North Carolina Newspapers

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Iv. and pccabUi e.tiwii. The Alnyur of Philadelphia
, il UTvrc J reward uf V ft th aiu. .
Jn tlic return of the recent elections h. Id in (.or
cia,we wera struck willi Uie great dwiwnty in num-
kt between the Vote for tin- two partic in ma uf
tlie counties. In Murciu county, the l.ijhet vote gi.
nn for a candidate on the HuiUi Itihta Ticket wu.Ti'J
.m the Union Ticket, the highest vole wa Hi In
Greene county, Urn lityhcst Nate IdgM voto wit 731
the hijljerf Union vetwa' 44 1 "V
A few week 11,70 we felt con irmiu-d tn titfr our
eriitiineiit freely in reprobation of the servile int
with whitli Im' President m received hi Nilivilk.
Ijottie of our red r limy have thoue-ht that, we ;,ki
of it with the tperity of prejudice j If w, we Vtf tl..w
to read the following reiiinrks on the. sum.- hiibjc't, t.
lea fami two Tcmiesfite -paper, Wh -nfwhrti iff tlm
firm ind decided friend of I ho 'r i.!ciit.
We have several times ulluded to the dignified c.sirse
of the " Review," and we ire tru'y unuh gratified to
find the "Truth-Teller" apeak. ui; m a similar tone.
The manner in which the "New York Idol," "the
tnan of Kind, rbook," Martin Van tluri-n, in kcii of
by the TlMth-Trllc.r, .mint to Un luther Olllli;ouul'hls
file in TeniMWHt.
Th Truth-Teller hhumtea that the undivided elec
loful vote of 'I'enmiwee was carried m Sj ir Van
Jturen by rjjfe.i. gyiivL!VfSHhi.iiiLlit:tM
IIM'II of T lU.o! Will In- belter iT.pi.r.'l by the cam-
pacu of 1 .f , ind not n,:,it
tie ir encmicr. to take
ihem ittiii by
i'rinnlltr Written (trtmUih, Tutu.', Wnkli lltiitir.
. The Mb.w'iiig article from the J:ickn .'Ten. 1 Truth
Teller, is full of llmt tn-e, tr.iiMe ith.I ,( iwle
'iiileie', winch "IkxiKI it I w a) characterise therondiict
ot" every Amen, an freeman. The ej tor yinnkn in a
tolls thai well In emus I he t'lidnilnr uf llp iiU-'lu
'ill Hci; iiiiil liom nliliii iilj, w ill lm.i a lervcul riiiie
m tiie lic.trtMjf nil who ri)n rly ujiin c;iilc, .in. eifrecU
I nw-tW"ijlria)w iirf!rTn!i!ci f fror-it.Hii; wim Th'
I.'ic Xwln and Mitlennxil'oiir n-Nuli.t j .n liiiiiiT.: Ttut all I'lforU of Una kind luivc hitherto fiailod to en
"Itn; y n of the I'rituLu! al ,)l , I mr ! dicate tlie atron; attaohmctrt of ll human heart to
("Whulli: brethren are uiiluiiibly (Ml in all ihcy do. ' new and tpyJerloua dia'trimn, laiwever moiiittnua they
l.i ery tlunp whu h cornea Iroui Uieir linn i on a iimjf-1 may be in their completion, or duneroua in their cf
m ai-iWyilW ii.lMi., w -the- KHtt Mnrrh, fltll-; j i VvuJu, kve U-o re-rvl fhr tlwpe
1U, e n,rr1:nv vra lieirt in that l:1V Lu aouxut dew , . . i . .u 1 1 .1
. v p ! . i . i, i deof Una ifyM'rition to ahow to the world the mtu-
L'Htei' U) tu an r.iiren ( sin on ' ifuitiiiiore. Idle. r
(. ilea fr.H.i n Cwntiex only in the Suite wer: pre-m. I UkT U'"1 "' n,mu"' Unri fof ,'rlof "d ffnuiifiMH
ami in .mlv two f lv.-.n and Ma'luiiu of (! ten WitiKva the wet of the Mmuwaitee, tlie luadi ra of
LaJ pniiiary uu-i tuu !' the pcoftle lie.'u UM. To j which, in the year KW, prclt mled to have li.inid
tlHM- (HTMiua who mtenaiiiiil the old republiein ih. 1 ,.w revelntu of the Divine w.ll : they at fimt nurn in,,, no one U.I a rifht to act C the people with-, , bot h,ve linccthat time ule tru
.nit tl.t r ilci'ii(.tl luthority, tliere i everv Hum ai- . , , , . , , .
, rf- ! ,r.yV .., the tr..l,Kti...:ly.two J """J cvuverta. bave cihl l.u.Klred preurhera,
('..untie, from the furl that the attipid pde of tii.jato "! two pr!iilin(.Mijricca, with which to dw.-Hnmiale to
Co'iiitira had n.'clectml to furrt inli a power i( attorney ' tin' uurld the errora under w hich tiny them he la
t. the h iiioni and fuU.Hen ai .a.dtvi!e, whereby they ; Witneiw, als Uie Allowing account of an iin
mifbU 'lh rhow of repird Sir I'u ir auth.iri. : u u. WICC(.ruy pUy,p p,ai tl,e cre-
tv. do tft and every tli'tiu HI their miiuijn wtiich the ut , , r- . - . i,
V.'ri' tl.e J V . ViT il. I .11.. n,.. .uCyor ipnorn.,,; of a fl-w b,e..u. in New lurk. It
pre-d one, of Naahvlle were n.4 to l Ulkod bv no
irin nan niciui'iii at t!i': an
cwcerttirm, chipict. rit if of a tieinl
IhmjfN on a ifriinl we, thev nii(irtiKt ih'l.-ente tothe
nlortifflKl Caucus, frmu lliirltun) milcn nt CvuuLea, on
ti.e.r iiwh rew.ii thtitv 'I'ti.M un. .iliviatinir a ililfi.
culty at .met, w about tln. tr.ailjlo.MHe of C4in -
eelliii with A.kett.f ui.iii.iou rtMnfins wlio miTfrt
have provd-lid they Ixi-n rendered e' by
H4vn? iiit-ir opiniai anu n-.'i.ntii ronwiiiM ratiuir end dud.!. S.. ... tl uU-...U. fclhiw-
toft Whfn il wa paVik uIany .leeinhie that U,e i.ndivKlf"7,rBtl UM t nu
.41 etr. ujth U Tenner ). even tctf-e im.. ! Hfm!f S?!J t,,r ,ld ni KrK
,.c-i.'.i...i. l j ui-Trrr
ftiiiriTFwj. "Tin in:- mnuiieiitai iiio, in e oteonv
c ... tt:: I- -V
Wcie ommioui.." 'th. ftecmen of .thw 'Stte nu'ijl.t
. . : i
Z' Z; p vl
t" for J..,k.,W 'n I
.-ol, m-(ne- eppertttnt elect mrr, null atltoo-rihrT
Lm-Hnth,g Ynu tiuiuv ja. (iif every 4,4 1 fei10 f.-
tlieir Ik'kel m tunc. il.l nTwitlMMit further of..H,'"n,TJ',,,wta"?d to InMhe trf-nl crealor ef all.
-the frnrtn of !kTrrfrfrtn 'c1)o-r,vVt;t gtt.h SMT1 7 " n. v"'?-? ...
livn a M He Irmii'l-.r'tiiv at th" pu!!.
H'e orghl ma?!'plE.ijutaiicca iu . ihuK t'e .c;.mcttv..
-if -the mwt-ft.tts r;rirs;i.;triwi.'.tv Ti..v '
come tn our.irwipaJ- itHo, tir not'ii'ilii' Tlir "uomtre
ii, ti. . t .t.. ...
ich we h-ive ir msforre.1 from the ,. I.IilU RitoiTb!;
. rti ; . ",M""? . r 'n -
. 7 ,. V". . " , " r
- fnrr. of Uia,8Texrck.iroTir,'?ri 'j 'J'
anroUUio, we mnf make on exc cption, than in do-
"HI. rill- tV,-inlil;... . t. .,ll .,,l, in,..
crowds, Ac, Ihe Prceiileot reacn. .KailicljitiJ
I n,f 1..M-.M... ........ .u
M urtitenl.. Wn .lid kine. thit in thid hmil
limil alil.lll1'i(u" ,oen M. r.i.,1 .... i t,In.,Kt..
f-. -nan inuy walk reel, in the proud cenwionene
eeuiif itjuul in every resfK'cl to (he hmheft ptHiho r.
""..r .vutn.- to one man would never m.mtle
e.itk, ami strike a ehill In the heart, of the frecborn
!lrMt Csq ny r rl.'ctinir umii calmly contemplate
rueh a areiie a ia hre dexTih!, and not feed tlmt Amo
M'i.n charaeirr in hiwcrcd to the. level nf an Kuroiieau
tpi!lace, Klavuhly Scndinp the w 11 knee to the in-
i.'.iiib of inwreil rovaliy I . not every on ee
n SU..K u,,l.,to..., ..r,',,-,.. . l,u .hr.iw. ..
c' jiet -r viTiii h, in verity, n ine dsiin..iisliei ua as a
nn i without which we are but tbe tool.i and vasiil)i of
" J " - t "
ff, rw -rfr-rirtrt' -flat mnr in'pem
pojMiltir leatlew-- I'reakkut Jixlwutt -nuut-Jn-aU-bisi
m.n..... I.' It. a II ..l...;dt ..l.nerPMln" j.fl
xMg, of !.ritt wlw Uwnu Jor. the pnKto.liul,fAule-
. . . . . ' . - '. - .
riean character ind mniily nicnitv. lo the hr.ive an
generous, svcoiihhritic devotion fdordr no pratifcation.
IVr'tinnf.l. mill .ifiir.ij.n.1 liui li.ltTrTT.ainha Pn.i.
('rnt would visit the Weflern Durt.rict. We 8lill how
he will find it convenient to do so before he returns to
the arduous duties of Ijis stitinn at, Wn-dunyton. He
v.nulil meet with hearty welcome frnm - itizons,
ho, n-hcthor they apprbveiff Hie mevtin-e of hia ad
f.i nisrnition or not, respect the hone.-ty of iiitent'wm of
a flifliflil puMic servant; and are .ypndy at all tune to
'i 'niler due honor to thrwe who hv' execute:! the trtmt
c iiiiniitte l to them with fidelitv. But iie will find no
'iivT, krid, and" enthusiastic cltwriii? inaitintf hin ar
rival." No thrrminjr up of caie, and shotitinp of ho
nnrns,s 'ttratttrrW8 "were tria 1itrflTttsd-shveTtrted-'
uf his follow citiaen who have elevated him, of our
"t n free wiR, to the station he fill. What is duo hia
' itrncter a a private ienileiiien, and a the President
"f Hm Unitnd States, will be freely rendered him; but.
"ie suppliant bending'of the lfee. and the " Te Drum
laiidamtu " reserve alone for Heaven."
(tT in addition to the forepoinsr, we mnst give the
fillowiug extractTrom another Jackson paper in Ten
iimw, the " Pulaski Beacon." From the Hyle of the
ttrticle, we ihferthrt the Editor entertain (and well
he may) some 3oubt whether Mr. tan Buren'a declared
principhjg are his red principles, Th" aame doubt han
him in hie waSwr; and K is by no meana eer
m that the elcctioim vbtch,wiF woa Uke place in
i New Voik Mill not
n u.h uin m a r. l mi iinrnn
WIlWeiiB Wbtt non. ' ...
.i "J? '''.Votk, aivl perha; mi, aUt-t mvUmtt (
uivi.tiMin, ui ojnjiu tw iiia to bf urcvtletiL thut i'ar
tin Van Hura m to lw run by th n-puhheaa party ta
the tweraw of C nl, J., k-. ulUlmcMr.
an ixirei i dpcUired ntuirm . il.. .. .i...
or tlie n jwhliran party, w i( iUm an irnpt
I! ' i h"tt to "cure lh " t H Wwtrni
Klat.-a. Tnt opinion m ahnad that Alartm Van Uuren
m no niucn or a (icin, ami how &)ae tuetrr Una
nnillion niai be. it
U'e are pcrwadetl Uiat with GeuL Jm Ur. Van
Uuren M ftnofllA but whellur timtn a &w.ili than
Jule White, wc are iinnLle k my I Ut ia it may,
and iiotwithaiiimling jcn. Jai-kion'a pn-al pn)PuUnty
in tlie Went and Kotilli, we llm.k it iiiiDnaaible L bun
u 1aiirf. i hi prfinlarrty to Mr. Vkn Uuren, em w
Una Hiate, wIim h haa never withheld from liim gift
w.tlim hi r beUiwal. Tin. umm of the republican par
ty aro denied k " princiiht, not mm;" and Jio fetr
ih:u Mr. Van Ppwn V ulavit. wiil uuiluuU fMimm
iiarny (nun hi niwiort. Il a National Convent um aha II
! Mil, and Mrtan Burro mHiimale.1. a majority if
. i . 1 1 I, I,. . ....... ' y
niuuran pany wuu in ail prouibiiilV Uirl III in,
aa Ilia uinph a ar in uhjou w ith theiri, but we think
it very unlely thai iu iHip)rt will be eitlier ao vU
oin or iiiMn:iim u U eiuure auecete, at h art tlirrairh
the KliTtorul (olli-jfi'a; end it idmuld be matter of
-Hue roiiKiilereinm with ihe repuhhean party to aecure
theinneluw aainat ren tit!i. in Ktv, or the "bar
jrain, intrieue, and corruption" of the Coiiniaiiif
when the mute intniiuK, Imi( now more accoinjilijit-d,
ljaiiHier w ill on the lie I J."
..!.. ""n'ft.itir; to c bowlhamuuLut u,in tit
ajfeof hoantod li)lit and reaanii, can be led away by
! "i"r" M charlatnns w Ikm ai.lienie. Ion, liave n-
thhif tn rerotumwid Uiein but tlie noet) of tJieir coli
C"plion ami the enormity of theiMeinleiiry
Yarioua hereoiea in religion have fpriiii' up in the
worlil aince tlie roniinif of lb- Iti-dceuier, il.d the men
ill' later ajfex luive ittrihiited theni to the ipioniiirr of
tile liiiiea yave thcin biith, ami have endeavored
in otwiat ThPir ffeurreni bv"niriwinj' rntifiiT iliip 'rW
veiled Hipion of tlie true Cod the bulwarks of culti
nit inletlect ind rmlifwrt fnnrrpttima of theiloawi.
' " 'IW lUm? f"f Um' '""'"'"""y "ll",l i
mi luiiniiiMt o ; mil aaiie luera arc cnu naineu leu u.e peculiar c.r
Vi alwsv do cunibtnnroa tinder w1ik.1T he liaa defrauded hii dunce
i . i I . .1 .. :
may make hm conduct not actiofublc, and Uiuk Justice
I be dcfrioded of her rijhta.
' Tile Cjllowinjf article ia copici from thu New York
Crnrnerund Knqoirpr; after which follow an account
uftlie unpoiWaeiaiiiiMlioti by the I'olice Majrialratue.
. . ywMw-r-Rj-rr-i
I I-. ll f . J L
.'Duwiy eenrf. nw n umraiire m tmrcity. n na.i
. fnol ben heTe-lorM. befire he mnnuneod hinn-eif a a
, . '.' . .'
ff-plHt -f ft - i Pr-i th, inf i,l,r an..
Wpl"'HH.a; nd, . PeWr.lly tTie caevm J irriue.uiia. iwhI-I
t L'la; .iiiniiJini ii-aw, n i vmji,;uiui' itru nvii-
iljv nitiivutuiilif, upon whom he itnciicfMi hi blhwiit--1
TiTTntfl IU"FlHinTTW Willi TiVVTi- niiin:- l'XiMIU I milUl
r ', ' " ' , 7 , , , S '.I
ttn ""na,e r ti'e ,JlnatlC Aylum. . I he re uiaiu-.
toWmt of Ucllam. continued their bl.nd adherence
I u. hi. uumiou. docmn.. Puer had an ealate in Uu i
"!"" r?,,MWrc !L TJ T 7"?
UIO Ul.lUUJf Win. U.UKI1, pit,.,. u . w.g,,
. . , , .- .... , f. .11 ......
hi" Kife,jil lliert'by eoniliiU;Jy uccev4e4
in destroyinjf ttm annndence which hud previouly aub-
.;,i.l l Tl,. ..i; f u'... v;;
of! :la!lWI! KUfh proceedingi, began to (peak quite freo
pieiti if i . rru im viiiatww, nir
ly mi the wibiect, and a great deal uf excitement waa
the!1'"' dmyhter and her three children, vbjo were hvuir
ai Aiaany in rawer wmiieneu cirrumgiances, ui cane
and take up their residence with him in the houw of
Fulger; and in due lime the daughter, with her chil
dren, arrived at Siut-Sinj;,aud became part of Foher'a
lauely. After a nhort period, report uf an unplrwuit
nature rcuched the car of. tlie sou-in-law at Alliany,
.... l ... . . I . . . J t .1 o .1 ...L : . L
tttW neenme uiuuinana ui wire ami cnuuren wuien
i . : .l.
mis, whu, on hearin? the eac, rel'uaed to interfere in
4J ihfe i'Kfilai' daiiJjUrt .sl4.tawtJiMJbiubaad
could not alli.rd her a reasonable aiibsiftcnce. In the
courae of Jhi trial,' fact respecting the conduct and
dVtrinea uf Matliiaa'were'elieifefl, which iao fucehwd
i. lil iu.rn.kti.1' tt ahupfinl 1nm din I'll.
coniinfl c(t. Kir pcrsiaiaJ siJlctV. lo aoscuno irom Uio vij.
Iiipe. "In tlie meantime, P.-ariori, WilvvidiKtanilinir Hie
HKsiirance given hnn by hw lord and mister, tlmt aa one
of tlie eleal he wa trifled with eternal lite, dim! and'
- .. ..... . . n m i 'i . :
deiiiy ; but tlie lewtn wliich hi death nhordod, wa IonI
upon the infatuated Folgor, ' who, atiU. continued hi
blind devotion to the arch deceiver. Aa it w ill have a
bearinir on the tetjucl of thia atory, it may be well to
ut tUatooe of the principle inculcated by Mat hia a,
waa, that the individual proonrty ot hia followers be
caipe peoeral property, mbject, however, to hi ie
jute diaposal aa the AhnigiTta;. Thia atate of thmjr
continued until lately, Folger laviehed hiadevotion and
ivoperty on fJn5 jmpttater.pntij hif villainy Wameio
glarms thst even the obtuse perception of hit victim
wn it" length fnligtened L".M.!?llfJP..fer
the advici of wiser persona, he resolved on dieepUirall
inj hinwelf. Matthias, actin? up to the principle lie
inculcated, possessed himself of Folfrer'a property, a
aaid by the latter, witlioot pBrmiwion, and under false
pretence, with which lie left thia city, whereupon, Fol
ircr, to the surprise of every one who knew the extra
ordinary intercourse which subsisted between him and
his Iord, iwued a handbill offerinira reward of a htm.
drml dollars for the atmrehension of Mathiaa, whom he
chanres with, robbery and obtaining trnod oti false jhw-
lencee; ind accorniniy we cuipm wn . nr
bkiiy on Saturday Uw4, and cemrailtfu to priaorj,
tnm tta V. enit MtwOW, dt. S. '
It will b? seen, by 'Ifae repottWoV. that .it
llnm, h!ji Mat'hiaa, haa jn !nriMi a further ft.
iniimiM ii. end. Ixica .4tiiiille4 . fijf . IrinL-lite
aj'n.l.wi, by aay of r..; It the atimi id the
magiatrat. l .r tr.Hrt evitj iK-et.f trtiul iiiini'quiirter, etui eomn uf it in half fclea: ml the
ty ; !iho.ih wd duU lint lint r'uery i coupled
mi mo nuiiiM'muiioti. w mm tlie c yearn,
we lime acen iixliviiliml, h di in atxl out lite In.
Mine HiMiiituI, laWinc Umly the uine uf
d. raiK'ei.H:!,!, bj IhiI iuw In aav. that l1..ttl.ia
did not commence the n IiJ hi huiiiia whu h liu
deluded hi folluwera in thi city. 1 lie pe ulmr
excitement of wliiibhn he) avaihsl hinif, I.
gun in 18','2.'V3, and hiA mdnidiuila, Ih
iuiiimw Imve no ijijicuied jk pritit, and we Im.uo
will not, were atieHi u onrb l aulijcct. W hen
Mall hi cam hither, tlienf. .re, Allwny, an
utiluiprT -wid uiifirtuMe cfulo if i KHvi-IiiuI, tf
oolli acxeft, ww of whoii wufhe lato Mr. ricr4i,
and oilier whu namcfl art, before (lie puhlif,
were ready to gatlicr nJnl kirn, and in a itute (if
nilml to U lieve aliuo4 any thins. Matihiaa, turn.
ever, currici thenj miicb farther onward in tru-ir
uV.luj.ion, One of the liniule ciale died mi Iftcr-
wah!,aiKl MattUW a'iI re-r nualamTwith ihrTr
eillow'rns underta.k to anrM4iit the of lite Jo-
-awl, and raia ln-r rro lire di-ad f Tint deluei'
tin tnily been ai awful one j and wens it re4 cae
of human iufiiuity, over which the veil abould be
diwwn, wo miit give ft chafer of detail 4"
trnn;edrcaniaMM) (iHi.we of deep and fearful iu
tereid, Jt i ardi'iitlv to be hoird, however, that
die Itwtfl may nut Le w ithout it umv, in imvoui.
nig iue exciCiiH'iil, whicli, coiun'iiciiiK in tlie
ptireat feeling, nd 0r the mo4 Judy jwriMwrii, et.
fcml to oiIm r iilijeci,'aiMJ draw tunny and oAuu
reiiM dilei evil in their train. -
I.nminnHm tf Matthidt.
Matthiiia waa ve. i.L.y eiiiinined at the I'npcr
Police, bel'.TC Justice W rman. N. H. Hull, l'q.,
acted a the pruamcr ' couhm I. Tlie " propliet M
H.-euK-d to bt! extremely Mitxlued in ejiirit, ami an-
awered tlie .nu-MuHu. (ait to linn In mild low tone
of voke -'i aa tdhnia were tlie wrreticinT pot r
him, mhI hi Bjmwer.
QiM'xlioii. Imt ia V(ir name, ace, and nluce
ofbirtli! '
Atutwer. Mv natne it Mutlhia, which i live
name inln-rilel from rrj fi.iUr. I am foflv ix
yetir of age, ami wa Uirr, at C'atiibri.lce, in U lull
itytUm e4NilVi Hnte-uf e- Ynrks
Q. Where i your piacf uf, arMl Ut
I your occupation, pioft hikni, or calln I
A. I am a traveller. i"ii 1 1 all ia n.v kirnl
home, I am a Jewih t. acher-. iinent of the Mom!
IIit;li iireai-hinir, layie.r, nnd doinj all th .1 I do,
under ontli, In virtue o my having MihcriUil t
all the cirtiveiuiiits that C'l liui muile unto man,
from the hefimiinu up to thin Iniic ; chief Iiiiil
tiritat ot the Jews alter the order m Ieichidek,
beiiiL' the luM iIhw. ii .il (Iw aiH.ei, and the fiM
of tlie resurrection ; which ia at .the end of VMH)
year after tlie lndin(r d Jeruwlem by Cyrua,
and 12(MI after (lie birth of Mahomet, rw hn-h termi
nuteikin IH'M, that beinr the Miimnit f the pow
er of the fu!a prophet. I am now denomriiiK a
judiuuit uo titu UuiUilu, and thut judiuejo. i
to be executed in thi" aire. All the bio.! fmin Ze.
chnrinh till the death tl tin- witncas, is requi
red of tin gcnfntli'm, imm! t -tore thi ceiH-nitioii
Mith away, tin jod'iiH'ti i hnll be executed. I
am mvscii the Mnrit ot trutn, anu I cicciiue iheo-
thing, and thut the In Kir of liod'a judgment U
(i'. Did you einleuvor to impreM the mind of Mr.
Felet'r with the truth of what you have atnted iu
Vtnir IuhI answer T
A. tn niv iie'neral charftdPr of preacher, I 'en
deavor to iniwesa all mm with thtr :irriKiiaiicp t.f
wluit 1 luve tWt' d in 4y liml -4Uwh Lot IK 4
l1' - Ful.UiMi-uUr
' U. fid yon ever tell 3!r. Folgcr th vou po.
seieanl tlw (nwey f hli mf WiU, tlie mitiaisi'iti.of
biiu;, and the Ktmalion of aHjul." ; und lliut i he I
Ik'ved in yv, he wnold lm weed, but, if. teP would
nut, that he wmij.l lie damned !
" A. In rny rtnTrY oprrocher; ! nay that' my
pi'ion is a tmmia't for the w.irit of truth to epeak
by, andjliut. tl.aoini.v ly...JIWl'l'lWM ! irwitjwr
lrmt-eyrrv'rrsm pnit brltrvc in thia Raid spiiit
ol' truth, and .rwctica c4ie.hfnee, a did Jemof
Niiziireth ; ami this ula'di.'ire will secure eternal
life. My (ri'iieral deelurntim w as thnt if they I.
lii'vcu iu the tpirit r.f truth, Ibcy would be saved,
and if hrf, thev would be damned. - To the que.
lion at Inrge, arwwrr No ; but ! aaid lo alt, lliuf
they must practice obedience in all the branche of
the npiril of truth, a it'iHCtntee to theinselves aud
those armmd fluw'" "- . ' 'JZTrT" '
Q. Did you rweive any money or property
from Mr. Folger, and if so, how much, ami of what
description t '
tzAi In all rny preaching; and epec5ni3y tCMr0
gore, I have always deciurel thnt I could reeeive
iKhiiifr from them air. .f their property, but if they
felt a though they had in their possession proper
ty which they believed belonged to Wod, and if
they believe thut X was the servant ol Ood, then
they could cive me of that property whatover they
pleased juiid I haverjever received givy Jjropvrty.
dli'iuikey'Tivui'any'' peinaiin Tn any olfier way since
1 conimeiiced preaching the everlasting gopel.
declared to n.e thnt they believed I waa the Father,
nd that i was qualified tn aatobhsh tiod'a RinK-l
dom niion earth, and that Zion Hill waa transferred
loiijiiiig, for that purpoee, including horses, car.
riHires, and furniture of the house No. 8 Third
wtreet: in the rity uf Ner wrkr-And it was atri4 1
agreed that the house and lot No. ff Third street,
should lie conveyed to me : and Mr. Pierson direct
ed a deed to be made out accordingly, out died be
fore it waa completed.1 A nvrvt j -
terwnrria fil mi-- -i knd a f trmt obtained,
i.y which it appeared that I mast give security In
the sum of ten thousand dollirsf and I consented
to rescind the contract and restore the property,
which I did," nil I then believed I was oldigod to do
so; but 1 Flill cltiim !htterljM' inown), for.
tlie piTwiTor wlncli it was ancmalTy gifen : Irint
is to say, for the purpose of entnulinhinjr God's king
dom on earth, and that that was the beginning.
XI. Did you ever reside in Ml. Folger'a family!
A. 1 wns (here a slioit time previous to the
transfer of the property above mentioned. Mr.
Folger anid lo me, " When yrm 1 disponed, come
to my hotim and make it your home;" and aa near
a I can recollect, this invitation waa given in June
or Julv. 133. at his office in Pearl street.
(L Did you, a abort lirrw pfeViims lo leaving bis
bottaev recitive from him or from any rrmmlier of
his family, any number ot eagles, aid if ao, how
marry T - .
A. Miaye rMi-yveil from Mr-FoTgea, at iliflb.
cfit tin, fi., in culmiif;e for Un.k nutei my
lumu, mm) I Mver ihtU nlamt rt-tit r,.m,in'.l rJ.t!.ir
M iu gohl of ititlemnt toill. Moiiie .J" it
whole amiut that I have received Mr., i'ol
jjer and Mr. 1'iemai, inclmlinff a bMiJ and imirt
HHC i" "cure to Mr. KolLi-r the mini of h ul
t'.OOO of her own ei rnle etute, ia alil 1 1 OJitlU,
winch i have imiiI at dill rent time, m fiinnliino
lheeliil.lihhniirt at Zkmi IMLand al No. 0 Third
treet, for which Mr. Foljrer ha lli lull in hia
maMmum. . In commencing IM etabliahii'iil at
Zion Udt, and aUo (he elablihmeiit in Third
at met, iuuy lniiartiio look place in morwy,1 dr.
Iween Mr. F.djr,'lr. rkr... and invulf. iu
which we frepirnlly Bcconimojli.ted cwh otln'r,
aa occaeioii required' and in al tj.eeo Irunaactioiw
I acted aa I lie r atlier, in r,Hj4Tu4th, id the mnnm
above mentMNMH), and ciaitimied loexptud OKKxe)'
for Imam etuUialuiiouU untd the ery dy I left
Mr. Folr booae. . A Ut lh flv $'iit bill, men
tiotied in Mr. Folr a all'ulavit, I believe it ia
tniiaaket ai t luxve no rocollectiim of luivinf rewi-
ycd thai aum In bil d Itiat rienomiimliun, but bave
received from him dim-rent mtma at diiN-renl timra,
and at time in particular, I reot'ived the amount
of tweuty-aeven buudn-d (kdlar. , 1m prujfr
waa then remaiaJed. Journal of Commtnt.
trm r ma. n Im w.
I)rlk of William Perr An uniwrallflud do.
irreo of excitement prevail in Ihi city in reference
to the death of William Ferry, a voter of Locu-at
wartlj.wh.Mij baNe. aaituitioti wt! JDoticcd on tm
tunlay. From all we can learn on the Mihjcct, il
appear that Mr. Perry iraa aw-atAer of ikt lo
rvtt ward Drmnrratie Atiociaho, AMU arootv
aaaaa. lie waa a quiet, peocraUe young man.
mm! l.Mk but little port in (lie ehrti-jn. Hi death
waa (rcaauwved by a atab with a aharp uurtrument,
during a aruflle lliat took pluce" al the Locuat ward
. l uc tnurm nr u uukiuja but a rwr4 4
e-MH) haa been ofJcrod by the Mayor of tlie cily C
Ilia ih'lecliou. , .
T he Jack! part vV we "perceive, a re" endeavor-
inir to throw the. odium of the aiurdor upon live
ai.ti-Jackiam party of the city. Thia ia unfuir,
ii ana rrmuytiani. i lie iui.iniiuw'ie wtnen took
pluve al the polla, it ia well Loowu, wareutmion.
s4 by tl JMMn partyj and they are accoantabie
I .r all the evil winch nave refilled. e are ph a
d to learn tin t the Ykig Auocialitm of Lciwt
ward are abait to iiHitute riir.d imiuiry into the
ulject, and the facta d the cane will no doubt be
at once luid l'fre tlx- public.
The l'nitrd Wtatc Cazclte nay t
u A coiiinntte Im been appointed to nuike inqui
ries into (lie lircunvtance of Mr. Perrv' m-atb ;
and lo report at a very early, day, probably to
morrow, il t$ nor unarrnlooit Mar Mr. r, mood
in tc HAitf ranks and voted tkt II At ttektl.
bt urine tx"i it the numrt of his tmfJojftr, uhJ like
wii'i v ilk ir obi hr trrrrd ii limr.
Il ia a la ted to u, (hut he waa ci muted off among
the Whig, and at the time uf receiving tlm wound
of whicli lui died, wu Ktitn.Iiii(r muetly 8wrt fimii
the crowd, aud ax iinht luivc be
a.-eii wippotsctl, Irom
......... w
M'hile we ikt-ply ileidoro the fulnl event, a well
on in (oiini of th.M who directly miller lliea-frotn,
a for the credit f our city, we cannot incliHle in
the ceimin! which taarli an outrage deserve, tlie
w lmic of the Vun Burcn partyr " "
Tlie Minction which that party Imi f iven to vio
Icnce. oo the day of eloctiuna, dcarrw-dep repro.
tuition j but, homicide in chnrgcnhle din-ctly onlv
upon thoau who atruck the. UowT or wre priy l
thejirtentjori LVMh.X!fe'JriL'.-''.r.
progress op rne'cmmfr
A C'w vnutmvf Awatle Ckolera Jvave wenrred
iaFhilnoM(phra fhtir caa and ten' death have
. '."""-", t"A iv "-". wit V
iicco .n iHute uv toe kuo ui iuwiut..iiicr
m V, however, little en fir alarms tba eam
is mv far advdiicod tlutt there i no probability of
ii4 mireaiune.
1 liet holera haa entirely diaarriearel I com Fitta.
.w.i'.-wtw-jwivef' ei
"ne'fiiy(r'oTTlichtsle"tntioiiiicea llial no case
4 Ch.dera ha oocurred (bora since the 19th ulU
Filh -eiftht persona in all had died of the disease
Ckolrra in Ainrirf. The deaths by Cholera in
thia city were, al tooees HHuiyaastx hundrerl
' Aietsr. TuewUy. OuksW 7.i 3, P. It
-The Doara of Health of the eitrof Auirusta. ia ad
journing time die, ta.ouly (mm iuJ4 eaw of Cholera haa
occurred m the city lor the past week, would respoct-
miiy nepon mat uie wnnio numuer oi caea or lbolo
ra. which have orurmated in Auirusta, Including (W
Oonts vithtn it l'mit was tlmn; and that three other
cases wen brought tip to it and ita Deiphlwboon, dm
kinr tlie whole numher Keported but nrleen. Uf Una
number, one never reached the city nine occi.rred in
boat, four of which wereirojn Savannah : and aa on
ly wert uncoumtc4. with th River.-- - v:
T1hv Uke this opportunity of requesting the public,
and Editor penerally, to notica the -above statement :
nd they are happy in roin announcing the continued
goixJlitlt!iuf Ue t.y ol, AUirurta, wuick aetieyed
not lo be aurpaaaed to it popula ion in the U. Slates.
. , -. . M. AIM TUN 1, A
ui&irmau o uie uoaru ut iuim.
Eavannah, October 8. 1 oclock, P, M.
. The Board of Health announce to their fellow eitU
trthrticclirri'fice of four new ca of Malignarii
(Isdera, within the limits of the city, aince tlieir last
Keport, yisi two white ejnjdren, on wse rnar and
one black child, (iromTrie country.) These case are
reported by Hoctora Barnard and Arnold. The case of
the white man reported by Dr. Barnard yestenUry, haa
terminated in death. Ttufe-a-T flM,n rewired.
i. fc .uiv oi we aiaive, no ouier case naa come u
the knowledge of tlie Board, or been reported as eiist.
mg witiua Uie uraita of (! city.
U H. HtAtt, Uiairman.
; - lkaltk of FaufttnilltsVti und"eratand thai il
ia reported in tlie Count ry that tlie' Cholera, Yellow
Eevcx, and. pecbapa ail tlie ther H that flesh ta
heir to," are prevailing in Fayettcville. We aa
mire our friends that such is not tlie fact, and that,
although we have-had about the usual quantity of
billions ieyer.lhere ia nothing worse prevailing here,
nor boa tbeire been FayrftetiUt Obientr. .
Sympathy- IV you intend going to the IW .
ral of poor Mr. B to-morrow V asked one
lady of another, at a morning visit.
" Why, I cannot exactly aay. Are there many
hacks engaged l" ' -
Yea, a great numheh
"Then I believe I shall go, and take the chit
.dren. for the poor little creature bav'nt had a ride
for fliel4 am weeks.,,
-imti:ii vi w r.mxrrK?-"1-;'--
In Tluirl.ste, en lh ?lh mutant, by John, FjJ.,
Mr. DLMVH m il lo hi um M.MVV N. kloUKlH.
In Charl.Mli, on the lllh Ui.Hnt.Jy the Itev. J. Is-venw.a-ih,
kir. ADMIRAL to hit F.IJZA
Di:i'AKIW THIS IJFF, ' "." """
la thi County, oa tl- lath instant. Mr. ItmXX'A
CLICK, In II eMd year of her age. ...
la M.aiti'iswry county, on tlie JIMli of Auyut last,
Mr. IIHA.Vn.V H AKlilrVin the bh.s and v of
l.fe. He led a Widow and one tlul.l. a ihi a ktnr eirrU '
of acnaamtantea to lament Lis death. ThoM tl
knew h'Ai bt, amk of b in ia tha bicbe! terma.
Id CltarWte, .si the 7th m-tant, aftit a linger lug ill.
Wiw. t,KT WIIUX relirtof tha lata Jowl
Wlhaui, Kta. , .,.,'
t , . ..., , ,
(rriiiK ii alliig lo IiarlM ra!co
FIM1K CrtiM-ita of HabkUiry in general, and tba bui.
A nt "twirl mil In auriunlap m jM',w.... .1... .
1 -- , . w . I 1 ' J ' "ua .IHI .
BARIUJl abould Uke up bw revhlenre. and eien-Hal
bia calhng, anotigat Uieiu. To aDr i Ik. Ua a perf.-t
knrrwtedireof hwarl, and waa aMUuna a'U nts to bu.
ain.rwitli iisiraJity and genul.ty uf iairu.M'nt,-thr-prcacnt
opeiuni uj Sii.bury pruUbly, oat it
th bel locatiwit ia thu Uuta. The Umil.aff tlirouL'b
tlie town ia very great, and ib citiseos liirmMjvc ai
ai a great th-grce dird to auNint Id the ope rat Km of
a nruirwfir of th Imuftal art rather than en err a oa
their owa part ao delirala a tank; aa a pro. of the lib,
ral patruuaga amenikwl le a Barber by Una coma.uioty, -h
4c, wa are autlioriaed to state mat, hi ahort t
hMidence here y a perwd of about aujUl nsioib f
the earning of Die p.-r. whu hu Jut kA hue, (44 -L-whoso
abwuca m o caused by any wai.tof uaimun ii .'
aiisNinted to upward of fftRi,
1 aeoprietor of tha Manatnej Hotel, whoa boare ' -i
situated at the ntlieat Comer of the Oairtlioiexk ra I
'It very ceutre of Business, would be rlad to amiine. I
4ate a llarber with an elegant room tor the but, near,
a Inch will be let on reaaunabk term, and be ericM
u aa atu-ndant in U.a dining nnm taken in part pay, if
agreeable to nun. ' MANSlUN llOTKll
. .."Ih-i Ttohjtt.l3. lat. if -rr-T
Ranter's JfottJ
'pilK NiWnlrTi. opetMnl a II mis for the re.
cepti. of Traveller and lloorlers, km.wn by
the namecTHK FLANTIilt'S lltrfEUand ao. .
licit a part of public patronage. . Tha H.his U I
me large, and in the imiet elevated place in the
Town, and to a lare fountain of pure Spring
Water. Ilisedablishment shall always he furui) .
eJ with every necessary thnt the it Hint r a:f n!.
M ICI I A F.L Mt (I K K Y.
FayrtteTillr,Octonrl,tP3ir Ctr '
HiacliMnith Wanted.
CONSTANT emMoynicnt and good wagea y,iH
be given, Iry the Vtilmmlirr, lo a r.hicksniilk '
who ran come well recmmuciMlcd for raiwn'v. in
dustry, and ui'iml chumctcj; :.Duue4dW runsl ap
IflllV VI' ll.lvii' '
Hiiliabury, Oct.
4 M. w rsona imlclitcd to the MANSION 110-
TKli, at JlisbiirjvJf.C., arc tu n by reauet.
by reipi
ed to mine forward and make
pnynieni to mv
Ajent, Mrs. Aiuaone, on or before theV.t duv
of Novemlier pMt. All delx rcomiiui.g unpaid.
after thafday will be put in tlie haisUifan i.ner
October. 4,134. . ,
ton, ttpftrtfunlitjt,m!(,j,t IQ.A rJVow
1 alich tuue the ewrcweaof Abe fcicbonr ',1 .'.
renmueil by Mr. Hall, aasiaaed brlter fisTf ? ; .f - -
Fareuta aud Guardiana are' rwmertftijly r ,'),.. , ::
lo call and examine the Rules of the &ho.t. -
can te obttinod in "respectable Fmi 'is " " "
I II W per weekwTbe Frimipat, tiav rr, ,
mAmeipii- btteW awonHiwdari i ::1 "...
r ..!- I-"" ... ... . .
aourtg iMiie at tneTatc(T rates.
'.Tbe;.IaJth:ikf- litatuhitonTlugelWr wi h i
moral atate of its society, render il a iiu.t..u j"
culiarlv suitable for such an institution t it is li. 1
ItlteeHfore, lliat none wilt neglect to avail tliet" .u
ol tlie iwportutirty. -y - -
AtEXTlA .HALL,rnVif. i
, IJncolnton, Oclobrr II, 1S34. - :2 f
'i .AdininiMnitor s Sale. .1
I ? PIIE Pubscriber having taken cut Fpecial Let.
1 VS H irlmil.Llnti... V,. ...... I .
drew Griffin, oW.,ie of Kowan dainty, will of.
for for aide, o Tkurtdaf (ke SOtk in- '
ttatU, at tlie late dwelling-bouae cf llw, ;
the following Property, i t - ' 1
A large quantity of CHUN, Fodder, Hay, ic. :
Horsea, Mules, Cattle, Hogs, Sheep, , ; ,
-1 Road-Wagon, 1 Carry-All, and i Cart. V , - .
Household and Kitchen l'un!iturefcl ' J S.Z.Z,.
A large quantity or Lootlicr, (upper, bobJ, hut
' iesa, &c.) . .;, 1 .. , '
'Roailyiriade gaddlea, aTridTca, Cailkra, HarocCT.
" PHOKS, cVc.,:,; ';J.waL.;....Lj.,'.'
iit wtona :t)HwT' tSsimii' "" "
i ne saie wm oe continued irom day to day until
every ning I ninpifstid uf
A liberal credit will be ntlovrvd to i
! Other isr8TiB "Jttiowu on the duy of
ante. " -JHN CLHMF.NT.
wctoncr ii, le;),..
I ..-a . ' ..... '
. Oxford Jockey Club Races.
apHE FALL RA CSS over the Oxford Courw
wiU commence oa Tvttday the 28lh day of
CA indmt, nnd ewtinue five dnvsT " '
; First Day A Colt-Sweepstakes, for 8 year oil
colts and illiirnulrheat's f j Uo4 eutranre, half "
loneiif io name ana ciose me evening before the
Al C. in. n . '
rauc. nn, a quuuiu liace.
' Second Ihiv A Colt-Sweenarnto. fi.. i .
old colls and fillies, mile Itenta j ,'00 entrance, hi.if
Mrum j Biso io imme and close the evening h n.iu
the race. ;: --' '-
' 'W DoyProprieior Purse, fSOO ; 15
trance, two-tnile heats. ' v
' Fourth Day Jockey Club' rurse, $750 ; fur
mile heats, $20 entrance. ' '
-Tilth Pay A Handy pap, mile Jeafs,bcv.t ihi
in five; sumoic. to be aminrd bv the Club." Like
wise, a Mule-SWeepstakes, S-'iO entrance, or.e-iv.iW- -hals.
, THE PHOriilKTOR!".
Oxford. Otrteher 1 11 M 1.. ..

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