North Carolina Newspapers

tLfA and trcawif of the dj Plate, and while we
BIkm.M tm i1i)-h J to continue h Mil liberal po.
Jiry to IM Jouiiger loriul,rr of tle ('"('0 d f" V ,
, which has i Urn trim 4 all ihe proceeding uf .the
iirnrrnl (J.r rimx-iit, l nili( ih ii be cxpettro'
of us la go fvifilrf. Al all emit, lb Hajihero
but- having, during itrarty half century, ex.
butrd llwir ftirri f in Ilia payment of botinlje
lu the ingenuity of iM lUrrn, iimmI n4 be rufoed
tltal a.t'yiaie reward may La provulod tt (Ua en
terpr it f thai Waaler. Malee. "
The exuding Terl.Tof duliea, which, happily for
(ha country, baa la U anttctirily arranged, C
Iba preanrf at bt; fita4 produc rvvenoe en.
lipcly adequate Jo an t"i.uuutl aJuiiuulratuai of
laa Mover, went, and tddiluaml r"urre will bul
trod to pioJulily kirn cornin. I Iktu e-em
, lo bo m ejnual , therefore, why tha olyvt
"having; Wo a-KiiJ(lsl (? which lb. pinking
find area created ihe imIkkvU domain alta.ll if 4 he
divined, in I ha Miputaie pmportUn, among all Ihe
member. 4 I ha tfcmlerery. lo the rtate llo.
t wnwutila, H wiH affird lb Wwt important aid in
"'"'" 7 the priavv-utiofl id erhemea of Internal Improve
ItviiI, a'l lb difliwi of the mana of ediiratMai.
AD experience privee that, if tha power could he
rightfully axerciaed, I ha General (iovernineni i
not competent lu lb) acemplihmnl f lbee great
porpp f auf Iha heavy amount paid indirectly hy
(hit Mala into Iha Treasury of Iha United Hlalea,
under Iha npe ration nf Iha preamil revenue eyete m,
if (bit fund be dttfiied ua, place iba av-cuinulalion
of Iha requisite meane beyond our reach, within
Bnv reaantiaole period i tune
Mf nptniotie with rrajirrt In iha ixrrwify if a
tjjmmlf mnd tfftc'mA pocutMi, by the Nat, uf a
Oaoarwl Hyatam of Internal Iinprrmeiifa, were
04iiinuiiiralMj al iatith in I Ik Report iihkWi to lh-
Gfwrml Aavmhly al tta UM awxia, hy the IVaird
fr Irrtrrml ImpromtNTifi. It ie nil priMaawi !
Oiiruaa, al prrml, any ) uf Ihe tariva tpM-a
which wr.luen fully nawMlcriM. Tha urr
enca of aJK4hpr ynu ajfinia rjcluave proof thai
individual aaam-iaiMaia iirar wilt, aitd nrvrr raa,
aTxnjli(4i any plan cmnmraaaratf with fir Mr
idea and rrjrt f. If iha max try al4M which
ha bW aTbendml by li yltif rmiirila in
i tha eff illrfi id WfpnrSMa7l'a'rtiaa cfTNinin
I . . ' - .
I IV xi napnr. aixl r I Ik inrwi!iiM iil ciiruin
braiica oo our BUlula llo. 4, hai bwii arl-l !
Iha mmalnirlina of wrtii Word, ! a pnpf r point
we abnvld have bad bcfira u an fvprriiin-iit which
wiajld, 41 lawat, haa i(T'riW uaHul iriMrui li-rn.
Tin- cotrfinuall; iucrTaifi currant f -iiraftirtl
wfin h ia dprtvina ha if many of our hmimI in lli
wnl and wilarpriaing cttrwtn, and a larpt prtrtion
of our wealth, parlM-uluriy in the arctii ihn
Hta htthrrto rriardnd a the ifMwt ihxiI'hih ainl
Ofiuletit, imparta to Ihia aubjrrl a atiiiiil intT-f
If iha nil arimitren i no rtnWv, allui4n l
wmild ba both weak and iilla. Il ia nut, hownvltr,
o caaadered. In iha rxlanl of hr r Irrritory, tha
arMv 4" her modiK-tinna, the (t-rlitiiy of hr
and luliritjMjiaa ailimaia, North 4 ami ma will
aowtaara wdawBgiaiidy with the irKt prtwiaTouK
wuilMra of tha 'mfrWary . Tlie otilrufiiiMi
to iha natigatHA of our firns hy tlie full rrvated
by ktnga of gram to which lraerM tb Stale
from Nortb-9aat to South-wont, and Ihe iniiMwilHli
lv of eiileruij ..fiiher uf jhe porta cotuiccli'd with
Ihena nvera. with ahiiw of Ihe larvi-M rl, are
certainly rreal natural di-atdvatilniica. It ia he
Leed, however, thai thee ditfienliiea may he nb.
Ttated to an extent which will enaura ua air the'
Commercial faoililtea aaaenlial to a highly pmaper
oua-ciatditiuav - H haw a am eilttrt tf
04 than any State in iha Union, ami the beat in-
let Jtarbua -"Uh ? the-i'hejakrr-W have
'''ihn power 'to 'onraiart ttiia harbor with nearly all
. tha uarigabla weteraof the- State, and "thai bV ihjr'
. tle Uaaainra of ctaniiterrw not aily In the dwrs of
air own citizen, hut affiird a natiiaial highway tv
our aiater- Slate, of a real immrtancnjiHieL
ace, ami H tneiNiiuauio vame in nna 01 war.
lea-iaaeh eirrwmatirc, lriiliriuit puhllc pro;
Purify "eilhex lu docliu or aamain alalionary, ie u
.,r,rt,lJJ frtno our duly aa it ia idjurvaM to our ime-
. feete and ropugnaiU to our feelinga.. .The period
; cannot he distant when nibrr bwcti Jtwutlla dia.
- '-""bufii.f,! , mjiu amauVr than the aggregate of
'gwlV expenaea, ahall. be eflnaidered a lulliiig
williiii.xhe Wgitimate range of your dutie. Tlie
v 1 high
- eal io4 Wtoat rapiaiaibie funclniariea recogniird
. by tna theory 4. our Ooyemmefit, ar aeiecled and
Cooveiied foV the. otUiumenl af obweta eaaential to
- the public wea.Ir which cannof be effi-cted by indi
i.Jual f fnf. I am aalixhed mvaelf. thai (he ctajrae
. dMculafiiSA hitherto pursued, ji lu be Bucribod to
. local diVu4(Ku4 more Hian to anjrj4hereauaeLa4)4
"Ihe" hope m taaiiycherialied lhal you will not ae
" .fMrate, .ithout Ine adoption of aucb meaaurea aa
t f Stwlt make ua a omrcd peopK M'welHn Teeliiig ai
lit iiteref. -
- T-The-reyemie-eyatein of thia State ia radically
inenr. ror aoitieyeaMpa, thedmbiirieiiHntHfroni
, " the Putinc Treasury have exceeded Ihe ordinary
receipt, and we ha-Ten gruWHr uming
the erinciiad of a producliw fimd wbich had. been
accumulated by Ihe economy of. preeediiig yeara,
' ; . 1. i . l -
ilie mveatmenw wnicn nave oeen nmim in mo
. ; .,.iS Jeajeniijw lancet 1ft out n:er. fet puwue. tbisi
j uting: probesa; and we are compelkHl lu provide
- oilier tueanaiq. Or 1 ray meexpenw-aiatnc mn
" meuL ThitL it ia bidksved, may he efkVled with
I- tf-meytaimi ie fid t aecure, feirjahwthin of
. -leaJ ertate Biia to ifce
A,,U leallv liable to noil tat. I The Government
of the e.amry awmld never Kohl
nH temtitnttnn
to ila citixona to do wntn.
"Such, however, la ihe
IpaniM lendetvryof the. moat important fralurea
.of. tair fiactl wyetem. e raciice, wiiBiryer imy
Mn been thellwrtretical ncttlaa ni Ilie taw
iver. evert owner of real estate eaeM the va
-Tue ot hia nwii i JhN.MIJf?CSr.
a'rr Wmerwieiice. thai the j jirfividiml j1h ja Tip.
nt umler alUcircunisHmcea cJHitnbulea hia bu
mpnrtioo to the mainlenajire of Ihe Goyernimnt
while lie who ia Ka cHwreuuw -reef
reward ftr Ma Wdi--. r--
Tha aame obiectiw aindiee, with atill greater
fim-e, to the regulalKa'ia mkr which Ihe noil tax
U levied, au aiave mnr ,--i.r, ..-. .....
n . . - - ..... .... - 4 A
. . . a ti i . stuf tiniinr tiifv
All a lave over twelve, ana unaor nnv
are aubiect to eapitafion tax. ll
every tlave owner in the cmimunity were entirely
An,A m An an. it i no nW teak to tacert
fu; ...enrpfelv the pronortK of hia alavea who.
re between twelve and fifty yearofa?e. Hecorda
re rarely kept of the .cea t4 h.W'mir
- i ..m -m t,.wi rf.ft rreater dimVullv in a-
Mmt'.ninit the aeea if auch m have been acquired
nnt arrifi1..ifc.!y K4wl,Hiy nh-ty In c xiwl'ure
by ry oji1n ml iiHuirKM, ln n lltey agree with
ia mtrri at aiul IIm iiHliiNiual Im la rutin ly bo
wid Ua inlVi' iH a td inrl c t" Hiay eomnul
fraud wttb impuMiy 'Aiit-tnpta ta drim.l cnaiva
4 Ihia charat lef, are ratably tole ami, if they
al ra tiMra fmituent. auceew, in Ilia nature of ihinira.
ia iifarty imixawiM. A ainU aiaiopla will aullicc
In rthludi Iha correclueta 1 lhaa retuarka, and
how Ilia Client to which iha rrvroua ia oVImmJod.
TIm a;f regale rfimher of alavea in Ihr Htale, in
111, waa V4UU. A I lea4 nm half of Ihew,
by evert autliorimi principle ,4 rotniiuiMtioii, were
Ulaeen iha agna of larlve and My veara, bim), al
Iha rale of twenty eenla ea:h,abuuld have contri
buted i ih PuUir Treeaury WiOlfl doliara. Tba
entire amounl of poll a ilertved in thai tear, Crow
Ihia aourcfl; ami frtnii tha aame rale of laatMat iin
ptaed on every free male betwenn the ageauf Iwen.
y-one and Prty-ive, 111 population uf hltle leaa
han half a million, win 1,11 35, eicluaive of
Iha Hi per cent, conimiaaiona retained by Iha Site,
rilfi fjr CiJlcciiuo. - It WeonfitWllr heheved tti4l
if a Ut nxala Cr iha valuatliMul of Unda ware pro.
tided, end a propter ayatatnof eccouulnoilily ih-viaed
with mperl In iha poll tat, tlie aiu-ainl of re-
teiMie derived front the aourrea would be inrrea
ed ooe ftwrth, and lhal Ihia reform alaie would
mieldn Iha Public Treasurer lo me- the ordinary
tpeodiiurre from hi ucpartiiieiit. V ith repetl
In Iba taa on alavea, 1 aiinple, eaay, and effM-wiil
Kinetly, would pruhuUy ariae from aUJmhmg iba
dMcriiniiialiofi of airee, and impimiiie a tai mi each.
n practice, it will he found no more hor1lwiiiotiie,
and Ihe prceae liMre niinple, to give 111 the whole
number of alavea al leu cent, than In aarertain Ihe
iitiiiila-r llniee la-lween twelve and fifty, who are
ubH-ct to tweuiy rent; ami lhe who mw niia.
reprrortit Ihe a- if ibeir lnve, witb'Hil the fear
of, will finil il much more dillH-ull lo con
ceal their niiriioer.
I have beretofora ventured In exprena the oiii
nion lhal too large a proporlaai f the public bur
Ibeo i impowd uimmi thoMe wIhi are aulmTt In
poll lav only, ami that the ranr of taiaiiiai ahould
he extemled. HulMeqiienl n-tt'climi ha eittinlied
me entirely of the t orrertneM of the piwition. Tlie
pn tamrrthedirtntKirrr and Tti'rapiranT1a pre
Cle1y Ilia wiine; ami it ami .'inie" hnfHien thai the
Utter, like Ihe loriiier, i uim-! lo m olher pnciea
f rmitrilmtimi. In tlie one raae, it ta an mieitiua
impoMltMffl ; in tha oilier, a tax a thooviml fold
greater might orraiai no wtwible incmivenienre
aneiiM al et to he worthy of C44MiidralHin,
whether pknitore carriage, ami oilier article of
umrv,aiidepeciaUvCoIIaUrai inhtsrilaiirea.idHiUHl
not be brought within tha operation of our revenue
The Report nf ihe Public Treasurer will exhibit
detaib-d atatrment of ihe receim end rxpemli-
turea f ihe Treaury Ih-partmenl, which will
preaem all tlie information that can be demred up.
mi ihe auhiert. Ilia viewa with reniiecl In our
financial aanm will command attention, and afPH
ttinfjirnrr eviilenre of the diligence ami ability
with which hi dutie have been ilinrharced.
The Itank of the Slate of North C'anilina, incor
porated hy an Acl of the laul Legilttlure, haa gmie
into operatimi at an earlier perikf, ami under more
fHyorablc auspice, than ni anticipated by it mont
aaiiguiiie fitem!. I he entire anwiuiit of atock au
thoriwd lo tie mWrild by bdividuula (WOO ,000
doliara) had been taken, and Ihe bavuienta made
ith mora than ordinary pon!rbalifT. Of the
l.rk reaerved for tlie State, (DOO'.WK) dollar,) but
one-lurlh haa been auhacnbed tnd AHht for by the
f uWic I reaurer. I be remaining three-fourth
mtnrt . be. wcurcd wtlhiir I lie period of t wu yaara
Irotn the f! rat oT January "next, or tlie privilege
reaerymt tTtlie State will be forfeited. I our at-
lention ie Ihu ealVly directed to tW euhjeet, thai
proper nMUMUtiea may be- adopted, by a jndici(Hii
atnt k, or by resorting to a- loan, tu attain
mat orttie Icaillng olmtU .cuulemplate4 by the
charter taf thia mutittitem. - -
.Ann Icgin'ation ia neceaaary with reaped to tbeJ
publtcatiua and diatribuiiun of tlie Acta of Aarm.
M)liJTie-iraiiaiiiiiMHw- cnpyTn'Tlie
Executive of each Slale, U at pivnent authorized,
while we receive from nearly all the State a copy
for the Executive IVpiirtnient, and one, for each
branch -'ihSe' liegralaturej-lt w the-dittv "of the
becretary of State In ib'liver to the Public Printer,
at an earlv permd after 'ttm aninfininHnif'br the
General AeinUy, copie caf all Acta which hkve
been paaaed. Bul it ia not nmde Ihe duty of any
one lu arrange the or der of publication. In prepare
jndexef and marginal milea, ttjxt trt- reviwe -the
pniof-hee. T'"! iV.lL DM JieciLUicreaaed by
the anxiety which prevail al Ihe cbwe of the
aeatiioa. to expedite Mhuoeiaj. by the emplnvment
TaftiWpvrlencedengnaw The miKtakea
which ItuA winter escaped the vigilance of the ex-
aiinning cmninitteea, have not only deformed the
4aJulWr4rt hew-maalfy' ftflerred the con-
atnwlion of aomeof the moat important enactrueut'
fleTt'hJamea Grant, Enquire, late Comp
troller nf the Puldic Account, haa deprived the
SiatenT Ihe aejvjcee "itif liiithMnd Visitant offi.
eer. Thia event eccurred at too late a period to
4im-f -trrylrWemWirh
with. yiew to.g .tempiirary amaMiitnauitrAurt iiw
titnee ia therefore vacant. ' TTie dutiea of the
Comptroller .have devolved upon the Treasury
Department at the bumeat annann of the year, and
at aa euriy duyw praeficaber
' I I",". ffr-ijtg
ed for auggeatiitg that Ihe practice whicn na pre
vailed of Inte year, of aeteeinj CoHnrillora from
rcnwite pwclwwe of the State, i a virtual infraction
of the Ctojttitution. For I lotig-pfriod anbsetjuent
to the xntahlMimmit ot our Government, the
nirniher of the Council were clniaen from tlie
immediate viciuitv of the Governor. He waa
thus enabled. Bluai..witbAexpeiiav-l the pntdie;
And witbt.WXrMfIt. f HtstitutjiMl;
at advianra on all iiuhii-cta tit itiTnnrtance. Even
annlicationa for nnrdon, in capital caaea, were inva.
riably anlimitted t thia body, which waa, in fact
aa well a in name,, branch of the Executive De.
partment The itiennyenienee of thi inmwation
may, It "nft dialaut day, operate most iijurinusly.
e.V. It ... n .Il.. U.A j;4 . C u.u.L oarli.
. 11 ins iHita VHifinnnmrr .imw u. w i'. it w.t no .
-- ... . . .
- . . ..1.1 I L-. . iuuu 1 1 1 1 a . hovii pamnluul
n woum i(tt ,..--v .p..
hia olace in time for the settlement which the
jSherifla are required to complete by the first of
U-cfnber in eacti jear. no nearly na una popim
of Executive power been annihilated by moderh
practice, that those who .re presumed to Ntfrcjue
it Imve not been convened at any perioq aurinjr my
j dnimttralinn. . ,
cwdinca of tneelinjj! t( l1e citfwne of M'llmirtj'
1., tailed to connider " tle outrage recently cone
milled ot American citizen al ,Naia, Near I'ro-
Viih m e,' ty
cenaiq Ktfren of ilatt uIuimI." 'p ,
td..pUV Ha. Ul k-JJ
rciolatioiii auJ.,,
yiAi, at Ihe
ouumiraa rwi "lie in (Mnuriiiiw km u !'
I .1.1 u . . 1 ' 1 . .l..Jm ... 1 I.M.
porl.nce of the u.lecl, ami lli'f teepecUble a-airc
inm winch Ihey amanale. I5-'1.W td, j
of eurh eaure a Vial may dee id tiiltiaabU with
. . . . . . 1. j .1 1 . L
rnapeel In I In allair, 1 regret lo ewe inai pkm
legndatHiO aaenui to be ueceaaary io tiJvti Hie
rtghla of our eiliea to Iheir alavea from nma.
tic aggreaaion. The commnalmna which exiet Id
mm of I lie eaajlern ritiea, In preyant, by Ilie ei-
penae lucident lo prntrarled hiiualmn, Ilie recap-
teal ef fugitive alavea, have remWed il Ilie inter
eat of Ihe owner, in many umlaire, lo abandon
hia title) lo auch erooertv. An individual of tin
city, in a coutot of thia character, where tlie proof
adduced waa more clearly made out than would,
fr-rhnp, lie pmwiblo ID, uue bulut mualeert cawea,
puim! il nereaaary lo exieial, in Ihe nrogreiai of a
ml finally decided by Ihe Supreme ( mirt of New
York, much larger aum than I lie value of the
alavea. The evil might fiml it ajmrofiriale reme
dy in Ihe levy of a lax mi lave owner lo defray
the exieuae of a aniular liligatimi in future. The
knowledge lhal a fund rxinled, would doubt
ba obviate neceeiy of fn:)m-iil expenditure.
If aUml me pleaure lo late (tint the Alloniev
General, who ha been charged with the duty ofl
pre wing our rlaima Pr rxiemliture during ihe
late war with Great Britain upon tlie cmntiilemlioii
( the War I)eiar1neiil, eiiterlHinciifileiit boie
of a iedy and equitable mHtk im iit. Ill corn--pomlence
upon till aibji'cl will b traiu-liiitted tu
ymi in Ilie progreaa of (lie wiwiiai.
The Act iMuaed at lb lal eion of tin; Gem'
rat Amcuilily, directing the Govermir to iiil
(hre eonimiiMiotM'n, whoe duty it almuld be to
revie and dige4ylhe mblic atatiile luw of iIim
State, haa been coni)tii-t with. The tni-4 a a, at
au early period after (be adjournment of ihe Is
ginUture, ronnhvl lo William II. Rutlle, Gavin
Hogg, and Jaim- Iredell, Fiinre, who entered
jn52j!iniiiie(liHte1 di icha rjefjlii;irdulieaj
I iKt.aevere UMliKpnaituai'4- una i none yenitemen
ha gn-ally iniN'led the progreMa of the work,
though il i lnlieved il may be comph't'-d within
(he period hunted bv law. A report upon thii
anbiect It underHtiMxl (o be in preiara(iiHi, and will
pro)llv be Irimmilted (o you in a few day.
Mv Letter Bm.k, loyetlK-r with the variou re-
aignation which have been traiuunitled to thia lie
partment aince the adjiHiniukeut of the Iai I'gi'-
iHlilre, will be laid before you by my private Secre
Trie variou important tHie with reaped to
which I have considered il my tint) toexpreiu my
opinion, have exteixH'O Huh mcHMage in an lucmi-
enienl length. I have found ll nereKrv, never
ihelfMa lo reaerve aoine mutters of It; general
Irrtereat, which will be aubuuttiid C.r c.WHi.U
" .
rntimi m the prngrem o the Nrmjon. In com iu
aimi, I have only to HMiire yii of my hi'arty co-ojie.
ratimi in to very men-Hire which may be rnlculated
to preserve the liberty and promote the prtiierity
and happiiH'p of our ctauititueiiti.
Eirentirt Drpnrlmrnl, .V. t '. )
AWmW 17, HH
Thf Public Trr.inirrr'it Krporl,
SKokrtnp Ihr itatenflHe hSntwrialXZtnrtrnt nf .VorA
Cdt4in oh the t-"f ynvrmberc
I. Ofth Public or Uruipirvpriattd Revtmue, and
- Pj-.,,;.,,,
It apoeare that Ihe b lance in Uie Trearury. oa
' 1,1 .uT-mt-i, 1 www -
v, JUa tliat the recmptH r the" year ending' - " -
November UVSl iramilitju . ... . 21J'27
Making.JwiUi tha firt balance, the aum of JMMX4 -Vi
The blowing are the itein. apecfied m tire Report,
ceTv'eTdiinng the last year :
Fnan the Sheriilk, for the Taxe of l0, itHl'0 36
From the State Bank, dir. of capital atock, OU
IViHn ditto, divulebd of protiU . iiiUi 00
Frmwthe-Newhern Bank; dividtf of c4(J,ttir3'Wn(r 00
From ilitUi, tor tux on it, 1X1 tt)
From Uie Cape fuar. Ruik, for Ux .hi it.
3,04-V fi
From. diiUs divid. of wotit.
dO 00 1
From J. I. Ileiideraon, Clerk Slipreme Court, 8.")0 00
riruin tlie Clerk of Boncomhe tuunty Court, on
judgment niinxt him for tavern license, 675
FponvtheRenl td" PttH'ic lwa; -c10
From the Principal ami InLuruct on old Bond
on Land wild, 013
BL .. .1 . .1. 1- M. L.: L '. .........
v -ii ...
arrv-Mirvi nu wo.. ymyi-nj, - - ,..( . i
. Making the above total of
; Jri02,l'J7 5
"TheTSxpenditures f!ir the year
v . i a.ipnint M (he
iul W. ' "
aftinof if 191,571 11
And coinpripe'the followtng items via:
Expenae of the General AMaembly, - $4?,4'J4 1
Re-building tlie Capilul. - tK'ittO 00
Kxpeoee of the Jmitraary nf tha Stater ai,!HIT T5
Treaanry Note burnt by the Committee of . mirT.ethe-aeiwwtrt,y4, 1(115 41
Expeiweaof Kxecftttvc lwrtineqv..,. 25.(10
" Tieaaary IVpartiiicnt,
4 Department of S(au,
- " Coinptrollnr' Department,
Paid for Stock in new Bank of the Stale...
Piirf lor Hix.k f!jir Swte Library,
Contin)fejicie, - .....:
Paid the ipter of Jamee N. Fmnyth,
Paid SherrH tbr aettlmg taxe. - " "
Paid tlie PuUic Printer, -
2,000. 00
1,19:) oo
1.000 00
iih as
5,792 85
K 50
. W4 37
. JUKI 00
s T7.1 30
. 200 00
. 55 50
Kxpenaea of Adjutant-General' Office,
Bogue Bantu, ... .
Making the above tptaX of - f.191,571 11
Which sum, deducted from (he foregoing ammml of
300,004 53, hjaven in Uhapphpriated balance in the
Treasury of the State, on Uie lt of November, 13&4,
Of 08,-l3; 41. -
II. Of Ike 'titrrary Fund ; . ,
The amount of funda in the hand of Uie State Trea
aurer, aetihg aa Treasurer of tbe Literary Fund, on the
1st of November, 113, wa . . - . 117,024 81 J
And the receipts to tbe 1st taf Novem
ber, 114, amount to - . . 2279 1
Making x total of - - 139.403 90)
The following are Uie aource front which the above
sum of $22179 IS hw been received :
Cash fi entriea of vacant land, $5,490 30
Ta on Bale at auction, ' - 3.)6 74
Tax on tavern licenaea, i - 2.417 08
From State Bank, dividend of capital, 8,400 0(f
Ditto Uyidendo-pufit4 .- WOO
hum ber Bank, dividend of eapital, tKQ M
llto, eividniMt uf prultl, 'i-Wi (XI
Mtkinf Ilia abuva wib of . rnu h
.nt m, npmatrturt .ale torn that Hind tlrtht
U Ijamd-rearfritatk in n.W
LksL Uhwviag , the iMbb. Trea-iry. u
.. . .1 .
Ua ereun ua , un. u- -
III. Of lit Fund f Mrfiwl atirenrawa ,
Hbbince on band on Nuvembir It, Htt, fitfTU i
.. 1 m t 1 . ... 1. L I 1. . t ft't tr
neceivae rrma mM pit hfi
I'mw Cape rar flnk, dividend on atock, 41 IIP
- .
The cipeudiiuna Jruui Una Fund Lu lie. it hava
amounted to 048 K), a pillow :
fttlirtre la Kuoermtemleni'i aiUry fur lKO, w
Ili alary and axpunaMe p Kt4, . HMII
To Win. K. Hill. Mecrcurv of Uia ftanl. . Vl (U
living a UUnre on tt
TU totettiunt kUtemeiita tbow baUnce of eh on
html it Ihe elm of the buiin- of Ilia fined yr, a-
dmg mi the UM uf (X'totier, 1SU, a folloa :
AiiMKjnt I'uMic TriftMirer, - yW.Cl 41
Ditto a T re. Mirer of the Literary FiiimI, lO. ttRt 00 J
Ditto a Treaaurrr of the Fund for Inter
nal linproveineul, ... AA'HI
Making an aggitgale aiiMun( 11 hand of tfUXQ Wl
Tina aiiMHinl .. diaped of ( dir.-cled by Uw) 111 Iha
follow mg manner, v.t :
Il.-...Ual in (he Klale Bank rf f.mhn at Ra- rrmaiuing alllarre,l.t. e U,e I'ul.l.c Tr.,-
.1 n 1 j v i--u r-iii -e
urer, on (ha lt 1 ay of .Nov lU, wwhvII Ci
1. .... ' n...L ..t m .. -A. a M vi iy
ll lto in lirnik of Caiw Fear, Favetlet ilie, 1:1,401
In the vault of (he Public Treasury, (being
worn Treaury Nutea, ilver change, ic ) 5,01 1
Making a correnponJing amount of
ui..nti h3 1
It ia a fuel worthy of the flnrt mK.ce in Ihu. Report,
tliat (In- Hlienfta have aiam hei n unitinly mclual in
Ilieir aetileinenlji at thia office tiwr the tnrt year revc
nue. For thia they cannot be too highly oaiiiiK-mleal.
In the couraf of Lbe puat tear, much tune ami at(en -
lion have been ucru ned in ilucbari'iiig (he imptant
ilude ppit,'nel (0 tlie Puhlic Treanurer by (h Act pa-
1 al Uui but i uf Ke (ienral AaermWv, entil W
. Aa Act to eatohlrah a Hank in the Bute of North Ca-
In compliance with the iirtiviaHKiaor that Art,
the (.'ominiwMiiirra apia.ifited Ui receive aulacriptMNia in
the City of llalru'li, tor aim k in "(lie Rank uf the State
of N'otth Carolina," having inadu arraugeinenU fi.r cu -
ini( buoka to be ofiened al the varwma plun iliKigna-
ted hy law, met at th Treasury OITice mi the tint day
of Fi-bruary laat Book of anlwcnptHm wi re immedi -
ati ly openeit, and audi preliminary queaHon (t iiece -
arily came within their province were eonaxlereil and
wtlled. A large portion of the amount m b alirk
waa to be received by the Cmumimioncra. It became
Deciwary, therefore, to ileti riuiiif in the outat t, and lo
makn known publicly, what would be received aa "an
eUivalent for aiiecie," under the charter. The deter -
minatKHiof the CominiRaionera upon (hi point wa una-
nimmi, ami (hey had the gratification, at tlie auhae-
uent uiectinir of liie atucklpihlerH, to have their ctnirae
J PPW "T wncurraig vote. of tne wruc taxiy. 1
1. ih. t .u.MMtn.u I . t . . J.I. II..I U......A Ban... ant
,1 a 1-iiimmi.iu i S mKmw nil wimir ,111.111111 uuuiu-ri in t.m p, rmcil ( K-U w DUInDer efllerttl
received by the Coiuiniaaioner haa aince lieen remler- jiiuoe llic aggregate valnatHin of tlie whole and tie
ed available a apecie, and that t aingle dollar haa not ! artl amount of (ax that would ariae tberefrum. Not.
b.-en lot in tlie pruce The Naika for receiving ub- withaUnding (he immenoely depreciated rata at wbirk
criitKNi were, of courne, kept open, in the ft rat in-1 it i given in, in aome of tlie countiea, it will be ier
tance, (or Uie ce of aixty Jay, to wit; until the e-tbl the mtertgt r4ef givmg m thmnghodt the f!uu
cood day of April following. " At the expiration of that j in 1KCJ doe not fall very Ut alwrt of tbe aver;' ra
tline, it liaving been acertainel that the amallmt nuro-1 luation per acre in ll.V the averajra rate al th-aYr-a.
ber of atiaea required to be rohpcnbcd tr) ludikkluala, ler pervnd (115) being f'i fti; at the latter t'i L-.
(V(I0) to give exirtence u the corpora Ik.ii, bad. not iTbia armea from the fact tint much of the land bad
been taken, book were directed to be re-opened at the hated at all, nd, in neventl of tlie coualie, that wkdi
everal place required by law, and kept open till tha i hated ia rated at a hieher valuation per acre (tut
first day of .May, and rnimedialely transmitted to the , wa fixed upon it in 11I will a bo be perrrrW
(xxntniwnonem In Raleigh. On the 3It day of April, that although about a million and a qmrtet ajt;rtxi
it waa the rulurua bom -otbaf pbK, land Iwve bona eatwed eince'lSlVAdl the ouafti ty
that 4,trj() piiarea were taken by indmdualx.'rhtireUp,
. o". the Couiuiipuiur caue.l public notice to be given,
i tliat the Erat ineetinii' of the Suck holder w uld be
!irP WItR tM, '.Mice, the miharribi-r ca.veued at tlie I
1 1 nie appoiniei, ami proceoieu to orga
tinh; the Jipouitutta'dwectairy
time app.,inte.i, and proceeded to org
Pr-inm C.
- TT,. i. t.m n..- . ,
. T7 7 , 1 j r) ? izl
,.r .i..i. r .r . i. ...i -
. r..Tzrr;:7r :'"r'. i:.rr...f?!Ma corrccu
M Bee. take, by the
thn. ""nh ""T'V'.T I?" , !,nrt!l
n ' !2 .i. . J"T f ,lt'nl TH
,Mtt'' .3SCLmm0miHl.
rtwivul .nd paiu over to the Ualuer tha aum , of
t'poa atock taken fiir the State,
1 i-t-jxi
rw , a All 4 ri4.l
lOUIe, a. K U
a . . , , ....
According to the relative number of .hire held hy
08 inoividual and by llie.State, and m conforuuty with the
OO'proVwiooH bTUie charter, eight director were elected
by OHMmfmda&KaTix'kfioIder. Of tlie other two, on
4 ' the uart of Uie State, the Public Treaeurer ia one ex.
A' . . . . , ,
.. :. . ' jT -ry-
me rxouu. Aa uie re-qnimle amount fttt potting the
H t- n ' -MLy','n 'rwT'Jrtt 'Wy -
IB I .- ' . r-
l)irec-UH lo open book for filling up the unnulii-cribed
:-.-j4,Tnt5rilTOie im-au time, the freaident and
alma, and k) Uxo Uie necewnry atep tor putting the
B ink into immediate op:ratioii upon tlie receipt, from
individuals, of tlie aim.unt siiecilied in the supplement
to the charted.' At Ui'e.'muetiug in Autitut, thi whole
amount uf individual atock wa taken, and more, than
.naxiiitW-roe opera-'
lion wa received. It waa, therefore, reeolved to com
HHMweI.Twrfthorit day of Septeinbet.wa fixed upyu as the firat discount
day ; ince which time the inaUlution 'haa been doing
business, at the Principal Bank, in the usual ami regit-iV-n-aamr-rtording.-it
w tonfldeHtiy "bcTTe" veiT," Uie
appropriate facilitie and relief to tlie community riti-
cipaiea irom iia openuiona.
In autwcribirui. toiabKlL Bttdllialunir-DavineeM'there
on, in behalf ot the State, an ehort haa been mane ao
. . . F , ' rs J
. in twaHnlf rtl Ika MlBiA L.a. k,.x,
J reasury ol the use of it entire means, without indu4eeimit tnnA nnHov the rar.t avatem. and ill ;
reasury ot the use of it entire means, without
cuig Uie neceesity of borrowing to meet tlie currenttence unon the monla of the community, form a come
demands, at Uie office. With Uiis view, aa will be per
.m-iJIU .Un f :. r,: mt , - .
Treasury, at the puriod immediately preceding the, tjr
-riiii uy mic vjoiiii.niiee oi r uiaace, ine tami in uie
-oi" .uus-aoinw rererrae Trom tlie Olienlla, was re
duced to the lowest practicable amount, conaistenl wllb
-the public iaftty. and economy. And, under a strict
ana cautinua oDservance ot thi policy, it ha not been
found necesHary, or Uiongbt expedieut,' by the Public
Treaaurer. to (aercisa the auUiurity given by the Act
supplemental to the new Bank charter, to borrow mo
ney at hi discretion ia behalf of the State. Such au
thority, however, ia useful, though not exercised, in,
much a it affords a urety and protection to the De
partment in venturing to the foil extent of it available
means. There, ia not t prospect, from the preent re.
amircea of the Treasury, of binr able to- mv for the
mount of Stock which the Ptate haa reaerved Uie pri
vilege of taking. Within the time limited Inr A-. .
fii the event that no pro flon la made by the IgiKla.
ture, UieTight will expire' on the 1st January, 1837.
At Uie meeting of Uie Stockholder of the new Bonk
in-August, branches were established at Newbern end
TarVmgrr:irid agencies at Milton, Leakey ilie, Char
Urtte, and Morganton. At the two first named place,
bruchea have (one into operation. But, to enable
the ag nti e I aa ah ly, armdinf Ie tU Ua u
t- nt and mearnng tj tbt tharter, it m belJ 7jZ
bhiiO fUrUir ctM.ff (if Iha lrgilalra a ill uL?
-,y. Tl. op-rat U.k .re,.r,e, 1jM .
p. wuh auiu im n ia amcmiiiieirt co be
Tlie il.llu.ulty alluJnd lo gluat out of the ptir.
uf the Wlh tMHi of Ihe Act uJt1iut b iJ,T
In Uiat aecim. Ilia wuvd ".genci,4 t omiiuJ 1
it ahould Uiuw U.a word brmnehea." Um,-i?.
adding fi.a the Hauk what Waa, bo uouU, mu-a-U) t
payable at igenciea. In Connection with Una aubacL
it M alao Uaaigbt promr to eugge tl HfmimJ, i
liireciing the public tiepwuea, now made m u il,
uf Nywbrrn, and in Ui old Sute Dank, to be ken?
ft mane in me lunt of me Bute. Tliev ra -r-
not wanted by ihe Bank winding up, ami aught btU.
Tiiiiayraiua hi ih new UMnilUlMJO. U I lw puVm
cotivvuienca lo have tliein pbieed iaj aa Ihauh1
active buatnn. ' " "
Tlie jreai luaaof revrnae, and the ftiaduWt ancti.
ce growing out of the prewnl mode of hating and 1
eaaing property U UtMfl (ft Ul BtaWiuaWwrtt
(nUm atUiiiliuu of the l-gialalure la (lie bat Aftiiwl
10' port frmn Una Department Since Uiat Im
puna have been Uarn In iiCerUm Iha amount of tu
avil, where it rxuta, and the rinely. Under iht ti;
Ming Uw, paaed in lilO, "every avr bound w
land alia II return hi lint upon wilh, ml U Hffrttj
numtttr arm, ami aliall afi Die value 10 each irtrl
uf laivl, includintr the miiirovrmenla (Jiemin. mat LJ
' aa rae iu ur 10 im tmm by Ihr imri tmi
dtr Ikt Uut rt 0 VMugrtn, frtmidmg far lk ut,,
lkr "f tkr L'Ht"d ," (Jaa'y, lnu
mf lu't1u,0 to 4
"J" ,? U J W "
a -t udk setlfcw
iinprovetnenla on the land or oUterwur. Tb
i , v. . , , "e.
1 gregaUf valuatiou of lite land in N.eth Carolina ai u!.
..I .i .i .f .... . .
and a half million of dolUr. Since that time, an u
lo the lira! uf (be year Ktt. 1JUI1.7M acr
nave M-en entered ami pau nleu w Uia Nut, auikav
an im-reaaa, by tha( numlwr of acre, of the aam
now liable lo uv tax. Theae UlWlai nlimU . .1 .
1 average 111 11. ami added In illat VMItiatajn, makM
agKregate of oire than My-n million of AM.
j jl. nce il i niailifeat Uiat the aapeapftwnt t? fM ,
.Im h (lie U received (hi year wa eollitad, ou
1 at Unit Ui be eipial lo that anin, ytekting a lietl hi d
. nmie Uuin tlnrty-4ie lhoutan.1 dollar; and If Iha ap
aeaMiient were made plrictly acrurding lo the RVLJ.
eienw of ttie Art onl?,1r nuial nccuaardy W greit,
er, uulepa reduced by the Board of Appeal eonpUwal
i by that Art
But let u compare thi reault with tha actual
munt in KM. Acconlinff to the clerk' returaa. anJ
1 the tax collected llHTeon, Ilie aggregate vahiauaaaf
' Ihe lamia in North Carolina l lew lliau furty-lhree ajip
Imn JMiwmg a defiuit in the valuation, at (lie kmrt
, eatimate, of wore than airly millmni ; tlie a1t tax ae.
! cruiug upon whu b would be near-eight thouaand 4op "
lara, or about oiit'-lhird of tbe a hole lax at preaent c
; leeted on renl eatate. It i a fact worth noting ia tlua
i place, that tlie lami tax baa been gradually and iatari.
uUj tlumniebing for eery inircetaHve year wnc tat
year lf-tl, alien the present rale of taxation waa adopt
1 ed. Fnan the data collected on (hia (Object a labia ktt
been compile, which, it 1 believed, embrace all tat
inforination worth tlie attenlxai of the Lpg'alature. k
j aho the valual! in each county ia Ihlft tnd '
:,ui ine .ggregate, and me average per ecre-lat
nimik... . .. n . . . . . . .. i I I .
.now given iw fof taxatinn ti1reitun"alBia fivrwer "-
tiod by cma-e than million uf lcrei rnd "eatiuiatmr
the whole anrfarwof the State at 5"2,(XX0U) rea, on I
about threftrarofrtBTelaxed.'"
An attentive ekamination, in detail, of the Au-t rrtyi
'? cunntw wrtlj tbs tablfi 'Bbnve Blinded xt"
. viuihi-. wmwmf PIT nuuimT 01 rue II
P"" jeountg-phtv wMdaw a 1
" rt - !
iv.r" ' "a -
, corrected aoccdmg to (he kn. eata te W -
.TB 2! OTlpTO
"'"were oliveTved: In the 11 rat place it wu imp
tl Boid exaegerataat in deUik in order to preveat
wnctuKiomi It w.a expected to deduce, llenre tot
wngui 1w h WnTken a the baakofXl
1 Uon tthoot "Hiking any allowance for the incream of
j population fniin tliat time until tlie tax lit waa tokei
i 111 . . .. . mm ,
I - "--vmiiiwiin nuiuiixn; ui uru wmw
malM fWn 1 I. V .J.I . lfl aw if.. L. A1
I. t -oo. i ne cniuaexuioiu inn niimrterM Tree won
J u w J axi XU , 11 111 aju ID W a IIIM W
, to 50. and ao on. The nbier.t w.. tn aprerta.a tba
L-etmuSer rteiw.iiMedtu
from 21 U4. - Tmavraa done by adding together niaei
tenth of those between 20 and 30, the whole of Iba
. v. . n Mr TO. mtwt. UIV1III Ol OH
oetweea 30 and 40, and one-half of tlaiee between
proximation to the truth aa it ia oraclieable M ".
(.. inn
and may be . Ued.,eflrfry tonsniall tban toohtfa.
tTbB hwe ..pma aerrid ait.i.,aaulaiaif ib
number ot
tree colored polls, and Uie number of alar
taxable, taking Uie slave male and female between W
age of 12 and 50. The reeult Bar each county, hv
ther with the nett tax thereon, i placed in the table re
ferred to, which exhibit, in tbe whole State, ao iutrea
on tha noli tax of about 30 per eenL K la ptillhlhei-
W ijieA.i-Mia.Miu..M''-'Mi)p t-"iiiji
a Ion, at the lowest eetimate, of about 16,000 dollar
a sum which, wim the present revenue,, would be.iboifc ,
flantly adequate to defray the onluuiry expense or u
Government, heretofore eetimatcd t about M.OCOe"'
lar. It is also nlain that the deficit arise from lb
ne?leet m liatiiur the oolla and land, and aiainB-lbp-
wtter ; and. Anally, that a remedy tor the evit can omj
L- 0 : L .. J - law PI '
lIl'w'MrfMlii.. - m -: la... Im. A tlA twWPptV ant-
a v "u.l niv uiisua ivvwia a w-pw a. - - -- -j
i i: r r
tT Ilci1i
Hie Vifiptali.m thrown in the way of the eiurenw
- 1! deration which it doea not helonirto thia DepartraeBt M
( ..
xpt iirwa. . ... ......... - it
puhlic lTvenne or State Ux. Let eximine
recollected that the county taxes are levied BPJ,f
same list and assessment aa is the State tax; no w
of course Uie evil extend alike to them. Fw ?
Uientic atatementa procured from fifty-fiveeornitwW
is certained Uiat the average land tax paid thwu
out Uie State, for rowaty pwrpoar, amounts to twe
six tenta on Uie hundred dollar valuer end B'B
verage poll-tax paid in like manner, for the aime P
pose, amount to sixty cent on Uie pull. THrteJ'
of Uxation, applied respectively to the 'mount of n
deficit in the uwewment of real estate, and the nomtiei
of poll listed in 133, will exhibit aloe of revem"
ik. nr ,i mi. ..... r .... "iiwutap.fuiaoiiair
i-' IWI lUC, VI Hfim ttr.xi Hfinj-liUtT ,nuu. - L . r -.L:-
. :.... .l J JJI.n ! whlCP)
with the low to the public revenue, swell the unom
ta Upwards nf tfrenty-fvr ihfmmnit dollar Jj7
awaey awe than fmial lo I A irArdV of the J:
eai at preaent collected by the heriffs and p "
Uiisoffice. Tbia i a startling result ; but that l
wfcreeVth; fccU. upOoa,lucb it-iepena-?.

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