tAen ariealc, ImiiiiUered the dvur.
ed emetic, which aoj proluttd l
usual efTfiti. The nu i hl'tk thwn
ftU mote at t a to answer the drug
ciit'a q teaiioni. IIwe you taken
aracnici hih mr ui2ii'. v
aaid the man ioMack, but 1 waa at
a funeral. anl thinking the fr rvicc
waa winfjl drank wy g'aia felf, but
hTinta f..uid it waa rum, .and as a
member ofhe .Ttmperariie .S'llejy,
my conscience could not fel at ea
till I bd got the ruinous siull eject
ed.'1, . ,
ite'irhbnrinv enl;tue, a few dai
!nee,V VniVufttirtd vftnU?- archltr
about tweWe years of age, tf hove tui
ly busiiieM it wastowauh and protect
a laff t' A nk f her andwho, in
the barijiin, was encutr.bertd wlili he
care of a sraJI child ot rrmlikublc
for centlenris of disposition. Find
ing him not in.i ery pleasatit mood,
which teemed to be occasioned by the
turbuilcnt spirit of the little one, we
took the liberty of Inquiring which
waa tie lesser trouble of the two the
cart cf the sheep or th child f The
lad raised up his hand, and eiclimrd
in the most earnest manner "I'd
sooner, xur, mind JO'ly Man tw
baby Jl
A very extraordinary phenomenon
hat bceo observed at Ytenciennra, in
France, in the grcunda oftwobkach
era, winch are more thao 600 yards
front rath other.""Tte Hnen laid rrot
to wliiico has hrcme as red aa if it
hid been ded wiiUbloI. The wa
ter with which tho linen wai dressed
has been analysed, ad found n t t
Contain the least acid, trhen the
O0ybemgrrmffrrrTi i rah 'rm f
ceaed A, chemin of te towo at ri-
butts it to the effect, of certain aci)
ihslationt, from whence he suppose
ihe Cholera proceeded.
. . Tlit Quaker and Ike JroktrrX
honest, of the d r . b
cnat and broad beaver, went a Aaj or
two ainee, into a brok-rt fli e, in
Wall street, to get a bank oute than
gfd. The deder In money, glancing Ms
eye over the note exclaimed" This
is connterfeit,' air, " ;
Verily," replied the Quaker, I
thee yesterday. " t was chaagtl
without more words.
, :: . . . : .V. Y- Constellation
.. PatsaLMtJiitficst-Sasion. afihiT
'---Tinnt-Second Cot)$f(7h -
AW ACT wpstthenMry id Ihe Act- Rf fl.
relief of cerlim lorvivicij iilriccK SiiJ iu
dier or the revaiulion."
r- He U enacted by the Senate anrl
ITouii ojKfifet-6CHlfhw$ oflhe.UiH
ted Stales of Amcrk i in Congress
assembled, That each of the surviving
officers, non-commissioned officers,
musicians, soldiers and judian sies,
who. shali have aerred in the conttn
ental line, or State troops,- volunteers
or one or rnore terms, a pe
riod of two years, during the war of
tne rcvoiuuon, an wno are not enti
tled to any bent fit uiider the act' for
the relief of certain autvivi.g officer
and aoldiere of the revolution, passed
the Uth dav of MV. eichteeit hund.
red and twenty-eight, be authorized
to reeeivf
Treasury not otherwise appropriated,
the amount of his full pay tn the -said
line, according. Jo. hit rank, but' not
esceeding in any case, the pay cf a
captaiiiri thitiiWlin(6iuch::paid
Commence from " the fourth day of
Marcn,; one thousand eight hundred
and thiriy-one, -ud anal continue du
ring hie natural tiici ana trrt nv
such (officer, non-commissioned olS
ear, musician, or private as aforesaid,
who ahall have aerved in the cominen-
tal line or State troops,, volunteers or
militia, a term or terms inathe whole
cm thair tne above period, burnot
ess Ulan su months snail be authoriz
ed to receive out of an v unappropriated
raw? in iiie j rcasury uuriug nis uafc
ural life, each accordmg to l)is term
6f service, an amount bearing- auch
proportion to the annuify granted 'to
the .w'ame rank for the service bf two
years, ar his term of service did to
(he term aforesaid to commence
from thr fourth day of March, ooe
thousand eight hundred and thirty
one, t - , j--'- j--- -
Sac, l. Avljbc U further enatled
ty or persona under any law of tbe U, to
5L.u:ovidin fur revolutlanarv fifflrrr I
: " f
and solijiers, sliall be eotiil- d to tr
benefits ol this act," guless ha shall
firt rctircju'uh bi furihrr tlalm to
such f.rntion snd in 11 pavmrnti us
der tills act, the amount which may
have been received tinjcr any other
act at aforesaid, nri the dtle at
which the payments under this act
shall commence, shall firt bey deduc
ted from such s meM.r :
Hrc. t. And be further enact J,
That the pay allowed by this art tHall
under the direction of tht tiecrrltry
of the Treasury be paid to the offi
err, non commissioned officer' musi
cian or private, entitled thereto, or
their authoriied aitorney, at inch pla
ces and times as the Secretary of the
TreiwytrrsT'rHreerrwnd thtnqfof
Jiii-itf.-i-. :r.t. tiiiir::ii.r -i. i !
stoned effictr, musician or private,
receive the same until he furnish the
aid, JSeeretary aaiisfactory (viJcnce
that he I entitled to the same, in con.
formity.lo the provisions of ihli act )
and the pay hereby allowed, aball not
to any way be transferable or liable
to .fttachment, levy,' or' seizure, by
any legal process whatever, but tbsll
insure wholly tu the persooal benefil
to the oHicer, non-commissioned ofG-
. . a a
err, musichn or soldier eotitua to
the same,
Sac. sMlt it further enacted.
That so muth of tbe ssid py aa ac-
emfd before the approval of this art,
nhsll be paid to the person entitled to
ihe nme as sfton aa may be, in the
manner and under the provisions
above mentioned t nd the pay which
sh-ll accrue thereafter, ahall be paid
directed j and, in cie of the death uf
any ' Person embraced by the provis
ions if this act, or of the act to which
it is supplementary, during the period,
inter veiling between the stmi-auitulat
pvymeTitt -cTrremd- rotjrw trrrw'nid'
acts, th ptopono.jaie amount cf pay
which shall nccr;e between the Isst
prereding semi-annual payjnrnr, anrt:
the death of such pers n, shall 1 paid
to his widow, or if he leave no wid
nw;tn his chlMrrn. ' ""' ' ' 1
Pic. 4. And be it further ennclcd,
T'at the efft non-commiSsumed
Ificers, maiiricrs or marines who
served for a like term in the navj
service, during the revolu'jrtnory war.
shall he ent'nl-d to tho beiufi:s of this
a i, in the sa-ne manner as is prnvi-if'-d
ror the f (Titrrs and soKl'iers orthc
army of the revolution.'
Speaker of tbe Hu uf UiMtniUt
Vies- rrriint of the United Si, it, nj
.... Frrh lit otlh Swrate. hT---
AN ACT far the buflt uf dt Afessmlrie
til e-iirpunv.
-Iti"U(n itU4 1 Ite-Remit -rind
House oJlrescJtfdfieei itfihe Unit
ted Slates of America in Congress
ttsscntblCil, That the ?ecreJry of the
Trtastiry trrnnfrTie It hereby, reniii-loesa
red to pay t the lVesMeot nnddirec-
tors of the. Alexandria Canal Compa-
nv, or to such officer ol and company
at they may emimwer tu receive It.
the auovof one f4,ntred tirouiad do. -
Inreytor be applied t w the C6n ttf tictWij p
aa.squeuuct across tue river.'-r.)to-
mac. S or wr
town', v in the
T)i-jtnrt of iColliimbta) which BiTro sf-alf
b paid, out of any mufley in the Tre.
usry not otnerwise anprapruted, at
j-eh-tmes and in nch-proporttona
(having a doe regard to the progress
of the work,) as the President rf the
U c. may, from time t time, direct.
A;ipreii, June 2a, 183 ,
" an. S.
AN ACT ei'tbli-Mnp UihI diitricti 'm the Ter
- -: ntonr nranaAlaaT'
. Be it enacted bt
t(iL Senate andl
Home of flepresentatues of the Vni
ted States of America in Congress
tvmw TaL Ihefe shall be four
land districts in the Tcrriiorvof Ark-
inasT to b called aa follows,- viz :
the A'kansas, land district, thef White
lUver land dis'tnef, the Red River
district and each of -the aforesaid
land disiricta shall he b'undetl as fol-
lows, ta wit : the Arkansas land dis
trict shjll include all lhtt counxry
braced w'i.tbiit (be following boijnda
rtest becinniuir on the west bank of
ihe M.ssiiaipni river, at the mouth of
of the Su-iVanct ri W running
.l .i .. .
thence doe west with tne base line to I
"c f 'Ze V?
townhi? one north, and anotb of ;d
L- .L . ...
K ... t:. . .) .1..- u :.t .u.
w ...n, wv, uu wut iii wuii int
ditfiding line betweeti rangesfe and
six, to the northeast corntr of town-!
nip ,cven, norm oi saio oase. line il"K'ow nine binenee nl Hon. -
tliencr,idue weal with the" dividinc
inelbetweett-towrishios -seven and
hall include all the country aouth of
MissotSrT, which is n included in the
Arkansas land district above descri-
the" Ftate of MisaoorL The? Rrd
eicfit. toine uonnweatxorner ol ranee i '; v -."."'s-comiortaiMe-
seventeen t and thence due touih with ,! ?Je ,)":enKe 2if
the 'dividint? fine between rane"ae.l "" . . J B C. -
v e,ik - v'-l.''rwnsMSBaaajaa-
fe'uteetf kntT eighteen, to the MUsissip-j WAPnAiu'Wno -pi
river. The Wh.te1 river diatricth rCT r"N.Ktt?-
-1 oai, ana east or tne aivumg line be- "'"--wotmona-ie, at ttiemoderste chai of Si
A twe'e faneea aeventeen and eighteen. Sf?';-."? JwJeir f the
a ft a a a aa 1
J amended from thSnorth.wrcor
lii 01 111c ariu Ananias lana aistnet. mau rrw-iaioo mora. Bread bhna and f'nnr.
r'tvr In ,V,tri,. .,,H t-f wt. -M .fc.P"'''P'I,, eneap, tnufeimiia snd eotnfprtbl
-'- """ f-lie. -jrrfrcw 4i7, i ia; J. ' ; -U
t'U',(y Id A'Vanias l)i.g west if tV
Arkansas land iliatrirt, a.J south ol
the bic !i f. The rayeitevtlle land
diitrirt sKaU Include the residue ol
the Territory ftf Arkansas, being all
the, country Ijintt north of the Itrd
rirtr ditric, and west f ike Aikan.
sas and White river districts.
Brc. 2. Ui he it father tikirted,
That the lnd office f X the Arkansas
hnd district shi.ll be ftt Li ' lie II ck
the land office far the White river dis
trict shall be at Jtcsvlle the land
office fr the Red river district shall
be at the town of Washington! and
the land office fr tht Fayettcvlile dls
trict shall be at Fayetteville.
Bac.3. Udlc it further tnncttd,
fhtf It shwtt we tlotVTil the . cra
tary bf tnetirVwVyria'rrilU
stmetra fce'ttmifrwxa,rwe pr-r.
per platea of l karveyi i to be depost
ted in the oonrr Jjgd nmcea.
. Stc. 4. And bU farther enacted,
Tbkt for each of the' aai.l districts
created by" t!ii"a.iTa"RrRiter an
Urcelver of public moneys shall be
appointed1, who ahalf give ercurity in
the tame manner, and whose duties
aud authorities shalf, In every respect
be the same, in relation to the lan
which shalf be disposed of at their
nffirts. as are by lw provided in re
Uticn to the IleRiS'ers and Receivers
of public moneys lathe several oI!ice
. ...
established fr the tale vf the p'iblit
T'lin aubsenbera most resprctlolly
,.JL inform theiUiz;oi of Saliubury,
and vh public, generally, that ibty
bare purchard th ttrck vt
beloogiog lo the late firm of
all of which they are determined to
sell at the
Trice , By strict attention to bus
ness, with a wish tn be accomodating
we shdl feel grateful for the patton
age of our friends, and the people a
Urge at tbe old stand. 32if
jnsiAn TiriK,
Salisbury, Juh 6A 1833 , . .
Vsins I. ivty
timers and the .public at ..large
that he is now receiving and opening
at his Store, Rocky Mount, 1 i miles
west ot Salisbury, k fcaudiome as
sortraent of
ii it y coons,
Sileeted tyVusctrd New" York and
lliilidelphia, from, the latest imports
tions ; and if qusiityi.yrtety.j. oeal.
ot style, reduced prices, & clos
attention to business, be any induce
mejitlo. purchaterl, bLbope.Jo .mcr
jit a liberal share ot their patronage
JunrtStflr 183 J. 3mt39po. I
book Here.
rjl!IE:.bullding::i.f ViZ oewTCawi
?,f:M llowae thev Town of Jefferson;
Ashe -Couoty-will bo let to the low
est bidder, on Tuesday the dav
of September next, a plan of the boil
ding will be made knon at lh time
and mav be aeen id ihe clerks office.
The building will be something like
forty leetsqiare, tbe wall of brick,
ct-c. and probably will be required to
ue tuyrrcu wiui zinc, I ne onueita
ker ' will be " reoutred" toivi! Khnd
with f pvd -eecority,- fwr'the-er-
furmaocc of ihe work.
A. B. M'MIT.LAN,- " .
A. M'MltUN, r i
it. utNi ity. . j f
Jah,i Oth,t 822. 6t37 .,
ClJAllUiSTOy and CllKRAir;
f HK ST EANi 60AT mIcON"
1 : OAPT. J. C. ORA
In tUHnitm bitieenCl.iiijeston aadCl..
raw calllpfi; at Geo. Town on her n
ni i'Uesnme her Trips in Ihe
and k blended lo be
continuetisn the trade tha eniu!ni
Her eiceeding light draft of W,er
,!,..:, i
. ' J " " ""'7 lour ana
nail leet Wjlnr illmM. k.. u
Cbersw at all tlmesexceni. an oneom-
mon low itver,: when her csriro wilt h.
' J. B. CLOG If.
--ClarleionS'Mri6i i it Sir"
act o mo-
''J.5 10 'aVunU!e, .
vemeiice is provided foe Mae and Horn, teaiake
nary, awl Hw Bonlei-i ftnd tdem
BiMiixc: a ftiiMMin:
rr.njKiyrrlj r,ivr,r
VUl nn trimg taj opei S gawr'st
iMH)ltml ti
spnt.Ya y RtjMMnii coons,
1rcll miih frr ere ! ""k
Srw Virk "I Ph.!!. f Jl r""
stirwt. Thelf wwhM tn pirt bf
iurwiAie Uua ' BWk eMhs
On, llro t, Br ulil !." .
n. a. "
fW r,nWti, nlnetu k Mrk h1jr,
. Mrrins d '., arorhi-ilw sort eireM,
YcIIm Nsnkren n! 6i cheek,
F snrh al I'UM li'iHx CS
f Jnnit T.h!. .ml A .trr. H '.
,U.rfillM. S'-I Vrloi'Sa Vefi.nrS, .
a gout r.mir.rr or r.tycr
Printa, fiinehsiM s 4 Vh Jim,
Tleklnes, Btt-it4 lliosaw
si,i.ij kmt aiiiriii r
"p.iriHiMr ilimity a h! Cuttoa finfti, "
tt' tulim Silk1. s
ctix br U Mfiiet ii
lll'ie black silk eat.h'tis,
Cli. grot a ffspfrs.
Unewi and tie ftrfnsftU 0.
faAgrt, flc stl wwiuUiia Ha-tarctiicfk,'
C nmofl f enfn 0'). ,
Fc aiw tsd Crsp d. 1
erk. silk Ml tl itch tamrci! ftSllnfS
lUk'snd collon ll'ittefy,
,i Gxr..Tr.tnii:TrfiCtt
ftnry bonnet, belt -k1 cap ribbons,
Silk tpmnt,
I jnfn e.ihSr'ft fitrtflkereliiefs, l-nt, t.
IlinmuiMl Straw llunnvta,
. f j!iIi !. da.
Rrtisis dt. do., r.lm W.f Hits,
1-t gharn bnnarts, lur and mno do.
js vHtirr.vuiTt of
I .'ia sid G.erk Vitool Hooks,
Siliiiw-. Aiuvrcm ki"t,r. ,.m
ttr(I--r and C.ilff,
CUm and Crorkerjr-wipr, (fn. (Je .
Cirpeiner'i Tool, erntidirg f rrrry a,rlU .
cle audi- ti" nf CirKa4rt hi Ibis part
otthe Cmntry.
l'ltel, flrMaitppan, and Prinee! i-et'le, m-ioniinf, eiueli frina-e and lace,
A riv J aranrtment of Rraeeriea, Uc Ut.
XJL-oLm.uM, thwry aja daa-ii.t I- -mJLf
aa low atfnndi can 'ba'-had ia part of II.
CMI11O7. Purctiawn ail) do will to call and
e ojr sfbek and bear prices before Ue
buy.- ...jrmw).j..-....- ' '- .'
. J. Ac It. sr rratfu ta Ihe PabRe lee
their vr liSeral patroaara herrtcfory, aad
hope bv itrlct aHen'ion ta butinrti, aa.1 aril
in- -opda chf ap, to Oierit a Cooluiuanr- of ibe
tame. .tu
Aa'i.A-v. ."' 3tA
mm spring
"AND S UM E H V, 0 01) 5,
WZCZ.i Kir-! nOlVrY
srm esccTFrixv mcutms U wiiwtw.
1V .
nd tha pulide al lafe, lUat be h va
recr)vii. and onenin at hia -lore in Siltatmrr,
a aplaaiiwi aonmeat of . j .-.
atleeiedbv ttlmaelfle rftlUblCt.FSt.i tni
fKIV.rOHKtnm the Ulcat i'vaorta iuoa drf
1932, and hi-h he offers to pirehatr at lo
m anr GO)DJ of the aaiaa qislity ean be
wtM'lit ia !'( aiar.eC Ila IcaitrS fioaa l.J
iL. ..C. -re:, r'rvnrsa- l'
Ull.Wf. I. WWMIIL WWf U-W .1 , W. W V. Jf
and the ei'reme lovaeaa of bis prices, to aver-
T'?".?. l,",rre,'?.,!","
towettewsnt M, aa.1 for vhica be wow re
luma his vratelul (hanks.
Among liia atMrtiueut atil be fiMiod an that ia
.. . , ..... yrydhhPggiojt-tTciirX
Tfflnjiiiix wenf artktt t
-zzz;1:l , 4
rr. k
All tinda of eounlrr produce take a
M eirtan$e for tWa. -:;-.-r Ittifi;:;:.
bWaTAUJbit ii ICitA J-.J3. - 1 - ' .-
N letter received by a
friend, daed at Paris ia
April Ust, D)ct. Smith re
nuesfs that his' rcapecta" be
presented to his former patrons, and
the cit'zena of Rowan in gener iL and
to Inform them that he cspects to
reach home in. time to resume his
practice ; of. IJ'netxbythea jcst vof
Autriist, or sooner. "
'lie wiir'b Witty hii room on Ma n
Street near vine Store of Messrs'.
lackett Lemlv. J9tf
THE aubscriber would respectfully
inform bis tld cuatomert and the
public ceoerallr, that he has commen.
ce'd Dutcherl tVg iii this pLceVnd tlTat he
will coutinue to butcher during the
season He will have beef in market
on Monday, Wednesday and Jrid)'
muiaings in -each week at -fTom twnt
and 97 half W 3 l--;cehts per poundrT-
. lie wouid remind th ise who have
beerea to stlH!
highcsVcash price Tor them at his re
uence 3 muea norm 01 iioury, oa J
ie road leading from Silisbury.rto
MockcvilIe Jpnesville and Wkesbo.
ro.' Pisturace will be furnished era-
t to drovers, who may Call at his
bouse.' ' - 33tf
fJTjAinELH CHrSSis just reeeii
wild hia former sloes, comprise every art icle
unially kpt in al Country retail store which be
wilt sell low foe caab or oa a tliort credit to
punctual deafer. -The public are reapecttullr
requested to call and ju igt for tbemaelrea, ,
ll alao cautinuea tba manufacture of Stit.m
sndTia Waas, warranted to be made of the
beat materiala, and ia a superior ityle of work-fcaaahiji.-'
tiavina; '"a"' very t large atock of Tie
ware on band and beintr determMtedta sell k
Bt reduced briefs ir.rrclunta Would do wall to
al) wiibirfi and get ft'wjswppi-,:-- 's...
JtOP Old Cnnpe-, fewtei, reathera' TaSow,
Beeawaa, aad U'ool, taken ia CKhsnj-e. j
n ;.: o
Is " J.2Z ti ''
noU.y-4 fsrri,mn r
Ure iti f-tU) ttf t'.i,,,i
r!l-f ihlr rtM.: i il.i ,t m of i
U t. Ue. ,iw ,
ST TtUIi'hUrnWi;tl,-. ,,
f.n, M J ltl. , 4H' '
' ltirvcmuii.sntT
trrj i,Vn r: ft-ftw
lWia.iawal -w---' ,v6iA-iaat.
trY- AT01 '"rc fur,
LXZ "1'"s n4 the riM
tt aV Sl PmiIh sL . a '
I'f IM-rallv. th-i L-L
menced the boteherina baiiiar.. :: .i
II. will her baa U mi,i.
. ( ,.ur,uar, inj Frfr(!rt
moroiogs, in each week, drlna ,! .
... 'IV.-. .1 Tl. . . i
eau, or at ally other iit i .
the convenience of fna r... ,.... . .
O Any person ha ai tr. .
sale can obtain the'Mjbest p,kt f
them, in cash, by Ipjlvi'n m ih ...i..
JitneWh . t8tf
1 ' v W. J. JONES .
Vtr-L aeaettas ia tht CWf W il.i r-JL !
f F y, -It-, llktwb.., & tt!It2
ll-s aflle ia a frar .U Srlo, iW CwhtiU
ar-ywsW"'--.W' -a. i W '"- WJW'5asWBH
taTo faatoK sWtf avaoe,. , u
we cooHy coons of Bow.n. H, J
alhlmf,ba found, eHb ftV'of u
Csrrlinian. , -,..,,. . - nflj
'"W- ww-aK A,rf s rl, Ofll.
BOOKS I tfubaciipthm'fur g,tfJ
. ft. this CoiDDJOVaiCl-uia) A..-.J.,
c ine Towb of S .li.bury at the II Jt
of Wm. H. Slaoc;h rr;and attly M.,:
Wn Hotel, and will remain opra ua,
till the 2vh. d,y of Aug .at ear,Xke'
subscribtra arc tl.c4i'o learn free) '
recent eommnnitath a to lhrqi fr,
the commisMooerj M WilmingluB that
g I O0,000o. atotk wiUbrtaieaw tk.
Towna U.VrUa.iwgur."ad f avertc. -
j1"' 'V l of the l ieeaV-
?d !Wy, Jc Aurvet cd if -
sa emeoert F.rj.e-rer, 1. , .
jr?ir.s MARTIN K T ?
- Mictunr. nuoivk - i
whxum ir. iiorTAn.
TOM L: COWAN. - f f
July ICA. U32. ' . " . -
there wit u .old a smitu
injr the Tuesday of the A .pu,t CounV
ww- "v ... v. siuKviic Desti'ie
vi 7 . a . ' in..- 00 I
main itreet " a.d ' aecood Ljt ' ei nf
fitfiJT ;nd;59 Lyfyj tyrthf easf iTJi'
i.f cerftie Street south Tof DuxneU t
XIHO two tracts ofl.nd, owecoa.
tains 100 acres the jther 66 acres, ly.
ing 00 the waters oT C'remp Creely
six or seven miles south of Sttiville,
and Joining the l nd of Jacob Tmu.
man and others, .where due ttemiW
land a reasonable credit wilt be given
- "(I A aw-? ainxij.
' "ii
a jj
THElin w.a taken lipln R'.ww
A Couuty, in the Forks of the Yad.
kin River, auJ Hunting -Creek, h
James Davis, sertl a Sioall Iron-gray
?,f..?IUfln4 eniicred oa mv &uf-,
Uook, on the j6;h ids, which is sup. '
prsed to t 3 ye-ra nld last spring, '
aiii was Vwlucd, at SJ,'by A. SmiHtf"
and Arho M-rrow; - - ;
fwWIIMfwH w i
rit, 1831 - , 1 3 is . ,
.7- ....... n ...
JT MM F.UJ tTEW a buy about elrvea of tawlrf
aa. 1 rara m t
ApMy at ibis oAlce. 3 It
DAfirj a. witrwo.y
aTN the tOtbtof SeptemkW
F bat, from my plau'atioa is
llff JoWea eoiin?. two arproes,'as
Sfj warned WASHINGTON, abnel .
years. nf ace,a verr brv'-'
:Wtes; jwaaijibf'far fcfti" ; f
there ia a sraV oecaatoned b S j
STiai ke will rhmn hia aa
and endeavor to pa far a Tree man. 'T'he aih'r -
fears of age, very intelligent t be will probably
paw tt the aeoaat of M'aliingtaiv Wad hf .
ba naoia A reward of 25 Dpiltm wilt be C"
for. the delirery of either la anJaU ee that t
emm get tba.n. JAM 3 LAMAR, i
";crAr l&A. ," ,-.V.f -.-----y. 42J
fcrj-Tbe teoTgiaw, Savannah 1 tbe Tefcs.,
ope, Columbia, S. C.t end Kkbmond Ewjoi- ,
wee, are reoieated to pubnah tbe above art-klr
wtU fcrbiaV, and thee rvrarard their sceflunn
- ' " .. J..tSM.
s iiLAmco i:iws,
Of every deaeriptioa, neatly rrinted, vi
.keniewuuut.'y (ot side at ttfiSU'

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