North Carolina Newspapers

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ing fnmU Raury fiu.t!, flJ fr from fair ftini-il-t
n-mrrrfunr, fliod tfl fir frowBSfljr fwu. iM
f tnl tlia d,ll.ifi An fiourwhiag fcrswell fur 6Ui
PlalUwinf friend, tartwcll f ,
Hope bath hung Iter harp im high,
F.trry irflurt odc'
Start MM ScriMU Sobbing igh
Who) with warmest wUfcfS wn(fk
Unsured kiflf k' Isinrtna1 Vk,
hilml. Mill wUimoly afenwinft
Fumost frith t fAU tuttouk
mil . , ,
Pb-ing prospect po prukwtinf
Innorearv is Inn I.
Iftswrt djrtMT asligbU distracting ,
Far IVuut Psumr frowning fcui.
Ilmaunr'i ploasuif path pursuinf.
That thnwKh tearless ttrrvA I tread,
Vagrant virtues vainly viewing,
Nte will pasodo shining !.
Filseftriaeioui (Hfifid, frrrwrfl.' "
HiJl sorrowing sigh aUI bm Wp!
T Imal tuns Ihf trouble lull,
Why with weaMid wajJuruigs weep.-'
AgrttahU m. (Jim who has a bow ami a
emtio fir evory body abroad, and bwils In wife l
i Loom.
faai. A kind of barber' li"f, where (Ihi
pocket is shaved instead of tbe fuce.
t'aiUng. A legerdemain trick practised upon
uua's crwWora.
Gtnilrwmn. An animal thul frequents the Kwii,
wail upa the ladies shopping, cVc.
Lad j. Oue) who wear a Navarino bonnet or
French I tat.
lawful Interaat. Twenty four per cent per an
num. landing Money. Advancing mm hundmd dol
lars upon property worth a thisisand.
Rrligian. Blindly and implicitly believing a
certain tot of spiritual dogma without taking ihe
trouble to anarch the scripture for yourself.
Rrtpeetablt Mian. One who htL plenty of mo-
ly ttHMa who havo plenty of caah, aud pilt by tboee
whii have TxA.
Vulgar Woman. Ona who tay at home and
takca cart of bwr (aoily, (pwwe almost eitinct.)
- Mrriac U to a woman at once tbo happi?fit
and aaiideat arent of her life ; it ia thu proiniae tf
future bliaa, raiaed on the death of all pirarnt eo
joytneot. Sb quiu her home her parent bur
occupation hr amuaem:ul ci:ry lung ou mutch
alia haa hitherto depended for eomfiirt -for aiFc
tioo lor kujdaeaa for pleuure. 1 tie parent by
whose advica abo baa been fukled tha aUtcr o
whom ebe hoa dared to imtsjrt the vtry embryo
tlwoghl aod feeling lb brother who ha played
with her, by turoi tho counacllor and tho cmnwel.
lod and tho yoururer children, to whom alio has
hitherto been the mother and tho playmate-all
are to ba (ors&keo at one full stroke every former I
tie i k lose rind the spring ot every action ta lo be
changed ; and yot aba flioa with Hy io tli untrodilm
path befora ber. Buoyed up by tbe CKitklcnce of
requrtod love, tha bid a fond and gratelul atluu lo I
tlio Uo that ia past, and turns wiuS excited hope I
and joyous anticipation of the hanpineas to come. I
Then woe to tbe man who can blight such fair
hopes who can Ueacbarously lure such a heart
- fVuut U peacelul enjoyment, and ihe watchful pro
. tectioo ti. home who can, coward likr brwak Uio
illusion that have won bcr, and dutrtroy.tHnC'mfi--doncarwhlch
loai IttowroJriw lo him wKo
bat Uw'earlv withdrawn the toiidcr plant from the
: wop and stsy of tnoral disciph'ne in whichr-ahc
-tmt teenlultmid.nmcryWTmi Tlo'lifrirtTdBui)fJ' '
" tholr placet for on hiin tho teepfmiribility'nf her
errora-on tirta who hM flrtt taught uer, by bis
exampK lo grow earelearcf her duty;1 mntl tbem
etposrxl her with a weakened spirit, and uiutatisfied
heart, to the wild itorm aud tha wily temptations
of a ainful world. Tkt nrie jVoeel of Uacrt,
,4'-''-,'iiMiiiiiii u. iiinii tmiei .r -r ; "Ti
r-iTU.ill'r.Jir Ju nurAsii.-in io.. .
The . following loscri)tive notice of Mucklo
Automaton Writing Lady, aml"othor tngouious
State Gaiottw I
- It is not Benerallv known to the public, that
(hit ingenious pioco of mechanism ho lately ar -
mod in thia country. " it i tlm work f thexehr-1
riTod in thia coutttry.
; . " Irated German artist, Mr. Mucklo the fruit of
two year cfosft application and study. Tim figure
j iivlf is as largo a life, aud ia reprvauutou aitting
( at a table opra on all tidrt, thoroby (Milting aile,
- at once, tbo theory which naturally enough ooo
. ta itself with Ihe Automaton Chasvlloyor, that
, ti,u movemeutt are effocted by human agency.
No stronger proof of the ingenuity and skill of
t tho aru, oor evwonce oi me conipmxuy wi uic
f - nwchinery, ia required, than the readiness with
n-invia' tlmiwyrW knV aohtence b
.7 6 ;, .; nf r,.n ;:
mo nuin.jiR.-n. io .jr-;;v.ri
has ootto aa mtorostoui appuarancev 1 be. mo
......... . . .
ving of the eye and eye-lids just previous to it
commencing lo write, and the poculiar inclination
of the head and body, a though- miud- UmtK hd
its influence on the position of tho fiirure, gives the
aooearaneef tboughtliihiea and ttte To ihe Aut
TW mtiehinerv ia so constructad aa to enable tho
fi nM in mimilv itself with ink, a requirtKl. from
... nliuAl on the taUe: and to address I
the audience by easy and graceful motions,
Connected with thia womlerful exhibition of hu
man skill and ingenuity, are eomo mechanical
figure about two feet in height i the easy and na
tural movements of which alFird the strongest evj:
iutce that the bead, which .made . them was not
- Anfainnt either in contrivance or execution. -
1 The neiipiow'V'M&ntKh"
phy. ekcitea tho wonder and admiration of every j jn
one; inneea. no is wiit muw"i -j
aoce by the celebrated Mon. Ssubert
The Store and Ware-Room attach-
o,1 m the Mansion Hotch" This house
ffiner; of burfnwMnd i. cV- ad
Vr 7k- rv Is stands in Salisbury for any
OHO OI Hie VCIT m v. . I I
kiml 1 huainesa. Poosession can be had immedi- ser,
1- .A m,ni will lie tiHtderate,
atoly, ano rent win mNNEa &
k i al-rir Nov ' 1884. tf 1 ,
But como at Eiast!
Samuel ('rale & C-
Respectfully iitform ihxir fneails, and I ha public
in gnocral, thai iMir Vg rited ,'ly of
Has nl lar lrrn Itrrrlrrd,
At their Uirc, nt Fosters Mill
11m if mw aaaortnwnl m frb from lha Nortbere
Citiea, and will Im found ! ronaiat of
- "nasT ciuautv . "
Groceries, Cirtlery. A:c.
Which, lognthfr with thir former atock, makaa
tboir praaani awpply
Wry Large and Dealrable.
0" Drill determined to aell cheaa ft Caak or
Country i'roduca, or on tha uauaJ credit to puoe
tual cuatoniera, they b'Hie to merit and raccita
lcintiiiuance of the palnniat which they ha
burntolora enjoytMi at the baud of a TiLfirtf pub
lic. D. L. 6c tU.
R .wan C., No. 20, 1 34. if
Clock nntl Wntoh Maker,
I FI'KCTFULLY mforma hia fronds and the
iuhlic that he etill ctmlinura to carry oo lha
alx;ve Inmiim'im, in all ila vanoo hranchea.
CCT Ilia Khop ta Mill kp4 at the old atand on
the Main Street in Baltabury, one door a bote lha
Store of H, linly At 8i.
WauJuia CI 4" ftery kind will he Rp.
twelve montba.
Will uroar krrn on Ham! a Yarittv of Articlti
tn ir line of butintii tuck ui J
Pofchf Iever Watches,7EnIiah, French, Hunt-
I, ml. I
ing, ana iuicn
Chains, Heals, and Keys, (gold and plated ;)
Breaxt-Fina and Fint;er-Rings ;
Ever-poiii((d Pencil Canes six) Leads ;
Silver Ware i Htecfaclo Frame and Glasses ;
Pistols and Dirks ;
Pocket and Pen Knives, (Rodger'.)
"Wwd and Silver taken in exchange for article
Old Uold i
P"' ! Shop, and io payment Tr work
4k,l,, ou "
- Salisbury, Nov. 15, 1&34. lT
tA . , . e r , , .
DlSSollltlOD of Co-Partnership.
VTOTICE is hereby given, that the firm hereto-
' fore ennting, under the name, of HARRIS V
SHAVER, it dissolved, by mijtual consent of the
parties. All pentuas iiMloittoJ to the said firm are
requested to come forward immediately and settle
their accounts; and those to whom we are indebted
wiU pttmse render tbeir account to us fir jwymcnt.
- flniiatory; October ai9aLX:"I-:.
- 0) AHS&I2A!Ka.a ASLUndl ,
ffERETOFORK carri-d on by the above con
1 1 corn, will Still be Continued by the un-
dorsigncd, In all its varioua branches. aL tho old
- j ,.f lliir:. oi.,A;i---' t.'-;.i--'i...-.
muhiw iiumsui. jiiuur. 11 ia hiwu iimi mo I
Ulwral patronage heroUifore cxtondtid to one of u
coiiluiuo toebesfowoil on our iww esUtiuab
Ready-made Vehicles, of various kinds, on
hand, and will be sold cheap j and REPAIRING
Jif cveVy description will he promptly attended to, J
and exocutod ia tbo motf Ciilbfut uuuiwr. I
MtbHry.Octahw 1, 1S34.:. - - tf
IN ptinswnou f a Deoree ef the Court of Equi
. tv,l will axpuso to public aalo,.oa the phioiisos,
on ikurtday ike iHtk day of Dectmber next, all
Those Valuable Lands,
Known by the nnme ot tho " Mill luidti, lyin in
m .WW WHim w. ntHi eomaimng, m an,
About 70 Acres.
House, and a valuable Grist and Saw-
Mill, with othof'T.nprovements, uxm the premises, r"
Tlw awtd- lianHa -wrwwell - adapted to tm?' eultiiret'
rT'. ,"wta CJPFJ A 1
f Cotton and Grain of ali kmbv- Ibey -H-uponlnRidVnr'by privat. conveyance, eis-losing the cash I
.1. v- it .. l i t.. . I l
me I sumo iviTcr, mm t-iiiuiw.t a iuii-o uuuv ui i
Tliose Land will be sobl in a body, or in eepa-
ralo tracts, as may best uit iurchaers..
Tle terms will be a credit of 12 months.
07" Tbe sale will oositivelv take place on the
day above named.
Executor of the Estate of Anderson Ellis.
..November 1, 134. . . Ids
- ... - .
linilE Subscriber nflbra for anle a valuable Tract
containing H4J.1. Afrra, lying
Lincoln County, n the Catawba River, about
mns ismi'w in umc mu.
This Laid iuf an excellent quality, well adapt'
ed to Cotton and all kinds of Grain. A consider
able portion of it is low-ground and meadow.
The Improvements, consisting ot a uweii-
ing and all necessary out-houses, are now
coimiont. - , , - ,
The term, will bo made easy to me purcna-
. , , . . , . . ,
and can be ascertained by aildressing the sub-1
cri!er, at Itoattie'a toW, or tne cntawna ispnngs
pOmoe, JAMES CONNOR. --1
Deptemocr o, ipji. I
If nit y Classical School
rVUK Fourth fcion of lha Claical H hl in
ID VKimtTOI me t-aiawoa niirinffi.wiu cunt
menca hi A jfr la Jaauar f 1) 35.
-TU KUctibr, bavtng UmmJ lha aUia
of .Younf Mt.ho i. a correct Kh.h Scho-
lar, will hn enabled to devot hia time i
. . . . . . a..
im and alien
lioa nwrw unreredly lo lha Claaaical BtudonU
?dly lo
led to!
wno may i comntiiiea to ait care.
For mora information with regard o tha School,
Parent and Guardian art rtfrrred to Mra.
Alfred M. liurton. Robert II. Burton, John
(Jraham, liartlctt Bhlpp,' Maj. Daniol M. Fontejr,
and Dr. McLcao.
December 6, 1834. At
I'hnalc Jlcadcmy,
THE Trutei of tha Lincolnton Female
Academj take thia occaaiua of announcing
that, contrary to intention al tbe commencement
of thia aaaaioa, (dating float September Utb) lb
School will icouliuiM ia operation for an tntirt
werly allowing short uilerinnmio! al
Chriafma. 1 bey Leg it to bo umloralood, howe-
rer. that ficboUra will be charted only from the
data of their entrance, and the interval alludud
will be mad ua at the end of the anaaion.
nm uuocrio, inn en. n"i ia uiiikji mo uii;.iini
Lincolntoo, December fl, 1131.-3t
i.iiuouiiuu mucin,.
rPIIE Kiaminalion of the Students undor
f - - . A
cam of Uao.W. Moaaow wilt commence
tha 2(itb of Ihi inalant,( Wednesday,) and (emu
Data tha lay following
raxenta and Ouarduna are particularly renueat-
ad to attend.
The Kiercises of tbe Academy will be resu
med oo lb first Monday in January.
CtX). w. morrow.
N-B. The prka of .Tuiltoa per Sewncjo (in ad
vance) for thn Lnnguagea aod Mathematics, will
be tit 60 Cr Cnvlwh Uraouuar, (iixitfraphy,
and Arithmetic, 1. G.W. M.
Lincolnton, No. 22, Jft3. 0
n uir.i,
r rom ino Racp grouiiii
near Salisbury, on the
25(h ultimata. amail
Sorrel Mare,
About 14 hands high-
She it a well comimcted poocy trot generally,
but rack when descending hills i ha a long tail,
and a lar in the forehead oo other marks recol
loctod. She had on a saddle ami bridle, and only
otto ahe, which was on one of her fore foet.
A reasonable reward will be given to any one
who will refurii the said mare Io the Subscriber,
at Boon's Ford, Rowan County, or for i-uch infor
mation a will load to her recovery.
December fl, 1934. 4t
6th CLASS, FOR 1H34,
I To be Drawn in tho City orRAlflgh,
On Tuesday tkt 30(k of Dictmbcr, 1634,
TermlnatUig-Flgure Syatem.-
sTEYEXsoNot points," managers.
CAPITA! SKfV?k fTh ffr I
- -.-0 0 2-3 II Si - ,
1 rriie of 7,000 DOLLARS i 7,000
- T.V
of 4,(XKJ DOLLARS ia 4,000
of 3,000 DOLLARS is 3,000
of 2,0(K) DOLLARS is 2,000
of Jf)m DOLLARS ls; HVHtO
of 600 DOLLARS is 5,000
of 100 DOLLARS
of 50 DOLLAR9
of . 10 WLLARS
30 000
is 24,000
IH,H0I Priwn, amounting to $ 80,000
A Package "(if 10 Whole Tickets will cost
And must draw nett ....
$40 00
17 00
--mnn tin
A ocatrjjBag
win ' - e'i mi i
For 10 Half tickets, . - ll 6()
For 10 Quarter tickets,
5 75
fj- All Orders from a distance, bv mail (post-
or prize-UCKors in our nrevioos jLionenes, win re-1
- . . i . .... i .. -ii I
STEVENSON At POl NTS, Snlidiury ; and an
count f tho drawing will be forwarded immcdiato-j
ly aitct its, event. :
Whole Ticket, . ftl 00
Halves, - . ' 2 00
Quarters, - 1 00
To be had, in the greatest variety of numbers, at
Stevenson &. Points s Ollke,
(White Row, Mansion Hotel.) .
December 6, 1 R34. td
OO-To a Scr.t p. hL" Tinkers
itTE are in the weekly receipt of a larsre number of
. . r .
rMowsDSDors rrom a iihkh an aaaners oi meiim. i
ion suiiea, id exenange ror me vanmnian, ami would l
be elad to bfive them taken off our hands at a reasons-1
hie price, i tioy comprise journals ot every grade in
- . efmMltj o... ' th PPB
UI WIl.WWUVH "I m V. I ij I. ill.. uvi nirtrnuilTfnf, I
w,ws.mongprg) tbe jf-ri, politicians, merchants, and ,
ders having occasion fiir newspspei wdf finH it tb
wntagenw to apply for them at THIS OFFICE.
uausomj, iavihiki , j; i
HI : "JS
Travolloro' Inn,
- 1 j i mi if m
JT1 Jjj -Ji. JLi iUd' X-t fT"K BuWriber reaperifuJIy jnforni tU r
IT1TI I, Ktit'TtlH FYT fir TDK CuVuT ln Kuert, thai ihry bar recently J-i
MIUA'TI.DW TWff llir; wi i I . ;
aiiaiiMb aw air .
- 1
I IJiH.llaTO.l, (.K. CAIlWIil.l A.;
mil E 8uhcriber Ukea thia method of inarming
I Traellera thai ha keeoa llouao of hutef
D. uinmeut in Lexington, (N, C.) on .Main Bretf wiih aurinff all who ma kan .:l7i'
Soolhweat of lha Coiirlhouo. , ...
Ilia Tabla will alwaya be auppi.eo wun mo ur.i jWngera, Priat Ueullemeu, and Fa,b.rf
faro that a plentiful neighborhood can afford. Hi ,n, accomniodUlioua at lha Moaim llotel
llouao being capaciou, and attended by Mrvanta miffMim by any houaa in ihia Bute -who
mtq indualrioui and kbJ(AI to plcaaa, Travel- W ith a well-built and well-arranged Lei
leracan alwaya be accommodated with (JOOD gwi l),0ing and IxxIging Rooma. enTji
B K D S in room with fire placcv Ami laat,
not the Uaat important conaiduration, HUIiafcS UtMt BertanU, wel.fijrnibcd Table and L,
an airaya rtetivt nek attrnlim, in Ike Stabh an acmiiKKlating landlord, tha proprUjion
,,tkt Subtrnbrr, (hat lliey may kaa it with io- Maxaioo Hotel Can with lha graetoet coJIT
crew J ability to do the service of the road.
An excellent Line of
ArroiiuiKxIatioii Macra
to fnves the IIouu of the Subacriher, FOR BA
I-ISIU'RV, on tbe evenings of Monday, Tkur$
ouy, alio nuiuriitiy, ami rviuru io ioiiijjiou
the succeeding evenings.
0" Fasaongera Kmg from South to North,
entering their name aa fur a Haliabury only,
1,,f5rc ukj ij( ho AwoniIIMJ(Jll(rtl lMM , 1,,
the li, hi. ran luivn 'heir rlioirf . .1 Idlli-r ulucn. be
on i,. I0 Fifdmofil Line and the one which rune
- ,y wav of Frvdurickaburg
Lexington, March H, 1n.'I4.
THOSE who arc afflicted with HF.AD-ACHF.S,
1 1 K A RT-II (' RN S, und other ditn-wing nymp
Umsi of disordored utomach, bowels, and liver, may
fold wliof in Dr. IWkwith'a Anti-D)'pcutac PilU,
whicb can be had at Uda Odce prko Lly
cents per Imix.
I ne Doctor. wIk) once reidod in this nlace. but
1 I
now hvoa in Raleigh, has, after a king and extern
wve pnictn e. boen fiui el to comiMNiud a most va-
I luabh remedy for tho chronic diseases if the di-
gowtive, otann, sn -commrin lit Ssj'tfmrn climatic,
esuocially with those who lead sedeutary lives.
It would lie an ouny uuitter to make out cerlifi
catct to prove llml tliene Pills are a "sovereign re
medy" f!r "ail the ilia Uiut llosh is heir to;" but
it is not protendetl that ibey are an universal anti-
cuius and other ffttillemen can bo shown to sub.
umu. ruitoHs oi inn iimist resnecuiiio rnvm.
stantiate their etlicary in the particular das of KOWaild 8 1 OMG MUDir(
diseawa above apoken of : and the Editor of thia EVER &. AGUE HAS. BEEN CUkOJ
paper can testify that ke bos dorivod ejioody and 90,000 CASES
permanent relief, in the ue of lliem, from a moat Within tho three yenra that it baa been ia so.
diHlmwing kikI longontinuod huad-aclio. Some and the poiiouta rostorod to health, vigor, aWo
of his fjicmls tried thorn, at bis suirraation. and ex- fort, aa they are ready and anxious in im, V
tyLniuJ lU i I r. t .AT...
ikwu iiu miiin m;iM'iiciai miocis.
SaliiilHiry, June 14, 18.14. tf
FOR 1834-35.
businoss, (a number of years of which time 'be
resided in tho cily of rhilituVlphia,) and -from the
1 guuuxiU aalisbiotion ba ba heretoittre riven to hi
numeroui respectable and iiushionablc customers, to
I Qicxu onu receive a poruon oi uo patronogo of tho
public in general.
(ET He flatter himself that his CTJTTINC ia
really superior to soy done in this 8tote, aa maj
no leaieu oy me untiirtputon elegance of fit w
attends garments made in bis establishment. He
.s in the regnlar receipt of thn Reports of the Fa,
mis muiwy h rrtiropo m mat gentlemen
ms-4)- witiifi- thftf their orders will alwavs be
executed in the very latest style.
Uruora I rom a distanoe will be attended to with
the same iunctuality ami care aa if the customer
were present in person.
irv. 'I.iv 17. 1834 1
' RQVAL.-Ilcnjainiii Tralev, -
AILOR, informs his customers and tlie public in eer
mii iiu uns niiiwvru km onp ui me notise aii-i
1 the M Buect wJwie he is prepared to do every drs
ecripuon oi work in the line of bis business, in a stvln
aupeiior to any done in this section of country, on as
renitiilile terms as any, ami on short notice.
n. r. reKumriy receives, irom the INorthern,
h r , v . . . ' " fj i nni wi
IMF' npTvrria nr mo h i .n innu m hn. ... . .... . a I
" uwuu ui nun win ij Wui msMiiinaDio ana uurooiu.
narmenfs Umile by liis workmen will in all ea$e bt
l wnrrantrii to jit the cutlomrr.
vnrnmj-uui, mt persons who have their work made
up clpewhere, will bo punctually attended to. Orders
from a distance thankfully received, both for coiuinw
... 1 i ' f
ul u iuninir gii wurs.
To Tattor$: K F. respwtfuliy informs the Craft.
that ho is Agant-4.sth Inventor of thc-yrenrHfaeT
jof Cutting, which is now almost universally used at the
North, and tlmt he will rite instruction to im n
mny desire to be more perfect in Uial branch of tho art,
I for a reasonable compensatjoij.
naiwnury., lw. ly
rpiIE Subscriber wishes to purchase LIKELY
,4- NPfinORK frm i., i.. iV: ..
- ' .en w imriy years oia, ana
win pay me most, uoerai prices in Cash. -
All who have such
property to wm,Id J0
10 cau,on mm' or Mr John Jones, his Agent.
well to call on him, or
" uuu .?ir. s d i? inr a ii.itei ln i
K-n - J i i." . , i m Arkaiwaw Territory, and will attend k sv
terms as nmable as any m tl.w mtwn of coun- Bout.ty.Jnda, which, if mZZ to, H
ry. H. H. B. hopes, from hit long praetice of hit TTT-T.i i ll i-"
a.i:.k j a....... ... a, .. --""!'""'
oaimiiury, miu nir, Jones ai VI. lloyd 8 Hotel in
Charlotte. '
He thinks it proper to say, that he is not con-
any other person
All Jl .
AU Lc,"M adressed to him, or Mr. Jones, will
M Fw,lla,Iy ""ended to. ,
ortuaoury, may 84, itui. tf
" " m isomer i tlt(Ju,r
H.ililMII It V, I, C.
"... - ia-akiu taa-K n
b iahnidit. The dtem i i.nn. 7
Tt... A . 1. ,r L
lbiii io regard to lha location of Uia lloLT i
man eon lenience are alra L.. SM"
,e,- public, or can ba aecn at a
uing puoiic, or can m aeco at a ainala ...
a nrntnian I
th pre m lac i Tlwy therefor r,i,
thrgh thia aectmo of euntr1
liul firat-rate dmia, ailentive aZTu
- iimir auwsa anj
mago, mrgv ainouut Ui OWWUOrlr
- Liin oloiiin aiid Chert Ru-.
- regularly arrive at and dtrt from tha MuL
I i . I -t
ou "., uuki wh wwb , nu, aivinv
emensive and secure Stable, and Oatler tkVk
by induatrioua and wcll-diiMwfld, traveller! ia am
and convey ancea or on horarback are assured th .
lams win im apsreo w in meir Horses tn jgj.
ll.n ..A mdt9 iMklno Ik. . '
Salisbury, November 8, 1H.14 Om t
4 Respectable Lady, to act in a faraih; M i.
v caiiaciiy of llouao-Keeper, and totakarl
ofa fiimily of Children. ApiJr at thia Otj.
Siilmbury, Di-c. fl, 134.-31
iW refill; of Ihe Dible Kocirlj.
'P'lIK Members of Ihe Rowan Count BiLfc .
1 ftety ro rMueUdto-iMH-iBt(Prei
rian Church, in nnlinbgry.on lho53lhiyaW
comiier do it, at lite hour of 11 o'clock A.M.
The object ia to resuscitate tbo Bucietr. aW I
b,ld tnAl thero will be a general attraetsi
in i nose irK'ooj io i no mstiiatMUVl
wui oo preacood on toe eccaston
6. LM LY, Preside!.
November 29, 1834.
I n . c.. ;; A
i nv ..,..
I Mm 11 k .
K7" Tbo cenuuie Mixture can be haJ at a.
Store of JOHN MURPHY, In 8a!iborr,5.t
September 27, 134. gM
Letter (poat-paid) addreated tQ the FubprnH
at Botcsville, Arkansaw. win be promrrlT t",rM
rtar -rDltiD rkiniiarut.
Septomber 27, 134 -, ,- , Cm
Current Price of Produce, lx
S;. UA ?
n hs
1-VMolanoa, .
VWVaila. . .
pcacn, . auaotwiitta,
I Butter, ,
I Cotton, in mnA.
Sugar, brown,
loaf. .
'"eei . .
9 '
reatners, , .
. malASaJt, , , . 119, U
. 40 Taflow, . . . U
, 30 a 33)Tobooo, t
.550 a 600 Micat, (bushel) 80 tilt
. 100 TiUW. . . . ASi
I iajueed,
Unseed Od, per galkii, Al 121 -.
Raenn, . .
rzalVj'Iron, .... Ilfl
wa 7UMoiA8ses, . . . 31 is
60 a OOiNnik cut, . . . 61
Beeswax. . .
1H a 10
Hucar, brown, . 8 1 tf
Coffee, . . . . 12 a 14
Cotton 14 a 14
Jumni . j 141
loaf, . . 16t IT
lorn 00 a 6o!
i . j . . n i.a.. ...
rmww, r s--.ioii a iuvvncaL. .
AT CHERAW, (8. C.)....December llr
IVicoii, v
Molesaps, . . . 40i
Uutter, ,
15 a 20
Nails, . . . . 7D
Onts. f career . 85i
14 a IM
n, ,..
13 a 15
.. . ' V
KlCC,, ..4UI?.
60-t BftffSaJHrgclm,
Featheia, ...
hue heb
Fl"teod, . .
.125 a 160
Sugar, prime,.
' "'P-t
, fine
700 a loaf St lump. 15 1
5 a rrallow.fscarcci. 10
10 al2i Tea, . . . .128 1 1
Muckerel,. . .650 a 00 Wheat,.
AT COLUMBIA, (S. C.)..Deccmber I
Racon, . . . -. io a laLaro.
Urandy, peach, . 75 Molasses, . .
apple, . 40 a 50fMackereI, . .
Beeswax, . . : W) a 15 Salt, in tacks,
BuUerT.rvTT:i:.,.lg.8nlvm. haftr-t;
Cfrflfee 12 a lTISnmir lnlni.
.' lftls
. . 14 a IM T.tlnW . 121 1 H
. .800 a 05frre. . . . .125 tW
. . 4 a Siiwhiskey, . . . 40 1
AT CAMDEN, (S C.) December 13.
14 a 001
FlourN.Cara). 000t
Brandy, peach,
Beeswax, , .
Cotton, . . .
Corn, . . .
Feathers, . .
75 a 00
35 a 40
12 a 16
13 a 16
Iron, i . . .
Lard, . . . .
tvii 101 n
75 a eThV'liiakey, .
.100 t 13

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