North Carolina Newspapers

    0LISIIED WEEKLY: OIIN BEARD, Jl, Editor and Proprietor. 'Z7rs! Xuiiibtr from ihc; beginning 748 : N67T8 OF Tilt: XVth VOLUME
, . Salisbury, Rowan County, N. C. ; ; V 7 -
ft male Seminary.
rvEIirtsn or TBft INSTITUTION Will.
jlj? prjcp .f Tuition per sesspri, (o mouths, J is
10 joDrawiug and Pniiitiiig.llO Music,
,inavaUe in advance.
&i.bury, Aug. !,
Toe tic
jlills and Laud for Sale.
'SirilxT, intending to move, of!ors for sale,
A Good Tract of Land,
iUtrtiA2 I'f-ek, in the County of Iredell, about
1- miles northeast of Sl.tiesvill;?. .There arc
About 230 Acres
Is the Tract, mid 'oil the-ftmiascs are a pond
rist-M ill -Saw-.Mill. fcOoUou-G in.
together with a new "unfinished
...i. i .i-i'f i llkl'w'I? aj
1,4 n; r.i.uiMi.iiiioii ;
. aiid Oiir-ir jj J
jtniti n is healthy, and tliewiiter excellent.
jrfter particulars aio deemed UHiiewwsary, as it
mig i" purcniise such
" !T: r tr
wish la see ll lor iiiii.m.':i
ill I' one
nhaKe. pr-,K;rty
iTdiUU... .............. ; -
v''iie terms cm be ascertained by directi'i'j
V;!r Tithe t'otwrtlier, at I -tumly-Luc i o&i u.
y Row.111 ('ViuiHV. " - " "
4Klii!le Hitimtions
foii-nding " r"iit"vc to the W eft, 1 will dispose ol
the tollllWIIIg I M'r l4 U 1 I , CimsiMlllg "1
j.ands in LrtTfohi County, -
ItvU in Liiicolnton,
1" WIT " ' "
i Plantation, cniu.....i '2 (5 1 A ere s.
?rhe water of Clark's dock, S ,,r 0 miles north
i Liueoliilou, a good prop "itiou under cultivation;
liii'luumg a
DWl l-M Nti llt'lM.
IliltlHWrtr tM.H)--, a inn
I of this Laud U liol iiifijriur to any la M?
I t:ii:iii: tractw,
n.l&iMJr tatsvilto'cchc of "20
mm) tlia oilier of 130 ACRL.'S:
4ii lUc ab ve tnicts liave n fine pnortion of iimw.
riT? or tii'Tthelf. "v-rr.;
' -Af-SO-"
ir 4it r tri, ur MMiM- efc- the iky I
vvnttw rut J
Iroathf ATfWi j ntrtlirr,
. ' - . -".v y
Chide not the lirtwf in hoors of life,
Its toils -will soon be o'er ;
Ite wlicines of glory and of Ktrif
Its dreams with ditipoint!ii -nts rife,
Will vex tlii' heirt no niore
And yet the very soulu that grieve
A moment's wesry tfncU ;
I,(.r!nB'"Tii"arter yeHra wi'jViIJ give "
A world to win it btck.
Clilde riot Hie llnL'erin r !.i;e of Time
S'" count its nioini'iit -Mill:
For on th' bell;' With mourufiii tiiiino,
Will wnrt the i-iira to u cliw
Wore briL'lit im I b-.t tit . fi i !
A hmd where pru'f will never llin?
Its darRno'v on' the mul ;
Where folh and hope k'ihII kd! wing
Their path without Control.
"Chi le -nnt Tnne's sFrnv-imd srletit hmrrsj -
Tli'"i(fh heavy tin y nmy ,i ;
The jtust Iwtli sought ohlivion'. 'iiircB
iiejujejh.ij;h,jlgne is our,
couiitfy. The" hypocrite concealing 15s feariun-1 ' - . Jl." Macknuh. . '"" " '
der aliiit'-d lanienlations, held '-up hii niutilated
Iwjid, sayings "Make haste! there m in your
ho'u.-e n riiurdorer, an oflieer, wlio ha jnj'ed yoir
children, und likewise a man who attempted to do.
.ftuut .Jium,jii4 Tftiiii, J-hayiHirfwIeHett
ted in the condition VOupoe.- 'J'lie terrif j5 court
try"fmii), while tli atrocioMs vilhiirt hasten tu es
cape, flies, with liia luadud iim iu hi hand, .to hi
cottage, perceives through I he open door the offi
cer and the' bloodv corntes of his children, take
him of 'con rue for the uardercr, levels hi piece,
and shoots him dead on tie until " The wife com
i t i u; u'witli the villageri Iiears the allot, sees the
oli.ccr fall, utters a piecing cry, and exclaims j
" What have vnu donet fYou have killed our delu
vei er not he, hut the fi ggnr, is the niiirdreFoTl Tower 'juuiiiaTa' dV thVTMiiie.
our I'hildren ! 1 he hiisllnd, whose whole fame is
slwlicirbyfhe horror of the scene, and still" (norc
by his own rash deed, slaads a few niomniits potri
tied and motioule.8, falls -ick in a fit, and expires!
m m
1 -ll 1 ft
4Vi oiuj .Vi.
Is paanuiir liken dreain;
Atid thi v. bo mmmujy Jbl. li IwUi
Or wsli its couri' more f--i,
W:tii fruitless prayer inw yet cU back
--mi'm'iiMiniri.iit of ,Alie Uitsl, r ,
Chide not n moment's weary tL;'it,
'J'uo soon it sjK'eds away ;
And nearer brings the li. ur of "
And dimmer mnkea t!i" feeble nii'lit-
Theii work while yet 't si'ny! V
Thin "h ill l,.fi''s morning ray depart,
't'.lt ell" ' 'I'll re'.Tet,
J i ill alii steal lae'y on ihc'lieart,
AViwu LifiiV br!lTt mn I.jUi wl.
If I had tlioi.tdil tik u (oul.lVt have died,
I iiiudit have wept for tie- ;
- But I forot, whea by tuy suk',
Thjrtjhmi eoul l'st m-Tinl b 'i
' Jt nuer t!iroUjtl my mini htJ ;-":
The liine would iir ? .
And I on tliee sboubi look lev !i-t,
... .. . .. And UjuU-!iouL'L iiudt l.u UUT'. ' .
And still uton tint f'ir.- I l.iek,
And think 't will "iidn a, va:
And still the lhou::bt 1 wdl nut tr
Tiwt I muni bk in vninl
But wh"ti I p'ok thou .dwt iot my
What thou n'er left unsn.d ;
Ami aw 1 An! J wi:J I x.. .
riweet Mary ! thou art m all
irthoo would'st sty, e'en atk'U rU .
' AH cold and all ser-n; ' " ; '
I st li iui(.ht press thy sdent he-Tt,
There is a strong analogy between dreaming aitd
. , Je dot nut wot i it right.
1 Dick,1 said a farmer the other day to en excel-
insanity. Dr, Abercronibie dehnes Iho diliereucei I'-i'l crop of boys Dick, go and borrow neighbor
between the two states to be, that iu the latter tlia Uohsou's mivt ; we must make a harrow the old
errotifeous impression, being fmmmutr afiecta the lone is woni out -wts-have miss, used -i-tt.i
contract rtrb,crcaa in drcatituy,ia) inltueia:(i oil the ypars. , d; ynai Iface tip YTOdrTontend:hisgi
any iiiore, Anu you ,a, run uuwu 10 uiu .nop-
conduct w produced, because the vision is diwiw-
tA tut. ......hi.. . -.-in. ..i:..:r: :.. .. .
tvu va mamu". , sins ui noiiiuu w uiruiiy , out noi
wholly correct ; (or iu sbuiuauibulisui and sleep-talking,
the conduct J iuJueucuil Ly , Ilia, prevailing
dreain. Dr. Rush has, with great shrewdness, re
marked, that a dream may be considered as a Iran
sclent paroxysm of deiirum, and dcliruut aa a per
manent dream. '
, Man is not the only animal subject to dreaming.
Wejiaye every reasiiii to believe that inar.y of the
Horses neigh "and
rear, and dogs bark and growl, in their sleep. Pro
bably, at such times, the remembrance of the chase
or the combat was passing through the minds of
these creatures; and they also, not uiitrequently
manifest signs of fear, joy, playfulness, and, almost
every other passion. lluiuuiatuig animals, such
as the sheep and cow, dream less; but even they
are sometimes so affected, especially at the period
of rearing their young. The parrot is said to
Snuff-taking is an old cMm : yet if we 'eatno
suddeiiiy upon it in a foregn 'country, it "would
make 114 split our sides win laurliter. A Erave
grnttemttit -take -a httte-nwlretttr,'nf hif'prKrkt?!,' 'dreanifatid f-whrxrid suppose sonwrother'-birds-do'
puts a finder and thumb in, brings tway a pinch nf.
a sort ot p.)wi!er, ana then, with t most serious
ajLjL4hlaeJa oiwt th? most inv
poitiint actions ol his hie, (lur evenVitli die. most
10 !iiier,',it siHi.I-t!.'"is there, is a c.frt.uii Tool
nun t 'lance.) proceeds to ttirti'it. and keensthrustiii
Ins wsisteoatror liis Mose" itself, m amsreo7in a
the style of a man who htis done liU dot,', and sa-
tistied the mt senotis claims to hi dldHin;j.
Lis curiaus tasne thu various timdiis in which k:o.
pin t'ike snuff. Some do it by little i'n ,nd Marts,
and get over t'i" thi'15 qnicklv. The are epi
eranunaiir stm!!' lakers, who roine t. the p.,;it as
lasi-iis .pjssuiii!,. ana to .wuoin tnc.piK.fucv is eve
ry thin;,'. They onerally ih n shup and vevcre
snud", a sort of essence of pins' pninti. Others air
all iiiha nly and fxilished deincniior;!ii' value the
stvle ns tiuu h as l!i" sensaiiun, inn olli r the lux
around llioin, 11s much out of iti'titv a beievn.
lenre. - fSome take ntttf irrit tWv, otters bastifuilv,
ottier in a manner dry n the -mT ttdf, uitiI-
thers .li'li
to conjecture: nor can it be 1ruus.scU. w1tb any
stino animal iutelloct I ho caoubilitv of dreamini ceases, ' Well,' said the good man, 4 what shall I do ! tie
the same. .Indeed tho more intellectual the am
mal is, the more likely it is to be subject to dream
in Whether the fishes dream, it is impossible
pcrgtilloti's aud get tits' itith chisstd and mullet
and you Jack, line it up to uncle Zcb's aiid get his
inch Jiuger and you Jit tie Josee, there'.-, a go;d
boy, heel it over to Squire Elyuuu's and ask i i.n
to lend mo his, wooden square and two foot rule
tell him I will send it right back.'
Don't like to ask Squire Elyium n-in for his
square,' -said little Josee, ' for he said iM tone I
got it. he would 'nt lend it agin, t.r I 1 1 vt-j ti-tehej
it back.' Wont touch te-stir-aH-MtoiV -ti4-l.e-ful
Ned, 'fur old Hoppergallop says I kept luii-Sii.
gel most a yea?' tart time tot it, ui.-u he bad W
come after it and found it all dull'.! l. '
'Yes,' said DUk, 'and Mi li .bsoii say he wont
lend me his saw any more, foi I never bri:ig it
back without its all dull'd up -aad tin sw I the last
time I brrow'd it, it cost iiuu twcniy-livu teats la
fet it filed; and it mak' s 1. hair Ma,, ! up when
think oil! he swore he w uld saw mo in two, if
ever J coiue&rii'x-ilagin..' , ...
Yes,' said Jack, '.and undo Zeh says some oa
lis tiored hi inch uugeron a nailranrl uh;nit spoiled
U the last tune we had it lie grunimoa Jitte a aw
atfrfmwh it iff very ctvtain ihcrcii. sucu.a..pojnt.j
I "Urrpmicnd that dryawowg -towiniu li iniirii-cticxal,
law than is commonly supposed, and that many am
mills dteum which are .never suspected of doing so.
Some men am said Jium. ta.drauiaodiltufiU.
onlv when their In-all h is disorden-d : Dr. Eeattie
inenii iiH a : of the latter doription. For
niauy veins h- i'in- bisde;illi, Dr. Rei l had micon
scion.inesM ,,foei- luiviuo dr ained ; and M r. Liitke
lak 's notice "t" a p'-rson who never did so till his
twenty, iuh y-iir, a lien he bcan to drcani in Co.'l-
tad a fever. , It 1, not impj-i-ii,
111 thee ei-es, tlM-.iodividu-
Ii-mh.s fr.-ui tii;; samj ae as
sequeiM-e "I !ia in
hie, !i 'iwev hut tl
His IlirtV haVe had
44hor iM.viJ u .lur tUu ckcu..iUi.c.'.,.i.y iM. .ave. JC2r
eoFHaoil potutee arouotl tno-it b-iWi'wt!.! ut-f
isjIaTt!ii; Siiarlfacr sys he woo l buiJ .lus..
cuwiW'SuaU''"0 ;
What sh:i!l. Idol' echoed hi, Imi
bad listerica to the torejooij
getting rt-rsdy tir bn-alifisi
11 toll Vi.-U h:if to do ; ix-v, it
to Iibvo done years ago go and hnv vu a d
set '-of augem, chissr-l.", go'T-' H' snw' sriuni'
& cTund'hcif Tdufiirff "Fr"Tir:V quTVrii'TiiiyiiTile
ueighliors are' all busy a'smt their pianti'"?,
rowing, 610. SiV. say tuks a friend's ';.
no directly and purchtfso Koch t s.l -N-asab!
necessary for a C'riiifr t.. iim ,
will saveyoiirfiit anj tifer'.iOor .: a. -. -
r h:t:l",. wll
I .':'.;. el,
! y hi .11. t
HMrt : i i li-v wt't fr v-;ot H liatu,.1,
ly with. u.n. er.iii'M.iv of the vegetable
4ullllHMI of JJSlUM Mild hiS(i F-clloptv
'.l it an. ounces a iiioisli r article, and site I- it v sii
illu' us honors over iMckclotli nnicoiit. -Pi.
; J lii.s.ui's was prubablv a snuif of tLi hi.iJ. li:-
u-i: ! tr take it out or the-wawtcoai t -kt, liiM "a I ; nes Oa 1.' r I. - lid OV ste.-p, are U-JMea to
of a icix. Ttiere is a sisv-irs of V ..jrmed s ..cti-! enter --. acitvity : -nd tins exitlaius why, as we
taker, , ho pt-rforms the oneratiot, ..idi;i-; willt a
, ' - Wlitt t!iy chill bleak coUC Iwr.
'I'Ihmi i',iinesViU WMx-teu;
And I nil) UOW hluuttl
Xow-oet thtok, WterVr timr i 1,
Ttll fwttnr(tten-iej -
And 1 perhapv may oo'he lii hert
.J--" ltf th'Ktiirjf luL iX .t?: .'
- Ye-, 4ir iwiwl-tjjtw. m:b,'A ilawa :
tit'iijrbt ne'er Fcrab.l.rc,'
As finer itever ctsild hv iirtua,
Alh-ll' Clt-ek,
' (MUiMUl II i; J ' .
as t- 1 1 : -. 1 1 ..1. Ifd aw;'v ti'oin the n.etnory.
ii'...iLl.v l.ri'iij- iniyrr- t'n-riilPiitli: Lj lt-a mur:ii:l:r
than mil l imrt of the nibi ; a pr.-f that the ! hamls 1 CogsbiaA'dy that islbo best' p
sl" ii niui ii in ire proe und 111 ill:- laf -r p -nod
Uau 1.1 Uu. txitiier. Towai.U in.uoi.i. -Ui. CumU
It.tjKWackely,' said the old man. umti
l.iio. 1. 1
emir 1:1 s-iise l ve '(euro mis in:iny a nay, n tn
sjt -u "i bv a litv .ivwan, IU do it, by h !;) , t
-11 ' . ai-tnity. Me puts his h a.1 on m.e :a do ;
tin .! -i tidies firth his arm, with a piurli i 0 hand;
t'Kt 'trtsfe jRjuafet. hwi as a uf.tarihN
ph i'it won! I Ids trunk ; and finally, siitikes snuff
a., 1 uiuc t v .jjr, iaaauddi'U vehtiuenca of oon
all iltasHuia areuiloii up?
i 'S la piaicJ lae 111110- ro.uit the onset f-aud
WheTi fir liftWsyM-hydrwwy hnrlt'to hr perpt
dt ', :iri I re'ieraiU' proclaims th? victory he has
woi'w'ftTwTolilifv 7if ffierevTijus nUiiiiciii By
a tuHifTand-a groat " iinh PLei'jk llunl Jour-
av 'J.i.-k I snv Jack; where lira ;.u 10-
ina :" ' L'p to uncle Zeiw nrter the inch;er,'
:i"oj'. 1 -ii the ln ursiil . kin:', nir ilre-uns are w'ue ouca jac, , 1 sa , c nue iuck. t'n-n,
ivi '.'f r..' i and vil,f."""t.7ifi2 to th" Tirn'ratrl-e.-f'p'tt' old rnnre-b-fw th-ii.-rpwcki-rrra tni--!v
art'iv - stata.i4'th- fhe.uTties. ui.iroiier dreiims ore' imle : ami you, Ne,i, tak e:ire -.f t',i!) h z : all
sucii dreams are mm. - - - -
Children drcam-jiiiiinst romthcir. birth and if,
i iitay judo i'roio wTit" ott:nwny oc'casioiis 'IhcT
TTt "'
. 1 : f ...
lv welt tiinkr -d with Phi.', and wonl.l
jnn.dii.ippeMde to either 01 all ot tuo u-ac
- T- .AUO-
half a mile from Lin-1
The fallowing dreadful event lately ircurrwl in
tW jKMihnorhoiHl of Em .'Iriiskojn Ilassia. The
uuiier d a loi-ly cottage being out on the chine,
a bi-ggar, e. ui appearance dd and weak; rnfeird
;.. . . .1 I . . . 4 -..1
I ihiw ,ve, sisil half a mile from Un-1 ' " mj, lai..i.i!!Lw wo
, 1 w .1 t 1 n . ,iss ai noma won ouiy urr iwo vouaa cuiuireu.
f4Ui,ou llic ?!k.ulk fork of Lata ba, coidainin- " 1 .
iih i 1Tift kntd-hearted womi t invite 1itw f rst nim-
I : jnATiftl" ot 'JjOO Acre.A - 4srif, Jiriite-goct outto grt -smmhmjfsr ttrm
i ieat an 1 drink. Alter the Ix-ggtir tiu l satisfied
HHy fTivrd it th.Jritihill.A!-7tropoli3 fitrnislitf uuiuiOtiMud f. lao Icanie.f wits Iciub Huat I
4uipwW4oo t-untx 44.4ooO-mjt..-Tj4.. Mm.
I 'Wiiu is a fno transUition of the lines on Sihn-z-
hQt. ..
WTiat a moment i WIiat a doult!
All my I", itishle sn-l out.
All my tinlllin?, t rklin, au;.tip,
ryraniMT rhiniirernt c, .
b. lit river, and in view ..f the village, his hun -er. n.10 me n toiau BMonisnuieni 01 me
r.i.i iriN 1 i iK'autu'uUv situated, Ix-ing neaily sur
' a , 1 b. lii
I'r'i'.. i i" 'iriiii-.. of the soil, and th situation, this woman, assumed a dihefent language, atid with a
.'. n ,.r..' if. s ,..iu.illv well iu u ct or a dr ! threatuing toice, deman-U-d the moiK'v, which hu
t i
a-"iu II m inmrtiver! wiln
C -of liable f DVt I.LI.l.Nt J,
0 :t 1 1 ll.inn.jt' .Cn'w, Stables, -c.;
fr DtSiltlcry on an improved pun t
AUout'OOO Acres,
I la ...'ii 1'....! .:..n ..v l..n tinliM 11 11 Tj:.-iiln
.... . . Hi t tllll'i Ul . .1 ....- J ..u.i. ......
Wntn to uni-ote, and rsntiot do il I -.
Now it yearns roc, thrdln me, iiinj7 me, -
N.wiwilli rplunw tiwnu-iit wr'.ats nu-.
.No, M v"T5iMrt s "vou fJ, fet Ijirough it."
"--Wlwsis f(W-4Nr, oel4r:- - "
Hrt-.aidJU., ....
(Ifiinw it I stiull wiwre t il iprin;.'.)
fcrni 1 ' a inont delictons thme'.
the viJou which haunt tlicir. young nunda are of
tcnir'aYcTVlfii'LtruTLIiid. Cdiildren. from iriiuiv
Can4, tre-tnore apt fojiaire imaaSaf tttrw4mJ4- biwu'B.Uliuiirti;ail jMAaaiia
adulu T. la the, brst jiUav tlicy am peculiarly sub- tcauy usr piaii'i . 4-
to various disensi's, such as teeibing, ciaivulsimis, ' lit: iqtm tcorli it rtix.
"awl Vwel eoiiitpTai lit s, thoSoTIul HiTs, si rc of irw-u- ......
ftdwtsllrt 'tweodin'rrtysccmiblco Hartury nf the Dccll-ie and IJ1 VT 'tis
ItaJorjnindjjnitiC to hearted on bv it, whutever Komaii linipirc, has Icti .01 iinperidt!4o im-ip ri J,
coo at lias early p?ri(siv leave an inueiioio impres. - ., - ,
-imfjnthe'rntiwt. They ar remeniberea -aic.i uis proieny;t;uiiui ui teii-. . , i
years with fading 4" pain ; and, bU-mling with the ' tti'.maa who, out f ins jriili, eipeadi aLirgo miai
more delightful fmiaisceoces or childhood, rh-nHsi- tt'-miuiiy iu,sresnit 1.1- vioopci.
ktrate that this era. which we are apt to consider i, ' Vo'tii-" Uw i that with iwi ham' V w-.iH
rttffyafiett wvneof wwhine- and hanmness, ha.L.cvtrt!' w thai. ehfs.'. wVeti;-Te'.Mnr-t'n. bawl
as well as future life, its shadow of awkurhdv,! "f '''" to build it u .. I V piHWlt ell
air to ihrn conr)rt'ih!t.nn is more the
child of h.ifiit tinti a ty other creature, and the sto
ny ot 11 n curi'sis aiM Inbresimg. I kiivw a man
kne, be said, bcr huslaoJ h id in the house. The
stretch rushing sf b'r with a hur"1( brea I-kuife to
farce her to acknowledge where ih wns d"psiled, ' Adam Neil, wV weal to IvtioNori as an appreu
?hrj (tectnred herself railv rgtw htni'Wriit itwt te tt o afi4 Hn rvf aod hi f 1 rco mn v s coot-
a tnn door leading loihe loll As soon as ret, lie t'k.k a room over a Miutits, uliicli 110 ollx'r
so UA mounted, Jio die UfUba ladder ficc bcr. J pcrj"i wdd laVjfjwo shilling weekLlait wh it
) that it wa impaxidJe hr liiui tu g"t at htr. iwith the ci ntiniml pelting of tun smithy, and the
Fiu?f."a thUt she ThresrapW hhMMmiacoav ho hcu
. . . 1 . . . 101 1 : ' l 1 1
T," If ,r ei'iT in f art tw.Tamri a OtTKW W 'IU twiwrw "no swure o wu cnm-
M s,w.,h ,ir,.ther Micluuerv. Tms Tnei kill or ttwhiukw, U she did m4 jmmodmt. ly ciane
' . 1 . , 'f-i . 1. -
!, aa.1 a g.Anl i,n a ..r raltht, ms succpAC
iin.'ed. The wotnan, Ix-wrvrr, retnaiiKMl in the loll.
uid ivJoavofcJ tUrca.a bJa ihrnut'h Ibeihatch
sod null n.r Udiu , U'liiV m i?nn rmpli rrd.
the monster cut of the chiblriw ear and toscs;
roar of the Irllowi nd fire,, p pr Neil could set no-
sleep; por wlteu in landlady or any uther body
entered the room, har a word thev snid t and in
that even in the ho hi voice was beard through
all 4ba. stroit Uwry-oi ji J aai iH,wwg
Nf it ctrrwtt tw smithr; and hi grnl't ammtHw
n lo.i a hilf miles east if Lini-tdnton ami at la4 kille' t'f poor maimed inmiceiit, acorn
p.i t 1 i .i'.tivati.iM, stis.1 rt woodland, I fully proelaitniug t" " m -tln-r llm niurhr lie had
Sir l.olx in lAttcoluton,
s .
c.Miiuntte.h Ttw ratter hrenn?, with grnt -r-lion,
nmile a b.dr in tha rof, called ahsul fat Iw-'p.
Iler cries were heard by an oihVor Im was mn
TO WIT- ling by in an opm earrwt, no aetu ins servant
. -..... 1 .1 - . . .
.. v ..1.. . . s: .. ,u,Pv iKn'fwniie no remairwo sonnz m inr mma v m-
.'. ": X . '."A'4. 7 ; li.T.I7 auTr-lMf mitthwirmrw. 1V wnant be-ow
,. ... 1. , ..71. ....w' i.i tw. iv. ' al tt the sta. but on eutcrioff the.4ta- was mr4
' I . , s,,,, ,, l,MM,...r-WlUoW by. the niur-lerer, who iduneej the knife in his
. liwi 1 1 iv,: ...i t., ii..., .. s-niitP) bear!. o that he tell ih1 exmre.i wiimmi a gnmn,
lis'.I si' Vnr 1 tu'lfllKj' 0FFKT.S. Ac i.,lV otW, fmpri-ed at hUdelsy, went him-lf lo
" ' ,, i hamlw yearly n:nt t ? H cottage, here, r?t ;horrid ww, he
-OT ?,'o. 1 5, hick if anJ near to the a! ve 1
a. n; 1.1. 10, in tf? South
.j i,i,- all iu gNl feiH e, end under cul-
tiv.t. Nl.
jiwin n.
attempted to step the flight of tho nmrderer, and
ith hia wUrr cut off all the fmjrr f his Hsht
hand, hot was n 4 able to hinder him from embra
cing t ojs'rtu-iity to rce tbr.aisrh the d t n
K aha J orn Tlw woman ha t, w hilo all this was
Mhi', nmlc Vt wv thrswh the b f, ami run
tlDkP .. 1 . '. j ...1... . m !,. ol!. -. which was nt a tn:ttv Cui,.i,!f-raMe
dn-l'iiice. t' P tch asststsmr.
Meanwhile the Im-land, on l.ia way home, niet
iKp Kljud-staintd rourdcrcr. bm h
Lu.--u! .Ijn. S.i!en.Ui't W, U-at. 3t
1 ri-er, "
on earth was toiw enalded to chsngo his lodging.
He got nt length a superior situation, and tlie firt
thiu( ho d'.J waa to c hangs his lodgings, and take
twl.i i4 rums ia Hu.binood-pliwi, nflcr hating
oct,Uacd bis oi l r.xm Tor mow than th-vetryrar.
But the eternal clink of the smithy was wanting
and not otie wink cill Adam Neil sleep in hia new
Indgin'na. 'for sewn eight' he declared, Jo mv
buriiigrtbat ho did aotjilccp vC3 minut'S ' '
said le aoaialiuw awre NMo himwlf f bot-wlerp
bad u'tcrly ileparted Tmin lus eyes ; an that on the
eighth day I was obliged to go and bg his old
lodgings bock again, and there ho still remained
1 11 ,. 'i,' I
wik-ii 1 anew mm, a nrn, neany.joviai, touo spoa
Mig dd RUow. Utnck Jricri.
Clfnf Anti'JJc-Thrn i M a h siw ii the
country that iks not cmtun a certaia rem!y f
poisoning, if instantly adrninitere.. It is nothing
mre thnn totca-isH.ri.Uwl m.iilo mustard, mix
el ii warm water. It acts a an 1atantanonua
iK"tk,"TiVi"f!iis' MoiidTauli'j'I11iiHvit, mrTv
bo A rotaus i'safinf TlHfty f CHoW" creilure
Una Ju-lt nml Lull J. .,s.. r.i.iil 1 1 ' ami 4riv k
tlie rovvsdo su'tui-'e. . ,
I ha j-io ui;M lou'.te'l !:,- wiQonajQocdrttj.-rL.
ait .iahsM4o atl.ty 4,-ucju4y'?u.l bofor t!
went dnwrr liernri'!'! ir-hnri rw-harir'w." ' Th"
- 1 '
. .
innr ,
m 1
and was hi utitinged with hues of
mJf,rV,ihe.x'ui.iLy -J at Fori V t 'pri ilhis bjasohr ni-s, is
Tho sleep of infancy,, i .r from, being " aetinjly empl .yel at Geneva in printing tho
.that ideal state of. t hritv. which Ta 'o)"m'ruojitv"aui'!7 H r Jy trripnir . - --
id. It is hni'itd with its own t-rronsrven- 1,1 h f sun in which H.i!w1i.l, waa held the
more than that of "atlults wst," 5f tnany nf the Tt-T4 nieetinor U tht fbrtmi of a-AoadoMji
sums which people it are equally delightful, ttiere l'Wo iety, at Wriiwrg. .......
can be little iksilit that it is also tortund bv dreami " - . ' .
of a more pninful chanicti r than ofteu fall to the j IhnrfHJtirrih-dby 1 K'tfrltj Prearirr.U
share of after life. lis will kiuwti that the Ke dock wis consiler no ,
-ta heahb, whn the miid hat ens, we seldom plare in the world -erjnal tT-Kenrocay, orOMx
dream 2 and wlirn we do so our viii sis are gene-1 Kentm k," as th phras'i.i. -A preacher i 1 that --
rallv-of ajdtaiiia- chajcrLi dbcacsiiei skill, t k a Han.
1- . .1.- 1 . .k. .1 I. .ta..
ly fs the "brain, liver, and st smell, dreain are
fwhrwmwwrtl v& netynin 1 winy kmdr4l4fght'and "wy?
"The stag-hound. w.-iry with the cbase,
"tay treti-nod' wpoifweTHtjf flirr,-
And urwrf nrtrrejrt the wi4 race"
' From Teviot stooe to F.-t'.ale inoor."
Th'-re is a most sdaiirnlilo lesson eontaiuej in the
tage Of tins foible ti n?coiniiienj to. Via henreri tna
place he desc ribed it. beauties aad attnicli sw By
rvfry tnode alnwt that tnr,";fHigewiW m.
ps.-try imagine."" il decked it in fc3 Fvo colors ef
thojaiubow its ni4kiL.a. jeip'iwarf sha !y
J walks and frsjjra-tt flower ; lie ik-cribed th occu.
" "- i . r 1 , 1 1 .:
tv. . i r r . i x 111 piioii, vi-mn-w w t,.,
-eWyhmtl w sr wrhe
. 1 1 - . ,fi , ine-ni"i cnarunng si. uni incni .iu ruumim-a.
cite ad.iiiration.t-; learn a,se tn grom M grvcr. ""'j'1"" lu apxhe 1 hii.u 1 ; an .mil fomw .
full is perhap. one of the rarest and most va!.-1 1 -" 1,1 'f m' r
able art that can be taught to woman.. And it h?r ,hV ' w U mul
iu4 U oofewsed, it Ua asaSrverc Uial Cr thi . 1 " u. ,
I.. .1 Iw.n.,,.. ul,,, I,.,.. Jli'.rt. .Ij. t Ot 4 tUCli. - r
win..", - ' i j www u WMUi.f . M4s irmi in viw I
to lay up. , J
It is for this sober sca.m of Ufo that Iocsih I
Insibl lay up its rich resource. II iwever disre-!
garded thej riiayhv bec they will be wanted stances, i re,or ledef a monk, during the reign of
now. -tVhrn".lmirer fall avay,a i.t ilaTieret bol irrrw w" Tiance," rr ;"wtrr. ItAnf tiortr'bf tha
come mute, the mind will be driven heck again op. 1 victim of hVratUm, wn tiienrei to the nill
on, the worll with increased f.rce. Yet, f.rget-1 tine. Ihirinj tbi imirim'iieiit, nothing rouliaJ. .
tiqg this, do we aeerp to educate 00 r daughter f r j tnct hiia fr m the avidity of his rttiea and even ,
the transient period is youth, when it is to" mature j at tlie place of exniwi, h c. nimued to prrsuiv -life
we ought to advert T Do we rol educate them ' hia favorite author, unnrtpaHHl by the artwie of -for
a crowd, forgetting they are lo live at home t h rmr aod blnolh-d hi which he was ahnnl to act.
h'm Shufj.-m whrtre rf ttrord!nary p." "
plicaiKHi 'j siu'U, uooer the u ingmiui circuui
Cr a crowd, ami not Cr theinclvpT fr show,
and not for use! ir time, and not eternity t ,
riaiea't Ctjf. The Lnrtdai Court Joomol
savs, the revived fahin of o-wket on each siile rf ! himself to his trrrit-to fsts
lauies are-se, is lucr'-nsing n lavor, a'M tiwi
Jrcc are everv wk n4 L:g4".
.Wba it cam t-i his lirn to r.the exivnti-sier
lipped him ml the !riMer, a-vl sarito, to the fatal
block- Tlie moth ndsM hi eves, very quk-tly
itiirnej down the ler-f (f lhe hsk, af.i resigttcd
tiN tench th groiud.
"It it emr.tinut rr.rr' ry tVefn Tnrwrsph at f
a ihi, an! at the winxs (ut0 uvfiU

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