North Carolina Newspapers

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L- . 'M 2 ' ' ' S ir. I ktinningt ' ,
BLISBL'ttV, ROWAN COUNTV, N. C-.M)1y-Si;iTSMnrW3?. "
vol.;x! w
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X ln riiiit'; nt It'" usual rates.
JiVr aillnqir V to the FA! tor
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.(Or TUse term will be strictly ad-h-redl".
ihisuu i mi; Umrisii lloK-c or COM
MONS. A gentlemen in this place hxs received
ry "IimI"" S ial'or" nf Mill June,
hii li lir has been IT""1 n" l'n
frfttn whwh -wt- rrmktrthirf lNorntrH
!i art, prfWingn nhorl "Uilrliofu (li;!wtc
Hiilili II"Uf.' of Ctuiiinoti, m the
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!i.ii t'i I'iiuxu. mini a iniMin-am,
j lu'iiiili.-, LliKHly tyrunt, I lie Km.
p., ,r ni Ktwiii im U f WtlL.Jitt,Nic-
bulss bn conNnMl lt-'uu. -
I'd. WriTCix t'i.
Tolap.. Oil TtigrVjv - Mri.Cj
f g il " i'V'd fr III1 prixliirtimi 'f 0
t ijTyHtii 4iirMt- ui.iiiili.iu rcgclin
Pi;uiil, Jiitoil I'luSOlb lYlirimry Ust.mnl
of orauic uiiio wliirli wfiiuinuii!dii.
kftft a tiMititlu'ncii ciiniiiK'iif on the tn-n-
P rr t --.
u ofl?l 1,1'V tWtcriiii of RipIi.Tic con
I....1H, tlio Iitdopciidciicii of Tolaiid wm
uaraiilfca, ir. rcru-ctini ui imi i
0.,jjr aoineof the atrocitieijutely rpc
l'int& t naTTounrryTw',"'""
It a of course known to tli hoiw, that
cf the twentj f ri''iK,ral Oirwcra who
U-ea "Bmsntwl - m rotaiwi.-oot more
tVinfmr had nuirird to' tlinr homes,
J ,!,,, ,S "irvst 3: t-''ir' I' ;-; fi.r,
i v J iiceii" "i'iicii.-.'' i- mm uMj ... v
r ,tlieM of 1'idnnd. wero alo included in the
iimv. ml vet it waf also equally well
known That tli' v wfro nmrched ip coluinn
pf ten, and liv lOgctlicr by bura of iron,
W th remotciit purtof Silioria. That
"as rti trentmont wfiich thry ttcpttcJ mt
4belunJ f iba clcDieutNichulaaVThe
BiibtcT Dt-Fnhmd ,fH,otinterH no tttr
treatment tbty were banished and do.
K,vled."Tho viitfiino of 0110 "Polish
P xicco w as Binned Ky Nicholm on U10 fen-1 1
fml of hii patron saint and what was
tkt jentrnce ? That he ahould he
ed taiberia, and 1 lint. ..he f hold J proceed
thither on foot. -Thnt dm uinent was still
exulittice that docunwmt, whicU, en
MiienTtmihnilliwtrittwt-IViiiiMt ahoald
: sureli atoii wtt:-coinjnoo aoiainrii jo.ofe
"bfrla nod iiho'uV! encounter not only the,
privatiuiiK of tWJreaJWiJIiuaTjuf iha
m'spry of a journey, thither on foot. Tlie
Princess, his mother, immediately on
-luixiuuj the sentence, proceeded to St.
.I'elenburjr, in the Iiojk or procurTiig some
Biiligiilion of it ; and w hat was the eondi
ti'.u upon which the !iiiieror njjreed that
there should Ik some mitigation T J he
tumlitlou ay i)U tlA lVio.aliiU4bofc, Uwjh lpirindevo?o
knowledge that hohnd been led into the
rebellion hy the losa of reason consequent
on the dpath of hi wife, To this he ro
plied, that he was a Pole ; and that no con.
ti leralion should induce bun to neknow.
!ge that be had ever devoted himself to
' Hie cau of Poland from any other unlive
than a deliberate conviction of the justice
of her cause ; and that that convklion was
adopted under circumstances which w'd for
Hie inflnence of any other sentinMmt than a
tasthig; but the unfiirtunate Prince was
ubjflcted to all the rigours of his sen
tence. Ho would mention another case.
" pnsSsioii Ofall infants ho tyj;ht' Ijo left
without parents ; a grandfather was about
to be robbed of a child, a female, not above
"gbt year of he ws aewnty he
tad been a follow soldier of Kosciusko : he
.!SwsteiL with more than Roman heroism,
yd even Uussiao brutality was arrested
- 1'he il?pfti8mof Nicholas had not been
. tanfiued witbin.t.he boundaries of his own
- Syfnijiioha"--
tiiiiiiiix 1.1 iv 11. r f -
Kussiao ' Minister in Dresden demanded
aatlie had been arrested in eoflsequciieeV
id.bis papers were4aken fromliiin. i, He
ould hka tukViw if the lact were so I
the treaty of Vienna, the Kir.gofllan.
er was not bound tyi'delivcr up anyper
ho was not charged with some crime
'd indisputably,, uot the slighteit chargb
preferred asauibt him.
It was evident from I he whole couJueTTa
ItasiM, tlmiit was meant to dt natwna
PolaujI altogether j and that euo, of
rmi2 aense cit tlie injuries mtlicteU upon We country on tneirozrn nauas 01 me iue, fe j, h0,r 4;,r R.jk-rWndLsJwIw
t!T ohjfrtD prnKoJ by fl.o ilctnHioq of. on til r!hl BnJ thi liilu tiii.
Ilw 1'uIk.Ii riaiiw, w;u llir r-itliMiliiii . w:mira 1 1 Uyd o Cmd B ,. ,.j,m t.,
lliiHr..j.rti,funivi!ri.ii.iro wl.amtu'NhiH' kuisJ-.m nf I'olund, Ihthmw.
Ird b4oK Micotiilcd llic rfioi.m. I!,.
i.iti?btyy trrgt -
iiicfttK fiiicrrj iuli Ly ll.e t' of
ii'im.i ; and im'w uitc mil.t ilirwfr'
fiilcrci! inli wlu-netvr lliu luli cwitui Jtiig
jlnrti'M w fit.
' llo Iioppj llmt llii t'mfp m not di!nnt
wlii'ii tin Crown t( I'ldunl woul I lx? do
i-larod in l''K ndi'tit, and mIicii cimu
try would Ixi iliii' d in nij'-li it
In enuliln drr I fulfil ln r dnti: ani'int
hn grent fi nily f thi .Statca if
In llio cniicr8li,Mi of Mk h u iii'iiliuii hi
lliul, kfl find thn iitixfiicti(u t. tliink Ihin'
didnopii4t iprniid opinion, nilu r in
llmt Mimiic or in lln i.:iii hi ut Ii
hnd Ihwii TOiitcndisI, on llr ut ! lli j!.n
M-rr f Uyiiin, tlml llir I'ol. h.i I f..if. it
'd llirir ri'lil. a fn i: coimiiiiiliwi : it
wi ll mi.'lit it ho Ktiii f lie .'ii,it 1 4'
Sc,i1hikI,iiUt tiii'nt!iilif I ; 1 I li.ifoil
cd all t ii f I tu M'rvpiin or .iticiil IiIh rt .
Iir I Vt .ttiiNtTov. wliiln d liiiiui t iuii-
lr" mfij any atatiuiWut of llio cni:Jii't of
Hnliind in reniK-t tn the lulu event in IV
InjuVtd MlikLlii! wax -jjuI called Ly Mi.
I'erpuMon'fc Hiicceh, f It b-mn l I t wv, that
tint (i.tverniiii'iit wim liv noin-'im l.tiul to
the obliirntioni of the Tnaty of Vienna
No n.a.i cimld cntert iin a di.u'.t, llmt
Greet Diilnin jHiMn-tsod a lull riht to ex
prru a drilled opinion iiwmi lUu prforui
a7ic oftlie-iioif piMlilWianiee of thn-rpn
laH5ni contained Tn rTiaf f7rTT' Never
Ihelesa, it could WZ.rt;Ai'4h.' f "eng.-
Intil bj under no peculiar .obliotlon, tnii J
viimlly and imlepenilently ol tlie other
emit nw ting pnrtHi, to aditjtt fneaiur t
direct interfenmeo by force.
IiiqIIuhiou tu the ciuc of Tour, he
miid .
. IfoTinderMood Tour to lie a auliiert ci-
iiier 01 rrusMti or of fcavmy ran I tlc re
fore the Hanoverian (lovtrunieijl,
in him, wero merely performing a duty
trWchlt iriirtthr-nbTo XaWrmT' ffim
not conceive it to bo his duty to make auy
further olMservatioos; ami 4he more wr,m
he hndnlrea,rly sal,! h did m intend to re"
fura the p!nr.r which werfl moved fir.
f.'.r! Monrrm v-.','(1f tt, i,i,i it-ility
v ...i-w. tn .u--a fiuut iiuilIiiiHj
ror Nkholai, Bod the natural desire h!
felt ttivicly with aporoWfouiLVtwuliicl
I of quo with whose fi ienJahip he bad-been
honoured. Heeimld not, however, with
all Iiia kindly. fix-ling toward tho llnipo
rorrapprovo of hi conduct towards the
Poles. - Lord Slorpeth'a K;ech is gi veil at
(trcale t icngt h inlhe . Ckconicle, than iu
the other journals, though wo must con few
not mora intplligildyr Th fullowing u
the peroration literatim
"If the design rs on foot( and in aeiTve
progrew to aunihilntd'tlio Pojlih nation,
name, conatitution, lunjrnage nil but her
immortal neiory the "IihmT of CaJners
and Tiginuodn, uf Sabitisli, and TtHihiv-
fheHttttad fli'bt rtsl.-,icd-rhfl-4orwiif
Muhoniedan invaniou. and aecured iba Jil.
erlK-s anil relinion of Kurope; if her princes;
and nobler, and atooiors, sunt fouwuttj. t
the uunnons, the mines, tliegravea of &i
berin ; if her noble ladies travel to the
foot of the Throne and I am told their
very presence b Vf aot- tUIJ. iuta
OibftJ'tivities of the enpi(nl and sat not
iir paruon, out tor ity upon uiose wnoac
fault if was to act with eonseientious and
in the cause of their cuuntiy, while they
thought they Imd one and that cuit ts de
nied them; h wbilo in confiscation and
exile, they teach the course of her Czartor
i. kys anu her Sangouches, her rising and
spirited youth are daily drafted to swell
tho ranks of the Russian armier and pre
pare new Te Deumn for future triumphs
over the freedom of the world; if, further
oh, crowning horror I let it be well at
tested heforawo, credit it cliiklren are
carriejliTio lose tho memory of their no-
much compromising ourselves, say that a
cam is made out for the enerwtic inter-
viFhtion of England and of Kurope; we
... . .m' . .
may, gininm mur.n nrcsiimin,?. aua. , mai
whatever beenmes ; of lhat. tnteTOnti(n,
(treat room fried for the rightpoiis rctri-
imtfwtkllefvflii r
"Aftor a few words from Sir fltoanr
iVAHncDr-rt and Lord E8I?iuto!I, in
support of the motion, and in deprecation
of the cruelties of Russia, Mr. O'Co.tvem.
Lord Morpeth had spoken of the gratifi.
cation i fcU.ii bing kt.Kwiv,toiJioJ3i.
poror of KtisHia, and in having vituted hia
chained of such acquaintance. If the Em
peror of Russia had been a smaller and
tuvtro inagiiincant ; pertwti, : it would bav
beep considcrea aofsgraco to hoidrany
communication; but because he had a
horde ot three Of ftfur hundred thmreand
barlwrians at his back; was thjat a reaon
whv mankind should not treat him as he
deserved, and execrate him on account ol
his crimes ! The llarbarian conouer'had
yi(UUlt;u IUU ucui icjjaiuiiii; imc auii.. 111
manner such ft no treaty was ever vio
lated before. The miscreant barbarian
bad viglHtcd all comjmcWhad tramuled
hid, W LHwirm for, frrw;W tim per
r. 1..1....1 :. r .r : ...
"j "-i.v wiiii irmmoh f It vrni a
fUlicifWIi 1104.1441111111141) ""Klt fif" TlflfUlvl ('
. Jw.4
r.viw. sir.
(J., Mr. Piuott, m Mr. Itrrit
vi:N, rondi'lnm-d U10 cou lik l ofKawia ill
strong t?'rmi.
Kir HoMinr Isi.lm i..j.viel to the
t wii larrnmre cniiil.ii il 01 ....j.t.;..,. .1
... 1 . -r .
, Ho ui Kurpri tcd thnt f. r;:,, u ,.
0t1r.1UtjK-1T1.i1ry pp nili-, nr. 1 iheoth'T
nHmlfM of hn Mnjt'i t; .viT.iiii'oii,
shin!dhne'i:T reI.(.'viii nioinh ntiopr..
ceed it Ii k !i language - -.( f tim if-llrar,
htar!' uwl ' Su fcrrd " ...'.. ,,,...,1,1
wilhi.Ul ll'dn:. Ilts r.M.l.... -n.; iut
g.i.igo lo Imi u inotit iinpropi'r 11 u oi' t!i
frt'riloru ..f it. Imd; in 1I1.1I li.uit,
.ir U 4 it ufurftardi said, il ai hi'lm)
an h.iii..i on (In) kuhjt'il I w hirh huwover
ho wHili reserve.
I.01J I'iiLaimrox anid, tif rr nt:y -r
gri ttel Mr. D'Coum-ir n-.iae; bit be
did not conceive he h id any rig'it, or llmt
it his duty, to itifirnii)t lom. . .
--Mr. - Uk' r - prrtVttv -mmnrrl
with Mr. O'Conm ll, thai llm Kmiieror ol'
UusMia Mas a ii.i.reanl.
-Mr. HofE a 'iwod with Mr. Reaumml
It wa complained lint the Euitwror if
Kimsia was called a imsrreanl ; whv he
would call bun a moirtrr in Jmrrmn form.
If h imew Ingtwgl7-w4tirrrlre-rmdh,heri' qh.inrrtf v - nrrh"nrd fifth'
monfTifronxlyctpriM 'birjefNl:V(i.Mi:iiA
Iwtull u it. Ho woo h rrd that it (Ub 4
r-rt f limits fhituhl vculuroJn rbUaysfli-)
addit'K.s a Minintt-r of the Crown, and aU
liiw why t tmotirsxl-tujch Intttfime to lie
used there. Why, it was not 111 his jtowor
to oreveut il. ,r
c'ir IL Lsulu " I ahlwW.mfH4ies??
Mr. HiSK--"I ak whai went th
words to wijjcli the hououutlo meuibur
ulludedr' '"
Sir Ronr.tT Imclu " I stated the word
Mr". litXM1 And I repeal if, the word
w too weak ta ei press my feeliii'.-a of de
testatloirat lhe'1vartarilius eiecised "to
wards Poland. I would nV, are the nc-
et nrlt of llio"contiirt of Pitsniri untruly or
uiiautrstitta T,nr.aiiy iUu-i'uS ,i.
the Mcmltcr for Kerry be untrue, lot sime
mfflrhf-r sarid'lijin his place and deny it.
If true, 1 dc any man poitsetwinir the feel
ings 6f a Briton, whether the lanunge was
not weak when compared to iuclv atrocity
that provoked it,- .
. 31 r. Wit full convinced, .that -4y m b
'J, '.ir. .. - . - -...-...-.-'- 4". .. '
a debate at the proWnf, they wore, fuming
a powerful moral barriur lo tho encroach
UH'iit J" Russia. 'jriLj;
Mr. DAaio jtmliflod i'ir Robert Inglis
Tii d4,precaTOg :lhoaeutiiiiiifif such
Iprms as " mim roant" to the Emperor of
Kum. lie thought niimcten wr.uld
have done well to ataud lorwurd and ex
press. Iheif owiHoo.ftf the initrftjiriety -of
iirit twaasojojnv llaadnulUtd Iho Pol
Uli fcbellMM o Ktttuat f)'htwai-;
J enpf cialiy as tho man deputed in rv-igii ovir.
iuiii.iiaa ooea .oconveu, ,ol ma uiijMritti
crowa of Uumiu for roinpcteney. 11a did
not, however, sco the necessity of Ens
hind's sully ing fitrlh asagetiernr irdretwr
idruiwvai!njbciilijJiJ in li--
putcs with every nation that commute!
an act of iujiutico."" However, ho thought
Government right inprcisinz upon Hus.sin
the fu!filiiat f th TrcntT of Vienna; and
I ho hoiied nui' h from the prudeneo Bivl
L .. . ,v .. ...I , -
nrinncss 01 tlie .ooie iim aioui to- pro
ceed to St. Petersburg fir that purpose.
Mr. SiiEit said, Mr. Baring would have
members -
"Mince their worl, ,
" And rnoilify damnation with a phrase,!
He should, however, give the allowatice
which he so freely look. -He should par
dou another for pf iikiflg' -'"of miscreant
on a ihroue, who descrilc l liiii fellow-'cTfi
zeiiias " blackuarfls iu the .slreels."
sudden ndopled so meek a t'lruin iuitjieak
ing of the Emperor Nicholas ?
When Mr. Sheil saw a man di'lognting
I - I - .. -- ...I. .. .1... - - .T ..
fttoiiJiii.ti4 w.f wiioin iriv.pj'n 11 yi .is-srw
Musi !Vyeifisinigrtett-ibere- was a
mete'inpnctiosis among despots lo tread
the he- rt of Poland out ; when he saw him
betraying a nation of heroes into submis
sion, and then transporting them to Sibe
ria ; shaving olT the gray hairmrbkis
with the blood of flu rope 'e saviours in
Uieir Miim&n&RSiMb Wo
men sparing neither' age nor sex, and
(rusting the hand of aruthless. anil,lIerod
like infiwiicide into ihe craJi of Polish
and loavihg himUlf nothingjrfadd lo dam
nation, ho would not cull him ' cu'tci-cant,"
the worJ was poor and ifKoameaurat
wtth binftraayv.-ut.eciaLul VvWi.t Uoh
art worse tlian words can givo .thoo out J"
'.j. Sir Hubert Peel , deprecated tlie una of
insulting language towards Ihe Lmperor,
dstcuilmg to produce that, irritation which
sooAcn led to war, betw(en states. He
denied that those who used it had any
right to cull" themselves advocates of the
Poles I the Poles bad nercr. in the great
est heatoi their strti'-aVj with Russia, in
didjedinsucli Billingttto oratory. Sirlout ojfit; bt Us IurJt'ipy w tbc hole
It ils-ii rotirlti l' hy suitrmtiui; the addi
I ion-of a copy ..f ti. poh.i, Couititutioti lo
I lie
P'per rnoM'd f'TbHh as n;
Frn-whe-Hiirtitt nn4 A'nVt, -
.A7mii7AJ Siilon lU-htt.k new
fenifdy lr imprrrrment luis Uhii iIom
pred by tho lrili irU. i rei-civti (lie
iiec'Hiitt via ' AuhtrHiUr-lMil the tw art
tjid Mt a Ls rtui'itu p lint, and untie and
Im uliticiuay ctiaMo ouu to :rfv the lo
ry if il should le il.ul.lf.!.
Ilalilat in 11 r'l.iruiiiig liosp:f:ih!e plnrr.
Its liaiittt is llssouati.-J Willi Hii'lV
pleasing recollection, that'll im ver (,U
to extort 1111.1I11 r glass fr-.m the h dile
whjtli, lining hern ji'iged, was going
to "p ms lli0 uiht in the c.:!ui.:l. Cut
only siiv " II.illilx ami it is like "iten
frH.;iim !' o-it ll.t-ithe cork, m. I down
goas s LumjH'r to tin- ' he.ilili of nil gMl
lium-s I r liiifj in the la-t chapter an
adventure with on Irifh (Suuifiitii in, wb-iM
enrgo my riht l.-fi'u,ih.! r.iot.ui roiiver
te!t'll,f pr ifit.ililo u-hs t.i'liium lfaiid
his coii.itiv. Another ofliiesu ves-w-ls
li-id LiM.i ilUU-ot iu wilb . by wiwi tti'.iur
cruiner., mii .. raiiiMiuidor of hi Ma-
jesly S sliMiJt Ihe J.ll.lill!
"IsiTiir,,!" lWui: thirty or IjiIv ht ui Jlt -
l-r. l ins In up In own co:up.imeii,
anu li:iJoer tli i surplus lo the admiral
Short sighhtl iii..iluls wb nil an, and
raptains of men i,f wur tiro 11 it i-euijil
from hii iini, imperii iioii! II .w niiirii,
also, drops Ix linfii the. cup imd the lip !
trailer two very reiiv lrili "iris ol'lhe
Ix-tlef sort stf 4mr-rttitn ; iImv werw gtntij
a jiniu iheir fritou at PlaJiiXtlpbu. . -Tiic
lis 11 mi of the one Ju ly, mid of tits other
Maria. " No sooner were tim poor !rih
tneii infuniK d of their :hnng') ofdtiiu
Uoll, thun they Si t up a bawl loud eUHUl'll
riir-mnsn me sr.'iiy inoiisiers ul (iioovep
SceH4liir dark es veins. I hey rent I lift
btwrttfnfthf' kind hrnrtod girls ami when
tie Uiormivli Jxus itf the mnle waif joined
ami. cinuren, it would have nniieOr
oneus nunseu turn Murnrnyn gas, " im,
Miss Judy J Oht Miiw Matiul Would joij
be so cruel as to sea us poor crenturs
dragged lo a innn of war, and not (or to
tluud anake ytorl-iuiM I-,-,A word In
iH4tl(-H-) mMynir own pretiy rreHHfis,
no doubt he wmild It-t ns off.'1 Tho young
ladies,- thotigh"" doubt ing the' powers of
Iheirowu l.isniiatuHi, rMoNel lo make
the cipcriiwnt. Ko begging the Lieuten
an ol the sloop 10 Kfyet ie.nt ft Damage on
board to speak w ith the- eaittaiu, Hie y ad
tied riTOnliroatterof Awry .tonhclf 'tfrtitU
and ekippiid jiito the bout like a cofiple,f
mouiiiam kids, caring neillicr for the et
posura oi tueuswlves nor thetonwy !' Um
salt watery whii h, ihoiigh it timk tho curls
out onSt'Tr biiir, ad.k-d a lib mss ofttii-tf
checks, which, pcrhap.s, ciaitributed in no
nuitill degree to the success of Ihuir pro
joci-- '- "' ' "-"S'
'tH'Wia.vwMJicihin ; in iha aigbt il
pellicout al sea thai .iteerjaila ,lo jml a
rtiiwn inlaaLg"i tmosMMf s ffvvtttl he fee
4 mr4 ilho-humrmog'Wnl,. Hnty wtm re
ceived by the cuplaiu. Anil pray, youtig
ladies, said he, what may Iibvq procured
nm the honor of this visit. Il was to beg
gjof 'your honor, sanl, Jiiily.
i.:-1 . -;n .m i t.. . . r. - t
liir 1 like the look f him. 1'l.itirn d by
this litila jihot of . Maria's, she C'i;plain
said that nothing ever gave him more
pUHtmtrv llian to oUige. lhohuIic4 aud if
tho favor they intended was not ut
lerly imtompatible with his duty, that be
would grunt ;il Well, thcii, suid Judj,
will your honor give me buck Pat l'lanna
pan, that you have pressed jus! now T The
Captain shook bis heath He's no sailor,
your honor cut a.pojr bng trotter anu
5i will nover slo -vou aliv- fool. - The
Caiitnin naaiu shfMik his head. Ask "me-
M.;.:J-'..,.i..u - .rf-tti' t-.v.'ni"'..:..-;V"
any- iiimgewB, num ue, - mjo i wm givu u
to you. well, then, saiu iiiaria, give us
I sluiid
iihiii irifles- now a-duys ; I II give you a
kiss, if you'll giv me Pat Flammgan.
And I another, saidiMaria, for Kelim.
fiJtA luiil 1i if:tii ill CKIJ
ofbimi hw head ' turned like a do ynric
in Tit InilooT wind rtirntltT T
to be?in withitltiosl lble2iil hu
pimir danced in hit yes, sild Die ludies
saw at once that the day was, their own.
Such is the power of Itoauty, that this
lord of ho ocean was tain to strike to it.
Judy Inula kiss on. .his right cheek f Ma
ria matched Hon hisrell ; the eapiuni was
the -happiest, of tnortalt. When wn,
said he, yt'sj i Tiiiveyour wifi,"l."i1tn your
It is sail ye are alier making ; sua do y
mane, to take alf liiese pnaty ciaturs away
6thtr.maD..J am rt iotg.t' relate how
nmiiy kisses these vely girls bestowed on
this envied Cnptiiin. If auchf are Cap
Iqins perrjiiisitos, wh.d wmild nut be a
Captain ! Suffice to wy, they released
the whole of their countrymen, and retur
ned on hoard in triuumh. The Lord
Chancellor used to gin, he'ijw.iys Imiulied"
at the settlement of pirnnotiey J ss Incites
were "eneralty 'kicked -nut of it, or kissed
liaU Ul U I T "t 11' I - , m - .... - -
ciHirse of Ins . legal praclKi, nevir saw a
t apt am of a man o( war kiwi-Tout of for
ly men by two pretlv Irish eirle. Aflr
ihis, who Mould uot"sh'ou. "M Erin
"prim liipsic (iaeiin stiil'rliat iliq
opinion is guiiiiug gmud at Vienna llmt
the Cholera is ciitisolt lelluiic, and crea
ted by iifpluiic j pours which are formed
in the earth, and lirl couiiiiiiuieated lo
III') water, it wuwiii4 lo this, it irtsnid,
that at Vieiiim iho Cholera first brol.n out
in the t in, whim the wells and fountains
urn il.-i ihir than in the suburb. In the
wmne iiiiiiinrr the l.irt isarroimted for f hut
tlm Cin(t:rii ofleu nflarki tnaity perms in
one house, whilst m others il attains no
Ixuly. Tho wilier uf the killer is in. I wit
untied with the telluric miasma. In nm
si (iii nee of this bypilhesis, many rs rin
Irmk Ixtiled water, tliry consider this as
a preservative Bgui'wl the disease. I'roni
this upN.sition it i prolsiblw bus arisen
the ienerul!y prevailing btdief anxHig the
iKtopbt lliul ihe wells havo bf.CH poisotiiul.
In won't pi n e the p ultry and pigmum
drffi in frreatnumhrrs. A nHirishty lias
hU Ihhti renmrkeil nmoii'i Ihn fish in sev
erttf rtvers. N'miHTwi fttetv morroyr r,
prtive that tlie Cholera folo- the fouric
uf river, ami break out th icily in the
nfuthlMirhood of wnter.
There in certainly no end In the variou
theories w hith the Choh ru senilis likely
to engender il iniht h a grulificalim lo
see any two of them assimilate
sumi iij nil'
tors cojisrurrcjirs;
or mt -
TtiU CoHgrtuiowl liislrUt nf A. C.
trashl'HfttOIl CtttJ, J"h 1 7, 132. : ........
tVjjroshssjust closfsl one of tlm long.
fiM nl lahorifHii, slid iiionI lif.hlv pi.
rtofwWsivmi,"nror Hat 1wt" tii'tif fir
mnny years past, or that w ill prolmhly be
hdil for inaiiy years to come. I prut.c
to abmtt to you a brief review oTlhtriiiusl
promiumit Miltjects which have engaged
our atloiiiion. - -' ' ' -: k- -
Bahrtrf" in tho Titasiiryon 1st .
January. 1S3I, wua C(J,Ol 133
I k ruceipls into the Treau
ry during the .ear 181, '
were frnt ctistonj or du. . , .
lies on mipirt, . 21,221,411
1'rom'tho ofVlhe JIi-t-w
tuids,"" "? . r" . . " . 8,?I0,15
IVmt divitlendsonbink st-tck, 490,001)
From.iti'lemnityiiiid;.rthel)au. L
isli treaty, and incidental ns ' ;
Making ii sgorcgnle of ;I4,.MI,HIUI
-Th ejtpenditurer fir tW year 131,
VIE! j
Civil list fortii-n "iiitcrcfairsp,
ami rrscrllai!(.fflicr;v.' J"V-3JIC l.fUOJ
i .'unary irrt'i",T'r"nnn7nirH, .
pr-anrj internal improyeineiil l .0,0 13,239 Jj
itiavai service, . luciuiiiug us
graduul iuiproVeinent, - 3,.1H,HS
Tne pibfic debt, . .18,171,374
.iiiiM ssirw inn s-mtii ft T I If 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 rva
for tin. year 1931, ." . SOaMio
And leaving in llio treasury on
.: 1st January, 153 , -. - 1,502,914
r,.'., , .. 'the.vcuuc PBIIT. i 2. Z.
Tlie public ilebl was, on 1st Jan-
uary, "IflfTl, " 3(1,122,530
There was paid, during tho lust
' year, ..... .10,17-1,317
Ijfiaving the nmout of the pub. " , ..;
liofkbt, on lstJau'y. 19J2, 2t,o22,500
Tho; inipnrtut"oriaofjhe. J.iKt year as
well astlio sale's of the. puidlaiJauils, went
much larger than had been anticipated.
loi-e, uuusuullyiage, aiul uuyo euuuled ilia
adniitusf fa'liou to uiscliarge a liiucli larger
aipount of the public debt than had been
expected. For tho snme reason, under
tuu pruoent able manngenient of our limin
res: aft shall lie nhN.u-iththe fpreintjaiul
ticcrnwj rJtrticsotthi prct yirilprJis
itdjfchargtrthir-wholr debt.---Thi "willTlaro
our conhtry free from a tiAli'mul debt, and
ought, thorefore, lo relieve the pdopl from
an uimuul burthen (flaxes, of twelve mil.
lions of dollars. ; This glorious event, so
gratifying to every trui) patriot, hav lcen
hsiked towith peculiar interest amj ansiety
iiy"tIiopetfdffif ttOfimlTnd'by-tifw
more so, than those whom I nWaddress.
national jubilee, w hen the shackles thrown
around our commerce, should be knockod
.off; bn alaaoainipiwcJ upon ,tles.nejpr.
pto should he reduced ; when Iha poor
iiian7Kir wll asrthT.riiA,?hourd fmve cause-J
lo rejoice ; when the farmer and the mer
chant, as well tin tho mechanic, should leel
his industry, and enterprise,, jftimnlated
and encouraged by ou increase, in the
price ot the products of his labor, and a
decrease Id tbe pnecof hd ncoossafics
and coiiveuiences ot Jile; atitr wtiwi um
versa! 'peace and pro"peritytmili js'r
va-le our border. That period liaa nr-1
rived. Tkewnioml4tUmnfnbtem.
ilJcrrJ 0i fxiil of.' And lot iu,aii(
whrtljrr llm lyo'isblo b"Pf' Bn'' ' w
fulions of ihn s6pb'i liave l-t"i frair.Ui"" "
whetln-r emigres hare relieved lJi A'CmI ....
ui-TTor'tTw jijiWnroW"tfifsw;lMirtheiV- "'T ' "
wlnrn'jjnre'v-aa wrll as i'h jHf U Hmt J.,: :
fiee instilotions Jiimaiideil at tur bambjl -On
tho contrury, we have ubii.jt!ej lo s ,
arrniigemfuil of U iJirill, by which tbtf . -heavy
taxes heretofore imposed Upon, tbf '
mTio...iirirts of lif", and upon the jre'
Issly of Ihe (stople are to br corllinvJ-
ear,to lieperiwlttalml; Si by wiieli,tbe ss
nlo of the south are lo bo MiDresst! sJ ' '
ijrrwtid to tl.o du, I K-ttr ftre"er,t.) protarf V '
enrich Ihe espilKltls, and nmuuhicturfM
of mow fiiore.l refimis. .This brings o , . "
... .1 . i.. - .! r - ' t
17 ino toiisiaLTjiii r( m r
TBI fitirtt. S, x
' Muehof our time and aftr'tition iSaWii
given to this great anl interesting Wibjfrlc
It is known lhat "tnosl ff Hi revpiiin t
rnmed (or Mis sutHi- ol tho 1 cdeml Lo.
ernment, isderivml from laxes Inul up ' . .
iroods iuiMirted from foreign COU'itrifV . . '
'Hiese duties enhance the price of sitrh .
gtstds, ami ultimntely fell wi thrswi-wiVi .
ciMimiiiHi lliem. Tho TariJfis, tliercfire,.:,
system rf tins" lav;
come sytein f heavy taiutionillut.a .' ;
a svstniiiftf Utialion nmroly.-tii people, f ;
in no portion ol I lie Union, haye ever coin. .
plaiiw'd. Of the heavy borthena laid up.
on us, to supply (be necessary wants it
the eovimuwmt, ws do noCeompUiii. ft
is the heavy burthens laid upon, us HtS lint1'
upsirt 4 -ioflhi- insisifucOaes...xii'.- -w
Inch we have alwayi complained, and
allien- ! koow- w shall 4vMr , t.-v .
Coii4aiit.aa louaas ai'ula auaik hi )ibt
eiiy warms our boftoinw. A ' nioflorattf
revenue duty Tuid uiwnitlieT tVeign srticlp,i
necrnnly piihanees tli price of I ho do- '
mest e a rt ic bt, pree we'i ?' !?!! 4l"
ref, nml to iha same siiHsant, that il d.1
llio Pm'ign aili' U. W sot aidythcra
fnr prtV' thit duty fo'r revenue "upon "
ftrigii article, but we necessarily iy (ha
wme. fljunyf. imy tut .u-nUtrtiu, .tipuu.
the sToiisnii article. A revenue July, i
theroforo bwcwr snetlerate, mut aflord .
S- fiasoualilc. prutcUiuu to the. .mimuCirv
lure of tlip ai.ut.try. - Of this ;
protection, we da nut, while I'
dms laid Htft rVMiiiiO m.ii.Jvr If l'
j-mtTtniiVtrwrrs fltnrHrr inHer if, w rejr-n
til. In' the party history (I our poveru
tiKtil, lUei duties wera tuoderaty; ss.-l.?.
ejeeeding t J percent., and always fii; !,.
er upon the luxuries of life than u;on tlis
neep-jsarirs nf life ; becaitstr; thi. fon(v r .
orui'Siitml), T.jftocb taoiJtinund to. be ibt put :L
'rI.?r,,"?wIr''V'btl"ntil iHlwiica
ihn nation ha3 ju t enu-rgod from a slion
I'ul sapewive ssi twwwitftwrrr
the laureU of victory but hnW wiut
hoavy iiatioijaj delirTo tlisChar thi
debt, became aCouce uu olject of dmj)
Soljcirutle. iTJlli abtipalrjuiji - of llmt vv- -They
therefore increased the duties to an
avera'tf about VI3 pes Stul. with a ro.
vwlon tlmfit the.jauLsiftbrsw'csfH, thi-y "
ttTint.Pbii K!ncet -bill ' al i 1 1 n mt i mm i ! , V-'
hrghct-jBulics Vpoa: the -luxuries oi lit'ul
ivt les, iHiwcvor, than,thrsj' years, -th
imuiulactMring interest becahie too stroitg -firlhe
ugricullurul; and, jnitetid of di.ii
iuishuig tho: Us, as' the nulitsml dcl-t
diniiuiooed, they have ltierrQecd the to-
Ami now that it is paid off. and it has
the revenue ui.jke country bow ins... it
beca done f .JJy continuing, aiid, in aoma
iinanees, incrunsing the iire.s.ia hihui.d
oppressive duties lipon tho neceasario.s n '
lite, and remove altogether Ihe taxes 1'roui ...
Iha luxuries of lift?, and such as does not '
conio iu competition with .their luanufuc-
lures. tVhilo tho ta npou salt has been
conl inued jt 1 Oft ' jter cent., that . p o
grties;fig3,;xaibiii3, macaronis," and neb J -'I'M'iyMJWJiieil
nltogotlior -
S lull.' tho duty upon mur and inolnssen
ItaeJ' bocn continued at lp por cent., thnt
.ttnotf iTfl)iief .tca,aiWIltwe4i4ntytwPtf - -
...-. . 1". f a 1 . ' "
ir.Jwmoyeaj..', AM.bila...aars .
woolluo and cotton g o , and Iron' hum
been contii.uod at f.oiii-40 to 100 per conf.,
silka aiid wines, u ail d sci iptions, are ad
....... t. C f - . ' r. .
miueu nt-iiirv iree oi iiuiy, ouch a v.
bsjxsry rc.y?r;,c x?lltliataJoLid-i,w.-
tlw tniniortal Vshincon;;:arHl his rr-mt-1 -
compeers, who achieved eur liberties, uuj -laid
the foundation rf our goverament. 1 l,
mompts from tasatkm such articles as n.o -consumed
by the wealthy and luxurious,
while it lays ueavy ami oppressive bur,
Ihens upon the necmaries of life, and sm h
as are consumed by the poor and middli,of. aociety and.. tUaiasiane,..-
tn raiso a revenue, nut avowedly to nro.
tectther wcalthjr'-niiuiulact'urers f rtlro x
totally incensibtent with the eternal prim i.
pies tu justice, ami me spiril ot a rert r
government : and if I Imd twd alone, a 1 ,
certain thai it' was W be the lunt tHilit!.-. .1
act iifniy ifei abould havo gloried iu fti-
corotng my vote Bgamst it. t ; f .
Siich v modification is tho very r.4Uy-
of the friendgjof t!m "American System,
more properly calbtd the Chinese ij sti m.
It basjong ls;en their object to throw tho
whole btrrihrit tif taxation upon guchartUT.
cles frwii abroad as como into cotnpetitaon
1 with their manuCietures, whi h are tin ro.
foro called tho " protected armies ? whiie

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