North Carolina Newspapers

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tAwi'or the v. hta rE9.
iivii4iion in is r i
missioiirrs ol int Htnk g Fund, t'
hundr'rd and fifty dull' f for the j
prntr of tati nry, rr,nl' f
t er incidental and cni'twgeoi
ncntrt ol the several Ifi et
Tretsory Department, the following
several tuint, vij I
For the office of the Berretary of the
Treasury, loc'udii advertising and
Ultra copyinf, and the ua (l one
ihiuiaant rfidlaea nnlirl from (hit
Ifnutd it Haitian of At T 1 ,, for jj, hjft B'n(j other cipntct
i ofrww i wFiw n . idc it to ihp iuuinf gf riuuuB
i r-Kunrr timj "rrp; via thW"d
I .foil ,ra i lor thai offi.a of Ine Firtt
4" ? '.J!lf Comet. olUrr. including expeotee for
the f-a'ea e'lbt huedrad a4 jprio'.6(, one thousand hrff hundred
r nt. ' l and fiftv dollar i for the cfl'e of the
'tie ennttfd biithtSrnntt affdlrWood Comptroller, one thounnd
of Rrprrtrntatirct of the VnJAA Kara i for the . Ceo of ihe. Fi't Ao.
If I -huri Of .'inKTKn m ,vntift iuii.r, eigw nunarcu uouara tor soe
. a -a. It ... I . a M a. ft
tttrtnwit T'l.Jne lK'wingiuraiwftvtol me Hccond Auuior, etgn
ix, and lie hereby, appfhiiodrcd dollars l r the oHire ol ine
totaled, to be paid out of any ua ip Third Aud lor, one thousand dollar ;
. i . .L - 1 ....... I . .i .i n . .u
t)f.prijtr Money ia ! iior in bc oi in f 'urm Auuuor,
i lote ihouiffiJ dolU'i i for ihe cffic t
P.r tomMMittoa to tht rr''Iniht Fifth AuJi"r, ane thtuMu d W
fud Ttec-PretidtfBt of the U Dtu,n,rt fr ih ffite of the Trauryol
ike rtrrr ar of StaWt the Secretary (he United H ra. tcvrn hundred du!.
rf the feaiBry, the Brcfttary of Ur for ihei Ece of ihrIl. gUttr of t.e
Wt, th-; fleretary of the Nm indX,, urVf ihrec rhoutand dulLrii for
th Tt M Mer Oeoerlf uty UM-tf,p .ffice r,f ihr Commiiii oei ol the
a o l dI1ar I f elerli aoj menen Qenrrl L,0j nice. Ua thousand
I ia the lice of th Secretary ol dollar; f -r printing, pirchmcoi, and
ure, r..eteeothouridfrturhurdred oihrr ripente of Die G tor ml Uod
d Ur for elrrki, eaaehiout, ia Ue OiEce, during the year one thoiuamt
' r i'Di OSce. thounnd four hon. Light hundred and thirtvtwo. eoend.
,.m ... . a j i t
died dollar i fur incidental tod o.eJ Btxve the am ii t f the jpnropr .
l1nr!iM eipente of the Depirtmeot r,f alioa'for' uch" citenditurc ia th4
-.... . i
B ttt inelurtirig tne eipenae oi puo er, free thooaidone hundred and
L.Ki a.d diatt ibttiUg KeU, tweeJ frrittehrd, tlr I au J HIFt vlenlt : for
y.SethouaocJColIu lor compiling conftan lor eitra !, qunog
&.) K'gMrr, h,o t5aTaittJeiiihi hundred and itiir.
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14 i, lo -n -ui-ru l me hun, I o th-.u.itd d.Ue M
i. . i . i .11... . i. . . ,...,nt linA to I I ikrkl In lh 'Rite
mm null fin u'l'nn iui i nn's - . I it .
.1... a .C. . .... .t.... A iur.i'vor. three thou.iiJ duiur
I.Lr.ilor cm...atM e for c tpeo..t.on to he Co
tWkaiathtoffi:roftheC.mni...ry ,.f ,h, iVbl.C t "R,n5;
0er.l..f.uli.. r, t.n tou.nd too n.y, to th.u-.od tlolU. I M
n,ne hundred .nd fifty d.Ur.t or; e.-miLa '0 the f5. f --4
contingent eipm.r of I olce. in. of the M m, te . .houM ;d til ha lrrU
eludint .d.erti.i-f, Uo fouiaod dollar. , for comp.'Ma.lon to ,, , .n
fi hundred dollart f .r cop-M theierIU'pitt'o' ine m-.i
iontthe derk. int .ecnielDgi d laborer! mpwj en iam
(Ere, two ihouand nine hu Irrd and ; v.rioua cperation. ol lh '
Gf vHmII.m , f reont pcent hp .t, went, lideea thodiaoo aonr i-r
. . . u . . . . t.i.
i l .itnuiii finmiril
r f 'id oac, 0 tnauMnd oiiri intioeniii u
pograpol llureay, tneloiing thT1o-ce f r wa.te in gol.1 end ail.
purchaae of book., nflotuu. ver coinge of Jf", irieei ihouand
menta, one thouuni t hundred eip,ht hun.lrrd -od ally dolUr. for
P ,t the aeric comntf line the building fm the Jlmt,
. ui-initie; 4h
ihtc huo.lred dolhr I to coblekr.thref. !n ihe iaiuiDi? military UuA
Ihe Seerttary of rSute taettle the ae-licrfp nd pleott fuooOcJ oa Virtfi
Count lor preparing ani HjHwumi- military turvry and on private cUinu;
log h printing of the revUioa of the tiamioing and ailjuitin g th? account
fotmrr eettmatcaof the p-pulatioo of ofurcyorg:neral;.ndriliae and
tjie Uftiwa o'ei, inrea uuourcu uoi. recording paitnu for land old, lour
far i for completing the publication Itkotmnd dollar i fur., t
kf ;rrDftorBat e Cirepobdeoce"of to een Clrika employed in wriiing
Ihe Uoteawa ea, io wi toonn ei end rerc ding pitentt for Und aold,
J .;ch, on thomand eeo hundred by the Uoi ed Sutea, in eo.inuing ol
oe iHty.o'ine.laiddiiioatotneMrn the approprutim mde for the nmt
fceretnf.r approbated, two ihoimnd ohfret laM vrr. aeven thouia..d d.,U
feven hundred and thirty dollar for ,r , for a deficit of lait ye.r appru.
tontiouiog ana mciae ui eipenae "Mpriation for ihe tame ol j-rci for yir
the Patent Office, two thousand one month of rrrrmK,r f,...r h..i.,A
hundred d eent)vfive dollar t fr I and eiSr Hoi! -m and alum. m
the iprin'endent .and weieHmea of tenr y ProvMrit T-at no p "in 'ill tfce
"the nonhet eieCutivc huild'u g, .ppropriailo b.-reifi made for thr
.ticht. hundred . indJiftv dollar i far frenrr-l Lind Olfi r. lhallbe annlied
oil grot etpenae of aaid boilding, or expended, for and on account of a
.lncludingfucl. Ubor, oil, jepaira of Re4ii-m wf the flmare nsed ihe
the building, three thouaatld three Uwcntyighth dav'of Februjrj: ore
fcetHi 1 n t the eterka and metee;rri I ihrre. ren inn man to b nr-n .r-H
in..vhe . clSte of 5JS!!dbldM?lai theriia hy diecrimi.iatin
".:-:-- ". - .:-.- av l l.. i t -i . i . . .
1 rcavtrv. "ni uwv nun i coiciM. ine laou told, the land trran.
. jdred and fifi doll r t for conptr,altcdlq lhrite for mremal ?n-rorri
'.""' tio'o to the F.Mt Comptroller, of thelment. donition o m-IUirt,.,!,:
; ri,ryf mrec thousand See hundred tary granta, and private chime ion.
--'JZ Wn for trmpeatioB to thjettlf firmid b the C vcrnm Vr fa lnr oi.
mcMCdgcri to m on t. oi ine r
- at mi
Comptroller, nineteen thousand one
VooJccd dolll'l iJfpy CompeniatKin q
the Second Cjmptrollr-of the Trra
""turyllnree fhouiind doHartjj for ciVma
J""" leiiaaHon t the clerk and meatenger
a the ; fSce of the Second. Comptrol
t ler, ico Souaad lour: baadred and
"-"ft't) d Uati f forcompenutloi' io the
TLrt Auditot of the TirautTi hret
.thouaand dollar fo; compeoaauoo to
, the tet$ nj mraaenger in the tfflce
- -af theFrrtt Aad'ttrrrVthrrteen thouaand
Bine hu .dred dollar f f r compena,
- tifo to the S-eond Auditor of the
- TrVasury, three thuraanj dollar f for
"compmaatUrl io the clerk anj me.
ienger io the omce of th Second Au
dit-r, aeventeer. tnooaand eme nun
J r-it dollar for compeoailoi 50 the
T im Aoditor or tne Treaiury, three
th uand dollar 1 for compentation
to the clerk and meaeengert io the
r effice of the Ti ird Auditor, twenty.
one thouaand nine hundred and fifty
d itlar a . lor tompenaatloo to the
V iKlh Audhor of the Treasury, three
' thooaanddolUra f for COmpeoeatinn to
. the clerks and meatenger 10 the office
M,fjf the Foarth Auditor, seventeen thou.
land sererl hundred and fifty dorjjr l
fur compeoiaiion iq mc r utn Aodrtor
'bTTreasurjrj; three"thotiatSd dot.'
Ur jf for compentation t o the, clerk
d mestehecr in the office of the F fth
Auditor, twelve thsand
"drVil'doliara f for compensarV'ti to h
Tie4turr f the U ted States, three
owiind dollars 1 forcompeoiation to
the clerk and mettencer in the office
-lf th Trewrfr-nf theiJflfteoTBtatr7
t thousand seven hundred ai.d fiftv
fSolliir 1 for compentation to the Reg.
Irter-of tlwjlYemmtTthef mSianif
"tloUdra for the clerka
afod metsengers in the;cffice of the
v Agister of the Treatury, t wenty.four
thOTnd twohun
como'nuation to the C mmiseioner 01
the General Land Office, three thou
' f nd dollar a f if eomi)eptioo t the
"elrrK and messenger ia the office' of
r Lommiationer of. th Genera
: l.t- U5ce, twenty thousand five
tu i.ired dollirs 1 for compentation to
the Solicit' I.-ol the Treatury. thrra
. fbtiiitsod five hundred dollar for
I bo m pe naattpo 01 jm tit rk n4 m
prORer is the j-ffi'-' rf the g ,'irit,,r
m. . nR. ' .1.... ,k ... .. .1
leef ShlHtorof theTreiiarv, twelve
hundred dollart translatl ,ns, nd
traOamiUi' g patuports and sea let tr.
thrre hundred uollart 1 for itatmcand
priiMing-the-tniMic ICC unta for the
year one thousand eight hundred and
hirtyhre e, one thousand three hun-
fd .dollwj jffBaltooW
permtendent and watchmen .f tht
otuheaar if rutWe-building, --eign
a. na aaa . -
nunurca ana uny uollara I r contin
gent, expeoies of a ad, thre
thousand thrre hundred a- d t' v d -I
lar 1 for compensation to the clerk
and mratengrr in the rffire of the S
eret try of War, twentwo thmmnd
an hundred and fifty d 'liar 1 for con
.t .
.wgcoi cipensea 01 tne Mh:e of the
Secretary of War, three tho..4 do.
lirari for.b06kt map,-and plana","' for
the War de'partmrnt. one thousand
dollar 1 for additional or temporary
clerk hire during the years eichteen
hundred and thirty two. and eichteen
hundred and thinr.three. in i rdrr to
carry into effert the act of seventh of
June, eighteen hundred 4 ihirtv-two
graa'tog revolutionary pennon, twen
tlour,tnousod and tlnrtyiiine do
larti fr printing, stationary, rent
and e-Xpenaea ot piocuiing reiM.tutirm
ry records, amjiog under the hci afo
resaid, hve tnusaod't'dlars 1 for ad
ditiooal Clerk hire, mrssenarrti. sta
ttboary, priritlhg, aoTolhcontiogra'.
creaof th Pcntmn Officii ftf the" tire'
wnt year, fwii tluimir d dollar. ' And
a Commissioner of Tention shall be
appointied by the President and Senate
who h4ll receive a ilary L4tmy-
of a lnhographer,.nd theeiense f
the lithographic pre of th War D
psrtmeot, seven hamireti ana ny
d llrt 1 for coT0enitlo to the
clk in'tSe OruWce Olfice, two
thouss-'d nine hiindred and fi'tv doll.
ih f.-r contingrnt eipenet of atd
fTicr. e eht hundred d Har 1 r com
ornMtionto the clerk io the ofoceol
the S ireeon Oorral. eleven hundred
and tsfiv !,,llars 1 for Co- tingem
rtnrntr of laid 1 IS e. four hundred
dollar 1 for cfmp-ntionto the cleiki
in tht . ffice of the Q ,iriermater ge
erl,'two tKimand one hundred and
Bfty dollar f rc-ntmgent tiptnst
. a a 11
ftatd nOicr, stl nundffd dollar
fir the salary of the superintend.-
and watchmen of the northwest trj
utive building, eight hundred and blr
ty dollar t I r contingent eien ol
tiid building, including fori, labor,
fed. fui.Uur, repa'u i. buildings,
and improvement f adjoining gr"iid
three tnoui '.ad one truuurcu Julur ;
for completing thtic- ce oo PcunitW
vania aenu, one tho.itaod tn hun
dre'd dollars fW the fitilna; Tip of t.e
hasrmrnt rH.m tf the Ctecutive
Riildn gorcupid by the War PrpaM
mrnl; for the prrier"vfct0' "f Tnpr,'
nd the occupa'ii- n of el-tk, two
thfttistrfd "five ' hu. drf d "d'.'.tta! i f Tf
compensation t the c?e'kd mH
seiieer inileiHic. of ihe r?rcretr
ftheNivy, thltterti t'missnfl tle
hundred nd eighty il d illars t '
onlngeit etpense 01 nt ni' f .
tiree th-ois -nd d .Uar 1 loi compu
ation to the C mmiMOier of the
Navv B rd, ten th Uand five hun
drcd dollar I f" j compena- i0A to the
aecri t-rv ol tne C oner of ihe
N'vyB 'trd, two thou nd- oHr' j
for compentatoin to the clerks.
Je ugHtsman, and messenger, in the
ulnce ol the commissioner 01 m n
vi B-ond, igl.t-tbmsad four hu
Ired and filtv n;itisrf tor continent
. spe. ljh ni I ihe;t 'mmt .
itoreraof the N vv Board', onr thou.
land eight bundled d tur for the
sdarS prthe 1 auperintVodent of the
utKwciUuiiyJbui and the
w.tchoitu, eight : buB4iw--aml fchv
dollars i for coutingiOt cxpeoaea of
a od building, iociuding fuel, Ub-r,
oil, repors ot building, engine, and
improvement tl the grouno. inree
thousand three hundred ai'd tl.y doll
ars 1 for compensation to tht two A
Htlot Tostm istcts General, fivs
housaod ..-d'o'" I. t.,T,Prnatl',:
"twr clerk1 tnd.Tnf wgws" to the 1
office of the P. atmaaler General, forty
V'J .'4V '' '"'-' a a a tt' '"' '
'ne tTnirsani nne nuntirea aouars 1
idditionsl-eletkhire in the - Poai
Offire rVpartment-dnrmg-the- years
one thousand eigM hundred ai d th r.
tv one, and one thousand eight hun
drrd and thiry two, beyend the at
nual appr priation, thirty four thou
sand four huudrcd and aev tjetgV
dollar 1 for c mlioccnt riomsea oi
H,itd rffice -FV!exOtev9
dredddur lor auperintendency of
the buildings, omking up bl .nks, and
rempnsativn to two watchmen and
one laborer, sixteen hundred nd for
ty dollars 1 fr compensation to the
Surveyor General in Ohio, I di.ina
and Michigan, two tt usnnd dollara;
for comprniati' o t tne clerks 111 the
1. ffice of aaid surveyor, two thtmsiod
cine ;' hundred, dollars ; for compensa.
tion to thr 6rveyor outrrtf Tenne.
pcnsatioti taihc.ckALvio .hr (See of
said surveyor, two tnousa d seven
hunred dollat t for Cumpcntation to
the aufvevor Tn litftT.TsjimQrjjyfi. toll rt ir compensan
l P i'didrlphia', and macSioery there
. . . .... r . .
of, eleven thoussrul d liar iorc-m
pensaiion to the G vernor, J t'c.e,
and Secretary 0! the Michiga;. TerrV
or, even thotuaTid eight hundred
dollar 1 for contingent eipeW r.f
the Michigan Territory, three Hun.
dred and fifty dolUr for compensa
I'mn and mileaee '-f the members of
the Initiative Council, pay i f the
t fH r of the ("oancil, fuel, ilona
ry, and printing, evrnthoitinJtnree
hundred and ninety ! dollara 1 for
tmpenation to the Governor, J tdg
e, and Secretary ol the Arkansas
Territory, seven thousand eight hun
dred dollara 1 for pav and mileage ot
the Legislate Council of aaid Tern
on. aix thousand nine hundred and
ni ctv dollart 1 t r Cnt. gent el
pense of the A'kani" Territory,
three hundred and fifl dollar t for
Cmrenitin to Ihe Gvne. J-dt?
e, nod ere tary. Llint-J loria-
ntory. including a Idiljonal CoCipen
tationtothe two jMg, ondvr tfr
w.t of twenty tilth May, one injuand
eight hundred ad thirty,, at eight
Fur -i f ltne f he mli l.u rs ol t! I
1,'iilcd 8 or Io ! B l l'i. fr.oct, flula. id Loiom Ja, I 'if '
huarl Mrn huodiril and ! D
riulUrtl lor ise alari of ih mmi um
f kxaMoft. 10 1 ha t-mv pue wnt thu
.r,d d'llUrsi In .la' ol ia ,
h.tfiidi s aft lr in Por'arat. V 1 mi,
SdfM, II .,lai'd.TM..B Iki"'i 1'''
f i. Buii n Atrts. Chill, rem, Mtaico.
Ci 111.I A neili 1, Napbsand CulutntH-
thousand seven (mi u tn 0 iwen
IV l dollars 1 fir aur ul the dtogo
m.n to Ih iegaimn of ie Untied 8..ti
it Turkev. and lor coninrnt i ipnts
f iha I-gst Inn, til thnusnit lie tian
let tfirt of the Ui lud K au to Uuai
Drliain, C...ir4 America and Colombia,
thirteen thuostn Iva hanUrcd dollirs (
forcontlngtni etpenses ol all iha mis
.Ion ahroad, thirty thABieittl d .li 101
th utarle ol tha gmt for claim. t
London and Tarls, four ihoossnd dollsrsj
for li es penses of intercntjrs with ine
Meillierranesn pt. twenty -lour Ihuu
. v . a. I
sand four bundled dollars i lr in rtiwi
and p'Oic e'inn orAmerieao tmtn in
foreign f nun HesitMny thoussim ooimisj
lor the eontingenl etpeotet of foieign
Intercourse, thlry thousand dolors iu
isf elalm presented oy hi Jiajtti.
the Kng of Sweden, on cieuni'of mju
rles sustained by of to sii
Oavernmenl in the UUndol 5'. Baitho
'omtt, by an illrgal act ot me com
mandint ofTi er of the United Suisi
loop cf ,r F.iie, In tb fear on ibvu
md rivht hunditd and 'wenty three,
uvt thousand six hamlrtd and siaiy sia
dollars and aisiy ail cenit to Wsking
ton Jisina, lata Secretary of Ltgaiioii si
Lomlun, fr an rrearaxc on atiou ii ol
hu scrs ire Charge d AIT. lies, k lor
on Quarter Salary, th allowance lor
his. liura to ttks- Uuiud - 3tu, ou
.i.hunsanl rir.h. huudud ami thra
rtotijjt . nd clffhry 1st ccmsi 'u Gcorgt
v 9 mum Consul of the Unittd Siaie
at Butnos Ayics on account il diploma
ilc tirtcrs at thai place, fmra th drain
id J.nn M. For till the arhfal ol
hundred dollar each, twelve thou p ig g,.le. Char d' Af-i't ol tb
sand one handrrd .jolr I J t 'zhtAS.tpsm.tht fuenccnin Juae,
Urgent etpense ol tne t no a tf .,oe thound lig'it honored and tutu
rijort, three jinndred and U ty, dollars
for ompensation d milt g of the
members of the Lei-ulatlve C tincil
id Fl'rid:f piy ol fi!' era and trrvjnt.
f.tflne, Ki', til r. nl'inf h ,,i
fc.ind'Ma dan d.iU't, In 11,, '
eim k'i N' T S, t,,. . .'
iIkhi'. it if! n eviMfMnvaifcia , '. , '"5
tr, entiiK eiMft, 4 r,i.. !
the .,jin'irt'n ul f'i,i U4 eln, J
fHim, tectH-dlif li U m uf ai'Mh J
tt'WW.Itit tSt am h . '
ih"OMii1 t-Hj MsAn dillart,
lor ew!mrt s:no tud 4,19,, . "i
nin4radal B' d'ttUi ,.
het"fif the if l'""fc IW
f r.rtUt s-ut V frMi.Ua,
nd H fcanoWd ad lwitt4e 4,
R, ert f if Hi 4 e
In nlKsef ol lt rl.1 difrel tivl ...
rf enne, hk Iht bUw nf i'pe..rt,v
ewerird It Ihe aurj-'iia luml, til llum
hHlrd'sr eii iK'r, Li
wttfng'.Tg-Wt it 11.; CiZ "
rflirfuf fi-k t"d ditshltH , ttt(
snd eii hBiidtd a1! ' d'lU,, UfS
mnnt nifne ns Wl lh ltaMH ni?
iraT Pt t t h'sv; Pf''priii'
rtrd in ia terl n" '""f" daiUiU
eenM 1 ff nerfcrfS-iiif tld enclostn the
IhhJsI Nnefolk.tsns thoUnnd r'lhTkZ
deeds'le'i" 'rl""'ai l'"T ke-pj.j
niloee.kadi S"dh"'1ilirit,f Ih. atf'hw-,.
mm IknMWwl aaitat 1 fuf Wg unw .
Hani nfllia h- nmfincf 0 Vt flttmU
ri'ijr flf ln'isiaaa Sd Mi'tisiippl H .1
.. . . 1 . . j k.. . t
ers ol lh Trtfm DrnartNwM, out iH.,
eifht hundred s- A ef nfy seves 44u
lire een'a, hlnr. he hs'aie of s (irf
nru'nxi, tSTwa 'o wpiiii "M.vlj,
herehr r tfenriatd I Ine tha
esmkif Int rT. e Hit set ftnnlrd At
ft lbs pstcnent nf hon -d sra im M
miiits'f srtf'ce m vi'i 'esirsi(4i
Mitns "i the ffintiees ol Itlinnn ,nj Sl.l,w
Teenoirjr, paaWd II W aei.Ni ibeis W py,
nrisled ! e paid on! of sny Kotv, N
lixh b adnwed aecnfjn t tt ttix
to llillard t)r( sod Coiptny. hnrf , WsmU
of tu dua them oa faele eootraet . prf, lp ,
1 MtwMul I hmry tscoes fur hiwtrtd j
ea dniues tna ao ecmt, u rx pud m (
urn f-r wrlf sppropiai. d, a oan1(Jt 4 , .
has Keen ptxedto ll Bariltia fuad far rt,
fiindine sir dierimina'in du'W tf teaairi
hM-hwtv his b'tn enlWeted a ih, fHt,w
ff Spain, f-snea, or f irtujftf, sg'S 'ww-taias"-'
iholiHrm of ieh duticl bv eitber J tbuw a
riima n atela i f the Oi.iifd Siatrt
tivl doPsrii fnreompntatioaaJ,aM:ti:
I 1 scent l Mn to pfoeuff h Aj
FT,. rids. Touf IVifcd Re iModftd Vhn, .
r eomr Wii' H Cnfom Hum tt h, , ,
don. Connretieul fmir ihoossid darsftht,
ttrtetrnff the lnd I'lmots t Uich Dm bv
dial Otic, hat bea eat wniistwd by t Wt1
tf air wi'h lb f o'tvitamies tos'ily Oin
.1 ..ll.M f.. ttim n r- I . 1 1 ..IP mA Ik- .
10, loer, tttouaaad ; aunwaa -wi.,)0n f tob1e mtrt vnaein -baei aka
events dollars 1 in Ju:.n Ujido p.i Ci. ), jn ih nan 1 dollars Inr ib a tritaaf. -Secretary
ol Ug !. Si. PJnitiiri.'ni' H"f m H.-c iefs ol ih, L"d
an nUiB . -nil . n uuni ul hit ill loonwien "r ... ..,. ..- nr,
' . i nni nj IiW hinMllhl IOr K A M l fe Vr
of ihe Council, luel, atatlonary, prit.";'" " " " " , ' ,re.srv b'k and tstnae. tbrvi !. .. 4
tincr. .nd distribution of the laws. e. I mw,h rtd.,, V,,t" 1"'-I ,n.e,,l.r l'h.u Dougbv. oe-, ... ta
thousand five hundred dollara f
two httnrired doiars I to CyreniOt tlall, y ,r..fraaal arrticrs there as 4 4
it 'Harsi for the purnoae a; a l it auifrx.-n
en inousann nve niranrca nnmri 1 , . . , n .r a ... .
1 rtaJdrnt ot tl3n. r Lnada. Hi i0in i t
orc mprnsati .o to the Ch-rf Justice 8u xhon,ni lrtiet huniirtti dolUrmbc
the associate Judges, and Distiivt J - 1 jnK ths value if a scn.wncr.tlu pioptni
dges of the United Stites, eighty one L h tsld II it, siiajdsnd liuiHed b
thniissnd ?lar -hndr4 dolUrsj frtr' the Cotlettor1 of the the potl "of Vi,ni(i,
the ttltries ol Chief X isiice and ud 1 Sandasky bay, in 1S y est ttRb'ten hun
get of the DiUCt uf Cdumbia, and
of the Judges of the Orphant Courts
"f tse aaid District, nine thousand
five hundred dollars y for compensa-
tlot tft ihe attor etr Or leral "of the
U. 1 m , . 1 . nunurca nouaia iioiu ins a
...ted State., loor thousand dollars, -V.iM.hmlr
f mprms thCrk ttl "itje j dj of J-?
ouice 01 tnr.Anomev ueoerai, eigne
hundrrd dcllar r for a. nacate ger in
said . (Ece, five. hundred dollars , for
cont ngent expenses oi -id office, five
hundred; "do.lafaV'for ""'comprniaiioa
t- the rep"rter ol -he dectti -ns -of the
Soprrme C urt, one tho isand d llara
for compeoaatMm lothe District At
d4 tod tcventetii wricb was ordered
by a decree ol tbc district court of Onto
to b refortd, :ui wbuiit p'cviousiy 10
slid drcTce, had been luat.) wiib imerevt
on tbc sid ,rjn Ot five rfiousand; ihre
hundred dollais froru the t oih day of
ed nd
ignth day of Ja.iuart,
ielghteen hundred and twenty one snd
win lurtner intereit on tae sain sum
from the iwentv eigMh dav td J nurv,
elahtsen hundred and thtr'T one ..i f pal
:o ihr cierk amployad in tM U wwtnt
of Sua its tr&Uatorf 10.1 igi lab
gUagrs,ln andiiion 10 the salary nu pro
of,f:u'om House in Sr lur ptrft is tbf I u
nf ML.'l!ii-"S. blli 1 n hbuatiid 1 lh "lsl
the einerr-s (' prtl'ii Or rrf 'dt in IU Sa
prraa Coa l tt tk Uiuied fctlot, IWibo
oTon Ihaoranil rn:M ru urrn kihI 'liirV-Ba,
tfie Sum of tftrra ihoi. d dutirsi and fur 'St
Mm tremm's sr thf'Tn. in one 'hi tai d iifM
ha-Htrrd and thiet three, tb li nm
tbouaand dl art 1 (' "nrrtjinj the imblic W'4
tornev ibd Marshal, as
sided by law. ais bundrad dol'ars o ihe
granted 0y;!c'rr,,ln?heO'partmenf olSnte as Ajtent
i , a - vi. ii' sr oun s 10 auui.iuu iu iw ,r
including those - is the several .. . . , 7 1. a ia,
8 . . , now provided by law, three huidied dol
Territories, twelve thousand .seven! J. , wrmtr. rJn..i,.
rod dollars. JIO-..i Turner of Ued S n,.vy,
P T.riefrayjngthe.eipeoei of the 8V fir rhrse nf trotrv-vma mt N'ufc-
prm ' Court; and District Court i.f" e-ii.'. Mimver'and hit une, lro
the Uoiu (1 Aau:. iucluding ,te . Da':'Ns Y vt o Cur.-0j:.y 'Jtdtr of -iae
irict of Columbia; alto, for jurors. Seiici- of-ihe' Ji-vi, in iha vvar-wne
nd WHr esse,ia aidollh land rfcV-"Und hrmdrtdand twenty rihr,
.iniT frnm (inea. nenJiiea. and i,r,; tleven huttd td nd eisnty two
u e w ---!
ire, incurred in the yer eichteen
hundred .md thirtxathree, and prece
ding year $ and, likewise for defray.
ng the expenses oftuttt in which the
United St net are concerned f and of
prosecutions for offmere committed
Higsinstthe Uiwt1'Sa1lfa,:ad for the
late-keeping of prisoner, two hun
dred and twenty-five thouaand dol-
ars r for the payment of sundry pen
sions granted by the late and present
Governments, one thousand thrre
hundred and fifty dollars r for the
support and maintenance of light-
houses, floating lights, beacona, buovs,
five hu. dretj d liars, which is hereby
appropriated. Hu shall execute, un.
ffiousand War, such dutie io relation to the
varu u pe.naton latr. it may be ore.
scribed by the President of the United
States, and he shall also have the mi-
fyilege of frinki n huilhla provwion
shall only continue until the expiration
of the next Congress for "eompf nsa
tin to the clerts'nd meVsTnger in the
office of the Pay matter General, four
thousand ail hundred dollar, f-r'ton-tingeoi
expense of said ofi. e, 55300
lor compentation to the clerks and
messenger in the off e of the com mis
ary of Genersl Purthaest four thou-
tied t crhundreTdoli'sirs i for n.ntin.
o' ig-nt rxneiff ia 1
drrd d.'H. i t.Ln..i.
t ithe cUrk in the iHo-? oi aaid dr
vevor, four thou .nd ig t hundred
nd twenty dollar ; for compensation
t-Mhe STiyveyri" GfTreral 1:1 ArkTnlat,
oe thousmd five 'itindrrd dollars)
for compenMU-nl ttrrks in said rf.
ficr.unc itiauoa
Urt ; for corapentati
or in Al bama, tw thousand dollars i
f r comne tation to clerks in the of
fiqe of if dd:siiryeysyin thousand
five hundred dollars t fir enmaensa
tion to the surveyor in Louisiana, in
centa. from twenty-hrt June to tbtr
tteth Ju e, one th usand .cgt hon
dred a id thirty one,: by act of third
March, one thouaand eight hundred
and thirty one, two thousand fifty fou
dollar ainetv 5e cents t f r compm
lltbrL tQ the olerb in the .ffi of said
urveyor,bv act of third MarVh one
thou id eight hundred and thir s
, ne, n ,utdrea dollars 1 1
: v i.u -" 1-"- - -ff-t,- u ne, n .unarea dollars u.
rctkiiiiiit otjtt of iAdu-:5tBayiettJtlit injvcYor iaFlorida,
sevent.ticht nt ; to indemnify C.p-
rsi.1 Genrj;o Waihington S ore:, of the
United 9u'et navy, for the expenses of
aceommnoatintr. Commodore D .virt for
ter, Ch-inte u' Aff .irsof tbt L'ni ed S'aies
tt Constantinople, on board of the Uni
ted Sraiev shtp. Huston j. and ior . ihe ex
penses of ennse ying Ocorge Fuller, con
sul of the United S stes at Tanfckf,
from Port Ms hon to Tangier; and of
conveying Lieutenant Rtdgwy, conUl of
the United States at Tt ipoli, and his lam
il. from Tort Mahon to Tripoli) in all,
fl'e hitndu-d dnll .rs,
. To Michael Hotn. tha sum ot cixbteen
thousand one bundred tod .welve dolbirs and
fifiy ernts, in full, fur dip omalic strvicee ren
TfmH pnrri, B tmm the mount la M -
Bts'e Ol nd'i , ;") thntiSNaa...!!.
- tK' iv Jlnd be U further etoclti,
That the Seeeetart tif the Trcaauet be auUf
ed tn-osmm hftewt TnA'1wf.S"ntsu'"l.r t"
Tret' V of Inlemnity eoochtt' d " Pt IB B 'S
foortli di of J-i'n TB1 llioutand iM buno
aadthtrHr.. betarooa. th I'sned o j
America. an4 biaH-Jaatt tU Cif l the f e-r-
' aoon a pted of the i k ( ih I niteu u
11 1 t of hr ttik"-f the Lfi'td S a ea. ea-i.t "
ItanS ot tne vnrea -
be-raoaid ib -.mblvs TeraaHrv wtieTny '
th Cnmiiiati'nrrs appointed usd-r thr mA
Treat -had bt their tatrd dirrct to vhom' at
ttid-fuhd i'b th sccumursted In?' rii a'.J '
be ditribn ed . . Z.S1
See." s. And be it further enaeltfc
Thai 'h Secrei.ry 'U, .:".Kaur aw bt "
t t ereS. tu'l.orf J to pav Oi tbc
Naa' Hl.rrs. 8uttorr Cuafert, Wr-f r :
Snd -s urr rs. i fths several purls of Ui I
ed 8eterwor"r srrv nne tntttr-THsiu VVaj
ntherwi.r an p utrd tucli tUT.t si J) ,irt .
to the aawl ttffl ri revpeoiivet) the same f g
o4Msun-4H-i'T vr on th4iud eigiiVl
dixd and-hir'.,jiirve, accurdina U (ha mf a
tstions nf 'hat irar aaliry would hare berurti
titled tori-eeir- if the sc nf I'lefmrtris b li't
one lliu'l 'f;iii huiHlrrd a-nl birtr k4
not Kne ni'u rll i'l
Set. 4. And be it further enadti,
Tbt' ihe f irthei mm of fli 'Louiaii I u.
be appropriated out of any mimo in be l
sury mil other it'- sppmpriated tn cam i9
r fleet lit proviaiooa ,f Uu Is C'Hibaif
Tres'i" r: - ---rr:! -
Sec. J. An t Ite it farther enactelt
and atakcagca, including the purchase iderxd the Ov.ited States in Chili, from the eik-b-of
oil, keeper'a aalartea, repair and tei th.dy of &epti;oibr, one thouaand eight
. 1 . f hundred -and twenrner to iweftty sirn tr
mprovements. an). contingcnt.exncrr :r tKwV,t w t.-
i i"" "utiuicia ana tnott. ty.four ami Ifont tba twenty-ninth ol uctnoer,
bind tieht hundred and fif v dolUr .lone thousand e.rht hundred and iwenty nine,
r J ".L' t I I m m nf Mttv. nrf IhiMta.r t.icphl hnnf!r-rt
1 r me sauries nr .registers and re- . VT v.- . r
, 1 j . . md thirty one 1 lo! P. Br n, Coi.kiitar
rrn ai Airier, n.ree innuuna inree dud
are n 0 alis, thousand dollr j Ured 'y i!! his si-evice w the
Jbt-atttytyiag-th puhlie itnds. in .u!J """ f"''yi " thousand eight tiuii
dition to the unexpended balance ofl 'i.nVJl rl",l
I Iiir IIIB IIU1SIT w, vuiiiin, live 'llimBtKl UH
Tbst the lime liinit d toe makn'if obra
( returns iherenf U'lrr ihrf aet nf f'airtrei'b
July one Ih.msa- d ibl huad'ed aad tl rtf
lao, 'to prnvde fir- die taking t CertaiS
ervaiions pn'(,ira'ory to the nlj nim-al 'I
Northern tt.HintUrv line of the 8ia wf
be and the tame i hereby estendrd an il
thirty Hurt day nf t) ombernnethnutaiid i'i
hundred and ilurtv41ve 1 snd thst for Ibe
ppae of carrying into effect iia provitioi S 4
the ac' afiireraij t'ta sum of sit llieunut i"b
hundnd and '.en d'lllars he apprnpnatid (!
the purchase nf intrinici f s,id the fnrtirr
:nm wf sevei thwtlWo" fvaWrablliSnt "
Ibe espenses of taking iich obs:riion..
Sec. 6 And be iff urt her cnKtltb'
Thai sn much of the twentr-teeenth ce:i'
the set approved third nf Vtareli one thauu'-i
eijhl hundred and twenty-flvr. tt rrttrw't '
ffk'wit Ptii;'gaTiywtt tn'lhe rwVM''
tiTir navt oi'iuru ami nr rv.h umou
trrmer appropriations. aeVedtV thotl. I., for navment ot Drenarine and ririntinr the
and dollar 1 for completing the sur. ' documents ordered to be priut4 bv Galea and
wo r,Ttr,e C fmrfm -..;. I t .... Seton,f.t'y thousand dollars, under the same
. . ' restrictions snd reaerwiona ss were contained
Sipi, ana Alah.ima, aixty-fivc thou- mthetsrnpriatiosrforthe esmeobleet at the
ries of the District Attorney, Arc is
nu Assistant counsel, and contingent
ppneifofnoTj7;ve ihoutsocf
tt . t "
aonart 1 tor me aalanea of two keep.
e.ra of the public archives In Florida,
on: Ahousand tjoliats f JibF1hr dis.
cnarge of such miscellaneous claims
against the, U. State, not otherwise
provided for, a ahall be Sacerta'med
and admitted io due courae of settle
ment at the Treasury, twelve ihou.
sand dollars 1 for stationary and books
for-the ce of Commissioners of
Loans, twouodred d Har 1 for ihe
hth pavment t . Lutci Persiro; for
lo ifHal tta"t lot the CanitaL
... t w
U. 8lalet, by their resolution of' eighteenth
February, ono -tboussiHl eight hundred and
Wifiyhreev tbrerthmiisittd bfte'' hundred vaid
tarentv flrVduirartt for two thousand eo'tiesot
Cobb's tlatual purebsaed by virtue of a rasuhi
tion of ibe House of Representatives of twanty
fifth f febwarylaWi1 tnWssiuJdbnatf "iforl
the erectwB of a cottons boute at Hid.lietown,
Connecticut, four tbuussod e rht hundred dol.
larti for salary of the principal snd assisanth
brtriaas contingent expenaes of tbe library, and
pay nf messenger, three thoutsnd are hundred
and ftrty dodarai for alteration and repair of
tbe Capitul,.ve hundred dal'arsi for tua aur
vev of Ih cnasi of the Uni'ed S'strs, twenty
tbSmcsnd d'ltari for tbe" purchase of ground
occupied by the eusioat bout tt Key Weit,
fixir thonoand ils'Urti for defeat in the rv
ent--ar St'idv tl'iok b l"nftina m thr'L'niteit
B"f c.-iearv r -f huild. ig.'CTio e huiidr. d
-d noi'.t d l- vm. thirty me a 'si I r the
be and the tame hereby it repealed, and h'
be lawful for the aaid privilege to be etercrici
by each Member of Congress from the perw
of titty d betore bw-tatee hieaeat
grea until the meoting ot Ihe neat Conf
and that aaid privilege shall be estendrd tea
memhers of the present. Congress uaJiuM Js.t
a. srevEj?o
Speaker rt ff.vr a Hepttnt
Prrtfdenl ttk Seitalt ff
Annrmrerl. Mai rh 'i. Intl " i V
V :'$fti-6h-f tf buttf lec iUVva hvuafi at - C
v ELScriol:
tV lLL be o.ied and held , tthe
Court House in Salisbury
Moudsv thefh day of Ap"l0fXt
(being Easter Monday) to elect Sere!
suitable persons to serve as WiruVn
of the Poor in Rowan County f -r W
t threw yearaetHoiBg,-AII?Mlu2
are enti led to i-Ote, who are qua i
-A atrstri fvr" Pnmmftflfri t i iX
T U W ' a ay bv ' " - - --
g.slature J N. C. I r said. C"-;
3 69 F. FLATtK

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