North Carolina Newspapers

    JTcslcrii Carolinian.
I ,
f The pWideut or the usiTEj
w ........ hwkiv of limits between the
. . ' tnited Ststes o America, and thljidLJkl
JMI 'tales M eMW ana v'"14
rieninoonliaries of Ue Iwoeouctriesst Mel
i Son, on the twelfth January, one tuouen4 eight
. .'kundred Mi hreaty-eightt.. x ;
. ,'kuixWd Mi rweaty-eight
f ' Where. v n additional, trtie'e thereto
-e eoneluded tnd signed ky lbs Plenipoientia
tie of Ue two cnitrif . si Mexico, oo the flltti
xa,ik one thoussod eiuht hundred nd Thirty
. Kh iiuiv Mid additional a.-licle are
word for word foltawti -
Tbe tinSit of the United Stste of Aperies
Mr'rtti tha bnrderuic Tertitorie of Mexico nv
' inr been fixed and dttigntttd by vtyUwv
treat;', concluded tnd signed st Washing ton, ow
the (wenty-teeond day ot FttM-usryiitriliejri-'
mt nnr Lord srfiTrtiousand rorht hundred; and
Mwel belHi 4hrtneeie rwrotpwMV
(hit agreement, tnd sooner ihould H be. IuMi
hi. t . . . ... -
life present Additional Article shall hsvw the
me furre and (! M it 11 bad been lnartea
word for word in th aforesaid treaty of the 12th
of January, of 1824. end shall be apnreved rati
fied in the manner inscribed by the CootUu.
turns eftho respective State. j: '
In faith of which, the Mid riemnntentierirs
h. hereunto set their hand and afflsvd their
respective seals. Done in Mexico, ilie fifth of
April, of tb year one liuoa eigni nunurcu
and thirty-one, the flfty.flftti of the Imlepen-
drner) of the United Sta'et ot America, end the
eleventh of that of the United Mexieai) Bia'ee.
, x A. BUI LRU.
Aat W assess, the said Tresty ha ben du
ly ratified on both parte, end the rcpectje rat
AftKion of the lime were XChaned St Wtltl
in2ton on the fiftdait.of April, ono tnoua-na
4((ht hundred and tbirtyt w r f-nwr U
Uriert.Tru thfsrteero, 4eretary of: State rftVUtuUdSulef
riif'iM.iii the one narf. and of that of
nn the oth, r i And whr'rr. tlie aid
treat havtnr been "mcuontd at period'
' Or
LMdNQ low njr flatterin)t notice of thii
work, we will copy the followina;, only,
hy Jant Jactun, M. D pnjr'ttr tf Iht THnrg
jn4p-actict tf nteibein In JluvarJ Univtr$ilj.
t tpraktnff of cuoiera ana wi rtiwoin
frri la Ihia work in" the fallowinr Uneuaire I
la reanect to the remediee for cholera. Mil
kewlie m to other point, iny aon ref-re me 10
naner which ia, or n fmn to be ririiienec oy
rif. Smith of Plnrh Carotin: He wm offloiall
attached to the Neckar HfUpital in Pri during
the nrealenceof the ehoUsra. in that citjC'fle
had there emnle oppkUnUefor gaining eoci
rale inAirmat ion. " of which he well ne how
tn avail hi-naclt, end ucn may oe anifcipaiev
fim him. -..
Fur sale at thitoflk atc S3 en. ilU5
. . when Meelwonnethwted e part of (be. Spatiuh
mrehr. H i dmed oeeiart aow lo eon-
ftrn the traliduy of the eforwiaid treJy ot limit.
ordin it at itill in farce Ind bindinv be
iwrn the United Stale of Arocrif and the
United Mexican SuUf i S
Wuh thie intention, the President of the
Jnited Srate of Americ b appointed Joel
. ttoh.rf. Poimett their Plenipotentiary i and the
.,,i nt of the United Mexican Rtitet their
ti.-ellencir Sebaatian Carnacb and Joe Yuna
tin Ewea i
And the aaid Clrnip-Jtentiarie hin; ex.
eMbeir full power bare egreed upon
I4)d CuDCIUCCU, tne-loliowini; arucie s
a a Tin.? mmt.
The dWidina limit of the repeetie bordrr.
np trrritnrie of the United State of America
and of the United Mexican latea, being the
tawe were agreed and fixed upon by the
bjivementj-Bed treaty of Waabinirton, eonclu
drd and ig't'd on the twentvecond day of
rnury, to tee year one mounna iKri nun.
dre4 and nl jetn, the two high contracting
tkurtie ill nAceed forthwith to carry into full
tllt-ct me mini ana munn ariaeiui wiu irwuy
bich are herein recited, a follow I i
The bttnlry line between the two coon.
tie. rl!t6rrhe-itpplfrallVegrnWthe-uit
of Mexico, at the mouth vl the river Sl.
inr, in the ca, rontitming north along the we
" " terr bank of that river, to the 32d degree t,f
latitude i thence, by aline due north, to -llie
eksr:e. of la'ttade where it' Tikef the Hio
AoX't of Niicliitochet, or rrd rieer then, fol
lowing ihcoire of 'be Rio Ron
the d gre of longitude 100 vre from London,
fend ''3 from Wellington; then, crowing thr
ai('. Rtil river, and running tbrnce by a line due
Bot'h, to the river rkanaai thence, followi' g
i tht cnurte of the tnuthem bank f the Arkan-
. a( to it orce, in. latitude ij -fiorth r and
tbrnce, by thjil paralef of latitude, to the .'South
aVra ; ttie whole bein a laid down in Melish'i
inap of the United State, puhhthed at PbiU
drlnhia, improved to the ftr.t i f lanuary, 1813.
Bu', if the aource '' the Ark ansa river thall be
ound to l: nor'h or truth o Utilude H, then
- - - -fhe lineihill rtin fro t'te laid otrc- du aoul b
Cr nor'.h. a the rate may be, till it meet the
,.. ; rnMtttletni tatrtude 4i ami Xhrttcv, atug
the laid tirItrl, to the Suu'.K ." Afl i Tih is
land i'l ttrc Sabine, rd the taid Krd a' d Ark-
an ftvert, throughout' The cmjraV' 'thtl de.
Scribed, to belong to 'he United States: but
the use of tbe water, and the navigation of the
-- Sabine to the eOj end'if tlve id rive Koa
and Arkansas, throughout the extent of the raid
boumUry on their respective bank, tl.sll be
Common to the respective inhabitants of both
nation. . tf
:'"T?ie!tw$''1ifjli contracting psMiei igree to
Cede and renounce all their rights, claims, 'and
pre tension to the territories described by the
aid tinei thst it to ay: the United State
tertHy cede to hi Catholic-Majesty, and .
:iiBunce - forever," ' tbecr- righisr chim. and
pretenlioht to the teiritortea'lyins; wet ind
" south of the sbove described line i and. in like
--nher. tii Ca'hoTid aT' WV Wdei'tb the said"
Uaiied State all hi rights, claims, and pre
.... . .. tetiton to any tcritime et and north ot the
... . -' . ..."liid' i::4ui. tor itSiiMelf, Vi he and ue.
ceMors, renounces all claim to the aaid terrrie
tie forever.
I America. Jots Motoa. Charre d'Affaires
of the United Mexican States, en the part ot their
ren?tctie Outernweti'i
Now. therefore. be tt VnowmTliat L4saicw
HCair. t,relent of the U"Hed 5'te ef -A
iitnca. have saused the said Ire&'y to be mad'
tmhliciothe end that the ame, and every elan
and artiole thereof, may be oh rvd lit JTuflllr.
ed with e-od faithi by tbe United Bute and
ibe Citi n thereof.
I wrmti wrfKRior, I have hereunto tet
my hand, and routed the Seal of the United
Stale to be affixed.
Dona at the City of Wajhington, ihii fif'h
day of April, i.n the year of ou' Lord
one thouand eight humlrrd and
ft, a.) thiMv two, andoflh IndrfeuJence
of the United S a'e the hi v-iu
Bv the Pr'ident i
Euw ; I.ivistirroa. Secretary Sm:
ry. 1st Oct. 1812.
Pot-HITice, at Slibu
'AltTTCll Tllltl.
. Tolix thi fine whb mere precision, and to
place the landmarks which shall designate ex
actly the limits of both nations, each of the oon
traetininisttretl h!l ippoih a" Bommlssioner
and a sarveyor, who shall meet before the itr-
vtpiWn oflbis treaty, ai Natchitoches, on the
ted river, and proceed to ruo and .ruaik the
aid fine, from tbe mouth of the Sabine to the
Bed river Arkansas, and to' ascertain the lati.
tnde of the source of the said -river Arkansas,
in conformity to what is atreed uaoa and stipu
lated, and tbe line ofjatiiudc 2to the. SoutbJ
ea, 1 ny mail make out pUns, and keep jour
rials of their proeeedVnf i and the reeult agreed
upon by them thall be considered a part of
tbia treaty, and, shall have the same tore a if
at were inserted therein,, The- W9 -Govern'
Blent will amicably agree reapectiog then.
Ifticlet toBfernisliifdtotliosa peMOA.
wd Ik a to their reipwerivt teon tbwld
such m deemed neeessa-y.
aatwta rooai'a.' J" t
The present treaty shsll be ratifted, and We
ratificalioM iliall be exchanged at Washington,
wlihinthe tefm of four months, or toonerif
In aitneet whereof, tbe respeotire Plehi.
potentiaries have signed (hs tame, and have
kereunto s nixed our reapeotrre'Scanx- -
Hone at Mei:co,tbi twelfth day ef Jjatnrv, in
the year of our Lord one thousand eight hun
dred and tweety-elght. In the fitif tecpnd year
OTTO inaependence of' the United Sriatr of
menca, and to tbe eighth af that of tbe United
Mexican Butei..., .. ' - .
George Andrewt
Tlit. Afell
A nderson (Jod
Col. Allison
BrV.J: Airty
B. UnktieJ
JaSeb Brow'" -Wm.
Timothy P. Harnard
Kitig Italdwin
Jacoli Beavrr
Jnacph Basinger
John J. Nruner
Mr. Barrett
C. Uringle
Nicholas Clay
J .ckry Club '
H. W. Caiuinn
Jorl ilohle 3
Juihtkt tJhapmatl-'-Jolin
John Caldwrll. jr. 2
Ur. 1 ho. 9. B. Creavenllio. J
llessty t'usper
Nancy Uej.t
Tin. DeJmsn
r Honey -IsouUihI -r- -
John Elliot
AtvoWaon Elli --
Rev. Willie Ellis or
J H Elli )
Jacob ETHitoft--Anthony
Kwcld 2
Ueo. Fraley
ftdmund iev
P. Flint
Pulton Lodge
Wit. Full
Wm. Gibson ..
FJUabelh Oheert
Ceo. Goodman
John Goodman
Henry Hill
John Houltsouser 2
Billy I). Hwilen
John Hembre
Uhas,. Ho(,kin , .
Abram llsmmonds
Jo ! Hsrtrnan
tMf. . tlarjrjngton-.,
lot,) ttesKtty -1
Jamea Hyde -
Peter Hart man
Dougl P. thden
llowel Harnay
wm. llaVden
StC AM voo. fu 1 1 i Thnslleltmgi
JliMmA Arutt f 'A Trtalf f Limtt tm
eiwW llwtn V Vntrd Si,,i tf Jtmtnta
and iit Uutd Ahxitm Suft, en (A IftA
dan tf Jdawcrf, 1828.
The time having elapsed whiclvwas attpula.
ted torthw snehooge of rati notions of tbe
Treaty ef Lmiu between the Uoitj d Mexicso
'US J.n.Lrh. .-toittd. StaUs-ol-Amoriea,
signed n Mexico, on (the 12th of Jamie,
ty. 1818 1 aotr both Republics tteins; desi.
"rout It shoufd be tarried into full and com.
plete flefrtt wrih all due solemnity: the Prerl-
dettt of the United 8tei of America ha fullj
. uu (mil, nuHimiT outsrr, a Ct.
stratliereofi and tanrriTAfl'aiH of the il,l
atw Maatcws Astdthe Viewlrswl.tiii; iifHi4-!
vniieu wiicao utatea, acting as President
thereoL haw, in like manner, full mv.,J
I iBi(sfrJiSF't, hi part loeir XkakJUwcW lcas A tamaa
sua foreign Re at ions, and
Vatael Mavigino, Secretary of the Tr....i
VhoaOer kavinf exchanged tbthim.tttal bow.
rnmm tft iirf t A Kai aasil. J 1 B '
. . . " ""vwt nare atrreed.
tyid do fcereby agree, era the llow'snsaet'wlci
- Tbe vatifi'-ations of the treaty of Limfts,
Concluded on "he 12ih" January, 1828, thaR De
arhahged t-the City of Wihinf.
tf torat af an KrWvnUufrom the data of
Calvin Jnnes
Peter Ki-p'ey
Wm. H. Kt rr
j'llin Ki . j
Miss Mifttia 9. Bint;
J .tin K'u'ts
Jc4 Kartr.
Chris. Kitlrr
Micliai l I. Kenann
John l.inn 3
Muatt Lamm
8tr.v Louis -'
H II. Mcglaughatt
Geo. Mr.Connaiighey
John MrCanninjj
John McUurance
John W Moyer
AUred J Moore
J . -or BfUy Mr;in
SiheUa Wilier- r
John Nalhah
Jm 'S I'lttterson
Michsrl Prrter
John Pafii grr
'llins. ptnlios
ftta wet-Pcrty.
El jah Rbiison
- Juu.lU)biiisuii
Klixabetu-Huhley '
NirhoU Rv ncr
Wm; Riifh -
Th l' R libards
Jolll. Stf' il'
eerlr H
Bcntnn SaikcyJ
Michael Swi.hir
Solomon Simmons
Geo. M. Snu b ,
Wm Stiirklaml 2
Michael S wink .
C'u Sharpe
John Simmons
Jacob Q. S ftHa -
- W,m. .StiJie
Bicli'iL Shearer
tlep Thomason
P.laafieth Todul"'" ';
Uaiil. J. Tncker
.Tbomaa Tod.t ; '
- 8fml H, Tatm -
Wm U Mary West
Jacob Wormengton
- Henry 0. Wtrnksr,
Wm II. Wil'isms 2
" Jj'.li:Wit:ri.Voou 7
8AMT. itrvr. " if.
A a V U laVVl'VluVw
REM A4J5lUHQinilie.Post ..0J5c '.. L2lfi!5
ville, N. C. on the 1st Oct. UJJ
lSn Arthur Hi'r. 0 del Lindley
i. AUiton Israel Mnrrli'ih
Thos. ArohiliaU "
Wm J. Alexander
Rw. Mws A. Brock
lliomn d. Boyd
Willi Bagwell
Chart II. Bacon
llv Bean
John Carter
Iliram Caldwell
I'inckney Ca'dwell
Samuel Cavin
Jamc W. Day .
Miius IVividtoti
Oew. t" liviilson t
firittraim tHvMit
tVm. Lei Davidsuit
Jttae Duncan
I. me Fletcher
Wm. 'iny
Mr. Pi ancia Guy
Jacob Oence
rliltun li illet
ftubt. S. Uracey
E. B. Huhhard
Henry Hoover
lohn Hooper
Wm N Hampton
John Hrt
Willi Maiden
Alfred Howard
John- H-supe
Amos. Jacotia
Stmu' l Kiug 3
Jin- l.aiinby
Joh Lowry
1. he
llev. A Lockrklge
T? OR carrying the Mai' of the Uo
1 Wed State f r iwa yer, it m
the firtt datv of Jaouaryr1833, to jhe
31t day cf DeiemUer, 183. on trie
following p iat routei ia North CVol'i
na. will be received at thia office uo-
til the aeeohd duv of NoVemaer fscxtj
inclusive i to be decided on the 9ih
day of November.
21ftf, From Cjlumhia to Spring
field, m(Tyfrel County, and back once
a week. . T' ,
Htvi Columbia very Monday at
h'trv? arrlv'ti. at Sorindield tame
-teave-Sprlngfiold every : Stturday
a A 1. Alaxriviat ColumbM ame
hv bv 6l M.
milea and back, once a week
Area. Moore Jur.
John MuorcXl.
' EU Mttbisotl
James S Milll
Leiilia M.thaw
Thomas Moore
Jah n Miller
Alex -Moore
" John M"" Lister
Duncan McRea
Mary MoHherson
AI' X. Clenehsn
Caitis McClelland u
, Daniel McL-s'i
John Nisbel F.q.
Richard K. Pay lor
Uev II. N, PLarr
Robert Philip
Thomas Philips
Joseph Fa'trrsiiii
Mies Ann Rote
Ceorge R ilTty
John Scoit
Carton Sbinn
1'hnt. Sieyenaotl
J.)-)li Sharpe
wm. 8croi;a
- A. Sha-prt-Raehad
rtCTKblKyamHuauo" -J'Mirdih
Altx. Will'umt
Jane Walli .
Mm. Wood
. , Jo. Wooliftj
John M. Waugh
John II. Wii.nlward
Leave K'ottoo eVefy AVedfleada.v7 al
LiVVV-j ot lVtt TVJ V,V.
THE Ra-et over the .SALl.SHURY
,,,.,'riJRF,--will commence- on Tues
day, the 2iJ iiy of "Oct iber ' tie it,
m J continue three days. First 1 iv,
three mile Hots, purse 8225. Stc.
onj day, two mile heats, purse 2 1 75.
Third (bv, IIj tly Cp Purse, three
(Test a Cve, for the entrance money
Lilt. if ni d 1'illnor rl:lv (rrr frvr am.
hi. inc. i u.: ivcrnrti uy itir -rutes
(if the N M 'Tk "-(Jtvtr;-"-tyAH
N' B. T'lr Pt;' p
it ih Ht l
12 n.n, urlve at Treutdn tame
ov o r. i.
Lc ive Trenton every Ihursiuy at
6 A. M. arrive at Kmstori tame djr
by 12 no in. . ,
21U9. From Greenville to Stanton
buri?, 30 mile and back, once a week.
1,'eave Greenville every Wed esday
at 9 A.M. arrive it St totonburg same
v!av by 7 P.M. - -:
Leave St.antbr.buro; every Thursday
ttS A. M. arrive at Greenville same
d v J l2 Ps M
2190. From Gravr ly Hill by Lisbon
and Tavl rt B id W Cliutoa and
back, once a week.
Leave Gravelly Hill every Thurs
day t 6 A M, arrive at Clinton same
I4eive Clinton every Friday at
A M. arrive at Urjveily 1M1 same
day by 3 P M.
219.U FfojaIledford--hyShucoi:
Springs "to War reiitoo, 28 mile7s 7and
back, once a week.
Leave Bedford every Thursday at
7 A M, arrive at Warrculou same day
by 3 P. M. -
Leave Warrenton every Tuesday at
8 A. ' '. arrive ai Bedford same day
bv 4 P. M.
2192. Bv HHlsbW bv Picket's
M.11. Th. Bcuh first," llisrcr'a Store,
to Oxford, 40 miles and buk, once a
week. '
Leave Hillsboro' every Tuesday at
ft A M. arrive at Oxf -rd same day
by 6 P. M. ' ':- . .. .:
Leave Oxford every tVednesdav at
hall continue bevond the time fr the
lr.rturi of any lerulinir the lor
feitijre htill be equal to twice thesmoii it
allowed for carryir g tlio mail one ut,
If it shall bejiudu to p;tr ttat me or-
x was occssioned by unjfoliuo.e tcci
ent, of which the) Postmsatef Oenerl
hall be the Jud'e, t.fiti feittirs: tit.iy be
feducedto the emouet w pf lor a np i
but id ao esse can trial rnunt be remit
ted. The fui failures are .otherwise u.
conditional, aud will lu all cases be eiv
forced.. - '-- - -TT
4. Persons who make proposns win
atxn their nriccs by tha tesri psyments
m be made ti'iartetly f injhe months of
May, Aui;u't, November and Fsbrusry,
on .roonm atttjr the expiranoir oi
s. Nanebut'a free white person shaUf
A. iiisiliiiwi,iWyi)Jfc--''ff--i' ,:.:r.wiir'-r -V' t-t...--w.fTrtp(r.--9rn-fc
be. employed to carry me mii. .
person pioposes to carry iha.msjfTn a 4
tsors f(Tvbi a 3 Ktati aM.itr,; or. o;nfcf-
T b"t,:'il'i"fs'l -Irjttftn
CP , !' (. '
E hue f tyty t he.-t ,
tiuite-L. .. tf-, f .
that the rwatrripiiUs tif i e t ,
"nr tt whale furta -rv .
should mot be t 4 " Vi, t ,
dcciJe Hf ll'gr;- s'
f jar that one . ti y i. u 'i rt
flirt of th Ui , w 4 l- s j (. t
uere rth'MnugSir,
y so purely I) poll lcL k .
Tsrtnor Ureuhe l an!t!tt5i.
ne i iin yiins sntv. k .
ever, wi s) IM,c wMtMt 'jjfcZ-
i n ins, in ainrstht "trs
at-HUlsb'ro' sanrfe
1 1
I70ULD reypectfdlj
ton, ea tbe Ik of October, 188 1.
inform his old cus
tomer, and the public
. generally thai be Jut com
menced the butchering business I t this
placed If e WHfhavsS
on Tuesday, Thursday, a'nd Saturday
fiyMHcf W aciV-yr-dHciiula
season, or at.any other time to suit
the tonvenience of his customers,
O" Any perbn h avtng beeves For
sale can obtain the "highest prices for
them, in cash, by applying to the iitb.
Junf. IfiM 1832. 28tf
Josiah Angel or )
Abraham Lawe
Danl. Lntet 2
Jame R Long
VV.n, L. Lavinder
Wm. U Vtaory
Anderson Mathews
Wallace A NLinre
Vardry UcReo
liev. Daal. (J. McDamcl
fiathaniet Mitehans v--
Pter Mmteller
Margaret Gilbert
Vincent Allyn
John U. Abernathy
Pr Jas. Bevuiga.
Albert Beving
Mnvj. Rebecca Bradly
Fphriiw black '
Wm, Baxter
4otM 4. ttireT -
Denlarnin Bird
Cap. AnJr. iL BraJly W'm, tlilligaa
ilae Bookout Danial Mutlee
Oaborn J. Dumit
Joha Cannon
John Cllne
Levi Carp Wef
Jame Cananil
Drewry CoGer
Adam Dellinger
Jacob Erny
Dsvid Earnhart - .
Elisabeth FronabWfer
Jamea Graham
Vni, lleys. J,,. .
Abraham Ifarvihef
Stephen H unejly
John Harmoa,' ten.
M iset Uurpree
Itjv. Adam Hi'h-r 2
P. Norton
George Peter
Uessr. (lef.kDr.Polk
,F.thr C. Porter
N'chnta ProAi t
Samuel Psnsjitr ,
Doctors Quian (J ,
Ratntoor S -
ft. tV E. B.irilehar-
El'xabeb Robertt
Juiui.C. Rul lodge .
Philip R iduiir
Daniel Seagle
Ssmuil SulUvin
Jeremiah Smith -
DanW Hoke, Jr.
Joshua tlowelf
Old Peter Mauser,.
Jesse Hollin
Peter Hantrr, sen.
Hugh Jenkens ,
John Johnston '
Chas. Jones (miner!
Susan Louts t
Jamea Lir.dsey '
&9, ; C. C. liEERiOJ htroup
- J.h K. Saowell
F.lixabelh Zanders'
. Tbomaa Thompson 2
Veils B. Trslor
Reuben .Underwood
Mat-well Willson
John Www .
Tbotiws Ward 3
James Witherrpoon ' '
John Wat-lick "
'gflkW'ToeMay "llie' l&fflX foosje" I wilfi
sit wiy phwiwrttiir TiFtnl TgwVri; ;r ,;r i:
d4l Coflnjtv, Live stock of ell kind, eight hun.
dred or a thousafld bushel of eorit. a mianthv
many tttber rticles too- tedion to mention,
where due attendance and terms mad knows
oa ioi flay Dy tot subscriber.
n .t ' ; r ?AMLi L SLOAJJ.
' Octswee lat, VQ ' - '' ' . 3t46 -
Jteptconsuulli lot saJa at Uiii oflicei
Willi Subscrt.
luiiy iniorms the
iuhabitaots of Hu
wan nd adjoining
Counttes, thathc
has, again, com
menced thv Giu-
making business in all ity v.iw
tious brauches, a lew doors Siuth of
the Court-(louse, where he is prepar-
cu to uo an iinus ot work in tits line
of business ott th: shortest n tice and
on the most accomodating term.
iiis work thall be doue tubstaotid
and io a work-man-like manner As
be has good supply of the best ma-
at thebusiness for jhe : last , twelve
yeara,. with the egcerrtloo of the last
thf ee, hx feels no delicacy in pronourt-J
Swie,, IJe now has and will continue
to hyri'9'rMjapp1t;'ioi on hand,
which wilt enable him to attend to 'all
ordera from a distance pTOTnptly.
' Salisbury Aug. 23, 1832. ;
A. O He will also renatr Gin on
4krt notice -amt ull -disttnt vrderr
mdl fic punctually attended lo. ,
... hlDELL (ouart,- -
v V5 August' i rcrm 1832V
rpilE Suhsenber, haviiff obtained
it n era or aanunisiraiion, on the
Estate of Washirigtoo Byers "dee'd.,
requesta all persons'' indebted to the
same, t make payment, and all hay
ing claims against said Estate, to bre.
UlJJV IC'DEKDS. 41"1 ,hcnuly -ulheoticsted, and-in
gf every -descriptlouyTettly printed, sndi the prescribed by law. 40tf '
:AN.N C"BYmtt.Uminiftratri
day by G P. M.
2193. From Bhkrly by Stokesburgh
io Germantown and back, once a
week; "'
Leave Blakely every Monday at I
I'. M. arrive at Ucrmantown same
day by S T M.
Leave Germantown every Monday
aftJ A." Ml arnve- at: Blakely tame
dav by 10 A. M
2194. From" Roxboro by Hugh
Wo"d -to BtacV . Walnut, Va.,-; 22
miles and back, once a week. ;
" Leave Roxboro every T'nnrstfay at
7 A. M. arrive at Black Walnut same
Leave Blk Walnut every-Tiirs
day yt 3 1-2 P M, srrive at Ruxboro
same day by 9 P. M.
219J." Froin Ucasu
ers to Cas-vell c. h., 15 miles and
bark, once a week.
dajrat ArMi' arrlvr artJrtvyeirx
h., same d.y by IQ A..M.
Leave C iswell c. h. every Wednes
day at if A. M. isrrive at Leasburgh
same day by 3 P, M. - -
2190. From R jckf ml by JudJsvil'e
to Bower's Store and back, once a
. Leve Rockford every Tliursday at
3P.'M. arrive at Bower's Store next
day bv 6 P M. , . I
Leave Bowers Store every Wed.
nesday at 9 A M, arrive at Rockford
next"d.iy by 12 noon.
2197. From Concord bv Mill Grove
and Hickory Grrve to Beauy'a Ford
and back, once a week, . a,
" Leave ContfortJ every Wediiesiay
at 6 A. M. arrive -t Bcatty' Ford
same day by 6 P. M.
Leave Beatty's Ford every Thurs
day at tJ-AT t!r arfTve"f Concofil'
Same day by 6 P. M.
2193. Ff'm Lawreureville to Wades
bO,LS(Li:wlc; week." "" " " """' ' 1
If 'the-wrrson offeTtnttiwl,
wishes the pnvileRe ol carrytnx nawtpa
pers out of the mail, he must st-i:e it in
his bid ; olherwjo he cannot enj'f that
pilvilege. , v " ;
8. Propositions for any improve
menu in transporting the mailrss to lb
manner of carryine, increai of exfirdilion,
fxtention of routes', frequency -ot tups.
or sny other Improvtmviii, are intud
to be stated in the proposal, and aid be
duly contidered .. .
9. The number of the route, and its
beginning sod termination, ss advvr'iied, stated in every bfJ; and the
proposals, musi. be sealel diredidto tbi
" Ger.ertl Post Oflire, office of Idl rn
facta ; snd Saperscribul " ProJtitaU
The followiug is a ptope lurut for
pi nnijjal i
' ' eonveij the mail, ageeab!y lo
aJveriiteuent, on ruuit . yj , run
to for the yearly com
fiemation of dolla't. '
MeWiisrsati ra:iinco5r:iirj:Tesr:
dtnee : and if not a contNC'or, he muv
accompany hit bid with satisfactory re
10 Tbe ditance, ss staled, are evt
mated, snd may not be entirely correct j
but if any errors hove occurred in rtla
tion lo them, no increase ef contpenaj
tiou will be allowed on that account. Th-
ir . 1.1 ! .i.
qj, contractor wniipioiiu iuiujlu uu u
J imiui! .
- : -1 1 . The Foal mat ter (Jenersl -reserire
HI e ' rtyj Ht of inn tilting any contract hen
ever repeated failures to arrive within thi
contract time shall occur; or whenever
one failure shall happen tmounting toth:
loss of a trip ; or whenever sny ilrectrnn
wbl h he maygsve aall H)t be promptly
VL. No btdihll be wkhdfswn after th
miiio uir ic-ciTiiiir ii ii' cbiiiii, iiu
should any person refuse' to tke-a"coh
tract at his bid, ne shall forfeit all othet
contracts thst ho may have ..with the Ue
pirtmeni, snd be hetd responsible for all
damage. that mafreult (rom bi failure
to comply.
13. No contract -nor bid csn be trans
ferred without the special tnd written
spprobarion of the PonirnsitT erwnl
and sn asiignmrnt of a contract, or bid.
UhoUt consenC, first obtalqed to writing,
shall forTeit it. This rulo will never be
departed from; :: -
l4rff t eonrtvetorrir Ijrt sgenf tlotttf
the Pott Office law' or shall transmit com
laatahl initliwswsrerpy express more r-
ptdlf "IKart 4b nj rrr'nla'CDDlfacrSBin
be fotfelied "sfnef lii alf casr when a ron
tractor shall run a stage, or o'ber rcbkle
the 1 Tiii: Ail e.... ska-.- J . .
- .-. WI.T 1 I. . .-
f irt t ttt-nt titer Htf I,, , 4
muri ij lire 11 not co f.H t Cm ,
that theiie isnol oJ. tmm
ion of the Mies Utttr. H,,'.
from every part af ih fi., w
we can nrodur . a trrry w J
the Ahtrof.tUim tb .rgi a V
Mjdaweikt) t9 GiJ
more panirUaflv- sotklt,
denizens of the Di.ilcr .nd s
polltan f,ienoS. The VrXrt.Aa-.s .
he ekclWvt? li'et'j.f ,d 4
Poli'tct will not be nud ef t Shtl
roiumns;at sny rsif fill IS j t"t
th'atotelleeuaf milleoiunt wtttsf t
denis slisvl compos their BWitigH ri
members ail Congress tftea sprfrke,,
rhyme, and beoics. 0r i!s s
comprehend Ua wide anJ osiNlr?
o(a literary mlrtlJanf,
telrciedjlajrs fjG'-ioa.n4 Jtutjj
: :Leye Llwrenceville every Fridsy
at 6 A. M." arrive at Wadesborough
sime day by 3 P. M.
' Leave Wadesboro' every Thursday
at 7 A. M. arrive at LawrcnceviUe
same day by 4 P. M. v-- M
"T." TheTost Mister General reserves
Ike right isj expedite the mailst and. to
titer tne times of, their arrival snddeptr;
of the contract, bv civlntr an adenuit
drafijf - -- w- . . ' z
ihallfuifcj; fir'doQr U the delay
mar rapidly or tnore frcqusntly ihin br
iiTrequlred by eonfracCfb iviftfiirMani"
be shall give the same increased celeii
ffthdTiejriry Mitt'te'sI'mT
post master uenesal shall otherwise di
iact, aod wuIkmiV crcaa , pens.
tion. -
IS. The Posmsster General reserves
be sight of curtailing or ordiicontinuini;
anv route, when, in his opinion, the pub'
tictnterest sbatt rcqXiirtT It" and iu such
esse the contract shall cease, so f ir as re
lates to the psrt curtailed, or to the whole
if discontinued an allowance of one
month's extra pay being roidf to she con
tracmr '' "'""". .-. . v-
,19, All contracts for routes embraced
in 'lit (fveriiementjihaH commence on
he fii t! day of January nesii and cootin
Qe two ycais. ......
Decisions on bids will be made known
on tlis 9th day of Novrmher nex.
- Post .Master General
GxjitAAt F. O. Department, ")
tt'47 Jry 24, 183-1. J"
mour ( wm Jucm a promUent ftwsn
The trarfi inn, or verlCrd VQikfafAa
'olden times," and ltaut ptni,,,
will be i pirttTularly selected luf nt
poses Essays, botS crave snd tet .ki
j-ographical skt tchet'f ui hart aacljK ran
interes'ing anecrio'es. Iif. wiat
into the composition of our wotk. 1
. her importairt feature will U iv
(ial j-e.Tie's. and notices of oca
vvtrlitersr i,id srTennBc, is tat um
Irnm rhe fjres. To h poeticaUt pi.
mcnt pir.icuf-r attervton will be gwtsi
nd we (later ourselves, by the bsj
some poeile brelhreu and sis trs, si
whose aid we csn ay, tud waote isleKi
err Tro unknown to TameT-wrTryfrtr!
ofTcrbnr readers someiing rnnr is
mere'' tmtinahulam of rJivme. II .
en ' forbidj AJha( t 'jho&WJbft&iff't
boasting; . -
In addition lo the literary claim st
the, Jlt JfQfiotran every nuitcr aiilj
tiin one page of Mic m igioal ef St
Krcred ; ani em wo trutt whicfi willM
Us lavor in the eyes of rho ac;imiiiia
fair t and although we tni; tbfiii
n our Riavc moods, deliver a tiudt
gain-alt f jsbion. It js propove.1. aestr-
theksti Dojnd then, tontiry th tjri
of ourfiir readers with graphic 'dtlim-
lions of th newest fashion. - --
S iHTurtbei1 lo Imparl irn Intcrcil B
ty emntjiianeo- grn wooj ngratiagi
?jt,itr:?i,-Tl 'iTprspti inject,
ThMrrohflitrtn -winbronMiiftiler'
ery Sj'tunlfTy", iff'a - ffuro form, ll gi3
be ptiuted orf'fiiii: pjper. and with sr
Mtention io its typographic itecvioa,'
Ttrrns of s'tbscripti;"m''j pe'iii'B,
tl pni in ifjyance J or hi if not OJld M
tne rrutM tne year,
fTTQ thr ji-of -LVnioln County;
- on the;24th of September, 1833,
a rgrn mari 'about 22 years t)f ase.
yellow wmpWted
ftVCriiy tiicliea I &ttbcrther wmild resfreetAijlf
- , TsEJris,
and says he belongs to John B. Prin
tiee, of Richmond Virginias and run
tway from his Master near Ycrkville.
8 .uh-Carolina, oo his wav to the
mate tf Alabama. The owner U' re
quested to come forward,, prove jiro
perty, pay charges J take him away.
of. ha will brialtrviriiha the law
directs. . 4itf
omPn55eve r-T''. nEIHABPT;), g.'fa j. I
MMiowance, for ian xrr expense wbich
such alteration may require. . ; i
? Seven minutes ahsll. be , allowed'
for Opirotiig' In J closing IfialmMls;" ta
each ofike," wher no particular hma
shsll be tpeclSed. but ... the Post Matt
Peneral reserves ro bimsel.' tha right of
extending the tinre. .
I - for every ten minutes delav In ar.
as ' , - T,"
r""B "nr Pnt iter, me time pre
scnueo. in any contrtct. Ihe contractor
Driving. to PaurJlpmir.
WltL:iid trttf lheff aJviajte, foTtop v
the War Tard. kM .
venieoce is provided for Mas tndilorse,to make
then comfortable, at themoderate Charge of 2J
eeata a day and night, for the privilege of the
Yard, the use ef s good house, Ire. wster. and
shelter. Attacked to the Yard, are a Grocers
and Prpviaion Jltore, Bread Shop and Confcc
lionary, and a Hla f.wiJoarders and Lodger
in a plain, cheap, wholesome and eoufortable
iuIa .... t?-aitZLJfm St. il a rsrira
ha- pnut" p Hiiff Tsrmr enthlrtt1 fw
nr,t number will appear on OTbefarsnif
hist ol Ueccmber. .- ., ,i.--
- xkeai 'f
To elicit the exertions of iliarVf 1
rants, the publisher olTais the fwfloi"i
premiums t ' ; . .
r or Ihe best written tsfc, on a, su'mccI
. .... At i.i a. . .
conocctcu wrn n5rtrsr:arstorj'i--.r"
jeel of a similar character. i :
TWENTY. rx)LLA5S. ,:
Articles ofTe'red fr Ove prem1ut
must be sent" free ofDaTR-i?t: snd t:(
be received UDOn'the Mat of Jjnirirr
next ; Hhen Ibo prizes will bl awarded
by a committee of literary .geodtffl'.'j
wnoie names will n; p-jlliihe J prervu
to that lime. Editor Metrohititm: .'
Xjjf Ualt ttf s, ha,utill.aaf tiis-iuiiffi
the Lvor will st any time be rerbtnem'
r- 3Js ".'ht'.v. - " ltds stfxtar':
i jpMta",----'
bia right arm, occasioned bv burn, J "X ' ioforrrt Tils oIJ MstorrLerianl"''
talla himself - -i- 'j":- J public" ceneral! th he Mi coraei.
ced'butchering in this place and that trff
nil continue to' butcher durtnj -ve
seasorr. . Ue wtil have beef in mt
uo M mday, Wednesday ancLFrid ji
mornings in each week 'st,frqo tf
andThalf to 3 1-2 cents per pound.
He tvouId Vcmind those who hae
beeveajlo sclKthat 'he will giv the
UigHtftreaslj pHe? To? thenf al Kssi n
sidence3n5iles north of S libry, ftB
the roal feadinr from1 R ilTiburV, t1
M.vclrlvnre-Jnesv1Ile ind"WnS
ro. Paaturage will be furpistied.
house, . . S3 f
TU 4i.Ul?.EYMEV ltLQl&
TWO or lhtf-Ju.irnynn TaiUirsof tf7
hWt and good a.,rkinen. . . . ; '
Apptyks . SCjUfJ LOW 'lf
J J.'ffrrrtr.Cv

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