North Carolina Newspapers

    tha dangiy U uiM-Mitiitinal art aim b, irwtiad
id intintrtiif the vi'iiffi ,iim e of taVmlid authority,
prUP r local advantage, end bring in ir Irum
the patruongs of lite Government, wa er, I far,
tM so af. Taeuppnae I tin I berauao our Govern
ment hM been iiiitntill fur the Irmfil of the Peu. ,
pie, it mu4 therefore have the power to do who
ever may scent to conduce to the puMic g'sl, i aa
error, into which even bimt mind r too lo
till. In yielding thetmelve to hi fallacy, they
overlook lh great consideratMsM iu which the
Federal Conatitulinn u (lundcd. They fl.rjfrt
that la CoOaoquenc of the cuncmM diversiti" in
the interest and condition 1 the diiE.rcot Hiatus,
' it m foreseen, at tha period of Iu a4ptii, that
although- particular measure of th Government
might b beneficial and proper io one Htale, it uiihl
be the revere in am-therthal it tu in Ibi rea
on lit Htite would not consent to make grant
to Hi Federal Government of Ihe general ml
Usual powers of govemrma-it, but of tur.h only a
-eTere. apeci fieally endirieraied, and t pndabkj
effect of which they could, as lliey thoughCsafi 'y
anticipate 1 and tbey fwrgot slao the paramount obh.
gal ion upon all to almio try the eMnct then ao
wsomnly, and, M It was hoped, so nrmlv establish
ed. In adiliiion to tlx) danger to the Cmwtitutmo
springing from tlaav sources I have staled, there ha
brrn ooe which wee perhaps greater than all.
allude to the material which thi subject haj af
forded Ar sinister appeals to a-lfiah feelings, ami
the opinion bercbifore ao extensively entertained of
it adaptation to the punxsm of pcrannul ambition.
With auch stimulants, it la not surprising that the
da ana pretensions of the rodenu Government in
thi behalf shoukl sometimes have born carried to
M alarming extent. 'The questions which have
a nam ufion tbi subject have rclalod
let. To the power of making Internal Improve
monla within the limila of a Htnte, wilh the right
of territorial jurisdiction., sufficient at leant for thoir
prrnervatton and uae,
2d. To the rieht of appropriating mnney in aid
of aorh work wlien carrnl on by a State or by a
cinMny in virtue 01 rnin auinomy, aurronuonng
. iuo ciaiia juruKiictMii nq .
3d. To the pnpriHy of appropriation for im
proveinenU of a particular claoaj vix. lot light
houactf, beaciMDi, buoy a, puMic oiera, and fur the
reimival of aaixl bar, aawyera, and otlHr ti'iniKv
rary and partial impediment in our navigable river
aitd harltor.
The chii.'ii of power fr th General (Jovern
ment upon each of theae point certainly prrm-ut
mailer 01 me oocpoai imeruai. 1 imi nrai w, iu
ever, of much the greatest importance, iiuwmiH h
in'addition to the danger of unequal and im
provident expenditure of public iiKNK;y, cooiimm
in ail, inere 1 euperauoca 10 inai utn connx-ung
iiinailictionaof trie reaiicctive ttovernnM-ot. hede
ral juriadiction, at leant to tlw extent I have utatinl
ha been juMtly regarded by it advocate a nncea.
axily appurtenant to the power in question, if lliat
cxiat by the Cooatitutioo. That the im4 injuriou
eonflicta would unavoMluUy ariae between (Iki re
atwetive jtiriadictkina of- the Stale and Federal Go
YernmonU, in. the abaence of a conntilutional pro.
tiaion marking out their respective boumlaric,
caniKit be douwed. Ilie local advantage to be
obtained would induce the State to overlook in the
'beginning the danger and djflicuitic to which
they might ultimately be expiwnd. The power
exerewnd by the Fencral (toverninent would aoon
be regarded with jcalotuy by the Bute authorities,
and ariginating aa they mut from iinlicatioo or
aaaumption, it would be iinpoawWe to alfix to them
certain and aaw limit. Opportunitie and temp,
.tationa to tha aaaumptioa of power incotnpatlbic
with 8tat aovtreignty, would be tncteaaed, .and
thots barrier which reaiat the tendency of our
yatem towarda conaolIdatKio greatly weakenod.
-THootTker and centtof'the General Government
might uot alwava have tlie docretion to abatain
frxmi-imerineddliftg'-wtth- Btalo-wwofaaj f mni if
they did, they would not alwaya tboanaiH.
f .ri.-' j nm' 1
Cmn or muring vam ao. r .vuiusiuna, uia cvuRijiimi
JrrUation would wring op that . hurmony which
hould err exiat between the Gtrtd.Gdrtrhmt-hl
and each member of the Confederacy, would be
frequently intrrnitet a apirit of contention would
be eiigondcrcu aiki uie uongeraoi uiviaioa groai
ly multiplied.
-Tet -"Y know.-that, totwithitafWnng,',1he
grave Objoclkxia, tlu dangeroua doctrine waa at
one time apparently proceeding to tta final eatab
IwhiiwnTwith Icarlur rapidity. Ine uemre to em
bark the Federal Government in work of I11tern.1l
Improveniont provailod in the highcat dtgroei du
ring the first Kftaion of the nrat ixmgrea that I
bnd the hwwr ta moot to my prewiUTitaattoo.:
When the bill authorizing a aubucrintion on the
part of the United State for atock in the Mayaville
aoo. iy?u7S"JO- rnmiw..vpmpBiea, paaaine
two Houaea, there had been reported, by tlie Conv
nuttee of Internal Improvement, bill containing
apropriatiou Lrauch. objccU, exduaive of thoae
for the fJuraborlanu rood, and lor Harbor and light
houae, to the amount of about one hundred and
it milliona of dollar. In thi amount waa inclu
ded authority to the Secretary of the Treasury to
.Mbaanboior ihe-etocfcoJ UiuorwaVcompamo lo-a
great extent, and tho renidue waa priiKupally for
the direct construction of roads by thi. Govcm-
raenb' inHtiw4eMlhaprjca
been presented to the two Houaea under the aanc-
im nivrt Miuunmnnitiillnn nf ill Air mxiMVlivn Cam.
till pending before therCommhtoeB, and in memo-
rial, to vongress, presonica, out noi mcrreo, uu
- frrgnt Tfwiecty fbrTrork of a eimilnr crraracter:
the expenae of which cannot be estimated with cer
tainty, but must hava exceeded one hundred mil-
jlii 6r dollar. "
Retrarding tha bill authorizing a Aihacription to
tne Btuca OI ine -nayvviuo ami ucAiiigiun 1 unijuao
Company aa the entering wedge of a aytttcm,
. . a m t aa a M . . ... -1
wh5ch;lioweverweak at fir4 miijhtr(a4iooie
atmnff enounh to rive the band of the Union asun-
- derrad beUeviagJkat if iu wwaage waaauioaced
- in by the Exoeutiva and tha People, thai would
no longer be any limitation upon the autliortty of
L 1 i"1 ...A. .Aral !. Ia ilia iim-n.
- priation of money for auch olyocU, ! doomed it an
imoerarive duty to withhold from it the EnocutlM
j approval. Altnougn, irom ine ooviowny local cna-
a. 1 a m 1 . 1
racter of that, work, 1 might well have contented
myself with a refusal to approve the bill upon that
gmmd, jret, aensib.ef the vital importance of the
uhjoct, and anxious that my view and opinions in
regard to the whole matter should be fully under,
stood by Congress, and by my constituents, I felt
it my duty to go further. I therefore embraced
that early occasion to apprize Congresa, that, in
my opinion, the Constitution did not confer upon it
the power to authorize tho construction of ordina
ry rd nd aanala within tli limit of a relate,
aial to aay I'-)" ifijlly, lai tall admitting ata h
a jawi r ciaild n'ive my ial ua Uai. 1 did
ao in the CiMiinlcnl d'.latiai thut llxl -ly t-iW-turtit
of tic puMic niind iiai tha hIl.I.i ulji I
wtnji.j im gn.aiJy W ililaii J by 11m? ililL n ia e Uu
Iwot'u llm two liiNi-a aixl liiia- II-, and tlitl I In
hanixaiiiaia a (Km of the aeve ml (..irlnx.H i
llm Fl o ral Goteninmnt in r grd to it wmiI.I b
ultimately secured.
Ho far at bat a it regarl (Km lnaiH U of the
auhiect, my Ixat boa have bfil n-aliwil. .Near
ly tair years have eU-d, ami w un of
CMigre have intervmrnd, ami no aiii'ini, within
myTCroMcction, liAJ lan tnade lo imloce Congrcaa
io exerciae tbi power. Tlie aplirationa for tlie
coma ruction of ruwil and canaU, which were for-
ineriy multiplied upnq your fik, are no kaiger
prevented and we have gixid reaanA to infer that
ine current 01 pontic aeMiment haa become ao an
cidwd againat the prrtentiun, aa el(ctually to di
courage U re-aaaertiai. Ho thinking, I derive the
gruaicat satraftieliMt from thiifouyicljnn that lhu
much at loaat ha been secured Ujion tlu important
and embarraaamg auiinxt.
rroiq aitcnqit to appropriate the miton! luixl
Iu otHocta which are omteaaetlly of a local cliarac
lor, we eaimtit, I truat, have any thing further to
am-rvtM-od. My view in regard to tlie expedten
cy of making aiproiriaiiina lor work which are
claimed to be of a natuaial character, ami imaax-u
ted under' Wute aullnifily, aaauming that Imve the
right to do ao, were ataled in ray annual mcanage
lo longrca m JH.'d, ami alao in thut containing
my otiji'Ciioo to tm1 Mayrvilio Koa-I Hill
80 thoroughly caivincod am I that no auch ap
propriahiaM ought to Ui niuilo by Congrea until
a auiUiblc cooatituliotud proiii i nuolu Umji iIkj
auhject, and ao emfiitiul do I regard tho point to
tho higbeat inti ru of our country, tluit J could
not CMiaider inyif aa diwliarguig my duty to my
cooatilueiita in giving the Ktrcutive aanctnai to
any bill containing auch an airrialii. If thi;
I'ooj.lo of the United Hlatca dcain) tluit tho Public
Treaaury aha II be reaorlod to fm tlie mean to pro.
eculo suet) works, twy will concur in an amend,
ment of the Cawtiluinai, preacrila'iig a rule by
which the lutt m am I character of the wnrka ia lo be
IcatcJ, aod by which the greatest practiraUo i-'iiiul
ity of la-iK'fita may las atrurod lo each member of
ine lotilieracy. Ilie eIRcta of aoch a regulation
would bo imMt aululary in prevcoling unprofitable
exp?mhturc, iu aecuring our kgitluiion from the
la-miciou conaeout-nre a acramUe tr tlie t-
voraul ljiiveruiiM:iitt aud ui repreaaiiig llm nnrit ol
diacontciit which inuat incviUiltly ariae from au un
equal dutribution of trcs-wre which belong abke
to all.
There ft another etaa of appropriation for what
may be calkxJ, witlnajl impropriety, internal nn
provmnenta, which liave alway bix-n regnnled a
atamling upon dilS rrnt groumla from tbmto to which
I have reiorred. I allude to auch a have for their
oJif'ct the improvement of our harlaiia, tlio remo
val of rtial and temporary oMntction in our iia
vigmble river, for the facility and security of our
foreign commerce. 1 ne gnainda uimni which I
diatinguihed appropria'.iooa of thi character from
other, havo already been at a ted to LongreM. I
will now only add tliat at the firat NeaSkai of Con
grea under the new Ctaiatitulion, it wa providt'd,
by law, that all expense which atwaild accrue frNn
and alter the lath dav of Augoat, 17 M), Hi he ne
ceaMiry oppirt ami maintenance ami reaiir of all
hghl-bou , beaoai, buoy, and miotic tmra, erec
ted, idaced, or aunk la-lore the tmmmwe of the Act
within any bay, ink-t, liarhor, or port of the United
State, for rciidering l)ie naviirBiiua tlierof eaay
and aaje, ahoMld U defrayed out of the Treamury
of the United Stale ; ami further, that it aluaild be
the duly of the Secretary of the Treasury to pro
vide by conlrarta, with the approhatHm of the Pre
wdeiit, for rebuilduig wheu nnffaw ry and keeping
ui t. repair the .Jight-hrwaeii: beaeona, Ukv,
and puWie nifTwmrhe wrvrnu wafe, ami 7r fur
niahtng thenr witlu wipjilic. Appropriations for
aimilar object havehf'ri cootiuued from thut lime
to'the preapiil wi(hail interruption or ifiaaite.
a MturalcotMequence of thrinerewaH awl extcn.siun
of bur foreign commerre, porta of entry and deli
very nave boon mullipliod ami oauiliiiatied, i4 only
upon our aca-board, but in tho interior of tho couu-
trrjrTOW our' lakes and navigable nverS. rile"
convenience and aiety of this commerce bare led
to the gradual extenmon of theae expenditure ; to
the erection of light-houatw, the- jmcigr planting,
and "inking of buoy,- beacona, ami piera, and to
the removal of partial and temporary obHtructiiaia
in our navigable nvera, and in the harbor upon
our great lakeit, a wrtrll aa tm tlie aeala-md." Af-
though I have expressed to Congress my appre
keihttoo that these expenditures nave sometimes
been extravagant' and diprepiTtiwmte to the ad;
vantages to be derived from them, I have not felt
it to be my duty to refuse mv ament lo bill con-
taining I hem,, and . have cwteiited. myself to follow
in this reNwct in the lootstejai ol all my pmiecea-
ora- isenaiblo, however, from experience wiut ob
servation, of the Eraat abuse to which the unre
stricted ewfctue wlhls authority by Umgretw was
exjHjrtod, J have pmcruMtti a luiutiition for tha go.
vernment of my own conduct, by which expendi
tures Of this character arc confined to place below
thjpofta pf tUy or-dUTOry-viitwUi-hed,iylaw
1 am very Benaiblelhnt this restriction is not an
"ntisfHctory asCfMild be desired, and thnt much etn-
part ment 4n its execution, by amirojirmtions fr re
mote and not well understood objects. But. as
neither my own reflections,' nor the lightswhich I
jhay priie"rly derive from other wmrCej have siip
plied me with a better, I shall continue to apply
rule upon w hich it is fUindcd. I sincerely regret
that I could not give my assent to the bill entitled
"An Act to improve the navigation of tlie Wabash
river but I could not have done so without rece-
ding from the ground which I have upon the fubV
.M.ccMJldcmtiontakca upori; this suhject,.,and of
which Congressjias been heretofore apprized, and
without throwing tho subject again open to amino
which-no good citizen, entertaining my opinions,
could desire,. ,,... ..,-.,;... -
-I rely ttpnn the intelliwHice and candor of my
fellow-citizens, in whoae lihenil indulgence I have
already so lamely particiited, for a correct appre
ciation of my motives in intcrioaing, as I have
done, on this, and other occasions, check's to a
courae of legislation wluch, without in the slight
est degree calling in question the motives of others,
I consider as sanctioning improper and unconstitu
tional expenditures of public treasure?
I am not hostile to internal ironrovementa, and
wish to see them extended to every pur of the
r. m an a 1 l
country. - lut 1 am tuuy persuoaeo, u uiey are
t4 cm,m.wl iu pro,-r iwrotr fonf.ond loJCar M f-T- a-rert4 aiurf
pf'i-r uly U, sml caalm led uiak-r ao solidity J llre In a.y U lU lirbr. wlrk crt Ue m tj
g-orrally ronrbHl lo be rightful, thai a eurj diverted f;o tUdrt to wWh iVyn ' It"
fid pr.-aruti.m of them caiuail be rcaaiaialJy ex-, at prra.nt ami a-kM to the Utmry I ens.
t- U;l Tli att' ri.t4 will meet with rrwnceM' tid.iM by Uw U tU aitatiawiiJ U mmh tav
. 9 . I S . - I . - I a a mt I . .1 afe aaax.
whom A uUl vtWai-o rutuu aupiairU and in. j luriuaiuiq aa ui.muiiM uc t-vr-ab-ad
of atreugthoiung the laaala iour Caifiikra- i grd to Ik prearn- torlriirar aalftxta faaeaae4
cy, it will wily muliiiily and apifravate the rama
ofdtaonion. A.NDKLW J.VtV).N.
(warns ran a tm UTiemr balxium rrtsa-J
lndij, IhrcmUr ft, 1931.
On motioQ of Mr. Drituin, the Committee on
Ctierokee Lands wu Instructed lo inquire into the
expediency of soiling thai portion of lee 4M acm
of Public Land which was reaerved for lite future
diatuaitiiia of the Legislature by tho Act of 1&1V,
ami which remain unsold.
" On motion of Mri Lnrkhart,
RftvlptJ, That the Committee on the Justiciary
be instructed lo inquire into the expediency of
amending tlie Law against fiautingao a to in
crease Ilie penal tie lor a violation tlH'arsif hv itin
erant or profoaand gambler, comimaily collisl hlnrk
Uri, ami tha who alCird tiK'iii fiu ilitM in exhibi
ting their tables of hazard or other iiMtruinouta of
gaming ; ami also against keeper irf Ibsw of l-n-
Icrlaimoeiit, ami otliera, who exhibit guuuug tabka
or eugago in ginning tlietiiMdvea in tln ir own Inai
sra ; and thnt said Committee; be fnrtm-r inatrad
ed to inquire into the exp-di-ncy of prohibiting un
usual and barbarian, sports, which have a tendutt)
tu.corniit the jajUic mind.
7i jrrtrntrd.,y Mr. Lilly, for tlie better
governinenl of the town of Lawrenccville, in Miait
gHiM'ry dsiiily. By Mr. 8fnwHI, to imuirMirate
the Fayettevillo Muchanic'a ll-iievoeiit Ma-i'ty.
By Mr. Tathom, t iiicororntu tlie TuckuKst ha
Simikcy Mouutain Tunipilio Company. Itcud the
first lime.
JLr. LhuiicL submitted a Resolution instructing
the Jmliciary (Hnmittee lo Inqiiiro "iliM the cxpr
dienry of so ammding ttifl law U toluthori3!, Pe.
tilHHia for divorce to be filed in the Gairta of Fpu
ty, and of giving to the Judge of the Hoprriiie ami
rkqa-rior Ciairia the power to iaMje writs of wipM-a-talion
ujnsi nch petition, and sox h otln'r prorc-w
aa the rules of law may warrant in Fqmty proceed
mgs, and the fai.ts iiiuy r' lakr iitli ssiiiyr
Tito bill In n-atore to cmlil Jimeph Wilson, of
Bonrombo county, was read the second lime, and
Mr. Outlaw, from tho Committee of Privileges
ami F.loctiHM, to whom was ffrrr4 certain atMTa
relating lo tin' im-lii;ihilily af Robert Potter, nuuk?
a reMirt thereon, alhrmiiig the ri;ht of tlnj aiding
iiMiinber to his wal. Tlie Reort wa concurred
The Mmise again pnceslel to the consideration
1 the Political Resolution submitted by Mr. Pott.
Mr. Craige cisicluded hi remarks, ami was f!4low-
ed by Mr. Fleming, wlio, though avowing himsulf
a Jack! man, opNsrd the pnasage of the KcmoIu
tiiMis. He was snocc-oVd by Mr. Guinn, in favor
of their addition ; by Mr. Manly, iu opM,ition to
thfm; and by .Mr. rotter, in favor. .Mr. Craige
now moved an adjournment, which was dec k led in
the nejrntive 75 lo 5U. Mr. I lMalerai iIm-ti do
livered hia vwwa in oimmsmIksi to the RnatlutuHK,
ami a molioo for adjouniment wa carried bykhe
canting vote of the Speaker.
Satvrdaj, Dtcemkrr 8,1831.
Mr. Montirofnery. of Hertford. nresented.the CJ.
owing Resolution, which wa read and laid on the
Retolrrti, That thi Legislature adjourn on Sa-
nukenp tho estimates.
Villi rrenttd.Uv Mr. WiUonra bill reward
ing persons fr taking up runaway slaves, the pro
perty of ritiw;ns ol" this tule, iK-yiNid tho biHinda
rtes of this .State. Read the first time -and ordered
to be printed.
Tlie following engrossed bills passed their second
and thtrd readings, and were ordered to be enrolled:
the ifftl to incorporate theGermanloti Academy ; and
the bill to prevent obstructing the passage of full up
Koaruig luver liHYUKca couoiy.
Tho Semite entered upon the order of "the day.
Mr. Foushce presented a bill to reduce the sala
ries of the- Supreme Conrf Jnrfges; Mr. rCtarte
moved that it be rejected. The quefion th?reoii
was (kided in ilie mgutive by a vote of 60 as 55,
and the biff passed Its first reailitig ;
tm motion of Mr. Muiinev, a message was sent
to the Senate, informing tluit tho mnis of William
R. Lock hart is added to the pouiinutiou for Public,
Treasurer. '
TIm llinuai proceeded to tho onktr of the day,
mi took up the unfinished business of yester
day, being tlie conMiik:rftion of Mr. Potts' resolu
tions. I he del site was ro?uiDed, ttini coutined lo a
late In sir ; when the Hmise adjourned without ar
riving at any docUion on the subject. - -
Monday, Deermber 8, 1834.
EATE- ' ... . -
resolution; 1
RtttJpfd, That a. Joint Select Committee, con-
8isting trrur nieinbera Trohi caich Tlouscj be risedj
Id liiqiiire 'Tiitolfie expency of mincing the sa
lariea of tho Suiireine Ciairt Judires, Treasurer.
and Comptroller of Public Accounts, and that they
report by bill or otherwise.
Mr. Wilson moved to amend the resolution, bv
inserting after the word ". reducing," the words." or
increasing;" which amendment was agreed to, and
the rcaolutiuii, as amended, was adopted, , ,,e f; . (
Tlie fidlowing engrossed bills pasaed their srcond
and third readings, and were be enrolled :
Tlie bill concerning the appointment of commission
ers of a public road in Haywood county ; the bill to
provide tor lite holding ol a Superior Court in Yam
ccy county ; and the bill to incorporate the Iredell
Manuluctunng Company.
The Speaker laid before the Senate the petition
of Isabella A. Potter, of Granville county, praying
iq ne uivorceu irorn ner nusoana itoocrt 1 otter;
which was referred io the Committee on Proposi
tions and Grievances.
On motion of Mr. McQueen, the Committee on
Education were instructed to inquire into the ex
pediency of providing by legislative enactments for
the enlargement of the Literary Fund, and to ex
amine the diuWeut sources of the public revenue,
l.v ilxi iMNa-le taf aVortk CanJ.oa.
Mr. Lillle prrawnl a U8 to rTwI ike sewral
proreaatwatiiig U wow sa f b lU Suar; wkstk
was read the first lime, and paaaraL ,
The bill prohibiting L4trrsES air il smaad
and third reading by a nae tf it aa 3, a4 was
ordered lo be Mignaaard.
Mr. Pudlry prraroled a ssraaiaml, migweA by
John Wa.Hi II, of WilnaMloa, aa rekisuax to Ike
tp-alipciit of hiimalf and allow (saaazsrrs by ike
authorities of Naa-aui. ll-fc rrrd-
- M r. I Mlrr, fmni the Oasmirtirw csa Fi
mirteil a bill to aim-ad liar ckrtrr U tkc Bank lafl
Caias Fear: wltM'k Tmmm ta feral rsajJilg
On nattHSi of Mr. Clark, tm- Ct mh'w ssi F-
liaiM e wrre' uui n"lxl ! OfUirr into itr eiprIi-
cy of increaMiig the tax Bow trtaud by taw aa CiT
cua rtwniauiH a.
Mr. .Manl rrat-md a snrtwnl fmaa s-aadry
ritiwoa taf Nrwta-rn. tn Uiw liar V f ' liar
Ml, now la,-f..rr tlas, Iu rabJtaj the Mrt
rhant' Bank of the town New brrav Kcad, ami
hod ist tlx- tabk-.
lUli WW. Bv Mr. Fk-ssan:. iUm-
thorilinc r (ajirtv Cir1of Barkr aad marry
lo aiMHsol cMiiiiuap.M-r far Ut Mt; t4f raU, Kr.
By Mr. Talkn, a tall to pmssat ,rwrfia. the
mhuk is M up llihwawr, .4iaJy. ami al
kj' nvers, in Manaa oaway. By Mr. Wrwr, a
lad (r the U IU r n gulalnaa if tbr bkIiIm.. Buat
combe county. By Mr. Cimoo, a UQ to rr-aJ
part of tlie Art if lu4 m, b-tirr to wra4
tlie a.liiiiinstralHi of pi-4tc m Mcm T- j
As which paMI thi-ir nr4 rum;
The ll'Siar wit jtria-mksl to thr ifaaialar d bav
aim-sa of tSalunlav, brsn thr es-Vrralwi af Ik
n-aoJuttuoa aobuwllMl b Mr. Puu. Mr. (kallaw
hnvuiK obiaiissl the flm ia the Lnmm m,
it to Mr. M Cks-xr. mli-mi.n thai lav m Jul as.
lie on the tars& The
iksrMbvl in tlie ia-jnilir m 5, nay il Thr
(Ii-ii-iismiini waa aam fv-uMmj, wi rurfaaMnl aarfd
a lute hi sir, h-n the H'a- tytMrard
arriving at anv k tiai limr autaiTX. IVtnua;
llw delaitc, m rtm tta fir uujcxtWid
for adjiainum-ut were n-ak-. .
Turmlay, Vrratkrr 9, 14.
Mr. Lowry pnrtiird the pHrfwai S.ka L.
Heller, an Attorney at Law.uf SuaabtarUaaaw pa
ing rnuMon to praiuoe law in Una Suic Rr
Mr. Slierard aaked Inve to irtrodorr tk aaessn.
rial and prtiliauf ibe rt4igaja airarfy af FnraaW,
convened at .New Uanko, ss Umiiurd cuwaiv
November last, praying ibe Legi4alure to rrpral
all Ibe ArU ol Aaat-uUy pxifciUliaa laa Wrnn
mat ruction of slaws, and aUu prJubtia afl oaVaar
ed per sis in this Stile fruaa prrkuf, etknrtaac,
&c. Leave being olijnrtod to by Mr. Cains, liar
qucatHaa tliemaa wm ukra ami derairaj ij ike
aflinnative aye 39 awes 23. Mr. Skanra! ikesj
moved that the said meoKwial be cat ike table
which motion wa arrrrd to aw f. jrs 1 1.
Mr. More, f Pitt, frota the Cosssaatwa? Pr.
:.: i -
"""in wn unmnon, w snaosa wa nlnw a
petition on the sulijnct, ir-ported a kill to aavwfcr
Isabella A. INrfter fmrw kre ha baii Raiarrt Pf4
ter; w hich wa read Ike first, arc L aaal tkwal
times, pa sard, and ordrred to be
Mr. I toga, front tke CocanuTtee ast tta) Jaalacia-
rTi TrVntr? "U uTjjrt IraneaveVairiibBlm
ares, &c lo atlarhmrra: aa like
jm-tierty, w ilh sundry anwulasn
was mmle theca! rf 'the day fcr
.Ur. Jtogaa, fruaa two saane rnrmaainre, to wfitrk
were rch'rreu rcai4uU4is anstrartiats ikrsa lot sa-
2uire into the exjJicucy at atiakdbAa asaam cafj
uvea fnsn settlios rrnfl ma itov iaUnlati.ak I
mtoula.m aui: ovenocr ; ol rraaalaag mnp ml
ing the Act if l"22,fiar Ibe rHtefct" kaaanal mmUm
debtor ; of aimnaling Ilie law irlatiie to tke aaar.
riiigc uf.iuiaut fi null n isf aaauakan lli ktaa ia
relation to guardian aad ararda; and rf arabng
the taws against gawiirig, fepnrH-d tf T to Irskta
tion is mvessary uwat tMase subject. The report
M. Wilson presented ivwnlutiani reqwriisg tke
Secretarr of Sute tocotntale and prrrare Car eajb-
licatnai the names and grades isf all the, officer of
me LxMituieuUil line of Ihia isatr sa the Bevaksbuav
ary war ; and directing tke Public PriMter lo pnb
lidi jbe.saiia? a aa appendix to the Mt f thii
aiiaaiMif wkiek weeerrad the first time, ttatnki,
ami bid on the table.
Mr. MiailiMH.tery , of Oran, presnited a m
lutikUU4MXVMlu. fo hc ajaaMiuriit taf a (nnt-
tee to nutke such rianunalnai iiSo ihe cotahlwa of
the Bank of the tfe of North Carutoaa, as at re
quired by 'tlie Act of its locuqaa-aliua ; aback was
mid and laid on the table. .
Mr-? lwrham aessrsaJeal'W' biH te" leglliliusa 7S
rah C, Wm. G, M-, and James S. Baxter. of Ru-
therford ; which was read three ttntes, passed, and
ftBllUml. tUiOfeV nBWfc.a.--;!..l-l-Ja.
- Mt' Guina peeawotoii a kali ewaisaeg the Ka-
'"""r."' litf rllimt put wain llan laaash idl
thcnwlvc nt their de)aiUes tor colkctiuo. Read
.the .final Una.Uil4Mdeni.ta - p-T-1
-...PfeflTu a cen
tral rail mad fnsn the port of to the Tea-
missee line, Ke1 the first time rr i-rJ ijJ
dered to be printed.
Mr, Potter offered a nsxilutiaa, fpmn that a
Committee be appointed to take into cMesaJrratine
the propriety of resurtiag to tke U eytaen of is
suing forty-shilling bills, fnunded oa the ulh of the
.'EitlkAJtam JsxJbtttet,tbs .ratat s The
resolution waa rejected by a v4eof 85 to S8.
Tlie debate on the resolution of Mr. Potta was
resumed, and continued to a late kour, wbea the
House adjourned w ithout taking any question on
Vea tke JUrigK RrgiMrr a" JnaWr SL
Stat Jorrc. Owing to the very en rente
length of the Predent'a Message, and other mle
reating matters which claim preceoaae, we are
compelled to omit in tin paper the onuai detaO of
Lgisiauve rroceedwga. He annex wticea ofl
tne most prominent mctdenta of the week :
Gen. Samuel F. Patterson, of Wilkes, baa been
elected Public Treasurer, rice Wuluia & Mhoon,
Esq., who declined a re-elecuai. We pablidhed
two balhitings in our last. On the third, the vole
stood: For Patterson, 101 ; WfJliam B. Luckhart,
7. A. - the Tarty- emlravd, J, k.
aht,-to ralty th. sa 1L14 ekrtr
nmm fkJ tult with our tLiawiis lU ,t
tav. rtirrii as a W big Inomj.
lllptt. n
Bkflaaaa m.i . .
rnnr val i rk of the hviaUo, , Unk "
re-a; al t ut. C'.aVa, of Uwfe
Awxim. aw tieaw Cwwaw . .
aaaat Usg aa) ltgnaisMig Ck-,k, hi tlrrt
m ; w nnir,, whi. a u ,
a. a. a ,l. J . .
iaa .tra.My, M mcsmIusi S-lnrU.,f a
Ma-gw-... b, . JeT
wartaf wmral tres i aa a antiaali wf A mU. .
'TV" 1 Jstk-aa, and now tm, partie, ,1
ararty k-lanrrd, a will be aerw by the ahrn
la lb S-oaie, if the UnmAuttxni jmm at
atBanty will -4 exceed ft. Wt !,, $m V
ar aat taw main quest M4 h M IJ t
mmmm. There were a auadar of n,.,
tsS-red, and varus rmatifiraiiisM of tke
RasadMtHaas ofaaad, but Kitic NaWaamfT
exarahte. -drtoil
THear pr-tHHaaast akaU fA j
week. But to tha votet
W tta fmmmgt mf lU krmlmlimu.Hom, e -eaaade,.
AU . li-lt-W, KvUie, Brtr,,
.-a. Biaam, Bvnwa, t aa-irr. Carter, tW rji.
ta Ika. . Sst . a- H -etV
kivw, Ik-yti
KsraA-lA, J. W. (Hiinn, I. A. t.umn, Ikm
llsalMM, lUrraaai, llartlev, ar
J II I, a. -
HmUrt, llutdo-sv Irirai. IbaVrt Jiatea, Waairy J, "'
Aaailaa, Jiaiktaa. kcaaa, lalbasa, le, tvat. UfTj
Miller. M-.Ne.ll. M'Rackra, Prrry. W p!J
- - -. n -., , nuyw
Skau. Juba L Sakutb, Hyi MmmiJi, HlnrturH, TilW f
TMk.Tiliaaiat,WadaarUi, Walkrf, WasrV W- I
anas-Mi, uiaiajaaat. it HrlKf, lAkt
XgmmM Ikr Nil mt (ir CWmnmu ,
AlWitkia, R. IL AU-junJrr. Baker, Bamarr bTv
IVIU B5.trl.Saol, BUUk. Bray, fruum (W
tTarke, t'raife. Crump, ks-kery, IMley, fn,.t
ru, tirabajn. lUrper, llarrwai, I bialeran, II
ry. 'dlaaa llurtiav J-malitaa Ibaat, llowari, -,
KUrrlU Ijllt. loiaUy,- Ijjrke, Laijr, LoMtir
Mnly. MaiuH7. Mania. .Matthew, Mulle. ITr-,."
M'laa. M'PWaia N.arnm, I hhj. Outlaw, P.-iJ !
IWintrr. Ria. Hrawelt, Xmaliasaal, A
lnrs !Wh, Hwimlett. TilM. Wat. Wtkk i !
baaw til, s, Vt'iilasM af Rirtommd 57.
A M V brew mtnahs st Ullbcikiatl.iL ,
"sert whsrh is to do away with the Sani j
C'sarl, aa al present organized, and rrstore tie af I
l.i.fft-Teare teat.
X IM kaa lataned the Senate, alaJishing
nr at Iaa Stat, ia every shape and Ss-sv
TW Skesntbiat Warrinr mved at thai aurt at h
tJey. frn Pram da Vhtrm. We are aurry bkaa
a- we aw to art 0ml the Indiana la that re; W
raia keea tsywtfs'd ia hivttk. art am, at lhat Art
- eraaaa lermianUai. A aburt tiaw aa I
arty of the :acs and Fue attacked a aarty at Urn
id tke Mrmaaiaeea, apiat tirant river, aad killal la
r raaa. TW ae.nlenT wrre, SowrirrT, (it sal aa
awara at Raek Ulaad.) sVbvered ap, to KeuUcbi
Vtaraaseat of Uaitrd States sukuera, aader I n J
of CapUia w They wet pat aa bane af a-
lfaminat Wuwharo, thea aareading the Maaaaa,
(ar the parpaa. of armg Ukea at a proper larsaf hi
tat the day previous tu the arrival of tha Warns X
Prairar da Ckiea, amsJier aiaiaiacre tuok sWeaiB
If af Ihe mum tube of laiLaa. - Oa'as klaiia
three atlea above the Prairie, a lodge of Wiasaaf
aa ratablaJiea. It Was occupied at tb tune Vj
aaea and chiH era only. Tke warrior heing (laea
a aaataa; excanwax. RwUewly , the a asd P p
J asaaV thew apipearaare ardre the knife, nd aX
awaaaaakaal, aaa acalpad. tea af a iaaiialaa. 11
af law Kac wamurs hat h life, aad that by tar taal
af a Wiaochaxu auy.abuat aftesa eiawaf art- TW
faaa wa anaraw at taw aoor af tne Mtira pi-tewt i
' g" arolher aaal aairr, whea twauf lb wima
aswaj tbew appearance; and foedLapua tW
Keo-nertiar, naSislly, that a rva re warned a tk
aaJjre trailed, he pmeared it, and awwibsj the esw
taa Ibe, was aaa retreated S the purne of irU.r
thearrwna. As snai as they arfearea k&Vt kavk
BaaA aiaa at so of tkent. Bred, aud tmi toilet wt
thmeb ihe h-artof ki enemy., lie liawi sactaal
the uscriu at Mm lodffa, awsto kia way Jftem
max Itaaat gnxt ioluraailaar of the aavaarra, at M
CnwtCdL A detachment of tronoa wa msneialrv
"eierrd eu( w purMut f the aiaideriira, tot, a at a
sow a, Witaoet rercrsa.
..,..;.,, . . ..rnaaillcJXrtrJIia ffamLL
A 15K SClTViJi Vesterdsy aflernosl Til ka
a area swanmnnr acnaa tha Kaatera amachafsi
mer. a.a half a aule above the drawlwidre,raajCV
lata puat Iu Ihe opnwte mle. He lamlisl tmmt at
aees oa the ahure of Mr. Baimtml ' tkni U as
preseatly keart by a Ibat of rs and ne-rrw, ta
anle koa take lo Ike waahv while their KskiweJ ck
tkaikeekk The race wa terminated very ?avk
ever." W antra climtane a tree, ia the aci of o"t
waaca a staniy aaU-oiS' ijave him a pntlrrwr pif sa
hai (urn ; hut brain did wh renrd it anv tool tbul
Ba tMevfcar keenntinaed Is etmih the tt " i
at ' Z ' ' I a a a . .
ine oiar rter aim. Until the .latter, Ueennnr
w be the kVuer part of vlor. to a- lMOTJt
taaiWed lo tlie rroand from a height of sine tat
tw iwm ur iree in nin, pm
Br tkia tinm a km akwJ nf " whits aoirftt S
aUtk"" had gathered roamt the tree, and the
aaaa aUt was 6ml at more than twenty times, ast n
Aat be ine wall mine of them seemed to lake e&a
At lasfl rifle mil broutlitr ami alU-'rlwo or Ikr W
hentrv Ihe bear, aneiued to aduwa Jedge thxl kr
woaaoed, tWeh wot so desperately -as- lo aai ka
k-eeirrlr W came verjln
sarHy awa by the (teia of the tree, sml a )
reached the ground, et off t brisk trot .
ateatora'wefe resnlveJ that eaeane he thouUBT"
sat; w"Tfief iWitof aeKevF by gupudaA
c&cted by kiowa, from club, Ac.
Tbe.jBre.jit aWtLsatiefied aitlLWOod, Jajrv
orean-with rivers; death with mankind, nor brigs
cvf.t women with koers.
Five Dollars Reward.
RAN AWAY from the Subscriber, oa ths
iawtant. a Nerra Man named JACK. Be
23 or 24 years of aire, about the middle h'?
'iSiiytllw crmvplexioir t i " - f
looamg man, Ivit when spoken to has a oows---and
is a designing fellow. Jack bad eis wheaa
seen, a pair of brows bontesnun pantaloons aw 1
round-about coat. The a bote reward
promptly paid la any one who will deliver ki"1
satistNiry. risni
Uecember 6. 1834. U
fr P. S. It baa been ascerUined that Jsc
ia the possession of spurious free papers i
is more than probable he is endeavoring
hia way to some of the Northern Ststes.
THE Subscriber wishes lo wsrehass likely
A GROES, from 12 to 25 years of a.
IL ruiw"
Sutcsville, Dec. 13, 1534.

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