North Carolina Newspapers

    - I'lnnQNo, iaj ...
AS n tit InrnxM and mmlite the IsV r the iit
.... . - .- i
and aiwxrtaht urg the ariey,
ft- U V.rf'J, v lU xV 7 Rrmt-
armfatse IkeVmtei Htttrl of Amertre, in f ntrti
frmUrU, Tltat, frum ( ift-f 1li f Ihw Art,
IKI fit r id ah 11 rvrntt Ui tppniUtiif fll 14 Wfi 41
my ( the L'mttd HU, Bulr b aitall Uv
brHi ruining and ipprovrd by in aruy wiliml hmti,
to eun4 bf biA U-m than tlrf nrrnm nr Maiatant
airprjrs be alia II W dc?flatt1 itial purp by
b HcrHary Wm; and m per a1!l rini
iifKMuWrit 1 torfnM M ts army 1 Uk t'nitl
tUIH nhlrm bo aliall trnrnd H U Cvo ynar
m aaaiatiM mil fruit, and aBiim, h idiall ba
br ivund by m rmy Mjical board eutwtituM
U itcaaahl
Hc & Ami I it fvrtk Mrfd T)m1 ttMt "ir
puna In tb army tit t'itd Hal aUH Im mli
lu ku nnlHr law aay bmI 4mWiia f MMut ( ad
fti kMatant aurreucta, wbo afi!l ba awtad fmm,
liail U atrlitUd to th pay and twJmm-nia
MBUaii tad thoa bo afwll vrd Im lltan
Cr ymr, ti pa tad mmIunm-iiU of t f)r lui
' Matt nod ftiti Mfat IMatanI turfi adall l amMln!
to racmrt th m iltawaoe (ur Lngt aa Ux-y are at
BTallt ratitM to.
fte. A4b it furlkft nrit4, That rronr wir-
!'naaj and UMant mtm wba aliall arl Ml
ijlf imi yxara m thwe fmW, rptirly, ahall
MititM to mm u incm-rtH.. prr day. ,.,!
undar Itoa Act
Apyrovad: Jum 90th. IH
(PUMJC, No- M.)
A 17 ACT eoocwrruflf naval pmmna, and
ru vy
pmnmi TOTVt
tU it Enmrt4, 6 lJU ,Vul aad '' Rryn-r.
aajfniat fwifrd fttttri of Ammrm, in 4 Wnf rraa
itaawHrV, Thit all (n pravaMmw and bciwfita r 1 In
Art 0 Um tventt-rivhtb Jurvx, on tlmmauiH rigUl
Mdrad and IfttWr-lw nntrtUd "An Ail (urtlut to
rrUnd th p-naon brHrdur mnlfJ to l nliw
cd pafwtf killed, and win. dwd in the naval avirr," 1 wiae dwyiMnl i by the UiiiImI Huttv, within tJir Kute
b eiUnMd tut another torm id1 (lv yr to all tlx" of Ohio, and Iim:Ii wixiUI uthirrw iar brrmne tli pro
wbo hava hrrHiv Ud th bmeflt of th prrty th Hutu of Indiana, iu irtun tif " An Act to
til, a4 tlx aaina ar borby aim rtmW to th grant artlaio quautily nf laud to Oxj Huta of ImJii-,-
aridwwa nf wfBrw. -wntmnK and mannm who- hw oVm fir fhr (mrpfaw nf ndinjrunch ft m oniimir a
rd m IM natal aurvic aiw iho Ural day January, canal to mnni-ri lh waua of Ox Wlmh nrr with
MM bhunwl)- iHgtit bandrwd and thirty-fciur, ur wttoinay tlx uf Ultn &," aiH.irwted March aHcimJ, rijrhliii
dx aa aaxl trM;, by rnawia 'if di"m" rontrtrbNl, 1 ' hundred ami twnttyHwvMU, the canal cmmuMwHmeraau
- Matiattir y drowning or otlrwte, or " injria j trxmznd In krau thu taiwla trranted an afr-aMl Gjt Uw
- mid whilir in the line- of thm dnty, and x I of the ranal within the rltat f hx be, and thry
aon of 111011 arxViwa ahall cnm-neitre. frum Uie mitfe , are bi-n-hy. aiUWiM-d to aehrt an rqual quantity fViim
of thw Art r IVwrd, That every pfffum hervlx the afternatr ertm which wixild ntberwiae bvlunj
fmntod,ahall oeaae on Ui death or marraire of audi Ui the I'mti-tl Sutr in Uiv divteum undi-r auxl Act, or
vidow. frrxn the Uixta m-iilly arouirnd by in:liwe fWxn the
tiec 2- "AjU b it furtkrr ttutrUi, That luera ba , Irxliam, frr iVtxn ruher larxfa In the mii.'hlflxd near
reimbursed to the navy pcnmrai fiitxl, out of any iixxi' y ; . mr nH caiul, an thev ahall think pruiier; ami
Itl tho Treanurr rx otherwue tnpniriateil, the nwt of'
tn Htijrk of the Dank of Columbia, lierudl ire piirrha-
m"1 by the erwnnilinxxieni of the aaid IiiimI, an-t which
now remaina nnreileemMl by the aaid llaiik, 'V"lnr
with tntereat therwai from lha period at which aid
Hank Mated to pay mtere. to b time nf the reim
baraeanent, the aaid atnrk ahall be tra nefnrr-d bv th
rWretary of the Nary to Uie TreaareT of the (uited
ApyroraJ: J una KhJ34.
PUniJC, No. M
AN ACT to atuUi
l'ortof..ury at N.tch m
jwa,eraJ portiof delivery. and
M aauaippi, and croaLmif
ftif other lHiriaaea.
Be U niwe!d, b, Ikf .Vnata oad Hm of K'fr-
. -tuiafiar 1 01
if the lifted mfeto Aaienea) ti tVm-
,U.J TK.1 all tlw, maia. harhiav. ahorej aud
rraa m-rmUti, That all the porta, ha r bum, ahorew aud
. watera, ta wa iwiaaiaaipui rivr, wtuuu utu .nw u iia
' ' aaaMppt be, and they are hereby, conatituied a collec
tion uiatrict, by tla uaine of Uia Natchea dietrwt, aiui
, Wlly an.ll i,, aaUhtiahed at Natrhet aaxl
. axaUict, aud a coiloctof ahall ba appointed, who ahall
7 girt Uia uaual bond required of anch ofBcera, and be
tkv l AJ otU furtkrr m-x-reJ, all marla! ','reuU 'v h'c',"
rooeodinf to the mid purl of NauA-i. (row any port Ji" J ' ,;n,"H1
r plaoa W trfoitfB Cixuitrioa, auali atop. and report h.-r Approved : JtKh June. IKH
or 11U04
i amiv- ai ttur iirt ia New Ortuaiu: and before anch
t ' eal ahall oroceod on bar vovajra to Uie aa ul port off
r Natchaa. it ahall b trie dmyw tteolleeitet(H aaxl
part aa limmikUmam tootuat o baud any wtrhTi-tiwIl
.i-.v... CUtooHxUM- pthcer, Who aliall rornain on unarm aucn
tea-aL uniil Jk .axiualal lliM-aaul port gralfliCi'',
and it ahall ba the duty uf aoch cuxtouv-liou-a officer to
, Ukt rweaMwion at, and -foly keep, all Uh) papera belonjH
liir to ucn iwei, oavuii rvnuwi hi uw iru.giu m --1
" T- ' T"t"-t r "IS- t. :l"Ln-A.AyrMi -Hi i,Il4
Vn lutLiaril. aTtiu:!! itauura" haiiliaTl
- -- - - Trtrtor nf tw port of Nalclma uuoteJiately aftif bia ar-
u n,.i iu uro
. ;iT.Taj at laat port ; lnd any ancH vnw, wntcn man ao-
, " part from Uia aaid port of New Orleans, wrtltmit auch
coatom-bouae otneer on hoard, aliall be mihject to all the
....1,.I'" Vd ..pnhaltnai provxied S hy law lor a vxilalioo
vt the roremw lit w of tie? VtrrW- State ';..', -
.-...aiaaVaV. AjU Uil futik tuucUJ That the expen-
era of the ruatoiiKhouae olTicur wh,ich may be ut on
board of any aucb teaxol at New Mptw, ftwn the
' tune of hie being put on board until hia return to Ni;w
Orleana, atull be paid by the owmr or ownera of anch
-.w..-i.tl0aiaal rsvw.svrv. ; v. " & . .
, , j 8ec 4. And 6 it further t tiaceif, That Dorchentcr,
ia the 8tto of Maaaachuai-ttM, bo, and the aamu u hero
. , by, noclaroJ to be a port uf delivery.
7 8oc ft. Aad 6e it further nmctnl. That, from and at
T'ter tha pamge of thta Act, the, port of entry and deli
try (of Ui uiatrict of Philadelphia, ehaH be hounded
" " Jby the try, yard on the aouth, and Gunner' a run on the
north ; any thing in any former law to the contrarj not-
f - 8ee. & Amd h it furtktr mmettd. That the town of
' Camden, in Uie dialricfof Brklgelmt. in Uie Bute of
- New Jeraey, aliall be a port of delmer. and aliall Be
aubject to the aarne rejulationa and reetriclione aa otlier
; porta of delivery in the United tjtotee ; and- there ahall
. be appointed a aurveyor of the eoatoma'to reaide at aaid
V port, who aliall alao perfitrm the dutiea of an iiixpector,
and who ahall be entitled to receive the aniiiuj aaJar
uf one tiKMimnd doilara and no ore.
8c, 7sJk!4M MJwl her eW-That the aiwj-J
of the port of Cawuoa ahall he utixiriied to curol j
or of UM nortol
ami licenae ahinaar Veasela to be ernoloved in Uie Coaxt
, Inf trade and ftaneriev;oria.Ant-,
;53S,Biai:HMTjir. aullxiiie aiirvey-
"'TJ on under the direction; of the SecretafT of Treaim-
rr, to enrol and licenae ahtpa and tmaanii to ae employ
ia the eoaMiitf trade and Bidiertt paiWed the
enth day of February, eighteen hundred and Unrtv, aa
to all afi na and veawl belonrtnt' to Uiat part of toe
diatrict of BrxlgnUm, which liee northward of Alloway'a
cr-k, in the exinty of Salem. -
Bee & Adb4 ttWfVf wwcted. That mil the wm
' tera. ahoraa. inlet, and hat bora, of Uke Miehigan, ly-
In? aouth of a point fifty mile north of Uie mouth of
firand river, on the east !, ana q uae aixunee
north of the mouth of the Sitfwanke riyer on tho weat
and made a part of, the collection dixtrict prjiVtfoiij, in
' tlie TerriUicy urMlcHiyinyTaw to tlie coutrart tmt.
" ivitliatandin." : ,
Mec, 9. AnA b & fltrlhr ewred; That, fWwa- and
after the thirtieth dav of September next, all that pert
of tbe Bute of New Jeraev, lying north anJ eaat of
PliaahethtowB and BUtea Inland, extentim? eaatwaro ,
ai Ur at the mouth of Uie Kill Van Kull, where it em-!
tiea Into the bay of New York, with all the vatere ofj
tiu IaMaick and Ihcknnaaek rivers, ahall form a col-1
lection diatrict, to be called the district of Newark, of
. hich Uie town of Ke wark anal be tfle port orentrf.
Sec 10V Anf be it further eaaWei, That a collector
fir the aaid diatrict ahall be appointed, to reside at
Newark, wbo ahall. give bond with aecurity, aa provt.
dd by -law, fir Uie true tod fiuthfiil perftajmance of Uie
dutiea of hia office, ta the tuta of flva thouaand doilara,
.n.l ahill be altowed three per centum on all rnoneye
I.civf4 t account of thfl utiw aiiaing 00 good.
,r- f,. li.l-f1 ,',.! trii) ,f .!, i mi t'Xll,a(e
I at ait i .' ; and the aaai eolii1'if t'wU ai ra
i , . .
I is vini ii iik aowr i em-num- m li
rmmi by kw, annuel mm of Iwe huoHrud sod tfljf
soiiare, t ;tt Ixfwavat, W U lim.Ua puvxj
U. 4 a l irfAf enmrtrd, Tll the Pre.,
dent of tlm tinted Hun-a be, and In- lirn Ly is, author
iW la ftixmi Km mm! i I 1m rixXunvlxxe nt tlx dis
trict 1 "Vis-Uiuii'i Iky, in Ilia rttat 1 Ms uie, fnsil
n pmMtl mIimUmi tu U town uf iJUwvruj, w f
AprTMndi Nli Juno, 1VL
miuc, n wj
A AfT (4 tim Vrpsir 1 tlx- Mart If ill rm1iTy fnnit,
' . in Urn Htato Maine.
He it f.nmitd, ha the Henmlt and Ihm" f H'f.
tentatirtmf the I'mlrd S'llr nf Am-fu, im t'on
ff'M armJJrd, Thai Uie Mint 1 u th-sewnd dollar
be, and Hi" aatm- N IwrWrv, appropriated ' fh repair
of Mar Hill military naxl, 111 toe Mate is Man, wfin b
Mim shall h pant imiI (if any uxxx-y tn the Trwiry,
nrit otrs-rwsw appmpnated ; Ux? Mate of Maine ha
Vine, by rsdv apred the. eighth clay 1 March,
iilit'li h'lixlrrd ami tliiiiy-(!Dir, avrn d In umiiim) tlm
lfwra!KHi ami rrur, f"n ihJ aMi-r iIh fin4 day nf
January, ciruU liuiHfmd ami Ouiiy bv, im mili(Ma
Uwl tlto aaid Paul kiiall br ktil III !! iif rciaiir bt
; ' rtVTil"r u" ..D . I " '"n"'7 .
Iwtil fir Ike paiaK( any agifi iif rarriatjf , lailt-n
with til pnirlr the l'mt"d Hlafrx "f any nmi
or military atun-a brlifriiif to 0w ('niled HUlc, ur to
any 1 the rttalw. riiwn(f Una I'uioU.
A)fuvd ; uiw
(rrnijc, Na i
AN ACT aiitmi.iijr IW wUcUoa id e-r1 ui Walaab
aud Kria Canal land u Uk Hut. 1 (Mint
! 1 Hnftr4, y (A Mr naif mnA lliiutf of Rrwrr
arnii 11 i i Mird Hlmlra nf Amrrtrm, in tfcta-
, irrni mrmtiUi. Tlial. in lim landa a4d nr iKImt-
i)u. 1ihI thu wltt'Uxl xduill be ex(d wxl dixuxed u(
the iw the carta I aa otlicr larxla iorpnnted by
Hie Act aliirt-MxI.
S,-c. 'i And 6c if furlimr enMiirJ, That, in caw of
nrliTtxioe of lntvU autlxiriiel by the f. vMi wtIxhi,
and which, airreeahlr U) tn-aty atiuolatHxxs nxy liero
afti r ba ald by the i'mteil Htalea (i-r the hi-iH-lit of the
Indiana, a anon equal to tlie anxmnt SjT which aaid larxf
iikv have bin mil J, lxi!l be mm1 rr, by the Treaiai
rer of the Unit-d Statea, to the cuxmnif xnier autlxiri
nd to rrerive the aanie, the and bxiient of aaal
, J?71 L L 7
thf afi,reHl Art, of MnreU arctuxl,
' eilfiiwrn uumin-'i ami iwnm-i iu "in -u.
' and the aeli'ttxaia contemplated by th.a Act nhJI be
" -
ni l"1'1'' " aelectigna aJorcaaxl. ahall be rfeacr-
red frimi eale
Sac. 4. Ana t urfAar macfrd. That it rhtll be
the duty of the Comunmmner of tha (ieneral Iand (H-tk-at,
to forniah aaal cnminifanoncni with I perfect map
of Uie aurveyed Uixla on aixl conticuoua to the Mau
rnee river within the 8tnte of Ohio, including the landa
recently purrhnand from the IiwtianH, carefully mrting
Hiixta avhieh have boun aom or otnerwiac
J (I'UBliC. Na &4
, AN ACT to procure a boat, in inarble, of the late
,.,.,.,,..,.. .(JhuifVuttlCf flllxHorth,
Afr it KnocltJ, y tV-.tmrntr ami Hont of Hm
nmtmlitB o7 tkt ifttilei Hiiro of" Amurrico, i Cuw-"
rrrtt mttrmUrA. Tluil the Joint (1n11111tte of the two
f foUaea of i'ngnm on tlx- Library be, and they are
h-rt-ny, antiioriKM ami renuirvfl to conrrici wiw a xit-
ri -1- --m- A 1 .
. tlJe Anicricau artwt lor uie t-Kcvuiion, it) uwroic, aixj
dtdtvery m the Mom of the Huiireitie Uourt of Die L'ni.
ted Butea, a boJ of the late Unlet Jtutter rJUworth.
Sec 0. And fte if farther enoctrd That, for the
mirpnee of carrying thla Act into efTi-ct, there be, nxV
hereby nv appropriated, eitflit hiimlred dollart; to be
paxt -VMit'of 4liy' itiMirf ut tlx Taeury ooLotiietwiae.
Approved: ;)th June, lVI.
PL'BIJC, Na 55
AN ACT coiicerning Uie duty on Jead,
Be it EiiHHr'if,hylhfftn4itr mrii ffouie'of Remre-'
tentatiaet of the UuittU Stain tf America, in Con
g re oBtembieJ, That, the duty of Uiree cenui a pound
on lead in pixa, barn, and alux-t-i, ahail be cooaulerod aa
extendinif to all article mnnufac tared of lead; the va
lue of which doea not ex coed double Uiat of Uie raw
material of which it tecottipuMed, exceiituitf lead nianu
ractured into uiouis and old xemp leadwlnch shall nuy
tbe'aarae duties ax liori'lofore : PrnpiileA, Tliat notliuig
in Ui'ia aoction ahall extend to or atlect the prentiiit du
tiea on red and white lead, allot, augar of load, and
Sec. 2. And be it further enmctnl. That Uie pro-
Vision of the aloft-said, aectioii auail be aulijccl to the
reductiona iu dutiea proixled for in Uie Act entitled
"An Act to nxlify the Act of the finirteenUi of July,
one UimMand eiirlit hundred ami thirtv-two, and all
other Acta immaunir dutiea on imporU," paxd xecond
March, one thoiixand eight hiwdre4ud. tiiutji-ilirtt
Approved, 3Uth June, 1KI4 . '
AN ACT. to aid in the. ennatruction of certain Rnails
in Uie Territory of Michigan.
it trtta, n th snot mna tvmte oj itryre
m tnutiv of the vuue.a .wet ojTAinerw, m in.
grti ormblti, 1 hat there be, and hereby are appro
priated, out of any money in the I reamiry not other
wiue amro)riatoa, to he experxW umler Uie direction
of the Heeretary f War, in the Territory of Michi
gan, Uie fiillowing minw of money, and for Uie fiillow
inff iHirpoee, to wit:
To Md in opening and conxtructinj tlie Territorial
road between Sheldon' on Uie. Chicago mad, and the
mouth of tbe.rivcr Ut Jiaieph'a of Lake Michigan, Uie
Tto1onlil'-BT(Hl cewrrwcthlf thg-Vf rrtm aal
rmt hptwflon Port Lawrence and Adrain, Uie sum of
Lm thouaand doilara.
To aid in opening and conatrtictin? the Territorial
road between Nilea and Uie mrnTtt ' toe river Saint
Jtxx'ph'a, Uie sum of ten Uxiuxand doil tra.
To aid in opening of Uie Territorial road from Uie
village of Clinton, on the Chicago road, through the
county of Jackson, to Uie rapid of Grand river, the awn
of eight tlKNiaana doilara. -
To aid m openfti, bridging, and constroctfng a Ter
ritarial road from Vistula, went wanlly, to. Uie Indiana
State line, in the direction of Chicago, tea Uiousand
dollars: PmtiAeii, ftnteeaer,Tbat tho moneya to be ei
ponded AaH be applied upon aucb part of the aeverej
ma-la aa may be uxwt dilHeult to mnke, and miming
irrincipallr thmnrh the lan I of Uie United Statea,
. Apptoved f, June 3UUi ISJ'-l,
JJf lit titer if tkt AJJrrai tf ill lUrrmil
JmproremtiU t'tntrul Cvmmilttt,
I'r'Hn the Ad.lrea id tlie Grrerxvlirrg Com.
rnitte id Nrwllainnrcr, repulxialir4 in, I hia pa
fx f t4 the 2t of Jurat, tlie puUxe will bate aceii,
(we think Hut Knout aurprw,) tUt the CV id ml
Aiklrrai haa full, n under tlie rlieolcaaure of the
llaixivrr Oanniittoe. Ai both CoinmiUoe jrt.
...-. B ' ! ..J .
agrea-o inar ueirai r) tem m improreo iraiw
port staaild W nrtdettakee) hy tlx blU-,il would
have arinel that $oy dilS-mcee between them ai
to tlx conmrureinent and kaJua of the worki
might have been ducuMed, with wry little eaer
nae of ftiHieairanre and rood huruor, witlxiut loa
of temper on Cither awte. It baa awmed giod,
however, to our Wilmington frierxla, to enter upon
(lie examinatwo of tha Central AoVlreaa in very ill
Iiuiimxt. Not content with reprolaiting and con
ileinning the Addrese with uium axured uxlignatKm,
liny have, in their anger, taken upon thfinai-lve
to reprehend (be Central Commit to with a tdaui
lav a ixl even craeiMMa of xjiew h, which, we
prnauiiaB to aay, Blight bare rx-on ajxired, aa ixd
arpianng wilb their own aulnt of civility ami
gxxj breeding, if not in oVft-rj-nre to (Imi general
ly allowed repictalxlitv of the nxlixlualx on tlie
Central. Committee, We think it wiM Iw more
than neeeuary to ettculpatc tbe Central Commit
tee frotn the charge ca-e; ujxifi their atofirri. We
fear not to leave their integrity to the public tritk
out drfriut.
It may, Ixiwever, be of aoine aervice to tlx raue
of lutenial IniroveiiMirt toaltcmpt lit viixlxrathai
of the Addivaa f the Central Committee from On
odium which the Hanover CntmiutU-e labor to
beep on it. A we do nut accept the auinuinry
"the aum and aulmaix-e, nxnk- out from lluit xi
per by the Hanover Committee, a being tlxs true
ixx-, we till eixV-avof to make an anahmaof it
for the render. It will, we flatter ourxelvee, be
ueful injhje, furl her cixxmh-ralxal of tlx; anlijixi
Tlie AoMmaa, aflcr a short intnxluction, eontratit
the rmlural, ma-ial, aixl udilic-il aJvantiigeH,
North Carolina, with her want of political in-
MiM-ix.e aixj txihlic wealth. It aHiriiwi we are
wiflxxil work of art, without Foreign Commerce,
willwait a iix?rcantile liuiriix, wiiImxiI nximiliM-tiire,
aixl tlmt our ayalt-m of agriculture ia unxkllful. Il
tliarotrr the mure of thete i-vilx, in the hiwikoc
tirrneu of ovr lahor. An inquiry ithen made into
the particular caiixeaof tbe low pnifita of our Inbor,
aixl d.'lx M-ix y o capitul, aixl ftnir are avMixd.
'Hie inti-rtility (no wtrrilitm) of our hind the low
pnee of ixjr xtnple, ( itton-ll'e c-t of mir trans.
port in maiket, aixJ laf aixi Itntt, tbe want of oix
or more naic searx ris; aixl occmmoii Ih luK'ii, on
the alignment of the fourth cnuxe, to admit the
value of arnports in general, Ixil to correct a ctrni-
mon, and we think a dangenxia error, by which
our want of porta has been rated ft our princiinil
evil, and to reduce tlie want of port to its proper
degree in the scale of our ilixodvnntxc. 'Hie
Addn-ax then iocnx ntnx, as the sovcrt iuii reniedv
tor all our evils, the melioration if ovr Agricvi.
hire, winch it emphatically declare now is. and
long will lx, our principal employment ; and point
out the advarx-ement of our Agriculture as the
true road tn nwnufacturra and to foreicn Coin
men e, or, what it dee ma more leasihle, a lucrative
conating trade. It deprecates all premature at.
tempts to make us foreign trailers and manufactu
rer. It places the preference of Agriculture to
foretini lotuuMrce and .Manufucture on our pecut
liar aptitude for it, and not upon any twpnraad in.
triune value proper to it, over those other two
euurces of naUoual wealth. It obviates tbe ob
jection, to tha. improvement of our inland tmnx-
uurt by the. State. It howa tlie practicalHlity iA
Internal Improvement by an estimate rf the sa.
ving to be etlocted on the freight of produce, by
the example of England and New York, but
cuitHy Troni tlie greiil inert ae ot!lravoTliii iu the
Stat during the present century ; and it shows,
Jr'm the etpricnce of Hail-wnye, that tbe law
ot their profits i, that the trannportation of pus-
aetigcrs u paid for at a higher rate, aixl yields a
wrjjTr amount tnan yiat oi grxxi. tne wtioie
plan of iniproTcnietit aidcviaW'
is rt-ciimuxiixlod', with such alterations only an
nmy obviate objections that have been made to its
details. 1 he Address further suggests that an
ex(x.;ritnent may be made on a road from Fayette-
Vilte-on "our HoUTMern rtne, TO lh fiend (ir the Fe-
tendxjrg and Norfolk Rail-ways, ami it imlicatex,
aa an nHvnntiige peculiar to this mad, that it w ill
embrjice lurgt mmou tf travelling, and will.
without noutit, reiiay witn profit, it ruiouw Hint
it be understood (in the Legislature of course,) that
a general plan of improvement be adopted, to ah
idy iocnt jealovtiti and- advoentee the- grwhnil
execution of it by the completing, in succession,
the sections of tlie work that proinixe to be most
protitnbl Tbe advantages of improved commu
nication on the wealth, nxirals, Und intellects, of mir
citizD-iis, and on the political condition of the Slate,
arc thettduly insisted on ; and, finally, it is advised
that pledges be taken of the OK'iuberx of the As
sembly, to support improvement. This is nront
foe . a correct oulliue of the Aklresa. It n xonie
thititf nxire,we dare to cotrjerttire, than w hat was
expected bv a reader who had iio cdlier kixiwli'df
stun and xulwtaixje, as given by tho Hanover
ComniTttee. It will be perceived that the Address
unhcaitatinglv advocates Internal Improvement rif
mm as auxiliary it 'Agricutture-iiwi considers both
foreign coinnierce and mamniM-turea as xulx.rdniati
interests, and to proceed from the accumulation of
lurniing capital. The whole of our argument i
mnke Rail-roads and Canals, and that will im
prove your lands and Commerce and Manufac
tures will necessarily follow and with these three,
will come public and private wealth, and political
U.TM.JlAnyerJ manifested no
disposition to take from the importance of A gfictir
ture, and we - do them the jusMcjR to believe they
have notie. They have however a very natural
trailing to Cmmrrce, r and are very much inclined
to magnify our resources for it ; and, not finding the
Central Address favorable to this, their pre-concei-ved
and indulged notion, they desire its total con
demnation. To effect tbia, they nave not thought
it advisable manfully to grapple with the argument
of the Address' for improving our inland transport
aa assistant to agriculture, but have hunted up sun
dry eMail matters without and within the Address,
even down to figurative expressions, f expressions
sometime detiier fVi-tn the rvwifrrry and have
ought, through thcari, to tring odium on the whole
Tl.ia -ic "t alitsdmj w rc.m.
axst erxsigti ui a very rcj"" t,; "
.uk i .-ir dav. we have badts- xmall almre.
, . .....i..I.Im iiritlMAliXI. in
1m mrUfi ia not in .xl rene and fr
the love we bear the pr.-, ii"
ill eixm be llmnce eiitlled. I low that will be,
we knew not, but we are greally mistaken if i
ba auLcraafuly applied to a printed cotilroyeray.
The first attempt at exciting prejudice against
the Address ia uxtde by Ixddmg it up M paper
bdly ?rtoiaioix, usliered to the fsiblic af
ter great dcliberatiiai, and with Mofi-ascd purjxjae
of giving correct infonnaliow. Sow we have no
it-aire to diriii any cnlicunn, either on tlie mat
tor or at) U of Uia Addreaa. If llte are uu wor.
thy of llui au'yjct and the olcmmsi n ii is au ig
norant or weak performance why, IH it be am.
demned. It U no cxcuae for any d these fault
that it was written in haute. I low ever written, the
public deaire wot, and have no right to be troubled
with, a mean and dull performance. We surren
der tlie Addreaa, without apology, to tbe most un
string auiiiMidversiisi for real tuults, but we pro
test against its cmxk iiinalKSi lor utuits tiuii nave
tx fixirsiatKsi in fact. It is ixd just that it xlxmld
be charged mi the Aixlreaa, that It is pup-r writ
ten after gnat deliberation, or that il claim to
leach aa tiavuig authority. Whatever are its de.
nxiritx, Iheie i, we ran aufi ly say, uolhiug aaau
ming or arrogant in it. Aixl it w as 1x4 uxlx-n-d in
with any " pomp and circuiiiatance.' The Hano
ver ('ouimitli'e are altogethr" iniinfornx,i aa to
the tocu und-r which it was written, and we are
willing to believe have innilvcrtently fallen into
error a to them. A clx-r attculxsi tu tlxs Keso.
lulxsi of iIm) Coou'tituxi, on the part of tho Han
over Committee, would have showed that two du
tu were impoxrdoti thcCoininittce 'todixai-niinate
inforuiution " aixl " to pri-arv aixl publixh an Ad
dreas." We ixed not remark, to ucnxais ao well
acquainted with the force of language as the Hun
over (Vinimttee, that tlxc lutter duly dx-s not nf
ctiMirily nxrluilf the (inner. Whether there be
any thing new in I Us Addreaa, ia not to LUc.jruint,
It ibxs ix4 pnifewt to uiiwrt iid'oruialioii, aixl there
fore is txt auliject to rotxleuiiuition, if a great deal
of inxt ruction be ixjt fouixl in it. 'I'ln pn-pHratnsi
ot' it was known to all of tbe Committee pn-M-nt
and to the publisher ; it ia therefore suit, aud it
may not be lort-ign to the suhx-ct, to say thut
saa written at interval of lime in three or four
ilsy bHorw its publicatKsi, by xx in ill iM-nlth,
withiMit tlie iix-aux, tinx-, or bodily lability to sun
mil to re-xurvli, and lli.fl oix: half of it wax writ.
ten over from the nsigh draft whiUt the other half
was in the Prem. It was not propone J to us to
write it until it had la-en very properly ofle red lo
abler men, who with isx cotiM-tit had naiue excuse.
It w as derliiK-d by ux on I lie first application, mi
arcixint of ill health, aixi liecan-, as we suggested,
it -IhxjUI cons U-fiire the ixiblic with a naux? of
greater ixte than ae cook give it, and another
apphcatuai was recoluiixiixiitd to several (x-nxHisof
ability, whom we nanx-d. 1 he arood applicatusi
having toiled, aixl with it all Ix-iie of a more re
xxctable paternity for the Addrexx, we rvluctuntly
tiMiw-nted, arxl, bring absent until within a few
days of the meeting of tlx Committee, we rwb-eni
cd our - prntnee- urxler the dixadvantagea boibre
mentioned. It I clerfully submitted to the judg
ment of the Hanover Coiiiniittce, now the facts are
known to them, to proixsnx-e whether the tirmeriti
of the Address are aggrarcted by the circumstan
ces under which it waa prepared
The second charge against the Address, is, that
it represents North Carolina to be in a deplorable
condition, (it being still the eve of the Hanover
Committee lo render the. Addreaa odious.)" We
do indeed conf' ss bur axtcmiidiinerrt at the tecklexs
nr of this charge. -Is the Address cold on the
subject of w hat is laudalde in tlie State ? Is it
inward of praise lo whatever is good or great or
terms of the most hearty adiiuration, the extent of
our uoble donutin, our benignant climate, our wise
nuinenmas intelligent, moral, aud uxluxtrious peotde,
and txir military and Revohitiunary glory,- and our
national rank r-.Tbesn. our ptiymcal, moral, Irgal
aixl political, blessiuga are described in tbe Address
wjjJu.a fccvor of. loeUiig ami Uiiguage (may
pnidooed I for saying) not altogether unworthy, o
tlxi theiue. v Tlie North Carolinian whom this
does not satisfy is somewhat iixwliate of praise,
aixl he who xhull say more, will give reason
to believe that '' be is not out of those sturdy mo
ralists wilhja hoin ttxa love ot' country ispoapoued
to tlie ove ol trutu. ' v
In tbe an me tisie, the Hanover Committee pre
for, as a charge ugainst tbe Central Address, that
in it the natural advantages f North Carolina'
are disparaged aud, uavmg forgotten to nutka
proot ol the charge when it was made, they veiy
necessarily, as we think, add a schedule of text iirxxiy
at "tlie eiiJ' of their publication. A reference to the
retutatioti of the preceding charge, ill shew that
tins same scncduie is a little one-sided. .ior is
the ti-xtimonv to the punxixc for which it is ad
duced. It is itxleed suid, in tlie Address, but in
guanled and ciHx?iliiitory terms, that with tracts
ot surpassing fi-rtihtv over our territory, and es
pecially isir rivers, the general character of our
i I i e h ii rIH ti and, ungralcful. uiakiug jcuuty
returns for the labor expcixled unit. Is there a
mortal man hardy etxsigh to deny the exact aixl
Mirxigh to bfotfended with it T How 1g it tm Hie
Kuauokc, Tar, Neuse,. Trent, New River, and the
Cape Fear, in the low country T Are not the
. :' - il ' i i , . -
the sqiinm miles of pinowixxls that lie in the in
fervais lstwcen them ? We do not so well know
the localities of the middle and mountain coun-
ties, but does not all observation and report prove
thai me ncHcription is applicable to them? Is
it any disgrace, that our lands, in their virein
state,- do not yield their liKrease except upon
the sweat of our brows T Why, if that be a re.
proa-aK-luMe..4t.witl alt-eitrie It is a-
part of the original curse on the disobedience of
(ttrT5tS -parents. " We cannot- fortwartn "my; tn
reproof -of this termngarrt arortety. fhr the honor
ot our soil, altncted by ,tlie Hanover Cnmmitte,
that "their fatth in its eenernl fertititv is verv
much against the evidence of their senses fjr
if we forget not, the curse is graven at their
. c j - j
very doors, in characters so deeo and indelible.
that they will not be effaced by the industry of
We pass over the item in the schedule as to t he
production of Cotton, with the inquiry whether
w .unpoicu uui u is our principal staple, and
whether it would be scandalous to affirm that Cot
ton Is not produced in our State as on the Red Ri.
vef.lhe Yazoo, the Misisijipi, the Bend of the
tut In the
I 8utD Car
tlll'l aruiM W aa I ''ill Ma)
- Wm i-onJl til tlui i Kan-a .i,l it I n
nmch lalxired by (be Hanover Comuuttrs, mm-.iv'
' - - - - p, - ,T i ii i ri .
that it di-xcnlx-s iia as Iikvuif nomam. .. i'1-
liflving our foreign comns-rce and our ciauta,,
trade carried tm in a great nrf-aaurt by ea
owned in otlwr htnteai Aim) elsewhere aa w-(
totul abarnre td einnrre," aixl for aaaigim,
aa the fisirlb and teas! eflu ienl ratar tit the fa.
preaaiorroi our iixiiunry, ine aani of Mai or Blot
safe porta. Thai ia, to aum it up in wordt u
strung a the Hanover Committee can rxwire a(
acknow bilge that the Central Address, in ultanee
but withisit the least desire to make it a reproach!
csiidered that we are without foreign conimem
.:.i - . . . I .. : v.. i - ,. i
wiiihiui a oa ivainiHi inarux aixj II iniplie. (erf
atrisigly, that we have no good porta. lx C.r
pnxjeed to the justitkatnai of the view thus taaea
of our foreign coinmene, shipping, ami porta,
must ixdire a inMuke of tlie Hanover dminiillt
that we know ixd Imx to account fr. Ine llano!
ver Coinmitti-e argue, conaiautlv, as if a parallel
had bt-eu run by the Central Address between thi
coiiiinerce of Norfolk, Va., and that of North Car.
Iina or Wilmington. Now (here is no ahadowt
thia in tho Report. Norfolk ia only once nnd
aixl Ih-u aa an rinmple, toalxiw that a good nun
dMa tx t alaa imply conmx ree or a Urge town,
aixi certniiily i not highly uextoll-d.Ht Ilotba
llsnover Commiilee think it a coinnliment to (
comiix-rcial town, toaay that it is without rank as
to pooulutuxi, and witlxxrt capital f We also re.
mark I lint Wilmington m n4 lire subject of any -attack,
ox-n or covert.
Il was ix4 tlx ton-ign traile of NorfJk wliirk
wia iu isir niuxl' eye w ben our foreign conuix-rce
aixl our inariix- was rated ut ixiiliing. We pUc,
North Carolina iu the 'first cliixxof Slates, iu u-f.
nlory, and firt iu the xenxxl raok of htnlea, jg
l'oHilution : aixl we knew Isit tixi well, witlxsii re.
feteix-e to statistical talih-x, that xbe waa wix-fully
Ix'linxl in rxiut id' foreign t 'oniux-rce. Werrgm
tlmt He should lx obliged lossy so, but ill Bui r
xadiM-ax her loreigti Ciiiuiiierei-, as c.oiuaired aTik
that of many of the otbei Htiiies (either in refif
eixM' to l'oMilntioti, or not) might Is? reckiss-d m
lm than nothing, s it limit any alxise of biiiiuip-,
withisit tlx lear id' Ixing iiiisnixk-rtsxl, and with
out i.ilcix-e to truth or mtrioiim. I(v the Trettu
ry Ki'jsirl on the Coinux-rce of the ( nited StiUr,
of lite 'Z'iA 4' April l-U, it aq-ars Hint anxsig
tho States that touch the Atlantic or at.y of lis;
great liays that make liom it, North Carohi it
pluced only U'lore the little Slates id' New Hamp
shire, New Jersey, and iMawarc. And none nf
llx-so four Mates, Ui avail om-x-Uesol tlx-font
of an expn-ssive -qxinmit plira-e are within (lie
distaix-e. Kven the District of ( 'olumlsa, with itl
tea miles suoa re, all lxsui;li it is &-io,0IMI hnbiixJour
imports, nxjre than disjhtlea our exxirts.
We ix-ed txt reminil thi reader that our ei.
ports and imports, direct from the Stute, do rx4
b-ar any proportion to the prxduce of air.Agrxu!-tun-.
Hut it is ou the amount of our m iaul fo
reign Commerce, arxl xir aptitude fflr it. that we are
at i-xue with the Hanover Committee. Now, of
(sir want of one or two safe in s,rts, can we osii
pare iliuwgton,. in our opuuoii, our .beat- port,
with Itoxton, New York, or Philadelphia ; or, lia
vfng that, should we be so satisfied with its eeei
lence, a to mnke it sinful to wish for a beitirt
Itenufort may be our first jxirt, Isit we aie iix liixd
to place it xecond. it is not as vet kixiwn, anen
ralely, at least at a distance, w hat its capabilities
are. Its actual tnnb-(we nx-nn is) oireix;e to csir
Carteret frieixU) i yet in tlx- future toiwc.
-; lumtu-ltj in it leeik-l
The Amencaa Almanuc uf 133, on the authority
of the New Vork Shipping and Couinicrcial Rcgiftcr,
put Jta CoUon crop of Ns-tli Carolina, ia l -l
:K bales ; and that of Kil. at 86Xt. la Una ta
"tlninf, hd'allowaricr b;TrmiV fbr ttt-part tewei
which find rrrway to market ttirmish the port of Vn
ginia and South ( aroliua. We have Uie authority af
pnnui v uiuinguu aiuncianu,aauiere aiauaie incrrnv
of cultivation every year,. we shall ws we a'ra we,
over extmiate oor(ott-n eren at fst.OUO balee, aad il
riot' wnrth.leas thsn 2,000,000 at the present prier:
tin, we think, will entitle it to the front rank, at let
.in.uW.emy of our-aUpUi -
ha a strong national likeness tu the eulogy of an Hx
beruian hi uW family of Ins wile. . - Baling that bet
ther and brother had oue to Botnny, and that she a
been unjustly pi -a died ot' lifting, it wa Uie bubeatcat
nUM itt tlx) wlaiie country. -
We append a table of some of the nxwt tmporwa1
Statea with which we may be nan pared. The otba1
States present very mortifying ditlerenvcs between
imisjita and tieifa : . ". ..';;.,'.;,"',.:"... ". ;;:!.....'
New York, 5.XU18.444
Mnssscliuxetts, l!l,M!Utll
lamwaina,. - -tSrWtft-
Pennsylvania, l(irV)l,2."itl
South Carolina, 1517.71)5
Marylnnd,- 5,4a7.IV7
North Caroluia, l'Jr-,758
jcBorta. ,
25;H,117 .
0, (EW,113
K4345 '
21-V7.V "
1, !)1VW
49,51)0 isjure milea
N. Carolina,
New Vork, 4f,tHiO
Pennsylvania, 47,i(M)
Maryland, 11,1V)
Massachusetts, fi.TfiO
AJHt ia wsasssi tlist Is
duce of the Missisxippi River.
Tlie ) Richmond Wfiig blisereeorMr7"ranVsB''B
letter to the Committee of Charlottesville, that K
"Tlie proceedings of the Whig dinner at Char
lottesville, on the 4th, will command universal ft
terest. Where all is excellent, it woud be invidi
ous to discriminate, yet we think Mr. Culhixw's
letter the most impressive document of the day,
and actually and nobly worthy of being printed
- - We umkrsfnnd thai the Planters' ersf Mecha
nics' Bank, ami the Union Bank, of this city, hav
declined receiving the Government Deptisilcs-
Ckarletlm Mercury. ' t
The Washington Globe haa one article to shew that
the President is not responsible for the misman!:enx
of the Post Office, and another to prove that no prt
the blame can be attached to the Post Master Gcnenl
Tbe iniquity, we suppose, rests no where at all. "P
mischief baa been perpetrated, but it was perpetrttej
by nobody. We once heard of a similar case. "W
yoo whistle, BilLT said a village echoolmitcr toafrj
ward urchin.' "No, Sir 1 didn't." Whodid thru"
"Nobody it wkiitleJ Hlf."houitjilU Jmirnd.
. 1 rnneaare, and In Ui Male of AWu4 ,

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