V (nmrmlMrriAfjiwu I n'i I il ill !H'i;T.ov,ci;ak;i:.i ;r nit us. p 'WF.STM.S cinot.ixi.w it ' i;,klaur9 reck at 'i'w J) Van n r IV Jiif-1' arrr$r:iri are mJ, wdmaL ihtlllUjr't diM crtixin- St vM'tiptie 'H b; rac'tred for a leu if id in to u'tfiif tht VJUiirvf n rtA tf a 'in', riu w evnnilmd at u jlnl jtir.vm pntfiinnz tit iidcent $uh' wSot l In ivrjwmw, tnuif narc a iilu-iii-iiij nl I'"' uiia rate. i'l liter ml In W ' Ar r.Utor Big y p ot jmid or ai not . term will bo trirlly 'nl snco.M) si'tKCii - '(' IU. MtVUrnKrfS. CafuliHa, oh t't It.'l projtonf a rfJiiclinn of 'the PiMn on imjHtrtt. DrltprrrJ i ihi lluute uf Rtprtwnhitieety june 1 83'-2. ln-, 111 fun I'Im ia,"i 01 uu irnci'('(ini4 m tin Ixll, if il wore tt ifi otluT (mrHimi ' tLii I lx-ttov nine Km ill murk if tert I'' mcmnrT of on uuf'irtuimtf 'bTZTTThim riTfinva3jrfuny io- Uf ire ! in tliO Cuiiimiltefl of l!w wlwlr, ulL'ft iIuti wilU'Mil even Hit roiiuirni mm uf liriili4' buriiil, OVPiI.ii l ami i'nn'v cullcJ iifvm to o lojt in 1(4 ntvnd, fiv'fi whiIi it in ny jriiiciph jurio , la ( i. ar olf tfiti i'vi'il, (i'id expo iu dcfurin fa to ihi II uihl llii imliofi. J "rriXirt rre.7ITSfrfpJ, dial, enrly in llm rssiua, thi Committee of Wyt uu;l in foptirtcl a bill on lliis ubjiv-t, bi..Ti Wvolvwr - in my opitumij the i!vf A iriif can bo wrmwiently i!rtitcd. -T ,H'i' ifl" iC iM lull miiii tfmMU i , v;om5UiiUliyutaiwa:iilouU I ! k J-fird from tl viilorem luiitii ! tofl imivirU anil tlia Mutl.ern Ftut'!n rLiift sterarprU"r liwruF' concfisnion, id ciilii2 tint Innre than onohalfof :iijLKiA:& ,I,,n rj?- Jw-ti ifwofllieir" iiMliwtry. Lcn by tins jMlt 3 cmretwion' mi tlm wirt f tli wtii, ri Binre thutt'duo half afllifr ilulic have boca bouiitim to thn imlustry "wIiyWsrrirtVMiw(lcifafinV" It ?eti Onrcrciii'iiiimislv put -Hinle in (lit-t'nn-,mitice of llic VVholc, oni.nntbin Vcahcarl f it 'sihcbV I wilf now r--'ced to make an aimlylicftl cvaiiiiimti m (ilthe bill uiKin wljk!ivciiiiiakiutioi ; ami I think I c un satiSry any iinpr- tMlyinlii'mw, Hint, ait tii ffntfl h.lvinfT aiV tiatuif tii Iw considered as n cuinproiiiiw, itkilu:Juost unequal wrti W jbf5T in tW nos tpftrrwnvft tar itl'thuV bn e .. firM place, lot us inquire what U' the agriati- nmonut of tlio re- durtiuti liic4 it will rll.' ct ill the public . ntoane. . Acconlina to tho dftniled csti- Biateof tho STtrtnry of thn Treasury, fitfmW iHn tbe provisions of the bill os - it oriin:illy came from the Cmn itlee n Miimiiicturfs, the niliK titi wouM bnv) becootilv fe.ll77,OO0, even it it sbouIJ lie " pwmed th.it no inrfpoe of imnortntions Tri!.t result from - tlie !lminnti(ar tf lhe iu'rs. "Si'nce "the till was rrpof led', bow - ver, scveriil alterations have been inaoV? ttits Drovihions. some iiicreasim and : rme(!ii)iiiiis!,inlfl rut of duty. The effct of these I have minutely in-rira-M. ami find the result to be, that the bill Mil now stands, will effect a reduction ni tliihr ;ri;er than that estimated by r the Supri'tarv, the precise amount being Ttii'ii 000." What,' then," will bo tne'iih DMid !!tn"unt of thn- revenue after this art iIiaII have poue fully into opernlion ? The v: Hh ;ts iM-yciitedayy.Jhe.jr!Bpuei tniii from NfaKsacliusctl, that, it was "most much as it would reduce tho taxes some fiive, six,-eigbt or ten mjlliona ofdollnra- wtfvlse and extraordinary iikmIo of ati(i2 ihe result of an estimate made by Ihe f hairmnitof a committee, upon which . the (louse is called upon, to found an ira JKvrtant act of legislation ! Five millions of variation is certainly a very liberal al lowance for error in an estimate which -ri guseeptible of reasonable . certainty ! - The Secretary of the Treasury estimated JJie revenue w hich would bo derived from Hrtr-s1ttriti HggfrfiWitt.ftrfxtwIey- 1 .xx nws, at o,auu,uuu. ; iicUiter irorn . this aniiumt t( ttin tpilnrlion nrnnord. waiI ! Bve still nrt annual revenim of ve rV nenrlv lunnlv Iwn million nl dnll.'ir ."eVrived frenr-litfArls. I confidentlv at- "'aai ij wul tie at least twenty minions, Ato (his the income from the pubrie noA. ..4i..i..i:..:.U...i 1 -i !.. hiri itv nriir 111 iticuuaf aim w inny avenue of 823.500,000. This is aboiit " tb nyerage annual revenue of the last ten - J'sfs, and will leave an.onnual .surplus of 'Tml!iiWof dntlars, niakihif the" Itiosl liiral4Uovatice for tUe public expendi II la eVe; ( ,r 'fll" i-l'i.ll .,fi. . !i i.H V!-r mm in I Ml grilling I !w mi . I'-ut lei uu ii.i.Mfi drtniU i.f!msi ro.l.i Ii,u, i,J h,,w ,1, nj,,.,,,, j; on iron nicl wm iim HiViam t ro.l.if. IKMI M AlJM,liU, w,wnil) w.m,.- "Jf,,.u.(K.v l' .HK.lu.la all jUh mlfcc ....... uiiim ( (, i,mO nii'irl "..v.i m recnvt'lj III ett',Ir-r.l Fif 0lll i ru xp ru, on I a:nnunt t. rwdy i.o.iit uui ,iHJ fe:!uctionVfi I w ..'I pr,w.., . - ro mucn nriro tii.i-j c.iu,nerIiLi.. ccj by ftt'ier piovi,i HU f tl)(. bill rtlaiivu to cuh!i l,,i,(t J tliii:ii4i3I oredit on tlif:o jiroteeiml artK-ltM. , It um tho 0MuiiHi 1 .Iii. Riiblwin, thiit tho ' withdiunnl of the credit ii"w ull'iwi d on dm liopfirtiitiim of wvoIIoih, would fa equivalent to an iucren-N) offif. Ieeiit r rmituin in tlm protnclin duties iuijKcd up,)! iitn 1 mid I Juimv it li the opinion o ,jnte of the mrt intellijent of our merchant that it U fully equal lo on i increase of ten K-r .fentuin. Awu iniiig the anaua ainoutit of tho imp irta lion of woollen to bo $0,i;)0,(WO, it fd l'w th.it, on these firticle alone, there will bo an iuereoMi of 1 ,00t),0(0 add'd to tho burthen of the prwiiiijtvalem, to eiMitilorlnlanre th n'lOiinfil reJuelion of Hut tlie" crmliU on ull ' Gllei T prM' ird a 1 (,chi -uru re Jm J on auliV cr: up: fmr uii'l a hulf mouths, which i euuivii. lent lo live per centum, tqwo tho prinei iiown a to wioliuu. A'utniii! N.rteJ to Imj S.'j.OOil.UOll, we Iimvo fcl Otli) us (ho mereas of the burthens of (ho prolix-ting dutie, to bo jda'uod in contract w ith a.noinin;il reduction of 8 117' roi.rat with a-nouunal reduction ot 9 1 17- t0(K-It rjHi'ilnt-theS?ren.aH niiuiil burthen of (he nruleeliiiL' duties I.)-1 iiiiiiiiI burthen of (he prolcelin duties Iu vioJ on- tMaifiempmHuctim i 'mmiin- ally nwlueed fcr)H,H0, aim! inin-iisedS,. SJoO.OW, leaving tfic sum ofl,Ha,nn.1 i'm ih attu.il iucreasp at lliu burthens of the south. A 'i 1 this, sir, is the olive hraui li of cuneili:itiiMi and coinprouiis" which is lube hfhl out to the so i'licni St iles toin- duco them to suhmit Tdth pnti.m-3 tothts j nciieino oi iiijiimico una ojij.e.no.i . "" BuCsi.' tliff lucqmhtT of tii delnsm? plan ofrediM-fioti'i- ireatfy iiicrned, onrt other ju-oviou of. the bill. Tu whom,, ir, u tho reliel really extcmlea wiucli Ihi bill provide t Is it lo the antith, n!T.(!(,Vt!t,."ft r-'i'm ..wfd- h "vtnjrt the, isactualy inking tinder the weight of it intolerable oppreion T So far from it, ir, we have seen tlmt theailditioital Jsir thc:i imtHrtea.ujuii Uic. t'uixian eA-haujca. f tilut m-ift' tbe - wsi o,-w-il while, rt f "-ill now h.iw,. the tiirrin ex chants "f.th" north ilHu actually re liev.l Irooi duiies to utiich thev are now subject ti lh'' amount of li?-'!," -0.0(10. And this rebel, mi. wiM Im- tlm most 'sulbtanlial aiid u i-i v ..-a! nature, l or .JO v at least three MillioiioT it uil! re--u!t Irrm n.loiitll:. iiluiii.it C'llire V fire nt 1I11IV - ' 11' foreiini orticlos whU-hare exchi-yvflv tut hi cxcWiWi"e fer-lbJr.j4ucUol.uL tmrmwtlieni SiNls.'iut Jage-i'rtilll ot whicji-w- estluioiy-eyitjiuuwJ .w . Wi States. : ' Tho existing ilulic oh the articles made entirely free by this bill, amount to 039,000; thoso on tea, which will come in with a mare nominal duty l one cent n oound. amount to about $i,4iW,fK)0 ; thoso oocotfrw, whicji will pay only halt cent a .w.Mi,.i:iuu.iiiit lo fc237.'WU:Jiiaso.on si"s which will como will come, in under a du ly of ten pTr centum, amount, to about 8;oO,0aQf aud.rtbu50 . ou wjuca to Itr, wo.-- r ' In addition to these articles of the un protected clnssv there wono of the protect ed articles which id almort exclusively purchased with the production of north ern industry, uponAvhich a reduction u mado.-I alluxlc Jo brown wgajt,AfsMm inrr Uio annual imKrt for consumption to lie sixty inillions of pouuJs, tlicicductiou will itmovtnt to ;tyi,fltMW.'pcMMi.wir.- With thp exception of the wines and a nortion of silks, all these are the peculiar exchanges of the northern or manufuctur- mfStateSpnmert tiieir promictim HAviontuitrindnstn' -.IB a .. . P It iA mutter ol ciinositv, sir, as wen 01 minutely into the detail of fliosm article which are to be admitted free of duty, or . . 1 I'll A at a mere nomial duty, m mis um. a inong the Ace articles, I find cocoa, ol monds, raisins, fig, curranH, d'ates, fib liert,' nutmegs, ciunanlon ginger, olives, gropes, pine apples, and all those foreign luxuries which supply the tables and finish .1.- Aa,u f It.i. u.'pntlhirl inlondiwl. no lllU ciiv .- ' . 1 'i .i . . nni..i..irt.l tt tocrae v wnicn wu yuuu tun-uiuivu ,i cream' and maintain. We have- also in n feiforv. niarble. oaiitt ina . ,and drawings, to ornamont not the palaces ot the iHifir to which rcterenco. was w.m 17 the Tcritlem.-ib froin 'Macliusetts, in hi ' - repQrt - lwt the PfVf,h " who have become wealthy by having -the cam'm" of the poor transferred 4Mhem ikMiJi th BTencvot thi svstem 01 nei- islnriom :;Theu,sif, we bave among- the fnvore4rticWsrehmejxishuKlortoiw. .un nuuir nn.l flmtiiiM-eiise. lo ornament t.i alien, iii'.-"i-; , " ; v . , !ttjd icrfunw laJies.who tuDve m the, 111311- nn from .r.v, whir! ill i 'iM ( iy ., fi t iii i'ic I'mm H 1,1 i;. ulw, I. ti 3 l,i9::iiMaiK,o(if4nr.p.,Iify which fi, no resj SAMSimuv. UOWAN COUNTY, N. C MONDAY ATCl'ST 13. un, t einl.:i nud rtllun ant "j'i;tsr i;lt'u t or Iho iK'iH-lit of i!mt mit ufuJ :iti I pro lurtiv" rl;,., nuiully known by fhu liaill" of i lo ri. rnul.'t- M,t luuM.ull f 1 1 - -- ouiro'H inn (KH-rcMMit'ieut of my en, luuu, wlrH n twIturorcdTn min til olilmii th, inr jdciital protei tjiMi of n low revenue iiitiy.j MI;, Bro ef(;lfc,iv,.y em vi 1 .. v - 010 iimiijucrurifirj fuie. im.i iiu'ii jm uu tiuejJimriUii tlaWriuiuuiuiirIuiiei on wn ii urtirle a 01 ' ''"'""'"'"'d in tHereneo either to the .i,.e .1 o,i- .-in ci.ik 01 thn eouiiii'miiv, or t tiio u.iijreiit wcti.ei of tho Union I How Joe it rMH,a.J.. t iho juvl cluiui id", the nli at this Rr:mt crUi of our history, IMefxiMh,m,.nt ,,f , fl,iC(yj(, " i put it irl tho power, nnd tnuda it tho liity of t,oii;rei to an net of irra.-o an. o I jn-tictj to that d,,pv a.rieved porliou "f Iho CiiileJurarr J . U'hv. ir. it a.. Inally iuercuH. il the poiiivn burthen of no iillie.ni Matc () ft cotiiideruhlc fx liMd.and ory 15 really iicreawsd Iheircom. JNiralivc burlhe.. ( ihi? ir-t .Jace,. five', sulli of (he amount of iho redm tions ore up n luxuries used unly by tlie higher ckn. es. JInl. in I in w r.Hi.l i,1 IDA m . I ... I. , . " 'i-- mi l Mill I consider of much linro iiiip .riamo to XXiatil'vnvcixtU.44ihiWtK. lion are uimii imrvwl iS ifm m .m,e.i.. fclnlfs,- otmrniiira(mnirr" U the bencHc cfihoprixluctlvo iatJustrv of Ihosj Kiifes. - ' B?!';' pf our Cxtazn , commerce wilUhirw-tbor tmrHtrttnettti xtifi TisTSfiit ttr ( uiin 1 west iiiilie, consuls almost i.i;n lv .jr exchaninj ih prixlui tious of the taritf &latc (oik iho priKrurtioni ,f fa., tw;, portion nf tl,0 clok; anJ tint our r,!.hl",rn export have Ixv5n muWt to verv fcUl, KUrij rl. i. . . . . . I i " .r l. .notK. Tim nr.no, I ,.f iL 111111121112 me-affricu himt !,. 1,.- ..1 .1.,. planting - Stale fyr li Mm kind n-inHiiufHcturei.wJiidi-.iifo4mp.H-t.-- Whtl. tin bill his acluallv increased ihe Jiurth. eiisiniKsed upon tin Isttfrr branch of our trad.-, vthii I, is tual to the pnrly of the plaiilur- Slut, ,,. I( ,.M11mii nnii... removed even h oniitmrv- hiriSmc tUXlliioll from the C,llm.r iin.,,,1,. One of my irsiWui UooUiw to-hw wil, .,r- v men iinn.TuToie if jri liad no otbVr, is this ),EHisivo dm- TTTniiuutmu w-hirtrlTTiiii1ii?i Liiu... U'U4 and mpro-ted nrtrcleil.-7'rbt' ir, w mcli ere of all our wnports", Ihe most appropriate u,j,.ri( wfuitii,,,, Whether .iL a Wnti irm trilling-tXCv,;, ,.inUi(l free of duly, while the entire Wtho.ts of federal taxaliou aro thrown upon those arttcH iihich have Thu'iiioa iiliaii.iUf chum to entire etempti.m.' I:s.n what prijwiple.jiud (tr wlmfc purpone, ur llut form'er VTiiss of articles admitted Irunof ail Lit I Inve iVeipienlly hMrd it asked, " iiill soinliern men uho m- mo much op. p ived lo tax.ilion, eoiiijdatn tii.it we hike "Ifliie duties from on, e.lji:c, wiuilks-, imd vlln r lini ,1 1 '" Vim, sjr, no do colli- irlon .ji'tliii-Mj J- l f-;iiiseit rc.kwB tin- ti' s but Is'eau -e in iironjrtiuu as von di. Olllilsh itm revioioi rtrrnr. trisriT -lirw.i i Ibiui i:awuji.vuu fcumuil.t.lu.a ecsail v of iniHising and inaint-jreg slill horP fief fuTie on the prWicttiiti'anuD'g eg iif 'wniWbvrnii Hntlus'try.' D.j "' jrcSittoino;) vuppo.ic I am ?uch a dupo as to he pcrsicii! ed that this is nothing lo mo? Do Ihev imagine that tlie peojile ol the south nr u people of 0110 idea, and that they are so utterly stupid as to Is: iucapahle of perceiv ing that a projiositiou lo lakiY oil' Ihejlu lies from the exchanges of the manufactur ing States, is equivalent to a proposition to put on tho m too amount of dtihos.up'Mi ihe ejichaiige of the i)UuijJ'l1alesJ...JLw;r-, tain" aiuoirnr '6f "yt-'Vcltiie 'is "iiecessarv' fir the support of Cuvcrnmclit ; and the bus vou raiie of tins amount from the exchang es of the north, tho more you must tiyoes- sarilv raise from those of 4iie south. And here I cannot but remark wilh what a keen .sagacity tho genjlemtm ..of the north con iierceive tlie benefits and blesung of free trinlo when the prodii'T- tionoi.'.thoif iru iudasiry.? couslituUi, . thu basis of it. H hen ihcy send their own products and their own notions to foreign coutnes, they have u most clear utw.loiiil- I HpnrchoHsion of the. advantage:, w hich will resuii loinem ironi ik-iiij iciiiutihi 10 toinrt,irtj' i iHHw.c. iii-ii.i.uuv.i remve 111 exchange. J liey would regard iiolicv of free triido in this particular branch. ot commerce. .'But the moment B nttemnt to annlv the same nrinciph's to the productions nnd exchanges uf the southern States, their pcrceplion and rea oniiw fnculties undcriro a total change: and they wonder that the planters of the ai.ili nrn so bunded hv tticir pre unices as O..I..I..P-. : .I.a nK.nl n.llrasti.HA in.it 10 iierceivu 1110 ';u.("- , u , . . market wuimieir prouuciioii. ui,. mivj do- go, fleing compelled to pay a penalty of 40 or ou wir coau torimNjmhm 1 irontnist ta anirm. sir. not omv inrbiirfhehs-of the south are LlttS lW ruv'M Ondiminishetf by Ma biJU but that the pro. tection which it give t ail tne various classes of manufactures is decidedly great er than that which they received under the isriiTof 1833. :iAnrf 1 am ery certain that no intelligent manufacturer woqld ' ifeta a'gaijst-thi!! hiUt ,"wnleax frmH'.aome peculiar catisesjvbich may .?ounjei vaiiu jeuerai proTisioui iu ccnaiu j ":Mo iii thi l.r '.in nny one U b'in l at not to sen that lh. 'u.Klion, or, more prop -rly speaking Ih'rtiMM.al of tho doirou tea, roll.'n, !e atativ miHinfi tiirfnrTnimTttwriTfMT' i.rt 1 nrnpii 1 11, 1!. r; IM.ll' 11,11,, l I II I XL, tlx- xiortiierii miii-diclnn f- Tluut urv two twief of pviny fli-prme(Tli,n f,, ffiejn.irP til ifturin Hl.ite 1 lh ori eouiis in iuc pinjf ilmie niton sih h niiiele a thev Niahf-t!iniiitfi'lvf ifu, ilfirv iiitiiifiiv j.lt' . ' they nousiima, nn l d i not m,,k0 n,rf lst nHiir from nhro.id in exrlmnA fir wiiim' of tlinia own donilie proilm-tions. In thin twol'dil aH'Ct of the subject, I je Sard ihi a one of thn mot iiyniisi ly contfwi I nrlnino of pmlertiou tlml ba ever lsui prewuted tv Coiigro. t)(o r 'ilui tern -of duties forwhieh this hill pitwiden, n!rmt one half is o direct a S rotation u the niauuf p-iurer a if il ad 1 rmtisted In n 11 inereaso of. ilutie on the reticle fy tiuiUc In prp-irtloli a you rmliieo tlio ct if lea and collie you JitMiii!i tlie wae of l!io operatives, aid, inprufKirti'Mi n ysi dimioish tho c.wt of lie material nsfj by the inanufaetiin'ra, you dimi.iisl t!ie cqst of pnJuclu ihuir .nanuficturc. ... AuJ .iccc,.eirJ ttiJlcalJjJjc.nllcirtiou. of tho Jlousu to 'nnotlir view of llris ub. U b4U aloug LccuJjitt..?'p!reo f Cooiplamt, on the pnrt of tho J lautin htnies, tint, a4 hey pfixl'M-eJ two thinU mf (he exuorts, they conseiptontly mislaid r' brlM.'iArj taxation. It na lieen. assmneo:, in urx u,o,'" comjdaiiit, a the Ciet of tho rnse have heretofore warrtinted, that the nor- thoso ofihfl Btiith The c round of tH cutiip?.iiiit tm bcennt thnr tho' riorthTti cxhj.-U were exeiuutcd from Jaxntinu, but that they were aoamultin amount a to cause a very - uoepi -tliatribulinn A the hurl hens of taxation. And bow U thu caniplaiiit atwwered f Hy removing or Uuuwahiiu tbe jucqMalily U Nu, air, but bv iiicrcasuis if ix-yond ai proporh uf iTbo Juiiumlic -cipoti. id tlicu inuiJufaciii.huxili,oi L(W it iu cusucqueucc of iho rrn-Wcs amount to abaut 9I3,OIRuO(l, ay.iiuM 6 Idf.tinn.WO bebminixli ihi! pbni- ttrrrr otateii. " It 1 olvions, t hnl, in this tat-T1,,H,f lUiuaaavettau equal al ealanui du!v onall imiiorts, would thr ow'iijMn !ie J pluming 8fas mr than .lool-lo lh i' tuo. r. )onioaWthe 5iblia..iisi'tJtort US, Vwaniwa I 'US'" Vlsif pfiv.p I 1 i.ti.T aNmt. two thirds ol tlie iiiuxrls w . ;i .in obtained abroad for northern prooucli.jn h dleonitlu fn of duty, and the rciuaui iug.Utirdi lie auhjoct Jo -tho.sudiu irv. bur. theiU ol laxati.vi. In this estiuntn, I re g ird tea und cotTeeiTicurig su)"t uitiuTly lieu, as lhcrf dufte rclaiiiqil am. Hcarec-. I r worth the trouhle uikI expense of cl4 lectin" them. Indeed I can conceive of uo iibjotl to be gained ly" retaining tliese mure iintiiiii.il duties, unless il U lo pro vidu oinployni'Uit: for - an aJiJilkmaLuum-hcrofcu-ilotn b.Kjjy oOiccrs. The rejull ol' ihe wh.hi isr-tlwt ouli '-aUiul ix- or u IstTtui TWiirbe af alt iUibjoct to- tho burthen of taxatwr, while thirtire furty miilifirHt of 4i wthiv ''M port ,iij -bah aul.jOct, 11 it only torcveriue duties, Tint fo higb jiv lectin,' duties. L 0 'king to the cntiro o;s-rntion of (he whole scheme as n measere both to raise revenue and grant indirect bounties, it may be confidently afllrlned that the man ufactliring Stale w ill not fuel th burthens f this bill at all as a measure of luxation. Am I wron" i - Is ihi mere bib simc.ula- tioii ? I will lake lip tho bill, item, bv item, nnl mauc every novocain 01 mis sv. in the "House verify what I have said in he most decisive manner. I w.lL propose to lliem, successively, to strike iu every ... 1 1 .1.... : 1....:-I ti;:n article uiKtii wnic.11 a uiuy is ibviqu. "iu my oiie lie striken out T Vould a major ity of this House, u a mere matter tif po- cuniary calculation, ngri;o 10 reuuee any nno of the duties in this bill, with the pos- iblp..c.3(iqMwn.0 ."i!? .J,n;)J,'. rljlesef 110 moinenl 1 .very inxiy ituows iniii they would not consent to p-eal or reduce a.burlhen iinpnsed upon theni'ur tbevrcon- litutt t--.--l cannoPr bslieye. any., inan w outd tmf e -sa rimciiTfTrYititcry; nnd,- it anr OMstHJHtftibis words tie weight when put into tno scalo a;rauist bmdn'ils. I havcJtiLil to hi ivj jlufx to nmsetit this brief exiHisilioii A the nracti caromu ation of this bill. I huvetvi'av. mmt u sho that it diminishes the reve nue verv little, and tho burthens of thu eounlrv . slil less and that, while ,t f ... ' . . . ... t. il,' rec iice the azzreimte burthen ouue . . . ...... i... udiobi pmmtrv. it' eroatly iiicroasc that inenuUitvr of which tho soulliern State . ,r .. 1 .... ;....n:.i....ii.. ...,sik 1 , tiaVl ii: Uiiye aOIOII'UIIU no inuoi-viuuii. v,uuiuuo. Ifliyiifiiltirfg of pomnronii.se. and whatever .other eeh. which I would not sooner penorm man 10 ive any smclion to it tiirectly or indirect u. I iiikn it for'irranted. that if it should pass with llio ' overWhelmmg innclioii of tlte rotes by which it was last mgnioruer tA to a third readin. so far as the Con- (rnM ofibo United States is concerned. the door of hope wiU lie fofPvcr closed up- air . .' i 1 . i ' onjhcsouth. xes, sir i .stiau regard ine passage ofTbis bill 1y fluclT'a vole, aad tdcr'TuicOTjM iirpvocably fixing irl o( the riiUcn, mi l which will Ic rvadrd .. .. . . .,, th" d siinie, f , M,i!,crt, itt.m an far a Ihi, (j, rrnnieot ran fix their ilesiiniea. I will now aft Hm imtiit 1 1-mi ; ' iL 1Z7nr5u;;ti'fr:&& f. t.ui iUtMiuiinJ Uiifi Ie"ri7iia"n- W!,rr'HijT cMiriTi4"it'i74'triirt-'.Tiii2 )' K ' ' , '!'" (""ona writtrl i,ti down 10 op'-hufTlii oisftiwloiu I have kflid, air, (hat Iho elllvt of ihi bill will bo to throw tho whole t,f iho fiteiil biwiben of this lioyernimmtm the planting Stale s and, I will a id, that the maiiu(.irur:n Sla(e will hail it wiiH-M;i iircofd, us a ulessin?, instead f roiirdiua it a alnrrthen. " The principle wliicn bavu conducted nro to thi c inclusion have been controverted by vnrioiM geuiiemun, and, amon othem, by a worthy collcagua of mine, (Col. Dray Ion,) who ciMih! not co min heud tho pre- cess by w hich the exchantr'-abla value of cotton w reduced by protecting duties le vied uki the manufacture receivixl in ex"c!iani fr it. A Reullonuin from jMaa- nacbusecllt (Ma. Oavu) realing Ihe art'iiiuont winch Imj used two year a, and my colleajue remating it afW Inm, uiaintuiti llml if lim rlur of our coiloti c ai Id le rodiK'ed by our protecting duties, it wmild fdlowthtt the wrier of American cotton must '. be lower 111 the market of IIuiiiK! ikau iluit of Koitt luJia or Briuib ia collon of ihe aamo qunlity. Now, il iso lfl recr'M.Hl that fp-rillemen who have d'iio nS thofi Wt to noticT rrrr nr ytioM-iil, li.tj nt taken tho vrry triiini'j p.iius which if woolJ have cost tbeiu I Uii.irfiiiJ - wka..-iUj-iUy-"Was, .Two year aj:, wiien 1 uiieuril tin quexiion hre, hiiiI every liino I havo disrued it luce, 1 discktiiii'.! tue uiea that our ou liesc.MiM muteiislly diminish the price of "AuM-riciui.'.iir anyolhef' cotf.,ii, in Liver" p'sil or Manchester, in as strong and tin phitid language a I could .command' " I difciiiM-lly alMlt'd that the valut of cot loo infJc United Statrt wa diminished by the Hut let levied on the import received fa il, bcciinsfl the price of il ii llurripr could not bt tnhancrd in consequence of these duties. . I coifilind, that-whellier I sold niv cotl.m fr m nv or t r manunic- dutv, tli.ui I couUbavi; ohfaincd if no strch duty uxUtcd. That, in cuji I exchanged it r'l'cirv rWr--iTOnTncTrtrrn-f.TreTprKir w e 11. iui, i iha.-lv4raoul . ., r 1 . I s:.' - ': . 1 : 1, . mi': third of thorn, or,: which i - de ,wv Muug, fifty per rout, on thrir nhnu;4 he iliiprrWssLisvf iust that ttt 1 '1 r I priif, uJ il- nttritu;, mom ot ; i .-.Moo w.iii i uv, to that e , niio;e I. Tin-., sir, was my nr .1. Iirit nel, 1 vchuively. to the t -iii riit iiN. i' ot exi-liati 'v ihlo vnlua of Aoier- tean c t on ,n- ati,n''.t tnar ftns exehtn enliie value w s hilv icr ceiil. 'ie iler in irox than it w.iti 111 llio L'mt d Stales in purchasing nniiui icnire, in conne piencaofa litTy per cent duly iinpoacd ox th iso manufactures. If, for example, the cotton planter of; ftmtfi perutitted triiirpon Brlll!!i 4iuiufiicturi!i without paying any duly tii hw iiowrmufnt,-1 H-not self - ew-.leid-v-wniil'H wiPimode uirtil tit watrr nhmrt t UtijoT -SV Tiuijoiii Uly. r4Ju 3T of Til iol-i'tIie'Jaiu U'"!ul' be, raised, jjch feet," wlieo'ij 4 ton woul.1 " he"." lilVy " per: cent. ' grcaw : wVniM'" be-jlii; find enntinuo' to rmi over t1 - i' thti.rt'tbhf efhe American eottmi pltmi'-r.' ; dm'i.oW-i''-! esWg;! "TT t ue A !tch of ' b'u au.!piiceortheaainequaiitirj' fmanun--j And, fir, as long as the dam should con ' -. tuns in Liveriiool ! Tim DruziliuV ! tiieie, tlu artifi'ial aceunmlation of water - 1 - wiKild Is; permitted to iuioi.it and retain j the whole Amcric.tii of his manufactures, while the j would b peruiitUitl to retain otilv two-thirds of his. (f South Carolina should enjoy a per ftctlv free trade, nnd Georgia should eon- timiu -to.be subject to this protecting sys tem, is it not apparent that the South ('ar- nlinaTotion wouhtoe worth front to' four cents more iu the pound to the Smith Car olina planter nnd people, than the Georgia cotton wi,uld bo wort y to llio ueorgia huiters and per pie, though both Would still receive the samo price in Europe ? Cot- ton would command jast so much more of the condorts nnd enjoyments of life in South Cwdiua Uiauit woiibl in-Groorgia j and, assuniiiio; .fi?iKjr'Jv,?.ll'.e nvrr n.ge duties paid in Georgm, Bouih'CHroU. mi would lie just tisvvealihy with onebun drii'd thoU vind bales ot cotloti fis CJeorgia would bf witi one hundred an I fifty th.Hi satwlf fnirxfc'titttnrtaB:'Liip"' pliiittur tniro tilts,! lwubi Jjike t know what it is. liut iu case 0 plainer siiouki exennnge cottan-far; niiy i'i, Mvcrpyl.; mid erinjf this into the United StiiUis, I Tai(i- tuiucd that the erP-c't of thn duties cduld not lo evadisd-iu this waVbtfeause money would Iw depreciated III comparison with ... I ' ' . I .n , . I vvery thins 110 wist.cu loouvm 1110 unucu States ; or, iu other worns, the excnai.gea bl'c vahjo of money would be dinnuished exactly in proportiou to the enhanced price of nmuufaeturcs. " "'The setitrenwurfifl Mawwchu setts, "wWffir sfolfWtniTWPTrxf? l'KT02,j answering very iriuiopnaiiuy, ani araumeiii wnicn i uiujiu' use, una lugm- oustv passing over 1 no one 1 uio id use, uiiuu- taiiied, what no human being ever thought ofdenyihg. Jthat a dollar in the United States; ai 'colnpared witlt "a doHar in Feg- land could iut be depreciated nioro than a- jot tho piaiutsrs. . bout two and a half per cent.; thia lieing tlie Money is a mere measure of value, and cot of tfansptrting-pecie fro.m one coun- if your restrictive laws meroase the llom!y try to the-other." -It wnottofcdoul.tcid.ipiice of nmnufaclurfts-rjO per cent.,-wlula -sir, that a silver dollar or a gold eagle f ; t'.r-,y certainly aild nothing to the oioney Berftifed'Stilf We tehi 'be'"yn;t!ijt';1 frtee rfcoxtottr'w,yt'' !' f fftct; WJaCT thaf will jpay a debt X this umwyit toEiiglti-J;'-tIid nhtutcr ?ha!l givoa bale and htlf f with firtln remorse. Jr, L.auntag.. - VOL. MIL ...NO and if llieaeoiiM were depreciaie in tb United Ktale more tUij twa and a Mf per eriit. ill rnmpiml with tht lltlf fM iV'irUrit: tfW-i' WoiJIittlcVarried'otil JT lIir;Vo'ur of e,- bitiVe fejft)f "j; .Wriesua-JuiiTaiiy utU u l H ,.. . gland., .:, .r: ' . : 15ut every pmclieal man, vfie lnfw any Ibiug of Ihe law of traijc, urn -4 pr, ceivo tint no one who di 1 n"t oe ti nnf in liigland would buy a tiH -r exehenga on t fuii. -country, tbiHb money 'bnuM If deprriald in ibe liuilcd rt full r Tteiit of Iho protecting i!ulici w ceav pnred with protected mmfatturru- Anfl debt in Xngla: J are ou'j fwitnicted, in point of fad, by ptircliasing inawnVtvr . es, it in obvious that a bill IiJ,'lttl would never riao alwvo Iho natural fiite m m . eV-'lwHg'S Ibmigh iwaiey in the 4'ile -fStale, a compiired 'with manufacture, should lie worth U p r C4uit. Il tluin j$ should be Worth io KnglamL" ; " , ' 11 us iiul iho matter to a plant ted. f afTinn that the value of money here. in piirchusinif nianufa. lure, u l per rent, less than il i in Englaml. Tbe grrir Ib-maiifiom Masacluisell isiya thii cuiv not lo so: for that, if it wcre. he rate of exchange wouM indicate if,' o6 bill 00 Rigland w(jul befifly irceu. ab,vo per. He, accordingly, purchase ' rwr one thousand dollar, ami fives fiflcabrcj dollar P.r il-" Jlutiu abot. rnrpoa he ooi'lv this bill in rudandi ivur l (Mirchase mamifacture, c.aitiiig i tlioC-iuaWiV-bi'uig' llifin.bflCAH'i.r.1, Ihcm at the market pricI If be jiboujj do so, be would bave lo pay Ibe Govern ment live lumdred b liar at the custom house, which would be proci ly rquiva lent to-the premium be" hl paid for- bf. bill : and it follow that bo would awdia n tlear toty-tlifr Y-pTration to-tfre full iiuMiut of that prenuuiu. It i obvious, therefore, tbnt unlewa fli vhM r money in the United State sTiouty " be ilepreciattd more hnn 33) por cent below it v'ahio in Lnjland it would ..peyr; rise alww Iheir natural rnte of two or tfirej - - pir contV, so lolig a7 tbe protecting dulicjr' reuiHiooJ t aa average ofwjy pereenu.. lut ono oftbe geulleiii-n n,"n btwetoi, (M'r..Dvi,f 'ftefiirr' prhoj cliuaettfl, nS tirwrw himeeu -iisuh iis omocuu vj . .. . m , l'f,. ...... I resorting taa figure which bns been verrl , t. fiqiRjutly, and very pprof''llr,y PP"f 3 lo-tbis wibiei;-' "II"! -st we mtf not iiiiw-oii im,isr-h T..U but that, like water, it would pntura:K- eek ita owu level. iS'ow.sir, without go. I lug very deeply into the ductrinea of Jiy. ... i i drotntici I ehould iinKe that the ctV """' f tlemaii, livtng a lo -), in atttintr - ..Tp,,,,,.,.. .-. - when) machinery is luipolleu .Ly walei j must hin aeon many proof that water - - " can imt only "Lo 'ifaiscd,' but TcrniaucntTyrtT4 retuiueil aliove its uatural lovti. Ifagooi 1 . i I nnd siihstmiitinl iia'iiTshould tw thrown a. ' ' . cross the current of stream.'nnd h the" r b'Varinn ot t'.m Jct nbov that cur rnt, the lonult would.be liut tie curmt in th.- pond would be thus maintained a. -- hove it natural level. If the gentloniruj had taxsl his imagination for the purpose. lie count not nuvo wvuisiiea me with nioie Bjipiwite and forcible illutratioa 4$ my prow.siiioii.' . , .. rrocclive dutioe upon imports operarl as ajgrcat iiitfiimal , check jam.w . vVheTi.., first impfised, they nrqiri)y ninpcnd lb ' i imporlation of tlie articles to which thy apply, and mniey coiitiuiis to accuinnbit ' until it rise to the level of this lgwlativ. embankiiient, w hen the importation o t)ij taxel article is again resumed. And a, ' in tliecnse of the water, lh same qnaatiryf1" of foreign manufacture will eojne into (ha United Hafos, ying the duties, that ori, 1 , ..... 1. . 1- 1 j -. giimMy cenie in without any duty, , unless, I those exports 00 .iiuuiiiiiliod which are tha true fountain source of this branch 61 our ci(hiinefcp.'" -r- .-- One of I lie most obviowrpflocbi oTltmsa' cwnTrnercinl Tridiom which give ah ra-" tilkinl value lo certain productiiai,.ia to . increase the quantity of money "wliie $ necessary toeireuimw tltoseproduetion If the protecting aystom has added an av erage of fifty per cent.Jo the nominal val-uo- 0 money price of all llio protected ar ticles it follows, as a mero corollnry. that -a proportionately' larger mini of the pre cious Tnetals, or of their represeiitntrvcsi pnjier crwlit and circulation, is now -rtoce. sary to affect the exchanges nf the commu nity, in those ai titles, than would iioi eesHary if the protecting avstem wero re ICrrjdrAM tTiiff aluntlnMFufpry'llruTo.',l ney was originally fiiriiisltctT at the ecclu sive e'pense"of the pTuiilihg Staleii ir iho TxcTusiyo Ixiriefit'f -the- inanrrfiicturiii' oSt.'tes, nud amounts to nothing less than a permanent authority- to the inumifurturera to draw this sum anuually front tbe iucum '"5 -r 1 , I ' i

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