Py fill 1 .IIY JOHN ilKAl'lA, Jul 1l la ift u aUtfaia hniU aM )l aa f"" I WmJ. aa! Itw yiivof I'lt mlKt a -ana ia IN aal f mm) rpunusilKi) wci ici v. .. - - - - II I " III St IH nil IT Mm riiiva aoS nhiilt will W r,4 ana Utile la km).m vf lff 'aikm h rf'iif la ari.i la i.a .. (mhi, ' I a- Vol. xVi. REPLY. OF KKNTTCKY AN!) VJU. r GINIA, To ike Annrtri if lie Stale, '. ' ...n xn'cxnir.fflT.tTiQS'S or iryo. ... In tub Hunt or Itr.MMftmVrC Tkurntaj, Sorrmbrr Uh, 1?U!. Tlie flmie, according 1i Ihe itnnding order "f llin day, reaolvod itself into a Committee of llw Whole lltmao mi I ho 'utonfibe OHnmmi wealth, Mr. l)cha in t!if ilwur, ; ami. fir ximo time ani tlit n iii, die Sprnksr reaumcd the chair, ami Mr. lbtalm reported lint I lha Commit. ; hud taken uiiiler Cimsideration sundry rnlulin pM-d by ecveral Hliic liturns, ihi I ho Subject of the Alien ami K-ilniim Law, and had chhi to n re.olii I, .rn iirrniMin, which lit- delivered in al t ilerk' table, where it wua lead, and ii'ititirwuily agreed ti by I he IIimi, a f'ilii : The reprcaentolivea i Hie gciod Triple of tin Commonwealth, in General Aom bly convened, having maturely considered the answer of umlry Btalea in Ijie Union Ij iht'ir resolution p4ao4 the last fwtsion. rnHMM'liatf tXfliiin Cjiioinnlittiliiinnl liiwa of (HijrtNg, roniliwuiiy calird-tUo Alien and i-iliiion LhWi, would be failhlt-M, uhJnhi, u llieniaelvee, and tohnfhpy Tt 'nciit, vi rf (I icy ailrutly to aequicnen in ihnorin i il and ductriuc dltriiiptcd lo be niuin tjiix'd in a!l thofe annwcVi, thai of Virgi. lis only epted. . To gnn nfc iTie l.ild vf arjfmrwnt, id attempt nmir fully or forcibly to epnee the iiiK iiiii'jt iimiiiIi lv "f ih oltifixiou w. old, it iaap preliended.tie ai ummcciitr)' unavailing. Vi cannot, however, but lan cntj tbutj- lit u lU'JuriMM'a rf fjTwriritffc n In .ulyccls, U rundry of the Lf(p4tHimv4 oi irii if rr tirtif'a, uiilouiHled Mipgri6ta ond uncnn iid intiuuatiooa, dirontory lo the truu rharaclcr and principle of lliia common p.itTtr. tiave hei nmUnliluKu' jji nloce o Ihi SWiWIirSnriomrff - j . . . . I iiioifs of lhee alarmmp merisurei of the (icnaal Uovcrniifcit,-logether - willi vwr rniw fjr thoo iiptmnna, were detailed t-1- Vina. vend niih Unper, and aub - tlKse Stitca wliu'Idv UhhJ (r aticmnteit " to obtlaie the great truthacontnined in thoo relnHon1we-.fia.xe-aiiwoiiIy te "TTIubTuit tuVcandid world, rutthfnl totjie ww principle m tne rtienjl i;iuo,iM- L?Coni6uif ai tteeigns to diattirbthe Tiar- trumy of ihitt lnion, afid aniioo only -to tfZ. iiraiie '. tlie. faoge of tlutrintiant. -lbw'Trmtl a Projde of ihiH t.ornmoawiTaltJv ieoi(trd. ..Iil!ieniHiee;bjnn IIThwvever.the mlcnre of tht Comi'nonwenjih fbould be cooatructed iirtoan ncquicrfeiu'e ' in thr! dnclrii)"' and principle auvaocrd raid attempted ier be maintainor iy the "'v. 'd anaweraV e le-it thoa "rf o'dr' feV .JowiliaveeM thoHliout ,lhe. l!ioh who wv- viHy difTnf from iul on tlwee oportant ,1 aulijvcta, iliould.bA WMb;. Ahu Mpee- ttion Owl we loU tie deterred from what we conceive our duty,, or ahrihk from the principlea contained in Uioae reaolUtion': flierelore, . Tv4--- -r-Rr&lttd, That ihi Coihmoowealin con- -aiJer the Federnl t'ltiohV upViii lyTeVme und tor the purpoeea iecined in Ihe. late r compact, aa'conducive to jl liberty and nappinen or the aeveral state t Thnt it ff ttm iinAitiiafi'. 11 . A i, A A m Ild tiUAL . w..- p, , 1 i . k ,recalilv toitaobviou and real mleiition. iml will be among the tu.4loek"it di j ftiliKion: That inhoae who ailmmUtor ' the General (iovernmenl lie liermltted to tranageees the limits fixed by that compact, ny a total rlwrenard to the epecml delega- tion of power therein contioel, nn nnni- tilittiion of the State Governments, and the creation upon their ruins of a General Com .. anltdated Government, will bo the inevita bl ebnseqtience : That the principle and r rmutrycthn ron'vrultd for by iundry p .rue .vrife hrjntlaturri. that Ike (f crura I -yt:.ieeia. e powm uaantrti to tt, stop k''g ineil of those who administer the Tin Y ij.LtL.:j.'itxjrz;T"iri "T""."". , irwuu ur. 1 fie rm ttntirr rj tirrir jryi' ""'. 'I'lint tno gijverul Stales who forirted 1 tliat itidtrumniit, being overeii;n and indq rwufcnt, have the unquestionable riftht to J! of the infraction ; atiJ, T!UT A "TTFlemo BV Til WR SOVEHflUlINTlE, OP Alt rxiVTIIoflirEO KCTM UONB rMDER CO fr ieii.b.-: That thi Commonwealth Y under titer iriosi civlibcrate re-consi 'tion, declare, tTiafthe said Alion and. i Laws are, iiTtlietr ppiiiion, palpa. 'Hnlatiorn'otrlio aaii CioMtilution ; and, We.,, ulujayfljity H Way to'lAhpmfrtZ "irwnder its opinion to a m ijoiiiy of im "'r Snf es, in matters of oFdina'ry-or ' Hilitfu policy, vet, in momentous1 fezula. ""nit, the best rights of the 'citizen,, it Jl0"1''' -roneider a ailent acquiescence as ,?Wy eriminal: ThtalthoiiL'h tins Com. flnwe,lth, a, n pn'rty lo the Fcdorat com- f. iH bow o the laws of llw Union, yet "ltWajmo thai) ' d6ct&re'll,at ;1t BliT flpvah Ctlmit y, (NvC.) ;; Monday; JV()V(?ni!);f :1, 1833. ' -j ..... - - - - -. - will not now, or ever hereafter, r ian to ihwc, in H cortHf iimiMi;tl manner, every attemH,a w hnt cpmrter oever oU',)reiJ, lo violaU that eo.nnnrt. And,fiiHj(,in or.Ju'r that rui pret ,r arffumenl may bo ilrtwn from anppwtrd ncipiii Venco on llio part of Ihia oitii'inwoglib, ulliaiawii.4 HryTirrJi.1i7Htvi, mil ln tbrrLy iiwd u preeedonta for nimilur future itolujiona o the FeiWal eompni-l ihinTommornn-alih doe now ent..y oainat them iia SOLEMN I'HOTEHT. rtrnct, c. Atfit, Tno'i .Tuua, ('. It. Jl. In S.mle, Nov. '!?, 17l'J Keud auJ cmieorrH in. Atleat, , 15. Tiii arro, C. S. 1, Mil maiio's wrinnT nv tub vi. OiM Mf.SOI.l TInNS. vmnixM moi kK or ii II (;ti.. Ntttifirt of H!)' 100. REPORT ot the rominiilee to whom were rcfrrnd iln- oiniiiiiiiicutiijon o vari'MiD Siitii-a, relative to lliori .lu tii ma of the lnt (irorrsl Aiemhlv of thin Stale, concernn.j the Alien and He dillon ; Whatever room mi'dit le fiHind in thn procenlr .. .. . . I have diniiriiv(Y of the Ri'nolulioua uf -i n i . er the ieiK,raf Aiembly ol ihi t't'tnmon. wealth, paiud unihe A of Deeeun- lr, for pninlul remark" ihi the npiril and ihanner of llnme proecedma, it iip pears In the Cumnulti-e iiiobI coiiileii with t!iedtity,n !! a iliniiy, ol the (Tewriil A-mlv, In-ha(i'M an oblivion of every -i l.n-h miclii Ih conntri'fd into a Jiuiitii tion of miiiiml n-t pect, folifidence, hiiu utR alion. uiol)j Utu mi:fi'ibe"r"oi tlio l'liion. , The coinmillee l'e ili'onu'd it n in. re UW'ful tivk to reviM'. vtillt a ctiticul eve, llm feiololHrna whirli lutte met with tlioi dimnprobnlioti ; (o cxuinine f.illv tlii'M -ve nil objet iiona amlarnmehMjJu to' Impure who. llm Ihnm Iw. llnv i.rrm V.f ffli--rJS uiiuf 1 titer there lie dny crrTiiTVif fart; of prim'i. plo,-or if roit"mingTwhich the rnmlor o the General Aieniblv ouhl to ackuot lettge and correct. finT araoi.iiTJOt. r t lib bfll I t. . ! following : 1. " Jrioipfi. TImt the General Aasetubty hf Virginia doth uneipiivncully exprern a firm reotilufinn to nmmlain and deli-oil the ConatitUIion TiftTie rnlteif Stale and the (onetitution of ilii Slate aintinjrtvtery eg. ieresHon,"cithQr. liireign -or domeniie. nod that, they will miiiporl the (joveruutfiit of "tfieTKriitetl Siaies In all roe aurt wafrrjoi ed bv.lliu (urnmr." No'iinfdflilfcXiBauwt tiimfo. -o-l!ie xentitnciitg here rrpiii.',l. 1 .(iintnitl and d-'feml ihe Contitiiti m uf the United Ainle, and tiflheir own Stte, nnihtt every Breaf iiin. U-'lh fiirt in;tt tn4 tii'inestte, 4DJ .I0 aJmxirt the -'-"-v',nTn!ri'1i'.'vr'''rioH iir t&i isf vn'd S'ef ur all p.UilKVaVwliV; ranrei! liy llie Coiwtilutum. ar- lii'tt which Ihe General Asaemblv ou.'bi ttUva, lofrel, and W which, on atich ah occ ifoofi, it was evidently prnjiof to expren iheir sincere and firm adheience. KCOND BEgOLTTTOS Inthlrnext resolutioo "The Gene ml "Aftitilymot aotemiity den litrpa g warm attachment lo the Union of tli Stales, to maintain which, il .pledge all its powers : and that, for tbia end, it is their, duty to tvatch over aitd oppose f iry alt nte the onlv baaia of that .Union, lie U , . . . , ; '.c cibe IT fiiilhful "Tlmcjvnnce o,!jjenx iau it! one sccur oli5 esjstence and the public happiness. The observation just made, ia equally arplienblo to this solemn declaration of warm attachment to the Union, end this solemn pledge to maintnin it; nor can any question arise, among enlightened friends of the Uuion, as to the duty of watching over and . opposing every infraction of those principlos which constitute its basis, and a faithful observance of which cart a lonrJ secure its exiatence, and the. public 1ipp4cJUiexeonvdejendin TtrrwnEEwTrTtSi"--- .'."Thai . and peremptorily declare, that it views the powers of the Federal tnjvcrnmmit as resulting Iroin the compact to w;hich fhe States are parties, as limited by the plain sense a'nd intention of the insl rutnent con st i tilling! ha I cmripa-pt -a ni furt bet.y albl tnan they" are authorizeil by the grants enumerated in that compact ; and tint, "in case ofa deliberate, palpable, and dauber ous exercise of other piwari, not granted bw tlie aaid comnact,' the Status, wttrt ace parties thereto, havejlie rilitt and are;., in 3uTybmiiid7to iriterptwej for arresting the nroirross 01 mn evu, uuu tor nHiioiniiiiu . . 1 . : . j r within their reapective limit, the auth tri " ties, riijhU, nnd liberties a'piaTiaming to iiieTu. r, On this) resolution the Committee have bestowed all the attention which Us im: portanca merits? They have scanned it not onlv with a strict, but a severe eyet Und they feel confidence in pronouuci.. i that,in its jir and ftf, U is uneteepiionnbly true in it aeveral )vrh Uim, a well aeontilutiuial aud contlu ive in ila inferjire, J j The reaolulion declaree, frit, that ' it ri-wa the power of the Federal Govern ment aa revolting Irom the Vompjc,tJ wb; Jhe-fltatoW are' paVtie j" in 'mher word, that the Federnl power are derir m1 from the Cnnaritoliofl f and thnf the Loom) itui itHi i a compact to lutb tlie Hlateaare parte. b ar aa the ponitinn miml aeem, that the Federal poner are derived from the ('on tiiutum, 4f from that abme, the coinmiitee are ool ormpprticd of a Ut doctrine, which (ena aiMither atwree' of Federal weV, not leaa ednnaive and important, than ilii new and uneipnetndt The eiamiimtioo of ihiimihject will lie mot eiivenienlly connected with a review d 4 leieceediiif; rewihiiion. The (oirmiitee nt'fv them elvea here by ttrirflv reinaiii.g, that to ull the contemporary dim utwioim and com meiili which the ('oiiutitution imdi mini, it riMitunlly jimiifted awl rr. .uinteiul ed, on llm arriili.l llml I be liower IHI t'lV n t the ( ivi luiiieiil. wi re ailhhebl fruii ; ami ib.ii if noy d.Hibt could have eiiled on lb: Miiiji'l, tlie oriimtl li'XI of Ilia ( oinlil'jli i'i, H I reiil ivel t Ut hp wonli rontd, rem.iix It, by ib I i'h a iM-odiiieiit, now a part of l;e '.. ..t H t turn, which eMreU iteclareo " HihI llie nytbe t'm-iii'oiioo, mo ir"lnliiiivl d i' 111 ihe Hlale. lire ffni-i ved II tlie Si .X. rCMpective Iv, "r In Hie ioupe." Tlie .il In-r p.oilmii inv. t"l in l.ii branch ot lie- iewiiiion. imh 'v " '!. t1 lite 8l file, nrr lirtj .t ltl 1' l it i!' or Colllptcl," in, ill llie jiidifeiiii'lil ot I'!'' CninimMee, eipinlly fret' Inun objerlioll. It it indeiid Irui! I'ml lie) term " Sl i'e," n Hoini Imiea u ! in i vnym; w'nM". tmd "ntneli.neii in "iTiflerout ni'iiea, nrcorilinn lo llie nil.j.Tl lo tin ii it m iipplied Thu-, il onetiinoii ini'itoi llie te rate m i lemt iry m-cnpieil by the th'lilicitl koi'ic tie 1 1 Ii i ii each ; mmi I i .. the p ' , ' ' (iiivermueiiN lul.l, .! i .! . lli 111- ed intolliimo par'u ulin (jnernne ii i. ; nod laatly-, i nteaiw iliu peptic C-!mpini.ltl,"' Iilitii iil Hncieiiea, in Iboir lu tlie -it irr eitu captifoy. Although it locbl lie w tubed thn' the perfeciiitr) oflanunii' id ni'tled h-aa diver-ilv in Ihe iffintieaH'n ol wJJf "TfWritW waWeni?inr(ienierietCrv prifbieed liv it when the true eoe end be ctlle -ted with rertamiy from 4bw ffilFrenl nip'b hIioii. Inline, present inHauee, w 1 1 a 1 e v r j 1 Ij re tit v ciMWUiititein - of Ibe term " 'n'.u..," in tht! r- .tttiton, mny have I",; u. nv.:r'.i;i ii,--U ennenir U that- l.ii r,ittt-o'd : t i'.i'.T '' irt lttv mist; ! Hit ( '. "H'.'.ll rr-i; . yU'.ll.Hfl I'..lbii i ' 1 f ile.t il : u in lent smTr ittbT t.iFiT ralu in in.ti hi'iij- 1.1 1 tie ii"ia a"rtu-5. 'TV-' i mimcu. I'rt.m which toe otir ue erb rii iJ'isi riniif ui rnlt. I Ii. 'i l iimitl'ill In Hull I In (. .,1'i-it A'iiiiiW vu-wy ihe.pi'Uer-Ar iheJVtlt'ral ,- l k tll.ll nti( i il il. .ti-'..-rti-," I "'e !i 1 11m ut i oi.Ii.t , 1 ,( , j iti'v !. II ; ; 'I'lrellt 11 1 .!! 'if 1 u-f.-. Ti.i- lir'-' irtli iiijit ''iil;.to t !o u il n lacutioii liiut H .niit to hunt die !'i!t'jpr t.ttmt' ' j plainly irrlCii(l(t? liv llie Mvi iie o n : 'k' oioer, 10 a necitiraiioo iii.u t imniii to have the execution and elf el liitemled .tv ihenu. If the powers grattiej bn vai', 11 is; eololy Wuiiie iwj r granted r and, if. ihe pranted '"piwers""nro .valid, laicnuse granted, all other power not granted iniit not bd valid.-- - - ,rT J 'r , . 'llie resottiiirm liayin taken this view of the Federal comoet, proceeds i i inli-r, " that, in caseofa deliberate, palpable, and dangerous exerciae, of other powyra, not gruuled by the Baid compact,- the States who iire parties thereto have the rili t, und are in duty benml, to interliose for arrest Ing Ihe prorcw of tlie evil, and lor iiioin. taming, within their 'respective limits, the authoritiea, rigbia,di : libt-rties,appertainin to lhm " - ' tt appear to your Committee, lo. Iw-a plai'i "principle, founded in common jsejyac 4iUMt rated bTW1lirmTpraclice, und een a4aliuk.lia.liirf cttiintfyt.whei'e KHort can bn bad to "lrtbunf- mrpermr to theaHtttiomvofihaparties,thw partie SJv1 tiiust be tlie rijilill'ul judges, iu the lasl resort, whether the lr(iin made has been puiMied or vitdated. The Ctipatilu turn of the Umtel "tates Was luriued by the sanction' of the Suites, given by each in its Miiereiun capacity! It adds to the atabili y end well atf to1fie"auilr0niy t the toustituion,iimi it rests on. tuts im ite and aolid foiindation. L The f;iiea, then, Ixmig the parses to the con. attttiinintil Cfi.inpacl; and In their sovereign cwpseify, it fjlows r.f necessity that there 1.. . '.ll---,r-..;" ran Im n-i wU.imi Jlmi authority lo bfcide, 01 the last report, whether, the e nrmrtct inrt le by them be violated ; and, c-mseqii"trtH, that, as the partiea to it, V. r; ; , r- . renorl, neli qiieti-iu as may Bum- femnt nuigmttiite lo require their mterposi tiim. ft iloes -not fjlow, however, jhat be caise t st-ites, as )vireii: paraes to llimr con v ol iK;iiLvC!.!ia3iit -r- int Ulti- rnaicly decide it bos beeu fioia -UiuiOHi bv V io-n ! ur:dra;Kf JW-loti-Stelo Omatittrtlritis.' n 1f1''fttliriViVuTvoiiiriii..nii a a olain diiiiial- tbe-mndameiifiil and " fty iio biriTi' r vand e'ltt.-iple . wiucb, our iadeDeodeiioe itweJf . Mtwi!!l "tk: the "rW,f f'wa l-''.'Vt, r ..1 ... i v ltd, I tin I aueh a Jccixion ooht in be in lrpoiii eilbi r in m bay niilnrrr or imi ' doubt lul ami inferior ormNiinm. I!en in i iho cane of oriliimiy ('ciivuniionj iHiwen i diinreiit nation, where, by llie kiriel rub" id!iulwprolaMe4H-werrriii!nrniiiy dn nied a hrench ofihe w bole -verv port i '"" Wincd acu.Uiui4 rvrry mherlitie part, ami of the luilu it i wnn I li I down llml the breach mut lie both wilful : and nialuriul, to in. iifv on aiinliraiion of I the rule. Hot in 'be rami of in inliiii.i and CiMililuli.iiml l'liion, like lhat of ihe' United 8iule. H ia evub ni ha the inter. piiHition of the partiea, in their wivereijiii i capai il), inn be eilbl for by oornxiiwai inly deepiv tnwiuliully atlecliuir tba I iliil , principlea of their leili'ical avfi m I'lie reaolutiou ha, accutrdinglv, cunrded aiiitifl any niixanpreltefiMon of it object, by ciprt'Milv rei uirmtf for atich n io'er. K4il' .ii I he cbho of e Jililirriilr, pviM. bit, uiul ilnntrviii hnm h of :ln- t'm.atilu Iioii, by the otMciso "f point m priinlrH by il." It mu"! U- o tae, iei of n litfht ihI linili-ienl nuture, rtn i.f u nature ilttn frrtrnt lo llm yrt nt j.'ifpom- for wlm h the ' 'ilixliliiliii'i wiin luhi .1. ntn be u cum), im leover, md oIm ore ir dimbtful in il (yii-ir ji llml, but ami fmaUt. Ltly, it uiu-l be i ime riot rciukihg trnin ft (.jrinil t-otimdVroiion, or Jiwly tie. leruiiiiiitioti j but u Com. tttii,iMid wubafi TiTS'euiuuJiTtHtm end tfrHhrratf Ii'thi renee It I l..l neC4:H.i I j , N'Ciia) I ho rvilulioi liauotjt rwipiir" llml the que..(ion nlmu'd be ilortiMt d, 'bow f'r the ivorciae of any pur Kiwer, Mr gry.tnt! by die Coii. lilj iiim, would juatt'.v ii. Hilerpoait'.cn of the I ulie .. it. A cin-4. mi'ht candy be tili; I, M'.irli none wmild CCIltund niioht In I. ill trt!ii !,i,t s, i ..iijon ; n.4. mi the oilier li.i it. iiii o itn i miac Ik- !a- led, Mi-lUvr t it anil n ilttit, fl' lo ijiite every opini.. n i.i H ,( tiit ni within the ilencrtj-tiiii. Ibit the reii! t,:i- tj. r:c more tha i ttilrd ilgilllixt Mil aron.-ltu tu n, h . Vire l ret. nni(j lo cam- i f i iVrnfe, iiiki A4'-;!tL." Hiir b-.Ihi"qi -Il ;rrTte lie .tijec.i of ibe iiiitrlw.'iti hi wh'rt, j ,'i,M. leiiiilu'e, l.iU a-ibdv thai nl drn:tiii! the proreU i f tlie er.'f (,f iMiiip'itmn, nm! id ! inHinlitiiiMi llm until m 1(104, rights, and hberlie-i, apja ruii-in to lite Ktntcj, purtii lo the (?onati(ulino. a rintn ihia vianv of fiiccivaoie itiat it can incur any jiiit "nt those who. tavinir aairie mi tnometitiiry impie.ion, and recoliiictin the genuine ifotircc. and. onjocmnne l eiierai Uonatitulion, ahnll Miidiilty uud accurnlely inierpret the uieaii. tng of tJ?ene.rtf'AyJlJ- lih M'r.ite t'xoreim tif.daniiefiaua ixiwera, pal hi -wii hmrt-y 1he-.t-'ntitulon,' '' ntl4 i j" otty -the imrtielfytl m iiiterpMiingv- U.,tMy -'t t4pr'gia"qfth'g?ViTri nl hereov'to nriNerve'" the Constitution ifii-ll -i tvi'll an to provide fir the aafely of in" inH'i'it in it, there would lie an end to vini iron uarpeo power, amj a infect, ..uuveriiiiHt'ol tlie rights specified or reco "rerV: fJut it i' t.bjanid, ilmt the-Judicial nu' ,;'orif. miii he regarded as the aolo expos u.r 1 1 the 'o'ik!,:ii!i.mi, in the las re ft; ami i' rrmr-lis asked for what reason the tW-JaraUott-by'lhe (Jeneral AssemUvi'sup i'osi; it to 1 tiicetteally true, could lie required at the present day, and in so so. lemn a tnarifscr. (m ihi objection it miaht be olwerved. fnti ibai there mny be instances' of usiirp. eu jHwer, wnicn me lorms ot tlie Lonsti tutton would ncrer tlraw . within the con trol of Ihe'JudJrial department; frrotutly, that if the decision' of ther Judiciary be raised above the authority ot the sovereign parties to the' Constitution, the decisions of the other departments, wot -carried by the forms of the Constitution before the Judiciary, must be equally authoritative and final. with the deciions of that depart ment. 1 Hut the proper answer to the oh jet lion ia, that the resolution of tlie Gen eral Assembly, relates to thono grout and extraoruiuarif eases in which all the forms of tho-Cotiiijliorr-mnT nrovr inefEc.tua itHiiimU iiifrwetrnitsnteTlcrroua to the eseen tiul rights of the parlies to it. Die reso lution supposes that danerou powers, not monls. but that the Judicial department also muy ex ercise or sanction dangerous powers, be- I viindJQi64ajjljfliiL'unaiilution ; nndrfttits" cMwIItEitton would be to transfmni ctHiKeqnenily, thathe ultimate right of ihe parties to the Constitution to jmle wlie. yiolated, 'niust ext&ii to VKdatinrm by one deiegaied am'horftyT as welt" As by auother; tliy the Judiciary, as well as by tho Kxecu live or tho Legislnture J . lIoweyertroe,4hewC)re, h may 1 that I .1 I...I:. :.l. .1. . ii. ... lire rfuoiciai' uepannKMiijajmaij. j ubiiiltleiI"Ti irW the forms ' of ho Consti satmnneo to it ly the lorms ol tho Consti tution, to deciJq in the last resort, this re. sort must necessarily be deemed th4t in relation to the authoritios of the ojcjf depirtimjtet in relation to tlio rights of tlie parties to tjio Ifiwstitutional compact.lrom which the Ju- dicinl as well as the other departments hold their delegated trusts. On any other hypothesis, the dulegrition of judicial er wmild amiul the authority delegating il; and the concurrence of ibis department hi'Ii iIm oiliern in iinirped Mwcr, niiuhl mibvert f rever, mill hevond the poib!o reach of any ritflilfnl remedy, the vety ('uotniilioii ' which all were Mivliluied to preserve, . .. lieclared in the resolution inc eliililinbed, lite eiedien'y of limiting decl.iijiinm at th" preaettt day muy i.f. ly be left tn the temperate rmiMdera lea, l.m andrAndid jiiilumcnl of UK' American nublie. ' It will be remembered, that a fre ipienl recurrcnee to fiiiid.ilii:nta) prineiplc t aolenmly eiijoinod by mont (if the Klale ('omgtuiMHi, and pnriiciilarly by our own, n a nereisarv aitfi giiard auainat the, duo- per of degeneriicy lo which Republic are liable, aa wi ll aa oilier Uoverumvtiia, though in a lea degree (hen otln r. And a fair compnriaun of the polilienl dnctiiiea n't uulreipient at the preaenl dny, with thoae w Inch chn racier IwiJ the epoch ol our Revolution, and which form the baaia of our l(eMiblican CoitatltUliiMi, will be 'le tarmtue Whether the declaratory n-cur. mice here made lo thorn principle oufihl to be viewed na uniiafMiable and improp er, or a a ituilunl dm huue o( an imiort ant iloty. The authority id (mtlituti m over (loverriiiieiil, and of the aovereijjnty of ho peopir over (.'onMitutiina, are trt'iih which are al all time nercitary tn ho lo-pl in mind ; ami at no time, perhaps moie neceaiarr than at pp oirtV.'r roi'BTII BKOMTI0!. The fourth raaolution (tanda a follow I 'That the (lent nil Awcmhlf: doth al epre it deep regret that a vpiril hao. in umlrv instiince. been ni!!iilt'.lea by the Federal (iovcrmiii nt. In rnlnrno ila miwer. by forced construction of the coix 'iiutiona( character which deinra lhtm; and thut iudii aiMMi have et'tieared c.f a Jit Ktijn to tji.uiitl cerlsin uein rai pint); (winch, InrwiiK been copied fiom the very limited rant of power in the former Ar lieleaof Confederation, were the Icua Iia hie to be mivontructed,) ao a to destroy the meanius and J" aafcaaaaaiaaiW aaiaajaar waji a, . T j . I I wnicn necessarily tiiiiiima and limit ihe eiiernl ph,rae, and ao lo coijk.hJ.iio UtM Male, by cjepwajubuim" 'v"','',n,y-l lhaubvioutidewey'-eid irr evituble f'teitll of which "would be totratia (orm the present Republican viem J'the I'nited Slate into an abaolulc, or a( beat oiixed. atioitarebf" 'Cr-- fT'T,rrTTC-I7" I ' ,t J 1 ' ' 'VfrM quern (on here 10 ie confide red ia, whether a irit ban, in aimdry in.tsn c ms been manifested Tiy Hie Federal U.iv. eriimcnl in enlarge its- ;Hiwer tlT f"ece const rucltotm ol the rmistitiitt-iHl charter. .Tbe Gmeiral" Aeseniblr,' liavinJiefclwt, eti tiirtropiihon merely liv rcjrettniff 111 gniernl terms thai forc'4 coiwlrucLioii ljr viiilaTjing tliia- tederl powers' tiave taReu piece it does not appear to lie (Iohmbiu Ut tto uUlii pee,tfi wltm tif eveiv iiiHiitnceto uhich tlie ri tfilution uiay ollude. The Allien soil Peilitmn'AcU be ing particularly named in a i'tcrcediajj ff: J swimon. Bra 01 courne i a Hmtecsiood includedjii 'hJloflon. , OnilUill other which Tiav less iicipml ptibbe-atMvntion,- or oeen less eiietmTwrv. regariHHf ,.S..JMt;,; eooatimt vmau tbo testdutieii may: be ' tire a.m:c:l," lo refer particuliulyti tlelliwk Law, winch," from the1 circuintilunce of its -iiasxage, as well as tho latitude ol con struction on. w hich it is founded, .titrike the attention wub lingular force r and the Carriage Tax, distinguiahed also v cir cumstances in its history having a Similar tendency. Thoee instances alone,, if re- willing Irom toreej construction, aod cal culated to enlarne Oie,j)ower of the Fed eral Government, as the Committee cnn not miI conceive-to lc the case, sufficiently warrenL Ibis port of the res-dutiiHu I The Committee have not thought it incumbent on thetn to extend their a Item ion to laws which hare been objected to, rather as va rying the constitutional distribution of powers In the Federal Government, than as an absolute oulnryemcpt nt thorn ; be cause instances of this sort, however im portaut in their principles and tendencies, do, not appear to full atriclly within the text under review. ..-,,,. The other questions presenting them ,are-Tl. . hetlier indieatioM have. general phrases copied from the " A 1 tide ot txvnleoe ration," so as to destroy the pf- fcctof Inyamilliiiiiinff. thme'iiiiviiiiMg w til ther (his exposition would by degrees con. eoliiinte-the States into one sovereignty. 3. Whether the tendency and reautt-iit the republican shtem of ihe United States into a monarchy. H . ; ThegenemT ph rasef hereof nieint,' must be thoee "of providing for the corn mon defence and general welfare.". In the " Articles of (NMift:de)ration,M the phrases arc used a lollop s.-iu Article VI I h " All charges of war, and all other CKpe'ii m iUat-eiwU -be-iTTrTTrrrdforTi te amnion defence, and general ircre, und allowed by the United Stales in Congress ansem bled, shall be defrayed out of a common JajtUJlkbiallM several S'.aes in proportion tothe, value of alLJaud wilbiu each State, granted to or surveyed for any person, as such land and tha building .ami. impravemeirts thereon shall be estimated, aocordinr to such mode as the. United .fitales, in Cigrt a.sM-m ble4, shall Irofci, tuu ko time (Uiect : aud''' ; ' . No 700 In the ei-tnij I ut.:no'Mii, iit) i. I do iii;iuwiii(f irt i' teciioiii ''J', L'ongUMi Uill have pcr to rav.and r4 lect laii a, HHlien, iinji.i, fSl'.tt.iik fieyhfTtfliTTTIio'pfoVhTe ,lt nm rtMo demme and rncral wtltue mi by Liond riliitea.". . i Tliitaimilnriiy iuil" im ol llieae ph aa ? in the wo hpihi F 'einl chart r, iniabt well be rooRidon d aa lembiinff " their mcftiilliji lea liable lo b- miacolialril' , i d in Jbp Ijjltl l Ui Hitantt Will etavrct ly le Mid that in the former 'hey mjp tvef uiMlcmlood t'. lie eiihiif a eiieil f(riil iJ tuthoae the jcqiii.t .0, ,r bp pliculmn of moiiey In the old LYnr" 1 ibe tfimuon Hefi im- ami, g eoerul w !mre, , i xtt H ig the ci , itliei werda c'io ra- - ted, which eipUoied ami limii.U . tkfir eamii ,. axl u 0'4O-Wia ln; I nuind uM.aoiii .ii'iii u u iiiii.ii" piiia in 'no. ery iiiatruii.ciit ri-i" d o rv.t r m mei- d by the pica m Cooiiiititii'ii, il cun never 10 MjpMaed thut, when copied into I hi t on alilulMHi, a dilli rent iiA'aiiin ouyhl lo be allai Iim! to lh' ni. I hat, uoiwiibaiaiidins Ibi remiukHbu) eecuritj ag;uiit.i.lHirtriciiou, a m-Mn lit inii intiit aita lo ji uikI ttiee 1 1 r j ke ill the UiotllullMl on a lo rientroy the t-lltici in I mi oerlHiilar ermuirratlon o now. ir b wIih Ii it txpliiii. ami Im il . iin-m, nwt beVf fnlietr-haWhe nbw'rv.iti'.ir rf IbotMj who have uiteiu'ed ti.he Choi- of puldic Irainaietiniia. Not Uf liiu tn.i. ( r otl (hi luhjeet. it will uin e I . ri e'r lo Ihe Ul'buie ot tin 1 cue ml l-C-i-Llnie, 1 1 1 wliiih arumtlita havi) -on 'oIk-h-hi ii ci aioiit U-iMi drawn, with upp iiiiii ll 1 1, theie piii ., iu llieir iinlt'limlo O'Clillih. , . 'I tlwaf-indictfloti, unybt niii!';(, wi.iMi4 Mim-mtVr, tt HfiniiT !tt' nji l ii .iif.iciiircs b the bite K n i. ij of tbo Troi. miry , nuiije on tin 5ii i.. i-cviiif ber, 1 Ul I Rtp .r . ( iHeinilleaj ofC ngir-, in J ii.u,,, , nUi. . im i,.j. m4ton nt Ajrr t uiiutJL Ji ieV i.r-tf ,.l 1. 1 MM 'r . .a a,. . 1.1H11 micitttiiin oJthe pi ttouv.1 Lt iu Ti...fTa. iTT- .1. . . ' m tiiKler I iia I iie-sjniiuti, rii.piiiioprtMiei n( n.iajoy i m o-wiI" end-proper, ,. A tid liie aeeiiut l" be no roontWw Uiauht Unii wIilU ever conrerna thd .general iuitret of ti in, and ol (riMifcai-a, are. walnu tb - sphere, of llie Nai tonal ( oimcil, ui fur as istier iu-poci, as-'Unie lite aetoe bill ndo "f (werin lhjSatpia .Jwiurilatiiai sn--; )uu u o ine-estcouragenicnt, of Agr.eul. liiroj by. mcannul ( sil.bu Ti." wl. nt tite awot 4 Dfetmitiit -AiOtH-. h "z. Iieithsrof thtafl Repuris may havt nieiv- etHict,"Jet; 6u the'"otircrliniid,iiiecxiiaor. . dinarytloctrine conteiiif h.,th ha? pa, aed without the uli-lilcsi 6-wilue mark of - .-' disapprobation frmB tlM!'iuitirjruf 't.-i w l.tcli " ndlren'ord.-' - : , -.. . ,.;--;,-.r v -fttwf Mfmr'llveVp'hraic hwinatrmjinooM h'V-it'nr rvUtiii.itj lU. -nornmoo tfcfiw afij-t : erat wvll'urey as contended by Korfjvjr ev, ery tiioati r:rtjy-in wbh-b tl ere hgl.t ls atmppiication ofniut.ey, fJici' d l.y the CUIIlionof others the eif.t;! uillsl MiUr slantiliV.1i tUijaiiMtn arnv.inVI import and firco oLlhe-inrlienrnretiuiVK r aliiMi of powerawhii-ii blbW lh' o, -M. rat phrase in ibcJL'ijn(juJtbir-'' For it ie etidiiiit that lliere is not' n ' Minoj power whatever which may tMjkoiiM-jiitjviar ewwftrttwtioniljioitile or the gener al welfare j fior a power of tiny mngmtiide, which, o it eifcrcise, doe ot invrdve or- admilanapilicati.Miofmiaiev. Tile Gov-' - ernmepftlliereloie, utiirh Paease bowee in either One or nthef of theae extents, is a' " Government without the limitations form ed by particular enumeration of powers f and,ColiseQueiilly, the meaning and eflect ol this particular enumeration is destroy e;j . 4. by the cxpositiiMi given to these generul pbraeeav r-v , , ' . , u-.-This conclusiiMi will not be aflpcled hyf ? " an attempt to qualify the power over tho' M fnlinrfll avfllfllPA O hii r.lUM.;.... it . - , . , - Khfiifc-tla go 'Wfrt-rrtSonTtno reach ot uptratt prOtwj.His by the Udi. vidMal Shtiei, utd leaving . theae their p.ri-o.ciioiis in CUM to XlbJUwkaf W VTOTiaiuiw, mayoecoIDpf.,:ct t 1,,. i? beo be-jrhr auiuoniy of the individual Stated rmr in ail cases be incompetent to gei emt re, gulatiop opurainiji; throogjHhojvJilJtvibtt UtHHHly-hBi70iTSfTSUjtOS would hn eV lenoeu lo ttery oijeet relating U the go ncraj wHfart;, which might, bv an owy, hjli'jriM fovil;r1iyile ral'uii Ihority. Thi " qimlilS ing cont(.H tion therefore, w.uild have little, if any. tenden cy to circumscribe the.powei eHitteaJ. der the latitude of the tetins' gnnwaj Vjj. .it...... . TJirlejndir-etmrtiTHnnr cxpreoeion; both in the oiijjinat MjMi exist ing l ederal compact, amiears to. thoCinV nmtte to obvhu to U n,iMken. t ' m both': lh Oificri'.ua la -i.ll.: liji.ia-.mwanMlu-iiili.IKi' tall vide oitaief for the co,,,lnor;HW gentrel ?elfarj. In x,U, U stddobld t.- 1111a autiiortiy ail nunte; alio; 1 of llie CiSe 10 w men mcir pivt r ahall' extend Mo nef camirtt lie epi iied in the itWrar !.' fyrtr otlierwke thai, b, , ap,jc-r,oii oTtt - "" i-'rnrvinr nuaMiie conduc ive to llie. .goiwrat- vcltgrev" Wheneei, there. 1 ire, ; iejlas boon rawed by Uo gener.' .t:M J f: ...

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