North Carolina Newspapers

    ffcsfmi Carolinian.
. -v
-iriiot svatem. that baa alt
f at laat, whin aha aaw that' aha
rtii wa iu anawea TituHw
tairinl rather than endure thw, toaullcr Win
ir;ftnai.iawiefa,ji' !"
lir. Tha chai'e. af ahe ta to be huolod
down, will find her nut fly inf. but at bay.
Tiiav threaten ut with war t ana iwy
mtifWto( pcaca' afld Union;""'; Are thust
4 m-MMir, that deaolate-oor whole coutitnr,
aatcn-f-1 lha , wuica piwa wirav
ejiTwIv c'ruefi jwijihti ri B
iaW-'inim'it-nsI -
Bat tjTanny U pafpntoal war. TUit
eyhii'h they nm ttryin againtt a, may not
. ,iMiiiia iwr aUajhur amiea. ..But it
Aaewa.thnfl wtnot, ara wquaUV fiOal.
:-: hyWcrtv and deaolatioa raaroU with it and
T" V' "frr'ntile fcrinjff up itt ifi-Tr!t''pnr.'s.'
-; vil- ' If wari therefore, or aucSf peace ia ifiie,
$e t!rt alternative, that they are delerinin-
. -jfaj to flirije upon na,thn ehoice ieantaay
w. LH it be a brief, but bold atragle,
Ciat ahall give ua, at once, either blind and
bniul alarerjf or a secure and hooourmbl
Tiie course of flie central Ooverhmefnfj
pj!iowover, as cjearea ofrr ownw If cannot,
mimm", faTt4aka llahl pi la
r rr- hie ordwleracy' from diawdution,
iiJ porhapa blood, tt mfinf, and, we dare
oaay it, will caff Convention ef tha
' ... Ju'EW TAHirr.
. , Bom Oct.,
- ... : " 'fethrXiy an adjourn Mretitiji on tlie
iljjcct of the propel Tariff was helJ in Hull Hon. Win. Gray Chairman,
VTm. Poster. Jr. Secretary.
A Ion an intertsting rephrf waa read I
, L nicotioj which coocluded wilh the Mww-
Rnalrti. That we have rejrarJed1 with
fnqsurt the MUWishinout and weeess of
jljifiorea arnwiy-ua, ami wmwjdornei
jrowth when iwtaral vaA -enontaneon, and
t the ra)ct ot a . aysteraoi iKiutities mno
"pritctions ab evidoiico of general wealth
. turf prosperity.'' :il...;.,..,Jk.,.',-r.,.
, JZt$olM4,Thf retyirij on the Ingenuity,
entTpriaf, and-akSUf our fellow cititeim,
w bnlieva that all' Maoufcruries adapted
Co our character and'clrcutnatahcea, will be
htioduced and extendel as joo; and M far
a will prontoto the puUic ihtorcat without
I n v further ttUoeJaejaow
. iJ3oZad,. Tbja.riO
Io l-o n'ie to any amount of Taxes equal
' V apiionod, and Imposed- far the pur
pnn of raising revenue neceiary .Cr tha
upporf of tha Ulovernment but that taxes
'jmo'Kied on the people for the sole benefit
c anyonrclaaajof men, are equally incoo-
Distent with the principles of theruostltu'
fjon and with sound policy. :
RrJif. That the Supposition that an.
fil tne pmposeir tarifforsome similar own".
jur he adopwi? we are, and shall be d .
yn''nl on foreiirners for tW irn-an of sib-
. iien &d ickutt ia ia ottr opmwa aj.their isUbitaats vn fcst euitod, ti i(,
.1 CiH
i or i!m
if y H fr-j
' i v 1
j. (Vial pflJrU on
uo that the farmer
, he now does f r alt
'VmrVaH aewU"
kh impoaitiiFaof duties
Is, & d-ired by large
ple o be unequal and
m as . il eucoyrages ilig
it we are of pinion the
lud the principle on which
jod would, if adopt!,
, however diiPwnt mat be
mmo who roewmrneiM iimtn
industry, Imirmle the proe.
rupt lt worele I the jo.
lusfia and tha lion. Daniel
feesed their fnllow citizen in
rpoft and resolves, in speech
i dirtingunned lor closeness
variety ofillusiratr-io aud
bet. '.
t was thMi Mrptod ; ot tho ra
SuModoJ Ly lua commit lea uo
thank to the lion. Mr. Otis
and to tboaa kMititbara IVyin
ji tha H'MiMof Rfotalif
'.VJfBE VTll.
jt TIm wbukj liidi-
J to tlm liiiiltxl 8atoa,
.j i n... u
iaty aurrry id aa aoou oa
fettiM and aii it at mjUImi
i niaiiurr, and iu Hi" airw
fpecU a ottkr public lanla
nude a xi aa I ho land
It i atipul-iled that llio
to anlnct tnr inwiiaBlvrn, a
: ot tho Miiupr rivir .md
liilhofff'aaay lK tor thf fiit
ir laoda. n.ioutJ tii'V t-e
teinovo Ixi'irn mai itsia, un v
ited to retain a tract oflanJ lr
Ly Xo livo ou until llie) fix uponj
I ol tftfTr futtirj TTwImiC'). tt" tn ,
asroed huwever, tlml will
otaomt 4luivtii-v-.uuJw?..;o
, be4d w tlw ottiW Inifila - arc.t
i Iiuliai) territory nut Dm hcch-
thoin,i t bo .U, wtii-n stnviv. d
sranoe are pi-unitlvl to niovo un
eileil land, uiit,il tljelil tili plarpcrpi.d to'lh 17tl Oi-rjb;r t'fcalber with
nlrnTi i J j i r'"" -t r t
drivrooiT. TIio Cliir.kauwa arc Ut re
eeiva the nett proccod -arwiii from the
ale o( the..4ndcdi-dctiii2 aiLii'ciJ'mtul
exnonnrn coneifctcd witn lbs aorvy and
mio uf the aaino. . -Tin)r.irll of all lli
moorydVriretf frwn tho Tanf li,'-arti in
be vcated in UucJt at uttorotf nv tne lien-
end Uoverunwnt,' f r iho bniiefit of the
Oiicluwaw 4Ututtvl.wiiiif ficm.o uaa
the interest, but never tocli the prineip-l
reservMif thai aea fund.-fcir the nae-of tlit
oiUiuii' forever Tho wdt territory la
obnit.lW iiiilui tqoarf, and the .ouwber
lutacreaiaeatHnatedut 7,000,000.
Florttct Cat
Cite7.s rvrw sen ATpn r . :,
The following jft-ntloinon. have Uecu na
Md as caudidMtsa Uv auiiply the sacaucv
wrsiiioned fey ih r( Air. 'luxe
wtH. nMii.iiniii utkma Lfili, U v.
Flovd. Judt9 Ibtrlioor, Vm. s. ArrheF,
Jude Tucker, Wjn. C. Rives, John Han.
dulph, Philip R. Tlioiiipsoii,- and primp
some others.
Why have the nreleiMknof Gt Wm
II. Ddna been overhiokod 7 ' Wo huvo
hunrd his name meutiniied in private !
aud .iao tiI.. if,Juji.;j..J,cy AwJa'.'f
vetersbtfrg. ' v ho ta to be the suncesalul
candidate, is alUit tlwir nv.ttor ol coojih;
tiir. Virginia ma ds a firm and hono4 own.
Rienti" who noiniiwtos (!ov. Floyd,
sliuii certainly appear in our next.
" : - ' Ji'Jcrtcniaii.
Composition of the Senatt, after the ttk
y March xl. ITio vruiiintou corres
pbtofcht of fh N. York- Journal of Coin
uwrcw muket the Mlowinjr estimate of ili
strength' of parties iu the Senate of the U.
nitwi Statv, alter the 4t of II arch next t
t 1 S. Carolina, 0 J
t ' 1 Gmirgiii, S O
6 3 Alabama, 1 t
0 2 MissiaMppi, 1 1
0ar !uijwaita,-0
Rn Wiratlr-a
Mew York, r I
New Jerseyi 0
tt-Missoartf -a-
f Itlimni, ... 8
Indiana, 'T-fl:
1-Ohio. , . 1
9 Kentucky, 1
9 Tennessee,- 3
Pommy Ivauia, 1
Delaware, a. II
MarvlanJ, A
Virginia, 2,
N.Carolina, 3
0 TM, 81 37
It is true there U aomo difficulty in mar
hallin. such wen as Moore of Ala
baina, Buckoef ol Miaaouri, and Hen
Kentuckyr RobrnsotVof lllinoi''Thy
huve the qualities of the Irishman's' pig.
wtueh'fitv about so that ha could not eotiut
lfit be a wise ordinance of Providence
that one nation ia dependent on th proa "
perity.jf another, it is a foolish ordinance
ot man which- endeavors to counteract that
superior decree. - Countries when toft to
thprnselvw-flinrrish, in tliose branchef bfj
industry f r whoh thoi'r several positions,
soila, cliinate", and the different genius !
thy bvo freedom if i tTC'fiK, ' su
periority id eh eotm! ii it own, pur
mut U (J U other.' ' Il i a
brnefrt to IrrUnd that tl pwU En
land, by their pouliar akili, ereeuabW la
produce cheap nwnufactjret it Is a bene
fil to Enalanif that the people of Ireland
n rsiae chap food because;, bt the tree
landeaay iritereourae between the count
ries, Irrhwvl buys cheap manufactures with
if mpf rflii'iw agriculturnl produce,. and
England can rt food mora easily than it
would otherwise obtain H, by the rrmnofae
lures which it da not consume at homo.
''in vfattkmfrAj nwtwmc mtr ufren
brx to cwQ tha benofijs f commerce,
Hid to countered th arrangement of na
ture wilder which each nalim Km some pe
rtt(itr,adviitage in prluaionsukh,b
mwnaof tTWsm 4 tn(j,tatDw nv
mon blewiing to the huinau race but whm
ireighboring countries alredv enjoy free
dom of iiilercnuese, it would bo a mure
than ordinary Mly te hrrive tltesn wf li
advantages of iu
London Club.
Jcfum PonrAaTc TIki "good aoci
Hy" of Lnnd'in am qoitv ahorked at tho
M AmtrUan habiti of tha'E Km. t
ing invilod to tha hnuao of a Unlr of the
km, ha aetonlly took leavn Imfun ! rt
of tlw fititera arrived- Tha hour of hall
pt km Piond tho Rojal Ion amofwhul
afcttwy, and bo wmiI umo ! He baa loia
Hr iiial a viiat of curioaily to tha lUdk of
EnglaiHl. It i vry natuml bo abould
like to look at. (bo airmg Ui wluira bo
luaaiat to kfp ku uoy.
I Lufaftt waa lately m-oled ot
Uii;iM!ntl, "iull 1 U.d. L.M to BDmi MM-
riJt: r-r" I fu-uik ytu," rolled the Eu
hup, ujIimu Ftttly." " Yiw iH.fid nH
be afraid, tin y rJ fwrtil au maigrt
puri;ly fir yiw.M 44 Tliev are like your
utiiwu uiouurcliy iiieu, rvplifd the (ire-
late, which wa lir-utwl fa rrpubui,
to ind JC'C V il tf BCtrpt u."
J i io IhwIiii ul d. I'uliiriMic hw vuQLr
d Utcly fromru cupti.ity, Il has hci-n
preying on hi nutuj, in apito v( hU f uti
tii'l and of the cmwinnt mid BtF.CIloiwtv
attciitiuiut of In k'i lli-iil lu !v. bha ia at
ll.ini, aid 'pcriniH-d to Visit liiiri IVoni "tJ
to lialf-pUNt 1 I I UlC llflWlHXXl. lilt IS (HI
I'rM'iiJIy in uih M. do CuriKiti Kau
illi:, a id t,li ir wtlicr fallow pritfoui r : but
M. ilo I'rM Jii i-. t aceuut-j have :ccilcd
, fi.jriTTf--4-.-wJuiiv. (JovGniniciit lias
' Jm.i i .c' J th: !.! nuuit-J (j'.tk-iimii ol hi
i u.v .mi . i , u occuut of lul-j'",: aJ
- xfif L-iiifrm Kng!aikI.-Thf) fir,
j iup ,mnd,i up. Atkius, wlucli arrived ul
tin pni'l )cit-rdM) , Lruu'lit tiics of F,nj
liuli pu ik) r. IHwluu to tlio loth, and Liv
i-lii-lil uina iu .il" iuuii UJII.-I. i ueM!
p ix r lunimU very little political now in
a Mil iron to tliat afirendy puulishud. .
Tlw new Krwncli -ministry M-sairl,-trpon
tha authority of the luteal r icucli- papvr,
pot Jfl J unptntlaj cilitoC-h the rood
gracrs of the oliticiaui'or" ih'tboC'Hifl.
(Jrrice.of t!w fnonicd people uf tho capiuil
-aud the presi nctim ahoodt uuauiuMiuly
to bavo sworn tha destruction of toe in; w
rabioct. Since its formation no leas than
0? oew prcra have btHM creaMJ. -
The Oirwttlod dilRrMooee between Hol
land and tMiain cuutinucd lo excite wucb
intoioul in England, and the ciuiuercial
interval, irlicularly, were treiublinjlv
uliv U tho jMiawbilify 'of ; coutiueutaj
...A roriwpomlunt under date of the Ujr I
(rue, ucu iz, aavs tor tais week fwHt-
4io''lHsrf' arw ft tnymt' tis V Dutch
There appears to bo nothing later from
Portugal. A! en and amis sro eoihrttuttly
dinartiii2 from England, dostiucd fwf tlw
service id Da Pedro.
Aineriean panors to the 30th September.
had rtMchud UhuIjii on the ICili uit.
The statement thut the lirilUh fi-iet
been ordered totlieSsclwtdt, Is pronounced
to be ucorrect it was merely to hold it
selfin readiness fur nmnodiute service..
The lute galos had becrt very destructive
to tne snipping on tne cotut ot .niana.
1 he biwly ot uupt. l l ul, ol toe kitip
Wnt Xtiliott, (or New Orloons, wrecked
on tho 8th ult. had been found near the
XortJi Buny. - Nouo ol the other bodies
had yet beetf dnind. ... A Mr, Smmnorvillr,
nttai lied to the theatricul profession, with
hii two daughters, wcrepassontrs in this
unfrtnnaW.fliipV Fraineuts of her vrock
less than S3 persona are suppose! to have
priMiea tiy uie wivck h tnis vetMei.
Oil board tlm ship Creeia.i, fbf fftatdn,
which sunk in Butle Day, jit tho sarun
O-tgtn' and ticr-sorfi boy lwnr 5" years "old;
were drowned, when hv went down.
fua cnptaiu and crew bnd a narrow is-
cape in gotting on shore in the b-ials. ' '
lite picket ship Algotunttn, which Wat
sunk in the same gaU of tho- 8th ull. Iwd
been raisicd and taken into dock:. ;
: The increase on' the laa) quart'era revw-
hue over tha corresponding quarter of last
year,' wa (J9urS to sterling. - r
' It wiHM pnrwivwJ 4ha en' enterprise
of no small imftor lance to tneapoedy coroi
munication between New York and the
South', hue been set on foot. The David
Brown, a neatly built steam boat, srell cal
culated" for apeed, by Kghr and narrow
construction, and under1 the charye' of an
experienced eoiiihinndcr, Captain Penoyer,
wtii set out on ner nrst trip to wttarri'stoa
in the course of next week. The pasit
will be made directly t Chariest', with
oat. twclji'ij'at any interajsiiate wrV It
will b p"f'rd ii CI
of 7d hHir. A
LfimiiWiiUali'l rlPrtrd
;,iiVhorl ifmra i lliinc (Till LflHlll'
S,mlh to wr rv di.ra an I th travi
.n71 fill li Miri arill MM front tbia Cll
in Aarta. Tha I'avid Brown U iw
boal With a nrw and powerful anjinfl. I'1"
furac4i8 tra f4 with anthrarito cal 4h
Lm kaaima jf which a aoiri4 H-ul qnonu-
iv ran bn taken to Uit tha whla aa.
tknrlrton 4 Sew 1'or ti'fam Park
Ton fioa ateainrr Datid Itftr,
riwt m Wednesday aignt, anticipating
fhfrinaitbv lhrwdat. h fend fouh
nfltTtiMniHt,iititfy:Mpmr9 nr-r
(wkwh aa a aea Umt i and we ara loli
dial Luiixf mnr b-(l New York. llr
aniii6iiwnla re erv fomoMe, awl be
conaanUrrCipU funotrtiar U U and
nVawtaawwud fcimwa io f citUKOf
botfi citiM, aa an aijierU-ncod, acti attd
c.mrutu "luor.
(3 K N K ft A li- A SSK M H I Y
. . frilap, Xot. 39.
Mr. Ilinton presented tlm (dlowinr pre
amble end rlutio, Waa read and
Whereaa il i4in hapna that the Wid
ows end lulaiit Clultiirn of uilevtalPs, a a
k-tt in pSMi'im of some property, but tim
Mn-onoKiiMie in aniouiit ' b yin rorture
iueut u any persou to adminu "f .tfvyo,
and uodrtake the rttlrinnut of the debt
ut audi uitoUltn by reaatxi of which sue
widuwsaod childrv-u caiUHil li fully di
of any "irt of iic'j Jr rly, upon
liicu to auliM't
Rtmlve4. That the eommit'te on the
Jj.licinry be inwtr jttd to inquire into the
i-xiwdn-iH-v of eiviiiii tho riH'l to sue
urid'Wk, vf lu4 j.ijUui.jr iiO,.yeflr's
Mj;jrr, and luvo the auiue litid out in Iho
same maim- a tt JiiiU allot m. u
hem erauioj such ctatc; and that
they Larci Ici'o report ty bill or other
The bilteonccrnina l!io rcmwal of cau
srv fir trial, wj read tho second time, aud
refer red to l!o cumuli!- mi tho JmJiciary
cnn J hill dfi Juratory of the
law nur in force civ'ini to the Lourtk (
Plena and Qiwrter Henaioiw uf tho aevrml
cnutiti'-s within this State, the power to a
tcr nnl fit separate plicn .ilfctinii, iras
n.'Sl thn first ttmo tm(Tpcn. " '
Saturday, Dee. I.
Thconrow;d lii!ihcluriVry of tlm law
now in fiirco, civing loth'J Courts if Pl"as
kuJ VJuartcr bomioiui, ot the several coun
In s wit liiu this state, the power to fit and
alter separate nlaces of election, was rea l
the second tune and passr-d
r Mr. Moore rnTWrttftl arbiH t rfpeal n
art to prohibit the circulation in this ntale
uftrr tho 4th day of July 1S.TJ, of Knu
notes under fiv dollars issuod by banks of
other Mates i which waa read the first
liino and passed. 4
.... ..UbUSE OF COVMOX8'
rrsa, .Vos. 29.
5Tr. Ii"T. Sawyer Introduced a bill to
alter and amend the Criminal Laws of the
State, which waa., read Uie Lmltiiue, poa
sud, rucrrca to the Committee on tho Ju
diciary,and ordered to be printed.
Mr. Courts presoiitrd a bill vwtlrti in
the Courts of Pleas ami tjnarter Sessions
of the several counties within tins Stare.
the rijiLu iuf establishinff additional places
of Public Sak in their rvapeclive eounttes.
Mr. Allison, a Ull to repeal in part an act
passed ui the year 1800, entitled au act
to revise, the Militia Laws of this Stale
relative to the infantry.
The bill li voit tho right or eletin; the
CWks-f tbe CrfMMtty aod Superior Courts j
i llua tlie soVmI. ountie wot tliie t3tat,-j
in the free whito mou thereof, was rcai
tha second time : and after wrrral amenJ
ments made tSoroio, Mr, t'Mnonstuu nio-.
ved to amend toe bill lv aildine after the
words 44 Superior Court Clork," the words
14 and louiity suhcitors j which was iq,
iected. ""Avss 3 J, Nays 101. Air. .M'Lo
od to amend the bill, by adding after the
word 44 Clerks, the words 41 aud Coiwta
"lik-CXWhich 'trM "tV rieji v-e&TYeos
21, Nays lOi. Mr. Outlaw moved that
tho saiJ bill ba postponed indefinitely j
which was divided in the negative, Yean
30, Nays 01. The question was then put
on the passage of the bill tho second time
a! amended, and decided in the aJfiruiutivo
Your 08, Nays 29.
Friday, JVoe. 80.
. Mr. McLecd submitted the following
resolution, which was read anJ rejected.
W hereaa the Cbartora of the present
Banks are already ao otl rerid, as Ju
render their ussfulnossas such to the com
merce of the 8tate of but little benefit; and
whereas the continuance of the Lnited
States Bank, any longer than the period off
its present charter, is put beyond a doubt,
t duTT thcrEggaxtoalvianpa'nustf:
lotiiiv to raViue c4heritod ne,w means fir
a corjwcjrof. this State and whereas,
both extteriiance and the nature of our go.
trnment present1 us a cautioua admonilion
aeaiost the creation uf any single banking
corporation, with a capital large enough
lor the demands of the State, and with pnw
er to establish its branches in various, sec
tions of the State, such: an institution may.
and will,' hi' times united for such an occa
aioW, either direcfljr :'or 'iisJueiinfltiM..
tne flrst privilegea of the citizens- through I
lis vsriiAis unuKuva, mutt iuosv ,couueoeu
wkbthenw ,
Reiolved, taerefiire, that the' Joint se
lect committee on Banka be directed to in
rpjire into the .expediency of creating dis.
tinct and various bankinz eorporations, lo
cated in tha different sections of the stale,
and each with such a cabital otitv as the
cmMlM Ratione
mav actually require, with amnio provi
sions for the soundness of their issues, by a
retained supervising power of the legisla
Miainras, . Vnth-rk "I I" VU',
uiikii-ifcn to l-nr mhXs"k and
hrarwhea and thnl lU 6"mrtiitUo trjx.rt
by bill m iitherwia. . ' ' .
The Cllo4ina ee;fo-.d litis and fre-j.
lul.oot r.f ih flrt fmni and Md,
tu wilt A bill to incorporate the C".
mnisl Hail Uoad Comwny. in tha rity of
lUUiiiih. A biU to abuUb the cuien of
county tr'i-le iq the eouutief tun
eomlm, Nah, IfyOe, Guilford, Rowan,
Onabnr, (i jmbus and IVaof.rt. A ImII Io
rvtjuOs lU CmsH f PIm eaJ Uuarlar
goiwimii of Davidson, Udo ud Ouslow
Mr", lyxlfotd Produced a bill, directina
the rnsnnorlnwbU;bonMs,bksaliallhere.
after tw aUjcted in tlie ity of Davidsonj
wbickwaa read the AM Uamr, H
rcftrrcj tu tUmtif&lJ&l'
Mr. Murray preseiitid a Ull to repeal
in part an act, entitled an art to sine nd the
taw with reaped to the collection of 1 ty
front lBe. eUtc t4 deceased persons, and
lbs law in relsiioo In the levytoj.of x
tutiiNis issued by juxtices of the pence; ami
Mr. Brsptf iutroduced a' bill to compel
executors, ail minislra tors and uanliuns to
rnqke dtte returns of inventor ice and ac
counts, under certain penalties and -
Mr. Piorce, o bill reqilirins; Warrants i
uod by.justiccs of the pence, in civil eases,
Io be returned in Ihs dUtrirl in which the
defendant may reside ; which bdls were
read the first time, pajwed, and referred to
the committee, on the Judiciary.- . , .
The bill to vi the riirht of ectins
tho cierks of the County and Superior
CtHirK, within the sryeral counties in this
a a . s s i
ilate, in Hie I ere white ns-u increoi, was
rrfcrred to a committee of tho wfiolu
llouse, and made tho order of the Jay fir ;
tomorrow, - , J
, . frtturJay, Dre. Vi
Mr. A1ernathy f rescutrd bill U e.-
euro the inoro perfi rt ailuuni-tration
juire in errta'm ca-wi which. wai. read
ih first tune, pa!d, and rtrtrrtu to tue
committee on the Judiciary.
Mr. Ecdrs, front the committee en tn
Judiciary, to whom was refcrtwt the bill
lcfi.11113 and limttiri the power o courts
in inflicting puuMunieuts for cnntonits, re
portnd tho same withuut amendnH'nl ;
winch a- referred to a committee of tlm
whole lliiue, and tnado tlio order of the
duv for Tuesday. , ,
Mr. Irvine printed a tull u .tenVuil an
net, entitled an act to prohibit tho circuU
tifn in this Htato, alter the timo therein
mentioned, of bank notes under the drnom
ination of fivo dollars ; which wbj read Iho
first lime ami panod.
I he Hiieaker laid before the Mouse a
Communication from tlie Public Trua-nirer,
irn mu 11111112 biuuiiiivh ui" ji.oi i-i
mi Bank orOpe Fear and the ?.r,w Hank
trnimuiittiiiu a statement ol llio ot
of North Caroli na, received at bis otrico
since (ho dnto of his aniiunl report ; which
was sent to the Scnats, illi a proposition
thai it lo printed.
The Ilixise, now rwolved itself into a
comniitioe of the whole, .Mr. lolkiii (lie
ehriirjW!'tni.1( op tlie bill to tost the right
ifcloctmii tho clerks of the County and
Superior Courts, within Iho several couu-
,m-j ... -T"'- 4 -
therwif; and arter some time spent there-f
in. tha Hneaker resumed tlw chair, and the
chairmsiion behalf t tlw eotnmrttoe,- re.
ported tlio Mid will, with sundry aiud,:
menu - wnicn were coiKwrrcu iu.-- j ue
bill as amended, was I lieu read the third
. ' - m
lime, passed, and or JcreJ to be engrossed
v t - rin r v . . . w,
Thoso hn voted hi the affirmative were j
lllowe, Boddie, Conner, Br.uer, Ksrcin,
CuiibJci,. Carter,' Clark," Clstwi, Clouiar4
Courts, Cjiice, Cromwell, Cuunuuihau,
CuthLertsftn, Oavid-ionllewta fXickerV,
('illcspie, (tla, Giadv, (Juthrie, llara
m mil. Ilardison. Harrison. Hart. IlorUin,
Hunt, Irmn, Irvine, Jarvis, J. B. Jiwei,'"t
R. Jones,, Lancaster', Lee, Lid
CrJ, Litlle, Locke, Loitdermilk, Lyon,
Manum, !rtller,-Ma, ' Mnwtshy,
Monk, Motiti'omcrr, Mullen, Murray, M
Laurtn, M Neill: M (iueen, Normsn, O
rjenAFark, Pcenles, Pol Rand, .Rctfe,
RidliT. Saintclair, B. T. Sawyer, F. A.
Sawyer, Buttle, Simmons, Sloan, Ninth,
Staltincv Stephens, Thomas, G. A.
Tliomi)sMi,Towniend,Tunsliill, Urv, Wad
sworth, Ward, Wataoo, Weaver, Welch,
W hitaker, iscuwn, W itchcr, Word, ig-
lar, Allison.
Those who voted tni the nejittivc, were
Messrs. Baker, Barrinsftf, Borden, Bee.
man, Burns, D.iniol, Ecqles, EdinonstoH,
Gary, Gee, Graves, Gynii, Ifurpcr, Hart
ley, Hill, Hintiiii.-Jtidkiti', M'Cloiise, MV
Le-od, McMilJan,.ipU)n1 PJrce..P(Hkfe.
ter, SUoimard, ckinnor, apruin, u. i nomp.
ton, Tillett, A. W. WoptontC. Wooten.
dwelling lvthrr.f" CSWaVirteJ".
Andrews,. decJ." Ifcrsci, Ca'lie.
Host, VAfT, tw& waggons, one set
nf Sxtrreyttag tnstrumntt, Uoutchold
and Kitchen Fttnutwre, Farmms
! trnsiit. Mieat. Corn; 0:US. Uaa,
with other ariiclet loo ted'roui to
mention. . . ' ; ; . i ,
All persons indebted to tatJ estate.
are requested to come and jtettle.
pretenl'thtSni ,;irRinlhe''tirhir"r(he'
air; JNCJ. HOUSTON, Ex'r,
zfi&m'iirtfn 832. - - awj " '
B. The utaotatiin tin which
said dee'd. lived notr oflered for
air t it cootaint . 47 J acres', lyioff on-
Back -Creei, ao County N. G,
noiog the lands of George Andrews,
oho P. MeCorkle and othert. Anv
pirsiVo' wishiog to'purch ttc' caq get
further : tnformatioa by ppljJDg Jo
?Jr, Amc Andrera who lirrrrti the
me tut wtiraaa caaottsu,,
Irtr. 7Tjftcr
I tin on, of that r las of rrwn relief w
rrt.but who smieyrarssf.i wrre!i,j
tltpublicant. Our pririptft tf,
same flow, asthey were in I7M, but uiif-
tunately, e are rw caM bj t
which bov roailo our prior ij sor-,
gnp'.pularThe fact Is lUe CTay mm, fi4
Tariff own and the Foderakst, who
XevshV'Imked-fwihef aavr!':
great nnie about Xltjtetiat,ntHl
sueeeedi 1 in making aaany ignoa,j
wins believe jUl 1 it is fiem thiug u. Qt
with Hrib!iraii a in J7f 7 1 A irmr4,
I Ihnt time, was looked upua wuk Vrrrv
io many parts of the CouUry, but iq jim
)cart time a Lrs wj.,i",iy of iha p "
became democrats aud in llul North Cjn
olina went f r Thuiuas Jenerwin u Prssi.
dcnt,who msi a real Ltmt rt and tU
ry futhur U Aai'.irefipe. Iu a 2l ks
with Nullification wheu u becomes Uftar
umlerstood 1 However, oiy prcsoat objtct
is 1x4 to defend Nullification but Io g'a
you an inManee of tho cxtremo di-Iuiiots)
that haVe born created on title lul.jci j
designing men. Biung known as a " Nul.
lifter" I have on several occasions iinrs
sed what ridiculous ideas prevail at mo
places about it. I will you a short
hiHlory of a scene that occurred the othsf
day, in which, 1 acted rather a ca
ous part.
For tfw purpose of transacting iom la-"
smess, 1 bad hccsmou to ymt a VilLufcajt
Car from where Inre tfwoh in a diftrwrr
county, I am perianal! j luwn then ( '
some of tho ciliiuns, aud it appears, I tai
well kiHiwn by chsractcr tar the nv4'af '
them as a NullifW. I rods into Iha VJ.
lage and stopped at one of (be nKtst pvbus
Tavcnis, where 1 had several times brfuoj
put up, and ol course was known to ine
Landlord. Alter ordering my hort 1.
way, he scarcely look iimo'fo" sc't'ounii
whi.ikcy, os is lus practice, before lie tUfi
peared I soon di".oveit)d that the chit
dreu aniTscrvants all soumed to eya ue
very slyly as they pasaed around, and tL
leaser children I could discover peeping at
mo from behind Iho room doors. I thouLi
t ,. . . . . -
l .Uu very U 6i la y the kt of it
an evulcuce or ill breoding. As nopnMk
seemed dispoMed Io come, and keep sj
company, I took up my hal, aud atefi -round
to the stable to see what notice jif
horse haiLjiitrarteJ; as I passsd out tsiat
the Landlady peeping at tne' throuah a
! huck window ; as I Vent by the kitcheot
j uoliccd the Cook, woman lookrri- thrari;
r tud cracks ai me ; and io abort it appesr-
, - "iTf'.
I me that I waj aa uVct of grwter
j curiosity Co the whole ealablishmeut tbaa
the Klephaat himself wettld-1 be."7Artti
. ....
stable f rame across" the Hostler tn ki
ricau beyiNid tlw Diiddle are. 1 said ie
Hey! Old" DudJy Dlie.pnic'ri"
at "iv houae 1 guess dont often see it ran
ers : lor ItlOV are ocprunir at nvt aa if 1 wnl
J r I a -
tho d I himsoli f-Tha old genius gave
a cunning
grin - and answered " 0 ! J r$
maiaa dtyebry day Soe Jrvgcrt btit-"aw"
6Tlfcn' coSul!uu" is that satJ :
1 7 -Oil? I begd to understand it; yo4 '
mettu Xulllficf f Yci ; masa dat hf f joO
no NullumlMr nussq ? Well old man wiui .
harm is thero in a NulliRor T Oli J, (nana)
you knowr dey say fib for killCJkiT
f.lks! istlpitaU? yes nisisa dat a!l.-J
Tiien old mau you tell tlifc folks at the hmisi '
if they taircforr VaTcViog' ; W Illlk'tW"
kill some of f heirt but I'll eat them in th.
bargain. 1 further learned from' the ol'
nian that; tho Landlord had gone d"a '
street: to let' "de people know dut t Nu'JuinV
fief was comc.,,
AsJ passed down street where myj0
stncKj Jay, such a peeping' from armrl
cernera, from buhiud doors, and wiiI-tf
curtains, was never be fire witnes.:
makers their tisfV, thest-Mre' ys t'-ei'
counters to get a glance nt the NulHiier. --,
I conl i tee tha wy ir a lwoiirt-of "ei ;
wurchmglay apTroach" an J woiiW rda offa
'w g'j nci
ner, tq hear 6'.ii Crclun, say 7 anoturg;
Soo, Twv there he goei, liw ha nwdie
lie roots, rcU 1 run I ww-.t run Bill, ftiii
t'he'other, for. he dont look' like h'ed hurt''
body why he looks liie any boily eW.'
Iii short, Mr. E-JiLor, I was an object or
universal curiosity, merely lMansa tnS.
Landlord had passed down the .street acf.
iirkn - If 04W of the i hamalodisclpley'i'
tho School of OS, eould excite such iriifi
ity in the good VitlngHf v; f j:
would the people do if Iho FatticrV'j
liGcation, Thomas Jefferson hirnsW ouU
hayo passed among theml I tiir ' thS"
Village would have been deserted
f quit the, place in disgustpTr . , tb
ignotant inhabitants, but at lip '(b do
gognee, why hare eo' mi'. ; ihJy "jrluM

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