North Carolina Newspapers

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Balance Sih' food lo the l
The foreman. etettroa,1 ebw
ct ufH blh fir Nuw. I3.
es follows i -
Ani'l.M mibliflTrfunrar . T.Wm'I
Io." Trr of UCry fotvl H3'8,3
IK' ). of the f. itxl for Id.
Conveni . wa Mui'vA
Jmm UuMkiA. jr. M k1e4 Prkn'i
tod W. Haya. Secretary. A
fteuJuioa a ai-pted, to apfoinl Com
pule J twenty pcrscsta, to take' Into
coosiJoretioo the act ufiheUd lcgiIiklur
rAMMaUiftd tb CieveutitfD, A to toowWr
tnJ rejo t th several of tha
7AJral Gowomeni Uytnj, dolid rpon
Vn' for tb flection c4 domestic
VMnaCtctarM Tb eeromittea, (C J.
Clcock, chairmen) wmoim(wii1 by lb
ffM'Vnt of lb Convetrticsi. A sub com
Tajite otic wu ppiiilol to rynrt to
fWi General CoMaine, an Ordinance de
liana; tb Tariff acts null and aJ
Wadlrese JoUepeIe th" WtW 0'
--m-b Bldrrsot tut Co Stalee at inay be
vrmmitt iaeonvpnard of R. J. Turulill,
Chairman, ft. T.'llsyn. II. C. Pmckmry,
Xb Jornanf,, Ceo. Mclhifli.', Jacob Bond
fr.bnatw has been ifwfJ wbkh bull.
-afoubtrdly passed. Wt give it to our
prcvi.1 f i trrtint the opprntntn (
trtnia Xdt 'f tbo Confrww of tint If.
ftnl-fi, jwrportinn to bo Ui laying I M
ttrt arwl Impt on roe unponauon m
rut I
.v,U bereaa, It Cooroat tho TniJ
ftaien by rartotie bpW, pni-porUn to b
ac Uvins ilntiea and iinpotta wi lreij!
tmuoria. Nit trt ffahfy JntettoViJ fit the ptn
trtioo of omMtie manofarturws and the
mn jf loWitiea !o r laara ami imliViifuaU
a 1 I k. -
lUrMj 10 pfUCUiarfnii"yiHri, i
iiMnM ami to the injuni atvl opprewion i4
fr,iin tainti-at. certain IbrtiKii comnvMUtioa,
focU' aa af no! pnwocf q nrtmrmincmTM
in lb UuilcJ States, to aff ihl a pretext fr
- - laiaiax wgwt and exccwiva oiiiiea n
irii.-lM nmiUr to thowi IntnivMiI to be nn-
erieJr balk eaoeeJoJ it iut power un
Mhoolifirtiobrhicii enf?rf on
- W lothority fc aSjrd ueb ptwtactUni, ajal
Ulh ritJawd the low meauinf mJ intciu
. f h Cocalitutioo, which proviilM fir
walfty in pi"4' bunleitt of (a
7 JTl'ii p0 tlie cerar Statct anl portiunn
: CubIuJuiv An J." MTherca. thr
;y."fai-l Ooof res,ccccdtn ItljM P"jr,i
f it . a e.i tit.
U'UM a '5u--BJlt1
"" ""'ftiruTw of edcetiflff anJ fcccwnpliabing the
MCla IioctavJ J" pVrahict. lh
7- CMitiiaf lb Uiiual Sut-taTiutW;
.91 it to(X-ft qnd afflmnjiluh, hath raiaed
fu I ejected luaocewry rctennejfor 6b
uiuuthoHind by thv'Ci'inMitutiia
wv thhl!ra, thn paoplo cf the,6tatfr
rs.utu Carolina in Conrentin emwiHi,
--;jir5 inif ordain, and i berabjr da
nJ or diiieJL Jhaj tbo. jc reral wt
- .,4tiWac:of- tlw Cons1" the
V;'",,:J Statei, porportinf to bo lawa
.(iUttiiiijin2ofdutiiMMiJimr'rton tha
liiiiKirtation of foreign coniiiwJiiieatid
Vw bavins ictual ojicration and eflwf
lt!iiotUe U. States, and more wpraially
fU act entitled " an act in altoraliofl ol Use
' Vveral atta ifflpviV? d'itie;od lmrta,"
ir"'c3 on' the nineteenth day of My,
ihoimnil eicht htindird and twenty.
T, rJ w if act Entitled an act to
nil amend fire aeverai arm impwni
initio on itnnorta " apprised rr thd Rr
laouth day W', one thoimnd eight
hundred and Ihirtf two, art unauthori'd
' lv iuVC tnatitutinn ofthe U. Sutca and
4n tuo truauietinipj-and intent thel-oof,
. jid aro otill, void, and mi law, nor binding
"cvn. tHia Blato, itsolliccra or citiiena J and
$11 prami!",4 contraefa and obligntiona
, made or.onterad into t to be mado or en-
i with mtrnniM to eneure tho duties
rnposea Iiy anid acta, and all Judicial pro
iecdince which 'ahall hereafter bo had ir
f tffinnanc IhetW; r 'uill to held
'"'''Ih'iti'Ji ittf mm Ytlfff;
WtofiVteaKt thi Btato-orof the
Ifmted Pliitet. toarrfora the payment ut
iutiea irnposod by tbe-aatd attt within tho
' Ji noitsj of tlnaiatc r &i! fhiit it ahtrlt . b
iheTTuty of th LrgiaUttnrY: trrarinnt gh
nasurea and pa mKacfaBffms.y bj) no
enry Id gifulleflbct tcrthi prrinntico,
.nA ... nrvani the enforcement and' arrest
' tha oneratimtif tha aaid ett and parta of
.tcti of the vonree ui mo v . oui
-aviihiji tholiirtilS of thia Siais, from and af
h M iay ijof JfBOVftSfLflHi'
r"Wr' T'. oTwiatittttaiaofttia,
and of ill pmi'reiiidiibr being' within
tho liraite of this Sstatia, od thr.y aro ijero
U., rniaLiMit att.1 eniolnud to obey BlfJ EtVe
weaaurea f tho Lcgwlnturo a$ may .oe
' & eaNd r adopted in ohedienca theretos:
" Aad'rt ia forthor ordained, that ta rn
cBoolbiworluity,"decidodin theCourta
nfthia Suto.' wherein ahall bo drawa in
qiition the autboHt'y of thia Ordmanca,
''. r prfiw ttfidrty" irf auch act or c,ta Tif the
t gudatare U fny do passea vr ine pur
-J afaivlns 3oct tbceeto, or the val
TditfU th 8f.raidacU of Cn.gre.; im'
wut duliea, ehall any appeal be takea
t-4 fiair.. it. r shall a-iy cpy "f," ',r"''1
be ir
; i allow 4 for "w P"P"
and if 4y w-li U "-"I''
la tM l.krn. lha Cnqrttfif 14 U. ah
prort-rd to tiwute tft-l .f -re b JU;f;et
MKrt, arcord.njj to the Ui an.1 o!'
i1m but, wilh"it rf fcrenei lo i ai
tml appeaW. and pni or prK
aftnnjiliin to Uka aKb app" wayU.laait
viifi aa fr i cox'emj't or lb
Ami tt U further i.rJrtineI, Tliat ail per-
ma now boblim any o.1k hr, f
IU or tro-t. crril er wditary, im.fcf.tW
Miar. kl.all fcHlrirt aoeli time, aixl Ml wm U
nunner aalho I3itatar alian prwwrio",
uka aoMtb. wdl ind jwly J? .f
cbIC b-kI enf reo lh ir'Iifie', ajiJ fUiTl
rt r aeli if tho tWitt-iMf. may be
iWm intmii bimT tiieanirur "f le aan".
wIm ibaawjci or oumio (J .fVh
pfwrn ov pemma ao to t, m or meir n
fira or oflWea. ahall be fwthwitfi varied.
and their be filled up, If ouch R"""" or
f t trrre drad. or hud rf"iznei, ai mt
peraun imroftrr eleied to any offlro of
aowtf, pnnt or inun, citu or nn 'iji flin lea'M.Utnre ahull ollirrwwe
protido or direet, enter on flieeieruti.o of
hi itri or bo in any ree-i e.miiof.i
Li d.arhar! tha diituw th. ref, until he
.k.ti i r.k mi.nfwr. have tn ken a ainnlar
cam I aaa no i'inr mm. i"
in anv if the t.'.mrti d"t!u Pint's, m V
caii-o in which ahall l q t thu
onlnmnrf!, or any art uflle legislature.
(Mwaed in pnrmwnrr tfsereoi, unn-w ni
K. U LI.iiftM tn the tl oath, have
ui.i, ... - - - ----
luken an oath, thJ he wen ot miiy
bry.eiecute aifl tmforro thie wdiiware,
uitd rb act or act of the OgndntOra J a
itav bo na.l lot arrt tiKi aaM into f-
rhe peophj of the eoiaw, thai w
terrmned to maiHai tlw, 'r ordiiumce
ami oVlnratwi, at every hatard, d i fur
tb.fcrare, will tawlr'H.lM tlm
applK-atKfli of torec, onthe part ii'fm Rd
ernl Oovernnvnt, to fx-ducO thi Hiate lo
ithedienew I that we will conu'ler the
peajae, by Conirreaa, ff any art, nnthnr
iin! Hi empbvment of a m;litary
al tureo aj( Jaai the. Hbtte (4uith Curyd
lina, bar c.alilutej autiK.riif or ciii-h
or any aet, abiahiug r cl-wmg the K.rt
d thi Ftato J or any of them, or other i
.dtMnnling the free ingr s anj egre ' I
velaria, to and tnm the aaul p.rti ; or any
.t!er art on tho part of th Feden.l (Joy. coerce the Plate; shut up her
jrntr, ilvVf"! ?t KmT' nfr !n?'?fl .r
in anfirce tho acti fci'rcby iftcUred" 1.1 be
null and t Jd, rrtberwiVthan through the
civil Inhnnala of tho county, as incsims
tent with the bm-'er contimmnce of Km:h
Cnrolina itha tnion and lint" the pe'ph
.flhia Qtalo .will theneeP'rth hTd tlmin
serretabaolred trvm all Airther obligdUun
HNMintainorpreaeryo their politicnl con
oeaww wiib the peoida of the other Stales,
and will lorthwitb proceed to irn..w a
arnarate Oosrernment, ami do sHotlmr urU
andlhinisj. which aovereicn and tndepen
dept Ptatci mayiif rjgh? dot
'ijariiif ovt'tif ffijj.f.TheTffKe
practice; wUh tha.TarjlLi njCl avnii;
" " " . at
Cing IIHIirCBII"0 OJ inw nniiKiimni -..
pMitionrwhich are trwo m tnemaeif on.
hicn convey erroneous r wisw in..n-,
. .1 - Inillia
siiina, owinz to'wir
buiog fcft out of ajgJiaOt thM-nvmhee t
- - - . ' aLMMmlti nf .If.
oewsoHimrs, in the rnH.iwih wonla
'It is calculuied tbatSTthe' Votl.m rored
Iri thB Southern-Bfatea. t,nW twloa aee
a .1 at' 1 ll ft t 1 -
Ointiufncturod in ut bikmiio aim wnani
Statca." -' -
WhaltaWIVoittfif aiiht hfir, wtimt,
in oftlor thai .Una quantity of cotton omy
he mnnufactured in the Middle and Hanlem
Ptatea, the Southern Statoa aro prtvonted
ffom eelling afoW tA q nattily thai i
300,000 balea of cotton to f .eaiait nations.
If wo are asked for the proof of thi, e
fit if tlwb r:r.-7:ip?z'rtTr-'
, These 130.000 bnl of cotton, which.
coat 10 eta. par bmJ, aro MJvarted . iaio
cloth, which aella fif at jeaat 40 cent per
pound, aa ma be evident when it ib known
that a oound of otton will make five yarde
ofchth worth 8 cwrta per yard. A Iwle
ofcottim weigha about 800 imtk, and
tho niiantity oontaumd in lSff.ODO haloa ii
eooeeqiirtlyf 45,000,000 pounda Cr
which tho mananeiurora, ai iw av.
pound, pav W00,000. Dut they Bt :iie
cloth made imt of hia cotton, U the am
ouut of four timna- that aurathat w, to Uio
-m,ini of tl8.000.000. Now, let any
Lmtha aouthcrn .J'J".
thorn rott-m manufacture! to the valuO of
118,000,000 1 . Ami wauluV thoy not, be-
U1... mra ua thoir coo.! mncn emmner :
rk. ia not a douU but thnt ' th Tariff !
enablea lha cotton hianufacturers to got at
lea two cent pef J wd more tir their tn-,
hnr liMir M areraffo than tho tame
auuniti eoubl bo procured fot clscwliere
i. m - - i - I mmntm
This increaaa nt price a vyvu iu icy
r mund of cloth. tTie United Statea,
'' ' yl.- J All.iii- . mtiniir.e.flirH.
i Kan itirtv Would be if WfcT . wore to pro-
eirroallther cotiainrta fromi abroad, and
rilih .fbratwaiiweiirer mo,
materialor wawnif. sro w "y
a ppOar at rang; .but w" will aubatammtaF it
twaeratriTWo iHunBiwir
' A rarmer haa M raw a tMisnei oi wneai
worth one dollar.. He; wanta Uyard of
doth, for which !h' American roaiiutaTfu
rer aska 9 1,-and will tako hi liuahol of
wheat in pnrr vovmnt, at one dollar.
foreiffnor will furnish him yard of tha
tame quality of cloth for t& 1 Now, it ia
iitlclear, thnt to the firmer it
rtier it makes no wrwt
HOC. .id eH-t, .ccoroi... Ul . .n "''Te ld hue .he
m and meaning wr ""T """'..r I'V ... , )P(t.
. Aod rr,thopeoPhjr-itbt'anIina,to .mvrfti; rt-unn3 . .... -
. . .1 ' ... r..n ..,!.....-vl f'.,.t i ,U iv enno. t d.i. Iw iweri.
r ",v,ln, " r1" c .it u: n ..w be vi
l he uovemmeni w urn vhj "-. "
Western Carolinian
',vMif(irr i.)ar.Jaf.ah atl,
hun Ihn ah-ul in M't piym-iii, w
tLfcrb-jyailJib IJ, a-
wr lha wiH-ai r u .u.hii.
iTt.aJih.;; '"'i '" "d-'f-ww
ik'iWH he tan pewei0 tlt tlt In"t
wouWN rnk atnpi'liiy, and th iRrfiwir
iMto fcttdt'i pffM the ame rewih l
iM-nnirfl tho md (oliwt on iaealW tlie
AhVrfcin'Hittttti be bmbor.W io
tha belief that it wHiH nnkinily bf
hit infer to Rive bi wheat nomm
'at Prwir mtiat W f ia ebMlw-;
iktween the C1 -f tbO fl-Kir tnd the
cott.. tliem i rw li.T rriv a ( awl, what
tatrwrfif 1'-Uat, U mImM
H0,0t)0 bah. 4" Cjtt'U.
TU T?ftTytfthrl'riti
Vm lmhera id'lU Auierifaii SyMern
ii Tt., c Mi -fliarflrf'tr!
areiimiiMird, by (iofwrameut, if H' HT
ule fvxiM bo e.mirned M work, ra
f...,t , tlieir
M.tidtl .rfHre eeikn., areui to b rajber
uwm toat.H.1 work lheimlel tt""i
u. tha rapit-li. we all Tuv.w tnal mry
l.lw.r aa bll niaiikiiw rfgrd it.
.i . .k.t r.J-Jv wuiild enuaje bi il
i.. r.M tu-tn .1. Wo irtthk -f nwnual la
W n.,t tl lUr oj th: lieud, ir that
prta of tight orCMjmtimi which ao.iMi
Imm a vi.limtnrv priw;ile, unaert4ko
Cr ain-wiMi.t. Inffcwl. f" f""" ,',,'0,
being B !fcifiir, l'y I""""'"'"'"''
4 Ve find rt denwn.cod in i!k 3d (TUai : r
..i-i-:..-.. In i ho awrat f thy fwe shall
rood eat bread tiU U rtl iril unto the
(jr'Xi xl- i i M
in: npnfiunia ciiu!J be inatiul at o'l
In Intfrf rmp with tt uuL.f
by Ubuf.aud orlj by the t?1?1 .b.M
can they bo brs-Ui into tsialeo. U it
not. Ilien-fom. U.iwi-i4 U Wi cr.-
. . . I... 1... j.m I ,yy. , idi V iff UV UCII'I 'U '-'
,vf i it iwt ickr J-tr Gvern;nM.U tu f(ho T raiortC ! uJ tlio ti allaxt
fp.l fJ .lavs to pr.J lAto Sut0 0r s,j(!l Carolina ! Sho who
riir.- Ih bread r 1 1 clothmif whicn mi'1;tycrf(f Bnj MrdW freely In thw-foriU ut
d iv'a lalmr Could eoiiiinttml It thty were
I..IV freto-emt.Uv tlieir imJuatry in tin wiiy
hnawa bv Hm-oi to bo nvt eonducivo to
tfjiur puralc lOtcrtjJ LT.b'i'H wlwt. thtv
ntenfrt. the mlv.'.leB of tho K'ifnc.
tiy !vsiem, wl.erev.-r they may eiiM, are
in(1 tin ' a wound um the b-!y ocial,
which a lonH' In'" of renla.K:o cannot
mi. Iu EngUa-1, they ore atarving th
InWrs; .! country, they are treezunr
ilierf. In Vafi'.d. H-7 "V. ,r 7
-hir to ennr n til" wenllfcv la-l owners, tne
TaVwif;. f"T abiUmg bw-
np.-nnydonf;n tWciuntry, tbey any,
that, in onler t enrich th - weitlhy mnnn
hvUm i cspilKli-ts, I he htmrins people
shall p.y' for a yard tif ftmnH
price at whK"h it rnn le had m other pla
eo-u la ouB cmintry il UcV.Icd the Cora
lw Syatem. in tl other lh American
Syn. mi lHltbh fimd precisely the
Mine r.-sults an oravotwrtJ. by brfman
mean. of ibo nriiuituo aciilcm ? ol coiiuei
rmlion. - : . .
- ;(:
r ARL! .MnTART imUkxeihxgs.
.... Mr, Itunt preae.nted a petiti-
Marv Hmith. of, iirin
pnm that alio and otlicx. (pinstrrt. m
j Iw. ..rloilnd from the riaht d w.mi
k.- l,nv a v.Uco in the election of hmji'h
ber$(laiizhter,HTho prar 'eotnplaiurd
the constitutmrt, ltiHujl Iboyvre. epuh
or-lled to coutribu'O t. tho; tuvw ctieeit
and laughter.) The lion, intmh-i -saw no
EWl roanonlortixcluiling women fruui ju-
SirF. French obscrfed, thnt there
mi.'hlboanwkwardreM ifjurie werato
corwist of an equal nuinlier of uien and wo
men, in bkin them up without fire or
candle (laughter.) Ho P-nred that il would
ormnrctrrn y .d'iiooranlu BtUtt
.i.u.aniiit la mnnv caso with Jtiries not to
lonkea ifocdy derision, however eleaf the
eviileoee (bnghtcr. After a lewd ro
mark from an ln.rlorablo mourner
Mr. Hunt, aaid, that he saw no objection
In jhe mixture f mer. and women on junea.
ho bad no doubt tlwl tho Hon. member
(Sir F. French had often beenall night In
Mm company et w?mn "
them' the lrat harm (cheoram laughter )
Sir F. French : But wo wero not lock
eiupfngrfter.) Mr. Hunt -move.1 that
th. n..iiiM id" Mias Mam Smith, of&and
more, oravina .a voie in uio en-mwu w.
r . .- .... r
member, b? printed.-Mr. Staidcy aid
oala. Mr. oWrvod hal Mi.s8.h
StRudiiigOrrfcrm besides ahe was a ladynd
. ' ' When a ladvV in the ca", .' .
' 1!! other tiling. f cmr eive place.
Paushtcr.J Jlo-put it w tne gauamrr w
thetliMisa wnetner isa pinn.mi oy.
go to press, and would abide by tkat teat in
a ihvisnon, but none v piaco , aim wo ...
dorrfood that rf waf agreed that tbw poti
Uon aaould b prmred.
mii'ifia-Fhtt-Btiiitrtn ffcily AdTer-
.tUcr contUina mo loimwins wbiboh.ii...
The import oT mrrjh mnnuracTBre?
mind, paving i pcf ct. dirty, into Mont
rea.kduring ltew.(,aif on the JOth,
excoaJed that the e-wreapohding qiwr-
i r ihn last vear, try X l a . 70.
That Of tho JuW dUarterof thia
yeaesccedod that or the im quarter ot
iwt vear; bv 1 iwa. Bay
-Hpoo- thie text, the Ne, Hampshire
Pnr.;nt mnkna tho f illowini comment i ';
"It i wxjII known mat a targe partem
Jwaed single, nd jet cxcl.i.W ?wrt
frnm a due rrtwitWi1Tlo.rfcoucfiloC
theaeIontrear;importationa pmfists.ofr enough :'maoy are buried in
cloth imrrted to J vemletf directly in
the IV. ted Suit'sa, by aiuhlry American
lutein" jeniryg iij all tf brja tewtu-
The T-n(Tn o- )et . 0mk.Ii rr'l'ieed l"'!'
. i,f,.fill.: let-.."' l-f a.mi,;m; r" 1
Ul driven.
Iv mi. h n
- tax . I . . at tlaarall
b I . aim ii rri i " f
mi. li autn paiii l" '"""J
Cl.v and tho " Amrean !"ytm,
the nuwiirlurer lin-Iea.
fcwaaiaia i... t.aiai- '"'
rvv1 . -'-' ',' '
SOUTH CAkOUVl, ut swUtflCD
'tifjtTiairr atTt. ' -"
I erC"wairif f :iiT6'roll,"eiTr;
that tHtrtii f South. liinJuia,. J.y
their Megatea, wer then in aofcnm Coi.
vBBTtoiaa-rfnilded, for tlie epresa pir ,
p.e if iiilcrp.miiig tho 8ovr.t loiry ol
tlM TaTt, to prvw-rvo tilt rtntt Cosj.
eriittto.-and tVir own fig'rta, afsinsl
r'ederal naurjmti'iii, and oporeawn. 'We
can oow aniKMince, what wo then anticiji
ted, tfiiton th5lthtniit., tho Coiiven.
'li.,o a.V,ied an OltDIN'AN'Ci:, .ks taring
ihoTaritl'ttCts, f?firVt'W, ami, thnt
Hie amohall UM tt.aml Voiu, witlnn
the Mate ol ooutn wtrmnia, ancr mo
dy of IVbruaiy iieit. The Onotuxcr,
iiself.will bo found in another part of thi
pjicr: we aak our rradcr to h-0 It
rarefol; and attcniivc perusal. It ii drawn
up with grrot rare, and prov'ukt aaina!
every poamblccaan of evaeion : Tho Inn
irtape is, bull, nd di;mf:-d, nnd tlie A
Ordinance, iliows that it ie tho work d"
biwI hrnrr. that uiderstand their
'mlu, and daro maiulain them. .
i , . . -
70, now njaitt, has throwjn herself in the
hrem-h o Liberty, am! of tlie Conifititlrnn.J
.ti!jj ahepe to prttrte Willi 1 Bho alam'a
tn the p of a political Tlicrmofjl, Hie
champion of Htate-Rights II, l aoc
reds hi choking the mnrrh rf I'enritt
U nrATt.iJ', CTV tj.o rtenrcd righta of
ihe MBtea, and tlie liberties of the TeopJe,
(h n 1'itr.r.DOX will be aafr, and our glori
aus, mey euat f.r age, on a.
get to cpnie Uit if thtfaih, ITie IN.
ior is "it an end, and the Constitution wilt
be no mors.
U'e, aro not of flial claa of mm, who
ever wero diaposed f lietly to aubmit to
l!ia inifjuitou Taritf; On tho enntnlry,
we bate litld that the Tan comt
ojf. W however, emild havo winlied ltiat
mtf aister trrrsuc, bad delayed tb ac
tion tl her frrcipiry, at len4, oha year
L'mger, ui wler to fiivo tho now fngreaa
an opportunity to d jutico ia tho Sotru.
STitre, ' howeTrrv the p4e (A South.Cjro
tinn, hoVe theoslrpr.perThot to bca the
yoko Buy looctr, but to throw the State on
i,or rratrrrJ rfcAM, wo wjr, may
tho Cod of Liberty proper bar, for her
raur, ia ur cjuwatbo caua0--fcf.Uia
whole South, t Fct;toii ItJttf! "
Wo call lha Btteiition ct our rcaJcra lo
n communication, in thia pnpr, oo the
Cholera, by our fellow citiien th. Smith,
who has been oxtcasrvbly conversant witu
Ihii diaeae having been ofRcialty attaclh
ed to one of the Hospital ef Tarte during
tho prevalance of Cholera in that city
and who witneased-it aubsoquenrly in IVon
dlffiffwJrOMcMrjq Sew York.- Wicn wo conaidor Ilia ti
lenta and attainments of Df. Bmitb,lii hab-'
it of clue and minute ohsertation, and tho
opportmrttiea he possessed in Europe, par
ticularly (n Tari wo aro Inclined to
tbjtdt that no phynciaa hi thia country
can impart more accurate & useful inform
ation relative to the Cholera than he cart
As an,evidence of his assiduity while en
gaged in the Neckar, we nabjuin
a certificate, from the auperintmdant of
that institution, which we found prefixed
trr. ' "'-'1L-4;I. -Mi flmrAmwmt BKaakKuiSiBfft tV
Ur. amiunn iew iorir. ,
rliv ot Mcaicina of ne .w wij scm..,
h.i tatibcl Sinitb M. D. bat been nirared. d.i-
riiK the-Whele fteie Ihia dia! (the Cholern)
.aa prevailed in thit City, i the treatment nf
(Miolera iwirntt of thu HoanlUI. tm thSt lie
u attended lni"" wnn a umtiuaa in aeai
letcrvine ib hiihai -praise, an.! s hich hav:
pracurad riir him s reavincraiton from the fee
ral aaniniatraiK)n or omm'p"',wj in c
treat oT ti'ia brethren', the f hrticiani Bnd aur
gonaofthe Ii 4oitii "''.'
rris Neckar H 'pSl. Mckefeau 0. M. P
.'wswrtflawwradtw -
The late accounts fron New Orloana,
art of tlie appatirng n'aruro7' -Tbo1
ChMird,-iYelh-Feeer, and Cold Pla-
gut seem ail to have met there, and prove
oWriietive beyotsi ill fofrmar example.
For a time, there were 200 deaths per
day. Whole femiliesjiaye been' twe'pl off
jn toe course oi noure cyuuw caomM
botes ond others merely TJca.aj outr and
thprjwn iato ere dUcU4 War tWU tha
fl..injclrvl fromfclleraaud faptM'
Ktirart olt Inter r m nerttJ
u-i In Saw Or!raie, datH Wit Mf.
M f ha ttrkna haiabil-d in Blwir
inra my Uat re-rt-la to yJ, n4 wee.
,rt il alt ii-ribtr wakatilo w &
Ul'that iHir c ny wdl
ai ti'vo ai.-rai-o at thia a""" d'ha
artivo aj.f
tear. II
'i Nf pi-lemira bar r-o i
U..w la ll.U State, and it will U aoirw Uu
ero aho will reefer from t. . It l
thul Iwenfy eiat.t hundrc l Negr-wa btve
died til thia City ainca the eornnmnnnivnt
of tl Chob re. Very Bny bav died, on
.1.. ..I,,.,i,i,.,w mi, the nlmitrM and WT-
ehinta ara to fmner ted, lha misforfuW Of
iha one nn1 oeri aarly ltorlno. oiaer.
ilra-wiU .Botbti much bi.incaa d-mig
liera the middlo id" IWmUr.
vl. v. n,iAMu AJvertiwr f tho
7rnMrt. wvtfWe'aro hffV 4a
tho aidhoriiy.of miny . rei-n-.tsblo ami t
pri'i ted rhy"ieion, ,thtthl sirK
which bn spread cor"4ern;iii'ia oMrcity-j
for the nt few divs, Ims roimtOeratty ao
atcd. TbaltliWrawhiidi rur m.w
are mure mann jU uiidtheref m the d"
trucriow hy tlw cHit4iitt urt ki Ht' 0
i v.. We are induced to Iw-p thalfrin
,Uv In .Vjv frmn the tir"llt. WO lliull
have ton agreeaMe ink ol anuouuemg
liiniriiitioii in iho nrilaily.
A b tt'T, d.itod '.'.I Nv. depiffs.rbe fol
lowing b'lrribW atato ol'ihinrs in New Or
leans i '
" Thesifkiie at this p!ac eOtitmues
to increase to an olarmin attetit, yettt-r
Li y wo had 177 deaths, llrfiday bclure
t? ) 3hI r.u Tuewlay 110 where H will
tiiwl Cnd knowt. 1 lie mh:ibitAnts are com
plctely panic at ruck bmi ftrea td tar and
pitch aro now b irmiij in every airrsriniiM
cr.ntimml iHing of cannon j wnai tinct an
ibis will have ujain tl alrmsiphere renmina
to tse seen. Ytenlay, at night, tbera r
mniiM'd nearly 153 corutea uiiburied in the
church yard.'
Chalrra nt .Vra Orlrn: letW
from New OrbaiK, JaUmI 'M N. receiv.
e.1 to MlIhI", giv.a the folluttin
ofujti'rmcntaforlhe wrrk,codiii It Nov:
FrWaV, 2"ih (Jd.
Rafardny, 27th "
r?ti:i,7aT; ' 2Wi
Monday, 50th '
Tueadnv, h
WodiK-iilnv. 3 1 st"
"""Tliur3j"lt'?fo. "'
' 1070 -
Tt dot about the anme as j-eierthy.
Chit day rtrr. An i ltmct d a letter
from New (Means received by this dey'e
mail, dated the S.linst. itatea that there
were on Mm aecond inirt., 170 iniernients,
U a ereat mov n.4 ccMMUd.bun2ari!r2
in the night in tbo . vncmijjl'ts
eitV. The mprnes onthe pluntaiwiw il ii
ad t-d aro flying fist, a'io the Catib. Tie
Ailillery Cornparn.;3 Were firing CantK'ii,
andlhc-atreels Mazing with fim. kindled
in them from Tar, which had burnt two
!itrie homes and injured ntlmn, - v
. Breud t mud lo b cry acarec and the
people imiiii2 all over the city ! Iwv it,
most if th"? Nrg'roea w-l mpin to tlw Ba
ker whops bcirij itk, one' Dulcr loiing 1 1
In one day.- '',""
.:.,. ,:.v.iiinia. ;; ; ;
Two Scriatora will bo cisctoi, by flie
Le"iilalure'al.ifs Uet "actiaruif."
Ttii a't term will expire ne tt JIarcl), anJ
ilr. Tlnwtti. hm retigii.fin..i
fyoKTB CaioUxa haVrng i'itcruJfJ her
Sovkrsw.I powon,.d, f Kjtt bar jcryed
right,' aijist. fodural usurrsitiun, the
quoatioti buw wrcea itseu up, wuu u
Coiigrei dot llio tn-thuilting' part of
liial'ttrikTCicliotiftt tho North, amJ, in
dted, their aCics ticre,- answer, why, let
the GEXtJiAl oovfKXHE.vr put her down!
Men, who, for years, have been- heaping
very specie ef a bus, and contumely on
Cent Jackson, ijow cry ortt, ah tfie old
llero, wilt soon put her down,: Ho will
toon blucliae herport with "Revenue cut
tera," and a Frigate P The rnnre thin
king portion however, of tho. Tariff men,
already soo thnt thii will not do. " I'
raise my ruice in advance; says Rtniel
Webster V against tne "employ rrtent of
forte there is a dignify in Siute Nulli-
ficution, says the great I hilade Iphut Law.
yer, Horace Binney, there can be no
;liemtorsays the Ricumoxo Wnia,-(.ur.
Clay's leading paper) but that Nullifica
tion, is thO Republican doctrine of 179S.
....... . ,-..,:- ft. - iliiwum-Te't BlWW'
E ..kin1iir V n1i i ti r i-.nru KAmi'
.... . ., ... . , , .
iatobedono' A little reibxtion will, show
us that Congress -ha three afienatires to
choose fromltTtolrbiafafjUeBi(Jjyi a( forces -2d. The repeal oflheTarUT,
to a strict revenue point, and, thirdly ,to caj
t Convention of all the 8tatea7Th1oartiea
to (he compact, and submit the question
to their decision. . As to ihe first alterna
tive, the eindyy ment of force, it ia not bfo.
babletri,Ati-will lia-reaoftcJtoor,
thtfficstirfall wason,-Conyrr?f Har m
rigkt 14 id to. ThA Constitution' gives
t h iierreral Oyernineiit tier powers to i
forte Against a Sovereign' atate. That the
Government has a right, and it is its dirty.
to put dowii ecwliiuatiohs of turbulent uuli
viduaU, ui tfny part of , tha country, who
resist tho laws, tho iriiilrey in.
imeiioHth PenbsylfatMa, ort' Shay'i
surrectioti, in Massachusetta, ia beyond a
aliadowolT doubt ;--but when a Sovitxiclt
J ?
Srt anodgoa that iot agect,' tha
V i d (J .rniii' i f, has, ,i ,
I -
tra M fim in lh f a,,nt
00 ie'-.Ul 44 r'aie, xoctnlj ar,v
Lie thnnwIieti.gotiH'r, in a4nni;i Gi.
Vention, and tln, and there, uVclara
VI unfoiulitutiitnal, 'umI, Cw.arijtitlr,
null ami wln're, van ask, U lha grtu
clo, aetilOTM, or wrd, tA lha nnttitui"
that tv by age tmplitBliim
Cmgrtaa p9r to put twr ewa f Iiri).
im4 bo found. , If lU fixlerkl IJ ai-miM, t ,
atlnmjt tit put mH CarJiua down hr''.
nee, ii in iJ aa mittwg aetHa ,i
ol tyranny, and H-mtU LanJma, wi() ft
nil .
fi b:nd ffirirtjinjtrp for her h evrrt J5utaTT'
ii mi i iiKm.
'fhetTrrrt are the frtetn-rtu the f. J." "
cral tompiifif sl-y -rmrl-d, jartr f iriaTT'
ami ctfieiK-c to the rcd-Tal Uivvrr(tiirof;
Ibey arnthe fKltcirAii, lul tho jf.
trnmtai la .aily I ho agini la etorufa t'f '
lain power ajM-cilically f iten to i ;u "
written articb, tallod ton CVajrrwa,
the L . Matin, la lira Of rut nrri j,t(j
iho priu-ip tlf h, tbl CKiUurt btcotiM
ni're powerful than its creator f SUnjfo
AorsT lie permittea t overall p ui
ud do acts ofiiircMive to o.m, r more
t,he rlicir'iL,hndth. ft heu ilnwe pri.t
tipatt coinyhiin, ri'rjrt to die Uvomi u '
enforce its uqMitMit? If o, ttn-n tLV
f ceref l.ovcrnment bat imleod bctao
Iba judge td.ia oan pewera, and e bart.
girtrcrnineiit vithnt limitation ojoavrt
a wu'iso evil aTiys TilJiaua hSLtiw, lhaf
disunion it If.
The J'trdi rul gavennnenl Ins no poJy
tooMrce a aovercign stale, and tJJeTan
conslidutioiut iiu v Branch for it, ta (U -
cmMitutur) V"'il l')"Uf44y.illi(ut.
ing rt. -
In the CTnwntionj ulno'j tf,.im:l t.
r e.ltral conlitutou, wvrral lUluiuptt vtm
mntlo b' the monarrhlral part if, in LuiIkt
Martin, callt them, to giro tha tjei(r&
7nernment the pfwer to rt rrr a refrtc
reMie,i. UimvoI Uiese jrop.iuons standi -
on the Journal in the f , Mowing word "If
shall oppoa", ot j.rcvuat (lie carrying lib)
esuculiuM iMch acts or treatir(,f lite IV
Ion) "tlie folcral ex"ctitivo aludl be'ad.
thorizediaxail frth the puwisMf tla
Cotkfuicrutcd i:'kjlL,or aa much Iikkm-
shall entorcc, or compel Oio bbe.licoceTa'
auch ort.., or nlMMlicnce of auch treali.
Tliit firop.wition wj promptly rxicL
Here, then we see that tho power to co-
erco a rfatp was atfeinprcd to bs givei
and cxprewly refuscj to thu FeJuru! got;r
Ltriimeiit ; ond, yet there aro mou aiuoog.
mi, wno cinnn tne power lor mo general
oovvroaifflitv and are ouxiouj to eee LLcfI
crciscd atinl 4 saej Siato What.ahi
we tlMtkAwktwrauo? ,They tniwi ke-C,
long to I hat r.h)Lof pol.iticia,TI...llJfcC
Uio words of the v Irginia Resnluti'ins wisb
to cur ''Reouulican syslem t'i) ft
States rraasformod iulo an absolute, or tt
bojt a uu'xed inonorchy." The FIeril
jnvernmvtit then has no power to use.
"uinsl 8ulh Carolitia, at least, no
slitutiiMiuI (Kiwcr. But, "suppu-io ilul lha
"." ... v..Si.j, a .ki..
ty, should so fr forget themaefveV as )
puss an net to employ f rce cither eft
land, or water agmust Booth CareluiS"
will I'roiilcirt Jackson, give his signature'
to such au act ? Wo answer no,' , h 3
not ; and, we have bis own authority in aj.
aualognus ctjse, fir answering on !
jTlwa- J.ha ...piJUj pliiUiUhrjpis of v.
North through their still more piouiagest
Worcester, fll Culler," now aiiugl) Wf"
ed In tlie Poniteutiary, were atimaU
ting tlie Indians ia resist the laws
gi, and urging tha General (JovermneJl .
to pul Georgia down Ir military .forcaj -
what did fcehl. Jackson say tothomMo
. j - '.Vil
lus talk to Ross and the other Indian un
e-jfttion in April 1820," be 8ays, '"T'a1
word of iho V. States might be ljokeJ ta
as. tho oriticr in suoh an iiilorrVreoce.
Hut ihi$ enn mpcrAe dtMTmMfSltm.
dent cann'oj, and will fi'of beguile vbtftfiA''
such nn expo elation.
govern rrnt con acwr m tnvMveayi rr , I
attt Siati ofthe Unmarmff.lheJt'fe'k
f those legitimate povrera which brV jm
to Iter bovkbk i-tarV.firthi-
solemn Bvowal of Oenj. Jackson, toy
one siippoee tnataa trouU jiAty jorti..
even if so authorised todi I jy Congress. .
BuVthis is not all. Ir, Jj, first meiafl9
!o Congress, heexpr" asserts that "V
eoVerwrntnt ir r jf lotcT0'''"''
excre'isj of any power considered doubtful
gresi to aubmit the dispute to lha sqw8 1 1 . ti
oi ail power, namtv a convcuiiuu v. -
States. ' .. " ''
The'ee areeoly a (ew of many Instruct
rere Gonyacksoa baa vow'1 010"'
entfrelyTat irirttKffoi;"a
piny moot of orre against' a'JorC,
State But tjfailifiW"'

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