North Carolina Newspapers

    , ruT raTITU
Villi. CAItOMIVI iV.
Saturday, fSrptcmJicr 13, 183 1.
. m , I.1..1.., J.LJJ..JJ. Jt1 . I1 I. M J'git.'lU., Kift.'-W tt
JJBKRTV." . . - " V--j '
Tlie above in tli 21st Article of tlie Declaration of
Right of North Carolina.
j It is i wise and salutary admonition, given under cir-
ciiintnioeit well calculated kiiinake a deep anJ lasting
' jiiiprcssibii uponlhe deacendinUi of tlwse illustrious
patriots who uttered' it And never, since tBu organ!
tnliiMi of our Government, baa there occurred a crisis
nne imperiously requiring, such a rtcurrtntt, than
that which ia now at hand. "
A hug course of prosperity affect nation and states
a it dot individuals : it ii too Hrt Uf produce opjithy
' to rcmlcr them,, amid the eujoyineiit of pre lit blr
iiiL"S (orffutful of Uie muree of iIkma bleMinis and un
iruDilfnl of the mrunt of preifTimq th in, Too secure
in tii"ir ImppinoMi, they become enervated, oareli-itu,
ind mipiiiff ; and hxncp hieur the rule of beiiijf (jrilu
ully mid uiiconwioti'jly deprived of their liberty, or of
In ihk driven to the necessity of aoHerting and main
Uiiiiik Uiir rihta-hy force.
"A freijiient .recurrence to fundamental "principlei"
would obviate both of thunc danger : and uolltiiig tint
cm! ilo'U.
The l'enplo of the United Stiitna Imve, under their
VtiM! iiwtitutions, enjiyed unpitrulleled priieri(y ud
Miirini; in the carevr of nvirnl and physical improve-
. . 4im ill with a wfiixid -arwl .tuaJiiiiiwi wirriniir, tuy, -ui j
- - -iHceetWdn tn -the-'pMirrof'tfieKi teiu ir;iiii
plu re. For their numberless hletsings it U-chiiich them
tn b.' t'ralet'iil-lo I'royidenre and to tiKiw enerflle m
atrmuenU in the hu;i! of Providence, from whom they
"denvod thwrilt'iiwabiirin4ieHmof'fiw4'HttWfrft"
free (fi)vernmeiitd. And it ia their duty to watch over
tiiiii iuheritiiuce a one which w&a given tliem, not tor
, -tuerf Wmi ..aUwar but w Uu,a.4ar..Ucit4c:ittUiiU
in.lefin.tely, and U the gul of the whole hunuiu fa-
milv. - : -
l o k... .i-t tlf . r-ri-i. irnl l...ul tlidt ralU imrw.
ru'iisly fur vigilance. vve ttliouid be more correct, pro-
bitrtv, if we were to say it i one which duummia o
(itm tmtimliulc tut toil.
In these tiuieji of niiBreprpsenUtion and of midcon
ci ptioii.wiien many are inMed by tEe uiilueaee oTgreat
imhwiS ami alill more- by a catule aupurfkial cxauii-
rwl uiiN principle, wecaiinot.t-j.tooxplu-.iWui urut..
lo ew-ape censure. To obviuts therefore, any mi.-un-deMHiiiling
of our viewti, we will remark that, in eay
injlfjijl iii liet.'CfWTJ at tliis tiiiie, we do not iiieitu
the intMt reiuotely to bUt;gckt any tliuig like a ft tort
violence. i
We do conHcientioUHly bx-lifve lliat, tinder the ailmi
n!ipit:on of Jiu-kwm, the true theory of our
Government haa been rjuiiciiily perverU-d tlmt he httt
"tijiCiity avowwT, and actel ujaui, principlen n pognaiit
r.rts!,.Bnd-ibverBiVe the Republican and Gont'ederate
"cfiaraoier of our inrtituttoii and that, by nieaiiaofhia
OWprrwat lptil.HTily w
plearM thiwnh the pew'er of pafroimge exertetl uram
.,.::.:!'.d.6 IPC Wir
wh'ch will determine the fute of ourcountry.
.j-TUa uruaoMi ia alitfiuingTltil JliU UuuiLii aoAiatopcx,
",,'!, Jiea ilia rpJf ati? rmrral u rrrurrnri to fun-
r Jumenlet priitcipU f .tillow e4 up by itn mediate action.
tM'tueTuJejientuuirT'reiS TQiKiiijiMHit the! CtSiritry
i!'Pnulgate. thci.rwfbndamchta.l prhicipleatif ourGo
"Verumeirl ; let tlietu abow wbereia ouf public 'igenta
fiayeilemrted f4lii. M-iMy tliBJP!co
. . plu of the United Ktatea ponder tiie auinect, not aa ixie
, fit Am mil and tommborf wHnh&jt&e-'ut llm
moA aeriotia niagritnte and luBng inliueiice arm we
iroiy yet aee bnr Constitution restored to its purity, ami
the whole fabric of TOVcrnmi'mV which now exhibit
g.,s of premature' d-ay, in.aW
the natnre and pwcrr of ' out General and BrBtefieMthebrnTr
ivriuncnt withotif at wast aaiwmg oiinuU-ly into j
tlie clmricter of the old Confederaey that precetled the
prtwent Union, and comparing tiie Articles 01 uml . on
tl'Meration with the proviious of the precent Constitu
tion. Jly such a comptrinon.tli reader will be able to
judge what powers the Mates delegated to tlie old Cun
t?"d by the new Coiistitetionnd
ired'bt tha new Constitutioond whether oar Unirm
vu-nt, or an union of IinUywhiU &uks, and a lonje-
In order that ae may not be jtirtly clurgeaKie with
dereliction on tliia point,' we .shall lay before our read
r the Articles of (Wlertrt'n,and the present Con
vitminn, with the arnenc'merAa; - W! shall llien give
the opinions and argument of dist'mgnrshed men, with
ocWwnal remarks -if- our own,' axplanatory of Aich
nails' ' have givew fiee to dixfHiloa. As wa shall liatf
'serve those articles lor; without them, it will swue
imes be impossible to understand the conmients that
nay be made. .. ,' "';' " ' k ' '
" POIN DEXTER. Thai great enemy of abase,
hqk to disclose monstrous abuses in the Land Office,
Senator George Poindexteft was elected President pro
irrtr. of thrttenste nwrr the tlose of tlw sessieid,
such, it became ,his dtity to see thai Ihe members
Wore paid uncording to fcur), and certify the accounts.
The law in relation to the mileage 1 members aapli
. fitlv declares tliat each member "shall be allowed
eight dollars fcr every twenty miles of the estimated
airtunce, the mott tmual toad, from his place of re
sidence to the seat of Congress, at the commencement
nd end of every auck sewiort and meeting." "f
"It was, of course, Mr. Poindexter's duty to cause
himself, ts well as the other Senators, to be paid eight
dollars for every twentv milea from the place of theijr
residence to the Scat of Government, going and retnm
in?, "Ay the mo vttial toad.' These are tlie Hera
tirfif fa hm, nni theif raeanhig is so ylain that tt
U im(nas!b!eto mistake itr"""7-' ..r .
-Well, how did the honest fro teln. lnident of tha
Senate astils A. aernunt t For travel from Wil-
iuwooponjr, Mi, bislace of residence, to Washr
lwKe.-"lw'i, P-r
.' '. '
P li itT;r fce'v - 30
ffyth I0.U)iIiceBJ,krti.,.ri.t.lU
!? ?T" 7,7" ttr B3t:r
usual mad' frmn Uie rnrr.t., ,t ;b
on County, HWwrte, in'WaHhmeWie. Cj
is miles, fbr which the lawful cnarre
, . - " -
charge W1 f
P " . - - '
a ' . " 357 M
oa wai iui pre lam. IT. M limm lf mam
11 1? Tr , , b,?,wW r1.
" "unureu ana m:nv-aevi touata aafi awt
eentiL" , "
tfT 1T a aneHier tUrffkrt traai
tiMt veratioua organ of the IVaitlenL ca!Vl AieGUha
Our object, in copying it, Mto evptM fta Vawfbonl
te,, at decepfon,., tleby J?L fc
on their guard agamK the influence- m f-r wiiAm 1J kV ; ftwn th airmen I ahouW think it
lam of decency, and uuacrupuloua it Ha -muit rf : tm DianL Wli, m mijw uf the fell we ascend
auHtainiujf a bad cam. . W ISl aadl afl atukini; auuie distiiuce on the rwltr
According to the Globe'a own alatewetrt. Kf ra.'"f fW-By weuui oaf way down, a the foad
leraCongrrliour jvrtw.aB4wrtar elo it . liert turtMl up th
Ire alToWetf i fti1TeagcVnpiwirt prewtited
coming. It ia 112 milea from WoJiille' a" waaaff-atrrwayalueg Urn wrw-vwaa a
t4)ll, lld Itla, re $himU tvjnmtr, the w 44awr"3 T vf M K,n", P ffl prent
buck: added t.ether,tWke2VHaw3Ucl!?p'fci44 --TW j.proaekto
22ffl Iron. aotm and t leave 13a mte- .ki'ti, c, mnL M ftw M?dlMii
itw dt. that Cfmftnrtbr'iar (rat
tion oh u the djfuuiee Mr. PoindrW rrm&tmr al fcfX Ipn( kill, tt'rej with oak, ce
from WaWiineton, that trratWnan taa rharprM tr 15 aarf thter a bifty pine. At th point
milea k, and cmjuently M receive W tWrfTT '.".T b i th. h tU Caa
l, ..t;iti i1 : lw 7"v Jut, ctabrarea tint whole
- JT r r ? , . - . , - tw w.:kaat tempt.oiTl waUr ia tpar.Ud
The Lilitirt-a uf Hie Hlobe Irnve no0ie3 the aaxae at tWt)p If a prujertuii rurk,an4 thoa WK ia two
arithmetic tltat it (Mod in the p, OfTioe,3Vjwrtraa, msOmim a&Mrt sua ttut chaana Ulow -Tlte- Wali
the iiiiijulur rpsulta of winch Uv Wa alteww W lb" few i tVI ia C"nt4ed of irranita, and near,
fuel that whiU they hud awrpln fimd to aa im,'m V rr""- J .'I kettrht anJ bidd an.
anmmit in they were iakW the . Wb kMen ulf (-
near a million of Joilitrt. But, had a m Mefir wr9a s ' ; .,
of anthniHtc, their etirie of etrnm mftnrWr
We fhail probably take occaKX) t rrfrwe mxtr .Tirr nut aiatauee Suva (tently and uiunler-
the tricU by which the Gke k attempting to im-W j lra f i the pomt of projee.
the puhhc in iU, Tr-M -E. tU, aee fArl: dTp'btrw:
terl gntuitutttdj over tlie whole ami - kw f kart di.aenJio.ui, have been
. , . , . ' , ., , . 1 4owta rf anl aiittt(rt. auwa to the deptha, id
f .tei7ftitoft!aav lirnrfaf'Vi'aTtet a4 W :.T a aaal wfet.,
imrjile oftiee' bees dehaHnd !) ia ia the kmm f s jv TV pnmii aaJI, whicb ffmwt the Mia, no doubt
Hinn the nKMiHtmua pervemiona of ftrt wfck tttkle ay , 'TT'"'' ller ,kmn ,he crr'k "
the wrn of trie Globe infwmalit lo il iwi. . Tie") t!'!" "!!TTrtr T! Tk"
I ict - lvHrt v.rff,;. rrri,, .lll,i,,rij t, Wi-aa rT .7fJj!!K
CotirtliotiM-, and edited by a giwUemaa 1a aeao-aoftJ
lutely one of the GeneraTa whole-bug" tte,.or1rs. I
fiklitu mu fhn (. .lljiu-inir it ram tA
. ...r. Ji tU w.. liTi-i-. - .:w
w , ,,.riwietrt amd i n,
w wnrdtlnt if we wanted to eomxt ,ur
f,.m VV-vLinrrO Tub t.L. jt-. Cli."
H..I ... .1... ,u,..j ,l .v-i. .... ..'memr "a mmtvmuM siaie, an.. ii;iki couceaien oy
could reach froln U,uce.- ?f 21 "T'fJ? '
, . ;y.,' - , , I i fhaft SkB twrtWiw, in a urhweiit drroefcon.
The Mitor of the Argua then -ne. n to s laat i awW ay a art-Jignm hiffb,eall-
waii diHpueed, by thia, to give the Gli J- a tral, anJ CWiW. wtiU kaowa ia Indian traihtioa. -Thia
lected the first article be w frnm it, . a rjnx -nri rfV'iaiHi W- iw. mf fcnn as important item where
it uauaT atvle but tliat be iouuri in it m nrnra ink-, W'ty i" ennttidered.
iirMiu nn.i u'limi iiitp uiiui ijihi urtraiwi in. itviw.u '
- . ..r- t JC .7. 1 . -;. :'
.uu.u u. ...u. u "
. . . . , , . . ,
Ve huve heretofore oegk1ed to trO ear reaaV
-efe-tliat.i.arWnyiw'awaweH BWi!f ta
j a iliicu in tlie corpe Editorial, lie kaA etab!wbe4 iuaa-
lf. in I'm lluml Ma ne. aod aemlf nh, e-w-rr wiiT"" "-"P" ;"w view, .m iiguw
n..U poptK, u.!drd,e titleof tllWgG.rtfe'7,
,, 1 ,, , , j . , .: tt aa tkn wttKk S eacaw-a an.1 Dndji 1U way hi
I le liowa hu;lf to be Uie aasMM mlr, al T'iS.J'a r.n 1 tberutf to tBr'new:i.
prnvea that hia Itigb auntlmg-a a letirr-wniw a aaeal '- --- - - -
at all immured bf hw new and" no drmbt-nartr onaia-? " a- '
doruble curioua dutiea aa aa Edikr. Mel 4
meutwi tliatJiic JWa'a priBciploa are-a:lluu.ia.. , TV S- -c.n
.., .1.. uauiii ilh. n. ...... ..j
be aeen that evea he ca be
" S? ' HT "rt8f
!Iuu1uttn2Siir Yoik; 'iteaeh
,. :W1T.
Well, now I
1 fie G rneral'
shotiid haven aoiirt tJOT
....if t : : l ML . J '
:u quutiHg aau r"tnjr pmiim uincnun a mrmiii j
war ... tt a . . a SU hw - - a a
"nealer for flakinV-m -qinerat gat l' "U"I.1U 8-
by hiin,and I W WU he KiH wf w,tM'r
lun. 4 ' " eewst-a uoim ur rtawhtrd.
J'm'd5i''neni grt Into a Vial UUvm aW it. ! ." wmW&
1 -.iiJI.k I iu - ... ,f. l arrTKiei, but it was not a pitched battle
wbrn things dicTnt go" right-4r V
likatowliimritrto;hes grti,aif
it's wearing him out. But that KitcVai Cammt h 5
the Giue
era! bellire I pfi Washingtoaj thnt the luirki I
iWt wwild be ffie Tuiiialion f Iniai arx! Ihe
en CabitK'
hull if ms if lie oldii t turn, vm ut 3.a. f"ra
n.tpl was all goin ov;r flrclss. Cut they
his head so completely turned, be would srcoi to
know what he Was assart.
fcfra ruautnittetf ..Mouse w!n. hsivw a positive
ntnieand slare as tiKsigh belbuugM I
or eW 1 waritUt ;'uf nrv het Put Tto ifralTlr
ana now 11 sucn men a. .nr. oun " aa p .1 rawrsartr. ul at t!ieaait4inie, we are con
going over, I don't see but theGmc rd will kar la w py judgment aud sound
give up tlie ship.v-1, belie I mo write to lusa 'iKlttj
purtysoon arid give him a iiiifc iieTiews wdtior. TV WuT drt onfy what is terard
The (Jineral used to take sy ssHit n g4 tmm'imin9-4im is, ali toans wiR fee rent,
and pcrhiips htU KstCR to me fcow. . re i be fwsJ n tui twpwjf taatatnwtiia if 68-day
- I was a good Oeal teuclc up I JUsad XttSevri! Sir a term not Meeedin sit
r. rr- , - r . . r .1 1 .
nieetinff of voupff men t'ltlwr tiny ia Ti-TStt.
and Mr. llutlinan waa t&ere, aad ne
made a speech, and tiddVn, where tb KsirWai
V .1 . . J 1 ;f "
and sound so reasonalile, 1 lUinb 1 u puwwa -
m-wjoTOTieJl'-'iwwjnyxii ewcnaraa sari.
Ktote isuik, new ai iva.eja j
aenu w 1 en P - r,u"
ciared, )jable 00 the 8th.
The Bank of Newbera Us also aWUnal dilUeai
to the some amount .
- . -.Mir , .4
'"Vm."! ;a"mwTOBuwi.
' -"TLL. . ,iJ.U-w
Monday, AprU 21, 1334. As the ana ensa, it Jieew
charming lustre over the Blue Ridg tW TaimWui,
tl'!?rA, a.fs?i?S
tabinet wan u-mung inc orsrrRry K,n w m fy... , , " JWrtgA, 183 .'
went on at this rate every .iing was all yneng Ui i'jff.fU akyt ar we Principal,
ruin, and how he could'nt in swwre g w ith Awwwara, sianae as asy to Vkmtet Devry,
'erh any loner. His spews toaaCiflrflWaaatJsw.JttojsW.awamsW-- IbQmifitr salaw rmttn4, a.
. . 0 - i. - .... . . . . . . ..a . ... l .r.L. v 1 -. f .r
ClarWil though fcir wa tV msf liaa answjR. " "
lint to attract and induce the wntry ixfc V several tm, TraveliiBg
' ft d wj ft M imntL ; and, if no
Ar. f healths Uation would be sufficient
F- rwwt thW,fra, it ha, already
sWo lCv..,:. G,-.rir; m.l perhaps there
w s a..,, auairted b
- -- :
B--rsiw iwnmri f ac'kviuii, uun msx annum ami
aa taarasavLW'' Wi&ia a fcw miV of the pltwe there
ar mwl tnblm and bwmtiful water-falls, high rug.
r aawiafcii!. iwh tvypua, and Ui Naocmarlia
- Vaei. antk tte thuMMtl aa4 mi IiUim etimatiUe-'
I Mi. CmmMt m afwrtiitir on. of tl moL et!wiva
I1 "- b.'Unrs firf tha ac,mi.lti.n uf
r.-Mm. liini . kr th hum. ,rt ,
7TTV 7T .. . . . . .
satsart VSrJjm.'ut of tin cLaracter.
I - Mt. X and Mr. W-, bih wntle.
TL' wtt, nia wit aa ited
-31!l!f l!?"':
Taeimt, W llap- tVU. w !. 20 fart acnmv
Wa wrn away k ia preitfat piwitioa
T3 nw fr-xna lac tu also rntereatinjr and com-
jimi!!. svl awimtaiaa, with elevated Uiptt, are
- M - w - a.llaittallaaai.a
a w "
T,"'!!", . "l,M,i.
ll JJ rncl.iHp it Further oo, an old
T W I !i Twm it m fmw Kiniwtfwt mrttlr fhff tnnifTr-'
ma paat. aat aaw'mnrrwthfcHraiHwwit
s -rrMi t, p,, rf t!ie beautiful Ijmn
jjeaf aawa awUmew i to aa admuerof nature, afl(rd a
A, 1 WWM umio-. ttl!,f tho
inrji tay -fcpftjw 'WW eornptctefy berflttiwrttt by bllhl
awHiftias that th wafers of the creek could
Tt k3 Be aieca; 1 the Slow inij. troiM t iie official
" T . 7i " T g I vM
tl IW lib, .i.. ... -
' m t" ... w w. ft- wi
Tie iitrbfst Stite Rurhl Vote of S Canv ...
3 T;,i- 1
. . ll-i.-.l.
b r. m vr
rt U .CtT"'
t--. -a, -h.a a t r-r-,-,a '
; Cka tpocfunl-. ttiM. Jijslitulm. tommeuces its
jTWe UaJi hewg lm4 upon a .kontiat capital,
sjj, a fcj. 4u ,l0iW to redeem its Notes
i - iiu ur with ) Bu.v be cwih red bv
I . . . t ... a. ' - -
i wwwexm t asiraefptivaieiii. its uiaiiagenieiit
yrm aa ia cnts -.jto saea T himmZliw
- 1 - -.- r .1
like themselves
iiiif ajpratitHia
. - . ....... .
their j
.! mm mm bMtVI fiiil,
t ."h't'v. TTll'fnJT.Tg.;..;i;.V'.:f .J-nt:-
'Smg at a dutwee, w aubjuia the Lttm of th
, ..A hrif Vr tft Lmtituri-Hi f - ' "
a"" . Cr. . v
We Usw kee. witod by the mmt dost roc
TrewBi titol mr wnriei in ttns eertion of
cmsMirry. JWIt Raia had fallen previous tftThurS-
Pj.. . Vat a ttt ai2lit it rained ia ttirrent.
wiiiksaat a.satKufats's iotermwioo; tq corwequence
jiig mMfitnattK torn tosn nprecedeo
toJJ iKiTW is araneiy ft Mill r Bridge '
aaSwg withaai tka aWaace we have heard from.
CS? A to the Crop, and Stnrk ilnv
h,- Ta long drought bed previously burnt up
J ba gia. depewfence for bread
Lm hmk- nU bl'
was out uf theqnci.
tion. Singes ym!l neitlier gior conte, rhtvuh the
driver made vurtuim ntteinpts L force tlirir way.
Wo lear that the VUhkI haa broil general, and
aMHnrlr-awail ititeiligeaea. nm jIiimm aeetiotta
watered by larje Streonin.i'ui4 Register,
M'jiy ia Juckaoiiutni like inlemnernwn t D'ye
give it up I lk-cauNO it detrov tlie Coiintitutiou.
: e ', ' ( iVf m burn Sufrlutif,
' In the citr of Kavonnah. on Uo Gth of Aueifrt LL
by the Rev. H. A.. Mely, the Rev'd. F, P. II R1IS.
Crmerijf of Rowatt Countji, to Mim ANN C. UURNH,
of the city of New York. ' 1 ' ' '
- In Stoka Count?, 'oh the 24fh ultimo, by ibti Rer'd,
Thomaa Pfol.l, Mr. HKNJAMIN SNIDLlt, aged 24,
toIu--TEAGUE, aged Nil .
, In Stoke Couitly, on th 3d mxtnnt. Mr. JOHN SI
MON UtiHT to Mu GRACE KlilKlUS, b.4li uf
that I ounty. .
In Mecklenburg ennntr, on the 21 tt ultimo, br5u.
Duherty; FVoinre, Mr. JOHN RAIKD to Aii- ANE
'".'' DKPARTEl THIS LIFE ' rt.''l
" Tn-Oiw Count vron TueTf "tfie9trrTntfaiifrM'
GEORGE MILLER,.at'ed W year -The deccaaed
came from .Mar) luml early in lite, and until a ti w year
tiro con itmed to reila in tliia place.' 11a aurtained
Uoujjh Jifo thlfcfeU f vprighVauMi,
At Benttie'a Forl. Lincoln County, on the 4th innt,
Mr. JOHN F. Ut'RTON, aoa of Robert II. Burton,
Eaq., in the Slat year of hit age. He ptwaeeaed talunU
of a high order, great energy of character, and lolly
and chivalroue aenaa of peraonal honor. lie waa jiwt
entering upou tlie eamor of hfe,'undif tiie iiwwt aupi
ewua fircuuwtanccB, whtm hia tbnd "parcnta and Otlirr
frientbj were auddenly deprived of him by the cold band
of deatlk ; i
1 1:11 ali: C A TIO.V
4 Public Kinniitintion of tho I'fnu connected
with Mia, HiiiiV Fnil Schia4",'tri Liiitvdu
ton, wilt coiunK'iico ou Weilneadiiy the 24lb inst.,
and be CMitiuued until .Thunilny eveniuj;. Th
moet iuturt Miing part of the exorcince will be utt
tuuuVii lo ou Tliurwluv. ' '
A LEX.A. Mil. Pf -
CM hoiixe, ro(MH!tfully uiCiruia Purei-.ta atxi Guard,
iuna that the Winter Session will jcotiiilience on
ManiUr (b i0tr of Mofarr- --
UBjUugjOU-hfi had jU ,.o;itticirulilp mfea t.a.ILat.:
Young Ludiea-oau lai accotuiuotlated bv tlw Prin
cipal, on applicntitNi. A. A. II,
Ltucolntou, Si'pt. 13, 1831. 2! ;
to joi i:m;vii:.
THF. Sultxcnber w anxiiaw to Ip-i
employ a firat-rute workiimii at the Il.xrt ami Slmc.
mhkinf businpiet. He will give" wngeg to
one who can come well recommended for aleady
habile and pntd work i Doric othera neerl applr. -JOSEPH
WkwilMej)trl, 1V
. Htatc of loith raroiiun :
"Court qf ' Vtrnr anri fwrftrf- S'rssionx, -At
iii it Tekx, 1HJ1.
Eatper I lioiimwn,
c. . , ..
Itcira at of Francu
Williams, dec.
I N this cuiM!, it nppenriac, to I he wttiftictittn of
1 the Court, thutTlieophilus Willinrjis.'AloxaiNler
-WiHimwv '1 hiiM Wilhanw, David Williams, Wil-
lieni Grigs and Cupa hie wills, and Goorge Wag-
is i an .a l-.
wife Alfn, om not inhabitnrrbi of thu
publication Lti limile in the Wesiern f 'nndiniiiii, f h
I'm weeks' siMrceaHivelvr V-t tlte said Tlreophilus
WllltH nr A Ifl an W Wfll?
J)tWid WWHnWilh'ami-5gs aisl Vtipa jits wifi;,
aud George Vairois'raiKl Alia tiia wife-titbe-aod
apiioHr before- trw Justice of out tiCTt Cnurtof
- - -v - aw - a--j-riw r-W""'
rfeis aoa uuftmr iMfions tiT ticiil itirTtici.isjii.
the stolid Mondnj in Novcnilwr nest Ibon and
thcra to bow jeauae, if nyjiejr hawwhy; ;th. c.ahall not Imve. juiLjnieut tur
tbe said r rancM "illianis, docn which has hii
to their hands by uYscrrrt. ' '
-Aet f ,8AML GUTIIER.cxx.
jj.. M(W.KjftCt
September 13, 134. 6t ' '
...... , ..... jf y THrff f ft sj wsjassf ; ::f
'PIlC Subscrihof, having determined on moving
to the West durjiig the ensuing full or winter,
wishes to sell '' - ". ' '..;
on which he now resides, four Sjiiles west id 8ujis.
jr,r, a ,
40 or 50 acre of which are freshly cleared. There
MTK '6n inrpreBifsetf WexceTIfMIDWULU
ING.llOUSE, toother with all the oecea.
sary out-buiMing new Cribs, Stable, etc. The
luce-is ail cxcellcul stujid for a. Douse of Enter-
taiouicbC . ' ' . : ..
Another Trct of Lnhd,
'': 1 i v t '"" s .-- -
Lying 00 but b sjtles uf "Grant's Creek, ux utile j
asiniinr, ui onirtifui V a.
auilhiaiA Q..II..k..
Conlaininr 507 icrcft
From 160 to 200 Acre are cleared, about 29 uf
which is tillet Meadw in -good oroVn There
PJTk a good D W E L L I N ti-II 0 (J S E on the
j,land, a Darn, and other out-huuse. Terms
will be made accommodating to artjy one wishing
to nHrchnsoT
yO1 Any one" desiring to see th Pnipcrty, will
pleuso cnll on the Subscriber, living four ti riles from
Stiliabury.oatbe, rod to Peattii;' lVd.
- There will 1 be Hold, at publiclanction, " '
On Tneiday, the 211 day of October,
''i -. -S OJt'tHK.aHOVI! rBRWISKS," ; v
f k qiiBntky of HAY, FODDER, cVc,
; I GRAIN of U kinds; STOCK of all kinds
.All my Ilantatton Utenwls? '
Together with various other articles,' loo tedious
to merrtion. Tertos made linown on the day of
sale., - MATTHEW B. LOCKE.
GST N.B. Slionld the ike tracts of Land not 1
be disposed ofbefrre the 21st day pfOetrlier,1hey
itttt uto it told on (hat dnf, to (he ighe$t bid
dtp, M LOCKE.
epten!bert,S3JU" ' : v tda ' "
for .xii.E'EKxnnt of tiih
-N, rarolmn2ElRaiI-Road ! ! -
Ia O T TUtt n&VV C IV
In lajtUctillr, A.c:n i
yUEM: Ticketa can be had ia alnukt all the Ij't .
" terieadrawa iu tlie United Sutua, either by the
ingle Ticket or in Packagea put up with one of tha
iiiiiiihm on each ticket cumptaiing tlie outnbera by
w hich the pn-a in tlie acheine are aworUinod Uierc
by inauring to the purchaser of a package a certain
amount of prison, nearly equal to one-half of Hie cost
of tho pnckirge, ' - ''.'"."' ' '
AGENCIES, in any lottery drawn by YATES & Mc V
The uruwyua of lhe liitteriea in which Tickets ara
d l, and Xuf others, w ill be regularly received at tliia
Oflicci; (Fayetteville,) and puliUhed in the Weatcra
Carolinian, and "Carolina Watchman," rtaliabiiry. "
Package of Wb,de Halves, of tjuarters, will .ba
a-nt by tnitiL to vrilrr. '
'CuiJobh r wilHiiu si lfea, wTi will feiuit onfijiai
the price tliereof in cah, aUU receive, ia return, a cer
tified cojiy of such package, containing an exact list of
the eomhiiwttioa nnuibera 1 they atiall alro receive tha
arltea mftf tuatmn f 4M arawiltga, 4 e. v.
00" I'ritea id tt thai Office, or He Agenciea. h
- YATHS it MclNTYRE, Minagrrt,
Jnium Krnw'rllAUK.NT. '
Fayettevilie, Heptemlter JIJ, 1NJ1, i.t .v'
Tliefarnhd C'onMlitl.itrd Iottrrj
Claaa Na Revwitven, for 18S4. .
On tlx) 16th of September, Ie-34. '
.1 CAPITAL: 3 ; '
1 iof &,m DOLLARS.
. " . of 1,000 lX)LLARSvi-
8 M of..50- IH)LLaRS. '
9 JO Sic, &.C.
51 Noa.,,.,8 Dr, Bullobt Yatea ii Mclnliro, Managera,
lK'kelspH Halves H Quartnre 9$,
"rHcknguoflWliide 'Tickets "wiUcttT,r4T'
11- .... 4H4tabrr- r 73
-v--"- W Wtrartors m - -$Y"
If s remittance of one half the corf of a Packag"
ia made, a certified copy of the numbers wdl be aeut '
to order. t Addret letters to 1 ' ,
& tfliiilr 13, IsGI.
State of'Norlh Caroliiia:
Comt of riens 'nnd Quarlr.$:esshng,T
Art-rsTTKBit, JdLrrr -
Johii Ward, : i Juatka's Judgment levied nu
rs. tho ilefmidiitila uiuliviiUl inter.
Iiml, to wit,: one tract confnining 5f!5
acres, on the waters of Fyunder's fork,
joining Frederick Youn, Geo. Beck,
lea, jtMning the lamia of Pelef Head. '
rick, eorge SechriM, Dnvid Swing,
th watorstif Hwoariuv CWb, j4,nc -'
' tlie Imids of F.benewr Smith, Jolm
Dnrr, awl olbcrs.1. i' SlllV,
1 r jmiins; lotlie ahtisfiirtion of fhd rrrHT, T
. that (he 1 dtiAVrKlatif B left !he ( Djivjrl--
ptn, so that notice of said Iievycanii'it be served ;
on hitn ; T'heafore, iL ii: Orrfcrt hy 'ihe Court...I
, thia tmblicaJiun be nwds for three week sueeo- '
mTTirrni inn riCTirrn vnroiinian, inin ine neienu.
ant, IJiwid tifttrrli nttpoor atihe-nett tmnnf.'tl.e.1"- -Court
of i'Jeae ami Quarter Sessions in Isj lieM f ,r '
the County of ladw, ffbCMrtnVit'Jif Leai; -iiigron,
on tlw sreond Monday ti 'Nnvemher next ( t
tlien and tliere t idiow earm wb jrltjr? plaititUT sliall
not have X juJgmeiil and an -ortier f al gmHte. t .
igajuti the. iwla. afijrmid, l.LaaliMfy his 4id le -
-jjp. ...
The Subscriber, inleruling to remove to he South.
; ' west, WILL SEUv . -QnTictJaj
the Wltf&MnthJr'M'il, ."
)n Uie preniineH, unless previuutily dispriaud f, H
' . t 1 .4 ....,..
The Valuable Tract of I.mid .
on which he RF.sinns4(mTAima
Lying ou the Yadkin River, bo buth'sides of Reotlv
t?rkr-hr DaTicW'txrntyTtf
gruuuds, 10 or 12 of which are first-rate meadow.
land. The Plantation t under good repair, and
lias on it a DWELLING-IIOL'Si; Kilchcn, and
out.houses.The whole tract j well watered, aud
i perhaps a hcnJtli a -aituatioa.. any in tha
country. . . , , . . .; " ' .j-;.v. ...
ALSO, d tie tame jay, ! will clC llZ:
' J'hi
Jille rent kinds
lluuschold '.ftnjLXitchoa J:Wilurftaiiill
--'-"Farniing; UWimihi? krtd niany-otliCr 'Irtii'Iea,"-;
y toetedioua to mention. "
-ftCT Any rsnc wishing toaee thtj Innd beforrj
tin duy or side, will pleaso call on Ihe Subscriber,
living oa the premises. .
- Terms made known on the day of ink
, - Davidson Ct., Aug. 30, 1634 tds
- IAND,'.F0U.SALK......
'PIIE Subsrriber oilers for ante aaluiililo Tr i
'of LAND, Villaining fil,"X Acrrm, 1m- ,
in ljqeoln County, on the Catawba River, about
S miles below Ikattte'a Foro. "-
This .Land is of an excellent quality, well ad q t
ed to Ctflton arWl all kinds of Grain. A consult r
able nortion of it is w ground and meathiw.
i; V Tb Improvehwiits, consisting of a Dwell.
i'JjtS nR "nd U necessary out-bouses, are new
and cisivenientii'f
,tfcTne tenna-will lie made easy to flic pure!
WIT i ld can be aertajjiei bj,Bd.reing tl(j f
ar.riher, at IScattiea Ford, or the CatawU Spri,,
iej)tem1)fTK 1P8E- .v f

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