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WJU" VIRGINIA LE qiSL VrUUE, bfJXabe$Vfy and IfarvifK OA t Ccatkmen any, you.may appeal to ptib- iwKiiiativea iu Cd2rea-ryuu may petW )wa (unyrew tor relief or remonstrate a:ii l-tily, you may call a General Con ention of all the Status,, ia which the )Dtroverted power may finally be aettled, by an amendmcnt"f tBCOwwtrtution. lf tbese be the only modes of red rem, then the people of the United States arrtot ircemeu nut slaves, and t am ready to ap oral to the aword to recover thoae liberties jpr which, . through the trying jcene of the revolution, our forefather gallantly aght and bled. Sir, not one of thoae re mediea alTord (5e ahghtcat ancurity f r our rights they are all utterly inefli cient and unavailing. That never can be egteemed a " remedy" for a wrong which dependa upoa the wilt and pleasure f himwho coniaiita the wrong $ nd be idei before you can influence public npiu- ' ion, Otfore you can change your repre" Mittativea, before you can" potition the Atxt Congreaa for a-rejeal of the obiwx lu law, or renionstrdt againat if ; be fort you can aaaemble and organize a Gen- - rat ConMution tli dreJd Ut'.w may b t mob the arbitrary nd tyrannical aHicta of tKe FcderaE.'fiorarniwnt may have swept away tlie last veatigeofiyonr 0 ltbert, and aacrined ymr dearer in- r lerestf to glut ih 4&Mtiat avar t l-XuUug.MWjor4y.iu uairriM. - otr. u-4at My ahould tasne it niandate timtJDL? ""General Anembfy fstiduil nevr again con verre that lteverx'!.i;JIiltfitk.r1i4 ilMifished iliroiijjhtuit the mpire of what avail would lo your appeal to publip op fcuon f wliat avail would be change in - yeor representation of what avail "WouW Wour ptlilioika a TOwwwimiteej pf ' ;""..lthat vii wuuia lJtM,.c4.;JU9fflri UHivthtioa 1 Sir, tu an ins'il j the com raKo MMiee othe forflhot'4HM taad to. fell llwin that these are remcdiet aCTiiast tp- prMno that these are the only mean ; sf redreMjng their, j;rict aticea, or Wpaif- tag their wrongs. No, Jiir,' the remedy '. tmwt be one' which can" oiora jropejty be applied, and which will prove roorettlect' vi, or wm re noi ra t i . : Aa tlnttbo " oelieeu indrrtTod ty- 4T,ntlemei.will pot jci)Mjff."w juqoesdwly .;.tMtat tyranny and misruie, th. jue .on rccurt, what ara tba oropor-aful -uiU able " remedies" to J 1 adoptod T . 1 he State, air, must throw itself on its aqver and exercise Iti right bf ttlf art , srtoion, in ronh manner as h tnay deem bertcakfltafed to protect, itself froin ag; feasto6, mnd its people from dost root ion ; right derived to States,' a well a to in ' ividuala, from the Great Author nt our ferns j sacred riirht. inherent in all fqTuical coramimrtiee,- which can neither aned oor destroyed. TheBtato lias :.jigm 10 uiierpoee-tor arrening jTogresajif tlie evil- either by accedinj irooj toe compact, altogether or, by re- j!nJDWUan.tbALIiiioivqd flrjuly lar- 'ito CungreMsyou have trCddeit undtif Q thoae linritfttiunaruDon the do wars .iSJed t yuu (Ur the iMiblio welfare-athl v 7W nave vioiaiea ine vonsutuuon, ?mr arts are pull and Told, and shall not nt.rccd within the limits of the Cn- nonweahW. ; Gentlemen t mat talt . this iTrtifaTioit if hef pletset 1 am not -iU(LouiVwttw"ma' but I call it JSVt auw4Tiox, anfl in point of fitct( tlwy are He and ihe same in tlieir Vnbde ol opera w'n, irtd preeisely the same in their effocU eStiacoiicne-. ' . .. -Thirf pmFdv pnjceirffi8Jeirc J ami ""joaea retults; it elTectually controb "renfromlnwIeM power, it euoctually ..IWrda ikm pWir tibiW rhd I rlir -" wuetaei the world christen it Nullifi ''"onotgtatalnterpoaition. t. l sir, thia doctrine for which I am coo sjnnnrtl Aery's Ajaber of Ihe Iloue acqiieintcd 1 wiij UewJ.hral hMtnrV of Vireinim n ; a h t her it has not boee sanctioned if f ." -ituiL'jjr ewrriiwd bj rbe General Kfi- I, 'l-ia was nasi lintir fkm td -wdrtioh ct.;U?y; tW 2iti .Vctiiin .fi llmt ;t U was jM-givnied m mmdum, that if hy t)crtn sfuwltlwrile or itrint, titifer or Stute, feiber Hi mi of C(jti;rcCvor t'ie and bV4mm iHofiliVnit fur a frrrn'mi Miiani mg 1 wo jear. vpiq rinreiico io ftj act, jlJi'ilibeLuL3cavre4 4lwt-; ifc- inWitirTiiJ tictptioM whattoettriM wm . einutod frviitlie trtiCRHi f this bill of fMtu ,nnd puttie. Tlw Ilprnieiitiitiv of the freenH:n li Yiriuirtt wiib in the foarfur dlacfittrge ?,f liis (liTf o? rtlKfiilwf fwlt,wlie.l a wth, in -which ilheir'tUgh MiIitine.s thiifojn'grtwwof the U. Statew, Sr.ihn Ptvilet,wa eliftril w'uli olficiiil ohiiqtiencyV. wa& liable to be'finrtl $200Q mid unpTHvinAd lyjw Fa-1 Did ttm General Assembly at fknt tlmt elu'ylshly iubtiiit to w aggravated auWrage on the jhghl., wf tlie' people 1 No, air i that Body wa then Ciiiino?d of nioni who were the watcpftil gUiiidinndof tho publu: freeloin Ihey were ant likai3tiji(tUri.oC. noa tin rinwrrC.Maiiisjr9u SIkau i-ua low or thb LtCEHTiEao R6i,T Tin! Legislature M tnteriosedf,,s it ouht toJiayjB j lto, arasaiLt'iba npuaa fajiiToTCh'e tvranriwal and uncintilutional act aud- provided that if -any irtembor of ither UoUse of Avembly nhoulj be impri soned (or a violation ot that nufifioii, tlm State judgea should ofr application tssur a writ of kabeat corput, and firthwith ni-m"Mmf.(rm- rooflneineftt W ai'"rio"t this Nullification Wan not this doc-lanu in substance an act if Conurefs, null and void, oud inoperative witbin this Stitti; ? Ajmin, sir, in the celebrated case of llun ter vs. Martin, 4th Niunforjl, ap .appeal wit taken to the Suprouie Court of tho United States, frou 4eeiwt of the" court "of1 appeals of Virginia ; The Supreme Court reversed the judgment of the Virginia court, and commanded our ju.les to enter up tlie judgment of the Supreme Court as the Juilgiuoat of tut ,UU.Cuut.iB,VVa. iui niaiHiHie Heyeo, oir t o.- 1 nr jud ges of our Court of Appenls clearly fore Ww that if they recornisied the appellate jurimliction of the Supreme Court, that tho reserved rights of the sovereign Diirties to tlto Fedorsl ConiNtct, would be tort coin pletely at the mercy of the (Jonress uf the ! VmimJt tinm the F 'efcjfA JadlCllfy and that by rliff 'ieirubifi :n '( the former, aud the adjtnlirirNons 4"the lutler, the fed : crative chraettNt our trove ruinnht would gra-luai! be. einnd aod converted into ' vast corrsjijdah'd ileanotism. Juuue Ktwiftf rf.aiht: tivaod kr the ridian of hisxlori 1 vted to the nrinci- jiicn and jv)rt!ru if the rilits ofthe States, ie. i jn eUibtt1aniiBt' rfwtfnjtJitHiiit alike tor Lie. louici! ( vntv of Us reason inj andt!ie cine'e lit nervoun elooiumce of Hs style, vimiai:ied tho great . (JiM-tritica ol V, and cl-Muly (I"in,u8trateu Urn I the 35iU inwst'nin of the act of (rhgrm orjeait- InnW. .MM jCmO1 . J aatOMry f UIHief " W KKn the appeal, had been allowed, was not ant- thMVjUiii' .4)1 .fTwMiQf.iie.,oiiatat ol the Uuijted States, but was a palpable d daiigerwu usurpation of the Right of the States, uloihu,opiwinv Sir tUe UuueU-if JoJre tmamtnouug concurred and the mamlate of4he Simrems Court was disre girded ami resisted. - AVas not this Not' UfirfTioi) Tvvaa not thTa anttiii at Tfi. anef.botb Th ael"oT the tJoiiifreaa of the United Stales, and the.fiulcioii JudtfUMutt 1 the 11 ilitrf i'oiierai Joieitri Tribunala ! Judga UojU4I the coume f his remarks took occasion to observe, that ' while the " States hi their Inc wlaturv, or even nn gmal character are authorised to inter- V lore in casee of the palpaMe nature turf mcntiooed (meaning a doiiberate, pa'pa " ble fnd danger mis exercise of power not graated) the Lourts of Ihe b I it teg 4 re oiao u authorised to check; the evil when it "curs, rti the' exercise of their .ortlinarv iuristiction t"rood vet Sir. the decision oftbat Judje Was bailed with shoots of triumph aodjoxultatioii by I bo State Right Partf throughout the Commonwealth. ILm not Georgia null 1 hod a treaty ratified with rlll tifi Bolemnitie4jreutfed by IheConat (Uiion, uy wnic.u ing uuiku oiuit guur- auteed to the Indiana the undtstiirbedenjoy mciiiof the land occupied by thoin within tbat State 1 Sir, Nutlihcation is one of the I remfdiea to which a 9ta,Q ynny reirf f..r relief. iroui opireno 4bat 1 the "true faith? y -' - .TltAgltawTttUcrly, .mtoiiahoill M r. Speaker; at tlio'teal and cagcrnesa mnni feiited by gentte.meu to'renounc this 'great conservative principlo" of federative insti tutions. 1 itnnlorf them to panse before tliey tarevemurreoder right, eaaential to (be secu.rity.of our Ubcrtica auiintexcsU; a rwht which if ones abandoned, will leave its' bjo alternative, in all cns of flagrant perversiort or wnnptj'ti ofpower.biitto witburaw Irom the contcduracy j to ais- member the Union, j I warotheni to reflect on fhc elements now at work, which in few yean will produce a storm the fury ofj whivih has seloom oeen equal ia in niw country I wartt thcrb to roeolloct tb aluverv w now made the topic orangy m elamatioii in the northern pulpits that their public journal teem with mrUimna (017 dcDtiaciatluos agniost it, calculated to 77 aroii the'ficrcest paioiif aud prV-juiucct u oiuiinuuo , mat iru repr-mtUed and, seorurully rebuked for pnrftitttinj its lv tbmittv'd to a systein. jruiii'.usi I'WL WiNlanco nK jsthat thu re-s(ut-tiveandk.lHtii ' Uviistthis pr. utn.a,to which we are titled (or t,n.8.nith Carolina ia at lal. in delenee totce BJUa- W ur. colored. HiMton ' WV ojwulyrotiottntojja !Cmc-tsW.l timjeuUuBMfriklaJii eiU i 1 want tliem to reculbi iAir t things, nd then bit thorn rememl!, thai if ftie'tntNguiilbd pMaiiWrbpy Fhypocri' I Uoal fiuaiicimn of these Dwthern people1 sliould . be coinmunirated to their Repre. wdtatives ,ia Congrea,' and that lidy should undertake to emancipate our alaves, I a rne Tiivolie tbem to tell me whetltcr the. Legis.turri of .thii JHate wuuU not be guilty of Ibe basest perfidy to the people, if it should permit uch an act to be enfor, ced within thia State M earnestly Invuke them to toll mewhe ther it ought pussiVely to wait; till the People of Una Comuion f eaW could; ajwetnblo in Conyeiition 'to take into consideration1 the Dropiiety of re suming the poweri granted- to he Federal Goyernment, and of withdra wing from the confederacy 1 I know Gentlemen are ready la leplyj -tlwt euppeau-fxtrenie cane Sir tlie eign of the times are portentous ,45raiiA.4iMrtad being an-tmpmbable currencQ, avow my onictiin that nHli "J ing out me oreaa ot our avenging awortf Fillijr-Ttirtfew l?igTauu" Popfe fiom aueh a measure. Sir, tliey are proverbial Whetr'xgvrevfjr'in dineerning ttieiT trtfe intercuts, and for their inflexible and per severing oUtiiiacy in purmiing them ; ami i finnkty acknowledge tliat I am oiie who believe tlml in that nursuiU thev aro little a aenso of either justice or hqiiOsty, Lt.tiae appriwe youlbcn,nir, that it is to their "iiitcresrt" in various ways', Xi alwlitih slavery in the Soulheru States, but more eseeittlly is it to1 tlieir Ktej5J.W one resppcl-tliey. made imllkipa of dollars by tctri'ij tlie anctory. of our ti'Stoi (roin foe 7.'.iw;ii if iVoi r h tines and country, and tiiny wmilil mnk.e iiulli'jiw of doJIara by tra!i.niriirig tho present race to tho shores fit' Africa. Sir, I have hiifcarded as much in the cause of-hi4iti.m' a: trrr'wwrt fn thti State; but I would, like a Spaiiiiinl, war even to the knife, before I would permit any earthly power save the Legislature of Virginia, to interfere With a subject of such excecdmg delicacy, magnitude and importance. McPpcakerriio man in the Commoa- wealth W lmre proioundly impressed that 1 am with the perilous eoiidithm of the re puWirp and," Wir,:. I should r be gu'dty of treachery to the freemen whom: 1 repre stint on this floor, if t failed towaru'th-nn of bodanger.wbicb nwwo ry exwteie of all thewe. institutions they hate hitherto - venerated and "ficU sacrodi convulsion, which nothing but the mintcu- lous interposition of Providence can avert. convulsion the consequences of which no humsn wptcky can firMrti eartEty Pvwer.an cimtroL. . I, fiiT oner ascribe ttO magic ower no. poto soleuin resolves ot this august ,uny. I, for one, ith all my proud , udJofly,.ca i'rpltiws of thtt 'iiightry' of tins tair fcticieut O.iumonWejiUh, do not believe that it is in our potter to bush and iledva the furious and" angry pMSHioriS which tlie tyranuy and misrule otyenrx have aroused in the bnenras tf an imtignant and justly inceini'd I poople. Nor sir. do I bolwive that it is imwpogsiuteto pirventa nwtiie ami sao- t uinnry issop ol the content which will twwtybe wtfge'ttetweeB-ihtratJtteirWe of thet ni. and ofsMith Carolina..' .; IIuw sir, in ihe etasprated state of public feel ing; eau tuch collision be avoided .Wher ever there exist two rival tribunals, jeal ous .if each other, each entertaining juris dirtion oyer the same matter of cuntro versy, with a physical f tree at command ft carry into execution heir respective adjudications acts of outrage amj -vto' lenre will and moat be committed, pir, tlie people of South C arolina are deternnn id to resist the tanlf laws, at all haiard and to the last extrepiity hey will nev er ircrrace their teps, till the Congress ol the United State aliall renounce uocimdi- ditionally and furerer the iniouUJtia-olt' ey if pluooWin2oe-ectiooi the Luioo for the benefit and aggrandisement of an other , a policy which linpoveri he aod pHnead"hmitbrwgboiif (Tie Bootfij"wnile it f sters 'he indUitrv, promotes the pns peril y Hid Inmam thB Veallh ol the North. Mr Speaker, I recollect- when a lad, frequently to-have the port of Norfotli irrowded wit 0 . ahtJCroin cvarj pari of tfie eoiiimercittl world, stimulating the e otorprwe & rewording the industry ofoQr peoijle t oow Sir, that port is com- narativeiy deserted, -cnsrienon 1 am in iormed la also, ia a similar - condition; Mor 0M, ir attouuaely uretbei p- tittu of the Union from Baltimore to Maine east vour eve ever lldrvland, Peiniftyl States, and almost the whole extent of tlieir public highway is iA.continuons Tillage citiea and towns in every direction, neu as if by Magic, w earing tbe aspect of com fort, abundance and wealth while, if you will idanea at tbe oppressed region of the A ?ooth, I should be rejoiced, if from ib Potomae to the Gulf of Mexico yoe coun iwiint to a mngle town that i thriving single riling wkica i$ ttql io deciry.- "Sir, pie 01, earth, who boast of their bb lertfcs. - rver so lunt; ao tarn Iv. fo i-an. tit LerVi 'Ws iud iiter... taken a stantl, lethuly protliimea to the Federal Gtfvtrri, gaent, that H will elidure it no louder than tl fifit of I tliruary aed btimMrfwt .1.1 . .,1 . I A Coivevtbut le manitejted great deference trtbe Authg-itie tb I'iuiod'Slates, and great forbiarance under her wrongs, bv fixing upoa a diwtunt a dav-rfor. be- twwo ihe n Uttpdny ia boctmber, when! tongress .WvUljl convene, .and tho first of Fcbrunry," it'ttoil of to nioullu would elapse, within wVich timev that bmly, if umpost'o 10 rcue ner ounnens, ami. oo justice j;othe 'mtb, woula have ample time to Modify tluTaritf acf j The alti tude, air, she lias asslimed, is cMiAidered by some geatlenitn. in this pftuws, whosp patriotism I cannt question, as treasona ble- : I view it ai glorious, and worthy of the pbt fame of ihat reiiowmd. ioiiimon' wealth. The" South , Caroliiiiatis, Mr. Speakctf, are 1 trave anil gem'rous, "i bigb sai riled nd , c hjyalroys, jwopIp-s-roUtLoT., the gli-y'of ihr bitlior, tad. Uolatrouly : It taciie ti I he cmise of rroedotn. , ;1N 0 Utla(fru wiiwoi injury; nlO people ever iju iieans moreprompt to resent, or hands more wil ling nd resilv to aveiiiro it. No c riiveo fear cirdlesthe life blood that family and' freulj flows through, the. vemaof tho. des coiidsits if their lifrtirens, and Piekneytj, ami 4uupter. e-Tby--niay be vmttimskfjil hut tiey cauartfrbe uttbdurri. .r.M:i.sf.si fanf vt jionx. Aso Fckkhkx ast ATKKIWOI.VEn TO DIB. "jr, wliiie I dt-ploro the eauas which 1 . . .1 ; . I.. " nnvi produced llie preitent apnamijg cri sis It-white 1 deeiiiv denlorft lbo wroniM aiiALwHiee-swflieteA on mrnffihr ril lire" llir-o, bv the insatiable' rapueitv of a part of wire Confederacy, my eoiwclvuce will not ,ie rr it pie to say, that I lament their stern, unbeudnie de.'enuwatuin to reu4. I He ! sit ion they now occupy, is tlie po WfoY frn 'sfioulcl; atway i Tiii"c',wlu;n tyraixiy beconvs iofupKrtallile, and every. pctetj pacific remoi!y to1 which they m resort, has proved unavailius : himI, air, a I mow the coming conilia lo w s atni'de bitweeu DasfoTiix and Fans- dom; letweeil. rothb-w OpprksjIioji ard oacaiV. Ija tor a-tf .tfaaamis on wv 1 1 - in; wdl, with the treasura and obxd 'of Wiiiie, sustair, and uphold her sisler, ftmth Cnroiin",' Wbetlieryin this coiiirbl f ofiy tlie be "rigfil or ,- wtfigVreiw!fj; Sttould South Carolina faH,- Mr. Speak- erfcthen will be eitingntshed ibrever lhu " last bopeH of human li Wrty ,T1ie u ernmenl of tn ironed States will acqutre me! lutiouixe it character, and convert it into military despxisni Large standing rmie will be emnloved in time of pro- FiuiiJ e3ia3L."JJ crust svon tlie efigbleat ayu)ptpmckwbordintio;in.th -trv at at ea-these at gulling armies wjll Ihv poverwb, ojipres and grind the people to du-t and aahaa. A corrupt ood uopriiK plad hiajorny ' in ' Cougres,'"in sway illwiyt clieck, limitation or restraint, the dcktiuie of (be nation, and the death-knell h freedom will be sounded throughout the moii. Jkisidee, air, the fate of a. Caro lina to-Jjy,"wni be tliatoO'irginia 0 nor less To the" earth, wiil sboitfy alter be un theathed fit.tlta destruclion of tlie other. I'adfrtliiriirunTaoceeii . Virginia and Sviuth Carolina are bota.agricuUural, exporting and slave holding State a we are completely identlfiod ia maimer and habits-feidinga and- pretud'ee princi ples and interests, I ttul tbat tbe cause of Nhiib Carolina Will be o r cause that we shall have A core moo triumph or a com mon 'grave."'. I trust that wbea tbe battle cry is beard, the Haunerof the u Old 0 oiiuion. witn ine vcdius 01 L.ioenv trampling the pMstrate Tyrant under foot, will agiiio proudly float upon the breexo, planted aide by side, with .the'etandard oi S. Caroliuo.' 1 trust, that the Palmetto of tbat State now' drooping under Ihe dead lij oi wotheninji urpa'wu, wui again aprvao 11s oraoemjs 10 tlio iuo, fresh ood green, luxuriant and flourishing, a ia the brightest day of her g&wy t and that t'fie little Star! of her dcfhnyjiow lrupgbng through the dark owennir and stormy cTouusTwhicli tbraat- en to eaabmud and oUcure it fore vef, will once tiore -break uprft the eve i't ajl its Wbrininnej-a siwtiw it ee the oecree 01 neaven inai South Carolina sliould perish in tlie bloody and Unequal conflict, then do I fondly trust. that slifc will vloriously perish, like Leon idasanl his gallant Utile B ind iq the camp of .iha-PgraiiMi, antidd ,fnwq4jim..aad THSice tea THoriAX of rut eiiroit ttEKn Mvaytooxs, of FkDtAAi. ' Dar. 1;y" y; , .'.yrf, f The emblem of S-JUtb Cerolina ii ralmetta tree and a siuule Star. '. .' y ; ,-d,..' i,' :. 'i .4 r -- f A mii a y( at Hull, aive rtised fjial " if the person who was guily of the olTence for whic)iie was ipiprisoned, woul j coaie aod cooie tb(B anmi (io eiajj fcahaai- rit'M tue itokix & imwoAM'HKAL. ' Meiwrs. T?ivwam i'v .Wft.nt'. ! V ' I here wind -u t'ne firtt'tKiniVr of ny reiiinrks, iiit-ndo g io i!m what are tlie piiur ijile tifto rejiuliiir i-nn irty, and, Fedeiul UoVeinment V;iui rosjierifany', -r Patscmts oP thb Ri;fi uut A)i Parii. V'' w No.; 1. .f-(.v?'V" 4 -i 'The first orru "in tha creel of tho IU m:lk;v!i Pa htt , ia this That llt'o Fri. HR a f u 0 v i: r n a r. st -was nottornn-a "by tlieAttaics.rjtvi,i.S4a-wiioW!$ but emanaU'J from tho ricoi'innf lite sbveual KfAiici, as cimp'iing dUliwt and iude pendfiu communities. " . . i. ' 1 bis rmxcif in is one f Ihe chifi coi ner nquHHf -on 'which ; the Kr.ri ni;icx Part, have lufd tho f umfution of thwr political faith. It is so '.obviously inif, that but few have been found bold eticu jli to deny it 1 indeed, we might reiiarma.bly. supxo tli.U umm would deny it, c id we nut kuoy thi! coufrai y . Ia iwib fiw Jiit Ouincy" Adams, iq- Ilia L4t bT ot Julv ti!t hererxwtre rt!ovj:BiKt;t f--atid McLane, in vthut eMra-irdinaijiL itilemten die aainopiniai io estahlii'h this prua :iple, namely, tltatj tho 1 r.uKR aljO f bn'Mot is a rororKB I ihacx uf Sovrafc!.T Staiw, and tkH a Co.iOUDATl tiov V.Ufi M f.HT, o'ends nl together 01 hiMoj ical futR.. To pone thopratroftf I -fl; aa lite oaUiieof-tlie u'ject wiH perniit, reier 10 some 01 xuose net. First, Ihethete STiTfc, when Colo. Nits, weraaeparate and distinct Irom farh thur. Aciilonies,.lhey..woie aettjd l Idiflbreni isiiiuiltl of .ttua sinoer-drtP-rent .......... . . 1 euaners ; grautou oyuuiereni Monarch to dtifereiit w-rsou or comiaiiio. r, Thus, tw fr$t charter of Virgi iia, was ? ranted by (ueoti Eliz:il'tn, ia the ytjif i' MarvUnd, crauled ly Cbarlet'l, hi IOm Vuiyiuu grawwt Vbai toiU'-tViiuii.vlvaow, ih is-iiy Yhnrttii J, and Ueorgia in It'll, by leorge J. Thore was oci'rul cowu xiou what ever, between tho colonies,. Their teiri tone were separated froiti ea'cli othiir by natural or sitiilt ial bouniluries, ai'uHaiut'd "otid well defuiod j'uud whem;er any d-ubt farowejar to itie true" ImejTbH wehaiiyrtJi mem, contuiissioners on 1110 part u each, wiiicii was aiwnvs win wau mo iximing f.tfirralitiea mcidaiit to fcoiiitpumlite judo pimaMYMcll'otlie' ; ,1 L J 4 lioir charters wore diirirent t the na turepf live powers, end nrivijege grsr,. twjj iliclr iaw. Oiuda uudurltbeJiot bar different, la Carolina, they commenced with a code of law drawn up by tho cole bratod John . Locke,- i which ordert of Nohilitv were established 1 In Mauehu- sett, thii idWai'tliat giverned by? the ; IkWe,'iBtilrtliey 'oW make bettor law for Ui'JDiaelvel 1 the Uw of the Bible were ounercedod by ttie fttut lawii under wlncn heretic and Witches . I were burnt, la New Lniland, the 7rr 6jytmia. Religion -preVailml In -Muryi land, the Mosuia CaMoat aid in virgin ia lie Jl'tgh Ckurck all estuUiIod by law. . ... .. ' :' '" - f-- a JrccJoiiiiJrXiiiiH blies" Were chosen "ilillbrently iu di ill ant cCilo::ie M-the jpivermrs"were" appoiuted ditfcramtf t-i-rtieonie casefMTBe promt etors m ottiera oy me emg. v ; . . Lach colony, at times, carried on wars by itself against, tbe Indians,' without the aid of any other colony ; eithet in men or money; and marie peace for itself, without eonsuiiiog the utliera. . . t bus the, coJouh; contiimrn to art ana eovera themselvea. under their respective charter, from thei first etllemenVle the time when the quarrel commenced it tbe mother country I each, however,' as sejHiiate and distinct colony, owing alio giance to the uritishl Lrowo.; - That tlie coloniea alwav eofmidore tiemsolves, ench. iiidepeiuJeAt i( the tW, ietvionffre1m-tYy-ia Trewiei li their reftoctive Tastories. 'For a nu.n ber of years "before the war broke out, it is known that wvni of the eojoniet Bjipoiitted agents, 'caflod coloiHr agents, )o rcsiiU Titrttip KiTgliHh (t tyernmf,o,-i-aK attonding to the interecrt of the colony f which ho wu appointed, aud m other 1 ihw koroing up a tort of diplomali relation Wweaa each cuUmy miU ike agUsh Go vemment.v t . . . . That the British Government viewe the colonic in tbi liuht, to witr at sciie rate political commiuiiiiea, ei:kdepen'leiit on .the crown,; but . iudepeodent of each othrr,- r rltir fVorw-niiTts-actaiTBe first meaiiure of coercio! odopte by the miii; isf rV. were not levi iitainst all th ndo- tiiicsi' Tjilt agaiuH"lta.s5;iciiusclU alone.' 1 he (irst attempt te bring tho colonies to. gethcr, fijider one Govoment, was madej intlie year 1731. 'rhe history pflbia pro. jei f given by Doctor raaNau, wh j--" 1 - 9 " n vfi -mi icat the author of it., 8oe 1st, 1 & n' works, page 1 37. The cir vol. Trunk. circumstances-! weretnee, in the. year 1751. war wui France being apprehndd, in which eyont it was known that all thecobima wnulJ be the cnmiiig 'rm, tho Ij(h or 'l in.lo' direi-ted that a Coiirena of eommiviH, era from tlie djU reut colonic Tlii.cl.l'W wemhlgd at Albany, tunro to coi,Ot it ttM. - ttna if defiNR,fing tb"'r ountrv-Vs ''i'J'l.'JjJL, pmed, by Afsenil4y-(if ' Pfmylinrtnai'T Oiietijlmconiieisatoncrs. Isajsl Ja v our way imvuer ft'. .tiimny.) 1 ptny rtTl , . ? t y and die'wsip plmi t; r tl.e Utrfs.n fi!? tbn f ' i 0 , ColoiiMa lioJer ope Government in rat d f miki tt $MKtmtrg forefner. a'ad other.. - ' -.-.,....., j :i m-m- . ' . . . tmjtwi turn a;crrc jH'rptmrs, II rop."H!W (f . , , fui tiier that the.Congrws of Co'nWifcsioii. " -crial Aibany ,.uloj.u.(J ifeaheiwn4'eT'tr.T,' dered copies to he taiwtiittod totha Lori N; of Trade,'and io the Assembly vf the sV. -'' ' eral oI.Hiirr,. for ttair otiftsiiderahoiv , .' dojition. . Ha eayi: f DylhisjaVn, tl, -Je.ueral Government wn. to be adi itra. ered by 8 Prdiul (Jei.ernlajiin.ttit and auimorled bv 1he crowil t and a nrm.'l ' Ci,uueii., to. be clitwen by (tip Reprtvt - lives ot me petipte of the revermctl'nls." U. rtiUreoutiiniea ls) wn sinpuler t 10 jwemUiea ilnl eoletiont it,A they all thiiibt there was to.vtmich jTmm.Vr. r w rtvrinis-rbirfirfl pt:n 'T uRt ..Tni J" ei)unieat-unilor.:ii)e jGiurwow-tn leJ, - entirely through !helrepiiiiirji. lt.'c7JoilnwTP it 0 pa 1. withi li a ami powoin to govoru ihemaches ; v;t;--T-sj! Mr.MiLune f inuUr tbe Royal Hot- i erptfieiil we bud norrfrtref1iataltrir.? "1 The text ktteinitt tW a-na mode tb biin? . the,coUimfs W-lhr, Wn in lbecarl7 7 74. ' lie di'puhf Willi the mother country - wU.iowei'ngitrnfc prin.T ciptca iuvalvi driqulJy wtuooroMig all, r -- tongre(ipH:legutcshoin a the Colo -m tiles was ni-dpoaed lobe held in, rhilndel-ji ihui in w'piouiber, i74. iAecordiotfiy' 'lexte3&Oin.tweiKO.oilhebiiUeoU.- - cue4.i- PbiUii!pbUat.tilijHiHHijr- --i led." Tliis Oh as M1rciMf.1l is) lvtf!a' f . live'functihuii, noi cialnvd. any pf.wers m r a paramount Governhiilnt ? its wis 'e so t Imi was rfonotiNtratory' to the Hriti'b G'f ' eiiitm lit, and tecouin.ordatciy io V.u mf djviiluxo It llie iMuiiVyasiVyiltkia-Xwegrim "was nj v""-" solve. . Ou tbe 10th of Jlay, i 1,78. aevor , (iitg to l!iti recomtiiendntion of the pre,ce dnig .fxintrreeSy the nb'itj frog)ll)0 col , ntiiei' Vmf again,-coming, together wit & '!"T rr,wfir ,'r',u -n'"r rejective Assenu lie. The war having nowcume'iiced'. Viifhef aie wi Utear HmmBherWu, " ",lX-4 oniieT'tTi'gnii'i Ff3Coiigjeia were Volar - d, and i cemtrtottir-if'jTw.jU col . " - ' : 1110 wiirer i.igoinrri wiiif no- prsortw , iolHMtr''Ctb2rNt at.(5elrnraeuj4 Gov, r'm'Z'.Z riri'4i-hftttrtf('rrfrw feonf lhedtf - ferent jeohtftletf " to their yclcgatM provu ' -. " ""' thif l-.llI1lt'j77r'Wb'ott' IRe rubfiirw.VLT TI- mtttBjwwTif North Carolina, apN(inl i - its Delegate in the iollowuigcautiuusimia ; , in'r it Retired. Tbrt Wniiam lloODcr. J.vi. eph lfowe ami John Peun, Eis. m Z uiej'tire Borpitjr affrtiea -ifctesruM' ai .:ie r e-. tyviir.r. . 7.:--ii.r-ii : -. .- tion of tbe jireaent year l tnc end il RifvbeniiUiM Aiild 'ak te province, W tttcnd t;iBgA!i)faT Ctn , e-e at Philadelphia, or at sdeh other place rm may be appuliiteu kbjkI twy ere-hmif - inverted with mickpowfr a, (i sy nmke iti' otli doiu by. thorn, r any of tieiir or . comment given -iiL Vhalf pfihj prtii,e ttpHfOWteiJi witkauelkrirtstntrtriftif r may be given by this CigreM,t obntil.ti '"--ry on eyenrinhabilsflt .thoreotl . In tle - MHvr,mmriwb:?cab4ff'-"Wte lions U its UoUgalea, Jnciiog tliu hoar loa(4, tuil koiear iogi. , ,'7 In the Ctmgrosa of 1775, the most im , portent nK-asure oftn.il anfti4 b xlv. wi rs t tb Vae Chafing contiiH puj'lnay, jifu( the appoinlmeitofaidefierat, to command all if continental fcc,' ; Gcore "iVh,. , tngtoa Was uniunou!y apiMJutedeneral and (iinhitssou was made uut f or liitri, ' runmng in tfie fon.TVHiij. woriu,i----J,;In s Congrei. The Def-'gutesoi llfV U, nitcj , Cdlooiet o. JS'ea llumptkire, r; .mi- iterating ihu whle uf thcio by nao,--. To George Wi:b1gloW,"KMi'r V7J7: 7 ,be Uwyiiralioutd IjifletK-n .e:ie as al krtnwmiuiiTaMib L't mi liHik at eomu of tho .inci(!.?iitHfOii-. . nexted with that event, and ace if (he co!o. tiiea. bad no tejuta clWractor lvit; eVieei of tliaMiiiie. "Tfti lliV'fjoiigress iif areord, athepiifjinouiitli'saJola wiii'j ' mdiopor ws it done by il'Jrlfrtwii TV. i . .'7? en by the Colnni.il AsseiuMiee, to lVi . . feapectivA'. dete.intc Let hf.-ryrtyla,-7';,7.-'' To the honor 0 North Carolina j be it naidt hsr " Pmvioeiuf Cimgress was the first of all to aulkorim hor IMfjates to declare) lnJon'bncc., The" Junialev of the Con- .; i . . . eiess which aat in II ilifix in 1775. sho.f lhi faei. -- Vlb lAday -A ft4F f l Wji4 -4-- year, tlie Cigres iaaaimti.siy' adoptua , tbe flwmgUe.uti c sj :-? ; , . -A jtm,--- 'Iljtd, iel.tlie dblegatcl fbr fHU . colony in the continptal Congress, lie em ' '' powered to concur with the IMc'tntee of ' toe other colonies, in JiK-laring Imlepen- , dence, and liirining foreign allinmeSj,' re- : t. aerrin to Ibis-colony till o?e and rxrfrt- ' s '' sire ri'lu of forming a eon ititutieff ami . . :' !,iws for this colony, and r.f appoint tog nlogniea, r(,inj lime to time, undrr Ihe - ;deee.uon of a gmiend repre"itsti.n there' i t " 1 !fcl,t4-;-- :.- 1 r . 3f I -j !' to Miiljr, ia oxht .to wovid agaiiwt Uf) to moot the iclejatct f tU etitcj ; ; - 4.trv, -.v (;4 s. . f - - . . ? !- ' . . . -j . . ' ' - ... ' . i . . . v. 1 1 ' J' 1 r --!'- A

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