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6ATUnDAVun::::::.:JULY 12, 1834.
Jjf- Very Important!!!
Tli Htliturof llMCnrJiiiian'w(iuU be much
oUiged to hie faln-tia, who havo a already don
so, if 117 would send to hint, without delay, the
anmud epproprial'uH billn4i, or Id 80, a the
case may be.
I In dislikes in bo importunate j but, uUiiWil
mid of the lucky furnislici nf blanks, paper, tnd
j m !!, he find it diificull lii tiMH all contingcu.
ri without railing upon his siil-vriU-rs.
II pledt-s himself m4 Id ttlo a single bill, un
. it should Ui fwililly counterfeit. Those
front tlx) " lUuk of the Stale of Smith Carolina"
uM imH bo sent buck wiib an) oxHiIuImumiI
Will the next L-jji.laturc do any tiling for the intcr
lii ! inipniteiiiejit (if ln Sis' I
'p,, ji-11 mij is u(1"n s-ked ly hundreds of our frl
.kiIii ius with aim" tn-inblmi; anxiety, W wish
rMjil snawrr it naiflli-oily in Hip ullirmative; but
H n-r rxrflnii m Hi" "signs uf Uie times" ealeulalo.1
t ii)p.ri iu with timed hope. t)n tin' nsitrary.oue of
.'llCfl11'4". Vbldi iwlA UiiuUmi MmU the Vrffrr
l YrUi ('urvliiu in audi enterirm- m Mill operating,
6-r, wrth nitdtmmjihed force. We slludt- to acc-
limlul Ji iililUtj.
If the rw-ri,ar and tin- Rmnokc interest would
cadi be M4iUiul iili itadue rHHKi i if trade, and would
ii'iiti- tn snpirt if a genera! vUi'iii, tonlliiug mufhl
trfftTfn(mir5riIy ta-nYrTiTiJIii tin-in, liul In every sec-'
t f llii Statu. But it wein u if they are Imlli dtv
Ut.uuiutl to iU)juw stvry scheme liial doea 14 promise
l.i elthl f of ttl' UI I monopoly. We, of Course, d( IH.t
ui. !. in Hn number of tire illiberal and wttiili nil
pnmlilion of r.Uii-r of thuac sections : there arc
r-rtainly wmc rnlufh'i'wd ami libi-ml miiiJn in eindi,
inimftumrtd by irh nsrrow virw ; but tbcy are ft',
an ! fiirin mily rxri-ptunin to tin- i iw ml cliiir'i.
ConiinumtM' M'Mom act fnxu iiminlrn'(('d iihpivp ;
ii'-wr, wln-re pci-iiniry dvulnj,'i. niv involvi'd. Now
tin' ('upe-Kor nitrn-xt wnt to MMinoimlize the trade
uf tl inUtrtor, nl Uie Knanka intcrrat i qiwlly nnx
ui for the aaiim ohjit-l, Tlir m an iiilfniii'diau.' re
gn on thy nen-bmnl mi( dirrt!y mu rfU.'4 iiLeiUuT
of tliinn- lii'iii''; and thrui;hoi( tlm wlmli SuU' I'ito
m a aratt'Tii a very nnmrrou cUu immuit of thiir
own trji? mtiTTt, whn air opjxKo.! to any and emy
wlii'ni" of iinoruveinpiit that wou'id riiUire aul from
tin- Statu.
It nveil but a knowiclfo of tlioiw facti to convinoe
the UKMt fanuiiie enLhuftiaat liial North Carolina ho
nhrt aclna (o aiirnmtint vaiKly mure formidable than xt
fi'rty. Our rcnourcna ar ainjpl and our pnlilic credit
Is Uiinurpii'iiM." Rutiif whit avail art- thKe iitvsnta
gim, wha dml ilivMtim awt yHhMh nnnrq)lrj dMfOJ
tkal iuity of actMH and ciwJ witliotil iich r) Httt"
jcin proctor t ..... .v 4?
M a tmn w proniwd from tho V out tn the RmiKKl
- ftitha'itli thriaioiuyofTtie C'aiip-ir u eACiUsTintii
. cptuutMu : tf ve be mjI tn the t'spe-Kcar, nnnie-
Buitiofc-If oiih) LjilwraJjHoT'U;pntaTTJurinnt-?nii5f
t" t!4 prrmrirty and pidK'f of a ayhteni otMiiiifbi'tt-
wyw!Virtt.lWM'n( op each
Will fin fiiuikl m uearly balanced that tbe ataJo will- U
invariably turned by tlioee aolllxh diiu(iMVuoii from
dlwf quartan arlw lfcdd tfamr aUUf tmf mteT "tt
TUTTum'ITian'aii obli-cftTiat- wTfg)i .mtxajice tue iuusrvnt
aiw roiiMrte tne honor or ti win Mr Main.
: A reference to the Loialitive hu'jir) of tbo Statu
almw that thia ia not mere tlnwrybut acttiaj .Ui?t
laiM-Iwly mrU
And iio itt the difficulty to be rf moved or overcome 1
-. .XViUi.iHt VTemCTlidiiy in amwdmeflt oft
the t unslitiltiun, whiiruby tho pri'ondiraiice in the lv
filature wouid .be jfiven in tliat arction of the Hlate
wh'ch is entitled to it both by popnlatioo and wealtli.
Why, it mar be-askerf. WoillJ tlic Weai be Vuu-e likely
tian the Eit to irtintote internal imjrovenient ! We
"ply, Ucniist" the ftsf, tut we have aeon, in Hplit into
a'noi4 m many inlerext advene Interexta a there
are nmrket-towna. On the oontnir,', the West baa none
ot" them! opiMMin. intcrmta. The Puople of the West-
,rn counties want one or more market-town, enay of
''.!.(, tiir tln sale of Uieir produce. It ia to tlicru a
ie Ope-Frnr, ot to The Hranoke; wto Bflnofbtt
Tii'-y would prefer a m:irket within N(rth Carolina ;
prevent them -from trading- ttrere, they will a ami red
ly look to other otitleta, and iioek a more easy comtnu
Miration with the ncililmrintr ftiU-a. We foel very
f "onflJum UmitNuHftTaTnTcmitinuo HU-rt aTeyv
JioreYirgiiik nd iSuuth Catulina-. will di v kle
.'''W lbiano .jUiU 4w4 aluU trader- k4eh
' w ill then be impracticable ever U regain. '-
We most ainccrcly deprecate auch an event Aa we
hive heretofore observed, on more than one occasion,
would prefer the erection of roade to our own towns
even at a greater expense than it would require to
make them to I'etcrslnirjf or Charleston ; we would be
w iliinir to nacriflce mtich to advance the character and
interest of the State, but not Cfle yjtlff.l!r-llfill.
'Wt&Kni we: aH'tell W iKasterih" firieiiifa,
t(rat,.if thi'y are noTwininW
WestTfi m nigh irnio tJwy were doing something in or
der to retain it '
Tlie PostmaHtor-Cneral has pubjkhed an Address to
the People of Uie United States, charging with fabje
IkI and misrepresentation the Report of the Senate's
t'ormnittee on the affiiirs and condition of his office
The "National Intelligencer," speaking of tbu new"
ProifH, makes the fidlowing remarks ! , : " ' ;
"The PoBtmastcf-Qenwat accaaes the Commftteeof
iwrty nialijnify, becaaaethey deny tiat e lus I Tight :
In borrow mrivf en (', rre.!. t?, fr-rtr!.ri.t.
ui ru iu aialKl Ui Ui K-untt Uil
Hi fii'lit to do ao 1 ami, U (WmimiitM d
aa Ui ritrbt, th.a Dm (1m twur t,uh b
P-m4 U W1U1 Uir,e U Y.a lha Aiim r-
" ui" ru iu auuxl in Ui Ki-untl 1 but ft awiU
tf tint b
K iiffll di
"y WiUl U.e,g brU U AuM-rtoiai I'roida.
It h ht aJreculy m ,-n, hj our report ot ll pn
ttisof the HenaU on ffHlay svi-biiij Uk, HmiI Ui
of UMjiaHiiMr4inierl tvzt,lwnti b aa
n,mmi nM of thai ty. We Iherrfl.thal
tins nrnllr- ia put ty.-id all 4Miht, the p.inMi-(i.
"ral's pnitt hi Um eontrary Mwithatamlirif."
Tbe follow In j U tU vote alluded to abovts
RrmJttJ, Tl H M pnned and admitted that larft
suim of uhj hate bepf, butrowl at d.Oofm( fUnka,
by the Putifter-J.nrrl, in ordf lo snake p the aV
fc'iwnry iq Uie tnntns of carrying on lb boaiona uf gM
PiUJifice Ui partinent, wiUioul autburity f ivn bjanv
la m of Cungnm 1 nd that, a CongrtMai alone pnmt-mm
the power to burrow ruonf y m the credit of lU United
Hutes, all such eontracta loans by tl PutiMuitr
Xienetsl are illegal and fold. .
M The vote un thia resolution atond thus .
" VKAIiM Brniim, fUh, RU k. 5mwn,.b
biain, Cltaiuhers, CU, t'layym, Kwinf Ker-ytli, - fie
luilfhuyaen, Grumly, ilimdncka, UtlU Kane.ent, Kuif
of Alabama, King vt Oenrgia, knigftl, Line, Unyum,
Moure, Naaulaui, I'oimlf xlrr, Porter, Prentiaa, Preaton,
Ruhbina, Riihuiaon, Hheplry. Hil-iwai, Muiilh, KouiUrd,
Hprajrue. Hwifl, TuuiIiimin, Tyler, Wsggaman, Wcb
ur, White, Wriifhu-41,
-NAVS-Notw. :
"Ho Hit rcaululk waa unanimooJy ajreed to."
fa" l'p"fl e fnminaliio, it baa brea found tUl tbe
L'niUd Bute Bank, Uie " Won-ti-r." as the Pre.d.-ut
calls it, when enmiared with Uie PuH-OlfUe iK-parW
iiient, is no bMa-e Utan Uie iimhimf to Uie mamnxKh.
The Commi(te of the Hcriate, which repurtod on the
subject during the lantarion, it is thought haaliarilly hw
L'tin U di-rovrr all Uie abuaesuf that Department i and
both llounrs of Congress apfiointed CiMiimitt-- u sit
during tli- recesa, tnd give it a tinriNi?b inra-aipitM.
e iiia the good work will now go on unintemipted
ly until Uie Augean stalls are Umrwigbly clrtuW.
On Mink lay, the HfHh of June, both lloaaes of Con.
f rew adwHirm-ij tinr lv, ..Tbe National IhUiU.m-uiicm
aaya that tho last day of Uie aura ton waa a real w orkmg
day-Mauy btlla yaraird tnrtr final mdmfT eeclly
in Uie Henate. Tbe House 1 Ri'pntanitativcs brought
its buniiuiM to a cloae by 3 o'clock ; but Uie Senate, ha
ring s hrgu inans of Ejicculive ootuuialioM lo set w
afWuarU, the adjouriiuient of the two Jlouae did not
Ula fk. 4MtUt af 7tr'rWk- P: M:rPn-"1TijrT."ificTuT
led Uie Pirt Session uf Um Twenty-Third Congreaa.
(JT A number of Riuthern" Mernbera of Confess
hats pvel through this place within the laat few daya.
AiiMMiif Ihi'in was the llou. John C. Calhoun, who at 10
fine health and sptrita.
OT Amisitf the moat iriiixirtant biiinei transnrted
by ToiiKreaa during the Urt daya of the -nation, w as Uie
appointment of a Committee, by each limine, lo.sit du
ring the receaa, and exainuie into Uie concern uf Uie
Pust-Othce Department
Ttre- Prrmnre tWntttee of the Srrmte is a!so to Imld
m-mnmis during Uie recess of tliat bily, t Uie porpme
of vammuig Uilu UieaiIkm.of tbe iWauf Uie United
Cammillf tut Ik PothOJir, mppirintfi y fr ffo.
f Ht Mi-r. Connor, Htoddcrt, Wuiutwjr, II.
o nil 1 1 4
r-vereu, iieanisiey, n aunougn, aim llawca.
We ar pleased tosee tht Mr. !oindcter, one
of the Senators from Uie State of Miwiiwippi, has been
elected President pro tern, of Uie Seuate.
A statement of Uie balloting will be found below, by
wb'ch it- appear that Mr PoiinTexter' beaT irr."7ving
riiofe Uian two to oriaTtbougfi HievT'ldrtIiThigs
were divideil between five, 1 while the AdinIuitrtH-
party uiiitea upon one man. -
ilr.'Potndexter is tlmrQiigti JuilTifler'j ami but sue.
CPaJi-extue-.luJi. tliat .tie SoumtoM, mim en thf
Ri-priscniatives of Sovereign Slates, have at length
practically acknowledged tbu true pnociples of our Cu-
Ekintxlvn 2A, -"
Thr. Senate .bavoj a.einUctQd tli Vtoo-Preei-
dent Jiaving provjww 4dl the- Ciiair
Al r. VubUix juuveit lUt the Sonat pruceed to the
choice of a President are Icsa.
,Tba nxitiiin was agreed to; wLon,Ui belWjMvingJ
tjfrrnT-iin)ii i niMn ri' iubi . . .
Mr. IWdexferbaS'..' "T" 21
Mr. King, of Alabama, 14.
Mr. Tyler,? - 1
Mr. Waggaman, ' . . - 1
- JTr. Clay, - - . 1
Mr. Frelinghuyaen,- - 1
Mr. Bilihi - a -- !
""" Blank. - .... 1
No person having a majrjtj of Jbe whole.nuinber
of voters tlie Senate proceeded lo second ballot; when
it appeared that
Mr.-wndesterhad B -2("
Mr. King, of Alabama, - -1.1
Mr. Tyler, 3
Mr. Bibb, - . . - - 1
Mr. Clay, . .. . . - 1
Mr. W'aggaman, .... 1
Mr. CallxHin, ..... 1
No person having a, majority of the whole number of
voifi, me oenuia uruceeueu 10 m oaiiui; wuen u
W.TomiTrtftef 'narf - - - . . -
. Abv. Kim?, of Akhama, .
- 10
Mr. Tvler.
Mr. Wagtramari,
Mr. Frolinffhuvsen,
Mr. . Pomdexter having received
iving received a majority of (be
js given, s'iiii ilnjnjj ilnly slm't'
-tend, harfrrg Wricoiiducted to
whole number of Totes
the Cliair by Mr. Chambers, made his acknowledgments
i upon bias by aim rVniaig,
Onr readers will perceive, below, that there has been
another revolution in the upper Cabinet at Washing
ton City.
Major Barry, the Poetmadtcr-Gonenil, ia tbe only in
dividual in tho Cabinet w ho has been fortunate enough
to retain his place through all tbe mutations Umt we
wittieMtd tntbg rast'Bve years. :
htthe eeteciion '"at huofnoera for Jbe. lower depart
ment tbe Kitcltett tlieTrosidmit aeeme tr hrre heerr
very furtunu'te at the start Iwis and Kendall are
two faithful turnspits, and it would be no easy matter
to find sntistitutes for them. The President therefore
acta wine); in keeping them where they can the most
effectually minister to hie appetites, .
The Hon. John Forsyth, of t-eorna, has been ona-
nimounlv confirmed aa Secretary of State, in the place
of the Hon. lionta Mclne,esigned.
"The Hon. Levi Woodbury, late Secretary or the
V... tin- hnen ennRrnaed sa Snrretarr of the Treasu
ry r in the place of "Roger B. Taney, Eeq., whow( nomi
Bation wee rejected.' '--TZT'r'i. -
"Tlillon, awhlon Dickerson, a sew jersey, late-
h."' ' v"f 1,1 p "T k;T,.r-:.'" "!
r - - '""7.
ImI tun L a al I'll 1. 1 :. iciU-J il,u.
lvl Win. i bury, .
Mlili J ki-rxv.
Willwm T. t-n.
rx ir'fj f TrMtrury.
JWrrUiy of War.
rVcnUiy vt Nats.
J Wmm-u-M rtM tL
Ii"njaiina f. Idiiw,
! Atbs-Bjey-tfiwraL
Tl- Ilist Wilitam Wdkiass of Wylaa, lass
bws) c. fill fined as 4mietrr to Kuit, m pUce t4 Ihs
fq. M lik LVkrm-4, apVMtttc4 IWvtaiy of the
Tle osirwii. of tU I'lncol t m .th Us ItrfMU a
mm h closer Uise WMU tlw I !- of K'prwriutiva
I'tasm tbe aubjrvt of I r-fi t ;t-, amaxntuirnta, sikd mtW-J
the whole range f : utie bu.n-, the tnats
alrmat UlSfKilr cbnrk. It m, tiK-retuffi,nf tti.l import
ance Uiat It alxaild be Wkull t-aemnl hrmm K.tM-uli,a
eutilruL Tki body was luui4 to, by U Oaioer tf
ui .oMiiHiim, as a sarxuisry a U vwal a ad tn
equal ntfhta et the Htatrs, and ss framra) as to rbrtsdl
that srr.liu.ent on H, part uf lt aieinbrrs. It m bere
abate that the (Moral provtple Ims bres
principle valoable to all but ratrtieuklt lo the small
Huts Car si as sa ths? sWrtment sVkm Ihat Uir per
P-rt rsuality w rmfni,l But, sir, where will be tu
emriiury it us dut truia ronUwfa-a far be eUV f
Wlien, brrxafW, a Knvator alia 11 frJ to be bie duly
Ui attempt, tit languatfe wbitb be tbmk tt errs.
s 'ni rmpiirra, to srreial et wrw hmnrtj af the lUeeelive,
or to seek nlfaa by ep. nf abires of tns( on bi
part, or on uiat or ant of pis suburduiatfla, ba aa M
bm IifW rh-ed fn, Hvle-d, as r old, by r4e.
mii a power w mure rmteat He may, pertaina,
bdd, tint alllxai. b at si his nghr to naM vWly the
riblic a U of Ihe PrswidcBt east kueCabitMH, smast br
e in a manner nne di-ucuu Uiat ilif tnutits
are no to be rudely sraanrj and dwrrrd trH UmI de
bates that character, bating a tralency onas-tly to
abenate te ennrVhw of tbe Pe.-ple, are out uf crdry
-Hind tliat. if be Will sfstpe bat prrmria scenrducr In tbe
prwriDed pain, sat aseasure the talent and bttternras
of bis di-nuwiaUio by Vm Adnuwiatratioa laadatd, be
may go on ; if not, be must ikawt"
Tlie (opung is eatracted frn-sj a 8peerb sVlrrerr-l
ut the H-uate of Uie I'ruted Hutoa, by lb ll oa. Marm
Van Burro, during the Administratm of Jui Quinct
Adam. - ' " ' ' .' '
"Ut. Vsn Burensnd (Jen. J-kl anth,at Uiat time,
peofsiaisJ to W afbrorstee of fHafe K7(hta. " Tbe Gene
ral has shows) tliat bi rrgnri dr there M ait grt Uiat
he wiWies to become their mttr t-uardian ; and bat heir
presMMrfiV at now tm tnurJi afraid of bssag d in site
nted lo utter a syllsble in nftpraHtinaj to tbe sieves and
design of jfa pw-teeli w -WfhfWts' ut XXA-frm Tltere"
(re closed their lips' voluntarily on Uie subject of the
PresMient's rncroachinenu or, if Uey did it
tru to aJUnd praises to bis Majf-kty. .
Tbe Naaliville Bttfuwr, of June lb !HUh says :
"Several iiuuiirtaut priociplus have beea mutually
settled by lie- Conttnition, via: Thai fire white 1410
latnei shall f-rin Uie basis of rr or-1 -o latum 'l"Ut a
property qua I licit a in reprewntaUm ahall Ur dnieo
sed with That no qualification of ae (after iwenty-
one)slaill he Tkal the namber of members ;
m both lino of tlie Lejrslature stall be gradually
Increased. "
Tbe Republican, of tbe Ofith, asys the Convmtioa re
jected tbe prupuMtsMi to give the srarenior t eet pow
er. We arc glad to see Umt Uie saaUvmra of Tssme
see are not all so blind aa nut to bare dua-overcd tbe
danger of investing aa Executive officer with power to
neutralise Uie acta of the Legislature.
Tbe hbsvey of lite pruent Admin isTration nf tbe Ge-
new I Government ought to be a autficM-nl adnmuitinn '
of tlie impolicy of giviag so much power to one man.
We) IfW llii!e!ncJ to iJmlt.T V K rUwnetr Car s
rimphtWMpy ?tbs?wh onTIir'OT ATT1nnM'w r,fTTek'ck. 'd" r1 lo which il had
tiithe- !tn W. P. Maturum Lr aundir imnuitanl dl nfwri iha.fcynWxni&nto
j.:: y - .. . . , t
The WnV'r ereaTbu
tiKi,(. .JV-J:
ttJtrvu tut hwin ua u
j .1:. :.i .. 1 . r ,
por-cviaWbt -far tite- last six nionUsr
Tliw SiiBmnCoirt nf rha St.ite, now In teiwion, bas
""rii . St-"rf yzfisWf f-. 'i huutjoosu ia uucuuuuu, tu
Cottrrty-toTirrprarriCP. " .
-.1...:.. 1 f- .. T- -ti . m.m
J.-'it' ' it - :
ing IJiiinJidatrs C ro-ckc!ki iu Cabwrrua C"iny
Gkorub Kli'TTB, &., fir Ihe Senate, ami 1'tJ,
General Assembly.-
Wuuaji IL Aat uibalo, ;
Esq., foj-SlientT.
TKT We are auibriied to announce JW!i Still,
Jr., lvj., a Camlidate Cr the odke of ILgtt Kite
rilfof Cabarrus Gaiiitj-.
ia estate fi tn
.W. havimr returmtd hoiun. h.. -eJ
... i 1
!! ataW thai, as be will be under the necesMity of
being alieent from North Carolina during the next
session of the Assembly, ho considers it hie duty
lo withdraw his name.
T-vai trx stssj aauasts 1 1 1 asj
!' The rntnn of Eedura email iudeuendejit Stale
beyond lie Bntierr frtmtirr in Oirzcrat, fdiedolit t
12th of Auguisl :. and when the e-frrL became
Known. io nia uouemHu, seven oi ine ranees ruan.
ed intatbe spartment where the dead body lay.
1 he mntlier of tlm present young rsph waa akme
tjpinrafM nf the f-y' tfr- -J
in hei room, by the karlwreea, or native niinUtcrs.
On the morning of the 5th, the 7 raaeeu, two eon.
rubiii'8 iJjLlli me per
sorml man eervfint, and four. JemaJe slaves, were
taken down with the corpse and burnt with it. be
fore the whole aHHenibled populatksa of Eedur
Every body of Influence is stated to have aided in
the horrid tragedy j and not a single person, either
connected with tlie rajah or otlicrwise, araieara to
have interpoaeil hy word or deed, to, prevent thcue
fourteen pewple from burning ; on the ciailranr.
tlie i e ' vrthgiea'etr
plete'thia-outntge. -Onetjf the mtm waa wveral
months ndvnticerfia pregiiaucv.; aaotLer lt-lwd
throughout shown a deiim linalion to sacrifice ber
m If, had only been married nineteen months to the
ramh, and waa under twenty veara rtf aye. Just
before the lighting nf the funeral ju'lc, the eldest
ranee, wstjTyeara uf age, addressed the Aarisirewe,
mying that M ahe herself had always determined ip
burn with the rajah, and dud no expostulation
would have turned ber trora her purpose,, but tliad
it wan strange she had 1tot heard one word of di.
snasion nr compLnino expressed by any one."
She concJuded by o-niring tbeni to gx and live on
the plnmler they wrre oeurjng.lo tiiemsWvee by
their destruction of tbe chicra Cunflr. Tbe lax-
.n.r.i, l( u...frr.t..f, in .,.-r,g.
tik, 1,1. ,4 i)i siiiviMii riw,sa l.i 1. n.t,.r
I r . ..7 ... . I
Iwt brrsj ini'imais to I la-if li.i
It An rtti-iwue
pilLir" U" llift rajib's prrww
pr jerlt , rii(ii'g
if n.MM talus lil-s in jrwrl, IS sl'rd to hat
takes) .M t-t tlx lifti I.I id the karbema.
Naw Mat ih, ('.tfHMftK-ut, July 1.
fVafiseiii-iw Iin i.i T. Ibtuiril, Lie an otri
rer re tbai I'nitrJ Htates' N'sty, was this rnommg
MtbiiDr, Muu-4'-ri lite FM-rfml (liurth, in bl.
ruT Hiaj-1,'iu Ibis city, f-y tlx Kl. Key, li-li..p
IJrowoi II. 1 M taiMluJute Waa preta nlrl by the
Ke. lh. Cniewel, lb Re. H. Iawku,tif New
Vort, aiaJ arte raj afutiuJ Muiwicrs atu nJiiig.
One of tlie earliest s-Mb-iauI'llie rtmntry anaiml
at . ...... . '
Ik" t Mmpldin, was td. Irflnanl UayiwRal
He urwlrrUm tbe rhansHer aiel lip.naii.i if tlw
natiteeuf Vt (.n -l, pml iired w ith Ihciu ui hum b
harnxriy; fmpiet.tly rinpli')liig tU ui lu u bisu
pf aocf d iw n the bike aa Im bad urciMi, One
asnut f llow, fey the name iaf Hiliear.'bad I' is aig
ant al tm grrst dnHajK-e fnmi tbe (Jo.m I's dwel
bug, and ouuflea there. 11 eobirH bavins; oc
raastsa to bit aunio diatanl sltoni of the lake, em
(bi) ed Rigbsar lo row him in die ramie. On (heir
rrturn Ibey pad iseer bigb, yet, sloping krrlge
af rurks, on which Uy m iituitrtiae numU r of rat
tkesmkea, leep aid U.king in the sun.
The Indian gate peis-trstmif Umk al lite Ctio-
iwl, and lints impnrrd, Kayniun bive funf "Vn,"
waa the rejily. H ell, then, KayuNin bate run I
mind Imlian ami ble gluin." So be rowed absig
aib-ntlv, and rot cntch ststlt fnu hunch of ha
af-le opn the hank. Mfieedy nuw hole glum,
Kay nton," said bf.aa heclsppi-d Ibernilrhruainde
the neck isf a seqa-ul, tl.nt was mdeep cloas) 10 the
edge of Ihe water. "Take urn now, Kayinuni
k4e fum." The C'obmH lUt. oi4 b4l of ihe
slirk, keeping the serpenl d n, htbj libear li-d
up a little aswk powder, ftutHiig ouc end of a
wfW ITtatrli lU-rriuv He lliesj kuk-k il fn-4 to tU
nakeV tail and twltm fire to tftfr mntrh, gave.
nnlrrs lo "b-l am gis" aame lime Mmliilig
the caisa off frtm the ab"nt, Tbe snake being li
bera led, crawled away to his den. Tlie Imliun iin
nmiUalelv then stond np and rhis;rd his liamls, nia
king as paid a re ye re.'--.iJM. "IIU rff"1
thyrstthts7wlM aITin a moiinnil diaappeercd.
Nirw Ksdi, Rsymnn : now look, see fun," so id lie.
' " ; -""i
il a muHiie jhe powder eupbsje-l,
lo he sum, fun alive. Tim snake, iu j
and in annul
thr re was.
I Hi .Iwiul. Mkn..Mwfl 1 1.. M..fti. Mil K....... ...III....
1 n"-i"lii niiii.ia, ,
iwining.rwinmg, ami jumping every way imagiu-1
Bldf! Colonel Ravrmnid burst inln a bsid taugli,
mat echoHi arri-s tbe lake, pleased alike. i(b lbl...... at r i iOO.uartcr;"""
i w or ine irica, ami ine ingenuiiy m ttto sa
vage's iirrnilKHi. But Bighrar, from tlie beginning
to tbe end, was as vrave as a beige, not tiHivins a
mtt-b, and having not Ihe leaxtisilHlily iu his
17ns is truly cbaractermtic in the
Ainerv an abururiimat wliaj emmsse trie greatest er
ritabilitv of laughter in otliera, hss mi e(Tcl upon
.1 ', . . . ,' - .
inem; iriev reuinin sola-r, setlntn, ami hxei as t)
brnrtte statue. They niay ' love fun, htrt never in
the siitallo-tt degree exhibit that character in their
Prift of m A"icL On Tliurmlay, a woman en
leml the shoo of a tenuilo merchant. Iq wbHn slie
owed 20 ? -l was craved for the di'bt, and be.
cauw she enoJ.1 m4 pay, gut a kick and waa turn.
led out. II was of this kick , that sbn next day
came .before thoMaiiitratsv.i-eifarn.- Hie
MauiMrate, after due tnvetigntioo regarding tlje
L...r-M r-t-rrr-r- ttt rfl -."T " i" -7i i
one Taiiy-d at z$ 7 l,vaiid.
reilwced . lire doM
t.4t Hkli.i.f
ft Is repn'itnl thai Ihe eu.nuiLuurr basi
- -'
.t.rrretv tu .many more kt.-ks ai 2s 7d
1 each, aa will kick her wholly out of JobL fniWry
' Adrrrtimr.
Ia M-ckreirhiirw wntt, oa the Vfkh eltrmo, WIf
:-J-liJAatATTVKie.tef Vwri1lL 8. C W Mips CV
i-i ... . wiviiii.. in 'n hi, iti'Tiiinjl UOUII I
nciiiB'Tt'ii -riiia it.s
I 'I .1 .-II, I .11 .1 J 1 1 . 1 L 1 . , . .
m M-jorna, trertelf tduntt, rotnrie 4"i in4.
agl T years, Mrs. SAR.UI RE1D, relict of tbe ktte
John Reid, Esq., formerly of Uie Catawbr Sjiriiiga.
Near SsTeiir8totos county, on the '2nd inst, M.V
IACHI, sob nf Franklin Burcham, aged four years. "
fin-of' MURPI1V di MOSS is thiadnjr
njeuiate pxyiucut
Salisbury, July 1, 134.
GO To my CuMoiiif k
rHPHE Subscriber, having purcliased the Putire;tw-fjr-iioT .tiuriihy tV nioMs. will ciki.
ttmie to .srtt goiKU iol"u-iual, at the-tdd stand. - 1 fe
H thnsrimlrW ax-tn is the
old concern nitwt positively he clotted in ft. slwirl
nuie. . ttiiHAAi aitnriix.
CSIi8bury7July 12, 1"34. - if.
Tlie SutWf riU;r wishes fo empliv
or threw Journeymen Huttent,
to whom hoawill give conitUiit em
nbr? and lilieral waee. if anolicaliua be nuito
- ir in '
to him, in Citbarrun County, six utiles northwest of
Concord. ; , f KO.iS JCSTJCE, ,
N.B None need apply but suqli as can come
well reonmniendud fiir inurality anil industry,
4 LL pcrwns dcroua of having their W 0 0 L
toaoufactured at Stirew&lt'a Macbiae,v.ill please
to forward it as ama as p.4nille, as the Machine
HI be closed by tha firat f Septensber for thia
CabaniaC, July 4, 1634., tf
tt - r 3 ....i
- few: : 1 --p K ,
. a -m m 3 m m smi Sj
ma mi m nr i r
Jt C'laM....! Iih mul Lou 8)tcm.
To lir DrnHii at Mnroluttin,
(it at olh 101111,)
On WcJtu-Kilny-llie 27th Augttst
m, -a-
ct27z::cc:t h rc:::?a,
. oossirai
I Tiiw U fOLLAlW
ia eV5,0O0
of 3.O0O IM).LARJ U S.IMN)
of 2,tJOO DOLLAR) i' 5,M)0
of lKX) DOLLARS ia 10,000
- 6(M) IKILIJIRS ia 6.000
m DoLJ.Altd
'20,323 Prixee, anvaniting lo f I30.0C0
0 To be drawn on the High and Low System,
Tbe holder uf two tickets, un high and tlm other
low, ia certain lo draw ONK print ld draw
T1IUF.K. AU tba pri-e payable in CAM I. forty
dart after' the drawing tailrt lo ihax usual datdue-
tuajrnf f S per cWii V
A"! PL" holeTklcU ut tU kn lrim will -
cost . . . iU 00
And must draw nett . Jt ... . 17 00
... - - --. - 7 S33 IM
Tbowri who prefer adventuring Pr lb?Jarjc nriza.,
tnVrtw-fn Ihlw 'T7Tir "f 23, e'' tile 'SlaiiaBera'
Certificate for Ten bote Tickeft, untitling the ,
no isirw an tne tickets mar araw or ! 1, thnl
uJm,, tu antomrf of I bo 4 prizn that each Pack
a mt draw.. . :
hoj.ler lo all Die tickets may draw over 917, thai -
a. . . . .
rsckaire nf Khsre in rifmiri rnn w
Certificate (at 10 Whide Tn kela,
M m 10 Halves, . '.
: il. aa
(ty All Ordera froui ft distance, t?y mail (ps-l.
pid) nr by private coniryance, endowing the canh t .
orprixo-ln kcts in our previous Ioiterj,wiJI receive
the inoet proiiifit attention, if aiblresned lo . ;'
... - iSteu'iisoii & -Poifitsrr'-"-Mi
OCT. A" neeounl ollta drawing will be lorward.
ed iuiuintiiately atlor its event.
Ticketa t4 lUlve il Qua'rten $1, --
Salisbury, Julyfl, n4. Marutfrriu
- avi List of Letters rr-'
Ltiicolutoii, (.. C.K
ATuraet AbttasUbyiJr.,-ariaff
Johnson or Turner Abwuarhyr Jduaea Aberualhy, Dm. -
F. ILim.lli,, , ' V..Jt'-!. 'i.r 'jlg.'sM- t .-.j
rf AbarasOhy
A lAvld Barruier, JsxJ tt.ker,- Sarah Bums, Re."
eerettrl t rmrte Betta (X) Tmlo J5rduawr Legion 1R)1-J
unjrer, vy ituam Iwkw JmIiU itinH --- ".r-
C -Laveuu. fJarpeater, Jusetdt M: CarroT, rrkneia
CsrpwiiUir, Jacob Coauior, David Crouw, Abram Cup.
put, lUv.John Cvvuirtrjev Henry Canntiier, James ( 'o.'
noryr-l'lrTkiif tl hnpftrjor Court i,J VaJen-itic Cb5!:
E. Burbars EabuiM, Chrietisa Fjker.
- tivjm iviiifi?. 't - i-'
r.-iienry ruiunwwur. Jane Memniing,
O Vlllinm UorjiJMin.-AkxiiiutliB -r -
ll.Uajof Hull, Eliiabi4h L Hays, ElitaU'th Han . .
sil William Hiiiklo,TJi Iloyl, Mostu i 1 learn, Klrna ,
Ibirnesly, Isaac Holland, Philip HaJlmou and Iluj,b
Jobirson, Acy Humphrey.
J. Barbara Jobnaun, Richard L Joririsrn. ;
K. tTbristonher Kiar, Jan Kaiser. Abram Kistler.
, I.. Susannah lnhardt; Jsenh tiTnly.r" '
m. naiiiew "iiacasim, Abner alcJvay. Waehingloo . -
Miller, A. C McEuUrn, Adam Miller. Aamn McEntirek
.t.Jtiun. JUarumtyv Jesestvssb Monday, Sarah, Siemgtf's.'J'aJin
Mietmi I4,t;or"e JViaumy, Duueleile Moore, - '
r-TJJuba'VV. Newl, John Ae,l, John Neely; '
P. Reuben Perkins, Etliel II. Porter. " ' '
-Q.Mirtial ttuickei. - ' .
Bl 1 lenry Rhodes, Jnlin Reynolds, Soma Rice. Sfer. -lia
a Roane, Richard Rocket, Aaron p. RictJ, Oeore
& Rarmamr, John ktulierta () John C. Rutledge,
- 8. Noah Sullavin llev. Tlsimas C. imith (,) -Daniel
a SiniUv William Scutt; JameSmiU4 Mo "
Sprigle, William Slurnnian. UeoTL-e Heita. rL,
j-Wrwati Whf
s ..jsh. jauwi ,
I ini-Mnti-trt Tiilaf 17 1bVl.l tlsak
' ffr ftv-s iwssrsTiir.flsw
ON THE 1st J)AY OF JULY, 1834. ;
-Trsi.Cmitiiiis Allen.-
"RNichola lJonbaugJ"jouathan Barrett," Daniel
Beck. " '' r
C John Calloway, Jsmes Cox, Michael Clodfelter.
D. Tliomaa Davis, . '' ' ' "' " .
1 E. Job Everhsrt, John Ellis, John Evana. ' ... " .
- F. Jar Feexet, William Frsnk.
, G.Jiweph fjiaw, James or Joncpli Cording. '
H.Oeorge Harris, Peter Huilso( AcUm Hedrick,
jacoQ iijjiie. " -: ...
L-ertlMury JisUbrsI, amr lmin?."'--'"'""'
.tw.Tii wrMV
M.SBniiiel Michael, Mrs. Fanny dullard. " ; -
P.--John Payne. -r -
S. Honry Hhamwell, Thus, Shepherd, Jajt. Sluder.
W.M.chael Walk, Wm. Williams, Jarrett Wo.,.1,
Henry Woikuan. :.
liexinglon, July 12, IkU. " . i
Job 1-Yinthig.
' , . . Rwlisbur. Atv 17 -i-h J
TT7E are prepwed to execute every kind of Print ii
" "ry wiptirior style, and our charges will ,
as reasonable n any. fr Orders from a wlkiiiee v .H
alwayenicMjt 'he nioiit prompt attention, '

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