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li, In.
I'jnXSIIEIMVEEKLY: JOHN DKAHI), Jr, Miter and Proprietor
Xumher from tfa beginning, 732: No. 2 OF THE XVlh VOLUME.
SalisburjTHowan County, IV. C.
Saturday Morning, June J 1, 183!.
1 40
1 10
i ii
i. -a
I A A. i.
tM . " lit mi I
1M MM W kkM ,
I n Ix-r wIipr bf cheek tu bright,
AiJbesuiifuLand fair i
-r. and u that win delight, f
W ho li rbaiii th heart, or glad U tiht,
rWim J fix-t tuzetuef tjr
T:i" '''C glance, from check n I eye,
II. t hair i rurlinir let : J -
IV L.'k, llif xiiil-, Uut stifled ifh, f
Her (in lil rrhl, ml white, amLli'
Al-tawm I wein yen
I - l.'-r mi ber brand-Hay,
U .ill Imhm- ci imfl Iiit brow :
i null, her blush, wen- brightly gay,
Affi J-y. no m i lie isi mjf
W.n llH'fw In giM In r vow,
'J ii h-st, laugh, I lie . cheer,
All bitlrm- litrliwl ;
Jl-f b-arl I'KI'!. I4"' cWk wa bar,
.ImJ dik and Imiii Uui. lashes weru,
W Inch friii;'id lii r fullon lid.
I iw fx-r wHm bit-hik'WWIfsn; '
ll. r rye k'k'-d dim snd dead,
Jl. r clii;ui4 LJ CuJud w by wc. , .
II. r li'ur wan lili li-il, 1 f Miule III fiMB,
I .t rviTY tnnuly Nlll
8ln- li l brwolli Uie ir3f
li.i !i lunula eurrulud kouir. .
ll. r fire bad M lU jlaj'llllif gb,
.1 I. . 1 - . I A ...
ii l. miiiy cairn, cue an-uiiM vi urn
A iiioiiuiiMjnt vt wue.
I mw lnr in n-t wiwfinj-b-t, "
A B"tiM -m Unii( i parth;
An al (ifin art at kei fi pt.
lli f nmtilcnaitfif wkh twi rrulc
I tuT wiw wr oirtu. .
Amitbrr, M a wrtwt Jm-V
Fnmi all tb thntn apart,'
Vi M'n to t?Lm apiai lief fixx,
U h:rli mm1 ii? Ur in IV-atJi'i inbraC-
Twn In- wlw brulia hi heart! .
THK rimxjoriiY. OF LAl'GimX
i t y vhiii gunlk-iDHii h' ran Imili at will, la
ri'M.tiii ul a lavixirnlilfl rw'jtnTi in n-ty iwr
in iilnrly lieu the weatlirr w niujjv. LuigliU
i-, tlM'rrtlirfi a wiciul virtu, it prmlrnt nrriHiiilih
lou t, mi oj.i a (ottiir uf intrudurliiMi. Ii ii mil ik;-n-iry
to bo funny ut order to Im aNn io lmij;li.
Nmif nun kuli like piittttaoa, witlimil knowuif
TKrrr fnrrr am- acnlptni" cachinnatiua ; Thf
jH-riiMUwnt grin, however, poll upon theye, ami
t bt bprriiia to wwr out one'a jocularity, and to
lik aa aiUKiiu im! liiiHMiii,aii4lin ind uphynx.
IjfngWng t (0id"hyvlrtU6 "of it j('iiiiei. It
in it Mmjwtwl appwik t the nrvow, Ihnt t
tlMiiilv lien.-. It 1 a lluwuiuuj Mimi
f'xtd io he takru hv wirprimi, aiul to Im tickled in.
tii'i"lii:ni'ty lad'h 'njuiU Til wllr."Tf liiaki'sTiiiii
t"HTi3 hr would after hnvtn Ik.m ekxif rifiwl." II
nw-nkniui him, (irret IJimkI to circulate, miikm him
nprn hi eji, tiv'iku5-jiil" hIuV,"aiia "fiIIu""Tlio"
gri;Mtojtni'Jeir-,i.fJaiiiiler ui Hi cmwiiunn-ativ
iiw'i. Sit ime or two i'in, aiul tlw whole circle.
ahkHigiVinriwrtrtint why frit Mto the Willi j
1 u laugh at laughter, awl laugh the nittj Ix-rjiiwe
Vm .kuow the jpvt ufwhat Jfw Sre.ujjhing at. j
iiluch piiipii'y m' there in the anuliuu of itlcat.
AkwarJ things make one if.lhe niiml Imp.
iiTOiClffV 'a'irir the I 'awkwaniiicsM ennm upon ymi
Midleiily '1'liere i ntliing laughable in seeing a
man thrmvn from his horse ; y-t if he bo pitchetl
into the mod, and bin hnt rolls oil' into the kennel,
aiul Iii-t r.w-ln nre tlirowu up into 1 1 if Hir. lika tl-e
heels of the lx)ili3M uonileiH rijit ou the Manx liall
ppnnies, YOU rniot belp lnuglnfl'' There in ihi
truce in Met) an licciili nl to make it agreeable to
(tie iiuaaMiUiiiM, -knJ-io. mu- it (mm riilivib - -
I iviu a rrcahar cuuslructiiMj ui' Uie wiusiiiwe uiuin.
Iiriiues, miik5 peile Iniiffh more thun otlier, and
ymntl people laugh the uioru because they have'
ti'wer 'Irunlmcks iifion the fancy; Things an they
iir if we IcArned to analyze them, arc mt wihjirlii
it laushter, htrt-tinril w-e rroir1wnitliar with realt
Ti'' we' laiih at them an if they were merely
I'leal, ami vt tip for our wniuentcut. To lie well
Jeiv'e4M.l.hc,.bat'pu3fs cJ IUe, say, tlje,JPwf f
st. l atnck , and thone who are the irnt deceived,
iiiujli tltA iimx.1 ; and hy the same reasoning, thane
w lio hiujjh the most are'tho happiest. .
: IIul luutrhmif in divisible Mrttt mnwi mahy modes.
Mrs. Jordan used to laiiffh over the whole lace.
It U'san in the dimples of the lips, and cpread over
lu rks and forehead like sunshine, until the entire
"ewiteiiafire' Jmigh
o nniKe ymi xinp with ndtntnition aim BUKH'tnleu
breath and feel hnppy. But yon could hardly
I Ht it ,r with it. It was too beautiful ; cap
lured the senses, and filled the heart with that sort
f,t joy that does not express itself in laughter.
Some people lnu;h convulsively, shouting out a
ii"i-- like that of a pistol, and instantly relapsing
I'iiek int silence awl gravity. It is a great ques
tion whether they enjoy their laugh like the rest
! the world, or whether they do uot enjoy it
more by kenfrnt-whhmVwii! tIFtfflheinwivcwj
' 'thers, again, laugh through their teeth, spreading
-tlMiir. lipw iih"4henyir'iiat aiwl iiiiiilting n-ifsjiir
that resembles the fn ing of eggs.
nmy I- a physical necessity for such a laugh, lut
liiiless there be, it ia very inexcusable. There are
persons who w ill avail themselves of any excuse
tlr showing their teh and; who: Jnuch , fir; iw
ot'.ier earthly reanon. They must think of their leeth
the u hole time, and not of Ihe just pnocative,-
V Ci't s-ron, w ho laughs zealously", laughs with
hi great big1 body. The tub undulates and heaves,
mid the w hole tan .hakca witlHaiig fiter down to
'he cahea of hia legs. It is like the boisterourfre.
j"i"ing of a corjioration. A man who desires J
'Uvd reputatioji will tluow liiinaelf back iu a chaii
la !ajh, M If tb fm overpowered him. That to
a mem m hkn tlo titter U pretty girl behind
her fan or tt.c Ma.-re-Uiih that conn in IwHing
lle thunihw into tha and. Uinluig iha U-ly
forward aa if it wer riz-d with pain,
and ultur i Ih kiiK noi-K in th enrwer of lh
WHailh. Nobi-ly tvtr laughed till llwjr wer Ua k
in the fact, HboMgli that taedremH the Uat point
of riaihihty. Any mm may lauU until Im U
red io llie fin f but tf laughter tini i lie iikjwJ
nearchin titakea ihn face jle. When a perwm
alwaya luiiha in the tariHt way, Im never Uuglu
with aincenly for the Mine way oTIaughinf it no
mora apjilieaLW to th dilE-mit d(reaf irrita
tion than the fauna way of ahowuif the rii of
piin. To laugh alay lite ann Way to hmjfh
by rule, ahd tla gamut may e played over on all
iTaioii. It to pb-Mwiil Ut he gifted by 4m lure
witb aurb fjxqniiMle wiihiIhIIij that one'a Uueh va.
riewwith lle mihiit l. Variety i much ailinirrd
in laughter aa well aa in every ibin elito ; but it
puna not be at-idu d, or it will be liable In amtpkion;
it mut com tf ilaclf, free, natuml,and rhara-ter.
Utie, Ioud laitghini; la daiirenaia to Wuutcn, be.
being diin-ealil't to their frieiHle.
WotiK-n alwHitd never laujjh hum h or loudly.
They are auppumd Io lie more patient WKlewUuuiJJ.
1 1 i -i . .i ' i .
uiuu u:u f aiMi i iiipitf mi meir "jiecm enariii,
lliey ahiaild kuxh aoHly, li.wly, mumcally, and w4
a if they caught all (lie hruid jioiiita of whim and
enririturT'."" Tliey khijlil 1 llai(lil ioVava aome
liMM'la-aof the juke it in the w eak
neaa f air ne Io ikr.tre the aweiKlancy even in
Iriihw. Gt-nth uiea alway allet nnrthm(j in re.
m-rvatiiin, an if iIm it were a "ting behind which la
die ciKild not or ooflit n4 to tiixli Mand. Th!a
ia a poor ai&ctalion if Helv-tnvilfrTr, of y
fflor dincernment, of tlie pride of ne. T!iit ladiiii
may lie aired tbal there ia nothing ln-hiial worth
himwiiit', or that there ia nothing in the joke ci
ret iu preterwiorM to myMery.
Any tiemn who louha dogrualkallv should be
eieled froin lite drawing-room. M'hy ahiaild
any one laugh in a fyle that n-ipiirfi other peoile
to laugh whether they like it or not, and that con.
veyg a aoeer al lhone w hollo nlit lauph, aa much aa
to iiwiimale that they do no! comprehend Ilia force
of the gnod Thing T It ia very njd t appear td
under! ti nd w ltut nolaidy el.- uiMlei-KtandH, and to
hinffh when mm hav the hiueh all to voufarlf.
We hale peile wIkj anivcl when they MUKh, aa if
they Uepiael the iioverty of mirth. ho wanla
them to laugh t Lei them get into a cona, ami
trace I lie tHilliuea of the funm-d pajicr with ll'ir
eyea, until they get lite blue devil, or nausea in
the atoniarh. They liave uo ri;lit to conic into a
iiM-rry eimle, aiwl laugh in coin-iiipt of c oiirt. It
in all ' rionwnvw to aay that any mdivirhral it m
lockiJ up in Lib! as not to he alle to enjoy n Inush.
Fvery liiiuinn beinif hns a vulnerable point inurh
that, and the iuctallic Ix ing Im-o-hhc Foil pveii a
it it hnd undergone a pitcesaof (ire. W e lnuuh
yery ai'ldoin rtiV-lve, biit when" we do lffuh
Aferenry I -what a h-apio?- of- khiw!1- i -there,
w hat a bublihnp of tnnrtieiilate note,- what a ln-a-
v n ircliest,'aiHf (lit-lortiiMioTri .-Hlurt-'i, niid spaMii
Tliinlxi. It t well ennuch to talk bIk uI retiring
laui'liler, but we know it is irret.istihle. and cometh
like a thief in the-tiiifhl, anil is not to be eniti-qiid.
n hni.C!tuu jloore Jiave Utn .ihinluna of w hca he
aihlrenxml MK-h a reiKMt a thei ! n htdy ! .
. - inve mulofi Tn Trtow Kve you Ira-T,
But keep yrmr tear for rnp".
iiu4iuie bciore-raith-Wft aav, even is jrlocditvAic
London Atlas.
. . r--
nv j. a. I'aii.iuno.
Hope is Hie leading string of youth Memory
tire staif of age. . Vet for a .long time they were
at variance, and scarcely ever associated logethen
.Memory W4H almost always grave, nay,: ami and
inelniicholy. fclw? delighted in silence and repose,
amid rocks aiul waterfalls; and when she raised
her eyes from the gemmd? it- was wiry to look 1wck
over he ahouhier. Uope was a smiling, dancing.
noisy boy, with sparkling eyes, and it was imtsis-
sible to look upon hi in without being inspired by
his gay and sprightly buoyaticy. V herever he
went, be dill'uscd around him gladness aisi joy ;
flie "eves brthe"viaiii'g eparVlcd liricttcr than ever
at Lis approach ; old acc a if cait. it dim glun.
ees at I lie blue vault., of Heaven, seemed inapired
w U h. new vigiiux 4 Ihu iloucra louked mmae gay, Uw
vrass more green, the birds sung more clieerily,
and all nature seemed to sympathize in his glad-
ncss. Memory w as of mortal birth, but Hope par
took ot tmmortauty; .z: ,
One day they tliarlcCd to meet, and Memory
reproached IIoe with being a deceiver. She
charged him with delinking mankind with j yisiona
ty" impracticable krrcrnea, and iexciting - expegta-
tloliii ibf only leg 16 flaM.ihtriiTifit"mia'",regrtT
with being the inti fatuui of youth, and the
scourge of old age. But Hope cast back upon her
the charge of deceit, and maintained that the pic
tures of the past were as much exaggerated by
Memory as were the anticipations of Hope. He
declared that sjie looked at objects at a great dis
tance ip the pak, and that this distance magnified
every thing. 44 Let ua make the circuit of the
world," said he, "and ry the experiment."
;' McnWrt fomented Tehictatrtryr-and hey-went
their way toiret her. ' r
Imiugmg lazily along, and stopping every moment
to gaze around, as ifunw illing to proceed on his
way. By and by, lie sat down and burst into
tears. ' .
sifVhithei fa, 8bd.lail'trt .'Hope,,
I am going to school,'' replied, trie lad, " to
study, when 'I. had rather a thousaiid times beat
play J and sit im a bench, with a book in my tiaud,
while I kmg to lie sporting in the field. But nti'
fer ltVtoti'(M:bB i waiiidHrhfii I dial!
be free as the air." , Faymg this, lie skipped away
merrily, in the frope of suou being a aiaxi.
It ia Ihua you ,Uy upon lh xjHjrtcra fl
youiu, aaiq jnetiKiry, reprariUil!y, ,
l'a4nj cmwani, Iriey tort a beautiful girl, pa
ring alow and limlancUfy behind a trty 4 pj
young loew and maidena, who walked ana in arm
with each other, and wra flllir and ciehangin;
all Ihota little harmlraa couHratea, which oaiuie
prompt i on iweh occaaiona Tliey wrte all gaily
drrt d in ailka and nMuiK but te little girl bad
on a ain plo fiotk, a boiucly aprui, aual chuiMy
Ihk k-aolcd ahoea, , . .
u Why dm it you join yonder group," aakd II"p,
" ana naruka in ttitir gaiety, uf pretty Lttla
girl r ' .
Alaa r replied alie, they take no notice of nie.
They ra ne a child. Hut 1 ahall ua bo a wo
tnan. and then 1 a hU b an Katf P -
Inaptied by llna hiet alia unlened her pace,
and auun waa miui dancing along fuertily with the
In thia manner lhe wemlod tlieir wav from rta
tem Io iiation, and clime It clime, untj they had
nmiie ttie circuit of the uiureraw. w herever they
came, they found Ihe human ruce, which at thlf
time wtn a j-nung it hetng not many year aiire
the nrt creation of matikUHi replnmiat the pre.
jM UlrM Wkmjy (iitaariT ti a uyi age (r hap.
pmei. AU anticipated annai fuiuea good, and
Memory bad arce any thing to do but ca4 luoka
of reproach at ,hr. young, xoinpaiiiou. Let aw
r tUMi home, mid "be, " to tltat dt bi-htfnl anut
where I firnt drew my brralh. I long In repoae in
id beautiful biiwera; In leltn to the tirooka that
rmirmtirrd a tlw-u-ain lune aweeler) and to the
et hoet thai were aufter than any I have ainc heard.
Ah! there i inrfhiiig on earth ao enchanliug aa
the ecenea nf my rnrtKUt TWiftl.4 "
Ifope iudulgfd hima-lf in a air, inaignineant
Miule, and tl.ey'b d i I tx-tr return home.
Aa they jounncd but alowly, iiiany year cUpw d
ere ihey appriMThed the wheiwe they hiul dr.
parted. It so bapieuod, uoe day, they met an old
man, bemling uif'er the weight of years, and walk
ing with lieinUmg atepH, h-anieg on hia atalt.
.Memory at once rwi gnied him aa the youth thrv
had aw ii C"inf Io aehool, on lln-ir fir4 outw-l in
the lour 'jt the world, Aa they came nenrer, the
tld men reehned on hi atnr); awt lakm at hope,
who, being immortal, waa ktill a little boy, sighed
wa if hia haail wan. Waaking. . . -
Whal ailtth thee, old man f akd Ihe youth.
" What ailelh uie," he replied in a feeble filter
ing voice " w hat ahmild ail me, but rld ajjeT I
lme wirvivel all that wua near and dear; I have
seen all I iovetl, all that loved roe, (truck down to
the exrth like dead leaves in auremn, and now I
stand like an old tree, withering j in Ihe world,
witltout roi4a,wiihaU bra ocheaAnd without verdure.
I have only just enough of sensation to know that
I am tnirn'rahle, and the rectdrrction of the hanni-
bca of ny itaithful diivs, wh-n,careess and fill) pf,
Hiesful aiiticipnlitsiSi I was a laughing, merry boy,
oDtvarfdii, to the miseries I now endure!''
Bc-UuU," iI JIi HM.rVi u tlie c-ooHjiH-oeN ff-
thy ucccptmns, aud she looked reproachfully al her
rnrripnnioTt: ' -.-.. -..
44 Hehold !'! r"plied Hope, ileeeplem practised
by lliVM'lf. Thou perHiiadcst him that he was
!iii jv "In his yisilh. Posf tliini ri'iis-nds-r ihe buy
we met when we first si-t out ; torjMlier,
wt.'1'piug ou liia way to school, and ailuug to U a
.Memory cast down her eye, and was silent." '
.,-.,;.AJiUl' wav caiwarj Uicy..(
collage, at the door l.f which
cunie Io a jidijeniblu
was an ageit woman,
meuiilv clad, and sbakinir with palsy. She ant
luroiietIier Li-nJ reaiuy laTTii'r uowau, and as the
ptiii approached, vainly liied Io raise if up Io look
at llieiu.
" tiisid nmrrow, old ladv, and all hnptiness to
you," cried Hope, gaily, and the old wMMMHkit;lil
it was a long time since she had heard such a
cliev-rmg aaJuulion. ' HapfWHtas I" said in"a
voice' that miivered w ith weakiH-M and infirmity.
44 Happiness! I have not kiniwn it sim-e 1 was a
trttro girl, withourcare or sorrow. 'fV,Iiiieiii.
her tluiee delightful days, when 1 tla-ught of no4
thing but the present 111011 ent, nor enred for the
future or past. When I laughed, and played, and
sung, from morning till night, and envied no one,
nor wUhtd to be any other than 1 was. But those,
liajifiy' time "are" paf,"a!ver l" return. O, if I
could pill? oncn. more, rutura. ta.Jlie:'day of my
childhiaidl" , r ..
.The old. WMiiian sunk lck on her a(and. the
tears flowed from her hollow eyes.
Memory again reproached her companion, hot
he only asked; her if she rocoUectod tho lilllo girl
they had met a hng time ago; who waa so misera
ble because she was so young T Memory knew if
well enough, and said not another word,
. Tbjpy Uow ajipjiacncd iheit home, and Memory,
waa on tiptoe with the thought of. once Keeemy
ing the tinparaHelled beautiesof those srt.-nes Ironi
which she hud been ao long separated. But, some
how or other, if seemed they wore sadly changed.
Neither Ihe grass jv as so green, the flowers so
sweet and lovely, nor did the brooks murmur, the
ecluies answer, or the birds sing half so enchant
ingly, as she remembered (heni in time long past.
44 Ala's I" alie cxdaimed, 4 how changed. is every
thing 1 I ahaie am the same. ''
44 Every thing ia the same, and thon, alone, art
elwedanawered Jlope llwti ha "I deceived
thyself in the past just aa much as I deceive others
" What is it you are disputing about f ashed an
old man, whom they had not observed before,
though he was standing close by them. 44 1 have
lived almost fmirscore and fen years, and my ex
perience nary perhaps enable to deeido bet ween
ycai;' .
They told him the occasion of their disarree
metrtT and related the history of their jVairney
round the earth. The old man smiled, and for a
few moimirt sat Ixirw-d iu thought. He tlien said
to diem . " ' ''.;':": ,:'v.;;
." I too, have liwd to see all the hopes of my
youth turn into haduws, clouds, and darkness, and
rauiah Into tvithing. I, too, have aurtived my (r.
lune, my fritiua, my tbilOna ine mlariiy mi
.".And d. hii not de4ir P amid Sfcaory.
4W No, 1 Ue still mm Bpa kft ma.
The twne of beaiea!".
Mumorv turned tow trdj Itte. threw Leraelf
intit lu arms, which opened Ut receive her, and
Lurat iitlo tears, eaclaiming , -
Forgive nie, I have done thee injustice Lei
us never again separata from each other." .
44 With all my bart," said Hope, and they eon
tinned foreter Io lavbl logtrther hand in htuid
through tho worli. , .
It ia an aatiiuhing fVi, tUt In country free
as ours ia, and where every Voter once or twice a
vear ia called noon In diarharire a dutf at the bah
(ut boa, there are many, vary many persons, who
never read a newspaper, and wuo know but little
more what to guns; on in their own country than
in the doniiniiaai of Die Grand Mogul-. .What ihey
learn of their own political aflkirs, they loam from
verbal enwrmrnvteatwawsj subject a tt tt to Tariixu
perveranata, coloring, anj Biiacnceptions and
acting upon such, and suck commuhir slims only,
llry venture to atteiuM to dlwrharge Ihe high and
holy i and tf rrnirse if sjsibfe duty ca'a palgw over
other men a actions ami principles. They venture
upon attempting to settle the ailkir of a great na
tHm,eitonduig through Various degrees of bit il ude,
end mhodyiiig an immenge variety of interests and
prejndicew and this w tlhuut the atuily or quahfi.
catKma'dciniyMli-d .even la tlx, teacher of aoiuuisiu
ciiiiitry scIkmiI, eitonding not over SO foet sipjare
list a judge f
Newpaprs are in this country one of the ne.
rinMfiri of hfe, seciaai only Io food ami clothing,
and aa iinjs rusinly d inanding the attention and
liei-tliiNjght of nsn aa fire aist halalwlioiak . Tiunk
of hving in Ihia world, and of kimwiug nothing of
what ia going tat within it I Think of a revotutK
here, and an rfrthipwke there f a grand disco
very here, a sublime invention there of move
ment and agilaliiaia in one place, indiicnclng the
dfatiulc of nalitai ami ttie world Cir yeaia, ami of
improvement and advant'i-a in amither place ele
taluig And eiu milling tho ctauitliuu of uiau and
yet a frrnnan, iu a free country, standing amidst
all, a Heeled by all, and yet ignorant of all ! What
a blank, a cypher, s such s man 1 bow little above
a mere animal, w ho rata a lie eats, breathes as be
breathes, ami above whom he is, only in the faculty
of speech I For what ia intellect without facta, in
formation, direclioiijcalctilalHinT What but a mere
slumbering, raked up,' smothered, cmher, needing
the fanning brturoC wliat is going on in tlie world,
what the world, dota as inspired by what it knows
and thut brtxit, the AcwsVliie day, the hurrjv
Ihe Isisjle and excitement of the time la we
live, move.liHl Ihii.k T Talk if fa knowh-dgw !
It-is- a good fiHTfidniinn on wHicfr-ttrti1ifr"Bul
iIh tatpwwtructure is to be- reared -new-Tltiw two-
nierrtV k now WIpw,4-worth all- paai laMhjJge,
liiHw jrni to worth mure than time past. And
lei w ho wiailil lieiM-fit mankind, or do hoiajr to him--If,
must come forth into the world, and know
Imt lhf .Kurhl.w doing, oud shape, and embody its
em-rijie.-w - --. .
-" History- r rmtilrtrity'WTfrT Nvty grants.. Bc
once is important iu all ctimation. Politics are
j;icrjaiient,-wiid as a, governuieiij is good ox bad,
so is. a people prohperuus or w reicnuu, geia-rany
iTit-foiy ('J tho very day, all spread before ua with
a vitality and fretthticaa no bituriaii can equal.
The very things themselves, not their images, not
llieir ahadowy glioeln, flit before you. The aub-sisMoe-oMt
of-whieh hrstory-is to be woven Is upon
the table. Men talk for tln-nmelves and no his
tonans talk dit 4hnwWwe hving among-all,
and are iutereted in all and will ye rafuae to buy,
tu read, ave, to study, w hat ye are so much inter-
eattnT'tuT " But tie'wspajiers are more than histori
ans Tlie y- yM all the- invent ions
and discoveries of the times jf lliey trifle with yaj,
sKirt with you, ami amuse you, and condole with
ycai, aa well as Instruct you. ity your own tire
siiki, far from Ihe sce nes of inlereM, no matter
w bet her ysj are in the crowded city or in a remote
country Itowavyat llwy -bring all bt-Ctee yon, -and
Io Uie very lile jand you are as well and better
informed jjy.tbem jUiaq he. a ho has 0en and padi
iipatetl in all. You need not stir (Wan your fa rot
or ynqr own chair, from your own bed even f and.
yet these little messengers, silent and speechless ss
they are, will fake, you ipto" the "wide world and
show tbrth all that is going m.?Portland Adv.
C IfatataaajrW iaaaxt alf jr.. Wlft 'ttAfttt f mipi,J
teel, preprweirtgnpptniTwiee,ciille(ton a respecta
ble lady in tlw Ikiwerv, with a note from her land
bird, requesting her to lend him 910, or aa much
as she could spare, and be would return it the next
day. Knowing that a quarter's rent waa then due,
she was a little surprised at the phraseology of the
note, Irtd wippoNitig it was intended1 as a polite dun,
she counted out ffU0, 8nd gave him, requesting him
.... ............ T - ...... - - - ' "' x 1
to count it over. He replied 44 it 1 no matter 5 1
guess it is right ;" and gave a receipt for the Ino-J
nerrawnserimng' iwww nenry rmnn. 1 mmem-
etely afler he had- emhM-JmmiMjihtiy'm-.
an importer. 4 She accordingly stepped over to the
landlord, who disavowed any knowledge of, her
morning visitor, and said that he had authorised no
one Io cat! on her for money on his account. Find
itt that tt Wl been swinilledi'shf1 repaired to fh'
Police Office Io lodge her cnmplaint, and was sur
prised to find 7 complTunts of a similar nature hnd
been prefrrred there from .other snlTerers, who had
no doubt been swindled hy the aaine individual. :
Tfee ciirgmstancea.itt.oiie'of the other caca,
were aa follow A Eidy had lost her huslwnd, and
while he lay a corpse in the honsei, Ihe illain call
ed upon her with a forged order from the 1'ndei ta-
ler, fr l.i lall. Plia CAd him that U waa rrwr.
whelmed with affliriMtn l lUt sIh had not the na.
ney in hand, and that she wiahed he would leave Jt
a k.w dava. . He autJ Lia employer bad a tall un
e xpe lely tn-aeiiied (i ) ment, and lhai b wouM
nut leave tne hMi wilhoiil tlie money, fhs ac.
cordm0!y pnrured it aiul paid him.
Ou another occasioa be called on a gentleman
and inquired the name and resilience of li mini,
ler, giving him to tmderstand his mother was dcaJ,
and that he wanted him to preach her faneral aer
nam. On learning hi name ami resilience be iiu
haNlialely preirrd an order in far or of Ihe afore,
said genlh inaa 00 ihe Iniiiister C r a small amuuid, -
and presented il C-f payment, - In this however ! '
dal uot succeed, Ihe person oq whom fee drew aV4 ...
U-ing in cah al (be lime,
Amillvr attifin4 was as follow 1 lie rahVd al
ihe bouse if the ariion of a church, and afler ma
king aoiiH iiwjuiries of tlie servant girl abiait turn,
and the name of the Pastor if Ihe church, Crr-d .,
ao order in favor of the lon p. him tor 1 1 0,
alleging wU-n he ort red il llial be (the settitt) bud
just received a tall fenia hia grurer 5 thet the nv. " "
ney was natch wanted ; that the Clergy nuin would
lilige him -much by IrtKlmg thw wrrJoutit;tnd that'T
he would return it the next day. Alter aome do.
liberation, the money was paid. Bliortly after th
fellow rrlurned with the tills, alloilging that one of
theu (a t-1 bUl) waa cotinterllit. ..The clergy wan
observed In him that it was impossible it should bo
an, for he drew those very bills from the Bank him
aelf. Rut, aay t he, I will cxchang il, and accord
ingjv gave hiio amther.
Tlie rirciimatanre thai led to "the discovery of
nia najTK,' mia cjiAxacicr w as au auautpi avoWMm-
ainall sum in a similar manner from a landlord fat
a laJy who occupied one of his house ai a tenant.
He, noticing articularly acquainted with her, de
rlineJ si-iwhng the money ; tail said he would rail
and see lief shortly. Ou inquiry of his tenant, W
fotuxl her entirely ignorant tif I be aIkir. - We bad
given no one an order to lorrow money 00 her ae.
count, and furtlier was not in want of any. ' Fhn
staled Io him thai a per had railed on her a few
days previous, and inquired particularly about tlie
location of the landlord's house, the names of hi
ffrnnr, A-o., and thaf hi was the same Jm tn thaf
had been o n! to reair the lock in the Ihmjst.
Tli gentleman Then went immediately to the lock
miiiiii where he had apiilied lor a person Io do In
work ; and was enabled to ascertain the real nam
ami cuarai ieroi tne swiiMiier. 11 araiear thai his .
real name i John Turkinglon, Ihul be ia a gra.ln.
ate of Ihe State Prison ; and ibnt having been d.' .
lected in several theA from his emoloyer, he wtu . ..
consequenlly discharged. " Tlie ofneer of tlie Po- .
I tee wer seMiral Jiiy on Uie look out fur hnu with. .
nut being aid to arrest loin, Intt on "Momlay night "V:
Mr. Merril met him- gmt; into pmleV ,M imcuiuj -and
took lilinlnld cUstisty. le wai yMeriJiiV r
ami committed Io nri- .
aoiLr Besides tlie ah-radw tnetilioned acts nf sw hid. "
liag. lhere- arw 'several twhers In'td to iia tlarge.: ;
TJiC-fillow anemed tu have a particular frwrAimf ,z,Zi.
MAVM)lnt ' 1crJ.,Kni f 'A .'"'-." P hate recei.
vedbisiiecialaltcnlioiis,vii Bev. Messrs. tyring, -
Berrku, Alaaon, Milrwrr McCarthy, and ltrtbrL . ,J
- tNew-VorloanuJof Cotuaicrce.. . ,'C "",'
tirrrjc TVzixTTdr"-' r : "
Mr Sarmml hierson, dever,gf4 "UhmlZT.'i:
whlows-rf Inrtchmanyaged 70, frorn New' Jersey,
came in towu day before yesterday, fr the purpose - r
id'rprorunog fews.hpnr.-" jfr- applied td
InteUigenee- Ofl'ice in Chaniber street, aroj way';' '' ,'
soow tnTi3frMTV.i
aged about filly-nine. Tlie old man waa. very
much phaswuVpaHl-w) Infelligerrw fee,to-aod:r
conilucted hia house-keeper to the Rail Rd
House" froniwheiaxube iutcudod Io embark r--
New Jersey. , IVy were shown into a room at '
of toWco, seated himself on a sofa, aiai began U -r'
.- the lady, who had taUn N-
bor positiiHt on ft,.cliair .' lanurlj., oppMit to, liiitw
After remniniog in a 44 silent mood for aome ten
or twelvo minutes, ; the old man carelessly remark , - '
ed, 44 V'el du I tiuk dis plan of liousc-k'Tping Uh
IHH a good plan v 1 too," said the lady. 44 1 tiuk ' ll,
it dosli give peojilo a creatflmncrla U-'ll Ltd
rir,cmittiMie01ie"oU man, kuockinff the asln-s -
from hi pipe.44 n.f'jreplird Ijie hoiisn.lua.puj.. .
"I bad MHtcEraQiAC & jnarriedJ! said tha old man "
striking the pijic across the arm of the sofa, with " '
vtiiicii m hi mu oowi ana part oi the Mem
to the other side of jh. roonu 44 1 too,", returned T-".-' '
the lady. "V did not learn the rest of lb eon.' r
vcrsalion y but about sunset tho old eentlomiih TT T
u Ihe fiijlowing j ' ,'-.. 4. : ' i - - .
JimrtMWrXSti by the lev. Mr. John
Power, Mr. SafinieT Peterson, of King' Town, N.
fperMrii piitimii!a;(hiH city. l.ZlZuZ
In the after part of tlie cabin of tho
Treuton, there i hung up a tin rign, which iiidi-"
catea a part of whsl may be reganied us the tiro.
nrlnlln. ..C .1... ..t - . 1. I. . . ., . .
r... ,i.b in uie piucc , tl UUS Ul fOlJoWlllV illscrit).
tion . -
. 44 Gextlem a?) - asH aoT'mxn-TED to i,t v
Dowjf is TBis cabi!." And gentlemen will be
aro ifx$Wfa$..aB4ymtUmm ef
heding the hint, for nothing can be more tmtrt
tliao to ace tnen atretclied along tli SeMeeslxeiiS
a iew uay since, while the Trenton was on Ik
ptiasage. a tall gentleman, evidently a Kehfuekiiui,
was observed walking for and aft the cabin, hia
arm folded up, and he, apparently, unmindful CJf
tlie rmjvenienta tthd ctmver.Mtion of his humerous
C'llow passenger j two genflen'wn were in earnest
and rather loud- discussion of p, Jiticg j after a hard
shot from the distant, w ho belonged to the oppo
sition side, ihe antagonist bought his hands wnatt.
y downr ami ticliuaikymm Jacks.m J1!lH
done more f r this nation, tlian any othfcr President
wo ever had." .
I'he aHsertion was made in such loud and pov ; ; ,
i I
t r

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