North Carolina Newspapers

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semli-ince of iiirj iii!!y hwb find n r-npiiine In t!iJ Louri ol tlio cititcn, O.iJ i bich will lo cvJ4 with ,n!rt rcmorto.
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, iiteentimtei until alUrrtaraget art
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I 4 oiihr tV iwyy A JaJ'v e a rf
bfoiin"i on month before the trpi.
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i 4.1 pcrwm proevrtnf six solvent tub,
-riVr to tht Carolinian,' tliall have a
4k paper gratis. ,
! A Ivertining nt the usual rates.
. yl.'l ir7ef ad,lmfil t't 4he Editor
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i CT TiitM terms will be (tricfly aJ-
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iomr D'ttftuMra or thr Escape
ur SBpnnrtRi.
fkfrtnfcki found tlut it was now high
..(...1 b rnlrrat frim WnnMlur .nil
111 nui -
L only queMion wai, hw to elfocl
f HJ hlii in conjunction wn nn wuo
Tnfirtcd tho tiiPn and at Irngth indue-
kj tlie n 01 an 01 j craiiiin sKy rznvcKi
Wm(cr,. wio reaeinbled. Sky rxoocla
L itat'iro and completion, to apply for
LtwrU to enalile hiio, at it were, to
t Wkruaw on hit own account. The
V - ...... 1 . 1 tiro imiGr iu
Irf t Skvrznwki, a:iJ night fixed for ,e a
. lrtu. Disguised u a ralut. Sky f)fh
lie wa now to micr iiMin thq inort dan.
gcroiii ji'irt of Iih j 'T' ;.;riiiiiii(,n. Hp , J
the rhoictj of ijitlii r 1. 1 t'Tini.ttn g to iim tho
Riiinsin outpof.H, or t!iouipiHofa brunrh
f Poiicb wev om;v oi of And'Af,
tttHird td the duW.Mt f-uiiy." Dirr ra
ton influenced loot in the choice of the lot.
VsrdiUiculty, and after niuhtdiUka approak
ed A pot whom tho rJwh pi quota were
bivmiackinp , IU wm challonnd on bit
arrival, ami havi'ii jion tho nnme a ai.
aiimcd, wa condiwtfld lo a tctit of the
Lieutenant Colorn l roinmam'iiijf, who pro.
ved 11 be a cwiiin of Madame Fkvrtnctki'a
and an old aopiaiutance of tho Uenrral'
Aftfr taking aome refreshment! anfdii
eumms with thu perton the
afiiiirs of
fnnl. Tlo
am ijiit of f
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vlcin drnmn 1 t n.,
o-i in iUmitU:f li.i.n i ttMlur
ilioul'H hoover, alwiivii jivl.J-d j but
lijttt and rny ofdi.-.iiiii. UhiUihJ
ordinary eoi!i(jK nt, in mnfr; ration, are
not Hnproptr, utimiikiing the rtomtirh by
food hihly warned ia imar'ui!ly jujun.
001.' It ia not frao-jhat upicci coimuuui.
C'eton tothediettivocrniw-
"fresh rrn-at, m moderation,' is to l
j.refrre) in warm weather, to that which
II aald, dri-d f lutoked. It U prfuct
ly aUurd loaiipjmae.-ai tome do, that the
latter cowlitutci a room wholeomij f od
in Piminrr Crm.1. 1, .,r,r it.n
Warsaw (oflhebit. stncwa of which placel trair.-ad!t.l. dtlmi aiut ilni.l ,,l mtm
v" iujji'nw ion M -irrr,; nu urwre 1 are Jets .nuuittwia, more atimulatinff, and
orpan; tut tuo Lieiitcnant-volotiel tot !
him to hiwirp;1 tliftt he could nit anfSr
him to proewtd 1 ho had apprised G'n.
HouhidLi who commanded tho whole vt i
the outpoate, on hio arrival.
Here ajain, after parley, lis wna par
mitted to depart, on conditim thaKbe re.,
paired to a certain town indicated.
Without appearing to eonaent, they Buf
fered hi in to depart, and bxir Ornrnn
milea be pureued hit route undmtorlird by
any other reflection! than those uaeted
by hia aituatiun, and by a ntriiu.'l a to
whether ha ahouhJ oliimatidv tnke a rna.l
which led ta one of hia own f inn, or keep
hia promiat toward lw rurtUui lm had
recently left. In this xtme of mind be ar-
riVed at I point where the road ' brniichcd
1 . . . v
1 eaxy 01 otgeaiioii limn fre.h iru at,
eef)tKnily, they great ten Jerry
tU txcite and J.-i.irb tho tbiw,b.
Avoid all1 unripe, flatulent-and acid
froita, awl ancb ai are difficult of digeatiim.
A larjjj number of the bowel complaint,
fiiveri, and cholera, which occur hi the
warm eranon, may lie atfribnM to a wg-
Inct f ihi -Tuhv ImmaddpataMtia of
any kind orfruil, it may be proper to ou
aorve, ia iujurioua to tho ulnniacli. "
Dunk iMilhing but water. Tl cipe
rienre oftUbtNt f..1oen y?am in almost
evry climate, and M every rain of te
year, haa ahown incunlitntibly that the wa.
U diiokf i far leu liabln to tli-trn'W tt
every kind, and rspoWally of the Momac',1
rifid1)-TW Iu, tlmii hc Xilo mnkf una of -i-
I I ll.a (imA .nn,in Al .A
I lyhbourinjj tret;t, where a carriage
CwJ hia own hurso waited to receive him.
jllcjuuip"l up aim Htartcd oil at a nam
Q!,ucfCfully pniedthe barrier, where
n p-rnon was compared with the uescrip-
1 t. f.Am ll.a nnvt
3 KJClliog au 11111 nu
,n. While lie remained-at the inn, two
Wrm-a,cauM.tA,.JUbl deownded Jija.
Ciwport. which having been ahown ac
L. Jnunlrd bi a rouble, they left the phco.
lbt hia guest wan a more auunguiwioo
mividual than hia papers set forth, earnes
tly counselled him not to pass through the
'be;the eommandant ofHua'placci ia o
to ait at Wwindow, w watcb all
;,irelcrt,to atop and quemiou tbcra 5 and , mo. Sir.w ho added, " you will nev
tr pus the scrutiny, for 'ihi do imt look
prudent to act on this disinterested connsel,
ind after refreshing his . hores, si:t forth
eaiirioafCoJLraAMj!"' into "
farest, (whose mazes were unknown toliTT
Lat the pcawntry f tho country, who
wwioly asiUtcd tho flight of their superi
tn,) and drove on until ho reached the
quiets of ato'yn,wTie,re apricittto whom
h? was knowtij and who was attacTTotf To
bim,- nid'd. cuiWuHe4 : wittt' this
JflMWia.gCadvajice JSjW.I?.0..
fiuuimv and ultfiSr'lrIS'f"'na'v'
iMGT-en called in.'it '''was' agrelhe iotiI
m;n"iir lua r.nite:sinco the river, reu-
r. w'mi-S it was necessary to cross, ofil'r
fc4an iiniiodiment lo his progress, inasmuch
is all the bridnes had been destroyed dur-
ins the campaign by Skyrzuecki's own
orders, 10 preveui no ivuiiu
ntssiue his rear. Being ignorant of the
newly prowscd route, a peasant was cn
i iH.l. for a inflimi sum, to convey Sky
IltW'ki and hia driver to the proponwa tk.
tination. Alter a recoimoissance they set
it On their road they encountered two
Polish dfagoons in the interest ot the ciud
kiu hut ipsiifvinsr neither alarm nor cu
rkwiivat this circumstance, they escaped
iinr sinnirioii or scrutiny. Reaching a
Barrow oart of the river, they crossed
on rafwrs. and continuing their roujg,
leuhod.a. town where they stopped to rc
froal. linmnlvn! and horses. At the inn
bere Skyrinecki put. up. the Burgmeist
ir nf i!a town nrescnted himself and ques
tionl iMeki- as to hi person , fei
intentions, destinations, &c. Skyrznecki
"way, "ail old jmaMIsTiouldlihor after
dinnpr. "The repast being hnishcoy tne
Ptiramcialer renewed hw, rnmiireaj- upon
ofTin twodifierent direction, one lending IIkt distilled or fermrnind liquors. The
to tho town he had promised to repair to, 1 epidemic ch ilt-ra, while it has consigned
the other to till aforesaid tarm. Meiii-iiit- unlli ins or the latter to the trrnvn, has nt-
monmiit lieHwecn-iiwlinntion andt tacked but lew who hahituilly refraitrfrnm
nd ultimately sullered . a higli (lie use of all intoxicating drinks. During
warm scasoii, and especially duruig
hottour to triumph over th aug
gestioiw of nature. At the end of aitofVr
mile he reached the town, but found that a
short time previously he wa (uroi il by , mil act sis'!y yi inaUing water, toast wa
two clubbistt on lioriM'huck. On arriving ' ter, or an infuiuu of thr slightly arotnutic
at thQiiatririskjihis hrsl question a, us: herlis their common drtnk.
the present summer and autumn, they wuo
wih to avoid an attack oftlift ch!era.
to where Trinca Czartoriuski iniylit hot
found. I A houM w ith lights in the wmd w
was poiitted out to him, and 1 hither he re
paired at full stacd, the clulibiita a till m
hot portuife'' liT entered the hoise-nd
found the Prince and several friends in
council. They rcemed him with open
of the state of aiPiiri at the capital. In the 1 1 v swallowed is far more elS-ctual in .allay-
mean time the dubbists, who hid followed mg thirst, than Uirge draught nastily
Never drink large draughts of cold wa
ter, especially when in a ajat" ofprfu
perspiration or wIiaii eiliaustcd by fatigue.
Ilydraut or river water, that - has stood a
short - time alterit 'haa facn- 'inrntt,
drank in nnxleratioii, will uevcr produce
any mconrcnienre : and ail ahould recot
Skvrznecki, were endeavoring to raise a
Clamour in tho town, and shortly collected
a crowd arosi 4 the house. - A Lpsotanant
Colonel of firm character and-extensive
influence vmi bofoWr muS ytalflfmnm
son; jAillyrJlhrjejta and .ttprwau
dued the angry spirit that iad been show"
cd. .He then conveyed akyrzriTRi to his
own chateau, gave him fresh horse, and
accompanied hn without farthe r molesta-
um to draOQaVi
te.k:.,!. ci...MnU.L-; i.if.irmoti him that he
mint l Oi ifiiivv-ivi iiiinv-
'was "a MaWStanishewski, and desired to
proceed to a particular town. 1 ho Uurg
meister, however, frankly told hira he be
L.-.ii... .. l. - d.,.,,: .iw. Slcvrz
neveq nun 10 ou u jvummu t- "
!.: .4 ..,'.il. Kim mi the absurdity
"cum rettmcumui w. .
ml injustice of such a supposition, and in
.videre of his boing a genuine Pole, men
tioned the 'names, condition, residence
ttir means ol various persons 10 mo
Wund. The' Burgniel8ter,-neverUilos,
..4rntH.,il butfti detaiaing.pxir hero
wiir hours, became a lime mv
utfiA Pllcvrznecki to qe-
"v siu? ftiu y- a,ia.i- - -
Prt, aceompanied by an officer ol the po
lice. Skyntnecki had not, howevef, pro
dded tljree vcrsts from tho town when he
overtaken and arrested by si lancers,
ihn n.,i trnm hfl irresolute BiUlg-
hu.;u kim Kurk. Skvrznecki,
Coding it vain to attempt resistance, sub-
uimea to the mannaie anu rci"
f He was howert finally permitted to pro-
Rise early In lira morning. By rising
the summer with the sua, wo gain two or
mora hours, at the " most pleasant part of j
chamber, which ran readily lm rffVlml,
pariicalarlvsrhen tin t'sntn i sdlliciently
jiM iutu'tfiifi properly oihtructt'il, with-
illll. ailWofiiUfpiMUttilllf ,lh-UMiSllff w
, The fdlowmg extract Nspcctlng the
k 'ro of Siix,.,u( uj,,,n -r,Hn n ,lOH
ynluable and 1 - 'if limit work. The Unto,
ry of SaitziirUid.-which form the SOih
f iIume ofDr, LarnWrY Cabiml X'yU
pi'ioi WiJIiam Tell, who was 0110 of
the iworn at Raih, and noted for bis high
and daring soirit, esp-wad" himself to
arrest by Ucssler'a myrmidous, fornising
? hat witlKwit niakifl? oliincc. Whi
f t of conspiracy had already reached the
thcr evidence from Tell tfixai the auhiocl.
Olieoded by the man's .obstinate ailence,
he. gave liaise to bis tyrannical humour,
and knowing that Tell wim a good archer,
commanded him to about from a great dis
tance at an apple on Uie head of hi child.
Uud says an oU cLrmiiclor was with hunt
and the vngt, who had not expicled such a
qcitnm ot skill and fortune, now cast a.
bout tit new ways to ntrap the object of
nif m inee and seeing a inH-ond arrow in
Ida qdivcf. iuikeJ In tn what that was fur ?
Toll replied evasively, that n.e:h wai the
uwial -pracir'-Tif rchrfl.Not cniitcot
with tin? reply, tho vogt, prrH; on Jam
rfther, and assured him of his life, what
ever the arrow might have been jueant
for. Vogt," said Tell, had I shot my
child, the second shaft was for theb; anil
beaurul aiHHild utt have missed my mark
aaocoiid tiino;"Trumported with rage,
nil unmixcJ with terror, Ucs.L'r cxthum.
edTrllt f hao pr oiniftcd theo'1iFin.ut
thou shall pnss it in a dungeon." Accordingly-,
ho t-iok a boat with hit 'captive,
Intending to trnnsmrt him across tho hike
to Kussrwlit in Srhwytz in defiance of the
common right of I lie dislrict, which pro.
vided that its tinrtves should not tic kept in
Confinement beyond its borders. A sud.
den storm on the hike overtook this p-irty";
and Gewlrr,-was otihgedto girr'eMerf tn
loose Tell from his fetter, ami commit tho
. 1 . 1 1 . .
wim ut ins naii is, as lie was Known tor a
vogt, and UetMl textTsrt tome ratvf lltdliri Company Y rases, fur the use ol
il. i,:.t. ...... r .f.n .1 - -..1.: ... I . ... f. ... .
1&t Virtue e liWiViy.Vothinj lArrntiauvutt of the Tji.- 1 r irt
evinn-s more the progrcti of public opin Donning waa too often in tie? I of d.
ion in Scotlind thnn the present atote of playing that or! ifuvvrrni enj an .
''y;y"" M'--.-"switt Mm, Lie .,iJr.. ro ton njit i.i .- ,..4y" t, a fmU tii't
Itoln"rt Bcu j'siiilished hfe-rrll jrt of cases !"iqje uhjnctVj him tt """pruning!'
decided in lit) J, containing th opinion of frotn tho witty g-diritor-Oenrril, jnetU-t
the Jiidjes,lr wt considered most ear-'knonn aniisij Itispmfcjimn brethrco by
raorjliiwiry priwK?cdng4 almmt amotltiting' the hm)ht apw-flntion of Jt:k
(0 a codtenipt of coott i and although in ; D jlmlng wit relating l hinj how Lo ji;ij
his Mibsemionf p'pr( the luine ff the jo4 cumpleiej ihepon hsso cl tome rain,
judges were withheld, and the opinUms tal minorf in bis ,titive county. A'V
thotiist Uci only given, yet the, court had in gd manner in Westniinsirr hnll."-.
so great adistik, at having what thy j The Allowing tnay serve fuf 4 ijij)eV
snid in rMn court t!nu giren to the public, ' the consequence be brought on by an uV
that they foukl means l? compel Mr. Bolj r successful attempt Bl brow-beating a if
to desist from bis undertaking. Ala Inter 'iicsst It was In a crlrrt. con. case, wher
perimf.Y alwrl-hand jwritur. was brought ;b, wit retained fur th defendant , ''
from London, to take down the ooiuions prove the fact of adultery, the ladvY 111 if
.1 - ... , i . ... .1 . 1. 1. 1 1 . 11 1 . .
01 me ju ign in iH CMing one a me or
the Iord Chancellor, U having been pre.
viou!y resolved to apjical the cause, but
ihe judge expreased themselves to bo
greatly annoynd by fates presence. The
rejiortcr was tupposed to be pretty well
nan poco caneu, end in J depose j to Hid
baring n thi dtft-n.bjiir In It-J With l. r '
mistreat. Who j( ctRM 0 JDu ioi"'1
turn to begin the rMss-t xaminoti m, 1. ;
desirod th witness, iq a s'cro toi!, to t J "
cither bonnet, that hs might l.iven u 't
icwef her face, nod eouvuice hinmlf I y
out of sight in tho gallery of the court, her looks whether !ie ws speaking the
l... 1 1 ni.i L.: i i.. J i: 1 'ri :j l 1 . J , . .
reiimtked " My ' Lords, you bad much I gnil ol that Bescriplnm wjiich Moher hof
need to take rare what you are about f I
see a man sitting there writing down eve
ry word you say s we will now have to
uiite down our speeches at. borne, tnd
come here with J hem rrBdyjlojrBd.,I!i
WliU ancb jealiiusy on the n-'iich, no at
tempi was made ( many year ta report,
the opinions of Ihe individual judges. Our
present judge have got ever thit tilly
prejudice. They are daily surrounded '
with abort bund writers and nolo takers of
all kinds, and every thing that lake place
in the Court it communicated lo ihe public
in Jw. Histiivrt eet f report: No one
eao I uouuTtlial ! great' tcneut'ansS"' lo tli
administration of justice frniq the change
.... . .1: - -m-r- - 1":. "
wo novo aescrioeu. 1 no proiossion eua
the politic have the earliest notice of every
lmnS hapieiiing in the courts worth tho
tlPCT. tnara SMalt quantity ofwarfVi!wMktlt(UI'te(man.'''Tell raided tTm vessil
o the toot of the great Axenberg, Where a
ledFH fockvdtmguihdto this day as
Toll's platform, presented itself as the only
landing place for leagues around. Here
be touted ait eroe Low, and escaped by a
daring bap, leaving the-wktlf to wrestle its
j A,jU.rVa execci-. Ubour r"wsy in fhe.binnws.Xhe vogt also ewca
oe tne most aifautgiouiy pursui-u . um
W'earhld pending -so nroch lime sx'pMeJ
to th enervating -influence, of a wftnaWd
and a rotifined'atmosphere 1 - -, v :
Never walk in the sun without an um
brella. The ahado'of an umbrella is a v
Iird inn tlenm-lil-jil-ii,kti4
more tignal from Tell' iow in tliejiarjow
paas trar Kossnacht. " -The. tidings of JLU
death nrt oniy etihnnced the courage of the
woole. but also alarmed the vmiluuce ol
thoir rulers and greatly increasetl the
It niioht have been supposed that in this
independent .ljltlo republic his troupes
would have ended, but tho treason which
sapped, the JUintain of his eminence, and
hastened Ike Polish catastrophe, had spread
its puispnoui to the very coiifinc s
of Polandr-Kven in Cracow, clubbists,
toJbja4migliC.-retreat from the disaa
ters of-theeauipaigu, ucditaJeI..llii..rour!.
der ot their ctneitatn.
obliged M take refuge in the house of the
Bishop of Cracow, until a new enemy, m
the persons of the Russian troops under
Rudiger, entered I lie town, anu ouiamcu
information of the place of his retreat. It
now became necessary to screen him from
the vigilant search of his foes, and a large
lark cellar beneath the Bishop s house was
selected for the purpose. In tho mean
ttUU 4ii Aiicirhii' Consur wa soticited rs-t
vately to assist his flight into the Imperial
territories, to which he consented and after
a little time contrived to convey the illus
trious subject of thwskotcbacroastho Vis
tula to Podgorre, in Gallic,, where he
. ' . L. nni:..K... .nil ftiu.
was receivea wuu tuiui7
The following excel'lect maxims are
from the Journal of Urnlth, published
last week in Philadelphia. Thoy are wor
thy of a careful perusal.
Keen voursclf as cool as possible. Al-
tm.,rii w r well wie, : tiiitt: by many,
this.directioa w.iIl .be treated with riaiciiie.
it constitutes, nevertheless, one or mwxsnwi
ii.nti f il ,n in 1 llir iniurv (hniTTi of the cimsnirators, who
ouic-l. I iwvte occui rcuces man
close ot 13U7.
J ..... ..m.ll.' Ill!ll roil
warm season. 11 "v '": ""rv
, . i- : ;o.lmii. or tn seek fiir
are 10 nve in .vv-.. - ,
any refrigerant, but simply to avoid all
unnecessary, excitement whether moral
or physical
' Letvour clothing be light or loose nt
the same time that this maxim is adhered
to, care musi e.v,,z?zx:vi.
adapt the clothing to this change-; hence,
a warmer dress will , be early in
nii htio nt Btclit. than du-
tne morui"B lv - . ,
.1 . I.l.ll ..1 lha ftav.
rmz 1 r? " y
. ..... ..r.irt nprtiriirntion.
iVhenin a sans r- -r-
t,rwrtlirwffa -portion of your clothing
mi . 1 1 nt-.n in wieh cases is to retire
ino w"?- "" r-jT- . ,
immediately within doors, and change he
. orr..i-tlir flrv. the
damp clotnes lor oiiicis ...vV
i l. - ..-. ..ftKo twutv hertir previous
wnoie Buna j , -Tfi
lv well rubbed with a towel. Die same
precaution is proper when you have been
accidentally 'wet by a aho.wer. of ram.
Eat inodQfttely of-'p'n whleome
ry creat proi
which is so liable to result from exposure
to thfr direct rays of. the sun. We 1iave
often thought that all mechanics who are
nblcwd to labor-in the open! would be
immense gainers wowfurL nnd injiculllu
were- they. guarded :.u suwmcJ", trom the
sun bV an awninir or a shod of board.
erection ofiwcli a scrswa would tie amply
rciwiid bv its n)od effects.
H possible, remain within door, mirmg
the middle of the day, from 12 to : o'clock
This maxim might ho Pillowed by a
irer number f irersoos than would at first
. Vi . 1 1 1:
he. snnnosed. I'.ariy risiur ano uuo a n-
minutioii of secular holy days, spent tio
often in dissipation and in incurring d
eases which cause ffie loss of many other
davfc would make. up, to tho lover class
ot niecnanics w oo woii mcunnii.
the time lout by leaving work during the
period t-jKsci tioil-
When futigued, or in a profu perepi
ration, novcr lic.xvn upon tho ground
full nsle.en in the open air. iy sucn
lence the body hecemes always
1 I 1 1 1 1 ,;J... nana eC a K.ii-tr
more or less ciiuicq, o !" um" .
dangerous character are often prmlm-ed.
Keen tho body strictly clean by fie-
nucnt bathing. They who m'glect this
mn vim. det.rive themselves of a very pow-
erfnl nafewiard to heaUWalilLaaSBCirCiSf;
'Pout "ishirtxrmmrt;
Vfipr use a cold bath when the bmrV
is in a state of ethaiistionf
n,.rn;rtinn. Without entering into
LUMirt' 'oTiir i he "r tiles ttf be wbser
Utll.TIVI- , . ..
vedin bathing, we it 10
ure upon (M,r rewler 1116 ""i01"'; ,re
u.nv ne.rsons wno wwiu no
mot iheir ins with cold water
.1 ),.;. Wiles fear esslv into the nv
Jl - ,.i,i imih. t a time when from the
energies of the system being reduced, the
most serious injury is m no ,..-..-trtihe
cliitthicli Invariably results.
Neversleep in 'crowded airtments, nor
with a draft ol air blowing upon the bed.
liable to suffer from morbific causes than
whan awake : the impure and con
e.A ii .r0 Crowded chamber, and the
i.:ii rAnA 4nra current ofir is !ar
more deleterious during the night, than
they would be during the day. We wish
iiinU .ilerslool. howevot, that while
-4 hA Arfonirest terms, tli
habit of sleeping exposed to a draft ofir
went the same time insisi ttjuinim w
.. a a free ! vsntilation tof the bed
vt.y . - . - - - ..... ...
transactions. The judge will prepare
themselves wit? rrmrtt .cart.when . they
know their opinions are to lie puhlkhod
"tfrtd hShW'down b7cifia7riTiJft
would do, when they were merely to be
dvlauciLiii pfcEJtW-tJLlliB prU(:iAaJ
thoir lawyers, and perhaps a tew wnterr
apprentices. Agents as well as parties
are deterred from bringing Into court dis
creditable causes, which will inevitably be
publuthed, and counsel exert themselves
more, whim .they nrtaware"thatthe
agenU'witl judiio of Ihclr iiidustry ind tat.
nts and the propriety of employing thorn
them, , Ediiiturgh lly Ckrwudt.
Estrtttyrdinarg Drmaula 1813, there
-(KH- oris j4, wut-cmiliiiciL-al
KocheTter rnitl, in iliimpshire One ot
them, mi Italian was cejebrahsd among
tiwcnliaiil-'iis as viafii4vvfer "of bidden
treasufn. ' The. 'plaStfi1 tVhere they were
confined was surrounded by a very high
wait, nnd "occupied marly two acres of
"round. The Italian dreamed one night it he should Uil near the middle ot
this enclosure, to the depth ot toct, he
would find coins of iniui:!is? value. He
applied to Cant. Lock ol the Navy, for
leave to diz. The Captain was a Scutch
min. and likely as upui-sti'.ious us the
wrrtw of hhi-at. all event ho believed in
I reams, and readily granted permission to
dlff. Manv ot tne prisoners who niinw iu
Italian, declared that to their knowledge
ho had ficooontlv found out concealed
treasure bv dreams, and eagerly volun
tecrcd their services. When they had
lu to the depth of IS foet, a quantity of
' . . , r . .
tetnale hair was toiinu in pcrieci preserva
tion, and nearly three feet long. At the
tenth of '22 (eel, a large koy, toiirtesn
inches long anil three inches tn circumfiir-
n. I . . I. - J.....I. - C I
ence, was u.ig ; ano ai uo ucpm i i
fwet '; hag cwu!sevwalhousand ooittt.
was founds-4wn,4iiMivftr.uijiiaiu.
eithat the niouey lie had dreamod ol was
not found, which was generally tieltesrMK-
The cominufiicat.r (J. L. , 11-X$l W!2L
eirrinnstance. was all evO-WltlHtSS.
si well portrayed in the persons of hi Li. :
cues ana 1 oiiK'tics, ,, u may I truain- 1
eJ, the was wot s-asy to be abarhed ; ji.i, ' ;
having a pretty fice to lww, she full n..t
Ibfl least ubjecof) tliat bench, br, attor
iioy, jurors, ami by-stainlers ahould chv. I
.numd. fullvicw oit. XUi Uot boom
wu removd, Uu'UUng begaa audeode- ' j
ored to shake br ttimony a tn lb iden- f
tity ofher mistresY bed Allow. " Was
he rureit wa not er roaster ho bad
imH ce(j jrjthat c jug can tcty Jw "JVr- -foctly
ure." What did she protend to
y.coui oe e7fain, wtin je
ilylipiKJareil aWv the K'li-clothes Ln l
Jhnt ?t!vclupcd in a-.jught-cap,' -Q iii-
certaio." jrot) buys often found t- - u
ion. hen, ti too your tnastr in Li 2,
cap 1 eominuetj mo questioner.. o-'T,
QT 1 1 O, , , 1. ----- " " h .o.viii a y uy
knowrng, and alMliu. gwdaJTuTUiorrpclT'lrcqa N -
transuctions. The iuils will nrenare II ask vou. onon vour oath. A, ....i vmi. X
The Sta ef' Matrimony. A gallant
youth, belonging to thia qtiarter,' by
IC I vva - -r -
to court a winsome las in Uorruw.stoun-
uss, ami wvut up tha Firth the other duy
to con utnmate his bliss. "Hie happy pair
returned by a Stirling boat on Thursday,
with ftig and pennant traHHg MtJioui.
or of tho occasion, and so exhilarated wa
the vmiiur sudeuian, that he "iainp ovtr-
rock hmght on the Occit ot tho stoamcr;
and was with dittirutrr prerewee; irom pr
is-traliii!! an act of flirtation with the
mermaid beneath the paddle--wheelsl The
exulieraiice of his joy had not evajwratcd
when the boat rcacnou me cuain-pierA wm
before she bad rightly hove to, the anti.
Malthusian-r" brisk ns a bee, and light as
fairy." mndo a leap intended to ter
ruinate the landing place, but his eye not
bcinir in a state to calculate distances to a
nicctv. tilumn went tho brish gudetimn"
into the Cckle decp.Die bride screamed
with fear, nnd the passengers with laugh
ter. while the unfortunate wiirht was tn-
kins matters very coollv underneath. He
was, however, soon rescued from his unto
ward dip, nnd in place of being carried to
the Humano Society, where his suspensod
animation mislit have unhappily been re
stored, he was consigned 'i a Milder and a
better man," to tho humane society of his
Ti(b. T r- - . SeottiH&a.
Edinburgh paper.
ask you, upon your oatb. doc not votir
mnsfcr occastojially go to bed JUb you i : r.
Oil I" answered Toinette, nothing dotint
mmii riot conie on lo-dayr
fir. Euauoercnoptv- a, tound ahout t .
louabler all around achieve! the Jiscniifi-
lure of Donning, who rmd toi)v'iv lor-it "
1..... 1:.... tr. . ' ? .
uui 10 aujusi ma nanus, cnan'i:o posn. -tionof
hi-!-?, and look tresy MiA. -Lord
MansfWJ leant back on the bem-h
aq uncontrollable burst of mirth, and i f -
bad not mere than half jsjeovered the j -v
dicial grftviry j,f tone, wl.en be n-kt ) "
whether Mr. JLiunniug chose to put any
jore qticst ion. - A i.hort 4Mi;Sli dm -ccordod
of ahqijk tolii persoitul
ty, which, was, pcrha, the. more silTtc
ttve, that it wa given apparently without'""
intention, MdiDtrfoctaiuip'kily of hearty
An otdwonwn, witnes to an aiult ensci--
I - : . ' I . 1 ' 1 ' . . 1 a
niiiiiuii-ii:iou mis inner iiuae. nurr, Iihi,
his object was to invalidate tho e'vidcnr
as to the identity of a paity but berw lie v.
went nimiit tt with much, centlcoens.-w -
Something. Jikejjbe following dialocu-s "" "
took - flu c o 1;U woa-. ilio 1 n.' ' f ray ury .
giiod wouian,'li sai!("rtare you very welt
acquainted with, thl pererm fx Qh, tywI-.l
your worsnip, fry wii mdeed. Uome,' r"
no-r, nat mnT Waif it hbT 'Ii' ho short '
or tall?" "Quite abort nnd tumpt, air;
atmist atsmallaayour honor." :'MJIumpliJ -'
vv nai Hind 01 nose naa ipj ? iVhat I
a.Miinipyooereirf-inttch such
a one, just fr all the world, a your own,
oulv not quite so cocked-like., '. Urn f -
His eyes ?' Why he ho p kind ol Cxt in
them, sir, a sort of squint. They ar very '
like your honour' eyesPsha I . Ytv
may" godovn, mamMr. Tkehistnnmher- -:
of the law l Migaiiuc r. Life of Lorl
AMurfon, '
. 1
IIucws-TuiIlc is..saiiln,.lu).v:fi givca Ju.
his return under tho property tax, as hay.
i'wfln1! wdy;3iiiy.'iuiidL.yef
fjejng. in consequence, aumniouod ...b.
with his return, and desired him " to ex-
plain how ho could live in the Wyle be did
with so small an income, he replied, "that
he had much more reagon to be dissatisfied
with the amultnesa of bis iucome thun they
had; that, as to their inquiry ,'there were
ihren wai s in which people contrived te
ittfT. Adrroicia'f. aiid ttialing, and lie Iclt
it to their sigacitV which-of the! meth
od l.o employed."
Medical Candmir Dr. Samuel Garth,
who was one of the K it-Kal Club, coming . I .
there one night, declared that he must
soon Iw gone, having, many patient ta aN 1
tend i but, some good wine being produe. i
ed, he forgot them. When Sir Richard "
Steel reminded him of his appointments," r
Garth iminfldiatoly pulled, out bis list, '
uiiich uitiouutod to flfleoo, ami aaid.-w It'a-'-- uialU;x.whctlifii!.iae.4-heit-tWilit'or i
noi, jornine 01 mem nave tucn badonnli.
tutions that alllhe phyakiiuis-in the world 3 '
can't save them, and the' other six have i
".fj1:...". Ift ll.rnia.lt1;.. 'J t l.' n ' 1 . - "
-I I ,
ciuiisli. 116 w6ild cuii'l kill ilicin."
Tha most confirmed drmikard we ever
knew, was an oldrman in the land of pum
pkins, who "possessed the greatest of all
possible abhorence for ' Anti-temperauce.
Having drank nine mu;js 01 ciucr ai a
detfto ' leave off "Til a pur tk'tlwl by-la-
. tr i ' - 1 1 'II II
king- another. "I weuove neignnor i.
.,..,.i,i i.,v!..(iinetion. that I'll take fln-
c4hrrrt-l olyour , ilej-r I dobke good
ciuer, as wou us any "
ling it down as some people -do, I never
could J - : ' Camden ij. C. Journal,
TheTxetarNewa-LetteriaalwayatclV..7 i
ing sonie 'MgKerTTtiWPm, it is Btnte j
that, on a young ludyY backin out of a 1 '
stage, her bonnet, which wa very large, ' W j '
hung, like MahommetY coffin, botwrn
Iieven and earth, until relieved bv cutties
away her bonnet strings! I
Prodi gij.n Irishman recommend
ing nn 'excellent milch cow,--that alio,
would give milk year after yar without
having ca.lves ; became it rsm in the
breed, as she came of a cow thai ntctr had
VA ,: ... : . r , ',:"
The Exeter News Letter says : " No"
man in England is attacked with the
cholera, w ho jaiys promptly for hia .new,
papers. It attacks delinquent and bur
rowers without exception. As the Chole
ra is in this country, would not an imme
diate attention to the above be commen
dable? We would be happy to save the
lives of sunr receipts vin payment for
subscriptions given at the ehortou notice.
fails' (wm"';1,! Mli
An Indian - chief being nsted 1ii op'ra ' JL
ioii of a cask of , Madcria wino,, presented r'
to him by an officer In the company Y ser
vice, said, he thought it a juice extracted '
from womouY tongue and lions' heart ;
lor after he had drank a bottle of it, b
said, he could tulk forever and fight tho'
"devil.! - .'
s f

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