North Carolina Newspapers

A Va!ialir'f fnci of I-aiul,
mtli gooj Vui'KVKMKNTrf, lying in ltf'M
bounty, alout wile (slow the Buffalo-Ford nsul,
ttd containing 7 0 7 A r r f I j'" 0eri
lloaeman's BisI lnr HlirrwaUS lund. ,
. ' Any pcrwat Uhiog to Isiy, ran Mcrtuiij jle
Jerm by aplsYing lo f'harlea Lverly, reai.fmg on
' U pIc. CIIttldTlAN IvESLl'll..
Aofcu Jfl, 134.
" ii;i:KviTir
THOSE who aw afflicted with HEAD-ApllEs,
IIElRT-Bl'RNS,nnl other dt-tr-.inif ayinp.
iiXiM of eYrrderd stomach, bowels, and jj.viri n y
; -.lliidV'i in Dr. iWkwith's Ani-Dyfi'''. P.Hs,
Which can be had it thia OClce lnre Cfly
i eenta ytt bo.
IV Doctor, w!k onc resided in fli plarn, but
l ! live in Releigb, baa, after V loiijf f n
i m practice, been wimbled loeornpsnd mo va
JimlW remedy fir tl throme'diseases il V
gestiva organs, so common' ill flaitbern climsu-s,
f spoetslly with those Who iVad sedciilarjr lives,
I il would A M eay n)MI io Mink wit eertifi
' fates lo prove thai lb"' -Ms are a "aoverelgn re-
intv"(ur "all the ills thai fk-ah i hir lf bul
, ' it it out pretended lliBl llty ire an uwiveml wti
' 3ifflr"Crtlfi.:ates of thermo twrtabi pHyi-
j riant and otler gnotk-men can 1 shown to sub-1
I ptantiif theil eibacy in the partirulac tUi f
. j.iaraaea ibova spoken of: IM Hki lyiuor oi inn
!;, can bjt4y that e has derived edy aiiJ
pim-m.ii retiei; u the u of Ibem, frnn a fin!
Iitraiiiig and bmi-ontin" IwaJ-wlnJ. S"nm:
hit frk-t 4a riH Tttfrt, a? auetui aiJ t.
peripijcl (h aame Jwftrml efli-cU.
7 ' libury,' Juiw 1 4, 1 "4. tf .
n'I Co-Plnerhip rvtofor" -xi-iinjj l;w ii
i ' tji Hobcrikra Imoi ln AxmnAvA by iiujum)
- Ll coMent. Th having rlnim Biti-rt pmn ero
lll"prerot lh-oi To" V. J . P.-tlww, wwj -f-WMMe
I iiKliilioJ to th Inlej firtn art) rMinoH u i;wkj iiii-
IiM (mimk4 b boo, a it i rtViMnibb; llwl the.
buMiHiai aliouIJ bVil"-? i "o" pmrtigaltlr. "
" Bil'u!mrr, A"n(nft , I "44.
- Continuation of Ihtshifss.
rtlIR Stibarrilier renpctrtillv ififornig ill" frifmlx
"of th above rimenrrt, and ttw publir in jjoi--"rli
tbmt hm itrjidn to cutitiouo too. L'urriiue Mm-
king Bunio'H, jn all ill rnn tiraiK-li', mi Ihh
"ifwn tctjoqnf, in tore tMUrtJ aod bumiMiu ourl
of Ihe town. '
With thia jk;w, be baa jNirchad of Cyru VV.
. 'Went the, wltolit o hw Tocil, at xk of Timber, r.
mid taken ti h frnirtv otcuoird by Mr.Wt,
. iiulod bctwrch the (!ourthoii; and the WNnn
, . r
I . tHl W'n byJo jouda and the on Wit.
1 lo Bltend to ail ufoVti-a whM-.n uiav no coolurretl uu
inot oprrt I jy'ViitM.Mi, ami hmi btwa uiwrgoing
; tlw afuotwi iroc,ee for thrwi yars 5 which tei ,
... j jj j0 A,, -y.hf fitrV tntimato kifhrdiof ell
lie vanot nia'iM'i4 or nnr wnnrwrnnn nia-nwwr
loiouTiin to ciy antnHhrtinn to all wl "v.r him
7jrhh thmretpijotn, ; will, he hopf, bwiro ti him a
- jporni portion w tnT' patrrmaw of -perwina timrinjr
. . .... 1 t! . -II-
- .10 purennaq nrsi-rji
- - Daroucbea, Carf Alla, &.o. cVc a.
Cr RF.PAIRIN(J wiHalHo at nil tinieM bo nj
M the ahortent p wible notice.
'-The Subachber'a Cbarffs ut all dMcripljon o(
yir will be at moderate a any in thm mvtion ol
cKMitry, and raviuputa will be made, (o suit tho
T.r : JOHN W. RaInkV.
SnliMUiry, Augion 9, 18:14.
Trh'DuIlars Hewart. r.
Tl T7X A " AT from .tho miWrnber, on Motion y
w"ijiriiiiig tii 2Sth iili., hi Mr. Larkin Slow; n
11 tiiK,.'.n emvity, a SIT.IU) MAN, about nve
fi-ftt 4iht in:ljt high, of a color brtwemi a tiluck
-via, niUUo, itou,t Hiii'hu about tliirt'-thrco year
old 1 wiiuu Njxikrn io lie ha rather a aotir loo j lie
wie ftlio one 'or, more warH, from rising, on hi
l Mgaaw..UrC ..... .'af Ay.. it.a-.4fiT; t. -, mn,n .nl m -m ft, i. wftiLya
in Liih'oIu and Moc'kHnlNirir counties in this bti
rTr-Tr.1 .i 1 .1 iii,M..i 11 1 11 III .11 I
Adv norway ho will hsfira him in jail, in either
" . of the nboye yiSintics or I'istricr, so i can get
. hliil, shall receive 'a reward of Ten Pollsis.
; Christiansville,, Mockbvihttrg CuYa . ! ,.,
" " 1 t r-t.-'t"11. u 1 i 1 i
rrHE SuW-ribcr.inlondinff to carjry oq a regular
A biisin.atDUTCIlj31NCmilieTown.of
railnoury,wiHiiea w ooy n niioia-r.oi
r which ihe higher prices will he. Jtyen(n
(fir His Custoiners are notified that h will lie
-leadyV at p'y them with, 0000 11 S I2.F M
TuV,yt Thursday, and 'Saturday', of eauli Week,
itir ihi rest of the season, at the usual rates. ' '
-fe-rr-rr :-J0JlN-BHAVR
RiVislairy, June 2S;i3L :;v ,f
TKu Ribscriber, tnteiriliiig to leaye. North C
T 'luw, i'lli re for sale, his interest in (his valu-b'.I-i
t f;ilillshjiint." He has CjOncluilod to divide
hi in!, rest Jo Shares of $100, and has appointed
JOHN K E A R D, J,r, E-srjr hia, aflnt at Salislsi-'
rv r.rwi'w? MsfP,?, v Information in re.
f -ii to the FoctorV' will on Utrniliwl on apfdiin.
;n 'trt tbW wiIimctiW t'a LincoliKon, or a jj,e
of H. J
jwcripUoui by Mr. Ird at Sabstairj
, bu'Xtr'y JUi.k'nf Ntiiih C'ar4ma? will
U in.d, in ihe Tun t "li-lry, on tha lih
of Jtpm iuM. C'apilalMl lg ar UiMunn to wmU'
trrotivbto iliVtMliiPiit ilcjr fuala, will H
Iq atiud aJ an rairfy Any, m il i bKhl tht tlte
wbuUi &ntuiit will be UMbly lukcn aw
r n r.r. r--., no-tri.
U M. 11. HOIlAli, 4,,wr
Valuable Heal yfowriy9
' VOli H jClili.
Tit 8ulMchh-r, iiiliKling t rnKa to AUUtna,
" " ' OFFERS HH 4 LK,
Hi KeMtlence in Lincoln Cunty
"IucluJmg, in wk llyi abnut
One Tliousapfl Acres
Of Real fJootj Farming Iand,
On which it a fm
rjcoo lriK lH of b tl m-
teriiJi. in line IbkIa. uik food workioniwhiii. Al
so, kli civeni:lit Ooi ii.Ws, corroN am
TllRICSlJIMi MACIfJNj-S, luri,8ubKA-
AiKitlicr Tract of Land,
Lying i boiii kidesof riti'hinau, L'rrt b,cinluio-
jiig nlmut
: .AVVAVHivtA Acres,
(ttTliff alx.v" l'r(HTty will I sold o a cr-dit
oj mil', I wo, mix! flfD: 'Hrn.
" Ill tuV BrMfTirr, upplicntimi rrmy m hnwmi u
brollier, J. Foritf-v-
Linr.4n Oi., May 17;1-SI. ' W"
Iviiin ii t'Minijvi statj:
' ro Tiir DKS:riT or
2tl CiasM....Hij,rh and Low System.
To Im raw II a4 l.IllCOlllloII I Asthtnt!iem.sjesafTftWa
(i im oln'i oi r.) (tieni!l i. M Ki .3 V :v i.. al characn-t
' ... , , '. . of the winrrr the Snterraf Wbk a. aiiewae
OR U Cdiesda tjie JU1 AUJWSLJ.,,,,,,,,.,.
m j lU.rn and wlm iW w Vjrf lul . j -rLyl v 'eil u
Q"a)2"7"217CC7 & rCIXTTS, b- uiature-t Ha. ao4 c--t..iM. tr" in
' . il AN AU EllS. tii v ur .if tWHluV fr.rafL'4 Of rii.l!b-
1 Few. .4 n.lilKl InjI.UAKM i f.).tnnj
of 3,Ui IKILLAKS ib 8.000
1 "
10 . "
- ftHJ
of 2.XM) DOLLARS is 2,000
jjr".l7VW LLARS is 10,000
of 5(i( DtlLLAUS ia o.OlHi
'of 1 (H I H)LLa Rl? is
5 IKLL4RH is
20 fKlLLARS is
Jt,Ot H
: L...4 1HH.LAKS
rs 0 IKM1
'0,523 Prices. aiHimminj. to f 1 20,000
- To be draacn on tb lliirh arid Lnw.Svstem,
lira of 15 tr.cnj. .. -
A Pac-U((e of 'liine Tickets in thia Schenm wiR
C"H ...... 4U t'O
And must draw nett --7
A.....i..j.-.....--i.-....-w .f." - . -
Tliose who prefer nflyentfirini; for the lar prties
only,. can in this way, for get the Managers'
I ertils'te tiir Ten hile u k'HS entttliog
holder to all the tickets may draw over $17,
being tiio amount uf (be 94 prizes that each pack
gftjuiust 4caw - -
Piwhagea' of Shares in proportion say
A VMTiiiH'nic lor. I" " noie a icKeit, . a
w 101 In!ves. I . .
L o lUVtttarters,. . - a i
0- AH JW from a iliaiaiiceu by inafl (post
pnid. bv private ronveyaoee, emvhiKMijr the cawb
or prize-tickets in wir previisis Lotlery.will r' '
the' iihm prooipt attention, if addi-emed to . -VENSON
POINTS, Salislsiry ? an.1 an aoooit
of the drawing will bo lorWardod mmxxiiauJv after
WiiaaaMtaaH'"TiaaaTaa" i Jii.'al J HiaialWrl giTT"! TpSwf.ta;
ltaHMHltlfKMf.iii!i:-i; vit?!' m"'j;.-rf--'?i!vw -.
TidteU 4 Iaivca i'2 Qiwrtew il.'
"Stevenson Ar Points.
pafisbjiv, July 12, Ifl34. Xanafern.
Tlie Si'ibNcribniw refpoetfiilly
eayo'p 'iiiforni'The cttianns
of Sahsliorv, and liin Hiblic i
goneral, ihuL llw. Ji.m 4'4!it
lilf lirnl he II i f c k ilaK lliui itrrf,
and will hereaflor be nreiwreil,' eyry MONDAY,
rt'ltAtT-aiid-FRtDAriii.riiinrw fttr.
ninh io their custom. r ami all otliers w Im are tsal
of the article BEE o the very beat dtw.rifiti.Mi,
not giuKoied hy ajny lito. State, for the qualities
that render it so .k'lhU't an. article of AukL .
They respoctfully Wdw-it a trial of their meat, fe4
ing satisfird thai their ajo;ion. wi'J prove correct,
ami be thsr means of securHig lo im 'good share
of public faitriMKie, Tbev will eel, the must
rcaMiHbks. texint that can bo airtiro-d. '
v X- ,r ;: P. S11AY EH COL "
j8alisburr,'Ad; i9 1S34. ' " "tf -
ttr Job Jfriiitiiig neatly crrtifel.
'ri .. I...I.I... ..I' .. n i;,.ui. I,... i. .i ii.. ...u.., '
loi, is certain to draw O.NK prize, and Diay draw pP'o while has an fxK who may desire to be more perfect in their lusi-
TUVfEE. All the prize, payable in CASH, forty I , Tif WWta aos4. arU paaslU Baaints, 1 - ,nd, from his belie.' that he is fully capable
daysafter llie drawing, aula.! to the Uaual 'deduc-1 he hn- fewea; s;k kwrw aawat aatnV ti - vr img saH.sfiicti.xi, he Wiiactfully requrats ail
I -k ij M t'. '
In Ihe Town of Mornion, S. C
rolltlci, Morality, LIteraUre,
Central IaUllirncc .
nIIH HuWr.W U PMft'aaorJ to a&tr ta UtU
M f -4. J aw L auKiiJwJ kat
a., h, M:JZUZ - rvV- :
k.. . L - 1 .wtJU&twa. b M-!
divttiuak ta Cufic t'i'; u.rt U thm
rinMod tbrnvJt i ciAe;r ami ralfy J
in tbe aJirwl)rt', rbt wfa iWtr jriritafwai the
leven be k t4 ivl la ur b
A run .wy ims'fl
to newrwbiti UfrtrnmArr lw r-ttrs rtaM
do, br tin'' - TV M-ait ?jimt,' awn !
it w-ioxd to bus Ik 3T" "'ti i
uf ciaorfrv ta hirh m aaHtmi sm '
wt-il ie tka rry fc'-Jit wbwai tw t-U .
iiuIJ U t- n Ik xtl IV cx-'ni-
IV Suliarrikrr, wf-, amnr iWa u ihrre m i
noniLutf ta b hkiw: M a rrt - fc ;
cbaiire ta virwa awfl wsfa , V artir p-
vllh)SE2l'Pn,,,, 4 tndur4 4Ma UtiHSt.U.'o ol Ju
mT Uf ne asw J' fnis1 '' "aa e
and politiraJ itA-jinujtati t tv au
it a ill tie rrfuuiikbft.
1 U tb , mrd 1. LjJ kiJ wHur iir-4i.rh
Poopl if M ia Sana. US J vtlwr "
oanimmilic, are iiKSeanii.Jitil;Bot. u re
brtim tn l1..!..-.. t inaiw s kj. tiur Coo. 1
hi, 1 1 ik j..r. ml tL
iiiM-tMty of prnwr-Hi uriioaf.i tha Itiht ot'
!lhe Stale, no bt mt I J berry the
I SoWrtlier 1teart, aj.:if tor wm&p
! inio-k-d rnviw r ItK irriurjn. rcj:'jv bill .jimt
I opioinn ejirr-il, x. i i;arna'U &i iixirt
i tlrt'lf I'olltHJ la.ty'i xi-.-p4 aod
' In liHiid tb.aa u. imi y- . wiwni-.l t
I violeiine, tbe LsVrm J li atitw4 livui
tlieir FatU-r.
. .
Ul'iietUaUali lUt rjj:Si"Iat YrUIlS Smi tfntllC-
ky Rf.liiii.B- t.i ii f,i:t i7f M IT'Hi. fluth
crt' ilmwa up Ih iIhmi h! -Vow iji ,ptr jm
.niuniu ana rii, cm&h hi 4 .'W . iuu im una
riirlii is tar StiV' al W rfiaa. j"' uf tha
lu j, u .j cUj
n,W be k -41--;. fcv. .
tna. tu uc ja
' aud if nb-taiMnr aV ta. eawca of MJa-f-i-f Workwon who areHrs(.nile, is
;w by Ibe .Suica, lhH av oar?n sVi'l a, tlw ! P"?"-' rmke worn m a style tiipenor
7roKa-.crvafaJ. Mn.t. i.W T&m u:1 3S w this mirt of the country, and always
a OinV tanu4u.wtfiiiiir.i ajea.ik'at I
-' - '."MH 11'IAK!.1??5i!,-.'!5?r ;e usmii.wiir?-
it the ime t mtr
tlaliouaiiif jjut jaitoia.
"c hmU tna&haicbrtr
- -
a aaissft at laNtfiun of
Owe -Itfii Vwwfk i!T'i)oen Tfle" any '
it 34Jinj.WanuUjer.aafl tl-sl t.'i.-t iff J .v-rT r,fP.-tM
- -
, ''vs,, omriusi trM-h. k arrau? kvbituutetl
Miiartii.K. avta uht,itiNI BMnV -aclasra. r
Thr rm,Huvtts jj jraS 1 fjca5 Waebmctoa "1 f
MidKioiit and aJotai. rWaaiSs siif M.rW ntT'
Farewell Adflrrw. awe iuiivtuu ?Vnir- Lf .r ak. '
a&rtia. msTjtae tUA-vifxh wxsiifc; i-lt'Tailort iu A w . Yorkv-tljo SubscnlHir is . prrpaici
..... t.-. i i . '. i. . . . i.... L ip .t . . e-: r-
j tbr h6 OateeiCim w&Mlt f'mamt it The'
prartu of utiph mf tkuvt wuo ec our aoble
irW ianwBww ariu W iaJjaii
weeswBahJr eatzvsL . ,t
nKTO wan ae any Kruox
renavme tW'Waioe f nt4..inu b .vrii -
J puluuaUukud? I ' vk eia ttfgHrf at' -wr
uiiiir Ta trwn-aaai mawr snoiM.wi amotoa
rj- - EnwrjjtJ' W i?f"Satrs aafcafa? mUni will W the
Maanal..aditksa. ' '
Aa p IState amt it aril asWnb a tBeetla aLer -
stioa of The Constttajjiwv. a. S.SejraJ yiv uf Istf-rnul
lmprm-emert, a ltr,Nfijwi4 tie vt AtfriCuituae,
Bnd eeery lhmr eh -eaiioaWyS k mbnnr the pnpe-
ny"?. tojf?
A doe prnpiirlicsi al itewt:TTrfl aa aVtnletf to Re
lwr asa. aaai;.Bw;aaig .'' tea Ikaa. aaaia SMtaawtiei.
ana joK.irv; au oaa isitJ. always oe ormuiient-
ed a iti eww frism t'se IrM f,iBnt:ai!ij' t tbeajL-e,
and sbcL efniTKiS tlie fWH's anf je Wit's
tive powers, ai w3 3Hv U titf s8i w "Variety"
ha h w - the vftj aawaeaS ae. aja wiU ke rv
ported a h ic V k c.k-"1,s! ta ar(jok.4 th uiuliT.-rxivl-nf
the bean. kUf asimy Utntf. aa. miyuatto Wa--dw.y
shall he eaioaV4 imwa otcuaiuiBV
1. The aliAXTWilliaiamiiyw be
iawied anna as the fiiwae vunhrt tsf snfteenbers
4aS4y "af? saAft4aafMj fcflB aaVaWVMM aaWaa'4aaf)BatfKf'aa, ,a fttBTIitaBa)
r arrananipnim tar thw twmm i t t&e sailvKioFii
would aprwmiat a irm&nt Kuf pvpuHni uniitjtaiiin
2- It wiH W aranvdl Hm a swi, em a sheet of
medium siiw,w?rti wew ami an pwat paper, tt Two
Ualafs per ywa; wj fcii o ta ccipt of the it '
UUBtbfS', -.'
Jt.1 eapnwA4e faeaas wbw an3 lake tlh tmuble to
act as A sana, in piarasrjsi saAwtruarrxiitt, wvil aaai
Iwwed tn per icfoo. atfua Urfia (caabSKtiomk. .
. Aa.,, H. MADRA.
uiiijls CAtaLixiAX arm
llTEtewgwisjBaeway kia4 at rracuig
in a ff o-j xtU, aast save eiarsr witt- be.
as rewsonaUe a awr. gr Oc&rs ftona WauaQuKtf will
always tpcet the aaodl jtnmMt afftrsfttna
tr.ZZZ'JC::ZZ'. fOUOK,whre he has opened
Uiat Uvs;lUd L, a rvaxnm I'Wa.V. ami iu. uSnl ? riuui branches will be executed in the
n t
sirVATi:i) souTHr-ar othb colrt.
TIE Boberibr lake Uiia nwtboi! of informing
Traelkra thai be kpe a llouae of Knler
t.Mnt in LeiiiKtoii,(N.C.) QQ Maia
tfuwtbwMt of the Courth.MJK. l
lite Table wUI alwaya be aupptird with the bf l
Un Ibat phranful neighborhood can afford. Hi
II.mim being capacioua, and attemhid by "VBnU
uuluaruMia uid wIihj to plratfi, Trrl-
lere can always be accommodated with 0 00 !
B E U8 in roome wih f,tm Ameu And lal, ImjI
j K. k-ut imiHtriBitl eonwdrBtion, MORSKS
rey rroe wc attention, in the Nlahlt
. - WimM ;ht lh.y may le it with
cr.a - 4 aUlii y lo do the wficf of the road.
An erdhnt LirMJ of
Accommodation BUgea
Let Ihe House of Ihe SoUtcribor, FOR BA
l.l.SBl'RY. 00 the i-uiiiL' of Monday, 7'Anr
day, and Saturday and tehttnt to Lexington ou
I be pmrdiiij evruing.
vcr rammzrn ifotiiff from oouin 10 norin, y
rnirr ,n2 their niMivs as tat ai BaliHliory oniy.ani
ihrre uki.ij th Accommodation Line to ltwn
.,, rin have rh ir choice, at the latk-r plnce, U-
trn lli" Fm-JhhniI Line end the one ahich ruim
y Vd 0 Frdcrickbur(.
InKton, March 8, 1 W. , 1 y
; .
UEtiS kat' lo inform hm lutmlx, and the imiIiIic
in iHin ral. onlrM ill lllH liiic will aUnx
a in u- rd. that orilt-m in hi line a ill
N inatiklnllv rf-ceivca oy nim, niw prrnTro in mr
u.l Nt l, Fashionable, bih! Ihiniblf iiumiM T n
1 ruia U rvaUOaLlr U ttllV III l Clit4l of t'OLII-
' to . It. If. B. hopes, frmn hi low praelH'M of hi.
Uiiof , iioiiiIk r of i'sr of ahich tins1 lie
nM'.il m llt tit) of Philiiihlphiu.) aisl from the
i Haaaral nlinattMSi he has heretofore jiven to his
imiot nxw rTUlle aod fashionable kustiiinors, lo
, nierrt sml reeeive a portion of the xitriHKie of the
public ill JP IH-Ttll.
ITT" H lint If rs hinwlf that his f't'TTINd is
. reu nuperior to any doiaj jn this State, hs limy
! be tested bv the undisputed elecance of fit ahich
; w ui the reolur receipt of the Reports of the Fa-
1 hM as ibev clnui both in Ihe larifsj citioioj
jtbu country Juid of Europe,, that pM,t!ellte
; nrnv be mitisned lliftt their orders will alwuys be
j.tecuted in the very lutest style.
, j,.,, fr,MI, , m,fnnce will he attended to with
TeSe - .im iMtucluabtv and care asu Ike. cudtuuicr
wre present in person.
I'Hbnrv, Msv 17,134. lv
T viloium:.
I1F.NJAMIN FRALEY, having received the
aHe-4 FbilrnkKloliia. New York. Loodtsu and
1 Pan, rtv FASHION, and Iibviiik in his em
Orders (ot Work in hi line!, ftni a distnnce.will
ta-punttiiatfir atynndut'lb' Bccordinjr tn order ; wnrl
j i-1
WJu t&f VfiyftiiurllTiirortf bj) d.oiir af llie
l.tliMLd Hilll.. .Bit W ..MI'M.M ttE Etm
. liocaa be itwuU al all timea. at hk old stand, a
, iw "s'" 'ir.awuL'meri uoili. nnq ncany
I - 1 B, - k1 I. I J I
oppwite Mr. John Murphy 9 atore.
Being Ajjeat Jlir of tun most Fashionable
IwU&mm in-troction tocaU on hiow
'IwbMa 8341 y " B. TITALEYr-
New Tailors Shop Vk Concord.
i a th public in general, that he has RLVIOV LD
Shop, in
hi its va-
most fiigh-
1 ionable, neat, and durable mariner. He flatters
htm that his aktH in thfr bosinese, and hi eon-
mant personal attention in bis establishment, will
'uaU b. -.Ve alt nWm. m.ik-tn thn
who iiihv lavor him with their custom.
r- . w i"-"
I- tT lie rtceivea OWIalest r'.WJirTTSTVffir
! rty sth froin New York1 and PhilaJelphia, auJ
' works bv the most approved systems, putting
out, and Orders from a distance, will lie promptly
attended to ; and last, but not least, his Urw will
J - -.Tiinnio n nmmnnnm,
' l"V. "AH B. II r.illf,KSt l,
,-JL lie it cJtf jft Jd yiirlf. jH q .tj't S'-
j prior to on; wrote tn rairptirr rj IheTOUntry", and
aiw vvs, w bb ateii to rtT well'.
Ccontird, March 29, 1834.
75 Dollars Reyav.,
E SCAPED from" Inn Subscriber, while envawp.
L4 ed at the house of CoTTA. Walt, in RisTkiTi".
m County; (N. C.) oh the higUt of the lOih of
" Xtgro !?Ia n, named" JOUX
He about HO yenrs ohL about 5 feet 11 incboa
pgi JiojniuiwjCfollocteiLiiad. on.alme-spuu
pana aaig coat, ana common threap and cotton
aintaloona. John was purchaser (rotn Archibald
Forbes, in Pitt County, near Greenville, and it is
arobable! he will endeavor to get back to the same
jeiahborbood, ' ' ' "."V ;'
The above reward of Seventy-Five Hollars will
Vb paid to any one who will apprehend; and lodge
M said Negro in any jail, ao that the, subscriber
u gei mm again, jitters addteiett to tlie, un
lerstsne.1, t Bnckingham ilaM i YA will
immediate attention 1JL1.
Jsly 5,1834.
,Ual.i.l Waai.WaatalaM7a
Jii;ED-WlXiaYs-;:::;:;;;JOIIN BEAim, jr, -
tMi of rt eiv Tiofi.
1. Tlie "WtaTi;Ba Cbouwsm it H'lifhcd '
MomUy, BtTwo l.llr. p r sniiura if mm! id bJhb,
ur Two Hollars ami ifly tnU if Jtd untd aibt
Hie CXpinilloo W oirro nnHiiuB, f-
t No popr will be diarootiuuci until U BrreBfiff,
ire paid, uultM tt the iWrctioii of the YA&. .
8, No niimcriHim will be rw-ivl vn a l m Im
than one ymr and fkilure to notify the Alitor of
wib to diRCisitinue. at least one month before tJe in.
nlm fJ yur! subnotion, will toniiiikxed 111
nw qyti'iiiMii.
4. Any pcrsun who will procure six suhvnVri i0
the CanliiniM, nd take llie trouhle of colli Minf
irnMimitiii(f the swiff riptioii-pf ice to the ldlitor,
have the pfr uoriuir M' oununuance 01 Uicir tub.
enption, wiUkkiI tlisrje.i
Ttmi Of APVrBTtMlMI.' . ;
1. Ailvcrtiai'iio'iiU will be ctmspicivsiiily and rorffrt.
y inia-rU'd at N) rciiU n r wuare fix lite first inamtun,
tud rWj ntnU for h cisitiiiosiice : but whore ta 'U
vrrtu'iii'iit w iwl' T'-'l u (ii in oiuy iwice, .xi eta, JJ
be tltfi".'d for etch in-prtiisi.
2. W'TrlisnU, Mwlianim, and rro-iik srnil. ,
M alio uisy dinire comatntly to mr Zttn tit
pohiii, 111 hii lvrtiiiuif roliiiinia, aill be. rTM M
ymrly silvi-riiaiTs, and a diiliictsm of 15 per cent
h- niadi frsu tint alxive Iwrgi-s.
I. To iiwiiro ruiiiK attiotwo to Uitter addrew,
lo Hit Alitor, the P'Ki'C !;Il"''W in il be pid
Watt-h and Clock Maker,
U;;S ktavo to inform the ('itiicus of iahhurjr,
us (PbV !'' "t 1t"wwn- Btirl flre-ettrrtHjaaV
Ul CmilitriK, tliMl III" l
.... Kcmoirtl Ms . I is-li if m
A fl-W ilo"r nVire Mr Win. tt rlfitf b zi
VJ j Xf.f'i, f tiitff, nn the .Mnin Wnrt, "t
Where lS Still roiitiniH . uu beietiXir.1, to fiftutt
in ihe line .4 hi pno.'M4uii, ul kltu t uiilke,
.4'i on thr uwtt nanmublt Urm.
Warranted for 12 Montha!
And those disMe.d to pntrotiiicc him, are awsircH
th.ii no Mm im will lie spared lo jrive t!ie n;it '
lii'iicral and cutue Hiitiofai'tiou to t!i: 111.
CT FNGRVINt? of every Hevription, (is.
chliliii) Tuliib-SloiieM,) ivill lie r xci iili-tl with lanl
W!es "'ul acenruA . ut short nrtke.
Salislurv, Juu. tf
T " i:-itoi:?i i a.tiTs).
'pill: Siibscrils'r wishes .i Mirrese LIKELT
N IX. KOKS, fnin ten thirty ) curs old, aial
will ay the imwl liberal piiees in fii.'b.
All who havi. not h property to u;ll would ik
well to cnli ini I111V1, or Mr. J0I1I1 Joir, his ApeU.
He can lie found at Mr. Flniightcr'i lfll, k
$Mlii.horyr and Mr- Jonen at lr. lbydV Ihul, n
('lwrhttfi, ' t v .
Iltf th'ifdtr itprcper' tir-en Ihat-le .b'4
corned in busineiiii with Air. JaDiea lldie, or Uk
"i. 1.... ...... - . ... . j
- A II tietier tt,WreaeMl t" JionrOj Air. -Joawt,
be imnctiyiUyV attlrialiiJloZl'IZll.'-LlIlC j
Salj .hitry, Mi.y 2, l."tt
Current i'rtre f. Vmdnctf&t
AT SA(.'lSM5rTllY.T.Aa!riist"l3.
Baeon; Vr v . ;, spjilt', .
piuck, .'
Butte', ....
Cot U Hi '!t s(iidT;,
50 - v
h a 10
4IU VijiN'sils .
4.") a ot'.'OttU,' ..... , .
in ;pyp
.0? (Supir hrpwn, r
Jill .-1 . loaf. . .
112 bW
iui ieistl' .
. I'l ohaccu,
Fksir, (H"irul . .Vsi t'Wbeat. .fhiibben .MtV
FiisioV'; - -trr-'inni ":rvvbiakev. : . 5 u
L. . JMjdOiL.pef lMU.12i.!1il,.M,
Ricon. . . . . 10 a 10 Irou, . . '. . . 41i5(
Bramly, .poach, . ftf s Wi Molisses. . . . 32l3
Iiilc. . 2 a XV ailn. cut.. . . 6ll
B-swax,-v :f v--17 a li Sir, W.fca,.,"i,?i
-t- w r an "Bna
.' . .121 a Wlj"
....r. 12 Kt
lump, . . i
WIffiS:,It. . . AS ana
. . X h AMW...1 13 s
AT CHKRAVV-s fS. G V..-.Aii!niF 7.
Bacon. . . ... . 121 a lMeni, (gcarce.) .' P7 iJl
Bt;ewaX. . . . His 17! MoIhia. . . .
lajtor, . ; . w a 2Wlrrr t-,?t
'-ii.w lit tii' i ii.i, ('oitriiMi)
f .lOa mtv.
torn, . . ,
Fcatliets, . .
Flaxseed, , ,
Flour, stiier.,
fine, '.
Iron,. . . .
Lirrf. . . .
Mackerel, , .
'75 a HTSalt; xSS8; : " '
. 32 a ;r bu. hcl, . .
.l'Wla I2T Siiirar.nriine. . . 9H
..rl")ta I . Si"1
.U"i()a I ' leaf A i.D.p,15l
io i-
.650 a mi Wheat,'. . . .HK aW
AT COLUJtf Bl A. (S. C.)...August 5. .
lkandy, peach, . 75 jMolasses, - . 45xr
aople. . 40 a SffiMsekerel. . . SM'
Beeswax,. . -T5 a WhSalt, in weksi
Butter, .
Coffee; ,
Corn, .
Flour, .
Iron, .
ft a in n-
1 iTT
12 a ITS
rMi.rr.. k.n-n . 10 B I-! I
I a tool 'l.Bf&luinP. 1"
o. l-J,'T.lf, tOtP
.700 a WNllTeag. . . . . 00 1?
. 4 a 5;WhL,key; . . , J
AT CAMDEN, ( S. ,C.),..A wrest 2.
, 11 a 131
, - 45 a W
BrandyJ peach,
Iteeswax, . ,
CoUon, ....
Corn, . . .
; Via 1'.
, 9 a l:
100 a J i'i
, 30 a 50
4 I2i
Tsillow . .
Wheat, bushel,
Whiskey,', .
Lolfec, .
two.,, ,

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