North Carolina Newspapers

p a n T R Y
Ak with 'J doubt and emgntng, .
, flow cfttr mutt woo by tbt boot
Theft"! i nd lo H trick and deceiving, 1
Nornm cifl eeujflrt by i look. '
JJrifet eye or laie-hrwdiog di ajW
' Mo longer ttieif witchery Bif ( -
That beet Indeed must ot linrple " 7" "
t'tTOe yields to so t thing. '"
Ho more need eo 8y the height t'Biet -
Whence Cupid shot trroot pf yore
To tkuHt lei M limit our faitc'tea.
And Wve by the Immii wo eiplore (
Ob,jso vacant! krrownKi
Who, bio win be pen wbee wo weds
The Wert lot oo paorion within it ..... a
Tblais eot engraved en the head.
lrtt iI.m I studied too science
rr U oat tiQ the 00 of itlitace'
" 1 eowght too Irt gimpst of JSet brew.
CaOMoVy I nelt eapanding," - f -"V ' "
"Tlo hugest 1 happeed to test rr
toco rfOnert 4u Too commanding,
Tbfl)H, t U pnetieed 00 me.
Then Neney cstu erst, nd etch feature
j AM hiW Nil tagefr Spprsrsi - -.
I vent-red, the tweet little eieoture,
Tn teles peep ever beretrt! "
... JkttrucHtntU, terrible Omen,
A-oti tilery developed did Bel " "
(though perbtpt it it common in women,
AndhrertSlDty eelltbeydetroy.'
lrprrt 1 tnd the wretch who rn Wanda fee 1
leetlv teofRng Uttre, but vrnerttay bed thr'k
back from the tottering stiff with trembling
Da vow wieb far 11uetreiMMf The pr 1-
gttr't unwritten biforywiH furrmb it. H"
tnoftenaive ho emmeneernt hnw eudaVri j
ltd Ail itt WM'rophe ( Let review bit
life. He eommencee with pU' 1 but it te nT
I foremoeemeot.- Nett ho htiM trR to
Rif iMereit, tnd (arpriaed when be ftiul
I (Ciioer by the ht2rd, lie then eenturea, '"
without mi:(frinp 00 deeper
biM tnd the (tiilt opnreoo him. He drinkt "
reWe hittoirito. - II i tpiriti retired. Be etke
to retrieve hit fortune. 4ribeit untdcecM
ful, tnd (pun hit ipiriu flip, cxd rin the ine
briitinr cup taoreviret then, ire ho it aware
of it, he bit become t drunkard, be hu become
t,bnkrupV tetoitrtet bit him, bit fortune '
(rortcfait ehtneter one 1 bit ieiKiriK w
comcrcwc w. jtqnctod- Ai wiibdrtww bit
p'trit from him. The deoo"detplr tke
poHewtoO of hWDoeomi reuo oiioni row.
lie beeomet 1 bwniM, thw piol r the potn.
4 Ctaort ltlO-oecnw, a wnn wine m
I plungrt, Bept ftd fcrirrt tet into hell.
w : . Atwt htrottid,
with which be beaut, woum meei, tnougn
Ui membH were motrrmr ffbef wotiw
meet tbonsb the fife of rendczroui wero the
lehamh nf-tha dvinwt the would meet
thoMh it where to tparnnent in the eharnal
houteu-Nut evra the death uf- kindrnl rn jd.
feet tbo fambler. He would ptav upon hit
I brother coffin f be would p'a upon bi itn
en tepulcbre. MMrnn AinericAH.
I ncut &iani frm D'nL(t.
Irt. If ou are ditTauediti mmd iii aod
f may yet dawn apvt or kmiL
2d.. If vm hare been .happy id eheerful
ej nd d.fl"ethathptnetto othrt. -
3d. Uinirfortune aaul you by the Kuitt 01
otlien live 1 yoi hv niMUinj thereitb to
nlam ytmruxl. . '. '
ih. If mifortoi he tria-n trom your wwa
-orxlue- lire 1 and ie witer in ruiur.
J If vow ara tad a-unl and belulcMbvc
the faoe of thioKt, like tbo rwnewirg Maaunt,
may yet happily change, , -
6in, If y 00 are rich and irotperoua-uv j
and enjo what you poM
Tib., If another have injured you five k tb
crime 'win brim itt own puniubmenr. ;
Bib. Ifyouhaoeinjureaaootiier uvei no
re co m pome good far -evil. . ' -
9b. If your ebarr,!fjrl)L!)r'j,"',f tttked
rrrK'fW'ai fe4'''U"ote'ri
pruvrd. ... , 1 ' .
JOtb. If the reproacheo be well futmced
live 1 and de rye them not for the future
11th.- It ton ore eminent awl appiauaea
re 1 and detcrve tbe ttoeort you have tc
" There it no clan of people more ani.oyinif in
eommunitv than thoae who treetrr.ially in
Hie habit of hormting whothrou(h estrenie
saraimonv provide thcn trlvea with
thevarfwit articles which ar eon.dfrcd in
dUoentablein t well recutnted Tiiftilv, and tub.
t.k'jjj . .. - laeucbbor. But it m ' outonout fot,wlch we
TbeK led, for I'd rather that ay
"TUaa tliat to wife h(mLi hUr,
0 . . :
t mix lumen my Unej to Mary
dare tay Many of our reader will hear wiineu
to. ttat tharo lire tnjt ioua, m
make it tbo chief butmeit of their livet le 3er.
. k a N 1 .
dh. aiiA 1 1 . I ; Mv Jear, laid eirv. i.reen to ner nutoann one
w r
Mr. Black, tie w dayt ago, w ehnott out, ana
i mutt back tormorrow,
;. Woli, taid her buabahd, tend tnd borrow half
a oiuhel at Mr. White , be eeul t mm y otter
And when it eom, atiaii re return the peck
we borrowed Bore tbao a month tf 0 from wid
ow Crtv f
Ka, aaid -vlio hatband grafPyY the en' eh
for it when aha wtnttit - John, dn you go down
to Mf,Brown'a.andeak him to lend mp bit tie
to chop wood thit forenoon ourt it qiite dull,
and I taw bitn grimlinf hit lt nigtit. And
James do you go to Mr. Claik'i, a aak turn
to lead Bit t haiamtr and do yuu hear f yoo
inayM well borrow few noil, while you ore
A little boy now enter! ndiivM rahrr
tent me toak if you had dune with hit hoe
rUIitJi4 Jtfc aod'tbi:rmteVc6uIrTa7yT
" ootijht but flft did I too, r-
JEfo6Vjr, havaying .
,..loiiiM oeatkm to- "
vpok tueh predilectioo for trt)tig,- '
Z "OOIOI l-r-OMTI fc, mw km,.
h t tost vero to alow in the ftreJwaJL
r wettrronld teltfe' iyCtiiiij ' .
WhnV. other had til tbatOHhunifl
r :'- In lerilbJe awcllingt bebitid,
tt lengv Hwae ny lot to ditcovet
w - r mtcr,
-r Tbt Spwiheita or CaH could eonoeire.
Vywo'd ttke oholt 1 oge to decipher
Tno oumpt apoo Emily! bead 1
So I taU, I win oat tie fur life here,
- A r ..ndv th aTr vero wad.
Who that hat evwe Imi JaMil.a w.i;.:.
. oiurf win not thake bit aid. i the follow
Ing diatoime o the ohiraetertf For ahbomth
br f,rlemt tcftt are not 'hbOmi m d'f
ppiprfvirmpig in ataigmog to (tea
wropwawaru -
Tendon, tit huliT thuldrr von were t
varar r
da t be want! lo ur it
Wanta hia hoe. child I What can ho want whh
it f I have not half done with it yt ,bnf if he
wantt it, t uippoae he mutt have it, Tell him
to tend it back, though, ej toon u he can tparc
.viThtw -iolt - .do" kkrati: ift b wwelwir
Mn. Green, there it not particle nfbuner
the houar Jtmee, run over to Mra. Notable's
ahtalwayi hat excellent butter 1 in her dairy
tad uk brr to lend piarenii.
Atert few tmntrteo Jamtt retnrnei IHnf.
Notable aavt the hat tent yau the nutter, bu
beft, you 10 remetrmef that atie bu itreajy lent
you ntneiarti plaiefuls nhich art teorwdon the
dain door. .. -
Nineteen pUtefule 1 reclaimed the aetnnithed
Aire Greek bokEnf. up both her handti It
U A ll D I S t$ .8 U A V E Bj
RESPECTTULLY iolorm their old"
customer ooi the pnblie gncT
slly, that they tre t prewr.t carrying
n their buaioctt very tenivcljr-t
their new ettablithmeot on the tiret,
rtinning ouih-est .from - ihe.Cotirt
Ilouae, just below the ihop of the late
Doct. Fertand. There ire li or ie
ven wdrkmea engagrd io their ealw
lihment, by whom work . will fee ext
cuted on ihort notice in good otyle.
-Hr 1 .1 1 iiuch thing, (Wheel.
f?triL barrow not except
A JuirnittutA . with
a the hiirrhat.rT ch')OBCt. Ffona iheif
nerH-live , in tbe hoppv coutideTauot of e,Pc.""ce m X "
mi? dWrvei : T '"' a much competency a can be found
elsewhere in this aection 01 lr.; state.
Their price are low, and they will
warrant their w 01 k
lib. If your eneeent be beyond ywu mem
lie I in tboub'hfulnett and humility.
14 h. Ifvou havn beetf neKient aitd tie-
ioa in aocw-ty livet and makoaownda 7
1 jih. If ou have been active ana ma it-
trioui-. five 1 and communicate ) our t pproe-
mentt to o'hera. '
I61I1 'If you have riiteful eoemiei bvej
tn4 dittppoillt their malrvolrece.
mn. ir yu hive aiod ana raitotui rrierRii--
ivt 1 to prwtret them. .
18th and 19th. . If yod have been wue and
virfuout Jor the be.flt or maukiiNi,
h. If too hope for immortalitylive ; and
pre oar a and enjoy U. Tneu doauniKnia are
ticribed to tbo pen of a popular and able poet.
It U related that toon'tfter tl lata wtr ti
Americtn ahip arrived at Liverpool from New
(Meant Wing on deck two or three f tkute
apparently wnwicHjiy noiuucay oar, ooon ai
tit the hauled iutocWk, few visKert aent. 0
butrd, who promiited by ai iriinl$rial ipiril
what uae they were eonatruct-d.
"Thev ara uacaoa board, ttia pna't whiaii
navigate the Miuiwip i and Ohio," and the
Cp'in, - no other dttcrirriorr of oart art
Uied bV Kf -tuckiant "
All kinds of re Dairinu done in the
mot ttable and perfect manner. We
have hit emoloved first rate north
ern I 1 arnet Maker, for the purpose of
supplying our work with' sets, o that
nothing may b wanting to rush from
our ahorj in ttvle. It wtll aflora lis
much plean ire . to nccammmhte our
friend and receive compensation e-jut-
valent,, IURRJ3 & Sll AVEIl.
aiiiiry, Oc.r I. im. 4lf
nilllR tulcrih. r cjn'iKnrt the manufacture
warranted 1 9 I
lriBds od the public io general
that 'they hire moed their BTOCK
of GOODS ti tbi,'ore ittathed to
tne Mansion Hotel, rcrsons witmug
to buv would do well t) call, Ind price
fjootdi at bargains will beiven,' the
usual credit will be given to punctual
dealcrsv., Iron : CoUodieaihm
Dmtcajc. Tallow, tow Clotfi,
if it. ftc. will be taken in exchange
convenient place f r hitching tneir
Horses io a tot between our store and
the shoe store of Mr, Thos, Mull jr.
which is neit doon r--r itf '"'
Of anew Literary Pcrhildt,
To be published every week, h W4,t
rngfotCnr,D.Coidtfr tHti.eof
run mc th 0 po litji v
Apazdtc of Micr'tfurc,1 Maiic,
- encet ani Vis FincArU. .
1 IV ILL be-sold rffK
at the Court
House,.. in Salis
bury, on Tuesday
of November Court, the plantation on
which Robert Uradshawt dee'd. ft ov
erly lived, lying on the north side of
the Yadkin; river, Containing between
3, nnd 4 h-tulrcd acres of first rate
land. On the premises, is a good
and all oetestary outhouses. Tbere
is also a good .. U-: -
on creek, which runs through the
plantation. Any further description,
is deemed unnecessary, as the planta
Wab Da.raarMKT. Pennon (Jftke,
JfiuAinj-itn, Ot$.4, M2,
ItllE number of apSTaatsfiif pen
- ..on. under the recent jciof , Paf; , g
together with the state of the health
A this city for somr time past, bst
' Whj. Deacon , Mi hael ieW, -ml yntrl waum thin-! never had half the nuatititr
y!! :JC,, thing W'mvifci '4mfV I hsd,htlr Rrttr trttrelut of tWR
. rerattco. paper. - i u report tea to- rha -Chum 1 1 ui ef . el.uld Hunkvoi Keopinff so aeeuwnt
':asi or.'--lr!r"" ""' - . I aim a infline affair! declarer. I hive mat
:iT4 iltl hntorteti on'lour om'tmlk lownei never 10 borrow sny thing of that mean
SSi'wUWl back tha. rear tank Tr rma. " ' I ereatrtro agsmViM l0n att Irre.-f"""'--
' -uap'ain, ny int.ditrnt don t you put the I After bmakraat, Mr, ureon mutt tnavw. iiiar
la fc.Her wnorfhataiw ehap bonnet I fM"r loof'orti''0'1"wh'e,,
4viawMckrlght-atraigfit mto Jimttrowte m. hone and Stttpf
hill ra'hnt tuns ha won't ai . .u I ' ami fur ir-rh mher dav. air. and itldlir
" UUIIVHJI -. - . .
fbek athaoaed to.'
atwald like to, have tht privilera of Utinjr it
.-Jaa,MttM4oshlcToohaekn,fclhU ' .
- M y.loa.t:--r-'--:'':-;-' lent fiwUMmrrerrtnentT H might at lettt
--'""Ti"' weldIUIp WTthbhere have waited iiB I wa done with It. WehV go
ctI' aLouldarin Arelork ; atprk Jilt bafnnef;ltoro.oM--ti.'-lwNl
U Jw.ialgtt 4htoatg4-.-ilw Hm of my ekrer, mohitbeansorilell him mini bao.dutt lean
t'Hl 1 iatnef goett a botv anyTin jpa would jerk do nothing with it, 1 know he hat in eiceilent
.TWW .JBeta 0J."S,.e...iaMl..l.a.;, awJ oee,! ,0W.. wm ".vce t.r.
, MMer,hsn4 mo down my hit .
Cant H I wait till the eanth
Vdtr trmav woat briny; down mr firelock
VittKrut orders if roar brad wit on toy n't.'
Tiat's rifkt Joe, raUanter I tell re only
Ker tt.nahoitcr your nrewct perpenaikill r.
n you've got a . re lock, what made yon bring
-Vowr uiybtuir ' 1 " ' . .
a an ' &i t t a .
t W'h. Cantinr. the wind waa aaat. I
-'wfw"ekrd Xho lurkiea' scfeecliln; ao 1 'W we'd
bsve thoaer.' " . .;
.. ."T; 'rV:.Tnikiwna irayii bowtin bout L
Wby, Capting Jim Lnmmitia baa tmaahed
tmy toe with t out of hit gun, and rather guest
ItS 1 3d pounder, for it'i tarnaahun heavy.'
. 'J:m Lnmmins lift hava the perlitrneat to
take your gbn vf 1'al toco, and kk out bow
- yoo amaah arter tbia.'
Captrnrrt "Ti There's a enrarement, tf
lother oo witnch ow the right Hk, ,
, 'Why, Uft't y donl tay anlwbal
Why. Parks Lummint tnd Gcorce Knr
fghtlng hke bntasf
Well make a ring arter ptradt and ace fair
felayi only tcD them to stop till wa Kit dune
ri-rin. I tay, LaftawaM, what feWe ysaj fat
fat Arthot hrtbo frmt rank F '-- ;" ' ,
"Ttt at bow, CaptiiVg.Tie'i io tarnal awitchol
-t bellied hell keep the rankt In open order I
avb -r gneoi if be etioutd ever bo promoted to
Majweino,tt lofk Sko-o tach of fart ow hono.
hark. If weeWd go U battle and all be
klTed hut him. ha wouldenH bt the i'.ifln bf
tbo rettltnent.' . v - .
j . j 'CTned Birnnirr yon ri bb ret rr"
. anm mm
, 'What .fbr Captlog P -.;-f--- -
Kaso at bow tbo tato moo alwara dot yoo
nrot taof attne Oiwd CttwVl opt op
fch or too Ojnrrter tvoar t telt ywar If yon
aWt k nirit off, well saako a lightning rod
tftr.t . ' ; r - "
'Caottm. f mv kit artor tundowo and I rtth-
awwwraal wwdSttwitT hmger wrding Oohrw-
Wen, Prn screed Now gM wto a atriKnt
Tma owek at creajed Urhtning. Rjgot tact!
Grant t Store. Be tore and get tut new 01 o.
A little rrl totem r Mother tent me to ore if
ptlng telle He to I you bid done with the teeond volume of Mil
tltai int'ory 01 Wit wnicn yo mwwta
of bar a Sew moothi ago. bbe tayi the would
bke to fwoin hertrlf. - " " "
My dear child, why did not your mo'her
end for h before t I declare I don't know
hero It it now. 1 W it I ff
ret who) I'll make Inquiry, and ifeaAitd i:
I will tend it to hit In tbo tuura uf a JTcw
wre,ka. . . - .: -
n the sAernooa it raiosi Wife, there it my
great ooat f
My dear, your great root hat got two ureal
holrt under the t"-pi't betidet, it it to ant
by I til ashamed to 1 0 you ef U. Can't we
borrow one tewewheref Hr Jamet, ga in
Deaoon Itavkfa, and etk him if ho will lend your
t.W,r hu new tnrtoart. at H raint, and bia ia
nor lit to weaf-- Ho will take good earo of it.
and retora it when bo it dono with it. And to
on to tbo end of tbo chapter.
- A Mend ooco Informed! uo Ibst ,tbut ten
o( lock one cold ttorwy evening in the month
of febroary, whoa hio fcmily. were about re
tiring lor the night to their reepective apart
wotava bud rap waa heard at tbo-dooo, which
a being wnenerV there enured t httlo urchin,
who said bit mammy, who lived but s lew pce
dittant. had ttot bee reepocta, and wuhed to
arrow wanau Am lo warns bef bad, aa the
house, wat Cold, and they had none in the
heuaa,-.- Tbo-wsrmmg -rrtw-wasrbnhwvth
bronttit from the kitchen and haoded over to
the little Mlowi but he wsa not yet mtitfted :
Mmherssyslfywi tend us. the on mini. ysn.
Indeed" esclaifned John Bull, at the tame
time vainly attempting to lift one end of tV
oar 1 ft it nt Unger a wtmltr that Jut knnf. r
get PmiriaeAuiai a- -war wrlrrf by ftthm
wac $uU hantM 1 acn ear at rnete
Penre e Kimttvt.--- f he' following" article
from the Luntlon C iuiier tpeakt well fur tUe
etute of letter, at.d their humanizing mflu-
It u uow arranesj that the Kneliah eovern-
mcui iuall tend, Tor the u i-flbf Frenuli pro.
pit, to be drpotiird in the royal library at Pa'
11, one copy of the whole of ihe worka printed
in Great Bri'aitii fer which the frc nr.h r ivcra-
ment ill, 111 return, trnd to the Britith mute-
urn, frr the brneflt of Jhe , Engliah. nation,"
copy of every work printed ui France. And it
it further understood, that thit intellectual jn
tercMnge thall not be interrupted by the vie
ciuitudrt of wtr, but (hall rominut in ite ol
any political djtaerverrent, WLhai' ,.t-J)J,d;.
fight an eehTwftTch rehinvet the n'ott vaitlnbie
part of human inta-rcmirte.ihai ot ku !!.
and science front tbe intrutiona of huttility.
We uoderxtand thit imnottaat Mcaaure aal
ff ctrd by the Joint commercial coauoiion, coa-
. ; .r . m i . , it .1
anting, on tne pan m nr.gianq,. 1 "icttra.
OtorKtf Villert tnd Bowehng. tnd, on the part
of Franco, ot baron Frtraml eount Puehatel.
-aeia '
Srm tnrtnttm We have witnewd wliin a
fvw dayt patt, Torpedo In be uted in Mowing
up notiere during a fire, lilt very airopl and
we 'dmioVrwit 3t Olrt tto JNttd Io-iuia-ih
PM-poee intended without the uiual riek attand-
lmdrleal.firffl:"" Ks leiijjth It tboulli iochtt, u
diameter U, On the tide there it a tube eoOr
munkfating with the imide.of the canniater.
througti wlucp. taa poOeri oi;poatiulad tiia
match ia tecured. Tha match it about ait'y
frelJpiX-and n kept in a . --P r 1 l"! lo g w jU tnaO tho-latUr-oiHy
ink boa which iafurmid on ihe tide of tbo I .
Toroeda. aui rounding tbo tuba.- Tha bni it of
sufficient dimehtjoni ibcpo'ai the nmtch vhcA
proprrlv wrapped up... It wm invented o ths
Kev, larvia B. Button, lieotw of St, Jdhn't
eh rt, i thhr pHcer- W are pleated to learn
that our Police bare taken measures to mpnty
the town whh-a number of thit bipiily vful
(tt we-ittink) weenttenr' rent0r Jear.
be wale of the bt m
urge 1 tuck of Slide and Tin tare on
and being determined to tell It rM.icrd pricet,
merclilnta and otl trt wotiid da well to ctll on
him and et their auptilv.
luf fhd Conrwf, fewtef. frttWH Tsllc
Be -fwtl tnd Wool Itben tn en-hang.
w?iiku, twobrai.ratt journeymen nn nnn'T K rT) imp
customed to work on machinery, to whom con- n It A ur 1 1 A J . )
it employment ami lihfl wagra will be
given. . ... . DAMtL . CUC8. ,
hand ' " PcrSOQ WlSJltoa 10 VIW tna pre
mtaea between this and Court, can do
so by applying to either of the sub
scribera. TERMS made : Icaown on
the dy of sale , fl;49
' An trrsot of owe of Dr. Rotti adJreoaes t
tm am tnrr-ar -tht tr..t A IRlB'rVtT' " -W
feut too do not mean to ramble or advweato h
t kn .w it lut I alto know W 'you play at aU
wou wltl ultimatelv do both. It la but lino
that aenara'rl between Innocence and otn.
Vnoewef rVorleatly approaches thit linei, wiB
tp. n hts Crowed it, To keep at a distance,
th.M-frw it Ihe bart of tnadoov Ko men one
ade tip h'w mmd to wmMga to peMiiKm feltj
oil at once. M ow emerea in nnoa bj
perhaps you would lend us tomo ctt too, to
put Into it, M our fire it lmot gone out I ,
Tv MnlWnL who humtilv tnuc'llt tJnritt
vour torn, toUs eau thai U l b child of -
nv, and aia qaej' " "' '
eonflrtt the tale; Vow cheerfully render- him
aM the oMiataooe In your power, coMcioua that
virtua aomatimel dweUt .Ve'ies'k tattereJ
gtrb. Tbo highwaynun, who knocks you
dnwa. and than aummOno WU tottind, givct
o tyivlncing. lhiugb. unwetcuino proof,
thai knaevar deeradrd tbe wra'ch may be from
the wteeenceaf wtwefyct wwiwftllooi!
hlrahia heart. But the AVwri4r Aatrawee
oot.oyteaS on 1-15 jjjjj 0 Jfttjj
commaod our temper.
prevented the examination and dtci.
tidn of these cliimi, with as much
speed as it. aoiiously. desired, by the
Dcpartmctit, and seis due tO'tftrsefi
vices and luflertngi of these merits,
i ious veterans, entitled to the bounty
of their own country. When it is re
colltcted that these claims contain a
mfnute statement of bets by the ap.
plicaou, embracing their whole revo
ludinary service, together wih such
Corrob-irating proof, circumstantial
and direi as they are able id collect,
fan d.itewtSaHst i g ated and
compirea witn rous Ana outer r
cordt of the Djpartment, and thit this
process is neceesary fairly to estioruK
just claims, and to prevent the- grant.
ing ol fraudulent ones, rial that nothj.
Dmt. There it not an hour m the diy in
which a man to much like to tee bit wife dree.
aed with nra'neatu when he leavet brrbrd-
room, and tits dowavto brenkfaat. AI any ether
moment, rumly ttimulatcs her tfl'irtt at the
toilette, for ahe ttpectt tp be tcent but at tan
reun d aud early hour, it is ft the very take
nf cleailiurt for tbe very 'take of pleating
hefmhl.rhat ent,this appeart neat s4
nice, $one one aa a, a moman aliould never
arrpewnirHdthrwbadry oVeomd Jtte-preteoce
of her huttiand.' While he vat a lover what a
aid piece of butineat if be cought her drr to
di adunttre ! " "h dear, thee he it, and my
hair an in papera i and Ihh trigmiul unbecom
io cap I I bad ou td'e ha would hava been
here to early i Irt e off to my loiMt !' But
now he ia voir huthand, ikar me, what eon.
rqueaeef Myohject it gained, my etfurttto
winbiawsnd alt mv little tit' ctutrrt to can tie-
I t, htvt been MicreWul. a d it it very bard if
I woman tt to t an her I f in en!avounng tt
nleate bet hwbaml tt r I rcmetnbee greatly ad
miring a Udy who lived among the moaiiuina,
and tcarceiy taw anv one but hsf nutnand. She
vu rathrrla plain woOan f iiwvye? when the
mttobrktartemenig( aJ wU tha -day
lonr; her estreraenestntis, n4 be attention
to the nicrnett ot her appearance, made her
qitite an agreeable object and her hutenl lov.
til her. and woukl look at her WjUh more sla.
wire Ibaa i M i poUy woniaisurVated t Sted nud
wntrlvT- f i believe mo,-thQSBJhtoe--(Thouffh
vntir hiuhaml aonean But to notice thenv nor
pirhipt it he coneioul of the esuse.l ttroogly iyi
.1 lane tupphi of genuine Mdho-
dixt Hymn Itooks, puWuhed lu J
i Emaru if B JFausL Jllso. Vki.
idtM nndt'onftrmft' MWdei 'far.
me year 1832, jor trie at John C.
the most' careful, examination ud rig.
id scrutmr, some idea may bo formed
of the time aud tabor- requisite to ef
fect these nbjecta,, :t ia impossible to
go on with tne current businet of the
they are received. , -
, And this notice is given that appiu
cants msy be satisfied the cases will
be; investigated in, the order , of tlieir
reception, and as rapidly as possible j
and that each person will-be advised
of the result, whether favorable or atV
?erset or whether suspended for fujw
ther pro'i f, or explanit'toota, aa aoon
ara his cisc can be taken up. And all
may rest assured that the most vigr,
ous efforts will be made to bring this
whole matter to A close, with as little
delay as possible and nothing in the
power of the Department will be an
ting, to give effect to the benetrlcnt
intentions nf Congress, By order:
Publisherj of the La ws 6f the TJnli
red Stales are requested to iosert the
above notice four times in each of
October 6.. 4t49
VV tioncd, as
E have firQ'Kr.tly heard
is a ma'tercf ausr,,!. .
that the meiropcilii of tbe United S !
-,nty, tha who!- Uulrkt of CoIumU,.,
sh'wld not bo sble to-4o4at of
occweniy literary in us cn.,r.icter. v.
Lear that oiir.WQrLi,-rj-fi'"
parts Of the Union, will think nyr vm '
phere so thortiuhly, (at were abmii m
tay so puTely !) political, ihf LiieratuH.
rsnnrrt jireaibe ir.j .r.d thas ScUrriwinj-
' tint iit uiuv w uner benettklii
unnenwl Inflarnck 7 Wat Dremn
ever, with the to op ration U our fellow"
tiuaens, io convince t6 good peop;e of
the United States thst such i not tt(
faci f that the literary usto 61 the tea'
nuici v'j'idre is not connneu lu Von
"oosl iepori!ijii(J JSlatB -documeoti,
uiai uicis it not pniy a greti coommpJ
lion of the Belles Letters here, btou"bt
from every psrt of tbo Uhijnt buukH.
we can JJroduce a literary piper of our
own. To effect this object tk fut
the Mtirofii'datl ihe. pttrunsgs of B fa
vers of litertiure from MainencliWlnf"
therein Madawaik) to Qeotgi t .
more particularly we solicit ihji vf thf
deniaeos of the D Unlet end o if mens,
politau fijendb...TJja JIAtraAaflteo
be cxclutiveiy literary and fcitotift,
Politics wiii not be med:id with In ha
colunitts at - any rue till 4he strivit q
that ioiellectuai miiknium whenPrcil
dents shall compote their messages, i:,j
inemlitwHrt 4t-t be4rtprtrlio1ii,
rhy mev-and heroic. Dc oUn -
loniithend the wide end vark-d nogt r
ofa literary- aiw..lUny. Ori(il,.i,jt
telected tales of fi.iion md truth i f 1
feeling or fan) . of aeniiment t4 a.
mour ; will foi in a prominent feature;
Xbc. irs(UUivenftrd-TOrteirti
olden times," tnd of our progi niton
will be particularly selected for our pur
pow. K.wyt, both grave and gty Hi
Jraphkal kctc)ieioT au' hort trid herues
uucres'mg anecdotes, If . etc, will enter
into the cotnposiiiun ot our work. Ao
o UCi imuit4wro"-wiiJ ioimpjrr'
tul rcviaws tnd notices of nr buk -both
literary tud scienuSc, at they cumr
A'SH Pf pre.-,. Lo the ioetictl Jipurt.
ITlI s tiew io the more efficient
utotccuiioo of th-ir buiiutss. the
Having prucuie'l tiie beat Miteuals from
the Korth, and emjrfoyed o-Workmtn
who conut well recommended, thee ere
prepared to execute on moderate termv
all oiricra in thit line.
.. . Account Cooks, Records, kt ruled
ami made to order I nd every kind of
Blading promp'ty eneetited In . he btst
eiiJ aewett naefiwpont)itTro.
r.'.-vastf ; ; - j-gale3 it'-sox-r
:-: H U'lVJIEKIAG. :.
TIIGsulMcriber would respectfully
inform Lis old customers and the
publit ffenerallri that lie taOfflenT
ced butchering in thifplace Mod thit he
wiu continue to butcher d.triftg the
lie will' have beef in market
mcnt punh.uUr atunuou wiil be Kiveq -
nde flitter outselvesj bytho favorof -some
poeiic brethren tnd tUters, ea
whose eld we can rely, arid whose talents
are not unknown to lume, to he able to 1
mete u tintiiul uljni of rhyme.'' Ilriv.
en forbid, that we sbuuld be guil'f of
boJiiin. . i
in addition to tha - literary e Wm of -
ihe Meuotoiian every pqn'iher will coin
tiin onu pjga of Music ) original or to
Ucted ; ml em we trust wbirh
us favor io the eyes of tbe AccompiistKi t
fair i and altho-jh we may occiiwiJ!y
incur urate. . mo4' Jeiivor a tit tlc t
gainst all fjhiwrt W,,roposedrTiretf
rbclejsitiri iniJ,tno:CtAUl'jiiei'ii;-
'r .. .:..!. .iin ..
ui vuriotc reaort wtia, gramme uciuica- .
ilops of the :.n(ewet.fshlrja-.naR!a
Still further to Impart an interest to
our page, they wtU bejrequenrty iigh
I y einbtlltthed gith wood engravings of
Too AtftPchoUtan will be published ef--
ere Saturday, in t qufto. form. I: till..
be. p tinted o fine pper,"sid - wit etrerf -
season, ne win nave beet in market atteminn to in irnnirrsnhlrsl eiecu idti.
Mo4ay,3Wnadaf ttd5l
mornings in . eacb wetk ' at from two
and half to $ Intents Pet oound.'
lie. would remind those who have
beeves to sell that he will give the
highest cash price for them -t his rc
Sidcoce a miles north of S lljbaryfoh
the road leading from Salisbury, to
Mockesville Jjneiville aod Wiikeabo.
ro Pasturage will be furnished gra.
t'S to, drovers, who .... may Call. at bis
bouse. , . --T , . ,; .SStf
TETEn J. pwink;
. i
Craat CamftfiawwStrante U h mat tmir.d
to EnglMh oars, it may truly be said of Amenta.
-Jhi eountrv which was treated with so much
eupereiitkrwi contempt by tbe Quaiterly Review
only a rw
the poraot ettut
Tinny, aiw, tm' " m ' -- . j
. i ,
iiiiitii tne twoer ur pt -tw-g w u
(A taper to a new married chuple.'J
Jt'rrttrowree.,h"tif pvuioive'f oierrltyeiind
aetluction, waa tried before the Circuit Court, in
tkia City, oo Wedneaday and Thursday Um
Ike. partus Miat Clark of Clark County, phun
tl(T, and Mr. Rodgert of Fayette, defendant
were eowrins. f at danssfstwert UlJit ViW
000 1 and tbe Jan. after a paiont invrttiration
of the cate, gave a venict in favor ',he nisinhlJ.
nr that turn. n unaeratanu inat inw circuw
itancct of tha e wete ttt ageravatej, that the
Jury would hava given a verdict for a much We
gee turn had been claimed. We believe Orit
irrtte tirgetrrrrtcrrv? ta-tne"trsBa
Slates la any simimr eaaa. AVahacfry (Mat
h wmat f AwtAiwl A youag lady was fete.
Iv told by a married lad)tat the bad belter
precipitate hetaalf elf tha Taai Pans into ihe
baam beneath, than marry. The young lady to-
-Land For SrIc
f?yS pUTlSUANT io .decree
IjlJ of the Com t of Eqittv
yetrt tiaee-tbal al hat gives) o plied. t would if I thought I could ted a As
tut bef moot populae n ttem of di. ond at the bottom."
ker beet EtgliA leaicrm. It is aear-. T,! .1.
vu j taauch an end. with a Oelt oeeeatart for Ot to. add thai we are verorf. n-n irwiw-
rrrndnind-t tt'VS Thnd M j
An Inthm'n wet atked, tf ko would Rghi fur
at n vei Or M Apg g (na
lor Rowan- County, made
at Ui ; tt Term, 1832. The fjlerk
and Master will expose to public sale,
w rte-rmt,ioir"the I7tttrdyt
November nctt, all the lands , hich
Hi chard Tajrkrr, la'.e of this couaty,
died jseized, cposisuog f .aeveral
Tracts, conuiatng in all about 1590
acres, on a credit of , 11 months for
one halfaod IS months fur the oth.
er half,' the-payment tor be secured
by bonds Aid good personal security.
' a . 1
convenient sized lots containing
boat 300 teres each, ond smaller as
cirenmstances may admit. This land
lies on ' the waters of Duch second
creek, in Rowan . County, near the
line of Cabarus, and h generally of a
good quality.
, : lBAML. 81LUM AN, Cr.V.1;.
, . IitoriL (ouarr,
- AaSustTerM 183S.
PIIE 6uhtcriber, having obtained
Inters of adminlitration, m the
Estate of Washington Byers dec'd.
requests "ill peraonj indebted to the
same, t make ptymenc, ird allKev.
ing claims against said Estate, to pre.
f.1.1 ihf ! ;fly x Ukc tacnted amd i iv
the time prescribed bv law. 40tf
ANN C, BYERS. Administratrix.
it pd io advance f Or So if odt paid Uif -
Hi Hidof Ihe' ysf;-,c,"4"'w -r
AU letters relative to tbe toork,masf
he pott pjid, :o secure attention. The
trst number will appear do or before Uf
Irst ol Ueceinbor.-
To elicit the exertions of Htersry ttpf
rants, the published offets tbo folloin
premiums i .. .... . . .......
For the be wrj'ten isle, oH a u6jei
connected ohh American litiorj,
Fifty dollars.
Fof the best written Foem,oo a
ject of a similar ehsi sclcr.
Articles offc red for the premtoirti -
must be sent fee ef poetage j and t
be recti red npoft the Brst of January
neat ; when the , prises will be ae-rJcd .
by a committee of: nierwy' ntlnne -
whoie names will ba pnw prtyMwf
to that time. .U(r JltmMit
To editor wh -wiU'?i)y ainwiV-i
the lavor will tt soy tima bo rrrtproeau.
aiO the Jail of Li icoln
jm .rhr 4th of ScntembeH 8327
a Negro man about 52 years of ap,e,
yellow complected, aVmt five fett
ve or aiz inchca high, nan mark ton
hrh-rtrat bctlsioned bf tm
calls himself w .
ni saya he belongs to j jhn B. Prin.
lice, of Jlichmond Virginia, end ran
sway from his Master near Yorkville.
Snith-Caitilina, oa Ws-wir'ta the1
Stste of Alabama. The owner it it'.
Tto-T.lBd ttl M'lTcrerfdr'laTeian -eeftnrif ilTpfSe pro
pefs Pf cnarget 4. take him away,
or he will be dealt with aa the law
directi, 44tf
J. BEINH ARDT, D. 3. U Ja?
jtfESS And DWFirOf,
THE STEtM tOJ MACOrl 7 1 ' '
I tfrata.
HAM having nee
emrsuea lost smu't
in luiiniug Ovt'Cen Lharieslon nq
raw xtllirtg at ficoTo on bar wg:u?i.
and rfowrt-will reftmr beTwtiilM.,,
course of a few days sbd L Intended to be .
continued io tbetrude tk ensidtig
. . ij., ... . w
Her exceedmir fltrht draff oFWad"
drawihif whioloajed eiily kboWt four m -(
a halficet water Will enable her to reitm
Cherew at Alhtnjcf tWifWT
mon lowilrtr, when her cargo wiu
rrrnetrTW-Expcircrnf Bor."--
- J. O. UliUMU.
Ckark$Um Srfit. 56, II3U
N. B. 6be his comforiaWe aetotV:
ditions for a lew paagerts.1 . '"W
aJ b. i
ton saix at ta omd, - '
. 1
' J
'. c
of I
on i
is j
. .- put.
; ..tar
- Ion
j ti
.: .-... i.:,r

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