North Carolina Newspapers

PUBLISHED WEEKLY: JOHN BEARD, Jr., Editor and Proprietor. C"l XJ Number from the begin ntngJiG : No, .10 OF THE XV'tii VOLUME.
Salisbury, Rowan County, N.C. - , -feli 11 Saturday," September
IIIanli fir wait at thl Office
C'oininissiou and Forwarding
tpilb Subscriber having established himscll in
4- Wilmiinrton. fur tba purpose of tranwucf inir
1 4 above business, respectfully tenders his services
t the wiblio. Goods consigned l him will be for-
' warded with the utmost despatch, and all necessa
ry particularity observed.--Particular attention
will be' "paid 'WtlJB''lJrofT6toWlii7tTiinV
bur. Staves, At. 4ms., as well us to the purchase of
Goods. Uttflattors himself thut a kiwwNse of
' Innings, combined with unremitting attention, will
flucuro him a abaro of public pationnse. "'" " "
Rftrrnr.0. P. Stark, Nott & Starr, C. T
liaigh, John C, Latfa, Jon. Baker, Yarbrough Ac
Rav,W. 8. Latta, Henry Horn rayotteville,..t;.
Wilmitigtou Aug. 16, 1834. Gt
lI5ctlcr mid better slill!!" ijuoth he.
Til, RtfUM. I ll
. ft I, Miik tLt h. tltjri
Jl'lnss, for 1834,
To be Drawn ait Charlotte, N.C.
Oft Wednesday the bt of October.
V "10
" 50
1 Prize of 5,000 DOLLARS i $5,000
of ,iXKJO lXJLLAR4a- 4WiOU
of 2,010 DOLLARS is 2,010
1-1,000 Dollars h iO,(Ko
I canr,ot"hve tliee! thou bant sought in vain
To wiu thin icy bosom to be thin ;
Lovc'n bngUt illuHion never can jfin
Hiiei im bletiuM influence on thm heart of mine.
" Oiriiill inf Sol !"of KiippinpSln Htore""
Bill me not look to bright and Hiyous lioura ;
My hM of blisn on earth have Wsj been o'cr-r
' A path of tborhs w mine, unmix'd with Duwers.
I vaobot love the! Mwnory will not puft
From hop thut liloom'd in -life's unclouded day ;
Tlit'uc bndieii drt'aniH till Imng around my heart,
And cloud with darknoHti all my onward way.
I uaw the wreath, that should have bcon my own,
Placed on another's fimdy polish VI brow ;
The vow another's voire, witli silver mm'.
Before the altar breathed that changeless vow.
I cannot love thee ! Oh, couldnt thou but know
How my. heart sickens at the very ..tbo'iht
- Of tehuf aiiijit'.lii tliw.CtikjtMilJ of wne,
But thougli tulse, yet ne'er, no ne'er mrgol't
It may be that to think of him is wronsr
tTi that the WHt I mipht at once tbrget!
Would thut hi memory iiiitfht not prtssn no strong
L'pon iny hoart!too much I lovu him yet.
I cahhotlov?thee"m
Mim thin truf; fr wnditiip thou canKt never ctnitn ;
lae tune i lir it is woman s title
To know but once l)v's mild delicious flume!
500 DOLLARS is
300 IMILI.ARS is
2) 1HLLRS is
"Earnestly did she strive to light up in their
aouls a pure and uiidyiuu lluino of ,ve to tlx-ir
Creator, whose omniscient eye discerned every
action penetrated every recess of the he ut ; sin
told them, (tle very soul of iiietv lerse.lf,) liow
muxkliud JuvesJMe ehildm
obedience. Deep and lastinji were the iimresiotis
produced np-i hitnself and his tittle sisters; tltcir
licurts were united by the silver Cliuiiis ot ullectiou,
which have become ijMire bright with the advance
f hie ; uud th'uii li hcr WWlj: impreivuai have
tlided one bv one, from the tablet of the memory,
A Dutchman, with a Peunsvlvaiii waaoi and a
strong team, yesterday met an IrUi carter 'in Nas
sau street, opposite Dr. Spring chtirh, wrere the
way is ho cumbered up with piles of brick an! other
bmldmjr materiaLi,1hat it k impwiiTiir for fvo ve.
nicies to pnsa each other, v The Dutchman being
very heavily Jadcn, and hi wagon unwieldy, tho!
it b)onged to the Irishman to back out; whle the
latter, having " ouiily a bit of s small cart ii and
wit one jungle horse foreneiwt that, was of opjnou
that tho Dutchman should uive way. So there hey
...-;.- j:.:: . .i.-. trrrr- ; ------
wciu, uirvcuy bi onus. i
Wal, mishter gnrtcr, said tlie wagoner, ier
pe a we, shnu enough, petwixt de bricks, delim-
per, and all de resht ol de jampt ruppish, vat kiin
jiers up dish kreat wiltemistt of a zity." "
" raith, air, and yo re right, iuid so ye wojij be
u ye was hanged list j but ye re all in the wnng,
intirely, to take up botu sides of the sthratewid
ye're big luinbci lin wagin as ye do. Pray U af
ther turnm out, will ye r
"You vool yon! don't you lee, rhit an eye,
plindt 01 you e, dut de roadt Uh all plockt u nut
do ruppish I -"
Siiejli to be.sure I do, and so might iy gin
tjeman that Imd'nt an eve iu his head. But that's
no ruoQ why ye anouhTiit tunTouii t-? "huw"
" No raton I why, you plundefin tojr you, how
gan I durn (Hit ofer all (huh taiupt brick Iwits here,
so high as de top of de meetin-hoase, all put I you
puck out you own zelt, ami nvt drublle inc.
" Wat, Vint as you gah'iltirt, niishter garter
Vor mine bart, I pe's in no lurry ; so I'll yust pate
mine horshes, while you kiti retty to pack out.
The Dutchman then very leisurely hung a bas
ki:t of provender on the' head" uf each of his horses
and, lighting his pijie with a flint and a steel, sat
down to wait fur the backing ait of trie Irishman.
This quite upset the philotophv of tho carter.
Ilia Irish mercuriality could tot wait for the .mo
ving of the Dutch phleirm ; aid his team was too
weak to -venture upon running i tilt against that of
bis antagonist. I be police, to, mvht presently
The rieaturtsof Wedlocks This hiorning ei Seven mifcsiormrics, being alsait to emburk from
well-dressed womun, calling herself ATjry t'trHhis city for Smyrna during the present week, re-
gkun, applied to the .magistrate at the uiiist Police
lor a warrant aguuiwt tier husnand, wnom sue accu
sod of general iU-sage .an3ne!j,cj. ofliiHmarritte
amies ; out as sue could not explain to the samiac
tion of the Justico the extent of the ill-uigo, he
refused the application. Resolved, however, on
accomplishing her purpose, ho hastened to the
lower police ohice, and renewed her complaint with
success. A warrant was granted airaiust the hus
band, a domestic in the family of a reverend gen
tlenian iaB3ai tVptace $ aud Collirnr, thetitficRr,
was deputed to serve it, In the mean time the
magistrates having changed their stations, the par
tie appeared in the afternoon at the upper office,
before the Justice who fronted the process. ThoJ
woman being desired to prefer her complaint, told
the story of her wrongs in a, torrent of words,
which flowed with a rapidity that mocks descrip
tion. The nwigistrHte, who is one of the most pre
cise of mortals, stared in perfect amazement, whilst
the poor husband, as if in dread of consequences;
gradually- retreated from his tivig rib until lie
reached the farthest end of the room. the tern.
peat having attai iul its height, gradually wilmided j
and the liuly, concluding, her story, turtid i t
Isu t it all true, Juhu, lur I isut J!ui, de;tr, was
ml to be coaxed, and kept at a re- pwtt'ul distance
until by repeated invitations from th magistrate,
lit at. lentrth uHiiiiutrufcl.rt4UJ4,MtjeHtt,tih lo tidvnnC.'
Well Caflaghan, 'wild" the Juiljjejwhat have you"
to aiifwer to mis cnarge i
Ctilliekun Suire I've enough, and more thwn
enough to answer. Me wife, that is Mrs. Cull i
ghan, when the fits on her, hides me the divil's oun
Jlfrs. C.- John, denr le nisey.
Caltaghtin Do all that I can, your honor,
there's no pluseing her.
Mr. C (Groaiiing) Och hom. ,
Calhtghan We had a comfortable house and
plintv to ate, but she made tlie one too hot to hould
us, and the otlmr sue always Ssned in tlie cooking,
these alone, wnttHi upon the heart with the sun
beam of maternaJ oietv, seemed to have defied the
iuageui tfnn Uo uenj;uiiul, how instructive,
was her siety ! Auuer, with i lrt-uds furies.
never invaded her bosom, nor did her lips ever
TtOLLARS is 54,OOOj the pious rebuke, tisit sat upon her majestic brow,
DOLLARS is 3fl.(HX)Utuni' and eouded, hke a scorpoin, in the heart of
is 2i ,0l?' L-vfe, kuidiiess; reasnni war t'tt1 ftlf-
mour ot her wartare. uut she was rarely dis
5 sJlines, by jbwj)Uj&te
her cauntermice,-subdued every tntbuicnt orrrtion,
tunea every cnora mm Kinuree symjminy, sou an
3 iSO
a'trfjuntiii 16
mode of, iniAwiNCi
i T'hs ArhfiiK'if rtnt iv tlie 'IVrmHmtin-l-'iirre
f vswm, 'iicket'-imiiilwrert11 t'isxu 1 1" to fc-'-tt-WS
i-;'..H)( iuchisive'." Ou the day of drawing the 80,- j mQl(l--
(' "j uofiibers will be pui into one wllee.l, and all the j
1 ioiXihcn a prize, until all the prizes are drawn,
'IsM'rttsvwMf -$84-aHd ?(i."6Vare disposed of
termhui'iiig with the same figure that the first
drown number terminates with, will be entitled to
5 en. hr ataf tturlKWO Ticket taraiinaTiiig with"
tlie sHinc figure that the next number drawn from
tlie s lnel terminates with, differing in its tormina
rmafrorn fhat of the first, will be entitled- to $5
ich, and 4b 6UlMI.TiGket.J!e!mnatin2wtth the
sum figure that terrninates the next number drawn
from the wheel," diffe ring in its termination from
tbrfiwtiMd wartrI, wiH beWtitted to $a 60 each.
Supposf 2443 to be the first number drawn from
the wheel ; it terminating with figure 3, will enti
tle the 0000 tickeuf terminating with figure 3 to
! each. And suppnee 82,507 to be the second
aumbf drawn from the wht4 ? then the 600tt tic
kets terminating with figure 7 will lie entitled to
M!ih( :cd to antic inatq her w ill.. jQie, very JJiiUti! ,
music to the savant and ws l hnstiau t
but when endowed with unlading virtues, tho
grandeur of pious love, moving iu the very image
.t - u.l.'..r a. .1.'...- .1!V.U .Itwll
through tie tortrTtrioirir s?7it h,nwpif w
ttJ ,,p, a.uJ stains of hoavenly ether gush Pferd tnflntt.ty more than the other.
From' 'hereof ly vMtmrtte ips a werwhen w tmw
balowg-hefow, ha concliiled-U-WtuiitltejlttLffl.4)Wt she driv juflckia out.
ctieapest way to back out, and leave the victory to
the Dutchman. Nev York ?VaeWrf.
V An extract from Dr. Clark. v
VThe single rriiifTis art atoin iri societV j ttie mnT
ried man is a small community within himftclf. The
former is the ceiita of his own existence, and
li,... i....-.u' -i iuru-.,j
abroad, mikes a much more important part of the
Imdjr m in), aitd provides b. til for its furnort and
cniitimiauce. The single man lives, an ' d't-s g
tli'r" hiuiseir only;' the "married irinn'Ti'veg Ivdh fir
himself ami the public. Both the Statw and tho
church of Christ are depemlenton tlie tgiarriftdma"
-4as from hiovunder God, the one hath subjects,
tlie pthe menibcr,;twhile.the siji?l!: oiaina but an
Individiiftt in either.-iid M-.amMrv will rrnw fnm
t?jTt)aud, Muiz uo.ujtftt-rayiiiT JL to ilia fiulihc
l'rever- I hi' mnrriH ma'ij-ttierefurw. far fmm rjr'i'TSr
in a state tif inS:riori!v to the single man, is lievotid
n.m, oat ii iic um.w 4ii co.'.ii).iuui. tie nn do
all the good tho other can do, though, nrrtiaix,
soirtdtiiiies in a (liuerent wnyj and ho cau Jo ten
thoupnnd gotHN that the u!er cannot pw-ib t do.
ceived their lut ructions on sabbath evening, in tlie .
Essex-street Churclu . The house was full, and tho .
aerytcea were ' veiy'-inteiiiig aitd ... iniprfasivf
The instruetioiiH were read by the Rev. Mr. Wit
tier, one of tho Secretaries of the American Board
(if P6re!gn Misxiiais. Addresstis were 'made by ;
the Rev. Mr. Wimdow, late Jlissionary to Ceylon,
and Rev. Dr.' Beeclwr ; introductory prayer by the ."
Rev. Dr. Jenks. Mr. Winslow's audr)ss was spe- '
ciully to the Missionaries, and was highly practi.
ed and to the-point lie WW Mwm -discard .
mailt ic ideas, and to expect disc:ouragemeiit and
disapiNiinUiient ; cautioned them against indolence
and self-coiifidence ; and inculcated the virtues of
humility, unity of spirit, cheerfulness, iBiith, pa
tience, and perseverance. All his;, remark were
delivered in an atti-et innate maimer, and an experi
once of fifteen years abundantly qualified him to
point out the difficulties of missionary life. Dr.
Reedier remarked. that infidels reasoned correct
ly upon liunian principles, that we should not con
vert the world- ly sending out a lew Missionaries,
but they lull call uf. vie the Hidy Ghost, which
wie-; promised by air RedeeiiK'r. The power ot'
G.d whs with tlie lin'hlo arm of lbi olitury Mis-'smmrrT-r
- tf Thrift--rmtrh; ttpon the-siKTts which""
hiiil crowoei! the e;utse, the n'vivnls of religion at
.Missionary stations and at home, since the first fiv
Missionaries were sent from this country. We'
hud taKen care' of home, ts, aud had received back
with TTitereWTIielileMNings wTidplwrealTj"
reigri shores. :r..v.r:r..;;,.,.
The Missionaries arc Rev. John R. A'dger and
wife, of SHith Carr-liua ; Rev. S.nniie . Houston
and yyift', of Virginia ; Rov. Loi'enzi W. Pease and
w ife, of the Stole of New Turk ; and Rev. James
L. Ien u k, a ivitive of Mii.-viehiisetts. Mr. Met
rick is designated to the Mahomedaus of Percia ;
Alxdetjij ihii Ajineiiiaiis, to reside at-Samma
or (.VostH-nliuople ; Mr. Ibsistou and M r. Pease to
the Greeks ; the former to le stations! on the in
land of trio, the latter on the island of Cyprus
They sail to-im-i roiv in tho brig J'adao", for Smyr
na. lijslon tvinwrctal.
the season, she was a faithful and Constant atteittt-
aiU at tlie house of God: and tlie praisws of her
Redeemer; add the harps of Zions were the sweeU
est harmony to hey soul, it was n.,t merely the
exterior that assumed the semblance of devotion;
W "the workings of remiine -faith, the feD'Cflt
prayer and adoration of the heart sanctiiied by di
"1 love to contemplate an old clock one of those
relics of by -gone time, that come down to us wrapt
in veneratiou, telling their tale of simple yet touch
lug Interest. 1 tow erect and pruu it stands in
your corner, like some laded specimen of maiden
witKinty I - It &oe busrs evMlwrt rk f beauty
ot beauty decayed, but not obliterated. It is
wr drawn irom the wneei ; men tne ouw ticKets
jmmiitTOg"wrtk ihefigure" wHl'4eH4itled io4l
50 each.
Fvervpacknge of 10 tickets will embrace all tlie
temnniiting figures from 1 to 0 -so' fliat the hold
er t' a package of 10 tickets, as ait up by the Ma
nagers, must draw one of eifth of the three errmlU
t deimuunaiioiiit of pruea,-and may dravritea
Jthtr urithis. " " . ., .
A puekiige of 10 whole tickets will cost $35 00
An-1 must draw nett
14 P7
" 2012J
Thnp who prefer adveetnring forthe large prizes
ilv, cm in this way, f r $20 1", get the Mana.
i rV Certificate for" Ten Whole Tickets, entitling
'fche holder to all the tickets may draw over ill
"TJ, that lieinj the' amount that the package must
Iraw of necessity wy,
rcrtilkate lot a Package of 10 Whole tickets
viIIIh! . . . - - mO 12 J
F t 10 rinlf tickers, - 10 Ofl
For 1(1 Quarter tickets, - 5 03
fc!r All. Orders' from a distance, by mail (post
rM) or bv private conveyance, enclosing the cash
r prize-tickets in our previous Lotteries, w ill re-
'"" the most orornnt attention, if addressed to
STEV EN SON & POINTS, Salisbury-; and au ac.
"mit of the drawing will be forwarded immediate
ly after its event.
Whole Tickets, - - - 50
.. ... Ifah'es, ..... .... l.W...
' Stevenson & Pointy
s!ilM-.ry,. Aug. 30. 1.34, . JBanagen,. .
evident is it that it was the pride and ornament of
-its-day MiirUaiiwd-awupg, its iitunpiiniais - iJow
many eyes have watchtd the even tenor of i's
way, as it moved on m the never ending, yet Mitt
KgThntng jflnriiey of tlw hoiirsr IIHlrl!aye, years
have gone by, since that aged monitor of time first
Haded wi its coarscsAnd: thejrwrho satewwiitl)
itintha morning tOfa, whose motions were as
may be called so w hich animates a clock were as
Mrong-where are they f Do they yet linger in the
walks of the villager
... 1 . . " M
old oak tree, or at tne door oi the cottage r i we
them not there : yet there Manda the old clock,
clicking, blithely and patiently as ever. The voice
arid footsteps are silent ol those who journeyed up
with it to the full period of a good old age. A new
race has. sprung up, long and fiir removed from the
other j as they too watch the progress of the
oldelockjheir hours are fleetly passing by, and time
with them will soon be at a close, - How impressive
thcti th lesson taught brihat old ttock,"aud the
simple inscription on its dial plate trmjmifugit.'
A Stw rarlner$Mfi.Yt announce to the pub
lic in general, and to our friends in particular, (as
the advertisements have it,) that . John J, Canon,
one of the ehtor of this paper, entered info part'
nershin. on Thursday the 17tb inst., with Mise
Margaret Ifcivisrof hii place. The terms of the
contract were explained by the, Rev. Morris M.
Jones, arid agreed lo bythe wirtiea, in the presence
of the requisite number of friends. All business
relating to Ihftlf tantuat benefit; ill be hereafter
eirriej on under the firm of J. J. Catwn and Wito,
- pelKirP
hiim.. 11a was in the habit of lisiH'ooa alxMit oie
of the bar rooms, taking, every opportunity to get
liquor free of expense. It was hi ftmiliar way,
when a glass was mixed, and the bark of the pur
chaser turned, to drain the glass, and slip slilv off.
Tlie hostler had called for a ilass of brandy wheo
Tip came in; - - He immediately thight-of a trick,
and left bis brandy upon the bar, while he rteppod
to the door. On returning he aaw-the glass emp-
ty and exdaimeA IBrd
kill forty men ! Who drank that pion I had pre
pared V Tip was frightend i " I," stammered he,
" YtHi are a dead man," seid Brush. " What shall
I do "'said Tip. "Down with a pint of tamp oil,"
answered Brush and down went the pint of lamp
Oitf nd Tip Hot duty ''' o'veilbe'isbi biI''yie
tippling too. Vurutable Teltgrapk.
jj, 'nuiiswiim ii ill" iii'hiwpwiiiiiiii! .w i.mmm mum;JAmlimnmm
Dancing. Dancing is an amusement which was
,mi:k uwHj in vope w
the present. Our granUmothers used to muke a
businegs of it, although be it said, to their credit,
thattmhose days the Tolnptudur waltz-was un.
krtown. . In an old paper published m 1769, jve
perceive a noticft of a rriaxriage kNew- London,
of a Daniel Shaw, of M.arnwrongh, to Mim Grace
'BgkrlUi na;ed..lbai.lhe..yQUi
t .1..1 '.I TTTi:.- .
Mn. Q. Dacency, John ma Bouchcl, dacency.
Calfghmpi- made " namey"''la "ifnir busTiieiis
but whut's money widout comfort ; so 1 mint to
service, and its even there she won't lave me alone
'.tff."tVhtrr anger rising) Lave ye alone i
baveu t ye left me alone and taken up with aunmr.
maids and the likes of thiin ? Answer me that, you
Justice Woman, recollect where you arc.
CijifcitfArt'i; J jeulouky and tnuiper, your ho
nor. It was only this uornijigtlmt she cainq,and
smasTied the winders, and kicked un tlie devil's oun
row, until I let her m ; and thin, what does she do,
hut .opens ine trunk and ma bank book and tuck
out twe:itv4wo dollars.
Mrs. C. (fu;iousy.) AmLif I did, what's, that
to you. 1 supfvisr you want it for your h'ne ladies.
.. Juilsc (rapping with lus rule on the desk.)..- Si.
lenee, wmm'l. -
"' Mrt. C Divil bunrthtf silence I'll kapo 'till I
have mc dues.
Vnllaqhan (entreutingly.) BiJdy, hould your
Mr. L. (Utamiug uith rage.) Not for the hke of
';aif e Wutftmrd. I II Uicbe ye ti-demane your'
self v. id undactuicy to yout lawful wife. And so
m i)tf Aii.'-(4diMhwM, Ktt-1 m VHknieeef- a fn
y pitched tutob.mdortuwtehaibaud right, and
left, puimuellui bun iu a most unmerciful manner.
The ulfrightwi oiticers tied ditterent ways, gome
jumped on the benches, others ran to the door. In
vaui the magistrate rapped with hii ruler, exclaim.
ing, oman oe quiei, nave you no respect lor
this place T utneers separate them.
AH this while Mrs. V. waa exercising her fists
mi the carcase of her liege lord, until at reneth
Uullins and anoinor.omeer piucKia up com age
enough to force the" virago from her unresisting
v ax 1 1 msi & -
Judet Callaghan, make affidavit to this out1
rase, and I'll punish her, . . .
UaUagkm wo, ir, i can I tio that r i don t
wish to have her hurt.
Jud m Veryrell, but she shall tiot escape so
easily. ' Mr. Collins, do' you make the affidavit of I
il.:.. ..ftk. uirnui -'' -J . ':f.t V-
In obedience to this mandate, Collins subscribed
tlie jjeceisary. jdBd&Kit .nod, the ugnafejuua. lady
wai consigirca iv memeu iiupnwmmeiKt
lady was as usual embellished with every qualifica
tion requisite- to render a married- lift greeabte
Can they be seen under the On the evening succeeding the day of the marriage,
a ball waa given by tlie tether et the bridegroom
at his Mansion House, in New London, at which
were d resent ninetv-two of the Drincinal ladies and
gentlemen of the place, who by half-past 12 o'clock,
when the company broke njs had dunced ninety
two' iigsT fifty two country dances, forty-five mimi'
ets, and seventeen horrt piped. The belles and
beaux of this degenerated age would shrink from the
-t i- t r .--- . . -
mea oi perionmng sucu . tuu iwjwon Aaa .
Kuisian IsidUt. Tlie ladies eat and sleep so
much, that they early grow out of all shape and
proportion ; and among them, of course, this exces
sive corpulence U thought particularly charming.
The common people, on seeing such a figure wad-
dliuf along, generally "exclainv In Admiration,
uow iiucJK ana oeuutuui sue is i ,;, xney are au
moNt all smeared and bedaubed with pamVeven
among the peasantry and among the rich mer
chants' jvives, jet black teeth ore tUll esteemed a
particular boauty. J ",--- -L
"Mrnsvrrt and Afc a." Marriednt Waslilngtoli,
on the 17th instant, Mr. Jostab Peck, to Miss Au-
Magic of a nnmr. What romtmtie. "hdv has not
wept over the fofe of Cliarlotte and Wcrter 7 Tlu;
vers name of Charlotte is replete with seuti ' ut ,
bin did' curiosity "ever priiifijjt 'lTie'to',ask"niev'ti'7'
name ot the heroine? boctbe, who wrote i
4 Sorrows of Werter,' has revealed the se ret in
the memoirs of his own lifWller nanie was Puip'
Charlotte Hump ! Here is an end by'JIie. ronuiuce,.
of tl, add what a" pTrppy Wertef must have been n
bluw out his- brains-tor -a girl named Lharkrtrt
Bump 1
Aa Var ftm Afir. A liaclielorof Woonsocket
Falls, R. I., after descanting on tho evils of carry
ing iudnta fo nicetin v, hich he considers all but .
an-unpardonable sin, IIhib eypresa his'ahhorrenrc -of
theories of thechilt. - I can stand firm aivt "
fj4'c. J hurricauol.t Call brook the tc;aeU,.and lis. '
tfiu tu the roar of an earthquake, butuh I ladies de
liver mc from the cry of sucklings in tha houwa of
Giwi." - -vi.. ,
-The New York Stm Bays'. TliHtfliia"iZ
lady, now in this city, who sella pejU-nutsjind fp.
pk at the corner" n( the atreet, who s xutte the
wifh of a wholnMle dealer in Pearl sfroet," whose'
ppctywiu-iroalcd. at two. ,buji4rl.thousa;id -
tera of pridewho put a false ;cstjmat.e oil tho value,
of rtclies. "V '. ' ' ...'
A tailor in Virgiahaiidiscovereita planof ma.
king coats without the "usual team 'in' the bark,"
whioh are said td fit better than those having the r
regular seams. . " ' ' "'
"Temalq InJepeifdcnct. A young lady, named
Mis Green, on tlie 4th of July last delivered an
oration in Augusta, Maine. She concluded her re
marks in the tidlowing spirited straint- ,
al i shell have Men so numiy m m gain - the
annrobation of those for whose sake I 4iave so far
falpaHedfronTtli preju
dice nave long prescribed to our sex, I ihail be
amply repaid for all the sneers of witlings and fools.
Cheers. I have been only desirous of win
ning Che approving smile of the nobler sex for my
sentiments, not for myself; and I say unto you, lords
of creation, as you call yourselves, if you doubt my
sincerity-rl proclaim it here in the face of all
Augusta, now assembled around tne, and you may
belieyejue, of not, as you pleasehattheTe is
not one among you, Tom, Ihrk, or Hnrry, that 1
would give a brass thimble to call M husband," jtr
morrow r
A New York paper, in speaking of the ladies'
dresses ot the present f.ihion, says they are like
tne Oucbman s rope, f too short at both cmls."
. A GtntU 77in.A spruce young beau, galkrit-
ing his intended few evenings since, was conver
sing upon the late turn out, when he remarked that
he "wished he was able to maintain all the factdrv
girls in Lowell one six' months, h would do jt t'o
prevent their rx'tum'mg to the pulls." His fair one.
who hhi been a siipnl listener to bis patriotic dis
course, replied with a sigh, Ah,' I wish you was
able to maintain q-x of them." I.oirtll Dvlktiu.
VauaAc ;aits, Uouscs, ke.
'IMIE Subscriber, having determined on moving
to the West during the ensuing fall pr winter,
wishes to sell ,-.- ,. .
m which he now resides, ftwr miles west of Pali"
bury, oo the ueatlie's lord road, containing
40 or 50 acres of which are freshly cleared. There "
Mw-w-jwewiees Rfl Wcelletif DWELL-ING-HOLSE,
together -with all'the nece,." :
sary out-bui!dings-new Cril, Stables, Ac. Tl
place is an excellent stand for a House of Fuiler.' .;'
tainmeuU . - " ,
' ALSO FOR SALF; " " : r'
; "Another Tract of Land, ? '
tying on both sides of Grant's Creek, six mile?
"southwest of Balishiiry'r" ',
Containing; 507 Acrravv
From 150 to 200 Acres are cleared," about 50 of
which is excellent Meadow in good order." There
ii good DW E L L I N G-II 0 U S E on the
i!iiland, a Barn, and other outhouses. T'ernm ' , -will
he made aDcomnodating to any one wishing
fa) purchase. . -
fcr Any one dfisiring to see the Property, will -
please call on the Subcrilier, living four nuleg froin
VisUiryieatlKtroadtoBeatlie'srord. 1 ' -
There will also be Sold, at public auction,
On Tuesday, the 2 1st day of October, '
-'. " 1 OX TH1 0V MKJIISES, ''
A quantrty of HAY; FODDER, Ac
, GRAIN of all kinds i STOCK of all kinds ;
. All nry Plantation Utensils j. ' ." 4
Together with various other articles, ton tedious
to mention. 'Terms made known on 'tho day of ' "
sale." ','!.' MATTHEW It. LOCKE.
Kr.?.B.. Phmilithe ahovo tracts of Land not
he disposed of before the 21 t day of Oclotier.they
rifl uUo lc told'on. that day, to ike higha lid. '
fa. .. . . , m. a IOCKT
rVptemlier B, 153. . .. -

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