North Carolina Newspapers

    rimn, -iihIiI Iwite rl'md i ou r i'.sihJ mwi J t hi
own lair 'ik ; end ,1' rvrr buigliti-r foaid pi
If II, it wit surely on that in ll of horror.
1'jsIiisi and p,ir t bfinllnl with rkcmut-Jf.
frit of lilUp.lilr inSiS -.M)ISS ts .uri.
blades, tlx trry L H kl of drPS'lfol iiImImm (i HI, lis
Mir lf. i ns nor by una lUry slod waSUnsf more
tlisu tiiiijr l high, end iu succession were thot,
Iwyxx I' J, and hurld back into the ditch? U-low.
1 hava heard it mm J thai Wr tlnit.xi himself a p.
prated una h tgitalnd, u liV IImj Jrulli nn.if nllM'll
illuminated Ibe horror of list uil.l, he aaw hit
lrHMi f mIimJ bi llwir draper! and eocifMive f-
aw in n
Ilea M
ua by Hi Jtlh li((lil whirh illumiinled lit lark-lir-
fur, frwn U-stb itd lmtvt, HmikI-k rHimlf,
Utzing bombs, tixJ til nianiirr of rinliLi , roll.
h! 4mii like olcito torrmt- wlttle a U it.M of
r Ikj im1 alwll ruif ikrnr;H ih air, hka tha ra.h
ing of niiglitjr liirliwJiKl wltrn at I iik'Ii n
ciiinnra into ilia tinro u Crc4 by uur IrnnM,
ovrr ,lMllld walla, aitd brri onuiiiitf
(liiMla of fira tiiinca rraJy (o ba aoruug tawimi
fawmlk lltvir treniUing Pf, and lliey afpl aloiiK
tliM(b t;lf "n, ainid r"""" of caiUMKt, kb'Hitii
of icoiry and r(ii(i ', blanl of mUt auiguiK
- lit cbargfl, and ahm k of tlie aai ked nly, all niwl
Utf lli bitdtiight ky, like a clto'ru from Imll.
, 'Hie work of (W rtK.tion waa nearly ovrr, m h n
I f Mjiid nryatlf wild a jrly of our limn in oir ol
IM hkikb retired rtm-iu, In pawing akaig wln h wo
aixklotily enctiuiib'rfd wMiw rrniM'li aoliln-r in llui
act of quitting a largo nook'-lookmg rimimioi,
lt-rt lb love of ptuirfeT hiul india-nl liimi to lin
ger loo Intig Pr in an iiMianl thr y wure bayonet
ed by our lrxM aaimM lb wall. It wa iImmi
that, thinking, I l-rd. iiMiiing wilhifi, I ritlcn-d
llifl Ikxhb - a Urga Iwl liMily ItghM apnrtmiMit lay
bt forv lite into which I mUaorwl, and by tlx; (Ujiik"
of the glimmering Ump, Lo-lioUl iln body o( a vouuk
Udy etrt-lchrd Um thr fl'x.r, and (hat of a Briliuli
'r'?lfJHU;ikal by -La !
ApplTKiribliif and Im1IiiIi? I ho lft I no to thr f.icr of
Umium of- TU.k od !" r.rai.4 him, ""7 " .7" IT. ' . . ' ,M f . TV.
auk-de-cmp RJUd up wrth I U bind T V 'T' T V
. -.. - I r. I awl law I Ait ftaas ataa rnn in If in. iu,l I I f
-My Lord.ji;ei-aI pktou is i ' 7 . . 7 ' " "
- ,l - 1 H Mil CaiUMU'M U 1411 DUnrlll.lll Ha I IKS (NW M
With ft IbtNUUld - . I .. i i . , .... . . .. . . ,
h u enabled to a how milter, went FT'.l' " f" J,M ""
tin) lonorr, I loikixi iihi a m ature lovHy in dfulh,
. . although her tmiutim Imk n jfmmnn nf rwrnt
agony ; and her hair all rlniud With blnl, nircum-
fd down orer hrr boaoui, frutn abkh tlta war ir-
rent of her heart had gunlwd through a gliattly
I Ihon tunmd thr lump to the fm-r of thr olTM cr,
" ' In whinn, with a atari of horror, I n-cotfinvd my
Cr frirod ItUix h, Bt.-rMl hi blo4, himI iIhdiIi
at i II brtjatlKI, it wa eviih'iit Iim wikiimU were
mortal, and that hia nl wa in-ar.
In a altorl time, however, Imi oowhI hi -y,
and gazing ou my Cu r, li ll out In IiuimI in toki:n
bf recognition. The oiily rtorntiv- which I had
about dm waa a little braialy in a lUk, which I
PjiIknI to nil lipa, and in a lew miniilf ho ralliil
ao murh an to be able to ap-ak ami thank nm ; a ml
with hi dying breath to explain tli nrcumxtanrwi
a in whuli ifututd him - Thry wrra to ttw fldlowtng
rffiict t
Aflar an entrance into the town had been 'flct-
ed,m rahiiiif along tlie atrwtn with a part y of hia n-
' ' giiiHtnt, during tlie oaifrnwai of the ac.ence and the
Jarliica of the oiitbt, Ulaoch waa aeNirMird from
lham, and afler ft lung aud fruilkwa Haff f( nMfffl
himaoir ftl b Joor thw hnnao in 'which' we f rn-n
. Were, Hearing a noiw within, he auHportcd t
- amweof owf vera inigM berrlmxVnng wirh the
View of preventmg which, he entered, at the ha-
kaf4-of hia Ii6, and Wd fin! feaebed the mtim
"- -.--- Iere be Uasnjaj j when t lbe oppaHta end
""ofif flew open, and in brrathleaa tmror, aa if Hying
frora puremt, a young Spanish lady niched Into the
'. on. I'jmn eeeingth at ranger alie njak a aud
""liauito. urinff whScli. Wl h fiuile .aniazemiii.
reciVnred ia the fair rirj before him, the livinir
form oflier whnee tliailowy aiuulituile hail appoar-j
...'-ad ia bie abimbert on the nreeeffing Ittghf ouf Vii .
f .Id waa that amazement iiwreaard. when, era he
0ul4 . apeak ahe- etclainied, wilh wild enrrgT,
MyWHrnl-l hrtiyefint ja be 'tia he hiniaclf I
" the wry brimr ot my dream, wh anrlania
"iaat plghtTiita i duw cotiie to take uw tway IVoin
' the hirmre of this dreadml place 1" , 4
w. .At. that nwjuc at awlyr- be ;M Teply," ft
Prty oT tlie enemy, who bad been auarching the
Iiouae in qneat of pillage, ruabed into the room, and
tbe sight of a British otlker on auch an occasion, ao
e wperated the marauder, that, getting up
11? SJt?dL t''?li!,tuP,,nJ,i nt wiJblbeubft,yoaita,ftud
11ms poor Spaninn girl, who threw benjrlf between
'tliom and thoir victim, received not deatb-wiHtnd
!1 the aainft motneitt with bim ah tried to aare l
r Blanche coiild aay no, tnore--hi Ik'e mH lold,
- . liia liiu waa faat elibing awav hia ajlrnph fqltered
!!:hi : ."V'fttae atink" inlo ft whtHprr, ainj Hhe ligha of
I'enth were 0n him.") He motioned me to mi;
" , rhi brad, which t had no anoner done than hia eyes
" begun to fit in the death glawi, and draw-.rT'
l.iLihX.. nine,nn wurtTriniJ aign be
aan.wiH- a
An: ntetctmg--03
'-t'lHniiiuniiv nas nisi uassrti ini no i n'wt roi
. . ' Kvmirl of .Virginia, nirreeabl v to aDDointment. Coin-
ineweed !riwiriat -at'ssiou ficre vm firerafeT"bwrr;
and coiKluUea ita labors on MoMiay. . jvdoui ininy
' - miniaters were present, The Ret, tor.McFarlanc
-.Jnmt ebosra Nftlewtori imi' h Rerr rr VtiirltfrT
-.v Clerk.-'" The procecjihgs Were characterised with
i grwrtiligmtT7inooViiiton,nrt4t
itmnenae assemblage, who attended from all guar.
nTTtTsrtlioff WW. Iheii1 Vwlf
11e itiirious excroi 'com
tuna by the Rev, TA '"tLMwrg
and aerniona-wefe dcuYeriu'lIiTring The aittinj' by
tIie"TleV. Mr. riummef, Ret. Mr. Arnwtrong, Rev.
IV. Cheater, Rey.' Mr. Balch, Rev. Mr. Mitchell,
V and otb geiitleinen wbo naoiee we do iht W.
colleen- t)n Frily, ilurinff the sewrion, the pulpit
of the Episcopal Church was occupied by one of
.1 . '.j u...i .Ki uiuiij rt....k
the lord's Supper was k3tifuiiste'red to perhaps 300
tMMnmunicanti. - :" " ;,--; .
On Friday night, the Charlestown Temperance
Society held a session, when resolutions were ofler.
d in "behalf of tbe cause by the Rev. Dr. Edwards,
of Mas&tchusetts, and the Rev, Mr. Hummer, of
Rkbrmmd, who aeverally mipported their views in
esceedingty 'ingenious, persuasive, and captivating
arguments. ".
The Synod," iimlorstand,' w ill hold ts next
session ftt Hampden Sidney, Prince Edward eoun.
ty -Cloth Ya, Rrtt frr.
r 7 ...
Ve ikt Ar Yi tvumr unj .'Myuirrr J
" 1V he .!! m-tin rofc of tirU la m nut tillf,
1 iial wt defy any dgu pmt. f'i Uu-li u nuika u y
f'HHJk" , -4 uc' Aklntingt 0ft f.
The Tory prt-Mcs trter oke a tiuuf lliiug llian
th-y did the day U ycMfriUy, ami we Uiimi
l'i rH-ofd the rarity iImI ihey did so Ihrn f .f they
are n4 kfu u il i.k 1.) i ike itadttrltw f. Ilnw.
eirf, llu-y fitir in one iiMrfame atuinl.Ud into a
tnith, and we will inanilaiii I lie piwiinxi again! all
f bIii.mci. 'I bey aili-d th ir co-l-U.ri'ri to
ample mo iliume m riJK nUf no point in the aharp
tTT ex.
eiMl oT a good joke, aial no IikthI in cariralore.
We prnfeM to be b-arneil in lore 1 thia bind; ba-
r . . . . .
ting, sad Mtrly rir John f'altalTt d- ripiHh of
hia veteraim aa he iiMi-rlied them towania tlie field
of Utile, Imt (lie bid autlMiolkated (hnmH'lea
wtirrrui are wt forth tlie murfiuliiitt of the army
of tlie immortal Jm k Cade. We have m-cii a back,
womla iiiu4er in North Tardine, ami we have
twice Witnraiird a paraoe nf the lHiiliilical in thia
nly but, oh! gi'liiuaof liwiiille I Lull. invi'r,.-t
Hit Pnl of fndk and How of fun, hate we In-held
I Ik- like of tin I Oilier porlMMtaof tin miprrb gla
ilaHi-rire iiiiiiH.rlul tiiiinn;iiriliKi, Imt I Ioiiht linn
aelf could'lit gel all the whiliwicalllH- of a Tory
celebration of ib-leuta iuln one 1I1111I. . Our Ilium- on
ly doata, at llui time, with the b Iik Iuih-oI if Van
fturaiiimn wln h budilel m ('fi-e Houm nhii ami
)ir-ail Cirth it blotning In-auliro at Hall
mnt't. Nor can we do more lowarcU IbroMing
luiiiMrtalily upon thai, limn lo hint at it Miblunily,
and glorify it by a glance. To go into oVtuil would
be rather Ut moch. - The (ml rntrmhlt wan too
ovt-rwhi-luiiiigly axioniMling to adinil of any lolcra-
I bleib-gnje of particulariaalion. In the (irt nUcr,
we are emlMrrawd by the oUi'nlioo we fin-l our.
(M-a.uudut. w rvbukw the mwhthty-of twr ttu
wIhi wiinrirf the ncver-to-hrfirgntten dilav,
imI who, i-diii lu irrev'i-ltfUe groteaqiH-neiM,
rni hitil'dip.aMd lo Uugh al it miirigUt 1 ixil thut
will m-vnr do! For I lie jiropU of all cjnw we li-cl
a iMiitml, if ynu pli-av, an iiwtinclive ronpoct.
Iliey nhall never be laughed al thnaigh the iw-di-mn
if thi pnper : and rrpn, an lhei were the pt-o.
pie th-y aha II lie pokeii of a (h-y d'ncne ; al-Ix-il
(hey iniylit Imve goml eaitw lo roinplnin were
we loo hb-ritl in (hi ih-trrmiiuition. VV'e liegiu,
ihen. The Wall lret jrt-oowoou inwarda Ca.-ille
(iuriU-n, wln-re I lie Toren went to lairn powder
and drink New Knglnnd rum in commemoration of
llieir own hHi4ter, wun, lo way (lie IcuM of ll, one
of (he iiMn gluriou eroiiifculiin of humbug
evr y et exluhilrtl lo an " admiring world."
The vanguard bore a banner of pointd anil cloth,
iiMcrilx-il " .Vo nductum of vaqrt? or aoiiH-lhin
like it, and "Was nmile up of aoiw- thiriv r forty
aailura, or Uial number if raggarmrtniw (Wkpd mil
with tattered tarpuulina to rr-n-mble iIhuii tlnaigh
U ntual be cocelel that the atleiiiiit wan a vile
bnrlnsque iixm tlie American Inm, fr there were
not five of the whole iiuiiiImt who could tread (he
paveiiM-iit ilnpauups or who, in our opinion, rmild
have aplined two aiMilencenof FHigli-dt Imiro together.
Tlwy bniked ma rvrtlnmrty like an nianvlirokeii down
loblolly boy, who had been hired at two nhilliiur
piece to couutert-a the true blue Yaukee aol a
moat cltimay counterfeit wa it. Another banner
bore tbeiiiatriutiiMiiiitauieraia of tki- Fonrik
IFurjt" and w are heartily in hupee that there
are no more wic-hiii that ward;' for, not to flutter
the 1 ll too groanly, flie 'devil hi mm-If would have
buen aahamed of d (hem at leart. We are
mil- ajieabirftg nw' of ihe twp'nr ihrM liiiCviJuals
who alagenl Upon a lamp port iieiir the Exchange
'-being, a it -werw, Wdruuk to Walk Mtaaightcr
w have refrrence to the corpi li lit collect.
ive . cnaracter. n hen tin tx-lv ol (he 44 lory
Party" reacbeU .thia region of Wwll--iwreevtbe
Mamlml, we presume be waa, fruii the blue ribbon
which decoruted hia pt-rwon, and the peculiarly hint
title iif bis while ,.tpan, ftt'WM evidenced by1i
lloriiiianal(ip, ruined hi RoHinante and directed
riUvJvd Jkctrd;,.iniwkiatui l. piay the Rogue's
Marcli" which wui at ruck up with a npinl-winch
Couviuced ua tbut Uieao fl-lhiwa knew very well
what tunc waa moat applicable to the Corp. A
llalbillion never stepped to more appropriate mqxk
since the retired "convicts Jrom 'ewgntg .daikCL'd
quiuTrinealoWttn'11' a'r f " Go t the devil
and shake yourselves," .The Toria of Kingi
Covntg were ronspicuoua in the cavalcade, and
set-im-d redolent of Jacksmiism and in-aling, though
to do tliein jiwtice, we must say thl they marched
with nor feroendienbtrity and- tmi-ked tiivt filled
lesa frequently than some of their nautical cbmpa.
array". neared to us to do the thing with more
dignity than tome of the older lories, and many of
(hem;-it they tiart paid anawnncmron tnmc paicn
irig of thoir Ctillrttft, and had washed thoir fnces
and hands, would have done honor to ft procession
of 1hS aiicienT and hiMMirable frae
1 t ne oivs,
nlv", tfid theoest they could, and
seemed marvellously pleuned with the attentions
beaUd-4iputt dLblackks. who
accouipunicd the pnioeasion'by way of flatiV tuard.
Like slkwcll appointwl espeditKMw of this descrfp
twnparhnWnlhrtrthrit'Hf up by bngjige wagons, and some half a dozen emp.
tyrivftl eArtirIai6wedH1n"lTie"lraTii for-
ward the wounded, lo record notnnig dui iruin,
hnwcvrr, Hnd Wff flrfl resolute In tin) tlelermumtioii
to do (Imt, we must say that we didn't remark that
they had been put in "reqiiisition, X'ot one of tlie
IwHley gnaipliaiTTiecoine w overx-ome eiiner with
imtrititism or alcohol as 'to require trundling to
wards tlie cantle. At b-nsi this was the case when
they jmased iwr office, though it must be 'ftcVooxv'.
lodged thnt numbers of (hem rwIedJearfully, knd
we wouM be unwilling to nmke affidavit that they
were catwble oj nclnug .uroaiiway ny me unas
. 1 - aa I 1 I .
not. But. no matter : tins is a taitniui account 01
oikf detachment of the Van Buren jollifiers upon
tbe august occaitiori-i-let those who witnessed .the
rest of tbe concern, describe it. . u.
tbe Kw York Star says of tlie late Jackson
celebration in that cityl
Tliere was a part of this exnibition, which, if
any of our revolutionary sires were present, rmisi
bnvA drawn ' forth "burning hitter tears. The
standard of the Constitution, instead of being un
furled at the head of tin procession, was placed
i, rft , a J, - T 'l fl n ftJ V xaJi-1 IV ft MP llt Ufll ,viiniiav
rT "i mniw-i rriiu. TnnriwTnrrF fpi rim nr w
U.t of all al ll.a ery Mil of ll.a loollr ff.ip.j.a Wrr, (during lat wr U'siUwain of the
comnnttnl loth rare of lle-e who draggiil lt.e (si.tiiuii'Sj fr igl ;) frtrr Wolf, Captain Ja
a.frd brnioer ihrisiiih lb lliiro aa Ibry ita-ed ; UuHltrJf., I at Lieutenant j Jumrt I'rartoll, hl
abrng. Waa tin a.Nrij ornSwignf I it aisv
llier of the etneriinciit to t rrtsui whether lha
. . . 1 . .t .
1 eiiieriiiifiii Ut a-rtiii wiiemer in
! ... .. . -
r rrartr n TWIT On IW if lie r i.iu-nU.
tiva govrrnnienl T J In 11 the lole of trying IM
public puln. The cap 1 liberty ia been struck
down. Ttie mot(o of (be peo,la ha been erased,
and tlie nVvotn) psriuana throw up their bats and
cry bum. The banner 1 the CisMttitutKai bas
been di.craceil, and still tha follower id Van I lu
re n cry burui, preparf tlie croan, wa are your
lov ing sublet U.'
Whole llot the Tortr of thi city were
not lost to all erue is Piling to all resrl for
oVeory (hey certainly wsjd btub al tlie recJ
(rrlaaiof the figure they cut on M sslay, wln-n the
ommI riaiapkuiaia bavur. iu lbcir. pruixsiaiai aa a
veriubU whole Jfag, rtmtlrd and niirndtd !
Itrrrn tiro hickory jhJo, in I lie tear of which the
61ilhf.1l irmn-worwhiirrsof Yun Durtnhm uxi.ll
. - '
with all due revereiHv. and from tune to limn sent
forth hum for Old Hickory and the pork Party !
Ileal (hia ye ut fawning of Fins,an ayopbaiit
if you caju Cuurirr and Iliujuirrr,
from Ike Cimrtrr and f.'riymrrr
TI.J. alus... 1-.1 It llllf I " C.r ll.n imp.
p.abyll,e WhlgC.t.ien.-rNew.York.....rle.lMl '""'""'' .h, iron, ine 111,.. ami
to'ckk,s.rim.Kfrom.lH.(iMo W,,r- "' ,''"kl,,, -I'"" I !- pr.-eMio,, ,J;,mlH.r v.,,a' glorv..Ml,la.ul...,.s,, . 'I"-". . ! . will pr,--,l
growlog .ail of IU rensit triumph of rrr ( prm- 1 f T ! ""' " 4 ' M-T
c.,de. in our iter Mn,leihe gon.ais Qu-vi. " Mh " U I' j .y aa may be
ot' I lie We-t." dawdling lM-r own l.sliug ihi tin. , ''r',',' "" "ur
heart cheering event, New. York h tak"ii it for "
granted that tie- inlelhg, will I- eT. ,lly grail- . RtTl'R.N OF TIIK CONMITITTION AM) OHIO,
fying to our fellow eiliten of the interior ; iiihI lie ' W u leariilhal Ihe Oluo, 111 her whole csir up
has therefore determined loafiread the joyous new ' Hu.ln,"wa hulled by tlie 1110.I eolliUialic
along Ihe broad water ( the I Its l-.11, nn-l lo the j ,l" Ibe iuuihiwh c.HM-.Kirr ot Plople who
UtiirMl exlremily ionr whole isible hoe isTcaiwU, '"" d horea, ami the r.siunt nsir of arlillury
from Ihe eapi(al'tn Huifiln 111 css direriiou, and to prepared for I lie purpose ot gristing tin novel de
Whitehall 111 the other. The eallmil lasit wa le- potation from Hie W ing of New York. At t'atj
coraled from stem lo stcra with lla.ii Wrner.kil1 il. and frmn thrnce up to ATlsnTf,
Is-irTug Vppnijiriaie mo(lW, aisl pmvi'Jeti with ar- (wfich pari of ihe Irip wa muile after duik) Hon
lillery lo proclaim in a voke of thunder to every j "'' U,M R'S'kel every whare marked ihe pic.
town and villain isi ihe naite (lie tlirw-e Kloresia " lux 'f Uw IV.Ie, and the roar ol aridkry, from
rewilt of the strngsle in which Ihe Whigs -f Ohio ,"e l"e ami from Ihe wuler, pns iaiim d Ihe
have gamed for Ihemwlves so much ims-rishsble 'synislhy exuling la-tween the gallant spirits on
.wo., ami for tmir nsmtrv an proud a testimsiia ' '"rtJ ,nr R""t and their bfulhe r W'kigt on Ihe
of American Miiiotiam. ' As lite Ohio b-ft , , Ranks of the Hudat.
wharf", Ihe hand of -ernl hmsln-d W hi a who had j On the arrival of the Ohio tt Mi v's f'ursi,
eiulsirked 111 her, received the hearty cheers of the oelaied tome hour III ploughing up I lie
inullituite on Hm- spa" to gnt their defatrlure, and sand and rrmnring thr dtjioiitct, but 111 1 lie iman
the greeting was resisuaied to by lhise ni iMmrd. j "" '"'r R'S-kv-la and Artillery proclaimed lo llm
The sjth-ndid biile Wing frigute C misIiIiiIhmi ha- Whig of Albany her pretence in Iheir vicmily.
vmg Iksii pr-ioulv taken on lusird umler an escort I I be Steamboat Jok Muon wa promptly du-
of pdly turs a luiud of hovsthat t(Mke. ami walk-
'l, iiimI spike, like I ankee sailors isrrrt-r-as un
like the wn-tched Isirk-ispie exhibited ihnsigh isir
stre-ison MiShIhv for seaiiM-u, as a sliivish (ruck
ling to ileniNiliHin is lo the (Mire spirit of manly free.
ill mi
(ha; himdexl mms waa fired by ihe Ohio as
she left New-York, and Ihe salute was returned by
the Whiir assemljed at lloboken, and by lho4
of the tilth ami ninth wants, as the Isstt passed.
Tlie fidlowuig- Iettrr, just receive! from hard,
details the proceedings of Ihe messenger exp-di-
liiai as faas 11 had reached when Ihe htier was
dt sjialrhed, and w hair no reason to doubt thai
sir glnd lidimia will be bru 4 hut der tonned to
ilia uiiimwi verge of water eonniiutiicslion, and
thai our brethren cm the bank of Erie and Cham
plitt shII lie nsrsed to the -im porta nee- of-our re
cent vic'ory, and aniqmled to the nnsit vigorous
arPta-tn tmiiate it, bv the first - voice of deep
mouthed artillery that ha been beard on the wa-
(era of those memorable lake amce Perry and
Mclbmough prostrated the ocean chivalry of Bri-
t taiu, and gniwd A conquest -hardly . uwire inrpor-
taut- to Ibeir eotiulry than the just achievciT
in Ohio over l raiiny and misgovnrnmcnl. Rut
we can only , at thuumoruerav aubjnlu tbe-luttcr,
and wail until the Ohio reaches her destination, for
more particulars.
" " NcwaraoH, Hrr rvirr o-sr.
The Hudson is a noble river. Y si cannot con
template ita deep wild current, sweeping mjett
cally through scenery of every variety of (he
grand and beautiful, and rolling to the ocraa the
rotleeted and esbaustless wealth of water that cir
culates through The innumerable veins and arteries
of the Empire State, w:fhout An elevation' o? feel-
ing thai makes the moment of it enjoyment a
jewul won from romparative desert of existence.
a . , 1 . ai 1 l -... 1 -
i.n44 wHitr -i ne TTiirn-0Tr7iii4 proud asso.
calimis. On her boHera were r.sight revolution- Times, and to wbkb. we ton have borne freble 1es
arv bailies. She haa witnessed a Urowth of na- llm. i ki. s in0...i.r . ir ......
tt.mal wealth, hnppim-8s,a..d .mporlaace. unexam.
jiled in the -part. 'She tins tieeu (he chnrmel by
which an immense jopuliiiion have in ft few. .years
jieiM't rated iiifii the interior and raiverte pw.jsjM
'JW'i'nWrVr.riTiewest ; and she has, tl.rou.h
the enterprie of American genius, licen the thea
tre on which have been illustrated those triumphs
of science oyer Ihe elements, that have., told. ao
wiiiMlerfuTiy'ori "the prospenty of onr country, and
are rapidly contributing to ameliorate the comli
tion of man throutfhoul the world. Well may we
never, since her shores first hstene i to (he accents
of civilized man,wl,eo some two centuries ajro her
Jriuiquil awd-ailyMry U-wi 6rH mrtb-d byr the-
prow of the bold navigator w hose name she bears
never, w'e take upiin wirselyea ,o. aver, has she
witneswd nn event more interesting, to any the
least, than (hat. wbub, as iHiblLC- iournalisls, it is
our duty to chronicle the voyage, namely, of
Ihe good steamer Ohio, winch commenced y
day, to herald (he restoration of the proud Queen
of the W est to politkal health, and cainmemorale
ihe triumph of the ." Lugs of j21 in tlicir atruggle
against the eflorts of traitors to destroy our liber
ties. The event will be recorded in history as
making onr escape from slavery, that shall render
posterity forever gralclul to tlie generous spirits
by whom the victory has been achieved.
But to our account. At 8 0 clock the Ohio
having on board tbe.eommiltee charged with car
rying the purisTso of the voyage into effect, with
a great number of stauitrh Whigs, dressed out in
the.bravery of gay streamers floating in the breeze
and bearing the mottoes of." Ohio redeemed "
" Whigs Triumphant in Ohio" "Constitution
and the Laws" " Seward and Stilwell " " No
Mortgage," " No Regency," and various others,
left tbe wharf at Fulton street, to the music of Our
favourite national air, wmidst shouts of thousands.
At. another wharf near the favourite miniature fri
gale waa taken on board, officered and manned as
follows: - . . ' "
Commander 6f the Constitution, Commodore
bug Mir J Jtmi 7oraoa, .iwbiiij t o
1 fin.- t..i . i. 1 m . ri,..iu.
nwo fi.Mf-j, uiu is at"
- - - - r ..... 1 ..... j. 1 .i r..n
1 sat iir s, 3rd ( tad ajrars ow 14"M
1 lei, ana low aauors, iiaiKiauma i '
and handwinwly dreiw-d.
Wt limn bounded with a sweep toward jerstty
City, firmg ifiiuute guua, which were enwerd
from that fflf, vAl every wharf, till beyond I lie
City, thnsigrd with spM lalor, lhoi hearty but
ta were eicbaired which ao well express unaiii-
tuny of feelm end beartfi lt ioy. At the fis4 of
llirrisofl street a aatute was fired at aha paased,
by the Whi,s of tlaaw Fifth Ward, and the same
by the Whig id the Niulh fmm the foot of Chtrle
street. At a beautiful nrflage in ft grove oa the
laland, is-ar iSlisimiugdule Road, a single lady
eaiiMi down toward the shore, waving a whits flag.
1114 were idT in a moment, and we her a uni
vrisal salute that made the welkin ring: " Al "all
the landing places and little villages, aa wa ed,
wbrvad rai-d and at several.'-
I J L. I ...I 1 I I
der fmm musket and pitut wa burnt, and hear
ty cheer inlcichaiiged.
We pen this hastily, war Weat Point, and e-M-ct,
iu ten miiiiiti-S, lo meet 1 boat to hand it.
The boa 1 will return lo New York on Katurday
morning and lie in the slri-am 'till nine ; (lieu pro
ceeil riHiml lo I lie Dry dock and hack lo llnrclay-
ireol ; llieu, at half mI (en, prnceaust will b
pa ""had lo her relief, but the (-oinmitise, and Crew
of the Constitution, preferred wailing for the Ammj
tide, and at sie o'clock yesterday morning ahe
reached the (lis k al Albany , where ahe found
some ihisjtaiHia ol M lugs ready lo receive her.
' The Capitol wa illuminalcd, and rix hundrtd
fsinbeaus, 111 iddition lo 1Im lamis, rendered date
ireei from Capitid 1111 lo Ihe boat, a light as al
! '"" day. Tlie depulutiiMi was received amidst
Me deafening cheer of the assrnibled multitude,
j d two huirflred guiai Irom the Capitol, prisjlmined
; Ht ,l"5 same time I lie joy ot the Atbamaus at her
arrival and (he death knell of the Tory Rrgcucy.
'Alt accjHlnls unite in describing die alarm of
ha Tories a( ihis triumphant voyage as excessive,
"d P'Hir Croswell thai miserable pundrr for
(Van Hurra recommend thai the Idea ol aeudiug
: Ihe artillery iimmi the canals ahisjld Is ahaiuliawid,
' lessf tlie Uring should frigtiten ibe borwes endoy
ed iu lowing the produce of llm tanners to mar.
I kel I Psr fellow his " snduriu-'s is intolerable '
in couseipience of ihe glorious victory obtained by
the " raacatty Wliigs of Oliio, ami be foresees- in
their achievement the downfall oniryisin iu New
he Ohio witt-retum to. th city 4bi rnoriHiir4
Mioold Ihe weather prove favorable, we iimIiiI"
favorable, we indulee
a hope Jliat all aye, M the Wkigt will turn
out and firm sucb a procession as hat never
before been witnessed in Anicrica. Tho Con
stitution is iti dangerthe Liberties of the ("tain
try are threatened and no business should prevent
the fuood r.lbe Laws and our RepubiTcan Insti
tutioua sacrifiQug all ol hoc business to take part
iu this day's leatival. ... .,.....-
JTllJ!ipUabiuiy-f' tbe-Toiy-TrrreessifinTso
g,umwv iiwisted on vester3av momin!? bv the
' ptf by a caaieiiluincd to us yeaterday, by a
resis-ctable gentleman ( the First Ward. A Wbia
from ConiH-cticul, with an old pair of shoes, the
luckless visitor being mi nut that necessary append
age of the understanding, from a "misfortune in
busihess." The circumstances of the casetas..gt9j.L
ted by himself- wore ""simply" these : He was an
invited enest- being, nrobabh
probably, one of the fifty To-
party gained at the last elc-
rv voters which that
- ' 1 I s i '
W"mtmfiriirmfni metnbers'of tfie'cele-
bruting imrtv, they robls.-d him id" twenty dollars,
(all tho miaiey he had,) and his shoes, Uejaayal
lie don I care much about the money " lis Irash,
and has been slave to thousands."
" But he who filches fl-dnt me thy 'oTf.shorsr"""'
Takes from me that which not enriches him,
- - - JUtt- makes me porrrTpdeed.
And true emsigh it does. We Commisscrate
his rswr fi'lluwnnd so Indeed did the
grocer, for he loaned him the shss, and thus sn
ed an uufortiiiwte aprout nf Van ikrenisin from
tlie disgrace of going home tw hirliidglngsT'htire.'
footed. There was something in this inhospilality
to "one of the distinguished gentlemen from
abroad," as the Times has it, whkh we marvel ve.
ry much could have happened In a company so ve
ry' highly rttfiectahU in their appearance, a$ the
procemon irhich moved through our ttreeti on
Monday! And which gay twelve cheers as ihey
passed the Times olfice !
Iew kork Paper.
The Legislsture or the State meets in this City
on Monday next, and the busy hum of preparation
is heard in every paH of the town, and increased
activity is witnessed in every department of busi
ness. The Session wilf be one of unusual interest, and
its proceedings will doubtless be looked to with
marked anxiety. We shall endeavor to do our duty
faithfully as caterers for the public appetite.-
Raleigh Regiitrr. - :2Zi-ZZ - -
THK cirrroN chop o, tub lmti:d '
Tlw iinjsirtaiM o d Ilia CiHIon Cn, uf 11 tM
ted Htabt, 1 t,vry je,tf bi-ttii
rrihr?.'"Msny sSH-u.itas.s Us-n tUkl"k
m probable extent of , ,txtAte I uf iM V
year. Nor tea lliese ajaxulalMaa. CoidwiL'"
own country, for it U unbiiiaUy In j, "
aa to the domestic iirhu-er. '"n tJtoi
ll wa generally believed that (U eri4,,.
irewnt year would exceed tW of bus i.J.!
i bis opinion waa based as row k L
tig aspect f the trot, as uuou iU;
us opiuion was baaed at m h L
promising asiei 1 M i lie crops, as Upon (U '
aeo noinis-r is acres planted. Iwt, within ii-T
(..9 .ML m I liM hnHi!Ml f..m .. ..I ... , '
--1 an auuuuani ciuL
been mia h overclakl. "'"" r"
From Lsiiaana and Miasii t
Ibe storm id" the 0th and 7lh of rs.iacn.uT'
destroyed fruiuoM4.forlb. ta ooo-thtrd t .
The latter raliumle i, iLaibtkua, too high. "5
is fair lo ctaa-Me Ibal I lie export front Net aj
leans will be 60,000 baga short of the ert jT
presrnl year. -
Fnmi rssiili AbiUma tft bsim that aa
is destroying wliole fa-liU which promised j,
ussiih of AiiuuhI an alaindanl yield.
From Carolina and Wcorgia we b-ara tin,
Chob-ra ha spread soch a panic among llarCM
mint 1 inoi.--., IIIHI IIHIOr M.'US IU1VV tlr
tally abniaksied. This will al Vast greatly tUti
the early picking, and prevent the gstherina J
r..n .' n i. .1 .!... c. . .. "'i
mn . i.p. in imj piiaiut'i (iniiu ianercsas
wns iH-t ralcubilt-d al any time to be greater tl
thai of lust year.'
I'ssi the whole, it wisdd be safe to estimate,,
pnslucl if tbe Foiled Stale as follows:
From Isusiaiia, Miai-wipH, IVimeaase,
Abilsiina, ami ArkaisMis, 4(K1,(MK)L
From Sisilh Alabama ami Florida, I30JJOOL.
From North ami Hsilh Cartduai,
Georgia, and Virginia, '550,0(fcj,
Total, 1,100,OOOWji
- If Uia utorm- 4n- Iiomarm-aiid"!frssIaTpJJ"w,
be-n as deiriK-(ne as lln-re was reason 0 4
few days after it is-curinl, Ibe exjsrtl fron
Orleans may Is- n-duccd b-bw rVi)fl00 brnta
iu tb it case (he product of the w hole Fiiiled tka
wimIiI not exceed 1 ,ll.ill,(NK) Isigs.
Wlmt will be tbe probable demand f- f-niuT'
lesi in I "- !
This ipuMlnsi is one if diffW-ult SoIuIksv
there be a couliuuaiM-e 1 general Mare in Ilunai,
there is p-asiai to Is-lieve the ciHiminiptii aJlaj
thcr incruaau lliau docliia-, uiilesa checked by kiji
Oreal Britain will npiiro from the t'niled Statn
not less than 700,000 bp
France and the Conlimmt of Europe
cannot do with bus than ' 300,000 kxp
And Ihe cisHumptiisi of the United
Slate will be at kat 200,000 bu;
Muking au aggragale sf " I.SM.oWlap
This estimate is based upon the presumptine tbs
presenl prices are maintaiiiod. If tliey should ai
vance-.theconsnmpfi.m will fall 'aT; if lliev nVlia-,
the cisimiiiiptuKi will increase. Hut admitfinj ityi
t remain stationary, (treat Rrilain must seek fa
100,000 bag from other CutUat griwvkgrisjntm
lo supply her manul'aclories j or tliere musl btari
arradvaiae in the price of the raw nmterial, v
check consumptiisi materially. The latter H
likely to be the case.' It ie tlierefore fair hi po
sume that the value nfllie export nf Cotiuo ia tk
U a r 18.35. will eimul WOOOOof d.4larw
bo would have laimiosed, at the lias) fflij
ney's Saw Gin was introduced, that the exports'
Cot Ion from the Cni'ed. States would .have ever tv
(txlNjeiuutb of .'ilie atuount of our estiiiair'
Rut if the Consumptiofl'CoiiHiiuet 16 progress
thp srne rapidity.oj in llm aans ratio, 6r tk ttt
- , - eM i' !lBi.L..P?fdne.fot ihe too m fJ
v ,ne ellPr ,n sitton from the I', puts
w ill, in 184, exceed 100,000,000 of dollars. Tat
the consumption must continue to iucreass,lnffl
can be little doubt, because it ftirniatiea tbe cheay
est fabric that can Is manufactured, and must aa
ply in a great degree llie place ivf flax ; ij W
mixed with woid in tlie manufacture of wiuief do
thing, on account of the great reduction id cofl."
iVrvs from iht Cwrfs. When Purant wi -CUXiUotliziug
over 4m netgnbormgirraTlir float
the other day, be dropped a number of Newspaper
whkb-was, ww believe, the first instarsre'rsi'reror'
of having news direct from the tipper regions.
have heard of heaven-tent Kings, Pertatft,",Tj
sidonta. btit ili-J'iASr dt "cloud dronned Pai
e".n-t?r.'-c av-c-. ttl-iWaWifl
The Store and Ware-Room tttacb
ed to thtf " IVIansiori'TI.ifel. "" Tins dw
is in Ihe verv centre of Ismiuess. and is consKKrn
one 0f ,hp Very-etau in Salisluiry smy
j kiinJ of business.- Possession can be had imnwaV
" ai imaiin "jrsa a trr-cs. wimii vn
Salisbury, Nov. 8, 1834.
Hides and licalher.
nHE Kubscrilier has coiiNtantly on hnnd a w
BWa-nrtmAnt of heart Stut
iered HIDES Also. LEATIIER of every I
scription for sale on moderate te,rrns.
rtT- I fimvaNimt with rrish or citV SCeff"
tances, will be attended to with punctuality "
.T"' -Vhorietton, 8- -
November 8,J 834. W
BY-limitation, audi the mutual tcorjsent of sfl v
cetned, (the ill-health of tme ef the prtt"J
requiring him to withdraw,) the conce''n f
N A.MARA, I'lJELAN. d C,of tberaw.S"
Carolina, is dissolved.""
Mr. RICHARD PHELAN continue to
duct the business an his own account, and
tie all claims against the concern ; those j,br
fo said firm are requested to make pey1' 'j1
Cheraw, S.C., October 1, 1834. 3t
A Second-Hand Stove
I?0RSALE, very cheap, if applied fain"
ateyv Inquire of - TUB PRIN"
NoTembeISW, " "

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