North Carolina Newspapers

    .- V,fl,
Chi b-J, orrurc-J la Mnr futj, In II
)m.Hk. There ar iomsny prt f lb
Country, PR"',r dpf""" "T ""
whu-b lbs inhlUfl' "'I '
TVy are ffitHi'ty wry AJS cmuler
film top. wif ti steep meeting
t hi t nl lb b-ittom, precisely in the hpe
Cf furnirf. At ibe Mtorn 1 on -f these,
m party of hontrr duteovered the dsn of a
It- will, end ascertained IhiU it contained
libr of whclpa. Pof Hm port- of d
rMi llw Utter, tliry sss-mbld Ibe
j,!-. I examining the entrance 10
narrow m te render if impossible or
,tf difficult f(ir man to enter Bud M
tuition prevail among lh hunters, that
the f-mala woll onlv iit her yowng at
ji jM, it u proposed to send ia boy t
ab-Mroy the whelp. A fine, eotrcgeon
toy, armed with knife, til accordingl
thru into llm cavern, where, to hi ser-
yrm, be fstssl bimmll in-lh) Company W
VIS) SO WUII, WWW gni;miij
while loeth, and wrly ?owe, sunimntly
.nmmnced her oreaetice. The boy rtffi
lnd.oard lti eiitrtuce.'iwl called to hi
friends, to inform Ibem thai th old wolf waa
tlmr. Theme) told him that ha waa
mistaken J thai the old Wolf n staid
jntli her yeanf ia daylight, and advi-w 1
na tit tv boldly no lo thi bed, and nest ny
fJie litter. The boy, thinking that lha
Jrkixu nl lha cave niifhl have deceived
!iia. 1 pt u me J, advanced bndly and bid liia
fid n;m tha aha wolf, wbn sprani upon
im, and bit him very acverely, Wore h
Ki!J rtt'tt hia rclrmt, and would protuM?
lam killH htm. had ho not defMiotl him
- Vlf wtth r4uliw- Oi o Iwo U lUa
- frii now tacrronVd in tfi-ct'tng an n-
.frinra, ifcha wara Inlroilurwd, tlie wolf
--j.; TUB COS VE .TIPX UlfJ. Li
furvnant to Proclamation of the Pr
Jeot of the ConTfmtion, iwl on the 1 9.
of Fehnianr, one tluMaand fivlit Itun-
Qred and thirty three, the Contention of
a FiU 4f.SiUih. tfoJna re-aaat.mjjlt; J
i lha II All of the lliaaa of Rf prriitatiTre
tnihoTowu ofColanilia. oa thi day at
A Our Tra ver W " the Rr t.'Mr.' Wart'.
afhe rX. wa called, after which the Praa-
t U-ut adilreaard the Conrentron explaining
h objecU of lha mrrting' " He mention
tH in rMiclutinr, thai at another G ivern-
or had bwi cboaen ainrehia appointment,
rtiadnfHcnoeen aincenia appoimmrni,
lie wirtild, after aubinitimg lo lb in Hie"
wi,ulJ, afier auLinitu'ng: lo tli' iu Uie
IJI'iwiiif eorreapomknce, reaiga hia of
bto theif bamla. wfw"!-
T!iawriv Tiiikti tt ', 1 '
CJnmbia, March 11, 133.
4aiact UAaii.rox.Vii. Etq.Prtn
dent of Ik Cwutitiio 0 tie PtopU of
bmJk Carolina 1 w.. ,.v,
. Pia I herewith trapamit yU U tter
fliit-h I Kav received from the lion. Ben-
ftam.11 rikina Leijth, Commie-doncr from
7 .......... . ...
inz; Sun ol-Virginia, whicb, tugctherwith
"Ti'lCnrraanoiidcnce id Telatiort In" Mr.
I.ri?h'a Mwion. andHh-Re4alioMv f
,rtjh'a Newton, andHhe-Keamwiomvj
Tiryinia, of which be ta the bearer. ymiPe rightt, ofber autereiy, by y ielding
lVrwieet4 in lay befor Ibfr AAeniblV
ar which you piaiile' -
I am Very Rwoecifulty,
, --.Joor 4ielit aervant,
- i - - JoeonauKneaiJUinaniiiamierceamoool ir
CoitutlL, March 11th, H I f "' prti;re, 11,8 ""nP0' nd m0"0" '
fe.-l..tnir-arm-lnierjl!f,!B Mrtaml. we all .io
Ail- . j'? v.- .1,. t..,:,...: .jt .k'j
-fcimral Aawmblyof Virginia id" lha 80ib
:. Anmtrf ImL, on ii uljoct 4.. federal
laiMM, I bava now w roqueat your tacel-
frucy loTay theae rttatitutiimakfire'lli)
VwiventMMi or tha people or South taroii
t, which, at my inatance, haa been re a
; ttwliM. for. thn jmrppan of , eooiidering
tlicm. - -
; Tlie Genera! Asombly of Virginia bat
afrpreiiaed in ita own language, it aenlH
xnent conceroinit Ibe unhappy cMit rover
Jfy btaween tba 8wta of South Carolina
Ind thoToderal Oovrnrieiit,"lrid "lu)"m
tlves, it view and object, in making thi
fntqir.eewon In toeaa reaiwcu, tbereiare
file cominiaiotier il haa thought projier to
ajcjMite to South Carolina, can hate noth
l add, and nothing evoa lu explain.
TtW (futy preaented to him ia aimple and
Ha wuatruclea to coioiuuuicaie
lie preamble and reaiilutiona to tha pro
W authoritie of thi State, and "to
give them auqn airecuon a in nn juug.
nvnt may be beat calculated to promote
4he objy:U which the Legislature of Vir
r. Ilin'n haJn,yief,wl thit-part of bit
aiuty he haa already, by- the prqinptind
or!liaL compliance of. tlioae authoritiea,
t ul the happincee to accomplish, lo the
t-nlireetixbietion (aa bo haa reaaoa tu iw-
- lieveofihe Leffmnhire of Virginnw And
. lie ia further Instructed and, ".autliornoj
toexprcjs to the publie nuthoritie ami
(eople of Iht our wter State, the sincere
i wiU oXil.) lgiaUtura aud people of
'irginia toward thoir aiater State, and
.ihsir anxioua aolkituda that the kind and
"ftunectful representation therhftvead-
Jrawti to ber, may lead to an acemnmo. !
. , cati'Mi 01 tneiiiUoroncea oeiween inia otaie
nd the General Government
. Virginia ia animated with an ardent and
- - Vt.ted attachment to the Uw-of -th
- tni t lb rishtf f- lite iemal
St. that compiiae the Union f and if;
-tamilvity of itaatt and ot ialereU na-
fur illy idJoce her to aympathize, with pe
)u!i if aeoaibility, in whatever affocu the
er mpnrity aiid bappineit of South Carol i-
- " Ba aid the other Southern State, ahe
know! bow in reconcile thi e'nlimcnt with
ber aiTfction and duty toward each & ev
ary other State, aeverally, and towards the
tilted SttttearSu li most ii4icitotH," to
fnatittftin and preaerve our preaeut inatitu
- fiona, which, tho they partake f impar-
- t eum. from which no human ir!tution
- " 'cu'i evef h4 exetn)tl,and rKit ithtaii(!ing
jl'fte lustanr; of mal-adininiittrnti'tfi or er
tl P VMh ill 4orotsn4Uirt IaI4i w
. . ... 1 .1 1.
r frinio "I pliiy Hi"' M n. of tort Iim
bmi anjoywl ly any ivJ H mamljin
id prrrra IA a-", aaJ rarry yrt 0
Inrfirwioaf, in full ttf aW jnifiiy I
to u.hM.l tha U won, awl Ma Maioaj lo
mauitain th ftrai uoariimait m an
ita juM pnwera, adminMprel aocording lo
lha pure prinriplca of lha ewituli'n
without lha ImmI dertura from Ua luni
Utima prraf ribd by lha compart, fairly
Mmrtlnnd, and lha 6lata fvrmm nU w
all thrir righU and amburiiy, aa abJuto.
hapjHiaol tbair r(;Uva ei(tM.
CommlKlaliiin and diauwon ara alika aUi ar
rant frwm hor actmoa ad hrr flgnwnt,
tm orn in4vinff, iht Ita, a forfrntuat
of lha wanif ld advanla-a and lU-mp
kmc and au l" rally f. lt and acknowledg
ad lo bava ben derived from tha I'ni'Hi;
and lha other havitiir aa apparent, prbapt
iatrilable, IciioVnry to military dcpotiitt.
And the laamirelieiMMva fr raanooe lw
obviooa lo noed particular nvtilMi-Hht
in cata any fliflerenea between lha Kder
al government and Ilia Mataa, ahall aver
be brought lo the arbitrament of f ree, the
reeult, let it ba what it may, mutt HI. cl
rucb a chanfe in our esiatin, inttituiiont
M cannot but be evil, mre it would be a
chanira from thooe lorma of vovrromfiit
which wa have experienced In be goml, ami
unJer which wa have certainly been, in
tba main, free, proapnroua, cixti:nted and
hanpy. Tlierefori in the present eontro-
verey belwiten the fudcr! government and
I lie Bute of South Cendina, ahe depreeatee
aay reaiHl to force by either, and ia aan
guiuc in lle hope,, that, wit1), rniwr mod
eralion nd Ibrbearanco on both aidea, thia
coolrvery may bo a'ljuated (aa alf nor
cotitroveraiea imtieno nave neen) ttv the
iiifl'KiWf of treth-, rean and iuatieav-
Viri:iiii, remembering the hiory of
th v arulma, her aervicea in war and in
peace, and her contributione of virtue and
intelligence lo the Common counrila of the
Uni'Wi, bimI knowing well llie genermity,
tbo magruntinity, and tha loyalty of h7
character, enteriawd the mont perfect
eournlnnce, that tliean aentimeuti an rhr
iabad by oecaclf, nould ud tvtpwm in
tba heart and um)ertandirtg of every citt
ira of thin State. ' And that confKk'iire'in
dnred her interceeiion on the prenent oe
caioo.' She baa not prexu'iiii-d lo Jirlafe,
or even loadviae, Hhe ha adlreard her
tntrmty to the Cnngreaa of the United
Slatea, to redrew the gWevanre of which
Sith Carolina complains. And ahe hna
ir,kentoHHjth l arolina alao, a one aov
Tf reitrri 8lte7 ia tw State of (hiaTnion.
oucht lo apeak lo another. Bhe hna ear-
neitlT.aucctionately.aml reapectfullv. r,
oioaiftH entreated 8tlV 'arwltna, - in
rewind or upiin her late lrdinanre, end
to await lha reull of a combined and atren
iKKia elTirt of the frinmla 4" the Union ami
Peace, lo elpicl an lMMmciit and ciMici i
a!iai of all public difb-wnres now uiihniii
'j ing. " Bho well hoped, that ibla
f18 " uuId.Il,;tt "1
riir m 1. ;,. !" r...ku i.,.. ..j cir
ihatiinwin Carolina enuidan dearend from
too Uynuyana would Do iw compiomit
N ine- intereeauan ot a Miner etaiatVy-
If, therefore, no other Cin(ilerajion
could haa been presented to the Conren
liuu uf tha poopleff 8.ll Carina, if no
V'her rootiirea for eoinphanc c,Hild have
towo,the comrnm attachment wa frt
fof our rri-repuMirair Tiwirutionr,"b0
avenrion from civil diword aod commotion,
ind tlfa wMe andtial aTtid 4 rtanjvf
wnicb no aagacity con fuceaee the coiUe
quencc, il might have been hoped and
expected, that tho Convention would re
act na, or at leant auapeud lor a time it
la Ordinaneov - - - - -
But, in truth, the Convention cornea now
to a eotiaidoratioii of thi aubjt, under a
state of circumaiaocea, not anticipated by
V irginia when ahe mtorpoat'd her good
offu-tJ tor promote ' peaceable adjuttnkiH
of tha controversy between thi atale and
the f xleral governnienl. " There in httn
aki'oV that comliiuod arid WrrTiuii"er'.rt
of the frieiuia of peace and Union, to r(ft
an adjustment and cmicibaiioo' of ihi con.
trove my, the reanlt of which South Caro.
line waa reqneeted and aanecled to awit
nhdlliat eff irt, it i hoped,-will prore stirn
ceMhih 1 no recent act of Conzrea. " to
modily tbeactof the 14th of July 1832.
and all other act imitowinjj duti on im
port, ia auch a modification of the tariff
Ur a (I trust) withJeaVe jjttln imm for
Iwwitntioo on tha paft of the. Cveuiion
of the people of South Carolina, as to the
wisdom and propriety of rescinding it Or
dinance.' '
r6rbeariof,'lhetcfort, t enter r Uree
iii'ki f waisvw viwwwjfajivfnrfTI Itawyaw
of justice and plicv, which, independently
of this meamire of Congress, might, I huiij'
bly conceive, hawwuificed to hiduco the
Convention to wisnenaVifnot iiLrciciodJhe
Ordinance, I ahall rest in the hope, that
the wi(ioin of the Convention will adopt,
It once, the course wbtch the dignity,
buii patriotfsm 9wthfotji
lachment 10 the union, ao constantly
exprenaed, and manifested by ber deeds,
her duty to hfirsclfand towards her sister
sumpujon) her respect tor the. intercession
of Virginia; ahall dictate to be proper ; ami
thai that sotiriw '"' vVDt 1eaWI;ieueoT'iil
perfect harinmiyi
Sensible as I aib, how little any efTort of
mine haa or could have contributed to the
result I now anticipated, I shall be well
content with the honor of having been the
bearer of the resolutions of Virginia, and
of a laoraWanertotliem-4apynb
mgthe hiimbifnit instrument of siicti a work.
I have the honor to be, with prof und re
spect, your most obedient servant.
- i-r-?rV-" B. Wi Lpi'llT.
To: bia Exceilrncy R liert , Uije Got
irt, a ;m ;i i"u::y iu-t'-i, inn u -'i
t'ttnVrntim nr-irw!(-it ( the
ck-rtKin ot a i,r,liit," lite (,'iivpnli'l
hK-b reau'lnd in ll thi,-n of Uor-fii..r
II)im. Altrr Umg cmluctid to lb
rbair, (iv. II. ma to a ti..rt a bln-M and
utm l iijoxillwi dutieanf bi fUtinn.
On anotKHi nt (i" 'ral Ihi'mll n it wa
rttaotvnd i invite (lie llii'.riLI Boiijimia
Walkiita Lt'i(h, l i eeat ithul tba Ur
uf lha Convention. ,
Tba au'.ij-ct mailer of bia miim wai
tbao, Ofc'lioa fefi-rred I? t fooi mttoe
of twenty one. Il wa then on (notion re
tolved that l he tt of Convreao, cnu'iec
Hd'"W1tlf iW' cwwiaey-botita4a.,ibo,
til ale and (jeirral Uovemtmint b printad,
aOer which tba Cuovmiiioo wfrmtn- i.
Oi Tocwluy nothing wat Aim, rf'pt
lUapfiiilioeiit of Committee j ibecnn 1
miitne of twenty one a A king ready to
On Wedaead.iV
The eonvniion nvt mirotil to ojirn
umui, at M.i.Iuiii' to (LyV 'Tb proceed-
inga were oprnod by a praver from lha
Rev. Mr. WIFrd, and ll Journal of yea.
krdyreMl. The II . C i Ci.k. k,
from tlie atlect committee of twenty -one,
reported to the Convention an Ordinance
awl aa accompanying K' Mrt, on tha aub
jeet of the Act of I lie lato Coograwaof tba
United Stale, cudlb-d An act to modify
lUe act of tlie 14th July, l3i, and all
othr art impoaiug duliv mi uupirU."
Tha Rvprt ami Ordinance were a (l
low :
lie Committee to whom waa ruf rred, the
communicatim of the Honorable II. W.
Ieigh, CoininiMioner from the Stute of
ir. ima, and all oilier mailer coign cN
with bo obj'-tl, aiwl tie couree which
aliould bo purouod by the Convention at
the priwent iniioflanl criaiaof our poliU
ical atCiira, be? -
Tli I tltcy have had uinlor eoni,lerati n, I
lbeacipwdalllwUtessi-.nid'Cuiigrrs;of the duties .m alt articles axceiHUng;i'v iIm rtuf tha 14th ..f JuMlwentv percent, on the salue thereof"
laj.iid all oth.r acts imixwimr dutirs
UK.n importsi' and have daly deltb.:rsie.
on the courau winch it becom.- Dm i..w,n
iH.mlh Carolina l. DUrsue al this ii.KT
eaUnx cmi io.our poliUcal afEur., 1 j -
now upwards of ten y.-ars since the ple
nd cmntituted auth..ritie of this nwte.
to4 vrouml sninit llie prottctiij ,,tm,
a " unconsliiiiiionat, oppmwive" aod in-
just" and Bol-mnly declared ia Cangiuge
which was then cordially respoouVd to bv
lh 4ber Houilfm Slates, that it nerr'r
couhl be wibiniited to ' as the scttleil nl.
icy of the country." After rcfiKHiHtruung
for years against this Vylcm in vain, ,IKi
making every possible einrt to produce a
rc4nja4 4if thU ftricvance b, invoking lite
proteefioo fTtrm- cmMimiMm, and bv
peabiig lo (ho justice of mir Brethn-n. w
saw during the -sion of Conurea. which
endi in-Julv lanf, a nKNlihValiiMi efrcfiil
avuwedlv as' the final adiustincul of tho
Tarut to take . flt ct oAer the complete
atuiL'uilinient 4"il.e public deM.liV ahicb .
the protecting n-strm could mdv be eo -
aidercd e riveted upon the eounin.I.rev'
r." IWieving that BnoVr-lliese circus
stancia,lhre were 00 hopca of any further
reduction oi the dnH-a from the ordinary
action. of the fmlcral; jrovernment 1 arid
convinced that Utufer the operation oi ttiirjtha rerenue to the amount necessary to
svstem the labor and catslal of the pTanta
lion stale must lie furever'trTbutary to the
manufacturing slntcs, and that we should
in ellect be reduced to a cmnliii'w ol coin.
mat vaatage, S.aith ;allna T-lt herself,
constraiuetL bv reiard for ber own
right and iiflare-U, bv her loaf of kbw. i
ty fthd tie"r nVvotion to the Crmsritutfon; to
interpms) In her oVer capacity for the
DUTnose'of arrestinff ihe 'wwww if the
evil, aref maintaimni," witlim her walim.'!
its,theauthoritins,rigliNaiidbberMCp. u. ,n" provision me new Dili (cer
pertaining to ber aa a sovereliri .talis j ,a,ny n,,t frm objections) which pro
Ardently attacked to the imioa of tit vido for the introductiim of linens, silk's,
Statet, witkotl which, the Union itself !wl" wmhW if mhetv-arti.
would cease to be a blessing ; and well
convinced that the regulation of the whule
labour and capital of t his vast confedsncy
by a g rent eootrul G.ivcrumeut iuum 1cj,I
iwvitaoly to the. latiil oWructiuti of eur
free institafions, they did not hesitate to
jKf.JlltWfllJf Into ' (lie
breach, io aneHt the torrent of usurixition
which wa swerping before it all that was
truly valuable in our political system.
1 ne encTorthi interposition, if it haa
n t equalled our wishes, has been beynnd
whiTelttiitrug' YmimSXMSsrwdsii have
authorized us to expect. The spectacle
if a sitiute Stute, unaided ard ulonc, stand
ing up Jr her rights influenced., by no
other motive than a sincere doxiro lo main
tain TIipiWiclif)Ortyo(l bring" aotwt a
salutarv refiirm In the administration of
the Government, has roused the attention
of the whole country, and has, caused ma
ny to pause and rvllect, wro have hereto
fore see inett Tiiadly lent onllie cotifitimiiia-"
Hon oft Bchcmor if poicb.vtmctrfliTat
to the liberty of the peoplo, &ikI the pros
parity of a large portion of tbo Union.-
Tt ough reviled and alandered by those
witoaeoecuiuary or pjhlical.ltereststood
in tho way of a satisfactory adjustment of
the. controversy deserted by many to
and support, ami tbraalssmd with smtsnce
from abroad, and conyu'ons within, f oiiih
Carolina, conscinu of the rrctiimh of her
intention and thejtu!ictofkefrcauset has
rtood wmwort y ; fim
tain her liberties1, or perish m tha conflict.
The rusulj has been 1 beneficial jtwdifka-
tion of the TaritTnf I $33, even before the
ti oe appointed for that act to go ioV)f
feet; and within a few-mouths after ita
enactment accompanied by a provision for
g gradual reduction ' of tke duHet' h the
rtttenht ttandard. Tlmugh the redaction
provided for. by the Bill , which hit just
passed Mf -noither-in 4t -ammmt-or the
time when it is to go into etlbet, such a
the South had a right to require yet such
an jvr,ach haa been made towards the
tfuo pniw ipl.y on which the dutic-a on ira
P'V mi .'bi irv 4m a Uetetf iinier Ui)
... ik. p.. iL..w .ji.. :i.i. j..:-l: : .1. . -. :..... ...
waliyT.. wv.t4 vvm41(B ftVMSUIW ItVVVCaa. SLA4iMja)41'f sJfU'tV ' ' '(j-
.r.. in ir!J to Hi numwff
.k.l ...A tflil.ll
koraCwln cid-re,! a bavmg no
r... ,ci. Unciiml and orHrriv
!l) yst"in of raising revenue by dutica
upn import, must 00 upsi in "
i..t Hi:,id. which furnish moro lb'
Ml" v -
i,AWU 0 the d onv-stic extrt tif llie
1'iifed Htsfeaj ye ftsilh Carolina always
b U-cn, and still is willing to inaka fsri
j rifko 1 1 llie p'sre aoJ harmony ear the
IUmhw Tb-igli aim' Mieve ibat lha
pAAoeling ay stem la fsiiKled in the as
aimtrtioa of nowera nil granted by the
rwfifNfi.m to the Federal Govsrhunml,
,;rim 1.;. nw
idala rediMloll of I MO Oiliiea B euouia
involve the ma..uraclurar in ruin. Tbal
a reduction to Ibe lowest amount ow.
sarr to suntdf lb waul of the U'lvern
rrtrnt, might fc ar. ly erP'Ctrd iu fnir or
five year,' cannot, iu our ettiinaii-m, an
I m
mit of a reasrsable douw J mhi, in gn
ni-"le f r- pfinriplft, """i'1 -roJ"u
?7 . . . - . 11 ...i
would distlain tocavit anotn a rowi m.noii
id" duties, ami a IW years more or less in
efliicting lha adjustment, priued mny
slie can crura sub-Untial Justice, and ob
tain distinct recoftiition of the principle
for which slm haa lmg Contended.
Anxsig the provisions of the new Uill,
which reeommwl il t-i our acceptance, ia
the evtabimlunenl o a ystem of 4 talo-
rrmdvtirit ami the entire abandonm tit
of tho specific duties, and the wiaimi,
Tyr.innial provisions, by which duties
rated nominally at 25 pr cent, were in
many cse risi;d lo upwards of 100 per
cent., and by which the coare and cheap
artiebw, urw by the poor, were taxed
much higher than the espensive articles
uwmJ bv tlie rich ; an unjust and odious
regulation, agsin! which we have con
slaolly - proionled 111 tbw must - earuoat
trrms. The reduction befiro I bo exnira
tion f the present year f one lenili part
(embracing the entire mas of Ibe prolec
; "l articles) ami a gradual wductHm there on sum arncir., uown 10 pi
' (the duties upon which, under the
.tinfT - f la3J, range from 30 to upwards
; of 1 00 p.r cent., and' average upward bl
r-f cent.) are great and mamfestaHie.
; l" if the ayrtetn, to" the beneflti of
"hirh we cannot be insensible. But
great aa must be the advantage of ihc
i rodtictious, Ihcy am small in comparison
ih the distinct recognition, in the new
! Bill, of two great principle which we
1 of im-stimall value thai tht thJiei
eaeaWy brcxehl Jmc M ike
revenue mnaant, even if il sliall be lound
I necessary to reduce the dutieon the pro
rtictai below 20 per rent., fend thai
J,w more motK-y shall be rais-d thah shall
neceinnrr io an economical aoiniuistra
j,'"n of the Government.
i These provisions embody the great prin
;ciple in releronce to thi suiiject for Inch
h",lth Carolina has so long nnd so earnest
ly - 'l0J,i - il - - ihe ..pledge, therein
contained bal be fulfilled in good faith,
tay imist, m.lheir operaUon, arrest the
fewisea which nave grown out ol the uuau
ikmW anpropriatioua of Ibe puUic inon
' W alnwbj cs.ler the reduction of
the economical administration, of the tro
vernmenl," a one "of the happiest reform
which could possibly take place in the
practical operation of tlie system ; a it
""fia arrw nm progrcw ot corrupuon ,
""mit the exercise of executive patniimce
. r. .. . .. ..
iw re-re me inOepeiKieoco o
uw auifw, ana ami an end taif tneae miea
tion of dispulad power, against which wa
have-eonUirtlv--proteated. It ia this as-
,ha qwtion which 1a reconciled
free of duty- The reduction of revenue
which will thereby be effected, and the
beneficial influence of a fr e trade, in sev
eral ol these article which are almost ex-tlu3vcly-'purchad
by the agricultural
staples ortlie Southern States, and which
will furnish an advantageous exchango fur
th pTtytor
al millions of dollars annually, are consid
erationa riot to be overlooked. Nor rah
we be insensible to the benefits to bo dori
ved from the united e(Ioitsof the whole
outhr atded-by xtther.statcx having, inter
ests identified with our own id bringina
about the late adjustment of the tariff,
promising, we trust fir the future, that
union of sentiment, nnd concert in action,
which re flceesary-toHiecttre i he rights
and interests of the Southern State. On '.
the whole, in whatever aspect the question
ia contemplated, your cwnmittoa find in
the late modification of the tarifT, causo lor
congratulation and triumm.- -lf we have
aak-asuawl miV'dtfkdiMT i ITisr .-TT .a . i M. 1 .
TnvfrXs wxj- vvjvjtr'vti' OTsxOMTT'iT''P'JlsJI f"-
lishment of the great principles of free
trade and constitutional liberty, such pro
grcss ha boen made towards tlie accom
plishment ol the former, as must, serve to
rekindle oar hope, and to- excite ue - to
fresh exertions in the glorious work ol re
form in which we are emptied. Influen
cod. by tausti ViesTali coaumttoe ' is sa
tisfied that it would not comport with the
liberal feelings of the people of South Car-
deit by wWeh
animated, not only to live in harmony with
their brethren-, but to presefve the ' nion
ofthe Stittes, could they, hesiwte under ef
isting circumstances in recommending thai
the ordinance of Nullification, and the acts
of the Legislature consequent thereon, be
henceforth held and deemed of no force
and effect. ' And they recommend the CJ
lowing orJinnnce. .
;," UitDLAXCE.
VVhereaa, the Congress of Ibe United
Sta'es, bv an act recently passed,: hu
made such a fetlnction and modification of
the fluties upon Jorei imports, as aminnts
nuUftanllallv to an ultimate rt lurti'm of'fW-Va APnAan I v I nm limJui
that no ,ih-r dutn-s tinil ti Ism limn omy
be trccrv t id rsv llie t-i-onoimcal ei
prn-liiurc of tfi-i (Jovcrnmenr.-
it ihrfrf'ire Or laimd and PtrltreJ,
Tint the Ordinance entiibwl "An O.-dm
nca ti Nullifv esrtsin cta l the tim
reta ilhe United Hii , purp-irting to
be Inw laying duties on tho linprtati-n of
C.reijn eomimxlities," ana an act psei
in pirsoanca thereof, be henceforth d'em
ed and held to have no brce or effcet pro
vido.1 that the act emu led Man act further
tAmiiar a id amend the imlitirv law of
this Htale," passe l on the 30ih) day o Ie
cem'rr, H3I, shH remain in (rc until
;o;;ni m
Form th Jefer$onlut MrginU 7W.
Oetrlkro of Ike CtmlilHlio.
Tlie fldl Utoly passed by Congre e
tennibtf fir the collection of revenue, f fP
tul!y Mjt the Cnttiiooi f the ewintry
un lur the feet of thi Preaideutlcaving
Ibe eovereignty of the Statea I he lives,
liberty, and projmrty of lha Ires aliens of
thi Republic, entirely at the mercy of a
man, who is thus clothed with all the attri.
bote of a Dnsnol and wanU bul the at
of AUTXK'RAT to lhfy him Cr the
Irm Scrpfre. Tbo People of the fixilh
have passi-d a severe but just judgment 00
Ibe late abominable Proclamation and Mea
sogj. The principles of thai Proclama
tion nd Message have beol aptrovd by
the Congress j and the Bloody Bill rei
ponds to lliecsll contained in tliem thus
exhibitins find it isa fatal sign') I rut ttie
Iygilative and Executive l.-partineiita of
the Government ha cowmiied together
lo trample od the popular rights. .
The reader mutknow thai the psge
of the Tariff Bill, removed utUruly-t very
colour of (iijeeswiiy ( this dofstaUu and
aniiinarv act. o Tyranny. The South
bad signified its willingness to acquiesce
111 the aHjihitmeni propd by Air. Clay
No necrssity on lhat account, then, exist
ed, f r it passage and the People
be lell Iu the iiifcrence that it Was p&ied
in lh mere wantonness of power insult
ing lo them trtd dangerous to the Omi-
stitution-Wlmt "earthly excuse can be
assigned for this mifarioo proceeding
None absolutely none txhirig culd
have induced it but a sinister purpose to
engraA, thus indirectly, the principle
the deteatable Proclamation on the Conti
tutiou ami hereafter t hold up this Bill ia
trrrorem over the Slates to frighten thiin
from the inunt('nti;Ke of thi-ir sovereign
ties. It is a oVep device disguisel and
dangerous movemcutof the Fedurai Party
which tmisl bo promptly met, and put
down. A Mr...1IcDuiSff. justly observed
of it, il title should have been. " An act
to subvert the soveruignty ot the Stales
lo emisolidate them into a government
without liinilatiunsofpuwer-HinJ to make
lb eir-il siibservient to the mihlnry att
Ihwrity." - A leading advocate of thi Bill observed
that it was 11 necessary to pass it, in order
te prevent its being said that' Nullification
produced the abandonment ot the Ameri
can avstem.' Thus, it should aeem, that;
if) order to destroy P-tate (lights, and those
who support them; these men hesitate not
l- trample the Cowstitutmn onder their
ft ! To such an extreme of corruption
and profligacy have the adherents of Gov
eniUK-nt arrived ! It remains to he wen
w bother these men will be sustained by the
People... If they should be, then is the
Constitution, indeed, were parr hmeoi, . .
" The Paper fforti t he SriUfli' are htnim ?
their execration against this high handed
tad nefarious measure. The popular wr
it, is rising every where against it. Woe
be to its supportsrs! rhe fate of the Se li-
tion Law advocates will be- honour when
compared with theirs. The frieudsof the
Constitution will rally sgainst it in every
State. It is an eftxiunl overthrow of the
Constitution. Already are some of the
leading Federalists (Monarchists would lm
a fairer word,) crying out that " mtlltfka
gone ! State fJovereigntie that whimsi
cal notion of the Republicans, is blown
sky high ! The Government is now con so
lidaied, as it was intended by its framers
to be and Jaclcson will crush the monster
Party P Step,- enlhmen I Nor- so fastrfl
Your Bloody JJtll will never be the Cort
stilvtion of the South. Jackson cant do
every iking. . Then is a voice 4 well
km.wn voice, that cries "TO THE RKa-
Bill, bk esased raoxt Tin Sr ktvtk
Book f His Toice wiiltc heard and irtd-
ed. Jefertonian.
. 1 SXajaJi axa 1 1 a j r a .
THE "rAtLt.'RE.
It is known, and will be aeen, that Cal
houn and rtVhstor-did not meet each-other
on the Bloody Bill dr though Webster
spoke in reply, he made the EUiolutionn,
and not the Bill th subject-of hia remarks.
Tbe cry of a " Ware' was got up and
paid fv bv- Vn Bunea ad J wkson. Tlie
Parties met directly on tbo Ri'solutions of
Mr. Calhoun, aud their sitoeclies are forth
coming, when the public will be able to
It is reported on sound authority that
While Mr.Calhoun was apeakin? in defence
of hi Resojutions, John Randolph sat eye-J
Ing Webster. ""lA, liat Jlraa "on a table be-1
fore him, which obstructod hia sight.
" Take that Hat away !" said Mr. K.
It was removed and the keen-eyed da
scendant of Pocahontas sat himself to
waioh the motion of Webster 5 throwing
into his face, that piercing gae, before
which he had quailed in past tim When
Mr Calhoun eat down, Webster rose and
faltered, and blundereoVand.aat down ut
terty demolished. "Aye," said Randolph
r dead! Met lend. iiiriTt kat
. . . '''"r-i
J'rpmlht i;,in,,r1 Hi,',,
Il w em try rvii M ou, and Km a
appealed, since il lWlamatimii
there tisil be a new VirKlmiiaii, ,f .
lies in this country oh the Imsi 1 f fj,"
nvntal principle and ll.'t (rue corniw iM
of lln elrrdlC'oiiiitMimi. , Itkbuta
tcnal lo riiqnire, or tun lo kuow, b,(fJ g
ha conm In psk but U fact it.
tond distsil, Ibal lh r rdeml
menl is now silnwiinterrd on Teijen,!
Ciplc thai FcilcralcounriUpredi.a.atai
it U'ahingtm 1 tht HirrUoiii,j,
-.-1, 1. 1 .f.i
vinvw; iiiji nuiuonr ui wi(iiwi V'lmmf
tl,atlM)U.gruuiul iralipsi-W4w' p
Republican and Foileral imitii, u inu.
rendantly and p(ercy I'eiieral, sni ti
lhaM Force B.Utlm progeny .i ii,
doctrine, is worthy of it paternity, 14
more "wliou nd bominabbi than the As.
en and ScdiUm Lew iheium Ur. Vb
thcr Gen. Jackson was duped into atoa.
twining those ultra dotirioa which any.
laliug the States a Muveroigui at a
blow, concentrate all rajwor in tl,4 f
al arm, or ha only no?, tt Ibe first tiJ
displayed bU original principlet, or.U '
corrupting influenca 14 power up
dim iiTniin f wliplkor lu, kmm i
ignorance, or ha listened to ibe M 1
tim of hatred ; what ksd it to eooiJ. ;
t... ,1 i..! ... . 1
. ""wi lr
in. iv titw iu.Hwaiiiu ( 1 lit' ra are m '
doctrines, abiih Alexander Iliniiluaj
would blush lo own, and none but lb f
pie turned whorw" would bare put wti
mo-nh of a dling and cordlliug Prewjrs
atid Uiere stands the Law, the tvudurl 4 '
General Jackson's prostituliuo of ultra
. . The country is is bom psriloM etsy
dilionasto principle than la 17H l
The " diKlryteH of the Prorlamaii.sJ lr
more iweeping and annihilating of ttmr4
rixhi Ihjiti (hose which were embrxlrj j
the SoJitioh L'ais rTTiat.'kruck tl a si.
gle right, those al all. . The pwviit
if Gen Jscksmi far exceds thai of tstaV -der
A iami, and haa attached mnltiuvlt
the pnncijdw id" his Proclamatnai Lf il;
reaod alooo, that Jackson has unci
them Nay, siejve have heard ey-ti.
upMiatori, hua&i fir;no w
ter what was iu tlm Procla'amt'iim,"- VtfZ'
lalort who cullod, and poibly tbou
lheras;ve, 'fH RpuWicana. Thi with
shadowing ppptilanty, which app--ar. '
di-l'y time aiidcircuintance to dimimh ar
impair il, w prociwly llie basis of tlie ed
culatioii which emboldened, the artful U
tiorator nfthe Proclamatinn, dUsrd Liv
ingst.m, to drug it so hig.'ily with Federal.
i-ti. Such nu opoortuuilt fur reorfu.
iiiig Federalism r.oulJ in ver again iccur..
an ignorant iinliecile Pitwdent mighl
M com mi lied to any extent, while btsa.i
bounded poinilarity furni!iej 4 nriw! '
of suNlaiiuirx snv thing advanced io k
name. "Th Federal trio in the Oabinet---Livingston,
Mrljnne and Tanev saw tba
opportunity.. auJ . ombracsd it !-- tit
ino-4 latitU'le. .1. Tim seetiiMial feeli'
and awtipatbifia the growth rsf Uto
and the friitToiTIuguIaLM
have the ftm tn airrfm degree 6tt trvl-J
idatingthe North in favor of ihtVPrsJfru
matiuit, and making even a quc.Hti.ui f
principle, also a acctiuul qu&ttioa. -Tal
North, wilt support the Prclaiiiatn f, 1
buttrjason than that the South Tip:, jj
it " i - . t
These are amne of the causes which will "
render the contest more ardunuthn i ttiit"
of Nevnrlhelaxa, if we wouH -pv"
serve ours and mir children's rjbl.i A .
we w-aild remain a frfo, soverein at i
def'cnd;Tit' Pp)dtf;t w:j!4 iWr sink "A-t"
cuusolidalion aiid vassalage, w.e must fjL;H ,
llie battle again, and thai wui atom h.-Mrl;
and willing han J.:- We mnst filrt if -siil
the resnlulo di-s(wiir of rebel wiln'th'? StU
ter around thnir necks, fir not to coiiq wrT
net to succHfd n overthiovidg the d'rt
mas of Uie.ProciaiiuUou, audlbeii.iuuA.
the Biilorcuii; Bill, is neithoY m.'rd aiK
less than to full into the condition 4 pf
vince to Sew York and Pi-iinrlvanit, :ni
finiiHv o retain personal liberty- itself)-
etifferawce. - .
Let tad FjrCAJ3ilLtlxeni)4lh-jralIil',i
point, that in which isconcmiirei.t.fe?'
senceof the fintHul doctrine ol modern, s
much worse than ancient Fedoralim. ,
usrallv aaiiitt if. aa our fit burs t .
against the Alien and Se btion Lsw.
swear never to remit our exsrtimis
ihe'-sfAfute bwjk ia rgod.
Pending tho nisg of f. CtayVTil
in the S4matet.tar.B-.iajdjfi.catf(in'of tb
riff, on a quention of formality abisil J
introdui'tion ,ofth bill, NlrrP.noJetl;
held forth tbo' folluWMig ithyafld jnqu t
remarks. With the senator we ?
that a cure is mucU more dosirabla by )!.
liillr thaii by ' ginii.lir,' anl
Mr Poind'ettor said ;Ve hire arrifl
at a m.Mt ainriilar state of thiol. "
wrn mtiillniiiHn IiiinITu dcniMfilCiriJ Sil
f iif who were vef mttuciU willing
vote fl sets and aroilc Vtfm--tktr-r
ed by tho patriotic Sonat.TffrotU Kent
ahall we refuse him leave to iaW"
it, because firsooth the bill which c mi";
it mtwt, like ; m!.pt hor A5!E: JJl.
If one of its pro visions could not "j
tionaily be adopted here, is it worse w
a nrciou bill oovundordiscuswtt!l,'
vlotafcs thVCoh
to end, and ought to be kicked
Senate Ha hoped . the propose- -which
looks to a slate of peace and
cord would be heard. The Senator
Ky.., had his thanks for proposing it
regarded it as a more salutary f
iiaofdera whkh now pertadod 1
tion, than gimpowder, ball n
(le wa willing to accede to any Pr
tioojrhicb afppPachd .ward
tin. ratner man ci'Hao k" -

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