North Carolina Newspapers

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lufum" I 'a- Hurtnittd. Murk t J itri,;mie f
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Kw fxttrrrui swioa thwlit nrrrr imlulr in por-
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fui't k'l'iiiiiiitnition Usn this truUun nl I
(ll Is c7 evident rv.w, Unt, la adviainj Mr, M'mnit
to rtiruiiiite Ui monster I'arty-fyint, ti-n.lckj
Wily aiJwd bin lo put aa and lo Uia distinction bo.
F fdrrlist "J rVptiMirann, This tirn. Jackson
bu dn 01 equally. No natter what man's
falUifl mjr be, if he U Mil t1mhmii, ba ia sure
to bs rif'i1-- ""'"" " "tbodo aW
lib la politic. Will ix Aiikn ftvor lU world witli
t printed rubru k, eettinf, VUi til U essential pniou!
l wrtuU M b rjf kngUiy. Fidelity to the "Hen "
nould b tlst U giiininj;, Uie piuUJIc, anJ th end.
, .'J'V- .'. 1.1
rut jmim
Till CAItOLfiMAiY.
BATUR D A Y:e": JULY 3, 1 8 3 4.
The S-ni have rejected Mr. Ittjer R Tawy, the
l'ri-ul'-nt' rccrrtary uf the Tn-awiry, and Mr. Andrew
Si, iPrv-Mi, who waa nominated aa Miiiur rioiiiiifi
ijjfjr Ui Knfjand.
Mr. Taney wm noniirwu-d im tin '.jrvTuliiion, tiki r
, ul ..ii th tfith, br vote . '.M in ly! We shall
I,. r. after notice pnrt'riii.irljf the nrriitntancc c.ainect-
4U Ui4 p;eiiUett' rw, mhirh were of mirtt
Ur -4.j111 Jittklly tiilWoi'.iw f tlw K
rfniitutMHuil riitlilto .(eject. . ,AlBrcuuVw
I M,,! ili-wM all our nra morn to Mr Hlevemuii, tint
i.'r Sj-kruf iht- Him- of Uriin-4'iilfllivrn.
Ii u nnr nvire tluin two jrmrn itrc iic II. Hrati
l.iw liil a SfluuAi'r l l)ir Court nf Jxvlii. S,iir
i r. iiirn uf Mr. Vn Burnt fr.mi(ir. l I'.nUin, our
a.Liiri at llul tuutl uu(xjrUMilJll Omri Iibtc
I. n U-H to tl nianaiii.'nt of a youn man utiowna,
Iv l'in liia fU'blcn to t tint Urc, r.iiiwti'rtH
i. mIv iiulij"d to diM'Imrtf tlic inrrlianii-al ilulim uf
i ! rkilup it Valinij.'t'n. How can Una fart be ac
1.KJI1U.J Cjt I lLui U? 4'h.I.iI nlwtH, mtrntinn
l!v, to nfiiinatc (rune mioTir "tliit iiii.rlaTil miwion,
. liir.Hi,,'l,mn' npitc, ln-rsn-p llif Si-nnt- ri'fiil Ui rati
t'l flirfir sppomim'-nt w liidi ircul in an iinpro
vr inimrtT t-" Wu kwnr wt wwdat mtir jiTxnidtO'
lv Jirb a lrikiii(j iI.ti.Ik lion of duly.
Tlii-m m but oin' oilier wny in wbK-li we can etplain
ii. Tbe miwtion to Knlaml : cciwidcrt-J a Linh pruo,
wlirUier we rejniril lli rxfiinittry rofniM-nwt'nn or the
hotim attiichoH to it ('oeunit!y, tlu-rf arr iilwiyx
a number of ailpiriiijr men who hearta are wt ukni It
" .t.rof'tti'.ilil'ciMiM" 7i."jT Ii griililuWr; "iiij'rt wan lTu-rv
lum nocciMiry ho to manage Uie t. inptui buit u to
mki it witwurve, to Uie ijritint pow ible extent, the
pitpoari oTtho I'rMiHcHt, While it waa uupciulctl
. b'd'jrtilicit-eaifer uy, wrtb proib;lrry"of their put
MMUif it, it tu aiill'.rlcnt to kp in ip'iitla nuliji-clxm
wit wily a score of iuul (real men with more ambition
-X'ia patritrfinui, ImUU a of puiiUcal' wmattws
Ktth morm rauUy
" - J.'.nWrU.:j U i..' i;., i.i
' 1 ' J 1 1 ; 1 ' o. U, In. tl of llw C,.t Ui, ill art iit
' .'). " " 1 of oirh a C'Hiltilii hr,..
. w (,bii,un. Ity it,,,,., (n a cm,,.ni,8 ,U
rreti, ,,4 be f,,.. ffIn )ul, t,mnn-t'tnn with U.e
uti I- fnm.'iit,wliiib,at pnwnt, ip vrytrong
ft rwinj of mli tii.m art.) J. .i.y (M U.e part of U.
l'plt. Miiih. r, int-ad of Imuif ULIe to be witl
drawn fioin l-jfwlatM on lha yra itilen of the pa.
bm, ilirmii pr.i of Kiwntiv paiaje, wo iW
W nna liW-raily in by theif emUUt!ita,wlol
their vnfiUivM ,mU Im U-m Mitrruptsl by parly f.l
Uir atnl party eneiteinetita, Cakulatama ficxn iniripi
and marwifriiirtit wwiM rail rv would their 4clibei
UiHii or Uir litt nMipvtwjci of iiH)ct eonMnn an mut h
tun" "But, if tliwibant in UiatWituU ahouUi
Mil ba obumed, tntj appwulmenia ahall cnr
tltiilfl to duvolv on t.'ia li.prM).iiUliea in Conr, It
rt-oiiirra no drpth'of Uwoifht to ba c.Hiviiwed tLat w
t upturn tr-itl Ufoini Ik order trf Ike ; and tUt, un-d.-r
U11 Ijarbnf riaicKiitKM aacrini-ea In cUbli4i pre
cedenU tit the publwj g,4, evil of aeriotia imnorUiira
to tli freedom ami .rity of Ue Kepiibl.e may
ariwi, tl m thrnunk Ik it thtniwl ikal tht i'tople may
tiftrt to bultmktil in lUtit mi ulwmul anaereif a
y, and wln rc tyrinnp mojr U U pjrkrnJr4 in
''" tip in m r vim 4am Khmokmy. Againat
ucb mnaiJa every ritard imiIiI to ba itrterpiMnl j and
none btltet omira than tbat of cloanif tle o-.p-!l
tentia wiUi Kiia nrrnmrj roiiftilutMMtal remrirtion."
" It la due to myaelf 14 prncticf upon U.e maxima re
ruminemKl lo oiliera. -
Ileadiir, what do yon tiiink of Ilia above ! Hoea it
not contain much rl vnae and umrb amtml ernt-ri
uanlAl tMinirt ! Vea," jeai will ay;"it rvally
doqa five aume capital hinU about the way Ui prevent
Mrtirtion, mni to fitrlk. It mut have bern written
by aume one who haa taken a nira view of the way
thing have foil on uraW Treatilpnt Jarkaon." We
acknowledge the reamiuiblenewof your c.aiciii.m; but
you are iniaUk.m, It waa wmI DY (iK.MlK A I.
JACKNON IIIMSEU'', to Uie lf ..lalure of Tenik
are, alter be waa nominated ai a raiKlklate IU U) Tre
anl.-iH'y I ! The (ieneral waa tlxn unrnowkHi'ly pr
dicting what would at-Uially take place uruler bia own
mipi Vw have aeen ail Uie corruption that be apeak
of take place by tba appoiiitiru of imnnbera of Con
rreM ; M Uir.Mih thin cUiiim-I, Uie i'eople (aye, and the
Kuu lois) lav kern attacked m their eoiKtitiitionaj
ovi'tci'iit! and " tyranny " Laa already epriMip p. - -
KiipojaA4tfnpl. b been frearnt h.-trtftlieml
Jarkm uUcrr.1 tin above juet and palin.C aentiuieiita,
aiiJ, aft.-r b.-nriiiK Imn tlmajli, ahould have i-llid
bi ftMintrnam-e and wept," Tb0 t'iH-nl Jaclum
Would have nihJ uuto him, "Why wih.jx Ui my lord !"
And tin- pr..lK'l wouUI have replied, " IV-caiw I know
Utt! evil thai thou wilt do uuto 'tha children' if thme
L'niUl Huun. Thou wilt corru Uieir Kqireecnta,
lives and Uwir S'liaUm, and their Judgra, with the aa.
lane and the honor of ollne; nd Umu will jf
Una corrujit men Ui unite with thee in deatroymfr the
Huiereitfuiy wf Uie Ptiplo and Uia Sovereignly of Ui
Ntntea'; anil, 'under the rarbof conacientinua1 karrtfiiea
to eHlablwh pnvedenU t the ublic good,' thou wilt
cauM? evils of arraiua iijikruiic to Uie racfvon aud
fiui'iixir of tliu Rfpuhli,'
Tlwu CieiL Jai kHi would have anowered, " What.
(a thy aervaut a Jog, Utat be ahould do Una great
tlimg !" And tlie jinihct would have, repUiti, tigm.-
hrautly, "TIwmi ahalt bo KI.Ni over Una peotilc.'
Ra if here'tch(H'U oT politician wire neremary
lo the. lYMklenl I t!0-e w Ik cM da nauthjct-cn!KC,
TEWiTftolei-anil flicir favf.r, lJprUSr3lTboriS "be
,aliyll!v mcrifx f.1. - But Mr. Andrew- cvrerrnsoir wtt by
-fcr tntnlmt importattl rwhw to Tie IcpTiii due "aub-
onhration. .Wliy I Dc-caoae-Uie lroauUuil bad jeva
jrI irieriivre.,wljib .b wM. anxiww- to rcflbct but
Weyemioiv Hpeakerof XM tl.mof HeprMcnt.iU7i.
"w ili tfi rlit lo apgoint the ('oinmilLi'tis hn.l it ih hi
oy eplertin? uch men aa wmil.l rojiort rTim'ly in te-
JrfideBl file TJ'alii;r Jua fXW.iwUliaLjjlBciul duty,
it y not now ncco-sary lo nlnle. Tlnwe wtio bave ob
rrvej regularly the unireiilinpi of the House esp.
ci illy the aulfction of the Coinmitirotmtist have re-
-ewrkwt trmiP fjbWlriaJ'W pWfy sulijTon wliich ihePrel"
nivnl fult a dep inti-roitt waa nfrprcd to a porkrj
'iinmittec meu wJib had pjrrjii.lwl -the cf, and
wlaaw opinions, or fceltujra ratlieT.'weTe knowlt to be
JBliJy-SubjUCl-tO tua.-will vf til 1'reftHlenfc
4 iaekwn. ,TiiE iifflcenttsten ne ba thus crniH-mW on
wan roriiinimicatetl to I11111 ttrnjiilcnliiiVy, by the Presi-
d. nt, mure than fifVucn uinuth ago, in a luruiai note
frn the then Secretary if State Mr. Iiviniftton
H111 i, Mr. StevenBon, was to be appointnd Miniitrr
i F.nfiliind. It waa not mvptsDury fiir Uie President
ti) i.'ll Mr. Stevenson thnt . this ippihlincnt dipenJd
ii'idin liia loyally : Mr. S. mulerktood, well enough, Uie
'"riiia iijion whicU be waa to fecniy the wri--fee
Ki'ie'vv tGttl JLea.. Jack!i(n wan in the'-habit of rawardH
iii' Ins friends, and puniwhinir hi enemiex:" and if Mr.
.'iviugbion had exprelraajMl bjJPjejutanLdaHtei'
tryfiti !ih fiJeTTfy witFwiiM7Iiyoii aorve him," it would
not have conveyed to the underatatfding of Mr. Steven
Aiuufft.4nUUwiWe -lirr thiuiKW;,JfeiTeaV
""f "II the r,irf"'"-'VTW.-
Wlicn we first heard that such a note had been tent
to 'Mr. Stevenson, w could not credit it; we consi-
dcrud it an ill rumor 5 but it is too true. It has been
brought out from the President, with much reluctance
"n hit part, by a resolution of the Senate ; and Uiat bo
dy.ititisidcring it conclusive proof of a bargain between
two hirrfi officer of, tho Government, have very proper
ly exercised theif Kigh and salutary privilege of reject-
wwiitjg I'roaiuent,
'oinproinising guardian of Ue Constitution.
In another part of our paper will be 'found the pro
ceedinifs of the Senate in regard to Mr. Stevenson's
nomination, and the letter to which we have referred.
Then; are many other facts and circumstances connect-
with tills gross affair of 'bargain and jjorrupUon,"
which we shall hereafter give. more at large. .. ' .
iif liiin who has shown himself Uie supple Uwl of a
w1ro!uVh1CwneBr!Mi nnouU liave been the Un-
twren Uie ancient ami the modcru ItaaeUjJet hitn
tiirii'fo tlie'lJouITof fvlna. We alumat Uivoluutarily
shudder wheu we look (rward.
After the above article was put into Um rotnpo
aiWaUnnJrt, wwreo fcrtonaW 11 to find, iu UioNv
tmnal Iutelligencec4 tit 30th mutant, a list of Mem
bers of Coiicre thai Gen. Jackaun has appointed to of
fice. The b emris THIRTEEN sS.NA'fOlUJ
ajjilTWESTr-nVt Ai&EVTATlVJwrrwnv
e tn -6 ve- yntra I :
: Tfi IutelitrniariJ Cut thil nnmbcr is i,' be
IiiivuJ lu be. .about aiual to the-number- ever appointed
byjilllke. IWtiJmtj Ug4kr m lie pret rded- Orwrsl
If" I f.I !,.'- St I' J. ra.-,, r.j ,--,f
d-l-i'! h " J tii Pf.. 11 of new otl-.
IU it be n cutiiy f. iln ('mini rii'.-S to em
fbiJT a frJmrt f t, 'r.,.l. nt f Wa ak info
ttialxm, wr d.Ki'l r.-iiiriuin rrifr U-flar U have bnl
of lurk an fifr enirr nut (Jntrrmi Utrnmrnt.
Why sImhiU b Coiirmw niaLa an approtMio ali
it t gromn tn take care i the Royal aufa, a rk to
niaks turtia-aiHip, and sivh. r 14 ptry t In fiitn, wa
can see no reaaon why Congnisa cuuld tA niake an
propriatiiai tobira earriafK-dnvrra, fiotmen,ra'ks hrt
lara, and man srrvanU and nHuJ-arfvanta of ef 7 er
cription,witb Jt ta niu b preprwty aa I garJtiur.
But our readors are aaaus in the acmnr. lh're it
for alterations and r'irs of the PrraiJant's
bVavuif Ute Utrrac, and erxliiif stalil., $fl,C70
ForlhaganleHV-r's salary, and lah-airs em- -.
ployed upon Uie ground and Walka at Uia I'ra- .
dent's I loo., and fir planting, . .
For pavinf lout-wayt at Uia North part uf (be
PreaNb-nt's llHje, and nuikmga Marailaartaed
carraweway v.. - . - 1S.7II
, planimj treas and repairing th fWee in
(lie Uflyette M-juaru, North of lue I'rrW'nifs
).me, . . . . . IfiOO
For iHHiliwing snd improving t'ia grounds !j
in U-twix n the Capitol and Uie potisnse, ' 20,000
For pirrrhaaing and planting trees and
in the Pmnxylvaaia Avenue and on Uie public
grounds, . . . . . 9,000
For kep.nif in repair two public re-enginAs . 'JU0
' Fr tirtiip'ittiuv Uin wster-works at the i real
dent's awl F.eei;tive Buildin, lrW
Fur completing Uia funnlnre at Uie President's
II.Hie, fj,000
For eseea of eipenditore beyond the appro-
friatum iikkIw by the Ute CouMinonif f the
'ulilic IluiUinga duiuig Uie past year, '
Making, in isie year, Uie sum of
OT if Pi-rodent Jarkin had inanagnd tit public
bii4iiiei an well a to have uprut much lem nnmry Uian
hia predrcrrs, Uien fuw would have ftKind Cult with
('laiKreaa for Uia mere mm paid to a pnleiwr, provi-
d.-d there waa iMilhiiig unlawful IN Uia prwedcnL ikit
Imw Mamla Uie airnuut between Uie prweut and . Uie
Ut AdminurfratMHi ! We take the eviiemliture urvlef
Mr." A.lsjna lu'cuUraat iiw-itW that trndcrOoa. Jai5i,
bucauw (im. Jarkann himaclf cliarjfwl Mr. Atlanta with
extravagance 111 epiiding Uie public iryiey. it will
be remembered that, in hia very Inaurtuwl AJdn-, an
occanii on which tnn men won Id bave had the deli-
racy to refrain from aurh iWiv'm), President Jackwai
disputed some uf hi ! frieml by the eoarsencae
with which he spoke of "sbutea" under Mr. Adam.
The following little taMea will abow J at Km in ecomany
in a Ktrryf point f view :
Lrpfititurrt unJrr
J. A4-imi.
i ' - vtwum
M " r2.ftM.iil:i
4ih ia,2urstju
FrprnJilurrt UnJrr
A. Jackim.
H A rear, tW.afW.W
id ' - ZX3Mi&
Hd - 1U77.WI
4th " ltxnyxio
Thus it apitnars Uiat lite rery Jtrtt yrmr of General
Jackaoo'a Adiuinirtratiou cot Uie country more than
4)ilWef lite Meee first -tif Mr. Artuma'a-exfrsTt nf
rrign, and alino-4 as murh as Uia last rnart and Uie
If anyone wishes to trace fuiturr the paaliul be-i Cjur yuara toxUter eol needy NINE MILLIONS of
I!lUAEi5. inure than 4he tx yaaf Mfr Ademef-
Jtut the wnr is still buhiftj. The e'xpeiMlitures of
the lait year, lKt-'t, aouMuiled we are tub! by Uie
I'r' tnUnl't oarn Snrrimrf of tht Treasury, to TW E.N
TlVrwa MHJJO.N'a and f warrKa'aVri.frJtfi.'l
"rxclutit 0 lip rxprniilnrt ON xomnl of tht pmblie
. t nix A.orin.:t siiouMi
The Virji ins 'S give an arrHuit n( yet lit' U'.er
d(eail:"i.l It lupju'iir I im Hunday ft.'itKl l!.c
i'l J'W, sol paw-d mat V(l!i;u!mriih, tlir.Mii h t!i
etaintic it I If? of. W lh'tit; NanMiu-aul, ami X.a fuik, into
Una Htate.
Five or sis itii! fr.Kn Wil!arn)mrfh, on Jhe Ibrin
f TImum Cdeinan, l'mt , fvrai b)wat were blown
down, la one of wh ch Mr.C bimefntr, aixl aeveral
argroea, kaj taken refuge, Jr. ('otcinaa and one ba
gro Were kdle.1, snd several uf the l"groi were
nijured. Three horaea were killed 011 Die amoe faun.
A great d"l of damage was dow 00 tli whole lute of
Uie stirm, by the blowing down 1 trers, botMee, fi n
cea, erofs etc. Ae, Three small wiiaii'ri were uimH
and a brig driven ashore in Jaun-a River. '
We noticed, lst werk.tUt, sfrr the Si-rute had rn
jrctad a Mr. Gordon as ColU t. at New tlil.-ans the
PraMdent nominated Mr.f)jrdWsuft,a be under aje,
t the saute office. The Hettale have since rHried a
eerUia Mr, Flood, wlwan lite Preaident nomiuatod aa
Register of !nd Ortice In Ohio; nberenrae f"ng
kimter Flood waa auinhiated tl tlte same ottice.
If the old "(iinetal" ahmild uk it into hia bead to
begin with the (bUter uf aa many suns as Israel of old
ptaneaaed, he might pester the Kunate "purty cutwuler-
able" bvajre he got down to little Benjamin.
The LUowing, from the New York Courier and En-
nuirer, is pretty fund Lit at Uiat rJiciikus propen4ty
aiene wiiple have of entering into a grave diaquiaiUai
to prove an evident and trifling fact :
"A vtlrrrtlinK infrtligmlieit We see tl new
pnpers publishing, pretty extenatvely, an imiuiry u
Uie r-ain " why a rstUcnk ao called ; aud '
perc.iite (list the wrrter, after a paid deal of ptofmmd
rewareh, draws the ronclunKm that the snake la t tin
diNManinatod becaui be has rattles in Ills tad. We
don't know how tine may strike oUtera w can mily
aw tit ourselves, but it dw certainly atnavr to u
that Uie solution is satufacUwy, and tbat the writer's
mraie or arriving at tlte result ia exreeuuiL'ly i.ra(
and tnjensi, we boiie he inar omtinu ma ph!o
ptiitiU rcn;Iel J tM-wnrto' Ms i.mi keen tn W
dark s to Uie true reaaun why Mack euakea-snf so call
ed Perhaps our autlmr Would find. Upon a tlmnaiifh
inve'7atuai, Uiat it is merely because Uiey are n4
Wlute," 1
XT Tl.e Rt Rev'd. H. Eland, Roman Cath4ic
Dialsipca'Chaxloaton, baa been appointed a t ardiml, by
th Pope uf Rome, ..
I lie lHlnp nas efnnarked rairojin. He is a niin
of hue talents, uf a highly cultivated mind, and ha
evinced, both in America and Europe, a great deal of
respect and admiration for the civil and political insti
lutiuiu the .tinted. (Slate.. iia m an Iritman bf
birth, and e aaid tj be Uie firat native of Uiat country
on wisan haa been conferred the honor of wearuig a
Canlinara hat. -
0 Tlie diarartcruf Urn rtol gtnihma,My John
Randnlph, in 1 letter to a young relation, ciiit not
in pltte, and eiiipnee, snd ru b living, any nxee than
in the diM-asc whicli Uiat mle of life engendera; but
iu truth, rourteay, bravery, geneniaity, and learning
which lant, though not essential to it, doea very much
wauws vmU' ntumranj xne Coaricier 01 Uie iruo gen-
This was when the public money wss in the United
SU3fei,aatjri'iiec. -t least ia aana UotfraC, to
tUeontro of Congress; but who cimakUt wliat
his Excellency's pocket-motiey,- gnrdco-muncj, stable-
innney, racelior-iiiimev, 4c,'4 f. Wy moUJit to now
lie has goLihc.-P't'ji'C.purfo iahiaBwn keepiiig-l
r-J. f-r. bJL a L . I-...L, .M ttcnvptcd to steer
a 1 iiviu vaaa j ww 11 w -vji i' v v 1 uia . . . . . ..
.-o- ' - , - . rvivv..l"e, vu vu.
CUy ofa-3uigi.s.
Op" The Globe, of jhe 25tli June, in a lonj article,
prtly'cufoglHiHr'tui partly tchryuii)eeas1ta,'fiy do
lh JSoiute rvjeot Mr, Taneyravhen Uwyhnew Uiat Uie4
President will entrust Uie Treasury Department to ifHHe
other, unless he be as inflexible (that is to say, as duti
ful to him,) aa Mr. Taney ha been!
To toll Uie truth, it does seem to us sn useless efTort
owtnw rarrrrjr tnerwiiiire to inempt to control in any
(ttT Tho Etlltor of the Pee Dee Cliemw.
clear of party p'ditiee ; but, firtd-
uTilsS' liin.-jj oTiTxwruliv en-
nctitrd, be biis coJiie'isit ir!."lej'n.J.
entry in fkvor ?f the Constitntirii, in npnofition to' con
solidation, and iu defence uf Slate Sovereignty and
4 8UW Rights:
M.j.iL'?l!!gUiJiaJhJirrnt. the mmliirlot if j
Press rnnot he neutral snd be true to i hii duty, . Je
sny'iifng'oT iiiiTtor suhdiviitioiis, Uie whole country is
divided between a rty in fkvor of, and another oppo
sed to, Executive enenaichnietits. And every accession
tehe ranks of those in fkvor nf GmsilruTlorrsI "Liberty,
and constitutionaj rttlrmntt too, should be hailed u t
of Representatives connive at, or approve, unlawful acts
tit fhiiBifl fTi lit ' 1 j ..r.i.)'
Poulaon's A'iKJicatt Daily. Aduertiaer- tbue hrtrffclueee"
a fnsn a speech in ti.e BfiUsh Parliament, on
Uie importance and wer of a Free Pry-as:
At this crisis, it is the Vris lliraf nuil snve the
itmtry-Il ii thaPjfsi thai tiiuJtaiiJiip (Im 8e
4 nateaoJ staHijv with tHwrtHin- the arhttrary gets
of mragtiiiied and iDfiitiMteJ CIiief WSrwte,
Andrew Jackson lias mil "calculu toJ on the intiuence
iiCiha J'fessr UwxerteJe: thtosT OTTufrW-
ism and Virtue. The fdlowinj paiisage Is from a
apth- didiTercd by Sheridan,', in the Eiiluh
House of Comment 1
degree the conduct of the; puhl.c agenta, whole the ftf uxilml9 Ummpll rf theiT.piBci plea, and
rT ff rtfirrtiarftsaf a. 1 1 irsij r nnn I v m si f rS linn itia aa,Ia Fit I " '
should stimulate them tn increased exertions.
The' following short paraimuluv which-wi-xtract
ry- who :wiU .ria.bis hidJingJtilithe and of .the wMK-ses4'
einn of Congress t the Senate may then, 1 Mfy Aase
Ike. ckanc, reject Uie nominee; and, as soon as they
adjourn, he way re-appoint Uie same or another Seere
tary of equal Jlexibility lo kit will. This, in all pro
bability, will be the game until Uie end of Gen. Jack-
eon's term of office, unless Ujg People comr4 their ser
vants in (lie lower House to co-operate wrUi the Senate
m the maintenance of the laws.
i: In the nea rime; rf ithe Preeidcnt grr rm'rif licte-
tofbre, and the Poat-Qflice Department continues ex
difflt'ulftes of the Treasury in the aarne ralto,what will
It would be well for the People of Uie United States
rmiterrea npnn tinrteen ainnuiHif itm 1 ..nmriv t yM
Wo thiuik Uie Globe Crf Uie hint which, whether in
dcfuince, or in thoughUesa indiscretion while smarting
under rebnke, it has thus clearly expressed. The "Peo
ple are now told, by the official organ, that the Presi
dent will not have any Secretary who will not do with
the public money just what he orders!
It remains for the People to decide whether. Uie con
stitutional character of Uie Government is to be resto
red, or Uie will of one man to be'paramount.
" I would impose a provision, rendering any member
"f Congress ineligible to office, under Uie General Go
vernment, durinir the time for which he was elected.
nd for two years thereafter, except in cases of judicial
"ffice ; these i would except tT the reason that va-
psticies in tin department are not ftefjucut occurred-1
The following tittle items, taken from t Bill report
ed in the Hotine of Rcpresehtativos, afltird a loIerabTy
fiiir specimen of the effect of the 'searching operation
which President Jackson prunised, in bis. Inaugural
Address, to introduce into every department
It seems .that, in Uie progress of the scare , tlie
"TeniMMMie Fanner" found of a good many tinftgi.
that had been neglected by bis predecessor. One of
th first things that attracted the lienor I a notice was
Uie uncomfortable situation of the tlobleil This was
exactly in accordance with the expectations oT those
who wished hia to cleanse the infra . But it
seems that he despaired of bernsr able to render those
which had been occupied fonr years by Yankee dray-
war "at taVfWie danger and of thearrlt Rocohios
him to take in averting it :
" We believe that ours is not a Consolidated Govern
ment Uiat the Constitution of the United Suites should
be construed Btrictly tliat Uie State are sovereign
that they have rights, and may apply remedies: snd
our strictures on public measures will be controlled,
"when Uiey. are applicable, by these opinions., - ;.
" We were not s 11 x ions lo enter the list of political
'lie corruutioiui of Uie time render the duty ininera-
tive. The imminent danger in which Liberty herself
no honorable alternative, , '
degree of A. M. on six genUemeji, The degree of D. D.
waa conferred on the Rev.' Andrew Syme, of Peters
burg, Va. 1 and that of 1. 1 D. on Bishop Ives of this
State, Judge Ruffin, and George E. Badger, Ei ""
The literary exercises of the Students, and tiieir ge
neral deportment, are spoken of"in terms of high com
mendation by those who were present,' '
The Address tieliverod by GeiL Iredell, before the
two literary Societies, is likewise highly and yehay
KTIouWju aTpecimen of chast and
classical composition, ciislly ciiUiblo, to Jlie Jinart
and the head of the imiabte and ttTeit5fd orator;!
We are much gratified to learp that, Gea Iredell did
not follow, In one particular, Uie example of the two
last distinguished gentlemen who addressed the Socio?
ties. lie oirtitted entirely all allusions to party politics;
very properly considering that ttie practice of discus
iug such subject at the chief literary institution in
North Carolina, nronld be "more honorod in Uie breach
Uian the observance." - -
(Kr TheiioTrnflstiorf of Benjamin F. Butlnr.-Esq., as
Attomey-General of the United Slate, luia hern con
firmed by tho SeiialOk : -
a'tiiye me but the Linnnrr r rnr. Pri:, hiii
I w ill give to Jhe Minister a venal ll.sjae of Peer
I will give him a corrupt and servile IJ ju-.u fJfun;
mmra-r it! " Jti Vie' ti i rii' si Ii ilf V wTug lf inu petron.
lagn of liia nflira . I will ie iiim the whule timit'nf
ministerial itifluene I wiltpyj; Jiim all Iha (tew.
er.thnt place can Mitr upon hiin, to purchase sub
mimion ami to rrvornwe twi stance and yet, armed
with the Liberty of the Pre, I wilt go f trtli to
meet htiB undinniivwl f 4 wtiV-aftaeh" wit rr'that
mighties ngirevth miffhty fabric he has raised;
I will thale U Jimch from it kriekt of eorrup.
tion, f nd kurf it htnral tktrtyin if tie a bum it
im meant lo Arltrr " '.
- ImU. tli HrM twin krtfM,
Ir hM Mint Umf win nU
Aa nn hM ,. mlr
In Charlotte. on Toesday evening the 24th olt., by
John Sloan, Esq.,' Mr. THOMAS f. HOLTON, Edi-
tor or tbe Miners' amUfarmera Journal, to Mia RA
C1IEL R. JONES, of the city tf New York.
v lately, in atoutmty, VirwmirMr.- FRFfV
r.rut n. JUtt.-M jll, rrmerlv of Wslishury, to Alias
fAAUl .aunwt.LAj, ot the hmer place.
Ta fr . hBal,swll. frw
-isj r-si, war pear, nr sfrali 'sjp !
'Tka aWMtraJ jtmms1, rksM u AiatiaM-ltasi Mm-n .
t,rr4 f
'"DEPARTED Tni.i" I.I f- K. -
At liberty Hill, Iredell county, on the 20th June,
Mrs. ISABELLA R. FiMii'Elt, wife of Mr. Abner
Feimster, in Uie 30th year ef her are, leaving a hus
band and five children to bemoan her Ions. Airs. F.
WU sick fur six mouths belore her decease, but bore
her pain with exemplary fortitude. A little while be
fore she died, she had a severe pnroxysm of roughing,
which so much exhiuisted her that she seemed to have
expired, but after being apparently insensible she open
ed her eyes again, spoke with a strong voice, and with
coantonsnce 9
tier mercilul mm. MUO'said site bad two, Uie Anrets
of Heaven at the Jinltl hand of God piaisiaj him Uim
slie was happy, and Jnid her hmtm would not -moan
(1 her, befwofild prepar to' follow hot tn&fiut theif
(iod. She was a kind and sfftatidnnte wif t, a tender
and careful tnoUier, a peaceful and ol.ligiag neighbour,
ana wa respecioo ny an who anew ner.
Jtr husband and children and other friends nave suf
fered a great loss, hut they should derive comfort from
the well grounded hope that tiieir wif.i, mother, and
friend, has, gone to a better worldwhere she will re
ceive the reward promised by, the Son of God to all
wno iuve mm. B - : . iommutiicaieat
In Concord, Cabarrus county, on the lth nltT. Mrs.
EF1EZA MOORE, apni 33 Vears. 1(1 month, and 2
days. . She Imw left bn'shand and three amaH'chiidren
to mourn tlie lot of au ailet Uoiiato wife and tender
: - .'''' '.' : '
Cr NOTIC'i:!
.1 - tr V
roue l.insiam having uieir vt uwii
ill .leal
4 LL per
to forward it as rfi a -..l.le, as tl.e ,Miin
I'aUrrus Co., July 8, 131. tf
nmiiul'.u tured at fMire alt'a ,M.m liinr,'
be cbtatHj hy (he fiwt sf f enda-r, (- thi
on. J .4(1)11 hJIULWALT.
. 75 J)()llar. Itcwnnl.
IBCAl'I'.D from lle StiWriU'r, wbtlo eixamp.
rl at the hMje tt A. Waif, in Ruling,
ham County, (N. C.) uo tun Slight of the lUth
Ma last, a
flrro !tl an, named JOII..
f la is ahxiut Ik) jeara i4 l, aUmt ft fet 1 1 im he
high I no marks r-ol iet 1 had on a toane-epua
j-aiw hsig cf, anJ cuiuiiKai thread and rottos)
IMititaloiMis. John Waa ptin hnatid fnun ArrhibaM
'orb-, in rut County, m-ar (rw mille, and it ia
pndwhl be will eimVvof Id get Lack to th sauna
'list above reward of rventv-Five Holla ra wiO
be paid tu any one who a ill rrheiid and lodg
the said Nero ia any put, wo thai th ailrribef
can gvtt him atain. Lutter addrraard to the tm
uVnuKtitid, at Itorjiingham Cuurthouse, (Va.) will
rvH-viva imnmdiat attention.
July ft, 1M4. 10
f (KTTIw Editor of the Tarhnrrstgh Free Prea
will buldisli the dvertisemenl In tlie anaaaiA
-), Mhd a receipted bail Id this ufTic, Sut
Nivinent. j
'pHB Anwnwl Meeting-1 the Iredell Cwmty-
Teuiia-rautf rioriety will take place ia Ftairw
Ville, p Ike 'id Tkxrmlaf of Jul nrrl, a 1 1 0'.
.hh, A. N. Tha Re. Mrr CHILHM, a tlinj
Meilwtit I'ptscn)xl Cfaurrh, if expected torYli.
v-r a disrourae 00 Iha occasion, ilia friend ef
Temperance are reapectfullv Inviiivd to attend.
Ftateville, June 2, If.1l, ,
-Wri 1 1 jx)si t i vely bo -Drawn
JVczt Thursday ti l
North-Carolina Stalo
vt in Till,' ppvi-i'if ftp
The SaVbury Academy,
Jr ist.CUsii Ilisii and.Low 8 jstcau
To ht JDtaicnintSalhbulrijy
Capital, $3,000!
"1 Prize of $3,000 is 3.000
, 1 4 ---of-Q-isg,00
0f 300 is- 1.500
- Tr
lO 50
JLQQ is 12,000
JOO 15,000
20 is 2,00(1
20, 183 Prizes, moummg to $ 1 20,0.00
13s" More Prizes than RIauLs 1
Ticket $4 Halves f J. -Quarter I.
IlTiC ton?r JwhJei ia
Syalcnv-Jia 40,00 Tickets, nttmlx-red from 1 t
40,000 nujnbcrsji iH Ihb
Hie pnzoaIsve the denominntion of $1 70 in an
other: tliey will then Ins drawn out alternately, fin-t
a number nn l then i a priw1, ..untij sll.the priif jf ju-e
flfuwiaTnmi l to ',K!iil!filSjr?Llyvi'i axil
ffom ao.uOI to 4fi,0tU, inclusive are high. The
prize of 4 70, to be awarded to the high or low
division, determined by that which rnftv
draw the eapitid prize of S3,(M)0. .Tlie prize if
64 70 will be payable in ticket, in the next bt Ik-ium
all other prizes payable in ensh .forty days after
the drawing. All prizes subject to a dttluctiun
fifleen per cent. " '
7" Accord n In thi moat of dratnne, o7..
trf of tjrq t'trl.t ! ".' . re UtdtO.-tm- arians, t
ami MAY DliAVv ' .iXKKt
Tickets, Eli arcs,;
, tin' greatest va
(White, Rou , ? '
r'diaSfCSjtoIehaJ, b
"f iiiimlx'ra, at
iiits' Ofiicc,
unIoh Hotel,)
-AH order from a di
the Cu-ih, will be tl ai ! '
attended to, if ! y
i ; r i , . :
May It, 1-
1 .; (po -t paid) fiu!.. i
'v fe--.ivfd and projii;
, (
.i.?jer, SaUshitrij, X C

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