North Carolina Newspapers

PUBLISHED WEEKLY: JOHN BEARD, Jr., Proprietor, 'jjg, 749: g 10 OF THE XVih VOLUME
Salisburyjlowan County, N C. ; - j " 'Snturdaj, October 11, 18U
i.Tbe'"Wrre!i Cabolijuan" in published everv
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To Dollar and Fifty Cent if nut paid until after
the expiration ot three months.
2rXo paper will be discontinued until all arrearage;
lit paid, unless at the discretion of the Editor. '"
1 No subscription will bo received for a less time
ftaa one yctr,; and a failure to notify the Editor of a
ftA to discontinue, at least one month before the expi
istioB of year's robscitjition, will be considered as a
iw engagement
"aHy-pw wha-uilLpror lire six subscribers to
(be Carolinian, ami tage "'C troul,le or coIh:cting"-am)
huupiriitting the subbcription-price to the Editor, shall
nt tlie p;iKr during the continuance of their aub-
irijwh, witiiiiut rlVai'jie:
, j. Advertisements will be conspicuously and correct
hearted at oOcvnts per mpiare for the first insertion,
jaJJl cent for each continuance : but where an ail
Kftti,ti i orired to-go iu only twice, 50 eta. will
irekrg" lor each insertion.
L To insure promjit attention to letters addrewed
to the Editor, the postage hIhiiiM in nil rases be paid
1E"W tiitrrr "Scwami Tif -thhr School,- taught- by
tiie Subscriber and bis Ludv, will, Divine' Pro.
kIpikc rif iiiritting; commence on the frtt Mori-
R 00
dat ui -turf nwr tu it,
' The session will le of five months, and the terms
ef Tuition, ht wKsiHi, as follows :
For Rrcadni", Writing, Spellittgand Arithmetic,
ailii plum sewi.ig and marking, $4 00
F ir the above, with English Grammar,
Pptiii7, Dictation, Coinpitsition, Geogra
iihv, lli-toiv, K'ld nee.lie-work,
For duto, with Natural, Moral, and In
kll.ctiial Philosophy Astronomy, with use
of tlie (ilols's Rhetoric, L"t.ic. Chemis
try, the Freich Language, Drawing, and
hinting, - 10 0')
All accounts must be closed at the end of eui'h
mi' m.
Boarding can be hod in the neighborhood, in tlie
just rotpcctaulu familes, l Si i.5,pt;r week.
(ttr The house of tlie ulwi riU r is situated cl-xte
w Bethany Church, H miles from Statesville, on
de road leading to 11 -n-kPTd.
Tredell Couutv, rVpt..J7, 1
UW U.-
. TV '' 9 rnnjrl MnJl i
" MI frtl, w Mte tkai. ,kt Iky
Aa4 Umm kawlK Iky k.M ia yiM
Younp Beauty at the Altar! Ye may go
And rifle eardi rf all i'u lovelineaa, '
And of all things created, hither bring
The miiest and richest but, ala!
.The world ia all too poor to rival this!
Ye can summon nothing from the place of dreams,
-TIaiiuu realm of fiuic that can cope,
In all it pa&nofate devotednaia
With -this- chaste, aHeht p'ture.7of the heart Y
YouUi, bod-encircled ycirth, and purity,
Yielding its blwon and fragrance up in tears!
I aaw a dew-drop on a flower.
At dawn of earliest d.iy ;
The sunbeams came on bold and bower,
' And melted it away.
Anil Urns thy smiling one was here,
Till angels saw its charms ;
When strait descending to our sphere,
13!rTT!H'?OOOl'i5 .i.rro .
I saw a rose-bud opening fair' .
IiLkauty s llictdye ;4- .
A zephyr came its sweets to Dear
In fragrance to the skies.
And thus thy blooming cherub smiled,
To earth a moment given ;
Till virtue clarm'd her favorite child,
And took it up to heaven.
I saw a rainbow. sweetly bent
O'er mountain, lull, and plsin ;
It fled I knew not where it went
But suon it came again.
And thus shall friendship's sundered ties
With joy ajrain unite ;
Ami love advance, in kindlier skies,
To more refined Height, , IXX.Slir.
Valuable Ileal Proprr'ty,
ilU Uesidence in f iincqliT Conntr;
Inclmling, iu one body, about. " ..
i6nc Thousand Acres :
Hl Vk lin n ia a mra
9TnarsKAtH or ti wra.
had refined my youthful love into frion"'-fup; before
age hn.1 dt'prived it of uiuch of its original ardor.
1 lost her, aias! (the of my H'b"aiid the
pailuer of my tmf .rtunes) .ot a uiontent when J
had the pr )Oct W her hhareing my better day
Thwi tny tlwrTiirrira annity- which tlie prospev
nty of the world cannot rvpair. To export that
any tiling on this side of thw grave can make it up,
would Ihj a vain und delusive enpectHtioiu' If I had
lost the aiddy and thoughtless comiwiiion of proxjie.
rity, the world & ukl eaily repair the lot but 1
have Just the fimiiful and lender partner f mv nii
f irtunes i"i my only coiimdation i in the fc-ing
Uiwh r Whyse severe but pHternRI chasliHemeiil f
am chI down to lite grtHind. The philottophy which
I, l I 1 I ILI i I C5 "J T ""wmmwiii w
have learned .only teaches me that virtue andtof TTuj incorrigible dander, but a male eonucttelisnv whether the noirlimnm-nf TL7r1i.,tH
fiinuLLin arm .utout ..fl.. ut I... f J. j i: j rJ - ' b-
that (l.ieir ls is iireuuraldo. It ae?ravHte riiv
ralaihity iitsTeiJ or c that ntahner riKre than
wounded heart seeks another consolutioft i tfoveni
ed Iiy thetjp feelings, which have, in every age .of,
the world, actuated the human mind, I seek relief
and 1 find it in the soothitig hope and the conaoli
lury opinion that a benevolent wisdom inflict The
chftstisemeiit, as well asliest'tws the enjoyments of
l. . .i... .... ' j !
iiiiiiinii me, iiirti. miirrioi(;iKiinz gisioiieaa win one
day enlighten the daj-knes' which surnwinds our
nnlure, and bungs over oyr .prKj)etsi,.JI)iit thi
dreary "and wretched life. iM uot the whole of manj
Hmt an animal so 'sBgacioiie aiid provi lif .t.'and ca
wblo of such proficiency in science ami virtueU
tmf-iikir-fV-1)rirstrihaT- a
dweling'pia!f(?jftrt-d tSrlifSSSot the" jiSV
and that tin wa vs of God will yet be vindicated to
fl'n-XhejutmicufA uf..x
planted h my mind in my early youth, and wldch
were revive ! by tlie owitil scenes which I have
seen passing before mv t-yeit in the world, are, I
trust, deeply to tod in my heart by this great ca
Inniify. I shall not olli'iid your rational piety by
savin; fruit m des and ' piuions apjieai T me lout
tenf seccutd.iry iiiip-'rta..w ; Isil Tciu sincerely
declare that Christianity, in its ei.uine purity and
spmt, npenrs to uie the inojjt umiiihle and venera
ble of all forms iu which the homage (4" man has
ecr Is-en ofii red to the Author of bis h iog.
These sentiment have avrveaaoniewiwt t Iran,
qmihz" me dinee I have b'U iii fliif placft ;Xhii;M
i at present sditurv emmgh f t the sake of my
sjiirits,) ami will, 1 trust, wnmi enable me to resume
mv ('Mti n.s in H'-tive lite which I owe to tin1
know but one sunrise of heautv. No woman ever
becomes a systeuiafic coquetle' until the .red-hot
iron of falsehood, or the fey bolt of ielect, has.
nrst passed. over tier own heart, aHl seared nil it
finer sympathies ; it ia fully to tullt of a fetuale who
irnciKpiPtte7ty:Tiature-rdo we ever meefwitrr'
tnatheniatician bv imture. or a bn liiuoiut f The'
heartere it huih Mwlk'dvita iiarl in the Intmmt ofl
the world, haih but one form peaks but one lan
guage. Man is a -coquette by habit, by education,
and above all by fashion coquetry in him is call
ed by a gentler and a fonder name- usage dumonde
-gallantry-Hr,at best, he! M snillod upon with in
dufgent afmiraliop as " a sad fllrt, or, an itieoj-.
riifible danirler.
lion a
SmJ yet, wfidT
grave geutleuian now, for- the first tirne, bocante
intelligible. "I am a Dutchmau, (said he) and
amleuruing your language : I find it very diliicult -lo
remember the peculiarities of the vorbs, and my
tutor haa- advised in, in order to" fii them in niy
mind, te Cfmjugnte every Englisli verb that I hear
spoken. riiis I have made it i rule- to do. I
don't like to have my plana broken in upon while
they are in operation, .or would have told yU
thi before." The EngliMiman laughed heart, ly
at this explanation, and invited the conjugntii g
Dutchman to dine with theni. " I will dine, (Vud
he) thou wilt dine, he will dine, we wilt dine, yAu
will dine, they will dine, we will dine altogether."
This they accordingly did and H waeifiilrto"""
matter wins the heart of woman t Ila he to learn
that his w tones and ft glancea awaken feelkigs
in her breast, which a more inditlerent accent and
a cokier look would have failed to create T No
he is aware of at) this i and this man of gallantry ;
this courtly mannerist, is a speculative mental-gin-diator
a sentimental heart-fi liHi, fnun whom there
is no escape, and to whose venom there is ho anti
dote, . But once lot a woman CsTaulish the same
cold, calculating, spirit-war, she is directly de
nounced as a coquette end every man who ap
PESfJlSS J)t. M BAJafuJU though he were- eased
acoatofjiiail. : .wwssat.
Ir is an unequal venture at the best ; fir man's
love is all sunshine, but many a cloud pasMes over
the-- hori -of -n wtrmrr'F- hnrrt hi r ittvn fnTiift
passion is bof fry and beautiful, but inativ a serpent
is hidden beneath the rose of her ideal EuVn.
' Man', love ia of man's life a thing apnrt,
'Tia woman's whole existence."
To him it is the plnything of joy and youth : bull
hers is a deeper, a more enduring love ; it is tfie
solnce of days of sorrow, of age, ami of hopeless
ness ; like the arasite which clings around the
ti tiering column; it lends a heautv even-to ruin, and
Would we be struck with admiration and asto- .
nishmetit at beholding a superior created intelli
gence tossing a mountain into the wa T What strong '
emotions of reverence and awe, tlin, ought to per- .
radeour minds, when we behold tlie Almighty eve
ry moment producing etieefs iiifuiitoly more p wer.
fulandaMonishing! Wliut would beourastonislinieut
were we to behokl. from a. distance, n gl"be as largft,
as the'eikirth tossed friMU the hand of Omnipotence, ..
and flying at tlie rate of a thousand tniles a iiiinutR f
Yet this isjJhjngnmre
fhselTCnit' called us into existence. Tlie iuqHise -which
was first given to the earth at its creHtnii is
f ill CmliUUfi;uV.hy-.iAlmiit.a. M- saw'i-d roumh
day from west to east, ahmg with its vsfviiTny
delnvs the utter dovnstntion which if helps so crnee-
fully to hidti.t'veV'trie ivy at the rontand Its
tirSnrlw'iH at, II l;,
.......v'! - n' jj'iiitf aim iioui inij
niet type, even m this, or the love of woman
rob her of homo, of country, ol all which once
mmlo the chiirm of her existence, und while one
ho'ld vet link her to the ohiert of her voimu nfltv.
huplfwi xhildreu of. my leuresl Charirif, ami lion, she will live on faithfully and fondly to" the
which I am fully sentyble will be a truer perform- ) lust. -
auce oi me sucreu ouiy which I ,me to her memo- (),, ,,
ry, than vain uirrwi lainentatKHt. I ju.wUI jujI
and at the same time impelled forward through the
regions oi spuce at tne rate o sixty-eight th ,u-nd
miles in an hour. Nor is this among thn most won.
derful etTects of divine power: it is only onec'impa.
ratively small spocimeit of that omiiipitfnt e'irrry
which resides in the F.termil mind. When we I. ft
our eyes towards the sky, we U hold bodies a thfu
sand times larger than this world of outs, in,olfd
with similar velocities through the mighty axpma
of the universe.. We behold th nleimrv if.,lie
LwheeIieg their rapid co4iisi.Und 1he rii!i, i ith
mircuuiuug veHy--Me-,mets- Tetormiir 1rW
their lonu excursions in the dista it regions of spae,
and flying towards the re'itn of our system with a
velocity of hundreds of t II'lllAflllilti uf nil TAXI Sill k.Sias
The folluwinz letter js copied from the Intrsluc-
tioii of Sir James Mlntush's " History of the Re
volution ia Eiiiflaiid," a work recently publndied ia
T.,)o.lont t wim addressed to lr. 1'iirr in jl07.-4 .'
As a immuincnt of the worth and inrluence of an J ''IS' I'
excellaitwnnan, of Jiis aflection for hejrjrre-
sneer for her memorv, wmi as w teeiwmtt"it tne-f
mifftoug. views ot a d nwinaiisheq tuttt pnupitxau
writer, at the tsrvewi wlieu, U auisjars, hp Uit
On the Mvttrrirt and ..Utrtinn. '
ns'til uf mywiiml in minlfiniisy fhfwe hi mr whirlryTif Ti.4i-ilil, by ' lelutiiig TJewisit trailiiT ci i neru
are lu" to the ineusiry of Iter whom I have ris. ; M.,ws, which seems to be a kind tf puruhle il
I hav vii (lipsitioii for a niarb'n tab'e oo winch lu-.ti :ititi h it f have lust mentioned. That great
it is inv wisli to inscnlsj a humble li'stuiioninl ( ! ,c.p;,ia, it is sai.1, was called up into the mouutuiii
hut I am uiiiiiH'nioil in opmi.'ii hi iinr ' ,y ,i voice ot (fsl, w'k'ii, hi a coiilerence with
to;i H;ilI he m tnrrn or- nr tviiriisn;- thl' yufifT'mc ncrrrg, -he-was permtttett to-asK iirm
region of space, and caary ing along with bin ill
hi llMn,l.,l nlanel .mwi. lii a Wor L we Uvo jlw .
of tlie ui.iverse, which are mortMiumeMus than ',
Uneuaite caa exnroun are in raiwi and i
Will .yuu,.tu '.dt'ar sir, aeiU!wti;kj.if. a. La.- U,iii AiMMtitw -euumnrmug ili anMtirfr'itiua tsf
tiiti luAir S my allliuiioii. and I lioe. yon will not he y-ww? .pimnfntmUl i .ImrnQo the, plain tt,
r''!uv to uid me iu this labor ot love. It I hx on
.Brick JJuh
eonsirueted of thebe ma
terial, in line taste, and bikk! workmansiii
iJ,- all e vvn.r )ut-Hwj;ln,lHf-ANtJ1
THRESHING M ClilNES, Barns, Stables, &c.
Anotlier Jl'fact ..of.. Land
l ying ou both sides uflmtch inn Creek, csitain-
- Thetihive Property will be sold en a eremt
f 'hh, two, ami three years.
In my abs -nee, application may be made Iu My
lirotlier, J. Foruev.
Lincoln Co., May 17, 114. tf
HWxwHriewiTrgta't4rerwh the' reqies-ofsi-fcHrist-
tnn.'irlwTi tirghty-mteresting tmprs
- I use the first moment of composure to return
mv thanks to VOu for hnvTuir thought .if mc in Hivt
hitternes of 1hnt -afflicrtont tor-1 , myrtTrsrn'
kiicw the grcatiiess' of my 'calamity tiil It had fatt-eft-un-m
bhi nor4d L Ww 4WiioMKf.oty
...... . v. f-r-t .ril !.-...-!..... .-.t.L.k-ik-L.
Tin Iu,uii !u iiJ obvious, that 1 lnjd suiart
them s wt faithful atUl tmler discharge of the du
tn of a wife ami a mother, my adlictiuiis, the irre-
of rternrnrmns'S Ve'sre thetipies
th wiJAriM''isr''re1i W
wkoW. - - 4 nntntt sujjms fny desire 4 explmle
on hr woriv. at irrenter liMicth thtui may, W'rhmis.
ni'ition artsmd the (hrone of the Eternal, crrvtfii
forward the grand designs of infinite wisdom whicu
they are destined to aeoniplish. Dr. Dick, . 11
A twrfMr In a hftiiitioorini T 'W'i wTiTriiappen
to tastethc tiaTfeT-breet" which (ropcaslW she"iri
ihiloesi iu 'iii' HP all ' I'liil lsTfmficTFi'C'otie"
hw. At hcfoot of the m'aintnin there issued Wit FVmdnv I.itrlv went to r'mrch.Vs Jio, sood. nan, ','"-
... . . ....... ........ ... ...i. ..... . ? a i - - . - . ------ '
from his horse to drink.- lk was no s..ner gtate
than a little bov came to the plare, and nnihng a
purse of gold which the wddior had dro)ied, Itsik
own- Mr -till they -4ie tttHtrtM
A 10
.ftO Drawinii and Painting, tlO Music
f.'O o-iahle ia advailce.
-if'a'lTsls'l'ry," Aug. , 1 M. " Priiicisi
-Mills ami Land for Sale.
inclancholy. whicrLhaa occeede'l t'i the first vi-
lent agitations of sorrow, my greatest pleasure is
to look back with: gL,J','i pi"M sik'riii n
the memory of my beloved wife ; ami my chiel cm.
solstion is the soothing remenilnoce f her intm.
Anow-uw. n twstice 1 Iter Htemury, tell v si
what she was and wtm I owed hrrl was goi.tet.
itt'tny shoice poly by tbe.hliod aficction rf : my
youth, and might have formed t connexi m in
whTChh"rt-hved pessvm wM have been f dbw.
ed by repentam-e and disgust ; but I found an iutel-
hgeut ciiiiianion, a tender Iriend, a pruileiil iuvnii
tress ; the most faithful of wives, and as d-ar a mo
ther as ever children had the misfortune to tsV.
Had I married "a woman who-wiur easy nr trtddv
enough to have been infected by my iinpnklenre,
or who had rudely and harshly attempted to c r.-
ject it I slhsild, in eiflier Cs, have been irn-tii.
mbly ruinedx a f ntatie m eifher case wisiKf wnn
my iHtlsts hae-Ime only shorter eut- ledes
tiin. Ikit I na:t a woman who, by the lender ma
nngement of my wt-nknesse,- grndiwlly corrected
tlie iiiost pernicMHis of them, and rescneil me from
the ihmiiiiiuws tsf m dsradini ssni smiinsis smw
Tbe ttiihsrriher, intending to move, offers for sale,
A Good Trct of Land.
'Hi Hunting tWk, in tlie Comity of Iro !cll, about
H null northeast u Htatesville. l.bere are
AImiI 250 Arrr
In the Tract, and) on the preniU's are a god
(Irist-.M ill, Saw-Mill, & I'otlon-li in
together with a new unfimslied
r'i aid Oiit-ll Hises.
The- sitimtin is healtbv. and the wnfer excellent
V'urtlier narticulars are deemeil unnecessary, aa it
" presumed that anv one wishing to purchase such
uluaUe nrooertv would wish ro see it fr himself
Is-fore tradiiio.
OXr Tlie terms can be ascertained by directing
hMter to thi Subscriber, at Ownly-Ltue Tost Ul-
Isc, Rowan County.
fv-ptcmber 20, lb34- iV , ..3JH 1
i. t
- " t
reimrly: d)es, leavio bin- so.i- -mrtw-'e tfMr--.
eookirer f a pot if sh'jsendhrotiulti
dish of his. During his alMmce two wort Himt came - - --
into tlio hnoae on a visit . nml had rmrV m tha
.H-.--lnfim mI3 man WMrv Willi .nil 1 : - .1. - - -..I . - i' -m in
HHirw'i in inr jch, Ho i '-voH-n i a VI MR K ICII I ll Ml IO
hff better ertitnrintd with -Its 'fmienrxv K'nwin'r'--
hiuwelf bcsMlft. the jpriiuz..TTha.uillVjr uiiuig i (he pond wrfeVta,ste in i lirpjoTj.thmpP!)
his parte, reroniea to seeK" ii;-na wmanus jr oi ! which she, blithe as a Imty, volunteered tj go t"r.
She became pnnlet from auction and, though of J
the most pneronsnatorej she waMmiyht eionomy
and tntimlttv tV fcer love lo
critical penoa Ot my Hie, sne pre-ertvu onrrr i
mV affairs, firoin the care ol men sne relieved me ;
. - ....... ... . .
n tssnlls r-elwumwl US' I who nuwiowinin , mum
a j
II w wMy dillereiK m their demwtmtKH aisj
elliict are" a man's aiTectKMU. aisl a wouian's!
Willi the one, pussimi is but a bright scene in the
drama of exuOwice ; with- the ulbcr. it ia the plot,
Ifwr inteTest, the-driima itself. L ive, eaji
hTdy. French-'iuboTi r ia but an ejiside anihe
history f a man's lift," sty it is that it should be
so; tir it is inserrtW m wvery pane ie the heart'
reconl of a woman; it is tlie spirit which pervades
.. - ii'i r i i I .!..: :
every line. " mm a leuiam loves, iht nmtuim is
atworUng, ilevoted, ami exclusive; site " lives, and
moves, and his her bein, but in ss presence :
irately Iohms its charms, iasliiou's spell ceases, lo be
talismanic, she has no aim, no interest, save one
less than this sulliccs not to her generous, her self-
sacrifirinu spirit.
t rviB-ttHir.- tr wflMmit. thsseerfr ihr mnm Ms-
mWh s mwH4h very eouwcxaisiHwe-f boing be
loved makes hun inwnsiWy whimsical, artntrary,
and vain : "he' ii hannv beside his mistress, but he
is aloTiajmy"elsewlierer lie canTiiialenNura1na
nronnexl mv weak and irresolute nature she urgdl
my imkileore to an tne exeruuos inai nsvo u and crediUlde to me : and she was perpetu-
allv at ban! to admonish nriredlessnesa and 4m-
pni-lence. I n her I owe inai i am ws ninini
uttrn : to her whatever I am : to her whatever I
shall be. In her solicitude lor my interest, sne
nV-Vcr fr a monienT fo'rgoCmy U'cringi or my cha-rx-tAr.
Even iu her occasional resentment, fir
which I hut too often gave just cam (would to
(i td that I could recall these moments!) she bad
no sullenness or acrimony t her filines were warm
and impetuous, hut she was placable, tender, and
constant t she united the ro4 attentive prudence
iih the moat xreneroua and ruMc nature, with
a spirit that discbiin the ahadow of meanness,
..wl iik ihs kindestland nvt hotssst heart. Such
wss she whom I have lost and I hare M her
whwi hrT excellent natural sense wss rapidly im
afler eiffhl vears of stniBgle fx' msir
had bound ws fast together, and- moulded our lem
perj to each other when a, know ledge of her woh
the old man, who alhrms he had not seen rt, and
appealo Iiea ven"totterf"W
soldier nut biHievmg his pr Ko.HiaiiisH, kiiis mm.
Moses fell 'Si his face with horror ami antacement,
when th Divine Voice thus prevents his ffxpnntula
tions i " lie n4 surprised Moses, nor ask whv tho
Judge of all the earth has suffered this. Tlie child
is thexecasion of the old owns death, lait know
thou that the old man was -the murderer of the
Mtfsthettf-N "Csrtf. i-LZTLm:
Two English gentlenMm once stepped into a cof
fee house iu Paris, where they observed a tall, odd-
lookang man, who appeared not to be a native, ait-
ting, at one of the tables, and looking around him
with the most fc-likegravity of eountetsxnce
upon every oliject. Soon after the Englishmen en
tered, one of thenf told the other that a celebrated
dwarf, had arrived at Paris. . At this, the grave-
1sklHrpryntitgir ibVHN'1enrlaed, taperied'1 tw
prefrrs'liicurriiigllss "rislrf spraining his ancle
in the one, or breaking his neck at the other, to
sncnmui11ishiHirs in gentleness and love, beside
r . . . i - j - v. r . '--i r-i.ii.r r
the rmen one ot nis nean. ii is mie ne lens ner,
with a Wand smile and a fmd tone, that hi owes it
to I lit world 14 Btloglff nonvtf met- in. a mngetHM"li.
but would he admit the plea were the cas rever
sed t Surelv not he would then discover that this
rlincing to the world's wavs betokened coldness,
indinerence, boo negiecu lie oecomes wnimstcai
and fastidious in his ideas of dress, of manner, ami
of sent intent j and he does ao to try how far his
hhimwlll remilate the beanng of hia miMress
he sees his opinions and tastes ngilly complied
wil h for all -things are as air in Iks ha la oca with
a woman when she loves and he necessnrtly be.
comes vain of his own power. 1 tth him, love
a proudlniwThe is looked up to for applausK
rlunr to for sunnort with ber it is exactly the re
verse . she is loved the more for her helplessness,
her timidity and her weakness : in his lore there ia
encouragement ; in herponmlence and admiration j
and thus their feelings towards each other are a
distinct aa though each were inspired by a dii&reut
mssi(si. ,
A man mar lore, and be deceived end depart
and fi-rget, and knre a cam ; but woman's heart ne
ver enshnncs ts e khIs Itlie the . gnipcistus, it
No oner .h$J?W..-t.l)l VW IWOvPuesU euiptied, t
th pot of the sheep's head, and, with a remorse k; us .
ajux-tite preceedud to devour k Aftr hsvmg -
satisfled their hunger, the beth msht themselvea...
how "they miht conceal ther depredatl'-n, sid see
ing one if thw barber e blocks, s izpd upon it i
pluneed it into the pot. . V '.--'"'
Th harWs rib setwmed wTh hf Prcciou? com-..
Hnorlity. in'id ihs" water of life was spoedilyd.-ciwa- 7
d t,y the tnof the two isun then too It tle-ir le-
parture, bif re the burlier cau:e from sermon. lie,
worthy' siMit," arriver as nunrj1 as a hawk, and ruh. "
hing his hands with glee at the thoughts oft!,'! good
dinner that awaited him, took a fork, to exumino '..
what state the head was in; failing Iu fix his weapon
in it at the first dab, he repeated hie stroke with
more enencryT burwitfral(llllBrj iccessj iST alitOeT
vest, he arrives, we ernve you arnia, they .ar
rive. The Eriglishinan. whose remark eejped
to have suggested this mysterious speech, stepped
sjsak to mc, sir I 1 sjieak, (replied the stranger)
lhKispeakest, hesjieaks, w wienk, you .speak,
they speak." MIlir is thiC (said the Englishman)
do y7w mean to insult "me r 'ilie otTier replied.
w I insult, thou msultest, he insults, we - insult,
yu liwufl, llsiy iiisull. "TTtia
astounded at this phenomenon, our man of suds n ade
a desperate efltrt, and succeeded in fixing the fi-rk.-
But who can depict the wonder and astonishment of,.-,?
rsirahaver;' When,' fttcff of Tiis I4trri'tiflhcrij,i 7XJi - 5
mouth and spoke. " I arrive, (saw he) thou arrt-4 head, one of his own blocks n-rt his new? "Scarcely
the Englishman) I will have satisfaction i if you
have any spirit with, your ruileness, come along
with me." To this defiance the imperturbable
at fanner replied, I come, ffvst corner, he comes,
we come, you come, they come ; and henrapon he
arose with great coolness, and followed his challen-
ert In those days,, whm Cyf.ry. EfntleniiUi .woit
a sword, duels were speedily oenatclietl. They
went into a neighboring alley, ami lb Englishman
unsheathing his weapon, an id to his antagonist,
Now, air, you must fight me." " I fight," re
plied the other, drawing his sword, " thou fightest,
lie fights, we fight," here he made a thrust
you fiirht, thev,Mand here ho disarmed his ad-
renury. Well, (said the Englishman) you have
the best of it, and I hope you are satisfied. - - I
am satisfied," said the original, sheathing his sword,
M thou art satisfied, he ia satisfied, yon are satisfied,
ther are satisfied. M I am clad every one m
tinfied, (said the Englishman) but pray leave ofT
niMZZing me in tins strsnge manner,and tell me w hat
is vour obiect, if you have any. ia doing so." The
believing hi eyes, lie gwaed at the block, almost -
JperiliwLat.iha mctainorphusia.--. Uis. epcsiseiipw
wnom ine spirits naa uegan to snow us t-nects, was
hardly JcM atotiiAhcd j. tut. fai ledm convtLdug .
husband of the exchange, lie, in a paroxvsm of
rage, flung.Xbe Uock at hot head .withjwch cIL iu-.
tent, that had her skull ivt been of a comfortabl-i. '
, ,.-....
imcanesa, ii wouio nave pmuucea luiat consequences.
However, as it was, a bump h is been raised, which
s4h.Mil I He above exwlar.afi?n, wisild
puzzle all the phrenohnnsta in Kilmarnock, and them
are not few, to define.
Fsfoa&Se Markine. -Mr. Aarmr Lazarus, of
Wilmington, N. C, has in operation a pianino; ma-
chine, which is capable of turning out twenty tbwH..
sand met ui noams per flay, completely planed, '
tongued and g roved 5 superior to Jlmee worked by .
hand, on account of their exactness a man beinf?
espnhle of laying a nwich larger quantity of ftsr-
ing tlan that prepared m the ordinary manner.
A'. K. F.rmif Star, j .
We- have aeen nie it these machines in ojia-.
tion, and of all the labor-saving inventi.Mis rJ" tho
present in(nnious age, it atrilies us as one of th
most valuable, and at the sam'eime one of the
most simple. It mav be useful tounejior oth -r
to state that a neighhrsir of ours pows.i" i
ri?M of establishing a certain number of tV
machine in Virginia, and would be glud (o-1 i
right ou very moderate terms. JV. IiiteUigrnrr

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