North Carolina Newspapers

    Wrsforh Carolinian.
-TBI, J ajKnnt. "i
11 : h
u i nixzviomTV. r
aiKif rof ft'iilo tfih$ IV
0 W.
4 ACT swd s tnttilad " Aa a I'.
gnt a miM t-r of WJ 10 tb 1 '
a, I -r iha'parpuae of awtnw ll a iiig ! eo" the oairfS of in Winui
r.-f h iboM of Laka vtkhigan, a!
Uow further liov 'ha f'
o a the Mni t aal fr. Day lull
m iff tty Wife" in'
, of Renrrtentatim of the VnU
it I ylitrt or America in Conrtts
aurmhfl, Tiu. ih lands gra, ltd
i t State el Itli .ois by the act to
svhicn iiva is an meodment, m-v be
sed a d disposed of hjr id H' -te,
for the purpose of nwkiog a rail roil
In...ed of a canal as in id act e -.
templa'rd nd that the time for com
Bench g and completing said canal or
tail road, whichever the Stale ol III
r'n may Ch ose t make, be and it
extended five yean, t Provi'fci Tnat,
SI a rail rod is mHr h place of a
Canal, the S ale of I I'm is ahall be
a iij-cl to the time duties and obligs
inns and the Government of the U.
g ,tes shall be entitled to, nd br
Che sane privilege m laid rail road,
hieh they would hive Kjd through
h raoal, if it Hd bern operrd.
T"ai the further time eif fire vear- be
llowcd the Bute of O'lio t rom.
Ineneethe Miamaveenal from Davioq
Co Lake Erie, in addition to the tine
gpkr tftk lltt if Htpraudr9n.
IIU L. vmrr,,
Prm.knfflh Senof tfmfrt.
aproei, MafJ. 2, lali.
No. 61.
CT to Ineofpnrtie OcOfjtHowB Frre
R. b t sAil OrptMO At) turn, m i lie Diiric:
f ;uliiinbia.
Pc U.enactei bit fhe Senate anl of Representatim of me i mr
hi SMet of America in Congre'tt
Rmrmbled, That Stephen f) ibunaon,
l,evri C-rbtry, P-ter O'D -nnoghue,
Pd wrd B. Kmg, E .cn K'ng, Charlea
K 's'. Ilt'ianua Clarke, B roard Drien,
A. II. Bucher, J hn II. Miy, and
J 'vpit Br fk, and tueir aucceaavra
in ffice, are hereby made, declared
" "in J "cTioitl lute 1 J,-a"cof pjratTdo'" and
; fcodf P'dit'te, b la id io Let, to
liave cuntioujnee fore tar, ubdef tke
time, Htylt and title, -of the Of re
truri fte ftAA and tl-pfwn Av.
lucu. . . - . ... .. ... .
die . ftc It further. enacted,
Tiui all aod a'mgutar the lands, ien
tmcti, rtnu,. legaciei, annuities,
... Jihi pririlegca,. good?, and chit
el, that may . be given,
-,ao1dJ( devWed, or tiraihed,
" to the O eoVgeiowo Free Scntiil and
... JO -ph.aa-Atyluinbc, aod. Jiaey . Jirc
" kerebv, reated in, and cor.B'tned to,
the ajid corporation nd nt they
. nuv .porthaae, .wk,c,receive,.jnd
f y anv Unda, teoeroents, rents, a
uite, righta, or privilegea, or any
woods, chat ela. or other effects, or
wht kind or uature soever, which
g ull or my hereafter be given,
8 oied, atdd, bequeathed, or deviied
-. :f.i .m
tjotor tnem, or ertner oi tneni, aa iiua
tee of the aaid Free School and Ay
fum. by ay peraon or persons, bod
jet politic or corporate, capable oft
AiiniTauch grant, and t dispose of
the atne Provided, The clear an
. a'
nuu income oi property to be ac
tired by said corporation ahall at no
tune exceed toe aunt ot nve tnousaau
dol! irs.
Sec. 3. further enacted.
o .me and atyle af iresaid, be, aod aball
br hereafter, capable, in law and
. eqtiuy, to au and be- sued, to pled
kn I be impleaded, within the District
ItctUal mAo
t rporatlons cn sua or be aued and
that thry ahill adopt and use a com-
- m m seal, and the aime to use, alter,
or fxchaoge, at pie .sure that they
m y appoint such . ficera aa the, shall
dc -ti necessary and pr- per, to assign
Compcnjtlon, and ttf remove any or
11 of them, and ppointjthers, as of
ten as they thiok and the a iid
... fctrporatioo, ahll, make aucb byla
s m y be useful fr the government
nd support, and f r the gentr d .ac
wttmoHliment of the iobjec;oC.the
" ta'id Aivtum, aa herein.ifter mention
ed aad not inconsistent with the law
"-: tf tj.e Unted States or the lawa in
force in the District of Columbia, for
th time being, and the same to alter,
time d, or abroajxte, at pleasure. -
H;r, 4. And be ti further enacted,
Th .t there hall be a meeting of the
fTrValar .annual" C"ntributor to the
r a
School a. cl 0 hai Aoljrrt, !
month cf June, in ea.h yrar, tht
hour and d4f ad manner rf giving
eotice f.r which to f regulatr d bv
the by-laws at which mrfting b)
.L ....... f .1 . L I iv-
lO'llf m no, ll'm ins ur-iaw, nil, i
dual Cr'tf to vote,' pin TrouU enana-1
gera ahall b tU eted, wh ahall p
point a prrsidect and rcrctary, and
way fill vatantira in ther owo b-afd.
until their neil annud cWcti'm tha
h ir duiits ahall ba regulated by the
N-liw, '
gee. . Anibeit further twitted.
una "I the parent, gurdMO, r friend,
wh i may have the care of any male or
frmale child, or where a child miy br
destitute of any friend fr protect')',
'he same mav be received into the
Ororgetoan F"e Sift d and O p' an
Avlum, under uch regulation a
my Ix made by the by-Uws, and
there protected, instructed," nd up
parted and thry sh llnot hereWirr
be wiihdan, or be at liberty then
irlvea to withdraw, from the Frrr
School and Asylum, wiilvut the con.
rtit t dimil rf l corporation
afureaaid unul, if a mite, he ahall
hae aiKiued the age of twe .ty n
years, or, if a female, the age ofeigh
teen yrra but, up to the aiea iore
sid, respectively, they ahall remam
subject to the dirrciiou f the said
0'p ration, unlets thry may, by the
ame, he cioneraied from e rvicc
previous to atiainiug thoie agrs, re.
pectivelv and the said corxraiion
ahall have the p er to bind any child
under their care, fr the purp. sr ol
caj tiring a knowledge ol some usrful
tr dc, ccupation, or profession, un
der such ConuilioD as may be deter
mined by the l!.wi, a c py of whiih
eonVflti' rta aliff be ilrlivcred and
heyshillbe biodirg or, every per.
son to whom any ci.iM may be,ao
bound that children may be received
tnro the-athOolt for datiy atic-adaa.
hoie patebu or guarjuua arc, or
may be, unable to pay Ur their id
struction, or wh se parenta or guar
diana may contribute towards the
support ol tflc Free Scho) auJ Av
luai, under such regulations as ojjV
he made in the bv-lawa.
Sec, 6. And be it further enacted.
That any vcncy which, irnra dc th,
rcsii(otion. or otherwise, may happen
in the board of trustees, shall be fi.l-
ed acC'Tdins to the mode ro be
Knbed in the by-laws that thev miy!
hold such meeting as thevsh .ll thi. k
proper, and, lo give rm to h-.-
proceedinga, may ppoi t such . ft-
cers as they may deem nrcssarv , :
provide proper checks and respo si
bilitics f r the security ol the proper,
tv and the funds of rhe corp'.. ration
aforesa.d J thlt they shall keep a'jur
nal of their proceedings, upon n. h
the byolawa shll be recorded f jtid
thar thev ahall make report at th-'a
huaf'meeii'ngto be reld iVJunr," of
the iff tirs aod condition of the ioaii
tini n lor the preceding year.
Spprofd, March 3, 18-1.
AN tCT ttj auth.?rian tht Preanlent of be Uni.
Ud Staws to cause ttie public aurvera o be
" connected i'h the line of drmircaiion be
, !. iUABanf India ta and lltintnav
Bt it enacted by the-Sennte and
Uouse of licptetentatica .ofthcMnt-
led States of America tn Congress
assembled, Tnat the President oi the
UiUd.i3uLca be. aad Jiercby. ia . a-.
thorized aod required to cause the
public lands lying along the tine of
demarcation between the States of
Indiana and Illinoia, as established by
the joint sanction of thoae Sutes, to
be surveyed in connection with said, on either aide thereof. - - - -.
Sec. 2, .And be it furlier . enacted.
That the Secretary of the Treasury
be, and hereby is, authorised Jo allow
tor the service to be performed under
this art such further compensation
in addition to the regular price now au
thorized oy I w, as to him ahdl appear
to be j ist aod reasonable, to be raid
out of the regular appropriation for
surveying public lauds northwest of
Approved. Maxch i, 1833,
' ' . " ,,. ......
AN ACT further to ei'tnd ihe power of tba
Buarrf of Canal Commuuinnera for the
pntOMnt ol. tba . fauirttaace rmer, io the
r iif AlatwiTKt
lie it enacted bjthe Senate and
House of Representatives of the Unit
ed. Slates of America in Congress
asscnibled, That the com nissiooera
appointed bvlthe State of Alabama to
uperinteod the improvement of tht
Tennessee river, and thetr successor
lS iiffice bev aod th'evIre'neFebyu"
ih r.itd to suspend the improvement
of so much of said river Is is below
Florence, to said Si ite, and every oth
ef'part of lhlame',""ufi
and other ' improvements, between
Lamb's ferry and Cimpbell's ferry
shall have been completed fny thing
in the act entitled 44 An act to grant
certain. relinquished and unappropria
ted lands to the State of Alabama for
the purpose of improving ttie naviga
ti n of the Tennesee, Coosa. Cahaa
ba, and Bi ck Warrior ri ve VtM ... ap
proved twenty-third of Mt, one
thousand eight biiprlred i-d twenty
etM, to tHeem? t'
K'ft Tin.
Spring Si UllUllPlA
John .Alurphy
ftUrrrVL lr mi fwrm, r,rM
If ma ta (e hw fn li svl ta shb
i 'ill ht ia io opening, bit .
lelreted ear futlv 4 ai-en rly ftois k la
lrl kmp-rttmfi. iB,"r fsri tticj fh'lt l'1
tiliit, f.e I He a .nn tit HJJ. tin) bought itUl
4alV lCSII
THom Mluiir mrunmi and purch cheap
nidt art inviitd la raM and do
J 1 kobr Mfiet iirniiialbMSta,lo
txril a coanii iMnee 4 thuM pi (urt, so
bbTH Vvtxw vpim him v M prMia
ft. I C-jir froHute of til ' ! 'Mwcit
I Ihr ail. M.rSrl prK. t lj
Mup '. IH11
I) I (,8t?j MKIIK INKS.
Utr raeeired, and i
.ot tipening
la'ie rccruii
f Mr ininri
d Ufflifs st tl.e Wfili. l diuer,
rib o lhi Cnurl Huiiw. tul ona
dour fruia Juba Irwio'i liure al tbc
Mr Ml'ly m " much larg rHaa e t be.
Inn rh)Hcian in 'hit and Hit adjoining in.
uta ar inviirU call and eaamme both qual
it V and Druaa. Thao mho auJi inlidiwliu. I..
.Hilar, br as altl fiirniabed a d prratnt to
arlect ratlie will ba lurnialird vntl lb
bral nf M 'dicinea, put up ih dirrclioi.a lr
uae at ihe lowrat market prieea. In adilitrim lo
Mtdidura, lnatrumen'S. Simp Purni urt , (Ve. I
!ia a la'ee and genrral a-'iM.f ni of
Paints, (his Paint Brmhn, rutty,
Varuish, Dye Stufs, Smalt
UildiMS -- -
A'aa Wii.aa of auparior qiislity at Ira'ed 1
MrJical uar ands'l the Fancy f.'rfiitry nd
asutu a(i 'r arliflta wliicb rrrnn tn t,c
potll farjr buaintaa. ' ' C. MOMllI v'iN"
CkarUt,, .V. C. M9 rt. 1H3J. J 7T
Suit, IS HUH yJML-t2-
fplll.S niatiiuiion anl u,,id under of mvell
aud bf( ther on Wednesday, the fiiat
da of Miy cat. Having had con
siderable iperieoce, aa a teacher, and
inteudiug 10 pr -atcute the business id
tuui n lt1 i jhatrd Z' al, I fmprc
iuliv aui ci . a ahar ui in pairmagi
P'r!of the couuiiv.
Jneyiar will be divided inM t.
,e,ni r,f five months each, AH a.
c un , m , be couj .,, tr) end ,l
, lCi, j. j jo.
T e foil ing are the term of tui
(i"ii per Hesiou
It adinjr., W iting ai d Arithmrtic
wi.h ihc.&tai ruJuneuia of Efi
Grim na , $&"
-7, Elfsa Grammar" "- and -Grfea'
v, . 89 -, .
L ngUrfgL-i and Science r, B12 .,
Students c.a enter at any time, but
cannot withdraw ei-ept at tve end . I
a aei n. unless prevented' from at
tendance bv reknes. .
T l..V IV.iOW. Principal. -
N. B. B arJmg can be obtained ia
reapextable- families. 1 "am ithori.
z4 t ate that M. Crawford, end
1 rII'jrd will cich take, as many
a right b nrder. 6t77
rjONFORM ABLY to - deiree of the
Court ul Cqimr for Roaq coun.
ty, the cleik and Matter will sell -on
the premises, on the first dy . f June
ext, a Tract of Land, f 123 acres
belonging to ihe heirs at law ui Trw.
MtHer, dccfaaed, adfointng the lantti
of George- McCtnnaughey and oihers,
on a credit of twelve months. Als
on the same day, at the dwelling house
of the late JVn Short, all the lauds of
which said Shurt died seized, con.
sisling of one tract of 83 3-4 icres,
adjoining the Undrof Willi im Btrber
and others. One other tract of 30
3-4 acres, adjuimng the lands of R.
Uillesnie and others. I credit of. 6
iniuiiiis i r one nair, ana i j mon(iS
for the other hairof "the price. . The
purchaser ip both case will be re
guired to give oonds with approved
security for ttie purchase mooey on
o. istLLiMA.N, e. m e.
April 23. 1833. 2trr
Wanted Immediately,
frtOUR ur five Juurneymaa to
. tbeSadatefUarncanM.
tug binineaa. To gond wurk-
JStAM, steady .at A.ia4auou
laoiis, good wagta aiid con
lai.t employment will be siren.
Apply to 3if
Canewe. V.'.-r . April 1(AW1.
rPIIE Certific4te for Four Share of
v the Capital or Joiot gKk-of the
Bank of Cape Fear, in the name of
William Oakes, dee'd., late of Rowan
County, N. having been mislaid
Notice is therefore hereby giveo to all
pmons conrned, that, J shaU apply
to ihtTreaident of the said Bank, ei
ther in persou, or by. aeent. to issue
duplicate thtreof;---; .
- - r . ' 1 : LONG, Advtr s t
Spring (J Summer
"dV.o. w. iiu.Tvvv,
Va anw rciliif from N T - 4 fliilaal
M. plus, a Uff" sad ea'ciovt aaturtaiant
fit sa a4 rwik" '
(Seleelel whb tt rare aid koufSt at Its
ltat eh rfi all a which, be ia d'rr
w.ii.vdtu llai aviy smslt aeiieltfwr CAS It
of lie. l punctual drclera. Il l iiik en
HjarntDirr, Grorrdri, irbr&:rj,
frramis wiabing la ajecliaM, will do wall to
eall and esaminaVia Stock f'f he think from
tba Vtwaeaa of his price lo Induoe purchaar
to boy. Tba jual kutda of produr akca la
poyaaent. - - --' ' to7 "
.Wi-y, M,if 1, I ail.
23 imLLAit 111' HA It!).
I AN A WAY fr.m the
subscriber, at his
residence in Randolph
County, N. C, on ihe
B.n ioatant, Two young
negro men, viz t
Jesse is ab. ut t venly lo years old
weighs about 140 pouuds, of low stat
ure but well made, iacf a dark mulat
to colour, aud can read print tolerably
well. Kl j ah is about eighteen years
old, spare made, ia rather inclined to
be Slender built and hi lips project
rather beyond the proper length. II.
had on when he lelt a half worn chip
hat and ihiu homespun apparel.
They are intelligei I amari fellows,
aod will no doubt try to past i free
men, under the name of Wildon,
Evans, or Choolort they trc both
mix d with" Indian; ' -
The above reward will be given for
t ";ppreB.otrtD-d 1C0nft.lemM"f
...a Dtffroci id anv uu so inii i .(
.t. .... I
tem again, or, twelve dollar and
V at
fifty cents fur either. cVfT
Mofflitt MUIm P. 0.
RanMph N. C.Apl 8.
LL pei sons iodebted to Uie E
f Robert Bradshaw, dee d.
mc' requested to cone, .f r ward, and
akc aetuemcnt by May Lourt.
T ae who fail to complv with th s
notice, may cipect to settle with an
IBcer. Tltf
Treasury l) p i t ineiU t
April lain leJj
N the late Ci'nnacrati uot Iuj
- ury building, ocarly all- the vur
. p ndeoce vf the Hicretary oMhc
Tn asury, from' the eataolisftmeDt Ol
the Department to the -3lt - March
1833, us dastroyed, including,- as
we.i ihe ongmai letter and commu
- icitions addressed to the Secretary
ot the Treasury; as the record of the
letters And lommunicaijoDa wiiuco
by "him." "With" a view to fepair the
loss, as far aa m iy be practicable, all
officers oJ the" United rliate are re
quested to cause copie to beprepari,
ed) and aaihcotidated by them, or a
ny letters (excepting those hcreiflai
ter alluded to,) which they may at a
ny tTme have written to," 'or rereited
from the Secretary of the Treasury j
and all those who h ive been in office,
and other individuals throughout tbc
United Suites, and elsewnere, are in
vited to do the tame. That thi con
reapondence may - be arranged into
appropriate books, "it T " recj Jested that
it be copied on folio foolscap paper,
with a sufficient margin on all aide
to admit of binding, and that no more
than one letter be cogtaiued oo a leaf.
It ia also requested, that the copies be'
written in a pi no aad distinct or en
grossing haud. Where the original
! can be spared, it would be preferred.
The reasonable expense incurred in
ci - fiying the papers now requested
not exceeding the rate Ot ten Cents
for every hundred words will bej dc
frayed by the Department. -
The'A Correspondence which has
been saved.' and of which therefore.
oo capic are deircdr re tlw rectda
of the letter written bv the Secreury
of the Treasury to Presidcuts and
Cashier of Bank, from the. 'Ist Oc
tober, 1819, to the 20 h February,
1883 1 alnhc correspondence relating
t the revolutionary claims under tne
let ofi J.tb May.i&2
of Virginia officers t half pay, under
the act of Sin July 1832, and to ap.
plicationa for the benefit a of the act
of the Jnd March, 1831, and Hih Ja
ryril32norTn'e 'reToPcwuinTina'
aolveot debtor of the Uoitfed States.
Copie of ome circular letter and
instructions, written by the "SetfetXry ,1
have also been preserved t and it is
requested that, before-any- copy be
made of circular letter or in
struction, written by . the Secretary
of the. Treasury, the date . and object
of the circular be first rated to the
D- partmeot, and it witrea on the
sM,cranmraiiied.;v .i-:;,
J4-4n Stvttary of Un Treasury.
punuv s.iu:
p iilr H, at pablai i.ier,
I f in Uia Uaa !. ill , a tba
l... dy 4tj ar, i f ( rg Ivan
LU .Va. 1 01 1 I M tan, 11 itwaaWa
S77 44 ah 34 ah. I Mm, )
. , 1 .' tl'Tf
fa the above fcl, art eoaapravd Ik ajtuat
valuable Vtines, b.nb fur i aad dtpuoiia, in
lha vhalo Cberukev eowntry, t he) are those
which bate bcea putcbaacd aanng Ilia Lotia.
tr, and are t i lor tba porpoae of aattkiMni
aaaong (b eoaapamaa. Cpali arc aaaoreH,
that tba sale mil b poattiva and witnoai r.
aerva. Tb urm will be ooa third, (oak) duos
ona third, in two munilia and lb reanaiaing
third. In fenir nxMt b from Uta data uf pjrcliaao.
Motca, with ai.protad aeeurit lot lii uataAeni
of h InatalnMuta aa that beeonte dur, iU ba
rfjuirei The title iU be unuuubled.
TiKtw4s i. ran a,
ItObl HI 1. fAt I0.V,
TUOMti B. WtNll.
HF.MIV U 1. 1. AT
K J- Tbc fclcacuuc, of Couwbia, Kootk
Carulini, Ih Courier, i4 Charlaaiuru Huutk
(Jarnrma. the Stmrr Jiurnar. uf CbarU,
N'i'ib Cari'lina, and the lr. of HavCieh. Nurib
Caruboa, ail! publ ab the abuva lid tb day ol
ia aiul iba XaUuoal loUlUgtacar, of Waaiv
tff''vvlfflv)') UaM)n9f' -Hr- iM99tfrtaav TV9fMav
te, aud the Advuoate, of llumnille, AUbaOu,
ffWi lo
until the 3 b July oral, and lutward thu? ma
ill Millatitfaau'l, luni)tlb lot
a. -a M.anl
t.EOKGP. W. Ml'HIIty.
WILL stand th'
eisiihK seanon
st Bea'ties Fou..
Limoln County, lie
n trotten by the just
Iv Celebrated RACE
HORSE and brerort
bid fir Archie I III
dam, 'a flue blooded mare htr pedtRiec
can be traced to many ofibe mott distin
guished racers of 'be d. At to Si
j Atcbie, his reputation, and that of hi
1 colts, and tbeir deKCndamsrc so wel
'' i mihlUhrd. that ii la acarcel necestsM
ioay any thing at the present day', as
jfhey hive been among tUamcftit iuccc.s
ful diw.nta horr, in t a States ol Vir
eini Norrb and South Carotina. Georgia
f ad TcDrttlvee. for the last Efleen tears.
"Is a handsome bat Se feet three inch'
f.hCh four jers:ld net sprinu.t.
is thought mat he wirl make a k,ood bree
der, as! bis form and blood at botli
cood. rarticalari made known in due
Ime. " " "iT
: hrtenhr Startt3.w-"-v;'-;4": '
WITH a view to the more efficient
proectioo of their business, the
Subscribers h? established a, . t
Having procured the best Material, from
the North, and employed a Wotkmao
who comes well recommended, thtv arc
prepared loctecuie on moderate terms,
all orders in ibia line.
Account Books, Reee-fdir der ruled
snd made to order t and -every kind of
Binding promptly executed In 'he bvst
and nea'eit manner, on icasonable terms.
34 f J. GALES k SON.
Ralrtgh, Jtujf , . . . -
HAM having been
raw calling at Geo. Town on her way up
and down, -wilt resume her Trips in the
course of a few days and is intended lobe
continued' in the trade the ensuing sea
Her eiceeding light draft of Water
drawine wbeti loaded onlv about four aiiC
a half feet water will enable her to react)
Cberaw at all limes except, an uncom
mon low ilrer, when her cargo will be
lightened i the Espcnce of Boat.
. .. . J.. .BL CLOGU
CiarttStt 3tfir7&nai??
N. B. She ha comfortable aaomo
lUtkuty for a few passengers. 9 2 1 1
: J.B C."T
rr 11 - ;
Kowin JCirooprrs,
"vyoU will p .ie at 'be Cwn H we in Sa
JHl ' liaburjr.oi. P iday the 3utb of liar next,
as 0 j'clock. iKjiipt aa tba law directs,?:
A Court Martial will be held at like sane time
for the trial of d lii'tjuenta. .v
j Bv order of tlie Cap. 4 .
trr " jas bweva, o. s
4)2)3 ipmasia'asKQ
I0J1 afo In .
1191 l. a ll ate.
640 II I at a.
- - - M .'i -lf afc,
, ' IViA aw tt a. .
$Uj Vik at tat Ja.
n IM afe i aV.
VM t Ji af tat .
if l.i .at Itt at.
avkla i piw fja
974 .' aia lw aw.
I0J9 af tt 'at.
30 111 at Im Van.
HO U- ah let , ah, A' (A.
ViH U 4i U rf.
t i 311 aw U d..
t4 alM at U at.
aVia U aw 3a a.
i ---nr-
Iba bamlarf Wno.l,., ,, TT'
" a-iHWiw, vui m d kr,t
Ebrmtrr Melton
i. y ba haaparrl,,,,! I T
1 ' " '""r-t .a . I
ttSa...','Ma awaituoad 14
Zh , f'f od 4aia 1,,
I Stuck if I
Iba Narih a laigt ai4
VtmUd wAitoTtintnt
of article belonging ka baw of A-w . J
snHahr.hea. t f
Seahitts, Cheapness and '
h Uco iM thai bUM.(ie,at la .ut.a
by .on. m tk KouiWr. foumry u ?W
(am ,og other things ) . Ceo law '.
of -lif brS) ;iality aad airtt faabieaa au. 1
gaweal aaanrr-aent of La-ace1 I barf U fuT
si kid,.oHis "Wrueij-.
rocco -nt Cmnfiu,
f tho oeaiaai aiylr and braj (. aaA
Miertahiall.ifohien, ba ,g J V?
caab, or to paoctoal curat.,, aa a (hurt eril
dit t r, par omt oil) b dnwmwH t. tZ
chaarra wbi pay on J.m,4 0 rJT.
mahra l.i) aekoo.kJg rmr,,; lk i
H,-b..r, , and Ibo a.-g'iborin, e-wa-r,, J
h Cboral abar. of .aaj . a,,,,.! H JT
and ha hopes h a Uric auaniMny to bja2 -
Trrfr wmtlnuaivaa of their favwa
Ha till aarrksoa ike bsHora, uf bmcmmW
BOOTS, SF 10 KS, .i.
ahleh brjarir"to'dr rir-
yr, ont.f th beat wait rials on ib snortV
n..iu. . i,r "irniaoaq miWM B Oil
.ifeaeellent N. nbrm BoatLcatkrr, and t,t
kina ohioii be i..UnJa l bate vorkrd ki tn
hih.p. Ho bnuo lb, LadinaandCWMl aa
M and all, will cm a d e laakint hi aat t
ent, for b ran --onA hmllf rroontaars a
N the moat aty, arhei and drairabl ul
ever broo ,'ht i,. ihe W-n-raj iiarl of iha in ,
P. Otdersfrnni he omn n will f-cira
the atne'iat atientioa a d h tH i la1 '
mueb t-r cainnaa t...aigi) nM croa HiaMtf
rre perwiallt prem.
... Vf 'VnUor. rtitipr-
Mr. Thevphilm M. Himona
, -
M05T tpnilully lolom rig
Irituda, if the public ai larpe.
' " .t ne is now c.irrvmg on the T iloi ii.g
B Jsinesa, in all in variou bViinmr
in the oti of, La-Einp-io,. N-C. W
the. ahop Eot -wf-the-Cmrrrll'DM"
l'7rly,t' pitd bv P. FowUr
He regula'rlt : rrcrrvrt the -latril"
N- Vork a l P vUdebhn
'P'Cn V ill enable him to make pr
genilmvau " .' . . .
:::-A fashionable, suit of Clothes
on shott nonce, and ij a superior stvljf
l wurkmaiunip He hopes bv ai-l-
uou. attention-re) cnasinfn V' anerit a, pubiir; psf pn ;-.-v.
juciLYiapfD, r..
fyiLLvkit Salibury o the 2lM
" of this mouth,' and remain
short periwd, every orWratioa requita
totr serve: and beautify the Ttf.lj
will be done onm'ideritc rerwr,"ini "
late approved principles. ;
Ladies waited on at thetr cTwllingfa"
QJ The Reverend Clegy a'&iiM
gratuuiously, ;-
May 1 2 1833, r6.r
YMW .1 li v,.
llHR ankarrilwi .iIT r f.rf Salt tka
tsituea tmifaMteiy:m tiir ferr irwis5a.
Bank. Fur terms appiy to 74 f- '
i r'lUSflfNV!Sr.
SaUihvry, Miflik Wi.
rutin h OAt ur jn.y. tgiar
y0U yill par4de rtt
Caurt Iloiue, in Salts
bury, on Thiuaday lbs 4.9
A ay t fX il Yi ML af,Bt.i
ihe taw direct.
- Those w bo1 do not ppt-.
pf opcrly arroecf od accea-
"rt.aaTiri diaaolnd k. ' 'S
r. . a, m. AH p..a .g ,hM i
ttaama art.g (,,, lh, t .
!.-. la euM furoard a. J . i. A "-
cert tinly be fined.-
A Ctmrt Mvtial will be hetd imme
diitely afrtr the dismisdof the coat
pan? forth frtal'fvJes
By Order uf thf Captain, :
May ti 1833 . .
1 the nr XI Annual Addret bort tV
erarv! Societies of the Unirsity of hoft
,Wih m Wedmaday Ihe Sh June,
preceding comni ncemw.i , ' -a,v-., OT i
Alvti lift ss

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