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rUBUSHED WEEKLY: JOHN BEARD, Jr, Editor and Proprietor. Xmnbtrfrom the hrzlnmu?, 73 1 : No. i OF TJI i: XVlh VOLUME.
' ' Ro wiiii Count, N. C." ' " - : ISntunlay Morning Juno 28, 18&I. ;
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1 1. lljM Wm Sfl..
os tcEixo a oiut r or viru kkccuxo in
sitKxr ravra to ooo.
!! they, are kneeling and each brow li covered
- With the while hand lhal press them and u wc
Rests m their souls, as if abovs thm Uoverod
Tb Holy Hmrrt, visibly, to draw -
TV young afloctssui liirif guileless bosoms,
The ardent Imk- that bum witiiin each breast,
f firm earthly IrvtMjro, to (Ihhm Mlm blumuiiM
Tlat wrli Uit buwor of vuilttng real I
Kti!liTfM if ach ttiirit lirlJ communioa)
In iiltitcn will) iu Uoj! or liJ fLwa
A rr frm Mflb, W Mrk cta-r uumo
W illi llira lUt tit Um (iit dnzlmff Tlirono
j,-f wbjrti iiifl'li l r:iii(fk bt'iulini',
l Ar rK-Ml woftiii! ulnle abroad,
btifoJin;', i
I .. if inti lK'.inir In trc? Oop !
A b"iy br", with fm-nnnr. ripfily lHm, j
,i , aj It Kifll p" by, t ' !i in Kirn
h'.fUit air-fftir'ni f'!y irtjf wtti b-r rtr'
-- flit Hs(-tMWl IMtUlW. fM JI iufM-cn tpuJ. ....
Wiicu earta lu ultor dcUhiij b LjiI-i! !
I., titt til yet Uuo i!imt wihii))"i
l .! lif M bfru burning wit'i urn devotion
t fi'nt wi uttrrdl inl tli- lovo thnl
Lach bumlilt! yiriL, i a flaiui! frmu lli-muji,
jt on lh lisr of the human In-art.
f;1) br-jht will be the hope that ulull V uivrn
'i'j tiwae pure girl aid Uitir Urn " r putt !"
IVj tliey the (pulelfan, (fuiltl-whnM. oxiinc
a . lUtb hma a uuiiiMtr-tuurnuig ci.MtUI, bright
' IVj the, whila gtiin in ill forward dintaiica
Uo (uturu aRenca ! jovsure awl di'liifjil,
Fwl Uiey lnv aim wlm-h n-l to bf firivcn t
Tht in Ood'i merry th'-r alone can tnmtt
If Bed grace to fit Umir aouli for I Ira von,
. ,i. Jto aay ftrnU aynt tumtbM m dm I
. - iy ttara, which are the poetry 'of heaven !"
- Tbia i (hid u( tliom rapturous apjatruphea T die
tnthnrof Childe Hanilrly which occasionally burst
ia fine nhreiwy from the impaaaiomxi pout, like
onclea rVoin tlio hp of the PythoiieM ; uocormci
ii!y yltarod, ud wieiniiii;, from their vary bolt
tjcat tud oiMCurtty, to convey more meaning
" iii(!IiiTlrworJ frniM ih-Ale
bnrd been faked what, ho himself intended by tl)ia
t v'.raof Jinary phraue, to rViko "i( clear mtp.'it have
..ef litn m.-irtt hiliAr in vnii thn A vm wnnf tn
f iri' J'iJ'i'B iHOLI'rtwr taain (luuuga -fcc
often did wonar,) for he gMtrrallynchieveJ wlwt he
"TiTlernplouue(hcr''tr we'rciiiioJr'eviir" Without
infjtiirinj-i,hnt prompted the idea to f hat 'wnywnrd
" tuinu, winch in the is about corMuHine them
- a fiie fufcr T tinisri dtniej
wfckk-1 Wik htrl" rrwy truly imw tnll-
ibTr Iw ty)oi' w the iietry of hflaTen." Ilow
Kii wfiirirv7on "acceunt wTHioTr vwiUo Hpk'twTor
for the (tm lamp of a nngl", street of this inetro
''nili otit-akine4 th whoki tiomwphetw 6ri lh clcir-
.' t winter evemnif not on account of their btauti
.Jul cuulLrarationa ; r tlte devices chalked on the
- Soer of fthionaUo lwUruun, to llwi amuwl
ye. would be mora captivating. It is from cuiiscs
buying affinity fo mind, not.mattero Jtroio, not
- emblaiicc--tht the stars nwv indeed be called the
1 '. poetry of heaerw- Ainoiig tkese may be montion-
d the time oT thir apjiejirance, in tlie solitiide,
Silence, nd darknesTof Injrht ; their motriri7witIi
one cotinent, frooi easj fi L,.wst,...tiirh...krpl1j!tj its
place 1 so slow as not to be perceptible, except by
comparison at intervals, yet accomplishing an an revolution o tho heavens,' by points actuslly
ptiood on their apparent nicturnal journeys; Hin,
J)- our. luuittkidgaShJlwyrnav
trom tho foundation of tho world, when the morn
inq stars "gjg?frr f1"1 MMI
shouted for joy ; by their use ui-the tirmament
being, placed there M for signs, and for seasons, and
. ...Jut 4av,' and r resrs," reen.-nrrwc-thou
injoui of th whirlwind to Job, 44 Canst thou bind
the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loom the bands
uf Orion T Coit thou bring forth Mazaroth in his
Wfl.vm J)r raimt ihiHi gniiln ArrtiiniiL will !u
801181" Here shine out, indeed, " the ptry of
heaven;" and hcrew
" iihi.hc of tlie spheres:" .
M or though no real voice nor sound
Amid the radiant orlw be found,
In reason's ear they all rejoice,
And utter forth a glorious voice ;
FwwHr Binoing',"! theysnTnev"" .
The hand that made us is divine."
But in a peculiar, and, to myself at least, an in-
of heaven." - In common with the sun and moon,
they are the only unchanging nnd actual objcts
which all eyes that were ever opened to the light,
and lifted to' the sky, have seen precisely aswe see
Them, and precisely as they shall be seen by poste.
rity till the end of time. Rivers stray from their
channels ; mountains are shattered by earthquakes,
uiiderminded by waters, or worn by tho stress 'if;
element; jurest disappear, and -citiee rise pon
their phtces ; cities, again, are tumbled into ruins ;
all the works of man perish like their framer ; and
on those of Nature herself, throughout the habita
ble globe, is written mutability. The. entire aspect
of the earth, whether waste, or cultivated, peopled
or solitary, is perpetually undergoing transforma
tion, fc'lukipcare says, wNo man ever bathed
twk in tU sama river." It may aAruly U anid,
though the process ia slower, tm two genera-
iksis, awfiiing iccasiveiy( mi one ot, however
marked its (reuera) (turmi might U, ever U-hrld
(he same local objects, in tho same color, hsM,
and character, Tbe heavenly bodi iAw tt
to Us the same idmitiral luminarica, in size, lustre,
movement, and relative position, which ilu-y sp
pramd lo Adam and. Eve in Taradian, wliwi,
st their slisdy Wrs arrited, both iiooj ;
Roth Inrnod, and nnder sky sdored
The tlud thst msde hotliaky, sir, rarth. ami li.siren
WJihjS tjwy Wri Ihs nwnia's rnpleiideut (lobs
And starry puW.h i'stWiw llank 4.
They appear to us the same tW did to Nosh
arm tus Umily, whu they desrciMlod from the ark
into the mk-me of an unisviplod world J and as they
did lo the Unkk-rs of Itulstl, wlx-n the luttrr pro
p ted a tuwer whose top should reach lo Heaven.
i ney appear lo us in lli same isitiie srruy as they
were soeii by IVbormh and iiarak, when 11 the stun
in their courses luuitht afsinl Niwm ; in (lie Mine
spsrkling conatelhitK sis as tliey were wen bv the
I snlimsl, c mpi:lliiig Iinu I j exclaim, " hen I con
siuer thy hejvens, the work d thy lingers, I tie
moa siul the stars. Inch thou Itus unlamcit, Lurd ! is man tliut TImsi art umxlful of him, or the
sou of man, llut Tutsi visilesl him T" (lire more,
ami oh I how touching is the thought I the stsrs.
the uik lituijjinir stars, appear to us with (he ssme
phcid magtiifu-ence as Ihey were seen by the Ite
deiHcr of the w.irH, when, having seni the mul
IHwi ayr le westl up into a HtomUut ajoiil 4u
pmy; arid Mhcu cieutug wascuiuiis was then.
nl'rie," snd " rontinued all night in pru)er lo tiod."
Matt. . 23. Luke yi. IW.
" Coi mountain and the muliniflit air
VtneIed the fervor of hi prayer;
TKs dim-rt his temptation knew.
His conflict and hta victory too." Wall:
The iiars, then, have been the points where sail
tint ever lived liave Riot ; tho grcul, tho uwll, tlra
evil, uj the gissl ; the prince, tin; warrior, slate.
man, se ; thn high, the low, the rich, the poor,
tits btsoi and tlie free j Jewt.rewk Scytliiso, and
liar man. Every man thnt has looked up from
th earth to the lirmnmetit lis met every other
man among the stars, for till have wi'ii them alike,
wliieh chii be said of no other image in the visi
ble universe Hence, by a .rympitthy neither of
iocloiTnor overstrained, wo can ut pleaxure bring
our spirits into nearer contact with any being that
has existed, illustrious or obscure, iu nriy ae or,
country, by fixing our eyes, to name no other, on
tho evening or liui luuniiug Ur, whM-h Iksi nsli-
vidunl must have beheld a hundred tune.
" Id thst ssino place of heaven where Itow it ahiaea
and with the very aspect which the beautiful plniu:!
wurs lo us, and w ith w hich it will continue, in
smile over the couch of the dying or the t radio of
reviving day.
An-Anoinl LeguoJ Tfanwale.1 frwi tk? German-j
There was once . noor snsn who had twelve
night that he mi"ht earn fix! fr them, vv.heu at
thajrorld, the poor man did, not know huw lo help
himself, so ran out into the highway, determined
to sk llie first perii Ire met to be godfather to
the. DojT"TheiriIieF8 Vanirslaltin up to liini
Death, wBo said, 'Tase 'nierur "glitiV.-
rho-wr yoa rTMrd"ihrMihr'-1' t amTWhthv
who make all equal. llion suid the man, ' You
nre one of .tjbe right svitryoM seize on rkh ami
poor wit hont distinction ; you shall be iIm child'
godfather. Death answered, I will niaku tlui
.boy rjch and. renowned througbuut tlie world ; for
he who has me for a friend can want for nothing.4
Said the man, ' Next Sunday he will be christened ;
mind and come at the right time. Death accord
ingly he promised, and stood godfather
for the child. When the boy at length flrew up,
lfrs-7odfutheT cameto bin! one vday,'looV nini with
him into a wood, and when they were quite alone
said-- Now shall you have your godfather's pren
sent I will make a most tinnous physician of vou ;
(or whenever you are called to a sick person, f will
lake care and show myself to you. If I stand at
tlie- loot of 4hebed,-say-feoldIyr I iiill hwcsj wstore
you, lo healih ; and give the patient some of a (it
tie herb which f wiff pmtn" V ycMlamf hwwiH
soon be well. If, however, I stand at the head of
the sick person, he is ruine then say, ' All help is
useless 4. ho-murft soon dw.' -"Then- t)eath'ilto-wed
hm tU4iMk horbc awd wid-f'afcerllfJWl tfiat you
never use it in onmisitlon to mv will.' It was not
long before our hero was the most celebrated phy
sician in the whole world. The moment he sees
a person, said every one, he knows whether or not
TtJinr ftMiUVLT. Auumliui'ls , lie was 111 g 1 eat
queHt peoiilo came from fur and near to consult
so that he very soon bad made an immense tor
tune. Now it so hapmrned that the king was ta
ken ill, and tbepuy siciun was called upon to say
whether he must die. As he went up to the bed,
he saw Drafft standing at the sick; .man's head, so
that there was no chance of his recovery Ihe
physician thought, perhaps, if he outwitted Death,
Uu wouU not ba uiuch oiLiiuWsoeuig.thU Iw
his godfather ; 00 ho caught hold of the king, and
turned him round, so that by that means, Death
was standing at his feet ; then he gave him some
I of the herb, and theiJflgJmsdljjii waajincfi
more well. But Death came to the physician with
a very angry and gloomy countenance, and said,
I will forgive you this time,, what you have done,
because I am your godfather j but if you ever ven.
lure to betray nie gain, you must tnke tlie Sohse-
qiiencos. " Btiortiy aner mis, me ivingiumignrrr
fell aiek, and jwbody could cure her.. The old
kins wett day and night, until hia eyes were blind.
ed ; and at last he proclaimed, that hosoever res
cued her from death should be rewarded by mar.
lying her, and inheriting; his throne. ! The physi
cian came, but Dtath was standing at the head of1
tlie- Princess, Vet. when the chvsician beheld
the beauty of tlie king'sJaughtcr, and thought of
iih, irouii- wnica i its sing rtaa rruuie, ne irgs:
an me warnings wus n lie n4 received j and al
llnsigh ik-alh frowned angrily all the while, he
ton! tksv Mlit an that lSKsiib stood al her feet,
and guve ln-r mmm of llm healing herb J so that he
isirn nsira put life in her veins. Itut w hen Heath
saw llmt Iw was a second time cheated nut of his
property, iej,e,l up to the physician, and said
.Now follow me' laid hold of linn with his icy.
cold hsnd, and bid liiin into a suMcrraneoiis ravn,
in which (here were tlnsisonds and itusHswds of
Imriniig caislles, rang"-! in innumerable rows.
Home were whole, mw hslf-burnt out, sims? near.
Iv cisiMiimvl ; every instant some went out, and
fresh ones were hghtisl, so that the little fkmc
eeiiK-d perpetually hopping thuul. liVhold,' said
Ik slh.'llie life-atiilles ul iiMiikiisl ! Tim large
ism's la-lisig n children. IImss lialf csisomert. lo
nil'klle.six'J pe.ij.le, tho little ikmsj to aged. Yet
children srf I voting people have often limes hut
little ruislle, and lictitliut is bunil nil, then life i
at an end, and they are mine.' And (lie phvaii ian
i't : rsfiow um isisr my ramlle ! IlH'n Death
rsiite-i mrt a very little ramlle end, w hich wis
S limine nog in the rkel, and snid, f Ib'holil
Then tHe physician was afraid, and sail Oh
dcan-sl . Hlfaiher. liclil lis ur a irt ism,
msy lir-st enjoy my life lie king, and hiislmod i
the beautiful princess.' 1 I rainwS do so,' ssitl
IVsth; 'sm iniisl bum out Isfore I can light up
amShee, -Phve. tTeoW isie iijwsi a new fine then,'
that thnt mny tstnl on when this is at an en,!,' mid
the physirisn. Tlieti Death, pretemliug as if he
would comply wUli lius witdi, rNtr.lu4 a btry new
smile ; hut, lo rrVMiie hinntilf, purpuaely faiksi in
imt'iiig it up, nnd the httln mis fell and was ex
hnioii'ln 'I. Then thn physic inn aunk with it, and
ho bini-iHf (e mtoilie hands of sath.
An Extract from Butirer
Px hold, tlinsihisil tlie univerae, all things at
war Willi another lite Iksi with the Umb, the
serpeui with the turd : and even the getitlenl bird
df, Willi the moth of tlie air, or the worm of Ibe
humble earth. What then to men, ami to the
spirits IrntiNcenifiiig men, is so lovely ami so sue rod
ss s being thnt hurm.'-th none, and what so Iw-suti-Pdss
Infiorrnr" irhar m moornml irlfs tiufimely
tomb ? And chall mA tliul lisuh be mrred f Fhnll
it mt tie our iHvuliar care f May we not mourn
over it as al llie iiiNing awsy ol some Isir mirscle
in nature ; lou tuudur to eudure, too rare to he for
gotten 1
1 lie prom of the heart enlightens, touclie, roil-
pes, ukim than poetry. Tour n'iiiosnihi.
cat liui would bo cominisi place if turned into
pr.sMs -ChiMe Ilarolde, aeemingly" iw profound,
ovvi-s iti pndundily to its style ; in reulilv it ruutiiiua
othifig that is tic w, except th jDeclt.iniwu.tif ila
ifi Ih-iu rC.CSJlllit coulsin. Im roliuinw miUIo
Ih'HJfil w hich a great pre w riter embodies ; the
rfi me Menially cripples it j i(jroperlyiJinIs witH
the common prohlcois of huniaii nature whii h are
from t
I Thus, tliniir !i it would sccin ,sVpaja
piace 1 a inoro ine ciemem 01 jss'iry inan (H pnise.
And sen.siUi) id this, riion Schillor w ride the cht'p
et tragedies, hin Fiesco, in nrosc. ....
It is perhaps ff others rather 'tlwn cwimiv,
that tho j.;n(l Jiesrl requires an.Ueresjier., . tue
trammil re4, the ulisdirw nnd the silence, the mere
pmYrf flier 'Uret of "hrev fmre-mv -terror ibe
wise, who know the due value of the world
- AfW the billbwt-of a stormy sea,-
Swc t is at lost the haven of reprMi !"
But no! so when that stillness is to divide ir
eternally from others ; when thcj who have loved
with all "the pition, the devotion, the watchful
sanctity, of the weak human heartAarc to exist to
ns no more. When, after long years of desertion
and widowhood on earth there ia to be no hope bf
re-unnM) in that Innmbit beyond the stars ; when
theT t orch iiorbf Tift'" oriK', " FKitor lWe","Ts' IoIm'
uiH'iiclied in the Dark Fountain ; and the crave,
that we should frrn hrrpe ir the- grertr Tmorcrof
broken lies, is but the eumh seni cf hoK'lss utter
inexorable separation ! And it is this thought
this sentiment which makes religion out of wo, and
teaeheth belief to the mourning heart, that , in .tlie
gladness of united affections felt pot the necessity of
V Iwavpn.' To hw iminv is the-lenU,! of the be
loved the parent of faith I
Life has always action; it is our own fauh if it
tveilW? dull fyouffi hiis its ej'terize, manliooej its
schcmesTane age, the
rrwexl, the mind still triumphs-over the mortal clay,
and in the quiet hermitage, among books, and from
thoughts, keeps the great wheel within everlasting
ly in motion. No, the better class of spirits have
always an antidote to the insipidity of m oommon.
career : they have ever energy at will
f-FoT UXUA U tli,il Letlie tn which waloi4W-
get our former dreams ,K and the mind that, too
stern to wrestle with its emotions, seeks to conquer
regrei, must leave itseit no leisure to wok nemna.
Who knows what benefits to the world may hive
sprung from thewrrowi f the benefactor t "As
tlie harvest that ghiddcns mankind in sunsof nu
tumn, was called forth by the rains of spring, so
tlifrgritifof youlhoyniaJtath
. HSI e J .L -l.i
There waa a certain vastness of mind, in the.
adoption of utter solitude in which the first enthu
siasts df our religion indulged. Tlw remote desert,
thn ditary.px?kvthok4wellir
the cave, me eternal commBnew-itn tneir own
hesrtsj with nature, and their dreams of God, all
made a picture of eosero and preterhuman ffran-
deo r." Say what we will of the necessity and charm
of social lifej there is a greatness about. man when
he dispenses with iiiawiiJ':;;1" . -,;..-; t-
There is something in travel which constantly,
even amid the most retired spots, impresses us wilh
the exuberance of life." Wa come to tliese quiet
nooks, and find a" mee whose existence we never
dreamed of. Irt tlicir humble path they know the
samo passion and tread tho same career as our-
elves. The rnoiiiilalisi shut them out from th
great world, but llirir villsge is world in ildf.
And they know aud oeed no more of tle turbulent
scenes f remote riiies, our own planet rocks
of tho whabitaiiU isf 110 dndant stars.
Tbno lingering star, Willi eenlDg rsy."
The rptaisle in the life of I 'urn, which has for
its be giiMung, its mi'Mle, and its end, Ihe attach-
numl IsHween himself and Mary Campbell, is ti
cetslingly alis ting. From PKeut fcotlih work
we leant that this youngs female, who was invest.
eu, oy ine linsgliiaiive powers ui ius imxu, who a
thouaand rlwruis, was a dairy .maid at Collfs'ld
a good loosing Uueyrtl girl, with a very pretly
fuul. After a ksig rHirtlnp, in which they found
ihe current of thoit Iroo love" ftar from running
"smoothly, lliey fixed a day on which to take
leave, temporarily, of each other, white making
the final ariangeimsit for llieir .oarruge. In 1
lowly ami ronuuilic spot upon the banks of Ayr,
Ihey (mumhI a day logi.iher. On setsrs(iug, tliey
1k1 upon the ofiiMMie banks of a brs4. l'hey
dipied llieir haisls in its water, in testimony of
trie purity of their intention, and theu placing
them umsi a wide together, they lisiked up to Ilea
ven ami mutually tdedved their truth and risistan-
cy. Mary emlaarbiMj lor llie iel lliglilaisw lo
visit her fnemls, but slie n-lurued m iitore nlie
was lakeu sick ami died cm In r way to (,rvenot k,
alter a short illnma j llunis never mrgot the object
i his aiieefHHM. -i,trn atwr ne nmrrten sne
A r iih sir, he csitinuel lo mourn her fsle, am some
ears afterwards. Iiimsi ihe birth-day of his lost
Msrv, he was found by his wife in a cold bright
evening, silling wit in Ihe csien air umhi a wisp H
straw, raking upsi a bright star wrth the utm4
intenevnt'sa. He waa prevailed on, after much
iM'TstinxiMi, to enter ihe Ixsine, ami there sat down
ami wrote, almost withisil a jstuse, ihose matchless
ln whH'h have iiiimortsheud hit puxisi.
Ihtfttlt uf Ihr CmI$ mfxml s rkrrtr. -
Two Cats once on a chiieae Hid light
To w hich both had an equal right ;
Hut quarrel, kueh an oft arise,
Fell out 111 harm' of the prize.
- Kstr ptey, sarsene, you est fna fist : '' " T
At tins rtn how lsig would il List ?
Cisne let u part it, else ere long
The cheese will cveiy st:rsp e fisin.
Iltit how, ssid they, hliall we iliudo ?
Bemg Bsrftrs bSh, who shall pmudc! -.
tSo WilU coosiiit, away they trudge,
And rhone a Monkey for a judge.
A Judge he aeemed. well rkilled ut Uws,
And had divided uiany a cause.
- Now empire choen for dtvitiUiii,
Dsh swear to stand by his decuion..
With looks demure, be eyes the cheese,
And with a knife cut not a (mteav -
- -' With mnrh gravity he did 4I-.1-.T"
To e if il was good aud (Wt-et;
12. Ttiori fat iJ:ncsmxj Jie raru, -zzrzzr.
" ' And ruts the 'cheese tn equal parts"!;.
Vtiic.h lo do justice cannot fiiil. " .
eU truly weiffh the " ""
And stru tent jtHitieshiiUJuive pVt;; I,
Therf Trft7nif "ii'rr tfta sVKT. w iTeTuuiid
line end go up, the other down;
So out he takes tlie heavierS. ksif,
.. And qukkly glut went a port! cWfi : -..-.::-..
ptf wcigbtNi again it ptwed too right; .V
.'" rriuiuI'caUt sua to, we'll do u rilit " " '
: . . Thon from the other half ho gnaws, .: " '- -: -.
Aid nibbles with his teth snd paws l..
""TiinrieJ agaluT 'il'Tljrlitest "proved';""
The ;iulge. who this sweet process loved, . -
Htrtt weighed the esse and still i mf -
Till both the cats were weary grown;
And iittsiifipf how the uutttor went,
t"rsd,--corn srr,-we are NHfr conrent
- Ye isL qwrfli he, and etstK toe .
Must be Cisitent as wnll ss yoa. -
-Tims grumbled they thus he went on f "
Till !th tlie halves wore neatly gone. -
Poor pussies now the, folly sac
Of settling trillisi by the law
'And biiggt-d the judge that he"wmild'p!ea.4e,
To gLve them the remaining clieie,
-r.. .ui.:,.i. 1.:-,.,..1.1
The duos of court must first be paid;
. Twill take what rheese is left or more,
To pay the cost and clear the score ;
Thst's our decree go home and sleep,. '
And thank us yuu joMdT so cheap; ;(
Tliere is a little ncwsiiapcr published in Penn
"'"gAJt, M,mtM. thn maminrthJassybetng-bwt
about as large as the cover l Peter Parley prtm
mers, it is, in every whermcpect, great, no pa-
per cornea to this office that we read with so much
gusW It certainly is not because of ita shining
qualities its wit or its wisdom, for the honest
Wonker w
man, and is as far- removed from either of t)nm
States. Nor doe our liking come from any thing
intrinsically interesting in the local incidents-of
that quic community ; P-r we dQ not recollect any
event recorde'd in ihe-Palladium, we have
been m happy:iui-J loiik into tta pngeA; tnord Im
portaut than the Editor's campaign mada some
time sine" against his nniahbors' hena who had in-
. ..... . . -
itht'se .considerations that ma arc so rxu-l wl to the
Pulladium still like it we do we like it because
in short, wo like it because we can't help it I
subject appropriately classed. . For instance, hrp
der the Farmer'a depart nietit " we notice a treatise
ori Ilurilock's for hogs," and under the Historic
department" wedding which toolr plce lately tf
Peqnonnock, and a Kitten at Mr. Heading's, wilh
two heads. The Didactic department " contains
a criticism upon the cruelty of tying barn-door
fowls to a stake to be shot at. ' But under the head
of tho 'Gambler' department" we think the Edi
tor too severennd we have a, trial with him for
it. lf berire it. aAndrew' JCKsox a hurt-
'ex Afy," and then proceeds to say, upur tho author-
i"ly tsf PiHilaoii's Advertiser, that Ceo. Jackson's"
lurse look lite Minss al tlie Jockey Club Races ut
Washington a few days sincethey being ecitrrr d
in the tiaine f Mr. IksndtMSi. This is uncharita
bki in the I'h tor lie ought to have put this in the
"didarttev oVpwr1rrmt,', arnons; the heusv AVa
York (Vsncr a ui Kmjuirtr. -
Tlie tenth anniversary if Ihe American Sunday
Ktliool I'niuti, wss cekhmlcd by religious strvicss
in tlie church on Washington, Square, on Tuesday,
the 20lli iusiiiut-tu sontirabki I'msukn ALkv-
Annta HcrtHir, l'-q., iu tlie chair. . . ' 1
lu the absence of our eits.iK'd A Itow citiznn,
Pari., jre IVi., who has boon for scvorai
years Troanurer cf tliw inatitution, and greatly tluvo
led to its liilorvtss- Hie report of rreiU and ex
pendilun's was read by Mi. I'oatfca, tssj of the
tSec retimes. ,
' llie annual report of tlie Jlsird of Managers
was presented and read by Mr. Patkaio, one of '
the ISucrctario. . .
ck versl rcsolutiia were then introduced.. .
supported, with luut b elssimnce and sjHnt. Amurig
the sirakera were Iter. Dr. fSlisris., ut lha Baptist -
t'hunb, from Bisdun ; Kev, Dr. Tyng, of tin
ley, of Ihe Prvab) terian Church, New Ytrk Key. , . '
Mr. ' imdow, Mianiottttry from Cexlmit Key. Mr.
Maltressor, of Durham, Lngbtiid : Kev. Mr. Breck. .
rnridge, of Phihidclpr.raT uJ ItevTITrrXee '!,!
Issimi. We were particularly impressed with
the remarks of Mr- Brrckeuriilge upon the impur -
tance of a more f tterudve rireuliitiirti of the valun-
ble publications of the socie ty. He illustrated the t
process of educatiisi br a beautiful allusion to our
aater works ui Fair Mount where the inventive - V-
getiius of man has succeeded in making a river ' 1
rnine trHf, and send it pure and refreshing wafers
aoru inresirn our coy 00 sorieiy niusi do mnno
to raise itself. Morni sentiiuetit miist be mode
strong citrsigh to elevate aociety Try srlfoppliej v
power. ' - -' i
1 .l.L . L J . . r
Mr. Beeers spwsch waa exceedingly appropriate.
It was after a snssion oTnearly three h'sira, tint
he rose to address the assembly, but there wns so '
much pleasantry in his introduction, and so much
kuutiM'm hi fiis whol.t" naiiiKr','(liaf Ihe appropriate
ami elevaled and devout remarks w hich FJIowrif,
were received with the most evilerrt and gratifying V '
emotimw. - . .
It armitara. lh retvirY rS iKj, TLBrt tliti
tlie busineM isf (he society is prxwis-rous that tie -arm
smt of sale during the year hug been between
M.OHK) aurt eflO.UOOWhal IU deU doenebi.' '
sive of Jhose from dupotHtoriea) amount t ahocrt
f 1 o.OOO, and that tlw prosped of increased useful- .
ness is flattering. ' . i -
. fV ha Isfn BwrrmnnttMl to tlm rmUie.dt'iHH V. r.
ofhk; oVcJ FirjiircuIatKsa in France, and it was-
resolved to raise 8I2,I00, to be nppnipriatejjo
tlio ofCIiristiaft nilsiotM m foreign laiida.
Many Christians -seeW to
rvfigfoos obligations. They am dispiswd to sxilMyr'"
inseives win sncmnng 10 wnai are strictly reli
js duties.-To know tittle and to care less about "
the cinj pnliticaj relation of aoc iely, is, "with such", '"'
a mark of. pietyiAa thai infidnl hedds that it mat- '
tcrs not wh4 ta.Wi"j
such Christians rosmtnin that it matters Hot w hat
others rosy havaoflisHsv, however mnehthe'y mfly ""'
b dttoe4 to'enorirs"' prrinrsmcfj '-""
that religion false which does not innke a m?vi rje. ,,
sirous of knowing: ind prf rmius his dirtiea in nil r
the relations 111 which ho. aland whethor to hi .
tod, his country, his- teihl.Mrhis- fiiemls, -r -
fanuly emnieettotis.' -Ignornnen," esrsciilfy "w ilHiJ "
of any doly, wli-ther .h'ootniiiiited relijjioii, m.liti.
cal, civil, or sncis.1, will b no vtwe Ar neclect at
tho bar of UodJTha Christian is notmd in all hit '
conduct to pronMilo the fclory of flesl and Ihe hsp.
piness of rnam- Orrvernrnent wields" "ah hrulcula- " !
hlrflfiflisincff ever fh hajirHmifi'"or irian
To some extent iu influence extends to his immor
tal destinies. Let him, then, who is'reorJl.-ss rf
human happiness, 13 indifferent to the civil and rs-;
lTWHLt&mjaOM couiUrYlI!itt.4V--Iai smmmt d? -religion,
let him renounce Christianity a-Cri tia 1
Political hypocrisy hath made the laudable namn
of lnotieimJmfi '
sirtfeWlBrihe"bebt things, ami walks as in Ihe siirht
I -e rs ';. i" . 11 T . " " -
01 woo, win, 01 an men, do luiiniui in lower matters,
and carry a sterling integrity from religion into
every duty of sociul Jipj. On the other hand, hn
that regards not God, nor yet other men but at
they are convenient to himself, may very justly l
til fklJll grmt r-a- . . .
PrrJlt W gknyf indcetl, wilt eMf wmc ri'ir -i
man ot jnese, aiw wnore aro lus motives for .pro
moting the national welfare ? , , v
Tlie Christ inn is not a mere showy patriot, fir
!.r..?L.fvI.,CaB 1 .JMIV..,,0..-K.:'M. none but
Christian can be, a patriot in spirit and in troth
pouring out his secret and enrtiest prayers U'fn) (
God for the true? prosperity of , the- land. Tl..;
swrhl, iridc3Vlth W w
nf heaven ; but One, who U wiser than the world
hath told us, that, the " effectual fenent prayer i f
iM!!?lllgiSA.9yiiliih nnieJtinHii wieif
person, like 11 n l'.lias, can be instrumental in draw
ing down public blessings what may not be hj (
fbr from the prnyers of logions of Christians tiv
out the nation 1 We may read what the prayer ;
of such 'wed have clone, in Hob. xi. 33, 84.
; The Christian patriot will rejoico in nil tha go., 1
dtMie to his Country, though other hands. r;iii,.
than 'In Imvo been emtdoved in' the doimr ii .
That man deserves not tho name of a pit riot, t .,
whom ihe pe aire, honor, and prosperity of his cot
try are valuable only; as they may contribute ;., "
his own." . .,." - . ' ..... . . ' .
A the Clnistian'a patriotism i' founded uj.r :i -

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