North Carolina Newspapers

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union alu.
l.rn,' 'i.'.rre. l.nlil the important nor
l. settled, ruiwevtr, the dillrfciit nutters which have bit..'
iind'r diotion lirtween the 1'ntr J rtea and the Krpub.
lie of Ciltin?i'n, or either of the Ftatta hith composed it,
are not likrly to be brought to a a.t'ufstt ry laaoe.
In c rmtryirnre of (h illeai if ihe Charge d'AuVirea ip
ro'-ntrUo jJcninl.Amerlta ai ih law tfl u of Co- rr".
he WiV prrvcnif d from prrce edinp; on hia rriia'ion until the
month of Oc ober. It u hoped, however, that he It by thii
time it hWpoit, ind that the oflic-aliiitrrcourac, unfortun-te.
ly ao long interrupted, hat been thus renewed on the part-ol
the twu nationi o amicably and advantageously eonincted
by engagement fonrided on the moat enlarged riocipU ol
commercial reciprocity. ,
It U vf)ti to itate that aince my Utt annual me.asge,
inme of aie mail important cUima tt ourrll.iW'Citiiena up.
on the government of Brazil hsve been satisfactorily adjo.u
ed, and a rc.iwee is placed on the friendly deposition mani
fested by it thm justice will aWo be done in other. No nr.w
tauea of complaint hife aritn and the trade between the
two countriea Conri.he. under the encouragement aecurrd
to it bv the lijKiul provuiom of the4reaxy..,,.
, t i Cauie of regret, that. Owing probably 10 the civil
arntions which have o cupird the attention of the M Ativan
fjovrrnmentj the time fixed by the treaty of limita with the
United Fp.te for the meeting of the Cnmtwi.aiooera t de
fine the boundaries brtwern the twi n.tiooa, rs been suf
fered to ripire without the appointment f any O'-mmiaaion-er
on thr part f tha- (orrn.nent. While the true bou .
djrv remaint in d utt by either party, it ia difficult to nivr
effect to thue mfaatites which are ncrirv to the prole. .
, ..f ,,f . 1 lui i4ie, i now f in) ,v law, mi dm variu nr
!... . di.iilp.l hi Ihe. last riiMi of ( 'oni? rr, Ml a mailer it
prtinir, Willi iiiiiiiiiil uiifliiiiiiily and, lintt' it lonnd to
wos tiii.ff than ilm ibetiovcriii.M lit eH for, there
lla'iii t-i I no reason at lln Iiiimi to j 'ity a rlmn;'P.
duties 'I" I forbear to pwoiiuwihJ Buy further reduction or the
mit mirt'd tUt .rvi.l-. .f hy,lbj. f vulii'g U, I
of alr-Uniit' tti'trf-.jclliilly pre.u.m lotigrcM urn iinirorianr
omred for (oV' Wl appropriations which am not absolutely rt.
ly tlemjafril tii'.,,r-ni nuinurixu iiy nm ""n
nur 0vfrninent. 'N-i Kmie. W e ar tgniiMiig a tmw rr in
lh.i on the TreaiiJ"NMwwl ilbt, wliirli b 'I'Hig bren a Imr.
.-...uinK year. , No inH" finally d.-d-rgrd jn ll r 'f Hit
what may U wre-iry Cj'H-y will aficrwarda lm nri-di'd ,''n
.. v,., ii,. ttm oramarv fiimiwMm innu.
eM-ii.liiur ki firm and dumri' moment ! fionr ay.t.-m i
ly ufo Ilm N-r-rtr of a n 'I'l' M n4 1 caniHit l trmig
iiiinii.n mrt to eiilarpe thn ii.notuy, aim aa ajuiui.wij
Ilm (Juverniw nt, ind w4 to ba real iifr-iti ol
I.V m.ceary ainl pr-fu- r-X t (.overniiwnt
t.a i- ,i ,.,..- If a contrary conrao
alM.rt ofttm dnmaiidi upm it ; ami uflti lw lull
to lighten ll. i,urllie,w of the rop!, a' tariT in onlir
IW lucliiHi ! tak tir.t Waftrr.'tt l4'1 fcr-
plorrd if. at the etwl of aiK.llmr venr, we ho' ,,,,uru Y ,m ,
ed Li rolraca .r tm, ami -iittooa"! urelM tibli
nrreHMrv r i-nl.iur. i. ta meet ui.
1 1 is iiiv duly, on tliii nrrsninn, to enll yinir IU
tnn-tion o tli pihlir Ixiililui ore tijiieil by tb Tfl' ,0 J" ir'
mrnt, wliirh liHp ind niiiro the lnl Hj.HiriniM-iil of l ' 1""
.1.. ...1. . ...i.. ii, rmiava i if tlii imm wikM (lirretaG'M
at the tunc, id r' of which will be duly -oiiinmiiMau4.,n,,e
I '.!:e nleiiMirr, Imwevt-r, in Matiiin lietr, thut bv thfi laiiaAa."
rtioo- of tin- olli. erd of Ilm Ii-p irtiiM'iit, ami nmnv t lllie rit
. ... .i ... .. .'i ....
I , ,t . ,..ii i. lit i,ni..'-.l.:ilv fi'-iit Vf
( !'.'"r lU ' r,-i.t rl.ii.i-
,v rl.rii.Mi, ani I"1" -i I ' .
in n,'
' .' . . ...a ('..nuru Will n iiiirertlv
tv i., v t.'.ri.i.i....-Hi, ; rrm " : ., :.
. ... r M U...I fur i' .' . in" """"
br.,f.lrj ,i.l.i f. I am If " (1
mm, k-aiJ tothia in.liliitioo. w. . il' . . . r.rt ! ,
ti ...d- ,la whether the ...,.. Irl, A-
ul, iu lU ! ,m u u " - , .
I Mi the line 'f il luy. .. -,i.i I '
r,rtoM.rA.lHtll,ror,.lMH,.UrlK.H.,. , I
' . , . I....J. ..r !.. ..rioii. aulneeU entrant' 1
for tl
ed lu
1 1 4 1 'i from
it In.
to it. riiii ""l" '"1""'"' - , .
, an.1 tha coi.J.I..n of tho var..ii ul.j.cueiira.t;
adiiiiiiKtration. - ; . , -i.hf.etff
llieni ,hat tni rniy miu.M.- ..-
. ..... .-.I 1 1 if ! ir rmr "'j " -ft .
n uaatrvRiiw ' j ' " " V)Hir M mi ., re.piira it aeri-e
' h'SL bi,h. L aboard and
itier devolve, uxai i
!4d and m m "
point., and ofprei
ccMvi,r tha aniluwry ia-1'uieo
a I ,
tha i-lil frxitrer
uej ,e or...i.-ry : . , j L. fV.teml 1
.,.,1 . L;, of ..
1 "0,T . , ..." ' .....r .tut ddlNtiiw th- Ml fh at4
at npU ,Wr;.U eiKintrv. and provident
vW ,a iiiiliwry. ' "Y. V .. ' t... l.n cooling
v.r,o,.AulFct. auw-tad 'r l.Lt.tliw
IViraUtM wldprnniitra ifUtfHoaorvit-,--
cunduiodV tU ijU t Vii baTe &n mtoufo '. "I
"ltat.-". , , tmain Uvo
1 e.u- ur. nrnl Ko lm iftna. fHiveri
amt lor the tr.u.H, Klllllllj 'xht lrPhl)P. M
return anitticd ff
.. i . . ll.a MiuilMinOI.
IIM-ir re.MI.ftra f "i . fl.. ,t..
raufiral l,y lb. Ht-imte, l,r,rt '"'"" ' ' . ; " ' f dlll rir. and or
tJ ..r.l,...t 11 Ihe irinc now iri.i. '
lion and quiet ol our numerout itc.rna rea ding e-r t'r..
Iro .iier. The aubiect ia oneol erenaoli itu Ir to the I Hi .1 nallv ull.ri il.n m.l.iie utf ri
JiA fftnt ftvitl nAl fil In rrrfu mi- tarnit' at'rniifitl. I 'I mililu' i.uif. .firii rtni.ireil t Itnt another Iniililina hMild I
Thr iffiiv concluded with flhili. und n!..ed lv ..e UrrrtH n . n a urur ; nod providing Pr it, it 'H I"1 m.I
Penatf'at iillaitacMion, waa al rut fied bv toe Oili ir, i .ild to ei-Ur.-n .mm. ninnwr. tl.e iiccohiiimmIUk i.. for Mie
vernment, but with certain additional a .d cii.lanatorr rti. , ibbc urieer. f the KVerd DcpaM-nenta ami U. authori I Uv
tie, of a nature tu have required i. to be agi-o aubmit-ctl t -f -u.tol.lf drNM.lorira f..r the -nfe kr-epiug of Hm pul.lic
the Senile. The time limited for the e han;c ol the raf- I'1 ni, howevrr, na i g a.nce,i expire,., me bc-o- o. ., s ,
fw hi iiiimi an in. ,..,.,;,,. i.Hif
,.a ,er.,.utI,.M, of ,.,y dillW u . - -'Tff K 17 S
. .. ' .... .r.i I..... .Jiliriil riXKMllon. .--
of ih.. Hi-irirt. hot lw paper, were o,t, a.i.l none Wat wi.l inaH'" ' - i . . u, etent,wiU
-1 H'i'" . ,. . ..I ...I..,.. Ik.. .U CfMI V 01
. ....... i .1 lu ll lit.. imv ' '
. . Tal I.v r.-.rt lo ... M or,,...,. conviC.-H-
ItltrJ. " wain ' . . .
bo.h(...vrrnmer..,on the tre.t,- will .g.ii. neer..,rv. , (, (.,.r;(, Siil(l, ..flk. I,,m., by hi.... and
The nrcocian na commenced with the Argentine Rq1"1'- . , ,rr,. . 1Mi ... ,, .., j. ...,,.
lie, relative lo the outrage, commilte on aiyfwUtzJifiTrr ffiWMnv'Ka' " taltV of 'ffrn aulijee!' and, aomo
I'.M ii'.M'il, n'ui O f ir.'
Sn,i-e ih" l.i't m!j.Hirnnieiil 4 Conew, the eVcn lirv of the
rrennirv Inn d. reeled ihe ik.hi.-V 'f til" I I ,0 ,H"
m will num.
I c.H.i .ir i( i
. r . ... v . -f - ,". . .
8L,n--'-':-M r liwnui, ov pcr.on, c-
"iri( i.ndrr the cdour of iu authnritv, aa wrll a, the nth. i
mi'terv in c ntroverv between the two (Jovernmcnt,, h vr
leen .'irpcnded, by the departure of ihe ('harc d'AiT-ire
of (he United Stite from Hueno vrr.. I '. undrrnt od,
however, that aMio'uter auhoeq ren'lr appointed bv th'
(J'verninrot to renew the nccuciation in the I'm-cd rit.te,,
but, though daily expected, he ha. not )ct arrived iu (hi
Ci tintrv.
V(h Peru, no treaty rni vet been firmed, and with l'..l
vi i no diplomatic int. icour.e ha. vet been e, aMuhed. I
wdl b' mv endeavor to e thee cn 'intent of min
and ihat liberal commerce which belong to the telnion. in
which all the iodept ndant Stalea of thi c- otinent .land tn
ard C4ch other;
I ileem it iroiKr In recnminend tn vwir notice the r'viioi, -f
oil' eor,.ilir item. Thin lih iM-coine ni. I rf ntit brHircl. of ll.e
pii'.'ic -n ire, iriMt.nii'-li i j, t int.iimlelv emmeeled with the pre.
aerv.tinn of our ii iluui il rhnraeler nliroail, with the interest of our
rrti'-'n in f.m'i.'ii en.. niriei.. with tl.n refuUlion nnd enre of dr
ju-vcrn. '
i lml ill'
in ronlinvrd
e.i'inm rce, bik
I tl.e
" prote.-ti.Mi of .Mir faamen. V T tt. T.1' .f- lUtH P'taiia. Iitit llwaa Ilia minim f I III llillllll llfPil l9frVesffs"fA j nif iTTmr 'Yr'm'lT ibaWr, of niakiu'4 llifl annual approprialioiitv
iWi'flflJW! ferimrnimr"nteif Report froi.i iIm- Sner-
tarv of Siiite, upon Ihe Mihiert, t.. wlii.-l. I now refer, in containing
tofori.tatrnr, which may be n-f.i! in nnv inqiiirie. thut Cni.jfreaa may
mM fil to imltttrte wrth a vifvv lo a aaluUry reform .4" llnf ylern. .
It cive. me great plcanurc In rfMicraliilntn you npMi ihe roMT
mi condition of ll e fni.incei of the country, aa will appear from
I In: Report wln'eh llm Seeretnrv of ihe Tr .Mr'ry wi, in iuQ time,
lav befnrt- iui. The refpH niin n.e Treiwur'v rinrmff the pirtit
y. mMmm, m twoht thn thirty 10. Util"tiMi tit a.iniH.- The
rev :true derived ffuiu. cuwUm, will, it- i rrerrevef,terBiorf5 ihun
.ling J,.')72,240 W) ru.accxmnl of t ptihric rlehtT Will i.r,rdriruii'
, lo ftv nuotocw r arwr n lrge linlancfLiIl renmin in ihf
TreasnTv RfTor catTS' vinjj nil llie.iij'prupruhuua charcttlila m lU
revenue for the) ptTKrnt jear.
Tl.e nieusure's ia k fin by Secrclarv of thnjTroairy.jl pro-jwlfalfWfk-bim
o'JWT'y jit1fuliirj. ol .'the'proartia year, Ibe
fesiifiie ol iTic evcfianrr.) per cent. Mock, redc.-inablu on (lie IhI
of .f.inuary next. It om, il.eref'.trr, been included in tlm e.Miimaied
cxpriidilure of tlu war, niwl formira part of the rJiirn'atrove Muted
lo have Ircn paid on .account of lb m.l.l.c debt. " Thi! patfuuniMM"
- tliH. stock wul.rlia- thf-whftle rh-ht of ihe I 'nhed States, fundco
a . . .1 . ... . iX tflil4 ffff
1 . .....i..i.i iir in.- t .w.iw
Mill.'" I IHM'II I "Hill 1
.il exM-n fu rv day adding t then rtirtitli.
4m", NcH.inot ckiit,.,r.Miiitled bv our evttl. n 1 i.tN and
f""1'. -i.l. ...,r . iti.w.- ,...,.... Iie wi
ther ll.e jnirlbr-iK-.,,. muA, the m, in, ,Mr lie fWiro
o irnpr..enieiil, winch , rm-'.nlial to any Wvoinble rhnti;e n
ib. ir coiil. it. .11. i,tbl.eb(Hi i.,t. ,Ui f 1111 fht a wi-crior
mrc, mid without ippreciKliiig llie ,, il.cir Jl'sklUiUl-y,,-41--
y.tkuu 4tt flem-,-ttre t lllll't TfeyrfiTy" It Id t'l the.fcuce of
cim uiiiMaacen, hihI e.e ihi .liiiiifear. ut bit. been tbei'r fato
iiiotitho Ix'f .r- ihe removal, I iire-d ttiMHi the I Vp4rtuicnt llie pn 1 l.err. .(.,.., iuvi it it h li lm averiel,tto.l it i,il ei only Ire none i y
pr:-u of iukm t'lat stf-ji. Tim o'-nr approach of tin- day 00 which u (jeocn.l tcuiotnl Ix-v lid our iHuit.dury, and by the ? i;;"ro
:li- co.iricr will -pire. a ell a the cun.lact of Ihe Hunk, i'Hr . n im-ir p-iliticnl nlfin i:p.m jir.nciplea adapted tu U.enew rrUiMMi4
e.l in me to call f.r this meauu. ..(umi llf high cM.M'briti"ti of j m which lite; will b- placed. The eiperi iiMil which hj U-. 1. r
imhl.c mti-n-at and public d.Hv. The extent of it. iiiio oodiM t, h rw ccntl) inadc, I iu. so far proved w.fid. -The e.t.rr.n crnrf
ever, ntfli.Hiii'. known lo' 1-)re:.t. waa mil nt that tone lolly o- 1 ully ;ire i.-iim-m iiI. d to U- proM-noi and coiculi fi, Ihe 1 ujiiIi 'utt-
v-! Mx-.l In pr-.i. Il wui n .t uutd late iii the month of August,
thai I recti v d from the ti.iverii.iH'nl .rt nil ollinil r.-;v.rt,
.-labh-hinj l-?..nd the qur-ttion, that ll.ia great nnd m.w rful iu
-IH iliiMl had lif-en aclivi-lv eiignr-d in atiemptii.2 lo tnlloem e the
el.-, ii.... of the public olltcera, bv mean of it linmey ; anil tlmt, in
io ti.n of tho epren provitiofi of it charier, it bad, by n f..iuil
re.iili..n, placed ... I111..U at Ihe diMH.ilion ol il I'rea.dent to be
e iv in .ii:.iit.n the (Kilincal o r of the Ibnk. A copy ol
tiw roduii'. u -un:auiad 111 the n porl 1 the 4;emiw.iit Ihioc
torn. In f.ire referred lo ; and, however the object may I dii'-m. d
bv cauti.Hi l.inuat'e, ik imih can doubt thai (hi. money m tn truth
in'end.'d for eli-. tioiiferiinr purpi-, nnd the mi rt if nw-a to which
il wh. proved In have b-en upplii-d, iilniiiiliiiitly hIiowIIihI it wiw
imdcratood. Not only wax ll.e evidence complete, na tn the p;it tip-
plication ol Ihe niMit-y ami power ol lire Hank, to electioneer..!,' pur
n hie to tl.-ir want nnd habit, ami tl.n eawntial urtitlc. of ului
ten c prure J. When the report of lhcoiinof-iHrer ow
1 ..i-a.-d 111 invent infill. ijj Ihe crtidilcm and rrpw:t of the- Iudi
aiiH, ..nil in .'eini; a plan for their iutrrrotrw and jrov.mnM:iii, i
received, I ample iiM itna of inl-irtnntion w,H be in )o'iii.a
of ll.e (!ut-rnmi'iil foradj.i.iin" all the unsettled ueli Mi coiioctlcd
wiihtin iiitcre-iinc nuhject.
Thu ..a ritlioiia ol the Navy durine (he year, ami it prwent cmi
dawn, aru liiiiy oxbibiteti in-the amiun I -report from the Navy Ire"
pi.rli... lit.
Hnj',':tionanre made by the, Secretary, of varioiHinipmvcinm.l v
win. I. decern: c.iniul coiiidt-rnlifn, nnd inot of which, if H.lopicd,
hid fur to promote too eilicH-m y of tin iinKrtanl branch of th?
piilln: m-rvicu. Aiihmik lhoc are tlm neworei.iiizalim. of iIm) Navy
aame coure lu be iirfed ia future.
. , It U'in ihuaeataUutlMd bv u.pi4ionul4o proof that :h lUnk of
tha Lolled MaiM m eiHivorlefl iirloa pemmiieiit rtnrttnnwririt; en
cine tt appeamd la me- thai tlra 'puth of duty whirle ilw Eiferutive
Department Ihe (3 iverninenf imirbt to miHue, wa-tnnt dmibtful.' A
by re H-rtrw of the Bnnk rfTarter, rm rtftjeer hut the Sccn-tary of thr
I rM-J.V fiiU nimw t -r 1. . x.r.OT- ru tiw fbdTITTt au
thority ouhl to be at one odef rleprjirlf jJbat fircat cfcfftfalton
of the Btij.porl arid f ifuuteuaucu uf the, (overnmertt in such an rise of
ita lundf und Mich an evertton of it power. In tloa poml of the e aw,
twenty cil.t jndlions nnd tha public land will yield about three I the quratioa ia dintnei.y preentcd,irbpllicrila pooj.Io of. lha Uiu Jaytf rwvtttt.a ilemrcaj filKer H'rcwjtiyfJ(jiiii'iiii
iiulUuna.- The eA;ud'ur. w.tbui llw var, for H objeei, inelr,- aflrri0vemihfoMifh "rif" P.'.sl' (Vfr.rn "AJin'uL ima.caoiwtimf' 4
n,.. iii,l I l...u...l ...11V.,. . ' -' - - J.-...- .-... - --"'- - J ' . . .. . ..... .
biasfjed aufiraiitavoe wbeihet lire JOWxT and rnrmPT "of rtfrarfof
porufion ore In lie aeeretlv exerted to influence their jiidnient, and
e.rtind rhnr -llmtHt mtw- be tteterrrrfretf -rhrrher Ttlr
Bivok ui to have it. candidate fi.r all ..ITiceglii the country, fr.m the
tua'-ieiit, ta Ike lowent, at whlfer"canlilHfe wi trofh' tif piolitf,
enl-qireKtiotiB nha'.l be brought forwurd iw la-rctofore, and upiorted
by the U'ual nieaua, v-
. At this time JheMTorta id the Hank lo control pi.lilic opinion
through the ditrt.i of (Miine hjii) the feats of iilhcra, aio tqiiikJy
apimretit, and, if possible: inwc oljotio.H)bra, - By. a curlailmwitof
iu ac.cotmmrdntinrrs morr rapid Ihun nnv emergency requires, nnd
nnd unfunded, to the aum of 3I,C0,02 OH. And, an prnvir-mu cvwi while i.l,main Mwn wlnvttn
hanlmadv been vwle-flc the '4 J frAT fehl."ariiivcmeuT.ncd, and j ita vault, it ia attempting l trrodnee grent omb;, fragment iu one
charged in the expends of Ihe pa-ncut car, llw aum h-t Mated 1. 4 pnrtirm of the'icoViimumfy , wliilu tlirotih jircaara known to hn ve Sicen
nil that now reinain of the Nalinnaj ppbt j und.the revt-uue of tlw Uulaiaed by it limwyu attemptaj by unfininded alarin.'i, tocTft-ate
tMMinns y-nr, inp.-iin r won me naiance now in ine I reamirv. will a Dime ui all.
i mimeteiH to discniirjf it, alter nieciing the current pxreiif&a of J hese are the mean by which it neom to expect that it ran
im: i.ovenimeni. i nn,r 1 lie power civen to trie t omini8Hmer ol ; (orca a restonition ..f the deiios.ti-K, nnd
mn .-Mi.kitiff t.inn, it win, 1 nave 110 l oubt. bo burrhaaed on avor
, 1 .
able term, wilhin the venr
From thiv view C.f Ihe slate of the fwrnncpa and the public en
garments yet .0 Ire fulfilled, you will iierceive, thnt, if Providence
irermits nie lo meet you at another et(ivl ahall have the hrji
grutilicaliou of announcing, to you that the NtionaMleht' t extih
jmixhed. ' I cannot retrain from exprerwing Ihe pleasure 1 feel at
il-ro M my oa-n apWmlhrinR importnia-e a.Ml frcaf utility of this Department.-
time wttflm wnicti ine nuiii.c di-ht hi 1 hnv Loan I.Ih,m 1 i...i.i r..i ...... ic u.j .. j: ..1 1. ... i r .. ..... . .. n -. . ..
' tme-wittlhl hic!i ;1tosyuhric "di-Tit :M have been diaobaeged, ia
Hirong evidence 01 the abiuittant resources of the country, and of
the prudence and economy with which the Government knu hereto,
fore been adminintered. We have waged two wars since we be
came a nation, with one of the most powerful kingdom in the world
both of them undertaken in defence of our dearest riirhta both
successfully prosecuted nnd honorably terminated; and many of
tnose wno partook in the tirst struggle, as well a the second, will
have lived to ee the lat item of'rhe' debt incurred in these neces
sary but expensive conflicts, faithfully and honestly -dincharged ;
nnd we shall have the proud satisfaction of bequeathing to the pub
lie nervants who follow us in tho administration of the Government
the raru blessing of a revemre Tmtlinently abimdaiit raised willi
oi. injustice or oppression tir'pur cUizens, and 'unincumbered with
any burthena hut wht they themselves shall think proper Un.inu.
ti,. ii.u,.:j,:. ... r.i. it .1
courage us to indulge ip a lavish expenditure of the public treasure.
The receipts of the present year do not furnish the test by which
we are' to estimate tho income of the next. Tho changes made in
our revenue svstem by tha Acts of Congress of 183 and IS33,
nnd more especially hy ihe former, have swelled the receipts of the
present year far beyond the amount to be expected-in future years
m -Uto Jeduced.taiH.I' .duties. 'Flw ahfTrferfed 'mSMW'niwim
III.. . ...Ll. .Tu..ii.f- .-,-f u.- -r "...
-.. ..,,0 ,..,,,, ii-u,wuuii. no. nave oeen payaoie until lfjai,
nnd would have fimned a part of the income of that year. These
causes wmiM.of themselves, produce a great diminution of the re
CB,I! !" .'!?' 131, m compared with -the '-freWnTnFf affl'
""they wilt be still more diminished by the reduced ratea of du'ies
which take place, on theirs! of January next, on some of the most
imporlant and productive articles, t pon the lest estimates tha.
can be made, the receipts of the next year, with the aid .f the uh
appropriated amount now in the Treasury, will not be modi more
than auificient to meet Ihe expense of the yeHr and pay the smalt
.remnant of the National Debt which yet remains unsatisfied. I
eAouot,, therefore, reconimend to you any alleratiori in tine present
as a necessary consequence,
extort from Congress a renewal uf. ita charter. I am happy to
know thnt, through the good sense of our jreople, Ihe dlorl to get
up a panic hns lullirrto failed, and thai, lliroujl. the inere.ised nc
commiMlatinns which the State Hauka have hoeu 4-imhled tn a(lfrd,
110 public dudxc& baa follutrtid thu txcrtioiw. ol' the liank ; and it
cannot le doubted thnt the exercise of its H.w'er, and the : expendi
ture ni us money, as wen aa its etl'rts tojrpiraa j;rumiuies alariu.
dutv, I should feel myself called n bv the facts disclosed to order a
tcire arias against the Bank, with a view to put nn end to the
chartered rights it has so pnlitahty violated, were it not I lint the
charter itself will expire as soon iis n decision wvuld probably be
obtained from the court of last resort.
I called the utteution of Congress to this subject in my last nnnu
al message, nnd infurined them that such measures as were within
the reach of the Secretary of the Treasury, had been taken to en
able him to judge whether Ihe public deposiics in the Bank of Ihe
United States were entirely safe; but that aa hi single powers
might be inadequate Id the object, I recommended the subject to
Congress,' as worthy of their serious inyestigali.rn : us
hiy opinion, that" an iiiqiiiry inio (he transactions of that rnstitutjon,
emhrucing the Rranc.hea as well us tlw 'principal Bank, was called
I lor. by. tha d.l whicw wan giwn'thrimgtioiil 'the clrui.try to many.
jmiuua citargs impewetimg tneir cnurm'Kir, an.T which, if true,
might justly exctle the apprehension that they were no longer a safe
depository for the public money, The extent la which the exam
ination, thus recommended, was gone into, issprea'd upon your Jour
mils, and is too well known lo require to be stated. Such aa was
made, resulted in a report from a majority of the Committee of Ways
and Means, touching certain specified points only, concluding with
ued in the Rank of U.e United States. This resolution was adopted
at. the close of the session, by the vote of a majority of the House
i nepreseoiniives.
kondsrand the cash duties ou woollens, which were introduced by
Ihe Act of 132, and took effect on the 4th of March Inst, hatn
. -IL io the views of ihe
puhlic interest, or the duties of its agents, which may be taken by
tho other departments ol the Government, or either of its branches,
with the most sincere respect, aH. opinions or suggestions proceed
ing from svKih a sonrceT and in reajwet' to none ani I more inclined
lo do so, I Imn to 1 he House of Picpresente lives. But it will be seen
from the brief views at this time taken of the subject by myself, aa
well as .the more ample ones presented by the Secretary pf the
Treasury, that the change in tire deposites which has been ordered,
ha been deemed to be called for by considerations, which are not ll.e nr.M-edinffl referred to. and which, if c.VrrrJ.1., ;.'L.
ed by that department, rendered its act a matter of imOcriow duty.
to which I Is-j; leave to cull your particular atjcntion
The views w hich are pieseiitiM imi ulrm
Navaf concerns, and, es:ciaily, i the uniouul uf furco and the nuin
her of officer; and the jeoerwl course f rf pnltey appropriate iu Ih -prtnt
Mate of our ciHiotry, for sicitiiug lbs threat and useful pur
iMMwsofuavat protrrtion in iM?ace,)iFd ttnu ' prcpanoiuii tut lb eon --
rtrrwences of viar, meet witi.BIV'..iUllilCapprjMMMt.--; TJ .-LT"
-'' ff will Ic-jn: rnrHTd SHai XUd wpuvV refoVred Hvthaf thr-frTa"-1'''"
cmiceri sol It.ei etiubushmerit are in "excellent cotulitMUij and it K
hoped Ibul C uigre-ss itmy feci dirpwed to m'ukc promptly every suil
slrei.kth of its own resource, to Ijrililale the menus of Coniininnca- -
li.Mi between I irv a noil psrhnns nf lt,r l'nliin"7l7nticreaid jatliy -
ilvv - TlifWmfilio.7, hnwrver, in w hich the at-Cochts of the transpor
UiKMVof llm-suuiljiave always been krpt,"ttpp,ar "lit I.aVfi rrresent "
iTTM imperf ect view of itk epehetil fiHs'iecehtTv"Tk-i:ii dicov- .
ercd, thul from thacarlwist records of the IVpartmenl, (lie nnriiial
blutcmeiils luve U-en ciilrulated to fxhibirah am(iuurcinild4hly
short of Ihe uctual cxp.-nse incurrn.l (r thut -rvice. Ttiesc illtii
or y Utei.i:ntft -lwit.)1IrxpcJW0. if tarry Ini intW rffei-f'"-
the r.w ti tiji- bm session C ongrcss, tblihhiug new rnntf rautu, ..-. --
and a disp.osi Ipu) im J.hepiirJ..U Aha JIt-J.ff ihrv sWtWenrirt"T
gratify lite wishci of ihn pt.Uie in the extension of Iho iuaiT facili- t
lies, have iihhice.l him to incur responsibilities C.r theTr irnproc
UH'iu, ueyumi wnar ine rurrem restsirccs
siisiam. As soon as be un4 iliK-overed
11.fl l.od, he caused an investigation in
applied the proper remedy to correct the ev iL It became neceswi-
ry to wi:hdravy some of fhr improvemeiils which he had' muds, i't'.
bring the expenses of tho Department within its own resources.
Thus expense were incurred for the public good, and the public
have enjoyed Iheir l j fit. . They urn non bul partially suspended;
mid fliat where they iniij be discuutiuucd. Willi lhoJiut. in;uttveui''
enee to the cotmuy; ;
'J'he prrMive ufcmse tn the income from postafres, has Cdua
led tlvi'iwliefpertalions.tind it affords duimMititrative evidence
extension ol Ihe mail lacili- tl
isibilities C.r jhMrirnjiroc. . ; ,5A
cfs'bf the Depart tuei'it would Ai
red "the iinjH rfi-ction of tho j
be "made of jiA n'Mills, and ' A
1. l 1
The detail', are exhibited iu the accomiwnying report from the l'el
master (ieneral. "
The many distressing accidents which hnve of late occurred in
thnt portion of our navigation carried on by the uso of steam
power, deserve tho immediate and unremitting attention of Ihe coif
stituted authorities of the country. The fact that' the number of
(hose fatal disasters is constantly increasing; notwithstanding the"
great imprrveinents which are every where made in tho.macr.inerv""
xmployed, and in thq rapid advances which have been made iti that
brauch or science, show very clearly thaj,they are in a great degree
the result of criminal negligenco on the part of those by whom Jhs
vessels are navigated, and to ubrwe c
property of our citizens are so extensively enlrustedf.., .
- That these e if may be gtyrjtTy jgg-teWd, if hot Qantiaiiy w. -lanved,
by inaaiia of pfXenutiuiiJiij nndfenal legislation, seems to
be hiffhjy probable ; so fur tberemra- as the subject can be regarded r
as within the constitutional purview of Cougrewi, 1 earuestly ,re
commend it to your prompt and serious consideration, ...
1 would also call yonr attention to the views 1 have heretofore
expressed of the propriety of amending the Constitution iu .relation,.
to the mode of electing the President and Vrice President of the U-:
nited . States. R
harmony 01 tne people, 1 hat every intermediate agency in the elec
tion of these officers should be' removed, and that their eligibility
should be limited Jo ojia-lcrm of oid
Trusting that your deliberations on all the topics of general in
terest lo which 1 have adverted, and such others at your more ex
tenaiyffcnew may be crowned with success, 1 tender you, in conclusion, the co
operation which jaiuy .puwet .to-atPfru thems-
Washington City, December 3tf, 1S33.
(O" We are greatly indebted to Messrs. Peck As Welford, the'
indcfUiifable Mail-otractora,for.'jhe abore copy of the Preeident'j
Annual message.- irwas put into our nanus yesterday morning at
7 o'clock, in 50 hours ,froni Wabieoit.'-The Carolinian ueing nl
rtvadX c:ai'8 uPj we aeterminod to publish it in this sliapc.

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