North Carolina Newspapers

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---iAll lh.i-yi in nil S'ttkeiltf,
irUp In arms, M lb attack .which Ue
Li in tl u;x Ihrircoimnercul clwrac-
"jrim--J on 1 Invention "" h
h Branch Hink l thai
rlarf. That inveMiaati.Ht wUl be made,
'Ll Ihfl reault w.ll 1 published. ft will
, ttablih tho I-", m. wrTii ,r
i initi. i UkIv. are m honorable men
..t.t. .Jnt. aa tho inemhaul in the
, Hil l I ' I 1 1
' Ailairtio cilie I and cnn-snow-My, that lv
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.i VaJivitUt will aumwft as small a tr ttn
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I, h ""f --
if.uiMi State, lite enttcivatea enquiry
imJ publication ta M wormwood and gall"
' to tlw t"ck gambbr, wiictber fa ht cut
ot the cabuwl irrtiponw
V.Tlie people in the rWh and aouthwe.
ririrleart ,1ukitt ;rint0lbnriariplfr
f th tna.wre adapted by the late Con
grww. ' The nnult of thf if election will
b w a great diminution of (Jan.' Jacliont
iiifVt. ' Titer will, hweer; be a rfe-cWe-l
majority f bjoshW Jacksouinen re
Write I t'f the nvt Ifoua "f KeprwnU.
live. That, rnajoritv will consist of the
abmls and pnlche ofeitrj fiiCllon'now
in mliry'H but which haa not yt awwin.
r firm and ahape and beiof The dorcl
opi'menta- nf tle wintnr will brin up, once
mrff, th rtnndard of reform J and thwi,
n,.irk what I now aaf , eliht wwTw aOer
thu eoinirwcromt of the, 'n, it of
titin kumtrfi and forty mrnlr, or which
the Hon w will be compoawl, on no (jneatiim
IMiv tho etrnnjith'of the ttkoithogfr
If" will ily eer obtain more than 6m
k mlrtd rotet. ' '
Ytm will have aen notice of the in
juiitioo now aittinf on the NaryCommia
a . :The cbW inqniator ie ilaio Ken
.;. Tr erfnriadwttnuihiidinflniJ
b r 'f ih Ifichiry Club, who, it ie aaid,
w i'l hccimM ih aiwointmentofPoat Mae-
.1 Una cuy, Uorior jonrtrTTTWr
. a -iit jtK?unbent"t waa, formerly f gat (a. j
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i but be ha ulleo under tne PnrifricTaarWtIttTjrqcwrtef;iK4rice
th 7;-lita of the elul, and rumr aay mat
Mr K'viall ia rewJved on a rergaoixa.
li V.-' 1 1 the hope 'of appeaainf tbe..1
fry Mr. Jea waa indefatigable,
( l iriii theexit'Bt for printer,) within the
w ! of (Lmijreea Hull, in elctioneerin
fir lr. Blair. gitprct however, that
Dr. J inei b'gin to tutprct that thee 'r
Vi.-.a were not well calculated to increaite
th number of hia friend, in a certain c
tinivif tt) adminiutrafion party. 1 well
ktifw. at the time, that the Port Matter
wan palling against wind and tide," but
I tutprctrd that he " waa rowing ono way
and lMking another."
' You have, I premirae, noticed the un
andiJ odcMiemptible effort of Mr. Blair,
to .nik'i an unprcaaioo that my lettera are
not received bv y.u from the city of Wah
in'ityinv." I rVnii' descend to notice auch
' l.Jfu TV.'ni'it th AiiflAmrirt at eaae'. oir
Ibiapoiut, ir vou catu . .. '
t Ht An tn Waibwotoii.
From Ike Richmond Whig,
Peiple of America, watrh yottr head
.ataa, he will aoon be your master.
? CUy'a "atitct in timev'' ba aaved more
loan niiRs. . :.J
PJitical darkneea tover the Old Dom-
inirti. The Moole" attrve for lack of
i mnicai "g nuuiwi; .-
cniuibti f omre. while the tbievca are
bn'aktui in at tlie windown.
,Never give ap be reina of government
to political Gilpina. It take cautioui dri
ven to puio the wlieela oTState.
Juckaon ia twins federal midwivea to
bnii2 forth republican children: the ob
iwl of iki Pturaob ia ta etrangle. in. the
The hielier tbe AooAi of federal wrath
ri"1, the higher will the ark of Sfate rigktt
Jnckon ehangea his document but
fcoldn hia doctrines : The snake nuiy change
bin skin, but hiIJa its poison.
Kven when the tree of liberty is falling,
the political hawks are feathering their
...The veil f the State Right9 temple has
bcrn rent from top to bottom. the eun of
fVW(!i)in baa' biri darkened," and 'ghoata ot
drjiarted patriot have come forth. -llivea
iaa Jonas that must be thrown o
wer board t aave the ainking ship.
Ikliv ia naatAa a. hennV Oil WnAtt nA III
vaj m nvfyi lij Mstm ,
licking the hands ol his master, or lyin
down at. hi feet. When he anys, p.Mr
Fein ! how he wars his tail, and grins, and
jump, and always ready to bark at Calhoun
and Clay, at the pointing of the finger.
s Anjuucerf . hoiieaty in the statesman ia
worth a pound of talinit wha'tv aignifie'' a
eun that shoots well, if it is not aimed well.
Wm wTinl the integrity of t he State more
thin the wisdom of tho State. Never a
tiinw when the demand for the article was
grrater, and yet never a time when the
artiebMva Marerr,. .,,,;,:..
Van Bnrtn is all' wolf but the skin, lb
ware of fit he prophets that como to you
in -liwp's r'itthin;.
E'ifurcin fft. This eg oft he cock
ettrice, should have, been crushed by the
heel of Ponresa. But tho hocl of the peo
ple shnll bruise tho aerprnt't head
(iivH me the statesman who holds noth
ing a fast aa his irriy when the
tonnblow the fiarcsi,lhen Ji? standi the
bo'ilest. - . '
TfnVSpeaker is firming like a shadow that
doisHtiPth. U (Hli'ill Iwrfast1, Jut Tv'ler
tl ' ;jr1 lit f, !!(!, f I
ii;;Slcr. I'ul.lif (il ulory
iBtl!ij fiJ of , i hd cliat IikI.U dot
tl lh eml fiilhfjllyihal U) nivoJ tri
uinj!iniitly ' '
CalluM") it t (uu!i oa tire, tut not con
Tlie Pngonof ermaolidaiinn ahoulJ fill
again brfore th ark of State Hi ? kit.
. ah awn t nunc m coot.
Martin Van Huren. John Mcfao,' Ri
f hard M. Johnaon and Lorenjw Dw, are
alrta4y nommalcd for the nf it Prcaiik'ncy.
One of the Treaaury Collar Preiw a, hai
already aturk up the name of the rt, in
the front of ita aheet.'i Will the reatleaa
iihliimirWeirKiimH; atloVU rtefe
to the Pw jf Shall the treat princiolea
now in conteat, te put aiiTe to gire place
in parnzin wor, loiwmca oy me lienncla
at Waahinxtoi) f For tbe time ia naat,
when the luterf ?t vtjie "nf ry e Unvd
precniloiicii of the nttv( of party leader.
'lite came la commenced the very fame
which wai playmf offupon the people twelve
months ago. I here are Borne balPdoxen
candidafi to be brought not and fhn wt
are to have another Baltimore ctucue for
tbe benefit of Mr. Van Buren or rather to
produce eonrert mni harmony," in the
rreal RfTnihlm Pari 'v, beaded bf Sedi
lion Law Frali. The game ia begun
let the people pok tn it corruption baa
commenced ite work, a nl it will go on to
tbe end, ; ' - Virginia Jrfcnonia.
The Mowing are tbe provieione of the
Land Bill, which paaaed Cooirreaa, but
waa nnMJictioned by tbe Preaidrtit I
it reaerved for tbe new Slate twelve
par cent. ofih proceed, in adJition to
the auru heretofore reaerved for work of
interna) improvement, and for the purpose!
of education within tbe aamej-alao, five
hundred tbotitand teref to each of the new
Btatee, for tbe same object, And reaerved
tbe right of extending the aame privilege
thlemtotyHn thif reepective admi.
moo into tbe Union. It aim gave the right
one hundred and auty acre at filly cent
peracre The aum which would accrue
from aalea after Iheae liberal proviaion in
favor of new atatea and torritoriea, waa to
have been divided according - to federal
Awful Catattropke. -The New. York
Ra.ticalor of Saturday, contain an article
from the Constitutional del Canea, stating
tbat in thenoutb of July last, while, Mas;
waa being celebrated " in the Church bf
Sichoa, near TacUoda, hi tbe Republic of
Enuador, 8uth AmerCA,on the day of the
aolenm festival del Vorptit, fire was commu
nicated to tbe building by meana of a roc
ket, and that in the ruh of the audience
to the door, it became shut, and the wnota
frcepl the Ciir)le vko ttcaped tkrovgk the
window t The number of lives Kwt was
estimated at more than nva acxDREB,
betide children. Bali. Ckron,
Extract from a Lrttci, dated ia New
Hampshire: The democratic party hem read the
proclamation with surprise. They could
not reconcile it with document, from the
same source, which bad preceded it ,. Our
papers, those of them that profese demo
cratic principles, are., traminelled ;.. the r
will not openly come out aiMl deiHHince the
Til" '. 1-
proclamatiHialtnou4:h they disapprove of"n," m?h'" eompI?i ,k.2W
oine ifil d.k:lHnes. They have" bee. ,r '
ome, in a certain degree, "political trim
mera;M all that is wanting in the north, is
independent editor ; the press wiuld then
apeak nut the sentiment of the democratic
party ; federal doctrines, oppressive laws,
and unconstitutional acts would then be de-1
n(Uced, whether, they were sanctioned by 1
men who have ever professed democratic i
principles, and been supported on . those
principles, or not.
At present, the democratic papers of N.
England do not apeak the sentiments of the
parly Ihey represent ; it is ton much the
rase that doctrines coming from a certain
quarter, are to be applauded, whether fed
eral or democratic, whether subverting
the rights of the people, or upholding them.
But the people of New England (the dem
ocratic portion of them) do not worship a
oy mailt or jmbacribe tQ,doctrinea advanced
bv nun, which they regard as subversive
of their rights ; their motto ia Principles,
not men.
We make the following extract of a let;
ter of a recent date, written at Rome, Italy.
" Bishop England is in high estimation
here, thisigh some weeks ago he got into
a little difficulty, in consequence of some
thing which he uttered in a sermon deltv
ered by him at tho request. of the Ameri
cans then in R ine, up tn the occasion of
ceremonies being performed for Charles
Carroll of Carrollton. A lew of the send
timents were rather too American for the
ears of an Englishman among his audieuce,
by whom a distorted account of them were
reported to the H 1y officej a think it
is called, and an investigation took place,
which, however, terminated in the Bishop's
favor. Phil. Nat. Gat.
The Legislature of Indiana, have char
tered a College toiie called Christian Col
lege, with power to conteT degrees on
both male and females. Inthe Female
depart iunt, a we learn from a Louisville
p:iH;r, there are to be the degrees tif f).,
tri'ss (f Natural Science, of English Liter
u'ur .if Belles Letters, of the Fine Art,
i t
f Tti T I l ir i.f Ihr Cm. I, m.ii m no
it f)-fit f rf tWt fif Ihrrf rk, IK
i! Hf s i f 8operi'if Count of ttiihirfnr t,
Llft'iln, Ire.ttTt and Mrtkli-nburj, iq th
prnpte U thot Conntlri who U't bn.lnri
l(ti bit fTio, ria rt as epportunity f irn
Bating it. Tlit pptt will N Irft in tha harylt
ol a gamkmaa wvarjr way q ulbi tot h man.
1 f)or v!f will pff!a h aa tjceet
eduma that tb pahnewWa af lbs "R umiatr
kab'n aWo-looed bv Uf, stf4t. for tha
wr.? af auftrUat tncwttrtfcietnt. VTwrl
tHpct hkt tb - t)aaaet of tka Coowiiloa'
wenld btva bad a ftificvaier ta th Eumlnrv,
Mb.l bMWtA, great jfuUiiioai
bfood caue of" frra; Trade , and Bu'
Rlhia with CowJr IUat it the Mm.
'l'' ,'K- .' -i'
" ' WfU. TIIET NETCK be lATlsnEDf
T1 b atsWaif eoK.ibA.Cnl-
ted tna'fa, wb r nam witling ' tha
eotintry, aad partlaaUrly tbe Soatb in
oftraiquilUtjr, (fi aooaer ki naaoa and, bar
moflj btaa rrMortd satoag tha diffcraa aae
tlona pf tha Unto, by a MUfototv adjuaimeat
of tha tttcd flurnioe of tba Tarif, Lsa at
Ump-i auklng U IdIiim the pubH 1hd.
by atitrinf the Uiva itetilo. There ara fn.
tics l oma of tha ftonWra Statea,' (and they
have attics amoflf u.) who are mot aaiag
rv rrTrt to aWa ba puhlio aMnd, ad u err
alajralouaicaiaibe difTrrrat a-etkMa of lb
Daitw,by publohing infltiMuiory p'nui upon
thie aubjeet. rb feopla J . lh iauiH onabt
lobsi oa the alrt. Thia iaaf iaiioa, whieh
ly , BMtat dacida. Itt aKhaiioa at 'bit
llaMcaabacfMbaiMtt In iUar. who w aW
interested ia h. vV fcnp tba boaaat and re-'
I eting part of the cvatmanity at tha North,
will, tbarafora, frawa da evtry aMcatpt to
create any cieiteavat apoa the subject.
Xiefy auilbrirtil ft ih most graiif bg-aa
9min rroat land of Democracy. Virginia
ia ht trarinf (rm lb ka -af nr aat tk
drgradiar oc lUr of - shvery. Tbey th-pt and
lbma Richia-k Co, Jaataned it acaund -'rir
aeckti Thev a'a Bwakanlna tieaat it of agin.
Tba last Richmond paper contain aa ae-
eennt of - the fwaffdinf -of - fha: Ura af
Char Ira City, at a dinner gtvaa ta th Hun.
John Tytert the bold and fmrteas -vhawoion o
the rifhttof the 8tafa. They breathe a spir
it of Patrtotitw worthy of Virginia's best dt.
The la ne ia kiadled, aa ' it cannot he ttoyfed
till iba -Commonwealdi la ntkruU& from
itt preacat aUviah eondidoa.
We are tleated j aee the in'eireff which tbe
citiacnt of nme of tha lower counties Ukr up
on tha Jwbjeel of Railroads. We alxwld ba
bHtev plratrd. bnwever, to sea their rff .irts
directed lo which eou'd ba calUd North
Cnrolia Uim lo Iba one from Petersburg to
Weklon Th Utter will doubtleas ba ofia
ealcuhAbh benrBt falbe people of that pirtia
uhu aectioN ef the fltate but k canaot ba so to
any large portioa of our peopk . .
r FAf trvrxtsu N.C. .MrtTVl8l3.
' Arrived. Bt amer Juho Walker, Cat. Roth
well, from Wilmlngtoo with tbe tliaa Neill and j
nrw flat James Seaelt in toW, and 13 cabin pu j
aeog?rs, the was Udened with the- feUowinrl
goodt, vis 1-670 botra, bales and trunk . 99
hhdt; and crates wmdrtrt Stt bbts. tundrle r
9ft4barteoffeCfc. 491 package naita, lead,
tjc"x 'i 3 oocchti'compleSai 1 pt. Vurrsioact i 1
merchants in Payette ville and the intetior. For
those retiding in this tection of the ttate, e
observe the lolluwins;, John Murphy 8oL
Harjjrarr, T. tf i. Tminp, P. Vmtng, Harrrmva
U Gaitber, Tlio. L. Cowin, M. Pnkston U Co.
oan U Jenkiua, G. W. Brown, R Clcmwoni,
S ockdon U liutigin. Snail. Douthit, S. B.
ttiutid t. Co. sutuicbvef '& Reeyea; Johnaon at
Hargrave, J. Clem m U Co
LivrfI, March -Htorroa MtT.
rheie wai rattntivo (IrmitMia in Hit Cotton
market to dav, trantciont ratimited at 6 000
bal t. American. 2.500 ai i a 8J dy.
On the fth ulri were Urge, but without any
advance in American tortt, though the feeling
waa better.. .
Vno Tarjfc, April 6iA.- Th demand ti nee
our Ut report, has been tolerably good for Cot.
ton. The sal. a are about 2800 Bales. -1500
uplanda, at 10 a t centt,
lrrtfPjaciLrew'heHoweri St. Do.
mingo pne, 1 1 oet, 4 months ordinary a
11 c't , leas 2 per cent fur cash 1 Laeuira B
12J .eentai prine 13J cts.i Cuba, lly a 12
I 3 Centa.
Svaaa. The atock continues very small and
the demand good. Si. Croii 7 a 9nt. t New
O leaitr i a 7 1 1 Porto K cu 7 9.
Caaar.figroa'.'Arait !3t- t 8hr.
ataple inferior iovhk19 1 8 a 10 14 cts ,- com
mon prime 10 1-2 ar 10 3 4 r choice It a ll 3-8.
Beeawai 17 eta.: t'a'low- Carolina II a lift
Sugur, Mucovodo 6 a ; St. Croix and Jama
cia 7a9 1 New (Hears 6 8 eta. t:oflxein
for it ut good fait.ll a Jl 14 1 -good to prime,
II a 12 1 choice 1313).
Coldwsu, Arnu J Cottoji is worth from
9) a 10 1 i, a choice lot sold lor lit cts. There
s a great scarcity in ft -ur. that of a good
qi Jiy commands 6 a
WruaiBBToa. N. CAsbil JO- -FLocn 5
a 6, fallow 10, B ta i7 a IH, Sal . Tuik
inland 42, Liv rp- (' 50, do. in tack S3, sour.d
40 Brown Sugar 7 9. Cidfc 11 a 14, Mo.
t-4- a l'6 a 30. " ' .
F vsrrtvi(.i b N. C. Arsa 9.-CotTO 10
. ;o sn
Catiuw, ,C. Agnu. lOCotton 10 10 SO.
r f
I F. ",
at t
" ' T'.: (, ,t-fi
VI t
Iht w-tal ?Ttt rV,r, f
.1n,r, V rt rr r !!!,. hr at trinn
prrifnla, linf brf"re th ffilutwnaf war,
wh!l ha ''ft arra yet t'.lir.ln rn-h
if knoa b-f!(f!n(r illfjrlanr to lh trntn -4 Orr al
fl'i'iln, Km in a'loilirr rttpn aTiirt and
ifUtlnrt ffm each other ew h g'erning huff
within Ht own territorial fl ".!', and btlng no
Hhar politiral eonnftfun with one another tl an
a enmmnn dependence an h Mmht r toantry,
QirtHtn. Th!lM b(4on tha Revolj'inn,
btt ho wat U tfttr tka' Declaration of Iai-
riinatt , .'. '4.
, Jmwer, Th Ot'.Uratlofl af lndepen.1rnc
wai stwtpty d.ollnc the oonnei'oa of th thW.
(e'en roloi.lea, with tha 0riih arow t-ahWh
a W bjt a4 ad snumr rtlm,)f ,)ii,c. tM
cefviaa,. thra nd thcrthy becoming i
rat tktt Trr,-lnJeptmlrit af tbe Britiah
erana, and ft'iiirntlf ef rarb asher, Hrnea h
was tbat each rriTB Immadlitaly ai f th de-
fila toe of jHdrftdtlfXjetJUBOU
It government to as ta suit tbe new wdef of
thl"(t,-h net of them farming and estab
fial lrr rtnireTI0f if theWMelvei 1
Qmtitn.- If the stitrs were thos Indrptn.
dent sa rack cshaf.hew wat it tbat tbey carried
oa tb war la com moo1 f
Jntwtr, Thav rw at Ifhtlag for lb tame
thing, namcTv Ivlet.entpnM and Uhny, tad
thrrtfwx brf tsaiin l tnike Common aautei
and. ia order thai they ml;ht act fof ehf r whh
gei-atrr eonoH, and annitijt, p th Vlh ef
July' IfTS, Marict.Bs op e)rISTlOB.',
were mtertd into bnwen them i lb 2nd ar
ticl reads in theaa wardt1 Each fate. re.
tain ha Bovrri Ignty, freedom, and Indepen
dence, nnd every power, jurWtlcHon, and Hcht,
which 5 bv tM 5W detatlon eiprewdy el-
Vfle4 to lha Vnked Btatet In Coeirrrss aaem.
bird.' Iv (beat anlde of roaif deration a
"Cnofrrea of thr United Steles wai created
and eertalWpowett given tn this Conrrrts r in
that Cangret earti 8tti. whether targ at
tmatl, had preeisrly the same pofitical wifht.
Thla Cnnrreoe, jmetW rtJUd the aid eontl
arntal Congreoj raised tha contlnenUf ermte
eon(fuctrd thi'vaiand macVtbe 'eaea al of
which tbey old under tba power delegated ti
lbewibxraarriolet of cwnfederatlcn." Hor
should it he forg often that rack and ecry one
af 'he Stars tho raiaid troops, and supported
them during th whole period of the war, and
that many of tbe battles of th war of Liberty.
were fought eiduaitely by the Statr-troops
uader tba command nf Pvat oflcra. That
you tea tbat the Sffata erv Separate, and
ndependant of each other during the. war, es
eepr to far as they bad delegated certain pow
ers to the continental Coognta. ,
(lnukm. Wm k not about tba dose ef tb
War, ibat tba jrfeseat Comtitution of tba Uni
ted States wai eatabFished, which instrument of
course did sway the old confederacy, and era
atrd nrw reiawens between th 8aet t -fnever.
During tha Revohiti-war) War.
while a rommon danger preawd upon all tbe
States, it wat found tbat the MarticJca of con
federation" were ..tufB01e.0iry.strong.j9 keep
tbrat together, and for all tha purpose af de
aoce againat lha common enemy 1 but when
peace came, it was soon ascertained that the
old confcdci at joa would pot answer, and that if
the States wishrd ta keep togemer, aoTie uaVK-
naj powers should b given to tb costiibV
tal Uovaaaaaav.
Accordingly ihv anhject was taken under
eohaideratioh by tha lfitlairi nf tbr several
5atea, aitd after a tinte each State agreed to
appoint Daiksaas to meet In Convthtion for
th purpoaw of makin torn cnanra -U- tna
Oeoeral Gov eramcnt .nia Contention aaat h.
fhibdefphta, ia May f97j, nnd after tb dehb.
tntioit or serai mowha'thf formed the pre
arnt ennatitution of tbe United Statee.
Qirrft'. Who were the Constituents of the
Coiotntion, the American people m a mhU,
or, the people of the several States, as separate
and distinct communities f
Utwtr. Certainly not the American people
at a . but tbe itau$, at aeparate political
eo.imtUBtM?, The anmbrt or Dclegarca of
the Coiiyention were not chosen by the people (
but by tbe BTtTKt, and ia convention all the
votes were taken by Siatei, each State giving
onk votr
Qttitian. Was this Constitution binding on
tne states or me people as toon as it wat
formed by the Convention, or wat it required
before it became binding to submit it to the
Statea for their aeparate contidera'ion and rati.
f catioa or rejection f
.ftiewer. The Convention having been cam.
poned (f delegate! at agents, appointedbyNhe
Statu to revise the ariiclet of confederation
and deviae the form of a General Government
. j... j-jiy p folde18'"tlia!'"tbeorlt bf
their hamhTehouTJ be submll fcd6 the UaTer,
or the people of the Statea, for their ratifica
tion, or rejection, and of course could not be.
come binding on a tingle human being, until
ratified and sanctioned.
The inatrument called tbe cont'itution of the
United States wat accordingly submitted to each
State, td. each a convention of its own.
took it up etamined it snd decided for it.
telfil ay,-r iutlf. for ana state ratifying the
Constitution did not make it inding on anoth
er, .or, did the ratmcation ot 14 statea. mate
it binding on the remaining thirtetntk t Pr,
eian pie North Carolina refuted to ratify the
Constitution mearly two years after the other
twelve had done So, snd during that time tbe
wat not considered at belonging ta the union,
but stood alone as a aeparate and independent
Sta'e. She afterwarda held a second vouven.
lion, end agreed to join the (ai). , - j
Qttiiiion. Does it not follow from these his
torical facta, that the Statu ire the Fasti nt j
of the Federal Government, and that the Con.
atitutionis only the written CMitiicf between
the States, by which they gave exiteace to
this Federal Government I
A-, MttK Mrtainl. The Staiss ara
' I ' I 1 t e 1 . : i
ttie I .!" t, n.ri, I
l.e F
''I (,
f. It J 1
I ! be eon,; !, rr, in r
. ,1 - .....r .1. ......
hn created it j . il, J nut tgenl. fsr-t i.f iia
vara, n w bf Trrf rues . uift, It 1 ,
at , bt all r;t, l'a power ara I.n.i'rd
Sf ti. wtitir fcifr tf ltrntf, given to It ky
ta faiaciMbt, and lha funiiitgiloa of tha
United ! U Ihlt power of Artomey,- 1h
tgtnl ha nerHher powera. but what I' at gto h th (oatifiation, or, ntnunH.
r n' lir J, and all other pnwrr remain in lha
rtficirM. who ara Hit itsvts., Tha atpreei
wonlt iaf th Constitntin) are." Tha powers
n'l ilrl'tnut ta tha Vstrra TTe bv tha
ctirrtrmot noe friU4 hv I' to tS Btatra,
re rrWle A SuiUt rnrh') ae at Ma
(ft fcCrwoW .
:'-.r' it 11 1 1 .
On .Wednetdar morning bu4. ITtb Inst, at
th retidenea of Aobart Burtim. Fa).' In the
Cimnly of Lin.ln, lha ttcv. TMOM t HfY,
as-aiuut nJnletec aiha CospaJ.o ih.f rtth
trrum Chureh. nr re ihslns"wm bronght t
this placa, and Wtrua en 1 bursdty kvt ia th'
berman Lutheran burial grand. ' 1 '
la Leiiagttw, DavUaon County. . v. an th
I Jin inti. JtUwuUkr AT Omltttltugh. CI. -,
Aua, em lha ll'h inrt, lr. .imH4 Lnk th
Wife vf Mr Jacob Sink af said county. ; '
The fvotcWftef ttaww rveefWaf, amaf tfmJwf, Ui
THCY were purcbated 1 . Mew York and
PbihMlelpbia, from tbe latert importationa
a i h great tare, -ad entirely for CASH 1 tba
I I be told st a small jr At, f r csh, oe, fa
punctual deal rs u the uauai credit I bia u
toftm n' i I r nf '. v . ,'
and Very ether anicte- genrraHy kej t ir hia
una of hNatneasi which logetber with bit stock
pravioiialy an haitd, wiU tttiku bts alaorlmaaii
comph-t. " ' - -'-..-...., 4
nt i new., ana in puonc gepcrauy, art
rt'peetfutly invhtd to call, eumine; and Jadgt
lor ihcmelve.
Ard nearly all kind of eountry produce, will
be uk-n in eiclitnge lor go U.
7 79 K.tMlwl.L IIKOItaE.
Lain or. n, N C. April. '.'Oh 18J.L
rnllfi subscribers to the paper pro
L posed to be established in tM
city, , undef the title of " TVEi
amincr," are respe ttvcly informed,
that owing to tne entire fulure of the
condiliin cipreasrd in the seventh
article oi the prvpettus, tta puulici
tt n has hern abandoned -
Philadelphia, Pq. April II, 1853
Si US It UllY JULH .
ffllllS institution tviil open under
the' uperintendccce" cf rnyaelf
and brother' on Y:dnedayt the brat
day of 'May feit. Having hd con
siderable experience, as a teacher, and
intending to prosecute the business ol
tuition with unabated real, I rcapec-
fully aolici a share of the patronage
of the country.
The year will be divided into two
sessions of frve month each. - AH nc
counts most be dosed at the end ol
each'acssloiir';'"" 1 -
The foil wing are the terms of tui
tion per session t
Reading, Writing and Arithmetic
with the first rudiments of English
Grammar, 88
English Grammar and Geogra
phy, 89
Language and Sciences, El 2
8tadeta c-n enter, at any time, but
cannot withdra w except at th e t nd "f
a aession, unless prevented from at-
tcndancrby,aicneiie:.- ...:
f J, SPXRUOW, Principal.
N. B. Boarding can be obtained in
respectable families. I m amhori
z. (1 to state that M'. Crawford, and
Mr. Howard will cch take as many
a right b arders. 6' 77
HEREBY -frewiM.o , all. persons
irom trading or harboring my wife
DORCAS, for I am determined n.t
t- pay any debt that she may c tract.
lor she h ; left my bed and ' board
witbou1 any just cause. I im deter
mined to p-tt the law in force Vgainst
any person who trade with r ar-
April iith. UU. . 72't
jtxEmmi) mm vfur-
Wn Ut;; X., t fJ.'urf. ft. C
nTIMEsn'.lvrrmrv U l
il be c Irbra-. d bv ba bre-brto a' f..!'
tn the i4it of j..t ft S'. An ma'--
ill be d;Cvere. by aae nf lha fraternity. 1
mcmhrrs of this l-ode, ara rJf,,d ' ' -punctual
In attemlance
Tha krtlbra. f n.IifMMrir.r . r '
trarwieM sriVs Bw frapf etf ly lnii d '
lead, Dy order of the l-lre,
" IIVUII nlU'Vifff't'
HMTii ur.t r.v.v.'-vv t
yr x rrrre ft -we u,
rpAKVB thii method V.I tofurmin;
hi fricoJ it the publi gentrslly
that be hja movrd Ift hitn! huc
BtatestUWy Nonh Carolina, n f. v
diiori iuth .tl the CooM-Ifo-c,
where be hpi to shirelarif.lVitUhc
public patrgnage.' lie' pi lomite tht
noctertion shall be omitted to make
hia guett comfortable' Hit ublr
are entirely Det arg enf) ciovli-
The pot.0ffice lilrpt tth botc
SfatrfrVtt,'Xi C April I5 H.
fPlIE Cr paAnershio brrr6 V re-
idling betweto'DN Jtrtn & ' 4 ,
A. W. Brandon if tbe towoof Wmi'c
bor ngh, under the itm of B at'do
and Scott, was diss- Ued b jooiua!
cdnaent,' on the 1st day pf.Apnl last.
All peraona indebted to laid 6rn 4r
rrCjVired" to "ukr" p' J went tn-; ArW '
Rnndon at Wdcitvrorjhthi ton
(horitrd to wtt'e the'lra1fVl-lh'
r '3 .fA A-W BKAADOK. . j
' - . -ft. ', . ti I
ON ht- 2Sih f . J uai vUttt j
-ubt)triber put jn jhv P. .t OSIcr
fl di.burw P.. , Jcttri direcitfd ;j
Mrr. Wa rt 4 Howell. BIrv.a,pt-.
Wionsborough, 8. Caroliha.conU.oii j
a twrotv dollar Bank no e l th' to
lbwingdccriptton7''" J
.Brk or the State fB utCM
lins, NV42, att-'l; CnleM ' "lit j
Dtcrmbar, 18 JO. ptpbTr wR Y (
d it, C." J. C.'lctHxltrprt.7;A-II(
ry, Cathr." The above Icttyitn
hvif ggine to hand, -tl most hav
been mislaid, nr . the money pujUJjr.t
on the way," The public are aou.
frnm receiving the; HboeroterJiv
dollar . avid be paid for Werrrm 1 1
br.rrRi!.Mic;i?A m vr .
Rwan Co. 1 f April, i -J
25 imVEi '!a u.s3ruiH )
CrUiotyi zXcP.T!lt;
;r. instant, To yoc
JESahTtt-EUJAttid' j
Jesse ts about t nty. w.o yean f (
weigh about 140 pounds, of low it
tire but well madeia cf JT
to colour, and can read p iot tolera
well. Elijah ia ab ut eighteen t
ld, spare made, ia-r athcrncidu
be slender built and hi lip pr I
rather beyond the proper length; J
had oo when he left a hilf wor-1 .
hat ad thin homespun rt, 1
Thev are i'ltelliget't mart f 'V
and will doubt try to pata a J
men, under the mme of Wl
rivana, or tnouior xney arc i
mixed with Indian. . .;
- The above reward will be given
the apprehension and coi finemet
said ocgroea may jail so tha 1
them again, or, twelve dollar
fifty ccnta for titSer, 6'Tf .
Randolph Co. V. C. ftpt 8 1ft
ON Friday mni. !, t.Ol.O V
Cham, with two gold Sen'ei the W
can hae the aame by proving property
paying for this advtniteme' t J
Apply t tAUUF.LiONi:
Sali$bvr: Jpril 9th ,. . . Iv
put-mSo officI
"" "-- -fi A TjT? , - : I
THE tahacriber offr n aale the til
hit P soTiits Matbsuu n W in
mKtnn. They ontin ot itr'ii'.id 'of' "'4
diff rent touMt oil) pe troas Bri a
line Pica i aa excellent pr at . i,
lead, catra,chntes,(Cfe. tie. ith spi or.
ccs complete for . carr)ig a (ht bu
They are all in good order, and eoav. i
type ia but little worn
Die pa,er at prevent iaawrd froea h
hat u good a patronage ae any vf put
in thia place. To a person of iudartnou
itt, tcqxa ntwd with the bmineaa. Mil si.)
of locating in this Bcctirm of evry,a
bir nppotmnity la now M red. 4 .it,
gage in o'brr pursuits, e sewherv, eJoVir
cc'he preaeat propriet w t ditpoaa) i
etS iahment.
THr wajt, if S9e4 Iv aVpfieMl fi'a
had nrtrin. -iO tWiiavj
HiiiiiiN, .V. C. JUttk 4KA
mwct?i-k eUU lade leaf, j au4 uf Aru vd tow
v:: :.- ' "a " . : : .. '

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