North Carolina Newspapers

iih him: but, d" "r,m N''- ,f U'J" rt llwv tni-tif ,4 n !i,r, librrtji and n.,,
baJiilHr mrtf W rfrww to the pr.wlil iVu. jahie It M rmwiitrrnil by man t r-a to tx
: .. n... .J.i '....v.,...... ii. ' i. -I r. . -r . u , ....
w4 ,4 If r-t, W tin" JVi.u rel if l WW ln-tia.
rl GuveniioetU i i" Serny W , but merely
Ui inatrument of lhoa "J'1 Horrrvifirtie tlx Hutea.
(tor (trnjwnl-iil ciu-a Um Iih rvl 1 the 4ib
article lb t '- ilulo, to slw lh sbaurdity uf
til (Mrtwril Uurwttt nSiaulaJaliiig Hi whole p-rt
rt of Um rkato i!uf onumniU into 00," It Ajf in.
Vad JwW, too4 clearly, that such U attempt wuuld
- kf itxWttJ r Bod It pTrt, Uh equal fitfC Bltdcleaf.
aeas, tbat fit men uf tlie CoMiIuImm, and thua
whe adopted iit ver eitiiiplid Uul th whol
should be uMwlrilatml kilo mm Hovereigniy, which
Bovereitrniy huld bit kIfd in ti (JeneiaJ (Jtnm
moC TW tery jrfifsjtory, " 10 "7
Jt a Republican firm of (inverniimit," i full 4
Kiiakja of ttt toterrigHly of mek Htnl 1 (if can
, itut CutCfitf 1 lumi of firturtlnwfil bArMld fit
tJmc, our nn wj cwk'i of tiuu ftua
hum t jtAtmiwirt. No nuiur, tlKrr(!re, wlit
(h ia fornin"iil mj m, tti having (L
urrrniuen( niMt Im tiuttTryn.
"Tlx G!WrJ (ornnMil" irnplixt Hit Mulnm
of aiKiMr iiuto or Hiauw jr, it mi)liwi tiM-luaitrly
Ihc tiuUiice of HtU, 1 u Ut tfn-nl or
CHiuuon liutrnniK-ul : 6r, Util it cm citlMrr U pro
ten, jo ipjKitki Luth to rrwuin arid furU, tint ifiiaGa
nrtl (MMcrnutfiit w Hmi-rin, or tiuil it W On g'it
uf onlf m Surotiity, tlx l'fw)ile uf II U. Huut
U MX) RiM, It ' b CKtCmlrd thlt It 1 lbs Jlllt-
igmt uf rrTui riuvrrciiii, tuil tiiat Umm borigiMi
r lit fbu,
it nut Miruriain that the frjr nrtmn litfh our
fr-r.iii'li'iil cilf, r ppijmfly, to Jmw Ui auwni
ii v uf Jl(ty mi lw rilila Guvrruitiftuij, ilmuM br
ijii iiwl by uUn'M lu ruv tUt Uic IjUuri ( riuve
tniru I
.'IV flu"J' lrtj-htf b th jjr find injli jirmuitilc
Ui Uk ConotitutKin, la rutnutctrljr nutliri by th o
Iftun iiinii(v iu tliv 4Ui t!(4i of liie 4tb trticla.
Hrre i n " W tlii- IVIc uf iV UdiUkI Kuu,"
but, "Tun l'Ml.O fTTI fcwll (flUMllliv lo fvprj
tTTi in Utv 1'nHXi K'-puuiii Fufto uf liuwru-
Tliui fur we hivr pon" InprttKT, with a mJ drtil
uf litiiiHHiy iiiu'h rriiirc tlun we pxprrtiid ; but we
frr we iiiuot ikw part ciiipn), fur we unin trev
with our correrpi'iiiluiit tlil lite Supiiiue Court ie liie
Ut lribuiiL Ui diTHle uuivtiutui uf policy, 'l'lin putiil
we (htll dLn- herrrter.
We cheerfully hear Uftimony tc liie ttlniirtble ttrtic
tur of thf Oenenil Government. ..w would im4 mijMir
iu jnt priioirthi. ..hut, excellent a it in theory, m
it mkiM.' tint our friend Kill think that "any nifrwc
lion p tlu cuiupai:!, by uy uuu Wnch vS Uiw Go
vumineMl ran he eweted by another !" lUi he not
aeen it bu-ly broken by tbr Kiecuuve, wltb iiopuoily ?
The Henate waa inlerxlflii aa a check upun liie Preat
"3f ;nt ; 1biiinranyc&H.Tlinin Cliaf!
MtiMrale ! The Cuietiiul on Kivea him no puwor Iu
appoint a high oliirer w iIImhiI lite " advice anil cuiwnt ,
of tlm t-nate.'' but, re kl of all "check," ha dia
mirwd an bnnet Secretary of the Treatury 6w refu
mf to do ait unlaw Ail act, and, wilkni the "advice
and ronnent nf the Kcnate," hiia appointed one w ho
hey ki$ uiaialate! And to Mich a I'mideut, what
check would the Siinreuia Court oppia I Tould be
not, if be needed -vuch ajfent appoint a avt of Judge
wtthout tlie "aduc aod rcnat of tin Wwwter
Wbure llien wuuld m security from thia ultimata tri
buntl roniptord, aa it uiiyht be, of nurd id iiiurreiio
't ijeirer tmirtupifloua apimria,f " " -"j---
We eiiUTUiu a high rcapucl fr4ha judieial rharae-
pjtwlljj, fi thXiianfird, ftindLfiX:ed.iaiiil
honured by 3UrahajLbut, AmtUtttg tica now om
... P'wnj .tba.bui.loJMtaii .uprnjUl iwiMwaaw ilu jmA
douht Uiem to bf, atill the fijist doe nnt rhinje the
.... Jiiixe u that, by hut: or-liy emoki metrumi-nurin 'tc
..bad toduanv ortafdir worlu -'
- Who would bave believed, in the priny r fH,
c lbt uMhe t4Wiro-fl( iHnlwror NntK,'iui the livi(lor of the. State Riht Party were
cnl led, would be invited to join the pond People of Hii
ladelphia in CMlebraling the birth-day of I he great foun
der uf hi ductrino 1
t'onfi.lrnt in the irrenirtible power of Trnib, and in
the intt'llijfptice of the A Tier pan People, we did not
d-Miht Ihe ultimn'e eatnh'hiiient,awr
tiiT to the prrrvatii)ii of Liberty , but we cnifes we
are aereeaWy aurprwd to find thenr W mhih triumphing
over the miwt atiiliNirn piejuilica.
... TmvejtrU wliM:h will be fwinH in inother part of
tn'' piper, taken from two of the Philadelphia journal,
will nxpHin our allii.wsri, and afford frmtification to all
who esteem Liberty and theConrt:tution mora biehly
tii!in Uie temporary Hiircete of a parly at the coot of all
ttet i valinble to Kreemen.
Indeed t K if i no tme for dbtruM and" diaae.nliori
among Uie rt-al friend of Freedom. The clwrtor of
their rights ha been ivized end violated by a turlion
bound topelher by no common tie but a Invjeh devo
tion to one man, who ha awtmed the whole power '
theGovemnieut a combination formidable for iu num
bera; formidable for rt oTranimtirm, and rtill more tn
be dreaded aa potwMaiio,? the meaiiF, and the dirporition
to use tlu'io, to promote it luwlen purpitkCK, hv niinw-
terinj to the Invest pa.-pioiiK of huinun nature,
-We- pereeiv4hat-the4to aloofaow-m-e4M Vr v.
and even in tlw tnTf, inont and reliyioii old fitwt
of Counecticut, (decidedly the best educated People in
Uie Union,) the friend of the Const ittttion rallied under
the old name of Wr, while they iiiieuM the
advocate of law lew power by the equally ancient end(
appropriate appellation of Tori.
To every reeling man it is diwgrwshle to use harsh
and ofleiinive epithets ; but, u it ta impossible to ueig'
iwte parttet wruNow" meme8, we believg it KiuW
be best t once to adopt those which are most etpree-
ve, and whose meaning is well defined by long usajje
in this as well an in Other countries. ,
Whiinqr.diflferBa ItTtttriilManib'toHi mean
and mfofxre of reuitance ; but thi ought not to keep
them asunder when the crii baa arrived At them to
act witb Unity and decision. .
ly in the Virginia Lgilature, in 17(15, of the tyranny
of the King, the cry of (reason wa raucd : all preewnt
perhaps disapproved the measure of the King and hi'
Parliament, ut Mr. Henry wa supposed to go. bat fbr
to be" premature and precipitate. The King and bte
Mihller priiftedr'In " theIr"oppreriive Hie!
1775 hia hired soldiers ehed the blood of Amorican :
nd by the Torie.1, it terror and ndioume were
ba is ties greater' drcau uf siv.iy. The raoij soon
ting1 Ueo e-raima in itUUtu. ,
Wt eiitur to prolirl tlwt l, dty it nut &f diatant
win lb BiuchaU-v) N.,U,fWn will be rtiikl .itli
ll ft Wbii-t wbB.fmuleJ lb UUm ur
lit Dntuaj t'rowa.
llaj they becfl aupjiurlix!, but weh avviUal ajo, by
lh numbera tin) bar bee dritea Is helr aMUac'eeiit act uf aurpUfl, t preaeut dMitnulKiMi
ml UiaUraan Would bv b an preteuteJ,aiMl llwCuo
atituUaj bar beaa rawKired. Cut triwt it k M
yet t laU, W'hatevac ininur dilfefwticea ay a mat
nwrif tbara, let til lh ft.end of 'n&n, ba4 liie
tiemiea uf IVrufaOva, rally under U r"i oU anna
of Wawt et thefa unfurl tc luur Ua broad baa
iter uf lit Cunatitution, A BMnAdly to the tvacoc,"
od Tone and Toryiam antaf be ruuted I
Tha frirnd uf tbi) Cottatituitun bav abumlant rauae
li r-jiiir at llat brightnmf pmpect la Na Vork
lu trua Jarkaua-Van-Dareinnaa baa been aUcted
Mayor by a amall rnjrrty 170 out of 8ltt vote
but, out the 15 AMenneq elected, 9 are opo-a!
lo Urn AdiumiairalHia ; tml, of lite 15 Aoiatanl Akk-r-men,
S are in the otwitiuii. Tbew eotnpia the Cily
Courwil ao that in tliat initiorUiil municipal bwly tliere
will be, in joint ballot, a rua:ily of tuur ojijJjaoJ totha
rvlmg pr(y.
Ju'kiirn Van Bureniam have (Might Uieir but
battle in the great Emporium !
To allow what a WMidrrful change baa taken place
there against the obc unbounded popularity of Gen'l.
Jac kauri, we auhyoin a atateweut of the (our Uat alec
Uoiia, held every two year.
From tkr Vomrier and Enipnrt,
Cocnparwua of Vutea, ahnwmg the rapid lucre of
Wlfuan: wU.a. Autl-Jackaoa.
1"2H, . . . 15,473 . H.fM.'i
112. . 1J0 it'
1SH, . . 7.17 . 17;m
In 1S.U lawrnwe waa elected loCmareaa,over Mr.
Ogilen, liie bight on our ticket, by a majority of uV
lliuiiaand right hurulrod and umely.fie! .Now, lit
ante, mdlvklual, with the aid uf un ported vote (Voui
.Sew Jeraer, Lmr lalaixl. and all the river town, be-
inlt the illegal vote of the city, I nominally elected
by a majority of one hundred and aeventy ! ! I la not
Una oiual lo a defeat? Can be, a an kmuH man, lake
the ufnee, knowing, a he doee, that be m mM alec tad
by Lla fellowitien!
DJr We publ'ah to-day uSe cnoclnding part of
Hpeech lately delivered by Mr. Clay, on the occaaiua
of hi pmrntuig to the Henate certain reeulutiuua p-
ed by the Young Men of Troy, N.Y., and a memorial
aiftiej by a large number of Die inhabitant uf lit aauie
plac. It m a beautiful MMrimen nf thlt diinijuirlxxl
Oralur haipteat atyle ; and were it lite tint, the butt,
tint only eflbrt, uf that highly -gifted man, it would be
.ufficii'Qt to place buu by ibe aula uf l!Ui tm firuiMa
and vigilance, and Cictiru elmjuunce, in defence of
'IV threatening iKpert of affair bai amuaed eeveral
of our great men to exlraurdinary exertion, air. Ale-
Dultie aa lately delivered a ttpsern, aurpaaaing, in
(ome raapecla, any that ha ever briiire utterexL It It
tun long (ur inaeriion entire at tbi time ; and, if wr
luvld aUuinpt hi aalurl paaaagna m alajuU n tmttf-
ptuxlH than a ktly in a aplendaJ at ore of jewellery
W e ahall therrfiire nuerve it, witli Mr. Calhoun' 14,
end wiiw oihrravaa a di1i"itfrt itcllwtlKl fOpud lu
our reader w hen tlieir aiipHite aiiall be
bv a auccvaMofl of Mkh luxurH-.' '
le cloyed
' 1 1 t
CO W e Jwrnrby the Raleigh wrifT?. 1 ht.l.lluL
ur'.l- -r-. -X.3,-i, l i i v ? -.y.
cit'iii auiouiii im oua a 01 iue new nana 01 uie .Male
hi already been ubec nbed lo liwure tlie guintr into
eymjmy e hwt 1 tu tmi t,i,'H.gjjiu a 1ii.vgboVi -ta-kia
in tbi Towitaud we bear tliat probably UH jiit
more will be dii-toeed" of ot'ltr"ili Viok arttluauL
r,.RorT1ri the Wnomt Kmark hi iroor iwner
of the ftth irwiiint, upon the Esvy of "A North Caro
linian," i contained ao much tnund rerunning on the
uiject til' the relative power nf the General and Htale
(iovernnient, (n.i wlnrh, upun strict examination, will
mainly concur with Uie opuiioii and naaoniug uf A
Nortli Carulinian,") that 1 must acknowledge that such
a candid expoaitton uf the doctrine uf Mate RilIiU
Loit.t1)' to W--a lnnllnapy4a.aNktlwrwMtftirtia;t
opinion of parties npon ttm ennjert ; (n't I must ran
dnily admit my concurrence with moat of tlie principles
bud down m thoM remark: r- ..... -"
A .North Carolinian " alb-gee that the General Go
rernment is only suprenie a tar a the power i granl
od to it by the Peoide, in the Constitution, to attain tlie
object for which it wa ailopied, tml no other, and thua
tkr i paramount to any autlwritv oTUie State Gmern
eftt"t btttaw to all other power nut Tested hi thetie
ueral Government by the Constitution, Ihey are inhe
rent in the People oil' the several State, or delegated
by thein, in their Condi tut kuia, to their State tiovern
inenU; and in thi retprct tlie Slate are relative Sove
reignties. Under tlie present Constitution or tlie United
State there could be no coiuwliilatkm of powrri in the
(Jeneral Governmunliiiwuiy tlir purpoee than tlion
which are declared to be Uie oojeel Tor which )l wa
dnpted 111 w hich the iowir given to each co-ordinate
hraneh of the Gonvroment are particularly perifiod
unless Uie People in the avvera' Stater, by the nwde
laid down in trie ftth article or me tjoiitituiifin, alionlu
alter the same ; in which alteration three-fimrtli of all
the State nnn4 concur; not three-fourth of the people
mUeetirely, W-a- irmjortty- of -the- Peeplern"1hrpei
fourth of the-"rttel'e.Ttaken by Stiitfn,yby their l-egi.
laturc or Conventiona; tml in tins reepect the People
of each State, wiUiin iu territorial limit, may be said
to be relative Sovereignty, for the purpose of exeu i
in the power reserved by Uiem,of altering the com
pact entered into by thein with the People 0? the otlier
i'tates, fbundinjr the General Government. Before the
entering into it, the Uien Utirteen Stale were each an
Independent Sovereignty, which could 'not have been
bowid .by tnyJtoifi contained in id.,Cm4i
til each of them adopted it fbr rteelf.
I entirely concur m the doctrine a laid down by Jn
nius, to wit: that "the pawer of King, Lord,and Con
mons, is not an arbjtmy power ,.they are the trui.tees,
not tlie owners, of the etetfttel-lie-that--iR-the
United States the People are the owner, and the Go
vernment the trustee, who bave no power to d input
of the estate otherwise than according to the Jeea of
iruM....o &r they have power, but any act done, not
autJjerixed by Ihe deed, i void.; The highest isoaree of
ment which themay estoblwh, aid by that
power in a
the Government
means make it Sovereign. Tha powers of the General
and State Govern menu are wiselv balanced, fend tlie
People have declared the General Government supreme
a far s they have delegated power to it to attain the
object for whicli it wa ef abfialiedj shdlhe Btaui 4Tnv
vemment are relatively Sovereign, to fer aa the Peo
ple ban Tested then! with power "by their several
the Constitution of the United StatoEi I will illustrate
Om case, by the follow ing example, to wit 1 Uie. ljf
lalurea or t!i ever pnwer pai 'l
law r.x.-.iy u pr.atrtM of l(lrl,
and prof.Hr, .4 L'if e.l.imm, with a tW teinlieu l
luiiila, wIm a nny M b tnnmvtUni miH the Cm,.!;.
lia qf the t'miad Hia'e but U.' y h rw ..wM to
p b at "In rejnM cmwik i. wiUi iitn mi.a,
noig lite eevatal bulea, aod WiUi lh! Indian triu.-,"
bxaua tha l'.e hate ftitI thia btrr pnwer to
fj UHteral Ueetmnent, wh h they bave al rViVe
rein wtUnn n b-r 1011 aulwxaL
The 4h " on of the 4lti article of tli r.tu4,h,t jm
uT lite Uuild MUta aayt, 71, (r., huie ahall
ruiiitu Id avrrv Hlala la lliia I
form uf Govertiftwol, and bU pf aXH ewr , tlM-m
mun invyaa- e. iiiHi einarly a.w tit iluUiir
or III (leiwaf Uonernment tonanlnlaUiujf the wlnde
powm uf the Hute (iivet nmente Into one, Tli turn
pact entered into by the People uf the eeveral Bute,
epocial, by wha all are bound tuit.l the may
ehange N arconlmr In tha ftth in r , tiiat 'jMt'u
awnl. All thai liie KaderaliaU enrilrod U h, tliat Uirt
Government M taatad WKJi (UU few to attain the ob
jecw m WUM.H It wa tMWj and tlmt, the Ur, it
a) paramoar to Uie Mate (uernmeifia,tbal any r
IrartMi uf tbi rompact, by tny on branch, af th (
wwment,caji be eurrerUid by anothef.end which now.
T at granUaJ by the People of the Hiat in their Sove
reign capacity, ant iei.d in the tnraw ro-ocjinate
bra or he of fcbe General Govvrnntenl 1 but Utet dene
that tny 8tat ha the power uf judging ht Maelf
m cam 01 ailegeu uiirartam n line eranpan. In an
other way than by aubmittuig urh raae l lli Judicial
Tribunal which the People of Ui Htatee bave raUldiah
d fur tliat porpuaa. The Cujatititv W article hi,
eertion 'id, y I "The Judicial power aball eitend to
all raae ui bar and equity ariatng under IhiaConatitir
torn, the law of the railed Ht.lea, and treatie mad
or which aliall be made nnd-r Uieir eulhoniy,' 1 1. I
an suable to find, either 1 the mail or b-tter 1 tbi
cuuipart, any otlier Uibunal to which ((oration uf Uw
and equity CU fftffflli.
April IU, l-fll A NORTl! CAROUMAX
Tha cebbralini of the birth-da of ihe immor
tal JeiJereun, by lite aupnortera of hi pruK-iple
ui Philadelphia, will b one nf the bmhI intereeling
m4 beilUuet ailaire f -the knJ which our city In
witneaaml. It m cotdibially anrt4 thai Meaar.
PrfNdon, PiJiMleter, McDulfie, pilali, Dnvia, Cage,
IM-aa, ami uthrm, will be urvaHtt. Thia iiiCimav
turn may be relied) uru
The Keettval will take place at the Northern
Ccwuigu Commercial Jntrlligt r.
The reeetitiiio given to Meaar. Poinrlexter, Pre-
tun, Mclhiihe, ami Green, on thir vimt to Ihe Ci-
change ynatwrilav, nmal have prumd gratifying to
tler lenlmga. It wa uwlratonri tliat they Wiajld
vuut I lie Ki bange at twelve o'ebarb, and king bo-
torn that hour an immenae eKicoure 01 cUimm
milled to give tbero welcirm. m lleir ap-
pewrnnr thrty were g reeled with nine hearty riaind
uf applauae, and a I hey paaaed hnnmi the cirri
that had been formed, and were vve rally intro
duced to the rouipuny, I he applauaw waa aginn
rhrillingry rrpemfed.TTw' Etchnnjje ' rnnm ''
thruiged ui everv pert newer I thnuannd citiisei.
being prew-nt. H dena waa the crowd, that 'it
waa Mind ininei)ik) ir cwie-letilh of the rrmnv
preneiii to catch a Himpae of the diittingunhl vir-
Uira, and at tie atiire4ion of enme of the t'ommit
te1, who ar4tmpanHMl Ihcin from lhiir bxlirinjr,
tliey made their ajrjxuinuKe on tli balcony frtrting
Third irtreet. "
ThMiid of citiisena immediately runlied to
Third atruet, and again rent tbo air ilh ahoul oil
A general ran 4iilii4ile, find f.c Phii
drxtor, then for Prentnet, MelKilfie, wul Greeru
Euch gentleman carun (Lr ward, f nd.ia (lurflMint mm!
appropriate term, expred hia deep era
jtifVcaliop at lh? ninmier jn, whkh Ibry had Uu rw
lefi.YfJ in thip city pNrd hirrwfdf plaint by
1 'lie inmiKiieii nu 1111:11m 1 uea 01 1110 cuuuiry 11
- luu,j4 - - - - . - . - itm
"rniw - wiranjiMniu , i'e-,,-v t hit iiiiii liliilinril
r.L. - L! v V. -I. 1 a ' t . - a m A I
1 . t l - a. i --.. la I
nnlunH t-rf thn vaatt mnnitniw: TnfV nalnrfw! tial
ai iterueauuciuxuia, iwi man m-i uMMji u pr
eesxiim, two and two. On arriving at Mrs. Sword,
Senator PiandrxtBrngnm mvnm thMM Fwllie
high coiniliiueiit that bad bnrn jiaid hiniarlf and
colloirue r tbrc enwiw Tree myrm 1rTb-CiBh
stitutHin and the laws, and the crowd difperand in
decwiev and order. - Yertemaf wm r-pmnnd rlaf
fur the champion of State tUghls, Thy will
long remember tln ir vUil to the Philadelphia Kx-change.--i'Ailaa'rpAi4
Inquirer. "
We tmdenrtanJ that the Youruj 3Ieu of tl city
f Piiiladelpliia, rntertaining a hi'h aense if raii
tiioV fiir the rnnnner" in which Cokmol ProMon re.
ceived their repreMmitstiveii, the b-itati(n lo the '
city ol n aiiliingtion, and admiratitm hr tin nuuily
character and diirtinpni'died amliflt, liave Invited
him to a puljic. diiuier to take place during the pre
aJStLVl P.l'Ia?ni it?iilri lis invi
tation ha bceu acccptou. .
The enttiuwiiaHc manner in w hich Mer. Poiit
dextrr, Precton, mid M'Duffie, wer received yea
renley at tlie Exchalige, w indicative. (uTthe good
ft-eluijf wlnck prevail now, among the Whigs
every where. The North and South have been
too long separated. They Jhave. no dwtiuct juter-
et now that need interfere with the mnet Tiarmov
iimhm) action. - VVby hiuld the atv orate of Hlr
ty l divided by any diftorence tA opinion that may
be enteiminrd conceniing a rrtain policy t Let
wich tnirgtiotii be" KiTtted ii jioh prihripl of JuhIIc,
Heeoibim nun ail whw have the
stability and purity of our repuldican govcmirmnt
at ba rt, unite a Land of brothers to protect the
country from tyranny, corruption, and misrule
rktladrlphia Commercial wclhgenetr. -
We are rejoiced to see; by tne Bucks Conmy Pe.
ineeraivthat tttcetinf will bA.lw:M mSkmUim
on the 14th inst., to organize a Jefle.rsonian Demo
cratic Association, io sustain the principles of ihe
Virginia and Kentucky Rmliitior.--J?A idrfet
. i i i ... y "
If is known to tlie read ra"bT tliia Journal, that
thmii'h not among them who have admired or an.
,,ev1Pr P""1 ni. claim to talents of a high order.
aiiu wr are now new in auiiiu mm, miicn a lino
been recently said upon the subject of Banking, arul
its eflccts tipon the currency of our country, we
bavf ttiflwilh nothitig tt wifc&ctory to owrwind,
a the views taken upon these aubjecta by Mr.
Calhoun, in his recent epeech in the Senate, a part
I m ir next papen ; H - 7
Mh Calhoun Tukes a stateman like view of the
Mf----;.--.v.;-.-' "' ' '..i '""- -:' i
tidject, hwinj rl ar!y tK ei!i of the preamil
Vrm, a'xl ttin brmting 11, in mm whul be cut.
wder reiiH .ly. A lUnk (li p,.-ne,, JUi.k b
prefc ri) retririM fnnn ihe miu m le Ihau
110 tfifl f!r4 an tear, end k'' I.uih ik'O (lie Ut
Ml yer of tlw Iwlve fir wl.e h lh tharler i lu
be given Ihe paper of rei Hlule lUuk iaum n-Mr.
if b a) uVrnMiuitHlKaM Ium (In t ahn h liie
United Htale' I' i Ihu limili d, . U fra-rtted
in payment C,r d.-bl to M (ioteriimeul, or lu he
lain n in any way bv lie l-nii.! Hiaie Pu,k. Pi
llMe miM Mr. t'alhcmii ttiu.ka Ihe Hut Bank'
may he dail rolled, aix, with an allerain. in the
lamlard value f our gdd rniim, the rurirnry may
We brought into proper atale, ami iheti, of nj aiwne
fulur periij prrhvu,!, if eeperiearc aha II bwtify
liie ne-r, which be doubt, the Naflnnal flank
may br ih(iivl with nvaiaVr ( .) Jnol,
lKPARTr:iJ Till UPK.
h JUlmm t'v, mn M 174 tot, Mrrl.t V('
El. J H O.-4JA T '.W4I erwa.
h WtlmiHgiim, en la 10th mil., mxJ auVawl 45
ra, niLUAV ll II ALU L 1 , Ijtf., VtmiurUm
r lm.
A 'at mrnrrn, ml kit rriJmrt a r Jr prf,
MAU TIM i'lCKET, F . ,ti mfmuJ 65 eer. ,
rae,u mmf frmt, ttrl nf I A ftvpeeiur f Jewrt e
4aa eewny, m awe u; Mr 4 mtM naper.
mk mmmnti in Ik Him".
-Im Waaaiarimi, mi lk$ pk intltU tl. LIT
Ti.F.TO.S I1, OEM MS, ,Acr rrMi
ryW .
(htr tnlmm (ka turn irw lk rmhlrmt 0 mownf
tC mow 0 avwrlta eieroei Jot Ik ktot9 k.
rruwmunl tkiek mmr ramaiy ij ntlntmi m lA
tk Ihm. RliKFIlT ft T.4 YI.OR, Jmtg
Ik fkawirry i'ret (mH,or tkt; tk Jtrtt CV
mil f Ikfjh Putrid FirriaU. dieW im Ik
KVa year of kit mg, ml kn rrraaVne in Cmtkorim
MrrW, ml $ eVfur on gcterdey (Stmmf) namiar,-
Atlrutlon, Uowan Trteoprr!
oV art ordered u PARADK, w"fb TomroTT!?:
iiabuiy, ee I aurauay In ictia nay of My next, al
lOa'ckck.lbrDr.IL ' ' , .
By Order of the Captain 1 ' .
- j.uita owlns. a &
rhlaJwry, April 28, VOL H
8iuvai, i'tth April, 131.
THE OmCEOS compoainr tlie 3d Re
gnneni of ROWAN W II XI'I .V, are order
ed to PABM'P, in Die Town of tkliaba.
ry, 6m prly IH! SJi day uf May next,
al 11 o'clock, with muakeui, fur Drill
By Ordor nf
- H. IJ.MLY.Cd.(Wdt
B. OIUlGIi, Aliiiunt
fclMbnry, April J, lm
Large Sale of Dry-Goods,
On Tuesday, the Clh dajr'of May, '
Al 'ihVAWtwo Hiore i.Wdlkiussd Cew, in Fay-
ettovilbv WILL.' EE OLJJ, aa axtsu.
-T"ai Assortment of -'--"f "-'-- 1
. BriUnb, French, Mnd Anirrtcan ':
. wv-e ; a , .WMiHyM U -40" '' ? -r
m .L- a..a!-..t- . j u 1 n.
V tan 1 1, miuirrii. v uMlluVAIIITtU lirTrrfllM.
i i4Hvi mMm"fi 111 iirjj . irwsn rnary llWrVfa.
' I'rZ'lSlL
Plain nod figured Jaonict, Plaid Mnalin, J -t
Jetton . MnUw lfci -UUraw Bull,'"
Palinetia Hat, Hook Miialin, Irish Linen,
V Pearl Ikinntui, 0-al4od Vet JTttoan, v
bilk and Cotton I'mltrellaa, Fur Hals,
Jllcached dhiniiit, Uaruituir Ribbons, -
Sarxnet Silk, Hinchew Col'd OiiMle-Nap,
Black Satin Levantine, Black Levantine,
Levantine Iltdkercbief, foulard Silk Hdkf.
Cmiw ShawU and HaiMlkethiofs.
Li4.1affwTit Sheadings 4 ditrmhttg;
iUXt Kujra, i ijyjj artkiC
- Carpeting, &. j " TT;, "TT
With .many nther rtkk too tdioua to enurne
rate. This being an exlermiv sale uf new and d-
airablii.Goodsv Wt .think 31. wil"be. aa oct Li
Mrchaau from tr.e interior In miUstxL - - -Torin
liberal and made kwiwu at tatle.
THai. 8ANDFPED 6t OX ) . . ,.
April 26, 1&34, . 2w
KTowtho Timol
C asVv 6t YrbAuto 3
- MURPIIXrti-rlllOSS
(aciirrni iid jnnliwje
Spring and Summer Goods,
Which have been selected with great care and at
tentinn,and bought from the Intent styles for the .
(ttr Tr5r-would invite theirfriends and the Pub-
. lie lo call and see for tlifBlves. ?
N. R... .Recollect, and be mire to call where the
t3.B:wiSv-jgS MVS WJwr-i
0A03 D?OM.i
. Al. & M. feoVgratcfu! f-r pt patrmiape, unr)
hope, by their attention to biiHinens,to merit
tbem by their cnelomera
lerotorebBtiwed uimui
and CrieiidH,
Salisbury, April 1 9, 1634. 4t .
lV-oiI(Mf tlicUnikd Htads,
tohu rvsvuv, or )-ur Li-
For aoiiMt liuir iritat we have ilirrd rertuiil
Wu4Nul ao aii i no t:0al Kennel, at Wa.hiiifc.
Ion, aim h emitiiM-rd ua lUt UU BIAJLi'J Y
pn iwi mg fur m bunt. -
I b cry if ha bea berd, the - do i f
war are hi bae," m4 tie M.NAlUKS uf THE
I'MTKD bTATI, llm lul vuardiatui of tU
H.iMgnly af tlm Hale,, id h Freed-rtn ,
IveVpWarwto biuitrd dowa into ta in jbini."
iuu to Ihe uirj-r,l r aacrifired In hi vengeance
Failing In auUtue thear) rtrrn oVfeoder ef tU
Constitution, Andrew J lua b at length r4
d dual iney hall Do touger roatraia.luju in the
nxerctot uf power.' He baa annt lo the ftnaie a
en uuHuainu, vuriMHuig HlDa rKU t, B I
again! reaaduliuti of thai body, impltcaliilg Iti"
oniciai enrviurt in removing im l plee UjI.ui
"w boikertl be nxxiey, land, buildmi:, merchaw.
die, uawl Hyre, aruw, and iiMnuiiut of war," ur
an v other sort, rewl, penanial, or Biixedllll .
in on parayiapfi of to bm1 andnrtoiai " Pre. '
leat," he aawri that Ihe WHOLE EXECUTIVE
and that HE has a RIGHT lo enml-v imdi of
HIS OWN CHOICE, and to DiailARGE '
Ami, to autwUnrUie 1114 claims lu this power.
bow. think ve. doe be reaaon t H referrtn. ..r
prereui lH, IO IIhI praCUCC I IM 5l J JM OtJ.
v LK.N.MLNTI-raaertinji fJU GiwrraavM to be,
in thi and amne other particulars, tha MODEL uf -
ours::: .
a vongrauice!! euch an one aa would have du
h.Hir lo France in Ihe day of that fno, Robe.
pie rre", Dsnton, and Mural, when the streets of Pa
ns flowed with the blood of human victims.
We have now imbW arrived at ike la at mM mt
an veitlful drama! The check and guard which
hw linMl Y mi ... i. I.. I .! I I . I 'm
T,,t iiii . , iuii-ivj si rvaai iim nruizraaaXdi.
uaurpatloo, bave proven as powerless u, reetrwin
General JatkwKi, as a not f grNramer to conliue
Ihe hungry Imnw ,
vernment IIt is, in fact, a MONARCHY. (
ONE MAN ipiterear A'Wwrch of 4I1 wort.
Llnd..oxh a aWroyed anuappy Poland, and ex-
PeJ Her orave xm to Iue duapwtja 'l Jt
viii 1 uiuuutu a, ; - -
People of the United BUtet. are von
reaUlf for thia f lUe you so soon fi-rot th
leaaoo Ibat y oil loan ted from wmtolied France,
ben,drurdi w,ib "GL02Y,"abfl Cilloved UER
REPUBLICAN General drou-h aeaa of Wdod.
flnf to ihe CONSULATE next to the DICTA
TORSIUP and then to the 1.1111: 11 1 A la
Til ICO. M: f . Can you auil be deceived by
hollow 4rvf'Hnu. patrf itiaui 1 And will . yu ...
protratu yjuiwclve at lies FEET of ie-iioar
nana U nisea 10 scourge you T - '
We einYesl yoi. if vou still love LI PERT?.'
and wih lo transmit it to your chiklrem liynr'n do -
r'"aT " niaj.Tvvcar j natwryi saj no, -werrayea, oy .
rli deceitjid tH!,.ijil0 It Xilnl Mpatbv l-bul fue
up, aoo, wan ware s yw some nope 01 r?sfui"
1 a'l I m
jvyr:FrTnTT -munvu -4e temiutitr t- urrnni-T
1''. 'j 1. ..:..( ui A.. -. 1 .1 i. 1. .
utni in civu sinrc.ici rmr-HnHna sua ueirrmi7f"I
er nemtM ana UELitu oy your lre.iuie..
.GH!rJJula-i : : r ;
1V. I ,k. -.W..H.1- .,r r....:i.i r.....
wfMoviarehT isiw chinktu tndr.flITcurruiiiiu
1: wA n m.m m j t . .. mm
ncaq vn u ot uutenoneia, wane enr M,l,t. l -
ED t "! SMDENT 1 exeruuniiir more ariutrarv
power thaa thetr UtKrJli AKV-KING f-Ymr -
-4hKIM of Engknd birnelTcxilil raily carr'
a pon lab measure by the rxervwe of a Corwititu.
tional prerogative, fcn the creation nf nrV Prcr j
but our PKrIDLNT m determined to carry
hia VftPupirLAB ineaaures bv tlie umvuMtitu'i . il
exercise of power wrenrluxl frurh tlie Reun 1,1.
Blive tif' -M ,
""reUiw (tauitryioen, let n maintain our riir'tH
as Kypuhlirana; aud. if .we ahuuld uo1ipjm!v im
Itered tnrbooae belwren iheae altemutiveii, u
hw the world that UV had rmlktr d like
frttmtm, ikmn tolif tilt Wdre."
Second Postscript! '
vj lire mtm -wtj rm, iran inn waiilinpir-ri
papers, that ir M ON ARCH'S u V
produced-there an excifruvrit unprecedt iit(;d.
It underwent t warm debate in the Senate, in
which, Mr. Lfiirh, of Viruinia, in dcluuce of tiio
Cumtitulion, gathered froah laurels.
The aulitoct baa likewise boen token im in the
llouae, and we hope that body will now roth em its
character. . '-,ro,,:,,-
Mrw Wise, of Virginia, oflerwd resolutions denv.
iiur tlie MONARCH'S clJin. ,
, By rule of the limn, majority of twn-ihjHa
was neceawary to grant Utive to consider the reo.
Ilillitlia. 1VTr.''"MTU.Iu-rriifiioreA'1'" T?..ur.1. 1.
xnllar-man, npprtsea TTifnnohou to rosoiiid the rul,
tnd callod tor the . yen and nay t whemujion, 103
voted for, and aguinxt rescimlinjr no that tha
Plwn ... : . li -i.l . ..
ninu o jwny ngmu iriiiiiijinctij aimougQ IQ Ihd.
Mrv Ieyton, a tmiiar-mm froni Tennessee, then
offered a remdution in support of the M Protest." la
order Jo make the in II co down, he endued it in
another resolution o ffir mi nr ho power of Cons roast.
over the piitrnVni'iiieyH, Imf it eeems that even tiio
stronfr stomach of the IIi!e:rJ at thedo,'id
it Was laid on Ihe shdf ta allow time for re-action.
.'i iii; ij-iui-r nviu inii 'uuo, no oereio
forewent with the KING, two voled f.r the Lilxr.
fyof the country, (M-ssrx. Connor and rynum,)
alio ine oiner iur, yu t
kin,) supported li I i
seulHtivi-n, it -ii r1'y "i
to their conn!ituerits.
" 0:"T Thi! HiJnii.
II, ", McKay, IIjw
I. 'I lii t"X of our Repre,
- ' lyX'i s:iy, were truo
rti.f A"liir contuins a li.t of
f'iiil;f-i fir D-'l rmn.lii", of whom '2 an o
to v,
if A.'riiiiii-trHtion, Id fr it, end 4, dmil.tfiil,.
n lu n is ciiftic in lint slow ly.
J . i t H jilt linvo lari.iy taken jtlaefl in severr.l i,f
rei.'i!ted cltange tive been el!( Ctcl (Imi. ,!.,,,;;.
in, and his pack. will hardly have a foot off:..-;.:
to hland upon. Will done, Freenirn! !

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