North Carolina Newspapers

    U .r 'ur'!--4 by t!U,e-, r-.t .
,(P.. fi M , of awllS r-rn r 1 but pi r 1 1 1
I'piifl litis UiS FIitaT tit Commerrinl nakf th
f.iloWinf iibln end W'tunt rmaika !
jjjj epithet ieolrd baa been fr court.
n m lh part f win''. " kwdnae to tha feeling
of lb abu:- Dot ctJwJ awn, blatk men, sod ngro
pan, after ' ' '" '""a'- The result aa,
01 )f, (!ui alleges Uiat our Hair lour Waa negro-ee
ifsrtitottt m revoking to tha fry sens gf the (oin
niua.ty, a a dietant from biatori truth. Our Ma
,klUf wi kirn in Ju4a end every hulir know that
"lli diatiiwuv: fUture of th Jewell and African ra
CM trt llnflhr dusHimlar. The tinner have Bver
Messed th aplay lor, th crooked abut, tha thkk bps,
SiM Cf K'P-J Wool, th f'. aav - ibis '
of UK Crash ' distinguished til latter. They
ntterly dial met Irora tit Egyptian, even in U
fcyclhir idag. In all respect they were dia.
tmrt and peculiar peopl. They were kept diatinct
lult in Eryps nd ' MbbluJtruetit of their clvd
pJitf. by " iioaself, W rt J""
i peculiar sod isolated jrople-bedgtd op on every
sida, end by every legal Tt end to U the eeremonk.
,1, ( Uioir coin plicated ril" of worship, to prevent
their mingling with inr other penpl. And they tr
a nnuMlirtiiMled pwjl n4 Uimbjr t ttiAding ni
Our Hanour, marwvY, w of th of Dif id.
Ami wm lh iht'4ird uf IWOiWIirm tU trm4 tltn
. of Unnl noifro I TU miuhI tnwtW it liit dr
iiifiMnlihnul uf Um Mwrltna, fc-wd if bwtirjwB
w1id tpmm fkr trmt Mng vra wtrtltjr. h
j. umsummnnly Mr and cwwlr. At ill evnt. utrra
u (to iMcmty uf 4Mjirtut( tin (Mmrt of tK eom
miimtr by i diUflno mrrv lunj, and unto girted
(17- Hirva I)r. Co, in hi n-l tlm Africa rvn,
k a' rind tliat tha flatimif of mankind raa a "elar
rd nun," wa afftold nil be nriri4 If n 1 the
ii(rfbl H almiild aaaert that Mir find parenU were aa aa ebuny, and tliat tha amrimit Unjuaifa of ax a
v (iuiiwa, Cun(o, AhnU-e, or wane otiM-r equally
rupSuoiaua and BolbdierL
Oftminm we atiall mm bmr of the patahliahmrnt of
rirM(ir!iiia priitalily the flmt at line t'nivi hitty
(4 V.te rcvirtf nj npna1 . u&vI&Jkl ancient, aeinta
b!'VpJLaaefd'Unjnl, in a h rh mir ftir mhlr find
"jnr-nt ffrH to Iffr Gudlike amu inl'atadu
l i:.if Ilia were mlix-ad by the at-rpxiit, ( aup)MW
it in a vAtf anake,) and ate
"'Mr. fruit
lirnufhl deaf A Mio lAe vt14, mu4 mil our wot."
U I 1 ijld tha paia Mil Urn tuve IImhiIiI id' Una who
Mi'.ulJ couert iuUi a tiitck-hpixxl, k.iOkjf-li.l-.l. and
in'KreMt, that ptregua uf beauty Inkii h hai de-
MfibtHl m
".Wife InaWv m Pnniiitrm, whom Ihr goJ$
".'(doMrd iM tf rartr '("'
I nut the baro aLjtuu auuuit U turn the alumacb of
iui n-uaa and Ue I
ffr One nf the wort u Hifrw nf the Tim" when
t'n't art Uiullitujin ul' had aiifna, tite ciuiuon prut
tre ef bunttng up bad pruceJvnU ffixu the ut hlUty
r) uf tha cuuutry lo plead in jiulilanlion U acta llul
la tha late debute in the S-nate, on the FueUmiee
Rtwrt, Mr. tWerta; remarkKd -
f There waa one point on which there eeerned tn be
fculvcmality of opunou. It appeared that money had
beei hormwed It he I) partniont, without the autho
rity of Omcrre. Thla waa certainly a violation of law,
atU-aa-ahu . Hot nrcnmiiy mihl 1w in uicua tut
the act"
Here we have, from the commamler-in-chipf of the
Kenatorial (ircea of the Ailminiatralum, a direct ailutia-
mioi thattfm ftartnwcar-Uenirat ftaa tooUtei tkt Urn,'
lif turrtuciiig uuhu u wilkvul Aeyvianrnl Congrtmtl
And what t irryed th jaaiflcstum t Ttie tyrant! ptra
".unfarityt?. . .. - ... . ,...: J.i
No thera) ia o?t witJiitt the compaaaof moral poeak
7 i 7" 7 j
. jtEunoa. ia uu- tuatwwtrr -la uie nrm place, woo a w
judgt of tilt aeoeaaity of tha caae, hutolia aiaurpnr him.
.lf V be v kia lea law', and bia Viohnee happen to
torn out adantageouilj, he if extolled for hi raergy
and frarlee -rsitriotism : if it fkils, tha apparent swert
iii'y uf Uie caen ia a aulUcieot oxcuee, and Uia violence;
ja aacnbml to M-asw'attt hmif:1'
: Mr." Futmh wad-'aMt"amfaa'aVt1i' Kre'
jutiflcatioa ofrkdationa of law, but, in tha csj ofl
bi diiual'mj arrvilrty, even wont ao ikr as to nert,l
inn nr. Alimroa ami Oen, yac bota owea uwu
elevation to rmk violation of lumt '
Such barcfiiced SpaoiaUika fawning and cringing j
iuservn Uw contempt nnd rrprobation of ry man ,
Who breathe, tha air 0 freedom iinobetructed OT the I
kiteful coltttr of JacaJunaov,--,. , . ' '--
It ia loatWioe to ace n man of Mr. Forsyth' taJenta,
ei fain jK!ished addresa, and cultivated mind, thue bow
a to a ti0. old man merely becaue be ta in -power,
- - Such fMeldy to hi liegn lord entitle him to the new
vacancy in th Bute Department A no other man
Can be found who can ao ea-sily asaimdate all bia view
tn those of the President, the ntcrrtity of the case
would certainly justify even Mr. Clay himself in voting
for the confirmation of Mr. Secretary Forsyth.
M nrrwry,-tnd HmVtefie 1tJt1iaW ft.
Ever since the "glory-Presidcnt first became a can
dato, the People have been treated like t parcel of chil
dren who were to bs coaxed, with a banttfttl of sugar
pluma, or rather the promts of them, to do almost any
tiiin. ,
Wait, aaya one, till aWJy goea toWaaafnf ton, and
he will givedi Jit.
The 01,111 tevumsistJmiJimMM.
eiwmjri it Ir to tonk Ibr r great : many WeMin Ji "tim
'he elevation of dodJtf. the "Tennessee Farmer;" but
nKist of them have, aince then, cut their eye-teeth, and
discovered that daddy'a promiaca are "all my eye."
But we are mnured that they are all to be aummed
up at last in a gold currency, a NATIONAL CUR
RENCY," that ia the name; and we suppose each piece
of coin will have "dlory on one aide, and daddy Jack-
darlinn'mav nut a etrimr in the nrettv baubles, and i
ar tfenrBnfinaluWll to'accuitorh
4 o - - '
them to the collar.
Tlie President lately nominated n Mr. Martin Gor
don to be Collector of the revenue for the Port of New
Orleans. The Senate refused to confirm the appoint
mentnot on party grounds, for both friend and (be
"f tlie President opposed it Neat day the Preaident
nominated young Master Gordon, a son of the rejected
gentleman, fat the name appointment " The yooth, we
"oderetand, fa not cf age 1 Hi waa, of awrae, rejected,
en the president dttcrmSnc to reward a iavorite,
it i a d..T,v Jt (!,. r ; , i , .!, ,.; i. ,
he it' M wm,i:U mn,m oihet fimiX Mr. M.rtia
f; ' ! 0, tulli the pnvtia uodrrtan.Jn.j Uut tha p.,f,u
t'ta offire. are u, utura In that ft,lW,nut um, aler
a ra4.U alluwanca i, mttaiud'l
nut in tha buuna lraawctu.
Hoirni CAttou.sM.
Wa are fbd lo find our anttctpatiuiMi ra1nd aa raw
rH to Via hunt tlut would ba tak-ft, tn Huuth Carw
lia o tfia decuion of tha Cuort of Appeal. - )
Goner Itayna hu laaued pmrlatnalium (a fopy 1
of wbka will ba txind in a nrecdinf eolumn.) recora-1
mendinf k tha I'aejdt) of tha 8(le lo arutnra in, tha
diaion of Uw Conrt But, aa tha Court and tha L. j
gieUture am bit ruklly tha ereaturea aitd aimia of
the whole t otnrnuniiy, anj a the two ata dill r
about an important pditieaj qondkai, tha auhjct wiU
ba rr fined, i altimaU deem ion, to the priacipala tha
Peojila UiMMcIf ea in their aurereign political capacity
nn?Ki.ATioN or orncE.
Tha GhU, of lha I5ih intiit, aya;
- Waondmtand tfot Mr. McUoe haeW:pnd hia
oflU-a of rWr.-lj.f7 ,,f fitateih rgoation lo lake at
feet aa awn, A-v , f tlie nreeent aeaaioii of Conaaaa, aa
tf Oiy be r...mnt (or tiie Prondent to appoint
aawar," ,
Toc(IUh4 MiruU that In regard lo ene prominent
nfairr, (fir iaataace, tltuat relative to tha drpuailra)
which iwupjr Ototh of tha public attentmn, Mr. Mr
Iane baa cnturUined dilt-nmt aiewa from the rei.
dent But it da not aay -on the omtrarr, lea rt
doubtful whether ihia dirt-renre of opinion may nut
bare rtnaed the reeipnation of Mr. Mc!n.
Tbie rcwifnaUm ia a fortunate thins; dr amne one of
the hud of aiipiranta, aa it will fire Iheio one nuore
cltanca) fur political priie.
Few readera hare tVfutten hat a fua u ml
about the Eaat Room of tha Preatdcnt'a Houaa unddrJ
Mt. Adam a Adiniiitatateai.
A eorreiipijndent (aappnaed to be SenaUar Bi:n!f) of
That verarioua paper lite Richroond Eoquirec, dcacrilmd
the Eaat hVkmi aa aurpaaainf hi mafnirWnre the palv
of Kmy yea, wren tha fkbulou p!uodwr of Per.H
atan or Arabian uwoarrhiea.
Now we hare never beard that Mr. Adam. when be!
quit UieVhite Iloui, touk any uf tha puUic forauUra
away with bim ; yet it aweuia Uiat what wa omii-il
too gurgxtsia Car Ute Arulorrmttr Yunktf, u quite Uw I'crhapa he ia aotite young gallant alto baa been rebull
plaur Ksr the Rifublwm Frnur a T'mwtrr. Ac- j ed in his attiimpts to mliale the braelh uf auuaa fair
conluigly, in KJ3 and l the moderate sum WJ n) mph ; and, like the Put in Uia table, baa now nndaay
dolljrs has been expended in buying n-w furniture ! ) vored lo consule himself, and al Ute same time lo vent
Hurra for GLORY and REFORM ! 11 Ins siiU-nu, by pronouncuig the grape beyond hia reach
A State Cuuveulaun ia uow ia aeseaqn al Nashville,
convened to sancod Ute Constitution uf Tenm-sre.
We hope North Carolina wjll, in Ihia particular, Pil
low the example of her fair daughter beyond tha lllue
Rulgfl. e
CO Richard lander, Uie enterprising traveller in !
Airei, nas aoarou Uie laie ul uia uiimnuiiale prelee
aura. On Uie 2d uf February last he died of a wound
4h4 he received m janwary, fmca aoma of tlie native,
who fired upon him aa he waa ascending the river Nunn
in a boat loaded with gmla.
Mr. Lnodt-r had pursued the course of that myiiteri-j
OlU mix Uin.iyiur upwarde-f two-honilred irilfn4
above rle mouth. Ua baa left a widow and an infant
daughter. Acting with that accuitofned jndiriooj tibe
ralily which ia ao promotive of useftil enterpnee, rh
Britiali (aoeaoauaanl naa omifcned of 7t)
sterling (about $310) nana the- widow, and fiHY upon
the (laughter, of. Jh.e decreased travrllor.
CAetriug iieesieTb w'Efrril Pcriool,
in Raluifh, ia prOITrewtiiif, with 'great prouiii- of sue-j
cea. 11 uu om-n 111 oixtbihwi uui 1 lew wccnj, jbi
already die number of atuduita is ao great a to runtlcr
another buHduig ButOissiry. '- I -
I Prtmuing IWi. A boy 14 yean old. who carried
the mij from Rilaijfi to Roxborough, hu bctm dctccu
ed. By Capt Scott, lha excellent PuavMaatnr at Uie 'for
mer wlaee; itf tolirng'nior frorn tt
exa'iuiiieo and committed fbr trial'
-,t 4
rot TU WMTuia camotiJUABV.. . .
MKBrari: In' tour paper of the 31 A uTtimo is'an
appropriate little communication, aigned " MirandA," in
which Una fair correspondent would have you " try to
porauadn thagnnUemen to lewvn on wuch a dwagreew
P"t-u o.. .
ppwa of the churches, 7. ABWJi aijj xorulrauusd to ba-4
iMve luatraiirawta . mttat Uva a very retired lire ; or,
at least, that she cannot ba much acquainted above oa
jluihury, particular! in Pot-Neck and most of thn nd-
yniwmf cmfrtTy.'o ahewd eirteridca the per-
auaMMVtotWtet'a well aa gentlemen -even from el
derly matrons down to Jittle miaaea ; and not only from
depositing the jo ice, but, what to me ia equally disa
greeable in young persons, destroying their naturally
odoriforoua breath by mean of a H ahumke-pipe," j
I wonder how Miranda would like it, if, boing invi
ted to noiiM festive party in thia part of tlie country,
and on her arrival, doubtless before she entered tlie
"truest chamber,1' ahiould be met by some half a dozen
toting, Mit etow.ed. aviU
plumrnenta mat nature ana art couia .pesww.on tnein
wtiUitt, inmeaa Ol uie usuaj exniiiraung ceremomoa, uie
salutation ahould be, " I low d'ye do. Miss Aft rami a
can you give me a eJUie.or a pipe, (a the case may be)
of &uar I've bad none thia half hour; I've begged
every man and woman on the bill fbr a leetle, and can't
git a grain ; I shall aartainly die if I don't git aome
soon!" I guess she would be a little mortified again.
' You will readily perceive, air, that I am no worship-
perof "Ntcot' bane,11 ett her in che w iug,'OalTlg;7ti5:T
P'ngej f" "mnggiTm iJtrnramMXJfue. I wouU
hondred of mile before 1 would be tied for life to a
tobacco chewer or amoker, who might (aa many actual
ly do) go trudging about her business, with nor pipe
stem clenched between her teeth, or her cheek distend
ed with a quid, and the "juice" roping down into her
tray of dough, pat of batter, pot of milk, or any other
cooking arrangement, victual, am.
Now I am aware that some will cry out, H Thia is an
officious meddlesome feller it kt don't love backer, be
jtwul M, w. alone, JU,.w'd..jra,th.or .do. jwahwt,i(tfe
than backer." Sic. , But, Mr, Mitor. this would be
aomething like tlie liinguageadejigejbxtlin huo-
Chanalians against uie wormy pnuantnropista wno nrai
undertook the task ol suppressing uie use ot ardent api
rit ; and, aa, they are now considered the true friend
of humanity, 1 do not despair of shaking off the odium
which will m all probability be cast upon me by the fair
chewer and amoker of wWkefc---
Now. Mr. Editor, aa Intemperance, in it more ex
tended sense, mean an excessive or immoderate ue of
any thing that i necessary to man' existence, or even
the moderate use of any uiing deleterious I would in
fer that the excessive nse of tobacco ia n dire intempe
rance, very injurious both to health and the purse ; and
I really think it would be a benevolent act of .charity
if aome philanthropic influential friend of the present
and future generation would ewpw the cauw and
undertake tlie formation of socktic for the aup;ireinoa
i.f r . v.e b-e nf t.J.n "t I f. 1 Ut in'
' "i Una ; . I, ln.Td I have a-,ral i l.iMrni,
n.ile aiid f 11, tin 1 an t )xi knot it la .ai,tal f-
vuurtfra, ul a g-nrrsl r, tt li. nk tin y had aa al
be iM,t of lit" a ar id aa uot of the aod, aa
aa a U y can t, 111 a Uua ai.J are a latla doaa lii
ninf 00 Itta hpa, Now, thiika be, if I taily rhfd lo
Ukih I nulit jfu a-touriifif, And tiuly a taut of !
baro, whilH A !(, tnratiate a yilh uf lle
or (turtren into the anub-eand (Uttrrira and fungUM)
of the UiU in-rale .Ntinika of the country, aiih aa
little If-aiialtou aa wuuU a r ig-aka ititr!uca 1 p
raiiiour of larnty.(i miu U.r eioWaCve of bLaoglo-cj t,d
dalrinea of Ute town. ,
But, aa I waa rMrl T ana of my va, of aunt
ten or twelve yeere of thought ha Mitt du aa ilui
If , and A, ai4 B , (urinhlura' lUiUli' ii.) U, f ,r
hjahud him with partuf liwir ailoancea,t ' Urn hu.'
I fauid out, mid look the yuund geuUetiMut Uirwib
n couraa of aprouta two or three) t.uej but ba waa now
loo free! a dandy to abandon auch a darling practice :
ba bowever kept it autothered and araaaaUd irun me
bit pretty well grown up) and now air, to my eturUo
caUm, and tha cTtagrui and ranataai of hia BauUwf and
atetera, wd only lle "pwa in tha churches,' but the
flows, ceding, and furniture, of dwailintf-houeea, have
all lu aualaui n portMi of "cortce-grwwkU." 1 am real
ly afraid, without ue retoiutaai ainungat th luhatv
raaikats, Uiat be will have to marry a windier- one who,
if her pipe at red at band, timet naowten br bmiuUi with
bit of Ute leaf, and, (Uia frugal auul !) becataaa all tha
atrengUi ia not quite out, I'll dry it, and it will do to
amok yt" For a gul, wbodora not km tha waed,'
would cvrUinly never vwluuurdy marry n man who
cbvee and apiU lo loharro, both day and night, and
bedaubs the ceiUng and bhliii, w Uh' course uf t lew
nights, aa bad aa waa puar il.'a new jacoiwH dreaa.
I' M. Afirt I hH written the above, thinka I pt'rbapa
Mr. Ihwrd mill not hke to print it, bttaiow it m ao long,
au harWi, and altui'Dit r utittorthy a place w bia va
loahle oa-f ; tail 1 conrlwlrd, wlt.-o 1 rxumtt bun to
sueaillwn, ptliii, add to, or ahridjif, the whole or any
part, it may br lie will e'n drop aoothur hint
June l;i. KiL A. II.
r publiah the abriva Jtiat aa it rame to haod, with
out ukiny mf any of the aliarp or rouh angina with
the rvp or tile.
If the daiiw la ff Pol-Sri k really do apiHl thi'ir "odo
iftfijua breaih" an the waaat-r liwy arvelirged wrth
al, wa have reahing lo toy in their di-fi-nre. Hut, t i publicity In it at the timn. In aAlitic i to tha abort in
flie sake of the ae, we w.eild fain Mievn that pur wt- J lLrmaJjun,bowar, rt baa bee eflwwlly eaannninkated
reapondrnt hjia alandrrrd Uii-ni ; in which car, if Un'y
ran convicl him, wa wdl cheerfully help (item to take
lias "thiough a course of the sprouts," " '
- VV'e-stnmrly ausprtt that MrAWT-lInni wVanh Is not
quite so ok! a patriarch aa be would have us to think.
l to uu aw.-U.
The Nsahville papers of the itd maUnt briefly men
tion the ocrum-nce uf ao affray between a trio of black-h-gs,
one of wten is a (V. acre and a member of the
Convention. We extract the lo.lowing pwrUculara uf
the dii-rsxaMailair tronvihe "
tavrrsaaHMrace nf tkt ,V Y. Jnmnal nf Cnm
NaSHTlUI. (Ta) Juive 'dd, H4.
I just commit a hasty scrawl to mail, to inform ron
of a fftiJinf rencounter which took placn vry early
this irtorninj;, in ami anrait a fhidiionahjejiouae of ri.
freshmenr, catted GowihVa. on tl public square, snd
but a n-w mis from ihe rtute ttmiea, in wtiicb Ueneral
Mahry. the luembrr of Convention from Knot wMtrUy,
Kent rennessee, bore a conapicuoua part The firuiy
i'a piare ra lore oreaxiui, ana M y!l Uiere. I COUSKL
acraiue btstie and excitameut I will, howevrr, brirrtj,
etat tim hrtt that have CortiC lo my koowle,1ge.
Uen. Mahry waa to have been' a witiwwa aninat a
i"4no gnmble ajvl black-h, whom the IF! pHiade-
of NaahHuUe begaji fethmkaf eWtrnff iVmrt (hfliirj?-?! -?.,'-H-t ''. EWZ.V
ally nnirt arrf rtjaD'Wetfr John Nelm. another
lorraWaeaaverwad -emtwrnfi ftrM Knoxvilft in
Vu. Mmiurtuva ti 'i ' nl..i"'.liu.l m IT..-U
Miiu," ler the purpnse rd" diwreditinj he testimony (d
uoo. aiaory j or, in otnrr words, ol (aUng that the (aid
Uefjcrai wia not worthy lo ba 'believed en oath, that
one blackguard and gambler waa hint a respectable aa
'?'i''3JFs bu Vi teAununy, liam- Mahry,.
Deing wealthy, nad taken into hia pay a fiiyrttve rrom
juaUaa in-iiast Tannejsea, by the
-both, heovily armed with pistolay aarthed not thut fflottf
ing into Uie market place, and passed through tlie
crowd usually aaaemhlod. Uicre,. with a fieri a and
brietJunr - Nalenn waa. aUo in the market," arrhed,
and fully aware of Uieir designa.
After they had brushed by Nelson, he remarked to a
gentleinin, that thoe fellows meant to shint him, and
as they paaeed him he saw one of. them put hi band in
hi brsnrn irwl grap tlie butt of a pvtol. He there litre
declared hi intention of (jeUinrf out -of their way.
Nelson -nrent into- tlowtrejr, thinking" Uiey wouTd but
follow (Wm for an awatilt in the house but While b
I 1 a . I a .1 . t
pW , hirn, rJ k weM to tte 4
apartment Nelson had one pistol cocked tn hi panta
kiooa pocket "which, while he wa paying for his soda,
accidentally exploded, burning hi pocket, and ejecting
uie bail into the floor within an inch or two of hi feet
Both tlie ruffians immediately rushod upon him with
drawn pratola, accoamg bim of firing upon them. Ilia
protHtatiane Uiat it waa an accidental discharge, to
gether with those of the person who attended upon the
anda Jbunt were, avaiL -They both attempted to
i nre upon mm. une piswi cap expiwieOvrenoerjnff inn
alrt'wrii: , I hare Hot yetleameff whether the
drew another pistol and made fur Mabry, who ran and
received the nre while upon the full gallop into the
bark apartment The ball grazed1 the gentleman dele
gate' cent and pantaloons, but did not tree pans upon
his flesh and blood. Finding Nelaon now witliout a
charge, hia assailant returned with their loaded pis
tols, and Mabry, a it' ia said, deliberately' aliot him
throngh the body, while theherhia beaini
shoTa way a piece of Bis riose. The woundi-d raaa wa
limn aragf ua-aBlat awa
3rtaing ntowapi. ndai
tiznn, and tlie battle ceaaifd.
I have jnst seen Doct Water, who extracted the ball
from Nelson. He told me that it entered just above
the pelvis, passed qnite throngh bia body, and waa cut
out of hia back, badly bruised, a if it had n rough pas
sage. The intestines are not ascertained to be cut
so that there ia bare possibility he may recover. '
Mabry has been arrested and held to bail to await
the consequences, ia thn awn of ten Uunumd ioUmrt,
wuhtlio ametjtav.!U oeaasioaally take hia aeat lo..
day in the Convention but have a Cain-like
expreteion on hi browv-. J
Lanier -fled but the Governor's reward will ba
speedily offered. There seem a sensitiveness perva
ding the Convention, as if they did-not feel themselves
honored by the company of a gentleman so fresh ia his
bloody laurels yet I know not what order will be ta
ken upon the matter. You will tee that this outrage
i no slain upon the excellent citizen of Nashville.
They universally reprobate it
iA kdsssaff BM
waswasj agajr
tfaatka fwaewBaaraiiSafalraa,.1
The picket ship Orphevs, Capt Burslcy, from IJver
pool. arrived on Saturday even in?, brinine IxmIon
datAg of the PVti and IJverpool of the 16th March.
Hie piiretpil fiture in Englifll politic i the'stea-
-'r iinrrh id" r f.n li tlii- t p-' i'ml ii. tut .1,1, A
l4il w b- fcra tli ll"i). ( "i iniiioiia t f.-i-n! t','
N pti rm;al acl ami uniin Hie rf'irma 1 it 1, ie ',u!
Iih iiI tit tlifw ir; ari rflnsv I aim ii l iij th p.,i
bvwaj amrfher I a mminntatHei t uhi-t; a iuii Inr (4
f n . ir ff ,e dmihililna u !. r l, 1 -ni-n fi(.iii
Uie OjUialiid l.'lmri h aUf. It m W'rflhv i.f frrmik.
howater, tliat. In rpa,'iiliiij a - iitui in i:.a lhu
l4eda,ti the lall't puImw t, I.i! !f"Ml,im ularrvnl,
tliat he iinaiii nl.'y f-n I in a duM,lul 'n nf t'.f
uiiuiq h ! . n I I, .j. I, an j f- nla ; uf tln a.i
he a (,-t,. .1 f r t' . ri aa, ti.t b" fc. !i- an
ltalu, .1 I .1, , na (,', u,,r orkitarle that CoylJ
b H .., t - i.i.'y e.f, jfj lw f.mld be devurd,
af auiat II In i I lueiira uf lanaltrtMH.''
t'f'in rat, if li.iro ia tothmg tatltfMt Arreatt
a r t asunal etu minUtra betaein the ni!aroirie
I'. I i j.Uf ai.ll take ji!a . .
. 'funUm, Itt Miy, I!1 A Kngli etnt orrorred
hern on the anmvrriry f .St rinil p. Thero an-ra
twn American ft 14-a t ' - in the rvaukief Tauln, tha I'nn
aUillalKNI and the I'iiiJ, Mil, I") JatlT, whxh
arnvrd, berf three day s;-i. in aalnting our veewda m
tha rnade, fired wrrhtaalrou tha Horfrem ship of tha lute,
and billed ur woumUd seven nv n..
It aaa on the maids r aaluta. One ball entered a
port bole of the Hudirin, broke thai cauiUaa id the
rat cook at Ute moment he wm dwtribiiting prnvuiona,
cut one aatlor in twn, mortally wmmded to loore, am
wounded in a f rant ur lae deg'ao tMt othera, Ooe
of tha Bailor dmd minn-diately amalier, wleam abdu
men waa partly rarned away, expired in tha hospital
few boura alewvda a third, abuse thigh m broke,
wdl ba epe rated pnn thia day.
Tha eummander of the KulfVnln waa en shore when
tliia anfia-Uinata event ore wrred. I fa bnatrwed on bnard
with Admiral Maaecn da Clerval, roitimanding the
Roadstead, A Liealenant and Midaliipnian from the
Ameraran frigttn United Btaane, raum on bard the
r'rencb Admiral, to leod their eirusea, whieb were
rather badly received by our aailnra in eight of Dm dead
bodies ,f thVir rrirdc . Another bullet from tli fri
gate struck anuther of our veesebj in quarantion. Tha
reilnubt on the la re lower baa aha been injured.
There must thus have bnen many of tha giine bwded
Uh ball nine bare been counted which have dune
atena damage or othiT.
Thn report of tha abnaa unaWtunaU oeeurr enca
reached this country wmie week f'rib'tj pp,"a
ed an IhipnilmBIn "an accKlcnt, thst wa did nnt give
tn mir fSnvemmeirf, by the commander of a Frencb Cor
vette lately arrived in our walera, ' --LCrr5,'lrt't.n'
!VgjJMicmg-.titCnrigTMn, ta.
cianmending Ute alluwanea of penaiisna tn the fcniilics
of tlie unftartunate men who were killed Tbb k very
Well : it appear to us to be the beat way in which our
Government can diaavow d.aign in this unhappy e flair,
and at the aua tiine make ataiie amenda Car what may
be an irreparable lose hi the bereft familiea. Ed. M ta.
Cwomiaii.) .
Altar of Hymen.
"S-. Ilk- K,WnfHl
! L km mh baa Ma BsSt,
In this Conn' , on the 10th int, by John Couirhen
nmy Mr. -MIClAk;, tORl, to Mot BAKAI!
In laiKairvillu. SL C cm tha irt vnt r by thr
Rev.'Mr. Cama, Mr. ERAMMl'S C. CA8TIN to Mn
MARIA RUTTON'. dauphler of the Rev.'d Danl
Rittton, fitrnierly uf CharUitte, N. C.
Cottrtof Death.
' W fwn Wan ay.isjaaaa, ,1 ! i
The er; I' , taW e.niw, mm t. ptm4.
Xi tlie rssidVnra of hia ferhff. In MecklenbiVrK rounl
ty, on the KHh inst, Mr. JOSEI'II YOUNU H AL
LAI r., in the 30th. year of bia age.
" " r"A.LMi'I";luitr
Vlwnr'w HW,ln''H- . "
June 8yth, 1831.
The County Committee on Internal
Iinproyerowit, if llie.City jif Cnbarrua, am r.
pectfully reqiieeted ( moat at Ihe Court hmieH in
vwioiiii, on lire i w i. it i ll i.i j Je'Xb..., JB.1
iltfuarallenance ki earnestly 4k'it(i, a bus.
ucsn of imKirtance will be laid boforp them.
...aSk Or..TMK4XMMITTrmf
CCr The HiUowuig gonl lemew compong the ('om.
mittee, vtx : Dr. A. r. Alexander, C4. Geo. Bam.
hardf, Paul Barrinirer, William Cnrrignn, I)nnie
Coleman, Charlo W. Ilarri, John Johnston, John
1 1nfer, Sen., John Still, Joarph Young.
Teiuiieraure JHeelin.
' a?v l a t.
i eniperance oociety win taxe place in States.
ville. m lit Ind Iturmdaw of Jul nrrt. n 1 1 o'.
elork,-ArM.Tlie-Rev. Mr. CHILDS, of the
Methodist Episcopal Church, i expected to afeti
ver a disrounm on the occasion. Tlie friend of
Temperance are resnootfully invitod to at tend. -STEPHEN
FRONTIS, Secretary!
''n.,.'ow--J-"I'l' -.'.-v ,j.wWT.rSisiwfleawfawsB4'
til Virtue of n Deed of Trust to ,ne executed,
- by William McJiniaey. for thn rwprfse of san.
curing tlie payment of certain debt therein men
tioned, I (hull proceed to anil, ' - ' - '
. Oh Friday the 114 day 'tf Jvty nett,
at the Courthouse in the Town of Statesville,1 the
, .4Vdtowtng; PmpertyT
''ia..- iiyyywi-.n. - -iji'i1-
iii Statesville, formerly owned by Wesley Reynolds :
Fifty Acres of Land,
near Mount Mourne, with a good Slore-IIoune'ou
it, and other lSulldiiig t .
2 Likely Young Negroes. .
Terms tnado known on the day of mltt.'
?un2i;i3L" " 2t "
r .'j; -4 .1. i i
- s -,. u ihe an e bistc urru jiiircr,. ,
By virtue of a Deed of Trust executed to. me, f.
like purpoeea, a
Very -valualAcTTatt ot LataA,
near Mount Mourne, in Ihe County of Iredell, f
Containing 700 Acres, j
and known u the White-House Tract.? Term
ufyde known on the day of sale. ' '
1 ... JAMES A, KING, . .
Twntf xif -Willianv Mimwyi
JuneSlil?3t. , - - , 3f '
. rttiax n
I,.ti;ij t t - ia mt i:torr ! I
The -u s I .lji ,!,ta II 11 dsn!, f'ajit, Nv, hi
i 1 at ,Ni w ) oik,
!. t h of M i
'lj.ii id m i.f
i in jiurt lot to the AiM1
rw au liliii ii, a I i . l' ri (o nmiiklijit, ia Im) ih liiiae
f that J'atrumh i4 l.ilTtjr Hm Vem r , Uen'l.
LATA l;i"l 1, t 11 Lr.Qib.-d u Urt on '1
lay tlm U of May, in the 77lh year T hi age,
xiui in the Ul pnaMowtion, up ! Ilifl Ut lit id
us e, af nil In nantal Cuulini.
, ra,j,
- tui:,.
. IT iity Classical School
'pi!E Third cVwi of the ClnaaicaJ B h J fir)
the vicinity of the Catawba 'Ppruiga, in I,m
coin Cowity, N ,C.) w ill comuaencn on lie Tl KT
MONUAT in JULY next.
. ,t - nataa ur rrmok t
Rea'ling, Vi riling, A ritbmetir, (per neaa.) S3 00
English irmmar, tiaograjdiy, ranu'ng, and ,' ""
. l'mnXualiou, per aevaion.y - r- a '. 1
Greek nnd Latin Lnngiwgea, Atg bra, Geo.
iiietry, Vc, (per seaaAon.) . . 13 60
iVirripusMttoQ ami lrlnnnitinrr wiH bvxan-fultr'liT.
tended to throughout thn whole fours of atu
Am. -"vr . . -: - . - - .i
JP-IlDf JiQaUrCtlaJraaliiiia, .fiat,!, .liHhtV-1,
r.) ran be obtained, in rectnblc ikuiiliea in thn
rs ijjhborhoud, al from f 0 lo f 7 por month.
Tamita and Guardian, who duv dVairn mom
particular information concerning tlie K hml, art
rvfrrred to Meaara, Kobert "II." Uurtiei, Alfred M.
Ui1, Jolm D. (JraUui, DarUett IShipp, and Dr,
VVilliniti Ale Lnan.
V.) friw.i
I ..
. ' ' - -
r TM r. l.Ih ' " . al I anw K &taaai f ae,aiiw tswa av n----tv -
.i lha IWth Dtalaaa ef the Alilim f North r" "
Carouiia, will be JUviewed and laspoeiod tn ihav - :
fullowiug oruW t . " '"'IZlIlII.- 'T, '".
The .6th, 77th,"aridj78th liegJnMjnlfc. at.lhe., v
Town of Rul'herfordtua,'on W'edooaday the 3d of ' "7 "
rJeptember. - "; f ','.
. ITin TOth and 7 1st JRfprnrtrtii, atXmcobtMi,jDo::.l.
Friday the 6th in September."'""'
"hHeu widsr w.fiegi'uieui taf valry attaoli ; WMv'bnjwrfett thTiaifta tinffjiKiI
ilace. " - ..i.:. ... ,..,
- Thn 6th Regfnwint, nf Charlotlea go.Twwdar..
tne-vm tnr HrpturtibcT; 7" -:
-'i TRegiinent of Cavalry, attached to .
the ltth Brigade, at the same time and place.
The 69th Regtm'Uat their usual paraoVgrvund,
on Thursday thn 11th of September. - . -
The fid Regirnt,at Coird, oii SaturrJay tlie
I3ih of r'pteinber. - .' - - t
" The First Regiment of Volunteer, undor tho
'commas ofrGd
place. -' ' '-r'- -".--.- .' -
The fltHh and 61st RegimenU,'at Lawrencei'ille, .
on Tuesday the 16th f ck-hteinber. -" """"
The 67th Regiment, at their regimental niuster- .
ground, on Friday Ihe 19th of September. '
The B8th Ueiuent, at Mocks, ou Saturday (be
20th of Pi'plemlier. .
, The 63d Regimont, at Mocksville, 00 TucaJuy '
tW iJkl of fepteinljerr-r'"" "
vnr !WgtfW,fW'r34u ThrlrsJujf
awuiH asj twiJiunjr
ttngadier-uenerals linan, Allen, and Cook, will
be expected to attend the Reviewing OfTicor thro'
a part of each pf their respective Brigailon.
By order" of Major-General T. 6. l"0LK 1 ,
' , : JOSEPH A. BREVARD, ) . '.- , '
WM. D. CRAWFORD, ( a-de-Cnmn
Jfune.29a.lS3l. 3l: ,
rPHE Subscriber, intending to earry on a regular
business at BUTCHERING, in the Town of
Salisliury, wislies to buy a number of good Beeves,
tor wrucu the highest prices will be given, in cash.
tQZj" Ilis Customers are notified thai he will be
ready to supply tlwm with GOOD BE-EF on
Tuesday, Thursday, and .Saturday, of each week,
I Uaft jeat the e
r r-'" -';'v JOHN I. SHAVER. " "
"alistarrT, J'Jrid 8jf,--f-'
Lincoln Cottoa Factory. ;
rTIIE Subscriber, intendtna; to: leave North Ca-,-u
rolina, ol&r for sale his interest in this valu- j
able eatabliuhrnctit. Ho has concluded to divide .'
his interest into Shares of S1001. and has annointed '
JOHN BEARD, Jr. Esqr his aw-nt at Sulisbu-
ry for receiving Subscriptions. Information in re.
gard tq the Factory, will 1 (uniwhed on applica-'
tion to the subscriber Rt Lincolntotrori a to tho
terms of SubscrijHion, by Mr. Heard at Bnlirilmrv.
. , jami;s imiM.s.
lainrolnton, June, 29,' 1 831. tf -

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