North Carolina Newspapers

    hr amiuM hiiU jr ,,fr lai-emli il
rank of la. H family, Uii I4.-.K-.I lUt ,M ,
, wa i h Itt than kit thai earthly tnwaurc ran bring !
B Ililli.UUf, ItrflKXI IiiiihI, elirf ltd Miu) rijidly
trained to end indices! U prrYpia of H' lc
Hi Unnn ht wife and prm-or In it
' f nY..r;nii.i. To Iht lOMtritricm urn nfu.
7 Ji foti.nmtmnlrd in , oer-tomve fmir
Of iP rtioli, la UK mUmm ImH IumI im yet bad lis
; . . ( Y Vc . nwMl.l II HIMTIIH .I .-ft I4ily, MMl e Wanted tilM I.IMN.hw1
i...-iii ..., ' , ; ""'
J "R"i w a tiiiiiiti wrm in w tier, if ma couhlu t ive m liftfirrf ,n iUrf,f,i
rotoatil if InirhLilida iKa ll,i,l
. , . n . , " " '"".' -""If - I nm wowo, mini m pi. a llll Itwtb on Mi silk), ais
v.oinlornv lin t-.i,' ' . i.fl, i. iU.., i.. r. n. .
H WNldiii Itl kxiM W l,f 1,'ikJ llMJflM, jV i,' f,H.
I I. a. l,'J th tMlJ nil Ctl,V. Ilfirw'il, irnJ nil
inrii. uikin li ii. I thid f,ri i..
On w lUi tit I i,ir.l t i aijki(.1.
"'' "." wil f tlwfi fonm Krh kwM tin ,4"
'"' !" ff riKif itiKii f,u1f mn
11 . :
iM-ir in wvirf-14 nyu, r4 tm up C,r IM ofTi
j Mr. I tmhnUmg from Ywk Cii wii ii
c(tsn.:msn part of u vl"B hvnrxn,
In m Kti ut tmi tni Hum,
wr4 bfr for i ikm4i lriuii,h, Bi-I him mikI hi
rnimno u all IM riHiiD.rta thai (hit Ufa ihrb,
bid brb i LartIJt4
like tkrin dfjarrt .VnrVwt k'rnring Htarr"
ItiTVY.K mm liAJUR lK)WNI,Vfl.!
- ,
iwif Adprrhtrr.
I MipiKMR yjiIl bo alt fairly ai.i-raliiff Wnrk
V bii you rtitiw o Iwm rmw I ; and
bw H run1 aixaift
Er;f artaa i wru vm lh Iu4 tpilr ltw ,1
ftbm4 ll fiiiirral haiiil giv am m, tium Ut Ml w
iiHrp, and I huva hwl ,j,h upon tm dull Cwrrn.
t . bmt'i'tf In it j fcmf u I hl lh fliinrat
. oo Biy aiU;, I didnt rarw f Inn aUjl it. I!ul li.
tUr day Dm Unwral h bjan bi nlmko in lli
wind lell, and thia waa alxul Uh cauw ,!.
II and n waa aeliiu falkinjf vwt itiaiu-n atonn,
firein rwt 1h4 tiA at tl (mtion fuiks, and
! uira nid-!, wlwy idN lhe Gi-
" r-nJi aaVa I Ciwral, ilt well wif fi.r ua lo talk n
limni lolka who coin fo u, fr it ia tlw ni.
, lur UfMXipb lo gi on ermtit for htv at V-aat,
llwxih h u wrwig, if be ooy anrma warm and de.
- i-nmii, but aaya I, my alata doiil WJ (M tM
th J'c hl trwiMa alt alit lha rnuiilry ia owin to
the Bank cranipiii (lka. And with that I reerll
d'yn tny tklc and J aLawad in nxnl
aayi 1 1, kre we ww thai tU Bank actually haa bfn
fcwlin out more www uim wa luok Iho di-MMiin
taray from . than it had km afore thai till.. 1'Yln
GiiMtrai b looked r the flra, and euro W
Hm il waa. Why, aaya he, Major, how ia thia t
. , . '"""i "J" "i are pnopie g nimiiiin
imn! br'd ji-rf mm Urn (niA aluart it hn he
im k, 1 faiiid btt waa ph kin (ia Umtk ott IkW m.I,
and mid h tu afraid il might 4 du, ain ha
mum m,w a miMJiilaie for Mayor up there in New
i urn, ami im hum gn Willi liia party.
Amt wrafttff TWtfxM fcH tins 4-akera"iri
rlfr, and ami on Vio waa Jrmt lgini,b lo ajunk
a awnid tin, Mr. PrdnU-y aid if Uoojrrwi,
fJil aiid IW.k, And caWa, fclt ndi'iJ, h'd
I I'ld etit the niailKr altort, be nai'd
urn wKaia iMi-k and Mr. Vamkrwad from
L ' . 1 1. . I. i f .i . . '
ninorrwam, l won I inouifm WM the one im.
imil lAitc h I-fiT to me) be aaid it .It
bumbiijr," and b mtotkM the mm. W'Ih
thpy ciwie to count orer I he mihm, there waa a
ii-, ami (lie r-opaMr bad la antic the butt on'ljand
' 'm V up and nvwte a euiloralle of a nim'li
, alw wouiai up oy any m toe t'arrr had w.
er Imen eall'd on to docide on a more imn.,fij.i,i
Hiit,anl lh.mKh the tWeaU rive MXH) reaiiM
nriii i4l. for I lie yote he wi atmut lo jrive, yef ha
would rive but one, nod that waa. that th Mi.,
rould wA have a hod there he kww the Rank and
Middle hud a Imnd ia IKlin the Maior then-, mwl
(hat waa a enuf f,r him and an Uw t'lrrr drridi-d
tliat tlie Major murf latr hia liuiyll rf. W.n
tbiuka ), thai wm a purty tijtht Voteanv bow,ai
I weul over t the Meuale t handa rr there ih.-v
were all at rt lo.j aaaoon aa I wulk'd in, Mr. Van
RitMn nllM U ill . ' . ! . -, .
......... miim iinixinu in nki t,id
place, and I could ony git a m hiin now
and th-n, dodiii about, and no miicr rxild ti ll
wlmher be waa tkkl'd or not. Mr. Grundv w,-.i.
ed to have the hull mailer rWr'd Ut hi. Cotimiil.
lee cm the Poet Ot!ke Mr. Llai
wouldn't atrn-e to thai, U that Coiiimiu, wmiM
nevr r(..rt in creation, and wb-n thry did, wr.
bapa they d find lite Major'e name acnttcbd .ait,
and aouie one rU written in llie place on't.
Mr. Calhoun aaid he waa elad the Mainr
come there; the "cooaervative principle j kivn he,
Mr. 01, AY aaidi I (iKratuIat yu, Mr, Pre.
i.Si ut, and 1 h"f pm will atwti lite rnoraliila-
tlirtf fclth Hm$ iiiih In ar'.f. Il CvfJwJily wilb aliitll
I tenrl r it, uii the woe of the late eUn lu in
tlm tttf 4 .New ork. I il iij tinte a pa
Irirfk glw in your Ihh. enopralulutc ttte H.
totu, Hi, rouniry, the r ity i New Vork, tlie frmmki
of irftrty every win-re. It waa a great Victory.
ii too be aa regard! in every eK t. Frew a
nNijority t wore than ail lLouaand, wkick the do
iitinant jiarty bNitd a d m nvaitba aifo, if il retain
any, it ia Bwgrfl aid mrtnua majority of km
man two tMiiaJrM. And the whnra eiaiteooVd lb
mn h odili againet tbein. A triple allianrw of Hlalc
ptacemen.Cirpiratitai plareinen.aod FekraJ plarM.
A l A I.m) w A ( FA OR DIX A tt Y AM) V..
TR A, FROM Pt flUC WlrMrVTin!
v-y. ntisLHty OF IMJLLARJf! MawtaM,
drilW, diw ipliood, rtmitnamkil. The atruggte wa
IrfiiK-inlooa but what can withxtaod the irreiai.
W piiwurof Ibe votariea of truth, hlmrtv. and lhi-ir
country f It waa an immortal triumph a triumph
of tle ('ont,iiit.Ki and tlie Lawa. over uauruatiun
te-re, and over cluha and bludgeoue and violnae
V. ' ,, A." ouf u "y. the Giwral, that F'im$ to bn b--(U-r umlor-tKl tnl.-n
uowio ia crampin I be people all over creation, an4 d utick to it with rrforence to tlie (I.'oeral
bera nowfoa ahow a cletr aa day b'tfht that the nwmment Oountiea to fttate-.Towvhlim lo
Uank hainl acrewed at alL And with that tlie Ui- Cooutte FamilirtoTowwhiia umJ ).lividiwU
MraJ be began lo count on hi finger, and though ' Fainfllea eo lhat, philuaally Lul mei.
be can ao.iirnni flger Ool puHy onaiderihk" phymratty, and, above a!t, p.4.licatly apntkioff, the
uiu auw that way, thia puzzJei him ainuwnlyv-! M-'C" had aa ad a right to the am of
.Bo tunc hUawve bw-Maioe'wheV-ihefvtertte eifiehnber wf t4imin&-flMftr,nr
ami Hi
of thta trouble.? Well, aaya I, GineraJ, I -enppoee ( )' , m tlm butt end of my notione of nuWifira
ana,, an-rw now purty aoon,, .There ia a cou canon, i
purtyaooo. There ia a cou ,' cation, and I b"ne the Maior ami rv m i ,n
y .irre, t" i , ana aa me ornate ia over- j "'"j unanana me ai one end qf tlie ave.
halin the mill, perhapa theyll find it, and let uaj "y h, ttnnJi tlie white hou., and at the
know, And the word wam't nwra than out of ; "Her end IheHemitn chamher. " Conaotiduli'm"
tny mouth, when in come Kindle, and Blair lookin 'here " Oon-M-rvMive " here and he wound un
- '"v ,,nu inrongn a " -"n " r n pan ne waa rarfy to contri-
gimblet hole, arid they telH the Gin-ral lhat the hia chair and clonk for the Mijor to apread hit
Wenate bad jeet pa4 nay'a rliitioroi. It wont b'1 Mr. DenUm waa jtiat gjin to beit., and I
tbi good to HI what foftowM but the Gwerel 1" mhut awinin hiy pack on my ahoulder, Lr
rf he gof lhre alaJlin thinja about. And aa it hn talk'd all flight and ao they eall'd the
r..r.-aa about ::fh.e time wbe.folkt.ironJl.taj comi i to'lfM '' U nttw, and be took hi aat. Mr.
--mtt 1W Otnmt, I Joat mepd nut W Wit em Iftey"
-l . . fH agim for the Gineril waa hard at work in
ty Bigb til thitowej onr
iww cnntwritm'-wiffwnninfWfiiroor iu"ire
: """" J. tM 1(11 itinnrai nrni nil.
i , ; ; . ;
Go on, noble citv f Go on. natri'tlie whifya 9 It .1.
low up your vlorioua romnyncement i wn...r
and paime not until yaj have regenerated and di.
enthralled yir af.lemlid city, ami plared il at the
ifai w American ciliea Unvoted to civil lila-rty, an
it now atanda preminentlv lite tirat a ihe ram.
nierdal eniiMtriuni of rair comitMm eonntrv p.
chanta, merhanira, trader, tahorera, iteter cene to
recotlct, .ttut without ficcitaii.yiiu can .have no
ure commerce or biaineaa i and that with.mi la
you have nn ancuritv tt w-ra-mal lihrtv Pn-irlv.
or even eitive f Gmnlrvrncrt of T.m", f Cm.
met, fr Macnevcn, and of HamiHuw, if anv t you
have been dceivwl, al w,liK-d into tbo mtnn
tS a cauae danceru to Anvrii au hhertv. hin
to revkw and correct your rourw I Do Dot f..rz. t
lljfil you abunJonr-d the grepn futbla f y.air twlive
inland to ea.-afj. ht ymi hflfved the'tvniniv of
a Ritiih King ! Ihi ', I cwnure v.i. lend vlr.
wdva, in thi land ..f y.air aaylum.thia tail rr'trfat
of Ihe freedom of man, in the entsbliihnvnt h"re,
or you anl lor aa all, ..f that de-ptium which vhi
had pr.Hidly bo(ed hid hen b-ft behind you. in F.u.
rofx-, f.,rever I There i tnin-b, I .i!d fain he-lo-ve.
In flie conMiHitional firma of Covernmcul.
Iiit nt laet it w ita parental aad benctkmnt opera.
1 V"i nuNi n ita character. A Uoverniuenl
may in form be fr., in practice tyrannil ; aa if
mav in form be despotic, and in practice liberal
and free.
rf iw iVfrrfanf niirf afwaaT fnumrn oTie wfcfo.
And thy have aaaumcd lfr t)iem.lve n.l Lit, M
their opoonenta, a donominition tecordimr in .11
theawlo'TT of hMorj, ii r"ctly cmrecL Tt dewrvei
a emnnff wur'hr tif ir tivitf attln iif Am'ri.
n ftwlrt !.iil. ! Ui. iiiii,! of li' Siri riii'
t it i U'.ji! r r til ' liip ill, "ftl, ,4 tti iMntr
Am, ii'tn ff men ! j1 i " h". if
ft'unr. tiui imr au-rcHl Um i In rt ariie utif Ix bivnl
f'Mitiif fra all iiti-n,!injf i1ih'i-ix AihI, iiitl ll
ffiuraj ninn tint (UikiKM aliwb pni,l,lil u nm
tiilua lit iMvwlit un uiirit,iu'iiatiiN Ii,-lit, bwrtv
Hi;', ui Ilia caiuw uf lim I'c-ul'-.uf Ut (.'ixwlililln'ii, and
ari .,lrty,
aaunuu j.j.hjw in mn iiipiii I u igpiMi ii . ii i i ii ii in
UU 'Ml
ri4T iriTi4
aitr tuu.iM,
Western Carolinian.
AT U R 6 AYmtsttw A P R I L 2r 1 8 3 4
Ten year ago there were Hair candidate to wecd
PreNlil Monroe....aamely, Mr. CrawLrd, Mr. CUy
nr. Aiama, ami Unneral im kmia.
Sir, CallKHin hJ U-eo lauiUinird aa one, and hi
nietaii were mu lie at fan auccai, uiiUl tim Hut U
lMiolnnia,liirii fur a while eeemed to fkvor him.
witiairra (ruin linn and Ut-k up Gfixtral Jickmn. It
tiien t-n-mra tliat, if the Snuth omtinued divided
) Uiiw tWaittiera candidata, Uiev would be ifefrated.
to r. i 'allwun waa accordmi'ly withUrawn,and bia friend
wv it uver, mm to Mr, Ciawfimi, a few to Mr. Aiiama,
but the grxat m to Org. imckmrn.
ilr. Crawfcrd bad been namuatpd by a Cauro of
iinnii.fiori onrai..bia fneuu. were tealou, nume
rou, ntl powerful, embodying much of tJie Uleul and
moral wnrth of the emmrryr Af that tme GuCJictwa
w uiilr.ed in politic; but tlie laurel of victory wre
freali upn lua brow, be wna known every where a a
brvc and tucceWul wldirr, and bi mt miUe frud
f ruJ thai, although n unpractMexl politician, thia, u
lr bein an objection, waa a recommendation, u
arfnf(i he would, if elected, go into office frevh from
tlie I'niplc, gntrnfliuielled by put cotoiMnaUuna, and
that hi ilrong clear juJgment would tumble htm, and
hi twn ml.j.T.ty and ptriot n would iniarm tim, to
elte! the w:mt nd most honeit Matewnen for hi
council, whicn would obviate any initod waul of po
litical tbihty in hiniwMf a the head.
it wu iwo toiukl out lhat LUa c,jnlct,at leant in the
Suutii, ttiitot be Uitwin theOanoial nxj Mr.Crawlbrd.
Tu of bota,of courwi, became animated, and
omiWt violent The fcend of ill Um nthw r.,!L
rient. But b Jrien tUm Omu b,m
'' lb'7 mJi ""W Ue ilm.4 uimiiu,,,
of Ue eotniiimiiiiet in Whati iW ,
1t a rUie ft,m, Apnl XA to Afni t--j, , I
ambrtaai rfrt,.ci i (f, ud benqe lern Uml m ' ;
jiirit wU'b mm h'mmn la adihfrt fi.lw,J " ,
ntiwt be an ingulfed atHa Uy u b aj ? ' ;
il enweb lo despot mm. , i
C" Our readwi will Cud ia our eluL. .,. t I
otW iM,gioMt,i fV,aa WMlml ' h.
CaroliM.n," nd tl, will rejoiee, a. we do, i, r"i
njuch .Mind doctrine acknowledge k, M
Fed.ialt, Ami here we Villi n-maiL u 7 1
Unit, wlien we am th Urm FedwmhA- n l. 7 . i
nded to eiaitey iwlwrnmnaU rrpmack, but a t w t
to diftinguit Un who bold eertaia onmln.,. . f
lu-, rVotn wl,wh neither party, called JUpuUr' I
fw-aa tending, ia their nkm. to a mttl m I
power III Ui Uetiunil UofernmeiiL W . U.. . "i
doubted that Ui Fe-leralmta, aa a partv. wn .. i i
and patraitic, in Uieir motmi ,4 initntim. .. I
" r" '' " wenmre lliem u be riierui. I ,
ly and Five Government i but, at toe aama .
nmaidi-r wane of th-ir dorfrinea, and e.oecut'?
.. ui- uermrai ,vermm nt thn
right to r-auiiriie the (UmrtUulion, a one wkick ki
rectly dangerou. W the rmved rigbu of tlie feiH
ikI, cnie niiiilly, to the Jtep,d.icaa and Cc
i n.r ii i.-r oi iMir idivernmenL
SVe know mir Corr.n.aident f be an honorf .
nd a patriot :e Citiaen 5 b wa in Uie vimir uf l a
U, and a tealou advocate of the Federal dfUia
nd.iltlKaigh w.. have not been told m direatlk.
elf,w have heanl. fr.n pond aulhoriiv. Uiti U
demtamla the diclrine of Ktute R v!,t,, a, advert! k
Ihe Nullifies of tlie prewnt day, pociwly aa aYai
both fmrl,t$. m M, un h mtutl tlie doctrinea Brwk .
ad by the Virginia and Kentucky Rwhitiuna . .
I:J?Tn'inn W" a an evidence of the lam
tau-nry cm wo wiw po4eM m be RepuM mo af It
effenajo aclaiol, wbda the dnnounce tlie ver w.
promulgated tin by ilmt venerable vtatcwitaa.
hich bncame and continued tlie tcil-buok of LmL
ican generally unt! wino uf tbetu uLnmA n.t
tiie l'ortavrio Iimil
Rut to tlie ubj,t. There are now but lew wit,
of difference between our venerable CorreponJeat ua
u ; but aw. of them are imporUnt.'and wa aUl)
deavor to recof.f He them.
He y : - The hieheat aource f power in a Pfiit
the leopK who may delegate it (llie power) It tbt
Govornmeut which tl.y may eaubl.ali, and by (Let
mem ovki U .Somnrtf-n."
A part of Una pattion i. fectly correct, to wit:
that " (he hinbeat aource u puwer in a Suu ia At
trvple." h fidlowv, of eouree, that the Peoole at A.
Suta are Wre.a 1 it aim fiillowa, m like manor
Oau,. ttiaoe a rreat "hanrile" nf th lilUAUl A at aita at.
tenpt, by a am.U party, to dicUt to the People ; the r?" lh tkneW V delegate power to wboai t
frien l of the Caucun canJidnui. on ih. ml-., k., P'; wit it by no aoena follow tliat the mm
aaaod tba parUaaeef Ur. Calknvm and Oew. leekabft I SvytrtILfW the -contrary, we lioak thai ataa H
ot rormme a coalition : a nJ thu. u m,.A . mno wrwe naatiiy, wilL upon more triea,
"" impiawmie r ttlrgett4 power fe
be aoeereta power. Roveeeignfy m inherent; i I
not de(ro) ed by imparting eome of it power to otbrn
it agenta : if it were, thou there ia ao Sovereigat;
iwate a etnmg cae, which watte
wordy warfare.
In Apnl, the finwdJuriea nf Rowan and D.
vidaonCountiea, reapecUvely, received from the Repre-
on earth.
We w i
How aaya I. Ginerat. wn better keen an eva nn aikni
wa any in prnf, f ,r we have froufdo W with 1vat
aaybere to Lrtf 'W go To a1a lb Batata, and pot ft in print too, the people
Tnayraav atawi agia ua and ptrale nahereafler
-tooat plajrilyrf jlAi with that the Gineral gni bia
taara up in a miuit and he teld rn if that waa
iny Botwit I Bofter pack up and quit, for th,e time
Jud come now for every man to take hia own aido,
and if I thought the Senate bad more wilom than
bo had, I mu4 clear out. Well, aaya 1 Gineral,
bn lal wo beet tall the bull Cabinet tognther mi
thi buiiirtM. Cabinet t aaya the Gineral, what
hs re do I want t and with that he turned and 0i.1t.
- ai U KWte4 BbvwYejrrrTr
av thtlrHferv Well, sayi I, that'a enuf; and aa I
, l i l kept my bundle ready for a move fur aome dava
aervative not iotte4)t be bn'rorie
uv wi un wnco aiw eein iwwa eottin
id be wtHtM not Taku tin IhcotiiitjtuUonalTwca'j
Hhe-rmeWtOfl-foF ff he aW. Waf ei tht hTmf
9 - ft - - -a - - - - a- Uffl W
am the hUJi prmcipla of conaulidtUion and c.m..r. Ul in
vanve notiona, the Major might loee hia nipbtV
Judgmat and ao be moved that the application,
llotnr with the Major, hia ar arKTWrndle, fie laidon
to be eaten.M Jhrourrhont the whole eejntry. What '
nrito, w S 'W BBCtt"U' ?Jt ! nUt,v' rf a-ooal D.atnct a letter decry.
L." J I.., Wln P(rtn of IJntue in. Gen. Jackm and eitiillinir Mr CmmtA l'..,k
SriP nM" US 10 " r t0d . by "A Niatb Orob.
mm I : a . . r I -i....., . i . .. s I nin. '
W lia, the, eapra-d gZt 2 PH 'ment 1
cua d.c .nd rebuked, with wvarity. dkr Zu Z tv e"hX?
ch.Vi(eof tranaferringthe People from one candidate T.t.?? ?" ? h,0r1
In the eucreding F.I1. tbe Jackaoo Ticket triumph. , iMrt,'!".W tHiIigbteiiawJ ad-ocat
.mw iTL.mJT" . .... 7- Libert Will aaeert. m the JWa.
r;,;-i ""' v.iw '!'"! .najuwrarwnermmg XJ. b III V. ' V "
rity. Il will be remombared lhat there wa. no almee . ,hM,,th B:l!,, ntmmt be not aoveref
"77 r"' ywWi wlieae iimiUare Bawk-
nn - j . ma . .
... .-,,,.-, Bna, non-re, nee. I ne iuir w...
the champion of liberty, the frmnda of the people. nJ
the defend r of the power of their Representative in
th Hnme of Common.
- normy em- rewlfinonirr war, the torier Witt ajifea
witn Executive pnwer and preroTatlve, uid wi'h the
Kihjr.ajrftinH liberty and Jni!epviVMfc AiW lb whiga,
to weir prmt'ptea, ctenled aamt roval axeco.
dve power, and flvr freedom and imleneB'lencn.
r Wtieir he T wn,t 'fVewt but the aame erwnet in n
in late Lt"ttr,m? rTb 'r' preW''l.xrTntite"
the fable for that flight, and if the table wariTt big
em.f hn pn-h bla'o along side mit j than come a
joerw awoltoiaeelraiid party ni-fi the Kttfl W
em bad eimfethinrtoiam When Mr. (lav .
cbmicc be ia a miwtfer hand vou know in on.etfin
inatfc'iw whn they cit in a aim rl lie thee-
waa no dmibt a kree mntoritv of the s..nai
fivor of givin tlie ef avr a place to lay his head,
but the great difficulty wu, to decide whether it
would be an act mrowin out uf th e,,.:.,i
!l5Uini.n;PQWrun the moat bniindleMi 1 xtnnl ni
eJeinv hr h;w all eveemnre iiithonty: The'f "rbuke hi
ole wjtl the foveminp power. Kverrnmrpr rnniwn.
ed in Uta Ailminiatration, from live Wtwat to the- W. I-Aii Adaina waa elected W-Gmsmm; br the aid of Air
mada by tbf aoplaTaf lb wheJetrV... nelthernf n"'rr
the condjuato. bad a maionty of Um, electoral vote- ".V,. n-t.tution, camwt be sovereign.
R(lt lpt M" coma bximLand -a liuiii
IT OT OTT: I :T T . . . . TT . "
(::.,v ,.Hi.r.; t. i . . . JSUil-JBPa ui juvea-afcat. tajaacawMte rrl-mnl
luryth,U,e verted mreM 'lkWVMft
e-trot-Tae .Win of he pre,nt rfny re oZ-mg '3 Ademaiad Mr.-Clay.and
u MK;PEn,en,ei a mo?t nfnrmmg etlen!on 1 ' """" " "ie raunr genueman, were en-
pnnc pic, or tne pnneiHe ,r Ccewrdrimtion. eo riMvj 'JV Sf nafe inlamkiftiL-.:
'r'T'' "- 'a : . ..
?T??T-v f0- ?n- Wl!"' re Arreting
ntif, .the. abuaua and eompt hmv tif an Admimrtntion,
under a Chief Jfagietrnte who i endeavor to con
centrate in hi own ner-on the wliole power of Govern
ment nicy are ronfen.linjr lor the riehts of the neo.1
vl .. i - .:! III - " l
pi-. ior civil uoeny, lor rree inst'tiiticn, fiir the mpre
macy of tbe Conntitiif wn ami Ihe Is wa. The ennfp-rf ..
a arduous one ; but. although ihe trucL-le my he yet
awhile prolomred. b the M..; nf il.J -n i .1,.
or our ancestor, the iue emnot be donhtful.
raiiuuTT5riJin : l.OonaUtutioa. and In re!iy ldD A,.tm-. ..f ,k -...i.
ami aa regarded the eoiwtitutionality of the W wiut the eoneurfenee of another bpuieh ofCon-
"c oosiCMia to near tlio gentwnwn from I e wiKn m"ut h" '0 yield it, the Senate
w m-'rj eiriu no aci or H"iflliiUon, UrrtKleu, It
no pngitive good ; but it ha vaat nreventive oowar.
WA ' V 'at .1 a
' rreni evil, ir u cmnot relmRe ilnnrps
piit, all 1 had to Aa wu VJ'ktmyiimmiiit M-tbiHett at art early bminb nexldHyTand T1
puke my a handlajhrew fhf upper. inot, and I !?J4. M A)Atetwemn.wvM:ablf.
ailing the hull conwrn ever my ahoulder, and waa P""T"t "1 1hat be for one waa wire he aliould tinn
" " "5 " lue vaonicv atore yoH: couhl any Jack
Now aava I. Gineral. f n,l vmi im e,u l
but afre I go I ahoutd like to tell you a etory
anu uie pear ti t ja, it aint a long one, eaya I. And
1 Girwral that nfjjrotiHAearn me
iii u m iw 1 waa waiKw in a field down there
to DowningviUe, and heariti a clatter, and aeeia no
one, tait to right fmdm that it all conw from a big
- Hack mto-wrfw-thtirr
rjuarim with tbe head about taking the load, and
nying the head had fed long enuf, and the tail
toubt to "try ita turn 1 aw ll end ao the head mive
p and leJjwre foiayend I fuHoar'd nu'
la 'wiTiow" llaliM"i1a4 w"v end eo after
Jan esiti llie acaies a anelt. and niakio iki
....'I. I .1 . ' . I . ' a. "
riHwweraoiottne tan irwd to go tnrew a atone fence,
and eittin jam'd, riggled and twiated and acrewd
J - .1 l. a . . .. a W ja.a
P hm-i t'uju ru go on, aim lae na 01 tD mvtkd waiit-
Vi1! (fl Jtll. whrtt Was lhA rnutfor nnrf u.Ktr h .K.iV
- po threw, and that he bd gone ihrew tb .eame
rfttrtft lU'JXlt., ll.A... '. .,1,1 4nt . I:il. .L.l . f
.... iiiikt mo hiu M iiiiio rauij, ana
it li'tle asham'd, and did'nt like to tell.,. . . . -M'he,i
J got go in my atory, the Gineral, who
v i 11 a,,, iiiv wiio nruoi pihi iiajmo nglll at
. the fire, turn'd r'Uirid and fin me a plnjrv inouirin
nik, a-M 1 aii'j'jiu t:i ti ".1 well, any no, what
waa the eend on't t Why, ssiys I, (Jini'ml, I hninl
gt time now to tell yort, but, ttay I, the next time
-e meet I'll fi'iih the atory, and with that ! made
the Giwrvf a rate cabinet b -w, end I walked wrait
't.Tffmlhe'Vhite"bin,-ft fn-uw yujty nwh I
like a good nunv f ". Rfre me who hi-e bad
4heir say th"r,nd then cb-'arad out. A 8fn as
1 g t outsidn, I whs a lrt" slump'd to know v. hkh
way t sifi'ir ? hai eocna. bre:cd Riid cliievi t
pic!t, bit ! wanted a place yo to f r tlie ni'r'if
a.i J thre as ao many committee f.Jk in Wa-n.
ii, every tavern wai cnucK u!i but jut then
a .. a. . ... .. .J V in)
o .... , . '. .. . .e"
noUiflaaja-Uh Ki1JttK..c u. , "' """ ,H- ateaitily hy the .Copatrta.
. bevi wnd if. 'EI'JTC 7. ri"l.UT.er5' f"w
for, eaya he, olTur the fullowing re,luti,Ki :
Whoreae ceuaotidation ia known to exiat at one
end of Penney bany avenue, and the " conservative
P"il,!,'l.0im' eall'd, and anjuatly eall'd,
nullification, at the other end .
Tk(, 0...ll on .. . . TIOI
;uSv7T, T mm " U,n,Wu,100 Mthority of theWtTtntien and lew ia fhlly re
ahall be dmtinctlv and clear v ettyiunoVI. it i. fri atoMd I iii .... .. :. "T ,
fc4lMi ..majf. to, take p ht nightll lodging juat llow eapaMe of bcinf mflueneed by the pniepect of
mre itbv I'nonm uioBo i wo exiremea. 1 w""- or promotion 5 1 would Be the last to make
1 lie Iteaolution waa then put and carried, 28 to! f"f ? u1smURtton bl,t "spicion ia abroad, and it
A commi'Uee waa then appointed to meira tb? ,i.m!" f tI?H,We ind revolution, to defenit
. . mi mreimia ni
o opooee, to alt encroachments and to all enrmniinn a
tnanly, reaolute, and uncompromiain? reetetjince ; let 11s
adopt two mine from which we will never deviate, in
deliberating npon all nomination In the firrt nlaee, to
proeerve unternihed and unaufipected the, pnrfeof
v."'u:-1 twi. in un nemirive nnmmeiMi ni oumw .
I L.. e.. ..... . ... . J .
e-r ioi but oiiica. mpn or low. aireum or Hnmti. nn.
feJJf the iwiluara akiry af.Cea. Jacaaoa:,
tey were execrated u corrujH intr-guera, while he waa
exuNMHi to Mve akiea a the only man who could cleanse
Wie Cjovernment of pollution, retrench iU extravagance,
and restore the long-lod Republican principle.
IJuder an amiable .nd hone, but fatal delusion, the
People every where flocked to hi atandard Rowi
and Davidaon furnishing their full quoU ; and mark the
resu.t ;--- lMmMUitiaiMhm-
ini.MB emerajipon maoince under a aolemn plodse
roiina, -me nighest arairce of piwer in tlie StH"
bate delegated to their StiUe Wernnient eertanipef'
era. Whatever law thi Government may euaet
ptrrnrear eW ria
atUirney, mum be the minreme law of the State. 1M
da it tbllow tliat thi O.rmmtnt i thcrefiae awe
reign? By no meana The People 0f the' 8tale can.
by tiieir delegate in Convention, leit only repeal of I
mil the laws of the Legmlature, but they have tlie right
to alter of entirely new-model the Constitution iu.)
which i alwe the lg'j', , .. ,
overcignty, tliertforc, the supreme power f
puanau way, nut that area full. . -.- heratelv avoar e, agtut t :
Tlie " Senate" then "iilkaimed T'Me. f'iuv
riHUid and tell d me that aa hia ReanlntinH h.i vJ aanwa.
in thia dimcultv. he couldn't do la than ma .
bed fy me in hia own todgins, right ia a Um with
Gadsby'ai and I mi-rht sleen there In we!eom ;n
i. r.. .... ....
.or v;n'imuoiKu puna was au scitcd, and aa here
I lie now at Mr. Clnv'a honae ' J hi. .1 .
-. ...., pnuva niaiui
throuqrh the day aa well aa I can, and moat of the
time in the Senate Camber, where I flndy upon
the hut!. I've trot trmtH thumnin malf.rif-
afore Conreaa goea home, I calculate the ante
I find ahakin In their ehoea almnrlv ! a. ..
thev aea your electiona and the Virginnv electione
eo aa I hone thev will. I calrnlata
third vote 00 evVy pint agin the folka who have
it . af .... I a
got me uuienu in aeepin now. ,
oura to, J. DOWNING, Major, -Downingville
Militia, 2d Brigade.
. - .- 7 ...... ...a williriT TTTH JTT
a aeat in una Uumber, to act to conformity to that rule
In Ooraoinir it we but m m rnmnunM ii.
proclaimed by the preaent Chief Magistrate bimaelf
-in-H power. . oui, aiaa; now tittle DM he re-
Dec led it in Wnwnr I tfnw litila k.. h. K
(brmed to any of the principle which he announced
when out of iioic.'-?
And, in the next place, let oa approve of tbe oriyihal
wiiiinauuuia no nqioriooa orawimg partimn and elec
tioneerer ; but, eapeciaUy, of tbe re-apnointment of no
uiin ri picoeniCTj lo a woo anau nave prostituted the
influence hia nfnVn tn narfimn .r,A 1..;
eiae the elective franchise. I would be the last to con
trovert or deny it. Rut he haa no riffht to enmlov the
influence of hia office, to exerciw an agency which he
botdl Itt Imat (nt fha nannta tn nMmAl.'k;. . .t.L.
-. v" f"'', w yixnmws Ufa VWII acjiien
(or party pornoeea. Here, also, we have the authority of
' ."-."-i ".i wiw ium , um niiuio
rirv of Mr. JefTeraon, The Senator from Tertoeasee,
(Mr. Garaov.) metita butting praiae for hia open and
manly comiemnata of theee practiceaof oflbiiai incutn-
kanla 11a m... ...V. ... L- J ..I I 1' ' -
and distroat of the purity of the motiveeo? any officer
whom be law baaily mter&ring ia tbe leetiutw of the
aolemn nledirel ha Htt Tj.'m; , -1 . , . .-, .
to retbrm all daw; and bow .. the . 1 Jv ' w
He commenqedbjadininiklration fey toramoot of .--Jht geibapa wo Have miaconeWv -Je eaef
oflic long-tried aervanfa, merely fiir a diilerence of opi- " correspondent He pfolmldy in -nut Cat (hetVv
aioo,...he ued, and continne to uws, the' patronage en- "mment might exercise the power of ihe SovereS
trubied with him for public purpose, a private uroner- "h the Soereilr' consent and. fron, a reei.rrenc
ry ior nu own 6enefiL.;.he banwhed ftom hi council W PiiU.'nce preening the one we have cooted. at
all kij rtl.l A.,.. I. 1 a I. a . I 7 .1 .... -
. .... um menus, ano uwa into favor those who oono- mier mat such ta hi mcamnp : fi.r t,e tr. .!,.,.
!d him until they discovered that he would have re- H? that "the JVple are the owner, (of the -ai
irerrf at hi dipowt....he tried to disgrace and outlaw Rf!?. i'Wer,) and the Government the triu.tee'''
Weagreerthe'n, entirely, an the foi lowing point: '
I.J hat, hefi)rp the adoption of the preaent ContitO-
ton, the State were each entirely and tbsoiute'j;
- .-.rt-.:.-.-.: . .'.
Iremify (m the Seminole atHur) atrained everv nerve ti
ave the GenerVl' honor, and who waa, ai we have
hown, in im accused of tranaferring bi own influ
ence to secure the General's election....he hai denied
the doctrine of 1T0S, and tlireatenod war against 'A Tht the Const itntion waa not adopterf tsnhe Pe
Sovereign State for asscirting Uwir truth and her right pie of the United State aa one cmMmitf M
to act upon them....he haa treated Congre w.nh'con- by the People of the respectiv e State a
jritb aontewiptfHve - Weprefe ar-nwantrfar' ""-"""
y. wCUecitio0in?--wnn contempt jhP we ikmk that "A Nprft famlininn" jgwaajwaa
Tiaa afcuiuod the entire control of the Treasury, which ua on eome other point; but of thia wa are not cef
the Constitution nhieed nnJ., 1. !.: .1 - 1 ... . , . ...
r , empress..,. wn, as mere is a nnie ammguity m some of h pn
and, in fine, he acknowledges, or at anv rate m nbsitiona. owino iwUn ... .....L.
umntire. no retmoit r,C !,;.. . ..;! I . : . ., .
u """"""" ""iiiu! manning 10 ine same pnrHMeology. ......,.,-..,
Such ia but a part of the lawless conduct of one who He ay : The People have declared the General
waa once an almoat universal favorite. In sonic cases Government an preme a fer aa theT'drnvv-'eVidegatet
iiiuuwi ay me suwesi preposevaaMNUi, and in other by Ti-T T ,'u,ua:e mtmM&mf,
the influence of self-deceived or wilfully deceiving Re. tttbl"iW;&nd s Government are rel.uvij
preaentativea, many etill clinir to the Item nf flrfe,,,. ""'F" . .. .
a if one great military exploit were .uffkient to make 77 T TT to "7 to vmce
mend, fhr . J . , n""!e I "V .( man (and such our c,jrreo,m,lent hw sluiwJ
i! -a i Vjr Bsy ant but
e Vie?t
il up large apaea ta our eokimna nf thte
nioinwig to the masterly effort of Mr. Calhoun, in
niuaon to toe force ifiii. ft ia aArf k t ;
xrould be paid iUTkiUiklphH luu-rrs
f ency7iM a corrm'ited "Iwverninent.
Among other honorable
graiitied, we afe proud, to find the People of
our nauve vounty and ita -otrapring Davidson They
lJm.B-M,-wmaSf a any, to General
Jackson; but their parUality was not a blind idolatrv,
impervicus to patriotism and to reason : it u.. . ,Ul'
twn to prtnaple; anoV findmg principle deaertiMl by
ibeir fkvw:lft not deserted onlv. but den.lti,-
have chosen the ri."ht enuno. hv
guide. - . "'a,..V'E B"OH
The tnembera of the Grand-Juriea who have hoe).
- aenatora t we have a highlr reeponsible and anlnon, , ,-JUnea wno have btefr R,vhu ; ,
lltv lina elaarlv w-.rVi KC,, ... I l. I liKa instan nrnrn i.,..l.. . . . I 0 ' "
. -i n cm.
reign, unless it be by the old exploded doctrine of "fi
nite right" We therefore suppose that, when b
peaj ot tne ftvovCreipity of either the General or Hit
Stite Government, he spisaka figuratively meaninf
that they are the agens of &i'oreignty.'Andw'wQl
here remark, that tliere is no clause in thcConsiitufioa
declaring the Grnrral Gnmmment supreme but ther
t a clanae declkring all iU tonntUulional art the Re
prcme law( The distinction may to wane at rm tt&$t
but a one of much imeortancR. as w ahall lake
camn to allow before we quit thi subject of St'
Riyhta, - -
mran that tn
Slate, aa fUtcal ammuiiU'u, arc wjual SoverciJ' '

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