North Carolina Newspapers

    IPcstcm Carolinian,
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frFj rtpti-pitEswefrr,"
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(. Will commence at Wealrys Chlpel,
Ten mitro NKint of tS ilishiiry the-
13th, No. ti Preachers and friends
(r( generally, invited, to attcoJ. ... ,
Moors. In bit life of Lord EJ a-ar.l Fifir.ral,l
that rih Patriot, in speaking of hit character
tnkte the following remerksi
Adiwr tlioae tralta of ruBratWar wtilrh aitum.
ed .him M member of enc.l life, tlirra la una
which, on tvert account, is far oo lititmrtan.
not lo b brought prominently forward In any
profeaaed liictiire ot hiin.and.liiawaa.heatMn..
and purerne which he entertained of K.'uinn.
so much ii it the fi'tom of thne who would
bring discredit upon freedom of (nought in ooL
iiks, to icprewnt U connected invariably
... ujiinuf upuij rciiginn,.inat h oi no
amaH imoortanoato be ntlo to refer to two wen
instance b Lord Edward Fittgerakl and the
younger EmmeL4ii bolb of whom the freeet
range of what are called revolutionary princi-
flra combined with a Wain and itad be
id iu tbe doctrines of Chriit.anity. ' '
Fafai Jlcciiknt.-Tht Rutherford.
tin Spectator jays t We are informed
V OTIC 13 u Hereby given, that an
11 election will be held in this couii
ty on the 2od Thursday of November
(itbeiogthe Bth day of the month)
for the purpose of electing Electors
to vote for President and Vice-Presi-
dent of the United States.'' 'The nulla
I '111 ft a m . at
by correspondent, onder date of
MeCannell'a tstore, Macon county,
Sept. 1 that on the 30th ult. the peo-
plo of that neighborhood were called
ori td witness, a scene of the greatest
diitrces in the sudden and Mchncfco
ly death of Mr, Lamkm Failer.
Several individuate were engaged In I be opened at the fallowing placet,
"deer driving," and as Is uiuri each -M , . ;
took his atand. Mr. Farler took Kt on Salisbury w Neely't Mill, -
one tide of-the Tuckaaegee river, k?l!iThOiftpaoi Mill,'
while Mr. John DUiard, Jr. tdok hia H'ne'i, , Morgaojnd
on th't npnotiie ade biit both aome BrjckhonaeV, Piukbtun' Store,
distance above. When, the deer went I being the placet apnuiuted.' by the
Of the rifcht of the oDPte-ied to realat. fe into the river oDDOaite Mr'. D. Mr. P. I Couniy Court for h .Uinu elections in
"'. J rPre! left hit ttand and ran up the river to W couutv. , SLAT Kit, AA'ff.
'T p "i-m,hgnntmitt li.l - ft.niij;ir-t- O. t. 1 TM t nil. -aa-w.
Mr. DillUrd. in shootirtg at the deer,
tfTalfalllff lutw m AO
: On W'ediea'lay it eommpnccdllie arnion of
the Prr!yLciiat Syno4 of North fcaiulim, in
(biipUse. ' --v..
fa BtrtnUm -It ! really MtonWiing to wij.
nrtiilu-tfflTceta Tin Buremtm prod icea on the
pin it of anie or iti Vrttarita. fte mnit truly
be a afr4.w for wherever he wavei hi
Vtnd and throws hia magic iell.-from theft
tvery thing Kbe politieal priiuijle (lie away.
We blve a v'uful ejuropla of thia before oa in
itH'd of Ibe Van toiren rP1 Pbli!t?i in
th'j fate. fTlx-M ptraet out, pruf.uin)
jbedoctiieeaot the RrpuSlican party, and fur
a b'.lf supportac them i hut an sooner am
fan nler lu"r cojumna, tbaftj ttepubli.
yii(T. diaappcart. You bear nottiir g now about
Itne-righta, or the "woetrinet of '98 1 all are
(orrotten, aud Van luraa b the bulea of their
Htg. Tbe bird of night It bot ttior unceka-
-tojfirr bif Cry of whip-poor-sjill whip-noor-nit;
J than these editors are with the cry of
"Vin Buren ! the great Van Bnrea I tbe sweet,
eit little fellow that ever lived I
At the offiet these editors peofeased "to b
srint the TarilTi but, nowi we hear hut Jit
llsoftlie Tarifrfrom ttem unb-ss it Is s left
bnJfdJiis'iTicatiouofit. Whence conv ithi
.Why lere Is the I cret.-Martin Vat. Buren
fxedfr the iTaiiT.-and now Jcis ifita the
Tariff- id it will nit do for hi followers to
tbe kaaauat, iot tear id utjurieg tba
Citnot theae tditors raise their minds s little
sbpve the trammels of faction, of mere moiri
7WfTto, snd loojr, -to priBcipJe t
Tlicy ought to ranerriber, that they litre in
tbe South, and that ws are contending oat on-
dtence having long sine fallen into diirepute.
tu be atia t Its, however, with any prenMtun,
the uoiiit at which obedience mav eraae. and
i . ' i . -
rcainan s t me unUus stretctiet or suinority t k iri.s sr.. tn s .i.-
begin, is a difllcuUy wliich must foreae UlTt
vagiiek undirected theanpliution of the princi
(- a vaguonesa of which ihfl habitual favrmew
era ot power adroitly tab advantage, a:d while
ilwv c-'ncedc the rifrM of resiaiance as a gen
eialiiropo(ion,holi thcnaelvc-a fica to-object
to every particuLr iuatanee of it,
; , ' Wat lkfAMay, Penin f(li:e,
tnrttn, Oct. 4, tj3j.
ffl II C: number f nt!iesnts fir pen
-a- nA. ,k.
n.r,-,r,ru Wu ..nor, Congress, already tceedio 12,000,
Mr. IV ia i ax a rririHrf iSl. riit-n . F. . 7 f
friends and the public ia treoeral
that they have moved their, STOCK
of GOODS to the atore attached to
ihe Mansion Hotel, persons wishing
to buy would do well to call, and price
Cpodt. Jt. bargsins will be given, the
usual credit will be given to punctual
dealera. - Iron, - Cotton, - talhtrt
Beeswax, TaUow, tow Cloth, Lin
seyi f3c. will be taken in exchange
or Goods, Our friends will fiod i
convenient place for hitching their
Horace in alft bttweerf our store and
ihfi alifjeLitorc aLiXt -ThoiJlull ir.
which jt next door,,- z ,; " .02(1 ,"
SpiI his aim and the shot struck Mr,
F. wji a respectable crnlea of
the, and has left a wid
owed wiftf and four children to thouro
his untimely fate.
" If the time shJt ever come which Heaven
avertt-u, 'ten ten lill be placed in the aupreme
tribunal of tbe culm ry, who entertain opinions
Uo.tile lo the joat pnwera of the' Cona'ilntiort,
Mr. Raniolph.Tht Charlottes
ville Advocate, of the Slst ult. .ob
served From tiharJrme county, we
together, wiih the stau of the health
ot this City for sontf time past, has
prevented the eKiminaiioa imd dcci
sroa of these claims, with as mnch
speed as is anxiously desired by the
U-partment, au l s is due to thetcr
vices aad sufferings of these merit"
nous veterans, entitled v the bounty
learn that Mr. R tadolph s health is Uf their own cmintrv. " When it i. r.
v .. : ' . . ! i .1 . t r j' i .. . s . .
we ai.aii turn be visitei ty rnevil demg all now ocucr man it uas Dcerrror many collected that these claims omaia i
yeara and tltat it it likely (should he moute statement of f ,cts lv the an,
consent to tervej thit tapt. Richard- plicants, embrsciog their whole revo.
tan, tne member elect lor that eoun. lutl.nary aervice, together with aucK
ty, Hill vacate hia aent In the Hotne corroborating proof, ciriumst tutial
ol uclegates, in order that Mr. .l and direct, as they are able to collect.
remedy. Uurcaau will i "put urijery
I'rom that n'wnt, the Coneiiimiun ia at an
end,'' .
"If the President ahotild
at any lima violate hia duty, his term of ofitoc
is abort, and, popular elections may app'y a sea
aooable remedy. But the Judge of th'j Hj.
preme Court poateat, fH very good reaauna, an
iiulependent tenure of office, Noeleetlon reach
ea them. If. with tliia lenurn they betray their
tniata. Heaven aav aa "lVtbtfr'i Spttck at
Aro 1HU.
After quoting the above, the Burner lAa
rtrni(ud"(ia ay
To u It appears that Mr. Webrter has. In
L. vW'.r't .ad uiaon, dune more to weaken tl,
eonldenee ol'hiaown frienda in tbe ivrsLt.iaii-l
, v of the Hupren'e Coirt, ttian any thi,:g that
baa ever been done oy political piponenta.'
mav he elected to that body. 1 hat
Mr. Ft. -will be a candiJate for Con
grcss oext spring, we believe there is
but little doubt.
Mi iwA Wf , bot fur traaaTT msisv
What is Martin Van Uure.o, or aiy of tbe can
didates fo'rjhe Jfics Presidancy (compared to
the great principles of ftka it and I.taeaTlr,
(or which the people of tbe South are now
aud that t.11 these are investigated an
compned with tt.e rolls and other re
cot Js of ihe Drpartment, arid that this
process it neceesaruf.iHv to etUbSish
j ist cl.ti.ns, at.d to prevent the pram.
nnnnr.n.n . r . . I- . f t . t " -f I
Uiurttf 3 new novel " lb lierrten oi irauuuieni ones, and tnat noth.
mauer or 'ha Uenedicunes a lecod oi nv still ensure ttju latter obtetTTnat
-.. . . . I 1" ..a w T
the ivt)De un it neao tnen rrom i trie most carclul examination and riff
the press of tarcjr and Les. We antici id scruttnv, some ide may be formed
Date great pleasure l .the perusal. The 0f lht. tj(fte BUj m,(,r feqil,.5te t0 ef.
Minna is a spo, ,o. romance worthy oi tne rtfet theae.objeclt. It is impossible to
KCHiua o. vz-oper, " ".vr-,. 0J wjh bu 9 th.
nun upon Rrona, iUr...nR ,n- offic j ,j j ,
arene. Ilm minnf M. lha tititn in the I . ' .,
hitorv of America, we shall bn K'd l 7 "V"' . . ... ,
follow him to the banks of the " be.oti- AnJ lhl notl" 14 8'v ppl
ful Uhiue.'.'. and listen while be recounts Cant . m:y ...? .taV"?athe...caaet.. will
tous aleiranti of The old' dav'i.'TaTfand 1 W tnVettig-rtVa to the order of their
which is now awakeniog so deep sn inter- reception, and as rapidly as possible
est throughout the civilized world. A and that each peraon will be advised
Mfiff Ql.thllbuie olUsrmanr?-toMloItht reaulu. whether favorahle ocAd.
by Cooper, csnnot but- be sttnrctivtr-'md f yerse, -or wh2therniTOCTided"for Tar;
popular. We shall betake otirselvet to .., nroof. or eVnUnatinn. na
rn . i ., i ., . .. . ... . . r 1 l -f
.""nt-.a.?4"t lVK4 b' case can be akeiMipr Atn) it)
TwIJ lUljUa wtUU iUO laUaiKlUt) I HI CI WUV rr is 1 I ft a i
I Ail tvffrkrfa saw ill Is. m n,l t s rS thia
wnoie matter, to a cisc, witri ,$ ittrl
. STinnT or Libs.itt.
Aanernl IrVeU'', at a fultivsl given Ao him
io Boston, on his latt visit heir, offered tbe fol
lowing toast The Ci j Botton, ihi Crijtr t.
- hhrrty. May Fannuiel IU!I aver stand a mo
It will be remembered that the
Charlottesville Couveruion, atsembled
in Virginia for the purpose of devising
the best means of tecurtis g. the elce
tion to the V. Presidency of an indi
vidual of sound political faith and op
posed to the unconstitutional aud mis
'.iJuouai ct)auw.oT.iite-iiWit)' 6t-
erotbrot; noaUdiled r. P. Barbour
for that station.
ot uelcttltng Oen, jack son f
ventioa adopted the Electoral Ticket
already nomiuatcd by the Legislative
Caucus, which ticket professed to be
uncommitted upou tbe ice Presiden-
Jcy, the plan intended was, that the
Lvoter should endorse on the back ol
his ticket the name of the individual
whom he preferred for the Vice Pre-
ildencyv; and tharthejciort'ihdutd
give the vote of the state to the per
ton whom a majority might prefer.
ament. to teach the world, (bat to p-
ev''nia"aniJT1Vn(J wilCundes true R-pub-"A. tifculaf tvaS Stddretssd td the Cau
- fieair iftitttutront beec-me t bteainf
,t t would w,th great relucuoc, agree to it. , . . ,
In locking oer the debate Jn the North
Citoftrt JCpnvenllonttmblcd.
jf cuniiJf ring the Tederat caotUlution, we
were struek with the folWinr remark of
..ilft Spencer t after expresaing bimaelf ia fa.
.Tor ofgiving to Cqngrcta the powar to lay and
eolleet rer- Ssses, he said t confess thsti
ass Bona a at Tii raavs ot TaacoatMDNiTT
WNiraao wjt ritva roa vMBMsaLVas."
Ilerd. we aee that Sptntt in part
ly iureaaw, what is now fiU by the people of
tbe South i tbal Hit Nen-Manufoctuing States
ps all X taiesv .--..- . -s-
, m Taairr.
: Seme jime since- we quoted , aome ei'jrsjcls
from res 'liitioi.a adopted bv the LgiU(tirkt of
Korth Carolina ml Atlbama, tipiwi iht au"j'et
, bf tli Tariff, with the promiie to mike limilar
extractj from the resolutioni .of Tifiniki VVe
bow Ri!fil qdr promise 14
In reply to resolution passed by Sou'h Car.
Witt and Georgia in Wis upon tbe auhjact r
Ibe I'arilf, Virginia adapted an SddreM and res-
- elutiOfls, the latt of which, alone, we will quote
? RrtihJ, thai this General Aembly" of
tfia,aetutfi by jthjdereefiiring
the tonatitittion from all viulation, ankiout to
preierve and perpetuate the Union, sfHl to ese
- eute wfib fidelity thetruvt Tepoaed in tr by the
whether they would abide by toch Iti
atruction given at the polls. With the
exceptiotv of twoor-threertheae gen
tlemen replied, In effect, that they
w u!d NOT ! They tay they wilT car
ry into cffvCt the iutcntiont of the Cau
cus that nominated. thefflV and not the
From a grave-stone in a church
yard in Dorsetshire, Enj;. answered
by a gentleman, on the widower't
mairyag agtln tu w tortotght
t For me deceased, weep not. my tar,
I am not dead, but aleepeth here 1
Your time will cojie, prepare, to die t '1.;
Wait but aihiie. you'll follow I.
delay as possible t and nothing in th
power of the'Dcpartment, will b wan
ting, to give eff .ct to the bencv lent
intentions of Congress. Bv order:
Publishers of the. Xy of the Uni
PRESENTS bit Hspwcta to bis
former patrtJna, and to the eit
a'.-fia of Uowan in ceiteial and in-
lornai them that be baa returned
home with a,'!aat A Maimtlniv
practice wf medicine and surgery, fiinow he
lert home, be hat devoted tbe whole of his time
m me s uoy 01 tua tirofcSdion, la Mt various
branches, end he fititers bimtulf that Lie time
his not beta amiruAtablv trtent. bia ODrortuiii.
i for Improvement having been very great,
surh a are afforded ia tbe medical institution)
in Pari and London, generally acknowledged
10 oe ine oe in me world.
When not p"olriooally eneared. he mav at
way be found in bia office on Main Street, ad
j lining the store of Mr ears. Ilickett h Lcinly,
and, will alwaya give strict attention to those
who may fatmr bun with their patronage.
A RE now receiving and opening a general.
iaV aoasortment of ,
8PRWQ y svMtER cbobs; .
aekcted with great care from tbe markets of'
ncf vort aod fb.laUbJda uTtb. taiewt kapor-i
tatioiia. Their Mock eonMat in tart of
uparfloa Oiueand BUck cloths t
Do, Uroam h Browa olirs do. ' ' f
Do. inviiible Oreea - d. . ,
Fancy Caaaimerea, Satdnetta ft, black lasting,,
MeruM dn., IroctMlta and Circassian,
Browa do's- Mixed Erminette. '
Yellow Nsnkeea and linen checks
French and hlaidT ilrilirna-a7"".:-'
Mexican mlsture. (Irass linen. -: l
4- gliab-eaaaim! rts. qermairjy -rrMi tttrerii,
uoen isoie ana lo wet diaper, fa. ,
Marwelllef, td Vele-rtla Vesting-;'
fffllirc undersigned having been ap
pointed to execute the latt will
and teatament bf James B. Hampton,
dee'd. will expoae to public tale, on
the 15th day of Ndr.-ncxt, at hit plan
tananr the late retrdence" of Muhe
lioekei-dccii'5ntlf antsXrteTtTThc
following property, to wit t Six head
of good work IloraesT 6 or 10 head of
tattle, about 100 head of Hogs in
good order, a 1 hreshmg Machine and
plank to make tne cotrg wneei. r an
S1M1IX& 0 SUM M lilt
- g
a 5jJ5.rr TAitiKTr or rAScr
Prints Uihghama and Mualins, . " ,
, Tickings, QU-sehed and Urown,
Rlieetingsand Shirtlsga, j
Furniture dimity ami Cotton frbgef, -Blacky
Italian, Silk, , - - f . ,
oenchewCsaraUiet ia. . v ' f
Wtafl black silk. Cambists, 4 "" ,:
. Cha. aro de Naolca.'. . - -,-- '
MilaneBa And Jar knmajtla jGatia.
Pongwe, flag and bandaii Hndkercbieflr,
urtmaon rongea, . ; do.
Fsnev Osuao and Crape : do. , '
Bear, silk sattln, and rich figured Vbstlnfb
Silk and cotton Hosiery, ; . r
t Fancy bonnet, belt aad cap ribbon,
Bilk aprana, . 1. n
' Linen csmbrie handkerchiefs, (ana, Oe,
Diamond 8tr4 Bqnnets, - , 4
Palish , do. .Uo. ,.
Belgisn dA. t ' do Palm V f bte, '
Leghorn bonnets, fur and woo do. ;
loitln snd Greek School Books, ' !
Shoea, Msroecft skka, . '; -w
ltardar and Cmfery, , .
y )a. and Crockry.ware, UaV.
APEAEitL assortment Q..
Carpenter Toola, eonsiMitif tif eery arti-a
cle made die of by Carpenters In Ibis part
of the .Country, - - ; ..:.----r
Sadler's Trimmings, , 'A , ' ' '
ltMl-t' Im.. .l.nn.A a'n Skn-Aa Ma. it v"
tlarnets mounting , coach fringe and lace.
Waggon snd Gear, Farming 7ST
Utensils, an. excellent Gig and Hare-1 a Uw a good can thia part eftb
uodred bushels eouauy Fiucuaaair. essil d weU ell w
Ma Krc ue fmle Vliindr
of old Corn, teven" or eight hundred itockaftd hear priest before tMy
brnew XornrOaU7Tl'jy,"Toddef; tCKtV efsreftaVWtiie FwWieJT
hope by Strict attention to btuinees, and R
ing good cheap, to merit a eoatuwanne of (he
Whekt, arid several other articles, j 'betr very liSeril patronage heretofore, aM
The usual credit will be given,
All those indebted to the cttetet ire
required to makeimmediate payment
and thoae having dem tads against the
Uamer are. requested u present men
withltiihertimeprencrtbed bjrlawr-
t johm c. Palmer, ExV.
Safithuru, Od. io4 liJ2. itij
t ''HE tubtenber offeir hit-pr.nrfS
X sioos on Yarrow Branch, Barn
well" iiatrUV0D"tVng
of four thousand acres of piimf Land. '
unexccpuonaoiY flranQy auu pica;ant.-r
L . . . m m . j .
Subscribers have eaiabliabed a
tedStatct are requested to roaerl ttie HtinitPctired,lheriest Materials from
hove notice four -i met in-each of tM ,na m'"7ta
their traprctive newspaper?
TTTITH a aieai to the mor emeient I wiin a tet 01 prime -NILLo, saw bjmI
V V prosecution of their business, tbe Orlst, with two pair of stones, one of
WQicu ja prime , iorjaourvv..i ae saw
Mill U i.f the lirat T.iffht urnnrl anrl. i
sound ana good aawnen hrst bpil,:
A great rjuaritlty of esw timber Uyet
witm.t mile ot the Mill, irom.which
I am not gHeve3, my dearest nTe 1' ''
Sleep op I've got amildar wife 1
. And- there Ate csonet eome. lo thee.
For 1 mnit.go to bed to Shu." "
leekitwtf Hmnrd te dedtre; sndlt 1mtVf mst'
" tulsmoty declares, hS -deliberata conviction,
"ttUJ die acta of Conirrea wettalW denominated
lbs I'an.Tiaw, peaed avowaor.t foa Tns Pad.
iscrtii ev DOwaane macriCTonsi Int wot
asTHmiuiD as rnc rl.uv eoastneerioa,
TaeisarajT Aso'vaasise or fas coxsnro-
the Caucus! Tnese doctrtnet are
fti-bVed t tepulHt"MrglrriS !
Shame, shame ! The Richmond En.
qdirer has been looked to as express
ing" the sentiments of -the republicans
of Virginia. We now ask Mr. Hitch,
iej in sincerity and candor, if he ap
proves the principle a vo wed io the re
plies of these gentlenhn ? and if he
does rot, why does he remain silent
and suffer the'beorilelftTje roWied tdM
their dearest right Will Mr. II. hav
the kindness to answer? He can do
much to arrest the progress of this fa
tal heresy in the Old Dominion will
he do it?
Oxford Examiner.
Judge Jtfangum. At a meeting of
the citizeus at Ilillsboro', resolutions
were passed expressive of the confi
dence and esteem which tuey eater-1
taiced in Telatioa " ttrnhft potitical
course of tbe Jddge during the late
session ;pfC.ungrei..od requesung
thconor of rhi-ompany-ai A- poUic
ihonev ywica--odewned,ettiflg J
that when- he looked at the past his
tory of Orange county snd hei public
men, and the long' and distinguished
service of some of them ia various
pobti: ttationt, remembered that it
hat never been our custom to erect 1
them with similar demonstrations oft
In th's town, nn Thureday tie I ith inst.; Wil.
ham ion of Mr. Horane H.- Beird, aged about
seven montbi.
In'llm vWtmty of Qui pla,"i Tueaday M I raiuunt--.WOtfciSat':.frai-!: thr Court
II A lt U I H Jj 8 II A-V E.R,:
IJESPCCTFLILLY intorm their old
customers aiid the public n:ener
elly, that 1hey are aVpreserit carrying
on ih;ir buiinejs yery..exttnslvely-at
their new cttablishment on the stree,
a tvorkman
who com sa -well recommended, thse are
prepared to etectltS on moderats taiitis,"
t bsvw jwliitd from glJOOXsiUood-
illy,- eicloMv-ec4srraCr4t rU.-
AccbuhrlSook's, Rscordsr tc. "roUdt OnTthe premise ire Tgobd Dwelline"
anit msdetrr nrde'rt and every kind of House, Barn, and Stables'whh jraod
Bindbg bnlptiecnted Jtfs Jftat tiIUelUI
emS nesiett manoer. oaaoaonaWe tor rat grf hfttteM.'- sAI -wit shtngle.of
i a "'-.r - l,0 brul-Uhimneyi, wilti,
Mr. John Pi
every ne-
cetsary out puii'Jin-, t Urge etw nafrr
ST.L.S JAi9T-VViliJlelJa
7 " . ' T-i j tj i a
fUHE subscriber eontintina th manufacture ctearetj, jjaiiu tu gaoa orocr, bbu :
-JL -otf ... STILLS IX TiTiyARK,- onantity tf etry vtcta Swsmn Landveo
.Creek, - cre ilrared and tot
warranted to be made of the belt materials, and I,-
. 1 : n I
8.U.t30tJUV Oct
Cotton ia seed
Do., clean
Corn '
-.V,,cha6tb GTiHiWbml e man -of deli-
cacywouid reati.ty-coflapreneouae
reasons that" render s "compliance' on
his part absolutely impossible. ; It is,
and Miuaai,ii adooted similar reoluttoni So-
thai it will alwia be aeen thaysvery one of theae
."Jctwij Statfis have pronounced the Tarifl'
hws, qet only oppressWt and anjuit, but, also,
twcsWlutionat. We winoMinue to "make
v ettracts front the rcjplutlpnt adopted by the
fcg'iaHl Wa oftKcfe Ststes. " " ' J"" -
Tlieeleotioa for members of the leglalsture
la South Carolina took place on the 81b and 9ib
: list The Nullification party, at -it is called,
have supoeeded by large majorities la almnat
tery district The Governor bas ieaued bis
proclamation, for tbe purpose of calling an sxtra
' acuion of tbe TeiWIa'.uier It yull BRct this
30, 1823.
.8 to 9
2 to 3f
. - 2, 00
8,$0 tt 9.00
30 to 35
Oat 20
8iirr lrtto12
toffee -rr.r.-r- r-xSS; I t JJ i
Salt . . gt.l?J-
Iron 4 to S
Molawes 50
Bc-awax 16 to 18
Tallow V to !0 '
Flour . Ri.W
Brandy - 4)
Vthiskey 2t a 30
Hail 9 o 10
I.cafSuat 18 to 20
Lead 8 to 10
Wheat J- - 55
South Carolina money discount 1 to I J
Georgia do. 2 to 3 j
' FATETTEVlLLB, Sep. 25,
"Bran(lr,pple per gij;" - ""5Tf.'Ji
Do PeacMi 55 60
Bacon v 8a.:BJ
. Clin . - 50 (-
(nr- J0OUav-.-;.8A
Salt T W
Iron ' , - ; - - 4 SO to 5 -
Sigsbrwi' - Bf o9
Cftet - 144
Molavaek 3 to 35
Flasaeed jjl.00 to 1.10
Wheat 80to82J
Whiikey 28 to 33
CtlJIRAW Oct 13, 1832.
aVaady, Feacb . gal, - - -0 -
Appl 4o
.P. . .
ver. warkm.n emred in thir eatali- 0H - priees, round the MlS ) 111 of WhlCh is offer
sent, by whom work will be cx
cuied on short notice in good atyle.
-,-M.I..-ia ait fill-.a Mr'iilil.1 (L, Wrfll Ia i-ll am I 1 1 - . . I. . I 1 . whom work w ill be c ae J Li .-j aj. " " - ii i eu very aeuuecu price oiai
T ' . " " IIIIIl RJw.v , r.W...seVr lllrftaSl Mtft K ftK a.h
tiiwuisiuvi wytiaii a sji vawe
a ft
,7-"jai niA r . b: twk-.a. tnoutana dollars, one tjiin cash i oai-
-r. w ,,,,,, a . ,, a w.. wm . HI tvW 1 ' " ..... .
n .... I iv. .,1 ..W.. t. ...v...-. - I inra In f,i,P annual lnat .lmnfa
j.,-- Aft, rm, lan.WU BilU n wi ..M. i. ...h,.. u.aa . ,a M , - aw.
tix. MlJIylVHS, -waNTKIl. two Brat rata inirnrvmen Tlnl rru.- i-..U .t.Ka I...
ty ,nn,-.,,T,c . . I . V - C ' . . 7 A. ,i .. T IA I"'1 wiu w K- i.v luu-
DAHyiwivUiaii piate Ql0 aev maiintr. are redutatedto call and
cuMomea i wwrft as wiaciiinery, 10 wnmn eon-1 , . , ,
..... .riin.-n- mnri-VK.r.t -,:tif,.Teirnine - tor xnemseivei.TT uarrraiDS
g.ven. u.s.titL ii. cKBs. alto Can be had io ttocl of every kind
. Sept. 7th. 1SJU. BAl l
sutb thingsv Wheel
tarrows not except-
d) Jurnished., with
i-f wkhotrr- Ilsrneel,
as"the porchxser chootes. From their
experience in their.businett, they feel
as much competency ss can be lounq
elsewhere in Una tectton ol the (State.
Their' pricet.sre lowj sad they will
warrant their work, f ,
All ' kinds of repsirirtg done" in the
most stable aad perfect manner. We
have just employed'! first rate north
ft T?nOM the Subteriber, t7
land Corn, Fodder, Prts, wheat, Rye,
4C. provided the tr tpites are told. -
oo -the nicht of the
itBk 31st Aoeust last, my ne
gro man CUM, about 32
or 83 years - old, - black
complected, nad on s
blue broad cloth coat sod pantaloons,
black - fur hat, (fashionable) about 5
a w
, ,i . it. i... r.. .v.- f mi
ern tiarne Mer, - feet g or a Ucfltt hi(Thf-,t0U, buUt.
, t r af w .
LalUsk4t.aMMftaft.M Wae.ft4S.iw. id-Aasja
nornmgniay ue w.- .w lm t-j-cedta believe, tht
- .- .!.-,( ;n - it tvtii ihok m I - - . ' t . - -
much pleasure to accammodate nur
r. : r ' :r f.
lrtirWl ; 45tf
he has bees persuaded to 1 leave me
. ... . .. i.-f toy aoruo wimi pcrauu, wuo tiarpro
- Oitton
id- io)
HAM having been
r . i ..
.Mipag-a is ". r, v.- , ... reouested lonubltsh the
in rttitMnf.fteen nUJWVJUxA -t tnl A
j. I own on Heir way up I . n at .j
tag-some tree te. I will pay ten
d'dlars t any peratmwho trill 1 con !
fine him ln anyjsil ia thettatt, so
that I eel him again.
Caburrui County, X. C.
(Vn irk. -i. ti:...." M
Molaaae Rat
"Bart fia Balk) buh.-
Sugar '
"Vtiraf bmh.
37 1-2 40
" 10
' buvh.
fid he) an honor that should be re- TT '""T:
Kiri.a i Kiai VVV..IVM. mm .v. 1 Molaaaei
hismoiis - services;- And ; betides, -1
have so much respett for the" plain
unostentatious and respectable habit
of our people, that I am sure you will
pardon me lor saying, I doubt whetn- -y, j JfotTS3J
er they would be improved by the in. IjYvX FsX AT LwW
1 ,k',nt la mn "wT7IU. practiae in ine Court of tins County
ord.ntlT 'occatioftvj think, ' V, Mecklenburg k Cabarrus.
honorable ia ip brtacB than to tne uit offiee j ici01 u,, court4ione.
1 rt:-. in..
courts of a few days shd Is loiended tobc -oa ,n"'i 00 'UIU' -
lenntlAUed iatha tradft th. ansulne Sta I . : ... SVfi.-VK.ia.
I son-- ' - I ; , . " TrrirvvTa
Her exceeding IieK. draft.,pt IVf tsr 1 ' 414 lA4 --i-.
drawing wbeojoaded only aboutout and!
Cheraw at all times except, an unconv ,, ... . -.! - ....J- s..
moti low liter, hn her rgo will be 'WW,T? ' X n. iJJlTZ "'
lightened 1 tbe Expcnce of Bost. 7rr.y irunv, nt $c mskhuh
CAeWrfo Sfit. 26, IM!.Hfwrtt. j '
N 11. Kha haS rnmlortaol. . ICiomO I muamrJa- a ai; t ?
'ubtow Cnstoa will htttiietlavf In
the counts courts ol Kowan.- lie mav, si
all times, be found, at the ofHce of tbe '
Carolinian- SO 8 '
11 1 1 . 1 ,i.,i
fTZX W lOiK" of ieptenite
- J J 1 J iaat, from sty plantation ia
L. ? Jonee ewinty, two begroes, ont
name, -n mame, iMnrwmv
2r years of age, a very bright .......
muisTto, en out of biraiiiU' " 1 '
1 there is si scar eceaaionwd by a
T"-m0ih wiH change hit twrnaZTr
aad aiulraror to paa for a free man. The uib-r
named aUll.N, a common mulatto, about JO
yeavrsitf age, very Intelligent 1 be will probably ,
pats a the servant or waaningtosi, ana .change
his name. A reward of 25 Dollars will be given .
tor tbe delivery of either in any Jail, ao that I -ea
get tbe.i. - . JAMES LAMAU.
lCLfTbe Geowtna Savannah r the Telet
tope, Columbia, 8. C. I "d Hichmond t.nnuU '
w.TrwTi!rinTted-to -pubijab the ahava wskhr
1 aaiil forbid, and then forvard their sceoimts t
- J .
datlont for s few pastcneers. f 2tf
.... ."
WILL BnJ rt to their advantage, to atop at - -y'WrYar&-
et9 every'; cWr"?:
emeuce la provuiea tor Man and make .
them comfortable, at themoderate charge of 2$
cents a uay ana nigiit, tor the pnvuege wf the "
Yard, tbe use of a good house, Are, water, and
alienee. Attached to the Yard, are t Urocera
and I'rovision Btore, Bread Shop and Confec .
lionary, and a Hous for Boarders snd Loderj t
la plain, cheap, wholrsom) and eomfbrtal)r -
October tihf
: ; .. 1 1. l. V.
ti i-r"f . -
- : . ' -
- ' - . . -

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