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c-ni- fr such purposes as ititU b- litre,
poiutud Out. 1 '
' Sit Journal tf 0.
' Oa 'the. 7th day f i:76 'the
!; 2ps from Virginia moved in-obe-&jice
ta instructions from. their eoostitu
entsf that the Congress should declare that
United Colonic are and of right
t;-nt to be, free and independent States.'
Ji arose on thi proposition jeonia
-. X'tw D-degale thouHt it. prmitiir j
jpih'- ged the want of power froinlh:ir
xr n-iuutunt. The following is an extract
. Jhrafto debate;; It was said, that ton
f rtritrfihecotainie) had X'edy fit
V "VjiVn t'wif delegate to conm.-ut to such
Ji UCt UWUIiW, 01 puiers oj . -
' I ' . . .1.. A ffl
tve Kh rnwrnl.' ' that ifthe delegates
V nv particular eoLny had no power to
' 'ics 'nre such colony independent," certain
mm-to. the4bers could not declare il
; - . V delegate must retire, and fumWj
"' i-'-t sit ; ! Albeit 4oiiee aright ipcedi .from, tUelY
" - W' tT '
t " ' Hloaaiy, 1 si of JulrY m6-.The dele:
f T Jktna from N'ew York said they were, as
"' WuJnc, n4werc Mwred,tliat their
t wjiluenti were font? hut hwvw "
.1 :i ' 1 : Wtion to vote for ft,, they asked leave
: ' " to witbdrawirous the question, which was
I ' i. Wordingry " gWen thtmf and they did
I : ' wr i the declaration of IndepemWce
' ' lurid alter they nao receive
Vo to do from tba AwemWy if New Trk.
Tba vota on the declaration wa taken,
colonies, each colony giving one rm,
iujoordtngti I previous agreement entered
aW moncr lha deleiiatea. f At tba tame
:iia thai tia daupR.Cl!rf
Vi BpMgrumawuo-ov-ouo
rata (rani each Stata. waa at work matur-
m Ka ariWlo Itt a coufrderation of the
' J;atea.7,f'w'' 'irtwTSlreporteJooThe
1 !th of Jdlv.7e. lava MM JUfllraotvwejgi
sVbated from day ta day, ad tima lo tjnw,
-' -for twa yean wen ratified July 9th 79
livrteiT8tafe rtli othort," at ubaeqttflit
. " fen!, feUfri, Maryland lwWtng out two
3 rear longer telof ana ;n m
. .Hi t it, cauaff ofdolay in deciding on the
r' Hie Siatea fth against irtttnjf-iipte
4 lh . fioneral iwrammeiit pertain vowers
IjehnisinS to them aa free, sovereign and
, totlfiwodant Mates ana me wnoiu mo-
jrf tba linjei shows thaf n'we of the
' 7 blares would haw ew aeceded U thecotv
ikterati.iB. but lor tha declaratW contain-
in ihe yecon article, in tbeae worda ;T
; f i;.icb state retains lis aoTrwinmj
V Wj A and Indonf ndence, and pwy power.
E Wwdu'ii.m and .rirht. which law by this
"'m-'. 1 w. Ti-rr:: m-i Jar
- 'I'luft. ii MI anrmar. from these bintori
" 'ialwrthai the Joloniea never were
uo any -ather- owcii ilcepLtha BritUh
rjruwn,to tbey aciinowioagey
manr cnrtacnttcntlT. that-, when this ab
"jnfteato tbwttrUiHti Urow. waa mmm
' wnd. tl became Free, aotereicn and in
r ouiit Staif'a. la tin net I will pro-
k -Cftt to prove, by inj;ojilatf Wei. facta, that
; ; i clng as I" aovewgn ana inorpeiw
. ftf 2-t Hiaina. i1m!y- formed -compact wrth
. ''iWwtther tb cistiltrtios, H tb JLS,
.. . - ftereto-' ;
cna, 'fisher.
January, ii
TJf. Poisbtmi m'fM tb Mlowln,
, . iwwa,..i nai infti rBpociw pi w i
'- Patt bi requested to caoae to be laid be-
,1 ' fore the 8cnat, copiea of tba orden whkh
j..f 'illi fast been giw to tha Camajianding Olli
- - pcf (b Mililirf Force aambjed m
pjit nearnaneaton, e...janq aim copies
f if tha orden, which have been given to
t lha i ConimanaVr f tba NaVal Firce,-as-"7
sbsaUed tfw Harbor of Cbarleaton-par.
" tkulf rly; each orders, if vf. such have
v en giVeri,' to resist the conatirtr'ed autho
'"'K ntiea 'if the State of South Carolina, with.
fii the chartered limit of said State.
---, PptnoaiTBB '.hoped tha reeolutioa
ould ba immediirtery. adopted, by onan-
immia consent, as, the facta which it cat
!H 4 fir might ava a "important bearing
" Apo the diKUsaioa of tba. bill now before
' ; bo ftiiate. -;,;'r : .
lvK objection being heard,' fto cba
v4iwtWl thav reaolutioa to be again read.
- pd tatcd the question, or adoplion.
x.7.irH rVtVijafii aaia, we wrjni w eocfl a
a , jpsoltitiiiO nu'bt be very important. , He
r wa Dot aware that any thing e? isted which
ej!vr paired ju immediate aAt'ionbr
IXjiBuI.tIcIayjB doptinglirhropf J.bul.
revutin bad better jay one dtfy on
nhtirni!tcnhBtBndiriir rule. "
, Tim Cd Art said, ao.l4ctioo' lad I-fa
raailfr to tt conkTatKo, and it w bow
frfjre the Senate by onm.mous consent.
r' Mr.;Pot5BXTl did not propane .o dis
fjjs t'Je" fewtOW'at 4b tiuie, it ceiled
for nothing but what should be spread be.
jbre the pubiic Tbecoun'ry was tn a
Atit?.bf profound : peace aod no occasion
could' xiat lor keepbtg the ordera issued
16 iminiryfani "offieetirt wtm w
fjrfte of peace T. lis nresujnea no genue,
man would obiect to the adopt mn af the re
aolution oa the ground that we were in a
tali of hostility. . But a state of hostility !
8i'ht ariae in contravention to order of
tbe bxecuuve. nm onjeci wa io get at
' the ifuih and", in c:o horn ili ties should
arise that reajwnsibility might ret where
it be4onjrL Ileconid see no reason whv
the ed ''iition'of. Jhe resolution ahould be
eoeii- n-iV I be miyriuatioo sougnt might
svw aa importrst beans; tfpoa ti
in' UiiiliT d' ! iti. II AHt firw h'ped no
ili !ny would tnke 'ffv in ii ;l'iitttn.
Mr. Cki'MDT did i't ipp;n to to ia
oat hn the resdution. wa taken up by
uuaniiitHi4,eoniiit H hwld interp?
no ol)jctiio to its adoption if ii was of the
proper character at .preaont he was enti
rely ignorant of the design and object ol
the resolution, A "great dwil hud Un
statcd. and much nvire iiiiimatc-i than di
rectly stated,alMiul ii'tilo m'-aurrs ty.iut'.
the Slate ff S-ijith Carolina. He f. It a
much anjHtfv as any Senator to kruiw the
feets irt -relation to that aubjert J nnd he
wished for au ojiportomty to exaritie the
re)!ution,' and .ae whether oil the one
haod, it Jul not go f-jrther than was proper,
antf on tne oUier whotucr H went lur
enongh. The circumMam-o of gpntb-men
bAppemng out of their :liiccs wtien such
calls were proposed, wa one reason fir Iho
ula that repi'cfd tnerrt to lay oiie oViy on
tjia table f n Jh? jrfifW&K!
was no occasion for . lnu.Jeniug Iho call bo
yond 'th;"fUTeJ 11 ther1brtr:oM1h'tf
the rewjljrtion be i on t!e labletmtrl te
morrow, aiid pnn'.edf wbicd was agreed to.
January v.
In the St'nale yesterday, 'aAer , I wo or
three bilfs were carried through stages of
paiwage, tne resolution olkred oo the pres
ceding Ait by Mfi Poinrhkr catling i
Hie rrcfKlent for tutr orders msueit ti cer
tain officers in Smith Carolina, came wp;
AMr. tiarsnV was in. lav or the ailop
tion of the resolution after tha modification
which it was asuul lotonnle with such call
should be-jnwrtfd, and a, greater extent
given to the tall for all rrlors ailoctinit the
cvixtittitcd authorities of Slate oftouth
Cnrplina." ' Ho moved to amend the reso
lution bv adding l the 2d line the words
liwTar, Ji way. jh ,Vm jiwjment Jba.. cum
ixlU4 t J 4 be jwWwititetf-fit-- T
JVr- roiNeziTta aaulr the geraiernan,
with an amendment which entirely do
Arflyed tha elTwniribe.'trrW'iltiiirtti. fie
onniRa inai any anrrerton oe,iongca to me
Executive 'relative tojhe communication
to Congress "ofjirdera given t military
oflTieera-in-timeKf peaee, -There ww
uatly two exception msde in fiivorof tlie
discretion of the Eieeuiiva uponealU from
eithtf nwi 'irrCoiif reW.' Oiie -' w'ai
ancra" paper relative to a nei
listionf (he other when ord'rihnueir ti
military oflicer in tune. 1 1 war, should be
ratled for. In inch cac only wro the
dortjaVihti 16 b'jTranaiiiltfcd; referr'd to
faecutua . diatrctiuii rin all olhero, the,
Ex"cutiv was peramptorily ,niiirnl to
send the inT-m'stion pointed out. Why
should not tlie inforniati"n pointed out in
thia resolution be sent t The country was
m a state of prof nod pr-ace, Iiolh at home
ana anrono. inn me rnmmrc naa com-
ihaiidoff "ITieLecktiife of iimZiit the
Slstrs to retrace its step. -land aiwl nn
val forces hod Ixten aeinliled within that
iJtate, ty ' order of ifw Etectnl vtf i-nd
gentletneat. eoroa here and any that the
Prawleot may bava secret which it may
be improper 1t communicate, respect fn
the ordera gnen to the comtnamhrra of
ffieseT force, It maybif sunpoxed that
order had been giveii todisirse the
gi!a1iHe T ,.e rooy , mipp that-ororfi
had hcerr iwaied to appn hiuid teitita ob
noxiow individuals m that slate, and exe
cute' thenUHukr thaaecuud sect kin. Sup-
name, In these ojdera, a bad been done
by Lord North ! he would uot aay that
m'ich things had actually been done; but,
fvmaJftteu)?ing qfffoiHlerneflk
Uo waa tatiaflcd lhal it waa the , Mention
civil Mr in the 8lnt of .South Carolina,
AT'i-iwrnosct of &nhnff fctrft kit apobv
ay f.r flHtircbing an army Inta that State.
Ifno orders tad been given, which were
(Kit improper, why should Ihey W kept
secret t lie rerrelted the amendment. If
it waa m hi rawer, after it ehould be
adopted, he would, withdraw'. the, rcsolu,
tion.' At all rrnitt, b should be jvatihad
tfr UrilWtil III si fWH llllaIBf ItVal II IO 'tllv?
character of the ordera. lie' could, not
say by whom the. amendment had been
ang jeatcd, but he bad heard that the Fro
sioriu nem a arawmg mom uw nigni.
: Mr Oat'FDt would meet all infnrvnce
which might be drawn by the gentleman,
is tn anything improper being eonlatncd
i6 the ocuen transmitted to the milifary or
navaJ officers m-South Lamlina, bv a poe
itive denial.' He undertook to snv that no
stich ordcrt had heeti given..- He, d -pro-
eated ever? thing which mirht give occ a
si on fbr civil strife amort r the citiaens of
outh Carolina' in their present state of
excitement. It wm a reaurl he was ani
lotil to guard against, s tar as might be
had bririf-received" from c1tiemi."of tb
State which wa recited .in nr. order fom
ded opon it, would it not be proper to omit
4 pa me. of imbviduau xtung aucn infor.
matuonlWpuldnot a Jillbrentcnurse,at
thia time, give, rise to a . state of fooling
hic.h would probablv leai to hlooilxl
tftbe name of bKlTvlduals were recited in
order a having given the information
which ot.raioned therb,.wpulil.the gentle
man front Miasissippi wish them stated f .
air. ToixoaiTsa i,wjMUe4.1aa
whole and evert part or tne orders.
i Mr.Gir?"T had no objection to placing
the whole of everv order, ae fur aa related
to tie act f the"fevcutive, in the power
,0111)0 gcntlehiariv TiJuf arty recital orcoh
hdenrtai wfrtrmation, which "tghf be fon-
tiund in an order, oueht not to be given
Coneeqnencea might, follow from such
disclosure, which oughr to be avoided.
Before gentlemen indulged themsolvea in
denouncinz thetrderi which had been is.
uel to the ofTwers in ?outh Carolina, they
had better wait until the order themselves
,eeme, . Irt the mean time he could tsmirt
tliem that tlere w nothing warlike con
tamed in them; Tliere were no oidw
kiU' tltf o C avuOP 'cfoxt&Sfa Bjt
l,n fj was a Gi.ri'tinii uoceiary to b r
h,1 in the i'reHideiit relative
eMinmuiiK.itioii of them even ia p?ac
Huji)oe BiioiTi erin 8. Carolina UJ ma
if-mfed an improper degree t teelid
favw ot one of tha iwnies, anich now
happily exwted there, wetild the gentlemai
re njirn that the or.lcr trccruling tlie ofiice
alxml.J l.e laid boftre the Senaleu t -
Mr. rouuiixTEt answerej in tha aftr
nniive. r t . , ,', j . '
Mr. fi rs nt could porcei ve no sufBcfri
reason lor degrailm an ouicer by wmb ;
course, tie had n orticiiMi tj callii
on tlie Executive for alj aubatautive ordt
relatuis to tlie action or movement of tS
furce8 in South l-'aowia but where eiV
ofders related to information received fron
A, B, or I- the communication of such
field could do no g'lod, and idight do mi
chief.' , Ho nln mid propone lo extend the
call contained in the reaobrtion-tiyajking
M all rtfWi &Kfv&fo i-bnti gi venV
to act atrainet Uw consti tutad authorities ol
Soiith TarolihaT ""He ha J ni ajprt;(ieiwiiB
that the Prewdeot had traowk)il hn a
tbority, Gentlemen Vrmld o a j well to
fjrbear from the indulgence X)f uch re
marks M related to punish mjut Under the
3d section.' The whole coirwr-ot tl Ux
ecutive in relation'tlie Stateof Sou:h Car
olina had- been; mow modffate and. con
ciliatory- It - wa beliewd by. most Jof
tmwe who had examined xie suigect, tiui
t)e J'rridont, ttnde .cuatoglawa, p'isats,
-d all the power propef to bo given hiin
Cv the act nriW before -tie' Senate;'' exeep;
tmg that conferred in thebeginningof tlp
timl section; ; Lut the ea wa a" new one
and the president had preerred laving jt
beftre ..Congres for it tomtideration.
Did this course look like executing cttfWs
under the 2d' section.' Ib wa himself
di-noscd to have all -ttifofroation which
Itelore the benatn. lie wa claa the gn-
th-maa from Mixsi'ppi VlivPoindextr
riarpropasea nie rn(.iinnin :iiiHjia u w
withdrawn, h would himself aaiu oit r it.
.As to the inftrenciH a juch the gemUnan
proposed tuilrawTmihtlie iniiirmatiua; h
must acknulcile Lis inability ta u
stand bin rtmarks on that subject. ,
"M r. PojHOKXTta lad sntd thaf, if the
itiformalvm wa 'withheld -he sh(ilJ be
juxtUiabk-ia during hia..nM3),iufsu.J;i..
Mr.likCMUxcuuldaaaiureuie gentit-nuu
ttiui tiHire. wss n j wish to conceal anytci
bad been made, which iiught causo t'loj
I'ru-th to umnediau? battle wltn oneanh-
er. fcwrv order wuea ey tne iiTwgnve
he was willing should be tait S.Ve Wi
ijenate, 'The allusion ntaJe hv tlie (jen
tlcman,. U Mies fcVdut!a :-.4rai st -e
he did not comprehetid. -Frfm ii hta,Uh
he had not been able to atum.l; but if tlie
gentleman did, he hoped lie likd en)t -
biniKtlf. ...... u
Mr. t'ALHots was greatly aurpritrit r.
the ol,jaciioo-torUa-rMu w---4
oi tne i.xewiuve relative to; ine p.iw.r ,,rJll;,, tllt 1f R , ,,nillH,1V(.Si
South Carolina. Hut, at the' sainetiiiiej it .!.;,. .,, ,!,.-. rii.-i1,. .nrf..,-
miglit bo projw to-prolnct thchirof j,uv; r,,.tome lirht ; hut avarice and
lliat State from diaclueureai' if any -Meh I ....i,.,;. .. u, ..'.rt ,..-v i tUv
uutaliajw- lt. did not tH. fut vfl4il. tw m,18, nd bbvmcal
private correspimdcnce. But Jhu ..Scuat .r
from 'TennAste 'aayathet order um ha e
been founded upi the cWwspoi4 t
ifiditidyalsfbol. .Jm.l maJ he ftatei m
thoordeK H&wai antontehod af.tbe'te
niark. Waa ho to undarvtajid thit rnili
L . . . . . . a
tar? or naval oruera naa reuuef irum
ofS-mth Uaroliiuu' What ! I the utiier
Magistrate 'of tb) t"; States Irt corrfespnn
deuce with, parties so 'deeply excited as
South Carolina t The disclosure was mol
ufa 'aemi-nflicial character it couta "aol
fail to have. an . important lufluciCe alae
13 o'clock having1 a friverf l"r,, i.
r TiXit AijtTtotod, 'tb at byline tcs$rit
tion be bad placed upon the, rule recently
adopted relative to the BpeciaJ Ordene, the
Chaib was directed to call ft at 12 oVIock
After some remirls between Aft vs.
knee, CaLHOrW, SstrrH anTbT, upon
the oonetructnat of the ruyv. -,
; Jiir GaiitDT iriqutreviTictfirVws re
ply to theremarks f the Senator from
South Carolina (Mr. Calhoun upon the
resoluUon uiust be uspeodd until tauncjf-
rOWt: -.v-i: ' I . "-.
The Caata waa anxious o learn arheth-
air hi-coiilructioa of Uuj rule
anpealed from bv any Sepator ,.
xMr. Kix9 aatd getithmen had aowiieeri
before apprised of tbe imperalive term io
which the niK had. been worded tt.the
first time. . lie wa satisfied, and ha lav
ievo c4her ireaucmen;wcre, tni ine
a a ' a ' . .
corwtroctiou given to it by the Csuiwas
correct. i. i ' "' i '
Mr, PotyDfx7a.niored to lay.thv1
sintilSr -VnJhejaljjejJthe
proceed mg to jdnoM of W Ksaoiuuwat
thin tinin ' " ' .ft' ' ' i
Ttii motion wu loet-vet 11 soea 23.
-fli ti in imaJii nrgintarrV'att
friml it Witllnitoi CU
A greaf reaction has taken place in this
section 6f the country; wtrh regttpi lo.the
proceedings oCthe Soula tarolma Lonven
tiflnsnd thecsidentsproclamstlon ; the
motive and principles of the flullilier.s
were not correctly understood at list, and
they, were tnoked. upon , a rcbelp againsf
the'remiblie : and the proclamation made
that Governor Itoyw e anawetvf r Cal
houn's second Jettef, the adilrtV ,n
people of. the rjnitad State and South V4ir
olina, a letter by member of fh convea
tion in answer to General Jackson have
been bV many rcal at teat ion,' and
they havegiven great satiilaetion. Some
lime then wa n4 a on;Ie
ham oow thv . wiwM . amount to nearly
if not hali'thn' toiukinf men m tha coun
O't lilt U u''""41 ' " -
r.Trr.DiTou, Dear Sir: The political
. l .... l.u ;n nt Munect Hi Hit changco,
only, that iti bo)cd and belmved
that the propod power - the Pred-nt,
wil be o cut down by aineniimenw.a to
tniiair m fnjlit ful ctmract", ao as m hiukb
it-s nassWL'e of ittlo conmu'in:e to tne lib
erties of the count ry.'.. 1 almost wish rny
jf, that a couI.K jmss with tta entire on.
uma features i t nut the oeooie mijini ix-
Dropcrly alarmed At it hideoua and tlan-
reroui iiiiporu. inoiiiing win";'
ht be;1 exnectod W renult beneficially to
B.rt rnholrv; Trnm lint do iberatHMI 01
Ae riresent aesHioo tif Congress ; The r
clntlv' coraieetcd tiartv. composed" Priuci'
nillv of the" efcre-ira hour Jacktomht.wA
tse old EiiHtern' Federaliits, bf : llarlford
nehrfirti hat combined to driti war fjtn
ff i rri porsitod in by them '
l-wlr a tienry Ltay tuu wo wstuig v,uie
in both hou! upon any, anu every jue1
tioa".wdded an,ew Trtticr American
Sv stem, being its god-therat leant; be
ill stilld tveryHffiirt that I, making to
reduce it. r 111 fainom bind hill, should K
get through both 11 jusc, will be assuredly
vetuc bv the t 'retntent.: lie has ao fle
dared, himself upm it already."" report
is afloat; end haa i believer -very nrach.
lUut the .VifthcTn and LaMera nintittac
tui' iiT, cxiifes alnrmat their itua
timi 5 and that they , very earneHtly desire
indeed, t le let alone (and nil lunger to
he ligitlated. r ; They. iadi to go on ia
their os-n way, ao4.ta .!iriive r tuem-
selves, their wo tiioaj'urc't and . iiilorcat t
They di ism the great iame now playing
to, le a strong t)vftic.dlrfe, '"of. a deeply
artful p liti'Vil partv, t S jhvf.'l, the truo
prliirjilfi.'of )htXi:'VMfB!lL
whole riiitii)i"V '.(-'mirtti tritmtrv to
of priiicip! ; unfO"ws i- the fj'v'rnnitnt
and hnrtf5w.','K:i'?'-i.'fut'oifol the
lahd. They vir , iod-iel, hat the Union
ia in vcrv uttef !nt ..t ; 4l)d lictire it is,
hat they due 4- bs thiu "oiu rtf the
itnfej.aud t.untcc:iorw of the. 'artful dunign.
ing detna j-iU':. 1 . . : b l.
-'-v -'f fltrr,' !
- Dtnr fr;tv r nu tt-r, the
pronnett.-i ut i!f ims.i;;e o! Vrrji am k hill,
iaytUtHiHidcrshle dilhrulty in predicting,
wlnt wil the fi':.irresu!t." " Thtf three
ami iwfiity Van l'uren iiin from New
Toil, have this bill in thoir riVer, ,and
i'l- tiii'j i'-ptid- ttjnn (tie inHtrutioni they
lay, The intemperate speeches of J. O, Ad
ams a.d lYrram RTirgcas,.produced some
Vt rv wstto ami noun Heimaiioei in the
44iMr- AnHHktne He cause of tlie fiir.4m.v haxptodedVand the airoog arm xif
j.iiiHi(C,of tlie soutuerrrmem-
rHfra, theie irei.tleiiiefi awumotl a' veav loflV
p'h r-I tin muw;le and pRvmcal
trtceuth iit toe rnrtnT ttm superiority of
tree tiver slave lab(jrcrs, and expressed
tiiwirlinrdctt;iimnati6iCii;;i a beilriveul
Jirii tiieprcttKesyjiterai by the weaker
part of 1n" i 'iii''i. , 1 u TWrihger, C4.
Uraytou aud .Mr., replied to thene
cltanndonK f a hih tariff, uui cave them
a, ,l'V)W".htfi TrT.M'rile,! easli nition.'lfV'f? .''n. hia 'ai u
day, and Mr Adams looked somewhat sub
lued. . Hie frieiHl of these trentlemon, I
thmk, felt ashamed
duct;or rather px-rhapat the result of it
I pesa njoii are u . ht to live under a repub-
can gwrnment i tbr :they Vanm-t or,will
not, appreciate" "ita true principles. 1 oi
day, b the &-natc, Mr. Ty.lor vinade a ve
ry powertut spoiscn agamst the bloody en
forclng bitrand one which reminded me
'of the old Dominion, iu her best days.
discussion will be spun out in the Senate
several days longer, aud then 1 bould not
be aurprueuVif a juotioi4kiy ihe bill on
the table the remainder, of the session.
would be successful : for it is eveu evident
that "the collor neh are "t reiCTtuTwitn
fear of aria); jorihe. : Housf ;;.Tbf y
will not, dare not pass this bill; for puMic
ipuuon as the debate progresses, is st ttmg
stronger and stronger against ft. I be
old democrat a in Pennsylvania are raising
then bniuoa, and it u aaid that a strong
efliirt'a dl be made in a day or two, in their
legislature, to rescind from its journals,
tlie shameful vote given some time ago, in
& vor of the-doctriue olthe proclamation.
-A aingular document arrived here this
momma, in the iMewioik flandard. It
iaa report of a committee of the legisla'
ture npoo the federal relations, and must
have come frpm the pen or the dictation of
theJIanctari. Lrom.lhe aliirbjjienuali
have given U, t am induced ta believe that
it t intended Iq promote the .following ob
jects. First, to ehake off Webster from
the embracaaof the President. Seoonov
to, Ivoojhe Sou fhjnttt
i r. t . ....
thi mcnaea .version oi state nignta ; ana
bovi to forsnhie inaugural addrcs, so at
to relieve him in some measure, from the
almost prostrate condition, into which his
passions, and the advice of hi federal cab
met, have plunged him. .the author ot
tbif ftlatwWe arM ringwmt nvOTir,
fmav gull the President, if no one jclse, as
to the identity between" it doctrine and
those of the proclamation : and ' I would
.act be aur priaied of -lha A ooUta-h4Ui it
Las Ibe true and, expected 4 interpff talioa of
the edict of bia imperial Master.
' ' Toun reapectfully. ,
- Alt intelligent correspondent ' ask a to
republish ."iirorri lfurae'e History uf "the
Coi"mairaiAn the .following extract
Speaking of CooxweliV desire to be crown
ed KING, ther historian say, 'iCol. Jeph
t.son in -order to sound the inclinaU n of
the Hotise, ventured tr move, that the
M PwHsoajt apujd btftot' t trof a on
. . . .. . '
Cromwell j and no rorj4i.v -r r. Itictmire
was discovered on the o ca-i-m. h n pu
" Cromwell arterwanUa-ked jepiwon wn ;it
imlui'ed him to niaiie so n motion, ni
" brfi", said Jephson, ' us I, have the honor
" to Kit in I'ariiamem, iiW1 'oiiow tne
"dictates of my own coiisctwice, whatever
"olH-'tice I may le a unfortunate us to
41 "ive yoti.' CJet the,e gone, aaid Crom-
fwill; giving him a gentle uiowontne
" shoulders ; get thee gone, for a mad ftl
" ow a thou irt.'.' ; ' 'J.ri ':T-y'r
' Our corrcHpondcnt ay, that lie will
eive out reader to make the application.
i'tr ! ' 'r r y l'1""- s ' i
iZ.Frfi IAtrieJerJr Eefnitf Pott.,
' The time 'ta near at hand when the Sen
ate of the United States will be called up
on to: protiounce " Iheif decision for or a
iraiuat the tvitf bill now under duicussiori
eyes ot jjhinktng nien, oi an. parlies, and
in all flimrlers of the UmonVare I timed with
the utmost olicitU(le towards thatliody.they
rigniiy juuging nai jm ineir voruiqi ue
pend results of yaatr if not d iital impor
tance, jo this Uuiiiii. There aeems to be
. i . ...... .1. " : t'.n
a eefleral conndeoce eutertained that Mr.
Verplaock's bill will paw the Ilmisei hut
"shadows, clomls, 4 durkuess," rest upob
the opinions of the . Benateand the whole
people of the . United Sutos are waitiiV
moat anxiously lor ins giooin io ue msai
ftit.-.-w'.-, ''r ,. . " ' ' .
On aoute member of assembly, la
particular, attention, is strongly rivettod,
iunl every indictjion furnished by rumour
of the course they will be likely to take,
ia seized hold of with an avidity that show
bow important i considered the crisis' at
which we hive arrived. To Mr. jyebster,
perhnj morrvthan any other JSohator, the
eves ol" the nation areturned.-'t II iaknowi
ibaUiu Ml .nevftr.. approved.
IW! wrqtchoa, measure ao aneurdly tolled
t!iC. American ay atcrn but on. the coat r-
ry, hnt he Wm a roalou aud ipfluentia!
opponefit of that aj'stern and oil mdra than.
one .)CC4nKHi haa prov4 by the most hi
controvertible arguments, .expressod with
tne utmost tervuur, tnat it is a measure
ttu.:qiial, oppreaaive and xinjtn.- Oirrnim
sfances" subsequently occurred to change
his conduct with reference to the. tantf
uowio nuppoaee that kiaefMaion hasander
icwtn any alteration. Indeed, t is current
ly reported and believed,; that during hi
recent jiKirney to Washington, he treely
admitieU he was now convinced tbat.Pro
-".:'-'"" .' ": '''...
lection ana union are incompatible, and
that the time had arrived when one or the
ut her must be given up. A few days will
i1hw which he ha concluded to sacrifice.
Whatever may be the termination of the
present difficulties in South Carolina, it
must be evident to thinking men that7 a
w oiiiiiiiaiiicu wiiiiokv pniuucing a senous
and erhas irreparable breach in the.Con
lederacy. The doctrines of nullification
the General Government may, for awhile.
hold tho State togetherTdespite the efforts
of thvae. who aasert the right of peoccat4o
eceaaion.: - But the smle will not hms be
letwe'ia siaple State and the Govern.
m o( the Union. - The whole Soulh. a
, it ... a .i n I - . : t ... .
wen as ouutn uanuma, -...n grievously opv
preaaed by the tarifi; nor can it be doubted
if all hope of relief from Congress ahould
fail them, that there are o
thllTOifeferacy which may be goaded in -
ine l,it
to violating the compact and into having
recourse to the ultima ratio of an injured
peop'e. , ,
ism we yet entertain a sanguine
that niiflire will tMil be uried to
trcnuty.. We trust to see a portion, at
Set!ale,"ihow; on this irrngtetitotti ottaaumJ
that ihey tolue .tho integrity and prosper
rty ot:thrwhntg UnlwoCa.TiUjher rrle
than the pecuniary intereata of one class of
the inhabitants of a bart -that they .will
show themselves willing to give up I frac
tion of the iuimoderate advantages enjoyed
bytbe mamifkctuTer', fitf the -' sake pf a
verting crmsemtences which no one 'can
contemplate wjth Kit a .shudder, and which
fin - hwr - pfttgraaa c.-iuld, sea rcelyfatHrf
loyerthrowirig those yeryeMabllshmeots,
upludd which all the existing and most la-
and the north haabcen Created, ''V"; .
It ia uaoloaa, in the present emerrenev.
to argue tho constitutional poiau involved
in the diKUSHtoa of the tarur question.
Whether thi existing law fa constitutional
of not whether the oppression of which
the south complains ia real Pt imaginary
11 must oe reauceo, or tne union cannot
be preserved.. The Southern atatea be
lieve tliemselves .inauimortably aerrieved.
and if this jt a delusion, it ia one "which no
process of reasonini can dispel. The
rrr a reB?wu" PV T J nf
' The Armtntent used bv ' some, that to
to reduce the Tariff now, would be a truck
Ung 4f-the General Govern meut to t sim
ity, might be disastrous cooseo'ionccs her
ie"td"ine1ffi CidfiOfattpM rq aori.oC Mudalioo ia truth. 4
It i not to apneaae Soutfi Carolina, that
the reduction of the protective dutie i
urged upon' Congres. t Tljo President baa
shown, and CongreM' no doubt will very
.1 il .1 .u.. .1 T- ....... V
nuuiuv auuw, ii'Bt mere ta 00 lllieiilioa Of
whaetiiuig an alluring South CaroUwi im
obedience. . The ione of the Executive i
firm, dignified and Commanding But
while the national Government opposes
UUetf toibai hoabmgcowrae-ot'South.Car."
fotow Jet tt-aot fwraeeetC in t. sjsTent ol
measara inevitably calculated to alienate
all the enuthern states 1 let it not, for the
sake .of reducing t one refractory child to
otiiiencBt reiuse to lessen the intolorablc
burdens of other,' who bave mildWcom.
plaimed of itsharehnes and partiality but
never denied the oa rental authority.. '
..'e do most aincerely hope that neither
any false notions that it would, be imprt (icf
10 reauce, the tantr now, because u any cm ii. rowing out of tne in.
s tiroo-ht la-loie Congress by the pre.
mwm a wie comiiiuiucation, will jut
with the success of a bill. 'which, if n. V
uto a In w c.imiut fail ,Jt bavins- the r
t-t in hiMilin4 thediase.wio.iof iL" 1
Tltl! "? ,1" tr,ber hail. If dote,V
d, Will be billowed by a state of exa.s, 1
ion in all the otithflrn section ofl, r,
fodency, which it perhaps will then be toe' !
laie io appease . l he ti ohf tu. i
paper at the Scat of Government, we
glad to see hold's aimilar lammage. VV '
hope," aay that paper f Thursday M
that no patriot in Congres, will suffer tbl
iii,iuivh.muii ui iiieso ' topic (alludiuir ta '
those embraced in the PreHident'icominu.
nication) to inllueuce bia'couwe upon M,l
arm in mn bii'-iiiom uegree. It ahould1 L
remembered that South Carolina is notlu
whole South; Jtnd no irritating cour .
Bi)r in iulber House, should preyenilm
fct.?'fi1wtc toti? friouda oi the IVa -nr
that lection otaurcounlryr "
from ike 5aoHr
,Wt stated yesterday our firm w '
lion, that ifhe modifications jf the tariff
notf under the consideration of Cr
are nr; adopted, either the protective eria-
.:nl.' l. l . .. ..... r"
"'r'j ""w: .rf- wwny noaiiuoned by tla)
end.,,,The aauthoro people Will not aubnat
. M.,ijr vi una matter, on t't)
miserable pretence that ia it not fittoykld
them the jujtic for which they bave e
long been petitioning, because a sinW
state ha clianged herpetitiopt into threaii.
They , cannot tutHlcrtand that logic by
" "vi pwuitmiia uempt o prove
the reverse of the old mitim, tt,ot it I Ui-1
ter ten guilty should IPacape. than
kent MH be punished. -They cahtiot jiefc""""
cSiln.,m.whl.L tba atataa
e.xcept South Caoliya Jvhichareoppr- -
a refractory, spirit, ahould cootm., b
Oppreaed,'-liecaiie ,tthat .single ataW. in
wiiubb acu lucy save; van no sort of parti
ciatioB, ha been apmewfiat hasty ,ai4,
heterodox ia asserting ita, right.
- 'hit it ia not the southern statei TkloM-
which a girjed "by Ihf . tariuV:.
those states, to be sure, the people area
tuey are au Opposed to the pra."
teclivepriacipte there u hardly a dwsea,- '
ting voice. But there are other states de
cidedly. opposed to the existing tarut-t
Maine i.opposiad to itNew ilampsluie -j
is opposed, to iL And iu those slate i
which the majority ia the other war. the
minority in many is very large, and ia aft
respectable, It ia a fact worth noticiag,
that while a number, of states ara uuuu. .
raously hostile to the taruf. there U ttata
single state in the whoki Union in which
of lb Doth in Pennsylvania and Naw Jos
aey, (perhap the, moat decidedly tariff tC'T
any two memberaof the Confedoracy)thertl '
is a numeroua. aad iutolligent party ia kW.
vor ol the prineiplee. of. free trade AJ
froin the first otheee two tateari-Uwv)i'",
out ana, cejjtrftoi tht jVawitcaaAatiaw-,.
more than one oppvaentjpfthe preiehltaii L
iff.bas been-'chosen o represent "tlwauC.
on the'.llwr of. Congrcts. For our es
paru, we have not the amallet doubt M ' :
if ilie acntimenUof the American people
could be ' individually obtained on the hue
(retained a it isttbere would be Caindi
decided mnjorttT in ftvor of reduction. t"'t
ii, in uie lace et all these &cU,. eilherl
House ol Congres uould negative, or bf
ie hopojmeacui of any parliamentary; abuffluig.avoi4
by ao doing, assume arful fespenaAilK--tyrS
The rcjjuetba po n)Boaei.willa''
acsas tlw,- fcVmth."" Eveii' tlie- Culumbs
TelcacopB,-tbaorgaa of trat tmllifier
South Carofinai adtttits that itjviU be
islactory. But if thia measure of half-wf
justice ta denied, the manufaetureia sunt-
male up their miud td givif op, wlwluV
seem to yolue, at i Jwta pricvoul Um l
In reference to the very tystem oC"1
urea which bave ao exasporated the ov'
em states, one of our nationar law givent
tbua effireiMiKt hrfimelf. iA . Bpint'
agant or enreasonable is not likely to e !
aureT Thercjwill totntf' t onvii- -strong
reaetirmj snd if 0'odefa,'oB
shown in laying duties on, there may.",
little scruple; iBtaklrrjr them rfi.-?
moment o reaction anucipBiru j
Webstera arivedand. it depends apeV
the dispositjoo, wbich Congtesf Bjjakefoy
tne qnoetion ;now bclore .inem, wiwe
those iborjave borrie gross lmusice fr
the taruf states so. long, will be 1
by mere diminution of iljeH bun
ff -appew '
hether thnv witl thrniir them
though to their Ci
- . .J. v . ....
?,Tn!reVupt "4rnMuC5Tttre,T'
hideou ruinaodl combustion
in Ihe ir Cn 1hTf ahou d.rssi
The Glolai i'a'urndertakinsf to wlltlf
(it flimtitis their apteehea.on the suDfEt,
to.. Oeh. JvliapoTind .Mr. Crnndy f
HiiiiiiaLiini. . . w u iiiiiiv -
u:. iv in al
thai tt snay be at no. loaa tor, rpe r1
dent's opimon, we refer, tl cnonwtr
thwlollowine; article Xtoni tho. tfrf
X- iVashingtW coriTrwndcnt.
Kr...VArl- riirUr and. Ennuirer,
yrrttesTmoVrrhetptntuttW The-Bff
iaosliiogjand whoiie IrigMy sw
live, liberal, and tntorcsfihg letter.
recommend to tb sttentioa of eAjr rt
era, a confaining much valuable wfrrtT
cr ! his eelnbrared speech, aW' an Jrmie. . r
th mnr1v.thosri who luud I tht-f"'
atiofl W the; people ot tne anuirr'- r
f dlnwtng qtiestbm to, the official f V?
Jacki.on, :he Waabimrton Clqbe
Gen.1 lackWiJ or did he noV iti! MoY s
llavne. .te j
Cotrac?5cjf (j;ntiitiop,ld3t I icW.V-?'
- a . .. ..,-.. ... . . . . . . -f- ' -r- . .
. ; ' '.' V. 4.'--. .; "''...'
I---.-"'-:":,'..''- - - : ..; r-' ' V ''vl. ' "1 tr ' IV. ; ' -l'. .,..'.'" '.. ' " " ,;' -
:a L.
1 4

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